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“Audit the Fed” H.R. 1207 Congressional Hearing

By Greg Hunter’s   A Congressional Hearing was held Friday on H.R. 1207 also known as “Audit the Fed.”  As far as I can tell, there was very little in the mainstream media on this Ron Paul sponsored bill.  290 Congressmen

Obama Calls Out Iran On Nuclear Secrets

  By Greg Hunter’s   The test-firing of a new medium-range surface to surface missile, named Sejil-2, in Semnan in north-eastern Iran on 20 May 2009. Take a look at today’s headline from Reuters, “Obama Accuses Iran of Building Secret Nuclear Plant.”  This

The 2 Biggest Geopolitical Wild Cards in the World

By Greg Hunter’s   If you look around the world for the countries with the most geopolitical risk, what comes to mind?  Plenty of people would say places such as North Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.  There is no question these nations

Desperation at the FDIC

By Greg Hunter’s   The latest plan at the FDIC to replenish its drained insurance fund is to borrow from the people they are supposed to bailout, the banks!  What!?   This smacks of desperation at the FDIC.  You have been hearing

The Banks Are (Still) In Trouble

By Greg Hunter’s The 94th bank of the year was taken over by regulators on Friday.  Irwin Financial Corporation in Kentucky and Indiana cost the FDIC, or you the taxpayer, 850 million dollars.  That is  a lot of money for just one

The Fed’s Secret Money and the Media Cover-Up

By Greg Hunter’s HR 1207 is a bill,  first sponsored by Congressman Ron Paul  in the U.S. House of Representatives, that will audit the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reseve has never been audited in it’s 96 year history. Contrary to popular

Carter Plays The Race Card

"a big, big tax"

Can The Financial System Really Be Fixed? Some Say No.

By Greg Hunter’s Every time I see a speech on the economy, such as President Obama’s on Monday, I rarely see someone cut to the heart of the problem.  There is too much debt!  That is the simple answer to what

Poll: News Media’s Credibility Plunges To New Low

By Greg Hunter’s I want to highlight this AP article below because it is why I started  I do not think people are getting the whole story, especially when it comes to the economy.  Things are much worse than what

Get Out Of Debt, Stay Out of Debt!

By Greg Hunter’s This cartoon would be even funnier if were not partially true.  These days the average American owes $8,000 dollars on his credit cards.  I was asked by a friend of mine, “How should I hedge my investments in

Prediction: Obama Wins Health Care, Loses Economy

By Greg Hunter’s President Obama’s speech on health care to Congress was high on emotion but short on details.  When he was finished, I wasn’t sure the “Public Option” was in or out.  I do not know how you can insure an additional 46

Something Wicked This Way Comes

By Greg Hunter’s I am not a gold bug, but I can spot a warning sign when I see one.  Gold is near an all time high and this is no fluke!   High prices are the result of  big demand from monster players

The Other Real Estate Problem

By Greg Hunter’s I love the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”  because you tell a lot of people a complicated story in a short amount of time with just one look.   The “Other Real Estate Problem”  I am talking about

The Real Unemployment Rate

By Greg Hunter’s The Friday headline in the Wall Street Journal reads “Job Losses Moderate But Unemployment Hits 9.7%.”  This is just a short post to give you the “Real” number according to John Williams at  He recreates government statistics the

The Smell of Money Harvesting is in the Air!!!

By Greg Hunter’s There are so many reasons why this stock market should be hitting a wall.  Just a few are: high unemployment, plummeting tax revenues, major real estate declines, defaults in both residential and commercial properties, hundreds of banks