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CBS Anti-Constitution Network

By Greg Hunter’s    This past Sunday, CBS ran an op-ed segment on its morning show called, “Let’s give up on the Constitution.”   It was written and delivered by Georgetown law professor Louis Michael Seidman.  Professor Seidman gave a longer version

May 2013-End of the Road-John Williams

Greg Hunter’s   Anybody who thinks the U.S. is in a so-called recovery isn’t listening to economist John Williams.  He contends, “We haven’t had a recovery and we’re not about to have one, and it’s getting worse.”  Williams says it’s because,

Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.25.13

By Greg Hunter’s  Debt and guns are really the only two topics in Washington D.C. this week.  The House of Representatives passed a bill that will suspend the debt ceiling until mid-May.  It’s has a cute little clause called “No

German Gold-Not Last One Holding the Bag-Tom Cloud

Greg Hunter’s  Germany recently announced it was moving some of its gold back to the homeland.  Investment manager Tom Cloud says, “People are starting to pull away and take care of themselves. . . .  You don’t want to be

USA Going to Get Downgraded-Karl Denninger

By Greg Hunter’s   Financial analyst Karl Denninger says, “If you keep raising the debt ceiling willy nilly, you’re going to get downgraded.”  Denninger thinks the latest talks in Washington will only kick the fiscal can down the road.  He says,

Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.18.13

By Greg Hunter’s  It’s all guns all the time as President Obama makes a big push for gun control.  Part of the plan includes “Executive Orders.”  The other part of the President’s plan includes new legislation that bans assault weapons. 

Bernanke Playing With Fire-Laurence Kotlikoff

By Greg Hunter’s  Boston University Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff is worried about America’s dire financial situation.  Dr. Kotlikoff says, “The situation is getting worse and worse and worse.  We are running a massive six decade Ponzi scheme, and it’s coming

Guns Protect Honest People-Catherine Austin Fitts

Greg Hunter’s  Financial expert, Catherine Austin Fitts, says the sudden turn to gun control in the face of mounting financial problems is no accident.  Fitts contends, “Guns protect honest people.  It’s a little scary, the timing of this, and I

Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.11.13

By Greg Hunter’s  Looks like the gun control debate is taking precedence over the severe financial problems the country is facing.  We have a debt ceiling issue that could call into question the “full faith and credit” clause of the

Borrowing From MasterCard to Pay For Visa-Gregory Mannarino

Greg Hunter’s  Financial analyst Gregory Mannarino says, “The Fed cannot and will not stop printing. . . If they do that, overnight the system would collapse. . . . They are in desperation mode.”  Mannarino thinks the U.S. should be

Alex Jones Rips Piers Morgan a New One

By Greg Hunter’s Alex Jones was on Piers Morgan’s CNN show last night to talk about gun control and, boy, did Jones take it to Morgan.  I found myself mesmerized by the debate.  Well…not much of a debate anyway, more like

Peter Schiff: Get Real Money, Gold and Silver – as the Fed Will Not Stop Printing Money

By Greg Hunter’s  Money manager Peter Schiff warns that Japan will likely stop buying U.S. government debt.  He contends, “If the Central Bank of Japan has a choice between monetizing Japanese debt or U.S. debt, they’ll go for their own

Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.4.13

By Greg Hunter’s  The Fiscal Cliff turned into a can kick on tax policy.  Yes, they averted some nasty tax increases for many Americans, but there were zero spending cuts.  In fact, the legislation added $4 trillion in debt!!!   I’d