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By Greg Hunter’s (Satellite Phone Store – Updated Sponsored Post) 

There are many ways these days to have your power go out.  There are extreme weather events such as in California on (3/13/24).   A headline from Newsweek read: “California Warned of Massive Blackouts as Urgent Weather Alert Issued.”  The report said, “Parts of California are bracing for power outages as high winds were forecast to whip through the state from Wednesday night into Friday.  ‘Damaging winds’ were expected throughout the prolonged windy period in the state, as well as in most of Nevada.”

There is also a heightened risk here in America, according to repeated warnings from FBI Director Christopher Wray.  He is on the record putting America on notice about an unprecedented amount of terror attacks coming from groups who are Hamas supporters.  Wray told Congress in October 2023 that he saw “blinking red lights everywhere.”  Wray most recently has been warning about damage that could come to our infrastructure with cyber-attacks coming from China.  It is not a big stretch of the imagination to think some of these terror and hacking warnings by law enforcement may include power disruptions.

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  1. Don Doerr Sr.

    How does our Open Border Criminal Illegal Invasion and Occupation Policy, combined with the terrorists flown in by plane by the Democrats and their co-conspirator RINOs differ from the 1939 Nazi Invasion of Poland? Isn’t America now under enemy occupation? What am I missing?

  2. Tom C.

    Greg, thank you for this.

    Keep your powder dry, folks.

  3. sam

    Great Pitch, Mr. Hunter…You touched on every selling point a Good Representative for a Quality Product does…..Just like you’re News Podcasts, you hit the Target, without all the hype……. like Joe Friday says on “Dragnet”…..”Just the Facts”……Not All People can realistically make that purchase,….the people that can, will buy because they Trust YOU as a Spokesman……Just like President Trump should give you a “Looksee”….as America’s Trusted Patriotic Press Secretary….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sam. I have bought the Eco Flow products myself. I believe in the power generation story.

  4. Harley Spangler

    THE ROOT CAUSE of Mechanized DEATH
    Turkish Airlines Passengers Suddenly Fall Out Of The Plane Mid-Air | Air Crash Confidential S1 E4 Wonder 289,395 views Mar 12, 2024
    The crash of TWA Flight 800, initially suspected as terrorism, is revealed to be due to a cargo door blowing open mid-flight, leading to cabin depressurization and loss of control.
    Another incident involves a Turkish Airlines DC-10 where a cargo door failure results in cabin depressurization, causing passengers to be swept out of the plane to their deaths.
    Some of first comments, but much more. . . .
    GE fired my husband because he refused to take ‘engineering shortcuts’. Those shortcuts’ killed people. He grieved to death. Now i grieve.
    These are not the results of engineering errors. These are the results of corporate errors…
    The ‘run of the mill’ design engineers put their heart and soul into the job. It is the senior management and finance side of the industry who cause the most problems.
    The same corporate environment that created the dc 10 also created the 737 max
    and here we are,40-60 years later having the same issues as when it all started,doors blown at mid air,tires falling off on takeoff,pilot and copilots napping while driving 😮‍💨 I’m not at all afraid of flying, I am afraid of suddenly hitting the ground!

    • Bill

      Flight 800 was shot down by the US Navy during an exercise as they were trying to shoot down a target aircraft. A whistleblower even came forward admitting it.

  5. Jane Doe Nutter

    Piers Morgan vs Jeffrey Sachs: “Can You Not Find Anything Negative To Say About Putin?” Piers Morgan Uncensored 329,418 views Mar 18, 2024
    Piers Morgan is joined by Professor Jeffrey Sachs to discuss Vladimir Putin’s fifth term as Russia’s President, the ongoing war in Ukraine and who he thinks is to blame, America’s potential TikTok ban, along with Israel’s actions in Gaza.
    Sachs criticizes the United States who he says is responsible for exacerbating tensions with Russia, particularly through support for Ukraine and NATO expansion.
    He argued that the overthrow of the Yanukovych government in 2014 was a critical turning point that led to the current crisis in Ukraine. By pushing for regime change and destabilizing the region, the US inadvertently contributed to the escalation of the conflict and strained relations with Russia.
    Sach’s is clearly the adult in the room here not the WSJ, Piers, Anglo-American super power not, or Nato not. Whose innocent, the peace makers! Avoid war! This is not a long standing game. But life and death. Our dear leaders have failed us in blindly not believing in the rule of law, thou shall not kill? No thou shall not murder and 9 others mind you. 200 hundred years of the Monroe Doctrine? Some open door policy! It’s a terrible game.
    Kennedy saved the WORLD DURING the CUBAN MISSILE CRISES_Don’t murder Trump like you murdered him! Let Trump be Churchill! Mutually respectful, or Mutual destruction? SAY NO to Un-Civil War and World War Three Obomber! Therese no end game except the end!
    Mistakes can happen! In October 1962, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet submarine B-59 was pursued in the Atlantic Ocean by the U.S. Navy. When the Soviet vessel failed to surface, the destroyers began dropping training depth charges. Unlike in The Bedford Incident, the Americans were not aware that the B-59 was armed with a T-5 nuclear torpedo. The Soviet captain, believing that World War III might have started, wanted to launch the weapon but was over-ruled by his flotilla commander, Vasili Arkhipov, who, by coincidence, was using the boat as his command vessel. After an argument, it was agreed that the submarine would surface and await orders from Moscow. It was not until after the fall of the Soviet Union that the existence of the T-5 torpedo and how close the world came to nuclear conflict was made known.

    • BonnieB

      Piers Morgan acts like a child. Always has. “Give me my ball …..I am going home……” when it doesn’t go his way. Cannot stand the guy. There may be two adults in the conversation but only one is mature.
      The venom he spat when he did not get an invite to Harry and Meghan’s wedding was unbelievable.
      Be careful Piers …the UK is little biddy country in a very vulnerable position……. no longer a super power.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Survive with Lifesaving Power – Jesus Christ!

    • Tom Argyle

      Amen old Sun.
      I say Sun, because next month there will be a rare solar eclipse crossing the United States> I’m inviting you up, if your up for the challenge. If you can make it up here, we’ll pick you up at the airport and we will feed you and lodge you. You just got to get here. Stay as long as you want. We could drive you over the border. Start now and Get tanned, darken your hair. Cross the border on foot, cross back at a check point and take the money and run. We will pick you up, bring you back home and then you can vote for president in November.
      It just better be *****! You know who!
      Just give an answer here Anthony, or whenever and we’ll go from there. Heck you can make a YouTube video starting in Melbourne in Autumn down under , arriving up yonder here in spring time!
      April 8th 2024 Tie yer Kangaroo down and shoot through mate!
      Rolf was more famous than the Beatles when this was recorded. Believe it, or not?

      • Tom

        All kidding aside, about the border. Were all serious here. You’re welcome to see the eclipse. Don’t worry about food or lodging and your welcome to stay as long as you wish. As a longtime watcher and contributor, nothing to brag about though, but did a small part.
        If you can make it up here your welcome. If not, they’ll be other eclipses.
        Sorry, another joke. You don’t have to wait for another eclipse. The invite is open. We can work thru Greg. But there won’t be another eclipse, in these parts for years and this world may not have that much time left as we here at USAW know, or at least the world as we know it and we know Satan’s time is short for him, to take as many down with him, as he can.
        Americans awestruck by rare total solar eclipse
        Anthony, of course your welcome to bring a friend or enemy, preferable a friend!

    • Bruce Porter

      wow! Thank you. I sure as heck didn’t know.

    • Neville

      Thanks A A

  7. Marie Joy

    A federal IL judge ruled invaders can buy firearms.I hope this is appealed to a higher court. I found that discussion at Patrick Humphrey on Youtube.
    Stand or die, America.
    Americans are in horrible danger.
    FORTIFY NOW. Later is too late.
    President Trump needs more help from us than we’re giving him.
    Brandon’s owners, foreign countries, American traitors, our laziness, and congress are some of the problems. Convicting Brandon solves nothing.
    Our apathy and laziness are killing us. Every day some of us die for our apathy.

  8. Cliff Owens

    JESSE WATTERS: A dark and dangerous chapter in America is here
    Story by Fox News Staff • 10h • March 20th 2024

  9. Guy Storm

    Putin Sends This Warning Via Ally As Switzerland Plans To Host Ukraine Peace Talks China and Russia | Hindustan Times 81,618 views Mar 19, 2024
    Amid reports of Switzerland planning to host a peace summit on the Russia-Ukraine war, China had reportedly warned the West that it would not participate if Moscow is not given a seat at the table. Switzerland is reportedly mulling hosting the talks in summer. Negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow in 2022, soon after the war broke out, had failed.

  10. Justn Observer

    Greg, a deeper dive on the history of the push for mRNA gene research for medical and bio-weapons development, the little written about, and some of the deleted fouind using wayback search engines…etc?

  11. Mark Vickers

    Thomas Massie is the most Liberty-oriented and patriotic representative in Congress.

    He says the tiktok ban is bad news.

    I suggest anyone who disagrees with him take a big step back and really re-examine their position—instead of pig-headedly doubling and tripling down.

    • Greg Hunter

      If I am not mistaken Massie voted not to investigate the election steal on Jan 6th.

      • Mark Vickers

        What does that have to do with anything related to Tik*Tok?

        Massie was GREAT & COURAGEOUS in his stance against Trump’s Medical Tyranny. Trump went out of his way to alienate Massie & make him an enemy. Trump isn’t owed anything by anyone.

        That said, even your idol Trump is opposed to the TT ban–unlike Massie probably not out of intelligent, principled reasons. Trump was probably paid off by TT just like he was by Big Pharma to push the KillShot.

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s not a ban but a transfer away from CCP. You think CCP should be in charge of Tik Tok?

  12. Hugh Battenburg

    “The Pandemic Destroyed The Scientific Community!” – Dr. Robert Malone
    The Jimmy Dore Show 40,530 views Mar 17, 2024
    Donald Trump has always been proud of his involvement in Operation Warp Speed and the resulting COVID vaccines. And Trump still touts his efforts, despite such a substantial portion of his voters turning against the vaxx.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Dr. Robert Malone about Trump’s stubborn refusal to recognize the truth about the vaccines that his fans arrived at long ago.

  13. Finigans Break

    Russia has Destroyed Ukraine’s Army and NATO is in Panic | Ray McGovern
    Dialogue Works 124,146 views Mar 18, 2024 Interviews
    Ray came to Washington from his native Bronx in the early Sixties as an Army infantry/intelligence officer and then served as a CIA analyst for 27 years, from the administration of John F. Kennedy to that of George H. W. Bush. Ray’s duties included chairing National Intelligence Estimates and preparing the President’s Daily Brief, which he briefed one-on-one to President Ronald Reagan’s five most senior national security advisers from 1981 to 1985.

  14. Ready

    Greg Hunter is prepared!

  15. Justn Observer

    Greg, Leticia James caught doing the very thing she is prosecuting DJT for =

  16. Dan Powers

    Fascinating take on the 2017 & 2024 American eclipses–and an under-reported (and related?) 2020 South American eclipse which occurred in the exact middle-point (12-14-2020) in time between the two.

    Coincidentally 12-14-2020 was the rollout date of the ClotShot & the Electoral College declaring Biden the winner.

    I think this guy (Jason Breshears/Archaix YT channel) would be a fantastic guest here at USAWD.

  17. Justn Observer

    Greg, is the Florida case now going the way of the Georgia and NY cases?

  18. Justn Observer

    Greg, what will the cutting interest rates do to Edward Dowd analysis if anything?

  19. Nathen Cross Hasbro

    Venezuelan Illegal Calls For 300,000 Followers to ‘Invade’ Unoccupied U.S. Homes
    by Jamie White
    March 20th 2024, 12:19 pm
    “I think it will be my next business, invade abandoned homes…my African friends told me they already have 7 expropriated houses,” says Leonal Moreno.

  20. Josh Hightower

    Ron Paul Tells Tucker Carlson the Exact Date There ‘Was a Coup and We Lost Our Government’ Story by Zachary Leeman • 1d •

  21. Don Doerr Sr.

    Why do so many loyal and patriotic Americans still believe that the Communist Democrat Party (Founded on November 22, 1963) is merely the “Loyal Opposition” when it is clear that our former Constitutional Republic is now under Enemy Occupation and engaged in what Lincoln once characterized as “A GREAT CIVIL WAR”? The Enemy is invading from our Open Borders and flown in by plane by those who now occupy Washington DC, all blessed by Pope Francis who describes his Biden Crime Family Leader Joe as a “Good Catholic?”

  22. Jake Garfield

    Comment From
    Satoshi Nakamoto 03/03/2024 •
    An evil realm of suffering, struggle and misery as we are being poisoned by these rogue “governments” to our early deaths. Not certain why God puts his creation here, as the devil is the god of this world.. even Jesus noted that. Isnt a realm where the devil is the god and the demons are running the culture and govts seems to me it is a version of Hell. Not sure why God puts us here to suffer. Guess its the step just above Hell!
    Agreed Satoshi, A deep state dive Reply. . . . . . .
    This is the situation on earth today and the complaint people have.
    WHEREVER you look in the world Satoshi, there is crime, hatred and trouble. Often it is the innocent who suffer. Some people blame God. They may say: ‘If there is a God, why does he permit all these terrible things to happen?’
    Yet who are doing these wicked things to others? It is people, not God. God condemns wicked acts. In fact, much of the suffering on earth would be prevented if people obeyed God’s laws. He commands us to love. He forbids murder, stealing, fornication, greed, drunkenness and other acts of wrongdoing that cause humans to suffer. (Romans 13:9; Ephesians 5:3, 18) God made Adam and Eve with a marvelous brain and body and with the ability to enjoy life to the full. He never wanted them or their children to suffer or have trouble.
    It was Satan the Devil who started wickedness on earth. But Adam and Eve were also to blame. They were not so weak that they could not have resisted when the Devil tempted them. They could have told Satan to “go away,” just as the perfect man Jesus later did. (Matthew 4:10) But they did not. As a result, they became imperfect. All their children, including us, have inherited that imperfection, which brought with it sickness, sorrow and death. (Romans 5:12) But why has God permitted this suffering to go on?
    A person may at first think that there could be no reason great enough for God to allow all the human suffering that has been experienced over the centuries. Yet, is it right to reach that conclusion? Have not parents who truly love their children permitted them to undergo a painful operation to correct some problem? Yes, the permission of temporary suffering has often made it possible for children to enjoy better health later on in life. What good has been done by God’s permission of wickedness?
    The rebellion against God in the garden of Eden raised an important issue or question. We need to examine it in order to understand why God has permitted wickedness. God told Adam not to eat from a certain tree in the garden. If Adam did, what would happen? God said: “You will positively die.” (Genesis 2:17) However, Satan said exactly the opposite. He told Adam’s wife, Eve, to go ahead and eat from the forbidden tree. “You positively will not die,” Satan said. In fact, he went on to tell Eve: “For God knows that in the very day of your eating from it your eyes are bound to be opened and you are bound to be like God, knowing good and bad.”—Genesis 3:1-5.
    Eve disobeyed God and ate. Why? Eve believed Satan. She selfishly thought that she would benefit by disobeying God. She reasoned that no longer would she or Adam need to answer to God. No longer would they have to submit to his laws. They could decide for themselves what is “good” and what is “bad.” Adam went along with Eve and also ate. Discussing man’s original sin against God, a footnote in The Jerusalem Bible says: “It is the power of deciding for himself what is good and what is evil and of acting accordingly, a claim to complete moral independence . . . The first sin was an attack on God’s sovereignty.” That is, it was an attack on God’s right to be man’s absolute ruler or superior.
    So by eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve withdrew themselves from under God’s rulership. They went out on their own, doing what was “good” or “bad” according to their own decisions. So the important issue or question raised was: Does God have the right to be the absolute ruler of humankind? In other words, is Yahweh Hebrew, or Jehovah in English, the One to decide what is good or bad for humans? Is he the One to say what is right conduct and what is not? Or can man do a better job of governing himself? Whose way of ruling is best? Can humans, under the invisible direction of Satan, rule successfully without Jehovah/Yahweh’s direction? Or is God’s guidance needed in order to set up a righteous government that will bring lasting peace to the earth? All such questions were raised in this attack on God’s sovereignty, on his right to be the only and absolute ruler of humankind.
    Of course, as soon as the rebellion happened God Yahweh/Jehovah could have destroyed the three rebels. There was no question that he was stronger than Satan or Adam and Eve. But destroying them would not have settled matters in the best way. For example, it would not have answered the question of whether humans could successfully rule themselves without help from God. So Jehovah/Yahweh allowed time to settle the important issue that was raised.
    Now that time has passed, what has been the result? Well, what would you say? Have the past 6,000 years of history shown that humans have been successful in governing themselves without God’s guidance? Have humans provided good government for the blessing and happiness of all? Or has the record of history shown that the prophet Jeremiah’s words are correct: “It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step”?—Jeremiah 10:23.
    Throughout history all kinds of governments have been tried, but none have brought security and real happiness to all those living under their rule. Some persons may point to the signs of progress. But can a person speak of true progress when the bow and arrow have been replaced by the atomic bomb, and when the world now is in great fear of another world war? What kind of progress is it when men can walk on the moon but cannot live together in peace on the earth? What good is it for men to build homes equipped with all kinds of modern conveniences when the families who live in them are torn apart by troubles? Are riots in the streets, the destruction of property and life and the widespread lawlessness things of which to be proud? Not at all! But these are the results of humans trying to rule themselves apart from God.—Proverbs 19:3.
    The evidence should be clear to all. Man’s efforts to govern himself independently of God have been a terrible failure. They have resulted in great human suffering. “Man has dominated man to his injury,” the Bible explains. (Ecclesiastes 8:9) Clearly, humans need God’s guidance in governing their affairs. Just as God created man with the need to eat food and drink water, so man was made with the need to obey God’s laws. If man ignores God’s laws, he will come into difficulty, just as surely as he would suffer if he ignored his body’s need for food and water.—Proverbs 3:5, 6.
    However, a person might ask, ‘Why has God permitted so much time, about 6,000 years now, to settle this issue? Could it not have been settled in a satisfactory way long ago?’ Not really. If God had stepped in long ago, the charge could have been made that humans were not given enough time to experiment. But as it is, humans have had plenty of time to develop a government that would satisfy the needs of all its subjects, as well as make scientific discoveries that could contribute to the prosperity of all. Over the centuries humans have tried nearly every form of government. And their progress in the field of science has been remarkable. They have harnessed the atom and traveled to the moon. But what has been the result? Has it brought a grand new system for the blessing of humankind?
    Far from it! Instead, there is more unhappiness and trouble on earth than ever before. In fact, crime, pollution, war, family breakdown and other problems have reached such a dangerous stage that scientists believe man’s very existence is threatened. Yes, after about 6,000 years of experience in self-rule, and after reaching a peak in scientific “progress,” humankind is now facing self-destruction! How clear it is that humans cannot successfully govern themselves apart from God! Nor can anyone now complain that God did not allow enough time to settle this issue.
    Surely God has had good reason for permitting humans under the rule of Satan to cause the wickedness that has existed for so long. By his rebellion Satan raised another issue that it has also required time to settle. An examination of this issue will provide further help in our understanding why God has permitted wickedness. You should be especially interested in this issue because you are personally involved.

  23. Jake

    Wow Greg, it didn’t seem this long in the little box when writing out. This question by Satoshi was realy bothering me, so I did a deep dive like I said and this castle of Satan reigns on Earth for now but not much longer and will soon be vanquished as we know or nobody would be left alive. Normaly I would have cut in half at least and pasted again as another comment, but kay sera sera.
    I’ve been following you since 2013 when you talked about the mid-east wars being signs of the end times. Now look where we are today. Yesterday in Costco’s eating a sample, the sample lady was telling me how the world is going so crazy and another lady came up to me and looked me right in the eye’s and expressed her grief that she in all her worst nightmares could never have imagined the world today, the life threating events we are now seeing. Thank you for the hope that is so desperately needed physically in our prepping you provide to get us through this mess and spiritually when all hope is lost or run out, as we face an Israelite situation that they faced with Moses at the Red sea! Thanks!

  24. Bob Piper

    🔴ALERT Putin Is Ready | The Future Of Ukraine | Patrick Lancaster Frontline
    Reporterfy Media & Travel 38,900 views Premiered Mar 7, 2024 UKRAINE
    Patrick Lancaster Frontline Putin Is Ready Frontline Journalist SHOCKING TRUTH
    🌍 The world watches with bated breath, eager to know when the Russia Ukraine War will come to an end. To shed light on the latest developments in Ukraine, Alex from Reporterfy brings you an exclusive interview with renowned Crowdfunded American journalist, Patrick Lancaster.

  25. Felix Lietner

    ‘People Die In Prisons, It’s Life’: Putin’s Savage Comment On Navalny Shocks West
    Hindustan Times 36,731 views Mar 18, 2024
    Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke for the first time on deceased critic Alexei Navalny who died in a prison recently, sparking outrage across the west, with some claiming foul play. Putin said a lot of people die in prisons, suggesting Navalny died of natural causes and claimed that a prisoner exchange deal was being discussed before the Kremlin critic’s death.

    Preparing for China: Military firepower on show in the Pacific | 60 Minutes Australia
    60 Minutes Australia 711K views 4 days ago
    In 2010, the Australian navy showed off their firepower as they took part in war games with the United States and Pacific nations.

  26. F.Lietner

    LIVE: News18 Rising Bharat Summit 2024
    Firstpost 77,614 views Streamed live on Mar 19, 2024
    Who’s winning the war in Ukraine? What role does India play in the current world order?
    Catch America’s top political scientist John Mearsheimer answers these questions in a conversation with Firstpost’s Managing Editor Palki Sharma.

  27. Felix L.

    PM Modi Speaks to Putin and Zelensky, Backs Peace Process
    Vantage with Palki Sharma / Firstpost 101,472 views Mar 21, 2024
    Ukrainian president Zelensky urged India to participate in the upcoming peace summit being organised by Switzerland in a phone call with Indian PM Modi. The phone call came hours after Modi spoke to Putin and congratulated the Russian President on his re-election. Palki Sharma tells you whether India can broker peace in Ukraine.

  28. Taxpayers UNITE!

    An Adult in the Room? Is Joe Biden Alive or That Stupid?
    NATO Digging Deeper its Own Grave as War in Ukraine Has Been Lost
    Col. Larry Wilkerson / Dialogue Works 54,820 views Mar 21, 2024,
    Col. (ret.) Lawrence Wilkerson’s last positions in government were as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff (2002-05), Associate Director of the State Department’s Policy Planning staff under the directorship of Ambassador Richard N. Haass, and member of that staff responsible for East Asia and the Pacific, political-military and legislative affairs (2001-02).
    Before serving at the State Department, Wilkerson served 31 years in the U.S. Army. During that time, he was a member of the faculty of the U.S. Naval War College (1987 to 1989), Special Assistant to General Powell when he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989-93), and Director and Deputy Director of the U.S. Marine Corps War College at Quantico, Virginia (1993-97). Wilkerson retired in 1997 and began work as an advisor to General Powell. He has also taught national security affairs at the George Washington University.

  29. S.Schriber

    Russia Vows ‘Merciless Destruction’ Of Moscow Mall Attackers, Planners; ‘If Ukraine…’ | Hindustan Times Mar 23, 2024
    Russia is in mourning and the country has vowed to avenge the attack on Moscow mall that killed dozens of people. The assault claimed by Islamic State has shaken Moscow with President Vladimir Putin’s close aide and deputy chairman of Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev calling for “merciless destruction” of the perpetrators.
    From the comments, two interesting ones;
    @vasilispatsalidis5683 4 hours ago, Ask Obama and Hilary regarding ISIS.
    @Patendyck76 2 hours ago (edited) Remember what Victoria Nuland said on a recent visit to Kiev, ‘We have a few surprises for Putin’, this could be one of them.

    NYC Protest Begins🔥Truckers Block New York! INVESTORS Boycott NY & Warns NY AG Letitia James / US Immigration 304,585 views Mar 22, 2024


    The war started when the banking families, the Mike Morell CIA wild bunch and the Pentagon’s Lloyd Austin rubber stamped the Biden puppet masters Ukraine cover-up, with the idiotic principle, that peace could be maintained, by arranging to defend themselves with weopons they couldn’t possibly use in a war without, committing suicide.

    On The Beach (2000) Parts 1-20

    @davideitutis450 5 months ago

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