Updated 2018 Predictions – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicted a 10% correction in the stock market for 2018. It already happened.  What are his updated predictions for the rest of the year?  Celente says, “What brought the markets down was the fear of interest rates going up.  Now, as you mentioned, we had forecast a 10% correction.  Here’s our forecast now.  We believe the Trump rally is near its peak.  It may go up more, and here is why it will.  Trump is allowing companies to bring back money from overseas.  All that dough they have stashed over there that they haven’t been paying taxes on, they’re going to bring it back and get a great tax break. . . . George Bush did that back in 2003 and 2004.  Do you know where the money went?  96% went into stock buybacks, not capital improvements.  Again, Trump gave them a 21% tax rate from the 35% rate, and that money, we believe, won’t go into capital improvements because when you look at S&P 500 earnings, they are doing really great.  They are expected to have a 19% increase this year.”

So, is Celente expecting another 10% correction in the stock market? Celente says, “Possible, yes.  The possible why is a black swan event and, in particular, war.  Do you see what is going on in the Middle East? . . . One of my sayings, and it goes for any country anytime and in any place, when all else fails, they take you to war.  They are ratcheting up war in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia and other countries against Iran. . . . If there is a war against Iran . . . If there is war in the Middle East, you will see oil prices spike to above $100 per barrel.  If that happens–bam, not only the U.S. equity markets, but you will see the global equity markets go into bear territory. . . .The markets are overvalued, the price/earnings (PE) ratios are in the 26 range, and 14 is usually the average.  They are near historic highs by many measurements.”

Celente also points out another big headwind for the markets. Celente says, “Rising interest rates.  Look at the numbers that came out last week on housing.  Boom!  Mortgage applications down, and purchases down on all different levels.  Interest rates are going up.”

Celente likes gold but predicts nothing is going to happen until “it hits $1,450 per ounce and stabilizes around that price.” Celente also predicts, “The United States wants a weaker dollar so we can increase our exports. . .  I am betting on a weaker dollar.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of “The Trends Journal.”

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  1. Gary Cooper

    New Zealand get ready for Hillary! In here own words, an incredible event! Named after Sir Edmund. Born in Chicago, five years before his climb of Everest, an incredulous event considering.
    Clinton Cash

    • Neil

      Yeah Obama is coming here too. Don’t know why they think they are welcome. Probably here to extract Clinton Foundation ‘donations’ from the new government.
      NZ is better informed than you might imagine for a small isolated country however. Comey got several death threats while he was here.
      If these people ever got the idea NZ was a good place to move to they might get in a megalomaniac wave but they wouldn’t make it off the boarding stairs….

    • Bob

      Can’t wait.
      Why can’t we have Trump instead?

    • Paul ...

      Remember Christen Lagard’s infatuation with the number 7 … well “another incredible event” much greater then that “law breaker Hillary” is taking place not just in New Zealand but around the entire world … 7 bowls of poison are now being poured down upon the Earth by Jesus Christ himself … “he has had enough” of all the neocon warmongers evil (continuous wars and the killing of women and children) … the poison Jesus is pouring down will spell death to all the evil Satanist warmongers and pedophiles … even his “chosen people” given God’s word (the 10 Commandments) “have failed to obey” as they are still “money changing” and doing other bad things “sexually” … thus our Pacific Ocean has already been poisoned with radiation … the Sun already grows hotter and hotter, etc., etc. … the crime of killing and beheading Christians (by creating ISIS) will not be tolerated … and disobeying God’s Ten(10) Commandments will not be tolerated … it is like killing the true King of this world (INRI) over and over again … judgement is now being rained down upon “all” the wicked ones on Earth who think they are above the law (like Hillary) and believe they don’t have to follow any of God’s moral laws!! … https://www.wake-up.org/introduction-to-bible-prophecy/seven-bowls-gods-wrath.html

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      One thing is for certain…Hitlery is a compulsive and habitual liar.
      What I am intrigued about with this pending visit is who/what spawned the idea?
      Does anyone out there know if there are sponsors involved or is it their own initiative and as such just another example of the Clintons common practice of earning vast quantities of money simply by standing in front of a gullible crowd and telling a pack of lies for an hour or so?


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        After a little bit of delving, I can now actually answer my own question…the ‘initiative’ to have this creature speak in NZ and Australia was facilitated by none other than ‘The Growth Faculty’ [link below].

        This organisation was founded by Karen Beattie is based in Australia and has a branch in Auckland NZ.
        Mission statement…
        “The Growth Faculty provides the very best strategic thinking from around the world and connects global thought leaders with Australian business people.”

        …yeah right… and Hitlery is going to help with this?…what a monumentally idiotic choice of speakers!


        • Neil

          ..or in other words an influence group infiltrating our government’s affairs – an outpost of the Trilateral Commission/ Council of Foreign Affairs – similar to The NZ Business Roundtable, that was, now called The NZ Initiative https://nzinitiative.org.nz/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand_Initiative
          Translation – an assumptive group of self important jerks who need to be removed along with the native cockroaches in Parliament’s corridors…
          In other words Hillary and Barry are here to update the program for and extract money from the local NWO operatives…

        • Neil

          Remember Colin, as low level NWO operatives they are just social climbing types who think they are getting to rub shoulders with power/elites and probably unaware of the large agendas -useful idiots in other words – and yet dangerous to our independence and democracy etc. as malleable minions.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Point taken!
            I think you nailed it Neil with the term useful idiots.

            One of ‘The Growth Faculty’s’ speakers that they like to boast about was none other than George Clooney. Now I have absolutely nothing against George, but I am not sure that he fits very well with TGF’s mission statement…
            …”to provide the very best strategic thinking from around the world and connect global thought leaders with Australian business people”!!!

            Neither does Hitlery.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            I’m afraid it gets worse Neil …way worse!

            Apparently there are are a number of governmental and therefore publicly funded institutions involved in underwriting this visit.

            These include Trade and Enterprise, Auckland University and the Auckland-based Icehouse, a publicly-funded incubator and start-up depot for nurturing entrepreneurs and their inventions.

            But wait, there is more…
            According to the below link Trade & Industry and as part of the wider Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, persuaded the government to invest large sums of public money in the Clinton ‘family charitable foundation’.



            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

              Apparently NZ donated $13.7 million to the Clinton Foundation…puke!


              • Neil

                I read somewhere there was to be another payment – total $18m – not sure if that will go ahead after the Clinton Foundation got negative publicity. Australia gave a lot more. Really we need to protest her visit and ask for the money back – with interest- since it is a fraudulent charity. We also need to remove from office anyone who authorised the payment of publicly derived funds for the larger purposes of securing favour. Presumably Hillary does so little work in her role as a Senator that she can scoot off to the bottom end of the world to make a speech of no importance nor substance to a room full of nobodies and it makes no difference.
                Disappointed we have as many sycophantic fools as we do. Time to get active I think.