Fed Will Be Forced Not to Raise Interest Rates-Reggie Middleton


By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Financial expert and trader Reggie Middleton says the Fed is “going to be forced not to raise interest rates.”  Middleton explains, “If they do raise rates, money is going to fly into the dollar.  The dollar is going to become even stronger relative the euro and Asian currencies.  Then you are also going to have a lot of pressure on U.S. corporates because any international business is going to take a significant hit.”  Middleton goes on to say, “If the economy gets better, they can raise rates, but why would the economy get better now when it didn’t get better last year or the year before that?  In order for the economy to get better, you need to flush that garbage out of the system.  They refuse to do that.  Instead, they made a bunch of rules.  They papered over it.  They still have no mark to market accounting.  Nobody knows what’s on the banks’ balance sheets.  Nobody knows what it’s worth, and they literally made it legal for the banks to say we won’t tell you what it is worth.”

On the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Middleton says, “This is competition for the dollar.  I wouldn’t call it the death knell.  The dollar is deep and wide in terms of liquidity and is backed by the geopolitical, economic and the military might of the U.S.  So, it is not the death knell, but competition and healthy competition.  Think in terms of a wolf pack.  You have an alpha male and that is the dominate wolf, and he runs the pack.  Other dominate wolves in the pack challenge that wolf for superiority.  The alpha male has to put the wolves down.  If he does not, then the alpha is now switched.  That is basically the circle of life.  Instead of challenging for the alpha male position of the wolf pack, they are challenging for the reserve currency, and China is making that play.  I don’t think they will succeed, but it is healthy competition.”

Could we have another financial disaster this fall?  Middleton contends, “There are a lot of powerful forces trying to kick the ball down the road, but the longer you kick it, the greater the recompense when it’s time to pay the piper.  The most dangerous threat to the global economy would be a contagion from Europe and from Greece, but not because Greece defaults.  This is the danger Greece causes, and that is Greece’s success is by far the greatest danger.  Suppose Greece drops out of the Eurozone, and there are going to be hard times, and they pull it off . . . then every other country that is subjected to extreme austerity say why in the world are we allowing ourselves to be subjected to this by the Troika and Germany?   Greece was able to pull out . . .  and they did no worse than they did while being subjected to austerity.  Then, now they are truly a sovereign nation. . . . If Greece gets away with it, then you have to take a look at Portugal and Spain and Italy and Ireland, and they will think about it.  If Greece even partially succeeds, then the entire Eurozone experiment is gone.”

Middleton is also starting a new company based on Bitcoin.  He thinks banking, trading and legal contracts can all be done without middlemen.  He will explain his new idea in the video interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Reggie Middleton, creator of Veritaseum.com. 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

If you’d like to learn more about Reggie Middleton’s innovative idea, please go to Veritaseum.com.


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  1. allen ols

    I am not buying his analysis for one reason; The Russians, Chinese and most in the 75% population from Spain to the Philippines, want to trade with each other BYPASSING the dollar/foreign exchange fees. The rest of the world is tired of paying SWIFT fees, and just want to trade with each other. This is going to reduce USA ‘s trade income. He does not factor in the GOLD BACKED YUAN,RUBLE, etc, w/gold trade backed notes. But, I defer to SIG,PFI,JERRY,COLIN, and other big thinkers concerning the death knell of the dollar. Look at this list; AIIB – SGE – CRA or crisis response account, – UNIONPAY credit cards- CIPS or swift,- NDB or new dev. bank, commonly called bricks gold central bank. When SGE repegs the gold price, and the many silk roads trade with each other, USA will experience isolation, or SANCTIONS.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fair enough. Thank you.

      • allen ols

        greg, martin armstrong

        ANSWER: All these theories of inflation are wrong for several aspects. We have run correlations with the money supply and inflation and they do NOT hold up. Just look at QE1-3 and the lack of inflation. Gold has dropped nearly by 50% despite all the hype. We either face the truth or watch our personal wealth evaporate into nonsense.

        The key is CONFIDENCE. When the MAJORITY of people BELIEVE that government is out of control, then they will panic and rush to buy private assets. This is actually the same mechanism that is behind a hyperinflation. Even during debasement in Rome, the money supply shrank for people hoarded the old coinage. As that contraction unfolds, it becomes crazy for government cannot meet its expenses and then has to increase the debasement to create more coins to compensate for what has disappeared from the money supply.

    • Calgirl

      This conclusion from an informative article on ZH: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-30/titanic-sinks-dawn

      Our financial system has titanic problems, leverage and debt worse than 2008, and is vulnerable to a crash. Large icebergs lie ahead and I suspect that our financial ship has already been struck by several – crude oil price collapse, dollar parabolic rally, Greek exit from the Euro, and escalating war in the Ukraine. Ten minutes after the RMS Titanic struck the iceberg and began filling with water, the “party was still on” for almost all of the passengers on the Titanic. Less than three hours later the “unsinkable” Titanic was gone.
      Over 100 years later some items have been recovered from the Titanic. Three items that survived the icy depths were diamonds, gold, and silver.
      Repeat: Lives were lost, paper stock certificates were gone, bonds did not survive, dollar bills were destroyed, but gold and silver endured the sinking of the Titanic over a century ago.
      Are you prepared for the possibility of a titanic failure in our financial system? “

      • paul

        The Titanic failure will include all paper currency … that’s why gold and silver are so important … but “real coins could also retain some value” … take the 1982 – 2015 one cent piece containing 97.5% zinc (and zinc is rarer then copper) … the metal value of these “zinc” pennies today is $0.005472 cents … compare that to the metal value of the Sacagawea Dollar ($0.0470838) … which means we get “One Sacagawea Dollar” of metal value for only 8.6 zinc pennies … not so sure “bit coins” will retain value if the whole financial system crashes.

        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Paul,
          I often heard about how coins, the current ones, will be worth so much more than face value. I don’t see it coming Dow this way. Why? Because when inflation really hits, dollars will be given as change. I also believe that value, not “real value” , but the value ON the coin will bar most people (as they are basically stupid creatures) from accepting something at real value. Maybe after the collapse of all major retailers but not before. I remember a guy on YouTube trying to sell brand new Gold Eagles on the street for $20, out of many people, he got one taker. That’s what your theory is up against. Plus, what will zinc be useful to as far as the average Joe goes? While Zinc may be rarer than copper, its cheaper because it doesn’t have many uses that impact daily life, copper is more valuable because we use it by the minute, if not second.
          Just my two cents…pure cooper, wheat cents

          • JC Davis

            G 500 Good points. I don’t think people will even want a dollar. Well yes to pay there former debts off faster your right.
            A roll of copper wire, or plumbing tubes is a good investment.

    • Silence is Golden

      In my mind there is no doubt the USD is cancerous and terminal. This is not only true for the US but also the Globe that has come to rely on it as the unofficial currency reserve – because of its necessity for trade. Whilst it is true that the foundations that the world monetary system and trade are akin to a house of cards, it is not something that can be replaced expediently and without risk being entirely mitigated. It is as much a process…… and the “new” foundations of a more resilient and “fairer” perhaps system are as we know, being devised and promulgated.
      My concern is with any new monetary system that purports to be fairer…. and yet still retains some elements of the existing and dying system. We shall never have a equitable system while there still remains the ability of the Lenders to use the one thing that has contributed to the massive wealth inequality in the world. That is the curse known as USURY.

      • paul

        How is this … for a “new” foundation and more resilient and “fairer” system … Australia is contemplating imposing a tax on bank accounts … if it passes … it will take effect in Jan 2016 … the world banking Cabal is probably watching closely and saying “Why didn’t we think of that”!

        • Silence is Golden

          Desperate Governments do desperate things !!

        • aussie jeff

          Almost gagged on my breakfast when I heard Joe Hockey announce that little nasty piece of proposed legislation.
          More reason to hide your money under the mattress!!

        • Michael

          We already have that tax in the US. It’s the insurance premium charged to the banks by the FDIC. The cost is passed onto the customer. We’ve had it for a long time. Nothing new.

          • paul

            Thanks for the info Michael … good to see our bankers are on the ball and did not miss out on that tax … on a different subject altogether … I was just thinking about those 27 species of aliens flying around Earth (that our military keeps shooting at) … they must have some type of monetary system … I was wondering if it is based upon gold and silver, fiat or bitcoin? … Any aliens listening here please leave a comment! Thanks!

            • James in NY

              I hope they like the taste of fat cat bankers and their minion politicians!

        • allen ols

          Egon von Greyerz: “Eric, the confiscation of money from savers and investors is continuing at an alarming rate. The latest proposal now in Australia is to tax bank deposits. But it won’t stop at that because as desperate governments worldwide increase their deficits and financing requirements, they will announce even more draconian measures against savers….

          Continue reading the Egon von Greyerz interview below…


          To hear which company investors & institutions around the globe are flocking to
          ​that has one of the best gold & silver purchase & storage platforms
          in the world click on the logo:
          GoldSwitzerland:MAM – King World News

          “I expect governments in the U.S., Europe and Japan, to force savers to invest in government bonds. It will be the same with pension funds and insurance companies. Any surplus within the financial system will be used to finance ever-increasing government debt issuance.

          KWN Greyerz I 4:2:2015

          So not only will we see a tax on savings, but also compulsory buying of government debt. This is, of course, on top of the total absence of yield on government debt today. Savers are being totally punished and should now seriously think about Mark Twain’s words when he said, ‘I’m more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money.’

          As it looks now, Eric, there will be no return or yield on savings, but it is also unlikely that savers will receive their money back at all. Either governments will print unlimited amounts of money in their futile attempts to save their economies, or the banks will not survive. So, sadly, to keep savings in a bank is extremely risky today, especially since there is not likely to be a return of the money or a return on the money. This is, of course, why it’s so important to own gold outside of the banking system.

          Currently in Europe there is now 3 trillion euros of debt with negative yields. This doesn’t just penalize savers, but it’s also a disaster for insurers and pension funds. With these rates they will have major deficits, which will lead to unfunded or underfunded pensions, and eventually to insolvent pension funds and insurance companies.

          KWN Greyerz II 4:2:2015

          Savers Being Robbed

          In the meantime the banks benefit from borrowing money at zero or even negative interest rates. In the $15 trillion U.S. banking system, interest costs have gone from $500 billion to $50 billion. This is a reduction of $450 billion in interest outlays, which has robbed savers of any return. This also means that their income and spending power has also been reduced by that amount.

          KWN Greyerz III 4:2:2015

          So, Eric, neither negative interest rates or money printing is having any positive effect on the world economy. Most economic figures worldwide are now below expectations. I firmly believe that many major countries will have negative GDP growth in 2015, including the United States.

          What Ammunition Do Central Banks Have Left?

          So what ammunition do central banks have left? There is only more money printing and it’s absolutely certain that we will see that in 2015, including in the United States. With sluggish growth and poor economic figures in the U.S., I do not see any chance of higher rates.

          Financial markets, in particular stocks, have been the main beneficiaries of all this money printing. In addition, companies in the S&P 500 have spent $2 trillion since 2009 to buy back their own stock. This has created an even bigger bubble in the stock market.

          KWN Fleckenstein II 2:8:2015

          In 2007 global equity markets were $60 trillion, but then plunged to $25 trillion. Today global markets have surged over 3-times that figure and are now at $80 trillion. So when people say, ‘We have no inflation,’ they are wrong. We have seen the most massive asset inflation in the last 6-years. This has been asset inflation of hyperinflationary proportions. As governments print more money and currencies accelerate to the downside, we will see hyperinflation in the general economy also.

          Eric, currently I see very interesting situations in markets. I believe that the temporary dollar rise we have been seeing is now reversing and that the dollar will start a major and sustained fall. This is, of course, the mirror image of gold and silver, which will soon start a historic rise as they resume their climb to new all-time highs.

          King Woirld News Pento 3:14:2015

          Investors Must Be Prepared For Coming Global Financial Destruction

          This uptrend has already started in most other currencies, except the dollar. But gold and silver will now also go up against the dollar. Stock markets will also soon start a major secular bear trend. These massive changes in market trends will be triggered by a catalyst. With the current state of the world economy, there is an abundance of potential catalysts or black swans, whether it’s economic, financial or geopolitical. The key thing is that investors must be prepared ahead of this coming global financial destruction.”

          • Greg Hunter

            Please cut this way down in the future and use a link.

            • allen ols

              ooops 🙂

      • allen ols



      • James in NY

        Right on!

    • Rob

      Hi Greg!

      Allen I wouldn’t be so quick to judge Reggie’s analysis as I believe he is right about the success Greece will have once it breaks away from the European union.
      We must look past what is being trumpeted out there on their MSM to what the powers that be have wanted all along.

      They are pitting the old order in the west against the up and coming AIIB while at the same time presenting Greece with no options but to default and just today on Zerohedge all the sudden out comes the Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis with a proposal to run on bitcoin:


      I have been saying this all along! The powers behind the scenes who own all the central banks in every country of the world but 3 own all the politicians from the USA to Europe to China to Russia to Greece and as puppets they all do their owners bidding while at the same time are presented to us as adversaries among each other.

      It would not surprise me one bit if James Turk is correct that they will let Greece default this month:


      This would set in motion enough contagion in the fiat markets while Greece fully implements bitcoin and over the next six months proving its viability that by the end of this Shmita in September 2015 the whole world will quickly want to adopt it.

      I may be a little aggressive on the time line but the probability is there. We have been given enough clues in the scriptures that there will be 3 1/2 years from adoption to full implementation as they phase out all fiat.

      I have already said through many posts here that the next 7 years will be the last Shmita as the world is exponentially rushing headlong into complete turmoil for those who have eyes to see.

      All one needs is an iphone that is accessed through one’s biometrics into the elites banking system utilizing a crptocurrency where access can be denied and this passage is fulfilled:

      Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      Love in CHRIST! Rob

      • allen ols

        I am not disagreeing on the Greece issue, I feel/think they will accept a deal with Russia for a pipeline to Greece to service Europe and collect fees, and have control of the spigot. My issue is as stated above and my response to Reggie.

        I agree with some of your post, but let me be clear, China/Russia, do not want to deal with the dollar anymore, and neither does 80% of the worlds population as the dollar has been criminal. The world wants fair/honest/truthful trade settlement, not our military raping a country if it doesn’t toe the line. ENTER; NWO/ANTICHRIST. al

      • Michael

        We already have that tax in the US. It’s the insurance premium charged to the banks by the FDIC. The cost is passed onto the customer. We’ve had it for a long time. Nothing new.

    • Al Hall


      • allen ols

        al hall

        wow coming from u i am impressed thankyou al old 🙂

    • Jerry

      We’re the naughty red headed step child of the world, and we’re about to get our butt whipped. Nice how all our former allies turned their back on us isn’t it?

      • Emeth

        Perhaps, more the well fed, fat and lazy, bull in “the China shop”. Clumsily and arrogantly throwing its weight around, and breaking many fragile things that took a lot of time and effort to make.

      • Silence is Golden

        That’s a wake up call for everyone that is a US citizen.
        The sheeple are still asleep….and will never understand the true meaning or reasons for the predicament the US is in.
        Are the so called former “Allies” really allies ?
        History was never a well taught subject.
        Conveniences and half-truths = lies.

      • allen ols


        yessss, we are!! tks al old

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Hi Greg – congrats on a first rate interview with Reggie.

      Allen – I concur with 90% of Reggie’s comments.
      However I respectively disagree with his view as to how much time the US$ has left as ‘the’ reserve currency of the world. My reasons being:

      #1 The US$ is backed only by hegemony, the military and widespread blatant illegal manipulation of markets. People around the world are awakening to the extent of this criminality and they are tired of it. The rebellion is of a monumental scale when some 26 countries have signed up with the AIIB and this list now includes habitual lapdog followers of US policy including even Britain itself. Saudi Arabia has subscribed as well so the consequences of this are huge.

      #2 Who made up the rule that there was to be only one reserve currency?
      Dumb question Colin- obviously the neocons in concert with the banksters did!
      Anyway for many reasons the world is better off without a single reserve currency model not the least of which is that this ‘privilege’ seems to encourage very bad behavior of the encumberant nation.
      Quite frankly we are all likely to be far better served by a shared reserve currency status or an organized ‘basket’ type model that does not foster reckless and irresponsible policy.

      #3 Any notion that the Fed exists to help or remedy the US economy is just a childish fantasy. The Fed has but one ultimate goal and that is to steal from everyone worldwide and enrich its owners. Globally many people have been alerted to this astonishing and farcical truth that these owners are in fact a ruthless cabal of privately owned banks. This extraordinary situation has been revealed to the masses and thanks mainly to the internet and non MSM information it is now widely available.
      Any statement the Fed makes about policy or intent is pure pantomime and only serves to mislead and confuse the masses. The Fed is THE most monolithic con-job in the history of mankind. They will never help the situation. Left in control they will continue to impoverish mainstreet America and eventually reduce it to a rioting hellhole.

      Please America get behind the AUDIT THE FED movement. Exposing the criminality of this institution, dismembering it and completely reinventing your central bank model is the only chance you have left now for saving any credibility or even your very existence as a nation.


    • allen ols

      Here are the five stages that a person goes through to exit the ‘sheeple stage’ to the ‘informed/prepared stage’ of these trying times.

      most are in denial or anger stage few in the bargaining stage


      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Allen, be careful. Sometimes a person dreams that he is awake.

  2. allen ols

    …AND i forgot; WALL STREET is propped up by QE. AND he forgets all the the debt , ustb, returning to usa from china, and russia. He seems to be living in a NY , wall street world, not the real world.

    • allen ols


      I just found this, by chinese president;

      from LarouchePAC:

      This year’s Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) became a central focus for China’s mobilization around the “One Belt, One Road” project for Asia and the world. In his speech on March 28th, President Xi Jinping had traced the development of the Asia-Pacific region during the last 70 years from the end of the Anti-Fascist War and the founding of the United Nations, to the historic Bandung conference 60 years ago, where Chinese leader Zhou Enlai and India’s Jawaharlal Nehru had laid out the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, including non-interference in the internal affairs of other nations. “This year we will witness the completion of the ASEAN Community,” Xi Said. With the development of the two new Silk Road projects, China hopes to create by 2020 an East Asian Economic Partnership.

      Boao drew 48 nations this year with a much greater participation of world leaders, attracted by the vision of the New Silk Road. Most significantly, China used the opportunity to present a broad and detailed program of how they envision the development of their “One Belt, One Road.”

      Read More @ Larouchepac.com

    • Reggie Middleton

      Are you insinuating that China and Russia are not propped up by debt? Most sovereign nations are run (through their central banks) via a debt (or commodity price-driven) boom-bust cycle. The US simply has the largest economy, the reserve curremcy and the biggest military. Those count for a lot. Look how long it carried the UK, and that was before tech enabled non-physical manipulation of colonized economies.

      • allen ols

        Reggie M.
        THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING!!!! seems like we only get responses from Bill Holter, and Greg Manarino . (all caps are for emphasis, not shouting)

        First off;
        You are RIGHT to say our dollar is backed up by the Military. It is NOT PROPPED UP by our economy, it is propped up by a CRIMINAL FED. RESERVE and their QE to infinity. It is propped up by ZIRP, and gold manipulation, also thievery of other nations gold and resources, example; Iraq, Libya, Ukraine. Amerika has no economy, and ALL the highs in WALL STREET , only exist because of the fed. prints fiat, bogus, schiess reserve debt notes. THESE DEBT NOTES, HAVE NO VALUE. There is no manfg. backing them up. Gerald Celente calls it “digital currency, NOT worth the digital paper, it is NOT digitally printed on.” enter, YOUR BITCOIN STUFF, backed by air.

        REGGIE, Why did CENTRAL BANK COMPTROLLERS, spend $200,000 on emergency backpacks so they can get outta NYC. We call them bug-out-bags.

        NOW, concerning russias/chinas/japans/ etc. debt, YOU FORGET SEVERAL FACTORS.
        Russia, has LNG/OIL manfg. / shipping and huge accumulation of USTB. They have RESERVES . China is a manfg power house, and can soon switch to a gold backed trade note/ SDR basket of currencies. China has been buying over 1000 tonnes of gold per month for 2.5 yrs. WHY?
        China is backing Russia, so is N. Korea. AMERIKA wont have a chance against rus/chin/n.k./iran/ coalition in a military confrontation. “only Christ can defeat this coalition”.

        Finally Reggie, if I sound frustrated, I AM! 🙂
        I am in good co. with the likes of
        eric Sprott, James Turk, Richard Russell, Jim Willie, Egon von Greyerz, Greg Mannarino, Celente, Bill Holter, Andy Snyder, Marc Salvo,
        as I get 90 % of my info here at; USAWD.COM.

        BEST WISHES. thanks again.

        billionaires Ned Goodman; ‘the dollar will collapse”
        Jim Rogers; get out of fiat paper, get into agric. gold silver, tangibles.

        • goldbug

          What do people mean by spelling America with a “k”?

      • JC Davis

        Reggie there debt is hinged to the dollar. What I mean to say is once they have a system of equal value they will produce more then ever before, and pay there small debt off quickly. The USA will never pay there debt.
        18.7 trillion at last check. No insult intended, as I personally thank you for coming on this site.
        Debt clock keeps on ticking. Even tho It don’t matter at this point for the dollar.

        • JC Davis

          Correction . 18.17 as if it matters to any congressman in Washington.

      • allen ols

        reggie M.
        let me add a little humor to your thoughts.


  3. allen ols



    Perhaps this is why when, in January 2014, a retired US Army General stated that he would be willing to lead a coup against Obama with a contingency of around 250,000 Marines, virtually no one even batted an eye.
    To be fair, the date is over a year after Gen. Vallely’s speech and no coup has taken place. Yet, with American politics having become so volatile – with Conservatives so hate-filled against anything that does not represent the scorched earth of warfare, austerity, and greed they have come to know and love, Liberals radicalized to the point that no law is too oppressive to enforce politically correct newspeak, the concept of the “collective,” or humanitarian bombing, and the vast majority of the public who simply stare lifelessly into their television screen with whatever free time they have left – you would think that Vallely’s comments would have drawn more ire from the left or even more support from the right.

    Read More @ ActivistPost.com

    • paul

      Let’s not wish for anything to happen to Obama because he is now moving very forcefully against the 9/11 Nazi Gang … he has pivoted to Iran (a Saudi enemy) and is going after ISIS (a Langley/Mossad creation) and he is going after “all” the 9/11 co-conspirators that were paid off by the Nazi Cabal with $20,000,000 ($20 Million dollars each) to keep their mouths shut … these people may now start talking … as Obama has now seized their secret bank accounts!

      • paul

        What really bothers me is why our Israel got involved in the 9/11 thing in the first place … America was a true friend of Israel … why would Israeli operatives jump up and down for joy when the Twin Towers came down? Why did they plant radio jamming devices to hinder fire rescue teams? Why did they try to blow up the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel? The only thing I can figure is that Israeli (was taken over the same way the US was) by an evil Nazi Cabal.

        • Greg Hunter

          I have never heard that Israel was happy it happened. That said, nobody can explain how building 7 came straight down after NOT being hit. The whole official story is full of holes and many in academia and professional engineers have poked holes big enough to drive a truck through. We cannot even get the complete (Official) 9/11 report released! Stinks to high heaven to this day.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Greg, kind of like the Warren Report, right? Do we see a trend here? I remember my family bought a copy of the Warren Report back in the day. I remember reading it as a junior-high schooler thinking, this is BS… Welcome to 1984. Best always. PM

          • Silence is Golden

            Apparently the Foundation of WTC7 was constructed out of Paper…literally….of the “Bond” type. The Financiers and Engineers should have done their due diligence. Not the ones who constructed the building….. the ones who brought it down !!! 😉

          • ulrich sherry

            Wow Greg, I’m impressed with your position on 9/11. I woke up after watching ” Explosive Evidence” two years ago. I have since then spent hundreds of hours ( maybe thousands), trying to figure it all out. It became quite a journey…a search for the Truth. The more I dug, the more connections I found. I believe that 9/11 was part of a much bigger plan, and that plan is still being played out today. My research also led me to USA Watchdog and some brilliant minds. Hopefully, truth and integrity will win the day.

        • Jeff L

          It is not popular to say but I believe just as those running this country are not “America”, those running Israel are not the “God’s people” Israel……. I will further go beyond what most here don’t want to believe……. We will be destroyed for “allowing” this to happen as we have parted from any spiritual protection we might have had. In the same way, Israel will suffer greatly before the final battle. But only because God has planned it. In the mean time, all hell could erupt in Israel as it will here………… Bottom line, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

      • Greg Hunter

        None of what Obama is doing is going to be good for the common American of which I am one.

        • aussie jeff

          As not being American, but having looked from afar with great interest for over 40 years at American politics.
          I would have to say without a doubt that your current President is on the one hand the “worst” in living memory, but on the other hand EXACTLY the type of President needed to bring about conditions that fulfill bible prophecy!
          Remember friends, while political systems seem to hold sway, it’s only according to God’s plan that they remain in place, in due course all shall be revealed.
          Thanks to God and His Beloved Son our saviour Christ Jesus.

      • Silence is Golden

        Ever get the feeling that the Administration/Congress and the Pres. are working at cross purposes. So much unity in their efforts to destroy the Nation. Brings new meaning to the “United” States !!

    • gregd

      Great points Reggie. The big point is he military. But do you think that China and Russia teaming up is more than a match for the U.S.? I think they want to neutralize the U.S. without firing a shot, but they don’t have to. We are spread fairly thin , and without the power we are in big trouble.

  4. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    I agree allen ols

    • Gary

      Thanks for perfectly encapsulating your ignorance in so few words. As a conservative, I did not know it qualified as greed to expect people to pay for their own mistakes and decisions. I did not know it was greedy to expect someone to live within their means and only purchase what they can afford. I was not aware that I support scorched early warfare policy. Your thinking is so nuanced and informative.

    • allen ols

      rev. appreciated!!!

  5. mike

    China is using the AIIB to get rid of its massive holding of US Treasury Bonds with the help of European banks ….

    • allen ols

      mike bingooooo!!!

    • paul

      As Rome fell … Caesar was surrounded by his allies and stabbed by them all … while dieing Caesar “could not comprehend” that his best friend Brutus would be among them … history now repeats … as the “best friend” of the US joins the AIIB … and the words Et Tu Brute? … ring out once more … as Israel becomes the latest US ally to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

  6. JC Davis

    Reggie is a smart man no doubt. My view is the dollar has already lost its political, and economic might. Presently loosing is military might. It stands today only because there is no other currency to compete with the dollar. It has been this way for over 10 years now.
    The AIIB will be competition. If I were a stock player I would not want this news to get out. Yes China like the rest of the world has problems, but mostly caused by a unequal playing scale against the dollar. The dollar is a cracker on a railroad track.
    Bitcoin is like the dollar made out of thin air. When the train rolls they both will be gone. Greg thanks for having a person on with a different perspective then mine.

  7. mike

    Liked the interview and some out of box thoughts……..transaction ideal sounds attractive…will read his site………….Liked Allen Ols comments…………Why not interview HIM?

    • JC Davis

      Mike a interview with Allen is a wonderful idea.. If his looks did not break the camera.. Love you Allen. Thanks for all the help you have been for me.

    • allen ols


      thanks but no thanks, as i get my info here, from gregs guests, and my research from other sites. It would be smarter to interview, colin in NZ, Jerry, SIG, PFI, and others. al ols

  8. Tommy

    Bitcoin? You gotta be kidding.

    • Smaulgld

      While Bitcoin the currency is a joke, the blockchain technology isnt. It creates trust between parties by ensuring that conditions are met or transactions don’t go through. Each party doing a deal on the block chain therefore does not have counterparty/fraud risk. The risk they take is that the block chain remains unhacked and stable.

      • paul

        What happens to Bit Coin if there is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) created by a nuclear weapon or a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the Sun that knocks out the grid and fry’s everyones computers?

    • allen ols


  9. Jallen

    I found Reggie’s comment about the USA joining the AIIB to subvert it most interesting
    as it shows what he really thinks about the American banks way of doing business.
    The ultimate question; will the USA military go to war to support the petro dollar as it did in Iraq etc.? If this were a chess game; America’s King is under attack and the only piece left to move is its Queen (Military). Also, as far as the dollar is concerned, Reggie needs to realize the Federal Reserve has boxed itself into a corner and is in the process of self destructing. American politicians have given its real wealth, industry, away to China etc. If Reggie reads these comments, I say to him, multiple Alpha dogs have circled the American Alpha dog and the multiple Alpha dogs are homebred!
    Watch for the Gold alpha dog to destroy the Paper alpha dog! Some alpha dogs just go into hiding.

    • allen ols


      good post!!!

  10. Pdog

    Dear Greg:

    The AIIB is the beginning of the new multi-lateral global banking system. International trade will be conducted in SDR”s supported by a basket of currencies of which the dollar and the RMB will be predominant. This has been planned for some time now. It is the global economic reset, it is the new Bretton Woods. The new system will be fully implemented by January 1, 2016.

    • allen ols

      Pdog, u forgot something, GOLD,
      We have none in treasury storage, and china will require gold backed currencies/trade notes/us military downgrade for USA, as we are warring predators in the world. We have no manfg, to speak of, we are 225 trillion in debt/including unfunded liabilities, and our derivatives is 303 trillion, of which we the taxpayer are liable for losses.

      not good. and china has announced they want to get rid of the us dollar as reserve currency.

  11. Jerry

    Greg I enjoyed this interview a lot. Reggie raises a lot of good points but misses the broader picture when it comes to the AIIB. The letter to the G20 by the Financial Stability Board that was leaked out on the internet (which I shared with you) gives us a pretty good indication of what the banking cabals intentions are for the world financial system are.

    Finishing the “POST CRISIS ADENDA” moving forward, should raise a red flag to anyone that is paying attention to what is happening on the global stage. Apparently the countries in the G20 know a collapse with the dollar is coming, and have partnered with the Financial Stability Board to help regulate the transition into a new system.

    The orderly movement by countries around the world into the AIIB has more to do with getting out of the way, than it does choosing an alpha male. In short they are stepping aside and letting us carry their debt into a financial propeller blade. To me that explains a lot why Congress put us on the hook for covering European debt during the last session before Christmas.

    The timetable for “Post Crisis” evaluation has been set by the Basel Committee for 11/15/15 at the Antalya Summit. When I see information like this, the September “timeline” looks more plausible all the time.

    Post Note: Guess who sits on the Financial Stability Board.? Mario Draghi – of the European Union. Roger Ferguson- Chairman of the Federal Reserve System. Andrew Crocket- G.M.F. bank of International Settlements.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry. I try to find smart people a put their views and try to have a variety of opinions.

      • Jerry

        Well Greg, it looks like the light of free speech is about to go out. President Obama just signed an executive order to take control of the internet.

        This law gives the government the authority to pull the plug on anyone they view as a threat. My first thought was, I wonder if that includes pornographic sites, and Islamic extremist sites?

        • Greg Hunter

          Think this might all be ready for fall 2015? The timing is a bit troubling.

          • Don

            Just listened to latest video of Linsey Williams on prophecy club. He says the elite has told him they plan to pull the plug Sept. or Oct. 2015 and that they also expect some sort of supernatural sign around that time. Your intuition may be correct Greg.

            • Don

              Also seen one site I visit, it may have been zero hedge, I just can’t remember. That China is setting up there own clearing house for international trade in London in July. America will be cut out of trade to east, making them isolated, if the west system collapses.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Jerry, Technically, the Executive Order is not law, but rather “guidance” for federal employees. It’s Congress that makes laws, but since they refuse to challenge Obama, the net effect is that his “orders” are the “law” of the land. Similar to the Sheriff of Nottingham in medieval England. Remember that old line about supposed checks and balances in our system? Yeah, right. Best always. PM

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      You are getting lost in the details.

      The eyes will tend to perceive two identical colours as being of a different shade to each other when they are placed against backgrounds that contrast with each other.


      • Jerry

        Cryptic Little Sister.
        Did you know that a wet bird never flies at night? Or that God is dog spelled backward?

        • allen ols


        • Cryptic Little Sister

          Jerry, that doesn’t change the fact that you are getting lost in the details.

          Do you know who owns your money?

          • Jerry

            Cryptic Little Sister.
            Yes. Me. And I know where it is. Do you.

        • Galaxy 500

          I am with you, Jerry.

    • Thomas

      As crazy as it may seem, Jerry is dead on in my opinion. It’ll happen, maybe not on the dates stated, but it’ll happen. So, anybody got Gold???

    • allen ols

      u the man!!!

  12. ConcernedAmericanDad

    ‘have to agree with Allen old on this one, ‘hard to get through. ‘Almost tuned right out at: paraphrase ” before the US there was Britain, Rome….
    He makes Joe Kernen look insightful. I appreciate all the different points of you present but this one felt like listening to Squawk box. The saving grace was the idea of cutting out the middleman……….

    • allen ols

      C. A. dad.

      ‘have to agree with Allen old 🙂 i am old tis true.

  13. Wim

    Hi Greg, thanks for the interview. The Fed is only talking about raising interest rates, enjoying the fruits of the idea. Like Draghi surfed for some years on QE talk, enjoyed the fruits of it, as this year he had to do it. The AIIB might not be THE death nail in the coffin of the dollar, but as Mike Maloney puts it, ‘another nail in the death coffin of the dollar’. If I could push a button to inject USAwatchdog, and all of you out there, into the minds of the masses I would do it, but at the same time I hope it doesn’t happen as a sudden complete loss of confidence probably would give a bloody mess, which might lead to reconsidering pushing that button, which is the dilemma for good forces, as far they exist, with the ability to advocate the unstable financial system to the masses. As far these good forces exist, they probably feel they have to dance with the Devil by now. As far good forces exist, they sabotaged evil forces who targeted a complete meltdown, keeping up a Devilish system, which is a paradox. A sudden loss of confidence wouldn’t do any good anyway, as preparing in that situation is then no option anymore, ‘you have PM’s, or you don’t’, as your accurate mantra goes. Eleven trillion in American banks, as there is just a tiny little bit of physical gold, even much less silver available on the American retail market. Would there be one billion worth of PM’s in the American retail market? 11.000 billion of savings looking for hard assets………..well that’s an obvious one. ‘The longer the can gets kicked down the road, the more the piper has to be paid’, he said. I don’t get that one, a sudden collapse and everything is erased, so delaying that gives time on all levels to prepare, the price down the kicked can road would be the same, a crash of the currencies, slowly or gradual. Holding on to currency, or paper assets is an equivalent of being crazy. I might be crazy on some other fronts, but that doesn’t endanger my financial resources. Knowledge empowers, ignorance endangers. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  14. Wim

    In March I investigated the UFO topic, as convincing many very credible witnesses are, I targeted to crush the Tinfoil Hatty expectation, trying to rule it out, not wishing to see a crackpot in the mirror. But looking back on the past decade, the happenings in the real world, I came to the conclusion ‘it has to be’, abandoning it again, looking back again, every time coming to the same conclusion ‘it has to be’, a vicious circle, very contradictious, as seemingly I have to accept I actually became a crackpot in that one. During the investigation time my paranormal sources kept emphasizing the thing, as at the same time the networks around me started some very tiny manifestations. For over a decade, I couldn’t figure such powerful networks, often enough sensing military involvement, being interested in the spiritual story of the comeback of Jesus Christ (JC), as it’s a material world, the networks not targeting me doing something with the JC story, the paranormal sources on that level as well, it drove me nuts at some times, contemplating what the peep/peep the peep they want, as they just simulated for over a decade ‘you are the President of the world, how would you act?’. The mystery for over a decade completely adds up in the crackpotty theories I posted before, feeling liberated of the mind breaking mysterious question for over a decade ‘what is their target?’. Do I believe it all? Not really, until I see it, but it would be quite an event, as the past decade surely was a training for such a complicated position, making me believing it, but resuming daily life again, of course I laugh about it. In a loop with that one, which make me wish for a crystal ball, but then again I wouldn’t believe that ball either, until I see it in the real world. The networks around me for more than a decade surely feel just as crazy like the UFO contact hypothesis, JC returning with armies from the skies. One tinfoil hat thing I saw with my own eyes last summer, my mobile phone dematerialized, materializing on a different place, call me crazy, a liar, a phantasy world citizen, or whatever, as I FULLY understand that, as it’s why I didn’t mention it before, just saying that quite a lot of things make me not ruling out the unbelievable. If it all accidentally would be true though, I would laugh my brains out, then resuming a very complicated, and very hard job with an unbelievable heavenly intervention. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

    • paul

      Wim … Christ has returned … he is here now … and is shutting down not only our nuclear missile sites but put Israel’s nuclear weapon reactor out of commission (I think it was back in 1988) to stop it from making any more nuclear weapons … the message today is the same as the message God gave to Moses many years ago … “Thou Shall Not Kill” … the challenge God puts before us is simple … humanity must learn to control the killing genes we inherited from primates … primates are noted for inter tribal, organized warfare and kill each other for territorial and other reasons besides simply for food. When Jesus was born … it was a virgin birth (likely artificial insemination by a higher and more moral species) that changed humanities DNA so that we are only 97% primate now. If we are to join God and have interplanetary relations with advanced civilizations in the heavens humanity must first learn better behavior … we can’t continue to go around like Nazi’s killing and exterminating women and children … we must develop a higher “spiritual nature” before we can be chosen as a people to be with God … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-EjDL9UDmU

  15. Billy

    Greece won’t be the only country that leaves the EU . The bible even states there will only be ten nations in the EU. Only the strong will survive Germans rule.

    • allen ols

      interesting thought, tks. al old

  16. Al Hall

    Greg: Reggie may be a smart guy, but I would not go near his investment style. He is almost the exact opposite of what Lindsey Williams is warning about, and many of your other great guests. Lindsey has never been wrong- time frames are sometimes off due to the elite’s changing their schedule. He only reports what the elite’s tell him– this is his latest info for those who haven’t seen it: Lindsey is a good friend-

    * Imminent danger – http://www.lindseywilliams.net/ . Please check it weekly.
    * The New World Order will be brought in, in its entirety and it should be starting this year (2015) at Sept-Oct time frame when they (Illuminati) pull off this economic collapse.
    * Near future – banks crash/collapse, watch the financial derivatives market. This will be the event that triggers the collapse of America.
    * 5 TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banks have at least US$40 trillion dollars in derivatives. (It is a lot more than that.)
    * FDIC is not able to make good all the trillions of bank deposits when banks fail. Congress passed law for FDIC to cover financial derivative losses of the banks.
    * Everything is now in place for the Illuminati Elites to collapse America and the New World Order will step right in.
    * The Illuminati Elites are NOT God.
    * Violence in Washington. Fist fights in Congress, Senate, House .. by politicians.
    * A series of massive bankruptcies will take effect.
    * “Interest rates will be rising”. Financial derivatives collapse. When the dust settles precious metals(“gold & silver) will be all that remains of value. Paper assets will collapse. GET GOLD/SILVER NOW!
    * Sept-Oct 2015 time frame – most critical period.
    * Buy physical gold and silver. It may dip a bit initially because of deflation but it will reverse quickly and “rise exponentially.”
    * Only physical gold/silver will remain as money not fiat currencies.
    * Deflation – apart from food prices (and physical gold/silver), other asset prices will deflate – ie. price collapse/fall. Food prices will rise ie. inflate!
    * Oil price collapse is Obama’s revenge on Russia/Putin for humiliating Obama. Illuminati elites told Lindsey Williams: they are not involved.
    * Obama made a deal with Saudi Arabia to smash oil price, resulting in Russian Ruble collapse 50+%.
    * Illuminati elites very angry/unhappy with Obama.
    * New Elites – refer to the younger elites who are taking over and not the older elites in their 70s/80s.
    * They have plans to create a new (corrupted) version of the Bible.
    * They want a new US Constitution by Executive Order.
    * New leaders, new churches, new health care, culture … New World Order takeover!
    * “Devil’s Messiah” – defined as the Elites perverting everything in the Bible. New perverted meanings…
    * Shemitah – 7 year biblical debt cycle will assert itself in 2015. Read Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger book.
    * VP Joe Biden’s (he is one of them, an elite) New World Order speech.( see Biden’s speech at Air Forces Acad. , spring 2015
    * Elites positive that : “There’s going to be divine intervention!”
    * “Divine Intervention” – by this the Illuminati Elites mean the coming of the Anti-Christ!
    * Blood Moons Cycles, Shemitah, Jewish/biblical holidays … and major world events.
    * Obama uses ISIL and not ISIS. ISIL means Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Levant largely means Israel. Illuminati plan: destruction of Israel.

    • allen ols



  17. Jerry

    Greg it looks like Greece is going to default and take a deal with Russia.
    Have you noticed how the United States isn’t even in the conversation with these deals but yet is expected to cover all the loses by the Euro? Maybe that’s what they want. A way to clean the slate using the U.S. dollar.

    • allen ols


      ATHENS — With the prospect of a default looming in Greece, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is preparing to meet next week with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia as a European deal to give more aid to Athens falters.

    • gregd

      Lindsey Williams batting average is the worse. He seems to be a salesman more than anything. Simple answers shouldn’t take 15 min. He sounds like a politician every time I listen to him. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but I can’t take him any more.

      • aussie jeff

        gregd………….have to say I’m with you ….if you constantly ring the bell to say their’s a fire only to find out their’s no fire, in the end the bell ringing becomes a reminder that the one who rings the bell is nothing more than a clown with a red nose!!! Who by the way flips cd’s with secret info from the elite…………hmmm

      • Galaxy 500

        If you look at Brother Williams with a critical eye, his record isn’t too good and he has more in common with Jim Baker than a man of God. He’s a salesman to the suckers that are born every minute.

    • Jerry

      And now comes the death blow to the U.S. Oil Companies. Credit being cut off.

      Greg its apparent to me after seeing Saudi Arabia signing onto AIIB that they collaborated with Russia to collapse the oil industry here in the U.S. . Russia has the Chinese to backstop their debt. Who do we have?

  18. james chudzinski

    This guy was a waist of time, he does not have a clue what is going on. the economy will collapse , and the dollar WILL fall as the world reserve currency.

    • allen ols

      James c.

      u are correct, but we dissagree, he was not a waste of time, I like ALL the guests opinions, i get to rethink my analysis.

      but thanks for your opinion al old

  19. james chudzinski

    I don`t understand why everyone is not taking the new collars on silver and gold more seriously . To me , this is the true all tell tail sign that they know that there game is coming to the end , and are trying to prevent gold and silver screaming to the up-side. People have to be really blind not to see this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James. Good point!

    • paul

      The “price fluctuation collar” for gold is a $100 dollar move … for silver it’s a $3 dollar move.

      • paul

        Notice the gold/silver collar ratio is … 100/3 = 33.33

        This gold/silver “collar ratio” clearly shows that the current gold/silver ratio 1200/16 = 75 is way out of whack … and implies that silver should currently be trading 2.25 times higher … or $36 dollars per ounce!

  20. Paul from Indiana

    Reggie–I love it when one of Greg’s guests gets involved in the followup commentary, so here’s a question for you: I agree that the Eurozone can’t “afford” to let Greece “get away with” default. Otherwise, you get all these other socialist dystopias wanting the same relief. How is this different from the current arrangement with Hillary Clinton? She ran her own private e-mail while a government employee and then willfully and unilaterally destroys her records. If we don’t challenge her on this, how do we send the message that other public employees can’t follow a similar protocol? And the next thing you know, everybody in government is a rogue maverick?

  21. Paul from Indiana

    A few weeks ago, Greg Mannarino discussed the idea that the FED would eventually have to act counter to the dollar, effectively taking it down a peg or two, in the interests of making exports competitive again. Reggie Middleton here is advocating that the FED will be handcuffed in its immediate future in that raising interest rates will touch off unwanted and unwelcome consequences, all of which shows the pickle we’re in. Also, raising rates now will take even more of share of precious GDP for debt-service costs, which are a consideration when you’re rolling over $18.1 trill piecemeal on a quarterly basis. Debt servic,e and the cost of same which increases with rising interest rates, is the true growth-killer in our current “world”. It looks more and more like a “damned if you do, damned it don’t ” scenario to me. What says Reggie? Best always. PM

    • Don

      What if, there waiting till this fall to raise rates, to implode the derivative market then.

    • Jeff L

      Raising rates has been forecasted ad nauseam for years. It’s always “in a few months”. Frankly it’s beyond discussion if you knew that it was utterly impossible to raise rates without completely imploding the existing system………. The discussion is like all the rest of the current economic lies.

      • aussie jeff

        Spot on JeffL
        I don’t believe for a minute interest rates will ever go up,that is like putting a pin to a balloon.
        My thinking is that they throw the idea out their to the masses of a rate hike with the intent of making them all think that the economy is going gangbusters and therefore an interest rate increase is needed.
        All the while knowing that its completely screwed,yet it allows the game to be played out that little bit longer.
        I will put my cards on the table and say that we will have all out war before the Fed puts up interest rates!!! IMHO

      • Silence is Golden

        Jeff L,
        That is the MO of the CB…str8 from page 1 of the their playbook. Rhetoric…Noise = BS. They are / have been the masters at conditioning markets and the players. I agree with the point.

        Important side point though ….the bane of mankind has always been the one thing that the Money Changers/ International Bankers (call them what you will) …that is…. Interest being charged on Loans. That Babylonian practice has been around for more than a millennium and has contributed to the vast wealth of the 1% x 1% Elite. Bankers may have finally realised that Interest has destroyed the system and created too many inequalities for it to continue. We should all prepare for our future where it will be a burden to have money in a bank deposit (yes I understand the PP argument and loss of value due to inflation anyway). But consider this….Banks don’t need depositors money to allow them to grow anymore…they have the CB able to print all the capital they need for their casino gambling. Also in our future is potential for loss of deposits through bail ins and loss of our pension funds and life savings through government enacted policy (mandated to purchase Govt. Bonds). They are coming down with extreme prejudice on the population.
        In summary it may be more correct to talk about interest rates never going up…for reasons other than avoiding imploding the system. They want to steal the wealth of the world’s population firstly through oppression…then outright theft.

  22. Cryptic Little Sister

    Good interview. Sensible man.

  23. Calgirl

    Celente’s view of Israel and politicians video
    GERALD CELENTE: The Republicans & Democrats Are Thieves & Murderers


  24. Brad

    Interesting take… and Barry White had nothing on Reggie Middleton when it comes to talking to whales in the far offshore….if R.M. ever gets tired of trading he can do a White impersonation gig!..Anyway shades of C.A. Fitts in invoking naval and space dominance as key supports for the Federal Reserve Note (the USD is a misnomer!) as world reserve currency, I don’t believe that this is enough to guarantee that those wishing to circumvent the western plutocracy can’t or won’t devise work-a-rounds or parallel systems to these ends. The money as debt system also has its own limitations which seem to be in the offing as those who own the debt are not about to cut anyone any slack if they can help it and may then drive their system onto the rocks.

  25. James Hastings

    Good interview. Enjoyed Reggie’s point of view. Watching your programs……we are not required to pick sides. I like to listen to the varied observations each individual is making. If I ask three individuals, the safest way to move from here…to there….I may choose to apply a little of each. With an abundance of counselors, there is safety. I just need to listen to that small voice in my head and inch a little here and side step there. He who hates suretyship….is secure. Don’t bet what you can’t afford to loose.

    • JC Davis

      James Hastings. Well said. I try to live my life by the same principals. Proverb 1:17 Surely in vain the net is spread in the site of any bird.

  26. Winston Churchill

    I’m still waiting on Reggies tip to short Apple 12 months ago to pay off.
    No offense Reggie, but these calls are wrong as well.

  27. Jerry

    Whoa! This one slipped by. Saudi Arabia joins AIIB
    I’m not sure what it says about the future of the petrodollar, but it sure looks like the old U.S. alpha male dog is in a dogfight for his life!

  28. Art Barnes

    Greg, your guest is right about the U.S. Dollar being wide and deep, it won’t go down easy and all the fall timing is way off. It will take the aftermath of a war or another great black swan to relieve it as the reserve currency any time soon; although, don’t get me wrong, it is failing as all fiat currencies over time do, and so the Dollar is not exempt, but it will take time & China will lead the way. Your guest understands the power of the FED, the MSM & the lying financial media’s role in the charade & that the American small investor & middle class citizen are basically brainwashed from good times past to change their beliefs in the economic demise of the U.S. Dollar as supreme for always. However, that loss in confidence happens one loss of a good job at a time. Basically, its still quite early to declare the Dollar dead on arrival, the old boy probably still has a little life in him. Remember, the Dollar is backed up by the military of the United States which could bite your leg off if it had too! Greg I’m not defending the Dollar or the policies of this bought & paid for country, just stating the facts as I see them. – ab

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art! How about ol’ Gov. Moonbeam putting you on a water diet? While he dreams of his stupid rapid-transit train, those millions could be going to building and operating desalinization plants! Why don’t you relocate to the Midwest so your vote can count again? But don’t feel bad, because the Muslim-in-Chief will be addressing the country soon on that great deal he just cut with Iran…Hang in there. Best always. PM

    • 8Ball

      Thanks for adding a bit of balance to all of the alarmist messages that are presently flooding the blogosphere… My take is that PTB want and orderly transition out of the dollar; they started preparing for it when Nixon closed the Gold window and he and Kissinger opened up relations with China. The PTB think long term which is contrary to the instant gratification – short attention span- society that we live in. I think that they prefer people to be this way… they have cultivated it through the education system and the entertainment media.

      • Greg Hunter

        8Ball at some point this slow motion train wreck called the dollar will snap and we will find ourselves at real speed with no brakes. Thank you for the comment and support.

        • JMiller

          Very possible Greg. May be not today or tomorrow but as time goes on the odds of a sudden dollar collapse increases.

      • Silence is Golden

        I feel the Central Planners actions have been reactionary rather than planned events. Everything post 2000 has been a downward spiral…because of the unsound fiat monetary system…which in turn facilitated endless leverage and debt creation. They thought that they could continue to use the mechanisms of the Keynesian model to create managed growth. A world economy built on a structure of unbacked fiat, was never going to be sustainable.
        What you are implying is that in 1973 the USA intentionally planned to hand over the baton to China. Look at the wealth and prosperity that was created in the US between 1980 and 2000. The non existence of regulations, lack of accountability and lust for money combined with greed ensured the death of the USD (perhaps all fiat). I agree with Art..it is not dead yet…but it is like watching paint dry.
        A pertinent point is to determine what was the “Aha” moment for the Elite to understand that the US policy was destructive, which then required alternative thinking.

    • JC Davis

      Art Barnes
      I think your one of the smartest people on this site. I see the dollar as on life support and the money to keep it on life support is being cut off. It will seem like a flip of a switch. Home Depo, and Lowes is building right next to the 100 year old hardware store. It will be a fast auction America will be faced with. The age of the American consumer will become irrelevant.
      So what will be our options when we cant fight a war? Wars take a lot of usable currency of which the dollar may not be one.

    • Jeff L

      Predicting the dollar demise is impossible. That said how can you say we won’t have a black swan or war before Sept/Oct ?

  29. Coalburner

    Hold the phone Allen et al. Don’t get carried away, the Alpha dog has never uncurled its lip, yet. The world has no idea what the fangs really look like. Don’t bet on losers even if they have the numbers and are all around us. China is all business and just wants us to be junk buying slaves. Russia just wants us to leave them alone. The turd in the punch bowl NK is just an annoying floater. Israel can take Iran anytime they get the go signal. Yes we have a tiny minded nitwits in the leadership but these countries know why we win real wars and they dont see us as really weak no matter what girley men run the government. The most dangerous thing that could happen is cutting off the head of the snake and loosing all the hellions it holds down and Al you know it if anyone does. I am not worried about those countries. Our worry is a terrorist suitcase or five. The bigger danger is rotting from the inside with 95 million people out of work, education of the masses failing and 50 million on food stamps.
    Come on Reggie you have done good so far, answer up. We love respectable debate here!

  30. Thomas j harmon

    Hi Greg good interview.
    Greg help me figure this out its a very simple mathematical equation back in 2004/2005 their was 87 million more people in America working then their is now but yet our unemployment rate is 5.4% or something Like that . Just one of life’s little mysteries I guess . Thank you thomas

    • Greg Hunter

      They just figured out a way to stop counting underemployed and unemployed people. That is really all there is to it. According to John Williams at Shadowstats.com if you calculated the unemployment rate the way it was calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the unemployment rate would be around 23%. It has been above 20% since Obama has been in office if calculated the way BLS did it before 1994. Thank you for your comment.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, after the 1st quarter stats come out, it would be good to have ol’ Dr. Numbers (John Williams) back on…. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          Good idea, and working on it.

  31. WD


    Saw where the Atlanta Fed show zero growth or 1st Q. Like every guest has said before. PCR had it right on economy growth-all these predictions are coming true. Other guests are saying same thing…

    I bet its worse than 0% growth-much worse, think Reggie is a little too optimistic, he is WallStreeter, but even he says no economic growth.

    Greg, I feel this is a bad sign, they cant hide this anymore-we start to see bigger and and wider cracks soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you factor in the Fed phony inflation it is negative and way negative if you factor in true inflation adjusted numbers. QE 4 here we come. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  32. Jerry

    For those of you paying attention. I thought I might show you what the NWO has in store for us, to keep us in line.
    Add the Armada to the list of pulse weapons, drones, and laser platforms, that will be used against anyone who opposes the rise of the NWO in the future. With the rise of the AIIB we are watching the birth of a new world order, and financial system. The us verses them scenario is theater for the profane. There is no division among the globalist. They have one goal, Global domination!

  33. JC Davis

    From Drudge.
    California water shortage.
    After declaring a drought emergency in January 2014, Brown urged all Californians to cut water use by 20 percent from the previous year.

    Despite increasingly stringent regulations imposed on local water agencies by the state, overall water use has fallen by just half that amount, prompting Brown to order the stronger action by the water board.

    “We’re in a new era; the idea of your nice little green grass getting water every day, that’s going to be a thing of the past,” Brown said.

  34. Art Barnes

    Greg, Greece will make a deal the Putin and in return Russia will have a large port in the Eastern Mediterranean, along with its port in Syria Russia will be large player in that region. By the way, Bush & Obama’s religion of peace is at it again killing Christians in Kenya. What will the US do about it, nothing, after all there only Christians who won’t stand up & be counted just as the Christians here in our country where ever law passed treads more deeply upon our faith; basically, Christians are simply expendable here & abroad, nice policy Bush & Obama.

  35. James Sullivan

    As far as i remember, it was a given that the US won the cold war by raising the cost of military to the point where the Soviets could not afford. That’s not my belief, mind you, but it raises the question of just how long the US will be able to support the most expensive military on the planet, without the economic power to pay for it?
    It seems to me that the reserve currency printing machine is the last leg holding up US military, and conversely, military power is the last leg holding up the USD as reserve currency.
    My analysis is that Russia and China understand the hollow shell of US military will collapse once you remove the Reserve currency status of the USD. In effect, like the Soviet Union, the US will not be able to afford its military ….
    If that is correct, we may expect the Russ /China to play the waiting game, slowly eating away at the reserve status in bites and nibbles , watching the greed destroy the western economy….but not making any overt moves that encourage the dinosaur to crush them in it’s death throes.
    They only have to wait out he west’s self afflicted demise.

    • allen ols


    • JMiller

      That is my take also. And because of that I do not believe a planned nuclear war is imminent, at least by Russia.

  36. Buzzard

    I have been reading your site for over a year now Greg. I can’t say I “enjoy” your guest speakers but they always enlighten my thinking. Most of your commenters are well learned as well.
    Everyone keeps saying “buy gold and silver”. Some of us folks out here ain’t got much money left over to buy it. And how are you going to spend it if the evil cabal takes over the U.S.A.?
    Just about every Libertarian site you go to says “buy ammo, long term food and water storage”. but what good is that gonna do? When a neighbor comes to your home seeking food for his family are you gonna deny him? I’m not going to point a gun @ starving children and say no.
    This may very well be the time that the Bible speaks of. The Bible does not state when the church is removed. Their is so much division amongst Christians on the “pre, mid or post tribulation for our removal.
    I am just about isolated from what I thought were friends. I try to tell folks what is really going on and the response I get from my Christian brothers and sisters is that I am not relying on God. From non Christians I get the ” you have turned into one of those dam conspiracy theorists”. Even my wife thinks I’ve gone nuts. It’s lonely knowing the truth.

    God Bless

    • Bob Lamb

      James 2:14 What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?
      15 If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,
      16 And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?
      17 Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.
      18 Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.
      19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.
      20 But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?

      Christians that only depend on God and don’t do anything themselves are fools. Prepare your best and rely on God to make up what is still lacking.

      • Bob Lamb

        Matthew 24:29 ¶Immediately after the tribulation of those days………….
        30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven:……and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

        1 Thessalonians 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven…..
        17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air….

        The “Rapture” will happen after tribulations. Don’t think you will miss tribulations. Be prepared for tribulations!

        • JC Davis

          Great posting Bob Lamb. As one that has only himself to maintain I am stocking food for others. Took my money out of stocks and bought water filters, Land with a spring on it, and telling everyone we will go threw tribulation. Education is key.

    • aussie jeff

      From where I sit your isolation tells me your on the right track. Way back in 2002 I started reading Lynden Larrooche and Noriel Roubini and became a firm believer in the GFC happening 3 years before it happened.
      At the time of the crash my daughter was working as PA [Personal Assistant] to a CEO of one of our major banks here in Australia.
      Of course she had been aware of my views for some years and thought her father was nuts with his cocka mani ideas of a Global Financial Crisis hitting the world.
      To cut a long story short, 2 weeks before the crash she read a confidential email sent to her CEO warning of a crash and what action should be taken ahead of time.
      I will never forget the day she came home from work with that news, nor will I forget the phone call she made to me when the crash happened …………let me just say ……that now she is a believer!!! Keep up the good work Buzzard it won’t be in vain.

      • Silence is Golden

        Aussie Jeff,
        I recall the MSM at the time preceding the GFC…were all peddling the same BS about the good times lasting forever….creating a sense of “missing out” if you don’t get on board. There were a few writers and analysts though that could see (perhaps even had inside knowledge) what was about to unfold. Fast forward 7 years and we see exactly the same messages being sent (good times are here again…with more dire warnings about an imminent implosion) . I got out in 2000 with everything intact. Accumulating PM’s ever since. Its true that the masses are brainwashed…your daughter is fortunate to have access to your wisdom. The unfortunate part is that it took a third party confirmation to bring credibility to your thoughts. That’s where most people experiencing Buzz’s dilemma find themselves at.

  37. Angie

    Very interesting interview especially on his input about Grease. Many here critical of him are focused on the Global issues rather than the independent issues of each country. Those who can afford to be independent and actually shift to a self-reliant sovereign nation could do so! The US is just such a nation!

  38. Agent Jordan

    In Homeland Security, our officers are watching the situation closely. America has always done the right thing at the right time. If the Fed raises rates and triggers an oft-sided event, we could have a conundrum on our hands and people could die. This day and age about one third of the population is unstable and could provoke massive civil unrest. However, the good news is we are prepared. We have the manpower, equipment and plenty of bullets if things go bad. Last year, my unit had the pleasure of listening to a very experienced agent and patriot who has had experience with anarchist movements in the past. His exploits were inspiring and breathtaking. If we do have civil unrest, we will defeat any domestic enemy that the civilian crazies can throw at us. Lon Horiuchi stands as an example as a supreme patriot and agent of the state. I believe we have many men of conscience committed to the cause of establishing peace, law and order. Praise be to God and the United States of America.

    • Greg Hunter

      Agent Jordan,
      “Lon Horiuchi stands as an example as a supreme patriot.” You mean the same Lon Horiuchi that shot and killed an unarmed woman at Ruby Ridge in the early 1990? Are you guys are just going to start executing people? Who are these “civilian crazies” you speak of? People who believe in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights? You must be a paid government troll and it looks like you are working for the bankers and the NWO. Am I correct? Didn’t Home Land Security take an oath to the Constitution? You know to “We the People.” (Everybody–be careful answering this guy because I think he wants to incite negative comments to use against this site.)

      • Agent Jordan

        Sir, with all due respect, I am not a government troll and I do believe in U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately many people believe that the content of these great documents only applies to them. Today, our greatest achievement is to esure all are free. Even gays and Lesbians have a right to live fruitful and happy lives. Unfortunately, there are militia people wanting to take us back and undo all of what we have accomplished. It is because of these subversives that we as a nation are required to be vigilant and maintain the capacity of a very strong force as well as internment facilities in the event things go wrong. Regarding Lon Horiuchi, he was completely exhonerated of claims made against him in the aftermath of the incident at Ruby Ridge if that is what you are referring to. Unfortunately, our agency snipers are required to do things they would prefer not to do, but they are required to perform their duties. Also, Mr. Horiuchi has received numerous commendations and was a West Point graduate with honors. As a sniper, he has an amazing record of more than 200 registered kills while performing his duties and several more that are probable or contributing. In short, He has removed a lot of bad guys from our streets. I believe that he will make a wonderful administrator in the FBI or CIA one day because he understands that a lot of tough action needs to take place in order to restore our nation. He is a remarkable man.

        • Greg Hunter

          Agent Jordan,
          I have never heard “militia people” wanting to roll back the rights of gays or lesbians. I am sure the “militia people” believe in the major foundation of the U.S. Constitution and that is “Equal protection under the law.” What pray tell do you stand for and what do you not want “rolled back.” All the unconstitutional NSA spying? How about the NDAA and the due process that was nullified in that law? It was basically removed with the stroke of a pen from the Bill of Rights. That has already been rolled back. Do you want to restore those? What “tough action” are you for? A head shot or a drone strike instead of a trial? If you are for the Constitution and rule of law, which I am, then, you simply must not be for all the unconstitutional roll backs that are well documented over the last few years. I am always respectful to police and I appreciate what they do. I would never try to harm the police–ever. I caught hell for saying “All cops are not bad” in the Paul Craig Roberts interview. I still believe that and think people should obey all lawful commands from police and they should be respectful. That said, you have to admit the police are being militarized. My question to you is what for? What do our leaders see coming and why is it a big secret? What “things” are going to “go wrong”? You say, “a lot of tough action needs to take place in order to restore our nation.” The really “tough action” is to follow the Constitution and follow the “Due process Clause” in the Bill of Rights.

          As far as Lon Horiuchi being “exonerated,” that is a mischaracterization. A federal judge dismissed the manslaughter charge and cited “alleged immunity.” A new Idaho prosecutor declined to pursue a manslaughter charge any further. So, Horiuchi wan NOT “exonerated” in a court of law. I do not think he intended to kill a woman holding a baby in a doorway on that fateful day. I am sure he wishes he waited to pull the trigger, and he will live with that mistake the rest of his life. Also, according to published reports the two people the FBI went after were acquitted. Their names are Randy Weaver and Kevin Harrison. The government paid Randy Weaver $3.1 to settle his lawsuit. The case sparked a debate about the use of force by federal agents. I think we need another nationwide debate about it now. Here’s what the History Channel said in part about the Ruby Ridge incident: “In 1993, Weaver and Harris were acquitted by a federal court on murder, conspiracy, and other charges related to Degan’s death, but Weaver was convicted of failing to appear for trial on the firearms charge. In 1994, the two men filed federal civil rights cases against the FBI and U.S. marshals stemming from the siege, and in 1995 the government settled Weaver’s case for $3.1 million.

          The controversial standoff spawned a nationwide debate on the use of force by federal law enforcement agencies, and a U.S. Senate panel accused the federal agencies involved of “substantial failures” in their handling of the Ruby Ridge operation. Of particular controversy was an FBI “rule of engagement” implemented at the beginning of the Ruby Ridge siege that stated “any armed adult male observed in the vicinity of the Weaver cabin could and should be killed.” Many condemned this policy as unconstitutional. Rumors that the FBI had engaged in a cover-up regarding the Ruby Ridge operation were verified when E. Michael Kahoe, former chief of the FBI’s violent crimes section, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in 1996. Kahoe, who had destroyed an official bureau critique of the standoff, was sentenced to 18 months in prison.”

          The American people are not your enemy.

          Greg Hunter

    • Galaxy 500

      No, America hasn’t always done the right thing but we do have a decent track record, or did up to a decade or so ago.

    • Galaxy 500

      Whose peace and law are you boys committed to establishing? It doesn’t look like it has anything to do with the God. Is Obama and the US dollar your god?

  39. Cryptic Little Sister

    Do you want to know who owns your country?

    Here is a clue for you. Listen to the name of the star.


  40. foggygoggles

    Thanks for booking Reggie, he provides a much needed counter balance to the fear porn pervading the internet. He’s incredibly intelligent and understands financial matters at a level most sites are oblivious to, or choose to ignore. I don’t know what he means when referring to the “powerful forces” which have been able to kick the proverbial can down the road, but Catherine Austin-Fitts’ and Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s work on axis loot from WWII, black budgets, laundering money from various criminal enterprises and other off balance sheet shenanigans, comes to mind. Any analysis or predictions that do not take these things into consideration, are going to be off the mark. The reality is, no one with a shred of intellectual honesty, would have predicted that things have gone on as long as they have, but here we are.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Foggy.

  41. james chudzinski

    Hi gregg , I would like to know when do you think you will have jim rickards back on?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know but working on it.

  42. Ole Guy

    Good interview but I do disagree with Reggie on the greenback reserve longevity. The AIIB was launch because the USA is in a currency war to be honest. The SWIFT system was to remain neutral and the USA bullied the institution to cut off countries from using it to settle just debts. This system is used for more then governmental settlements and common people are now getting screwed because they cannot use the system.

    The USA applied to the AIIB only after the threats issued by the White House to our allies failed. The world is tired of our meddling in the world. The feds policies are devastating emerging economies and the Fed clearly states that is not their problem.

    Europe is tired of our meddling in the Ukraine and does not want another war on their continent. Germany and France brokered a deal with Putin without the USA or the UK being invited to the table. You do the math.

    The dollar is backed with the MIC and it is the only reason it is still the worlds reserve currency. The dollar will remain the reserve currency as long as the world allows it. The current Russia and China alliance is only happening as China sees itself next if the West is successful in surrounding and cutting off Russia. The USA basically want to take control of the old and new silk roads of trade and the resources and the world knows this. I love the USA but we need to stop meddling and take care of our currency as outline in the agreements around the world.

    Just look at Greece as an example. They started off only needing 70 billion and now it is up to 370 billion. No wonder they are screwed.

  43. Doug C

    He was right then, and he is right now. America needs veritaseum. The SEC has persecuted this man and almost ruined his company!

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