They Convicted an Innocent Man – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s 

Tuesday afternoon, a jury convicted former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin of three counts of murder and manslaughter of George Floyd.  Former Assistant Treasury Secretary and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) says, “This was a show trial essentially. . . .  Chauvin did not have a fair trial. . . . The media convicted an innocent man, and the jury was too fearful to stand on the evidence, and that was the story of the trial.”

PCR points out, “At the trial, the bloodwork showed that George Floyd had three times the fatal dose of Fentanyl.  There was also evidence given that Fentanyl causes breathing problems.  In fact, an overdose stops you from breathing and kills you.  It also came out that Floyd had breathing problems before he was restrained on the ground.  Police videos showed Floyd was complaining about breathing when he was sitting in back of the squad car, and he asked to get out.  The most surprising thing was the police video of Floyd being restrained showed that Officer Chauvin’s knee was not on Floyd’s neck, it was on his shoulder blade. . . . The video the media showed over and over again had ‘camera perspective bias.’  So, how you see something is what the camera perspective is. . . . The Chief of Police, who had already condemned Chauvin for having his knee on Floyd’s neck, when he saw the body cam video (from the police perspective), he was then asked on the stand what his opinion was, and he said he had not seen that.  He also said Chauvin’s knee was on the shoulder blade of Floyd.”

The mainstream media never showed that video from the police perspective that shows Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s shoulder blade.  According to PCR, “There was an abundance of evidence that there was at least reasonable doubt that Office Chauvin was not guilty of the charges. . . . So, why did they (the jury) convict?  I think fear. . . . If you were on that jury and there was a mistrial or a verdict of not guilty, you knew your name would be leaked out and they would reveal who you are and Antifa and Black Lives Matter would be on your lawn threatening your life. . . . You knew you would face threats, and your house may be burned down.”

PCR says mainstream media tried Chauvin in public, and he was “never going to get a fair trial” no matter where it was conducted.  PCR sums up the trial and the outcome by saying, “It was a situation where the evidence could not matter.  The evidence had already been established by the media with ‘camera perspective bias’ the media showed for weeks and months, and the whole world was convinced that Chauvin killed Floyd with his knee on his neck. . . . This was a false fact, but it was far more powerful than the evidence in the courtroom.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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  1. Not So Free

    I predicted they would convict; because the jurors were scared that if they didn’t convict, there would be hell to pay for them, even physical injuries or worse.

    • Mike R

      Yep. Mad Maxine mad darn sure, those jurors knew they would have death threats hanging over their heads for life, if they did not convict. This country is broken. By the Dems. They are totally hubris filled, power hungry, and feel they are invinceable.

      • Freebrezer

        M – they are prepping the black community to start a Rawanda moment = example … the TPTB want civil war, this to give them an excuse for complete control and rule! This is their goal (period!), and this is one a couple of avenues they are pushing to get absolute control …. another one is the covid. I hope the independents and Republicans and especially the Supreme court grow a spine and push back as hard as the communist are pushing other wise ithe USA will be history.

        • Warren B.

          As I recall the incident involving Former Police Officer Chauvin and Mr Floyd preceded the Race Riots / BLM movement /Destruction / WOKENESS across America and then the rest of the World.
          Communism at its most finest (achieved through division). The Elite will stop at nothing to create their world of control.
          “Divide and conquer” is a strategy used by elites (often understood as “the oppressors”) to break down the relationships and unity between subjugated (often racial) groups struggling for justice, freedom, and liberation, in order to maintain the status quo.

          What a show !!
          Look at what it has achieved.
          Where do we go from here ?
          The immediate threats are to our constitutional rights.
          This is all about giving even more power to the ruling class.

      • Marilyn J Grammatico

        I worked full time in hospitals as a Respiratory Therapist. I totally believe that he should have been convicted of killing George Floyd. It was so hard to watch him die. He some how caused his death-it could have been done by several different ways but what matters is he show no regard for his life in my opinion. I don’t believe it was fair to convict him of more than one charge as it seems to me that he is being sentenced over and over again for the exact same thing which is not fair. I am upset at our government for not controling riots & looting. They are abusing our police officers in general and making it so unworth being a cop while crime is way up. They have an agenda!

        • Greg Hunter

          Again Marilyn, if you take a triple fatal dose of Fentanyl you won’t be able to breath either. That is a fact from the court case and the bloodwork. You have to look at the evidence and the facts and not your feelings and emotions.


          • Claude

            I know he had high dose of fentanyl in his system and probably died of respiratory failure and possibly a heart attack. What you are missing Greg, and why Chauvin is going to prison, is that the treatment for those things is not to be put face down with a heavy person’s knee on your throat or shoulder blade.

            • Greg Hunter

              No Claude,
              Not a high dose 3 times fatal dose according to the court. Floyd was dying in front of the cameras and nobody knew any of his conditions of the OD. He didn’t come out and say hey I have overdosed on Fentanyl and I have a heart condition. All he said was “I can’t breath” and he started saying that in the back of the police vehicle. Look at the facts and not the emotion.

              • Justin King

                Chauvin and Floyd were Both guilty of not knowing when to stop !!

                Now Floyd is dead for his idiotic lifestyle and Chauvin could have easily stood up from a handcuffed prone man.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Justin King,
                  Chauvin was following police procedure and Floyd took a triple fatal dose of Fentanyl. Fentanyl cause your lungs to fill with fluid and you suffocate. Thus Floyd was saying “I can’t breath” and started saying that in the back of the police vehicle.

        • Tin foil hat

          You worked full time in hospitals as a Respiratory Therapist, Chauvin worked full time on the street as a human garbage collector. You are a highly educated white collar worker with medical training, Chauvin is a blue collar worker with no medical training.

          I totally believe that he should have not been convicted of killing George Floyd because he called for the medically trained personnel to handle somebody who needed medical attention. Chauvin had no control of the long response time of the ambulance. According to the chubby female EMS who testified in court, the average response time should be 3-4 minutes rather than 9 minutes.

          The ones should be charged and convicted are the white collars in that police department who wrote the procedure and trained the three cops who followed that procedure.

    • Chip

      Anyone that saw the videos of what happened would/should have convicted. I don’t care about Floyd’s character or past arrests. The police were WRONG. If you defend their actions then you simply love a police state where they are free to abuse the citizens… Chip

      • Greg Hunter

        The evidence shows the police were not wrong. Again Floyd has a triple lethal dose of fentanly and Chauvin knee was Floyds Sholderblade according to the police body cams. What you are a proponent of is MOB Rule.

        • Mark Squibb

          Hi Greg:
          Just want to thank you for the great reporting. I read and watch almost everything you publish.
          I pray the insanity passes.
          I was in a group where a white man celebrated the conviction when it was announced yesterday. All I thought was why are the BLM people white?

          I felt there was more to the story and your posting this clip cinched it…
          The Fentanyl is to blame – So sorry that officer was sacrificed to the insane mob.

        • Marilyn J Grammatico

          Greg, If you push down hard enough on someones shoulder blade you could restrict his breathing too much causing even death, This cop was wrong to show no regard for Floyds well being and ignoring the physical sign of his deteriating status. He said he couldn’t breath and it went on way longer than it should have resulting in his death. 6 minutes no breathing irreversable brain damage, 8 minutes brain death. The officer had way too many complaints against him-where there is smoke there is fire. Many people are not in ideal health so that I don’t believe is a factor. Who knows about his drugs the fact is he probably had a tolerance if he used all the time. Floyd was not an angel but it doesn’t make it ok.

          • Greg Hunter

            Yeah Marilyn, and if you take a triple fatal dose of Fentanyl you won’t be able to breath either. That is a fact from the court case and the bloodwork.

          • Freebrezer

            M – The police at the scene called for the paramedics very early on … they knew the thug was overdosing … maybe the blame should be on the paramedics for taking 8 + minutes to get there? If they got there faster, say in three minutes, the thug would have been under the knee for a much lesser time … just something to ponder. As I understand the police rules, he did as instructed – keep an overdosing person subdued until paramedics arrive.

            • Cedric Ward

              You call him a ‘thug.
              What makes you say that?
              Any chance you’re a racist?

              • Greg Hunter

                Just because you call somebody a “thug” (that takes a 3 times lethal dose of fentanyl) who is a drug abuser with a long criminal record, does not make you a “racist.” Take that woke-tard crap over to Salon, MSNBC or CNN.

                • Tin foil hat

                  +1,000 I’m glad you said it before I could. I almost become a racist too for agreeing that George Floyd is a thug.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    He threatened a pregnant mother by pointing a loaded gun at her stomach. That is a fact. Who does that?–A THUG.

              • Freebrezer

                Cedric – Jeezze that is a tough one … Maybe robbing a pregnant women at gunpoint and putting a gun to her stomach and telling her he is going to blast her or give me the money – aggravated robbery!!! In my book that is pretty low – robbing a defenseless pregnant women! Opps – I forget that in our new world that gets you the title of “saint” . Passing fake counterfeit bills umm … another thug option, or in our screwed up world “Saint ” option. Per hooked on drugs – I consider this an illness.

                • Greg Hunter

                  That pregnant woman was black by the way. So, yeah that makes Floyd a “thug” and not because he’s black but because he did thuggish things in breaking the law.

              • Freebrezer

                C – almost all of these police interventions that result in the death of the suspect have one common theme – ‘Resisting Arrest’ – Is that OK in your book? and is that also racist thinking to have the mind set that is wrong? … just asking for clarity?

                • Greg Hunter

                  BOOM Shakalaka!!!!!! Why don’t Black leaders tell people NOT TO RESIST ARREST!!! You do not have the right to fight the cops and you do not have the right to run off and drive off and think thye cops are going to say6 oh well, I guess they got away. You can fight it out in court if you have a good case and will be exonerated.

              • wayne hardin

                If you think calling somebody a thug has anything to do with the color of their skin .
                Chance’s are you’re a racist .

              • Robert F

                I find it funny people like you come to this channel knowing full well this isnt a commie rat, hole, yet you persist in putting forth your delusional rhetoric.

                Simply, just go away. We dont want to be around people who sow racial division based on false premises, while supplementing the central bankers scheme.

                You are a pawn.

              • Tin foil hat

                Live like a thug, die like a thug, something 2Pac and George Floyd have in common.

                GEORGE FLOYD WAS A THUG.

                Yes, I’m a racist because of people like you.

        • Rick Hayle

          You’re so right . It’s mob rule all the way . Evidently , all the people who were put on the jury had their minds made up before they HEARD any of the evidence . Most likely due to all the coverage on MSM to do so . They lied when asked if they could be fair minded or if they had ANY bias against the defendant .

      • steve

        To me it should be no more than a manslaughter case, the cop was not intending to murder him.

        • Greg Hunter

          It was not manslaughter or any crime at all and the facts in the case prove that.

        • Robert F

          Hi steve,

          Looking back, this was my initial stance, even before the other videos came out, I knew there was likely more angles and only one was being shown for an agenda. Not to mention the original video had perspective bias and in a real court of law would have to prove intent as well to get anything higher than manslaughter there would have to be more than just negligence, am I correct? After the secondary videos were released, I thought, manslaughter was even questionable charge, now with more court evidence presented I am convinced he shouldnt be charged at all,

      • Jamii

        Accountability! Agree with you 100% Chip!

    • JC

      NSF, you are correct.
      They would have been identified and hunted down like dogs, see below.

      The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is being blasted online for releasing biographical information of all twelve jurors plus two alternates in the Derek Chauvin trial in the killing of George Floyd.

      Without naming the jurors, reporters Paul Walsh and Hannah Sayle on Tuesday published enough details about their lives, internet sleuths and local snoops may be able to figure out who they are.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So the jury was bought and they are all cowards. Hope they like their wages of sin.

    • Robert


    • James C Rattenborg

      The only thing that I can see it that George Floyd obviously died and they were bringing out the body bag and the officer didn’t try to to CPR. If the officer tried to do CPR he probably would not have been convicted.

      • Robert F

        Since when does he didnt do cpr right away = murder?

        Hmm, think that one through before you post again

    • DocD

      That’s a complete mockery of justice! Since we don’t have any ACTUAL justice or REPRESENTATION, why are we paying into this criminal system? It feels more like being shaken for money by the local mobs. USA is DEAD! Requiescat in Pace!!!

    • h5mind

      Chauvin was convicted the moment the state of MN handed $27 million to Floyd’s family. Imagine for a moment if O.J. Simpson had been found liable for the death of his wife and her friend BEFORE the ‘trial of the century’. How would that circus have played out with the entire media and most of the country ‘knowing’ he was guilty?

    • Brutus Anti Federalist

      By not assuring the jury protection, the precedent has been set that the law breaking segment of society can use the threat of violence to force their will on the law abiding.
      Want another trial to go sideways, threaten to burn down the cities.
      Want the City Council to vote for thus and such, threaten to do harm to their children at school.

      However, when the courts set the precedent that the police have no duty to protect the people, and you let the government restrict your access to weapons, as well as the type of weapons, and you let the government punish those who do defend themselves – this is what you get.

      Actually when you abandon the Bible this is what you get as all these ills follow as a Judgment for your sin.

  2. Benjamin Golan

    Absolutely agree. Let’s not forget the martial arts expert Sean Hannity who convicted this police officer, along with the brilliant Dan Bongino. Makes you wonder.

      • Benjamin Golan

        Unfortunately, they have past judgement early on, and over time have continued reinforcing their judgement. Hannity has done similar in the past. If it wasn’t for Rush, he would be no one.

      • Arizona

        GREG,The Founding Fathers of this country warned.. NO STANDING ARMIES ALLOWED,OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN HAS CALLED AND CALLED THE MEN TO STAND UP,and take down these devils running the police gangs,military,and government,,they have refused to do that,the POLICE GANGS AND MILITARY ARE THEIR HERO’S,OUR FATHER told DANA COVERSTONE ..either the men stand up and take down these devils or he’d send them to hell,The men in america have chosen to go to hell,..women,children,AND MEN do not die in the custody of the government unless they were murdered..OUR FATHER is sending his friends the RUSSIANS to do what he commanded the men in america to do,that they refused to do..There won’t be many people still alive in america in 2025,AMERICA has become a,corrupt, godless, demonic nation,OUR FATHER will now put a stop to it,You men had your chance,the door to save your selves has closed now,WAR IS COMING,it will be the worse bloodbath in history..AMERICA will celebrate the ANGEL OF DEATH ,returning to power in america,BARACK OBAMA,then they’ll cry to GOD to save them from him,HE WON’T HEAR THEIR CRIES..he gives them what they wanted..take care my friend,your all leaving soon…where you go will be up to you…

      • AL HALL




      • Curmudgeon

        I worked in healthcare in X-Ray, long ago. I did morgue work – films for gunshot wounds or to ID a victim on many occasions. The odd time I was called during an autopsy. In the chit chat with the pathologists or staff from the Histology Lab, I learned that for all deaths occurring outside the hospital, analysis of stomach contents was routine. What astonished me was that the pathologist performing the autopsy admitted that stomach contents were not tested. He acknowledged that he had heard about the incident. How then, could the stomach contents not have been sent for analysis, particularly if police suspected he had swallowed a handful of something?
        I still know my anatomy, and knew from the start that even if Chauvin’s knee had been on Floyd’s neck, it wouldn’t have cut off blood supply. The fact that there was no trauma to any part of the neck, as reported from the autopsy makes all of the “conclusions” by the pathologist and Emergency doctor, nothing more than conjecture.
        I have testified several times, and know that the prosecution’s rebuttal witness did not provide evidence. Testimony only becomes evidence when it relates to documents, otherwise, it is a narrative.
        This was either an elaborate hoax, or a Stalinist show trial.

        • h5mind

          I’ll go with “Stalinist Show Trial for $1,000, Alec.”

      • Freebrezer

        Greg – every one has it wrong! He tested positive for Covid … Yep covid … think of all the people killed by covid in car accidents … there is even a covid death in Alabama by alligator ingestion … You test positive for covid and die, you die from covid!

      • RNJD

        George Floyd died from a lethal dose of Fentanyl along with the methamphetamine in his system. Floyd was a long time addict with a heart condition.
        Chauvin did NOT kill George Floyd as the cartilage, especially the cricoid cartilage in Floyd’s neck, was undamaged.
        Floyd had no bruising on the surface of his neck, nor upon dissection/autopsy of his neck, was there any evidence of bruising in the deep tissue of George Floyd’s neck.
        Importantly, George Floyd had no petechial hemorrhaging in his eyes.
        ANYONE who is asphyxiated (had their air flow cut off by strangulation or some kind of compression), whether intentionally or by accident, will have petechial hemorrhaging in their eyes due to the interruption of the head’s blood flow.
        And last but not least, if you are still able to talk, you are NOT unable to breathe!
        Talking requires breathing, but of course none of these purely MEDICAL facts will matter.

        • h5mind

          We live in a world where emotion is all that matters, and facts are merely buzzing annoyances, easily swatted away.

  3. sylvia

    No,no. Once Floyd was on the ground and cuffed up, IT WAS OVER. Chauvin’s ego convicted him

      • Paula D.

        LOL. Spot on Greg Hunter.

      • tim+mcgraw

        Hi Greg, imo, Chauvin screwed up. He did have an ego and he did act with excessive force. This doesn’t mean I think Floyd’s family should bet $27 million from Mpls. taxpayers or that Chauvin should go to jail.
        Imo, Chauvin should be fired.. which he was, and the family of Floyd should have gotten a small financial settlement. (The guy was dying from a drug overdose.)
        Looking at the bigger picture; privatize everything including the police and an agency to settle disputes. What we have isn’t working.

        • Greg Hunter

          If you ignore all the evidence I guess you can think this way, but the facts and police body cam video say you are wrong.

          • tim+mcgraw

            Hi Greg,
            George Floyd had a medical emergency. Call in the EMTs and send him to the hospital. Forget the counterfeit money and the drugs. Chauvin did not have to put his knee on Floyd’s shoulder blade.
            Cops have been abusing Americans for a long time. They refuse to police themselves. The Supreme Court gives the cops a pass. I’m fed up with it.
            Look up the shooting of Andy Lopez case here in Sonoma County a few years ago. A sheriff’s deputy shot a 13 year old kid in broad daylight (3:30 PM) walking down a sidewalk in Santa Rosa. The kid had a pellet gun that looked like an AK-47. Sure the kid was dumb, but Deputy Gelhaus emptied his gun (8 shots) into the kid with little or no warning. The County dragged its feet with the Lopez family. They finally got a little over a million bucks after years of litigation and lawyer fees.
            As for Deputy Gelhaus, no charges. In fact he was promoted to sergeant and is still carrying a gun for the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dept.
            No, Greg; I’m tired of the cops getting a free pass.
            This doesn’t mean Chauvin should have gone to jail, just fired and lose his pension.

            • Greg Hunter

              Who knew that? Nobody knew he had a heart condition or that Floyd too a 3x’s lethal dose of Fentanyl. Floyd is responsible for his own death.

        • Jon P

          Privatize the police? Trust me, You do not want that.
          I do not want Amazon to be in charge of the police force. You will have no rights.
          Just take a minute to think about what you just said.
          The corporations will be in charge of the police force. The constitution will mean nothing, and the police will serve their corporate masters.
          I know our current system is not perfect. But at least you have your constitutional rights.

          • wayne hardin

            But at least you have your constitutional rights. ?????????????
            That was a joke wasn’t it .

          • tim+mcgraw

            Hi Jon P, You jump to many conclusions in your arguments. Why would Amazon and the corporations control our local police? Many corporations already have their own security police to protect their property (refineries in Texas come to mind.)
            Locals can control their own police and fire departments for that matter.
            Our small town owns its own electrical company supplying power to our town. We own it and control it.
            It works.

        • Self Exiled

          I remember when they started selling the privatization scheme to the public and it sure sounded good. Governments are inefficient and wasteful. You will have cheaper utilities, better run prisons, yada yada yada. South Dakota sold its cement plant, price double, utilities went up and the prisons needed to be filled. Privatization, more assets for the 1%, that’s how they became the 1%.

        • h5mind

          IMO Chauvin screwed up by not fleeing to a non-extradition country when he had a chance. Seeing the media coverage, he must have strongly suspected there was never going to be a fair trial. If you think we are still a fair and reasonable country, try yelling ‘All lives matter!” at a BLM rally.

      • Russ D

        Keep preaching the truth Greg. This Thug did of a drug overdose, NOT from the Cop.


    • Nadzieja Batki

      You don’t know much about human behaviours, Floyd before he was cuffed would have done quite a bit of damage to the Police Officer and could still be flailing about after the cuffing and being held down as the Police Officers were trained to restrain.

      • tim+mcgraw

        Batki, It took the cops an hour just to get Floyd out of his car. Why not just leave him in his car? What were the cops trying to do? They get him out of his own car, put him in the cop car, Floyd can’t breathe so the cops take him out of the car……
        None of it makes any sense!

        • Robert F

          Who are you trying to convince and why are you so invested in your assumptions?

          the facts show he shouldnt have been convicted, you are insanely biased, that mich is obvious, The real question is why are you so biased and focused on irrelevant details while ignoring the most important ones.

          You arent maming critical arguments, you are making a fool of yourself.

    • JamesinNM

      Floyd killed himself with an overdose of fentanyl. People whine and refuse to be personally responsible and accountable for themselves. That dog won’t hunt at the final judgement when the truth will be shouted from the rooftops, and all evil will suffer the second death and burn for eternity. Life is a mere breath, but eternity is infinite. Choose the truth and Jesus. Do not choose the lies, fraud, and Satan.

  4. William Glaser

    Officer mark Chauvin has been made a sacrificial lamb for the left.

    • JC

      Chauvin was sacrificed on a historical day of evil, April 20th, Hitler’s birthday.

      • Paul ...

        JC … This all could have been avoided … by simply giving our police the J&J vaccine to inject into unruly people to subdue them (by giving them blood clots to the brain) … and thus there would be no need for trials … as murder would be legal!!

        • Paul ...

          err … murder “Big Pharma style” would be legal!!

  5. Mark in OKC

    If the Minneapolis police are trained to use a knee to the back or shoulders as part of restraining someone, then Chauvin is absolutely, postively “not” guilty.

    • Shirley Thompson

      It is a proscribed procedure to neutrally incapacitate an uncooperative individual. the defense even presented as evidence the MN Police Academy training materials that demonstrated officer Chauvin followed the directive explicity – even to the point of keeping his hands in his pockets so as not to touch the suspect.

      • JamesinNM

        Thank for a voice of reason. Bless you.

      • sk

        NOT proscribed!!! I read that it was PRESCRIBED during training of the police by an IDF team!

    • Robert F

      Well, surprise, it is, especially on large men who outweigh you lol

      Duh, common sense really.

      People really got psyoped on this and its damaging our societies IQ levels dramitically,

      I mean our culture is descending to complete garbage…already is…

  6. David

    I have three children and one son-in-law. All are police officers. I am very proud of them, but honestly I wish they would change careers. Police are treated as pariah by politicians who use them as political pawns, by journalist who skew the facts, and activist who demonize them to advance their ugly agendas. Why would a police officer ever want to put themself in a position where a split second decision, under the glaring light of public opinion, would put them in jeopardy? My daughter and her husband have placed everything they own into a trust for fear they will get sued. How crazy is that?

    In Colorado, under the Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity Act, passed in June 2020, police officers can be held financially liable for any judgement awarded in a case. Any one can now sue a police officer. We’ve become such a litigious society, that every police office in Colorado has a target on their back.

    • Robert K


      LEO’s have had a target on their back since the obama administration in 2008. As a former LEO, I left the force right before the michael brown incident in Ferguson, Mo. in 2014. For the record, the tactic Chauvin used is taught in academies. obama, has been the one fanning the flames and doing his best to cause race riots, racial division, and the “us vs them” agenda. It has exponentially gotten worse and we can see it trickle down to every political office across the nation. The goal is and has been to dismantle law enforcement at ANY COST. Chauvin, never had a chance at a fair trial from day one. I hate to discourage people from following their dreams, but I would not encourage anyone to get into law enforcement these days…It has become to politicalized, and you will be hung out to dry with no support from your command staff, and a political agenda that aims to defund police and make an example out of officers and their families in the interest of “wokeness” and “social injustice” …

    • h5mind

      I have a nephew who works as a correctional officer. He’s a good kid, always tries to do the right thing. The first six months on that job nearly killed him. Had to undergo therapy and transfer to a minimum security facility where the inmates weren’t as psychotic. I still hope he will pursue his first ambition, which was to become a fireman. You get to save people and no one wants to kill you.

  7. Jim Ledyard

    When a member of congress makes inflammatory/leading statements on live TV in front of a jury and the judge refuses to call a mistrial… this is not due process.

    • h5mind

      But it is kangaroo court! The communists have rotted the brains of the so-called liberals in the U.S.

  8. Bo+Faircrest

    Revelation 5:9

  9. Shirley Thompson

    The trial was broadcast – anyone could watch, see the evidence, hear the expert testimony on Floyd’s autopsy (no neck bones broken nor bruised), hear first hand the toxicology levels in Floyd’s system (fatal dose of fentanyl), watched the police body cam footage (not some spectator’s video from across the street that distorted images by angle and perspective). If you watched the trial you would have seen/heard first hand Chauvin executed police academy neutral restraint of uncooperative individual. You would have seen Floyd’s combative and uncooperative fits of rage as police tried to place him in the squad car which is the reason Floyd was put on the ground and Chauvin’s knee was on his upper back near mid-shoulder. If you actually watched the entire trial you would have heard the state’s prosecuter lie and distort facts, name calling defendant and his attorney and characterizing the attorney’s defense as “stories”. I honestly felt the jury quite possibilly found Chauvin not guilty on two if not three of the manslaughter charges or would have resulted in hung jury. I kept asking why the jurors were not sequestered through the trial? Any reasonable person would believe each and every one was tutored by MSM and CNN’s distorted public trial. Jonathon Turley and Prof Dershowitz both publicly stated Chauvin did not receive a fair trial. But when political rhetoric becomes a part of the judicial narrative, we have lost the rule of law. The Dimwits have succeeded in transforming our Constitutional Republic into a Democracy which leads to Totalitarianism. I now have ZERO faith in our judicial system and have nearly lost all hope of America being restored.

    • Freebrezer

      S – you got to ask yourself, if you were on that jury knowing how the social media works and social justice works to destroy anything that gets in their way, would you vote guilty or innocent? One of the witnesses in favor of the cop had is house doused in pig blood along with pig heads left in his yard … Wow that sends a pretty strong message. He promptly had to move his family for their safety! Think of the family members of the jurors and the terror they were anticipating if he was not convicted …they live in that community(!), do you think for one minute this dread/fear was not forwarded to most of the jurors? In addition, if you were the sole hold out or even three or four of you, how long before your name/s were leaked to the world? Yes there is no justice and these jurors were scared for their lives … and I understand their decisions

      • Freebrezer

        and yes, I think an innocent man is going to prison for life.

    • h5mind

      Fear is a powerful motivator. Those jurors were expected to produce a single verdict and it was decided the moment the state of MN paid out $27 million to Floyd’s family BEFORE the trial started. I wonder if that has ever happened before? We seem to be experiencing a large number of ‘firsts’ lately.

  10. Rebecca

    Thank you Greg for at least exposing the other side! Your a true journalist at heart ♥️ it’s much appreciated!!

  11. John Grissom

    Because he is guilty. And they are right.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not guilty if you look at the facts and bodycam video. Your feelings are not a facts snowflake.

      • Brewski

        Good one Greg

      • Rich

        Thanks for always standing behind the truth when it is SO evident! Blessings to you and yours…..and you faithful followers who I’d conclude are…..pretty alright!!

    • Derek Sinclair

      I would get a medical check up if I was you. That thing between your ears isn’t working properly. Either that or you are wholly ignorant of the facts of the case or are just plain evil. So which is it; mental issues or ignorance or evil…or maybe all three.

    • h5mind

      “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” (Mark Twain). Now your turn, try to find someone educated who says you should respond to everything important based on how you ‘feel’, instead of via a careful examination of the evidence.


    The ” trial” was just a glimpse at Life under communism for all the world to see.


      I’m thinking the same.
      Never going to CA either.
      Maybe move to FL?? –At least for next few years

  13. Candy Steele

    So sad that his life and many others have been ruined by the lefts agenda. They only care about what they want. I pray it’s not to late to turn things around and get America back.

  14. Robert H

    What I am unclear on is since massive and illegal vote fraud has been approved by all branches of Govt, why is the Republican Party, to include those sending “emergency” donation requests in the name of Trump, asking for money to defeat the bad things the “Democratic” Party is doing in the next election, when it was the Republicans who worked with the “Democrats” to steal via illegal Coup, Trump re-election and the Amercian people’s votes?
    Ok, say Trump runs in 4 yrs…the unpunished Dems and “Republicans” will only have perfected their vote fraud systems. So what value is it to contribute $$$ to the Republicans or even Trump’s next campaign when it will just be stolen again? Elections do not seem to be a working tool anymore.


      Republicans get the loudest when they’re out of power; but once in power, as we’ve seen,…no action on meaningful conservative issues. They’re just a different flavor of globalist, masquerading as a “conservative” choice.

      Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Liz Cheney, et al

    • Marti

      Robert H,
      I thought I was the only one. My box has been bombarded with pleas for $$$. No more. I have not seen one candidate that I am willing to contribute one thin dime to. There are 1 or 2 that are not in my state that I might study more throughly but even with research, I have found they all seem to be the same. Just sick of the whole lot of ’em.

  15. Barbara Lyon

    How could there have been a fair trial when the city of Minneapolis agreed to an out of court settlement of $27 million to the family of George Floyd in response to their civil lawsuit just days before the criminal trial began? Was this a deliberate effort to sabotage the trial?

    • Paul ...

      BL … How many millions of dollars did the Ashli Babbitt family get when the black police officer “shot her dead” (for acting like a drugged up out of control individual)?? … the reason given by the Justice Department for not bringing any criminal charges against the black police officer and for doing what a white police officer did (killing an out of control drugged up individual) … was that they didn’t want to second-guess the actions of an officer “doing his duty” during a violent and chaotic incident!!

    • tim+mcgraw

      $27 million?What a travesty for my old home town. Here in Sonoma County, Sheriff Erick Gelhaus killed 13 yr. old Andy Lopez for carrying a BB gun in broad daylight. The city of Santa Rosa paid the Lopez family a million or so bucks after years of delay. Sheriff Gelhaus was promoted to sergeant. You can look up “shooting of andy lopez” and read all about it.

    • Paul ...

      BL … How many millions of dollars did the Ashli Babbitt family get when the black police officer “shot her dead” (for acting like a drugged up out of control individual)?? … the reason given by the Justice Department for not bringing any criminal charges against the black police officer and for doing what a white police officer did (killing an out of control drugged up individual) … was that they didn’t want to second-guess the actions of an officer “doing his duty” during a violent and chaotic incident!! … the difference between “$27 million dollars” being awarded to a black family for a “white” officer killing a black man … and “zero dollars” being awarded to a white family for a “black” officer killing a white woman … seems the Demon-rats are trying to show that all “white people” are racists (like Bill Gates) …which is not so … although racist/eugenicist Bill Gates got awarded $2 Billion dollars for developing vaccines to kill off many black third world populations … this “white” monster Gates should not be used to destroy the fact that there are many many more “good white people” (then evil ones trying to abort and kill blacks)!!

  16. Kevin Tatanka

    Thanks for having PCR on. I respect and pay attention to his thoughts on economic matters; have for quite some time.
    I live in Minnesota and we’ve had our fill of this story here. Yet, I’d never seen that different video perspective. Of course, that’s intentional given our hyper-liberal media; so what if we’re lying by omission?, so long as it serves our agenda it’s OK! I knew Chauvin would be convicted of at least careless indifference (Seinfeld) to Floyd’s well being. On appeal, things may turn out quite different. I feel sorry for Mr. Floyd not just because he died in the incident, but because he was a drug addict who probably would have died from the quantity of fentanyl in his system even if he had never encountered the police at all.

    • Montana Guy

      Agreed. Dr. Roberts is a good man and truth-teller.
      The verdict may have saved Chauin’s life and his family from even greater suffering. The groundwork has been laid for an appeal.

      Fall of America in 16 words: You can vote Democrat for Communism or Republican for Fascism (fancy name for Corporatism). Two choices.
      ‘Secession is the only vote in history that ever counted.’ – Bill Buppert

  17. Michael Favell

    The Rule of Law is dead. Very sad!


    Greg: QUESTION: Did the medical term “Excited Delirium” get mentioned in the trial? Essentially, this describes a stimulant drug overdose condition in which cells are in a constant state of activity, absorbing all the oxygen in the blood, and the brain is starved of oxygen…behavior is then exhibited as if in a state of delirium.–Basically, even with immediate medical intervention, it’s 50:50 death occurs with 20min. Without intervention, overdose.

  19. tim+mcgraw

    This is why I will NOT sit on a jury or participate in the US Legal System in any way. It is corrupt and evil. Once you enter that courthouse; you have lost. The “Hall of Justice” is just the opposite. More Doublespeak. Anyone looking for “justice” with the American legal system might as well be looking for some leprechaun’s pot of gold under a rainbow.
    This trial was all about destroying the local police, our last protectors that we have some control over. If I was a cop in Mpls. I quit tomorrow.


    Greg: QUESTION: Do you think the judge knew this was a show trial, and setup paths for an appeal??—He could still set aside the verdict, but the pressure is to great. Maybe he will give a reduced sentence as a gesture of the injustice.

    • Greg Hunter


      • andyb

        Actually, I believe that the Dems want an appeal so that they can keep the mobs riled up for the elections of ’22 and ’24. This will be milked TO A FARE-THEE-WELL.

  21. Marie+Joy

    It will be interesting to see what the trial judge does about a mistrial.
    Fear is a powerful weapon. If the jurors convicted, in fear, the judge MAY do the same.
    America needs people who are brave and they seem to be in short supply.


    P.C.R. is the best guest you have had on by far. His insight from years of being part of the political machine and media “machine” is unmatched.
    I do believe there was a conviction in this country for murder today by the press, and by the political wind.
    That officer may have been responsible for for that fenatol inebriated black mans death, but there was no murder. He did not go out to kill anybody. manslaughter maybe. But thats it.

  23. Adam Munyard

    I must admit, when i first saw it on the news here in Australia.. i immediately thought it was murder. Thats also how it was portrayed. A white supremist, racist kinda thing. Sparking wild emotion and hysteria from the usual suspects ie the left.
    But then when i saw the FULL video where Floyd was not able to breathe in the car, and Chauvin demonstrated compassion and allowed him out of the car and lie down – and crucially the knee in should blade region ; i knew we had yet again been sold a banana by MSM to forment the racist ideology relentlessly pushed upon the west.
    Any death of a person is sad, especially if they are not saved by the blood of Jesus. However, this is the most politicized death i’ve seen in my entire life
    I think Mad Max should be impeached, and if found guilty thrown in prison. She is a disgusting woman, with a trail of race baiting, lies, corruption and many things.
    I think there should be a new trial, potentially judge only if that is possible (no jury). And lastly, the FBI and secret agencies should be surveilling Antifa and BLM, and charge them as domestic terrorists and send them to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Lets see how these soy boys behave after a few of their leaders get sent to a terrorist jail. They’ll crumble like the cowards they are

  24. Bill Wilson

    The video on the right is Difficult for me to see clearly. I will take the testimony of the Police Chief as proof, that Chavin had his knee on Floyd’s shoulder blade!



    • That Guy

      Precisely right, Tonya. Like the OJ fiasco, this was all cops on trial not just Chauvin. Never about the facts or scientific-forensic evidence. We keep elevating these thugs to sainthood status. Watch how the Floyd family goes absolutely nuts when they get their hands on the money. Third cousins will be coming out of the woodwork.

  26. allen ols

    greg, real raw news;

    • Paul ...

      AO … Since decapitation is a more efficient means to kill people … than say shooting a person with a bullet … or jabbing them with an experimental vaccine needle … Bribe’n has just placed his first of likely many orders for 3500 new guillotines each month from the Nanjing Hangjin Machinery Equipment Company (a Jiangsu-based firm in mainland China that specializes in paper-thin, tungsten steel blades) … and who have likely put aside … 10% of the profits for the “Big Guy” … Bribe’n likely figures … if the human race has to be exterminated … why should all the profits go to Bill Gates and Fauci … he should also get in on some of the gravy!!

      • Paul ...

        Do you think perhaps Bribe’n will be found guilty … of killing people by putting titanium steel blades on peoples necks (rather then his knee)???

  27. Eric M.

    Please put up the Police bodycam video, I have yet to see it.

  28. BetterChetter

    Chauvin paid the price that Rodney King’s arresting officers should have paid.

    • Freebrezer

      B – Pleazzze! Look into the Rodney King beating … Oh you did not know that the media and the courts withheld 17 (crucial) prior seconds of the encounter of King with the police and it was NEVER (!) shown on the tube … I hope you are asking why? In that 17 second clip, the Reverend (or may be “Saint” Rodney) fractured one policeman’s jaw and slammed a second policeman into a squad car wrenching his back and incapacitating him … No, NO, No this is not resisting arrest, it is a friendly misunderstanding! this before the remaining officers beat the hell out Rodney to incapacitate him … yep they also forgot to mention that the “Saint” Rodney was drugged up … the jury got to see the 17 seconds and hear how drugged up he was, but again we in the public aren’t sophisticated enough to digest that information … search deep into the internet and you will find written accounts of it directly from the jurors mouth. This is what they saw, and thus made their decisions accordingly.

  29. Marti

    I did not see the trial so would need to go back and review that because the only footage I have seen was what was shown on news reports. Not sure why the 9+ minutes for the restraint but again, I have not watched the trial. One thing that was very shocking was Greg Gutfield’s response to the verdict. I have included the link. Just happened to catch FAUX news this afternoon while waiting for verdict to be announced. Gutfield expressed joy that Chauvin was found guilty even if he wasn’t because it would mean that his neighborhood would not be torched again. Judge Jeannine lit into him on that. Pretty sad affair of our world when we would want someone to be found guilty whether they are or not just to keep your home safe. What happens if Gutfield is accused of a crime and delivered as a sacrificial lamb?

    • Curmudgeon

      Do you mean the Rodney King who led police on a high speed car chase for 1/2 an hour? The one, who when the car was finally stopped, had his two passengers get out of the car and follow police directives? The Rodney King, who when he got out of the car, attacked the police officer and refused for follow lawful directives? That Rodney King?

  30. Jay Smithson

    Rule by Fiat: When the Government Does Whatever It Wants
    April 19, 2021 11:33 AM By John Whitehead 9 Comments
    We are fast approaching. . . ..?

    Study Raises Alarm Over Covid Vaccine Triggering Herpes Infections
    by RT April 20th 2021, 4:05 pm
    Researchers find risk of developing herpes zoster, also known as shingles, likely rises for patients with autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases (AIIRD).
    Researchers have discovered through an Israeli study that a herpes infection could be triggered by Covid-19 vaccinations for certain patients with underlying conditions.
    The study identified six individuals who developed a rash known as herpes zoster after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Five developed the rash after their first dose of the vaccination, and the sixth developed it after the second dose.
    Herpes zoster causes a red, itchy rash to develop on the skin and it could eventually lead to complications such as nerve damage.

    Vegas woman, 18, was placed in a coma and had to undergo THREE brain surgeries for blood clots one week after getting J&J COVID vaccine
    Emma Burkey, 18, of Las Vegas, Nevada, received the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine on April 1
    One week later, she started experiencing seizures and was rushed to St Rose Dominican Hospital
    Burkey was airlifted to a hospital in California, where she was placed in an induced coma and underwent three surgeries to repair blood clots in her brain
    Her parents say she ‘is improving slowly’ and is able to smile, mouth words and blink her eyes to communicate
    Burkey is one of nine cases of bloods clots following the J&J vaccine being investigated by the CDC and the FDA
    Rollout of the shot is currently paused and the CDC’s advisory committee is meeting next week to vote on whether or not to recommend lifting the pause
    A Las Vegas woman had to undergo three brain surgeries due to dangerous blood clots that formed after receiving the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, according to her family.
    Emma Burkey, 18, received the one-dose shot on April 1, reported the Las Vegas Journal-Review.
    About one week later, she began experiencing seizures and was rushed to St Rose Dominican Hospital, Sierra Campus in Henderson, Nevada, according to family spokesman Bret Johnson.
    Burkey was then airlifted to Loma Linda Hospital in California, where she was placed in a medically induced coma, intubated and underwent three operations to repair blood clots in her brain.
    PUBLISHED: 15:19 EDT, 20 April 2021 MUCH MORE;

    Johnson & Johnson said blood clots have been reported with all Covid-19 vaccines. The author of the study they cited says they’re wrong
    By Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent 16 hrs ago
    When news broke that Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine might be linked to blood clots, the company responded by pointing a finger at Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines, issuing a media statement that said a study showed there were reports of blood clots with their vaccines as well.
    With a 99.8 % survival rate when getting the covid-19 virus [a cold!] Whom to believe? Maybe yourself, your own immune system?

    • Paul ...

      Jay … Emma Burkey … only 18 years old … received the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine on April 1, 2021 … one week later she started experiencing seizures … and was rushed to a hospital where she was placed in an induced coma and underwent three surgeries to repair blood clots in her brain … her parents say she is improving slowly and is now able to smile … mouth a few words … and blink her eyes to communicate … but technology can make things “all right again” … as these parents can always get a robotic clone of their daughter if she passes for only $6,000 dollars (that J&J won’t be financially libel for)!! …

    • Arizona

      JAY,there are thousands of injured people who are suffering from Bloodclotts in their lungs and brains,from these DNA THERAPIES..BUT THE HERO’S OF AMERICA LIE,my own sister is in santa barbara with a blood clott in her brain.and she may die,BUT AMERICANS call evil good and good evil,the LORD said this day would come,ITS HERE NOW…THE LORD will be coming for his family soon,I hope your one of them…

  31. Robert Coleman

    MSM had the Officer Guilty before the Trial even commenced – The Jury was Not Sequestered – This is obviously a Mistrial – The whole System has Broken Down – Public Schools system teaches aspirations of Socialism – not even in top 20 world wide , Medical System overcharges – gives poor service and is not even in the top 30 World Wide. Welfare State is alive and well in the USA.. In China, you don’t work – you don’t eat – plain and simple. That is why China is eating the USA’s Lunch. USA has become Fat and Lazy. Not like it used to be.

    • JC

      Robert C,

      About China…

      International Man: Has anything changed in your perspective on the future of the US?

      Doug Casey: No. I’m afraid the election of actual Bolsheviks in 2020—and I don’t use that term lightly—has sealed its fate. Not to mention that the nomenklatura in most major cities and states are cut from the same cloth.

      In point of fact, the US is on such a self-destructive path that the Chinese don’t have to do anything in order to win. All they need to do is lay back and be quiet. The West is destroying itself.

  32. That Guy

    So now that all the MSM have pig-piled on Chauvin (including Fox’s HANNITY), I guess everything is going to be kumbiyah now…right????

  33. Huldah

    I’m beyond livid. This is disgusting injustice. If you have family or friends who are police officers, get them out now. This is the Salem Witch Trials all over again. This country is past the point of no return. It will still burn. These criminals don’t care about justice. They just want to burn it all down.

    When horrible injustices happen to good law abiding citizens every day, we shouldn’t even be talking about fake ” injustices” that happen to life long criminals who steal and endanger the lives of others by driving while intoxicated.

    I am with Chauvin. I feel terrible for the evil that has been dine to him. The only murder here is what the injustice system has done to HIS life!

  34. Bill

    I was really hoping Chauvin would be found not guilty based on the evidence. So sad what this country has become. Looks one of four scenarios is left for this country: a miracle that this country return to its constitution and the rule of law; a shooting civil war; states break-off from the Union (one could easily argue we are no longer united); or the United States becomes a totalitarian marxist regime.

  35. JaySmithson

    When you start at the point that this coronavirus is a lab engineered bioweapon then you will recognize the experimental emergency authorized gene therapy is a part of the scam. And the fact that the fake media is vigorously promoting the gene therapy all the while there are alternative remedies such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
    Time will tell.
    Natural immunity is preferred. Take the gene therapy at your own risk.
    While vitamin D may not be a suitable treatment for COVID once your down with this novel cold Wuhan flu pneumonia as Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. All previous studies have concluded that being deficient in vitamin D may be what’s harmful amid this Bill Gates Dr. Fraudci planned pandemic and now your part of the coverup that is falling apart, you Fraudci’s.
    We the people were ahead of you two shysters’, with vitaminD3!
    In September, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that those with vitamin D deficiencies were 77 percent more likely to test positive for COVID/AKA cold and flu, than those who had adequate vitamin D levels. And an October study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that 82.2 percent of hospitalized COVID patients were deficient in vitamin D and had lower levels of vitamin D than those who were not infected with the virus.
    Monty Ward 04/04/2021 •

    Have you heard about this? Army’s own vaccine begins trials…
    Here is the source on the trial.

    72 people in the trial. You would have to be stupid to sign up for this.
    The company that owns the gene therapy. …Chan Zuckerberg

    The authors declare the following competing financial interest(s): A.E.P., P.A.W., and P.S.K. are named as inventors on a provisional patent application applied for by Stanford University and the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub on immunogenic coronavirus fusion proteins and related methods.”
    The man [Woman?] behind the curtain on this vaccine.

    These people are all in bed with the CCP. China Communist Party!
    More reasons not to trust any of these gene therapies.
    We live in a big Psyop.
    You can only trust the Word of God. There is no other Truth.
    _____________eddiemd 04/08/2021 •
    Money Talks EddieMD and B.S. walks!

    Bear attack: Backcountry guide mauled to death while fishing near Yellowstone National Park
    By Madeline Holcombe and Deanna Hackney, CNN 11 hrs ago . .

  36. Jerry5

    I see the trial as a distraction. Behind the scenes this is what’s going on. The “ boom” that you may be heating could be the explosion of the dollar.

    The hokey stick of debt looks like a mortar shell.

    The truth is if the arresting officer was black, it would have never made the MSM propaganda news. Case in point. What about the retired black police chief that was shot in St. Louis by looters? Crickets. Once this is over, the central planners will move on to the next attraction. Because we are witnessing “ the greatest show on earth”. Get your programs here!

  37. Justn Observer

    Mike Lindell’s ABSOLUTE TRUTH VID=
    Watch Absolute Proof whole vid @ 1:35:00 = presents computer proof ? by expert forensic computer analyst Mary Fanning that the election was hacked by foreign nations and STOLE the ELECTION from POTUS Trump?

  38. Louis

    The Show Trial Of The Year…
    Now, Call for the police to help you ?
    Good Luck With That !

  39. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  40. km

    It’s not DC’s AGENDA, it’s the AGENDA of the bankers, and them wanting total Control of the masses on the planet.. Seriously, if your mind it still set on the D’s and R’s you are still in the dark… This is all apart of the “re-set” they were talking about… It’s multi-faceted and moving quickly..
    It’s obvious they have weaponized the blacks (and other races) to bring full blown communism into play here… The US was the last zone for freedom, but that’s almost gone now… Thing is when the self appointed elites are done using the useful idiots, it will end very badly for them, sadly, it will affect us all…
    This is not a time to rely and trust on politicians, but in the KING OF KINGS…

  41. Steve Bice

    CNN headline this morning:

    “The law finally worked. All eyes now turn to the Senate.”

    Stupid now rules. Headlines like this put the news bias out front for all to see. The implicit message is that every verdict that doesn’t agree with the mob’s view is somehow evidence of a broken system.

    The verdict cannot be judged from the outside. It can only be judged from inside the jury room where all the evidence can be considered. If a verdict is questionable, it will move to appeal where it can be reviewed or overturned.

    CNN and other mass media fuel the fires that are tearing our society apart under the guise of justice, when they are in fact purveyors of anarchy.

    When the mob comes for them, it will be too late…

  42. Da Yooper


    Did you see this?

    REPORT: Amy Coney Barrett Lands $2 Million Book Advance

    One of the comments was & I have to agree. The rule of law is dead in the USA.

    “Sounds like
    either a pay-off or a bribe, probably both. Either way, this explains why she has ruled against fair elections and the 2nd Amendment in favor of the Marxist Democrats anti-American Treason agenda.”

  43. Nancy McDaniel

    The officer WAS responsible for taking Floyd to the ER when he complained he couldn’t breathe instead of keeping him down flat on his stomach in the street. The officer WAS complicit in his death. Negligent homicide at best. Woe to those who withold justice from the upright.

  44. Daniel

    If he was dying of the drug overdose etc if he was out of his mind PCP he was cuffed I’m certain he was cuffed let him run you could walk next to him while he runs to his biggest extent let him collapse on his own let him die on his own keep your fingerprints off but chauvin had to show what a big man he was cops always like to show what a big man they are to the frail the old the women the children of our community especially the Greenville county sheriff’s office they are nothing but a bunch of bullies….. I don’t care who George Floyd was he deserve the trial at minimum he deserved to die by the life he led not by the hand of a bunch of Gestapo…….. If this had happened in Greenville county or Pickens county nothing would have been said nobody would have known they had thrown the body off a bridge and that would have been it…….. The sheriff Greenville county was charged with sexually assaulting harassment a woman all of the sudden the woman was in Florida enjoying 190,000 that conveniently disappeared from the county Treasury welcome to the good old boys……..

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s clear you did not watch the interview or read what I wrote.

  45. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Roberts.
    As here in the UK we all now have “show trials” convenient to the Commie government.

  46. Harold Swift

    So you see, our court system from the county level to the supreme level is corrupt to the meanest level. No standing was the reply of each state supreme court to the mountains of evidence offered by council so, the courts never heard any of that evidence. Our national supreme court followed suit. MOOT…. That cost us a nation. It is time for our military to defend this nation like they do all other nations. We are drowning in incompetence and greed. The Roman empire lasted 800 years, we didn’t make three hundred.

  47. William Wilhelm

    If anyone really thinks the justice system is working in America, look again. We seem to have a two tiered system were liberal democrats have immunity. Average citizens will face justice, it’s just that justice will come from biased courts.

  48. James C Loughran

    Read a book, Slaughter of Cities, watch a film, Robo Cop, listen to a former Sec of HUD concerning the Fed Reserve & Redevelopment Zones and you will follow the trail by those who dismiss God and Morality and believe, “The world is a business”.

  49. Harold Swift

    Thank you… As a poor speller all my life, I have no objections to you saving me in that respect. This way though, I never see my comment and wonder if you know of any of my comments were taken down. Can you tell me that much?

    • Greg Hunter

      I posted you comment.

  50. Rod Brumley

    Maxine Watters should be in jail

  51. The Ogs

    Absolutely appalling!
    America has fallen. And the disgusting stink of it reaches us even up here in Canada…
    Things are far worse now that they have ever been before. No hope.

  52. RAFO

    We’ve now reached the point of mob rule in this country (in the old West they were called lynch mobs). Jury trials are now a waste of time after the media reaches a verdict. Mad Maxine got her way through fear and intimidation and I’m sure is celebrating today. Let’s face it… conservative rule-of-law abiding Americans have lost their country to the savages and Communists. Nothing will bring us back on course as a nation except confronting the evil head on. Rhetorical question… why is it in the past anarchists and looters were shot on sight, but today they’re given a free pass to destroy at will?? This needs to be rectified immediately if not sooner!

  53. Lisa Galli

    I had a sick feeling after the verdict. It was not premeditated murder. Floyd died while in the custody of the officer. The calls for this is just the begining also made me sick. The four funereals of the low level criminal same feeling. He was lifted up to a higher symbol that stood for the perceivied oppression of the black man.

  54. eddiemd

    A reminder that this Big Pharma mRNA poison is still an experimental emergency authorized injection. Those who take it are part of the experiment. In fact, the “studies” are ongoing over the next 2 years.

    You will not be compensated for injury.

    Here is the list of “vaccines” in the .gov compensation program.

    Take it at your own risk.

    Revelation 16:2
    2 So the first went and poured out his bowl upon the earth, and a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image.

    The mRNA poison is not the “mark” itself but a component. The other part will be the digital currency component.

  55. eddiemd

    Hantavirus season has arrived.

    This is a good choice for a bioweapon. In fact, when I was downrange in the DOD lab in Lima Peru in 1996 it was a virus in the top five for use as a potential bioweapon.

    Following article on bioweapons. No mention of coronavirus…interesting. The contagiousness of coronavirus due to the affinity for ACE2 receptors and well known as a causative agent of the common cold, makes it a great candidate to modify for use as a bioweapon. Plus they had already performed two test runs several years back with SARS and MERS. They just had to tune it up. The RNA genome of coronavirus is very easy to manipulate.

    Hantavirus also easy to modify to make it into a bioweapon. They have been working on this since the mid 90s.

    Mengele Fauci is an evil man. A physician in title only.

    • eddiemd

      And Deagel predicting a large population decline….

      Stay informed.

      1 Cor 1:18
      18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

    • Jerry5

      They are methodically setting up the kill shot. No pun intended. In about seven to eight months you will see death on a large scale. The blame will be placed squarely on the unvaccinated. It’s a win win for the globalist.

      • JC

        eddiemd, Jerry5,

        Clif High On MRNA – Extremely Bad News
        From Mad Cow Prions To Female Cancers
        And More…Wake-Up! – Watch

        This is frightening, hope it doesn’t play out this way.

        • JC

          “The first article below deals with women who have been vaccinated and are suffering from subsequent menstrual and related problems. Wolf, however, is referencing something else: the possibility of experiencing these types of symptoms when simply being in the company of a vaccinated person while you yourself remain UNVACCINATED. We are publishing a second piece below that mentions this phenomenon.”

          • eddiemd

            Bible prophecy speaks about pestilence, famine, and war. When the 4 horsemen arrive.

            Cliff High is correct in that something is coming. The time is to be determined by the Lord God Almighty only.

            Everything is in place. Tyrannical totalitarian governments, rumors of war in the MENA/South China Sea/Ukraine, coronavirus bioweapon and mRNA poison deception, drought/natural events, poisoning of the oceans by Fukashima and garbage, lawlessness, churches in apostasy…did I miss anything?

            • eddiemd

              It makes you wonder who Babylon will be.

              Daughters of the catholic church include islam, communisn, and fascism. These three demonic principalities are on the rise now across the world taking on different appearances and deceiving many.

              The three mentioned above were used and are still being used against the Hebrew people. I don’t mention zionism because that is a political organization. Many ultra orthodox Hebrew do not support zionism.

              The mission at the moment is to rescue as many as possible from the fire. Last book of the New Testament Jude, and last paragraphs. The last book before Revelation. Very appropriate.


              22 And on some have compassion, making a distinction; 23 but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.
              Glory to God
              Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling,
              And to present you faultless
              Before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy,
              To God our Savior,
              Who alone is wise,
              Be glory and majesty,
              Dominion and power,
              Both now and forever.

              Read Jude. It will give you an idea where we are at. Apostasy.


            • JC


              Did you miss anything? Maybe only this.

              ‘Amazon One’s palm-scanning payments are coming to Whole Foods’


        • eddiemd

          It is not a surprise.

          Here is the ministry of truth in medicine website. The NEJM is the medical propaganda arm of the deep state at this point in time.

          Sad. I went to medical school in Boston in the 90s and really enjoyed the NEJM for years. Now they are the censored, political mouth of the socialists. Back in the 90s I sued to read the Boston Globe that my roommate subscribed to. It was obvious that this birdcage liner was the voice of the socialist, sodomite, luciferian agenda. Professing to be wise, their foolish hearts were darkened.

          Read Chapter One of Romans for the roadmap of the here and now.

          Zephaniah 3:17

          The Lord your God in your midst,
          The Mighty One, will save;
          He will rejoice over you with gladness,
          He will quiet you with His love,
          He will rejoice over you with singing.”

          Pretty cool. The Mighty One of Israel rejoices over you with singing. Imagine that, the Almighty God sings for His children.

  56. eddiemd

    Self exile.

    I use the NKJV and use this website as reference. I will compare these four sources.

    NKJV, Youngs literal, orthodox Jewish, and Reina Valera Antigua.

    I attend a Spanish speaking church. Evangelical. The actual Bible I carry in hand is both in Spanish (Reina Valera 1960) and KJV. I enjoy comparing the written Spanish and English.,RVA,OJB,YLT

    The Orthodox Scriptures are great for sourcing links between Old and New Testaments and cross referencing Messianic Scripture. I learn a lot all the time.

  57. Diana Brown

    Unfortunate verdict. Illustrates the present condition evident in the 11/3/2020 election. We all must be willing to stand for truth regardless of the fear or blow back of violence toward our person. These “show” trials demonstrate, at our great expense, what can be done to us individually as well as a whole when we become cowards. It will escalate. Your vote is meaningless. Your courts are meaningless. We stand together or we die, its that simple. Best then to stand and risk an honorable death as our ancestors were more than willing to do FOR US than continue to be cowards and die as such.

  58. Lora

    The body cam video needs to be released now so that the public can see the truth/in preparation for an appeal. Low IQ, ridiculously shameful Maxine Waters is a traitor to the US Constitution, especially as it pertains to the seat that she holds. She needs to be permanently thrown out of Congress/arrested ASAP for inciting violence/interrupting due process. How does such a ridiculous, stupid woman working in government, living the high life in a mansion, be worth over 3 million dollars, while her constituents suffer? All her criminal communist backers need to be rounded up and indicted too.

  59. Paul ...

    US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan announced yesterday he’s returning to Washington for “consultations” … … look at Silver today and weep (that you didn’t buy more when Stan gave us the word about its imminent crash)!! …

    • Paul ...

      Acting President Bribe’n has officially accused “the Kremlin” of undermining the free and fair democratic elections “that made him win over Trump” … and therefore our psychopathic Alzheimer’d President has decided “To Declare War on Russia for Making Him Win over Trump”… and has now sent US and NATO troops and tanks to the Ukraine and told the Ukraine to teach the Ruskies a lesson … Russia has had enough of thia idiocy … and has given the US and NATO “Until Midnight Tonight … to Remove All American and NATO Forces from Ukraine” … Putin is now giving a major speech to the Russian Parliament …most likely it will contain “A Declaration of War” upon the psychopaths … if they don’t back off … sadly for the world … there is an excellent chance the psychopaths in Washington DC “want a nuclear war” … so the probability is high it will occur … I expect Russia will target all the Globalist Corporations (who insanely have human extinction on their mind) hoping that Russia “will help them” kill the hundreds of millions to billions of people they want to exterminate … however … I think Russia is going to be “very selective in nuking only the Globalists Corporations so as to minimize civilian casualties” … after Russia nukes the Headquarters of all Globalist Psychopaths and gets rid of them all for us (the way they got rid of Hitler) … there be war crimes trials for the US Generals … who are going to have to answer for their actions … and “I was just following paychopath’s Briben’s orders” … isn’t going to be good enough … as for the people who just put $57,000 dollars into Bitcoin good luck trying to retrieve your money when you need it the most (once the nukes go flying and the grid goes down) … as for us gold and silver bugs “with metal in hand” … we should be fine (as long as we happen live outside the nuclear kill zones where all the psychopathic Demon-rats live)!!

  60. Mark Alan

    This is the beginning of the election tragedy being flushed down the memory hole.
    Another distraction that will hypnotize the general public away from elected official corruption.
    We can at this time easily project their next move against white Christian gun owners.

  61. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    Chauvin’s defence was a slam dunk. He couldn’t have done more.

  62. john+duffy

    This 5 min video is chilling in its uncanny prophecy of today. Hard to believe fifty years ago this was one of the most popular shows on TV. Sadly, how far we have fallen.

  63. Mike

    Trial outcome was in my mind obvious. Let’s not mix facts with narrative please. Lol will someone remove the Fake President Biden before he launches the World into WWIII!!!!

  64. sk

    Off topic, BUT PLEASE see Alex Newman interviews Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi (first published April 17, 2021)

  65. Zorost

    If you could vote yourself getting $100 or your neighbor getting it, who would you vote for? There was only 1 white male on the jury, who liked BLM and disliked cops. The others voted in their ethnic interests (women go along with whoever seems dominant), to give themselves the $100 effectively.

    Democracy in a multiethnic society is a racial headcount. A jury is democracy in action.

  66. Robert H

    That President Trump and allies were not able to get their evidence of 2020 vote fraud before Judges shows it unwise to think justice is the goal in Court.
    There was an elder abuse case (that I was very familiar with) where the other side was able to get friends and allies appointed as Court Expert Witnesses, where they and their attorney were caught falcifying at least one Court document and where the Judge refused to acknowledge the Family’s Living Trust Health directives and handed victory to the side that had clearly committed the elder abuse (leading to death of the elder).
    Don’t go to Court if timeliness is important. It took about 2 years to get a Court date. And don’t count on the Judge desiring to determine right and wrong. Do your best to stay out of Court. Too many judges are incompetent, political, lazy or simply want to clear their docket backlog without much concern for justice.
    As for the Chinese bioweapon called “Covid19”, if one read all sources, and are mentally awake, one will conclude the USA Media is mostly all lies and distortions or censoring. It is the idea of a person who has lied the last 99 times in a row, but now says, “This time I’m telling the truth.”
    Are we REALLY supposed to believe that person or institution (i.e. “Mainstream Media” such as CNN, etc)?
    My observation is that when a science issue becomes a political issue, the goal is no longer to search for the truth and a wise person must become a skeptic.

  67. wondering

    Regardless of where Chauvin had his knee placed on the body, why would he leave it there for over 10 minutes? Over four minutes after the suspect supposedly stopped breathing? Too phony, too fake. Another govt. setup to tear America apart.

    • Greg Hunter

      Who would take a 3x fatal overdose of Fentanyl because that’s what killed Floyd.

      • Curmudgeon

        If it is a hoax, the results of the blood tests mean nothing. They are produced by what used to be called “sink testing”. The sample goes down the sink and the desired results recorded. I note that there was no chain of command in the testing. That is, no police officer escorted Floyd to the hospital, remained with him during examination, followed the blood sample to the lab, and watched the specimen tested separately form other samples.

      • eddiemd

        What is interesting from the autopsy report is that they never tested the stomach contents for the presence of opioids. That should have been done. Not sure if it could be done. Perhaps gas or liquid chromatography or by some other means.

        If there was shown that there was evidence of opioids in the stomach it could be shown that he was in illegal possession and attempted suicide by ingestion.

        I am not a lawyer but it would be common sense to test the stomach contents.

      • Matt Kaatz

        Greg, maybe a 3x overdose is what THEY GAVE HIM.
        I don’t believe any of this is real anymore. We’re in a big circus where no rule of law applies. It’s a free for all with the truth and our lives.

        • Greg Hunter

          That was never brought up at trial. Not a fact.

          • Matt Kaatz

            Greg, your right, just my thought, but that is how this game is played by the PTB. I am operating under the assumption that this is all manipulated for a particular outcome.

            • Mike+G

              It’s to show how stupid you are.

              • Matt Kaatz

                You guys are all wet on this one.

    • Paul ...

      Wondering … If Bribe’n orders attaching “Guillotine blades” (he is now buying from China) to our police officers upper knee … there will be little need for our officers in the future to hold their knee on the subject for more then a few seconds!!

    • Tin foil hat

      I guess Chauvin probably thought Floyd passed out, which is not uncommon for folks high on drug or drunk. He kept his knee on Floyd in case he woke up violent which again is not uncommon for folks high on drug or drunk. The reason he knelt for 9 minutes is because that is how long it took the ambulance to get there.

  68. Charles Turner

    I didn’t watch the whole trial, but i watched parts and the entire defense summing up and the build up to the death. I do not believe for one minute the police officer would have been convicted in the UK.
    Most of the attempts to subdue a very strong George Floyd were textbook and Chauvin never once insulted him and called him sir all the way through. I think a lot of Police officers must be thinking, ‘there for the grace of god i go’. Many, many police officers must have taken down violent thugs and held them on the ground. Many may now be remembering instances where they had to wait for support and it went on for minutes. And many may remember saying things to the person on the ground that didnt start with ‘sir’. Many must be thinking that could have been me facing 40 years in prison for trying to do my job.
    My only surprise, is that more police officers are not resigning. Especially when the next police officers go to jail including one that was 4 days into his job.

  69. Diane

    I was 20 years old when President John F Kennedy was shot and killed.
    The media and Government said it was Lee Harvey Oswald who killed Kennedy. I believed the official story for decades.
    Now over 50 years, it has become doubtful that Lee Harvy Oswald killed him.

  70. anthony . salamone

    I had no idea Floyd had 3x lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system or that Chauvins knee was on the shoulder.Thank God I was never chosen to become a police officer.

  71. Paul from Indiana

    The genie is out of the bottle. If you live in a big city and don’t leave, it’s on you. Best always. PM

    • Robert F

      This is truth, I am planning my escape routes, and Inlive in suburbs, i also have access to weapons if need be… I know what is coming, this world is going to hell quick, as long as we follow the central bankers lead, the world is gojng to see massive death and suffering,,,

  72. Anthonie den Boef

    Greg, you should invite American black conservatives to appear on your show and provide an alternate opinion on the verdict. Bob Woodson, a veteran of the American civil rights movement and founder of the Woodson Center in Washington, D.C., shared his thoughts immediately after the verdict was handed down on Tuesday evening. Woodson acknowledged the tragedy, writing, “Although (George Floyd) wasn’t perfect, his life had great value and dignity to God and he should matter to all of us.” [Source: National Post, April 21, 2021]
    The argument about the shoulder versus neck is bogus. Nine+ minutes in a hold is too long. Moreover, Mr. Floyd deserved immediate medical attention when he repeatedly complained about not being able to breathe.

    • Robert F

      Nope. your argyment is bogus, devoid of fact and proper dilegence of the facts at hand.

      Just because you make quotes using the bible doesnt make your argument correct,
      lThat is actually something satan would do to try and both promote his evil agenda and proclaim its being done for the good of humanity,,,

      You are walking the line of demons…

  73. Allan Davis

    The same doctor that testified that lack of oxygen killed Floyd – testified later, to show that Floyd was not poisoned by carbon monoxide, that Floyd’s blood oxygen saturation level was 98%. Vid of Dr. Tobin …

    That said, if you’re going to claim that Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder blade you should provide a pic.

  74. allen ols

    greg posted action at 3am by

  75. wondering

    Greg and Paul,

    Hey guys, I’m on your side. I was just pointing out that people are overlooking the preposterous fact than Chauvin knelt for over 10 minutes with his knee on the suspect. This is ridiculous. This shows it was staged because it makes no sense. It was for political show.

    As far as dying from an overdose, I don’t dispute that. But druggies die daily from Fentanyl because they don’t realize how much fentanyl their drug of choice that day was laced with.

  76. wayne hardin

    The bottom line is if they would just listen to the cops and follow instructions
    they would all be alive . And no i don’t agree with the way cops use their badge
    to bully people but if you want to go home you would be wise to listen .
    There are to many cops that are completely different people when they put the badge on
    but as far as this case goes the cop is innocence of all charges .
    If you ask them if they know they work for you most would laugh in your face just like a politician .

    • Tin foil hat

      I said to a cop drunkenly, “you are suppose to protect and serve.” His response, “yes, I’m serving you this summons right now.” I think I mentioned something about return policy as he walked away.

  77. Lady Au Stackers United

    It’s very obvious Officer Chauvin should have been acquitted. I would say all of us in the USAW forum are not racist. I’m Dutch/white and my family has Japanese also in our bloodline; so no racism here. The trial was severely compromised from the get go. Yes, sequestration: no Smart phones allowed to jurors, no TV news and maybe even no radio. Jurors can rent Disney DVD in their hotel room (dream on, right?). Big Media compromised the jury’s verdict including our fake POTUS and a well financially heeled Congresswoman; the latter two should not have opined AT ALL. It takes an IQ of 80 to KNOW that trial was compromised. Let’s hope the man gets a fair retrial or maybe take it to the Supreme Court. It sickens me that cops are given the perspective that they are abusive. Out of control White suspects are probably treated the same, but we see no body CAM evidence uploaded to YT or TV do we? Why the Public School system does not teach our young people how to react when one is questioned or pulled over by law enforcement befuddles me. Well, no more rant, I’m getting a bit off course. Pray for Derek that this can get turned around for him.

  78. Marti

    I truly appreciate it when you challenge us. If you present something I either see differently or am unaware of, your commentary and guests force me to do my own research. Two things in particular that you did that truly opened my eyes – your expose’ on BLM months ago. I was never drawn to this organiztion and opposed what I saw them doing. What you encouraged your viewers to do was go to their website and read what they declare in their own manifesto. That was a “Wow I could have had a V-8 moment” for me. I went to that website and fortunately copied it as they eventually took some of it down. This confirmed for me why I had already been repulsed by them and this gave me hard facts to present to others, including making a presentation to my church back home.
    Secondly, I commented yesterday and indicated I had not kept up with the Chauvin case. I had become so overloaded with news and prepping that I had gone on a media sabbatical for several weeks. This morning I listened to Sandy Rios on American Family Radio and the info blew my mind and she raised some of the same points you made. There are many problems with the legal process of this case. I am black and I have to beg the question, for those who have been ready to lynch Chauvin and damn legal procedure, I would say look at Emmett Till, the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird, or some other racially charged factual or fictional character pre civil rights in America and imagine if the judge and jury were threatened by the Klan; we would be appaled, and yet when due process is denied (no matter what we may personally think of Chauvin), in this case of Mr. Chauvin we celebrate. This is just one issue with the case not to mention the others you pointed out. This is very grevious and shows how reprobate our nation has become. Our system continues to be eroded by woke communists and useful idiots while the sleeping giant majority of our citizens do “Circus Circus” with a beer in one hand, a remote in the other, and brain rot themselves into oblivion. We are at a point where the only strategy that is going to work will have to come from the Lord God Almighty.
    Finally, this is the link to the aforementioned Rios broadcast. She interviews Julie Kelly who talks about American citizens currently being detained in Washington DC for 6 January event and how they are kept in solitary confinement 23 hours per day. Please see if you can get either Sandy Rios or Julie Kelly on for an interview. Thanks!

    • Tin foil hat

      Thanks for the links, that is the main reason I’m no longer a Trumper. He still hasn’t lift a finger for those who are suffering because of him but he has the time to open his big mouth promoting the vaccines.
      He is no better than Tucker Carlson.

  79. Jerry5

    The art of the deal.

    Now you know why Trump is so anxious to get the biological agent into your arm. The MSM will say there was no connection to operation warp speed. At least that’s what they want you to believe.
    Just remember Trump was personally involved with GAVI and the Gates Foundation. If he’s smart, he’ll let Biden take the fall when the truth finally comes out.

  80. paul

    Our system of government does not work with a degenerate public.

  81. Coalburner

    Mad Maxine threatened their lives.

  82. Coalburner

    I want to know why the cop did not realize he was being set up. He had to know the guy was dying. He should have known that the camera was lying and the city would hang him. He should have never laid him down in front of a camera. New police procedure must be set up on an emergency basis or all cops will be in jail. New policy must be set up for the camera. The hell raising over the cop shooting the adult -child who tried to knife him today shows what is wrong. Who would want to be a cop? I did not know why cops have not all quit already. Go on unemployment on Bidens dime like every one else.

    The shills Dr. Roberts talks about on the jury will be the first ones to beg cops to come back. Let the criminals run wild and we can take care of your own. Cities will be so wild that these Bolsheviks, woketard sympathizers and news scum will be first targets, easiest to take down by the criminals and violent woketards.

    The best part is American Patriots are not going to defend them after the way we have been treated. That is why no one is at the fence in Washington DC. They are being told they have been abandoned by the people. When the criminals, I described finish with the ‘tards including the politicians, the Patriots will clear them but not until.

    Police need to wake up and get out while they can.
    Let all these cities burn and then starve. None of that jury better move to some free state. Looks like it is time to find another country, any ideas?

    • Robert F

      Sadly, that is the point,

      the ELite know this, they have masterfully predicted human behaviors and they know full well the cards in play, you dont think this has all been set up to gave the patriots lose faith in their own law and order, their own courts, their own military, etc.?

      You better start figuring out your enemy, they are 1000 steps ahead of the sheeple…

      • Tin foil hat

        I think the Deep State wants to pull the global reserve statue out of the dollar and move on to perhaps United Nations Central Banks Digital dollar; they want to do it in a way we wouldn’t notice/resist and without pissing us off. Hence, they are stirring the pot to make everything upside down.

  83. Coalburner

    I doubt the trial will stand!
    Especially with nutjob Maxine involved!

    • Mike+G

      Certainly should be appealed for jury tampering, how can you expect an unbiased judgement from a jury when you have congresscritters, msm and the mob demanding conviction on all counts and everyone has your name. The jurors would be committing suicide with any other verdict

  84. Scott

    I like Dr. Roberts a lot, and follow his work. I was disappointed to discover that he doesn’t answer e-mails anymore. Made a donation to IPE and wrote him twice asking a question about hyperinflation vs. deflation – no response.

    Looks like I won’t be donating anymore. Times are changing, I guess.

    Oh well.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t be too hard on him. His is totally free and always has been.

  85. Technologist.Live

    The educated mind can entertain an idea without accepting it as true …

    Covid real? Unlikely. A fraud more likely.

    Did anyone die that day? Is it even a real event or fully planned and unleashed just like covid? It’s possible it was staged with actors, and the way the trial was carried out is more like a movie than a person on trial.

    The covid hoax, the Floyd hoax, astronauts to the moon ha ha ha.

    But here we are living their dream ….

  86. C. Young

    The USA is being set up for maximum chaos just before it is attacked by the King of the North. It HAS NOT seen nothing yet. Just wait until all those who took the COVID Vaccine start dying en masse. When maximum chaos is achieved, the nukes will fall. It is best to leave Babylon USA before the nukes fall. None will surive in her regardless of how remote or how good a survival group they are in. If you doubt this, read Jeremiah 50. This chapter defines 9 times how Babylon USA will be made entirely desolate. Trust the Bible over man’s false prophecies.

    • J

      So who is the King from the North, CY? Babylon, USA has little to do with Babylon, Babylonia, the location that the Bible is referring to, other that 2 bordering rivers and its name. Babylon Village, NY, my birthplace, is a gorgeous, quaint small town on Long Island that is about 1x 1 1/2 miles in size. I can assure you that if Babylon is destroyed it will be because NYC was the target. And if NYC is hit you will see hits all over this country of ours.

  87. Anita Alt

    Appreciated this report much. Thank you Greg & Paul

  88. Jennifer

    FYI .
    In listening to a Webinar today Jamie Dimon said in regards to cryptocurrencies (not blockchain which JPM does), “There will be a regulatory framework around crypto’s.” I am one who believes him. In the mean time Turkey banned crypto payments this past weekend, India is contemplating doing the same and China has already banned banks from transacting in Bitcoin in 2018.

  89. Michael D Howard

    Scripture says: Exodus 20:13:Though shall not murder so many of you thought Chauvin did not do that. Same thinking when Kelly Thomas was killed in same manner in July 10, 2011 wnd shootin of Amadou Diallo shot 41 times 2/4/99. Interesting that you are the ones who think George Washingto the Masonic adherent did not deserve the punishment of Exodus 21:16 or that of Deuteronomy 23:15. So each of you give rise to one another and are likened to the word at 2nd Timothy 4:30. So children of Tyre who follow after the pattern of Gomorrah and please read the reason at Gensis 18:21. Stop proclaiming evil and reckless behavior as good

    • wayne hardin

      If you want to quote old testament George would have been killed several times
      for the things he had done in the past .
      If he would have only listened he would still be alive .
      Cops are taught how to do things and if you don’t agree get them changed it is like teaching a pit bull to bite and then want to kill him been he bites somebody .
      And while you are at it Stop proclaiming evil and reckless behavior as good .
      As in stop making saints out of thugs .and by the way the word thug doesn’t have anything to do with black people only .

  90. wayne hardin

    Greg .
    Check out Alex Jones interview with Larry Pinkney today .
    you might want to get him on .

  91. Timmy

    I’ve always respected Paul Craig Roberts but he’s pandering to republicans this time

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s pandering to the GOP with facts and you are pandering to the “Woke-tards” with fear and total unactual bull crap.

  92. Mike R

    It’s pretty obvious that Maxine and Biden were BOTH attempting to cause a mis-trial. These people are scum of the earth.

    THEY WANTED the mis-trial so they COULD RIOT heavily, burn more cities down, and keep SQUEALING LIKE STUCK PIGS, that there is “NO JUSTICE !”

    Demoncrats are TOTALLY INCOMPETENT, and they could not run a lemonade stand, let alone any city, or gawd forbid, a country.

    Demoncrats HAVE ZERO TO OFFER. No Plans. No morals. No ethics. and all they want to do is destroy the good works of others, and create a country full of complainers, whiners, etc.ALL otherwise known as SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS, all seeking a self righteous platform where all they can do is ADMONISH everyone else.

    These demoncrats are not builders. They are not innovators. They are not uniters, but rather perpetual dividers. The more divided the country is, the more foreign invaders they let in, the more drugs they bring across the borders, only serves to allow them to cheat themselves into POWER. When they STEAL POWER, they don’t do anything of social redeeming value with it, and only try to gather up more power, for more warped agenda’s and enriching their cronies.

    Biden has not come up with a SINGLE original thought or action, since Jan 20th. He has stolen a LOT from Trump’s creations, and lied to destroy what he could, that was actually beneficial to many, and stole credit for the creations that gave him the most ‘power.’ Its a false power grab though, and his senility, really dementia, compounds his incompetence even more.

    Biden isn’t even fit to be a Walmart greeter.

    Mad Maxine is an old hag, who dredges up every swamp creature she can find, who will help her stay in power, until the day she croaks. She keeps re-opening old wounds, and perpetuates so many ugly myths about our country, that she has polluted all the young black peoples minds forever. She’s the poster child for the need for term limits.

    • Robert F

      Possibly, or they are just destroying the other halves faith in the court system’again sowing more division and distrust, leading eventually to a split and collapsed nation, ripe for the new world order to trample all over our rights and freedoms, and subject us to a world centralized control, totally outside americans hands..

  93. Timmy

    I guess moderators want post my comments which are if Paul Craig Roberts and these cop violence apologist are so sure being handcuffed behind back with mans knee on your back, neck, shoulder isn’t excessive force why don’t they volunteer to demonstrate with allowing themselves be handcuffed behind back with mans body weight on their back nine minutes, these people better hope there’s no just god to have to answer to someday, personally I view Paul Craig Roberts has a great man but now I view him has heartless hypocrite !!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t post lies and emotions that are false. The evidence shows Chauvin did not “murder” Floyd. He killed himself with a 3x dose of Fentanyl. Chauvin’s knee was on Floyds back according to the body cam angle. And NO that is not excessive force. That’s taught in police academy’s nation wide.

    • Robert F

      You are polluted,

      you let all this nonsense destroy your trust of law and order, at this point you are advocating for a mob rule type structure that will descend into dictatorship at some point. That is the course this nation is currently on, since people like you cannot comprehend how the law works and is applied…

  94. Roy madison

    I was angered when I first saw the video of George Floyds enforcement needs to walk back their heavy hand on the public. The verdict does not surprise me. Cities and towns nation wide would have burned with hundreds killed had he been found not guilty. There were thousands of extremely disappointed terrorists of the democratic socialist\ communist party. The verdict will be appealed and we will have round two and maybe round three before this is done.

  95. Randy Best

    It appears the jury in the Chauvin case is just as dumb and ignorant as that in the OJ Simpson murder trial.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think the jury feared for their lives and property. Their names were released during the trial.

  96. Rod Strut

    Make no mistake, our freedoms are being eroded, at every turn’: Alan Jones
    14,986 views•Apr 21, 2021

  97. Marie+Joy

    A lot of people think with their heart and it shows in some comments. They mean well. They just don’t get it.

  98. john doe

    I think the floyd case points to the fact policy officers have become far to aggressive in most arrests with very little human emotion or health taken into account. The policy officers have become armed like military soldiers and treat citizens with little regards

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a woke-tard idiot that ignores actual facts to propel your America hating, white hating, social justice “Critical Race Theory” irrational and illogical racist woke-tard crapola.

    • Robert F

      Really, cops can sometimes be jerks, but not nearly want its made out to be….and there is much worse injustices going on against all americans in many ways, but scum focus on a career pos criminal and idolize over a false narrative, because well, they are ignorant pond scum unknowingly serving the central bankers.

  99. Roberto Lupo

    Twice I posted a comment critical of Dr. Robert’s opinion concerning Derek Chauvin murder trial. My comment was very polite and respectful of Dr. Roberts. Its language was elegant. It referenced, with URLs, two parts of an excellent, scholarly article written by an eminent law professor who is also a physician. The article explains — with extremely abundant scrupulous detail of pertinent matters of medicine, forensics, pharmacology, statistics, and law — exactly why the Chauvin trial’s guilty verdict was quite correct.

    You declined to publish my comment. I cannot infer aught but that, like the left’s “mainstream media,” you censor evidence, facts, arguments, and opinions that render highly competent criticisms of your biases. Sad.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not post your comment because it was left wing woke-tard crap. It “elegantly” ignored the courtroom evidence and jumped to conclusions that were nonsensical. I don’t have to post that sort of drivel. Your comment actually wastes my time by vetting that junk. Please post on Salon, CNN or MSNBC if you want to propel your fact-less emotional, America hating, white hating, social justice “Critical Race Theory” irrational and illogical racist woke-tard crapola. Got it??

      • Ben Green

        WOW! What a reply, Greg! Excellent! BRAVO!

    • Robert F

      Because you didn’t stick to the facts as Greg stated, if you want to add in your personal agendas and bias to draw irrational conclusions I suggest you go to one of the aforementioned scum ponds…

  100. BC

    1) Understood – 3x dose of Fentanyl (for NORMAL people & he is a BIG guy). VERY likely he built up an immunity to it, so it took that much for a High. He seemed coherent before the encounter.

    2) 1Ki 20:39-40
    And as the king passed by, he cried unto the king: and he said, Thy servant went out into the midst of the battle; and, behold, a man turned aside, and brought a man unto me, and said, Keep this man: if by any means he be missing, then shall thy life be for his life, or else thou shalt pay a talent of silver. And as thy servant was busy here and there, he was gone. And the king of Israel said unto him, So shall thy judgment be; thyself hast decided it.

    George Floyd was under complete control of the officer – was in their custody. As such, and according to the above Scripture, the police were responsible for his continued well-being.

    3) There are MANY issues. It can be argued that one problem is that cities want to save money so they only have ONE cop per car. IMHO, not a very safe choice for anyone.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do not know what you are talking about on all levels. It was a court record fact that Floyd had a 3 X’s FATAL Dose in his system. This is undisputed and your explanation is just ignorant. Floyd did not have immunity and your second assertion is also ignorant. That’s your opinion and not a fact. As a result of his 3 X’s fatal dose of Fentanyl his lungs filled up with fluid and all fentanyl overdose cases do. This is a medical fact and the reason why Floyd started saying “I can’t breath” while sitting in the back of the police vehicle while nobody was touching him.

      Your Bible reference is actually very ignorant. If the prisoner in the Bible took a poison, (and that is what Floyd did) the guard would not be responsible if the prisoner died in custody. The one in the Bible ran off.

      So, stupid irrational and illogical analysis all around just to project your Woke-tard thinking and way of life you want us all to live by. Next.


    • Robert F

      Completely irrational argument.

      Cop was following procedure, suspect had untold amounts of drugs and uknown heart conditions, officers cannot be mind readers. suspect was very large, out weighed the cops, it makes total common sense when the suspect has already showed resistance and is much larger than you, Now if the guy was totally compliant from the start, none of this would have happened…cops responded following protocol but what made this diff was the suspects drug use and previous condition, that is not the offiecers fault nor can he nor should he be held responsible for such…if that were the case no one would become a cop because you could be held resposible for all sorts of random occurences while out on the job,,, and that makes zero sense

  101. dogmatix

    The cop was hardly innocent. Most cops are good men and women, but everyone knows there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. This time a bad apple got caught, tried and convicted, and rightly so.

    The problem was not with the trial, but with the politicians who have ignored police misconduct over the years, thus setting the stage for this years riots, protests, and demonstrations.

    Good cops and good police work should be praised and rewarded; but bad cops and incompetents should be disciplined and weeded out. If it were not for Officers like the one on trial, groups like BLM would go out of business, and radicals would have to look for another line of work. Way to go guys!

    • Greg Hunter

      The cop was innocent if you look at the facts. Floyd took a 3X’s lethal dose of Fentanyl. That’s why Floyd’s lungs filled with fluid and this is the reason why Floyd was saying “I can’t breath” that started in the back of the police vehicle. The police body cam video shows Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s shoulder blade:

      Please stop ignoring the facts for the woke-tard culture.


      • Truth Reigns

        Greg, I just googled the question “Did George Floyd have a triple dose of Fentanyl in his system?” Not one single result from the search showed this statement to be true. All said this was fact-checked as FALSE. You are deliberately misleading viewers with your own “version” of truth. If you don’t, there will be consequences.

        • Greg Hunter

          Ha! Of course, you can’t find it in Google. It is in the court records. Paul Craig Roberts watched the trial where it was brought up.

        • Tin foil hat

          Have you ever wonder who fact checks the fact checkers?

          Pravda Reigns

        • eddiemd

          Read the autopsy report. I posted it here a few weeks back. It shows that he had 3 times the fatal dose of fentanyl and also had a good amount of meth.’

          Meth works great for inducing an MI in a 47yo man with severe 3 vessel coronary disease. He was a dead man walking with his coronary disease alone.

          The defense should have searched for back ground medical records. With his autopsy established coronary disease I would expect him to possible have been symptomatic…ie angina whether stable or unstable or any other evidence of cardiac equivalent symptoms/signs. Perhaps he had a history in the local ERs of chest pain complaints.

    • Robert F

      False premise,

      ” You assume that there would be no blm type groups if it wasnt for polic violence?

      Again completely false premise, again wrong wrong and wrong.

      You need to wake up from woke culture, it has polluted your ability to think straight,

      All you see is white man vs black man, and that is racial bias in your thinking no ours, or the people saying he us innocent

  102. Mike+G

    If the gloves don’t fit, you have to acquit.

  103. Self Exiled

    As we follow the carrot on the stick [political, race, issues bla bla bla] the plan continues————-statements, which were made in 1981 by powerful international banker and unapologetic eugenicist, Jacques Attali———-”We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.”

    Cliff High

  104. maxim gorki

    The US military kills thousands of George Floyd’s every year. Johnson, Reagan, Nixon, Bush 1&2, Clinton, Obama and Trump have killed millions of George Floyd’s.Maybe we should build a monument to Derek Chauvin and thank him for his service.

  105. Dan

    It was a staged event and a mock trial. Anyone that says otherwise is discrediting themselves as the truth will come out. Many people already know this so if you don’t agree with it then they won’t listen to you on other issues.

  106. chloe

    I do respect your opinion Dr. Roberts and still consider you to be a great patriot and honorable man. I will always believe that we can disagree, and still continue to have genuine respect for one another, as we have more in common than whatever the disagreement. We can’t work toward mutual agreement in anger and hostility, If we can’t show this level of courtesy, we’re all doomed. Ecclesiastes 7:9 – “Be not quick in your spirit to become angry, for anger lodges in the heart of fools.”

  107. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Another great interview, Greg. Comments from your very viewers show how powerful mainstream news has become in warping people’s reality. No one is immune to media propaganda.

  108. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Dr. Roberts is a brilliant analyst it’s a pity he couldn’t be on mainstream television stations anymore. That goes the same for you as well, Greg. Same voices are becoming increasingly rare.

    • Elias Andrinopoulos

      *Sane voices, I meant to write

  109. Bru

    PCR is a very good economist. but tends to completely loose the plot on race issues. To suggest that this out of control police officer was innocent is offensive to anyone with an ounce of common sense and to the video evidence. Defence briefs will often put forward spurious evidence. The jury made the correct decision.
    The coloured lawyer who argued on the oxygen issue was simply more convincing and the jury agreed with him. The other officers should also be charged with aiding and abetting murder. It is long overdue that any police murder has been held to account. Police state murders occur on a daily basis this has to stop.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are the one with the bias. Look at the facts and Fact number #1 was Floyd took a triple fatal dose of fentanyl.

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