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Memorial Day and the Last Nail Speech

By Greg Hunter’s I was out eating with my wife this weekend and saw a veteran getting out of a car with a Purple Heart on his license plate.  After my meal, as I was walking by his table, I

Where’s the Real News Reporting Gone?

When I was coming up in the TV reporting business, “60 Minutes” on CBS was the pinnacle of TV news.  I was lucky enough to make it to the networks (ABC and CNN) and now run my own site on the

Real Estate Market Gets Worse Before Getting Better

By Greg Hunter’s I have been sour on real estate since I sold my home in Florida in 2006.  Back then, I predicted home prices were headed for a crash.  Many people thought I was crazy for saying it.  Today,

Israel is the Wild Card of Wild Cards

By Greg Hunter’s President Barack Obama drew some harsh criticism from the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, after his comment last week to return to the 1967 borders.  Like it or not, the President is trying to jump start

Are Banks Evil?

I think banks are a necessary evil, but banks do not necessarily have to BE evil.  There is a school of thought developing that banks should be more like public utilities and simply serve the public. There is a move underfoot

Is America Going Back to a Gold Standard Someday?

By Greg Hunter’s America went off the gold standard in 1971 when Richard Nixon closed the “gold window.” That meant the U.S. didn’t have to pay foreigners with gold, only dollars.  President Nixon created the first world reserve currency that

Double Digit Inflation has Arrived

By Greg Hunter’s New inflation figures were released by the government last week, and the news was not good.  The headline inflation number was 3.2% in the 12 months that ended in April.  That is more than a percent above

They Just Take Turns Ripping Us Off

Many people think that there is a big difference between Democrats and Republicans, but I think there’s not much difference at all.  I have long said, the left and the right are really one body with two heads–they just take turns ripping

There is No Recovery

By Greg Hunter’s It seems every week in the mainstream media there are multiple references to the so-called economic recovery 2011.  There has been some good news about profits at Ford, Chrysler and General Motors in recent weeks, and GM

$2 Trillion Mile Marker on Road to Perdition

By Greg Hunter’s This week, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner proposed raising the debt ceiling by $2 trillion.  I thought, this should be big news!  After all, a trillion is a thousand billion.  This adds up to 2 thousand billion over the

Bin Laden is Dead—Now What?

By Greg Hunter’s Osama Bin Laden Dead! Now what? The death of Osama Bin Laden is probably the biggest story of the year, and maybe the biggest since 9/11.  There are so many angles being covered such as the burial

Never Ending Money Printing

By Greg Hunter’s The Federal Reserve held its first press conference in its 97 year history last week.  In my mind, it did this because it recognizes the deep financial trouble the U.S. is in.  It wants to put a