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One-on-One with Reggie Middleton

By Greg Hunter’s 

The big headlines, last week, would lead you to believe the European debt crisis is on its way to being fixed. Reggie Middleton of says, “Europe is insolvent,” and nothing is fixed.  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.29.12

By Greg Hunter’s 

The Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care, has been upheld by the Supreme Court.  As I was watching the mainstream media on television yesterday, the left appeared absolutely giddy.  One of the so-called fact checkers said it would cost around a trillion dollars over the next 10 years.  Fact checkers?  (more…)

Up to Our Necks In Syria

Syrian Rebel Fires RPG Over the WeekendBy Greg Hunter’s

You might think the U.S. is only helping out the people of Syria with humanitarian aide.  In reality, the U.S. has been doing a lot more than that.  It has now been officially reported the U.S. is supplying weapons (through surrogates) to the Syrian rebels in a bloody civil war.  Congressman Ron Paul spelled out what has been happening on the floor of the House yesterday.  (more…)

One-on-One with John Williams

One on One with John Williams of Shadowstats.comBy Greg Hunter’s

Anyone who thinks the U.S. is in recovery should stop listening to the mainstream media and listen to John Williams.  He heads up, and is one of the few economists who crunches the numbers to give unvarnished true statistics.  Adjusted for real inflation of about 7%, Williams says, “GDP has plunged, and we have been bottom bouncing” ever since the financial crisis started.  Williams says, “The next crash will be a lot worse (than 2008) because it will push us into the early stages of hyperinflation.”  He predicts this will happen “by the end of 2014– at the latest.”  (more…)

Greg Hunter With Max Keiser

I had the pleasure of being interviewed, last week, by Max Keiser on his show called “On the Edge.”    This show originates in Europe.  Don’t you love technology that can by-pass the MSM?  I sure do!!!   Max pulls no punches, and because of this, you will never see him on mainstream media.  This was a segment that was released a few days ago.  Please enjoy the video after the jump.  –Greg Hunter– (more…)

The Ignorance Is Willful

By Greg Hunter’s  You might remember Dr. Michael Burry as the hedge fund manager who made hundreds of millions of dollars betting on the collapse of the housing market.  You, also, might remember everyone from the mainstream media (MSM) to the Federal Reserve claimed nobody could have seen the 2008 financial collapse coming.  How did Dr. Burry know a financial catastrophe was on the way while most financial experts and media were totally in the dark?  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.22.12

By Greg Hunter’s

Moody’s dropped a bomb on global banks this week. It handed out credit rating cuts to 15 of the biggest banks in the western world. JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citi were all cut two notches and Credit Suisse three notches. Since the 2008 financial crisis, it’s really been all about propping up the banks and nothing else. That’s why there has been growing talk of a world-wide money printing drop for weeks now, and one is coming soon. (more…)

One-on-One with James Howard Kunstler

By Greg Hunter’s  

If you want a no-nonsense look at the world and where we are heading, you talk to a journalist who has seen it all.  James Howard Kunstler began his career in the 1970’s at Rolling Stone magazine.  Thousands of articles and 11 books later, you have a writer with the experience to decipher a very complicated world. (more…)

One-on-One with Karl Denninger

By Greg Hunter’s 

Forget about the outcome of the Greek elections.  The only thing that matters, according to Karl Denninger of, is math.   Denninger thinks, “The powers that be are lying about the solvency of institutions and this is doomed to fail.”

He still thinks the financial crisis “detonates before the election,” and “layoff numbers start going back up.”  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.15.12

By Greg Hunter’s 

Forget about the Greek Elections because, in the end, Greece still has to pay its bills.  There probably will not be any one party that will get enough votes to garner a majority, but the anti-bailout party is gaining ground.  Spain is the latest bailout casualty, but it is all a sign of a system in a tailspin of insolvency.  (more…)

The Euro Titanic

By Greg Hunter’s

You want to know what’s going on right now with the European monetary union and the euro currency? Outspoken Member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage knows, and he’s gotten it right from the very begining of the soveriegn debt crisis.  (more…)

One-on-One with Charles Biderman

By Greg Hunter’s 

The European debt crisis seems to get worse every day with no real solution in sight, just bailout after bailout.  This may look like it is an effort to save heavily indebted countries, but it is really all about saving insolvent banks.  Charles Biderman, CEO of, says, “. . . what we need is a central bank wipeout, which I think we really need to clean the decks so we can go forward and prosper as a globe.”  (more…)

Banking and Freedom

By Greg Hunter’s

I just have a couple of videos to share with you today.  One is about banking and monetary policy from a 12 year-old girl named Victoria Grant.  She is a Canadian that has a firm grasp about what’s really wrong with the global economy.  This video has gotten more than 600,000 views and when you watch it you will know why.  (more…)

One-on-One with Paul Craig Roberts #1

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s 

There has been plenty of calamitous news surrounding the European debt crisis.  Greece is insolvent.  Spain just got a big bank bailout, and Ireland wants a new bailout deal.  No matter how bad it looks in the EU, Paul Craig Roberts says the problems in Europe are “nowhere near as big as the ones here.”  The U.S. is printing massive amounts of money to paper over the mess, but it won’t work.  Roberts says a collapse of the U.S. dollar could happen at any moment.   (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 6.8.12

By Greg Hunter’s 

The UN says that civil war in Syria is “imminent.”  It looks to me it’s been imminent for months.  More than 9,000 people have been killed in the uprising which, at its core, is a fight between Shia and Sunni.  That’s the Hatfields and McCoys to you and me.  There is mounting pressure from the U.S. calling for regime change, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton echoed that call, again, this week.  (more…)