Market Crash Coming – Insiders Run – Lynette Zang

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Market analyst Lynette Zang has deep Wall Street experience and is starting to see a worse setup than just before the 2008 market meltdown. Zang explains, “The dollar is weak.  All that is dog and pony.  The real thing is they can’t stimulate the economy by growing any more debt.  The system is based on compounding debt.  So, it has to reset, and any wealth that is in the system gets reset too. . . .  They can keep the game going until confidence is lost.  Once confidence is lost, it’s over, and I do think it’s close . . . the big kahunas are sucking as much wealth out of the system as they can.”

How close are we to another market meltdown worse that 2008? Zang says, “Every week I do an insider’s trading corner, and I show you what the insiders are doing generally, and then I do an individual stock.  It’s pretty obvious . . . the insiders are getting out in droves. This is the second most expensive stock market in history.  It’s more expensive than 1929.  Also, there are no buyers on the other side of this market if a lot of people want to sell at the same time.”

So, how long can central banks keep the debt party going? When is the next crash?  Zang says, “I am worried that it will happen before the end of this year.  I think that is what they are trying to do with getting all the regulations.  Since the banks have passed the stress tests, what are they doing?  They are getting all these huge dividend payouts and all of these stock buybacks, which primarily benefit the guys on the top.  So, I think they are getting ready for the crash.  If they can hold it together, then they are going to want as much wealth out of the system.  I am talking about the one percenters.  If they can hold it together, we might get a little more time, but any black swan event, then it will be out of their control, and it will be game over.  That could happen anytime.”

What would it look like to the man on the street? Zang predicts, “The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) showed how they would bail in the banks over the weekend.  It’s pretty easy to see if you look across the pond to Greece.  You will have no access to your wealth.  You may have a pretty statement that says you have xyz (stocks) in there.  You just can’t touch it.  It will be the same thing with your bank account . . . basically, access will be gone.  That’s what it will look like, and people are going to be freaked out.  What do you do when the computer says no?  There is a certain amount of cash in the ATM, maybe $60 a day, maybe $300 a day.  Who knows?  But it’s not going to be enough.  So, that’s what it is going to look like.  Most people will freak out because they have about three days of food in their house.  Most grocery stores have about three days of food on their shelves.  So, what happens after day six?  People will be scared for sure, and they will panic.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Lynette Zang, Chief Market Strategist at

After the Interview:

Zang is a prolific writer and podcaster. You can follow her analysis on the home page of


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  1. Byron Kemp

    Mr. Hunter, C’mon now ! Every headline is now about a market crash ! Armageddon ! Meltdown ! Mayhem ! Anarchy ! Slaughter in the streets ! The kind of boogie man narratives that FAKE NEWS embraces. You can surely do better than this !

    • Greg Hunter

      Byron Kemp,
      Did you flunk math?

      • Byron Kemp

        Mr. Hunter, C’mon. There is a “there” there. You keep saying there isn’t, but there is ! Its in plain said. The “there” is there !

        • Greg Hunter

          Yep, You flunked math.

          • Paul ...

            Here is some math Byron for you to refute … 5.7 million non-citizens cast their vote for the Demon-Rat Hillary Clinton and have their children being educated in our schools raising our property taxes … while Homeland Security is trying to take control of our Nation’s voting machines to rig our elections … to deny that the MSM has been “weaponized” to take down Trump by lying and covering up the fact that every Demon-Rat State is refusing to provide voter rolls to a Presidential Commission that wants to get all the dead people off the voter rolls … is it not Armageddon ! Meltdown ! Mayhem ! Anarchy ! to have people voting early and often to keep neocon Satan worshiping pedophiles in office! … the MSM is a malignant non-functioning “news dissemination” organization that creates “fake news” and this is known to the military and spy agencies that use them to push their war and economic turmoil propaganda … the alternative news outlets (like USAWatchdog) simply shoot down the lies … which is not the kind of boogie man narratives that the FAKE NEWS organizations embrace … there are major ethical issues involved that need to be exposed and the alternative news outlets are doing a good job bringing down these Deep States propaganda news outlets … and the entire Main Stream Media is melting down before our eyes as all their lies are imploding!!

          • Byron Kemp

            Even if I “flunked math”, which I didn’t, there still is a there there. Its as plain as day and your sensationalization of gloom and doom predictions diminishes your credibility. Keep this up and you will follow in the footsteps of some of your CNN buddies.

            • Greg Hunter

              I got an Idea!! Let’s close the Fed trading desk, halt all ESF actions, Raise interest rates to the historic average which is about 6% and jail NOT FINE every single banker that broke the law. Then let’s see if there is some “There, there.” YOU FLUNKED MATH, LOGIC and ETHICS.

            • Paul ...

              Byron … how about us predicting tax increases to come (in Illinois for example) … is that simply sensationalizing gloom and doom? … Arm(and leg)ageddon is coming … and soaking the rich will simply be the excuse to increase taxes on what is left of Middle America … if that is sensationalizing gloom and doom … so be it!!

        • Paul Anthony

          Bryon here is some of the math (that you apparently flunked)

          The federal reserve says there is 1.54 Trillion in cash that is circulating the globe (

          The USA is 20 Trillion in debt

          Federal Reserve balance sheet is 4 trillion

          hmmm but there is only 1.5 Trillion cash even in existence ?

          As Gerald Celente says – “Our money isn’t worth the digital paper it’s not printed on.

          Get it … the math is beyond broken – we can’t live in imaginary land forever

          This is broken down as simple as it gets for simpleton trolls like your self

          Ok carry on

          wait — here is a link you might be interested in

      • CaptHank

        He never took math.

      • Crowd Sourcer

        One of your previous guests was just streamed live on Crowd Source the truth – Charles Ortel. Mis-titled on you tube, it was Charles, just watched…

      • Theopholus

        Lord Byron did indeed flunk math.

      • SicSemperTyrannis

        Love your reports Greg however…..the guy above is right….since I got more into alternative news, been hearing this stuff! Oh there is marshal law coming, fema camps for christians, ww3, economy crashes….year after year after year after year…who else does that, those niburu nuts….let’s be honest and true about that. I mean, when you got people claiming train car carriers are slave cars….when its kinda freaking obvious the train car carriers have have to have chains to keep cars in place…..then you have to question these people. And when they ban you from their forums for explaining with common sense what it really is….you then know they are putting out fear porn. Dave Hodges and Allnewpipeline do this regularly.
        And insulting someone for their opinion…last I checked that was libtard snowflakes and communist/socialist that do that. Please don’t be that guy!
        We already have enough conservative fake news sites out there as it is…Dave Hodges, is one that puts out ww3, fema camp, and everything else out every year without any proof. You said it yourself on this weeks weekly wrap up “I could not put out a report without real sources”…..Steve Quayle does the same thing….the worst fake news of all is Allnewspipeline……where they ban you for actually giving them a source or correcting a false narrative.

        • Greg Hunter

          You have not heard me talk about martial law and FEMA camps. I talk about math and it looks terrible. They never fixed the system, they bought time and time is about up. Ignore at your won peril.

          • Son Won Seong

            I enjoying the comic stuff here reminding me of Bill Clinton comedy saying no is sex in white house and debating meaning of word is is and say no is in white house. So when you saying no there there is funny too. So comical and funny making laughing. No there there. No there there. Like a song.

            • Paul ...

              Son … it is no laughing matter that Satanists have taken control in our world … but they will be rooted out by God the Father … especially their procuring of children for their organs and blood … the “gay pedophiles” at the Vatican will even be brought down … Catholics are in horror to see their Pope acting like a “closet Muslim” in league with ISIS … just as all Jews should be in horror that “Benjamin Netanyahu is wrecking Israel” as stated by Moshe Ya’alon (former Israeli Defense Minister) … Bebe is getting Israel into a shooting war with Russia … and Russia has made it very clear they will defend Syria and “nuke Israel” if that’s what it takes … think that is comical and funny?

              • Paul ...

                Doesn’t it seem odd to anyone that Netanyahu is “very worried about Iran with no nukes …but is oblivious to attacking Russia in Syria who has nukes??? … and Putin has made it very clear to Bebe that he “will nuke Israel” if they continue to attack Russian positions in Syria!!

            • Frederick

              Som Ting Wong with that comment Me smells a troll in our midst Paulie

          • Allannon

            However aliens are under Antarctica?

          • Robespierre


            Please stop calling them “FEMA” Camps and substitute Camp Granada. Trouble makers could be shipped-out by a Federal Judge (corruptible) to the Caribbean Island that President Ronald Reagan Liberated in the early eighties. It would make a good facsimile to France’s infamous Devil’s Island in French Guiana. A little imagination is needed to see into the future ( possibilities). After all, almost anything may happen.

      • Dan

        The world is swimming in debt, from governments to corporations to the man on the street. Everything is held together with bubble gum and the drums of war are beating ’round the world. And yet few can hear it’s call nor see it’s approach. Truly there is none so blind as he that will not see.

      • Dan

        Greg. These are the kind of people who will be crushed by the coming economic implosion. They don’t want to see because if they did, it is a future they can’t handle. Since Christ is ever present with me, I can look and see without fear. Perhaps we will be able to help some of these people when the time comes. But the needs will be great.

      • Wayne Heine


        This may not be a math problem? The Central Banks can keep this going for a long time in one form or another.

        Although anything is possible, I doubt the “dollar” is going to zero because a zero dollar is so destructive no one wins. I think the winners will be patient investors who buy the down markets (which is stressful) and sell the highs (which requires discipline). Since most “investors” throughout history are inpatient, avoid stress and lack discipline its a given that many will get hurt in the next downturn and most will miss the profits of the next upturn.

        I doubt gold will be the answer given we live in a evolving technological world. But, I suppose any thing is possible.
        Personally, I look for the opportunities in both good times and bad. One rule I follow is get in ahead of the crowd and get out before the crowd. Obviously, I limit my losses and my profits, but I believe gathering wealth is a long process that must overcome the vicissitudes of the market. Simply buying gold or some other commodity with the hopes that a ‘Black Swan” will some how make you rich is not a new strategy. This strategy has been around for a long time. Rarely, if ever, does it work out very will in the long run.

        Discipline, patients and emotionless investing will provide much greater rewards.

      • vince


        That was a great interview. It is the same conversation that I just had with my niece without the charts. I just sent this link to her so that she may better understand what I was trying to convey.

        As far as the negative comments. Don’t get frustrated. I’m probably your age or a little older. We have seen the changes that someone younger will not grasp. To someone born today, this will be their normal as bad as it is. Most are also suffering from Cognitive Dissonance which is difficult to overcome. The blue pill is easier to swallow than the red. Each has its cost…..

    • This sceptred Isle

      It is easy to just post cynical comments. The Cassandras have been cursed with foreknowledge and ridicule. Please explain how you think the debt crisis will resolve itself? Will the debt continue to grow exponentially along with interest payments ad infinitum? If not how do you see the debt being wiped-out without severe damage to the economy, bond market, stock market, banks and pension funds????????????

    • Jerry

      I’m sure Byron is so smart that he can explain how we can continue to pay for 120 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 2.3 trillion dollars in tax revenue and a GDP of less than 0.5%. Come on little man. Show us your wisdom.

      • WD

        FYI Foreclosure rates are clicking up again. Its happening in my state. Its being ignored.

        • Jerry

          The central banks couldn’t help but blow another credit bubble in the housing industry. That’s always been their bread and butter.

        • Frederick

          WD I’ve noticed two things on Zillow Pre foreclosures, auctions and price reductions for properties listed That sort of inflicts with the reports of record high prices and sales by the gubermint people

    • Tom

      I doubt you have ever done a productive thing in your life so you are detached from reality.
      Don’t be a burden on those who face reality and provide for you !!!

    • Jamie

      There is no business like doom-porn business !

    • Charles H


      Both the Indonesian and Japanese tsunamis recorded people who, when warned – ignored each and every warning. Even when people WATCHED the ocean rise: they did not believe their eyes – not until it was too late.
      I find your ham-handed attempt at assigning ‘fake news’ to this site by a false association cheap and shallow. The amount of factual information one must IGNORE to maintain such an erroneous position – would be amazing; but it is all too common. Go back to sleep.
      Boom-and Bust – it’s a cyclical workd we live in. If Bust is too much for your little mind to accept: so be it. But don’t try to paint this site as ‘fake’ or illegitimate. The one who only believes what THEY want or decide – is in La-La Land. So sorry the world can’t fit your expectations.

    • Kevin

      If you aren’t thinking “outside the box, “you are assured of being buried in one! This is Econ. 101! Numbers and FACTS don’t lie, only our elected officials and Bankers are allowed to do that!

    • ross

      Greg is spot on. Maths does not lie. The debt has compounded and grown exponentially for 46 yrs and so is now 3 times the GDP of the planet and cannot be repaid. If they forgive the debt , the bond market fails. The derivative market is 15 times the GDP of the planet and this is a very conservative figure. With negative rates , real unemployment of 20% , 50 million on food stamps, failing retail, what do you think Byron is the up side ? The real economy detached from the share market decades ago and now everyone lives the illusion of digital money backed by debt and a prayer. How can debt be an asset when there is not enough money or jobs in the economy to repay it ? I think we smell troll.

    • murcus

      If you cant read inbetween lines, Keep reading the same book over and over again, and then one day you find 10 years have passed before you, no one told you wear to run You Byron Kemp missed the starting Gun.

    • Russ McMeans

      Byron: they had your attitude in 2007 before the markets tanked. Besides; if the uber wealthy are getting out of the markets & the Fed is unloading their balance sheet, I think that’s all we need to know to conclude something is coming.

    • marcus

      So mr kemp,
      Do you have a link to your website that is better than USA Watchdog? I want to watch your videos since your comment means your an expert.

    • Paul ...

      Hey Byron … you better start thinking outside the box now … because once you are dead … you won’t be able too!!

      • Paul ...

        As Kevin succinctly said above “facts don’t lie” … and another thing that doesn’t lie is the expression on Lavrov’s face (much more contented) … looks like there will be no war between the US and Russia as the Deep State neocons and Demon-rats have been pushing for … God is winning the peace on Earth … remember God’s words “Thou Shall Not Kill” you greedy warmongering pedophile Satanists!! …

        • Paul ...

          Does anyone ever ask themselves why a combination of economic, diplomatic and covert actions against an independent government is not considered terrorism?? … such actions to foster “regime change” only continues on and on the “unceasing perpetual wars” the US has been waging for the last 50 years … it is time we stop it … and listen to the words of God … “Thou Shall Not Kill” … the neocons favorite words “regime change” does not have precedence over the words of Almighty God!!

    • Lynne varosi

      Understanding misinformation and disingenious govt figures is essential. That said, know that I am a farmer that grows food for you and others. I am a college grad. ( No! Farmers are not stupid. We do not wear overalls!) I will not accept paper dollars! If you do not put forth an effort to know about how the currency system works, then that is your misfortune! Do not insult others with your stupidity!!!!

    • Lynne varosi

      Need a newest first button!

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Mr. Kemp,
      Headline: Italy just nationalized its banks. Bottomline: Someone got a haircut of 25 cents on the dollar. I wonder who gets to eat that [email protected] sandwich. This shell game, whereby one moves bad loans to bad banks, then cuts thousands of people from the banking sector, salaries are capped and the country in question is required to accept digitization in the very near future. My contact in Italy foresees extremely bad times on the horizon and even used the M word (not for meltdown or mayhem, but martial law). Perhaps the boogie man has just arrived!

    • Not yours

      Dude. You need help & prayer. Thank you Greg for all that you do-

  2. Christian

    Can’t wait for the video Greg (posting Saturday night)! I’m a huge fan and love how you’ve kept your integrity unlike your former employer-CNN.
    You’re doing great work and I hope after the disaster there’s a place for you back on air again as a financial reporter.

    I’m also a radio listen of the Bay Area’s Hot Talk 560. Love it when you’re on!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support!!! I have my own gig and I am never going back to the MSM.

  3. Frederick

    This woman has the credibility of a Bo Polny on Silverdoctors They just don’t buy the narrative after ten years of the same story I don’t know anything about her except that she sells precious metals Maybe she’s going to be right Eventually

    • Russ McMeans

      Ask a Venezuelan if they would like some silver, or if heaven would allow some gold! So they could purchase some food instead of starving to death clutching their now worthless Bolivars.

    • Kal59

      I second that. Doom and gloom kept me out of the market for far too long, and I almost missed the largest bull run in history. Learn’t the lesson again, that no-one really knows when a crash is going to happen … although I think that Martin Armstrong and perhaps Phil Anderson are onto something in the cycle business. Anderson reckons we have another 3 years before real-estate tanks, and then equities will follow them lower. This works on a regular cycle…..

    • Kal59


      You should try and Phil Anderson on …. he has a very interesting take on the economy –

      His book = The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking

  4. Dan

    Thanks for getting Lynn on your show Greg ! The timing couldn’t be better. It’s necessary to have the right information in order to help make constructive and critical decisions regarding what lies ahead while taking the right steps in protecting our loved ones and friends. Much appreciated !

  5. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Loved your interview with Lynette Zang. She is very ‘down to earth’ and ‘historical precedents grounded’ – which adds weight to her prognostications.

  6. This sceptred isle

    Agree with your guest. The credit/debt based money that we have means that the debt grows faster than the money supply due to interest on the debt. The only way to restore parity is with with a reset of the system. Obviously a mass default means all debt based assets would be wiped out. Say goodbye to pensions!!!

  7. Me

    Lynette Zang; Once confidence is lost its game over!

    Me; That my friends mean, were in a confidence game. Soon to enter a hunger game!

    Let the Games end!

    “At the time of those kings, the God of heaven will establish a kingdom that will never be destroyed. No other people will be permitted to rule it. It will smash all the other kingdoms and put an end to them. But it will be established forever. ◄ Daniel 2:44 ►
    GOD’S WORD® Translation
    The End of Suffering Is at Hand!
    Imagine living in a world free of suffering—a world without crime, warfare, sickness, and natural disasters. Imagine waking up every morning without having to worry about discrimination, oppression, or economic uncertainty. Does all of this sound too good to be true? Granted, no human or man-made organization can bring about such conditions. But God has promised to do away with all causes of human suffering.
    The Kingdom of God is a heavenly government. Its Ruler, Jesus Christ, will take the place of all human rulership and will ensure that God’s will is done not only in heaven but also upon earth. (Matthew 6:9, 10) This government will not be replaced by any human government because it is “the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Lasting peace will be assured.—2 Peter 1:11.

    Me; So don’t worry. Were in good hands and there huge!

  8. This sceptred Isle

    1) If the dollar is being manipulated down this is going to wrongfoot a lot of big investors, such as Jim Rogers, who are expecting the world to rush into dollars. Just goes to show how difficult it is to invest in a manipulated economy.

    2) No-one is claiming gold is risk free, but unlike other financial assets it will still EXIST after the reset. The only question is who will own it.

    • Frederick

      TSI Jim Rogers is not a dollar bull He always says that he owns gold and hopes he’s smart enough to buy more if it goes lower He’s very US bearish in fact he moved to Singapore to escape the system with his family

  9. Baboo

    Kudos to both Greg and Lynette. A most excellent collaborative effort!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Baboo too!

  10. Andy

    Congratulations on a content rich interview just raised the bar significantly, stunning!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andy.

  11. Sam Banbury

    Excellent guest Greg thanks.

  12. Robert Dziok

    Great Guest! Very well spoken, informative and honest. Look forward to her returning in the future.

  13. charles Turner

    Hi Greg,
    it might be worth trying to get someone on who has experienced Hyperinflation that is beyond comprehension and what happened afterwards.
    Yugoslavia is a good place to look at. Between October 1, 1993 and January 24, 1995 prices increased by 5 quadrillion percent. This number is a 5 with 15 zeroes after it. A teacher could pick up his wages at the end of the month and it would buy a box of mushrooms.

  14. Oracle 911

    Do you remember how the Asian crisis started in the 90’s? A small company didn’t paid its debt debt payment on time.
    Now we are far more interconnected then back then. Which means the whole global financial system can be brought down by a small Australian, African, South American etc bank.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  15. Chad

    It will be interesting to see what the gold and silver stocks will do if a market crash occurs again.
    They are all ready down on the lows.

  16. Ken

    There is no exiting the system. The Fed won’t allow it, and the prevention will be that they won’t allow it to crash. they have locked all the exists to any alternative like precious metals, etc., In fact, Yellen is so sure she has control over every market and unforeseen situation that she said there will never be another financial crisis in our lifetimes. They now have in place tools to control everything. No worries. Maybe a pullback, but not a collapse. They have to now use the markets as a means to return wealth to the people, so folks keep believing; otherwise confidence will be lost and they won’t allow that to happen.

    • Charles H

      The Fed is playing, along with others – a full-tilt manipulation: but because they have a big blanket to pull the wool over eyes in the USA – doesn’t mean the rest of the world is going to keep putting-up with CHEATING. The plug to be pulled – won’t come from within.

  17. eddiemd

    One of the most informative interviews ever on USA Watchdog. She explains the current situation in such a way that even a knucklehead like myself can understand it.

    This interview should be mandatory watching.

    I wonder how the EBT system ties into all this. When the EBT system fails, all hell will break loose. Walmarts will be the first places to be ransacked.

    A fascinating interview with General Flynn done with John B. Wells from August 2016. No wonder they targeted him early.

    Thanks Greg for your hard work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Eddie.

  18. Jerry

    This interview is your best! As you’ve said the numbers don’t lie. People can choose to ignore the data on the charts at the their own peril. Here is the latest from my sources. Just keep in mind, I can’t confirm any of it.
    1. The NSA deep state cyber attacks on the Chinese proxy banks that are being used for the global currency reset has failed.
    2. The Chinese have repaired the damage and are in the process of synchronizing their global exchange accounts with AIIB and HSBC bank for a future launch date (maybe 07/07/2017 ) Who knows?
    3. HSBC employee’s in over 71 countries have been told to report to work and to be on standby for currency redemptions.
    Again I can’t confirm any of this information, but I have my suspicions since the G20 (who have met twice in secret this past year) is holding a summit on Friday 07/07/17.

    Clearly something is getting ready to happen, as the impeach Trump hysteria by the deep state is beginning to ramp up at about the same time the military industrial complex is preparing for an attack on North Korea. The problem is, the BRICS know what is coming and they’re not going to wait around to find out what it’s going to do to their economies. The breakaway from the dollar could come at anytime with a global currency reset. The Chinese have prepared for it. And they’ve got the gold to back it up. Its just a matter of when?

    • Jerry

      If anyone is looking for a reason why the central banks (especially in China) would go along with a global currency reset, following a crisis of some type, here’s your answer.

      Going to a digital block chain system is a bankers wet dream. It gives them total control. Eliminates the freedom cash provides. And most importantly, it provides a way for them to continue their market manipulation in which they’ve become accustomed to. So the question is how do they get us there? Just like herding cattle, they’ll block the exits and apply the electrical prods, which will no doubt come in the form of some type of crisis that will make the general public beg for their control. Trust me folks, times may have changed but the methods bankers use never have, and never will. It’s all part of the illusion to make you think you actually own something and have control of your life, when in fact you own nothing, control nothing, and are no more than a bond slave (in this case a treasury bond) that has been sold to the highest bidder to maintain your lifestyle. If you don’t think so? Just try not paying your property taxes and see what happens. How about this. What if tomorrow the banks told you they would no longer take that cash you’ve been hiding under the mattress for trade. Then what?

      • Russ McMeans

        Of course we’re screwed Jerry. But we have one roundabout: old fashioned tried and true barter for goods and services. So make sure you have ‘stuff ‘ to trade. Ya gotta have the chips man when yer in the casino!
        As for digital crypto trading; the farmers I know don’t take too kindly to that horse trade for 2 reasons: if you can’t see it and touch it, it’s not real. And we have very spotty broadband internet connection where we live. Digital don’t cut it out here in our ‘flyover ‘ paradise!

    • Jerry

      Just a reminder that the G20 meeting is on Friday 7/7/17.;jsessionid=1AFC3796A681EA938FF83AF000D5A785.s7t2

      It may not mean anything, but then again it might. I know for sure that the banks tethered to AIIB through the BRICS alliance HSBC network are receiving funds to be used in a new basket of currencies separate from the IMF. The impact of the treasury selloff could be immediate or it could drag out for weeks. Who knows? This much I do know for sure with 100% clarity. From personal family sources Wells Fargo Bank has programed their computer systems to accept crypto currency transfers for payment. The western banks have been blocked from receiving funds from AIIB at this point by cyber attacks from the NSA and the deep state so the BRICS alliance began the global currency reset inside the eastern banking system. Again this is a very fluid situation, that will no doubt come to a head during the G20 meeting on Friday. Stay tuned folks.

      P.S. I saw today that the Federal Reserve Bank is clearing their balance sheets by selling off almost 125 billion dollars in U.S. treasuries. One would have to wonder why would they do that if the economy is really as good as they say it is? My guess is they want to buy gold for the reset?

      • Jerry

        It looks like the Fed is ready to take the leap of faith………right off the cliff!

        • gregd

          I value your comments but I must question one of them on the banks getting ready to accept cryptos as payment.
          It is my understanding that banks can only deal with legal tender. As is the FED. Besides, it would be crazy for them to do that because the cryptos are at best another fiat and at worse a pyramid scheme. Its value will go to zero. At least with the tulip mania, you did get tulips.

          • Jerry

            I believe as the IMF comes unraveled you will see many different forms of currency fighting for survival in the marketplace. Crypto is just one of many. Gold in the end will win out as it always has in whatever form it takes.

  19. Mike from the North

    Lets face in Greg…There will always be those that will never wake up until the brick hits them on the head.

    For years now those that follow you have hopefully prepared.
    As your guest explains so well….there is ample reason to be prepared and to be concerned.

    The elites are preparing and they are lying to us through their bought and paid for mouth pieces.

    For those not prepared it will be UGLY. That I would bet on..
    Be prepared for the need to protect what you have.

    time may very well be short.

  20. Teeter

    Great interview, you cant argue with the numbers, charts, graphs and most of all HISTORY. This could be pushed off for a year or two or even three, but it will happen as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. Very intelligent and insightful speaker, wish she would have talked about the AIIB/China Yuan/BRICS as they are at the forefront of preparing for this collapse and demise of the US Dollar/Petro/Reserve Currency/Global Market Debt Manipulation. All said, you also have to take it with a little grain of salt that she’s a gold bug/seller, but she really spoke the truth. Great interview GH, looking forward to what Jerry thinks and updates us with.

    • Tin foil hat

      Actually, you CAN argue with the numbers, charts, graphs and HISTORY. I saw a video of Nixon complaining about how we are going to pay for JFK’s proposed spending in the first nationally televised debate between Presidential candidates, a whopping $18B dollar. Fast forward 50 plus years, we deficit spend over 50-100X $18B in regularity.
      This nonsense can go on as long as the system grows with new clients. Math doesn’t matter, new clientele is what really matter.
      P.S. Europe is the first, then Saudi Arabia, Japan, then the five tigers in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand), then China, Russia (prior to the sanction, the Russian sold their natural gas and settled in dollar, not euro or ruble.), TPP??? ………… The problem with the dollar is that Russia, China and E.U. don’t want to stay in this system anymore.

  21. Scott Miller

    The 14:00 minute of this interview is when it became one of Greg’s extraordinary moments. Around 14:24, Greg says what does it mean, and then we see Hunter focused and concentrating while she explains, and then around 14:44 we see Greg turn to look down and write. I was so grateful he asked the question. I appreciated the moment Greg was sure he, or I, understood what she was showing us. She said, 1,2,3, and there she was answering the questions, and laying out her reasoning.

    I confess this was one of Greg’ s greatest interviews, of all time. I had never heard of her. I had no expectations. She was unbelievably well prepared, fantastically articulate, and of course, I loved the audio visuals! Not the Fall she said. She said by the end of the year. Again the time is important. I need to adress the end of the cycle.

    I understand the strong faith of Watchdoggers, not all, but many. I don’t have that. I only know reason. It is interesting to be so disgusted with the liberal MSM, while at the same time gathering so much relevant information from Greg. Confusing as it may appear, for someone like myself, I need to believe I’m being told the truth, and it needs to make sense, and ring like a bell. It needs to resonate. This was one of those interviews that reverberated. I don’t take for granted the source, nor ignore the disdain for all the fake news I absorb from the MSM. The meaning carries more weight here because of how little mass the rest of the media produces. I’ve been listening to a lot of the Trump – Mika/Joe news cycle because that’s what the MSM is focused on at the moment.

    We are at the end of a cycle. You have to be a troll to dismiss this much well thought out material. You can tell she also has spoken a long time, as has Greg, about this. Yet it was exhilarating to watch Greg concentrate so hard, and I admit I was right there with him. Ironically, it feels good to listen, even though what they are speaking about is globally catastrophic. I site her 3 days of food and 6 days later as an example. She said the word panic. I’m not criticizing for use of the word. However, panic is an understatement. Wish we had better words. I applaud her.

    However, I must applaud Greg even more. What a deft touch! The ability to interrupt, ask the right questions, and then listen like he wasn’t even the interviewer! I know it happened before. Been watching a long time. But this was authentic.

    There was an exception to her timeline. The phrase black swan was used. I don’t know why bear sterns slide into the abyss like a domino pushing Lehman and then the avalanche of financial reckoning. I saw it as a rubber band stretched too tight, or too much weight on the trampoline. There were multiple references in the interview to stress tests of the banks, which lets face it, are fake news. They are not real accounts of solvency or anything that convinced people like myself they are an accurate representation of the global banking institution. Therefore the spider web that connected duetchebank has been understood for a very long time. It’s one bank, one system. Loved see the pictured, and a great explanation to details, not easily seen.

    My hope is the next time Greg interviews her, is he asks for details on the reset. The world will spin, and circle the sun, but in our lifetimes, Greg’s and mine, we are going to live to see the reset, because we are too young to avoid it, and old enough to see the writing on the wall.


  22. Robert E. Salt

    There are only a few countries that the World Bank don’t control. They already put the hurt on Venezuela and toppled Libya. They desperately want to topple Syria and Iran before the Big Crash, leaving North Korea isolated. Israeli journalist Steven Ben-nun claims that Russia has shot down at least six American drones in Syria including one that cost $220 million (not the kind used to deliver pizza). I used to cheer for James Bond in the movies until I realized he was defending the Queen, the World Bank and all the corruption.

    • Corleone

      James Bond’s motto: God saves the queen. Long live the New World Order.

  23. Tad

    I understand Mr. Trump reads the site’s post regularly. It would be difficult for anyone to serve in any government where the financial elite are about to bring systemic financial chaos, globally. Not the fault of Mr. Trump.

    That said, one’s conscience can’t be dismissed when encountering the obvious in US foreign policy towards Russia, China, the world in general.

    The US government is not my preferred employer, regardless of private employment prospects after departing government employ.

  24. Larry White

    Concern over a coming crisis definitely exists at high levels within the present system.
    Robert Pringle and Allan Meltzer discussed this by email back in 2014:

    Here is what Robert Pringle (former Group of 30 Director) wrote to well known economist Allan Meltzer:

    “But suppose that the next crisis brings unemployment to 20%, further financial chaos, leading to nationalisation of the finance industry, extreme controls on personal freedom, state-directed investment, restrictions on travel and capital flows. And imagine that there is a plan to jump to a world money where we could have freedom in all these respects and restore capitalism IF governments accepted limitations of national sovereignty – and if there is a good plan ready – we would have a chance of selling it to a desperate world. And I think there WILL BE another worse crisis!”

    – Robert Pringle (3-15-2014)

    (see their email exchanges in the article linked above)

  25. andyb

    Greg: fascinating lady. Her charts tell the story; the proverbial canaries. Yes it appears that it is all coming to a head. I will issue my standard warning. If you have funds in a bank, remove all except what is needed for Bill Pay and go to cash, food and water, and PMs. What isn’t mentioned in all the doomsday scenarios is that your debts and monthly bills will be meaningless; small comfort when you have no utilities and cannot get gas for your car.

  26. Country Codger

    WOW!! Greg,
    This lady is sooo stinking smart. I really enjoyed this interview. Looking forward to the next time.

  27. Mark


    Great, thorough interview with Ms. Zang. This tied many issues together and her supportive charts provided the visual evidence to back up her claims. We’ve heard some of these things before, but Ms. Zang had an effective style of conveying these important points. As always I share these interviews on social media in the hope that some of my friends will start waking up!

    Also, since you spoke of Ron Paul I came across a good interview with him and the Mises Institute. Enjoy!

  28. Paul ...

    Zang “Boom” – the Banksters can’t stimulate the economy by growing more debt … so they need to start a good war … they are trying to get the Kurds to attack Iran … the Kurds are not buying into the deal … ISIS is just about finished … Russia can’t be forced into a war … China is being cooperative with N. Korea … so it looks like the banksters will be forced into reducing the debt burden on the people in order to stimulate the velocity of money … this likely means weakening the value of the US dollar while encoraging wage inflation with price controls on food products … weakening dollar is driving the smart money out of the stock market and they will be forced to buy “things of value”… this may help to increase the velocity of money … a stock market crash won’t hurt the small investor who has been scalped out of the market by greedy brokers (who don’t even buy the stocks their customers order … they just make accounting entries on their customers monthy statements … and keep the money they collect to make their own private investments) … as the dollar falls everyone will be looking for a place to hide their money … it won’t be in the stock market or in bonds … that leaves real eastate (which is already high and rising interest rates won’t help) or fine art (which is a rich mans game) and gold (for the haves) and silver (for the have nots)!!

    • Paul ...

      All the bankster zillionaires smile with their “porcelain teeth” and surround themselves in fancy clothes, jewels, new cars and luxurious homes … but when you put these banksters in a shower with a begger … the begger turns out to be the richer man … because he has gold and silver fillings in his teeth!

  29. Aurele

    Really good interview Greg with a ‘fresh’ new perspective on things. Thank !

  30. Tin foil hat

    She is not Chinese!!! I thought I was getting advices from a Chinese woman.

  31. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    Very nice guest. I thought it had great substance. She gave great insights into the global system. Stated signs of danger in our system and explained for none gold bugs, why the price will rise proportionally, against the dollar’s fall.

    History always returns to Gold & Silver.

    “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine”

  32. GuitarLots

    The Fed could quantitative ease forever and keep buying the debt until the dollar hits zero and still manipulate prescious metals to the point where silver is still $17 an ounce.
    But I think that market dynamics will force the big players out of stocks and bonds and create a feeding frenzy of derivative settlements that will have the banks devouring each other and take the insurance companies down with them at the same time. Isn’t fiat currency interesting how banks have to lie until it reaches it’s final stages of total devaluation … Yes it’s only paper and all paper will burn. Where the wealth will be transferred is the real $100,000,000,000,000,000 question.

    • Corleone

      In Janet Yellen’s understanding, wealth and debt are only different terms representing one single thing.

    • Charles H

      The Fed may lock-down the US: but there are other countries in the world.

    • Steamer

      The greatest wealth transfer in history is about to be from the unbacked fiat monetary system to cryptocurrencies. If you haven’t yet begun to slog up that steep learning hill I suggest you begin. Clif high and Bix Weir are names you need to know for advice.

  33. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg, could you ask your financial guests how the banks intend on avoiding having people payoff their homes and cars with cheep inflated dollars?
    It seems to me that a debt reset will only be for the banks and no debt forgiveness will be allowed for e people!
    What say you?

    • Charles H

      Forgiveness takes place when the title is assumed. It’s just those who tried to buy, won’t have their names on them.

  34. Robespierre

    WHAT’S NEW ?

    I know public employee pensions of all kinds are underfunded and some are likely to cave. UPS froze their defined benefit pension plan for Management and Administrative Workers ( Non-Union) only ( 16,000 affected ). No contributions will accrue to the frozen pension after Dec. 31, 2020. Its been in the works for some time too. Not enough money to invest in the shipping operations ( $ 1 Billion ) and the pension. Something had to give.

    Existing UPS contract with the Teamsters Union still requires support for the Company Pension for the time being. So, UPS Did NOT freeze the pension for ALL their employees, only non-union managers and such. Alternative News takes liberties with the facts, on occasion. Zealous reporting here ??

  35. Mike

    MARKET CRASH COMING, MARKET CRASH COMING, bla bla bla, over and over the same story for years, under different headlines, same crap. DO IT ALREADY OR SHUT UP

  36. Rob

    Hi Greg and Annette!

    Awesome interview and one of your best yet as Lynette laid out perfectly in laymen’s terms what appears to be coming this fall.

    Please remember what Christine Lagarde spoke in January 2014 for it was very esoteric about what has come and is about to come in the days ahead in this 3 minute video:

    These people worship numbers and pull triggers on set days based on these numbers for instance 09/11/2001 is 9+1+1+2+1=14 or 2×7.

    What is the next multiple of 7 but 3×7=21 or 09/11/2017 which is 9+1+1+2+1+7 =21 :o)

    Prepare accordingly because it appears the beast will begin to rise out of the sea in earnest from that date forward and through the 1st half of the tribulation fully manifest:

    Revelation 12:17-13:1 And the dragon waxed wroth with the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, that keep the commandments of God, and hold the testimony of Jesus: (13:1) and he stood upon the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns ten diadems, and upon his heads names of blasphemy.

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • Rob

      Sorry for the typo as it is Lynette and not Annette as I expressed in the greeting. Greg could you please fix the greeting to Lynette before posting my comment? Thank you bro!

  37. Randy Rhce

    I’m wrong, you are right, you are wrong I am right. Nothing is decided until it becomes history. When people look at catastrophic events in history, the first thing out their mouths… didn’t they see it coming? In retrospect, the outcome from the cause and the effect is extremely obvious; however, whilst you are living in present day, it is harder to see. Most people didn’t foresee the crisis of 2007-2008, that is easily proven by the number of foreclosures and bankruptcies. Human beings have a protective mechanism called a “normalcy bias”. This bias often leaves people standing around asking, “what just happened?” If anyone believes that our systems or our economy has been normal for the last nine to ten years has been normal, perhaps you should check yourself. It is very apparent that Greg and almost all of his guest’s opinions are outside the mainstream. If that wasn’t so, Greg would still be working for CNN and his guests today would be guests on those networks. Approximately forty years ago I sat in a classroom where I learned about the “black and red markers”. The professor had us take newspapers and circle stories that we believed that would most impact our daily lives; black circle, little impact; red circle, high potential for impact. At first the newspapers had almost all red circles; however, towards the end of the semester they were almost all black. In fact, there were very few red circles ever on the front pages, the red circles were buried on the back pages. You can still do this mentally today without a marker and use a digital newspaper. Read the headlines on mainstream media; in my opinion, it is almost all black (if they are even true). This is no accident; it is diversion from the back pages. It is very difficult to focus on the left hand when the right hand has your full attention. Many Americans have no idea of what the terms “fault-tolerance” and “failover” mean. When planning for either of those, there is no room for a normalcy bias. Someone once said; “history has always been foretold on the back pages”. Great works Greg.

    • Charles H

      Not any more. Digital world = history is broadcast on the Alt-R.

  38. Robespierre


    President Trump does not need to Make America Great Again, as we still have the most advanced and powerful military in the world, bar none. China won’t likely have a Blue Water Navy until the late 2020’s or so. Until then, they can’t really pose much of a threat to anyone beyond their own “territorial waters”, which they have expanded for regional hegemony purposes. Take a little bit of land or sea here, take some more later-on after the fuss dissipates (President Dutarte).

    We can’t really deter such incrementalism without risking war, which I doubt President Trump is willing to do. The Chinese know this. They have longer term ambitions for way after President Trump is retired and out of power. So, indeed, we do have our limits but the point is as long as America remains top dog, if not” top gun”, then our Dollar is still the global reserve currency.

    Nobody wants to take on the U.S. Military, at least at this time. As for the future, as the saying goes: “There are no guarantees”. Someone might try to eat our collective lunches at some point down the road. But for now, we are the undisputed #1 World Power. Our power derives from our enforcement arm, the Military.

    • Ross Herman

      Sorry Robespierre, but it appears that the US military is almost powerless against the Russians military that possess ba very sophisticated defensive system ,the SU-400, that makes then virtually impregnable to attack. Additionally with a flip of a switch they can simply turn off “our” most advanced aircraft carriers, literally turning them into billon dollar bathtub duckies! It is my guess that the US/deep state has simply planted nukes in strategic locations around the world so as to threaten and extort everyone.

  39. Tin foil hat

    Regarding the likelihood of confiscation, I think it’s almost zilch.
    The banksters are too sophisticated to go door to door ripping people off. The communists and dictators are the honest,in your face, tyrants who would confiscate by the use of force. The banksters are more like “Bait and Switch” scam artists, they would confiscate thru trickeries or “Soft Tyranny”.
    As the matter of fact, I think they have already done the soft confiscation via volatile price fluctuation in the past 4-5 years. Most of the Cash 4 Gold stores have pretty much disappeared in the west which means the confiscation from the general public is already over. The banksters may try to pull another quicky by allowing the price to move up to $5,000, then crash it down to $3,000 within a 2-3 weeks time frame (That will probably be the time to convert the gold mining stocks to other tangible). That may be the last time we’d see gold at sub $10,000.

    • Tin foil hat

      I should have stated that confiscation from the shrimps is almost zilch. The big fishes like GLD or Kyle Bass’s University of Texas Endowment would probably be skinned like Warren Buffet’s silver hoard back in early 2000’s.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I agree. They are masterful con artists…but first the mark has to want something for nothing. Just decide you are happy with what you have and thank God. No bucket lists, no dream treehouse, no fancy wedding for a spoiled granddaughter…they get you with sentiment, nostalgia, guilt, humiliation, ‘your friends’, ‘finding your soulmate, ‘our time’ you SO deserve!!! Anybody want to add to that???

      • susan

        Deanna, my husband just gave a sermon on that.

      • Frederick

        Nope I think you pretty much got it covered

  40. Tad

    I’ve always said America is slightly better when Congress isn’t in session.

    I believe Bush and Obama had their best success with installing ambassadors and other prominent officials with recess appointments.

  41. Todd

    It is hard to keep,hearing doom and gloom, yet the market keeps rolling. While I know a major correction will occur, we just can’t know when. If you have some special insight into the timing… it just ceases to amaze me, and I have to think most normal people are in the same boat, how long the market insanity can continue.

    From what I have learned over the years, one of the big indicators is insiders selling (which you mentioned,) what I’m curious about is that you said there aren’t buyers? How can they sell without buyers? Or perhaps it’s institutional buyers are sitting this out? Would that mean retail investors, aka people like me, are buying, and thus being setup to,hold the bag when the market makes a big correction? I got out of a lot of stocks in 2010, influenced by doom and gloom… seems I should have participated in the charade frontier 7 years. Thanks, I liked the read.

    • Paul ...

      Would it be to anyones advantage to put an order in with your stock broker … who doesn’t buy you the stock you want … but simply makes an accounting entry to your monthly statement … and then uses your money to invest in something else for his own profit??

    • Roger Carpenter

      Thanks Greg Hunter.

      I have no doubts regarding the future. Its going to be at best VERY DIFFICULT.

  42. wondrouscat

    Lynette Zang is great – very understandable – willing to explain all the big words, and a smart cookie; love her graphs. thanks. When the banks break be safe everybody.

  43. pat the rat

    I hate to do this to you Greg,but I think that we may be coming into a jammed law. Many state are now passing laws that make gold and silver money. The only question is, will state stand up to the federal government? I hope so ! This will allow the two laws to jam each other up , it is called a null set . This make it the number I like the the best zero.

  44. Tom Thatcher

    Gregg, thanks for another great spot on report…

  45. daniel turner

    Charts,charts and more charts. Hard evidence of what is going on that most people have no clue of and are for the most part feeling their way around in the dark. Please make this lady one of your regulars she is in the top handful of your best.

  46. Charles

    There’s a poll at the bottom. I didn’t vote for Hillary or Trump. 3rd party.

  47. Jeff Staples

    Thank you Greg. Big time interview with someone that has great communication skills and in-your-face facts. She’s definitely a keeper!

  48. Paul Anthony

    Lynette Zang!! Well ……. I like her. One smart lady! Thanks for this one Greg!!

  49. dbcooper

    Greg, We watched Trey Gowdy give a very motivating address yesterday on BIN and we recommend watching it … … I say Trey for President after President Trump gets the swamp drained !!
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • JC Davis

      DB . If Trey Gowdy ran for president I would vote for him.

    • Freebreezer

      db – thanks for the link!

  50. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great discussion with Lynette Zang. She was very easy to understand, good charts and her rationale makes a lot of sense.

    “Velocity of money” is a term I’ve heard lately and don’t remember the term used at all prior to 2008 — Art Cashin describes it as “rather stagnant” — . That the movement of money through the system is near zero cannot be a good thing. There are way too many smart people saying the same thing. Black Swan events are supposed to be rare, statistical outliers, but how can that be when they are expected? Bubbles looking for pins…

    Meanwhile those who can, siphon what they can from the system. But putting some distance between things of value and the crash does not apply only to the 1%.

    • Russ

      Watched this interview again this morning. Those are really good charts. The one showing volatility in price swings is especially compelling — there went price discovery, can’t have any of that. Algorithms set the price and who controls the algo’s? It’s about control.

      The charts showing reverse repo and central banks buying of debt are indicators of what the PTB have planned. Think about it, who in their right mind would consider debt to be an asset? If they don’t want to own your debt, why buy it? They want to control you through your debt.

      It’s not about money, it’s about power and control. Power is nothing without control and they want control. Generationally they own a lot of boomers, but look what they have done with student loans. It’s about control, they could care less about the money, they need to own the people behind those loans. With control comes power. So yeah, it is about power … and control.

  51. R. Stephen Dorsey

    Ms. Zang was a WONDERFUL guest choice. Like you, I felt she was worth every minute of the interview. No obfuscation, just clear, understandable explanations – what a breath of fresh air. Thanks for having her on and get her back soon.

  52. Janice Nunn

    Nicely put together! Both of you. I have one comment or question. LTCM was leverage! Not derivatives. They bought Russian bonds with money the investment banks loaned them 100 to one. Same effect, yes, but it was the underlying security, not its derivative. Super leverage added to their own hubris….

  53. Flattop

    GREG: I believe that once the DOJ begins issuing subpoenas for a grand jury to Loretta Lynch, Podesta, Brennan and the rest, the msm will begin attacking AG Sessions as they have been attacking our President. What say you?

    • Paul ...

      Flattop … And the 29 States that continue to refuse to release voter information … so that the dead people can be removed from the voter rolls … should also be brought to justice by AG Sessions … these 29 State governors and their State Attorney Generals need to be prosecuted … for obstruction of justice … under the RICO organized crime statutes!

  54. Sean

    Regarding the velocity of money, according to the Austrian school of economics, it is a myth:

    • Tin foil hat

      Did you read the article or did you just read the article title?

      “It is alleged that when the velocity of money rises, all other thing being equal, the buying power of money declines (i.e., the prices of goods and services rise). The opposite occurs when velocity declines.”

      That is the myth. The truth is that buying power doesn’t decline when the velocity of money rises as long as the money supply decreases accordingly. The problem we are facing today is that prices are still stagnated downward due to lower and lower velocity with money supply can’t be created fast enough without the risk of hyperinflation.

      Basically, American middle class needs to spend more but they are running out of money to spend. Bush solved the problem temporarily by giving every American homeowners a piggy bank with ever inflating home prices. If I were Trump, I’d unleash the 401K by eliminating the 10% tax penalty.

  55. Manny

    But, but,
    Janet Yellen just said this week that we will never experience
    another market crash like 2007 again. We all know that the Fed
    has all our best interests at heart. I think everything will work
    out and be right as rain. This is what my family and most of
    Americas mind set is. This will get ugly and quickly.

    • Corleone

      Janet Yellen: “Now we can finally sure that we are near the end of this period of sluggish recovery. We will enter the new golden era of Federal Reserve Note.”

    • Mike R

      over the years, I’ve seen many people reference the Money Velocity chart. Usually it’s people promoting gold, and typically the downward slope is used because it just ‘looks bad.’ Using it to gauge the health of the economy, in today’s highly digitized world, is probably not a very informative tool in of itself. I would contend that as an indicator, and looking over a long period of time, the chart itself only indicates the presence of deflationary pressures. The internet, and the ability for the entire world to transact in so many more places, and geographies, has done more to drive deflationary pressures than any other mechanism or activity. Expansion of credit, or rather taking on debt has allowed many businesses and individuals to take advantage of that ability to do business just about anywhere. Think about it this way – if after it’s first 10 years of the internet being in existence, the door has opened for your business to sell goods in multiple other states, rather than just in person, or ‘locally’, you can only take advantage of that by expanding credit, so you can keep your inventories high enough to respond to that many more consumers. Simultaneously, that grows competition exponentially as many more people can do the same thing, (i.e. sell goods over the internet), so that acts as a lid on prices. But now that the internet has been entrenched for a good 20 years, a lot of prior businesses that were only local and didn’t adapt have gone under, replaced by new ones with different models who did adapt. So the expansion of debt and credit has served to open up way more markets, and the internet has fueled that growth substantially. But it has also fueled market efficiencies to drive costs down and down and down. Money Velocity is really reflecting this near crushing efficiency, because now to stay competitive, you have do more with less, sell way more than you used to, because margins are smaller, due to more competition, and the result has been massive deflationary pressures on a lot of business areas. Where prices have gone way up, is where there has been no real market forces allowed to occur, such as in health care, where there is no upfront price disclosure, effecting what amounts to a monopoly at nearly every level of healthcare. It is the same with higher ED.

      Personally, I’m convinced after studying this for many years, that central banks truly had to vastly expand the money supply, whether through QE, or lowering of interest rates, to allow the internet based economy that we have grown into, to even function. The amount of debt is certainly scary, as are many debt to GDP ratios. Look no further than at Amazon to see how much debt, how little margin they run on, yet how much their stock has increased in the past 20 years. They are totally a function of the existence of the internet, and their business model has been assailed for years, yet they have become the 100,000,000 ton gorilla of retailing. Not even Walmart can touch them now. Existing Small businesses that have been around for some decades, have been much much much slower to adapt to the internet, and also get away from the norms, in terms of how to run a business. New small businesses coming on-line in recent years, who have developed the right model, utilizing or capitalizing on the same practices that Amazon has implemented so successfully, are actually doing quite well. Of course there are still tons of business failures, and the risks have even increased, but the individuals and businesses that have adapted, are only growing stronger. Consumers keep consuming worldwide, and more and more of the world’s population are becoming consumers, and not just farmers living for themselves and living and just surviving. I would expect Money Velocity here in the US to continue downward for many years to come.

      • Tin foil hat

        Mike R,
        The formula for monetary velocity should be;
        V = Price*T(world productive capacity)/M

        World productive capacity has increased drastically due to the Internet and cheap labour which pushed the prices down. However, the lower prices had no effect on monetary velocity since money printing via QEs couldn’t create money faster than the money printing via the credit market.
        The squids have to figure out a way to put money in people’s pockets without losing credibility.

        • Tin foil hat

          I forget the most important factor which is not in the equation – confidence.
          V = Price*T (productive capacity) (consumer confidence)/M

      • Tin foil hat

        V = Price*T (productive capacity) (consumer confidence)/M

        I think I spot the Triffin Dilemma in this equation.

        Velocity (domestic), price (domestic), consumer (domestic) confidence, money supply (domestic) but productive capacity is GLOBAL.

        Triffin dilemma manifests perfectly in this equation. You just can’t force a global number into a bunch of domestic numbers. Americans just can’t consume for the rest of world forever.

  56. Roger

    When you have FED officials telling you to worry it is time to panic…didn’t Yellen just say we would not see a collapse in our lifetime? Maybe nobody will be left alive…what does she know and when did she know it?

    • Roger

      When you have FED officials telling you to not worry it is time to panic…didn’t Yellen just say we would not see a collapse in our lifetime? Maybe nobody will be left alive…what does she know and when did she know it?

    • Roger

      *not to worry el typo

  57. Jeannette

    Thanks for having Lynette Zang on as your guest. She is not just predicting “armageddon” but she has the statistics and charts to back up her assertions. I found this interview very helpful in understanding the financial situation of today.

  58. Paul ...

    Take notice of how the Satanist neocons are destroying the nations that are “civilized” … and supplying armaments to the nations that are “uncivilized” … it is part of their globalist plan to destabilize the world … so they can bring in their New World “Fascist” Order! …

  59. tuesdayissoylentgreenday

    Its coming, you can no it will not all you want. Now when it happens, if and when you get your bank back… will you keep your money in it? if not what will you do with your money from then on.

  60. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hello Greg,

    I am a firm investor in both Gold and Silver and agree with most of what Lynette, has said, but her call about what silver will be at $600 per ounce…sorry not in our lifetime, it will never reach $600 ! And gold at $8900, I really don’t think so, my logic to all this is these two wealth metals are to be priced in US Dollars at 600 for silver and 8900 for gold, how can this be since the US Dollar is really only worth $0.04 cents in her last money Chart .
    The reset when it happens may well be not in US Dollars, but may be in another Fiat
    Currency like the IMF SDR ! Or some other New World Order monetary system, please have someone read Revelation chapter 18, and give some feedback on this chapter, because it tells everyone just what is coming down the pike, if you believe the Word of God !

  61. Robert Peter Bailey

    I forgot to mention in my last input, the US Dollars when it even goes below 4 cents of purchasing power, what sense does it make to sell real money like gold and silver for a currency note that has lost all of it purchasing power ! Most global currencies are to share the same fate or outcome like the US Dollar, no replacement currency could ever be exchanged for the money of kings and gentlemen. So the final logical outcome is what would you like to have in your hands any currency’s that have no real wealth intrinsic value or have a Storage of wealth that has been proven over thousands of years !
    This is why many religions in human history have Gold to represent the gods of the faith, and the Judu/ Christian religion in the Bible have Gold as representing Divinty and paper that comes from trees as representing Human nature.

    • John

      Or it could be that 10 ounces of Gold buys you a nice modest house and a decent sedan – it will not be priced in dollars as they will not be wanted.

  62. Kim

    This was a great interview! There were tons of relevant information here to absorb!!

    It seems like the banks are actually hyper inflating now with all the debt they are producing trying to stimulate the economy. It is insane that gold and silver do not reflect the price of all the global debt. I also found it amazing thatALL the banks are interconnected, perhaps even globally?!

    Thank you again Greg for an outstanding interview!! CAF please.

  63. Oxfarmer

    Wow, Greg, one of your best! Cutting right through the manure and making sense of all the fraud and doublespeak. Many thanks for having Lynette Zang on.

  64. robert heartland

    Rather than accept FED coin i would immediately turn around and buy gold or gold coin or BT coin or land ,food or anything that this blankety , blank ,blank government of ours and spread the word buy Bit coin with FED coin and lets strangle this monster in it’s crib before it gets too big! i will not allow the fed to run my life ! My government can’t run it’s own business why would i believe that it could run my business!? Besides my business is my business and it’s not the FED’s business! Private! Means Private! i’m not a criminal! i’m a 62 year old man who is an honorably discharged U.S. Navy Veteran who has earned the right to be treated as such! Honorably. We are all going to die anyway and we are not scared little children! Fight this by buying Bit coin! Don’t let them win America! For if you do let them win , you will come to regret it.

    • Charles H

      I’m a 63 year old, Honorably Discharged Navy veteran – but I don’t get any respect!

      • Greg Hunter

        You got mine Charles!!

        • Charles H

          You are very kind, Greg. I was throwing a kind of Rodney Dangerfield curve. But you made my day! I hope you had a good 4th of July.

      • Frederick

        Mine too Charles H

        • Charles H

          Thank you, Frederick.

    • Paul ...

      Robert … bit coin “may” double … gold “may” go 8 times higher … and silver 35 times higher … I’ll go with silver as an investment!!

  65. Tim McGraw

    Great interview! Your guest’s charts were very illuminating.
    Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Tim. I thought the charts were good too!!

  66. Paul ...

    Now what reason can the Deep State CIA have for using Google to take over Whole Foods?? … could it be that controlling the food supplies at Walmart was not enough for elite tastes (they eat “organic” you know) … and what of us … the common people … what do we get to eat? … “Dunken Donuts”?? … you know the last time the people were told “let them eat cake”… the elites lost their heads … perhaps this is the reason McCain wants to get the jump on us Christians (that believe in peace, not war) and chop off our heads first … now who do you think will win the final battle? … the Deep State “dark side” who counts Satan as their leading General … or the Christians … who only have Almighty God leading us? … so far the Demon-Rats don’t seem to be doing so good … they just can’t seem to get “a major war” started … perhaps they should plan another chemical weapon attack and kill some more children … this way they can get a war started that will then kill the men and women … hey … you Deep State Satanist loving pedophiles you will not be allowed to do it by the divine power of our Almighty Lord God and Savior …”Thou Shall Not Kill”!!!

    • Paul ...

      My mistake … it was not Google but Jeff Bezos at Amazon that has deep ties to the CIA … this is interesting … but God is making his move against Wall Street … laws are now being passed to use “blockchain technology” to trade stocks and cut out the Wall Street middlemen … this should put a big dent in the Wall Street banksters greed machine … as for God working to avert war … Qatar is facing down the Saudi’s … and China is facing down the US in the South China Sea …

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Actually Walmart has the best prices on organic soups and other such things, including condiments and Spagetti sauce. If people want organic food, they can have it whatever their income….believe me. Just refuse junk and eat a simple diet. Get organic oatmeal and grits or rice at another store from bulk bins. However, we enjoy our D Donuts on Saturday morning, too!! I can’t believe I just wrote an ad for Walmart…..sorry, Bezos, you old plutocrat.

  67. John

    I liked Lynette more than the other guests because she’s so factual.

    Trump has to be in the loop on the teetering financials by now so I’m surprised he hasn’t commented or tweeted about it yet, unless I’ve missed communication.

  68. No Retreat

    I am not an investor, and never have nor ever will engage in that illegitimate thing called the stock market. That said, however, I do pay attention and inform myself of what is going on so I can be aware and prepare. It continues to boggle my mind at how desperate these people are. For example, how is it that a company like Sears can lose hand over fist for 10+ years, many billions of dollars, and have Canada operations totally go bankrupt, but yet not only has their stock NOT totally collapsed into nothingness, it has increased in value on a number of days… Everyone knows it is coming, and should have ALREADY come, by all rights, but it hasn’t. how is it there can be confidence, not only in this company, but others that are faced with similar situations? When I think about the crash and the market, I compare to the game Jenga. When all the pieces are in place, the game is totally stable, and you can have full confidence in it not collapsing. Once you get to a certain point in the game where many pieces have been removed (in comparison, stock bubbles that have been created, and extreme overvaluation by more than double), you have little to no confidence in the game standing. With the stock market, we are well beyond the point of many pieces having been removed, and there should be little to no confidence already. So could someone explain to me where all this confidence is coming from to keep it all going even to this point?

    • Charles H

      It is NOT ‘confidence’: it is manipulation. Mainstream Americans are looking only at “prices” which stocks are ‘assigned’. A Matrix-like fog has descended upon America’s corporate structure.

  69. stonewall

    Greg, there are none so blind as those that will not see. Unfortunately for them
    most naysayers get their news from MSM so haven’t a clue about current sad
    state of affairs so they will be totally blindsided and completely unprepared for
    the calamity that is coming at us all like a runaway freight train. You are doing
    a tremendous job Mr. Hunter trying to educate the masses because as you know it’s
    not an easy job but your work is very much appreciated by your loyal followers.

  70. Chris

    Nice Lady Greg. Thanks to you for connecting the dots. GOD IS SOVEREIGN. PLEASE DO A WORD STUDY ON: “Accepting”. I.E. the easy beleivism that most cling to in our time is another gospel entirely of the evil one. As is the counterfeit “state” of Israel today. They have this completley out of citlter . Either you are a Jew or a Christian. the idea of Judeo/Christian is a contradiction of terms. May God give us more understanding on this. YBIC

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Sorry…I’ve been a Christian since birth…but if my comfortable, endearing Jewish friends aren’t in Heaven, I want to go where they go. Heaven is about beautiful desires for other people, not what we call ourselves. I’m sorry if you’ve had bad experiences…but mine have been very blessed.

  71. Richard Moore

    The best of of the best. Thank you Greg for having Lynette on your program!

    Semper Fi
    Richbard Moore

    • Greg Hunter

      Get ready and stay ready, but you know that already because you are one of the “few.” Thank you for your service!

  72. Theopholus

    What the mindless sheep always say to Ron Paul, et al, is that even a clock is right twice a day. The fact is, if someone’s going down the Niagara river and someone warns him that “hey, you’re headed over the falls,” then clearly he’s right the entire time the guy’s going down the river (spending deficits till the cows come home, go out again, and come back again), until, yes, he does go over Niagara Fools.

    • Frederick

      Niagra “fools” Freudian slip there huh?

  73. Lee

    Fantastic interview Greg. Thanks for all your work

  74. Tracy Welborn

    Hey Greg;
    Awesome guest! I am REALLY impressed with Ms. Zang. Have you gotten to where you can tell that an interview is going to be really good – as you’re doing it? Or are you surprised? I have a feeling this one is going to go down in the record books. Have a great holiday my friend and thank you for all your hard work.

  75. Michael

    another great interview…. I usually forward these to as many friends as possible….keep doing your what you do….this is your calling…gift…talent…. I believe God has put you here, doing this for a reason so keep doing it until HE says other wise. You are on my prayer list…. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael for the promotion!

  76. Sam

    This is why the stock market keeps climbing the wall of worry. This is the most hated bull market in U.S. History. Although, I was reviewing the technology stocks on Saturday evening, they look like a sell, especially Google. I really enjoyed the Martin Armstrong interview from a couple of months ago. Get him back on. Thanks for the great interviews with all of your guests.

  77. M Orlando

    Excellent Interview. She is very articulate, wealth of knowledge, easy to understand.
    Looking forward to another interview with her as time goes on. Thanks!

    • Greg Hunter

      Ms. Zang will be back.

  78. Crazy Meeka

    Interesting infomercial From David Stockman; Carmageddon
    Another nail in the whirlwind crash?

  79. Crazy Meeka

    Martina McBride – Independence Day
    Looks like filmed in winter?

    • Jay Cornell

      Crazy Lady, most of the tree’s are bare. Definitely not summer, very observant!

  80. J. Bullocks

    A Form of Human Government Devised by Men and Credit To A Creator

    The Passing of The Declaration of Independence – John Adams –

    George Washington Reads The Declaration of Independence
    King George’s response to the Olive Branch Petition read by John Hancock

    The 10 Days That Changed The World, Washington’s Crossing the Delaware, 1h

    Ambassador John Adams meets King George III of England
    No Alliances With France!

    Independence Day – 4th of July – A History of US Liberty and Government

    What we Face This Independence Day 7/4/2017
    Letter to Abigail Adams (12 May 1780)
    There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution. John Adams (30 October 1735 – 4 July 1826) Signatory, Deceleration of Independence.

    To all and future fascists and traitors.
    While our country remains untainted with the principles and manners which are now producing desolation in so many parts of the world; while she continues sincere, and incapable of insidious and impious policy, we shall have the strongest reason to rejoice in the local destination assigned us by Providence. But should the people of America once become capable of that deep simulation towards one another, and towards foreign nations, which assumes the language of justice and moderation, while it is practising iniquity and extravagance, and displays in the most captivating manner the charming pictures of candour, frankness, and sincerity, while it is rioting in rapine and insolence, this country will be the most miserable habitation in the world. Because we have no government, armed with power, capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. Oaths in this country are as yet universally considered as sacred obligations. That which you have taken, and so solemnly repeated on that venerable ground, is an ample pledge of your sincerity and devotion to your country and its government.
    Letter to the Officers of the First Brigade of the Third Division of the Militia of Massachusetts, 11 October 1798, in Revolutionary Services and Civil Life of General William Hull (New York, 1848), pp 265-6 John Adams

  81. Roger D

    Excellent interview. Zang will be right about ‘what it is going to look like’. Do the math: 2,000 calories/day for each person in your household.

    All these trolls remind me of Day #3 after any hurricane and grid down. What a pathetic impotent lot… I just pray for the innocent children depending on them for protection. The level of suffering may well be Biblical.

  82. antonius aquinas

    New Article:


    • Jay Cornell

      I think the president is fighting fire with fire, he’ll strike for the American people when the iron is hot and it wont be Assad!

    • Flattop

      Antonius Aquinas; nonsense, more deep state drivel;

  83. Doug

    Great interview and guest Greg. She was clear and concise and answered all of your questions directly. Factually acurate as well. A good find Greg! Nicely done.

  84. OutLookingIn

    The rats (insiders) are deserting the economic ship that’s sinking fast.

    Just had a good look at JP Morgan, hmmm…
    Guess who the 3 largest insider sellers are?
    If you said:
    1/ The CEO “Jammy” Jamie D,
    2/ The CFO,
    3/ The chief mouthpiece and head of litigation,
    you would be right! Now if everything was so rosy and solid at JPM do you think these three would be unloading their stock hand over fist? They’re grabbing cash and dash!
    Something evil this way comes. Getting quite close now.

    • Paul ...

      JP Morgan is probably turning in his grave to see these rats grabbing “cash” … when gold is money!!

  85. Jak

    I’ve seen every interview you’ve done in the last 4 years. This one is the best I’ve seen, albeit the most depressing. This lady knows what she is talking about. The only reason things keep rolling along as they are, is that the general public has no idea what our real situation is, and they don’t care as long as the EBT, SS, Disability and Medicare programs continue to function. When those systems fail, look out below. That day is coming. Thanks for your tireless work, Greg. There are very few like you who are trying to educate the masses.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jak! Zang is very smart and very prepared.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      A Catholic organization from France, Little Sister of the Poor, ran lovely big homes for indigent elderly people. The buildings and ground were always classy to cheer up all concerned. They were all over the place…in most cities. The wards were friendly, full of checker games and conversation, which, of course, gave protection from abuse as well.
      Then in the 60s the nursing home lobby got congress to pass strict laws about private rooms, etc. for the express purpose of capturing that market through Medicaid and confiscation of assets. Now sexual abuse and drug stealing are rampant in these places.
      So maybe Christians will have a shot once again. The volunteers here at the Little Sisters of the Poor were of all denominations, including Jewish.
      I’m not holding my breath, but we’ll see.

      • Judge Roy Bean / West of the Pecos

        When I was a kid I heard of them and when I was lazy or negligent, I was warned, your gonna wind up in the poor house. Then as an adult, a much much older friend mentioned the poor house and surprised me with. Yup the poor house was over in Mt.Clemens. I shoot back immediately with, “you mean to tell me there was a real poor house!” Like you said DJC every town had em!

        Seem’s now the whole world economy is headed for the poor house. Problem is there ain’t any no more! What’s a future poor person to do? Start praying for God’s Kingdom?
        Like my Dad used to say, “ya that’ll be the day. When kingdom Comes! Meaning something or other he didn’t have much hope in.
        Now seems like our one and only hope.
        ◄ 1 Timothy 6:17 ►
        Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not high minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy;
        Hope that floats your boats!

  86. Tim Crawley


    I’ve been in the money gig, specifically mortgages, for twenty-five years. I have read everything from “The Creature from Jeykll Island” to Michael Lewis’ books. I have yet to find anyone who is suggesting a scenario once the ‘bank crash’ happens–especially to those who hold notes or have notes against him/her for real property. Do you think that the banks out of the dust and ashes will rise once again and try to reclaim those notes? If one can only get digital money out of the machines and the banks are closed how is one supposed to make his mortgage payment?

    T ‘in the rough’

    • Greg Hunter

      This is the way I look at it. We have been told debt is money and debt is an asset and we are going to find out that is not true in stunning fashion. When everyone’s bond portfolio is decimated, the Banks are going to go after the real assets and will been rebid about. This is when the shooting starts too.

  87. Terry Reps

    Another insightful guest. Thanks Mr. Hunter. She is on the same page as Jim Sinclair who ; years ago at his seminars , would point to a bank…or…brokerage statement and describe them as ” Cartoons “. Mr. Sinclair has been telling people to get out of the System for close to a decade. Your guest is a delight.

    • Greg Hunter

      ad She makes a very good case it ends this year. Thank you for your comment and support.

      • Robespierre


        99% of all economic predictions, even the ones that eventually occur, almost never happen on time. Its nearly always “Next Year”. Harry Dent has been the most famous prognosticator I know of. He keeps shifting the dates around when it does not happen as he predicted. He has been near 100% of on his timing. As someone once said here: “Being too Early is the equivalent of being wrong”. Given the odds, its probably best not to try to predict when something will happen.

        In the Federal government, the (weasel) word “would” appears when talking about something in the future. For example, the Social Security Administration annual estimate of your future benefit amount at 62, 65, 70 years old says ” Your benefit WOULD be…”. I don’t believe them either. Grain of salt ?

  88. Robert Peter Bailey

    I really like your title Greg, has any of your many, many subscribers and viewers over the recent years of your programme said anything about your name usawatchdog. com ? What I am getting at Greg, is that we all know that you are a Christian, and I am as well .
    There are many people that are not, but still find your show very helpful because you connect many of the dots in this human drama that’s going on in this world.
    Can you Greg, or any of your listeners comment on what I am about to say about the USA, the Word of God in Revelation 13: 11-18; is the divine Watchdog on the USA that’s found in these verses!
    Has anyone studied these sacred Words in this chapter 13 of the last book of The Bible ?
    These verses converted me to the Christian Faith back in London, during 1979.
    How did you come up with this title for your honest news program Greg, I would really like to know !
    Kind regards always…. Robert

    • Robert Peter Bailey

      Just another snippet Greg , I used to work for 15 years in the U.K., for the USA in the Defence Industry, so I have some reason for my previous inquiry that I made to you Greg, well done .

    • Greg Hunter

      My first idea for a name (after leaving CNN) was “American Watchdog.” I wanted to trademark it and it was already in use. So I went to USA Watchdog and I just naturally put it all together as That was not taken and I was fortunate enough to trademark it. I took awhile but got it done.

  89. Samuel

    Greg, I love your show and today was a great one! Ms. Zang was wonderful and easy to comprehend. I look forward to the next time you have her on.

  90. J Thomas

    OMG, I love this woman!. I am working my way through her webinars, just amazing. Thanks for introducing her. Jo

  91. Kim

    Do not forget the massive surge in gold on July 5th or 6th, as foretold by Andrew Maguire.

    • JMiller


      Thanks for the reminder. Another prediction that will soon fail to happen like so many others.

      • Paul ...

        The “surge” that was supposed to hit on July 5th or 6th likely did … it is just beginning with a pullback (like when a tsunami is about to hit the shore) … this current “pullback” in gold and silver we are seeing is likely due to traders (in need of liquidity) … when their other investments begin to sour (and they need instant cash to cover margin calls) they usually sell their precious metals … so as the economic (lack of liquidity) tsunami builds … it first draws gold and silver prices down … and builds a tidal wave that will bring these metals back “with a vengeance” and push them in opposite extremes … as the current liquidity crunch depletes traders of their metals (in a few weeks) … we will then likely see precious metal prices rebound with great force into the usually strong September season and continue on upward right through the end of this year!

        • JMiller

          Sorry Paul but Maguire and KWN said that the price of gold was going to rocket on Wednesday or Thursaday. “Massive Gold Price Surge In 26 Days!” Well IT DID NOT. I am tired of all the ALT media predictions that do not happen. And when they do not happen, they give excuses. I am tired of the exaggerations and misinformation that some do on a regular basis. Most of the ALT media is a joke and I could never recommend most ALT media sites to people I know.

        • Kim

          Bring on the silver tsunami!!!!

          Gold tsunami too! Silver tsunami is more fun to say!!

  92. susan

    Thank you so much Greg for all you do. You truly are amazing and I’m sure, as much as we appreciate you, we don’t have a clue as to how much you have helped us. I can’t add anything to what was already said about this superb interview. As much as we know, we now know a lot more.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Susan! Happy 4th.

  93. Roger D

    MarketWatch reports that the average auto-loan length reached an all-time high of 5 years-9 months. Average monthly payments are now $517.

    I can’t even imagine borrowing money for a stupid fancy-schmancy car let alone enslaving one’s self with debt for almost 6 years. And we get on our high house and chastise DC for debt?

  94. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hello Greg, thanks for replying on how and why you picked or named your show I suppose your many viewers are still too busy with there lives with all this truth information about the financial mess that we find our selves in !
    Also about the workings of the geo-political apparatus of the Washington DC ,Deep State swamp. The ongoing battle within the Deep State between the Rockefeller segiment against the ROTHCHILDS part of this Global agenda.
    For example the political system that has been in place in the US and Europe since the end of WWII. The people who have their eyes and minds opened by watching your show Greg, can see all the propaganda and State intiated lies on the MSM, still have an important part of the puzzle missing and I have not found one person in an thousand anywhere in the world that has an insight about why the USA is found in the last book of The Holy Bible ( Revelation 13: 11-18 ).
    Greg, this great truth is not random or is someone’s else strange personal interpretation!
    The Word of God, gives its own interpretation without any persons input.
    It’s part of the natural theological science of ” Hermeneutics ” which means the science of prophetic interpretation, meaning that there is hidden material in all 66 books of scripture, and once a person finds or is given the key that can open the door to a persons understanding, it is very exiting to see all the biblical dots connected that can show this type of global picture, such as that the United States of America, being a hyperpower with a global sociological empire that is fast coming to its end !
    Why should not the God of the Bible have such a global power not be mentioned in his Word for the honest in heart to find and understand how to be ready and escape what is coming down the pike !
    I throw out an online challenge to anyone or group of persons to refute the evidence that the verses in Revelation 13: 11-18; is Not your Country, the USA in Bible Prophecy, I have been teaching this for over 37 years now, that US empire is one of seven global empires that have their time; to show what is their final global agenda for the billions on planet earth. In closing Greg, just as there is seven in a week, and we understand that’s how God made it, there is also seven global empires or Kingdoms throughout history that shed light on why the USA is the sixth empire that is soon to be changed or removed from the world stage, to make way for the last global power that is found in Revelation 17: 16-18; you don’t have to believe in what I have said so far, please just read Gary Kar’s book, a once time insider from the United Nations organisation, his book is called en-route to global occupation.
    Thanks for reading this material Greg.

  95. Scott Miller

    Hej Greg,

    On Monday night, amazon and apple were erroneously reported down 70%+.
    Google news reported it.

    I think it’s a GIGANTIC story!


  96. Justn Observer

    Greg, Thanks for putting Ms. Zang on…she was indeed a big hit !

  97. Flattop

    REG: I am sure we ae not aware of the work you put forth to create USA Watchdog, but I for one am very grateful that you did. Your efforts to bring truth to us which betters our lives is commendable. I ask our Lord and Savior to pour out many blessings on you and yours.

  98. Tad

    I don’t think Mr. Trump will be able to steal anything without the Russians getting a whiff.
    His best options are to be a second vendor–if that’s possible. The US can’t compete on price nor speed of delivery.
    NATO members or not, common sense may set in and as with other nations, dollar-based
    may become passe. Now, and in the longer term.

  99. diane

    Happy Forth of July to all you watchdog posters.
    Pray for President Trump and men and women like Greg Hunter who courageously keep us informed with REAL NEWS.

  100. David Cammish

    My best wishes to you for the 4th of July.

    I loved the interview with Lynette Zang, a lovely lady and very informative. My favourites are Greg M and Gerald Celente, I’ll be adding LZ to the list! She reminds me a bit of Catherine Austin Fitts, maybe time to have her on again?

    Max Keiser recently interviewed lawyer and filmmaker John Titus who made ‘ All the Plenary’s Men’, I’d recomment him as a guest on USA Watchdog, a fantastic film and another example of the gross law breaking that’s been going on.

    Best regards,

  101. Silence is Golden

    Ms Zang is absolutely “On the Money” at 20.50…..”they’re (1%)….are doing gold coins (numismatic & bullion)…collectables”.
    However a lot of what she presupposes by way of “Holding it together” in terms of her argument for the imminent crash/reset is somewhat of a false narrative.
    For the last 8 or 9 yrs a common theme was the potential for a greater unwind and this all hinged on the argument of how well the Elites could hold it together.
    Sure we may be getting to what may seem like the pointy end (velocity, value in dollar, VIX, Debt)…but I have been absolutely astonished at the deferred adjustment that every man and his dog has been anticipating. Talk about boiling frogs….I sense we all know we’re sitting in the same pot.
    Best as always.

  102. Larry Galearis

    Do bankers know what they are doing?
    A vice president of a major bank in a major city joined our investment club (basically about the monetary crisis) to find out what “debasement of money” meant. Pretty much says it all.

  103. Chip

    One of your best guests ever Greg… Chip

  104. Flattop

    WOW Greg, It seems you now have 2 female guests who hit it out of the park when you have them on. Competition for Clif High

  105. NY Currency Trader

    Be careful before you trade. Bitcoin might be the right trade at the moment. Also, my oscillators show a huge dollar bounce, which makes us very comfortable putting in an equally large leveraged contract short on all precious metals positions. I’m personally figuring we will run the stops down to $1158 the ounce gold and $13.28 the ounce silver. Read ’em and weep preppers. Read ’em and weep. In other words, if you are a gold or silver bug – look up because we are about to rip your faces off.

    “A mans got to know his limitations” …….. Clint Eastwood as “Dirty Harry”

    • Tin foil hat

      NY Currency Trader,
      I haven’t bought any PMs this year, still waiting to pull the trigger at sub $1180. I infer you are the ones I have been waiting for.

    • Paul ...

      Hope your right NY Currency Trader … I’ll be weeping for joy if I can get some more silver at $13.28 … as that will give me 45 times my money when silver resets (to 1/4 of a bit coin or $600 per ounce)!!

    • JMiller

      If gold only goes down to $1158 (currently about a 5.5% decline), it is unlikely that silver will drop all the way down to $13.28 (currently about a 17% decline).

    • Dennis

      Hey Skanky Trader:
      $*&# it hard.

    • Frederick

      Ny Currency trader Bring it I will just buy more You can have the fiat Good luck to you NOT

    • Bill

      NY Currency Trader: Bitcoin? Stand by for Fedcoin once they get the bugs worked out of bitcoin

  106. JCD

    Greg hope all is well with you.
    When i share your link it shows last weeks update pic Paints down is not the right image. Love you and your site. Hope everything is alright

    • Dan

      NY Currency Trader – Your opening says it all ” Be careful before you trade. ” It’s pinheads like your kind who have helped turn the true value of gold and silver on their heads. But only for awhile longer. Due to your erratic sense of responsibility , you are destined for complete obliteration come the future. The proof is already apparent in a vast number of ways. Keep pontificating your hubris , smart a** . It and you and your colleagues careers aren’t long for this world. Can’t wait to see it happen !

    • Hairy Herry

      NY C T,
      There’s another Harry (not this Hairy Guy as I’m Herry) who thinks the metals will dive even deeper, but you know what? Even if you’re correct, I won’t capitulate! I have no paper garbage overleveraged to the hilt and won’t even think about my stash until after the reset. It will rebound like the Phoenix from the ashes and even the ESF/PPT and their minions will lose control over it. I’ll keep some popcorn ready for popping because you might make some $$ now, but I’ll make the Big Stuff later.

      Please update us muppets when that magic time comes so I can see which side of the trade you’ll bet, THEN! It’s absolutely about following the $$ trail, and for that I’ll never need to apologize.

      p.s., Bitcoin being a good trade IS good advice IMHO, but it remains quite volatile. There’s not another “halvening” for three years, yet fundamental changes within the Bitcoin network should be happening later in the year. Buy on the dips is this Hairy Guy’s unpaid advice regarding BTC for now.

    • jim

      NY trader , Please do, love to get more at $13. We will have the last laugh.

  107. Hairy Herry

    This Hairy Guy thanks you for bringing up the Derivatives, the Big Elephant in the Room that constantly creates a mess through the bets made with and against it, yet nobody wants to talk about it, spare having to clean after it, but I’m afraid it’s much like the Military Industrial Complex or those roadside cops using Civil Asset Forfeiture to ensure they get a pension (HA HA HA!!!) – a BEAST which must be fed! Please bring Lynette back on for followups.

  108. pat the rat

    This is a very smart women and I like the hell out of her.

  109. gregd

    @NY Currency Trader,
    If you would be kind enough to tell use the timeline you have that would be appreciated. Not sure what the heck you’re looking at but I’m sure you’ll be back to apologize when you lose your as*.
    But they could both break those figures to the downside in a collapse but they would still be higher than all other assets. And even at those prices you won’t find any sellers. Just remember to duck your head after they bottom because you wouldn’t want to be hit by something going that fast past your big head.

  110. OutsideOfTheBox

    The stupidity rules this world. What in the hell this world has 135 different currencies at first place, the money/wealth should be marked as oz, kg, ton and carat. The meaning of a bank is a WAREHOUSE. None of these bankers should be in charge of money. The bills we use should be printed in these units. No financial crisis forever as the system is backed up by solid assets without third party risk. If the lean six sigma process applies, world central banks should be phased out as they have no value whatsoever.

  111. jim

    Hiya Greg, Did you happen to catch Lynette Zang recently on SGT Report? ttps://

    She had some very disturbing news regarding recent activity of the IMF-SDR-Deep Sate crowd surrounding bitcoin and the ACChain and the “SDR World-Blockchain”.

    Maybe you can comment on an upcoming show?

    Love the WNR

    • Greg Hunter

      I have LZ booked next week for a deeper dive. Should be interesting.

  112. David

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for sharing this information through your platform. Is there any chance we could get a copy of charts Ms. Zang used in this interview? This would be much appreciated.


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