Nearly 3 Million Power Outages from Hurricane Beryl –

By Greg Hunter’s ( Sponsored Post)

The very first storm of the hurricane season in the US knocked the power out for millions of people Monday in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding area.  CBS news reports, “Beryl signals a ‘hyperactive’ 2024 hurricane season, new forecast says.”  One report says power could be out for many days in the Southeast Texas area.  It’s going to be a long dark summer for those in reach of the Atlantic hurricane season, but it does not have to be that way.  Don’t wait to secure backup power.  Tons of food will no doubt spoil with no power to run refrigerators and freezers. 

It seems the weather forecast says it is only a matter of time before you might need some backup power alternatives.  Satellite Phone Store has some ideas that will help you survive the blackouts.  With their help and guidance, you can face anything with lifesaving power options.

There is more in the 8-minute video below to explain how easy it is to ride out any power killing storm.  You can contact them at or

Let Greg Hunter of (in an 8-minute video below) show you how easy and effective cutting edge solar power generators can be from The Satellite Phone Store and

After the Post:

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  1. Brad Smoling

    Hi Greg,
    I have enjoyed your show for years, keep up the good work.
    If you would like an update from Australia, please don`t hesitate to ask.

    Kind regards

    Brad Smoling

  2. sam

    For a One Man Shop, Mr Greg Hunter…..You sure do a superb job..after all you were….. “Born in the USA”!… the Love of Country shows and in all of your work proves it…You are a GOOD, HONEST MAN…in the order of Mark Twain

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dam!

      • sam

        You are most welcome Grog.

        • Sloging it OUT!

          Dam & Grog, what a blog and my name is Slog!

  3. Anthony Australia

    Tens of millions in China.

  4. Robbie Shockra Hoodwinka

    West ‘Boycotts’ Israel: IDF ‘Runs Out Of’ Tank Shells Ahead Of War With Hezbollah | Report
    An Israeli newspaper has reported that the warring country is facing a massive shortage of 120mm tank shells. It added that several countries and arms companies from the European Union had reportedly refused to respond to Israel’s pleas for more ammunition amid Gaza war. The report added that this could impact Israel’s likely war against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

  5. Babe Lonchar

    3 Min Ago: Mark Levin LEAKED The Whole Secrets About Obama /Elon Musk Fan Zone

  6. Dr. Noah Jr.

    TORA! TORA! TORA! Awakening The Sleeping Giant
    The Project Mockingbird brained dead media got us sleepwalking into this. According to Einstein, the last world war, where afterwards all war’s will be fraught and fought, with stick’s and stones!
    If! Somehow, our submariners, all sides. Can survive the nuclear ten year winter to befall us. This time as before, provoking an enemy. Where today diplomacy is thrown out the door and about to hit US. in the asset’s, on the way out. Ouch! But is this time different? This world war were in now isn’t like our grandad’s and great grandads world war’s . . . . . . .This was a prelude, the thirds a charm.
    John Landis on TORA! TORA! TORA!
    One of a kind co-production between 20th Century Fox and Japan’s Toei Studios depicts the fateful (most wrong) decisions, leading up to the world-shaking events of December 7, 1941. Depicted with semi-documentary accuracy. The fiery spectacle is real, not computer-generated and some of the stunts herein have never been topped. No love interest, a non-star cast of memorable character actors and a powerful Jerry Goldsmith score sets this one apart from the later CGI-fest, Pearl Harbor. THE FILM THE SNEAK ATTACK Tora Tora Tora

  7. Anthony Australia

    Economic development is shot in the US.
    Video produced by Jeremiah Babe

  8. Jim Noah


  9. neville

    Hi Greg,

    I got this sent to me in an email which I received this morning. Some very good points made by the author but I have an idea that he is not aware of the lies which stem from all corners of AAcrimes administration especially those which stem from powell at the fed
    and the multitude which come from the whitehouse itself.
    Some interesting comments made but suspect that some of them have the same ideas of AAcrime as does the author.

    Best regards to all our Christian brothers and sisters and peace be with the all those of goodwill in the other religions.


  10. Ely Sturgeon

    Gilbert Doctorow: Russia Retaliated BRUTALLY! Nato Was EXTREMELY Worried! US Lost The Black Sea
    Betrayal by truth, loser to terrorist nation?

    The war in Ukraine and the decline of the West |
    With Douglas Macgregor

  11. Robert

    Thanks to Greg and the Satellite Phone Store, we made it through 48 hours without power or cell service after hurricane Beryl. Backup power is essential, but please not forget communications. Our satellite phone was the only way we could check on family and even contact emergency services when a downed tree trapped a neighbor in their house.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert!

  12. Southern Girl/Older Lady Now

    I saw the news about Texas. I had been wanting to buy a big brick, (battery) as my brother calls it. My electricity was off last week for 7 hours. I have a camping fan with lights and will run for 8 hours. BUT that left me with nothing to do. So, I was looking at the Power Stations that you were talking about on this same video. They have a great sale going on now so I will be purchasing an Eco Flow DELTA Max 1600 Power Station and Eco Flow 400W Portable Solar Panel. Both are marked down considerably. And with 10% discount from USA Watchdog code 123, it saved my $195.00. Total sale is $2,042.81!!
    For an older woman I can run my TV, Fridge, Lights, fans, etc. We have sun most days here in Arkansas so the solar power panel will come in handy. I cannot operate a big gas-powered generator, but I can sure lift and operate this power station. Whoo hoo! I’m a happy woman that can fend for myself. THANKS!!

  13. Marie Joy

    Our army is dressed in tutus and they can’t decide to stand up to pee, or not.
    We ALL have a target on our ass and we don’t seem to care.
    We ALL have to decide how far we are willing to go.

  14. I Dig Au

    As long as the Sun shines, I’m good. If the Sun decides to not shine, my power will last 7-8 days.

  15. Johnny Nobody

    Netherlands Member of Parliament speaks out + new insight into EU vaccine injury stats

  16. Justn Observer

    Greg. Bidenonomics has taken ‘shrinkflation’ to quite a new level of lifestyle and homeownership…or maybe these would be better sold with a hull, mast and sails?

  17. Prospector

    Historical quote :
    Lyndon B. Johnson at a 1962 Texas University speech. Film archive available.

    First we were all told nonsense , that is just conspiracy theory. Then we get admissions like this.
    HAARP experiments could cause artificial aurora over Alaska this weekend
    ( Yahoo . com news , Nov. 4 2023 )

    Here is a link to a short video of a radar roll on Hurricane Beryl. It shows some kind of strange ” rings ” inside the storm. There is evidence that putting energy into storms can affect them.

    Not sure what this anomaly is but look how massive it is. Seems to be some sort of EMF pulse right inside of Hurricane Beryl.

  18. Prospector

    Researcher ” Dutchsinse ” who tracks earthquakes found the following.

    US Government REQUIRES companies doing weather modification to get permission.
    ( US-GOV is exempt of course. )

    The US Government says it is possible to modify the weather using electromagnetic radiation (radio waves).

    It is listed as #8 on the list of things which PRIVATE COMPANIES must report if attempting to do (federal and state gov is exempt from reporting of course!)

    Section 6(b) of Public Law 92–205.

    Anyone who said it was “impossible” to modify the weather using electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) was / is incorrect, and the disinformation they are pushing needs to be stopped at all costs!

    Our lives are effected by this, and radio waves are effecting the weather in major ways that we all can see. The days of denying it is “possible” are over. No one gets to deny it is possible now.

    ( Many people said that Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy were manipulated. They were called ” crazy .” )

  19. Prospector

    A Greg knows, YOU – tube is big on censorship. Here is Dutchsinse weather / storm modification show link. Save it before it is gone.

    3/14/2024 — Radio Waves Frequencies CAN INDEED Modify the weather — US Gov proof it is possible

  20. Harve Pell

    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: MTG Warns NATO Is Planning WW3 In DC Now July 9th 2024
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    Prof. Mearsheimer REVEALS the Scenario of a DIRECT US-Russia and China Confrontation /The Strategist

    WHO IS IT? Ruining Running the Country into the ground….
    Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Political Upheaval and Global Security Challenges
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    127,517 views Streamed live on Jul 9, 2024
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  21. Jim Bowie

    Were panicking in DETROIT MICHIGAN USA\

  22. Donna Bartlett

    Thanks for making that video Greg! Very informative and helpful to us! We appreciate your honest and important news reporting! May God Bless You!

  23. Shankar Hadon

    When the Bomb Drops: Your Ultimate Nuclear Survival Guide
    A nuclear missile has been launched toward your city. Alarms are blaring, and you’ve only got a few minutes to prepare for the impact.

  24. Southern Girl/Older Lady Now

    Talked with my girlfriend yesterday. Her son is in Texas without power, and her daughter-in-law said they had to throw all the food in the fridge and freezer out. She and her daughters were running around in the car trying to charge up their phones. Her son has power at work, but the gas pumps don’t work so they and everyone else is looking for gas.

  25. Marie blaszak

    Aw gee Greg I’m gonna be lost without you!! I listen to you every night at bedtime. If I fall asleep and then wake up I play video over again all night. I have insomnia and you are my babysitter. If there are no new videos I even listen to the old ones – over and over. You have great guests! I will be so happy when you get back!!

  26. James

    We took a direct hit from Hurricane Beryl in West Columbia , Tx. and we were also hit by the previous Hurricane Nicholas on Sept. 15 th 2021 , what are the odds of two back to back Hurricanes both hitting landfall at Sargent Beach and then both going directly through my Neighborhood 25 miles Northeast ? These Storms are created and driven , which is exactly what your previous guest ( Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington ) that researches Climate Manipulation has been saying for years ! This hurricane Beryl was reported to be a Cat.1 and after 65 years of living here on the Gulf Coast , I can honestly say that I have seen a strong Cat. 3 hurricane Alicia in 1983 not do anywhere near this much damage , just in my neighborhood we stopped counting at 144 large trees down and oddly just like H. Nicholas it was mainly 75% Pecan trees ! Down Cow Creek Road there are hundreds more and the Fire Dept. spent all Day Mo. July 8th chainsawing trees that completely blocked the roads in and out of the neighborhood and Cow Creek Road because no one could drive and then used a Bobcat to clear the logs from the road , this was NO Cat. 1 and I am sure of that 95 % power outage , Hmmm ! My 22KW Generator saved us and we only had the 5 second delay before it powered us up , this is Sat. 13 th and I still know folks without power and the heat index has been 102 F to 108 F all week and all day clearing your property int that will drain you of energy !

  27. neville



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