Greece Debt Crisis Cannot Be Contained-Bill Holter

Bill Holter Warns About Gold and a Big US Dollar Reset Coming Sooner Than Later! By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial writer Bill Holter says you can forget what the experts says about “containing” the Greek debt crisis.  Holter contends, “Contained is famous last words.  This cannot be “contained.”  Greece is the canary for the entire world.  The western world is Greece.  The western world is massively in debt.  There are derivative losses all over that place that are being hidden, and Greece is what sets off the realization that there are losses and the chain has broken.”

Holter goes on to say, “You have to understand that there are layers to this.  The German banks, the French banks, the Greek banks and many of the various European countries’ banks hold Greek debt.  They also hold Spanish debt, Italian, debt, Portuguese debt and etcetera. . . . It’s carried on the books of these banks at 100 cents on the dollar. . . . The problem arises if Greece defaults and truth comes out that, oh my gosh, the debt is only worth 50 cents on the dollar or 50% or 10%.  Then these banks have to write down the loss, and that blows a hole in their balance sheet. . . .Greece is broke, and they are going to down sooner or later.  Greece is insolvent and broke and when their bonds get valued in portfolios . . . those loses are going to have to be realized.  That’s what this has all been about and not realizing the losses.”

As far as the value of the dollar, well, it all comes down to trust.  Holter says, “The U.S. is no longer trusted.  Can you imagine . . . the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) being formed and Israel, France, Germany, and the biggest one is Britain, and them joining in 2008?  No way. . . . It’s self-preservation, but I also believe that our allies are choosing sides.”

Holter warns there is a big reset for the U.S. dollar coming sooner than later.  Holter says, “You have to ask yourself, what is the dollar going to be reset against?   My thought is the Chinese have every reason to argue to reset gold higher because they have gold. . . . Any country that had gold, their gold would be revalued higher.  If they hold gold in reserve means their reserves would be revalued higher.  If everybody else is showing their gold, it would force the U.S. to show its gold.  Mathematically, I don’t see any way the U.S. does have the gold. . . . I do know that, at some point, there will be a massive short squeeze in gold once the derivatives chain breaks.  Once Greece defaults, or some bank defaults and the derivatives chain breaks, there is going to be a massive outburst of I want my gold, and I want it now.  This will be the biggest short squeeze in the history of history.” 

On what Harry Dent said about gold recently, Holter says, “The danger is that he’s scaring people into selling their insurance.  He’s scaring people into selling gold, and that is your insurance and gold is money.  I think Dent is right, that we will have a $100 trillion plus of wealth evaporate.  Walmart and Target will not even be open.  Try going to Walmart with your dollars, there won’t be anything on the shelves.”

Holter predicts, “We will be in marshal law by this time next year,” and adds, “There is something wrong and there is a storm out there, and the historical safe haven for all-time has been gold.  The hope is to reset the system without crashing it, but I am not sure it can be done.  There is just too much debt outstanding.  I think everything will be reset, and China will lead the reset.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with precious metals expert Bill Holter of

(There is much more in the in-depth interview.)

After the Interview:
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  1. John

    Holter’s statement that this country will be under martial law a year from now is no comfort but would seem about right in terms of the next election. It seems other countries with greater economic problems would be under martial law first. But I’m beginning to wonder if the efforts of this administration to generate class and racial tensions and violence is part of the plan to hasten the “need” for martial law. I wonder if Hillary is a distraction to keep us thinking there’s going to be an election in 2016 when there is no intention of allowing an election. This over the top crap in Baltimore just seems so bizarre. With that happening in about a dozen major cities at the same time we could very well see a major lockdown in this country.

    • Bill Holter

      I hope I am wrong.

  2. Ugly

    Greece is a pimple on a pimple on a pimple compared to USA.

    Let’s look at USA. China and other foreign investors have about $7T in USA backed T-bills. It is the famous loan to value equation (LTV)

    LTV = loan amount/value of collateral

    So if our loan investors decide to cash in, we are very roasted because bonds and tbills are way over valued. Therefore we cannot let them cash in.

    What we do is nice deals like imports. We let them buy farms and Manhatten and etc.

    But they still own $7 plus trillion of TBills. Well, as I have said before, $7T can almost buy all farm ground in the USA. Or 1.2 billion acres at $6,000 an acre. Idaho has around 4 million acre so at $6,000 a value of around 24 billion.

    Anyway. Financial times are coming. That is why I am not sure Americans will do well with gold here in America. How will you cash it in on the USD with the biggest debt around it? You will have to wait until the dollar is gone and the reset currency is in.

    That is just my paranoid opinion.

    • Bill Holter

      it takes only a small amount of force to topple someone on a tightrope.

  3. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    Great interview as always! I have a question I would like to pose to you or any of your readers in relationship to the world reset Bill mentioned near the end of the interview.

    If the currencies of the world are going to reset where does that put the Iraqi dinar and the Vietnamese dong in relationship to the other currencies since they are so undervalued compared to the US dollar?

    I am sure the dollar will drop say 30 to 50% but if these two currencies reset to anywhere from 10% to parity of the dollar won’t that be a large net gain?

    I have read some of sales pitches for owning these currencies before the big reset but what say you all? :o)

    In CHRIST! Rob

    • Jerry

      That’s a tough one to answer because the deck is going to be completely reshuffled. My guess is that each countries currencies in the new order of things will be determined by the amount of hard assets (IE Gold) to back them. That’s why the Chinese have been buying such massive amounts of Gold. That’s my take.

    • Bill Holter

      true crapshoots in my opinion.

    • paul

      I don’t want to hold the fiat US dollar … and you want to play with fiat currencies depreciating between 10 and 20 percent per year? Each to his own … but remember buy low and sell high … the way the guys on e-bay are doing it!

  4. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    What an absolutely first rate interview.
    IMO Bill as always is spot on with his humble common sense approach.
    I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he calls it as he honestly sees it and not just to a preordained agenda.

    My call is that Grexit and the recent meeting of the OMFIF in Washington are the two big stories out there at the moment.
    I also listen up big time whenever Alasdair Macleod says anything and if you check out this link his thinking goes right along with Bill’s re the Washington meeting;

    Greg no one on WD has answered my question yet;
    “What % of the US population joined the soup queues at the height of the great depression?”
    Would you hazard a guess my friend?
    I have a feeling the true figure could be very revealing indeed.


    • paul

      Good point Col …
      Ans: 25 million out of work

      Today the figure is 91 million out of work!

    • Jerry

      My grandmother told me about 12 Million people. But that’s a rough guess, because they really had no way of obtaining accurate figures during that time, because people were so transient looking for work,

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Colin for your kind words. Unemployment reached 25% in 1933.

    • Alarmed

      The height of the Great Depression was 1932/1933 depending on what resource you are referring to. That translates into approximately 20-24% unemployment depending on the reference used.
      Welfare as we know it was unknown in those days, with Churches and other societies filled those needs. I am guessing far fewer people went to those soup kitchens than the average person today would guess, as it was considered a blight on the family if one was forced to use those facilities. I do not recall seeing photos of families in those lines, but rather men in suits with hats; many men went looking for work to provide for the families, so that may be the reason.
      My family lived in a well known NJ city as well as a NYC borough. Neither family had a lot of money. My paternal side was in dire straights as my grandmother was a widow with a child. She had a meager income, and food was scarce. They were allowed to live in a house that should have been razed, and cooked with creosote bricks-both escaping any poor health from it. The other side did better as six adults and two children living in one house, pooling their resources together. They ate a lot of day old bread and soup. A big argument came about with my mother’s father getting a box of food due to being a WWI vet. It was considered a shame on the family as if it were welfare. It was not.
      You may be confusing the issue by comparing the attitude today verses the attitude during those times.
      I do not think that the 1929-1939 Depression is a good example for us today,as Mr. Holder pointed out the depression had deflation instead of inflation. I propose A better example may be the Confederacy. They had no manufacturing to speak of, confiscation from both governments, and compounded with the results of war, absolutely no goods available. It took 100 years for the south to recover. Unfortunately, we do not learn from history, and it will be to our sorrow.
      I hope this helps with your question, as I do not know exactly where you are going with your question.

  5. kevin

    Its martial law….not marshall law:-)

  6. Michael

    It looks to me like Bill hit the ball out of the park. I think he put a lot of DENTS in Harry’s point of view. Somehow I would probably sleep better at night mostly following Bill’s way of thinking. But some paper dollars under the dog house makes a lot of sense for some insurance. But T-Bills seems like a suicidal endeavor for more than 40 days and 40 nights. I look forward every day to reading Bill’s daily rants.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Michael, yes, I believe paper will spend for a short time until people refuse to accept it …then you will need silver.

  7. David Morris

    This USA ‘Gold’ price reminds me more and more of the old Soviet Union official exchange rate for dollars to rubels being much lower than the market rate.
    Gold is Money
    Currency is short lived manipulated notes that should convert to Gold.
    Legal tender is what Government decides we should use to ‘trade’ with.
    Do not be surprised if we have a new legal tender, possibly electronic after the reset.

    • Bill Holter


  8. Gert

    You Can Cope With Uncertainty
    “CERTAINLY!” “Sure thing!” “Guaranteed!” You have no doubt heard such expressions many times. In our daily life, however, there is not much that we can be sure of. Life is so unpredictable that we often wonder if there is anything that we can be absolutely certain about. Doubt and uncertainty seem to be a part of life.

    Understandably, most people desire security and happiness for themselves and their family. They work very hard to acquire the things they believe will make them happy and secure—usually money and material possessions. However, an earthquake, a hurricane, an accident, or a violent crime can wipe out such possessions instantly. Serious illness, divorce, or unemployment can change lives overnight. True, such things may not actually happen to you. Yet, just knowing that something terrible can happen at any time is a disturbing and distressing feeling. But that is not all.

    Uncertainty is synonymous with doubt, and one dictionary defines “doubt” as “uncertainty of belief or opinion that often interferes with decision-making.” Furthermore, according to the book Managing Your Mind, “uncertainty about something important is a major cause of anxiety and worry.” Doubt unresolved can lead to anxiety, frustration, and anger. Yes, worrying about what might or might not happen can harm our mental and physical health.

    As a result, some people go to the other extreme. They are like the Brazilian youth who said: “Why be concerned about what is going to happen? Today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow.” Such a fatalistic “let us eat and drink” attitude can lead only to disappointment, distress, and ultimately death. (1 Corinthians 15:32) It is far better for us to turn to the Creator, with whom, says the Bible, “there is not a variation of the turning of the shadow.” (James 1:17) If we examine God’s Word, the Bible, we will find sound counsel and guidance on how to cope with the uncertainties of life. It can also help us to understand why there is so much uncertainty.

    • Bill Holter

      …and do he best you can with what you have

  9. Gina Mancarella

    Greg, what Bill Holter talks about regarding breakdown in society and Martial Law is the exact reason we as Americans need to stand up with Hillary in 2016. People are painting a dire picture about the future, but we dont need to stand for this view and accept this outcome. Hillary has a vision for America where we restore our greatness and compassion for the people. Hillary is the champion of the people. Lets make her the personal champion of every man, woman and child so that the American dream can live, thrive and prosper for the next century.

    • Greg Hunter

      Personal champion? Hill is trading hundreds of millions of dollars for political favors. You gotta be getting paid to be this blind

      • Gina Mancarella

        Greg, If I am getting paid, then surely millions and millions of supporters are also getting paid. What we are witnessing is a grass roots movement. The American people are standing up and saying “No” to the politics of personal destruction. Hillary has opened a real dialogue with the American people unlike the old tired politics of the past and we are learning that we as Americans can all share in the bounty of America. I believe that finally after years of wandering the desolation of history, that we are finally ready to hear the message of national salvation. An American can do attitude.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hill is a CFR member. I think you should study that group.

        • brian

          Sorry Gina, you missed your chance, Ron Paul would have been your candidate…but alas, the establishment did everything but put a bullet in his head. Get ready for the real pain to start as this country redlines past the last few “bridge out” signs.

      • Art Barnes

        Greg, speaking of Hillary, looks like Baltimore came to her rescue, its off the news cycle, Billary & company probably will find a way to make some millions from the burn.

      • david brown

        hillary clinton will be worse than obama. she is a war monger who will take the country to war. after libya she should be impeached and charged with crimes against humanity .she is supported by the 1%. champion of the rich and the criminal. her vision is for the 1% and herself. her charity is a scam as well .only a dope would push pro clinton views

      • Tom Cunningham

        Hi Greg,

        10 to 1 Gina is a paid troll. No one else could be that much of a zombie.


      • Desert Rose

        Yes, she’s got to be paid. Hillary- What difference does it make? – Clinton, supporter of Monsanto and mandatory GMO food, vaccines, micro-chipping, etc. Oh, and Hillary- erased all her business emails so no one can track her treasonous deals- Clinton, wife of Bill- repeal- Glass-Steagal and shipper of millions of American jobs over seas Clinton…..that’s the Hillary who would save the US? Right, save us by putting us in FEMA camps, with free govt health care. Oh, and we get to have more food stamps, while her personal fortune goes into the billions.

        Thanks for Holter’s talk, Greg.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Gina my dear you are one very sick puppy!

    • Nomad

      – Personal Champion for themselves, not us.

      While Hillary Was Secretary of State, Foreign Corporations in Favor of TPP Paid Bill over a Million Dollars –

      “Could Clinton’s silence on the matter be due to a serious conflict of interest?”

      “The Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid.”

      “Records show that Bill’s earnings from appearance fees — both foreign and domestic — spiked at $17 million in 2012, Hillary’s last year at State.

      During Hillary’s four-year stint as secretary of state, the ex-president earned about $48 million of a $105 million speaking haul amassed between 2001 and 2013.”

      – Coincidence, I am sure.

      “Her position was further undercut when the family foundation announced it would refile five years of tax returns. In one three-year period, it omitted tens of millions in foreign contributions, reporting “zero” to the IRS. In another two-year period, it admitted to over­reporting government grants by more than $100 million.

      A foundation aide described the errors as “typographical,” which is bizarre — and par for the Clinton course. To concede the errors during the firestorm must mean keeping them quiet was an even greater liability.”

      – I am glad this is unfolding in internet time so we can move on to uncovering the republican candidate’s corruption well before the election.

      I don’t know how, but we need a third party or choice that’s not extreme like the neolibs and neocons – something we can believe in and get behind to repair all the damage.

      – It will not be easy, nor should it be, it will take sacrifice and pain.

      – Now who is really behind the Baltimore riots and seeking to divide us? – Key.

      – We should all pray for that. Pray for our country, and our people including cops.

      • Nomad

        This reminds me of Pre-Nazi Germany and Pre-Bolshevik Russia with a heaping helping of domestic and foreign globalist influence. Beware.

    • paul

      Gina … do you drink fluoridated water? … Do you breathe aluminium and barium contrail dust? … How about Gina-ticly modified foods that have been shown to impair logical thinking? … Where has Hillary been with regard to restoring our health and vision with regard to these simple issues … instead this champion of the people has done nothing to restore the peoples health or wealth … the American dream you talk about has been reduced to “hoping we won’t get cancer” … and how can anyone possibly thrive and prosper into the next century after she allowed her husband to remove all restraints from the banking system making us all paupers! Some Champion of the People alright!

    • Jerry

      Your ignorance is breathtaking. My advice. Enjoy your government pay check while you still have one. You won’t have them much longer.

    • Anne Elliott

      Gina, you are so funny!! Hillary is a champion of the people??? The only people she champions are the Elite and the foreigners who contribute to her “Foundation”. Everyone else will be treated like those pitiful souls in Benghazi; they will be left hanging out to dry – defending themselves as best they can and getting slaughtered in the process. Hillary a champion of the people??? Yeah, just like Hitler was.

    • Matty Waltzing

      Gina, Why did Hill take all the dinnerware with her when she left the white house even after complaining about the Reagan’s spending the taxpayers money for replacing the old stuff. Any truth to it and if so, doesn’t sound like much of a champion for the people, especially if it’s true they cleaned out the REST OF THE “house of the people” loading up the u-hauls! SHE SOUNDS AS IF SHE’S A MONEY GRUBBING HUSSY !

      Gina what’s your M.O. in all this anyway? Do you really believe there will be an election? Are you a paid agent?

      You’d be a great guest here, I’m sure it be a first and so interesting to say the least! Just giving us a few tidbits would be so reveling, you actually come across as a likeable person, whomever you are?

      P.S. What’s Hillary’s fascination with Sore pus all about? THEY HAVING AN AFFAIR? I hope it’s only intellectual!

      If you were a guest, I’m sure Greg wouldn’t grill you too hard and you could disguise yourself and voice, it be a real hoot!

      Maybe your Hillary herself? Think of the money your saving!

      • Matty Waltzing

        I meant, ” Sore Sour Puss”, for old Georgie!

    • Al Hall

      Gina: Greg is correct- Hillary is nothing but a sell out, anything for money. She is higher up in the ranks than even Bill the slime-ball in the Bilderbergers. This women is pure evil- she had Amb. Stevens murdered in Benghazi- fact! Then there was Foster, murdered in DC the night before unveiling the Clinton’s . Nothing but corruption follow these to traitors.
      Hard to believe people still are so blind to these political thugs!

    • NC Gal


      I agree with Greg. If you are NOT a paid troll, you are either naive or sadly mistaken. IF we have elections (staged or not, they really don’t offer us a meaningful choice) in 2016, and IF Hillary is “elected” (i.e. chosen for us by the elite), then it will be time to cover every flagpole in this country with black crepe, for that will be a certain sign that our country has finally died and hope is no more.

      If you were well-informed and had followed the money trail, going all the way back to the Clintons allowing the airport at Mena, Arkansas to be used for delivery of drug shipments, not to mention the body counts of people who mysteriously died (like Vince Foster), you would know that both of the Clintons have only ever been in this (politics) to benefit themselves. Bill came into office during a real estate scandal, and of course we know the rest.

      If you think Obama is bad pookie, then Hillary would be the same, only ten times worse (if that is possible). She is a shallow, hollow, self-serving, power-hungry, venomous scab on the idea of what a woman should be. To even think of her actually coming into office makes me ill, and I am both a woman and a feminist. Wake up and smell the coffee!

    • Bill Holter

      no comment other than “NO” to all that you wrote.

    • RTW

      Gina, whatever you are being paid to debase yourself touting HC, it’s not enough. I don’t care if it’s as much as $100….it’s not worth it. To hold this woman up as a beacon of light that we all should look to, is farcical. This woman cares about one thing, and one thing only….herself. She is quite possibly the most cheated on woman in history but she dutifully accepted it and “stood by her man” with the promise that she would be rewarded later. If that doesn’t define her character, nothing will. How in the world can she be counted on to lead the Country….she couldn’t handle the State Dept. but hey….What Difference Does It Make?

    • eddiemd

      Some comic relief for Tuesday.

      You should market whatever it is that you are taking.

  10. Smaulgld

    Bill makes a great point
    If $100T evaporates how would the banks/brokerages holding the dollars Dent says you should keep survive?

    In addition, if that amount of paper wealth evaporated what would that do for confidence of paper assets like dollars, the denomination of much of the debt in the world?
    Cash may be a convenient medium of exchange (if its not banned or restricted) after a crash but if there was an event ao large, new currencies would be introduced and dollars would probably be reduced in value.
    If such a tumultuous environment comes to pass, gold would store wealth and barter item keep people going.

    • paul

      The bankers won’t let their “imaginary money” evaporate … because they will simply “imagine” that it still exists and continues to have “imaginary value” that can’t evaporate!

    • Bill Holter

      correct to all of it. I wrote an entire piece on this and is archived at Miles Franklin titled “dangerously “Dent”ed logic”.

  11. Klemens

    Greece was selected by Rothschild to destroy the EURO! Other countries as Portugal, Italy are not much better. This game is great Greece-Rothschild theater. It is to distract that the entire euro debt-money system is bankrupt. As long as they can still reprint Euros digitally out of “Nothing” , they will not let Greece go bankrupt.

    • Klemens

      you have to read this book about the EU: “The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’ ”
      than you know much more about this “Organisation”.

    • Bill Holter

      we will see.

    • Milton

      In the state of chaos, SOMEBODY has to certify that your gold bullion is legit before I give you a loaf of bread, roasted lamb or toilet paper for it. Not being sarcastic, just trying to picture “Certification Offices” all over Post Rodney King Event landscape.

  12. Ross

    Bill Holter and Rob Kirby are my favourites . They present their analysis with no BS and alarmist hype.
    The real rate of inflation since 1970 has been 7% pa and both wage earners and investors have been losing out, while big bankers have cleaned up.

    The second form of democracy should be mutual banking societies in which mortgagees and depositors share in the new money created either as debt or reduction in the cost of borrowing new money. We cannot trust big Govt or big bankers so the power of money creation must go back to the people.

    A really good site Greg . I like your unassuming presentation.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Ross.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Well said Ross!

  13. Jim G

    Glad to hear Bill Holter make mention of Jade Helm 15 and his belief of martial law might just be around the corner. He also was of the opinion there may not be an election in 2016, which is what I have been saying for about a year now.

    So what is Jade Helm? First let’s look at the motto: “Master the Human Domain” Quite simply I think it means someone is planning to control the people/population where they live and where they work. Of course it can be interpreted differently but it does imply domination over a population unless someone can come up with something else as I am sure they will.

    Next we come to the logo/symbol which contains 3 objects. We have broken arrows and the term “broken arrow” is the military code for “direct all fire on my position”. When someone calls out “broken arrow” all hell is about to break loose.

    You can also see there is a sword in the middle of the logo. A sword has a number of symbolic meanings and if you do a search you will find the symbolic meaning at the top of the list is for the word “aggression”.

    The final symbol, though harder to see is a wooden shoe. This is by far the most ominous of the 3. Many may quickly relate the wooden shoe to Holland, however, there is another historic group who once were give wooden shoes to wear as you will see here.

    If you would like to see a clearer picture of the wooden shoe you can see it at the 58 second mark here

    I also wondered why anyone would need to come up with name, motto and even a cryptic logo for what is being reported as more or less a routine military drill. As far as I know, every major military campaign in the past such as Desert Storm and Desert Shield had just a name – which was quite clear with no mottos or logos which to me implies something much larger is going on.

    But what jolted me the most was the name itself – Jade Helm.
    If you enter jade helm into the Google translator check Hebrew and see what it is in English you will see “Did you mean:” Click on what is highlighted in blue and see what Jade Helm means in Hebrew.

    If this doesn’t open your eyes than I guess nothing will but of course this is all just another conspiracy theory like 9/11 and all the other false flag events, right?

    • Mary Casey

      “West Shock”….wow. I had a sense that somehow “Hebrew” was involved but couldn’t put it together. Thank you.

    • Al Hall

      Klemens: your spot on!

    • NC Gal


      I think you have come to some erroneous conclusions regarding the Jade Helm logo. The arrows are crossed, not broken. (A “broken arrow” is military jargon for “an accidental nuclear incident that involves nuclear weapons, warheads, or components but which does not create the risk of nuclear war.”) The center image is a “ghosted” (faded out to near invisiblity) sabot, or wooden shoe. Sabot is the root word for sabotage, and the second form of sabotage outlined in the OSS manual is the “human element,” hence the term “Mastering the Human Element” underneath the logo.

      It is my opinion that the reason the sabot is nearly invisible is that the training exercise will seek to infiltrate and direct the local population, a la Sun Tzu tactics. To me the most credible video regarding the true nature of JH is at All the rest is paranoid hype and speculation.

      It is also my opinion that this training exercise is PREPARING for tactics to be used later in bringing down this country and turning one person against the other, as occurred in Nazi Germany. It is not “the event” itself, but is leading up to it.

    • Bill Holter

      It IS SCARY Jim!

    • Lt. Bruno Stachel

      Jim G.
      What’s also very interesting an ominous, is if you go to your link on the Jade Helm wooden shoe, to 8:36, you’ll see the patches of the prisoners. Look at the purple patch, you’ll see, “Bibelforscher,” then google Bibelforscher and you’ll see the German into English translation;


      “biblical scholar” one who studies and is proficient in the bible

      Worse yet some dictionary’s point out the term “Bible Students-Bibelforscher” was used for a particular religious group that refused to fight for, “God, Country & Adolf Hitler!”

      Look’s like ole times are soon to be here again. Remember, just before Hitler dearly departed, he said, “when I come back no more mister nice guy!” Suffice it to say, “he was pissed’ and I don’t mean drunk, mate. Should have been though!

    • eddiemd

      Counterinsurgency operations.

      7th SFGA AO includes latin America so the language preferred in Spanish.

      • United We Stand

        Greg, your website is a godsend in this web of deceit. People are hungry for the truth. You’re a real Patriot & we are all grateful.

        Bill Holter is another godsend. I read his site everyday & trust his judgment as well. We must never give up hope because we must all remember, we have God on our side, how can we lose. Also, we outnumber them.
        Reminder ~ Hitler is back & this time he’s black.

    • aussie jeff

      West Shock!! Boy oh Boy, that says it all, well done Jim G

  14. Mack

    Greg, you’ve redeemed yourself. After having 2 clowns on, you have a straight shooter on today. This guy makes sense, and doesn’t seem to have ulterior agendas. Thanks for finding a “real” guy, not a circus clown.

    • john duffy

      Scary stuff, I wonder if this is some type of ploy to psychologically intimidate us into submission!

      • john duffy

        Oops, my post was meant as a reply to JIM G

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Mack, I tell it as I see it.

  15. vincent_g

    Sound is better today but still needs help.
    I have a $300 sound system on my PC which is why I can hear things that others can’t.
    Sound is important when you are doing videos for public view.
    Alex Jones has spent much time and money on creating studio quality video and sound.
    It’s part of the reason why his show is popular.
    I’m not ragging on you Greg as I think you have a great show.
    I think it can be better received if you pay more attention to technical stuff.

    On the topic of today’s show
    The US banks can’t take your money.
    But the FDIC can make settlements.
    The bank will close and the FDIC can say we will settle each account for 10%
    This will only happen if we have a large number of bank failures

    As for what happens down the road.
    I still go back to my belief that the Fed will zero out the Federal debt.

    If they don’t do that the federal government debit will spiral out of control.
    It will hit trillion dollar a month deficits!
    This will happen due to a major drop in the tax income and a major increase in expenditures to cover costs of supporting and policing those out of work.

    How much do riots cost to control and what if 70% of the country’ s work force is out of work? The cost to prop up all the states would be beyond what can be maintained.

    Inflation is God to the Federal Reserve and they will do what is required to get it unless the laws prevent them from taking what they believe is required actions .
    Also without the US government the Fed is dead unless they get an international agreement that they are still in control of the US dollar.

    Now there’s a dangerous thought.

    • Bill Holter

      bought a new microphone but am still working on it.

  16. Jerry

    Greg, I would like for you to have Harry Dent and Rick Ackerman back on your show in October to discuss their economic forecast that they’ve been peddling. Somehow I don’t think they would accept your invitation, because they’re going to be to busy dodging their investors. Or in Ricks case visiting his haberdashery.

    This time around, its for all the marbles because there will be no bailouts. China is not coming to our rescue like 2008. They’ve had enough of our market manipulation, our lies, and our debt. They gave us seven years to get our financial house in order, and we blew it. Their currency system is scheduled to go on line in September. Plan accordingly.

    I really hope that people are listening to Bill Holter, because he’s telling the truth. And that’s refreshing after all the smoke we had blown up our skirt last week! Thank you Bill.

  17. Mike from the North


    It is the 11th hour.

    History will remember this time.

    • paul

      Is that 11 AM or 11PM?? in the Fall sometime? … You should be more definite like October 22, 2015 at 11AM!

    • Bill Holter

      Hi Mike, I knew you would watch!

  18. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you very much for presenting challenging views, to take a look at all sides of the coin with an open mind. In 2008, I realized the old days of safe banks and a modest return are over, as they made a gambler out of all of us, as I hated to become a gambler with my financial resources. Gold is not a commodity, the gold market is smoke and mirrors, as predictions are tough/impossible because of that, but sure is an insurance, as hard assets are in general. Willem Middelkoop predicted a total crash as from 2007, recent times he sees a transition into a new system, strongly advocating gold/hard assets though. I hope he might be right. He wrote yet another book ‘The Big Reset’. In the West, he considers himself seen as an underground figure, but the Chinese and Russians take his book very seriously on a governmental level. If someone doesn’t know what to do, it could be an idea to follow the Chinese, and their infinite appetite for hard assets. To be over confident like Harry Dent could be dangerous, as it closes down an open mind for other scenarios. Whatever the conviction, one should advise “some” hard assets anyway, as Harry Dent didn’t. Commodities are finite, while the world population is growing, paper assets are infinite. Listening to opposing views, I stick to my bet on hard assets, as we are forced to gamble with our financial resources. Whatever you hold, it’s a gamble.

    As I wanted to end my contemplations about the weird topic I have been posting
    before, the spirit world showed a very bright white light traveling with me when I biked home after I went out for a drink, some six nights, to remain behind my home for an hour, fuelling a special feeling. The unravelling time is not near, but they surely wanted to acknowledge it will be one day. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

    • sk

      Floodlights of the police car? LOL

  19. Matt Jaymes

    Bill Holter is rapidly becoming a favorite analyst. No axe to grind; just good, sound rational argument. Reminds me of Jim Sinclair (hint, hint…) Good work and thanks.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Matt, Mr. Sinclair has told me he will be back on again but not when.

  20. Marcus West

    Bill is my favorite I read his article from Miles Franklin everyday.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks for your support!