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Everyone Now Identifies With Protesters

By Greg Hunter’s 

What started out as a little insignificant protest that the mainstream media tried to ignore (or at least downplay) has turned into a global phenomenon in a little less than a month.  One of the many headlines that featured the protesters of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement this past weekend said “From Tahrir Square to Times Square: Protests Erupt in Over 1,500 Cities Worldwide.” (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.14.11

By Greg Hunter’s  The alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador in Washington D.C. has put everyone on edge even though it was foiled.  Secretary of State Hilary Clinton says it is a “dangerous escalation.”  The U.S. government considers this an act of terrorism and this could spark another war.  This could cause $200 barrel oil almost overnight and wreak havoc on the fragile world economy.  Speaking of the economy, Europe is a mess and it appears that the EU is going to have to print lots of money and let some banks fail as it braces for a Greek default.  (more…)

Republican Debate Focused on Economy and Cain

Republican Debate 2011 Focused on Economy and Cain's 9-9-9 PlanBy Greg Hunter’s 

I don’t know who won the October 11, 2011 Republican debate last night, but Herman Cain sure got a lot of attention for his 9-9-9 tax plan.  That’s short for 9% tax on business, 9% tax on personal income and 9% sales tax.  I am sure the Republican field loves the first two, but a 9% sales tax seems like a complete downer for the party of Lincoln.  Michele Bachman (who is a tax attorney) hit Mr. Cain in the face with verbal cream pie when she said (more…)

Where is Occupy Wall Street Going?

I have to applaud the “Occupy Wall Street” movement even if their message is a little disjointed.  I think the message will sharpen in time.  I hope the main focus continues to be the ongoing market manipulation and crime that has gone unpunished.  I know folks on both sides of the spectrum are criticizing these folks.    I am not surprised because, after all, both parties have been bought off by the Wall Street bankers.  (I am behind anyone who is exercising their First Amendment rights.)   (more…)


By Greg Hunter’s 

When?  That’s the question that is on the minds of people following the economy.  When will the “you know what” hit the fan and we start another global meltdown.  I am not going to string you along.  I will tell you right now, I don’t know.  I will tell you the headlines I read and the things I am hearing from people in power around the globe say we are in deep danger.  The time is close.  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.7.11

Greg Hunter’s

The big financial story this week comes from Europe.  To print or not to print, that is the question.  The answer is the EU will print money to bail out their banks.  Now Chancellor Merkel and Germany are on board along with the ECB and the IMF.  Heck, even the UK has started printing money again.  Ben Bernanke was grilled by a big Congressional economic committee in Washington this week.  (more…)

What was Steve Jobs Secret to Life?

By Greg Hunter’s

The passing of Steve Jobs is like losing the Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison of our day.  He was truly brilliant.  His thoughts and inventions changed the way we live.  What was his secret?  Is it something we all could incorporate into our lives?  I stumbled upon Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford UniversityCommencement Speech a few weeks ago.  I watched from beginning to end because it was riveting.  He gave his secret to success and life in this speech.  Please watch it.  I think you will find it just as enjoyable, and it is in his own words.  Peace –Greg Hunter– (more…)

There is No Plan to Fix the Economy!

Greg Hunter’s 

I, and many others, have said when it comes to the economy, nothing has been fixed.  I thought Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke underscored that fact when he spoke yesterday in Washington D.C. for the Joint Economic Committee.  Mr. Bernanke said in prepared remarks, “There have been some positive developments: The functioning of financial markets and the banking system in the United States has improved significantly.”    (more…)

Watch out for the Short Sellers!

With the nearly 260 point drubbing the Dow took yesterday I thought it would be a good time to roll out a post on short selling.  Sure, some of this is generated by folks simply sell because of sovereign debt fears in places like Greece, but some of this is probably naked short selling that the SEC turns a blind eye to.  This should be illegal, oh wait, it already is!  Thank you SEC for letting Wall Street crooks run wild in the markets.  (more…)

Four Biggest Banks in America have Huge Leverage

By Greg hunter’s 

I keep hammering away at the fact the Fed doled out $16 trillion in the wake of the credit crisis of 2008.  This is an enormous sum that is greater than the all goods and services produced in the U.S. in a single year.  Domestic banks and companies got the money, right along with foreign banks and companies.  In effect, the Federal Reserve bailed out the world financial system.  (more…)

Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.30.11

By Greg Hunter’s 

Germany brings Europe and the world back from the edge of a financial abyss.  It voted to expand the EU bailout fund.  This is not over by a long shot.  Things are much worse that in 2008.  For one thing, 3 big U.S. banks have been downgraded, and there were no banks downgraded in the last calamity.  On a political note, Herman Cain has been climbing in the polls right along with Ron Paul.  (more…)

Peaceful Wall Street Protesters Pepper Sprayed?

By Greg Hunter’s 

You got to wonder what kind of country we are living in when people protesting Wall Street greed and corruption are pepper sprayed.  Meanwhile, the crooks that caused a global meltdown sit and look out their plush offices and collect fat bonuses.  You wonder why people are protesting?  How about the fact that not a single high-ranking Wall Street banker has gone to jail over this calamity, let alone been investigated.  (more…)

Mainstream Media Spins Real Estate Recovery

By Greg Hunter’s

Just about everywhere you turned yesterday, the mainstream media (MSM) was talking up the good news in the latest Case-Shiller Home Price Index report.  For example, the online version of USA Today had a headline that read “Spring buying boosts home prices, market still sluggish.”  The first line of the story said, “Prices rose 0.9% in July over June, marking the fourth-consecutive month of increases for the Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller index released Tuesday.”  (more…)

The Real Deal from a Real Trader (NOT!)

By Greg Hunter’s  (revised and corrected)

It looks like what I said yesterday was not accurate.  I said that Alessio Rastani was a professional trader.  In reality, this so-called trader in the video is much more of a talker than a trader.  I and the BBC and probably many other media outlets got hoodwinked on this one.  I am sorry for that. (Click here for a link that really explains Rastani’s qualifications.)     Now that revision and correction is out of the way,  I believe what he says is on target.  I think that is why he fooled so many into thinking he is a big time trader.  That said, I think the video is still worth listening to.  What follows is my original intro to the video. (more…)

It’s Much Worse than 2008

By Greg Hunter’s  

I keep hearing the so-called experts say how much better shape the banks are in now than in the last financial meltdown of 2008.  To that, I say horse hooey!  Any expert worth his salt knows that nothing has been fixed in the financial system.  The problems were papered over with fiat currency and the proverbial can kicked down the road—ting ting ting.  (more…)