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Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.7.11

Greg Hunter’s The big financial story this week comes from Europe.  To print or not to print, that is the question.  The answer is the EU will print money to bail out their banks.  Now Chancellor Merkel and Germany are

What was Steve Jobs Secret to Life?

By Greg Hunter’s The passing of Steve Jobs is like losing the Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison of our day.  He was truly brilliant.  His thoughts and inventions changed the way we live.  What was his secret?  Is it something we all could

Watch out for the Short Sellers!

With the nearly 260 point drubbing the Dow took yesterday I thought it would be a good time to roll out a post on short selling.  Sure, some of this is generated by folks simply sell because of sovereign debt fears

Four Biggest Banks in America have Huge Leverage

By Greg hunter’s  I keep hammering away at the fact the Fed doled out $16 trillion in the wake of the credit crisis of 2008.  This is an enormous sum that is greater than the all goods and services produced

Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.30.11

By Greg Hunter’s  Germany brings Europe and the world back from the edge of a financial abyss.  It voted to expand the EU bailout fund.  This is not over by a long shot.  Things are much worse that in 2008. 

Peaceful Wall Street Protesters Pepper Sprayed?

By Greg Hunter’s  You got to wonder what kind of country we are living in when people protesting Wall Street greed and corruption are pepper sprayed.  Meanwhile, the crooks that caused a global meltdown sit and look out their plush

Mainstream Media Spins Real Estate Recovery

By Greg Hunter’s Just about everywhere you turned yesterday, the mainstream media (MSM) was talking up the good news in the latest Case-Shiller Home Price Index report.  For example, the online version of USA Today had a headline that read “Spring

The Real Deal from a Real Trader (NOT!)

By Greg Hunter’s  (revised and corrected) It looks like what I said yesterday was not accurate.  I said that Alessio Rastani was a professional trader.  In reality, this so-called trader in the video is much more of a talker than a trader.  I and

It’s Much Worse than 2008

By Greg Hunter’s   I keep hearing the so-called experts say how much better shape the banks are in now than in the last financial meltdown of 2008.  To that, I say horse hooey!  Any expert worth his salt knows that

Weekly News Wrap-up 9.23.11

By Greg Hunter’s  Economic meltdown 2011!  That’s the headline of the week.  This has been brewing since the last financial crisis in 2008 because nothing got fixed, but the bankers got some sweet bonuses.  World financial powers have scraped together

A Global Meltdown

By Greg Hunter’s  The “you know what” hit the fan today with sharp selloffs of just about everything.  The Dow was off nearly 400 points–ouch!  So much for the so-called “recovery.”  Gold made a significant comeback after being down nearly $80

Did the Mainstream Media Blackout Wall Street Protest?

By Greg Hunter’s  Have you heard about the Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan called “Occupy Wall Street”?  It started Saturday, and it basically is a protest against greed and corruption in the financial markets. The Wall Street protests really

EU Bailout—Don’t Worry Be Happy

By Greg Hunter’s  It doesn’t seem that anyone is worried much about another enormous bailout to stabilize the world financial system that kicked off last week.  According to one top European banker, many of the biggest banks there are insolvent. 

Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.16.11

Greg Hunter’s  Looks like the Federal Reserve will print trillions of fresh dollars to head off another financial meltdown.  Europe will be bailed out for the second time in 3 years!!  In the last crisis, the Fed handed foreign banks $5

Make No Mistake–Europe is in Big Trouble

Greg Hunter’s  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said yesterday that European states “are going to have to do more” to solve their enormous debt troubles.  To that I ask, “more” of what?  That can only be “more” money printing.  Mark my