U.S. Provoking North Korea-Gerald Celente

CelenteBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente says, “The United States is provoking North Korea.  They keep putting more and more sanctions on them.  It’s economic warfare.”  Celente is worried that “economic warfare” will turn into a shooting war.  Celente warns, “This is just another losing war that’s going to end up with weapons of mass destruction annihilating millions if this madness is not stopped.”  On the topic of the Cyprus banking crisis, Celente says it’s coming to the U.S. and points out he predicted this a year and a half ago.  Celente says, “Tax on deposits?  Can any adult say stealing your money?”  What about the recent lackluster performance of gold and silver?  Can it still protect you?  Celente says, “Suppose you can’t get your money out of the banks.  Suppose they just screwed you.  You need food or fuel.  You’d like a couple of pieces of gold or silver in your hand.  You think that would buy you anything?”   On the subject of Homeland Security stockpiling hollow point ammunition, Celente says, “That we are even having this discussion shows how fascist things have become.   How much of history has to be repeated before we see it is repeating itself, again?”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal.  

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  1. Brody

    The Easter Bunny brought my favorite guest! Im spreading your word as much as I can Greg, keep up the great and much needed work.

  2. daan the man

    You better listen to the geniuses Ben Shalom Bernanke and Paul Krugman than Gerald Celente – no wonder that we are going down.

    And yes, people deserve what they are voting for and who they are believing in.

    It has always been like that and will not change – like taxes and death.

  3. Fraser

    Greg, here is the reason why you must be supported and stay on air.

    Three time Emmy award winner and ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon has just “come out” and said that CNN is paid to mislead America and lead them into war with Iran, Syria, North Korea etc.

    In case anyone missed it, here again is Gwyneth Todd’s incredible story of America’s attempt to (basically) start WW3 in 2007 :
    Follow her story in The Washington Post and elsewhere – she is legit!

    Finally, I suggest that only American citizens have the power to stop their rogue Government from creating “hell on Earth”. So please, stop watching CNN and Fox, write to your Congressman and demand peace not war!

    • buggymak

      I love the idea for writing to the congressman but you know like me that they wipe they ‘re ass with it. Sorry.

  4. Dwain

    Modern money changers bolt down sanctuary tables. They tie up proverbial Jesus and force him to witness transactions.

  5. Paul

    It will benefit your site to get rid of Celente . Just listen to his tone, always angry , emotional , disturbed . And now not so subtle anti-semitism blaming the “money-changers” ie Jews.

    Better to have logic, reason, facts from Kotlikoff, Paul Craig Roberts, Mannero, Schiff . Your site is otherwise good, weekend summaries good. & I read & listen to it every day.

    • Greg


      Thank you for the feedback, but I have to disagree about the money changers comment. I think he’s talking about Wall Street bankers in general. By the way, Hank Paulson, Angelo Mozilo, Vikram Pandit, John Thain, Brian T. Moynihan, Ken lewis, Anshu Jain, Dick Parsons, Brady W. Dougan, David Mathers, and Mario Monti are all just a few of big name (past and present) bankers who are NOT Jewish. The problem we face today did NOT come from Jewish bankers. It came from bankers–no matter the religion. If you are a long time reader of the site, then you know I do not allow anti-Semitism. That does not mean Israel is immune from criticism even though Israel is a strong ally of our nation. I also try to put as many views on the site as possible, even though I do not agree with everything that is said. I want people to get as much information as possible. Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to me on this point. I will continue to maintain my objectivity and will never allow anti-Semitism of any kind (blatant or veiled) on the site. Thank you for your kind words and support of the site.


      • Clay

        Yes, Gerald Celente is a bit of a shock jock, and he’s an angry man, but he’s pretty accurate in his assessment of things and where we’re going. I’m a great admirer of the Jewish people, but the money changers I think he’s referring to are the entities that actually own and operate the Fed. And it ain’t Ben Bernanke and the regional presidents. It all goes back to the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, and the other parties who formed the Fed 99 years ago. Now their familial successors are calling the shots. Nothing has changed other than the names on their hierarchical chart of Fed “ownership”. It just so happens that many of them are of Jewish ancestry.

        • Jim B

          Since roman/biblical times the term has been associated with Jewish people involved in unsavory money transactions. Today it is often used as a not-too-subtle, dog whistle code for the same.

      • milidude

        israel is NOT our ally. please look up the requirements for initiation into the nato treaty org/with title as ally….you MUST sign onto the nuke non-proliferation agreement, you MUST allow iaea inspections of all nuclear fascilities, both of which israel REFUSES to do. iran is more of a technical ally then israel will EVER be(iran has signed the nuke non-prolif agreement, and allows iaea inspections). israel is nothing more than a parasite on the backs of the american people. and being a torah jude, i have every right to admonish you and correct your ignorant misdirection of the true facts concerning being a nato ally.

        • Greg

          Well that’s not what most on both sides of the aisle in Congress think. Israel is a listed ally even thought you do not think so. I respect your opinion even though I disagree. This does not mean Israel gets a free pass on criticism. As I always say, “Good men can disagree.”

          • Troy


            Them congress critters think all kinds of ‘crazy’ things 😉

            Your a good man!

          • milidude

            I appreciate your dialogue. it however, does not change the facts i set forth in my first post. the fact that the inner beltway considers israel in a certain way is moot. when our govt has as many dual citizen israeli’s in the halls of congress and the senate, is it any surprise they look fondly at israel?. israel does NOT meet the requirements of a nato ally PERIOD. jfk was right to mandate listing them as a agent of a foreign nation. do i even need to go into the treachery the idf showed our servicemen on the u.s.s. liberty???. or the hundreds of dual citizen spies we have had to endure? what about the majority jew-owned financial institutions on wall street that got bail out money and then hauled ass out of this country and back to israel? we cow-tow to israel and have become her bitch. when our own infrastructure goes into disrepair and we have israel demanding more foreign aid even protested against the sequestration austerity situation, its incredible to me anyone including YOU, wants to give them a fond and passionate gesture of good and enduring faith. to hell wit them, Jesus warned us of a people who would call themselves after the jews, but were an imposter people and nation, they are of their father the dajjal. btw- i am not anti-semite, i am a torah juden. i just know the real truth on the fraud of our epoch and am ashamed of the people i am related to.

            • Greg

              Let’s try posting your comments with a verifiable first and last name. Man-up and own it if you are going to get this granular. Milidude just doesn’t cut it. By looks of your comment the Jews are the cause for all the world’s problems. I DON’T BUY IT. Last time I checked Congress, the Jews had a tiny minority of seats. I will not allow this site to become a place where anonymous people come and bash Jews or any other religion. There is plenty of sin to go around in this world. By the way, Hank Paulson, Angelo Mozilo, Vikram Pandit, John Thain, Brian T. Moynihan, Ken lewis, Anshu Jain, Dick Parsons, Brady W. Dougan, David Mathers, and Mario Monti are all just a few of the big name (past and present) bankers who are NOT Jewish. We have a problem with greed, and that knows no religious boundary.

      • Taylor

        Please elaborate regarding Israel’s behavior that warrants that nation as such a close and trusted ally? I just don’t get it??? Why are they so important to us? They engage in a prolific amount of espionage and they evince a dominating, belligerent regional foreign policy of which we are expected to defend but which carries little benefit for or advantage to us. I don’t even have to bring up their infamous attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 (and no, it was not a mistake) to drive home the point that they really don’t seem to be as terrific of an ally as so many learned experts insist. So many of the powerful and great thinkers, such as yourself, idolize Israel, but many of us little people remain far less convinced.

    • Troy


      Better scratch Paul Craig Roberts from your list of approved guests also 😉

      America Shamed Again: Are US Lawmakers “Owned” by the Israel …
      America Shamed Again: Are US Lawmakers “Owned” by the Israel Lobby? By Dr.
      Paul Craig Roberts. Global Research, February 19, 2013. paulcraigroberts.org …

      • jc davis

        Why are there Israeli- but not Mexican-American Dual Nationals?

        • Charles H.

          jc davis,

          Since you raise such a point – allow me to respond. I AM a dual American-Mexican national. Born and raised in America; fifteen years a resident AND seven years a nationalized Mexican. Should you wish to bandy-about perspectives or principles: I shall be glad to serve as an authentic reference. And, by-the-way – there are few dual national citizens with Mexico because they are stringent and protect their national sovereignty: few foreigners achieve such status, as they’re held off and held out. And few Americans will accept a demotion in life circumstances; such as living in a Third-world country, rather than the First.

          • Charles H.

            Please excuse me – this reply was meant for Greg.

          • jc davis

            Charles H.
            Thanks for your answer even if it was for Greg. I did not know there were any other countries allowed to become dual citizens.

    • Wayne

      Anyone who doesn’t love Gerald, especially when he’s on a rant about the Wall St ‘ white shoe boys ‘ probably doesn’t even like himself……don’t be hatin’ on a great patriot like Celente.

  6. Don

    Gerald, you said: 33M more troops to Afganistan that the people that voted for Obama sent.
    No, we were lied to, Obama said he was going to bring the troops home not send over more the same month he told that lie. Don’t blame us, the MSN isn’t reporting his lies and you are not helping by not telling us the whole story. Better to tell us how to stop the socialists right now, not another intellect revolution. They are stealing the elections. Do something Gerald, don’t just go over the items that we all know about again.

    • jc davis

      Don: That’s good. I voted for Obama for his first term. We were lied to big time.

    • Troy

      Gerald says the only way out of this system,
      (((is to not support it)))!!! He recommends the Swiss model of direct democracy. One of the top trends he sees is the state secession movement, which he says could happen easily, productively and economically. Bottom line, he explains how ((it comes down to the individual as the solution))

      Many great minds have said the same through out history.
      Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther, Our forefathers. One of my favorites http://xroads.virginia.edu/~hyper/WALDEN/Essays/civil.html

      Rosa parks went to the front of the bus!

      What are we waiting for?

      Be the change you wish to see!

  7. Troy


    I appreciate you having Gerald on!

    I’m 100% Anti-Moneychanger! The world needs to go Viking!
    I guess Jesus was an Anti-Semite ;0

    • Rebecca

      Jesus was not an anti-semitic.
      Jesus was a Jew! Born to a Jewish mother. He was a Jewish rabbi (teacher).
      He overturned the money changers because the Sadducees and High Priests had allowed the Temple of God to become a business, run by GREED.
      Faith in God [and His Jewish Son Yeshua] turned in the business of religion (DVDs, CDs, books, movies, TV evangelism, etc.).
      Hmmmmm. Doesn’t look like much has changed in nearly 2000 years.

      Jesus did not go to the market and overturn the moneychangers, He went into the Temple of God — where the Holy was made profane.

      Evoking the name of God Almighty’s Son to make his points about bankers and wall street, is Celente profaning the Holy Son of God.

      Why does He take what is Holy and mix it with that which is unholy?

      • Rebecca

        Celente is a moneychanger.

      • Troy


        I don’t think Jesus hated anyone, he was Love, Light/Truth if anything
        (I was kidding) This is how crazy things get when the discussion goes from facts to belief. The subject matter at hand, lives in both realms unfortunately, a real place of much contention, with real ‘people'< just,

        (The Khazars (Turkish: Hazarlar, Greek: Χάζαροι) were a semi-nomadic Turkic people who created one of the largest states of medieval Eurasia, Khazaria, with its capital at Atil. As one of the major arteries of commerce between northern Europe and southwestern Asia, Khazaria commanded the western marches of the Silk Road and played a key commercial role as a crossroad between China, the Middle East, and Europe.[6] Starting in the 8th century, the Khazar royalty and much of the aristocracy are reported to have converted to Judaism)

        that most likely have no blood connection with the biblical Hebrews of the Old Testament, and thus, logic can quickly take a back seat to emotion. Anyone that tries to look at facts, and or think, is labeled !?:)! so that the conversation does not happen.

        I think the main point is that, it is the only time Recorded/Written that Jesus became violent. Also worth noting, it is what is held as the 'root of evil'

        No need to hate anyone, but the truth will never fear the light of.


        • turkicgirl

          I am Turkic Khazar and have nothing in common with jews, it’s a lie that Khazars are jews

        • Rebecca

          Hi, Troy

          Define violent. Jesus overturned moneychanger tables.
          That is not violence. That is righteous indignation. He did not aim at the people, he aimed at the deeds of the people.

          Jesus was not a violent man.

          I do not hate Celente.
          But as Jesus taught, you will know the tree by its fruit.
          A good tree cannot produce bad fruit.
          Celente has bad fruit.

          He calls the press pressitutes, the bankers banksters, etc. and then evokes the name of Jesus. Bitter and sweet water cannot come from the same well, Jesus taught.

          Make the tree good and its fruit good; or make the tree bad.
          Good trees do not produce bad fruit.
          Do not mingle the holy with the profane.

          • Rebecca

            Celente uses the name of our precious Saviour in a his rants.
            This is wrong.

          • Rebecca

            This is the last word from my soapbox. I promise.

            Read Galatians 5:22-23 and determine for youself if Celente’s fruit is good or bad, according to God’s Word.

            Celente makes his living by following the “trends” and predicting what may happen according to those trends. That is his business. When he talks on all these different programs, like USA Watchdog and others, he is promoting his business and himself. He is not a preacher. He is not teaching anyone about the ways of God. He is promoting his business and using the words of God to make his point. That makes him a money changer.

            One who truly reverences God would not mingle God’s Words with uncontrolled and mean-spirited ranting.

            Some call his rantings “passion.”
            I believe Mr. Hunter is very passionate about the truth. He works hard to bring informed, intelligent men like Mr. Williams to his web site. They calmly and intellectually tell us what trends they see. They cite their sources, how they read the statistics, share their “intelligence” with us. When the interview is over, one feels like one has learned something.

            Celente and those of his ilk, rant to stir up emotions and other people’s passions. When he is through, did he actually tell you anything you did not already know? What did you get from him besides “emotion.”

            I have worked for a newspaper for 38 years. I have been a reporter many years. I take that task seriously, just like Mr. Hunter. If you have taken on the responsibility of informing the people about what’s going in their community, as a reporter you have both a moral and legal responsibility to be honest in your reporting, unbiased, and keep “your opinons” out of the news. “Just the fact,ma-am,” as Sgt. Joe Friday (Dragnet) said.

            What I see today is reporting swinging to the extreme in both directions. You have MSM that has relinquished its responsibility to be the “watchdog” for the public in investigating and reporting the “facts” about what government entities are doing. What little truth they present is “watered down” so it won’t scare the public.

            To the other extreme, we have the likes of Celente whose sole purposes are to inflame emotions. Everyone would do well to ask the question, Why do they want to inflame emotions? Buy more of their books, get their DVDS, subscribe to their news?

            “They come for my guns, they are going to get my bullets!” That is what the Celentes of the United States stir. Sounds very passionate, very patriotic. Doesn’t sound very wise. A wise man knows when the fight, but he also has a contingency in place for when it is wiser to withdraw and fight another day.

            All this stirring of emotions may bring the civil unrest these men are advocating. It may not bring the results they expect. As grand and glorious as a 1776 Revolution may sound, this is not 1776.

            Celente can rant all his wants.
            But when he drags My Lord’s name through his mud, then he does incite my passions and I will speak out.

  8. Mike Preslar

    So many people confuse ‘Zionism’ with the Jewish faith and people. Thank you Greg for keeping Religion separated from ‘Hegemony’.

  9. Nathan

    This is in response to Frasers comment . Just the fact that Amber Lyon has to go on RT to whistle blow is proof our media are “presstitutes” as Celente would say . Do however keep in mind that Russian Television is just as guilty of propaganda . If you notice they never EVER talk bad about Putin Russia, Iran , North Korea or Venezuela (all foes of the US) .

    If you get a chance watch her interview on Alex Jones . It was very interesting .

    Keep up the great work Greg and thanks for those post Fraser .

    P.s Greg if you get a chance you should re-post the article you did on Wesley Clark and the Agenda to take out 7 countries again as we move closer to conflict with Iran .

    • Fraser

      Thank you, Alex Jones did indeed pick it up early:
      And yes, it is disappointing that Amber had to go to Russian Television to get widespread attention.
      And yes, the Russian and Chinese media are no better or more truthful than the America media.
      But what has changed is that “The West” is now no longer better than “The Rest”. Which means that we can no longer trust anyone, except independent news reporters like Greg!

  10. bill

    When will we wake up and realize that we are not the home land, fatherland or any other land. We are states united that form a country against tryanny.

  11. Fleendar

    Remembering an article from some time ago,for the elites,war = money. A LOT of it. We also have the Agenda 21 depopulation mandate to consider as well. The elites want America to fall so that they can take over control of all resources and nations under a global 1 world government where the few own and rule the populaces.
    We are now sitting on the cliff’s edge of WW III. This is what the elites want, and to bring it will deliver what they want. Money, power, control, and depopulation of the planet’s 7 billion people.

  12. chris1

    The military industrial complex runs it all in bed with the fed and the
    Illuminati scum.
    DDE, JFK, RP and many more have tried to warn us.
    The elites will run it all into the ground, b/c they profit
    from collapse.
    GC is mostly right, he should polish his delivery some though.
    Thanks for posting.

  13. OzzieThinker

    I thought Mr Celente was meant to be intelligent. By North Korea, doesn’t he mean China?

    Talking about gold, wasn’t China screwed in 2008 with the tungsten laced transaction the mainstream media struggle to acknowledge?

    Then there’s the alleged Cheney nuclear deposits under Fukushima that sent a ‘relatively normal’ earthquake off the Richter scale in 2010.

    And then there’s the desparate fact that China seems to beat America hands down on just about every competition item.

    I know two plus two make four for the dummies, but this situation is far more complex and Mr Celente hasn’t added anything to it. It should be rather worrying because if the US has declared war on China or vice-versa that would undoubtably be the start of world war III and not the time for buffoonery.

  14. FNPMItchreturns

    Greg, Thank You for being a “reporter” and not a “repeater”…. We both know the difference…. Gerald loves his presstitutes but I call them repeaters because often they aren’t paid to propagandize … they do it naturally…. LOL!


  15. Paul Pace

    I like Celente, one of the few guys with the guts to say what he means and he calls it right. I am a long time subscriber and very much respect the man!

  16. IraqVet

    It is sad to think the stupid will still die stupid…but hopefully it won’t hurt as much…as for the rest of us, we are obligated to hold the line until more people wake up and fill in where we fall.

  17. Illinois Troll

    Gerald’s anger is very evident, but it doesn’t stop me from listening because: 1. He is well informed and tells the truth as he finds it, 2. He was ripped off by the banksters personally, so he has a “right” to be upset at all these shenanigans, and 3. I personally think the general public needs to get as riled up as he is. We’re in for a lot of trouble if these actions continue… He reminds me of the reporter who watched the Hindenberg go down in flames – so upset and nothing he could do about it except report what he was seeing… Keep having him on, Greg. We need to hear the truth – even when it makes us upset!!
    By the way – why does everybody forget that Jesus and all of his disciples were Jews? Sin and evil doesnt just touch one race or one religion – unfortunately it is spread around pretty well amongst us all.

  18. JJ

    Greg Hunter is very wise on money issues, but he is very naive about the US military and the US aggression around the world.
    YES TO GERALD CELENTE. US / israel out of Palestine !!

  19. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    I viewed this interview twice; once to digest some of it – this time to decide it’s content. Gerald Celente IS very EXPRESSIVE, and at times comes off like a rant: but this is simply his conviction coming out, in his own way. Fundamentally, his diagnosis is correct: the MONEY CHANGERS and the MILITARY are the two powers behind politics and government. One is perceived power in finances; the other is real power in dispensing death. North Korea is more of a distraction to America’s financial problems; Wall St. a smoke screen to Cyprus. Clouds and more clouds. Catch David Stockton lately?

  20. Judy Tabak

    Love Gerald Celente–guess many are not used to a truth-teller, but Celente does it and in a refreshingly direct manner. Love his comments, especially about the “liberals” who won’t see a thing wrong that this president does–ya the 30,000 troop surge–how about that for a Nobel Peace Prize winner. No, I’m not an repub–but a die-hard independent. Listen to Celente whenever possible–thanks for having him on Greg.

  21. Brian

    Hey Greg,

    Although Celente’s conversational style is different from other guests on this site, his predictions have come true. I really believe the bank holidays and “haircuts” will show up here eventually. I thank Celente and you for caring enough to make a big noise. So many people are going to be like deer in the headlights.

    • Greg

      That’s very kind of you Brian. Thank you for the comment!

  22. droidX-G

    North Korea situation is spiraling

    • Greg

      It is a gigantic mess and I wonder if it is diversion to keep the U.S. from attacking Iran over its nuclear program

      • anon

        what nuclear program?

        remember WMD’s.
        North Korea is the new Iraq. the Iran.

        U.S. and Israel have the world’s largest nuke program and the only two countries that have
        threatened and used it on innocent developing nations.

        N.Korea is being provoked and demonized by U.S. and S.Korea is being provoked and brainwashed anti-N.Korea propaganda just like the CIA Middle East conquer and divide. Remember how Iraq was demonized and manipulated by the MSM. No WMD’s. The story is repeating itself.

        We need to learn from the lesson. The world will not survive another Iraq.
        In truth.

  23. Jim

    “Money changer” label only makes me think of the unscrupulous. Not any specific ethnic group. I like Gerald a lot. Tell me where hes been wrong? Pretty tight for the working class in my region.

    • Greg

      Amen Jim. Greed and corruption is not isolated to any one religion or any one race of people. It is universal. I hope love and forgiveness is also universal.

  24. g. johnson

    thanks for bringing gerald back again. one of my favorites. to those who condemn mr. celente for his anger, i would, in turn condemn for their lack of anger. if the story of jesus chasing the money changers from the temple has any lesson, it is that righteous anger is the proper response to tyranny.

    mike preslar, (above comment) is right about the perception confusion between zionism and judaism. those who are bold enough to risk educating themselve can simply google up for a real eye opener.

    thanks again greg, keep the truth flowing.

    • Greg

      Thank you G. Johnson for the support and comment!

  25. Blob Man

    If Gold hits below 1540.00 USD then that is the end of the Gold bull market and it sure looks like its heading that way. I will sell all my gold if it drops below this number….rather take a 5 % loss than a 30 or 40% loss

    • Greg

      Blob Man,
      Now you are giving trading advise and from now on I will require a real name and some verifiable credentials.

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