The Deep State is Dying-Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Internet data mining expert Clif High says the world is witnessing the unmasking of the so-called “Deep State” and revealing it’s long held control over humanity. High explains, “The level of complexity of humans has increased, and that was the factor that the Deep State did not take into account.  They kept their rigid mindset, their rigid rules, their compartmentalization and kept everything so boxed in even they were unaware that humanity has evolved out and around their obstruction.  So, the Deep State is dying simply because the knowledge of it is so prevalent.  It can’t be stopped, and is growing exponentially, and, basically, the knowledge itself is going to crush the Deep State.”

High, who calls his data mining research “Predictive Linguistics,” says don’t expect the people who have had the power to go down without a fight. High says to expect “economic dirty tricks,” but High predicts “they backfire.”  High goes on to say, “The reason why they backfire is the same reason why the media tricks are backfiring is the population has evolved beyond the level of gaming the power elite are capable of. . . . So, the same kind of dirty tricks are not going to work anymore.  They are going to backfire as they each are tried.  We will see the trick to shovel debt into the population backfire on the power elite.”

One of the biggest fears for the power elite is the brewing scandal involving sex trafficking, some of which include children. High contends, “It is, at this stage, the lynchpin for the power elite that are currently in place.  They are very desperately afraid that any of this should get out, and, thus, we see very unusual activities such as Obama is going to lead 30,000 on an impeachment campaign and a revolution this spring.  That language is really quite remarkable.  Never in any previous election campaign that I have been able to see . . . do we see this level of emotional intensity after the election.”  So, Trump is going to go after these power elites?  High says, “Oh yeah, they are desperately afraid, it’s horrific.”

High also says his research shows the mainstream legacy media is also fearful. High predicts “1/3 of our broadcast media personalities . . . those famous faces, will either be arrested or flee the country” over sex trafficking or the cover-up of it.

High also has new data on dramatic price movements for gold, silver, Bitcoin and all sorts of chaos starting in the middle of March. High says that Trump has basically caught a wave of change and “Trump is a very good surfer.”  High says don’t expect Donald Trump to be removed from office.  High says, “The Trump rally, in terms of his popularity, will keep rising.”

High will also update us on revelations in Antarctica and has new information about Mars. More and more technology is going to be coming to the surface, and it will change humanity.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of

(There is much, much more in this in-depth interview.)

After the Interview:

There is some free information and analysis on You can also go to the home page and buy Clif High’s latest report.  Just scroll down until you get to the title, which is “Watch this space.”  The report is nearly 40 pages long and can be purchased for $15.  It’s all at


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  1. dave l roselle

    Hi Greg
    Trump will do nothing,along with his foreign policy,Same shit ,different day

    Thanks Dave

    • Greg Hunter

      If that were the case then Trump would not be under attack from people like (Senators) Graham and McCain.

      • This sceptred Isle

        He has certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons. Politics has suddenly become really interesting. I suspect the establishment deliberately made politics boring by manufacturing consensus on all the important issues (illegal wars, illegal immigration, bailing out the banks etc.). The last thing the establishment wants is for politics to become interesting and members of the public engaging with it!

        • Zero

          It is very interesting times for sure. But we have to continue to move forward.

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      • Lakhana

        Trump is being attacked because ALL of politics, ALL politicians are one big decadent game and it boils down to which side of the SAME COIN will dominate the other. There are only slight differences between Dems and the GOP, and in the end they are exactly the same – power hungry cowards who will stop at nothing to control the people in this country and world population. McCain, the “Never Trump GOP” members and all the other cowards are doing the attacks because they want control. Nothing will come of this and not much will come of the Trump presidency as time goes on – I voted for him but have lost complete faith in his sincerity ever since he called the Clintons “good people”. That was the give away for me. NOTHING will change unless a majority of Americans wake up and rise up to take down the cowards in ALL Congress, and all of the gov agencies. Corruption rules from the WH down to local gov (Agenda 21) and judicial system.

        • al Hall

          Don’t give up on Trump so easy- he has to somewhat sound this way to keep the enemy at bay. He and others are working behind the scenes on many projects. He knows the Clinton’s game and crimes! You give up to easy! Wait until Pizza Gate flood doors open. All those that are yelling the loudest – they are the ones on the list to be taken down- Clinton’s are part of this big time and MR. GAY Obama & Michael, his wife!

      • al Hall

        Greg: Dave has no clue what is happening in the “real world”. Many are still caught in LA-LA land of the deep state. Dave might get the picture as McCain and L. Graham’s name are announced as part of Pizza Gate.
        And- as I told you many years ago now- as I was told- the derivatives market is were the banking system will fail. And this collapse in the banks may collapse the government and force a federal default on the national debt!


      • Eric

        Eliminating the Deep State would be helpful but understand it is just a symptom of a deeper sickness. We will still be left with 1/2 a population that are demented, atheist, liberals.
        For that reason things are not going to get better. There is no end to the great divide our country is headed to. You can see it everywhere.
        The chaff is being separated from the wheat in plain sight.

        • al Hall

          Eric- Not so fast- many will wake-up soon. There is an anti-coup happening lead by a great American hero -one which you must believe in-and he and others are working with Trump quietly- his name- Dr. Steve Pieczenik. You know of him but don’t realize it! Google and learn of this great man!!
          You’ll be glad you did. He is one of my heroes!

          • Eric

            Al, listen to what I said. 1/2 the country doesn’t give a rats *ss about your favorite man. These people don’t think on a rational level nor play by the rules. They are evil.
            I’m not just talking about those in power. I’m talking about 1/2 the populace of the US of A

            • Charles H

              It may not be the half you claim, Eric. It may be close now; but I think it is still ‘not yet’.

              • Paul ...

                Probably like God found out … it’s 1/3 bad … 2/3 good … where the 1/3 bad see the other .666 as evil … and the 2/3 good see the other .333 as evil!

              • Linda L.

                You’re right. It isn’t half the population. Folks that are saying this forget all the dirty money that people are receiving to stand against Trump, and some don’t even understand why they’re doing it.

          • Dee Dee

            Hi Al Hall, I see u are optimistic and I love u for that. I agree w/u 100% as I listen to Steve P. also. Steve has Definete, Powerfull info. and I believe he will/is working w/Trump to shake things up and get business done. As another person said; He gave up on Trump when Trump called The Clintons “GOOD PEOPLE” I felt skeptical too. But I do now understand Trump had to say that. Soooo lets wait + see what Mid-March REALLY brings us as Mr
            Cliff High has stated. Keep Our Heads Up People. Signing Off Ms. Dee Dee.

            • Eric

              My head is up and screwed on correctly. Calling the Clintons “good” is just the start. Trump was going to “drain the swamp” then hired all GS bankers (the scum of the earth) who ARE the swamp.
              I know, give him more time. How about the adage ” watch what they do NOT what they say.

        • Beverly Kingsford


          Amen to what you said about the wheat and tares being separated. I think many people who follow this site are religious people. And, if that is the case, then we have to realize that God is preparing the world for a gigantic change. God’s millenial reign will bring peace to this world, but before that can happen, the destroyers of peace will be destroyed. We have to face the facts that this cleansing process will be a very ugly time, and if we want to survive it, then we have to prepare ourselves in a physical AND spiritual way. The spiritual preparation we do will be SO important because if we don’t have the guidance of the Holy Ghost, to help us know what direction we should go next, then we will flounder in the chaos. We all have to draw near unto God and seek out a real relationship with our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. This means believing with our hearts that They are both there for us, if we will only ask Them to be and keep asking. It’s not easy and it takes constant humility and faith. We all have to keep looking towards Christ.

    • Paul ...

      Dave … Trump says he is working for us (not the globalists) … hence it is time for Trump to follow the American people and simply accept the fact that our military has lost both Iraq and Afghanistan (after 16 years of trying to put “puppet governments” in place in those nations) … the cost in American lives (including our childrens lives due to heroin addiction) has reached unacceptable levels … so as we did in Vietnam … lets allow the people who live in those nations determine their own fate (Trump has effectively stated as much) … so Trump (who is working for the American people) should finally give us a break after a constant 16 years of war under Bush and Obama that has achieved nothing … he should stop our generals from throwing an additional 50,000 more American troops into Afghanistan as we don’t want or need to extend that war out to 20 years! … and if Trump decides more troops should added … it should be only on the condition that the heroin poppy fields be burned down!!! … if saving money on endless wars is not reason enough … lets make the lives of our troops and children “already sacrificed” count for something by burning down the heroin fields before we leave … otherwise what is the difference between the good guys and the bad “pedophilia” guys (that kill, maim and slaughter our children)!!

      • Paul ...

        To the grieving parents of lost children … politicians legitimizing never ending war … is just as evil as legitimizing pedophilia!!

        • Paul ...

          Hopefully Trump will now begin to put an end to the blood suckers killing our children … by executing all the pedophiles and putting a stop to the never ending wars … clean up ISIS and “that’s it” … let each country determine their own leaders they want governing them … stop all the interference in other peoples business … we don’t need to sacrifice our children and money to fight 20 year wars for “other people” … lets begin the process of bringing all our troops home!!

          • Diane

            Paul…I like the part of your post about “executing the pedophiles”
            I like that EXECUTE part!

      • al Hall

        Paul- I assume you were in Vietnam- as was I. Trump knows what is happening- he needs time- can’t do it all at once. People would rebel against him if he tries to change it all at once.
        Why Iraq- the elite’s knew of certain ancient things they want to steal- worth much more than the oil, and they stole it.
        Why Afghanistan? The Bush family(daddy Bush is the head) is the biggest drug dealership in the world. I was told this by a CIA retired friend many years ago. When Jeb left the race for President- it wasn’t because of his being behind so badly- the family business needed him in the middle east – business had problems flowing the drugs thru Turkey.
        Just give the man time- take it easy- Trump is smart the way he is going at things, lots of experts working behind the scenes!

        • Frederick

          All makes sense now why they did 911 Too bad more people couldn’t see the obvious back then

    • al

      It remains to be seen. So far the man has worked more hours than obama worked in 4 years so I cut him a break.

      • Eric

        Tell me Paul and Al……Then why did Trump ask to increase the Pentagon budget (already bloated waste of money) another 50 Billion ? That’s $50 Billion on top of Trillions if you look into their “off the books” expenditures.

        • Jan

          Trump should take 1/2 the money from the NSA and the other 1/2 from the CIA and give it to the military to build it back up. This will also take some of the teeth out of there two vile agencies.

          • Paul ...

            Jan … During the upcoming budget crisis due on March 15 … Trump should issue some “budget balancing” executive orders:
            1) Shut down the CIA completely …
            2) Shut down the Education Department
            3) Shut down the Labor Department
            4) Shut down the IRS
            5) Etc., etc, etc to make our income balance with our expenses!!
            Isn’t it wonderful how God turned the Demon-rats “executive order powers” completely against them! … can’t wait for the Demon-rats to be totally decimated on the Ides of March!!

        • Paul ...

          Eric … that $50 Billion can be more then made up by closing most of our 120 overseas Military bases and bringing the troops home … these troops will help Trump control the newly unemployed Government workers that “may protest” the closing down of Government Agencies (along with the demented, atheist, liberals being paid by Soros) … the negative economic consequences of shutting down many Government Agencies can be counter balanced by our troops now at home spending their money “here in the USA” instead of overseas!!!

  2. Rich M

    I posted this in an older post but wanted to post it in the current dialog……

    It is true though, I have been hearing these (there will be a collapse this year) predictions every year since 2009…. It is very possible this could go on for another 20 years. The main reason (I think) is that everyone wants to avoid a Nuclear War. The USA is like a spoiled child with a nuclear weapon and no one wants to see that temper tantrum when its credit card is cut up!!!! So China, Russia, and the world will allow it to go on and on with little princess USA remaining the world reserve currency. So instead of us flying around like Captain Kirk in 2040, we might all still be talking about the same thing and saying “I can’t believe it is still going on.” I somehow doubt it will last THAT long…. but it is possible.

    • Rich M

      I myself really like Donald Trump and he is so bullish for the markets and economy…. and although the establishment HATES him, they are probably tickled that there is a rally behind him in the sense that the market is sustaining itself. It is like a measure they didn’t have to orchestrate themselves. So what we can only hope for is that Trumps agenda will get implemented and we will see TRUE economic benefits from it rather than the speculation written into the markets we are seeing now. This article from Clif High seems to state that this may be the beginning of the end of the globalist power brokerage. I myself have to believe this as well….. that Trump was given to us or gained power for a reason. I truly believe Trump wants to fix the mess. He is a billionaire who seems to want to give back to his country and its people. That in and of itself is a powerful thing. It is a noble cause. It, im my opinion, was the ONLY chance we all had to see this mess fixed….. as no politician, even Ted Cruz would have had the heart to do it. Trump is ALL HEART I am seeing. If he fails, it is because he is too late but trust me when I say….. NO ONE else would have has even a rats ass chance of fixing it.

      • Diane

        Good posts , Rich M.
        Makes sense.

      • RealityCheck

        America and Europe are locked in a time warp… Constant predictions of “collapse” and instruction on how to”prepare” for people to save their own individual asses while the pols run their countries into the ground.

        Trump offers some hope but the people need to get off of their butts and work with him. Nations are comprised of individuals but they only succeed when they work together in concert.

      • Rich M

        No politician, even Ted Cruz would have…. meaning he wouldn’t have had his heart in the right place.

    • al Hall

      RICH: YOU ARE CORRECT- The collapse has been predicted for years. I know people on the inside. I’ve been told the elite’s sometimes think they are gods(small G), but they make mistakes and have to reorder their time schedules. Thus the elite’s(deep state) do change their plans on collapse of the economy. I’m now told – secretly many of these elite’s ( people at the top that people would not even know their names) have already
      been arrested for their crimes. This on going. Clif, like my contacts, said this deep state collapse can not be stopped. Many elite’s will flee from the USA, and a few many kill themselves when Pizza Gate is totally exposed. Jeff Sessions is being targeted because he is heading up the Pizza gate scandal- those attacking Sessions now are on the list of offenders. This corruptions goes so deep- that’s why it’s called the “deep state”. Just hang in there- it’s all coming out soon I’m told.
      also- when Clif mentioned Antarctica – when this is exposed to the public, only a small
      part will the people hear about. The elite ‘s are stealing/removing much of the top technologies being found down there – including the “fallen angels-aliens frozen in the ice”! See this update info from David Wilcock- start at 21:00 minutes into video.
      New technologies are coming from this- many we have but have been suppressed for decades. Enjoy this – wake-up out there!
      Atlantis And Antarctica Civilization NEW HD

  3. FC

    Greg, is the Main Stream Media, Federal Reserve Bank, and Central Intelligence Agency regarded as the Deep State?

    • Greg Hunter

      Parts of them. There is a big division in the CIA and many other government agencies.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Sorry, hit post too soon. All modern governments have a deep state. The problem now is there are *factions* in the deep state that are actively undermining democracy to pursue their own agenda. Apparently there’s another faction supporting Trump and protecting him.

      • al Hall

        You are so correct Greg. People should learn how the CIA was formed and staffed. Even today the CIA is split into 2 factions.
        One part is true Americans fighting from what is right, and the second is listed as Nazi. The Nazi’s that came here after WW2, part of “paper Clip operations” and infested the CIA. They are still there-friend’s of Obama and his gang of communist and Muslim Brotherhood types.
        Ya got to do your home work- the swamp is full of anti- American- Obama is heading this up now, Comey -head of the FBI- is a Muslim, Valerie Jarrett is Iranian, etc, etc. Obama loaded these types in all parts of the government- many are still there.
        “Drain the Swamp” is very much needed!

      • Joe Brown

        Greg we love your program thank you. It doesn’t seem that Clif believes in the authority of God’s Word because it seems to me we are heading for the End Times (not there yet) and that will be a “Deep State” where the people will certainly never have any real freedom or power . I can’t really see “the people” ever being free of these politicians, most who have sold their souls to the devil. My hope and prayers are continually for Donald Trump to be able to preserve his and his family’s lives long enough to be able to root these devils out of the government AND the agencies all over America. I believe Donald Trump sincerely wants to help America but there is a whole world of evil against the man. Lord Jesus protect him and us all who love Jesus and liberty.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am a Christian and am trying to get as much information out to people as possible. Christ can never be erased from history. He died for our sins. His is real and will come again.

          • Charles H

            Amen, Greg.

          • Joe Brown

            Yes I totally agree with you Greg about The Lord’s coming AND that you are trying as best you can to prepare us for whatever comes. You’re honest and able as can be! Thank you very much and God Bless you!

          • Chris


            Although I think there’s something to Cliff High’s program for trends and predictions and will listen to all of your interviews with him, are you aware as to where he’s really coming from ?

            He denies God Almighty and the Holy Scriptures.

            Is he someone really to be promoted, when he comes right out and says God and His Word are bunk ?? Here’s an example:

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Don’t forget the government bureaucracy. The Deep State is basically the unelected people in government. Many of them are career types, not political appointees, and they acquire power behind the scenes over the years.

    • andyb

      The Deep State can be defined as those entrenched bureaucrats and policy makers, primarily at State, CIA, FBI, IRS, that are controlled and given marching orders from the puppet masters behind the curtain, who in turn are controlled by the Red Shield, in the USA by the FED and its member banks, principally GS and JPMChase.

    • Hawkeye

      The “Deep State” can be seen as those bureaucrats, agents and ‘operatives’ who retain their positions and influence no matter who is ‘elected’ to WH or Congress, aka ‘lifers’.

  4. Dan

    Mr High,

    Just wondering if you’ve noticed whether any government officials or agencies (i.e., players in the Deep State) have been purchasing your reports? I would think that they would be extremely invaluable to them and that they would actually want to use them to adjust their failing strategies into ones where they could adjust their propaganda messages and to continue their orgies of plunder, power trips, and enslavement of the masses. Just a curious thought…


    • al Hall

      Dan- Great thinking, but doubt Clif knows the people really at the top- they completely hidden – few would know of these people! A few big bankster are possibly on the top tier.

    • Jim

      Yes they are. And Clif knows it. In the past he even had different pricing for government goons (if they would admit who they were).
      I think that is one reason he cannot be too specific on some areas. He does not want to give them too much warning.

  5. G. Berky now old and quirky

    The World’s in a bubble, and the Life of Man getting less than a span:
    In his conception wretched, from the womb so to the tomb;
    Curst from his cradle, and brought up to years with cares and fears.
    Who then to frail mortality shall trust, or bust!

    • Greg Hunter

      I like Bacon too!

    • This sceptred Isle

      What do people make of the discovery of mass childrens’ graves in Irish Catholic care homes? 800 seems an extraordinary amount over less than 40 years! Will the pope turn a blind eye AGAIN over child abuse?

      • al Hall

        TS Isle- come on- are you knew at this? To start- this Pope is a communist. Pedophilia is rampant in the Catholic church. Religion is a – and I hate to say this as a Christian – a fraud.
        I have studied Jordan Maxwell for years- all people should read his 55 years of study. This is what he has found . The elite’s keep silencing him also-
        be sure you get the correct website- the elite’s have stolen his name and much of his cash flow! go here!

        • This sceptred Isle

          The church should never have allied itself with the Roman empire and all its corruption. They then ruthlessly eliminated the Cathars by engaging in genocide.

      • Walter Mitty

        TSI, back in the early 70’s when I was in my early 20’s, I be-friended an old bachelor of 99 who lived with his sister on an old farm in Shelby township Michigan, near Detroit. We discussed the Bible and he’d give me tips on living long and healthy. Never smoked or drank.
        What I found interesting, he was around in the horse and buggy days, before the car was even invented! He’d tell about how it was so hard getting a buggy up and down into Rochester, about ten miles away, on a hill. That they had to shave the hill down. I was surprised considering it’s still a big hill today and fun going up and down it, in a car and it’s still got a commanding view. Well he revealed to me that somehow in shaving the hill, he knew their were lots of babies buried underneath the Catholic church there in Rochester. He said the nuns that got pregnant from the priest would bury the baby under the church. Now in the early 70’s I thought abortions were not done back in the day like now, then.

        We’ll in the 90’s lo and behold, front page headline news, mass graves of babies and children found under Rochester Catholic church! So apparently back in the olden times they kept things under the rug, or should I say under the church!
        Now I wonder what ever happened to Walter and where might he be buried? Hopefully in a graveyard of course!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Only the love, beauty, and goodness we create here with God’s help will follow us…and the truth we speak. “Lay up for yourselves treasure in Heaven, where moth and rust doth not corrupt, nor thieves break in and steal.”

      “The world is not pretty. It is only the hard work of some people that makes it so.” Emile De Becque in James Michener’s ‘Tales of the South Pacific. after saving his future wife from being raped by American soldiers. I don’t know about Bacon, but I love people who take the badness for granted, refuse to act shocked, and then welcome the chance to help God create something good.

    • Paul ...

      Bacon, eggs and apple pie … and we innocently gave our lives to save the world for Demon-ocracy … we were told WWI was going to do the job … then they told us we only had to die in WWII to save the world … then die in Korea, Vietnam, etc, etc, etc. … now the globalists are massing troops on Russia’s borders to bring on WWIII so as to have us die to again save the world for Demon-ocracy … but finally the people doing all the dying “to save the world “for Demon-ocracy” have finally figured out who the Demons are … awake now “we” are now going to give the orders “to save our world” … by arresting all the warmongering pedophiles in Washington and make them now give their lives and die for us!!

  6. Faith

    This is an amazing interview. I hope he is right! I don’t have much other than a mortgage on a small house but I was able to buy a lot of silver when it was between $13 and $15 an ounce. It would be amazing to be able to pass on generational wealth. That would be a huge blessing!

  7. HandsomeHank

    Greg, Only one nuclear bomb exploding outside the atmosphere will create an EMP frying all electronics on half of the earth. How do Bitcoin survive in that environment? I guess a huge solarflare will do the same.

    • Joe

      Bitcoins is not the answer. Precious metals, seed, and tools. You’ll never get to spend those bitcoins, the internet will be turned off even without an EMP.

      • Hairy Herry

        If the internet is eliminated, we have way, way, WAY WORSE issues than trying to cash in or barter gold and silver. This Hairy Guy loves BTC/Au/Ag and invests in all three. I have absolutely no reason to sell off my Bitcoins and am a proud Hodler. (yes, that is a Bitcoin word)

        Even if the internet were to be shut off to one or more nations, as long as the Blockchain can be maintained, I can still return to the ‘Net and claim my coins, provided they are in Cold Storage. Without going into a gigantic explanation of the inner workings of it, either my Bitcoin wallet with the Private Key or me importing said Private Key to a single address with my entire BTC balance is all I really require to claim my coins. My Bitcoins are doing superb, but they occasionally correct in value – but they’re the best of my investments as Au/Ag stocks I own are still being manipulated with the ongoing market nonsense. This will change, but it’s hard to say just when these Elites lose control of it.

        In regard to what Clif said, he’s correct that 21M BTC will be the maximum mined. What he didn’t say is 16M of that has been mined and it will take until year 2140 for the remaining 5M to be mined. Furthermore, it requires way more electricity for smaller rewards of coins. Each block nets 12.5 BTC now until about 3 years when block 630,000 is mined and another “halvening” occurs whence 6.25 BTC is awarded per block. These no longer go to single miners as the difficulty factor is just too high, even if you own lots of mining rigs!

        I find it extremely cool that Clif accepts BTC for his reports. I plan on buying one of those and suspect he’s HODLing for the same Moonshot we’ll both experience.

        • Lore

          I have a few nagging critical questions and comments.

          I don’t understand why it’s presumed that Bitcoin will stand alone in the cryptocurrency sphere. Why can’t the cryptocurrency environment resemble the currency or credit environment, where if you don’t like one flavor, you switch to another? Who says BTC is somehow ‘authoritative’ among cryptocurrencies? What’s to stop individuals or regimes from coming along and creating or adopting ‘BTC v.X,’ and proclaiming “Mine is better?” Until somebody can answer that to my satisfaction, bitcoin seems practically equivalent to any other corrupt piece of paper, a temporary diversion, effectively a scam, albeit less mature than most in its life cycle. BITCOINS ARE ‘BACKED’ BY YOUR IMAGINATION. They’re just another form of fractional reserve. Mr. High even admits that! (I believe he actually uses the term “fractionation.”)

          Mr. High’s ‘data’ and ‘model sphere’ seems like a kind of window-dressing for a product promotion. He’s promoting BTC because he owns some and wants their value to rise. If you ask him to name a couple of good producers in the mining sector, I bet he’d be stuck for an answer.
          Another thing that nags me is how Mr. High seems to allow his listeners to presume that rising nominal price inflation is necessarily equivalent to ‘wealth’ in the case of precious metals, BTC or anything else. EVERYTHING rises in price during a hyperinflation. Bitcoin just appears to be a kind of leading indicator, like the DJIA, which (if you look) is moving in direct tandem with flow of QE.

          I bought and went through last month’s report and came up with a one-page diagram — a multi-year calendar — with specific comments that could be equated with ‘forecasts,’ and found nothing that I hadn’t already gathered in terms of general causal relationships, themes and time-frames.

          The ‘pyramids’ talk seems like another bit of tactical window dressing. I find it interesting that Mr. High’s work surfaces at this particular juncture, in the midst of what he acknowledges constitutes a kind of mass awakening. That said, he is a fun interview, if fanciful!

    • Paul ...

      You are right Handsome … if we are blown back to the cave age and (all electronics fried) … only bits of silver and gold (coin) will have value in trade!!!

  8. Phil

    Mr High is pure entertainment, singing some of my favorite songs.

    Clif lost me on his way to Mars and Venus. How about we first
    consider a question or two about global warming here on Earth?

  9. Deano

    Greg, Cliff mention 2nd silver price explosuion is octoberish.. which month was the first price explosion for 2017?

  10. Peter

    They are in deep sh*t.

  11. ross

    Clif High,” I don’t think that the Deep State is anti-Trump. I think that the majority of the Deep State is pro-change and therefore pro-Trump.” Which part of the Deep State is backing Trump then? I thought the real power base of the Deep State were the Central Bankers and people like George Soros and Rockefeller. Generally the Deep State want one world Govt run by them and slavery for us. If the Central Bankers were pro good change for the people, they’d stop the immoral debt slavery and this is not happening. I think Clif needs to clarify this observation.

  12. Doug

    Clif is very entertaining guest. I like Clif… he brightens up the day. However, his prognostications should be taken with a big pinch of salt. Clif relies heavily on sophistry and rhetoric. He sounds like he is given you exact information but when you strip away his many words and technical sounding jargon his bullet points disappear like will-o-the wisps. Listening to Clif is like eating candy floss…. enjoyable but very little substance. Most of his major concrete points are already in the public arena and therefore not the result of people being psychic. Entertaining though. Keep him coming.

  13. Lissy Casey

    Hi Greg , love your interviews ! What small Bank in Ireland was Cliff talking about ?
    Thanks from a big fan…..

  14. This sceptred Isle

    Clif is correct to say change is coming with the younger generation. As always, the younger generation has less to lose in the event of a paradigm shift. Older people are always more likely to resist change (at least on a subconscious level) because they are worried about losing their pension, sky high property prices or simply facing the fact that the ideals and beliefs they grew up and held to be true are now defunct. What do young people have to lose as they have already been screwed over with massive debt, unemployment and have a lack of direction and purpose?
    Trump is definitely surfing the tsunami of the current zeitgeist. Therein lies his strength. Does he truly believe in the ideals associated with the change or is he cynically hitching a lift on a wave of populism in order to gain a position of power. Let’s hope it is the former.
    In a way Trump just has to release the forces of change that have been bottled up and suppressed for so long. Let the good people within the FBI and police operate unobstructed using the evidence they already possess. Remove the top down interference and there will be a massive bottom up surge of support for Trump if he is truly committed to draining the swamp.

  15. This sceptred Isle

    Just over half of all available silver is lost to industrial applications. Another 25% is used to make jewellery and around 22% is stored as bullion. Silver jewellery is multiple times higher in price than the value of the actual silver used to make the jewellery so this silver is lost to the market until the price of silver becomes multiples higher.

  16. This sceptred Isle

    I have always felt that humans historical obsession with gold and silver is more than just a reflection of their superior monetary characteristics. Perhaps, it is a remnant from a long forgotten age when the precious metals where revered for their metaphysical properties and application to advanced technology.

  17. shayne zutavern

    Greg thanks for another Cliff interview. In response to comments by Rich M let us look at what the True Father and Creator of the Universe says in HIS WORD about the future for the One W0rld System shall we? I’ve added the words in (brackets) to help in understanding.


    1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast (One World Political system) rise up out of the sea (people of the earth) , having seven heads and ten horns (power), and upon his horns ten crowns (leadership), and upon his heads the name of blasphemy (lies against GOD).

    2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard ( never changes his spots), and his feet were as the feet of a bear (Esau’s people Communists), and his mouth as the mouth of a lion (Sounds like someone from the tribe of Judua): and the dragon (Satan, Lucifer, Snake, Ababdon, Son of Perdition) gave him (the One world system) his power, and his seat, and great authority.

    3 And I saw one of his (One World Political system) heads as it were wounded to death (Brexit,Hillary losing, EU on fire, Deep State in trouble, etc); and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast (One World Political system).

    4 And they worshiped the dragon (Satan, Lucifer, Snake, Ababdon, Son of Perdition)which gave power unto the beast (One World Political system): and they worshiped the beast (One World Political system), saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

    5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

    6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

    7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

    8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

    9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.

    10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

    11 And I beheld another beast (Fake/False/Instead of/Anti-Christ) coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb (Looks just like the Paintings you’ve seen of Jesus), and he spake as a dragon (He looks like Jesus but speake like Lucifer, becasue he is Lucifer).

    12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast (One Worlds System) before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

    13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

    14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

    15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    Humm? Haas the beast actually received the deadly wound… or is there much more to come? I feel that we are still in the middle of the cutting. However, the beast receives the deadly wound and is healed in the same sentence. Is that 2 weeks or 200? No doubt in biblical time frames that would be sooner than later. Either way prepare for it, and for the “Fake Christ” to come “make it all better”. don’t be fooled by the christ that comes at the sixth trump, who will look just like the real…. wait for the 7th.

    Want to go a bit deeper in this study of the One World System? try this ex-Marine pastor, who by the way “packs heat” even on TeVee?

    • Lore

      Eschatology abounds during trouble times. We saw similar things toward the end of the 1800s. My grandparents used to tell stories about evangelical fire-and-brimstone “camp meetings” that were traumatizing for them as small children. No doubt, one of these times will be the End Time.

  18. Robert Lykens

    Greg, did you see this?
    What’s your opinion? Hoax? Everything on the internet’s true, right?

    • This sceptred Isle

      You can’t debunk all conspiracy theories by pointing out the most ridiculous ones!

      • Robert Lykens

        Actually it turns out that I can do whatever I want to do.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Do you have a genie?

  19. john hassion

    hi greg. trying to view clif high video. i am receiving a must be approved message before i can view. i suppose the elite are interrfering, but will keep trying. ty john

  20. James H Bath

    I just discovered your website, Greg Hunter, and look forward to perusing it more deeply. I follow you on YouTube and will do the same on Twitter and perhaps other venues. I think your work is outstanding. Thanks for adding your unique intelligence and decency to our world today.

  21. al

    I purchased his report, I don’t pay for cable so I am saving a lot of money watching things that are worth my time like FOR FREE. So I broke down and gave Greg a tip (donated), not saying how much but he’s well worth the money. This information is GOLD! You are lucky to be hooked in to “the in crowd in the know” as I am.
    Greg, you floor me with your awesomeness !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al!!

    • al Hall

      Al- we share the same name- something is common already. I to stopped watching 95% of TV. I have cable for the wife. I can’t stand the crap on TV, including the news.

      So much more truth on the web, and you can look up things custom to ones like and thoughts!

      I’ve followed Greg for years- and he would tell you that. I pass info on to him from my insider. Gerg is top of the heap!!

      • Charles H

        Right up with the best of them.

        • Lore

          Agreed — Mr. Hunter is a gifted thinker and interviewer, very deserving of our continued support.

  22. john hassion

    greg after researching restricted mode dilema appears to be a you tube filtering policy. looks like an act of congress to disable. john

  23. Jerry

    I’m assuming you did this interview before the news broke that Trump Towers had been wire tapped by the NSA in October by former president Obama just prior to the election? News is coming out via tweets from president Trump that the GOP had been compromised by the intelligence community in October. Supposedly this information is coming out from sources inside the FBI.

    This should send chills down anyone’s spine. This is what totalitarian regimes do, not representative republics. It is time for us to stand up and demand justice, or risk losing whatever liberty we have left. The deep state ( I prefer the term globalist ) IS cornered and they are desperate. Desperate enough to send trolls to your site to try and discredit you Greg. Desperate enough to tap into our phones, emails, and Facebook account. Desperate enough to crash a financial system, before relinquishing control to its own citizenry. No. America’s day of reckoning has arrived, and its time to decide which side of the ledger you’re on.

  24. Kevin Willbond

    What a fascinating interview I must admit. The metals suppression has been ongoing for decades and may finally be running out of gas which would be enriching for those who have been stacking. I cant argue with his logic how he predicts future events, however, I do wonder what percent he has been incorrect on. Now that would have been an interesting question to ask! No one is perfect in what they project in the future so hopefully, next time, Greg will ask a up front question on failed projections. We live in crazy times!
    “Paul Harvey……Good Day!”

    • al Hall

      Kevin: I to have been stacking when Silver was $4/oz. I was told a decade ago that silver would in the future be worth more than gold! There is less silver now than gold in the world. When the new tech. that Clif talks about hits the market so to speak- “to the
      the moon Alice” as Jackie Gleason use to say! Silver at $600-$1000 sounds so nice- but my source tells me much higher than that. As Clif said- those who have bitcoin, silver, and even gold- their families generations forward will thank us for “being smarter than the average bear”=Yogi Bear!!!

  25. Da Yooper

    “The Deep State is Dying”

    Not fast enough Greg

    • al Hall

      Da- I’m told by insiders- that many top Deep state people are already in jail or have fled. Their days are numbered. Trump is working it all out! Just give him some slack!

  26. Michael Blight

    I’ve heard “something is coming mid-March 2017.” What might it be, and why? I haven’t found anything to support that timeline

    • Greg Hunter

      Debt ceiling hard stop and the Fed raising interest rates, both on March 15th. A one-two-punch if I ever saw one, and now, the chaos over the Obama wire tapes that are victimizing the Trump Administration. Scroll down n(on USAW) and listen to the David stockman interview he talks about the debt ceiling issue and budget.

  27. R B

    Dear Greg, With a topic like child gate, and porngate ,how can this movement be stopped ? I’m sure the elite have peered into Cliff High’ information and seen the writing on the wall so to speek . No turning back,God help the unbeliever to repent,God help the little unborn babe’s , God help the little ones who have no idea why they are being used,and God help us to keep the faith. RB

    • Charles H

      Indeed – it will take God’s help. Even a Believer does not stand in his or her own might.

  28. Charles Cox

    “Banks”… you should check and NEVER use a “bank” or credit union that is a member of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”) because any such “organization” is involved with the corporate “U.S. Government” and other criminal organizations who continue the largest fraud in history, and continue to foreclose on real estate unabated with the support of the corrupt “courts.” Conduct a “MERS member search” (… although some times they hide the actual “bank” who is a member establishing subsidiaries that are not) and only bank with an institution not involved with this corruption.

  29. andyb

    Two thoughts Greg: Eventually, silver will be worth more than gold for two reasons. 1): it is rarely ever reclaimed from landfills while all gold ever mined basically still exists. There are no known silver stockpiles of billions of ounces. 2): the planet is running out of silver which could happen within a decade, even though silver is the most strategically critical element for 1000s of uses for which there is no ready substitute; medical, tech, water purification, armaments. I maintain that the most valuable resource in the future will be potable water, and silver will be the key purifier. And any major war will require billions of ounces which are essentially non-available.

    The other thought: Clif’s warning on banks is something that I have tried to emphasize many times on this site. I switched from WF to a credit union months ago. Yes it was a pain in the ass, but it’s an insurance policy. All the TBTFs (WF, Citi, Chase, BofA, et al are technically bankrupt. Regionals are at risk as well. Even after the switch, I keep only enough for Bill Pay and normal expenses. This spring is a critical time, due to the debt ceiling fight and international IMF actions. All banks could close for a period of time; credit will cease to exist; transportation of goods will cease; grocery shelves will empty within 24 hours. Be careful, folks and be prepared.

  30. Guest

    “High also has new data on dramatic price movements for gold, silver, Bitcoin and all sorts of chaos starting in the middle of March.”

    Sure. And when nothing has happened by the end of March he’ll say that he has “new data” for gold and silver making huge price moves by the end of __________. He’ll just keep pushing it back. I think he “predictive linguistics” is a bunch of hooey.

  31. MAL

    I’m just curious Greg . What would happen to bit coin if the internet were taken down.

    • Dan

      THIS JUST IN : A Bitcoin ETF may be on the way ASAP !
      Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss will know within days whether they’ve won approval to begin offering their bitcoin – based exchange traded fund with the digital currency’s record rally hanging in the balance.
      Folks – The fox is just about ready to enter the henhouse !

  32. Boz From Oz

    Hi Ho Silver, if Cliff is even 10% right and silver hits $100 I will be very happy indeed.

    • Frederick

      If it hits 50 I will be very happy indeed

    • Flattop

      BOZ: I ask this question. When the silver price sky rockets thru the ceiling, who will we sell to. At that price, who can afford it?

      • This sceptred Isle


        • Macray

          This sceptred Isle

          YES, without a doubt!

      • Frederick

        Flattop the people who made a fortune in the stock markets around the world will transition into precious metals when the SHTF

  33. DVG

    However one chooses to call the deep state, Bilderbergers,. Trilaterals or whatever, I have shared the premise they are losing control. How they reached this point IMHO started with countries outside their control.

    The Deep State ultimately comes down to money. Money comes down to banks. The banks have been an integral part of the deep state enterprise. The problems for the deep state became most pronounced after 9/11. Things became unmanageble as the players didn’t share their view of the end game. In prior instances, the Deep State tried to coopt unruly participants by offering them a seat at the table. With the Soviet Union and China, they met with some success. Jihad was something different.

    The rise of orthodox islam seemed manageable for a while. As islam has increasingly become a non state entity, it presented a command and control problem. They couldn’t.
    As the deep state tried and tried to implement anything that could resolve the problem, they alienated the American people.

    This is where Mr High’s part of the storyline picks up. The Deep State chose to solve the problem by bringing the unwilling participants to Western Europe and North America. Mind you, this would end in their destruction anyway, but power doesn’t guarantee wisdom. As hard as they’ve tried to sell it, the American people are having none of it. The exposure became more and more obvious as immigration, the TPP, Iran nuke deal, and lastly the vehemence towards President Trump reached outlandish proportions.

    Is it the end of the Deep State? I hope so. But I give it a TBD at a future date.

  34. Jonathan

    Hi Greg,

    I am a big fan of your YouTube channel.

    After 911, witnessing it first hand as I was down in Jersey City right across at UBS on Washington Blvd, my perspective on life change dramatically.

    I was onsite working as a Network Engineer after I had setup 4 floors at the UBS facilty, the office I was in had a birds eye view of the tip of Manhattan.

    What I saw didn’t line up with the physical world as I witnessed steel beams discinigrate into what looked like burnt matchsticks.

    Felt like most of what we see and hear is a lie and that I needed to breakaway from working in NYC and any other big city.

    Few years later I relocated to the my families abandoned farm in upstate NY, 5 hours north of Manhattan, and learned how to live of the land.

    So I have literally been watching, waiting, and seeing everything unfold over the last 16 years…during this time noticed a major polarization in the country as if sides are literally being drawn in order to have the country turn against itself, call it a civil war in the making.

    Imagine if\when there is an interruption in the supply chain, the people will go ballistic and then its chaos.

    On a positive note I’ve learn how to make things with my wife that we use and sell at local farmers markets, pork,beef, lamb, soaps, salves, bug spray, all using many of the old techniques lost in the last hundred years.

    You really can never be prepared for this sort of event, just like 911, you can only hope to survive it or luckily be in the right place.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jonathan. I lived in NYC during the 9/11 attack (inside job.)

  35. Yankee in NC

    Wonderful interview! You are quite right there is some much data and Matierial to cover with Clif High. Perhaps you might consider doing an interview of 2 hours but break it down into 3 shows of 40 Minutes. One could be the economy (with precious metals), next one on Antarctica-Mars and Woo-Woo and the last segment on the future.
    Clif has wonderful information on health and medicine, weather and shifting nature of our climate, land formations, water conditions and natural disasters. Another area of extreme interest to me is his view of spirituality and the “souls” of people.
    Lastly to keep everyone’s perspective on Clif’s predictions, you might ask him next time: how many of his linguistic predictions come to fruition and the accuracy of his timing for his predictions. Please do not construe the prior sentence as being negative on Clif’s work as I am a devoted follower of Half Past Human.

    Thank you for this magnificent interview


  36. Svedska Vodka not needed!

    “We will ask Mr. Assange, very politely, to leave our embassy”

    We will also ask the United States Geological Survey, very politely, to move the Equator closer to the North Pole. 😉

    The US sent Karl Rove to reshape Sweden into Americas image.… How has that worked out, Karla?

    Oddly enough, while the Swedish government is relentless in their pursuit of Assange for a rape that never happened, they are afraid to even admit any knowledge of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of rapes perpetrated against young Swedish women by their middle eastern guests.

    Swedish women it seems were reserved for violent sex education for refugees. Yet in the U.S. it’s poltically incorrect to mention rape by refugees there or even here by our president. Go figure?

    Well if’s she got a nice figure its fair game in Svedska.
    Not in Russka! But they dont have all these children [just boys], running around the nation without their parents. There back home minding the mint, gold, black gold, Texas T! While the so-called refugee kid’s are drilling Swedish gold!

    • Flattop

      Svedska: In my opinion, we are watching the methodical destruction of Sweden. A once great country will be taken to zero, then be rebuilt by the NWO. I believe the great people of Sweden are beginning to realize this, but it might be too late. They need a Donald Trump!

  37. Bob from Mo.

    Greg! Thanks for keeping watchdog great…You do a lot of work for us little guys..

  38. R Scott

    Bravo!! Thank you for a great interview!! Cutting edge to say the least.

  39. Diane

    Greg Hunter!
    I love your enthusiasm!
    You are a very nice man.
    Thank you, it keeps us having faith.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words and support!

  40. Chip

    Good interview. Appreciate Clif’s insights. But on the Bitcoin I’m not convinced. The only thing slightly positive about Bitcoin is that it shows there is genuine distrust of fiat currencies and the governments that produce them. I would love for Clif or someone else to demonstrate how Bitcoin is ANY different than dollar digits on a computer. If the grid goes down what have you got? Can you carry Bitcoin with you? Can you use it to barter with the common man on the street? Nothing, no, and no are the answers. How then is Bitcoin valuable to the average person? Not trying to be combative here. I’m just not seeing the value in Bitcoin… Chip

  41. Jocko

    Mme Hedin 03/03/2017 • Shortened version from Gregs weekend commentary;
    Intelligence agencies of other countries have declared that they too have recordings of Trump campaign officials speaking with Russian officials prior to the election.

    Plotting a new world dis order coup d’état Mme, of George sore arse Soros maybe, but not Bernie. Hillary was already plotting that one Mme me me me.
    Seems strange that all these people and countries have these recordings and not one peep leak? Me’s think’s Mme Hedonist and her masters are taking from our playbook. Trying to get us to panic, just like we got them panic’ed and riled up these past seven months, so we make fools of our selves like we got them to make fools of themselves. Shame on you shadow people and public sock puppeteers an racketeers!

    Yes we take the credit for flushing you all out these last six months and were giveing you all the credit for getting all the people behind the Trumpster and then he’ll get the credit for disposing of you all in the dumpster of defeat. Yes mark his foreboding words, Scaredy, fat cats!
    The American people have always been smarter than you powers that was. Try reading a history book sometime you smarties!

    Now what can we say, to really make you all lose your minds, even more so? I know. Works every time, didn’t it, MJM! Regime change in Washington, not Moscow! LOL! No, that ones been used to much already, but it sure did do the job, didn’t it, got Trump the presidency and not your Hitlery Mr. so called spy-master.
    Why your kind’s been around through out history and all failed miserably. Lying murdering war-mongering whore-mastering political pied pipers. Its simple, keep it simple, good against evil. Thats why we won and your yet, to lose big time.

    Well now that we did win and still winning despite your stupid shenanigans, we sure don’t want regime change in D.C. comics now, do we. Loser’s! LOL. You guy’s sure did bust a shunt on that one! LOL. But you all took the bait along with your mad-man nervous wreck. All our so-called intell following the biggest loser. All your intell and psy-ops bull and you never figured out the con was on you all!
    And your supposed to be the neo-conmen and conwoman. Turns out you clowns couldn’t con your way’s out ah paper bag of excrement!
    Sorry for being so blunt, but we ain’t the ones smoking the blunt [hate that wacky tobaccky] . You better screen your people much better, new sheriff in town!

    So your all on notice. . . That this town was built by Americans for Americans and by golly its going to be run by real Patriotic Americans, not phony flag waving new world dis-order globalist, leftest, Muslim brotherhood, corporate media intell lackeys! [really un-intell lackeys]
    Oh and by the way your fired and like Jesuse said to Judas IsScaredy cat after he had kissed him. Go do what you gotta do. Before I come for you!
    Lets get this show on the road. Peace and prosperity is coming down the mountain. Here she comes, here she comes!
    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

    Complicated set of circumstances and experiences
    This guy looks like he could be M’s dad. Maybe even him when younger. But doesn’t need to play the part. He needs help. Seek it. When all else fails you can always pray, not just prey upon others, especially fellow Amerikans.

    ”Sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business, complicated”
    Eat your heart out folks. The iceman cometh!

  42. James Hastings in Hartwell, Ga

    Good interview. It has ALWAYS been a struggle between Good & Evil.
    “To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the NATIONS”…. Guess who 🙂

  43. Steve King

    Hi Greg,
    You are always bragging on how smart your readers/listeners are, and I believe you are correct, mostly. Maybe someone can answer these concerns…So given Clif High’s prediction for silver as an example, if I were to buy a box of 500 silver eagles at the current price of about $20 = 1000 and the price goes to anywhere north of 100…so how then do I or my heirs claim the reward of my foresight? Take a single coin worth hundreds of $$ to use on a transaction for other goods or services. I would think such a person would be followed home and held hostage or killed for the remainder of their “stash”. What about if the government placing a 99 percent capital gains tax on any precious metals? Nobody ever addresses to other side of precious metals “stacking”. Given that, even with the counter-party risks of the stock market, I feel safer with investing in miners and mining indexes.

    Steve K.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think I am bragging. I am simply stating fact. I read all the comments and there are many people who are very smart and very connected. I learn as much from the comments as I do from interviews and reading the internet. Heck, the comments for many are the best part of the site and I think they make a very good point. thank you for being one of them!!!!

    • FC

      Steve what you saying is all possible and one should never store their entire wealth in one place for the very reason of being a hostage.
      Capital Gains Tax will be a huge problem for precious metals but as we are forced into a cashless society where precious metals will become the new cash and we will deal with like minded people to avoid such tax.
      Governments can easily apply a Capital Gains Tax to any Mining shares and alike and we can’t do a thing about it…………….I live by the saying ‘you don’t hold it you don’t own it’

    • This sceptred Isle

      Gold and silver miners are at even more risk of confiscation in the form of nationalisation. Failing that the government could slap a higher tax rate on miners profits. Personally, I think governments will target the low hanging fruit first. Things that cannot be hidden such as mining companies, safe deposit boxes in banks, financial assets held in banks/brokerage accounts, pension funds and real estate will probably be targeted for punitive tax rates or outright confiscation. They could put higher taxes on buying/selling precious metals but they could demonetise cash totally (as we have seen in India).

    • Frederick

      No a box of 500 at 20 dollars each would be 10k not 1000 You left out a zero

  44. Lee Lewis

    Great show as always Greg.
    Clif is a very interesting guy. I don’t fully understand what he does and i am skeptical of some of the things he says but always enjoy listening to him. I hope the optimism re Trump is well founded but i get mixed signals from Trump. I am pleased he prevented Clinton from winning and delighted that he takes on the fake media but I am horrified by his intention to spend yet more on the war machine. I am also concerned that his choice of 7 countries for the immigration ban bears such resemblance to Wesley Clark’s original 7. Is it business as usual for the pentagon?
    I say give Trump a chance but we should certainly be looking for the next Ron Paul at the same time.
    Thanks Greg

  45. Ray

    Greg; I sure like your site. I always get good actionable info. Should Clif High be correct about silver I am on my way to be a millionaire several times over. I will be able to help my family, my church and other deserving people. To me that’s what money is for. I personally don’t need a lot of money because everything I own is paid for. I knew this crisis was coming and got out of the stock market just before the crash of o8 and bought silver and continue to stack as much as I can afford.
    Continue success with your site.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ray!! Don’t forget food water and Pb!

  46. Gadfly

    Nutty ALT Media

    Last month, Clif High said that interest rates are going to spike into the double digits. Furthermore, he said this would impact a number of “regional banks “. Now, the internet chatter he analyzes has switched to derivatives and its impact on these “regional banks” ( such as in Texas). Sounds divided, to say the least. Last time he could not predict or put firm numbers of Silver and gold but this time, he has it exactly and includes bitcoin, for good measure. Clearly, off-the-wall, at least.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are in the small minority but thank you for the comment.

  47. JCD

    Bitcoin 2. Bitcoin 3. Bitcoin 4 no subtract Bitcoin 4 because of computer hacking, and EMP blast. How many forms of computer money can be created. Each country can have their own. Sounds a bit unbelievable bitcoin could be worth more then gold and silver in everyday usage by 7 billion people.
    SDR ?
    Well it was interesting to listen to the interview.

    • Charles H

      The exchange of value must have, in some basis, intrinsic, stable, and commonly agreed upon value. Barter is the best example, where proportion varies to agreed value. Fiat is convenience for commerce sake: but it MUST have tangible value behind it. The problem is Gresham’s Law. Good money will be hoarded, and bad will replace it – so that ALL the nations must come to the same table of guaranteeing basic value. That’s not likely.

      • JCD

        Charles in desperate times honesty thrives. Your right Gresham’s Law will make dishonesty thrive, I don’t see bitcoin as a replacement. So many don’t use a computer. What will be their currency? Love you brother.

      • Diane

        I like your posts, Charles H.
        Commonly agreed on is the key here.

  48. stonewall

    There is none so blind as those that will not see. The globalists have
    had control of a self serving agenda founded on corruption, greed
    and deceit however the people of fly over country have finally clued in
    and now that they are awake and aware there is no going back to sleep.
    So the powers that be that have profited hugely from their criminal
    enterprise are about to unmasked and prosecuted so they shit their
    pants in terror and will attempt anything and everything to bring
    down Trump. The more they caw “it’s Putin and the Russians”
    the louder I laugh and the more pathetic they reveal themselves
    to be. Payback is a bitch.

  49. JMiller

    Quite a bit was said in this interview about the banks and the FDIC which I would like to comment on. Clif High said that the future banking crisis will not happen the way Bill Holter believes, in such a real short period of time. Clif High is correct. It will take many weeks, if not months or years, for the banking crisis to play out. Every bank is not going to be affected the same way or at the same time. Some may not even really be affected at all. The governments and regulators do have plans and tools that would at least slow the spread and most likely minimize the damage of any banking crisis. But not necessarily stop it.

    Clif High said if some of the regional banks go down you will not have access to your cash. Well that could very well be true. Most times when a bank fails it is acquired by another bank and the deposits transferred to the acquiring bank. Depositors then have access to their money immediately. However if there is no acquiring bank then the failed bank will be liquidated. Depositors will be mailed a check up to the insured amount usually within a few days. However for amounts above the insured amount, the depositor usually would have to file a claim against the estate of the failed bank and hope to at least get some of it back.

    That was for non-systemically important banks. For systemically important banks, like Bank of America, there is another alternative which is available to handle a big bank failure. The creation of a bridge bank and bail-ins. If a major bank fails, the FDIC has stated that they will create a bridge bank and transfer the assets of the failed bank, including the deposits, over to the newly created bridge bank. This will protect the assets of the bank and will allow customers to continue to do business as usual. Stockholders, junior bondholders and if needed some uninsured deposits will be used in a bail-in to recapitalize the bridge bank. As far as the derivatives that the failed bank has, people like Ellen Brown say that if a major bank becomes insolvent that the derivative counter-parties are allowed to take any collateral that was posted because the bank is now in default. From what I have read that is true however the FDIC will also transfer those derivative contracts to the newly created and solvent bridge bank so that the derivative counter-parties cannot close out the contracts early and take the collateral like they normally would be allowed to do because of a bankruptcy.

    As far as insured depositors go, the FDIC should have no problem paying off insured depositors. The insured depositor is the most protected party in the banking system and rightly so. John Williams said in his last interview on here said that the banking system will be protected at all cost. He is correct about that. While the FDIC insurance fund is currently underfunded, the FDIC does have a line of credit with the Treasury if needed. And the government would do a bailout before any money is lost by an insured depositor. So the FDIC is not worried about getting the money to pay insured depositors. They are worried about uninsured depositors since some uninsured deposits could have to be used in a bail-in or the uninsured depositor could lose money in a normal bank failure like what happen when IndyMac failed in which depositors only received 50% of their uninsured amount.

    As far as determining the financial health of a bank or credit union, the best place to check is the site below which has the financial reports of all the U.S. banks and credit unions and gives the capital and leverage ratios for the banks and the net worth ratios for the credit unions.

    And credit unions are not necessarily safer then the banks. Some of the larger credit unions do have derivatives.

    And credit unions do have their share of auto loans, personal loans and unsecured credit card loans, some of which are sub-prime. There are hundreds of good banks in the U.S. as well as hundreds of good credit unions to choose from. I realize that some people choose not to have any money or as little money as possible in the bank. Nothing wrong with that either.

  50. The Seer

    McCain campaign manager just arrested for pedo, Jeff Claude Bartleson.
    Bartleson will squeal. Wonder what is on his cell phone, computer and bank accounts?
    I think Trump is playing chess. He allows them to expose themselves (no pun)
    and then he reveals the truth in stages creating multiple reinforcement of the truth to the mind. He started at the bottom and is working way his up to the top in arrests. Patriots working with Trump have waited decades to clean up, too!
    Soros, Clinton’s, Bush’s, B Soetoro will be arrested or expelled and money confiscated.
    What will the riot cry babies do without that funding? Wake up to true news?

  51. Southern Pearl

    Cliff, will you go away next year whence your predictive numbers and statements turn out to be bogus? You need to have some skin in the game, after all you are ‘earning’ your living selling reports to the gullible ones.

  52. Jack

    Oh, Clif says ‘rigid’ not ‘ridged’!
    Sure, their rigidity is their Achilles’ heel as I have said for years! Their power, previously, was virtually TOTAL but now it is no longer the case, it has cause all kinds of problems for them as information trickles out about their ‘perversity’ and criminality. Yes, they will now be very afraid and because they have only one way of being in the world (violence, crime, control, etc., etc.), they will use what power they have left to do as much damage as they can. Again, I have been saying for years that they will conduct a Scorched Earth policy wherever and whenever they can. If you have any sense (or knowledge) of history, the Russians often employed this tactic to repel invaders (Napoleon, Wehrmacht, Cossack hoards!) quite successfully although it was at considerable cost to the Russians themselves. I am not suggesting, though, that this tactic will work for the Deep State because they are not Russia – I merely suggest that this is their current modus operandi (method of working). It will have less and less effect as more and more of them realise that they have nowhere to hide from an extremely angry and, possibly even vengeful, HUmanity.

  53. lastmanstanding

    Regarding human-trafficking. The arrests are AWESOME! Keep it going…only problem that I have seen is that most of it is in our world…the subterfuge will take an act of God to expose that at the top. You have that pathetic excuse for a human “that 70’s show kutcher” going before Congress saying that the gub called his organization (as a last line of defense, lmao!!!) to help as they were (I’m paraphrasing) “to busy” with other things. That will most-likely calm most of the sheep…for now. “Funny boy Ashton would never lead us astray.” He was on the ground floor of Skype, amazon, facefarce and other undisclosed investments of enslavement…an insider. Just take a moment and think that one thru…buddies with marky, bezo’s, thiel and others…don’t forget his lovely wife advertising “the devil’s cut” on the tube for Jimmy B.
    DON’T…YOU…EVER…TAKE…THIS…OFF…YOUR…RADAR. Total distraction from those at the top committing these sickening satanic crimes of the earth.

    You bitcoiners better watch your asses. According to “my data miners” (very savvy commenters on sites like this on the web (silverdocs, zh, sgt, srsrocco, etc.) is that it is difficult to pull cash out of it…quickly I will add. What is the use of having a million bucks in bc if you can’t get it out within a few days or less. I’m not going to belabor this point but enough of you have been burned enough times that I hope that you realize what I am talking about. I’ll just use the old adage regarding the stock market…”you have to be in it for the long run”…meanwhile, many have had their wealth robbed from them 2,3 maybe 4 times during their lives when the market tanked…then their only response is “well I got it all back now.” I hope that none of you are this stupid. Imaging what your savings would be like if saving was something that would be protected from evil at all costs.

    If I knew anything about bc, had any large amount of it, I’d be selling it for metal as several pm dealers take it. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO CAP ON BITCOIN…just like there in no cap on anything paper. I’m going to recommend fwiw…have they ever limited anything to date? It will be interesting to see what comes and goes on the 15th.

    The web was invented by bad people for enslaving reasons first and for most. Think about that for a few minutes…However, good people have slowly over the years and are now taking it away from these bastards. Hence the push back.

    As far as getting back what has been extorted, stolen, etc. from us via unconstitutional laws…I am all in.

    Finally, pm’s…silver in particular. If you spend years of researching silver and its uses you will ultimately find one consistent fact…ALL TECH…MUST…have it to operate.

    That is why they removed it from our money. Clif even says it. Hell, seashells worked once before…anything will do if people believe in it. Just take another moment to think about when they removed silver from our money. 1964. What entities, corps, mic’s (military and medical) suddenly became “to big to fail”.

    Well done brother’s Greg and Clif.

    • Robert G

      lastmanstanding……and of course you have never used Skype, Amazon, FB, bought Chinese, Vietnam products or any of those Apple products made with slave labor, right.

      • lastmanstanding

        Robert G. Skype one time. We live in the mountains, absolutely no need for it. To many real things to do. Barely get the web via satellite.

        Never used amazon, have never fbd, never, ever used or purchased an apple product. Nothing from Chins or Vietnamese since at least 2008, when I woke up.

        I live local. I am not a globalist. I am for Americans first. I am not a racist. I just don’t need what they have to offer, nor do I support slave labor. There are lots of people just like me out there.

        You don’t need it either.

  54. John Shipp

    Thank you for all that you do Greg and you are right God the Father is watching. I live in Canada and we have our own problems with our Pantywaist Prime Minister, but, when all the pedophiles and their henchmen flee the US, We Do Not Want Them here.

    I cannot believe some of the information that I hear on your show, but, I have taken many steps to prepare for the world that you indicate is coming.

    Does anyone have any information on the rise of the idea that money will be done away with and we can use cards or chips in our wrist, much as foretold in the Revelation, I should like to hear if anyone know something of this frightening scenaio.
    Once again, Thank you.

  55. asmith

    Greg, please take a step back from the “high” clif the next time the urge presents itself. There will plenty of time for him to explain why his predictions didn’t come true. He’s been doing the same old, same old since 9/11. I’d be curious to know what his current standing is w/George Ure? They were besties 10 years ago.

    Since I’m old and have been a truther before 9/11, there is really nothing new under the sun. Heck I read Gary Allen’s “None Dare Call it a Conspiracy” in the 1970’s. And why I’d like nothing better than have clif’s predictions come true (and have my name venerated w/solemnity by my children, grandchildren, & great grandchildren) since I was an early adopter of gold, silver, & bitcoin, I’m still holding my breath. Regards.

    • Justn Observer

      Asmith…..truth cometh –

      • asmith

        And just this past week we saw what took weeks to happen, appreciation of Ag, took minutes to crash w/paper shorts. Granted, I’m in the camp the wheels will come off, eventually. But guys like Bix, Silver Doctors, SGT Rocco, etc. will one day be proven right, they can’t move mountains. Just like clif high. You want to give them money, feel free; they’ll take it. I don’t, anymore. But I think I’ll throw Greg a tenner for the effort he gives it week after week – as should all regular readers do…

        PS: Greg – since I’m lobbying here, go back to interviewing those in the political world like CAF.

  56. Cathy

    Remove your money from the big banks. Buy gold and silver. Take away their financial strongholds. Write your governors demand state owned banks! Read “Webb of Debt” by Ellen Brown.

    • Justn Observer

      Cathy, There are many that agree with you and see a great time to acquire some PM just before next week…. as with the interest hikes likely comes a strong pull back….and at the current EPS ratios….what is the risk for what reward if Trump policy plan IS thwarted …and if he gets it at how much more QE … and since everyone can see the layoffs already….and the delay of tax cuts and ACA rewrite… the retail and housing will suffer long before the ‘recovery’ can kick in… Others see many baby boomers see it and this spring…will be hoping to unload their large homes … Word is good luck finding much PM as the supplies are drying up fast. When you see the massive ‘state’ taxes being implemented …much of the ‘savings’ from ‘tax cuts’ to middle class will be absorbed by the states raising taxes to backstop their underfunded problems…so retail and housing will have a headwind …add the student debt…and already heightened consumer debt … looks like too little too late…and the currency wars are on! A race to the bottom !

    • Justn Observer

      Cathy – AMEN…

  57. David

    Hi Greg
    Clif High is always thought provoking. I can’t find out how accurate his forecasts are; do you have a percentage for how correct his predictions are? Also, when your guests talk about the deep state, like CAF, it is always very interesting, but I am left wondering who or what is or isn’t “the deep state.” Can you do a show that really spells out what that term includes and doesn’t include, and what the factions and there positions are within it?

    • Minority Report

      According to Wikipedia, here are three of Clif’s previous predictions:

      1. The Web Bot gained most of its notoriety for contributing to the 2012 phenomenon by predicting a cataclysm that would devastate the planet on 21 December 2012, possibly a reversing of Earth’s magnetic poles or a small series of nuclear attacks leading up to a major attack during the year. The prediction did not call for a complete end of the world.
      2. Web Bot predicted that a massive earthquake would occur in December 2008 in Vancouver, Canada and the Pacific Northwest, but no such event happened.
      3. A prediction that the US dollar would completely collapse in 2011, and that Israel would bomb Iran, with the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama being thrown into major chaos.

      • Greg Hunter

        First off Wikipedia is NOT a good source. Second, High has told me that in the last few years he has gotten better at developing tools to mine and interpret the Internet data he provides. Third, High give a no questions asked money back guarantee and fourth, Israel DID almost bomb Iran and the U.S. stopped them by revealing the plans. Finally, this is a relatively new science and High would be the first to tell you he is not 100%. Finally, this was provided free of charge and you are either a jerk or a paid troll or both to come on and try to discredit High.

        • Minority Report

          I’m sorry if the facts offended you. I would never pay a nickle for High’s “data”, so I have no need to get my money back. What High is doing is definitely NOT a science. Anything classified as a science must produce TESTABLE explanations and predictions about the universe or the subject under study that can be verified as being correct.

          As another commenter pointed out, High engages in sophistry and vague wording that can only be interpreted in a very broad sense in order to avoid providing any concrete information that can be tested. Have you tried verifying any of High’s past predictions? The commenter I was replying to asked a legitimate question that I think deserves a response: ie, “I can’t find out how accurate his forecasts are; do you have a percentage for how correct his predictions are?”

          I do not need to discredit High because he does a fine job of that himself by claiming aliens have spaceships in Antarctic and (from his webpage) that: ” It is my operating assumption that all humans are psychic” .

          No Greg, I like most of your guests and I’m not a troll (paid or otherwise), but I do hate to see gullible people being taken advantage of, and sometimes paying money for, words uttered by what I view as nothing more than a snake oil salesman. You have what is normally a very informative and interesting news and analysis website Greg, I just hate to see it sullied by the likes of Clif High and one or two others you’ve interviewed because it may become more difficult to recruit more sensible and respected guests like Stockman, Holter, Kirby, Catherine Austin Fitts, etc.

          • Greg Hunter

            Whatever, It’s a free site don’t get so upset.

  58. Mike R

    The use of silver, and it’s sky-rocketing value, will likely be around it’s application in energy. Specifically, in fuel cell technology. Fuel cells will radically change how we currently use natural gas, and will foster in the super rapid growth of hydrogen as an energy carrier, versus what up until now has been dominance by electricity as an energy carrier. Where we have previously used combustion technology to produce electricity, we will going forward use non-emissions based molecular reactions to produce electricity. With that, emissions from combustion processes whether its combustion from gas turbines fired by natural gas for power generation, or combustion in car engines, will go away very rapidly. You all will likely be using fuel cells in everything from powering your laptops, to powering cars, to powering and heating your homes. Natural gas which already comes to most people’s homes, for just heating (combustion in your furnaces and water heaters), will be used by fuel cells to produce both electricity and heat. The only emission will be water, due to the molecular level reactions occurring with hydrogen as the energy carrier. The beauty of hydrogen, which is in massive abundance in our universe, is that you can much more easily store it, and do so way more efficiently, than can be done with electricity. It is also considerably safer. (no electrocution risks). The silver Clif refers to, will be a necessary component to achieve the 50% conversion efficiencies that solid oxide fuel cells will be able to achieve, versus the current typical combustion efficiencies in a car engine of less than 35%, or a power plant of less than 35%, when not in a water sucking combined cycle configuration. Power plants using combined cycles that can achieve 60%, are very limited due to massive quantities of water they consume, and the super high temperature resistant exotic metal alloys they require. Fuel cells do not operate at such high temps (2500 to 3000F), and in fact operate at below 175 F. Our problem with power plants in the US (coal and natural gas fired), is not that they are burning using combustion, and emitting GHG’s, but that they are draining our water tables far faster than the government is willing to tell you. Your water prices will continue to rise at near exponential rates going forward, which increases the need for fuel cells, and ultimately silver. Desalinization will be desperately needed soon, and so to accomplish the volumes needed, we will finally admit and concede we must build nuclear power. These plants will be nothing like what we have now, but thorium based, which is unable to be used for nuclear missiles, and they will be far far safer, and have exponentially less unstable ‘spent fuel’ and far less radioactive fuel. There will be next to zero need for finding places like Yucca mountain, to store any by product from thorium based nuclear reactors. and there will never again, be any sort of Fukushima meltdown, since Thorium based reactors, dont have the temperatures nor deadly nuclear radiation components, that the uranium and plutonium based reactors of yester-year have. So silver will likely be priced like Platinum is today, as an industrial metal. Except probably going far higher, since so much will be needed for fuel cell cars, and fuel cells used in homes for power, and heating, or small fuel cells being used in laptops. Re-fueling of hydrogen based vehicles, can be done in 1 to 3 minutes. Batteries used by Tesla’s will NEVER achieve those quick charge times, without becoming super bombs, and highly unstable. EV’s as we know them today, won’t be powered by batteries, but by fuel cells, based on reformed natural gas, specifically hydrogen. I would suspect whats being hidden in antarctica, is relating to the faster advancement, and adoption of fuel cell technology, if indeed there is anything there at all about energy and its better use. Oh and someday will we stop referring to oil as a fossil fuel, and instead refer to it as its true nature of being abiotic. Methane has been proven to be throughout the universe, just as hydrogen is, and to keep referring to oil as being ‘fossil’ derived is a total joke. Its akin to all the people previously though the earth was ‘flat.’ We have an abundance of oil as well, but its use is going to simply taper down considerably, as we move to more of a hydrogen based economy. Same way we moved away from use of wood for heating, and coal for producing steam to run trains, once we discovered how much oil there was, and how it could be used for energy and for combustion. (when we came up with ‘cars’). Batteries are highly toxic, but unfortunately too convenient to ignore, until we move to hydrogen as an energy carrier.

    • wondrouscat

      Yes, I also invested in PLUG. What happened? Some people are just ahead of their time.

      • Mike R

        PLUG is based on a PEM design. The real break throughs will occur with solid oxide. The problem with companies like PLUG, is that they are technologists, but not very good marketers. An IPO way back during the dotcom era, was the worst possible thing they could have ever done, at the worst possible time. It wasn’t sustainable bc they had zero business plan of how to get their technology to market, or where best to apply it. They were throwing stuff at the wall to see ‘what sticks.’ More or less they still have these issues, trying to take their technology into traditional applications, when energy is still too dirt cheap here in the US, and the cultures in other countries are not the early adopter types you need. the US is by far and away the best early adopter market/nation on the planet. For for energy technology adoption, its a tough row to hoe. PLUG has never been innovative enough from a marketing standpoint, to take their products into applications that will really get adoption and mass scale they need, to get costs down, and eventually reward investors. Don’t worry though, you are not alone. Many people like you also ‘invested’ in Capstone, and they’ve lost 99% of they paid if they bought it around the same time PLUG and these other companies were ‘hot’ tamales, back in the dotcom era. Putting their technology in forklifts to replace battery operated or propane lifts, just ain’t gonna make much money. Same thing with trying to replace diesel gen sets.

        • wondrouscat

          Mike R – Agree. Thanks for replying. As for Plug Power, at least they tried.

    • Kim

      Very interesting, thank you for posting!

  59. Kim

    Deep State (a state within a state). This term gets thrown around and has different meanings to different people.
    CAF wrote an article on the Solari Report ” The Deep State & Trump Budget Politics with Richard Dolan” March 2nd 2017. that goes onto say they are two civilizations, the economy we live in and the economy of the deep state that we finance.

    “Deep state is expensive secret space programs, underground bases and invisible weaponry require both an enormous investment and ongoing overhead.”

    Clif then reports that the Democrats are not the Deep State. Progressives (The Ruling Elite) took over the Democrats. Deep State wants survival and is pro change and is pro Trump. See 23:37 in the interview. Its like you have to keep in mind the big picture, so you can understand the details lol!

  60. Kim

    Nobody wants to look at cannibalism and sex trafficking behavior since it is heartbreaking. We must recognize these evil situations for what they truly are.
    Everyone needs prayer!! It is powerful and can change things!
    …Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing… Luke 23:43

  61. Charles H


    In my day as a growing child, my parents would not say certain words in public or in front of us kids. For us kids, sex was not spoken about or breached to girls; and it certainly wasn’t taught in school. We (guys) were allowed all the time to develop along psychological, sociological, and emotional paths, until we caught-up to the young women around early college days. By then – we were ready, and the young women had time enough also in the process of maturing, readying for the role with men they can achieve.
    But now sex is ubiquitous – on TV, cable is worse, billboards, taught in school since early elementary school, magazines: so much so that pornography is virtually free and accessible from your back pocket, on a sidewalk. Many will posture themselves in a way to defend such a free-for-all sexual environment; but I must insist it is nigh unto madness.
    Something is not judged by where it begins: but how it ends-up. The logical end of the sexualization of Western Culture is now appearing: and it’s a disaster. The destruction of the Nuclear Family now seems only a generational issue; marriage isn’t even an option to those under thirty, with (MGTOW) Men Going Their Own Way, avoiding the financial minefields; Gender Confusion, physical and mental: and now, nearing the end – pedophilia, which is monstrous and demonic.
    There are Natural Laws, which work within the processes of time and boundarys which limit. Break or exceed them and you proceed in a direction toward a logical conclusion. Take too much medicine, and you can destroy your vital organs. Drink too much water: and that can kill you. Run a car or machine at full-tilt most the time, and it will get tore-up. Sex is a powerful issue, that functions close to our core identity; and like anything that has inherent power, like a firearm: must be handled responsibly and judiciously.
    I doubt the genie can be put back in the bottle, at least not on a national level. But the insane abuse of innocent children needs to be addressed and eradicated. If people want to live as close to the edge of financial ruin as they can manage – fine, let them. In the Nature/Nurture controversy: Nurture totally outweighs in the scales – so that the environment does more to produce imprinting on human nature. But an inviolate-able line must be drawn for humanity itself in the form of the protection children. To allow their corruption, coercion, and co-option is a death nell.

    • Bard

      I think it’s a planned part of the White genocide agenda.

  62. Independent


    great show. This Levin piece that was broadcast by Fox, says it all.

    Mark Levin breaks down Trump wiretapping claims –

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Independent,
      Levin is an attorney and a very good one at that. The case against Obama and his Administration is devastating and kills the “Very Fake News” Russian hacking story. The new story is Special Investigator for Obama spying on Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Southern Girl

    WOW!!! Sensational interview. I have been a buyer of PM for sometime and try to buy some every month. Will certainly zero in on more silver versus gold after listening to Clif High.

    Also so glad people are waking up and beginning to see the crap they try to feed us in the controlled newspapers and on the controlled networks. Greg, you are the wave of the future. People will be fighting to get on your site. Get ready.

  64. dbcooper

    Greg and Co … Your interview w/ Clif High deserves a post. I would say that nothing Clif said is insignificant and if his track record stands on merit then we are in for a bumpy ride … Bring it on!! We had to look up silver isotope and while it was an interesting read the subject is certainly over this simple farmer’s head! A thought occurred to me as Clif was talking that it may be a possibility that he is actually shaping the future by putting out thoughts and ideas to individuals and perhaps groups that can run with an idea and presto … more new ideas and innovations. Every time we turn around these days we are hearing something about Antarctica and this feels very significant. We listened to a video w/ Robert Shrewsbury yesterday that was linked from Steve Quayle about giant remains in Utah … fascinating.
    The whole pedophilia thing is so significant as it is indicative of the lack of moral compass in the world today and I can not help but think that mankind will look back on this era as we look back on Sodom and Gomorrah. We have evil run amok and as Gregory Mannarino has pointed out … to understand the workings of the world today one has to come to the realization that ‘Everything’ in the world is functioning in Fraud.
    President Trump deserves our ardent prayers to continue the fight and outwit Satan.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DB and YES, pray for Trump and America.

  65. Jughead

    Greg……hate to say it, but his interviews border on what is called “financial porn”….though I am a believer in PM stacking, and some, if not most of the fundamentals supporting the eventual demise of our “system”…,trying to time and forecast through predictive linguistics is a fool’s errand imho….timing, as shown by the complete discredited Bo Polny…..many of Clif’s points attack, promoting minimally credible theories…..some of which may be supported by current news, but to forecast with somewhat precise timing seems ..”over the top”…
    From a moral standpoint, I hope he is in error,….but then I guess no one has ever gone broke by over estimating the stupidity of the masses… any event, I really enjoy your website and interviews…and the likes of Fitts, Kirby, Sinclair, Holter, Martenson, Rule….and many more…’s just that the battleship USA is a massive entity….and to disrupt and disable it can take a “looonnngggg” time…..

    • Greg Hunter

      You can believe what you want to believe, but at some point, the whole thing crashes–again.

  66. R B

    Greg ,once a cat has escaped from the bag there is no getting him back in .This is pedophilia ,I’m praising our God in heaven for this release. Sincerely, RB

    • Flattop

      R B: Don’t forget, our battle is not against flesh and blood. Its pitiful so many people are controlled by the evil one

  67. Charles H

    Thanks for the cheer. Americans ARE becoming more informed. Good luck with the extermination. The person who trained me – is many times better at practical tactical than most police; and a better shot. Talk about not going quietly into the night – your expressed viewpoint is decidedly one-sided. In the American Civil War: the South only had to survive to win – something proved in Vietnam. The election of Donald Trump as President is like the waking of a sleeping giant. I think you underestimate. Never underestimate.

    • Eric

      Charles Have to agree with Miller. The only one’s becoming informed are those who already lean toward the conservative camp. They were already on our side. At least not against us…. In regards to fighting back, you will not be fighting the police but heavily armored military personnel.
      You can fire at them with your “practical tactical” all day long as they laugh at you and then take you out.
      You underestimate when comparing the US military today to fighting in the Civil War.

      • Charles H

        No, Eric. I’m afraid you underestimate what ‘normal’ people are capable of.

      • Hairy Herry

        I’m in Charles’ camp. Rush says “Follow the money trail” and I go with that. Even in the Civil War, the soldiers had to get paid! Same with the cops if we’re dealing with a civilian/criminal issue(s). If the dollar craters and nobody has faith in it any longer, perhaps the military will get fed first, as those in North Korea. But…but…but you’re forgetting that a military has many things required of it. Resupplying becomes an issue if these soldiers go against their fellow Americans, some of them definitely armed to the teeth whom won’t go quietly and will force the soldier’s collective hands to unload their supplies. Who gets the last laugh when either runs out of ammo? What will keep the drones going when there are clearly issues with their control, as Iran proved. One eastern european soldier took a microwave oven’s 2.4 Ghz output to cause control problems with another’s drone, and that’s documented! There’s also the sheer ingenuity which makes Americans quite a force to be reckoned with when backed into a corner. Let me guess you believe the NSA already has every piece of information possible on each American. If that were true, why then are states still putting some resistance against the Real ID Act where information from the states goes to unaccountable bureaucrats in the District of Criminals. Yet another database to be hack3d in the manner which occurred during 2014, leaking information on 22.1 million Americans.

        I suspect you give far too much credit to our government. They’re worse than broke and even with Trump trying to calm things down, a big War may yet flare up because these goons and their connected elites lose control. I suspect the military will be elsewhere and not as effective domestically as you think. Just sayin’

      • The Seer

        And those lasers that work from a mile away

        • Eric

          And drones

  68. john duffy

    Keep the heat on these pedophiles

    • Diane

      Paul…I like the part of your post about “executing the pedophiles”
      I like that EXECUTE part!

  69. Oracle 911

    I will be philosophical, so bear with me.
    Most of the people want live in a just society (there are also parasites like banksters or welfare queens and kings). But what means a just society?
    Everybody get his/her just share from the “pie of production”.
    And the super technologies coupled with clean free energy may lead to 2 kinds of society:
    1st) You work (unreasonably lot in a place you hate, just because you have to pay that mortgage), go home exhausted and indulge yourself in consumerism and shallow entertainment. Which means you are a well fed slave of your own wants and desires. And this kind of society not just will degenerate (see the Romans) but also destroy the Earth’s biosphere.
    2nd) You work (a bit) and you are using your free time with family and betterment of yourself like unlocking your own genetically predetermined potential and society as whole.
    This means how one defines the “just” is a morally conditioned choice:
    1st Like a liberal-fascist , who want everything but don’t have self-control, conscience and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.
    2nd Like a Man, who want his/her demographically conditioned needs, have conscience and taking responsibility for their own actions.

    The 1st lifestyle is propagated by Hollywood, pop-culture, FAKE NEWS, Hillary, Obama and other “progressives”. And they are exposing themselves for what they really are fscists whom are wearing the liberal mask aka liberal-fascists.
    While Trump want to build a 2nd type society (or something really close to that). Make no mistake, the change will be unpleasant and may hurt a lot.

    About the FAKE NEWS, the society is making its judgement (it will take some time to manifest itself but it will be really clear to anyone). Which is:
    “You guys are liars, cheaters and parasites, thus unneeded and irrelevant.”
    This claim is supported by falling numbers of subscribers and the WSJ-PewDiePie affair as “Sargon of Akkad” pointed out in this video ( that doesn’t helped them but helped PewDiePie (and I think just accelerated the process). If you don’t believe me do a research. BTW PewDiePie now have more then 50 million subscribers. 😀
    This means to an important point, Greg you will be in this business long-long after when your former employer went bankrupt. Simply because you are just and truthful as humanly possible.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  70. Jerry

    Here is what a rigged system looks like.

    Here we go again. The central bankers making room for an interest rate hike by smashing metals. Folks this is not going to end well. The Chinese are not going to go through another round of Yuan devaluation to help keep the dollar propped up. April 21 is fast approaching, and you can bet they have been on the phone with the IMF pleading their case. Lets be honest. There is no way on Gods green earth that the globalist are going to allow Donald Trump to tear down over fifty years worth of work and propaganda.

    Surely by now you’ve noticed that he’s NOT received one ounce of support from any of the Republicans? None. They are sitting back, watching this man walk the plank by himself. The one person ( Jeff Sessions) who could have helped him has now been isolated by the globalist. For all intents and purposes Donald Trump is being setup for a fall, and so are we. Do not let the stock market lull you into a false sense of reality believing that things have changed. The markets are rigged. Its a setup. The central banks and the globalist want us to believe that its real, so they can pull us in deeper, before they take us down. Be forewarned, all of the warning signals are flashing bright red.

  71. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great report and I enjoy Clif. There is more known about the pre-flood period and also the previous Earth-age before this one that comes from scripture. I am still working on my For We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood series and will go back to the pre-flood or incorporate it into the series but it is very important for us today. If we don’t know it or see it we will be deceived by it.

  72. toejamicus

    Don’t count the deep state out yet. They may pull off a false flag that will make 9/11 seem like a firecracker. They will do anything and everything to cover their tracks as Trump continues to pull back the covers and expose what has been going on under the covers in all regards.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Toejamicus, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly, never count them out, they are like cockroaches, you stomp them and they get up and move again. However, having said that, they do scatter when the lights turn on. a b

  73. Tad

    I think Bill Holter and Clif High are both correct regarding the banking collapse in that the collapse started a while back, and the flash point is the oil sector.

    Between a failing energy sector, derivative exposure, and nervous depositors, Holter’s scenario looks a little more realistic to me. I think this collapses over two days–three at most. Internet news or the alt-media may aid in its acceleration.

    A sudden infusion of trillions could alter the outlook, hence the hyperinflation scenario.

    While nearly 100 percent of your readers are anticipating this, I’m wondering what Treasury and Mr. Trump are planning? I’m looking for a power move, whereas widespread bankruptcy and default become reality by executive order–however remote it now appears.

    It involves a triage question: do we start rebuilding now, and if not, how lives are lost along the route to dollar destruction?

  74. Paul P.

    Greg, wow what facsinating interview. So much info to digest. One take-a-way. Load up on Silver and Silver companies as it appears this will be the source of new found wealth or put another way -wealth distribution! No wonder JP Morgan et al have been hoarding silver. Central Banks may have Gold but they don’t have much Silver and the above ground stock has been mostly depleted. Much maligned people of GATA will be vindicated – finally ! Regards to Deep State and the Trump phenomina. Look the progressive left are terrified of Trump – not just America but here in Canada and around the world . Satan is not happy that God has chosen someone to disrupt the evil one’s plans. We watch with great anticipation for God will rein supreme! Thanks for this fascination guest and please have Clif return regularly so we can monitor how this all unfolds.



  76. francis m reps

    Oh My ; He’s High. Greg….Hugo Salinas price has a very clear exposition of Bitcoin. Please wrap your mind around the idea of Bitcoin as a” Digital Construct ” and have Mr. Hugo Salinas Price walk you through the flaws and dangers of a modern version of the German Rentenmark of the 20’s. Mr. High satisfies many people by his reassurances that the Deep State may be on it’s way out. We all love good news from any source. Unfortunately Mr. High’s linguistic models choke up on words like ” Islamic Invasion ” or “Geo Engineering disasters “. Mr. High believes that the planet is cooling ; IN SPITE OF THE VERIFIABLE FACT THAT FOR THE PAST 180 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS…….THE PLANET HAS BEEN WARMING ABOVE ALL PAST RECORDS. This idea of his about the planet cooling….diminishes and marginalizes an actual fact….and challenges the real work done by Dane Wigington of Geo Engineering Watch. The Fish and animal die offs world wide seem to be missed by Mr. High’s vaunted Linguistic Computer models. Come on Gregg. Cliff High is entertaining and the bearer ” good News ” for our hoped for future ; but falls very short in the Real World assessment business. Ms. Fitts and Mr. Morgan, and Paul Craig Roberts, and Dane Wigington as well as Mr. Mannerino have significantly more credibility and not a fraction of the contradictory information that spews from the ” Linguistic Expert” who still can’t pronounce Italian properly.

  77. WK Swanson

    This is probably one reason that JPM is hoarding silver like a madman.

    • Justn Observer


    • sam

      “The Fish and animal die offs world wide seem to be missed by Mr. High’s vaunted Linguistic Computer models.”
      Not sure where you mean. Humans may be responsible for example Fukishima has killed much in the Pacific. Cell phone towers killed many bees etc but warming?? why would a slight temperature increase do anything when the temperature has been markedly higher and lower in the past?
      to explain how the climate is driven. Nothing to do with an atmospheric gas that makes up only 0.04% of the gases and is critical for plant life and is perhaps maybe too low already???

  78. Gina M Mancarella

    We have got Trump dead to rights. How do you spell impeachment ? I-M-P-E-A-C-H-M-E-N-T !!!!!!! We will find out what the president knew and when he knew it. The presidency is dripping with malfeasance and criminality. He thinks that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, but in the United States we have laws. We hold this truth to be self evident that NO MAN is above the law. It turns out that there hours and hours of surveillance tape and recordings of misdeeds all the way up to treason. He tried to sell us out to the Russians and North Koreans, but we have the goods on this criminal. Jail is too good a place for this immoral excuse of a person.

    • Greg Hunter

      Oh yeah, and we were all going to “bow down to Hillary.” You saw how well that worked out. It’s Obama that’s in trouble. Deep trouble.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Absolutely Yes. She was the rightful heir apparent, but the election was stolen with the help of the Russian hackers. How treasonous !!!!! I only hope we wont have to wait very long before we have Hillary or Michelle or Oprah in office to fix the mess this man is creating.

        • Greg Hunter

          Wake up. The DNC cheated Sanders out of a win. Schultz stepped down for the cheating and Brazil also cheated for Hillary. There was also massive voter fraud. Evidence is mounting in Detroit and Ohio and then there is this: Don’t hold your breath on Hillary, Michael or Oprah (I was on her show once. She was very nice to me.)

        • Paul Anthony

          To anyone who wants to answer …..did you change your vote or have an influence of who you voted for because of Russia? Please come forward. …….. golly ….. All I hear is Crickets

          By the way – Hillary having some sort of rightful heir is…… hilarious. Wowzers!

          Heir – person who inherits or has a right of inheritance.

        • Frederick

          Gina seems to like psychopathic women for president How pathetic is that?

        • Paul ...

          Gina … you talk about treason … what about the treason “Hillary committed” by selling US plutonium to the Russians for cash under the table … so that when she started WWIII with the Russians they would have enough nukes to completely incinerate not only your home and family but incinerate everyone else in the Constitutional America Hillary so deeply hates!!

    • Jerry

      Your greedy progressive Marxist groups have walked into a bear trap…..AGAIN!
      Lets not forget Hillary’s fingerprints are all over stolen plutonium that was sold to the Russians. Just in case you didn’t take basic chemistry, plutonium is used to make nuclear bombs. So much for love and peace. What a crock?

    • Justn Observer

      Gina – You can always be counted on for a good laugh ! Might try using some FACTS?

    • Mike R

      Correction to your wording Gina- the President is SURROUNDED by mal-feasance, and criminality in nearly all of the Obama ‘appointee’s’ and those who the appointees hired and so on down the line. Our current President, is in the process of rooting it out. It became systemicly and deeply embedded during Obama’s dictatorial reign. Like any evil cancer, the treatment will be a process, much like chemo and similar to irradiation, where a lot of cells will need to be killed off. Both good and bad. Taking a long time. You are merely witnessing the fallout, from that process, and terribly mis-labeling and mis-appropriating who and what is the cause. Shame on you Gina. Shame on you.

    • TheThinBlueLine|MaCombCountyMi.

      Extra: Extra; Obama is a criminal!

      Broke; Mainstream Media Turning On Itself
      Chuck Todd, didn’t ask the questions!

      The goods Gina we have on Obomber

      Why Obama’s presidency should be ex-sponged and his retirement benefits taken away,
      if not himself!
      Will the NewYorkTimes Apologize?

  79. Diane

    For senior citizen Watchdoggers…

    If you are an older senior citizen and can no longer take care of yourself and need Long-Term Care, but the government says there is no Nursing Home care available for you, what do you do?

    You may opt for Medicare Part G.

    The plan gives anyone 75 or older a gun (Part G) and one bullet. You may then shoot one worthless politician. This means you will be sent to prison for the rest of your life where you will receive three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating and air conditioning, cable TV, a library, and all the health care you need. Need new teeth? No problem. Need glasses? That’s great. Need a hearing aid, new hip, knees, kidney, lungs, sex change, or heart? They are all covered!

    As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you at least as often as they do now!

    And, who will be paying for all of this? The same government that just told you they can’t afford for you to go into a nursing home.

    And you will get rid of a useless politician while you are at it.

    And now, because you are a prisoner, you don’t have to pay any more income taxes!

    Is this a great country or what?

    • Charles H

      You shouldn’t suggest such things, Diane. We’d run out of politicians – and have to put old geezers in Office!

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Greg, this person is making death threats !

      • Greg Hunter

        No she is not. She is talking about capital punishment of pedophiles.

        • Frederick

          Which many of us Watch doggers would gladly support

    • Flattop

      Diane: After I quit rolling on the floor in laughter, I realize I am 79 years, and your post gives me pause, however, after getting rid of my politician, it would be just my luck to be put on probation or house arrest!!!

    • Robert Lykens

      Diane, thanks. Classic!

  80. john duffy

    Catholic bashing:
    I am not going to defend the Catholic church in Ireland, but the truth is that the 800 dead babies ocurred over a 36 year period and the infant mortality rate was no worse than the traditional mortality rate of Ireland. Seems to me that the people outraged by this story are very quiet when it comes to the killing of millions of very alive babies in America.

    • Old Geezer

      Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yes,I’ve sat through many such self righteous anti-Catholic lectures like “Did you hear about the convent with all the dead babies …etc.” If you ask when, it’s always 1650 or somesuch. It’s part of living in the deep south!!!
      You are so right…nothing like the crocodile tears for long dead babies and long dead slaves. The living get short mention.

  81. Rick Geisler

    If I had to produce a soundtrack to your interview with Clif High these two songs would be a must. Janie’s got a gun and Catch a Wave. Thank You. Rick

  82. Linda L.

    I don’t understand the steady rise of bitcoin, which I thought I heard Mr. High say will end up limited in supply with value exceeding gold and silver in the future? I thought bitcoin was simply a digital, man made currency? How can a digital currency, manufactured via the swipe of a key, ultimately be more valuable than holding physical gold/silver, especially in a possible emergency situation in a distant future that could go on for some time? Every time I hear the word “bitcoin” I get a little annoyed because it seems to me that bitcoin is no better than fake paper currency (worth nothing but the ink that its printed on), and we know that hasn’t worked out so well.

    • FC

      The concept of digital currency is a wonderful idea and especially when the introduction of Bitcoin ETF’s are released to the public.

      Well, a wonderful idea at the least if we lived in World without corruption, greed, and fat finger events.

      Stay the course and stick with money that takes a ‘Bit’ of an effort to lift.

  83. RealityCheck

    Trump should declare marshal law and arrest all of the subversives under the charge of treason and trying to overthrow the elected government…

    • Silence is Golden

      Every President (including Trump) has committed treason.
      Understand that the US of A Inc. is nothing more than a mirage….it is a business, owned and controlled by foreign powers.
      Trump is employed by and is mandated to perform for this foreign power.
      That in and of itself is an act of treason.
      Notwithstanding his rhetoric.
      Take off the rose colored glasses.

      • RealityCheck

        I suspected as much but one can still hope… There is no more Republic “for which it stands”.

  84. Rob

    Hi Greg, Can you please interview someone to demystify bitcoins – How to Guide

    Thanks! Rob

  85. Andy

    Let’s see after 1 year, how much of this comes true. Despite the fact, that the world is in big trouble and sooner or later there will be some reset/stagflation/depression or whatever, this gentlemen looks to me like Jim Willie, who some years ago appeared also somehow prophetic, but now his reputation is rather low. Not to mention people as Bo Polny…

  86. Neil

    Greg I ‘m just posting a link to a reprinted Washington Post article appearing on a newspaper site here in NZ so you can see it and the locals comments below it.
    You can see from the comments how effective in fact this propaganda campaign has been among people who are thousands of km away and not really aware or following US politics. No doubt there are trolls in there reinforcing attitudes. I have spoken to quite a few local people in passing who volunteer very negative views of Trump that are in fact nothing more than the same smear generated by the external news sources. Almost all of these stories are from the Washington Post and they seem to be accepted without question by the readers as legitimate reporting of the outside world and by the paper editor for reprint regardless – obviously they are directed to.
    What I want to convey to you is that outside the people who are awake and supporting Trump in his anti establishment mission and those who voted for him there is little sign the NWO/deep state is on the run/dying. Indeed the NWO is still a covert operation for most. This belief in the effectiveness of Trump is a group think and it might be a dangerous one because the consequences are so important. The truth is that the lies, mischief and 24/7 smear are indeed threatening to strangle/neutralise his Presidency and he faces a tough mission to turn it around when faced with the ignorance or apathy of the masses who have been effectively primed with bad opinions.

    • Bard

      Yes I have found that too many people in NZ are sheeple and idiots.

      I think some don’t really believe their own words about Trump but they are too scared to admit they like him. Small-minded morons for the most part they’ll take any opportunity to dismiss Americans as “gun nuts” and “rednecks”. Many would love to vote Obama in as Prime Minister if he came over here to play golf. It’s deplorable. Chinese will own our butts soon anyway.

  87. Corleone

    Information from one of Annunaki: USA will be over before May 2020 preceded by a civil war.

  88. Mike Jose

    Hi Greg, thanks for another exceedingly interesting interview. However, a mild corrective if I may. When Clif speaks of the element ‘tungsten’ having zero (radioactively) stable isotopes he actually means ‘thorium’. I had to check this, and I am pretty sure he is referring to the up-and-coming thorium nuclear reactor tech research going on all over the world. Thorium is four times as plentiful as uranium, and this makes it an attractive candidate for nuclear fission reactors in the future.

  89. James Brown

    Greg, you can tell that you just executed a great interview by all the replies.
    I think Clif’s predictions of the future are a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess). Don’t get me wrong, I expect he will be mostly right.
    Remember what my great friend Kennedy Gammage said, “Those who predict the future sometimes end up chewing on pieces of their crystal ball”.
    Please get Martin Armstrong back on.
    I’ve known for several years that something is wrong-thank you for your great work-it helps me understand and define the problems.

  90. Justn Observer

    Greg, Always interesting with Clif High. I sense with his history of data mining and insight as to the direction things ARE headed…he has a keen understanding few appreciate as to ‘what data and ‘questions’ need to be linked or will likely be so to be effective steps towards those ends… More event specific than time specific for sure… That said… one must remember the efforts of a woman named Joan Veon…a voice from the wilderness in her day…warning of the trap being constructed by the globalist bankers and elites. It might be nice to revisit that and so people can see just how right she was…and how far they have come and successful they have become…
    The most interesting is the fact pointed to here…is that it is based on fraud, deceit from the very first act… PRINTING MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR…loaning something with interest that one does not even have to enchain another into a life of servitude and economic enslavement of their own making…
    and when you understand the ‘spiritual’ premise Ms. Veon stated with at the opening at the top link…then one can not be surprised to find how this system has devolved to where it is today-
    SPRING PURGE needed:
    ARTICLE -(NEW YORK POST ARTICLE ABOUT CANNABLISM by Larry Gellen 3/5/2017 @ 11:00) People’s minds being preparing to accept Cannibalism in U.S.)
    ARTICLE – (WASHINGTON FREE BEACON by Elizabeth Harrington 2/28/2017 @ 12:38 Hundreds of Gov’t workers caught watching porn including child pornography on the job.

    Many on here get it…other do not…the time is short…and then will come …THE ALL IN MOMENT when someone calls BULLXXXX! and all those stocks and bonds with those high EPS ratios…will have no more growth and no ability to pay dividends or interest and they will wish that they simply had cash in hand rather than having left it in the ‘bank’ and PM. It will be then that they realize ‘they’ are holding the ‘ thinnest of air’ that that money was printed out of !

  91. Gadfly

    Projected Bank Failures for 2017: 16
    Actual Failures in 2016: 5

    • JMiller


      That article is not completely correct. The article states that entering 2017 there are around 425 banks and other financial organizations on the troubled list. The link given for this info is bad and is from 2014. One would have thought that if you are going to write an article that you would use the most recent data and make sure that the link to that data at least works. Here is the latest update of the unofficial problem bank list which only has about 160 banks on the list.

      This list is unofficial since the FDIC does not publicize their list. Of course almost all of the banks on the list are small and only a handful of banks have failed the last 2 years. In fact twice as many credit unions have failed than banks the last 2 years.

  92. Lord Ha Ha

    Mark Levin Provides Proof Obama Admin Wiretapped Trump Tower | Fox & Friends
    Well someone better make sure they archive this video before it gets taken down again

  93. Roger D

    Wow, I love the passionate debate! Say what you want about Mr. High, but he gets us thinking.

    This old coot grew up in the late 40s. I’ve witnessed the death of our Founders’ Republic. The Deep State is not dying it’s our Founders’ Republic that is already dead. Mr. High’s predictions are premised on justice and the fortitude of the American people prevailing. Both of those horses left the barn years ago.

    Name one right in the Bill of Rights that you still possess. And tell me, who has the money to afford justice today? Who has the ability to fight? That brings me to my next point.

    Americans are totally dependent on life-sustaining services controlled by the Deep State. They have lost their life-skills, independence, ability to fight and defend themselves. Think about your last trip to Walmart. Were you armed? If ‘No’, you don’t get it. Surely you know that the Deep State can take down the electric grid and all telephones at will. What is your plan to survive without both? How many months of food do you have stored for your loved ones and what is your plan to defend it? Yea, I thought so. Today’s Americans are weak, pathetic American’ts. That is reality and the Deep State knows it.

    I believe our greatest earthly hope lies in divorce. We must stop wasting precious time and resources trying to save an evil system intent on destroying us. Think new borders and being with people having like values and culture. Take a minute and look at Estonia. It is a far cry from being a Soviet state. Imagine if that country were God-fearing and large enough to defend itself.

    Ridiculous you say? Where do you live? Would you describe it as God’s country? Vast parts of former America still exist like here in Montana. Christ is still Lord of our valleys. We may not be the biggest dog in the fight but there is a lot of fight in our dog.

    • Mike Jose

      I have heard various estimates, but I guess about 1% of Americans are competent preppers – against the fateful day of economic failure, electricity grid down, stored food and water forced into use, and…wait for it…guns for protection. About another 2% are some sort of prepped – farmers, homesteaders, food and water and generator prepped, etc. So it is not all doom and gloom, eh?

    • Tin foil hat

      Roger D,
      I agree it may be too late to save this corrupted system. However, I believe there is still a slim chance for rehab – counselling is too little and too late. We should give Trump a little more time to work this out.
      If the path down the road were to be a divorce, I would have a hard time picking side. I know I will not go with the liberals even though most of the ones I have befriended are kind, reasonable and well mannered. I don’t know I would be comfortable in God’s country either since the only God I would follow is Jesus who I suspect could also be Viracocha in the Andes, Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent god of the Aztec, Gautama Buddha in the ancient India or Prometheus the Titan in Greek mythology.
      I think it’s fascinating that Quetzalcoatl is sometimes depicted as a white man (tall, pale-skinned, bearded, the shining ones) looking nothing like the Mesoamerican people who worshipped him. Quetzalcoatl is also called White Tezcatlipoca, to contrast him to the black Tezcatlipoca whom is usually depicted black with yellow stripe painted across his face – carving of huge negroid heads were found in the same ancient archaeological sites with images which appear to depict bearded Caucasian.
      The Aztecs, the most vehement and prolific human sacrificers in the history of Central America, remembered Quetzalcoatl as a teacher who taught that no living thing was to be harmed (Buddha??) and that sacrifices were to be made not of human beings but of flowers and butterflies.
      The enlightened and benevolent rule of the Plumed Serpent, Quetzalcoatl, had been brought to an end by Tezcatlipoca, a malevolent god whose name meant “Smoking Mirror” and whose cult (Demoncrat??) demanded human sacrifice (Spirit Cooking??).
      The Aztecs also believed Quetzalcoatl had crossed the sea to the east, from where he vowed to return one day and reclaim Cholula. Unfortunately, the Aztec thought that they were seeing the return of the Quetzalcoatl when the bearded and pale-skinned Hernán Cortés landed on their shores in 1519. He came from across the sea to the east, wearing brilliant armor (as the deity Quetzalcoatl is oft depicted).

  94. Deanna Johnston Clark

    On a “Rockford Files” episode three ‘revolutionaries’ were planning a political crime. They were young and self righteous and cute. But the girl was late getting back and the boys were hoping she had not ‘sold out’ and left. Anybody remember this one?
    One boy said, “Look, we both sold out when she came back with a $50 hair do and we said we liked it.”

    Well, I hate to tell us, but we sold out in 1947 when the new CIA used Nazi loot to influence the Italian elections. The blood money was stored for more honorable uses. And for 70 years all of us have let this continue with very little sincere indignation.
    Now that the post war affluence is going down, we are going all pure and righteous over the dirty work: lies, assassinations, coups, trafficking, drugs, tortures. I can’t get Diane Keaton out of my mind, shocked at her husband Michael’s career moves….and the answers he gave her.

    A little salutary humility would be welcome.

    • Tin foil hat

      Deanna Johnston Clark,
      I used to think the end justifies the means. As I become older, I get more confused. I don’t know if I were getting wiser or Alzheimer.
      I can’t get the image of Pat Tillman out of my mind.

  95. David Coddington

    Cynthia McKinney (past congresswoman) lost her outlet on KPFK (she claims there was a coup there to remove her). She’d be a fantastic regular guest and a great match for this site. I love that she communicates like regular people but her analysis is really unmatched.

    • Robert Lykens

      McKinney’s a very left-wing, victim-mindset Democrat who never had an original thought in her life, but repeats talking points given to her by her socialist/leftist/blacks-as-victims handlers. Greg’s free to bring on whoever he wants, but I doubt that you’ll see him providing a soapbox for this Hussein Obama acolyte.

      • David Coddington

        Robert Lykens joins the troll-roll. I love these trolls; easy to identify/refute with one sentence and then very useful because you know when you’re over ther target!

        Here’s Cynthia (as the troll states an “Obama acolyte”):

        Obama The Great Deceiver: Cynthia Mckinney

        And on blacks-as-victims:

        Congressional Black Caucus: Deep in the Israel Lobby’s Pocket

        • Robert Lykens

          McKinney twice supported reparations, voted “no” on ending preferential treatment by race in college admissions, and is pro-affirmative action – very much a victim-based agenda.

          McKinney called Obama the Great Deceiver because she was running against him for president as a candidate for the Green Party. Almost every vote she made in Congress was in line with Obama’s thinking.

          You know, you must be very thin-skinned to start with the name-calling just because someone disagrees with you. Maybe you should try a more mature outlook.

  96. sam

    Martin Armstrong’s computers show the break up of the USA by 2032
    In 1907, 22% of Bolsheviks were all under 20, with a staggering 37% were all just 20–24. Only about 16% were between the ages of 25 to 29. Therefore, 75% of the Bolsheviks were under 30 years old. The total membership was 8,400 in 1905, rising to 13,000 in 1906 and 46,100 by 1907.
    Therefore, beware of the youth. They are easily influenced and will have little regard for life for they will see themselves throughout history as the great reformers. They will not listen to Trump …………
    We are witnessing the second American Revolution in its infancy. The United States will break apart as was the case with Rome. ………
    The first opportunity where the United States will break apart at least into three parts if not four will be 23 years from 2013. That will will most likely be the Pi target from the 2032 high – 3.14 years later bringing us to 2036. That may sound nuts, but in 1985, restated against in 2011, that a third party could take the White House in 2016 which was perfect on a 51.6 year (8.6-year) ECM (Economic Confidence Model) Frequency.

    We should then see the shift of the financial capital of the world to Asia with the rise of both India and China. The seed of this breakup are being planted right now by both Obama and Hillary. Their Marxist philosophies were what destroyed both China and Russia. They are directly responsible for the collapse in world GDP growth. …………

  97. Flattop

    This Obama/wiretap case, are we looking at another Watergate size scandal?

  98. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Obama has been lying again, the White House may not have “ordered” the wire-tap because only a Court can Order it, but you can bet that closet Muslim & his Lynch cronies, etc. was behind it.

  99. Country Codger

    Congrats once again Greg,
    Your interview with Clif is showing up all over the web.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have to say it was a good one and there are lots of good points High uncovered with his “predictive linguistics.” Thank you very much for the comment and support.

  100. Jack

    This a great interview
    I read your articles every week.
    Living in Ireland I’m curious as to the “small Bank in Ireland ‘ referred to by Cliff High
    I’d like to have any money in the correct bank
    Keep up the good work

  101. Mme Hedin

    Clidd High’s not my favorite of your guests, but thank you very much Greg for bringing onboard a constant stream of informative and/or entertaining guests. Haven’t heard from Michael Pento for awhile – he’d be great to bring back on again…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support and civil comment.

  102. Diane

    This is interesting. ..Armstrong answers a critic
    and sets them straight.
    Seems like every major blog has their own trolls.

  103. Diane

    MSNBC queen gets kicked out of the State Dept..
    Absolutely love this.
    Isn’t this woman Mrs. Allan Greenspan?

  104. ulrich sherry

    Thanks for giving Cliff High air time Greg. 260K ( in one week) views for this interview is encouraging. He is an interesting fellow and his resume is certainly not lightweight.

  105. Derrick Reid

    Clif has allot to say, including much about monetary concerns, which seems plausible.
    However, when he suggests the SUN is a mere reflector, not a reactor,
    leaves me in total disbelief, which taints ALL that he says.
    Gregg, there is a loose screw somewhere.

  106. qwertyhd

    Americans are totally dependent on life-sustaining services controlled by the Deep State. They have lost their life-skills, independence, ability to fight and defend themselves. Think about your last trip to Walmart. Were you armed? If ‘No’, you don’t get it. Surely you know that the Deep State can take down the electric grid and all telephones at will. What is your plan to survive without both? How many months of food do you have stored for your loved ones and what is your plan to defend it? Yea, I thought so. Today’s Americans are weak, pathetic American’ts. That is reality and the Deep State knows it. thanks for sharing….

  107. timrads


  108. Shawn

    Hi Greg,
    Listening to your 4 March conversation with Clif now and would like to know which Chelsea Clinton book Clif refers to. Do you know? Two of her books appear to be written for young people.

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