2018 Predictions & Beyond – Almost All Positive – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Internet data mining expert Clif High says he’s “heartened by the positive nature of the information” he’s received in his latest report. Clif High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics,” which sorts through billions of bits of information to predict future trends and events.  One of many big predictions Clif High made several months ago involved sexual misconduct would be revealed, especially in the mainstream media.  So, are the sexual misconduct revelations over?  Clif High says, “No, the part we saw in 2017 was kind of like the titles.  We’ve got the main feature coming up in 2018 and in 2019.  The volume of words involved in this scandal is going to quadruple or larger.  It will take a couple of years to lay out.  It will also involve a third or more of Congress, many of whom will elect to not continue in order to sidestep or try to sidestep legal issues as a result of their past behavior. . . . The data sets seem to indicate that some of the people taking hits now are doing so because they know there are far worse crimes they could be accused of, and so they are happy to get out of town, or get out of Dodge on just this little charge so to speak.”

So, does President Trump win the so-called “Fake News” war? In a word, Clif High says, “Yes. . . .  It’s been kosher for the media to lie because they have been given some level of protection with their propaganda act.  The data is suggesting that somebody is going to find a legal way to sue what we call the mainstream media for, I guess you could say, consumer fraud.”

Clif High says there is good news coming, but not just for 2018, many years after. Clif High explains, “There is a really interesting set of data that’s been building for some time, and we have had this big flush of long term data, which is why I decided to do this report that is going out five years.  I named it the “Soaring Twenties,” even though we are not into the 2020’s. . . . Our 2020’s, to some extent, are replicating the kind of language in the newspapers and limited news reels they had at the time of the 1920’s.  Only instead of being “The Roaring Twenties,” we’re going to have a “Soaring Twenties” because it’s a combination of an economic boom and a technological boom that are feeding off each other.  This positive feedback is being sparked around the language of the (Trump) tax redo.  It’s not a reform, it’s a total redo. . . .The money coming back is going to create a resurgence.  A new kind of American is going to be rising out of this resurgence.  We are going to be in a new great generation forming, not the Millennials, but the ones that are behind them.”

Clif High also talks about a coming “bond debacle,” soaring gold and silver prices in 2018 . . . the future of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, legal actions taken against the bad actors in government and the “Deep State.” Clif High also predicts some “fantastic levels of business failures.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of HalfPastHuman.com.

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After the Interview:

There is some free information, analysis and videos on HalfPastHuman.com. If you would like to buy Clif High’s latest report, just go to the home page of HalfPastHuman.com and scroll down until you see the report titled “Soaring Twenties.” (Only a small part of the report was covered in the interview.)

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  1. Chris

    I am interested to see how Generation Z is going to turn out. I don’t think they are going to be like Gen Y, GenX, or the boomers at all.

    • Ray

      Gen Z will turn out EXACTLY as planned……
      Dumbed down
      Celebrity obsessed
      Left vs Right fighting each other, never unifying
      Having ZERO idea of the concepts surrounding money……all neatly enslaved, and happily so, unto their beloved Block Chains.

      Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Paul ...

      Many people don’t think Trump can ever clean the Congressional swamp as there are just “too many evil creatures to contend with” … they are mistaken … Trump is going to use their evil against them … all the dirty deeds the evil creatures did against the American people because they were blackmailed into doing it … can now be turned and used against them by Trump (to make them resign their positions) … with all the dirty deeds Congress has done Trump can probably have these guys out in just a few months time!! … as Clif High says: “things are looking very positive for our future”!!

      • UBU

        You just described Baby Boomers

  2. Jodyp

    Space travel?! Flying cars?! Now we’ve got to worry about people texting and crashing from overhead. Been hearing this crap since the 60’s.The last big space program was firing a large rocket with a glider strapped to it.Good grief Charlie Brown!

    • Robert

      I hope they’re a little more conservative and reasonable than the current crop who think anybody who doesn’t believe as they do are guilty of hate speech and should be silenced by any means. The left went too far to the left. I use to identify on that side but theyve made being white and American a crime.

    • Paul ...

      Yes … space travel and flying cars is very near … the message of Christmas [that the anti-(Semitic/Christian) Luciferian neocons want to destroy by be-headings or nailing to the Cross] is that God the Father “had faith in us” as humans [he believed we humans would have the courage and intelligence to abide by and listen to “the words of peace” brought to us through his Son Jesus] … and thus he did so two thousand years ago … and by us “really believing in Jesus” (his words and actions) we humans as a specie would not die off [like the thousands of other species that die off each year] … but by believing and acting on the words of Jesus … our human specie would survive … and have everlasting life in the Heaven God the Father created for us as our home … but we must respect “all life” (especially the women and children of our own specie) … abiding by the words and actions of God the Father’s Son Jesus Christ …Trump will soon take our human specie to other planets in the Universe and thus “we will” live forever … and begin meeting and interacting with “other space brothers” who also intelligently avoided nuclear extinction by their evil warmongers, pedophiles and child molesters!

      • Jodyp


        • Robert

          Jody, I pushed the wrong reply key. My comment was meant for a response to a comment above yours. Sorry

          • Jodyp

            Robert,I understood that from your latter post. My confusion was with Paul’s .Happy New Year!

    • Macray

      “Now we’ve got to worry about people texting and crashing from overhead”.
      You made me laugh Jodyp! Thank You!!!

  3. dave

    Hi Greg – Belated Merry Christmas – This message shows up when trying to connect to the Clif High video.

    Ooops! 🙁

    Failed to find video url

    Thank you for the great work you do and Have a happy new year.

  4. brian

    If any of these cryptos are going to find wide spread use there is going to have to be a major change in the way they are bought, sold and exchanged, because the current exchanges are totally swamped and unusable due to the relatively insignificant number of people now trying to get involved; any more traffic will only further degrade the current system.

    Until the infrastructure is adequate there will be no real market or use for these things and price movements will continue to be totally random as only an abysmally tiny fraction of the market can actually function at any given moment.

    • Paul ...

      You clearly explained the Achilles heel of crypto Brian!

    • FC

      Block Chain is our future………our future imprisonment.
      They obviously couldn’t call it ball and chain technology.
      The popularity of crypto’s has having to do with a loss of confidence in Fiat, but everything to do with greed.

      • gregd

        Yes, the solution for the loss of confidence in fiat is a virtual digital fiat.

      • Paul ...

        It is amazing what people will put up with when their “greed genes turn on” FC … unprecedented volatility, hackers robbing their wallets, the SEC and IRS breathing down their necks, etc., etc. … and they are not turned off by Bitcoins sky high price either?? … it is simply “blind greed” that has them ignoring silver (that is 99.9% cheaper then Bitcoin) and is now about to enter its seasonally best month of the year (January)!! … one would think “with greed being their motivation” they would be jumping with both feet into silver (as it can rise 30 to 50 times its present price while Bitcoin only goes 10 times higher) … they are obviously not cold and calculating individuals who can reason rationally … tempted by “instant” get rich quick schemes like Lotto (where loss of their entire investment is of little concern to them … all they know is “they must be in it” to win big and it does not matter if they lose everything! … the fact that silver is at a multi-century low (on an inflation adjusted basis) makes losing by buying some silver now almost impossible … and as Clif High has stated it has greater upside potential then Bitcoin (without all the negatives)!!

  5. Adam Burkhardt

    I didn’t see where Cliff was asked if his latest newsletter included specific crypto products for consideration to purchase?….that is the hardest part….which ones to own?…I don’t want to get stuck in a repeat of the tech bust.
    Adam, KY

    • Paul ...

      Adam … why not just buy silver that is already busted and at the bottom?

      • Frederick

        Paul Good advice Metals look poised to take off Happy 2018 to you brother

    • AntiEstablishment

      On the homepage of halfpasthuman, you scroll down a bit and find “Due diligence for Cryptospace”

      There you would find good advice on which crypto’s to avoid.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Awesome Greg, many thanks mate!

    I know people who are using their redraw mortgage accounts to buy bitcoin. I told them my views on this……………..

    ”Bitcoin = $#!^coin” (Pardon the French)

  7. Sharon Rogers

    Brilliant interview Greg and hope you had a great Xmas.

  8. Kim

    Great way to end 2017! Thank you very much for a positive and interesting interview! FEAR NOT!! God bless!

  9. ross

    Last year Cliff had some really dire predictions about our economies but now has changed tac. He has not explained how the debt , derivative or the bond market problems will be resolved. Bitcoin in particular has big issues of speed and stability to be able to be used as money. It also rewards initial buyers the best while late comers outlay the most money for the greatest risk. Bitcoin in the past has lost 80% of its value. Cryptos are condensing money into fewer hands and this is not good for the functioning of an economy. Our debt based fiat system has created this crisis of bubbles and poverty. Currently cryptos are like a speculative casino.
    I note that Ripple the bankers coin 0f 38 billion coins is taking off and perhaps this one way they plan to dominate the market.
    The other really big issue is AI and Robotics which is reducing jobs and thus putting the general populace in a weaker position to be part of this new technological revolution.
    Clif in my opinion is glossing over some enormous problems that are not easily resolved.

    • boris chikvashvili

      Cliff, lied therefore it is hard to believe anything he says.
      1) Bitcoin is not detectable, by government ( changed it later)
      2) Bitcoin is not stoppable without stopping entire internet
      Wrong on both. Now, that shows that he can speak about things that he knows nothing about( that is a dangerous man).
      Dear Greg, you are welcome to bring people, but bashing mainstream media for promoting people who can advance your site, instead of giving your readers, truth, may be afflicting you too. Just food for thouthgt

      • boris chikvashvili

        Now to the body of the interview.
        As a pioneering computer specialist from CMU( mecca of AI and Robotics now, and best computer science school then), i learned one thing. GIGO. is the major problem of society. Until computers finally master AI( learn themselves) Garbage In Garbage Out law will persist. In that sense, one wonders where does Cliffs info come from. We already know how his info was skewed before by “IROINOUS SOURCES”. That is before even we start contemplating, are we “humans, not half humans(:-” really psychic ? And Is Cliffs, way of analyzing things valid( beyond data fed to him being bogus or even deliberately skewed) . As stated above by others and myself multiple times, he changes things too fast and too drastically to be believable. Now he is on bandwagon of Armstrong, the Dow 50000, And Bond collapse and , FED fed BS, Crypto is going to 100000. Why not, USA DEBT will be wiped out instantly with all the taxes collected. I published this theory more than a year ago.
        For me it is a theory, I do not trust anyone, and especially someone whose methods are opaque. I read stock market charts and have predictions to prove that even CRYPTO is predictable by my cycle methods( Armstroing uses something similar, but different). So, Dear Friends. I believe that CLIFF is high IQ man, but he is suspect due to the opaque methods he uses and frequent change of data and/or conclusions and he is likely FED by FEDs to steer the things where it needs to go. USA needs to be saved and running it all to the sky is the only way. 20 Trillion from stocks bubble, 20 Trillion from Bond Bubble 10-20Trillion from Bitcoin and you are there, almost wipe out official debt of USA and major part of another 100 Trillion un stated liabilities to Social Security Net?
        Do you think, Someobody has interest to feed him the info he is now “GETTING”?
        Good Luck. I myself do not mind the results, just warning you when panic sets USA maybe debt free, but you will be POOR

        • boris chikvashvili

          I am not surprised , these things are going all the time
          My Russian Connections Are Exactly Zero Since I left
          (long time ago). But these things are a standard procedure, I hear and assume.
          After all , it does not take genius to do these things. It just takes people who want to do it.
          My own security defense work( done for JP Morgan among others) is dealing exactly with this area of Cyber warfare . Where humans are the problem, not the technology. Installing firewalls DOES NOTHING, if you have a disgruntled and/or not so careful employees.
          I have addressed this at the most basic level, of Operating System interception and analysis of actions, as the UNIX/LINUX and WINDOWS most used Operating systems cannot tell what happened , if the user is OK. But that is exactly how the systems are broken. USER looks OK!(:-

          • Donald

            “Where humans are the problem, not the technology. Installing firewalls DOES NOTHING,”

            That’s exactly right on. Some years ago while doing a short term contract for a company I was shocked at what I saw – When someone entered the office area through a doorway requiring a security ID to unlock, a second person came in right after without having to show whether or not he had a security ID. There was no way of telling if that person was an employee or not. At that time small devices were available on the market that could be inserted on a keyboard cable that would capture several weeks work of keystrokes. Its easy to figure out where this goes.

            Computer security in a business environment is made possible by not connecting to the internet, disabling USB ports, and limiting one person at a time through secure passageways. If one has really top secret info, then the staff should never have any direct access to the computer equipment – all they should have is a screen and a keyboard.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Ross, yes, there are major retardants. But Clif High concludes that an overall positive period is coming. That implies, at least to me, that the positives will outweigh the negatives. High may not prove to be correct; we could get the much-anticipated collapse, war, or any other dreadful development. If the next years bring dynamic and positive times, why complain? The old saying still applies: prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Best always. PM

  10. Flattop

    GREG: A question:
    At the risk of displaying my ignorance, I do not understand what Clif said about PMs. Do I begin liquidating, stand pat, convert it to bitcoin, or keep buying??

    • Robert

      That’s what I was thinking too. Now everything is ok, the past issues moved to the “never mind” stack.

    • jim c

      Flattop, I own some crypto`s , but way more PM`s. In my opinion , PM`s are zero risk and high reward possibility, I think crypto`s are still too much risk but with high reward. So were do you think you should put your money.

    • DavidC

      Flattop (and Greg),
      My feeling as well.

      I understood what he was saying about Silver but not about Gold.

      Even if the Bitcoin versus Gold argiument is on the side of Bitcoin, then why do Russia and Chine continue to build their Gold reserves? Combine that also with the China Yuan-Oil-Gold linkages coming into play. I think there’s aomething going on there and there must be a reason. Neither Russia nor China are stupid.


      • Roger

        Yes David. And quoting Joel Skousen a week ago, “when the internet
        suddenly goes down in the next war, how will you retrieve your value and convert Bitcoins back to anything tangible?” And guess who we will be at war with?

    • daniel turner

      He said gold 1/4 bitcoin price. which would put it lots higher than now. I don’t see his wonderful new age in just a couple years with a bond market crash as it would take stocks with it as Greg M. says and it could take a couple years or so just to bottom out. Much higher interest rates will not help a debt based economy.

    • Margie

      Cliff predicted that 3 oz. of gold will buy 1 bit coin “soon” (possibly starting in Feb). At present it takes about 11 ounces of gold.
      Therefore, I would wait until either gold rises to $4800 OR bitcoin FALLS to $4,000.

  11. Jeannette Rowden

    Another great interview with Clif High. It looks like 2018 will be an amazing year on many fronts.
    I am also excited for what appears to be a great future for my grandchildren. They will be just behind the millennial “snowflake” generation, and perhaps will have very prosperous and interesting lives.

    • FC

      I afraid we Baby Boomers lived through the greatest times………… I see nothing positive in future in regards to our freedom and Liberty.

  12. Mark

    FBI profiler Jim Fitzgerald – linguistic pioneer.
    UNABOMBER manhunt


  13. This Sceptred Isle

    Clif mentioned the evolution of money from heavy precious metals to paper to digital.
    In the modern world many things are sacrificed on the alter of convenience. If I drive a car instead of walk, I become less active and fit. If I use Sat nav my hippocampus shrivels up and I become less efficient at remembering how to get somewhere independently. If I always eat fast food, because I don’t have the time or inclination to cook a proper meal I will be nutritionally deficient.
    Moral of the story: Just because something is convenient we shouldn’t necessarily do it without being aware of the consequences. The move towards digital currencies is fraught with dangers that your viewers are all too aware of.

    • Russ McMeans

      TSI: a most beautiful assessment of the situation indeed. Thanks a million for your comment… in old fashioned bullion of course. No need for electricity and a LCD screen made in South Korea!

    • Paul from Indiana

      TSI: people will invent/find/accept their own local currencies/exchanges if the digital deal and its concomitant control turn out to be too burdensome, non-inclusive, and yes, inefficient. Best always. PM

  14. Glen

    As much as I like Clif, I also know that his predictions are just for fun. There for a few years his predictions were for the most part wrong. The precious metals predictions are particularly inaccurate. Always. So, if you take his predictions for what they are, which is pure fun and games, then enjoy them. Clif’s predictions have zero predictive value and lots of entertainment value. Definitely no monetary value either. Thanx for the good fun Clif. And, happy new Year!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Glen, Clif’s studies are still in their relative infancy. Think of his conclusions more as possibilities than outright predictions. I think the guy has earned enough credibility for his offerings to be considered and pondered. And yes, his personality and style are definite value-adds, no question. Best always. PM

    • This sceptred isle

      If clif’s predictions came true I would be a millionaire by now…

    • Justn Observer

      Can’t ‘predict’ the obvious levels of manipulation and efforts to suppress their value… in a free market prices might seek fair value…

  15. Neil

    Great questions. Great answers. Great Christmas / New Years present ! Two of my favourites together again. Much to think about here for me.

  16. Jennifer Ohman

    Greetings Greg,
    Fun interview with Clifff High, as always. Thank you for that. It’s always a treat!!
    The question I have is, did Cliff by chance mention to you, off air, how high gold could go at that time when gold would be considered precious, like diamonds?
    And does he believe that Bitcoin will be around long term, as part of the blockchain? In other words, does he think bitcoin will ever become legal tender, become regulated or will it eventually be replaced by some kind of crypos issued eventually by the Fed, and therefore go toward zero?
    Thank you very much for your time.
    Kind Regards,
    Jennifer Ohman

  17. Tad

    I think you covered almost all questions except whether Iran invades the US next year.

    No questions asked.

    • Sharon Rogers

      If history is anything to go by then I would say….not a snowball’s chance in hell!
      Cheers from the Antipodes

      • Greg Hunter

        Dr. Paul leaves out Iran’s support of Hamas and Hezbollah constantly attacking Israel from the North and the South. What would Dr. Paul say if Israel was funding terror and war on the borders of Iran???

        • James P

          They do Greg. The US, Israel , and SA all back and fund ISIS.

          • Greg Hunter

            They did and I said it many times. Since Trump took office, looks like ISIS is finished. You have to also concede Iran is on the border of Israel and constantly planning attacks for decades. The Supreme Leader wrote a book about how to destroy Israel:https://nypost.com/2015/08/01/iran-publishes-book-on-how-to-outwit-us-and-destroy-israel/ Are you against this too??

          • Frederick

            James you took the words right out of my mouth sir

          • Tad

            One could probably make a case for Al Qaeda offshoots receiving US-Israel support in Syria.

            One day when people read or re-read the Balfour Declaration, they’ll see the root cause the past 70 years’ violence.

            • Greg Hunter

              Israel belongs to the Jews and the Bible says so. So sorry you are Godless and lost. The root cause of 70 years of violence is radical Islam!

      • Tad


        I agree Sharon. I was trying to make a point about questioning US military involvement, globally, and few raise a fuss.

        Is there a pressing need to invade Iran? I mean other than it has been a Pentagon plan for decades. Bassar al-Assad didn’t invite US troops into Syria.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is an opinion piece and the writer leaves out the glaring fact that Iran funds Hezbollah and Hamas on the borders of Israel. That is one big thing to leave out when you are pushing the false narrative that Iran has “never attacked anybody.” It is however, correct that the US should leave Syria but so should Iran. Iran has a plan to wipe out Israel and the Supreme Leader wrote a book on how to do it: https://nypost.com/2015/08/01/iran-publishes-book-on-how-to-outwit-us-and-destroy-israel/

          • Tad

            Iran was invited to Syria, the US was not. that knowledge comes from being Godless, or i spend too much time away from MSM-Israel-oriented news. But your right, that nexus probably doesn’t exist.

            For those who will at least consider another side or the other side, I would suggest Phil Giraldi at The Unz Review or http://www.ifamericansknew.org.

            So are you to say that Biblical history shouldn’t include Arab or Arab Christian claims on East Jerusalem? The Koran is more of a meaningless document than the Bible.

            I’m not here to give Iran a free pass. Only the US gets that.

            If one is to consider hostilities, the history pre-dates the 1979 revolution. Mossadegh was overthrown in 1953 via the CIA. I believe it’s true, but I suppose you’ll instruct me on whose propaganda to believe.

            Things happen, and sometimes they never stop over time.

            I’m just an idiot who would like to prevent the war to end civilization.

            • Greg Hunter

              If Iran was “invited” to Syria to start a war with Israel then u are OK with that?? I am not. Let’s talk about today and not 1953. All those people are dead now.