Happy New Year 2015!!

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

I can’t believe 2014 is done and gone. I said in 2014 that there would be some sort of dislocation and that would flow into 2015.  I was not sure what it would be, but now, I think the crash in oil prices was that event. Oil prices were cut in half in a matter of months. Now, the oil derivatives and debt underpinning the energy sector are coming under pressure. Derivatives and gold expert, Rob Kirby will be coming on the show Sunday to explain how the ball is rolling downhill for another financial calamity.  It will be what I call an “Early Sunday Release” (ESR), and Kirby outlines the timing and gives his analysis.  Enjoy the ride as we go into 2015 sitting at the peak of the rollercoaster before it starts downhill.

By the way, there will be no Weekly News Wrap-Up (WNW) for Friday, January 2, 2015.  I am taking some time off but will be back on schedule next week.  Thank you for making 2014 a successful year for USAWatchdog.com.  I have said this many times, but it is worth saying again:  I have some of the smartest people on the internet commenting here on USAWatchdog.com.  Many folks say the comments are their  favorite part of USAWatchdog.com.  I can’t argue with them.

One final note: USAWatchdog.com and our YouTube channel had it’s best year ever in terms of growth.  The story below came out on ZeroHedge.com and it really warms my heart.  It’s titled “For CNBC, 2014 Was The Worst. Year. Ever.”   Here’s the link for a quick read:  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-01-01/cnbc-2014-was-worst-year-ever

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  1. Galaxy 500

    Happy New Year

  2. Sneed

    Your efforts are definitely appreciated. They should be coming for you shortly. HNY

    • Anne Elliott

      They won’t be coming for us – they will be too busy looting and rioting when they aren’t paid anymore, or when they are paid with dollars that don’t buy anything. Look at Katrina’s aftermath… It all fell apart and everyone ended up fending for themselves.

      • Kerry

        And Houston got the “benefit” of the Katrina refugees.

  3. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    You do great work Greg.
    I wish you and your family all the best for 2015.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Col! Happy New Year to you and yours!!

      • james chudzinski

        I am a total believer of your show. I would like for you to ask one of your guest to explain why the people on cnbc only say the opposite of your show, are they just that blind, are they in on it, or are the just trying to keep the scam going. thank you .

        • Greg Hunter

          I worked in the MSM for nearly 10 years. They know what the truth is and I cannot know why they don’t tell it. They could be afraid of being fired if they step out of line.

  4. Spanky

    keep getting good guests and you might surpass the propaganda ministers at CNBC. My prediction: Gold goes limit up in 2015 and guys like Dent and Ackerman won’t know what hit them.

    Happy New Year Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and prediction. There may be many “limit-up” days in 2015.

  5. Eric Dubin

    Greg, 2015 will prove to be the most potent year yet for Real Media, and for all that you do. Keep up the great work.

    Eric Dubin
    Managing Editor, TheNewsDoctors.com
    Radio Producer, SilverDoctors.com
    Financial and geopolitical analyst

  6. Rich

    Hi Greg, Many blessings to you and your family. I am so thankful for you and your site. I don’t comment often – I feel so “uneducated” compared to most of the comments that I read here. I also know that my head hurts from all the diverse opinions. But, that is exactly what makes your site my favorite. You and many others here are on my “would love to meet” list.

    Happy New Year to you and all the Watchdog regulars.

  7. alex kincaid ross

    Greg , Your finest hour is just ahead of you . When the whole crazy house of cards begins to collapse and the worlds leaders are running around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off, you will be able to stand back and say ” I TOLD YOU SO !!! “

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not looking forward to that moment. I really will be asking my self how many did this site warn so they could help their friends and families. Thank you for your support and comment!

      • Spanky

        on that note, everyone here should read the book “A failure of civility”by Mike Garand. I believe it is out of print right now, but will have a second printing soon. Per my friend, and freedom fiction writer, and former Navy SEAL, Matt Bracken , it is the best book of it’s kind for preparation in an urban environment. also if you want to read some good fiction that Matt wrote check out his series “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” and 2 sequels. you can buy on Amazon. I must disclose that I had a hand in helping Matt with his first two books, but he is a great writer , and gives the most likely fictional account of what will happen WTSHTF that I have read.

      • woody188

        Part of what keeps me coming back to your site Greg is your humbleness. I too would prefer to not be correct on the coming correction, but it will come none the less. I’d rather know what is ahead than be taken unaware. My best to you and yours in the new year.

  8. NC Gal

    Happy New Year to you, Greg, and to all of the USAwatchdoggers. Enjoy your time off. You deserve some down time! Looking forward to hearing Kirby again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you NC Gal and Happy New Year to you!!

  9. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    As Lt. Col. Prouty said in the movie ‘JFK’, “Fundamentally, people are suckers for the truth. And the truth is on your side, bubba!”

    And that is why USAwatchdog’s audience is growing and the MSM’s audience continues to decline.


  10. bob

    Happy New Year Greg,
    Thank you for a great year of information that keeps us informed!
    Take a much needed break, God bless to you and your family!

  11. Anne Elliott

    Greg you are awesome and deserve a happy vacation somewhere very pleasant! You do so much for us by bringing a variety of guests, and I appreciate that so much. Like the Bible says, “with many advisors, plans succeed”. Thank you Greg for helping our plans succeed!
    Like John said in the Ackerman posts (tried to reply my affirmation to him, but my phone wouldn’t work!) we just need to pray, stock our pantry, save some money, buy some precious metals and tools, and educate ourselves as much as possible!
    In closing, I wish everyone here a very Happy New Year and God’s blessings to you all!!!

  12. Frederick

    Happy new year to you Greg love your work thank you for everything you do for we the people

  13. Jerry

    Thank you Greg for a great year of reporting in 2014.
    I think you are absolutely correct about 2015 being the year the roller coaster ride begins.
    The western banking cartel knows the days of the fiat currency based markets are numbered, and have done everything they can to suppress the price of gold to fill their pockets, and take pressure off the dollar until they’re ready to collapse the system. The problem is the Chinese and the BRICS nations have caught onto the plan and have jumped into gold market as well. Why else are so many countries asking for gold repatriation? Check this little gem to give you so idea.

    I believe it was Rob Kirby who said exactly 12 months ago, that the day the Chinese couldn’t get delivery on gold, would be the day that the plug was pulled on the dollar.
    We’ll we’re just about there my friend. I’m no gold expert, but somebody better step up and make delivery on the gold shorts that were sold in the fourth quarter of 2014, or that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Instead I’m going with a false flag event theory in February or March as a prelude to war to sidestep the problem. Its the same old play the western banking cartel have used for the last 100 years. ” First make off with the broads, then the boodle, and then set a fire on you’re way out to cover your tracks”.
    It works every time !

    • Jerry

      Back by popular demand. Quantitative Easing for Dummies #4. I guess people didn’t get it with the first three. 🙂

  14. rezo

    Hi Greg, as we say in Australia, Your ok mate

    • Greg Hunter

      You too Rezo!! Thank you for the information you posted this year.

  15. susan

    Greg, I pray for you and your family’s peace and preservation in 2015. Who knows what may happen. I am prepped for whatever may happen and have a good God-fearing team with me. Thank you for all that you do. My goodness, you are amazing!
    Sue in Montana

    • Greg Hunter

      What is amazing is all the smart commenters here. Thank you for being one of them!!

  16. Al

    I am a micro-broadcaster. I broadcast next to an RV park which gets guests from all over the United States and I broadcast every one of your shows several times. For 2015 can you please see if you can get these shows on MP3 download somehow? I’m sure the RV folks hear it on my FM station and then tune in themselves via Internet.

    God Bless. You are the beacon of the Alt news arena. When the dust settles, USAWATCHDOG will be the new CNN (no offense, just meant it as past popularity)

    Happy New Year Greg!

  17. Varughese

    You should have Jim Willie on the show this year.

  18. Banjo Pat

    Dear Greg,

    . . .your a better man than we Greg Hunter”

    From all anonymous post’ers to afraid to use our own names in this present day and age.



  19. Lynn

    Happy New Year Greg….you now have successfully gained more viewers than CNN. Funny how that works. You have reported concisely, truthfully, and graciously. When the ” hits the fans, and it will be soon, you know down deep you have helped many of those out there prepare until all debt is flushed out. Pray for a better leader of this nation and all nations to make this a dictatorless world where we are all free from this kabal of evil once and for all…

  20. Michael Harvey

    Thought for the Day Friday 2nd January 2015
    “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.”
    Happy New Tear to all at USA Watchdog
    Peace be with you all throughout the year
    Mike Harvey

  21. Outlookingin

    Happy new year Greg. May you and yours enjoy good health and prosperity in 2015.

    I agree the oil price crash will be the big story that carries over into the coming year. The MSM keeps parroting the line that the Saudi’s are responsible for the crash in oil prices. In order to drive the high cost producers out of business. This is just untrue.

    The reason is much simpler. The worlds economy is slowing down very quickly, heading back into recession. Demand for oil is drastically falling off. The global market is awash in oil that has no market!

    A look at global economic indicators, that still retain a semblance of honesty, proves the slow down. Two indices that dramatically show this, are the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) and the DBC (Commodities Tracking Index) both of which are plumbing new depths. The DBC itself has just suffered one of it’s worst days since 2008 on very big volume.

    A renewed world recession/depression is occurring, the onset of which started in early June 2014. None of the causes of the crash ’08’ have been addressed, nor even attempted to be corrected! Stay tuned for the upcoming final round of this story. Good luck.

  22. Robert P. Bailey

    Hello Greg,
    Its great to have a break from all the chats that you have on your great web-sit, I have sent to you another e-mail, for your eyes only, but I am sure you will now have some down-time to check it out ! ” The Script has been written, and time will reveal how this playing out in 2015, with Bankingism without morals will finally come crashing down”


  23. Coal Burner

    Hope all you ” Doggers” get to do what I did last night. Stroll back and forth from the kitchen to the fire pit out back. Eating the fatted calf, celebrating life with four generations and lot of extended friends and family. We looked at the stars, played with new technology to see the constellations and planets. Yes, even Leo playing with the pretty ball, Jupiter and the Scorpion over China pinching Saturn, chuckle! I thanked God for a good life and asked for it to work out for the ones coming after me.
    Happy New Year to you Greg and all the “USA ‘ Doggers”

  24. Jim H

    Happy New Year Greg! Thank you for providing another place for me to go to remember I’m not alone and most people care about most people unlike you know who’s. http://investmentwatchblog.com/aaron-russo-exposes-the-rockefellers/
    You have truly helped me and I will do what I can to help you. God bless you in your service.

  25. Sven

    Greg, Thank you for all your thought provoking interviews and hard work in 2014. No doubt 2015 will be a heck of year! Also cheers to all the posters on this site who have provided excellent analysis and reflection. Happy new year to all!

  26. AgeOfJefferson

    My first post here. Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Greg for his excellent website and video interviews (which I watch every single week). This is one of very few sites (and people) who have the courage to provide us with REAL news about our corrupt and manipulated world. Thanks again for shedding some light on all this darkness and madness, as it helps us better understand our complex world. I love Greg’s sign-off phrase “FEAR NOT!” as it shows that he is one of very few American souls who is brave enough to take on the mainstream media, corrupt U.S. Government, and the powers that be pulling the strings behind the curtain. I wish Greg continued good health for 2015! I think 2015 will be the beginning of the end for the West. Here’s a look into the future:

    Demise of the West: The Dystopian Prophecies


    22 predictions of what’s in store for the West (including Japan) – and it all starts this year!

  27. Greg Wood

    Just came to view you posts this year! My favorites are when Rob Kirbey is on with you! You are honest and a breath of fresh air! Keep it up!

  28. Deb

    My go-to source for information first thing each morning.

    Thank you! Greg. Best that the new year may bring to you and yours.

  29. dchayden

    All the best to you and yours, in this new year Greg !! We all love you man !! Enjoy your break !!


  30. woody188

    “… tens of trillions of new Chinese credit created out of thin air and promptly misallocated and embezzled…”

    People that think the BRIC’s and China are going to lead the world to prosperity need to read this quote again and again and again. The Party is an insider club and you aren’t invited.

  31. David 'archivesDave' Clumpner

    Let’s trust 2015 will be a blessed and prosperous year for us.
    But keep your eye on Sept of this year: I’ll short Securities.

    Thanks so much for all of your cutting edge interviews with
    a vast variety of perspectives that sometimes conflict with your own

    You’re most definitely one of the best interviewers in all of media,
    mainstream and alternative!

  32. Mike

    If you want evidence that the system is in trouble all one has to do is investigate the extremes that some have gone to in 2014 to keep the lie going.

    The extremes that some have gone to in an effort to undermine the principles of supply and demand alone are nothing short of unbelievable.

    Allowing gold and silver to be traded in paper form was only allowed so that the powers to be could manipulate our view of these precious metals as an investment.

    As always lies always eventually are overcome by the truth.

    Society can only survive if we demand the truth from our leaders.

    Are we past the point of no return……..

    I am very concerned that if we do not confront reality in 2015 that we may crest the hill of no return.

    This is not the time to continue being complacent.

    For those of us that see the true picture I suspect that many of us are gravely concerned.

    Or at least we should be….

  33. Cathy

    Thank you so very much for your great work. I look forward to hearing and reading you and your various guests. Keep on, keeping on!! 🙂

  34. cmg

    Less Gold bugs and more like Martin Armstrong.

  35. Stonewall

    I want to add my thanks for the public service you carry out Greg.
    I believe the time is close when this whole fraudulent, corrupt
    system created by the fed implodes and the consequences will
    be enormous for majority of the world’s population. Scary
    times indeed are coming our way and the sheeple haven’t a clue.
    Keep up the good work because people deserve to know the truth
    and you present the facts in an unbiased way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stone for the support!

  36. Mike Dubin


    I really appreciate all of the work you do. Keep it up and have a happy New Year!


  37. Michael214

    2014 was a good year and you had some nice interviews but PLEASE bring Harvey Organ back on to tell us all what went wrong.

    Thank you for your work.

  38. Linda

    Greg, I love your site! Also, your guests are excellent. Just want to point out that your cartoon depicting the knives in our backs during 2014, amnesty was left off. That is a whopper. I doubt if we will ever recover. America will probably become just another Third World Latin American country. In my opinion, not a good thing.)

    Happy New Year!

  39. Nichole


    Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you for opening my mind by interviewing guests that have alternative viewpoints. I appreciate your courage and the risks you take to bring this information out of the dark.

    “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing”
    Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Nichole for your comment and support!

  40. thomas winston

    What breaks my heart is the fact that most people think everything is fine! Our leaders are getting away with unspeakable evils and thanks to you Greg the truth is here at your site. My wish for you is that more people will listen to you in 2015 so more of us will be prepared for what is coming. Thanks, Greg—Happy New Year!! Tim

  41. Buddy

    Happy New Year
    To you and your family , Greg
    And keep the. Truth coming, we are going to need it more than ever .
    Great reporting!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Buddy!

  42. Happy Dego

    Your guests are great!!!

    Ellen Brown said, and I’m paraphrasing, “big banks will take your money when the derivatives implode”
    Where should I be putting my cash? Federally Insured Credit Unions? County Banks?

    Dent and Ackerman seem to think that deflation is coming. Some of the guests think hyper-inflation is next.
    Where should the little guys, like me, be parking cash? In a deflationary scenario?, in a hyper-inflationary scenario?

    • Greg Hunter

      That depends on how much cash you are talking about but you need some under your direct control as Rick Ackerman said in his interview. You also need some physical gold and silver as calamity insurance (This is not a money making trade but insurance.)

  43. whatdoiknow

    Happy New Year Greg and Watchdogs everywhere!
    At least wine might get cheaper…cheers!

  44. J. Dale Reedy

    Info –Greg, Did you see Bix Weir’s latest news letter on the comic books issued in 2007 for youth by the Boston Fed? I agree with Bix, These are about the need to return to a gold standard.

    • Greg Hunter

      J. Dale Reedy,
      Wow! This is very interesting. Thank you for the link.

  45. Thomas1

    One day I would like to see truth and peace breakout–preferably, simultaneously.

  46. andrew

    Thanks Greg for your tireless effort to bring timely and important news to your audience. You are part of the new media that will be even more important in the future. Get ready for a wild ride. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andrew for your support!!

  47. Rima

    Dear Greg Hunter,

    I have been watching your News weekly wrap up report since Aug 2014. I became addicted to it, and Ouch Ouch for the past 2 Fridays, but you need the rest and i am happy for you 🙂
    May the 2015 brings to you all the good things including the good health, happiness, and success to you and all your love ones.

    Happy New Year!!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rima for the support and kind words. I’ll be back to the regular schedule this coming week.

  48. HTC

    2015…. Finally. Greg, we are entering the final months of the USA. I’m pretty sure America is mystery Babylon, and new York city is the great city within the whole of it. We are within the shmita year, ww3 heating up, earthquakes and volcanos in record numbers, and we are closing in on the half way point of the lunar tetrad. After much research I believe we will see an alien invasion (fallen angels), claiming to be the gods of the universe turning religion into a misguided attempt at trying to explain the unexplainable, discrediting the true God culminating into a deception so great that if it were possible even the elect would believe. I feel we are at the very brink of the great tribulation. When this arrives there will be unprecedented chaos the world over, but remember who is sovereign over all of it. For we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us, and gave himself for us. Remember the parable of the wise virgins who stand watch as the bridegroom makes his way to his bride, keep watching keep waiting for that glorious return. God bless you Greg for getting news out there and waking people from their sleep. He is at the door.

    • Greg Hunter

      Babylon may not be NYC. It may be Mecca of all places. There is a big riff between Sunni and Shia Muslims and not everybody in that world likes how the Royal Family is running the show in Saudi Arabia. I do not know for sure, but I am only putting up another scenario that I have heard about. Many think the House of Saud is behind the oil price crash (with the U.S.). There may be some extreme payback coming to the Royal Family. Who knows where this goes?? Thank you for your support and kind words.

  49. Dwain Decell

    The format you provide on your site is the best and most informative out there. Two videos a week with many experts across the field, up to date news and references to to other sites. Keep up the great work.

    Are you are aware of David Stockman’s blog contra corner? He is smart, accurate and very informative. I really like him. You should try to get him on your video blog as a guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dwain Decell,
      I am in contact with him and will get him on in the first quarter of 2015. Thank you for the kind words and gest suggestions.

  50. rastared

    Hey Greg

    Long time fan…first time writer. My wife (who is an emergency room doctor) and I appreciate all that you do to spread the truth. (She can tell you some horrifying stories about the obamacare mess and what its done to the health care system.)

    We wish you continued success and growth in this new year that should prove to be historic!!! ………I ( a lifetime musician and one-hit wonder band member in the 80’s)put together a couple of protest songs inspired by your writing, among others. I think you’ll enjoy them.

    Drop Out

    Goin Down in Flames

    Happy New Year…..Keep up the great work..

    Rasta Red and Teri

    • Greg Hunter

      Red and Teri,
      Obama Care is going to suffocate the economy in 2015 and we will probably all be told that it’s adding to the phony GDP. This is what the government did in the latest revision of the 3rd quarter GDP numbers as it was revised upward to 5%. The lies are outrageous and global. buckle up for 2015 my friends. Thank you for the street level reporting and for your support!!

  51. Wim

    Happy newyear to you and your dear ones Greg.
    May this world one day a happy place for all walking it’s surface

    • Greg Hunter

      It will be but not before a lot of pain. The check is coming to the table in 2015 and it will be paid.

  52. Felicia

    Greg, I wish you and all of the USAWD folks a blessed New Year. We all need to draw very near to God going forward so our “hearing” is well tuned to what He will be doing and what He wants each of us to do as part of His plan. Daily reading of Psalms 91 will open up a lot of understanding too. Much love and appeciation for a wonderful site, Greg. May God richly bless you. Felicia

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Felicia and “Fear Not.”

  53. Åsa Wollertsen

    Thank you for very intetesting interviews and analysis. I’m a big fan from Sweden and follow your reports every week!
    Thank you for REAL News and keeping up with what’s going on “behind the scenes” (right in front of us)!
    Looking forward to following your work in 2015! 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Asa for your kind words and for your consistent support of this site!

  54. Tom Wolf

    I spend hours every week reading and watching your interviews. There are not reporters like you who have the intestinal fortitude to take on the msm. We are watching our Constitution being raped by both parties at the moment. When will the maddness end? America is long over due for a political “reawakening”…not since the Revolution. We have dissolved the “central” bank twice before in our history. The third time may be in the near future. If not, I fear the dream of our forefathers will be just that, history. Let us all pray that the good people of America have the same fortitude to oppose tyranny. Happy New Year and continue our crusade.

  55. Ed

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the truth you dig out for us and your guests are excellent. I heard the revision of GDP growth being upped to 5 percent and I thought ” Greg needs to have John Williams on to set the record straight on this malarkey. Gods blessings to you and yours! Happy New Year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ed.

  56. DiscoProJoe

    Doc Brown says, “Brace yourselves for temporal displacement.”

    Welcome to 2015!

  57. Klemens

    Happy New Year and thank you Greg for your work in 2014! All the best in 2015!
    Today is Monday and we have the Monday Demonstrations called:
    LIVE aus Dresden: erste PEGIDA-Demo 2015 http://www.rtdeutsch.com/8883/inland/live-aus-dresden-erste-pegida-demo-2015/

    and this is very interesting: A message to the LEFT MEDIA in Germany

  58. Klemens

    ok. here something like Propaganda on BBC about the protest:
    the officiall christian leaders of all christians churches in Germany are completly in the Hands of the NWO! But most of the normal german christians do not want the muslims into Germany.

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