Trump Has Treason in White House-Robert David Steele

By Greg Hunter’s

Former CIA operative and military Intel officer, Robert David Steele, says there is no doubt President Trump is dealing with “treason in his own house.” Steele explains, “Donald Trump’s biggest worry right this minute is they are stripping away every single one of his loyal staff members and planting spies in the White House.  Reince Priebus, in my judgment, is not loyal to Donald Trump.  Reince Priebus’ highest mission in life is to keep Donald Trump from unrigging the system, while helping the neo-conservative and the extreme left two party establishment strip away all of Trump’s options to the point that they drive Trump out of office, and Mike Pence is the go along, get along President that keeps the two-party tyranny in place. . . . If he forces the NSA to provide support to the FBI, and if he scrutinizes every phone call that Reince Priebus has made and received, he will find the treason in his own house.  I guarantee you there are 30 traitors at NSA, 30 traitors at FBI and over 500 traitors across the U.S. government, including the Departments of State and Defense.  Counterintelligence has to be set in motion right now.”

Steele goes on to point out that the real enemy of “We the People” is the so-called Deep State. Steels, who is Latino, contends, “We are all black now.  White people are feeling what it is like to be black with no resources, nobody on your side and the state against you and the authorities against you.  We are all black now.  We need to unite the people of color and the white people and the Latinos and all others against the Deep State.  That is what (George) Soros’ whole point is.  He is trying to create a race war because, all of a sudden in the last 90 days, it’s become possible for the 99% to unite around Donald Trump against the 1%.  That is the center of gravity for Trump’s success.”

Steele says unrigging the voting system should be a top priority in the Trump Administration, and, yes, there is voter fraud by the millions. Steele contends there are “at least three million illegal voters in this last election, period.  It’s not disputable.”  Steele goes on to say, “The key thing is the Electoral Reform Act with 50 states in thirty days . . . that stops the violent American spring in its tracks.  That’s priority one, not all this nonsense about Russia and Iran.  In my “Memo for Trump,” I say all of your enemies are right here at home, in Washington D.C., New York City and in some areas of California and Texas.”

If Trump can’t mount a counterattack and get rid of his White House “traitors,” what happens? Steele predicts, “He will not be reelected, and he will also probably be impeached in 2018. . . . Donald Trump is toast after 2018 . . . if we don’t do electoral reform.  The Democrats will steal back the House and they will impeach Donald Trump.  They will combine that with protests in the streets, and they will combine that with banking pressure to include a $20 billion bribe . . . and Trump will finally say I can’t handle this.  I can’t do this, and he’ll leave. . . . Candidates can be bought, particularly if you apply so much pain to them that is simply not worth the hassle.  I believe in Donald Trump.  I want to devote my life to helping Donald Trump to restore the Constitution and restore democracy.  I am deeply upset that Donald Trump is not getting the advice he needs to lay this out for America and provide a solution.  The Electoral Reform Act needs to be implemented in the next 90 days or Donald Trump is not going to finish his term.”

In closing, Steele warns, “Even if 10,000 of us call the White House comment line, Donald Trump is not going to hear from us. Trump is in enemy hands. . . . Donald Trump is all alone in the White House, and the forces of evil are essentially isolating him from “We the People.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with intelligence expert and election reform advocate Robert David Steele.

After the Interview:

Steele says what is going on right now is simply “a battle to take down the Deep State.”  There is lots of free information and analysis on


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  1. dlc

    Robert David Steele called you and Doug Hagmann “the lifeblood of the alternative media” today on Infowars. He’s made much reference to your site in the past week. Nice to see that the two of you connected for this interview.

    • Macray

      Great Interview Greg!
      To move up the Goldman Sachs latter, you either embrace the firms unethical culture or your gone within the first year or two. To retain 9 of these type of people as part of your administration team isn’t the wisest decisions, in my opinion. I think Gina would be more loyal if you paid him or her enough!

    • Ted

      Trumps is toast in 2018? Impeached? I doubt it but….I would keep the republicans in eyesight over the next few years. I don’t trust the a few at the top pulling strings. I always thought the red leadership was in bed with Soros. Take him down and things should fall in place. Lets give him to Putin!

      • Greg Hunter

        I am with you Ted.

        • ross

          Excellent interview Greg. I’ve been following Steele for 3 yrs and he is the intelligence that matters.

  2. AA 🇦🇺

    Outstanding effort Greg!
    I’m wondering if Trump is thinking;”If you can’t beat them, join them”

  3. dlc

    Doug Hagmann said Trump had until roughly mid-March when the rabble will attempt to turn DC upside down. I’m waiting to see if Steele’s pleadings get to Trump and get him moving.

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately that Trump simply does not need all of this. He is well off. He has a nice family. The wife and son have had their privacy hung out on a line for some very ugly ridicule. After a while, who needs all of this? He is age 70 and just the stress alone may get to be too much.

    It just hit me today that McCain made Kelli Ward out to be too unstable to take his place in the Senate — and it worked. Smear does work with the uninformed. Every picture he showed of Kelli in his ads made her look like she had rabies.

    As to child trafficking, John Wells interviewed a former CIA man on Friday who said that the pedophiles liked to get the children preferably from age 1 to 6 because they were totally ruined for a lifetime when imprinted at such a young age. Soulless and broken is how they like them — if they even get to survive.

  4. Andy

    Things are definitely ramping up. On one hand Steve Peiczenik says the government white hats are making the necessary changes behind the scenes and not to worry, while Robert David Steele says Trump is in danger.

    There’s definitely a battle for hearts and minds out there. Who to believe?

    I do think Trump needs to go nuclear soon with indictments, release of e-mails, and a vetting of the Clinton Crime Foundation. If he doesn’t go for the jugular soon, he may get isolated at the top. Watch out if Bannon gets crucified. Already Pence and Bannon are not seeing eye to eye. Preibus is a crafty snake and is a Republican operator who controls the flow of information and advance vetting of people for Trump. Trump better not get isolated.

    At this point who cares about foreign affairs – the enemy is at home and we are in slow motion civil war if you haven’t noticed.

    Thanks Greg for the platform. You need to get Peiczenik on, also if you want the next level up – George Webb. I watch him daily and am getting a real education.

    • AJ

      “There’s definitely a battle for hearts and minds out there. Who to believe? ”

      Yes, indeed it is. Tails I win, heads you lose. You can toss it now and pick the winning side.

      • AA 🇦🇺

        Believe not what’s written by man, only that has been written by the divine.

    • Charles H

      Trump needs an “Inside Team” – one that will slow, but surely vet, remove, and replace ALL non-team members in every department. He might get about half done; because the other half will go deep-and silent, survival mode. Obama purged the military of conservatives: how much damage to be undone is there? Will he go as far as the Liberals to drive out good people based only on their political leanings? Fighting fire with fire is a hard position to take.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Greg, the “deep state” is the enemy of free people, the Demogods & the Republicats want us to keep thinking Russia, Syria, and or Iran, etc. are the enemies of our people, but in fact it is the deep state. A couple of weeks ago the old liberal congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, even mentioned it (deep state) in a interview on television; so the word and meaning is actually getting around. So many leaders in both parties are committed to nothing but the protection of “their” deep state that our new President Trump may be outclassed, out maneuvered, over his head, and somewhat naive as to the real power behind the America Government and as to just what “they” are capable of. Trump has my unequivocal support and I wish him well, but I also don’t put anything past the deep state’s commitment to its own survival, including, if necessary, arranging for another patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald to change the election we voted for. Greg, your guest understands all to well what as he described the traitors are doing and are capable of, thanks for having him on. God Bless, a b

  5. FC

    Tremendous interview Greg……….. ‘We the People’ need to force the evil away from Trump so he is able to effectively do his job or we will hear the 7 trumpets instead.
    Even the damn Catholic church is against him………..I will reserve my thoughts on the reason why.

  6. trev16

    Great interview Greg…. hopefully Alex and Roger Stone can arrange a meeting for Steele with Trump. Also maybe one day you will be able to get Steve Pieczenik on as well for an interview. The Deep State must be defeated and hopefully all the Patriots will help President Trump. There is definitely an internal civil war going on and all the back stabbing globalists must be eliminated.

  7. Faith

    This guy is amazing! Great interview!

    He is correct about everything. The White House is bugged. That is the reason Obama golfed so much. It was the only place he wasn’t recorded. I am guessing that is the reason Melania refuses to live at the White House. There is no law that says the President must live at the White House. It is a ceremonial office / place. Nothing more.

    I couldn’t believe the comments made by VP Pence in Europe this past week! VP Pence sounded like an appeaser and a globablist and basically walked away from Trump’s views. Why?

    Why is PM Erdogan, and Turkey, still part of NATO? Turkey is run by a criminal and a psychopath and Erdogan has been blackmailing Europe and telling Europe to send him money or he will flood Europe with refugees. Well, Europe is flooded with refugees! Why does Europe think paying Erdogan a jizya tax will keep them safe? It will not!

    NATO is over. It is no longer necessary. Dump it! Dump it now!

    As for the economy, I agree, Yellen will do as she is told and will raise rates to ruin the economy. She said as much last week.

    As for the NSA, I agree, Trump should shut them down and shut them down now. They are rogue, they are deep state and they are criminals. I agree that everyone in DC is being blackmailed and the only reason they haven’t blackmailed Trump is because he is a good person, a family man, and a Christian that actually lives the same life he talks about. That is evident from his family.

    Trump should get meet this man, and meet him fast! I am a big fan of Steve Bannon, the former CEO of Breitbart, and I agree with everything Mr. Steele said, that Preibus is a judas goat and only interested in his own power.

    I was very sad to see General Flynn leave. General Flynn was a Marine Corps general and an man of honor. There was no reason for Trump to dismiss him. A lie? To the VP? Give me a break. I don’t believe it. I hope that General Flynn will work in the background to continue to help Trump. General Flynn is a true patriot.

    • Tommy

      You can launch missiles to Russia and Middle East from Turkey

      • Macray

        As for the economy, I agree, Yellen will do as she is told and will raise rates to ruin the economy. She said as much last week.

        Faith… I agree, but its all in the timing. They need to give the Don at least 6 months before they will be able to pin the entire collapse on him. Remember, O went out with great numbers on the scoreboard and if Yellen raises rates in March, the Fed will be blamed for upsetting the January 19th scoreboard. My gut tells me that they will intentionally collapse the economy in the second half of 2017 and then blame it all on the Don. I wouldn’t count on any of his Goldman Sachs team members to point this out, but maybe he can put it together and take some real historic bold moves!

        Oh, thanks for the heads up as to when it is summer in Antarctica. If I am able to go, currently investigating, it would be during the month of January!!!

        • Faith

          Mac, I agree. So it looks like Yellen will raise rates in June which would upset the housing market, mortgags rates would necessarily spike for summer sales (when most houses are sold) and this would kick everything over in October.

          Got it!

          As for that trip to Antartica, holy moly have fun! That would be the trip of a lifetime, absolutely!

  8. Justn Observer

    Greg, A man of your word…was surprised to see Mr. Steele on so soon!
    Great interview. Some of the links mentioned:
    A discussion of some ‘pops’ detected on like subjects:
    Clif High
    Thanks again Greg !

  9. Joe Martin Jr.

    Trump’s only chance of survival is to construct a loyal cadre of citizens who can implement policy and action in a manner just as ruthlessly as the Deep State operatives that are trying to bring him down. It won’t be enough to prove the media as the duplicitous scum they are. Those that aren’t simply brainwashed and deliberately miseducated fools are bought and paid for operatives of the bureaucracies and banks that regard themselves as the owners of American government. The rest of us are but pawns to be used, abused and barely tolerated. By our rebellion of electing a man who recognizes them for what they are has led many of us to boldly dare to openly express our own contempt for them in our own blogs and posted responces in blogs like this.

    The time is here to single out some of the worst offenders. Target them with the same vindictivness the apply to us.

    My first selection would the reprehensible Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard.
    It comes as a surprise to no one that Bill Kristol over the course of election season has proven himself a sanctimonious self-important arrogant snob. Of all the dispicable “never Trump”, neocons who think that they own the Republican Party he pronounced some of the most vile attacks, not just against Trump as a candidate but against his supporters as well. He even went so far as to attempt to recruit a third party candidate to carry the neocon banner fully cognizant that such a candidacy would guarantee Hillary Clinton’s victory and the continuation of Deep State control of American government and finances. Anyone with more than two brain cell to rub together fully recognized that was his intent. Kristol envisions himself as the laterday incarnation of William F. Buckley Jr. Problem is he possesses not a bit of Buckley’s vocabulary, intellect, warmth, charm or wit.

    Now Kristol has been caught on video cruelly describing what is left of the beleaguered white middle class as “decadent, lazy and spoiled”.

    Continue reading at

  10. Don

    Interesting, but far too assertive to be taken too seriously. Yes he has some good ideas, but this type of warfare thesis is not the only way to solve the problem. In fact, IMO it is far from the best way. Having worked with this type of personality type many times, they are great for ideas and for ruthless execution of tough decisions, but never give them too much authority otherwise it will lead to disaster. They always go too far.

    Trump needs to win, and continue to win the support of the people. He needs to get over his thin-skinned approach and stop trying to play the media at their game.

    Yes, he needs a strong team about him who fully buy into his program, and to prune any who are not on board.

    Trump will only succeed if he scores big points. Actions speak louder than words.

  11. red

    I think Trumps a pragmatist, I saw the broad based tax idea he wont go for it. The answer is to(IMO) actually allow the tax of the issuance of currency only (inflation) and get rid of the concept of tax completely. Banks should be forced to hold gold,silver reserves against any credit function, that way they don’t get to buy the entire market with taxpayer money, which is the current situation.

    Sooner or later micro economic reform is the answer to revitalising local economies. Encouraging farmers, producers to backstop credit creation through local building
    societies etc some of Mr Steeles’ ideas’ are great but like a lot of people that have a
    public sector background he doesn’t fully grasp the concept of labour and production
    as a function in the value of currency. The whole world has fallen for this magic pudding
    mentality when it comes to currency, we are in deep trouble.
    Maybe some foreign policy ideas from people like Nader & Ventura.
    just my 2 cents worth.
    You are one of the good guys Greg .!!! God bless

  12. Borned Free

    Democrat Civil War; Danger of Spilling Over/US. Populace
    Soros/Clinton/Obama/Brennan/Morrell/McCain colour revolution [thugocracy] in new world disorder domination

    There is a plan for the world – a New World dis Order – devised by a British/American/European financial elite of immense wealth and power, with centuries-old historical roots.


    colour revolution
    What Is The Owl/Minerva Rule? Wikileaks; Trump; Clinton; Libyan Civil War; Anti-US EU-Centric #Pizzagate New World Order!

    From Bosnia to Ukraine;
    The US. is in no position to give serious assistance. No more!
    New World Disorder
    America: A Dangerous Flailing Beast

    Puppet Masters
    Putin? George Soros? The hidden hand behind ‘color revolutions’

    Geopolitics, New World Disorder
    Russia Studying How to Effectively Neutralize Color Revolutions

    Leaked: George Soros ‘Puppet Master’ Behind Ukrainian Regime, Trails Of Corruption Revealed

    Hacked emails also reveal Soros’ machinations with the US Government and the officials of the European Union in a scheme where, if he succeeds, he could win billions in the plunder of Ukraine assets. All, of course, would be at the expense of Ukrainian citizens and of EU taxpayers.

    Devil in the Details; George Soros [ The Man Behind The Scams ]

    Thugs fear. . ..A Free Press Means A Free People. . ..You Can Fool Some Of The People Some Of The Time But You Cant Fool All Of The people All Of The Time. . ..The Truth Hurts. . ..Only Thugs and Slugs! Stay Free, Live Free….

    From The US. North Coast; Michigan [Fly-Over and Proud of It!]
    Kid Rock – Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  13. Mark Tipping

    Just another comment …
    After Donald’s 8 year tenure …
    Can Donald junior continue (& expand) the good work ?

    • susan

      I wish!

    • JC

      Must be 35 years old to be president.

  14. Oracle 911

    If the neocons, “liberals” and other high ranked human garbage take out Trump then the US will go down in flames.
    But personally I think there will be a failed coup like in Turkey and then Trump will be able purge in the interview mentioned elements.
    BTW the Oroville spillway debacle can be turned into a lot of political ammo against the warmongers and current “elite” even without the dam breach.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Arthur Barnes

      Oracle, I respectfully disagree, the deep state does not “coup” like bananas republics as they already have all the power, what they do instead to keep that power is simply use a right or left wing nut to do their bidding. They find a patsy, get a “Warren Commission” together somewhat like after 911 Commission and about 1 year or so latter everything is back to normal (even if Building 7 went down without a rock falling on it)!

      • Oracle 911

        Well they want remove Trump from the office and seize all the power. So they are trying impeach (or kill) Trump. In other words they are trying to do a coup.

  15. red

    Oh Greg a couple of small extra suggestions, for Governments to backstop currency with
    real value, what should happen is things like Energy, Water, Telecommunications, infrastructure roads, Hospitals & security (army, police) etc should be entirely in the public domain the cost of which could be shifted to the financialised sector or non producers, speculators (through fees & usage charges)etc Producers themselves farmers etc end consumers would get a reduced rate. People who use entirely their own money not
    borrowed or other peoples money, should get absolute minimal charges for services. This would discourage the rentier/royalty mentality and encourage real production and value in communities….again JMO…

    • Arthur Barnes

      Red, the American Government can’t back their currency with anything as they gave that power (right) to the FED and their banking cronies a long time ago. I suggest reading The Creature from Jekyll Island, its telling as to what happened to our right as free people to have a solid currency backed by gold.

      • red

        Correct Arthur, but banks understand that government ultimately do
        posses executive power & with the stroke of a pen can vaporize that
        arrangement. I think eventually government will realise they have
        to get rid of the credit monopoly or contemplate a world without
        any stock on supermarket shelves. Here in Australia for instance
        half the farming community receive welfare payments’ of course
        governments paint that as helping the farmers, in reality it’s just
        so the banks that lent them money get payed & the credit function
        doesn’t collapse. (i’m not saying Aussie farmers are dole bludgers, they are some of the hardest working people in the world!!) but the reality
        for a lot of these people is if the credit function collapsed theyt could
        buy their farms back for pennies debt free …and the market would
        to as Greg Mannarino says “return to fair value” this is all just hot
        air of courser Arthur, but I think some of my ideas could work LOL

    • Spurr

      Tell that to JFK!

  16. Rick Geisler

    Your guest, Robert David Steele, is mistaken. President Trump is not alone. We the People that voted for him, to fix what the Progressives have broken, stand balls to the walls with him. Yes, he has establishment people around him that should be fired but he is far from alone. Remember his rally the other day. The masses will respond if and when the cowards and vermin try to unseat Trump from office. The country belongs to us, not the globalists. Where does Soros and his clones get the audacity to even think that they have any right to our country. Piss off!!!

  17. William

    No Surprise,
    I had a feeling that the system is so rife with graft
    and the power that is held by both the deep state and
    the military industrial complex that Trump would
    never be able to effect any positive change(s).
    Only the populace can over take these individuals.
    We outnumber them and when everyone has finally
    had enough then effective change can take place.

  18. Dan

    Perfect guest. Perfect timing. Hats off Greg.

  19. red

    OK Greg watched parts of this interview twice, while I differ on some of his economic analysis I think he is probably very right about the political stratagem. Trumps gotta
    clean house. The absolute assault on independent press is really worrying. The arrests need to start or he will be destroyed. Go on the offensive is the only option. JMO He is definitely right about that

  20. Harold g

    Greg and Mr. Robert David Steele,

    Confirming to so many of the deep concerns I have for my President – so much inner rot and yet so difficult if not impossible to surgically remove the rot with quick decisive precision.

    The reason I asked for understanding in a prior post, essentially why and how are people getting away with threats and treason actions against the United States and the President of the United States??! It is simply unbelievable what is being allowed to happen daily.

    May God bless this man with the wisdom and understanding he will quickly need along with the assistance he will need to perform the surgery.

    Thank you for providing this critical information that is so urgent – actionable activity better take place now or the man is absolutely spot on correct- such a big gut sickening UGGH to the McCain’s Ryan’s, McConnell’s, Judus Priebus(so apprapoe and on and on and on- SUPPORTING ? I think not, OBVIOUSLY NOT!

  21. Kim Moen

    There is greatness and power in prayer! I believe we can overcome. Donald Trump was elected by many people, he needs our prayers now! I believe in God’s will!

  22. William Betts

    Greg Hunter:
    I want to bring this out in the open so that the American people can realize what they are up against. John McCain is a thorn in the side of Trump and a neoconservative who has been in Europe the last week bad mouthing Trump. I want to tell you and your readers what John McCain is all about. He graduated next to last in his class at the Naval Academy. He went to flight training to become a pilot . While in training he crashed 3 airplanes. He finally finished flight training and went to the fleet. In 1967 aboard the USS Forestall aircraft carrier McCain made an unauthorized hot shot start of an A-4 aircraft on the flight deck. There was ordnance all over the deck. The hot start ignited some ordnance. There was a tremendous fire that killed 134 sailors and officers and badly wounded 161. Go to google and type in McCain Forestall and the fire of 1967. You can see for yourself what this clown did. He should be in Ft Leavenworth serving a life sentence, but his grandfather was a 4 star admiral along with his dad. This was all covered up. McCain’s 2nd mission over N Vietnam – he was shot down by a SAM because he could not learn to avoid them. This guy ran for president of USA…..An American hero………

    • FC

      Arrr, McCain, you’ve done it again

    • Linda l.

      I live in AZ and can’t believe that this parasite was elected again! Versus uniting the party, Mr. John McCain the neocon spends every waking moment trashing President Trump. I guess he thinks that he has a fancy, reserved, underground bunker when the ‘blank’ hits the fan.

      • eddiemd

        He was reelected because he was up against Anne Kirkpatrick, another enemy of the people only worse than McCain

    • flattop

      William Betts:
      I have to agree with you on McCain. First of all, he spent time in the Hanoi Hilton and for that I respect him as a military man.. We need to separate the military man from the politician, and as a politico he definitely leaves something to be desired. Word has it that in the last election he was losing to the woman doctor running against him, so he had to bring in some extra help.!!!

      • eddiemd

        He ran against a medical doctor in the primary. He ran against Anne Kirkpatrick in the general election. She was a House member from Flagstaff who supported Obama straight up. Mccain was the lessor of two evils.

      • dbcooper

        FT, you forgot to mention about the short wave broadcasts that he did on behalf of the North Vietnamese while attending the Hilton !! Some hero patriot McCain turned out to be … he has not changed and needs a ‘promotion’ !! Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Chip

      I personally can’t stand John McCain, but that’s not the exact story according to wiki…

    • Frederick

      William thanks I’ve read those horror stories about the “Maverick” Johnny Wetstart MCCain There’s a video on youtube about how his fellow veterans literally hate the guy

  23. Mme. Hedin

    Ridiculous. Mr. Trump one of the 1% – he’s on their side! Did you forget he is a billionaire? He has also filled his cabinet with billionaires and multimillionaires – no working blokes at all! And he’s been in bed with the Russians for twenty years; see the New Yorker mag profile on him from 1997…
    And the reason he won’t release his tax returns is because they will PROVE he’s in bed with the Russians! Are you guys really that naive? That he gives a d*** for the average American? He is less credible than a used car salesman! He sold you guys a load of sh** and you believed it. Now live with your sorry choice, gang.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey “Gina”!! What a complement to have you assigned to USAW as my own private paid troll!!! Yippee!!

      • Diane


      • Mme. Hedin

        Yeah, right. Keep the paranoia level high. Mr. T is clearly bringing himself down, even without the assistance of his staff – all of whom he hired, but apparently now they are “all (except Steve Bannon, of course) against him” according to Mr. Steele. Do you know how really silly that sounds?!?

        • Greg Hunter

          My own private paid troll. I feel important “Gina.”

    • Mikhail Rostov

      Mme. Hedinest,

      Ridiculous Mate, too right and it’s you! LOL! You know nobody’s gonna read through all that New Yorker jibberish of an article, but I did and only a few lines of nuthin! Thanks for wastin my time! If you weren’t an Aussie i’d knock ur bloke off! Ya he’s a Billionaire thats why we love him mate! He’s 70 years old as in O L D ! Serving us the people, giving us a say in running the country, instead of you Sore arse guys ruining it, continuing the corruption without interruption. He could be sitting on his honches like you taking bribes, but he’s honest and instead of retiring he’s fighting for us the people, try and lick that! You never will in a billion years and he never said he wasn’t going to release his tax returns thought shaper you aren’t!
      You lost. God don’t want no nuclear war with Russia. He said they’ll say peace and safety then the end will come. So your fighting a losing battle. You will not escape. . . .

    • JC

      Dang I should have voted for Hillary. Not!

    • Russ McMeans

      Dear Gina; last time I checked, billionaires are hardworking ‘bloaks’. 2# I like Russians. 3# we’re enjoying our choice for President.

  24. al Hall

    WOW! great choice of guest Greg!!
    He is in the know of a lot around the world. Will watch later- have to go to VA today, but I track this man!


    • asmith

      Did you take the time to read the linked New Yorker article cited above? Compare it with the Nov. ’16 hit piece advertised at the end of the ’97 article. The ’97 article isn’t a hit piece but the author allows Trump to show himself in a rather bad light. Three disturbing take aways: Trump has been beholden to the banks that own the Fed pretty much his whole adult life. He’s a narcissist and a liar. And he’s been drinking a gallon of Diet Coke a day for years!

      • Greg Hunter

        So What!!!! The criminal that used a private server to than treasonous bribes for her now defunct global charity fraud was NOT a better choice. If you were waiting for the perfect candidate you’ll will be waiting until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

        • ron hall

          Greg! A triad of Steele, Cynthia McKinney, and Kucinich would be dynamite for Trump’s ever changing positions!! But the twisted, treasonous crew surrounding Trump–chosen by him–would never let that happen. Also, my sense is that Trump has deep, incurable psychological problems–ranging from narcissism, ADD, literacy impairment, and gets confused easily.
          Steele is a powerhouse patriot, but will never be able to approach Trump. Reality hurts and America’s clock is ticking! Thanks again Greg for your efforts!!

  25. Dan

    By the way, we keep calling these scum “Elite” but I get really annoyed (anyone else?) about refering to them as such since the term would imply that they are better and more educated than us. If anything, apart from them being much richer (mostly through their crimes, coercians, blackmailing, embezelling, etc) I personally view them as **inferior** in thought, beliefs, morals, education, and certainly not in a higher class as the term ‘Elite’ would normally imply.

    Perhaps we should all start referring to them as “PEDO-SCUM” instead. Anyone else on board? If you agree, please Reply: PEDO-SCUM!

    • Russ McMeans

      We call them ‘elite’ because of their access to power and access to the power brokers. I would love to be an ‘elite’ too. We all have agendas we want to fulfill. Some good, most bad.

  26. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Whew! The ordinary American is being tested. Judging from the dumb jokes, bathroom wall scribbles. and uncharitable “religious” bigots online, it will be a miracle if we can muster. That reminds me of a favorite:

    The Hebrews were surrounded by Philistines and in their hopeless state they begged a rabbi for answers. He prayed and said, “We will either be saved by natural means or a miracle!!” . “Tell us! Tell us!” they screamed.
    “The natural means will be if our God spares us. The miracle will be if our army does anything.”
    If Americans can join hands and hearts, they can make miracles. I love what he says, “We are all black.” It should be our new banner.

  27. km

    Wow Steele that would make a good spy novel. Mr. T. is aware of the hatred and treason around him. He dealt with politicians his whole life, knowing how easily bought off they can be. And if he is aware at all, he will keep a watchful eye on Mr. O-balkanizer. He is working behind the scenes to not only ruin T, but ruin the country. He never worked for us, he worked and works for Soros, or the global agenda. If Mr. O is dealt with, then everything else will flow nicely. And by all means his moles need to be removed promto. He definitely has his work cut out for him, but personally, I never thought he was qualified for the job, because too much damage has been done over the decades that can’t be walked back.

  28. David John Williams

    Very interesting discussion Greg. Robert is certainly correct about the quality of your interviews and presentation, count me as grateful. I fully agree with Robert’s call that Trump will be impeached in short order if he doesn’t drastically step up his game. We are at the first pivotal moment of his presidency; he’s been gobsmacked by the deep state and he will either cave in or rise to the challenge. I don’t say that lightly, his life is on the line and he will need a heroic and steadfast vision with uncharacteristic self-sacrifice. That is my hope, and for the sake of optimism, I will leave it with that.

  29. Chip

    WOW! Great interview and great guest! Chip

  30. Captn.Jack

    Come on President Trump,grow some balls! You have most of the military,the police,the militia,the fired Generals,and most importantly we the people,supporting you and your agenda.Don’t take this crap from the commies and pissant judges.Get with the program and arrest these traitors and have the military drag their butts out of the White House and Congress in chains before they turn our country into a battle field.

    • susan

      Captn.Jack, I wish he would listen to you!

  31. al

    Mr. Steele is a nice person, an honest, upstanding American like most of us. We’re Peace loving, good people. That’s where we all fail… Mr. Steele thinks Trump is like Ron Paul… I DON’T THINK SO. Trump has dealt with high end criminals most of his life, he’s in a different league than any of us, including the CIA. He doesn’t give up, rather, he thrives on this stuff. MAFIA tactics have to be fought with MAFIA tactics. Trump knows how to deal with the MAFIA and win. He has proven that in the past. The only way to stop him is to eliminate him, but there are others in the waiting.
    He is riding on this frequency shift which is more powerful than the old, run down, decrepit system. This system is dead! Trump is no Ron Paul. ….
    Here’s how he works. He hugs you, makes you think you’re special, then when you’re satisfied walking out the door you see blood spewing from your shirt. You just got stabbed but you don’t know how it happened or who did it…. Capish?… I know this World I speak of. It takes time, patience and some hurt. Things may look bleak then BOOM! WTF? How did that happen? Wow!… all I can say is just wait, have some popcorn and enjoy the show.

    • Russ McMeans

      Amen Al! Exactly. Donald thrives on this. Remember he made a decision to run for president. And he’s achieved miracles….. like putting up a building in New York City. Even Jesus would find that to be a daunting task!

  32. Russ McMeans

    Wow! … so know we have a male version of Catherine the Great. Thank you Greg for doing the homework and calling Mr. Steele up. Reality can be a bitch oftentimes. This is the truth. Reality bites!
    ( I have an idea folks… the idea comes from Game Of Thrones: we ship Mr. Steele in a wooden crate- with air holes of course, to Mara Lago with an Amazon label attached labeled “CARRIER HVAC FURNACE FOR MAIN DINNING HALL BUILDING ”
    He can not be shipped to White House or Trump Tower because they’ve already been bugged. By the way: who’s watching Mara Lago for preventing it from being bugged? Maybe Trump will have to have his meetings out on the golf course from now on, but not too close to the golf cart. Those can be bugged too.

  33. Falcon101

    Steele is absolutely right, the system is so corrupt and has been for so long that the entire sy!stem is moving against Trump and any attempt to repair the massive corruption in this establishment. Unless Trump starts removing all the threats against him , he will surely fail in repairing the extreme damage that has been done to this nation as a whole. THe people MUST stand together if we are to have any effect on fixing this broken state

  34. Jerry

    I’ll say it again. The dye for the United States was cast along time ago by the globalist who have controlled this country since WWII.

    President Trump is like Peter Pan. He may be able to board the Jolly Roger and corner Captain Hook and the pirates with a lot of swashbuckling and sword swinging. But at the end of the day its still their ship. The United States has already been looted. All the pirates are doing now is, stalling off sinking the ship until they can find a place to store their loot and another ship to pillage. Enter the SDR and Chinese Yuan payment system.

    • Jerry

      Tough Choices for the IMF and the World Bank are coming in the their April 21st meeting. Instead of one sinking ship, they now have three counting the Yuan.

      Lets see. How will this play out. Save the dollar, and kill the Yuan? Save the Euro, and kill the Yuan? Save the Yuan, and kill the dollar, and the Euro? Oh screw it! Lets just kill all three and go with a Gold Backed SDR single currency.

      • AA

        Hi Jerry,

        I am pinching your statement and broadcasting it on a business forum blog in Australia. (Hope that is OK)

        • Jerry

          O.K. by me. But you really need to check with Greg. Its his site.

  35. Paul ...

    Trump can simply sign an executive order and immediately begin to balance the budget by firing all IRS employees and utilizing an automated transaction tax (which will generate the equivalent amount of money the IRS currently collects) … businesses will become more efficient (saving both money and time not having to deal with IRS forms and regulations) … and eliminating the Infernal Revenue Service will take away its use as a political weapon …

  36. Rock

    Yahoooo!!! Best interview you have EVER done, which is saying a lot.! Steele is spot on!
    This is the most clarifying 30 minutes I have seen on our country’s current situation.
    May we all pray that President Trump will read his memo and meet with Steele before it is too late.
    Thank you for fine work my brother.

  37. bill

    Amazing how when Obama was President everything was blamed on him, now that Trump is President and continues the NWO/Police State agenda, hiring all Goldman Sachs and CFR members to his cabinet, he’s the innocent, clueless victim he doesn’t know all these people he’s bringing aboard to “drain the swamp” are the same clowns Obama, The Clintons and Bushes worked around. It’s not his fault he’s another version of the same ol’ same ol’. Talk about having your head so far up your backside.

  38. Randy


    Along with your interviews with Katherine A.F., your RDS interview was beyond excellent! I pray that President Trump requests an interview with this brilliant man. I was simply blown away!!

    God bless you Greg!!

    Randy Helgath
    Whitefish, Montana

    • susan

      Hey Randy, I’m in Malta, MT and I hope we can get everybody on board with prayer and moving the country in God’s direction.

  39. R Scott

    My fellow truth seekers, how do we get president Trump to listen to Robert David Steele? His suggestions are to the point and I believe would be effective. If our President fails our country will be sacrificed by those in the shadows, never to be the country we all love and grew up in again. Mr. President we believe in you and from afar it is obvious that you have a dragon by the tail with Michael nowhere to help you. I pray to God that you find this message and that he protects you and with you our way of life.

    • AA

      Trump will find him if he needs and want to.

  40. Paul ...

    According to Steele Trump is being isolated … but Trump can play hard ball too by isolating the “deep state” from their money (by simply letting the Taliban burn down the “deep states” poppy fields in Afghanistan) … and Trump is beginning to make excellent progress against the “deep state” by arresting all their child killing pedophiles!!

  41. Mal Jones

    Steele identifies himself as a Latino several times during the interview. Are the only people that identify themselves as true Americans whites? I’m fed up with certain “hyphenated-Americans” that fight only for “their people” and to hell with everyone else. I don’t consider anyone that identifies with any nation other than an American without hyphens as an American. JOIN AMERICANS WITHOUT HYPHENS and make America Great again for ALL Americans, not just the ones that feel they are owed something for being a hyphenated non-white. This was not meant to be racist, only another example of the double standards, where, if the shoe was on the other foot, the hyphenated-ones would burn down and loot the nation. Think!

  42. PamelaR

    This puts a knot in my stomach and pain in my heart. How is it that all the evil will be overcome in our lifetime? Trump is Americas last chance to change the system or at least be a catalyst for that change.
    How is it that so many people worldwide are SO blind to our current system of things?
    I see the Brits marching against Trump. I see in the media here in my country writing pathetic things about him. He did not need this. He is actually trying to help but so many social justice warriors (the dumbed down minions and lemmings) are fighting him every step of the way.
    Nigel Farage got it right this week saying that all the SJWs are now the very thing they have been supposedly fighting against, where no one may have an opinion unless it matches theirs.
    Donald Trump must be strong because by now I would have said to myself “What’s the point. Let them all get on with it.” and left. The more I see of this world and I am an old lady, the more I despair of my fellow humans. I think Armageddon is overdue.

    • Russ

      Just saw the hyperlink in your summary above, I missed it as a link first time through.

      Alex Jones did a similar interview at: You and this website were mentioned in the AJ interview.

  43. Tad

    This may be nothing, but has anyone else had difficulty reaching

    Two days in a row. Conspiracy?

    • dbcooper

      Tad, That’s OK, we prefer ‘coin info’ anyway !! DB.

  44. Jack Clancy

    Sounds like we are headed for violent revolution. I’m all in on Trump. I trust Steve Bannon. When he said I’m not going to let you [email protected]@k over the little guy, it came right from the heart. They are clearly trying to force him out. I too feel he is the only one Trump should trust at this point. Putting Priebus as Chief of Staff was a self inflicted wound. Stabbing your self in the back. Judas Priebus is the perfect name. Too many NEVER TRUMP people surround him. I said from the beginning his problem would be from the Republicans. The DemoCrats have no power. The majority of people don’t believe the mainstream media.

    Great guest. I consider myself informed and I never heard of him. Anyway we can get him close to Trump?

    • flattop

      Jack Clancy:
      The DemocRats have no power, maybe so, but watch what they do when its budget time!!


    We must pray daily for President Trump & Vice President Pence.

  46. Mike

    Greg- I have been watching your you tube for years , you are the best of best. Please do what you can do with your contacts to get Robert David Steele in a face to face with Donald Trump. This is serous stuff. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO Mike

  47. dlc

    Steve Pieczenik is one who I find to be calming and reassuring as though he knows more than he is telling. He seems to have a lot of confidence in regard to the current landscape as opposed to a Dave Hodges. He would be a great interview. And, you allow your guests to complete a sentence as you did with Robert Steele. I’ve been looking for an interview where Pieczenik is allowed to wax on a bit. He has an impressive background and a magnetic presence.

    • Neil

      Steve Pieczenik is a NWO double agent/mole. Yes he comes across as your friend and confident but don’t be fooled by his manner. He is putting you into a deeply suggestible state by addressing you as a parent does a child at night at a bedside. This bypasses your normal filtering by exploiting a fundamental trust. This is counter/psy-op at a level of cunning you will not suspect. His base message is to do nothing and that everything is being taken care of for you by people who are unidentified. That is, he is disarming you and neutralising opposition. He is enabling the NWO agenda to proceed unhindered by a soft dissuasion.
      This is consistent with the other weaponised diversions like making use of women’s nature to harass Trump. Do not underestimated how human nature is being played and exploited at a very sophisticated level here. I am quite sure he knows more than he is telling because he has a hidden agenda.

  48. Mike from the North

    The most IMPORTANT interview ever on USAWATCHDOG..

    WOW GREG..

    You knocked this out of the park with this one.

    Thank You

  49. Karen

    President Trump is NOT alone! God is with him as well as the millions of praying intercessors on his behalf!

  50. Pastor William

    People of America must unite as one to stop this evil from taking over our great nation we the people need to put down our differences and stand around Donald Trump before it’s too late

  51. Pastor William

    People of America must unite as one to stop this evil from taking over our great nation we the people need to put down our differences and stand around Donald Trump before it’s too late they won’t even allow me to post this how sad is it America

  52. Al Myrie

    Exception interview! It would be great to hear what F. William Engdahl take is on the current issue!

  53. Roger D

    Excellent interview. Steele has identified the vast network of enemies of Trump.

    Trump won the presidency with the support of us Deplorables (half of ‘We the People) and our military rank and file. He had no political base and is now alone in the White House as Steele explains. Trump has shone light on the dark evil Deep State including the MSM. To me the lines are drawn. Neither side will back off with the exception of Trump possibly giving up (or yielding to physical threats to love ones).

    And amongst all the Trump turmoil we must not forget that a financial crisis of possible Biblical proportion is still looming. The globalists are holding that card.

    We are all trying to predict future events. God must be laughing at us. Speaking of which, if you are not saved then embracing Christ is more important than any of this temporary earthly stuff.

  54. Country Codger

    Hi Greg, Hi Robert,
    Robert, great show.
    ((Det. 4, Spec. Ops. NSA/CSS))

  55. Christopher

    This Steele character bears watching. Far to left leaning in my opinion to be an impartial ally to the forces of freedom. Let the truth lead where it may, but his recomendations and lack of fire and iron when discussing such serious issues are telling.

  56. Steve

    Mr Steele
    Please contact Alex Jones , thank you for your insight

  57. CSA

    Thank you Greg, another great interview. Lets pray that the many great ideas presented here get the attention of President Trump.

  58. Tommy Clark

    The Flynn firing was the first evidence of something is not right moment for me. Trump’s mistake was sending Pence to interview Flynn about the Russian conversation on sanctions. In my military understanding, Flynn was not bound to tell the vice President everything that he would tell his boss the President. The fact that Pence and Priebus broke the story to the press and then recommended firing Flynn made Trump look weak and Pence strong.
    I still do not understand what Steele is trying to get across about the Electoral voting act. and what we as individual citizens can do about it.

  59. pat the rat

    Like this guy last comment pardon every body debt by 2/3 that would fix the problem for a while, then a lot people would go back into debt ? Some people don’t any thing but debt.

  60. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Absolutely brilliant interview with R.D. Steele. Is this another example of ‘cometh the hour cometh the man’? Please God may this wonderfully articulate and brave soul come onto President Trump’s radar like yesterday. As for your good self Greg you too stand to be elevated to ‘greatness’ on our heavenly Father’s earthly role-call. Do not be surprised if that comes to pass!
    For while the forces of evil appear insurmountable, God is not mocked and this heavenly renaissance will prevail. I simply shudder that so-called Christians like VP Pence is shown to be allied to the forces of darkness, while true warriors like Lieut General Mike Flynn are cast to one side.

  61. guy mckay

    Greg, this was the most sobering guest,ever.I so agree president trump needs to tell the people, change how we vote, have it open and honest or they will just vote themselves there ticket, or at least try, this time it will not work.We the people have spoken, we are not going back to how they have ruled in the past, maybe they get it, but hey have truely become criminals and have and continue to commit crimes against humanity. the swamp is much larger than we could imagine, evil at its core.The light is that they can never return and hide in the swamp and stay the creatures they truly are.I like how you end your show : F ear Not ……………….. we humans sure do need help.We are up against pure evil , im not a woo woo kind of guy, but its coming from not of this world, we humans would not do this to each other.Keep up the good work, maybe alex jones can get this guy on his show, the president listens.Ill email mr Jones, ha ha im sure one of 10 million, and get the word out to as many as i can.We will never surrender, keep the faith

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Globalists are having a big meeting in Dubai with a new Arch of Baal. I have a cartoon from WWI of the soldiers from all European countries being marched into the mouth of Moloch….a frequent theme then and WWII. I wonder that Americans aren’t more cynical about these wars.

  62. Kathleen Lamont

    Dear Greg, Thanks for interviewing David Steele. I had a difficult time finding the memo 4 trump url. Maybe you could post it: You knocked it out of the park with this one kiddo. God bless.

  63. DeepState News&Views
    Paid and bought for media shills!

    • Southern Girl

      Deep State News & Views,
      I knew ABC was a stinker so I just turned them off. You could tell when they read their scripts.

  64. Lake M

    Thanks Greg for your continued good taste in choosing Watchdog’s weekly guests. Awesome.

    I agree with Mr Steele that Mr. Trump needs to switch from tweeting to trumpeting and rally his millions of supporters. Steele provides some interesting solutions and his ideas utilizing modern communications technology to capture and create a force to oppose the Deep State seems workable and probably the only way to defeat the opposition. Steele was blunt about the consequences for DT if he fails to perceive the evil which is surrounding him.

  65. Paul ...

    We almost defeated the banking Cabal in 2001 (it was the beginning of the end for the Fed and the corrupt banking Cabal) however the banking Cabal with the help of the “Deep State” launched a massive counter attack on 9-11 … destroying the replacement for the Fed’s unbacked paper fiat that was being planned and coordinated at the World Trade Center (the Cabal nuked the two Towers and Bldg 6 with detonators that were located inside Bldg 7) … and they also attacked the good guys at the Pentagon with a missile (who were very close to homing in on the evil Cabal) … we have now recovered from the evil Cabal’s 9-11 sneak attack … and are going after them once again (to stop them from stealing all the world’s assets) … as the IRS was never legally ratified by Congress it can be easy dismembered by executive order … as for the Fed and its illegal printing of worthless fiat “without limit” (this is an act of treason) … and Trump will soon implement a transition to a gold and silver backed currency … all these facts and more about the history of the evil western banking Cabal can be found here …

    • Paul ...

      I keep thinking about all the innocent people on the 4 commercial planes during 9-11 that were never used in the attack (it was military planes for the towers and a missile for the Pentagon) … the young women were likely sold into prostitution, the children given to pedophiles for deviated sex with their throats slit and the men undoubtedly dumped at sea to be eaten by sharks !!

      • Paul ...

        We are dealing with “pure evil” … and it must be “rooted out” the same way God did in Heaven … if we want to make it here on Earth as it is in Heaven! … lets roll … round up these Satanists and lock them up in a special place (how about those FEMA Camps) … and lets put a big 4 letter sign on the entrance gate …”HELL”

  66. Bill

    GREG: NONSENSE. I refuse to believe that the Presidents inner circle of advisors and staff are working against him. If there are, his new national security advisor will soon discover, and remove them. That man is no dummy, nor is our President. Does our President have enemies in the govt, of course he does, but not in his inner circle. Mr Priebus is an honest man, attempting to serve our President and our country to the best of his ability.

    • ross

      Bill when central bankers create money with the click of a computer mouse, anyone can be bought.Trump has said really stupid things and is new at the game of politics. We live in hope.

  67. john duffy

    I have no doubt what this man says is true. I see the brainwashed zombies around me every day. All the people and prayer groups who were praying for Trump during the elections need to redouble their efforts or it is game over.

  68. Dave C.

    Thanks Greg! Another eye opening interview with another Truther. I like that you are opening your platform to people, who in the past, have been referred to as “Tin Hat Conspiracy Theory Nut Jobs” by the MSM. We are witnessing the MSM self destruct in front of our eyes in real time and I’m loving it! Congratulations to you for being one of the leaders of the movement to get the truth to the USA. I feel like we are winning!
    Thank you!


  69. Dave

    Your 9.5 Truth Bomb on the Richter scale. Excellent!

  70. Stan H

    Robert Steele has linked up with Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney – hardly big Trump supporters. Hmmmm

  71. Justn Observer

    This is and ABSOLUTE must watch interview of a man I hope you also will follow up with after this TIMELY one with Mr. Steele… Kevin Ship with John Wells.
    The take What Mr. Steele and we all know is happening – is happening…the time is now…prepare…and MAKE READY ! Can’t stress these, Your interview with Steele and this one enough! And I hope President Trump and A.G. Sessions take heed and act quickly and decisively!
    Could the CIA be sabotaging the Trump cabinet? –
    Episode #692 with Kevin Shipp by John B.Wells:

  72. cmp

    I’m not sure if he was clear on this or not. But nothing comes up under
    Although using TinyURL it can be found here:

  73. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I’m not sure if this guy is the “real deal” with substantial deep contacts or another self-promoting blowhard. Right now, I suspect it the latter (I could be wrong).

    He makes a lot of serious charges against a number of people.

    What did he mean about Senator Schumer being a leading “Zionist”?

    I no longer listen to Wayne Madsen. I believe he deals too much in sleaze and character assassination. Marco Rubio is secretly Gay? Really? He is married to his childhood sweetheart (who was also a former Miami Dolphin cheerleader) with four children. A lot of us should be so Gay.

    I never miss an interview Greg.

    • Frederick

      Rubio is a former boathouse worker and since when has being married with children kept These people from being gay? I personally have known 3 men in my town who came out and had families Isn’t it obvious that Schumer and MCCain are the Zionist representatives in our govt I mean wake up Craig

    • ANDREW Buchanan

      Hi, I had to re-enter several times before the memo came out at top of search engine. I think ‘they’ are trying to suppress it. Anyway, Google : memo4trump and eventually it will be returned in you search.

  74. Rob M

    There is no doubt that the Deep State exists and that it wants Trump out. It certainly seems there is at least one mole in the White House, however this report appears a bit paranoid to me. Trump’s choices were his. He had who he considered trustworthy advisers. He already has made some incredible moves and some clumsy ones you might expect from a newby president. Remember Obama drinking beer with Joe the Plumber?

  75. Harriet

    Yes, lets all hope Trump will become just like the anti-American muslim HUSSEIN (TRAITOR) obama was, that way he will be able to serve for 8 years – NOT!

  76. mushroom

    Very informative interview – thanks..

    Off topic remark
    Story now on “alternet” that republicans now control 33 State houses. If they gain control of 38 they can assemble a constitutional convention and CHANGE, ELIMINATE or REWRITE anything in the constitution they want. Think about this for a minute.

  77. Jerry

    We are living in parallel universe. Everyday the central banks pump more money into the stock market, while our debt continues to grow.

    Normal market principles no longer apply as long as gold is manipulated by the central bankers. But for how long? I’m hearing from Harvey Organ, and Jim Willie and others that the COMEX will not be able to make physical delivery on its contracts within 90 days. And then what? Will they offer them cash? I don’t think the Chinese want to buy any more U.S. treasuries since they have to sell the ones they have now to buy back Yuan to prop up their markets. I see this ending in a gold price reset from the SGE just about the time the IMF is meeting in Washington D.C in April. Keep an eye open, because things are about to get real interesting.

    • Jerry

      Talk about disconnect from reality? The Dow hitting all time highs while Money Velocity is tanking? But………… we’ve seen this before.
      Tell me are happy days really here again? From where I’m sitting we’ve gone from 9 Trillion dollars in debt when Obama took office to almost 20 Trillion dollars. And that doesn’t even cover the 120 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities that’s been added to the overall balance sheet. But wait it gets better. President Trump hasn’t even passed one piece of legislation yet but somehow the Stock Market is hitting all time highs. How is that possible? Its the “flight to safety” folks. Markets throughout the world are on free fall. The Euro is collapsing under the debt of Mario’s money printing while Greece, and Italy are going belly up. Meanwhile the capital outflows from China’s new reserve currency (RMB) is eating China’s reserves up to the point the PBOC has cut off access to accounts. Do I even need to mention QE by the Fed expanding? This is going to end just like it did before. If you need a refresher look at the chart I’ve posted.

      • Mike R

        Insider selling is 6 to 1 sells to buys thus far in 2017. In the first 9 weeks of 2007, Insider selling was 6.1 to 1 sells to buys. You know what happened after that, as the market proceeded to top the rest of the year.

  78. Agent P

    I am reminded of the inimitable quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero —- 2100+ years ago…

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    • Corleone

      Cicero was a genius, even by today’s standard. One sentence from him equals hundreds sentences from other orators.

  79. Paul Anthony

    Hard to digest this guy. God is bigger than Robert Steele. I believe God put him in the position of POTUS. . He is not alone.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe god is sending Trump some help?? By the way, I too think Trump had divine help from God the Father!!

      • Paul Anthony

        Yes. Maybe God has sent Trump help. I wouldn’t rule anything out when it comes to works of God. We are not suppose to worry, yet here I am worrying. Again. Wears me out. I suppose that’s one of the reasons we’re not suppose to worry.

        • Greg Hunter

          You sound like a good man Paul!!!

        • Linda L.

          Have you ever heard of the late Kim Clement? In 2007 (yes 2007!) he shared his prophecy that Trump would not only be President, but would serve two terms with guidance and blessings from our Creator. This may be a comfort to you. Here is the April 4, 2007 video, Redding CA:

    • JC the legal illegal

      I hope you are right. Evangelical pastors in Latin America are already calling Trump the Antichrist. For evangelicals here he is Cyrus or Sampson to deliver the israelites from the Phillistine scourge. But the evangelicals down south believe that the Christians in the USA are being misled by a conman. No man of God in the bible spoke with such an awful vocabulary. Time will tell.

      • Greg Hunter

        You do know what King David did with Bathsheba? If not you should read up on that. God used David even though he had some very big sin.

      • JC

        JC what is a legal illegal . I just gota ask.

      • Tracy Welborn

        God has been using imperfect people since the beginning. You’ll notice he didn’t even send a religious person to save the world:-)

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Tracy!

      • eddiemd

        Show some evidence that evangelical pastors in Latin America are calling Trump the antichrist. There are many antichrist spirits/entities in the world but there will be one true antichrist. Many will be deceived. The rage by the demonic elements around the world would suggest that Trump is doing something to stir them up. The war is against the spiritual powers in high places. Demonic princes such as the prince of Persia which has existed since the ancient times.
        The false prophet and the antichrist are out there but have yet to truly reveal themselves. We could surmise that pope Francis may be the leader of the end time church. The political leader is unknown.

  80. Bonnie & Clyde

    To, all you paid for and bussed in protesting thugs!

    Funding terrorism — and the Clintons
    By New York Post Editorial Board
    Is this what you want? A George Sore arse, sock Puppet?

  81. Justn Observer


    ””By calling the banned weapons “dangerous and unusual” the 4th Circuit court has utilized Supreme Court language from the District of Columbia v. Heller case to support their ruling. However, as Reason’s Jacob Sullum notes, this description of the weapons doesn’t add up, and flies in the face of Heller.

    The majority’s judgment that folding stocks, flare launchers, and flash suppressors make rifles “exceptionally lethal” is dubious. It is also irrelevant, because the Supreme Court did not say the Second Amendment allows bans on exceptionally lethal weapons. It said the Second Amendment allows bans on “dangerous and unusual” weapons that are not “in common use for lawful purposes,” and that description plainly does not apply to rifles that are among the most popular in the country. The argument that magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds are more lethal than smaller magazines is more logical but still irrelevant, since “large-capacity magazines” are very common, sold standard with many handguns and rifles.
    This was also seemingly the view of the dissenting judges. Judge William B. Traxler Jr. — joined by Judges Paul V. Niemeyer, Dennis W. Shedd and G. Steven Agee — stated that the majority have “gone to greater lengths than any other court to eviscerate the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.”
    “As long as the weapon chosen is one commonly possessed by the American people for lawful purposes — and the rifles at issue here most certainly are. The state has very little say about whether its citizens should keep it in their homes for protection.”
    Heller is quite clear that rifles in lawful common use are protected under the 2nd Amendment, however the 4th circuit seems to have ignored this, along with the 75 million magazines that hold ten or more bullets common among the American populace. As National Review Online Editor Charles C. Cooke notes, “…the majority doesn’t care about that, choosing to apply only the “military” standard that it has invented.” …”””

  82. Joni

    Rome all over again; “et tu Brute’?”

  83. DeepState News&Views


    “Mika 4 Earth Emperor!”
    Please Mik, tell us the whole truth and nothing but!
    November 18, 2008
    Between Two Ages : America’s Role in the Technetronic Era by Zbigniew Brzezinski

    “Daniel Kemp 4 Earth Emperor!”

    November 18, 2008
    Between Two Ages : America’s Role in the Technetronic Era by Zbigniew Brzezinski
    Mika Stop Reading That Book, Your Brainwashed!

  84. your fan in Japan

    I watched trump’s Feb 18 Melbourne, FL rally.
    His wife came on and began by reciting The Lord’s Prayer.
    With such an apparently pious wife, another of Trump’s inauguration promises will come true- “We will be protected by God”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Reciting the Lord’s Prayer is “pious”???? You are kidding–right? I guess she should have screamed “Allah Akbar”!!!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Sometimes when Priests or pastors praise hours of piety and donations, “Today’s sermon is on stewardship…” I remember a WWII GI’s journal. Going through Bavaria he saw the bombed out inside of thousands of houses. It amazed him to see the volumes of Bibles and the Christian pictures and art.. He thought, “These are the people that adored and supported the Nazi regime the most…. ”

        It’s good that Mrs. Trump isn’t ashamed to pray the Lord’s prayer like that…but it doesn’t mean much.

      • your fan in Japan

        At our Catholic gatherings here, we always begin by reciting the Lord’s prayer. It helps us remember our relationship to God, our petitions to him, and how we should treat our fellow man. All good things to keep in mind. My reference to Melania’s prayer refers to the Bible. Like most Catholics I can not quote chapter and verse, but any Christian is familiar with the story of God and Nineveh(?) wherein he planned to rain down “hellfire” on the bad people there. A petitioner to God said, “what if there are 50 good people there- will you still destroy the city?” God said no. This continued until God promised that even tif here was just one good person, he would not destroy the city. Melania saying the Lord’s prayer to start her speech was good. It showed courage and yes, piety. And the story above shows that if there is just one good person left, the whole city will be spared/protected.
        Your recent replies to me have been negative. It is a shame. I am NOT your enemy.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree!! I am not your enemy either.

      • eddiemd

        Without knowing the background of Melania, your statement can be taken in two ways.

        First you statement reflects a harsh judgement upon a person whom you do not know. Nor do you know her values or beliefs. In this case your judgement should be noted as how you yourself wish to be judged by your Creator. No mercy perhaps is what you would choose for yourself.
        If on the other hand you are respecting the fact that she is perhaps a follower of Christ, then your comment could be taken that maybe she really has reverence for her Creator.
        Be merciful. Be thankful. Be careful of human judgement. Leave the judgement to the Creator. He declares that vengeance is His alone.

        • Greg Hunter

          I was not passing harsh judgment on Melania. I thought the Lords Prayer at the beginning or the rally was great!!! I was upset the weasel MSM made fun of her. If I did not make that clear, my bad.

          • eddiemd

            I was not referring to you. I thought that the post “your fan in Japan” was judging Mrs. Trump.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you MD and thank you for your “watchful” eye. Keep helping me please.

  85. Tim

    As always another great show Greg !!!
    Thank you so much for all you do for this country
    im sure you have already done this but please make sure this interview is seen by Anyone that can help our country
    Thanks again keep up the great work !!

  86. Edward Ulysses Cate

    I’m old enough to remember this saying of the 70s:
    “When you’re up to your ass in alligators,
    it’s easy to forget you came to drain the swamp.”
    Seems to fit.

  87. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, power is not given it is taken, who said it I don’t know, but I do know it is true. In regard to our President he needs to move quickly and TAKE IT!

  88. Kim

    Here is another entertaining and informative Clif High interview.

  89. JC the legal illegal

    OK, where is the proof? I am still waiting for it. The only proven instance where one person voted illegally was that of Rosa Maria Ortega who voted Republican. She was not even an illegal but a permanent resident living in Texas. So that is one and the gentleman interviewed only has 2,999,999 people to go.
    Please write some names down for me of illegals voting.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can’t be serious!! Read up on what happened in Wayne County Michigan in the 2016 election. There are millions of illegal voters out there.

      • JC, the legal illegal

        I Just finíshed reading about Wayne County and the higher number of votes Was do to human error rather than illegal votes. But let us say that there were for sure illegal votes, but nowhere did I read about illegal aliens making them. The Michigan fiasco might be more to do With polítical machines líke those of Boss Tweed in New York City at the turn of the century.
        If you Want something more concrete go to that has a story of 9,000 or so illegal votes in Virginia. But as of yet no one has been persecuted for that yet either.

    • JC

      JC the legal illegal It is still unfolding. Vote fraud has happened, and been proven in the past. It takes time to prove as the votes are sealed. It will be proven IMHO.

  90. Jay

    But let us not forget the bottom line here. It was the prayers of fervent Christians in America crying out to God that put Donald Trump in the White House to begin with. The overwhelming answer from Almighty God left the left wing media speechless and dumbfounded.

    The same people praying again for our President Trump can bring down the forces of evil that are circling him at this very moment and they will never know how it happened because God hears the cry of His people when they pray.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that Jay!!!

  91. John M.

    I’ve never liked the idea of Priebus in the White House, and I’m not so sure about VP Mike Pence either. It’s important for President Trump to not follow Reagan’s footsteps with having traitors all around him, the greatest and sneakiest being Papa Bush–the former CIA head spook.
    To paraphrase Cicero: A nation can survive its fools and enemies at its gates … But it cannot survive treason within.
    I’m afraid that it’s really much too late to fix our plethora of problems with Pres. Trump, as the remedy to our economic and monetary problems will cause the American public to come unglued with a gold standard, govt downsizing, etc. etc. The chaos will be a Civil War and Great Depression combined.
    But the cleansing of the old dead wood in America must begin, and there is no one who would have a better chance than Pres. Trump. Maybe God will make more miracles happen.

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope Mr. Steele is wrong about Priebus and Pence. These guys did help Trump win.

    • Corleone

      Civil war is not a chaos. It has a pattern.

  92. John M.

    Sorry Agent P, I did not read your remark first. Cicero was obviously right.

  93. Tim McGraw

    Great interview! Much appreciated. No wonder the English Bookies are betting that there is a 47% chance that Trump won’t finish his four year term as President.
    Then what? Pence? Revolution? Secession? Collapse?


  94. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg,
    I left YouTube and Google+. I don’t trust them. So I can only comment here on your page. I do watch all of your videos and continue to send the links to me email list. Thanks for your hard work and great interviews. I know longer watch Alex Jones. He’s lost his mojo. Pretty much I watch Ron Paul’s Liberty Channel and your USAwatchdog channel. That’s it. I do read Lew Rockwell’s column and his Political Theater blog every day as well. And then there’s Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, too.
    You are in my small group of people I trust to tell me the truth. Thanks!
    Tim McGraw

    • Greg Hunter

      This is the best place to comment, and I thank you for that.

      • Mme Hedin

        Great. You eliminate my remarks because you don’t agree with them. You won’t even accept direct quotes from persons of strong repute, like Robert Gates. It’s very clear that you believe only what you want to believe, and facts be damned. That is really NOT the mark of a professional journalist, Greg. I think maybe it’s YOU that is the paid propagandist here. It’s certainly not me!

  95. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg, I just donated $50 to your site using Paypal and Paypal didn’t add on its usual fee. Peter Thiel must like you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your donation!!! I checked and the fee was taken. I guess Peter needs the money. Really , Thank you again!!!!

      • Faith

        Mr. Hunter, PayPal takes a fee from donations? I had no idea.

  96. Lois

    Please everybody, keep praying for our President.

  97. Elusive Joseph

    This is one of the best interviews to date.

  98. Robert

    Greg, This was the best guess that you’ve had on to save the Republic ever, trust me! I wish I could say more !! God Bless you and God Bless America

  99. Frederick

    There’s a great discussion about John Podesta and “Pizzagate” on the SGT Report He is heard to say the alternate media is ” fake news” What a hypocrite

  100. Mme. Hedin

    A recent quote from Robert Gates, former U.S. Air Force officer, 26-year veteran of the CIA and the National Security Council, Director of Central Intelligence under Georg H.W. Bush, and former Defense Secretary under both George W Bush and Barak Obama:

    ” I believe Mr. Trump is beyond repair. He is stubbornly uninformed…temperamentally unsuited to lead our men and women in uniform…he is unqualified and unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.”

    I think Mr. Gates is fit to make this assessment….don’t you?

    • Greg Hunter

      A quote form the criminal crony class, so NO. Bush hates Trump, what do you expect? SO WHAT!!

    • eddiemd

      All his qualifications that you mention makes him an enemy of the people. Wake up.

  101. ANDREW Buchanan

    Hi Greg, great interview. I think you should volunteer to head up DJT’s direct-to-the-public News Network as proposed by Robert David Steele! Seriously, while I appreciate you are an independent broadcaster and do not / will not agree with all President Trump will do, we are in the midst of a fight for humanity vs enslavement. In this context, sacrifice of some of your freedom of expression necessary to join the DJT team would be a huge service to mankind.

  102. Justn Observer

    Greg, Anyone seeing or hearing any Alarm bells?
    President Trump’s administration act to change the ‘bathroom’ directive might just be an exercise of of good judgement and wisdom. Maybe they can see a ‘design’ by the left to take this nation over the edge of a very slippery slope… What does any adult parent not see in an erosion and decriminalizing an act, …then giving ‘access’ to their children, and a place ….and then a final step –that the nation’s highest court might even lower the ‘age of consent’ of vulnerable children should the legality be challenged in the future . In light of the recent ‘pizza gate’ controversy…..a slippery slope ….Indeed !
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg may approve’ the age of consent’ could be ruled as low as12 yrs old? :

  103. Richard

    Pray without ceasing All of Heaven is there to help. This is the Deal we were given free will by God,
    That means not by silence dose God answer, Remember the saying silence is consent but by us asking him to intercede and then God has your consent to enter into the fray with the host of the Lord and respond. So ask and pray.
    As the Continental Congress in the eighteen hundreds would ask the people to fast and pray.
    Please consider viewing, miracles in American history on YouTube

  104. Bernadette Kiehlmeier

    Please make sure president Trump hears Mr. Steele’s advice.

  105. Mike R

    Out here in the demoncratic stronghold of Chicago, the rhetoric from the locals, is that everyone expects Trump not to finish out the year. The only thing that sort of talk does, is prove how much denial the demoncrats are in, representing the fact that their entire party has imploded right before their eyes. They are royally clueless about that. Is there any democratic voice or leader right now, anywhere, that anyone respects ? Clear answer is no, and Heck NO. Instead you have dementia fogged Pelosi, stammering about how Kasich is the governor of Illinois (big oops), or frauds like Michael Moore, attempting to create riots across the nation, or whack jobs like the minions that Obama has hired to try to form opposition activities against the nation. So all in all, you have complete negativity and extreme hate, by the party that was supposedly about ‘hope’ and ‘change.’ Well the only thing that has changed, is that collection of hateful people on the left, hellbent on destroying our country, rather than attempting to solve any problems, has only gotten more dis-jointed, more divided themselves, and fewer of them agreeing on anything more than the fact that they hate it that Trump is in office. All ‘flames’ fanned by the divisive and mis-leading MSM. Personally, I think they are now completely marginalized from the greater society, and the majority of the rest of us who are sane, and patriotic, and God-respecting people, go about about our business of working and taking care of our own, letting Trump help invigorate those who truly wish to solve our country’s biggest problems. Talk of racism, bigotry, zenophobia by the media, who claim this is what the left is trying to ‘battle’ is truly just hypocritical and petulant whining, distracting the decent population in America who simply do the right things. The best thing we can do, is totally ignore these leftists and not give them air time, or let it bother us. They are harmless little scared snowflakes, and like Michael Moore, full of bluster and worthless hot air. I also think we need to let Trump and his team worry about the ‘deep state’, as really there is nothing we can do against them as the deep state is too secretive to come out of hiding and let us know who they are. The deep state is gutless and immoral. End of story.

  106. catblue

    Worst job interview ever, this self-admitted Progressive-Conservative Steele may be the smartest man in the room? but appears to be too bombastic to fit into any circle of cohesion. I could see Trump tossing him out within minutes after picking his brain, knowing he could not tame him.
    In addition, what the hell is a Progressive-Conservative? From what I understand (of course I could be wrong), Eisenhower was a progressive-conservative that brought us the Dept of health, education and welfare, plus he wanted to keep some of the Franklin Roosevelt’s (another Progressive-Conservative) New Deal like Social Security, then on the other side of the coin wanted limited government.

  107. tinku

    Sorry Guys this is not only problem of USA but whole world is affected and silent genocide of Peaceful right thinking people done by these leftist, pusdo liberal, Jihadi . all Human right Commission become propaganda machine of these Deep state machinery .

  108. Rock

    I checked out Steele’s website. It looks like he is a globalist based on the information listed about him. Am I wrong about that? I hope so.

  109. Roger D

    I had to go back and listen to Mr. Steele. I like this guy.

    P.S. Greg, I’m in Montana flyover country. High-speed Internet is nowhere in these mountains. I am fortunate to have DSL available. It is a s-l-o-w 1.0 MB connection. Most videos buffer. But your videos play with no interruption and the audio (like this interview) is outstanding quality. I appreciate that. Luddite Lives Matter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks roger. You may want to check out the new wireless router from Verizon. You must go online and buy the antenna that goes with it.

  110. Justn Observer


  111. Peter

    Unfortunately the NSA is populated with anti-trumpers. Very sad that they are leaking private data of Trump officials. They supported Hillary knowing that she mishandled classified data, some of which originated at NSA. Hayden and the other liberals on TV could only be critical of Trump, but never Clinton.

  112. notyourpatsy

    Why doesn’t Mr Robert David Steele offer his service to President Trump as an ‘Advisor’? He could easily get a letter delivered to First Lady Melanie Trump in NYC to pass on to her Husband. It does appear that what Mr Steele is saying has lots of merit. If one takes the time to study what’s happened in the past month, as Mr Steele has done, it’s quite clear he knows what he’s talking about.
    Mr Hunter, try to get word to Mr Steele to contact Dr Micheal Savage to be a guest on his show. Dr Savage has an EXTREMELY Patriotic audience who will support Mr Steele’s views.

    Thanks again Mr Hunter for another Quality Guest!
    NYP from SUNNY 65f in FEBRUARY (!!) NJ

  113. Linda

    A must watch and listen Greg, and everyone else

    • AndrewB


      Thank you so much for posting this link. Everyone should watch . .

  114. Robert Dziok

    I’m not quite sure what to make of Robert as I am not that familiar with him yet. However, I do not think I buy some of what he is saying. First off, for all his connections he does not seem to be aware of the organization ” America First” formed by Constitutionalist Generals, Admirals, etc some 20 years ago. Dr. Jim Willie best describes the reason for the formation of this organization in his numerous interviews. Best to listen to this at, his website. His most recent interview there with Crush-The-Street includes it. You will find it ( “America First”) enlightening and encouraging. You will then find it interesting to note that Trump often uses the phrase “America First”. Coincidental? I don’t think so.
    Trump is now surrounded/protected by Constitutionalist Generals, etc. likely involved with “America First”. Think there is going to be a bogus “impeachment coup”? Maybe one should ask that of “America First” after all they have endured. Trump has his own security as well as government security. Let’s see, he worked in New York city construction for years. Do you think he might be aware of some REAL “security types” and not the agencies you just call up in a phone book? Robert seems to present the idea that Trump will be scared off and then bought off. Not going to happen! First, one only has to look at what he ( and his family) endured to get to this point. A great deal of the lies/propaganda go way beyond being disgusting and ignorant but one has to “Consider the Source” as the saying goes. The Trump family endured it all. His supporters will never abandon him even if the economy collapses. They are wise to all the Globalist controlled/owned MSM lies/propaganda. They know things will not necessarily go “perfect”. What’s the alternative, what the violent Socialist anti-Consttution Democrats “offer”? Look at what Project Veritas just released about CNN leftist bias caught on tape. Working deals is in Trump’s blood and he gets much satisfaction in doing them to “Make America Great Again”. Robert seems to think Trump will walk when given a pile of money like Gore (100 million he says Gore was given). I don’t think anyone who knows anything about Trump thinks he cares about any potential big payoff given all the wealth he has and his age. That idea doesn’t even make sense. Spiritually, Trump is not one to want to look back on his life and see himself giving up to try to “Make America Great Again” even though there will be many difficult days/tasks/issues ahead.
    The bottom line is that Trump is not going anywhere for the next EIGHT years. Patriots,Consitutionalists, etc., etc., etc., have endured a lot the past 8 years. Who could have imagined what a Trojan Horse Obama really was after ALL aspects ( and I mean ALL ) of his being eventually came to be known? Time to start saving the Republic and it will not be an easy task.

  115. Dagfinn Klausen

    “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”
    – Woodrow Wilson

    Dear Greg,
    It seems that any suggestion of who he is referring to is moderated out of the debate. If so, I would appreciate, if You could please inform me, if there are specific issues You do not want to debate on Your site.

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