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Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.28.12

Greg Hunter’s  There were lots of fireworks at the United Nations this week.  Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was drawing a red line of his own on a crude picture of a bomb.  Don’t laugh, because he

Gold is a Currency

By Greg Hunter’s  We have long been told that gold is a commodity–that it is no different than a bushel of corn or a barrel of oil.  In many newspapers, it is listed under the commodity section.   With the advent

Gerald Celente-The First Great War of the 21st Century has Begun

By Greg Hunter’s  Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente says, “The first great war of the 21st century has begun, and people are afraid to call it what it is.”  Celente says the extreme violence in in the Middle East and

Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.21.12

By Greg Hunter’s  The Middle East and North Africa are on fire.  The latest blow-up happened in Pakistan where the U.S. Embassy was attacked by protestors.  There have been attacks and protests on U.S. interests in Middle East countries such

Peter Schiff-Dollar Vulnerable to a Massive Collapse, Buy Gold and Silver

By Greg Hunter’s  Money manager Peter Schiff says, “The stage has been set for a currency crisis and a sovereign debt crisis, and they’re going to come relatively soon.”  Schiff says the latest round of “unlimited” money printing by the

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

By Greg Hunter’s You may not have heard much about Gary Johnson from the mainstream media, but he’s running for President this year on the Libertarian ticket.  Johnson has real experience as a former Governor of New Mexico.  He’s not afraid

Jeff Berwick-0% Interest Rates Until the System Dies

By Greg Hunter’s  Jeff Berwick of says, “We’re on 0% interest rates . . . and quantitative easing (money printing) until the system dies.”   Berwick is predicting “chaos” when it all comes down.  He doesn’t know how exactly it

Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.14.12

By Greg Hunter’s  I just want to focus on two stories today: the Federal Reserve’s latest round of money printing and the Middle East.  Let’s start with the Fed’s announcement.  It will print money and spend it buying $40 billion

Member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage

By Greg hunter’s You want to really know what’s going on in the EU?  Look no further than MEP Nigel Farage and his rant on the floor of the EU Parliament yesterday.  The German High Court OK’d the unlimited money

Hyperinflation is Virtually Assured – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s  The Federal Reserve is talking about “unlimited QE,” or money printing, to boost employment.  Economist John Williams says, “That’s absolutely nonsense.  The Fed is just propping up the banks.”  Williams says, “You’re likely going to see a

Ron Paul Tribute

By Greg Hunter’s I cannot believe Congressman Ron Paul is completely finished with politics.  I thought he would run third party, of course, he did not.  Could he run when he’s 80 in 2016?  Probably not, but I bet his son,

Greg Mannarino-You Are Going To See Inflation You Are Not Going To Believe

Greg Hunter’s  Greg Mannarino says, “A new monetary system is already in the works.”  He says central banks will continue to print money to keep an insolvent system afloat.  Mannarino says it will be on “. . . an epic

Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.7.12

By Greg Hunter’s  It looks like a European financial meltdown has been pushed back.  The head of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, announced a massive money printing bond buying program to keep countries like Spain and Italy from

Catherine Austin Fitts-They’re Going to Depopulate or Bankrupt the Rest of Us

By Greg Hunter’s  Catherine Austin Fitts calls what happened to the U.S since the market meltdown of 2008 a “fiscal coup d’état.”  Fitts should know because she is a former Wall Street insider who has managed investments worth $300 billion. 

Special Labor Day Update 9.3.12

Greg Hunter’s  A lot going on this weekend, so I am giving a special Labor Day update.  Looks like things continue to heart up in the Middle East.  Israel is asking the world to set a “clear red line” for