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Freeze BP’s Assets Now!

By Greg Hunter’s    The runaway gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is an unmitigated national emergency.  The mile deep, broken well is vomiting oil at a rate of at least 56,000 barrels a day according to Steven Wereley,

Too Big to Fail Means Too Big to Exist

By Greg Hunter’s    Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have passed their versions of financial reform legislation.  Now, the process of reconciliation takes place between both bodies of Congress to iron out a final bill the President can

FDIC Insurance Fund Still $20 Billion in the Hole

By Greg Hunter’s    While the stock market was beginning its 376 point plunge yesterday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was quietly putting the best face it could on a banking system in serious trouble. 

There Are Some People You Just Can’t Help

By Greg Hunter’s    A producer friend of mine from my investigative correspondent days at ABC used to say, “There are some people you just can’t help.”  I think it meant that some people were in so deep, were so blind,

Is the Financial System Corrupt?

By Greg Hunter’s  Recent headlines coming out of the financial world have been jaw dropping.  Here are a few: US faces same problems as Greece, says Bank of England (The Telegraph), World markets rattled by Goldman fraud (The Economic Times),

Earth Day: An Assault On Man

By Brian Sussman Guest Writer for Greg Hunter’s    (Mr. Sussman is a Radio Host in San Francisco, CA and has recently released an new book called “Climategate.”) In recent weeks while addressing Tea Party rallies here on the left coast, I ask the

The Canary is Dead

By Greg Hunter’s     In the early days of coal mining, canaries acted as a warning that odorless poisonous gas was present.  If there was a dangerous gas build-up, the canary would be the first to keel over.  You can use

Inflation and Bailouts Go Hand in Hand

 By Greg Hunter’s  Pick a financial fire and you can be sure the U.S. government will hose it down with gallons of money.  AIG, General Motors, Chrysler, insolvent states, FDIC, Fannie, Freddie and all the banks are just a few

Gulf Oil Spill Spells Higher Prices

By Greg Hunter’s  A little more than a month ago, President Obama took a big step toward weaning the country off foreign oil.   His bold plan, announced at the end of March, included opening up 167 million acres along the

Nouriel Roubini Talks Doom Again

By Greg Hunter’s  They call NYU economics professor Nouriel Roubini–”Doctor Doom.”   He got the moniker because his ominous predictions, a few years back, came true.  I really hate the “Doom” name.  I think he should be called “Doctor Right on

Public Employee Unions Work Against The Public

Greg Hunter’s    Unions in this country got started because industry took advantage of workers.  But these days, it seems to be the other way around.  I am not talking about unions in the private sector.  Private sector union workers should

Housing Sales and Inflation Surge

By Greg Hunter’s  The big news in the economy last week was new home sales jumped 27% in March.  It was the best monthly increase percentage wise since John F. Kennedy was in office.  What the mainstream media did not

Bernanke Admits Printing $1.3 Trillion Out Of Thin Air

By Greg Hunter’s   Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted the central bank created $1.3 trillion out of thin air to buy mortgage backed securities.  This shocking admission came from the Joint Economic Committee hearing on Capital Hill last week.  I was

Fraud, It’s Much Bigger Than Goldman Sachs

By Greg Hunter’s  Goldman Sachs was charged with fraud last week by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The investment bank says the charges are “unfounded in law and fact.”  Regulators allege “Goldman wrongly permitted a client that was betting against

Bernanke Scolds Congress/Keeps Bailouts Details Secret

By Greg Hunter’s    Earlier this week, Fed Chief Ben Bernanke told Congress to basically raise taxes and cut the federal budget.  The inference was, if Congress doesn’t get its financial house in order, it will be their fault if the