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Retail Sales Drop was Enormous-Karl Denninger

Karl Denninger: Market Meltdown, Fed Tapering, Retail Sales and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

Financial writer and stock trader Karl Denninger says the most recent Obama Care delay is all about politics.  Denninger thinks, “It’s just simply an attempt to push the issue past the 2014 election . . . I suspect that if you really get down to it, it’s just simply about 50 to 60 million people were going to get cancelled, and it was going to happen about the end of September. . . . (more…)

We’re Going to be Hit with a Tsunami of Inflation-Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff: Gold 2014, More QE, Tsunami of Inflation & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

Money manager Peter Schiff has a read on gold short sellers.  Schiff says, “Of course the short sellers never had the gold to begin with.  They’re selling gold they don’t have, and I think the shorts are getting a little bit nervous, but they are going to get a lot more nervous as we turn up the heat here.  Gold is now above $1,300 (per ounce).  I think it’s going to be above $1,400 before they start to panic a little bit, and I think that’s great.”  Schiff goes on to say, “I like the fact the market is moving up and nobody is buying it, nobody is paying attention to it.  If they are, they are dismissing it.  People think this is a head fake or a dead cat bounce.  Instead, it’s the resumption of the (gold) bull market.” 


Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.14.14

ObamaCare Delay for Businesses with 50-100 Employees Have Another YearWeekly News Wrap-Up 2.14.14

By Greg Hunter’s 

It’s another week and another delay to part of Obama Care.  Businesses with 50 to 100 employees will have another year to phase in health care coverage.  Now, most of these companies already provide health care, but not the kind that Obama Care requires with free abortions and birth control and other “free” stuff.  (more…)

U.S. Currency Weak and About to Crash—Karen Hudes

U.S. Currency Weak and About to Crash—Karen HudesBy Greg Hunter’s 

Former World Bank Senior Counsel and whistleblower Karen Hudes has an amazing revelation about secret U.S. gold.  Hudes says, “We’ve been offered, the United States, 170,500 metric tons of gold on deposit in the bank of Hawaii to underpin our currency which is about to crash.  The Federal Reserve Notes are unconstitutional, and we don’t have to pay interest on our debt, and we don’t have to have debt for that matter.”  (more…)

100% Fake Recovery-Robert Wiedemer

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Robert Wiedemer, best-selling author of “The Aftershock Investor,” says the so-called recovery is “100 percent fake.”  Wiedemer explains, “If you look at the amount our economy has grown last year, our GDP grew 2% or $350 billion, but we borrowed over $700 billion.  That tells you right there that we are borrowing more than we are even growing.  Our entire growth is due to government borrowing . . . it’s a fake recovery.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.7.14

Debt Ceiling Increase, Rep Mike Rogers Wants Journalists Jailed & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

There was lots of news out of Washington D.C. this week.  First off, don’t expect a big fight over the debt ceiling.  Speaker of the House John Boehner has already signaled that there will be a debt ceiling increase even if he has to pass the legislation with Democrats.  He clearly does not want to take the blame for another government shutdown.   (more…)

Fed Rattling Emerging Markets to Keep U.S. Propped Up-Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s Gregory Mannarino: Headed for a Pan Global Financial Cataclysm

Analyst and stock trader Gregory Mannarino says the market meltdown this week was caused by the Fed and weak economy.  Mannarino says, “We understand there is a dynamic that has been changing here in the market with regard to the Fed’s purchasing mortgage-backed securities and bonds.  This has rattled the emerging markets.  They’re having problems with their currencies . . .  The Federal Reserve has created an environment of distortions.  By them pulling back some of this liquidity from the global economy, they’ve caused problems in these emerging markets, and this is being done on purpose.”  (more…)

The Federal Reserve Lies About Everything–Rob Kirby


Financial writer and former international derivatives broker Rob Kirby thinks the Fed’s recent cut back in money printing or “taper” is a con game.  Kirby says, “The threat of taper made rates go up.  The actual taper has made the 10-year Treasury drop 40 basis points in less than a month.  The notion that the taper had anything to do with interest rates going higher seems to be a non-story.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.31.14

MYRA IRA: My Retirement Account, UK Banker Deaths and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

Let’s go back to the Middle East for the top stories.  The Syrian peace talks have gone nowhere.  Absolutely nothing has been accomplished from the U.S. perspective.  They have failed and the best thing you can hope for is another round of talks.  The Syrians and the Assad regime, on the other hand, look to be the big winners.  (more…)

Bond Market Bubble in Search of a Pin-Doug Casey

Doug Casey of Casey Research: Bond Market Bubble, Gold and Silver Important to Own and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

Author/investor Doug Casey says, “We’re in a bond bubble.  This is much more serious than the other bubbles because the bond market is much larger than either the real estate market or the stock market.”  Casey explains, “What the government has been doing in an attempt to prop up the failing economy and prop up failing banks and brokerage firms is keep interest rates at very low levels, and that has taken bonds to very high levels.  That bubble is in search of a pin at this point, and when it blows up, it will be much worse than what we saw when the recession started in 2007. ” 


Movement is Life-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s 

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts knows the economy is bad, but not all bad.  She says, “There are many aspects of the economy where the fundamentals are dreadful, and there are certainly parts of the economy collapsing in an evolving implosion.”  Fitts contends capital has shifted out of the old system and into a new system that is high tech and rapidly evolving.  Fitts explains, “One of the things that is keeping the slow burn going is that money flowing into the new system is being reinvested, and those parts of the economy are not only growing but growing strongly. . . . . (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.24.14

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Syria is the top story.  Before the second round of Geneva peace talks even started, Iran was uninvited to the talks by the U.N.  It was because Iran would not agree that the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, should be removed as part of any peace plan.  The Syrian peace talks have turned into a name calling event with both sides posturing.  This is why the headlines say things like peace talks get off to “Belligerent Start.”  (more…)

Fed-They Do Not Have Any More Gold-Paul Craig Roberts

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts is making some bold new claims about the Federal Reserve and its official government gold holdings.  Dr. Roberts contends, “They don’t have any more gold.  That’s why they can only give Germany 5 tons of the 1,500 tons it’s holding.  In fact, when Germany asked for this delivery last year, the Fed said no.  But it said we will give you back 300 tons . . . . So, they said we will give you back 20% of what you trusted us to keep for you over the next seven years, but they are not even able to do that.”  (more…)

JP Morgan’s Frauds are Epic,Unprecedented in World History-William Black

blackBy Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release)

William Black is both a Professor of Law and Economics.  He has a wealth of opinions on the politics of spying and Wall Street crime. On President Obama’s curtailing of NSA spying, Professor Black says, “It is only because of Snowden’s disclosures that we know more, and we have this debate . . . The NSA probably intercepts 50,000 documents for every one document that foreign intelligent services collect.  So, we are the story internationally (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.17.14

President Obama Address NSA Spy Program? Gold-Silver Manipulation & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

President Obama told Democratic Senators at the White House this week he is going ahead with his agenda with or without Republicans in Congress.  It looks like he will be ramping up the so-called executive order on policies such as immigration and income inequality.  I don’t see how a Constitutional scholar doesn’t get the way the U.S. government works.  Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government are essentially equal and provide checks and balances.  I predict this policy will backfire.