Geo Engineering Doing Most Destruction to Planet-Dane Wigington

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Dane Wigington, lead researcher for the global climate engineering informational website, says lawsuits are being prepared to get to the truth about what many call chemtrails. Wigington says, “It’s not just me. In fact, we have six US attorneys and two Canadian attorneys, and they are involved in this battle of their own accord because they realize their reality is disintegrating by the day. The climate engineering issue is the most significant environmental factor on the planet at this time. The filings are different in nature, and this will develop with their strategy. This is being done in a manner that will hopefully be a template for other states besides California to follow that template and also file suit. The heavy metal contamination is not arguable. It is there, and it’s not coming from China. It matches the climate engineering patents exactly. We have agencies whose job it is to disclose such a public health hazard and they are not disclosing, and there is liability from that –period. In the case of Northern California, we have spikes of aluminum in the Sacramento River, which is the drinking water for California, that is not being publicly acknowledged.”

Those doing the geoengineering, or solar radiation management, to combat so-called global warming would say they are saving the planet. Just the opposite, and Wigington goes on to say, “Those in the military who are involved in the program are being told exactly that, and this is imperative to try to sustain the planet’s life support system. In fact, with available data from 65 years of climate engineering, we know this is making the situation far worse, not better. We now have some in academia with the courage to start speaking out. Many are afraid about speaking about his issue, but we now have peer reviewed studies that say climate engineering can’t work. The trapping of the heat that comes from putting these particulates in the atmosphere and the shredding of the ozone layer, which is now in tatters, are all results of climate engineering. We don’t have the climate science community stating directly that this is happening or acknowledging it, but they are all stating on the record that it can’t work.”

Think this is some sort of myth? Wigington rebuts by saying, “We have film footage of these tankers spraying at altitude: military tankers, KC-10s, KC-135s and C-17 Globe Masters with up close video turning on and off (spray). There is no argument at this point; we have film footage of it happening. What most people don’t realize is they bought into the condensation trail lie. We know that this military type engine in these tankers is nearly incapable of producing a condensation trail. . . . Don’t believe anything I am saying, just look at the footage we have, and some of it has been taken by Air Force personnel. Why would we think that our government is not engaged in this when we have our government and governments around the globe stating emphatically that something has to be done immediately?  Would we really think our government would ask our permission for something that they categorize as a national security issue? Top military brass have stated on the record the biggest threat of all is climate change. Do you think they would ask our permission?”

What is the damage being done to humans? Wigington says, “Everything you would connect to heavy metal exposure is going off the charts–autism, Alzheimer’s, ALS and all sorts of neurological disorders.”

Wigington also contends, “Anything we do to alter the natural systems is a form of engineering the planet. Engineering is perhaps too dignified, but it alters the biosphere. Putting a hundred million tons of carbon in the air is a big problem. Cutting down forests is a big problem. Paving the planet is another big problem, but when you look at climate engineering and how it has kept the planet from responding to the damage done, that is a bigger problem than all of them combined. The sea levels are rising 10 times faster than what we are being told. Miami is pumping out sea water every high tide. The streets are flooding underneath every high tide. . . . Even a foot or two of sea level rise is cataclysmic for any costal habitation. The total sea level rise is beyond what most people think that is possible. In official studies, if Greenland melts in its entirety, that is 21 to 24 feet of sea level rise. If Antarctica melts, that is a 197 to 200 feet of sea level rise. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it is happening at exponential speed, and it only takes one or two feet to cause cataclysmic damage all over the globe. It is happening right now.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Wigington also told he that his inside sources say that the powers doing this will do anything to stop the public from finding out about the climate engineering and heavy metal particles coating the planet. Wigington says those same sources tell him that they are afraid of a widespread awaking about what is being done to the public and are extremely fearful there would be an out cry to prosecute and jail the people or, as the source said, “Demand them to be hung or shot by firing squad.”

Wigington also provides what he calls “a few short ‘indisputable spraying’ videos.” Here are three for you to view. You can click (here), (here) and (here).

Wigington also offers evidence that what many see crisscrossing the skies are NOT condensation trails, but actual spraying of microscopic heavy metal particles. Check it out for yourself by (clicking here).

Also Wigington is putting on a major Northern California event that he says will expose global climate engineering on Friday, August 14th, 2015.  For more information click here.

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  1. Rodster

    Yup, I can confirm what Dane is saying regarding Miami as I live in SW Florida. The Alton Rd, Miami Beach area is now prone to sea level rise. The streets in that area floods not from heavy rain but from “high tides and strong onshore winds”. When you get that combination seawater begins to bubble up from the manhole covers and floods the area streets. It’s become so common that area residents have had to find alternative parking arrangements to keep their cars from flooding. The big problem for Miami is the fear seawater could contaminate the fresh water aquifers. The Broward International Airport and Ft. Lauderdale, FL have begun to assess sea level rise and it’s impact to the area. St. Augustine, FL has also begun to assess damage from SLR as some low lying areas are beginning to feel small effects from sea level rise and they are also dealing with erosion.

    Lastly this ex military whistle blower speaks about Geoengineering and confirms what’s being down and covered up.

    • al hall

      Greg: great guest and thanks for bringing this to the front of peoples awareness!
      He should include in this the complete list of the global elite’s- they are the ones forcing this on everyone. same people behind the global take over, one world government. And this is only 2 months away now.
      My CIA friend told me that the elite’s are protected from this spraying- via a system built in Germany that they can physically connect to that filters their bodies systems- blood, kidneys, etc. He has also told me at some point the elite’s will spray something different, a different chemical – it will mix with what is already taken in by us and when mixed will cause our death- massive deaths. Many be why they have millions of plastic coffins being stored around the country- each coffin how’s 5 bodies? Google it if you don’t believe it
      Population reduction is big in the global elite’s agendas- see the “Georgia Guidestones”.


      • paul

        The Government knows aluminum is a toxic chemical to humans and to all life forms (insects, animals, fish, plants and trees are also severely affected) … it is a potent neurotoxic agent that causes degradation of human brain function … it also causes tremors, muscle weakness and irregular heart beat … and just 4 parts per million of aluminum in human blood will cause it to coagulate (causing instant death) … will one person dare ask their Congressional representative just why they are spraying it in the air for us to breathe?

        Remember … once the last bee dies … we have only four(4) years to live!

        • Jeff L

          The antarctic is growing not shrinking.

    • Charles

      Chemtrails has been a subject of interest for several years and after observing some intresting chemtrail /contrails over my home I wanted to decern between natural contrails or deliberate chemtrails and who was operating the aircrafts. How could I tell if they were commercial jets or military etc?

      I have observed that some contrails evaporate after a few minutes while others disperse into a haze and last for hours. Was their a connection between they aircraft and type of contrail?

      I downloaded a flight tracker ap on my phone and started identifying the jets that left contrails / chemtrails. This proved to be very accurate in providing info on the jets as I could verify type of jet and airline name. I parked near our major airport and confirmed the flight tracker was accurate.

      Commercial airliners are always identifiable while small private and military aircraft show as “unknown”.

      After months of tracking jets I have discovered approximately 90% of both short and long-lasting contrails are from commercial aircraft identified as UAL or United etc.

      The other 10% of of both short-and long-lasting contrails can not be verified.

      This a very easy experiment I encourage others to do. Perhaps we can start to identify a common type aircraft etc. My goal is not to disprove but to understand and have more firsthand info instead of relying on so much outside information.


      Help repopulate bees checkout

  2. Horsenut

    Ok, I’m not sure I am buying into this, but I think I have a solution: We collapse the whole money system. That mean everything collapses. No more money to travel, no more planes in the air, no more spraying….. Pretty simple! If everything comes crashing down as expected this fall,,,,, Problem solved!

    • Greg Hunter

      Look at the videos in the “After the Interview” section.

      • Horsenut

        I have seen the videos. I won’t go as far as to say it is impossible, but it’s improbable. Just the massive area just in the US that would have to be covered, the number of people you would have to have involved (and keep their mouths shut), the amount of material being sprayed? Not to mention the cost…. Though I know that the US didn’t spend 20 billion fighting Ebola in Africa last year! Highly improbable!
        Oh I am also from Okla City, the home of the AWAC’s I knew people that worked at Tinker and they wouldn’t keep quiet about something like that.

        • Galaxy 500

          People lose sight on how big planet earth is. We vent 100,000 tons of atmosphere into space a year. Think about that. And this guy claims they can spray a few thousand tons and they know enough to predict the
          results and even target it when we can’t predict the weather next week.
          In addition to disagreeing with the “science”, I don’t believe that any conspiracy this big could be hidden this long. Just ask the NSA or the Pentagon. But that does stop people from believing in all this stuff that keeps them from focusing on what the government really is doing

          • brian

            You are no fun dude.

          • Allen

            common, say it like u really ‘mean’ it, to greg, like u do us common folks, use your kool aid phraseology.

            • Horsenut

              I still say problem solved when the economy crashes. We are still predicting that will happen this fall right? I’m loosing track of what dooms day problem is supposed to happen first!

      • jim H

        Greg. where is the after the interview section. Thanks, great interview.

        • Greg Hunter

          After the video. scroll down you cannot miss it.

    • Bo Bryant

      This is actually what i think could be a plausible reason for TPTB to crash the system. I mean why would the people in charge allow a new great depression to occur? Sure they may be ensconced in their private enclaves and underground shelter, but why would you want to live that way if you were rich? A lot of rich people move the West from third world countries because of the constant threat from the peasants. Well you could justify crashing the system by using the climate change excuse. I believe in climate change because i live in Edmonton, Canada and i can tell you the winters are nothing compared to even 15 years ago. Watch the movie “Chasing Ice”. Right about the time 250 millions Chinese started becoming urbanized along with urbanization in other third world countries the environment really started heating up and that is going to accelerate.

      I think they will crash the system and explain away the misery it will cause by saying the entire species is at risk so they have no choice. This is what they say in private. Better for billions to die, or live in misery, then for the species to die. All this QE and other financial shenanigans is so the elite can survive this new paradigm that is coming in somewhat good standing after the crash.

  3. Mark


    Powerful interview indeed! Dane is a great guest since he provides many details on climate engineering and is level-headed in doing so. His website is a treasure trove of facts, videos, etc that bring to light all the ramifications of chemical spraying in our atmosphere. I’ve also heard about this issue on other sites like and started taking pure, non-gmo cleansing products to detoxify my body. I hope the word gets out so we can address this matter soon!

    • Tim Kauffman

      The Manhattan Project is one example of the general public not knowing about something being done a massive scale…

      • Galaxy 500

        During war time before cell phones and the internet. And still we had Russian spies there

        • Allen

          In other-previous-words;
          Greg ‘DUDE’ you’ve done hooked up to the kool-aid crowd!

          • paul

            You won’t find us drinking kool-aid once the honey is gone!

            • J C Davis

              Paul. That was to good to be good. When there is nothing to fight for Then what? Peace to you Paul.
              I read (not agree) with all of your postings. The lights will go out for sure. Why else would they not secure the grid. Got to remember this saying.

  4. Donna

    What about Fukushima, building nuclear plants on fault lines, neglect of all infrastructure, massive inoculation of the military, the coming financial collapse? The list is endless.

    Then you have a population that does a real good job of imbibing every kind of harmful substance imaginable. Crack/meth anyone? Horrendous bodily injury surfacing in the ERs from such things as “drunk driving, drunk on ATVs, drunk on skis, drunk on motorcycles, drunk on bikes, drunk on foot. Irreversible spinal and head injuries as a result. People with 90-year-old bodies in their 50s from hard living.

    Sometimes I think that if you could eliminate every outside threat, it would make no dent compared to the self abuse that leads to a 20-something needing a liver transplant. Our population is its own worst enemy. It’s the bigger elephant in the room that no one addresses.

    Wigington has a point, and if Wells is supportive, I have no doubt it is a very real issue. The clock is ticking though and my guess is that the whole country will look like Detroit in 5-10 years. Wells just interviewed Dmitri Orlov and his summation of this country’s future was dismal, and it is the human factor that will make it so.

    If you’ve lost your mind and soul, the rest is just distraction.

  5. Ray Price

    Dane is one smart guy, great interview, please listen to him carefully and spread the word, this is a life and death situation and could be the most dangerous issue facing the world today.

    • paul

      Exactly right … once the bees go … humanity is doomed!

  6. Joe

    Greg, I like you man but come on! Your last two guest are making me question my trust
    placed in your information. Joe

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you take the time to watch the videos in the “After the Interview” section?

  7. Vince Shook

    Without commenting on any other aspects of this interview, and living near the beach, gulf and bay on the west coast of Florida for the last 45 years, everyone needs to be informed that there has been absolutely no change in sea levels, tides, etc. here in all that time.

    • paul

      So what you are saying is “climate change” is a hoax!

  8. Donna

    One factor effecting people on an everyday basis and yet it is pervasive — cell phones microwaving your brain. Wells’ second guest, Richard Alan Miller, addressed this just after the Orlov interview. He said cell phones should have warning labels just as cigarettes do.

    I have a flip phone from Cricket ($25/mo). I never turn it on unless I am paying bills or checking messages. It goes right off after that. I never hold it to my head, use my speaker function instead. I will never have a smart phone for various reasons.

    I do have a smart meter on my house though, not of my choosing. It probably fries my head as I sleep.

    How about all the Wi-Fi floating from home to home? You are a human conductor, transmitter. My keyboard and mouse are not wireless.

    Satellite dishes? Cell towers? Power lines/transformers?

  9. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Excellent, Greg. You are doing a great service to all by having Dane on again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you TTT!

  10. Watch-it

    Thanks for bringing Dane on your site.
    As I have commented before on your site, the CA drought is just the tip of the iceberg.
    I have a bad, bad felling that this is an elitist pre-show for the big climate change “meeting” in December in Paris that will state that the world is in Great Danger.
    That the only thing that will save mankind is a quickly formed ONE WORLD government
    by way of a one word currency. This will soon be affirmed by an encyclical by their newly formed one world religion that the earth is 6 billion overpopulated. If this doesn’t get what they want, they will flee the destroyed planet earth and become the “breakaway civilization” as your quest Catherine Austin Fitts has disclosed along with others(available on YouTube under headings of “Secret Space Program” convention held in June 2014 in San Metaeo, CA.)
    Thanks again Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is in “great danger” from climate engineering and the evil behind this. Thank you for your comment.

  11. Tom

    Yep, the Pilot is back who has a masters in aeronautical engineering. Here is the scientific research why higher efficiency jet engines produce more vapor and cancels the arguement that they do not. I could not explain it better. I have been flying the skies since the 60’s. I agree the world’s climate has changed in that period and the atmosphere seems more hazy. China is a whole other topic how they have rapidly polluted the air. I have also noticed how the oceans have been changed too due to pollution and over fishing. I still haven’t ever heard of the Air Force out spraying. Fuel dumping yes. I was tanker pilot qualified back in the 70’s at Castle AFB, California back in the 70’s. Those guys are very sensitive to polluting the air and we had briefings on that even back then. So No way could our guys being doing that. The nozzles are there for safety to reduce weight in a hurry with the air traffic controllers permission being escorted to a dump area. Puts out a very fine spray and looks like a contrail even at the usual 6,000 feet where we did it. I have walked on airport ramps all around the world and would had noticed something weird like loading up chemicals to an airplane. That said, I have no idea if something has been added to the fuel. I have had medicals every six months with blood test which included looking for heavy metals in my blood since I travel international. After 31,000 hours in the skies my blood is normal. Remember we breath the same air as the contrails. It is just compressed by the jet engines for cabin pressure.

    That said, I still enjoyed the interview as before. We should all listen to each other and not call names. Science is the search for knowledge and discovery.

    Greg, I love your work and listen to every release. Thanks for opening our minds!

    • Greg Hunter

      Who paid for the study, and are we talking apples to apples here? The crap you posted was done in 2000 and says nothing about a “High bypass turbofan.” Wigington was talking about military aircraft with this certain type of jet engine not commercial jets–but you know that. How about posting a verifiable real name? The reason I asked is last time I had a lot of paid trolls on the site that were spreading disinformation. Here’s what I put in the “After the Interview” section: Wigington also offers evidence that what many see crisscrossing the skies are NOT condensation trails, but actual spraying of microscopic heavy metal particles. Check it out for yourself by clicking here:

      • Tom

        Sorry if I sounded as if I was a paid trouble maker. My name is Tom Ehnert FAA certificate XXX0843 rated on all Boeings and a senior member of AIAA (American Institute of Aeronuatics and Astronautics). That study was done for SAS Airlines one of the premier airlines of the world. They are very hot on the subject. To me the math is elimentray has not changed in only 15 years. Engine technology barely differes between the military and civilian. Not like was stated in his documentation which I read with a chuckle. I care not to debate this on your site since it would be fruitless, just entertaining.

        I also have not noticed any ocean level changes as some of your guest also stated. I freaked out after seeing Al Gore’s movie since I had a waterfront house in Mexico. So I marked of the tides on the sea wall out back and have been watching the marks during the different seasons. Like clock work or as a sun dial there has been absolutely no change since the movie. Could there be in the future? Who knows? I am just an idiot trying to make heads or tails of all these warnings. So far normalcy seems to be winning.
        I too worry!

        Sorry if I ruffled your feathers. Not my intentions.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Tom. I mean no offense as I am bombarded constantly by trolls. Posting a verifiable name usually exposes them because, unlike you, they don’t do it. I took the liberty of XXX out part of your certificate as I don’t want anyone damaging your identity. I do find it hard to believe that condensation trails can stay in a tight tube for 10’s of miles across the entire sky, and also form a visible pattern. Wigington also posted recent spraying videos, and then there are the high levels of heavy metal that is showing up everywhere according to Wigington and his scientific sources. Climate engineering is real and established science and find it hard to believe it is not going on. I guess the upcoming lawsuits will expose some more truth in discovery. Thank you for the comments and for being civil.

      • Joe

        O.K. Greg. I looked at the three videos. To me they really do not prove anything more than normal vapor trails. I think you need to listen more to people like Tom(747 pilot). He makes much more since to me than Dane Wigington who is no different than Al Gore. Both ideologues who proclaim the ability to control long term weather patterns. As to your claim of paid trolls on your site you might keep in mind that there are real people following you and respect what you put forward. If we happen to disagree with you on issues only indicates a more open mind and the need of more
        substantial proof than a couple of videos. As for now I remain a loyal viewer but reminding you that not everything or everyone
        is involved in some evil conspiracy.

        • paul

          Evil conspiracy or not it’s all about the bee’s Joe … the aluminum is killing off the bees … and it must be stopped to save humanity!

  12. Don

    Good interview Greg, its my hope the public will awaken soon, and stop all of these psycho-paths who want to kill off the masses and use the rest for there servants. A diaspora type future is what they want. I have to pray sometimes, to keep from getting to angry, but anyway, thanks for having him on. Your da-man

    • Tom

      Greg! Thanks for the very nice reply! I love your Show!
      I do love science too and read all I can since I was 10. The wife says too much. I try to stay pragmatic and observing. I have seen my old contrail 7 hours later on my return flight knowing I was the only airplane in the sector for the whole day and zero upper winds. That was going to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. My Airplane was a 747-400! Highest bypass ratio engine on the market including the military! Go figure?

      • paul

        Tom … do you know the composition of the fuel your plane was using?

      • J C Davis

        Thank you Tom. You answered my question I never asked. Clearly your not a idiot.

  13. Jerry

    I can’t add much to what has already been said, but I wanted to tell you about a conversation I had with a man I grew up with who happens to be one of the leading biological engineers in the country. He owns a company that develops seeds for many of the leading growers in the nation, including Monsanto and Earl May.
    Recently he sent me an email stating he had seen satellite photos of the Lake of the Ozarks showing massive flooding from the recent rains, and wanted to know what I thought about it. I replied ….HARP in action. His response was……good answer! Greg he didn’t even bother to argue with me about it . That tells me there’s a whole lot more about geo engineering than most of us even know about.

    • paul

      Jerry … you say “there’s a whole lot more about geo engineering than most of us even know about” … others say ocean levels are not rising … then perhaps “Geo-depopulation” is the “real reason” for all the spraying (not climate change) … lets remember that right now “we” have the advantage of “numbers” in the fight against the insanely greedy group of immoral ones … so it makes sense that these immoral ones will do their best to “reduce Earth’s population” to eliminate our ability to easily overpower them with “numbers” … “climate change” could be a false flag excuse to justify killing us off without us taking protective measures against them … and their spraying of heavy metals to kill off the bees, their lack of action to contain Fukushima is very useful (to contaminate the fish we eat), California weather modification to create drought deprives us of a large food growing region, then there is the first strike nuclear wars they want to start, the GMO crops, fluoride in our water supply, the drug trade, abortions, death panels, etc., etc. all very useful to take our “numbers” down!

      • paul

        Climate change may just be a ploy to deflect our attention from the “real objective” of their spraying …

        “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”
        ― Albert Einstein

        • paul

          The main stream news media will portray the “spraying” as being “necessary” to protect humanity … and prevent the ocean waters from rising “in 50 years” inundating coastal cities … and the dumbed down Americans will believe the propaganda and thus “won’t act in time” to stop the spraying … they will never think of asking the government what good is preventing the ocean from rising 50 years from now … if humanity is not going to be around in 50 years … for according to Einstein we will “all be dead” in four(4) years if we allow the spraying to kill off the few remaining bees still alive on Earth!

          And all the hoopla about attacking Iran to save Israel from the “bomb” … keeps us so busy (distracting our attention and our energy) … we can’t focus on this super critical danger from spraying … if we don’t act now to stop “them” from killing off all the bees on Earth there won’t be an Israel to worry about in four(4) years … nor will there will ever be the possibility of another Einstein being born to the world … this is the future “they” have planned for us … depopulation by every means possible … bringing the “numbers” down to remove the threat we now pose to them!

  14. Tim

    Thank you Greg for this video and i believe this is going on. I moved to eastern Montana 4 years ago from Florida. This area is a major farming area. I work in the oilfields and 2 weeks ago i was in the field and me and another worker watched a low flying plane spraying out of its wings and no it was not a crop duster. This was a large plan that was leaving a gigantic trail. I have never seen so many trails in the sky. The skies are loaded with them up here. This is very scary and more attention needs to be given to it. Greg i really appreciate what you do and i wish you the best.

  15. Mary Casey

    Greg, This may add to the answer to your question, “why are people afraid to speak out?”

    (London Telegraph) A Cambridge Professor has made the astonishing claim that three scientists investigating the melting of Arctic ice may have been assassinated within the space of a few months.

    • paul

      What did these three scientists investigating the melting of Arctic ice know? … Did they possibly “detect” that microwaves “beamed down from space” was the real cause of the melting? … seems a bit unusual that sea ice is increasing in the Antarctic but decreased in the Arctic? … it’s like the “Masters of Infinity” are trying to fool the world into believing “global warming” is taking place … so they can spray “bee poison” into our atmosphere on the pretense spraying will block the Sun’s rays and thus counter “global warming” … and just why is this spraying being done in northern latitudes when it would be more effective if done around the equator?

  16. Mary Casey

    “Duh?…..We don’t know what’s causing the drought in California?” The 3rd picture of the skier in the blue jacket tells it all…. LOOK UP!! It’s called geoengineering” (“chemtrails”).

  17. Mary Casey

    Greg, it will be interesting to see what results from Winnington’s lawsuit. Please continue to follow through.

    Years ago, I also wondered, “Why?” I’ve heard the arguments for “depopulation”, “soil conditioning for only GMO designed seeds”, even “infecting” the population with inhalable nanoparticles. I don’t dispute any of these, but knowing even the “Elites” inhale this same air; and that they also spray over the deserts and oceans; and spraying is worldwide by multiple world governments, I decided there must be another reason.

    A reason so dreadful that even the Elites would risk breathing the particles they are spraying.

    Well, I came up with two (2) options: 1) they (HAARP) have put a big hole in the ozone and are now trying to shield the environment from gamma radiation, x-rays, cosmic rays and short wavelengths of UV light or 2) they are trying to block us from seeing something “up there” or trying to prevent anything “up there” from seeing us.

    Thank you, Greg, for keeping us informed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mary for all your comments that add to this post.

  18. Mark

    Great interview as always. You are the best. Perhaps Dane is a real life John Gault.

    I do know what he’s talking about as one of my first jobs in college in the late 60s was at Raytheon. At that time they were working on designs for HAARP. That was nearly 50 years ago. I can just imagine how far they came since then. They also were working on laser weapons and we all know how far those projects went. It’s on ships and is a modern day weapon. Raytheon developed the Radar Range Microwave Oven at that time also. Additionally, I worked on the ASC (Advanced Scientific Computer) by Texas Instruments. It was the most advanced computer of the time. It had prime applications for processing weather data. There was a tie in to HAARP. So, this stuff was really worked on for a long time. Many of the engineers that worked on those projects are long gone. Or are in their late 80s or 90s. Amazing how every good invention since got weaponized.

  19. Mary Casey

    When you hear, “Climate change, global warming, greenhouse gases, arctic melt”, think the long¬-coveted weapon of mass destruction now in operational mode and YOU are at ground zero; but it is denied, masked and blamed on your can of hair spray and cow’s poop gas.

    “Climate change can now be considered the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” February 16, 2014: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speech in Jakarta, Indonesia

    1958: Senator Lyndon B. Johnson (future US President) made a prophetic opening statement before the Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services: “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the Gulf Stream and change temperate climates to frigid. There is something more important than the ultimate weapon. And that is the ultimate position.”

    1968: Gordon J. F. MacDonald, Chair of the ICAS Select Panel on Weather and Climate Modification, authored a chapter in “Unless Peace Comes”: “When achieved, this power over his environment will provide man with a new force capable of doing great and indiscriminate damage. Our present primitive understanding of deliberate environmental change makes it difficult to imagine a world in which geophysical warfare is practised. Such a world might be one in which nuclear weapons were effectively banned and the weapons of mass destruction were those of environmental catastrophe.”

    1968: Gordon J. F. MacDonald writes in “Toward the Year 2018″, p. 34): ”By the year 2018, technology will make available to the leaders of the major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare……techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm, thereby weakening a nation’s capacity and forcing it to accept the demands of the competitor.”

    1970: Zbigniew Brzezinski: US National Security adviser, publishes “Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era” containing the following: “Not only have new weapons been developed but some of the basic concepts of geography and strategy have been fundamentally altered; space and weather control have replaced Suez or Gibraltar as key elements of strategy… future developments may well include……..other forms of warfare—even the weather may be tampered with.”

    February 16, 2014: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speech in Jakarta, Indonesia
    “When I think about the array of global climate – of global threats – think about this: terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – all challenges that know no borders – the reality is that climate change ranks right up there with every single one of them,” said Kerry. “Climate change can now be considered the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even, the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

    • paul

      Very interesting comment by former President Johnson: “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the Gulf Stream and change temperate climates to frigid. There is something more important than the ultimate weapon. And that is the ultimate position.”

      The “ultimate position” is being in space above the Earth … from which the “Masters of Infinity” (Aliens) can beam down microwave energy upon Earth’s ice caps to melt them (our politician’s being controlled by the Masters of Infinity then pretend to the public that “climate change” is responsible for the rising sea levels) … and to counter this”climate change” a spraying program “must be initiated” to reduce the sunlight hitting the Earth which is melting the ice caps … but in reality the spraying program was designed by the Masters of Infinity to kill all the bees and thus “wipe out the human race” in just four(4) short years so they (the Aliens) can take control of planet Earth without a fight … smart dudes … but we have a chance to fight back and keep this Earth for ourselves if we demand that “the exceptional” immoral crooks, thieves and body part snatchers stop the spraying that will destroy humanity in four(4) short years … once we achieve that goal … we can prepare to fight the Aliens with the guns we all have a Constitutional right to own … a bullet “can kill” an Alien … they do die!

      • paul

        To defeat these “very smart dudes” that have already initiated “an all out attack upon planet Earth” from outer space … to take this world “away from us and our children” for themselves … we must be aware that these aliens will strategically attempt to set the world at war … the US, Russia, China, Israel, Iran, etc. “must resist their efforts to create war to divide us and join together” as a unified fighting force for the “preservation of humanity” against the “evil aliens” who’s intent is to take this planet away from us … by dividing us they can more easily conquer us (as having us “kill each other” is obviously to their advantage) … their numbers are few … and this is likely the reason they need “to reduce” Earth’s population … think about it … if we humans sent a few colonizing ships to Earth 2 and found it inhabited … how would we take over their world “for ourselves” … we could divide and conquer by giving “advanced weaponry” to each side … melt their polar ice caps … create drought in their food growing regions … and “kill the insects” that pollinate their crops!

  20. Anne Elliott

    The bees are indeed dying. In 2012 I went to the farmer’s market in central Illinois, and there were 6 sellers of honey. In 2013 there were 5 sellers, and in 2014 I went and there were 3 sellers of honey. This year there are none. I asked one vendor, who just sells vegetables now, why no honey? She said all her bees died. Bees are just one canary in the coal mine; Monarch butterfly populations being decimated are another; and neither bode well for us humans.
    Summation: do something while you can, including speaking up to your legislators! On a personal level, buy as much Non-GMO and organic foods as possible and buy pure honey from any local Apiary you can find! (Don’t trust Wal-Mart or big chain stores, as they can sell non-bee manufactured honey made from sugar.). If we don’t do anything now, our children may only have a Logan’s Run future…
    Great interview Greg; this is a super important topic and hardly anyone is paying attention.

    • Bob Lamb

      I agree, I sell honey.

      • paul

        Some will vehemently protest that “no spraying is going on” … despite the visual evidence … and thus unfortunately “delay” the immediate and necessary action required to “stop the slaughter of the bees” before it is too late for humanity’s survival.

        Think about when you were kids and asked your parents “why is the sky blue?” … does anything strike a bell when your kids now ask “why is the sky a hazy blue-white?

        The answer is … “something” is being sprayed into our atmosphere!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Anne, there is plenty of honey in south-central IN (also locally produced pure maple syrup). I haven’t kept hives since I moved from central KY in 1990. I have more bees, both honey and bumble, here this year (I have apple and cherry trees) than in recent past. No chemtrails here, either. I guess we’re not “important” enough to bother. Best always. PM

      • J C Davis

        Love you PM.

    • Charles

      Help repopulate bees. Checkout

      I know what a “Logan’s Run” is, I remember that movie as a kid.

  21. JM

    I agree with Tom. I too have a couple of FAA license #’s that I’ll be glad to provide you with privately. I am a licensed pilot and A&P (airframe and power plant) aircraft maintenance technician. I no longer work in aviation as I have chosen a more peaceful career in agriculture. However, I have never heard of spray nozzles being found on any civilian jetliner. I still have plenty of contacts in the industry and noone has ever seen such. I’m not saying it can’t happen in the military but it ain’t happening in civilian aviation. Atleast not on a sizable scale. There are too many eyes watching for it not to have been seen. Could it be a military program? I think that’s possible. Civilian airliners? No way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wigington said military.

      • JM

        Yes, he did say military. He also said that high bypass turbo fan engines should not produce contrails. These engines are on all civilian airliners and most heavy military jets. The high bypass turbo fan engine is our most fuel-efficient engine. They are used everywhere. They all produce contrails at altitude when moisture is sufficient. All anyone needs to do is look up with a pair of 10x binoculars and identify the planes above via there paint jobs. These contrail producing planes are civilian jetliners. You can also identify them online with flighttracker. My point is: all high bypass turbo fan engines produce contrails.

        • Greg Hunter

          Contrails that stretch for miles in tight tubes across the sky in what are visible patterns? Then there is ALL the other evidence. Thank you for the comment.

    • brian

      What are your thoughts on the idea that it is through the use of a fuel additive that the aerosols are dispersed? Could some of these soft white metals be added to the fuel and passed through the engines without hampering performance, safety and service life?

      • paul

        Brian … I think you have it exactly right!

      • JM

        Perhaps it may be possible to add very tiny amounts of substances to the fuel . However, the specific gravity of the fuel can’t be altered because the fuel system is calibrated. I don’t think tiny amounts of substances would alter the weather.

    • jim H

      I too received my A&P license in 1995. t was no gimme. Power plants is my expertise and I have been tearing them down and rebuilding them for many years. The “Experts” here who question Dane clearly do not understand how a jet engine works. What happens to the fuel and air from the inlet to the air outside the aircraft. Bottom line and very simply very hot water vapor is released into very cold high altitude air causing contrails (you know short ones like when we were kids). The hot vapor cools very quickly and dissipates quickly. These trails that we see now days going from north to south and east to west as far as the eye can see are not contrails. They may have started with military aircraft but with nano technology are probably nano particles in most jet fuel and when released do not dissipate because they are not water. Probably aluminum and barium as Dane states. t really is simple rocket science.
      My humble opinion is these “expert” naysayers are trolls and their certificates bogus. Disclaimer: Could be wrong.

      • Galaxy 500

        Not wanting to throw facts into the mix but powdered aluminium ignites at about 590C and jet engines operate at well over that temp

        • brian

          ……… its aluminum oxide coming out in the exhaust rather than pure aluminum; a much more stable, lighter and higher albedo material that would be a much more effective geo-engineering product than the raw aluminum put into the fuel. Sounds to me like the case for fuel additives is getting stronger and stronger the more it is refuted.

          • Galaxy 500

            And you forget that burning powdered AL would likely melt the engine. It would greatly increase the operating temp of the engine. That’s why they use it in thermite

        • Jim H

          Gal. Ever obtained any aviation license? Ever disassembled and rebuilt a jet engine? How versed are you in nano technology? That’s ok. Don’t know anything about nano technology myself except that it’s probably more advanced than most of us know. Engines though, these are well known and well understood by me.

      • paul

        You are correct Jim … when I was a kid I remember the “water vapor” contrails that were produced by planes to write advertising messages in the sky … and within only a few minutes the contrail began to widen and then completely dissipated … these geo-engineered contrails we are seeing crisscrossing our sky … that “persist for hours” … are without any doubt “not made of water vapor”!!

  22. Ron Dotson

    With all due respect, I live in Deadwood, Oregon near the Siuslaw River and haven’t heard anything about freshwater fishing being curtailed. In fact just a few weeks ago there were lots of fishermen out catching a bountiful harvest of Steelhead Trout in the Siuslaw River.
    What area(s) or Oregon have had freshwater fishing curtailed?

    • dbcooper

      RD, my local river has been closed to fishing for the last two week due to low water/hi temp; NE Washington, DB

  23. Nathan

    I can back this guy up on two thing he said. About 5 days ago Business Insider ran a story about the San Francisco experiments and in the same article spoke of two others in the DC-NYC subways. (During the 1950’s and 70’s) Then about 10 days ago Yahoo ran an article about cloud seeding taking place right now in Tasmania. Plus , from memory, I can remember watching a special on the Weather Channel about modifying hurricanes (in the future) and the Saudis experimenting with this in NatGeo. So, It’s real , I’m just not sure whether it’s nefarious or not.

    Keep up the great work.

  24. dbcooper

    Greg, I am a retired Marine Engineer and a Farmer… I don’t know a lot about a lot but I spend a lot of time out side and have experienced multiple physical/bad reactions from these “Contrails” that do not go away for hours but linger and swell and expand in a typically gray greasy appearance. These reactions range from muscular aches and pain (read that flu like) to depression (don’t tell anyone or they might take my gun!!) This stuff is real and I thank Dane for his work and you Greg for your honesty and diligence to expose the fraud and corruption that surrounds us today.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  25. Donna S

    I see Chemtrials on a daily basis here in my area of Arkansas. Its not just one but several that will criss cross the sky some overlapping the other. I have seen one huge military aircraft in my town….we do not have a military base here either. It flew very low over one of the hospitals here. I do not know why it was here or where it would have landed if it did. I think it landed at our local airport because it was never seen again. My question is why??? I was told a military plane that size could not land at our airport. Well, it went somewhere that day! This was way before Jade Helm 15. It was in 2014.

  26. gregory

    Greg , when you bring Wigington on as a guest, I’ve noticed comments from some who try to discredit Dane,and therefore you , and post that he has no place on USAWatchdog. However , Dane has been a guest on several investigative web sites and is taken very seriously by very smart and well connected people, including the Rogue Money team . Thus, i am glad that you continue to have him on and this why I reference your website many times on my page . Keep it up Mr. Hunter and information is critical right now since it is very late in the 4th quarter (Biblically speaking).
    BTW, have you thought about making your site a pay site? Just a thought

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Gregory, you can make it a pay site, as I and many others do, by donating to help Greg stay viable. Many thanks and best always. PM

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t want to do that as it will limit the reach of the site but thank you for your support.

  27. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    I’m not discounting Mr. Wigington’s concerns but aircraft powered by high bypass turbofans can and do produce contrails. I see them all the time since like you I live in flyover country. Contrails from DC-10 and 747 aircraft are easily recognizable because of their width ( although DC-10’s are becoming more rare ). Other aircraft like certain airbus models and 767’s are also high bypass turbofan powered and often can be seen overhead forming contrails. The statement about WWII bombers forming contrails because of water injection systems is also suspect. Indeed many WWII piston powered aircraft were equipped with water injection systems but they were used only for short term power boosts and it frequently damaged the engine. I don’t know if the B-17’s were equipped with it or not but they would not have flown all the way to and from their targets using water injection. That said, do I have a problem believing our government would manipulate weather? Absolutely not!

  28. Mike K

    Great show Greg. Whenever I mention this to people outside while this is going on, with the proof right before their eyes, they call me nuts. So I ask them can planes make weather? They will say no. So then I ask them them then why deny what you are seeing with your own eyes? I then point out a plane with con trails and then planes that are spraying, and they still deny it. This is from a person who I asked what is inflation? He stated that stuff just costs more! No clue to the fact that his dollar is worth less and that it takes more dollars to purchase that same item. Ya can’t fix stupid!!!

  29. woody188

    Miami has always had tidal sea water issues since I can remember. I was just out to Hatteras Island a week ago and the beaches there have grown so much in my lifetime. Coldest July I’ve ever spent there as well. Didn’t break 90 degrees all week.

    I’ve been around jet craft all my life and studied atmospheric conditions and I don’t see anything out of the normal.

    Chem trails is a fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) campaign. The video “evidence” all show airliners changing altitudes moving from warmer air to the colder upper atmosphere and the condensation is precisely what one should expect to see.

    The AWACS video is particularly funny because anyone that knows anything about this aircraft knows is so jammed full of electronic equipment that there is no room for any kind of tank full of nano-particle aluminum.

    Aluminum is the most abundant metal on the planet. Spikes in the rivers can be explained by erosion uncovering large potassium aluminum sulfate (KAl(SO4)2·12H2O), and aluminum oxide (Al2O3) in the river beds. About 8.2% of the earth’s crust is composed of aluminum. Occam’s razor would indicate this is probably the source of the spikes versus chem trails.

    • woody188

      Just wanted to post a photo of the KC-10. Those aren’t nozzles, it’s part of the wing design:

      Each of these videos are easily debunked if one knows air craft and physics.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not what I am seeing. There is lots of other evidence Woody

        • woody188

          I’m not far from Wright-Patterson and Rickenbacker in Ohio. Wouldn’t any global geo-engineering program require flights out of these bases to succeed?

          I have not seen any evidence this is occurring. Rickenbacker even runs practice flights for low level landings on their tankers right past my house. We can wave to the pilots they are so low. F-18’s have buzzed my home so low it shook the house.

          Kristen Meghan doesn’t actually present any evidence. The chemicals she lists are used in industrial processes in large quantities. I bid on these jobs every day as a manufacturer.

          We use many hazardous chemicals in our processes. The US military is our only client still asking for a lot of these processes because they are proven to work and they don’t have to obey the EPA. That is slowly changing as the EPA will go after us instead of the military. See cadmium, hexavalent chromium or cyanide. All are being phased out. Cobalt will be next on the list. This is just in the coatings industry.

          The Navy is the worst of the bunch. They are very specific as to what you can use and what tests to run and their schematics are often out of date calling for chemistry not used for 10 years or more. We usually can get a variance but ask to have the drawing changed and it’s a multi-year process.

          I won’t say our military doesn’t have some type of bio/geo-engineering but there is no evidence of a large scale plan to implement anything they may have decided. The size of that operation would be too large and all the military aircraft in the skies would be very noticeable to everyone.

        • woody188

          This link provides a clear reason why they would be ordering those chemicals in Georgia during the time she was stationed there.

          I just happened across this because I have DMP water treatment system in my plant. We see the military doing this more and more as US manufacturing is off-shored to ensure the military won’t experience supply chain disruptions if war breaks out.

          • Jenny

            Woody188, I have watched the Meghan video in the past. She never said various materials weren’t already being used for above-ground types of projects. What she said was that after accounting for the amounts needed and used for these above-ground (I don’t know the correct term but I mean not-secret, not dark, not hidden) projects, there was a very large amount of material they had ordered that she could not pinpoint where it was going. The materials corresponded to those specified in some geoengineering patents and being measured in excessive amounts in the environment. It was her job to account for these materials, but when she notified the higher-ups of the discrepancies, she was basically threatened.

  30. William Betts

    Greg: There was some very interesting info concerning subj weather engineering on a web site about a month ago. What it said essentially that the program was a top secret project that dealt with the changing of the jet streams to get more rain into upper and lower midwest to replenish the acqufiers that have lost a great deal of water due to irrigation in that region. They are using airspace between 18000 and 20000 ft to accomplish the chem drop. There are no contrails at this altitude because it is not cold enough. Pilots that fly at 30000 to 45000 ft know that the jets streams have changed quite a bit. What this has done is cause the draught in California. The kicker to all this was that Momsanto is behind the whole shooting match

    • paul

      Monsanto? … you mean the “bad guys” who genetically remove the seeds from our fruits and vegetables so we can’t grow food on our own anymore … I wonder what “Masters of Infinity” are providing this gene manipulation technology to Monsanto to deny humanity the ability to grow food?

  31. Jerry

    This is off subject, but the Chinese Stock Market is crashing.
    Why is this important? I believe that this event will move up the timetable for the Chinese to decouple from the dollar sooner than they had planned for. Global negative GDP caused by western economies tied to the dollar, (they believe behind closed doors) is the main culprit spurring this selloff rather than over extended Chinese speculators as the MSM has reported. The recent acceleration with the “Silk Road” project extending contracts is evidence of this. The Dry Baltic index worldwide is hitting an all time low.

    Keep an eye out for a major false flag event in the coming weeks, as the western banking cabal begins to feel the heat of the bond market and petroleum markets begin to unwind.

    • Jerry

      Here is the real cause of the China slide.
      Again negative GDP from western economies. If you were an investor what type of business would you want to invest in? One that has a basket full of IOUs from printing fraudulent money. Or a new emerging business that has money to invest in the form of gold? Its a no brainer.

      Investment brokers who still think paper assets are a solid investment need to step outside their cubicles occasionally and breath the air of reality.

      • woody188

        China’s economy is at least 50% based on selling outside China. China is crashing because of over supply and cheaper labor has been found elsewhere. China is going to need all their gold (gold plated tungsten!) just to try to feed their population. China is also teetering on civil unrest. By all means, invest in China. Just don’t expect to make any gains.

  32. Art Barnes

    Greg, this is just more of the same such as deforestation, fluorocarbons (ozone depletion), poor engineering of nuclear power plants placed on known fault lines, pollution of our rivers & oceans with every chemical the corporations can manufacture, I mean no matter what they engineer the scientist are out in front saying it all safe, needed, & will bring a better life to all. Those self imposed intelligent atheists think they can make something perfect better. Having some GMO’s for dinner again?

  33. Chip

    Carbon Dioxide is NOT causing global warming and is NOT a problem. I won’t dispute that we are raping the planet in other ways but the carbon arguement is bogus…

    Photosynthesis can be represented using a chemical equation.
    The overall balanced equation is…
    6CO2 + 6H2O + Sunlight Energy ——> C6H12O6 + 6O2

    Where: CO2 = carbon dioxide
    H2O = water
    Light energy is required to force the chemical reaction to produce…
    C6H12O6 = glucose (plant building blocks)
    O2 = oxygen (what we breath)

    Carbon dioxide represents 4 one-hundreths of the atmosphere. One volcanic eruption does more damage than man can do over a decade. Get real… Chip

    • Chip

      That was 4 one-hundreths of a percent… (0.04%)

  34. MIke Gleason


    Is this really science or science fiction? Your guest shows videos but little else of substance. I need documentation as proof. Where are these aluminum particles produced and who is making them? Who is transporting them? Who is loading them into aircraft? At what airports is this being done? An ongoing program of this purported scale, if true, should be producing plenty of documentation.
    Show me a paper trail not just a vapor trail.

    • paul

      The fact that we are not shown “a paper trail” for all the manipulated flash trading going on in the currency, stock, bond, gold, silver, etc. markets does not make it “science fiction”!

      • MIke Gleason

        Requesting documentation to back up accusations of a massive government conspiracy to alter the climate and poison American citizens is not an outrageous request.

  35. Diane D

    Greg, Dane is very savvy in my book. His words have a ‘ring of truth’ to them. Thank you for this great interview.

    On the other hand, we cannot believe one word from the federal government. When was the last time they did anything in the best interests of this country?

  36. no favicon?

    For Canadians:
    If you think this is specific to western US or Florida…think again.
    I just moved to the Canadian Maritime.
    On May 25 around dusk I observed the sky littered with approx. 8-10 white ‘trails’ crisscrossing in a general West/East pattern that later developed into an ominous dark grey layer fanning South dissolving in an ever larger pattern.
    This happened over the border of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
    I’m outraged by the fact that an entity would deliberately poison the air we breathe as if it wasn’t enough ‘they’ have poisoned our food, our water supply, our children with questionable vaccinations, destroyed the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and on and on.
    But the biggest crime is the destruction of habitat and animal life that support humanity.
    Mr. Wigington’s point is very simple.
    WAKE THE F*#K UP – BEFORE IT TOO LATE! (it may already be too late)
    Greg, Thanks for bringing this issue to the forefront.

    • EJL

      It is happening in southern Ontario as well. Almost daily, and they hang about for hours.

    • Jenny

      It’s not just western US or Florida, it’s going on over much of the world. It is going on daily in my area of New England. In 2013, I noticed it was usually 6 days a week; they took Sundays off, it appeared. It’s been 7 days a week for at least a year.

  37. Thomas

    Would it be so hard to get a pilot to confess that he actually did the flying and that the accusations are correct ? It’s kinda like all the comments about the “elite, TPTB, Those Bankers, WallSreeters, ” let’s have names, and quit with the Bildabergs or Rothchilds, getting tired of the fear porn with a boogeyman that nobody names. I like the site and am a firm believer that the “system/markets” are completely messed up and an ugly future awaits. Get your house in order, prepare accordingly.

  38. brian

    IF Mr Wigington really knows what he is talking about, a modern day inquisition is in order.

  39. frederick

    If this is true its insane but İ believe the Fukashima triple melt down is a worse catastrophe to mankind but I am not a scientist

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s the perfect storm of bad–all of it.

    • Charles H.

      Each of the three Fukashima meltdowns has twice the nuclear fuel than Chernobyl. Do the math: that’s six times as much. Only Fukashima had hydrogen explosions that breached the containment vessels; whereas Chernobyl likely had a Prompt-Critical excursion, and blew more material out of what was left of the containment vessel. WHERE those melted cores are now, in relation to the water-table or water-course is the mystery. Realistically, the Pacific Ocean is in danger, then the world. Forty years to de-commission?!??

  40. Gary Pennington

    Thank you, Greg, for once again having Dane Wiggington on, as he continues to shed light on this dark, ongoing program. I’ve lived all of my 63 years in California, and it is difficult to observe the immense environmental changes that have occured in that time. I can now drive up I-5 in July without having to stop every hour to wash the bug splatters off of my windshield. The sky is always a hazy, unnatural grayish blue, though CA has the toughest clean air standards in the US. Hiking for hours through forest trails without the constant chatter of birds. So many are disconnected from the natural world, perhaps they don’t notice. Dane is doing everything he can to sound the alarm, and you deserve much credit Greg, for being courageous enough to give him the opportunity to appear on your site.

    • Paul from Indiana

      You want bugs? Especially mosquitoes, marmorated stink bugs, and emerald ash borers? You want birds (and their droppings and avian virus killing the baby pigs)? You want humidity but with (so far) chemtrail-free azure-blue skies? Come to Southern IN, y’all! It’s all here, including high sales and property taxes, but at least you get all the water, maybe more, that you want! And your vote will count; people sometimes actually vote Repub here. Repub majorities currently in IN House and Senate and a Repub governor. But you WILL have to heat your house 5 months out the year…so sorry. Best always. PM

  41. Keith

    Good info Greg. Thanks for having Dane on again.
    Interesting – I was doing a quick review of “Jade Helm 15 Update” last night.
    One report I came across mentions specifically that one driver of JH15 is to train for the consequences of major climactic event(s).

    I include it here:
    It mentions that a significant threat (exacerbated by various geoengineering efforts – as Dane says “all of the above” impacts) is termed a “methane calthrate gun” effect – which refers to the release of large amounts of methane from the ocean floor and arctic circles that are actually 24 times as strong/contributory to global warming as CO2. The problem is that these huge gas-release “burps” multiply warming effects that very quickly go exponential and can’t be stopped once out of control.

    Also interesting that the anti-Christ Pope’s last encyclical pre-conditions the populace with concerns that climate-change is the world’s number one threat, and will be speaking to the UN and Congress in September about this.

    Whether it’s solar flares, nuclear – weapon related, or geo-engineered, it’s apparently going to get hotter down here.

    10But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up. 11Since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, 12looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be destroyed by burning, and the elements will melt with intense heat… 13But according to His promise we are looking for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells. 14Therefore, beloved, since you look for these things, be diligent to be found by Him IN PEACE, spotless and blameless, 15 and regard the patience of our Lord as salvation; Peter 3:10-15

  42. John

    Welcome to the world we are leaving to our precious children and grandchildren(the children of God)……

    ……Eugenics, financial collapse, social engineering, baby killing, wars, pharmaceutical poisoning and addiction, geoengineering, depopulation, gender assignment, secularism to atheism, man-made disease or intentionally introduced disease, genetically modified agriculture/food, satanism, de-education(the great dumbing down so that humankind is so conditioned they will accept anything that is done to them), sexual perversion, and so much more.

    What kind of monsters are we to have allowed this to happen? We are worried about what might happen this fall? WAKE UP FOLKS, IT’S ALREADY HAPPENING!!!

    This is all pure evil; it is the work of satan. Never has there been such pure evil and greed in the hearts and minds of mankind. We all had best turn to God and seek forgiveness and humbly ask for a path to restoration…pray my friends, pray like you have never prayed before. I can’t even imagine the rath that is going to be placed upon us if we don’t repent and change our wayside. The beautiful gifts given to us by our Creator we have squandered and surrendered unto satin. God forgive us. We must each take a moral stand and stop this evil, NOW.


  43. TC

    I have worked on aircraft for 20 years. I have a background in avionics and structure repair. I understand how aircraft work. None of the Military aircraft I have seen have nozzles for spraying. The only thing that is remotely close is the emergency fuel dump valves. Just about every major aircraft is equipped with them. These valves are used to lighten the aircraft in the event of an emergency landing.

    Condensation trails (con trails) are not caused by spraying. If one studies how an aircraft creates lift it is caused by air accelerating over top of the wing which creates a vacuum. The air underneath the wing rushes to fill the vacuum caused by the accelerated air over the wing creating lift. As a result of this process the air is compressed over certain parts of the wing. This compression forces the moisture out of the air and it forms something like a mini cloud. Hence a con trail is created which looks like the aircraft is spraying something. Please don’t be fooled by the videos. The aircraft in the image in the videos are con trails or aircraft dumping fuel. Nothing more

    • Greg Hunter

      You saw each and every military jet that flies? There is plenty of evidence on this including: And she uses a real name. Lots of first time commenters on this story. Interesting.

      • Jenny

        Kudos to you for recognizing that any article or video about the reality that climate engineering is already occurring attracts multiple commenters (or perhaps sometimes one person using multiple accounts) who are awfully invested in disabusing people of this notion. Thugh I admit I myself never commented here before. Thats because I never knew about this site; I just linked here tonight through Mr. Wigington’s site.
        The disinformation tyes will sometimes go into long explanations as to why this is impossible or sometimes resort to insults and name-calling, but the fact is there are patents for geoengineering processes, and the document “Owning the Weather by 2025” also exists. So how is it “crazy” to believe it is already happening?

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Jenny for your comment and analysis.

        • Allen

          welcome aboard.

      • Jim H

        Good call Greg. Many new names mostly “experts” telling us we are not seeing what we are seeing. These things running from east to west as far as the eye can see,slowly falling to earth over hours , widening greatly as they fall are not contrails. Many times you see several together side by side as they get closer to us. We just don’t look up enough and remember what our skies looked like before these clouds we never learned about in school appeared.

    • RTW

      Thanks for clearing that up. So it’s only fuel being dumped into the air by jets in distress. That should make everybody breath a little easier next time they see it. (Pun intended).

    • paul

      TC … you say “compression forces the moisture out of the air and it forms something like a mini cloud” … if it was just “moisture” forming this mini cloud it would dissipate rather quickly … what we are talking about are chem-trails that persist for many hours!

  44. Klemens

    The politcans are just paid puppets of the banksters.
    They never will help you to serve this problem, they are part of the problem.
    You have to go to the very end of the pyramid to find the enemies of the humans.

    I can recomend this book to read: “Synagogue Rising” by Hugh Akins
    you do not need to be catholic to read this book.
    You have to know and understand the complete game, to understand what is going on on earth.
    debt money, homosexuality, drugs, lies in propaganda press, wars, etc., etc.

    1 Thessa. 2,15 They please not God and are contrary to all men

    that`s their job, it is writen in the bible. And they do a good job of satan.

  45. E. Huntsman

    Sometimes, people need to take a more holistic view of the overall situation. With every medication, there can be side effects. However, that doesnt mean that medication should be forgone. There are always risks to atmospheric tweaking, but you have to ask yourself if unabated temperature rises are woth the risk of doing nothing. Are magnim category 5 hurricanes and typhoons acceptable in the Gulf of mexico where half of all energy shipping lanes could be wiped out in a day ? I think not. Okay, so we have to deal with some minor inconveniences. So what ?

    • paul

      Is the end of humanity a minor inconvenience … keep this spraying going and all the bees will die … and we will follow four(4) years later … and “so what” is your reply?

  46. Gary Goldman

    The President’s and John Kerry’s statements characterizing Global Warming and/or Climate Change as national security issues enables the government to undertake chemical engineering under the cloak of classified information and activities. What bothers me is the conflict between Wigington’s view of climate and that of John Casey.
    I don’t think their views can be reconciled. So, who’s correct here?
    You need to get John Casey back on the program to address his view of all of this

  47. Hank

    Excellent interview. Chemtrails are real.

  48. don

    Interesting interview…but…its the questions Greg does not ask that are more important to me.

    This guy apparently wants us to return to a pre industrial age, since even putting out CO2 is causing these problems. To do that would require the deaths of 80-90% of the human race, since a non-industrial society could not produce the energy, food, etc. to sustain the billions of people currently alive.

    Another point. He says the spraying is being done by the US government/military exclusively…so the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, etc. are not involved but suffering the ‘dire’ consequences of this spraying…but they are not going to say anything, but sit back and die? Seems unlikely to me.

    Or, is he saying all these countries are involved, making this the greatest conspiracy in history.

    He says hundreds of species are going instinct on a monthly basis. Does he produce a list of these extinct species?

    With all do respect, the guy’s evidence boils down to some aerial videos, and not much else. And if the world as we know it is coming to an end sooner rather than later why has he not launched his law suits? Do we have six months or a year to wait. If what he says is true, the time would be now.

  49. Lake M

    I lived in the high desert of Arizona for most of the new millennium, an area known for it’s clear skies. I witnessed the development of this spraying most every week over that period. I have seen spray turned on and off; two planes flying similar altitudes and directions, one omitting a trail, one not; the rainbow sheen reflecting off the material sprayed; the morning clear blue sky turned into a milky gray by lunch time; and I have watched thousands of supposed contrails that instead of evaporating, they lingered and spread out over the western skies. Then there’s the string of pearls, a formation which is a chain of connected puffs A chain of donuts is also sometimes used to describe it.

    Consistently over the last couple of years, it appears that a matrix or grid is laid out ahead of an approaching weather front. Perhaps from space, the grid movement is recorded and helps analyze the weather track? From the ground, one can visually identify the direction of upper level winds by observing the spread and direction of the trails.

    I also believe HAARP may also tie in to these activities. There are numerous HAARP stations around the earth… not just the one in Alaska. I’m quite sure this technology is also used for geo-engineering.

  50. Don

    As a former airline pilot, I will attest that Tom is 100% correct in his statement. It is a sorry thing that you would take the valid observations of people with our experience, and chalk them up to being “trolls.” I said it before, and I will say it again; this is not the type of reporting that lends credibility to yourself or your sight. Quite frankly, your detour away from reality and into the realm of very bad science is something I cant bear to watch. I hope you will decide to do balanced reporting on this subject, for your sake, and the sake of all of your audience.


    • Greg Hunter

      Pilots are not experts in geoengineering are they? There is lots of other evidence and this is yet another first time commenter from a pilot. I find this odd.

    • Patrick

      In order to have this opinion, you ARE either a ‘troll’ or you are in an area where this is not happening. I don’t understand how any rational person would call something with this much evidence “bad science.” I sat at the pool yesterday for 3 hours and watched 15-20 airplanes spray these from horizon to horizon. I watched the evolution of these man made cloud. It goes from a thin white stripe that looks like a typical condensation trail to a large, widespread cloud and eventually looks like a typical cirrus cloud. These geo-engineers are very good at what they do. Unfortunately, what they are doing is destroying the chance for life on earth. Here is an interview with one of these geo-engineers:

      • Southern Girl

        Thanks for the laughs on watching the video.

      • paul

        Patrick … in the video you provided this geo-engineer wants to purposely spray “sulfuric acid” into the atmosphere … adding sulfuric acid to the aluminum already sprayed in the atmosphere will create a chemical reaction (aluminum mixed with sulfuric acid forms aluminum sulfate) … aluminum sulfate just happens to have the ability when breathe into the lungs to “cross” the Blood Brain Barrier … thus allowing deadly aluminum with its well known neuro-degenerative effects (i.e. Alzheimer’s Dementia) to effectively do a “chemical lobotomy” to the entire world population! … why “they” are in such a “big rush” to put humanity down and out … “they” can’t simply wait for a volcano to erupt to put the necessary sulfuric acid into the atmosphere to do the job? … “they” have to spray it now?? … perhaps “they” feel the world is getting too wise to their evil and immoral genocidal plans!

    • paul

      Don … it is for your sake and the sake of humanity we must act to save the bee’s … troll or not … you and I won’t be around in four(4) years if we procrastinate … what is the scientific basis for your you calling the detected poisoning of the atmosphere with aluminium “bad science”?

  51. KSKing

    First, thanks Greg for having Dane on. One of the very few with real integrity. I’m amazed that anyone would accuse him of doing this to make money… the propaganda we expose ourselves too is powerful.

    I live in the D/FW area. I report this from personal viewing. Contrails happen at high altitude. Geoengineering is at low to medium. Modern jet contrails when they do form dissipate quickly. And if they do persist they never slowly spread out and form a layer of cloud cover. I had never seen a crisscross or checkerboard pattern of plane created ‘clouds’, until recently. I distinctly remember as a child watching jets create ‘contrails’, how they looked, and how they dissipated. And it is nothing like this created cloud ‘layer’ that is now being done deliberately.

    There are numerous records of the US Military using weather modification during the Vietnam war. If ‘weather modification’ was bogus or fake then why did the Geneva Convention in 1977 specifically ban it’s use? Do you think scientist have learned a thing or two since the 60’s, especially with the advent of the computer, about weather modification? Geoengineering is weather modification on a global scale.

  52. Ed

    I travel for business a lot and you can see the chemtrails in Europe and South America also. For those that don’t believe it is real, just spend your time and see what happens when a plain leaves a condensation trail, which dissipates within few minutes and on the other hand the chemtrail will stay there and it will start opening up and creating a transparent cloud. If there is wind you will see it drifting away. It does not happen with condensation.
    Also a chemtrail you can see where it starts and where it ends and the regular condensation line only follows the plane. If you want to make sure, do your analysis, is not a matter of believing or not. Check the facts.
    Now, to have these international reach, since it is not only in the US, the question is who is coordinating the actions with other countries? Who is manufacturing the product for spraying? This is a mayor organized global operation, not just somebody doing a geo experiment.

    • paul

      The “Masters of Infinity” have a global reach and have the global elite under “their” control … we can defeat them as we have the numbers right now … but soon … as the human population “is reduced” we will have no chance to take back control of our Earth … every means “to destroy human life” is in play right now from abortion to nuclear war … and once they finally get our guns “they will come out and show themselves” for they will feel safe enough to walk freely among us “without fear” of being shot!

  53. Melissa Caulk

    Thank you have you looked into Morgellons disease? I live outside Ann Arbor and there is even a whole departments that studies nano particles. Check it out sometime.

  54. Southern Girl

    What a wonderful change from a lot of your guests. I guess that is why we watch you religiously. I too live in Arkansas (Central) where the world’s largest C-130 Base is Little Rock Air Force Base. Since Jade Helm started I have not had but one C-130 fly over in the late evening. The C-130’s come from east to west everyday..several times a day..sometimes 2 planes or 3 running their plan. Where are all the fly overs? Also we have a guard unit in N. Little Rock that runs 5-6 Blackhawk helicopters. They usually run daily started early in the morning. Today is the only time I heard one. Something is amiss…

    I am happy to report that I have bees. They come in early spring and the bushes, flowers and trees have blooms. My crape myrtles are still blooming. My bees have something to feed on for a long time. My garden has gone to hell in a hand basket…too much rain. … now we have heat.

    I also wanted to say that since we are in the land of Wally World I am not sure they would be spraying much. About a month ago our local newspaper the Arkansas Dem. Gazette had an article stating the Wal-Mart since JANUARY has been pulling confederate flags and things that might upset the light bright community. Since January, these guys are in on all of it. It a big game and your not in it…thank you George Carlin.

  55. Jerry

    All indicators pointing to fall timeline for major financial shuffling. Including oil companies defaulting on their loans.

    • J C Davis

      Jerry. It will be interesting to see if and what hat trick the world leaders will come up with this time. I trashed my crystal ball about a year ago. It had so many scratches, and smug marks..

  56. Southern Girl

    Another thought, I have a friend who lives in Bentonville (Home to Wal-Mart). He lives not far from he Museum Alice Walton built. It is fabulous. She is putting her money into hard assets. Well she has opened a new children’s museum and he went to see it yesterday. He was flabbergasted…they let the children be cashiers, truck drivers, etc. He said there were only a handful of things he felt were worth while. Ol, Wally World just wants workers.

    Anyone who is a major distributer for Wal-Mart must live in N.W. Arkansas. We have people from all over the world who now live there. Also Donna mentioned about the 5 Wal-Marts closing. Wal-Mart will not be losing money..they will be paid by the US Gov. When the troops need some new bullets or guns well just drop them off at Wally World…. they go in and order and ….bingo, bango, bongo,..they get what they ordered. Wal-Mart is one of the big players in the game. Poor old Mr. Sam Walton who use to drive around in a used pick up truck is now turning over in his grave.

  57. Grafique

    After watching this frightening interview, I’d like to urge you once again to consider having Tom Horn as a guest. He has researched and written on such topics as Transhumanism (DNA alteration), GMO food, Government tracking of citizens and more, all from a Christian perspective. FYI, Tom Horn was the only person who predicted the retirement of Pope Benedict.
    I have watched interviews with him and they will absolutely open your eyes and scare your pants off.

  58. David B.

    I think I’d like to hang David Rockefeller upside down. . .
    Sorry, I’m being PC. I’m not sure who else is on the list, but one must assume the POTUS and VPOTUS have some responsibility.

  59. Ross Herman

    Let me put to rest the total lie about “solar radiation management”. SRM is the first layer cover story! If geo-engineering where intended to limit solar radiation, the spraying would be at the equator in the perpetual noon position, not on the population! End of story. Also, “carbon” (carbon dioxide) is significant part of the photosynthetic cycle, and thus the source of all life on the planet. The more CO2, the more life on the planet.
    We shall fear not.
    Love you Greg

    • paul

      Good point … if it were true that the spraying was for “solar radiation management” what are they doing spraying in Canada?

      As to why the elite are doing the bidding of the “masters of infinity” is most likely because they were promised immortality … they want to become “super human Gods” possessing a variety of genetically engineered implants … giving them not only enhanced cognitive powers but enhanced physical and sensing (hearing, sight, etc.) capabilities.

  60. David B.

    MSM coverage of his August event will largely go unnoticed. I would beg YouTube to cover this event. If they don’t, our camp loses its opportunity to spread the truth.

  61. tee

    Hi Greg ; interesting interview with Dane Wigington but hold on wait just a bit and lets all sit back and take a breath ,well after all thoes poisons we been talking about in the air should I make such a suggestion ? Oh well I bet a fair share of fokes sitting typing there computers got cigars and cigeretts burning away and incence candles smoking away right? We seem to have all fallen into some kind of trance here . Lawlessness is what is causing all these weather upsets, well I read somewhere in some old book that said if you obey me, ill see you get rain in due season ,and look what Edward Griffin said on your show 06/21/2015 quote we need more honesty. another stated on your show that quote We are headed for war because there is no truth Warren Pollock 03/11/2015 also here is a quote from Catherine Austin Fitts The world is changing through crime of our leaders 01/25/2015 so all of this is telling me that the liers in politics and throughout society the lawlessness of us people is causing weather upsets California is a good example of lawless laws passed and then the weather gets worse

  62. Bob Lamb

    The only thing I saw weird was the contrails turning off then on. Could be vented fuel or dumping the lavatory? Contrails are the water vapor, smoke or anything else the plane is outputting getting caught up in the wake vorticies. That is why all 4 engine’s exhaust turn into two contrails. The wake vorticies can last several minutes in stable air (not hours). After awhile the two vorticies will be unstable and touch and then break off into dognut shapes and then will dissapate (rotational flow) completely. If there was any particulate, it will now be dispursed.

    We need a pilot who flies those type of aircraft to tell us what the on/off operation could be.

  63. Anderson

    Thank you Greg for getting Dane Wigington back on your show.
    Despite the constant propaganda barrage from all angles of the corporate dominated media, the facts quite simply speak for themselves.
    This man, and others like him, will be known in the future as the voices of truth and reason who were ignored when it mattered most.
    Some might call it alarmist, but to anyone with eyes and a functioning brain – something is going horribly wrong in the world right now everywhere you care to go.
    The concealed geo-engineering programs offer the simplest explanation for the problems and make the convoluted theories pushed by the mainstream propagandists look nothing but stupid.
    Well done Greg, and get Dane back again for more.
    Unfortunately, it seems tme will prove him correct on probably all counts.

  64. Greg

    Absolutely love this site and all your wonderful interviews. If even half of what this man reveals is true, this planet and its inhabitants are in big trouble. Comparing his motivations to that despicable Al Gore is astonishing. Evidence confirms Gore does not walk the talk and has become a multi millionaire evangelizing on global warming. He is nothing more than a slick profiteering manipulator. Hockey stick indeed. I cannot prove or disprove anything Mr. Wigington has stated. But what really stood out for me was the depletion in in the insect population, especially; when it was mentioned about bugs on the grill and windshield. Never consciously thought about that but you are absolutely right. Here in good ole Nova Scotia, Canada I never have hardly ever clean bugs off anymore….they have either decreased in scope or are now smart enough to avoid splatting on my car. Thanks….watch and enjoy your program everyday. Greg

  65. Jerry

    Full steam ahead with Russian pipeline .
    In the why it matters category it is becoming increasingly apparent that the BRIC nations will not only cut of the EU central banking cabal, buts its gas supplies as well tightening the proverbial financial screws. Fall is coming people and things are about to get real interesting.

  66. Galaxy 500

    I admire your integrity and honest. Intellegent people can disagree. Put me in the non believer category.

    • Allen


      “Greg I admire your integrity and honest. Intellegent people can disagree”

      It is tooo bad u haven’t treated others on this site with the same type of language. I posted dane wigington stuff a couple of yrs ago, and u went off your noodle!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        I think Dane is a charlatan. I know Greg isn’t.

        • J C Davis

          G 500. Not to take sides but on this one I agree with you. How can you have a law suit and not say who it is against?

        • Allen

          g5; not the issue, the issue is your crass koolaid atttack at my chemtrail and other posts. You dont use the kool aid attack on greg, whats up!!!

  67. Arthur

    Thank you for having Dane on. As the saying goes: “There’s none so blind as those who will not see”… ie those who plainly refuse to consider the facts of what’s been presented to them or to even give something the benefit of the doubt.

    I first learned about geoengineering around 2009 and shared it with a friend (Jerry) who laughingly waved it off as contrails as he claimed he’d been seeing them since the 60s (he’s retired from the Air Force).

    Had Jerry been humble enough he may have learned something: weather modification patents exist (see Dane’s site) and other documentation since the late 40s proving that the military has been working on this for years. Interestingly, there’s an Air Force document stating they will “own the weather by 2025”. Weather modification is but one of the aims of geoengineering.

    Yes, Jerry lacked humility. I’ve noticed that those who are “knowledgeable” (or, at least think they are) about something are the ones who let their pride get in the way of waking up. For all you naysayers that haven’t yet given this “the benefit of the doubt”, open your mind and please spend some time researching this topic… the many articles Dane and others have written on this subject… you might learn something new. (A word of caution: there’s tons of disinfo/misinfo you might need to weed through)

    There is a silver lining (pun intended) to all this. There is hope.

    Where I disagree with Dane is how to fix this mess brought on by geoengineering. This is but one aspect of failed human rule. If history has shown us anything: Mankind was never meant to and never will successfully rule himself.

    There’s a reason Jesus taught us to pray for God’s Kingdom to come to the earth. Under God’s appointed ruler the earth will be restored to paradisaic conditions the way he initially intended. The Creator will soon visibly intervene in mankind’s affairs and “bring to ruin those ruining the earth” (Rev 11:18).

    Will you be a Jerry or will you be humble enough to look into or “see” this?

    • Jannut

      Right on “brother”. God’s Kingdom is just about to come to be. Jesus Christ, our heavenly king, will clean up this earth and he will kick out those that are ruining it. There is nothing man or Satan has destroyed that our creator cannot fix.

  68. Don

    Brother Greg, Wanted to say, thanks for having Mr. Wigington on watchdog. The environmental, along with the many other issues you try to cover, all have a common denominator. The minds of the genocidal globalist, are not much different than the ISIS leadership. Order out of chaos, is the norm of the day. They give the world to total chaos, and despair, and offer them the NWO. After this Sept. and Oct., major cards will be played, to bring in an aggressive mold of change. The world has been broken up into trading blocks and realms of rule, created through treatise, like the NAFTA, and others to create European style rule, under the control of unelected globalist. With the idea of the UN global framework, and agenda 21 for global masses. Its been in the making for years, as our elected leaders obeyed there global masters. The global government framework allows a governing body for each region, but, as is now, but not yet seen by the public, a superstate under control by the Oligarchy will arise, as the NWO. Of coarse, we know by the bible, what happens next, so know fear, I’ve always loved that saying. By the time it takes imperial form, it goes for 42 mths. before the Lord Jesus comes and puts down all rule, and the kingdom is given to the saints of the most high. Daniel 2Chap. if you want to read. But thanks, you do your best to keep us informed. Bro. Don

  69. Steven R

    Sorry but I have a hard time with this theory. You would then have to say the people involved like pilots, air crews, ground people, policy makers, scientist all hide this from public view while their own families are down on the ground being poisoned along with the rest of us. Sorry just too much to believe…

    • Anderson

      It matters not what people like Steven R “believe”, the actual evidence is what matters.
      It’s all to easy to dismiss evidence based on “beliefs”.
      A good many Germans didn’t “believe” the evidence about what was going on during the 1930s either – doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening.
      As for simplistic “beliefs” that pilots, air crews, ground people, policy makers, scientists would not participate in such activities – history repeatedly proves that particular “belief” to be wholly wrong. The Manhatten Project comes to mind, or Gulf of Tonkin, or Operation Northwood, or….. (there’s plenty to choose from)
      Dismiss the evidence as you may wish Steven R, it doesn’t change the fact it – real, solid material and documented data – is there for all to see if they open their eyes.
      Put aside what we can all observe by merely looking up.
      Review the registrered patents, read the military doctrine, the IPCC reports from the 1990s and after, look at the atmospheric data, the water contamination (Al levels in particular), etc, etc, etc. Go to Dane Wigington’s website for a start – the man is no fool.
      Don’t believe if you don’t want to believe Steven R, that ‘s a matter for yourself, but to dismiss real evidence without providing contra evidence is lazy, its pointless and it demonstrates a level of total intellectual ineptitude.
      To attempt to cast doubt with such snide commentary is usually the work of paid shills.
      Or from the mind of a complete dupe.
      Either way, it’s worthless.
      Dane Wigington has presented overwhelming evidence, that you have chosen to ignore Mr Steven R apparently on the basis of your “beliefs”.
      Chose to “believe” what you wish sir, it doesn’t change the evdience – which is becoming more and more prevalent by the day.
      Presumably we won’t hear from you again once it can be concealed no longer?
      Or will you be one of those Germans from the 1930s who refused to believe until they had no choice and then pretended to have objected from the start?
      Pathetic sir!

    • paul

      What makes you believe everyone knows what is truly going on? … you can believe it or not … but facts are facts … with all the aluminum sprayed in the air, on our crops and in our food … every 67 seconds someone in America develops Alzheimer’s … but the even “more important statistic” is the bee population … in the last 5 years alone 30% of the national bee population “has disappeared” (with their immune system very sensitive to aluminum exposure) nearly one third of all bee colonies in the US have already perished … and once the bees are gone … so are we!

      • Patrick

        Fear not, paul. I have just placed an order with Monsanto for 2,500,000 aluminum resistant bees. They are projected to be released in Feb. 2016.

        • J C Davis

          Pat Trick. send me some if the don’t kill my farm fresh blackberries. My blackberries have way to much R O Alcohol in them to except any foreign invaders.

    • clark

      Dear Steven R,
      Do you suppose the grunts are told that everything is safe and healthy for them, and they believe it without question? Just as was said about trans fats in the last decade, or was said to the women who painted the luminous dials for aircraft with radium during WWII and died horribly from doing it, etc…

      Anyway, there’s a PHd with a paper being peer reviewed in which he says a major component is coal fly ash.
      Take a gander here,

  70. diane s.

    I haven’t seen any chem – contrails for several weeks in Los Angeles county. Used to see them everyday for the past couple of years.
    I heard a guy on the radio about a month ago saying…they were going to discontinue them.
    He was talking about some of the same things Dane is saying.
    I’m a chemtrail agnostic, in addition to being a global warming atheist.

  71. omniversling

    Hi Greg, thanks for all you do, especially bringing all your wonderful readers in contact!
    I’m a landscape painter, and was living in Europe from 1982 to 2005. I first noticed the ‘sausage shaped clouds at sunset’ in 1997 and started photographing them as reference for future imaginative paintings, as a backdrop to a sci-fi theme. Little did I know what I was photographing then was the beginning of the roll-out of the dystopian nightmare that we are facing now. I now live in Australia, where the bright blue skies of my childhood are regularly subjected to high altitude spraying. Where I live in the south west is not under any commercial flightpath, but occasionally we are sprayed. For proof this is global, see Facebook pages Australians Against Chemtrails, and West Australians Against Chemtrails.
    I wont cover the ground that other postors above have, however I believe there are a few points that my past years of research have revealed that I offer to the discussion (I hope you don’t mind the long reading list!) Firstly no-one above has mentioned the amount of ‘frequency’ that humans now inject into the biosphere. EMF is transmitted more readily in ‘activated’ air. Metallic oxides do that. EMF interferes with our foundational biological processes (see: RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY ).
    Part of the ‘takeover’ is entraining the human mind, which GWEN and cell towers can be used for. (HAARP, Electromagnetic & Microwave Directed Energy Weapons ‪The Uncut Interview from Salve TV in Germany – CIA Mind Control – Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips‬ – 56.40 Electronic Mind Control, 59.29 Iraqi Soldiers Paralysed and Run Over (developed before 1988) ). Activated air makes weather modification (and weaponisation) more efficient.
    It appears HAARP is being used less for weather, and more for tectonic manipulation as NEXRAD is more local and programable (clips here from a researcher who shows how: Nexrad & HAARP: Undeniable Weather Control Connection )
    Sofia Smallstorm on the synthetic biological material that is also observed in some airborne particulate, and the transhumanist agenda behind it: From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology ) Morgellons research here: SkizitGesture Carnicom Institue )
    The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction – Daniel Estulin Sheila Zilinsky How DNA Is Turning Us Into A Nation Of Suspects
    Finally, there are two aspects to Planet Earths geophysical change that may be connected.
    1/ A book by Walter & Lao Russell (search Russellian Science) from 1957 called Atomic Suicide, spelled out what would be the likely outcome for the biosphere if humanity went down the nuclear road. He likened the planet to a human body. A prolonged fever temperature of 4-5 degrees results in death. RadioNuclides vibrate with so much energy they ‘warm’ the molecules beside them (see for Fukushima updates)
    2/Is there a large celestial body ( that NASA announced in 1983) affecting Earth, and other Solar System planets following the principles of the Electric Universe? Why does the Vatican have an InfraRed observatory watching this space? Caravan To Midnight – Episode 305 Incoming: Planet 7x with Gill Broussard
    ‪Fire From The Sky‬
    BP Earthwatch Jesse with Gil Broussard
    What if Gravity is not the dominant force in the Creation? The Electric Universe: The Electric Comet (Full Documentary)
    Stay brave, no fear!…Peace to All…

  72. Simon M

    Sorry – but this guy is either a bold-faced liar or he is regurgitating bad info. The line about B-17s and water injection making vapor trails is pure BS. I would think that you as a “journalist” would vet your guests. As a boomer in my 60s and an avid WWII aviation buff since the early 1960s, I can assure you you have been misled.
    – The B-17 had a very limited payload. On long range missions they could only carry about a 2000LB bomb load – the original prototype B-17s came out in the early 1930s. By comparison a British Lancaster could carry 8-10,000lb bomb loads.
    – do you really think the B-17 would carry hundreds of pounds of extra water for water injection in lieu of bombs?
    – Water/Methanol injection was used in WWII fighters for very short bursts of speed. Either to escape or pursue an enemy. Such planes were the P-47 Thunderbolt and the cats (Hellcat, Wildcat, etc) in the Pacific.
    – Water injection will damage a piston engine if used too long. It can only be used in very short bursts.
    Wikipedia and the web can be your friend.
    Needless to say, next time this guy is on I will pass.
    Be careful, credibility is hard to restore once damaged.

  73. NC Gal

    Denial is not a river in Egypt!

    I am no pilot or engineer, but even I can easily tell the difference between contrails and chemtrails. This is real, it IS going on everywhere I have lived in this country, and they’re going on in Europe, too, according to my father-in-law.

    While I have not seen any explanation for their being created that makes sense to me, I DO see them every time there are clear skies here in North Carolina and have also seen them in Montana and Washington State. The most cogent explanation for chemtrails and HAARP is weather warfare, and its being conducted by other countries, too. Just think of the economic and environmental impacts of droughts, floods, and the earthquake that caused the Fukushima meltdown. These are being done for reasons I can’t comprehend, but depopulation is high on my list of possible explanations.

  74. clark

    Earthworms no longer appear on the sidewalks and such after a heavy rain here in the Midwest. What do you see?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Clark, I see earthworms all over my yard and driveway after heavy rains, but the birds make short work of most of them. I’m not disputing the claims of others, far from it. I can’t confirm these claims based on my experiences and observations here in the greater Ohio Valley. But let’s just say it’s real, known, confirmed and universally practiced. What can be done about it? It’s obviously out of our control, like most everything else. Best always. PM

      • clark

        That’s good to know, Paul. Thanks. I know it’s not due to the birds here. Rather, a localized something else, I’m guessing.

  75. don

    Does anyone realize how many people would need to be involved in this global conspiracy. It’s not 20, or 100. It would have to be in the thousands. Pilots, co-pilots, engineers, maintenance, chemical experts, truckers, manufacturers, planners, coordinators, bosses. This makes the 9/11 conspiracy seem plausible by comparison. And this conspiracy’s goal is to so poison the earth that all life will be threatened…including the people behind it. It’s hard to swallow.

    How about some real, concrete evidence:
    1) participants willing to go live
    2) samples of these chemicals
    3) the location of where they are manufactured
    4) airfield locations of the aircraft involved

    If you want more than the support of the fringe public, you need to produce real evidence. I’m certainly willing to believe, but not based on what I heard in the video or the guy’s web site.

    • brian

      I don’t know Don, I mean when it comes to the public your essentially dealing with the mind of a two year old child. Totally irrational, driven by impulse and virtually blind to anything but the most immediate of consequences of any action taken. As far as courting some kind of “support” from the public using real evidence you can forget it; afterall, the evidence concerning the deliberate addition of fluoride to the water supply cannot be more blatant and the effect such a toxin has on human health could not be made more tangible than it already is; but year after year a large swath of the public drinks it, showers in it, cooks with it and oh yeah, occasionally gets a smidgen of it on their teeth.

    • clark

      Dear Don,
      RE: 1) participants willing to go live
      There was an Air Force guy interviewed on one of the national morning TV shows (NBC?) a few years back, he talked about this subject and mentioned he was subject to court martial for speaking out. Haven’t heard about him since.
      And after the Snowden example (and many others) of what happens to whistle-blowers, who would follow that path?

      RE: 2) samples of these chemicals
      You need to do some research, those samples have already been taken, analyzed, and the results are available online.

    • Anderson

      Watch this space Don.
      Michael Murphy – the producer of the documentary film ‘Look Up’ – has just done exactly what you wish for. He and his associates have chartered aircraft and flown up to ‘chemtrail’ altiutude, into the artificial metal particle slicks and taken many, many samples of the contaminated air.
      As I understand that will be used in the court cases that are pending as well as a brand new documentary with yet more evidence to satisfy the doubting Thomas’ such as yourself (although I suspect no amount of evidence would displace your unwavering belief in a system that has been proven time and time again to lie, deceive and serve only the interests of an elite that does not include you – but undoubtedly those whose payroll you are likely on).

  76. tee

    Hello everybody i have read this whole post and reviewed some of what was posted on 04 /29/2015 and as soon as someone says something contrary to what Dane Wigington has to say someone jumps all over the person so go ahead and jump i think we are being coned here

    • brian

      Yeah, the thing is none of us here know for sure what is going on here, it just boils down to who you are willing to give the benefit of the doubt to. I for one do not see any reason to give any trust to a government that by and large is corrupt, filled with self serving degenerates appointed by and constantly courted, cajoled, threatened and enticed by a corporate lobby so hugely funded and well organized it boggles the mind. But yeah, your right, to date there is no hard evidence that high altitude spraying is done, just like there is no hard evidence that the folks controlling the supply and value of every dollar you work for are doing so for any other reason to improve the lives of as many people as possible. Its just a matter of trust I guess.

  77. Benyamin

    The history of weather manipulation for military purposes goes back to the Sixties when the Soviet Union and the US military began to experiment with ‘seeding’ the clouds .Since the development of microwave transmissions,it has been the goal of the military to ‘weaponise’ the weather by introducing metal particulates which can then be used to produce a “plasma cloud’.
    As well as being able to create super-storms and droughts,redirect the jet-stream,trigger earthquakes and punch holes through the ionosphere ,the HAARP transmitter is also able to transmit wide areas of the surface of the planet with ELF microwave frequencies that are being used for mind-control.
    Combined with the data that your iPhone or Android device is sending back to the central computer system,individualised frequencies can be beamed directly to affect targeted individuals or communities and whole nations.The barium and aluminium nano-particles in the atmosphere are being breathed in by all of us, literally filling our brains and nervous systems with electromagnetically -charged particles ,thereby making it harder to think for ourselves and making our brains and nervous systems more susceptible to the microwave thought-control.
    If you think that the above sounds a bit far fetched,check www. Carnicom institute .org .
    Geo-engineering to combat climate-change is merely a cover for a very sinister agenda that ultimately wants everyone controlled .The infiltration of our nervous systems with barium and aluminium is part of the plan to ‘trans-humanise’ us to make us more easily controlled.Remember, the word ‘government’ literally means ‘control of the mind’ according to its Latin origin,therefore we shouldn’t be too surprised that they are using the new technologies to do precisely that.Digital TV is also part of the very same mind-control agenda and it was originally developed by the US military in the Sixties and called the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum(SSSS)-hence the song written and sung by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle called the ‘The Sound of Silence’.
    The current US military exercise ‘Operation Jade Helm 15 ,Mastering the Human Domain’ was predicted on Jan 4 2009 in an article that was posted on the whatsup? website titled ”Artificial Telepathy,Silent Sound Spread Spectrum and Chemtrails”
    The article briefly describes the modus operandi of the science of microwave thought-control before stating “”The technology is about to be used,albeit in a more subtle fashion,against American citizens in a highly classified and covert operation to mind control and manipulate the entire population into ‘compliance’ with the NWO overlords.The technology will use a combination of HAARP transmitters,GWEN towers(TETRA in the UK),mobile phone towers and Digital TV boxes.
    The microwaves can also activate disease organisms that have been inhaled into our bodies via the chemtrail and vaccination programs.
    The only light at the end of the tunnel re all the above is that it is all indicative of the imminent return of Yeshua ha Messiach,son of Yahuweh who will destroy the entire apparatus of tyranny and ecological destruction that the powerful have constructed to control , torture and kill us.
    As it states quite clearly in the Revelations of St John with the description of ”The Mark of the Beast’ in Revelations 13 Vs 18,the ultimate objective of the NWO is for us all to be microchipped.Combined with the microwaves and the electrically -charged particles in our brains,the microchip would in effect close the circle of control so there would no longer be any freedom of thought.
    We have already reached the moment in history when the system of this world will start to roll out microchips as the ultimate safeguard to our freedom and security.
    As followers of Yeshua ha Messiach(Jesus Christ) we know that we must refuse the ‘Mark’ that will soon become the only way to buy and sell goods through the official government- controlled economy.We need to move away from the populated areas and inland up onto the higher ground and we need to develop an alternative barter economy now and start living as true communities,trusting that our Saviour Yeshuah ha Messiach will sustain us with his living spirit,helping each other out and tending to our mutual needs without relying on government doctors,handouts,food-banks,pensions or even supermarkets.
    The present artificially- created economic crisis has been set up to precipitate a complete collapse of the monetary economy,thus paving the way to a one-world government that uses a fully-automated cashless currency in conjunction with the microchip implant to exert full control over the populations.
    I admire Dane Wigington tremendously but we have to realise that humanity is confronted by an enemy that is so powerful,so pervasive and nearly all-encompassing that our only hope is to wait on the Saviour’s return to establish his Kingdom here on Earth.
    The geo-engineering project has been busy polluting the biosphere on behalf of the NWO criminal elite for well over 20 years now.Monsanto are producing the sterilised GM seed that has a greater resistance to the heavy metal particles,one of the reasons why Monsanto is one of the primary sponsors of the program,along with Bill Gates who has openly admitted that his global vaccination program is about population control.
    An air filter on the market that is sophisticated enough to extract the nano-particles of barium and aluminium is the IQ Air system manufactured in Switzerland. According to the American Elements website,the average size of aluminium nano-particles is 18 nanometers or 0.018 microns.Even some of the most expensive air filtration systems only remove 95% of particles 0.3 microns in width/diameter.
    It is now time to think completely outside of the box of civilisation.We need to produce our own home/community -generated electricity,grow our own food and medicinal herbs and form our own barter currencies.
    Effective air -filtration systems and growing our food under cover are one of the ways round the NWO assault against us and our common life support system,Planet Earth.
    If you are wondering where the guilty culprits are hanging out whilst this terrible agenda is being implemented,look up ‘Ark Cities and Deep Underground Military Bunkers’ on your search engine!

  78. Mark_BC

    There is ZERO evidence supporting chemtrails. White lines in the sky are NOT evidence, they are CONtrails — condensation created from the engines’ combustion, just like they have been doing ever since airplanes took to the sky. Go to Youtube (I’ve spent a lot of time there looking) and you won’t find any evidence other than white lines in the sky (all of the so-called footage of planes spraying is easily debunked).

    All this pollution they are measuring is smog clouds drifting over from China since they have zero environmental controls over there, that’s one of the ways they were able to undercut American manufacturing and steal jobs because it’s cheaper to make things when you can pollute unhindered. These smog clouds drifting across the Pacific have been documented for decades.

    What these conspiracy theorists are proposing is both economically and technically impossible, to be intentionally putting that much contaminants into the air. It would not be possible to make that many flights. It represents more metals than are mined in the whole world every year. Furthermore, with these millions of flights required to put all this stuff up there, there are ZERO reports from on-ground plane mechanics about the gigantic tanks and apparatus needed to do this.

    PLEASE Greg, you are destroying both your and everyone else in the alternative movement’s credibility by giving this utter nonsense air time. I studied both Earth Science and Mechanical Engineering in school and up until last year when I got laid off I was involved in industrial projects doing all kinds of chemical engineering with combustion and I can say with 100% conviction that this chemtrail theory is TOTAL BUNK.

    Seeding clouds to make rain is an entirely different affair and uses different chemicals at comparatively tiny concentrations. It doesn’t even warrant attention, it is so miniscule compared to all the other threats we face today.

    • Greg Hunter

      You did not watch the interview? Chemtrails is not a scientific term. Geoengineering and solar radiation management are and this is real science you can research. There is nothing wrong with my credibility. I post with a real name. I interview people with real names. Thank you “Mark BC”.

  79. pgg1507

    Hi Greg, am a big fan.
    I have, as a science fan, having studied physics/electronics/math in college, pondered solutions to global warming. To counter argue one comment; yes the surface of the planet is immense, but you would have to “shade” the equator where you get the most kilowatt hour per square meters to get the most bang for your buck. Now spraying chemicals is not a great idea as it has to come down eventually. Installing a geostationary mirror would be cost prohibitive, and all the rocket fuel needed…might as well go on with “chemtrails”.

    I would like to say that commentators arguments debating this issue being valid or not, is refreshingly at an intellectual level rarely seen on websites. I usually don’t read the comment section because… well I am sure you know what I am talking about.

    Also Greg has had guest or comments that made my teeth grind (rarely) but are valid discussion points, even if we don’t agree with everything.

    Finally I would like to share a “coined” phrase of mine. We have heard “drink the coolaid”, in the 1950’s (nuclear war paranoia) “the living would envy the dead”. Mine is “the young will envy the old” not having to go through what’s coming.

    Have a good day

    • Greg Hunter

      This is no longer up for debate as the Senate document and other soon to be relleased documents show. Weather modification is a global plan and has been in process for decades. It is fact my friend.

  80. ช่างกุญแจ

    Thanks for finally talking about >Geo Engineering Doing Most
    Destruction to Planet-Dane Wigington | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog <Loved it!

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