Pelosi Trump Battle, Clinton Benghazi Email, Media Continues to Lie

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 367 1.18.19)

The battle to fund security and a wall on the U.S. southern border continues. The tit for tat this week includes Speaker Pelosi disinviting President Trump to the House of Representatives for his annual State of the Union address. Trump countered Pelosi by stopping her from taking a trip abroad on government aircraft (including a stop in Brussels) one hour before she and her crew were about to leave. The President told her to stay in Washington to negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown, and if she must fly, she should fly commercial.

President Trump is canceling his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It’s not just his trip he’s canceling, but his entire cabinet, too. The strange thing is French President Macron and UK PM May are also canceling their trips to Davos. Each are facing their own turmoil in their respective countries. Trump is battling a government shutdown over security, Macron is battling the protests of the “Yellow Vest” movement and May is battling the so-called Brexit that failed miserably in the UK parliament this week. The one thing all these problems have in common is the globalist New World Order has something to do with each of them.

The mainstream media continues to lie and function as a propaganda machine, not a free press that wants to inform its citizens. New research has come out, and 90% of the coverage by the big networks continues to put a negative spin on the actions of the Trump Administration 90% of the time. Stats like this prove propaganda and not honest reporting.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Professor of Economics Mark Skidmore gives us an update on the story the mainstream media lies to you about. (I am talking about you, Washington Post.) The ‘missing’ $21 trillion in money from the DOD and HUD. No other story is more important to your constitutional rights and the value of your money and retirement.

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  1. paul ...

    What is immoral … is the NSA (America’s Fourth Reich SS spy agency) collecting huge amounts of data on American citizens to find out what immoral things they have been doing … so it can be used to control them … and do the Deep States bidding …

    • paul ...

      With regard to the private Clinton e-mail server … Hillary probably figured that keeping her dealings on a “private” server would protect her treasonous actions from ever being released by a Freedom of Information Act request (like her shipping US nuclear weapons to the enemy) … Trump should seek out who in his State and Justice Departments were the ones colluding to protect Hillary (and themselves) from the treasonous act of sending “Little John” nuclear weapons (through Benghazi) to terrorists in Syria … and when Ambassador Stevens resisted these efforts … he was rubbed out!!

      • paul ...

        And Trump “is going after these traitors” …

        • paul ...

          And be aware of (as Greg so aptly explains) the “fake news media” which is a mind control weapon used by the Deep State to herd the people into doing exactly what they want (like going along with the elimination of our Constitutional Rights and not protecting our borders)!!

          • paul ...

            Here is an interesting thought … Five(5) days to go to reach [30] days of government shutdown … after which Trump has the legal authority to order a Reduction in Force (RIF) and permanently fire all the demon-rats sponging off the government (i.e. like Pelosi)!! …

      • Doogie Houser

        You can’t make this up and apparently you didn’t!
        TREASON: 16 year Coup d`e’tat plan ofAction!

        Instead of spending billion’s, with a B! Toppling 2nd world countries regimes. We should have been building a wall. The Democrat party has to start getting voter’s by campgaining, instead of cheating, allowing criminals and the poor of 3rd world countries to repopulate our country decimated by planned parenthood’s vision of the future, which unfortunatly is NOW!

        Hillary Clinton May Have Committed Treason In Benghazi By Facilitating Weapons Sales To Rebels Who Killed Americans
        By Staff Reporter Jun 29, 2015
        While Clinton was secretary of state, her department awarded a record number of export licenses to arms dealers, allowing them to sell sophisticated weapons internationally. In all, more than 86,000 licenses valued at $44.3 billion were granted in 2011 alone – over $10 billion more than in 2010, according to Fox.

        Hillary: The Little War-Monger!
        No wonder John McCain loved her. She was after his own heart. With a Razor!

        Don’t hold yer breath!

        Hillary Reveals America’s Nuclear Response Time During The Debate
        During the final presidential debate, the candidates got into a heated exchange about the use of nuclear weapons, in which Hillary Clinton trotted out her talking point that Donald Trump is unfit to have his finger on the button because of his lack of self-control. What made the internet go nuts, however, was when she added one specific detail to her argument that some are saying is a violation of operational security, a routine she knows well.

        Every word the Obama Regime has said about Benghazi is a lie. Newly declassified documents from the department of defense prove this. The Obama regime was arming and funding away! But not the/our border, to busy taking down borders oversea’s, then trying to defend THEM!
        One day after the attack on US Ambassador Stevens, the Obama Regime new a large amount of details about the attackers and why they did it. Documents also show that the Obama regime fully understood that al-Qaeda was a leading player in the Syrian insurgency that the US government was arming and funding.
        Internal Obama regime documents admitted that use aid to the “Syrian Insurgency” benefited Salafist fighters, including al-Qaeda. The Obama regime predicted the rise of ISIS and the establishment of the “Caliphate” 17 months in advance

        Obama & Hillary-knew, Benghazi weapons were going to al-Qaeda! Theyre new buddies!

        • Doogie Houser

          It looked as if my first try didn’t take, responding to Pau’ls comment on Hillary treason, but apparently it did!
          Please eliminate one. Sorry&thanks!

        • paul ...

          DH … I was having some doubts about QAnon … but this 16 Year Coup D’Etat piece you provided … has Q back in my good graces!!

    • Wadsworth Booker T.

      We’eve heard end the fed, how’s bout, end the plausible unreliability deniability scam. In governmental domestic issue’s!
      William Binney, US. SpyMaster turned whistleblower, because NSA was using his program to spy on Americans. As Binney was well known to the US Congress, he did not think he needed any NSA document to make his case. But what he found out was:

      “Congress would never hear me because then they’d lose plausible deniability. That was really their key. They needed to have plausible deniability so they can continue this massive spying program because it gave them power over everybody in the world. Even the members of Congress had power against others [in Congress]; they had power on judges on the Supreme Court, the federal judges, all of them.

      That’s why they’re so afraid. Everybody’s afraid because all this data that’s about them, the central agencies — the intelligence agencies — they have it. And that’s why Senator Schumer warned President Trump earlier, a few months ago, that he shouldn’t attack the intelligence community because they’ve got six ways to Sunday to come at you. That’s because it’s like J. Edgar Hoover on super steroids. . . . it’s leverage against every member of parliament and every government in the world.”

      [Plausible deniability] is the ability of people to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others in an organizational hierarchy because of a lack of evidence that can confirm their participation, even if they were personally involved in or at least willfully ignorant of the actions. In the case that illegal or otherwise disreputable and unpopular activities become public, high-ranking officials may deny any awareness of such acts to insulate themselves and shift blame onto the agents who carried out the acts, as they are confident that their doubters will be unable to prove otherwise. The lack of evidence to the contrary ostensibly makes the denial plausible, that is, credible, although sometimes it merely makes it unactionable. The term typically implies forethought, such as intentionally setting up the conditions to plausibly avoid responsibility for one’s actions or knowledge. In some organizations, legal doctrines such as command responsibility exist to hold major parties responsible for the actions of subordinates involved in heinous acts and nullify any legal protection that their denial of involvement would carry.
      Plausible deniability – Wikipedia

      Plausible deniability is similar to blaming the alcohol, for your misdeed’s. Tony Podesta can put out, I hope they get the scoundrel who squealed on us. The dog-whistle is sent out and before you know it, the problem is taken care of!

      plausible deniability
      A condition in which a subject can safely and believeably deny knowledge of any particular truth that may exist because the subject is deliberately made unaware of said truth so as to benefit or shield the subject from any responsibility, associated through the knowledge of such truth.
      The CIA black ops division undertakes dangerous and usually what would be considered illegal missions that are not officially sanctioned by the US administration so that the administration, which usually benefits from such missions, can safely disavow any knowledge of them in the event of their publicly uncovered success or failure. The administration is in the position of plausible deniability towards the CIA’s actions.

      Iran Contra? Remember that one? The First lady Nancy Reagan, wouldn’t let Ronnie hide behind the plausible deniability scam and She nudged him to accept responsibility for the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages affair.

      The Sheriff Who Had The Ball’s!
      The strangest case of plausible deniability, the Wayne Dumond affair.

      Plausible deniability actually is a legal concept. It refers to lack of evidence proving a allegation. Standards of of proof vary in civil and criminal cases. In civil cases, the standard of proof is “more likely so than not” whereas in a criminal matter, the standard is “beyond a reasonable doubt” If your opponent lacks incontrovertible proof (evidence) of their allegation, you can “plausibly deny” the allegation even though it may be true.

      Because many lawyers are in politics, they brought this lower standard of ethics and integrity with them. This is why they rarely put anything controversial in writing. This is also why they most often have you talk to an underling or an agency bureaucrat so they can plausibly deny knowledge of the conversation or be able to say the underling or bureaucrat misstated their position.
      Before the blue, stained dress was found, Bill Clinton’s position was plausible deniability with regards to having sex with that woman.

      plausible deniability
      When it is acceptable for a party to lie about what they did because the truth would hurt too much and cause too many problems. So let the poor sap who did it for you, to take the rap and hope he doesn’t spill the beans in the squeeze! James Foley and Chris Stevens come to mind, who were allowed to die for their country, too make sure their lips were sealed and of course Seth Rich, for the party he double crossed, because the party stole the nomination from Bernie, for Hillary and of course Hill knew nothing about it!

      Now their squeezing Michael Cohen, to double cross president Trump. Whom their trying to blame saying he was a double agent for the
      Russkies!LOL! To bad these bad actors can’t be hanged, because plausible deniability is offic