5 Unstoppable Trends for 2024 – Greg Hunter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 614 12.29.23) 

In this last Weekly News Wrap-Up of 2023, I stand back and look at the biggest unstoppable trends coming in 2024.  They are in no particular order:

War will continue in various spots around the world, especially in the Middle East.

Democrats divide themselves on massive illegal immigration, the economy and Israel.

Revelations about voter fraud and desperation over Trump winning in 2024 reach a peak.

Economy tanks in 2024 so badly, everybody will know it’s a massive depression.

Nothing will stop the wake-up call for the CV19 bioweapon shots designed to make people sick and murder them.  At least 700 million CV19 injections were given in the USA alone.  The CV19 shots were “intentionally toxic,” and nearly everybody will finally realize this–even Senator Bernie Sanders.

There is much more in the 38-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 12.29.23.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of the Solari Report, will talk about “The Future of Financial Freedom.”  She will tell you how to handle what is coming in 2024 and beyond.




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  1. PersonaNonGrata

    Jimmy Dore interviews Tucker Carlson. Truthfest!

    • Strange Bed fellobugs

      Persona, dares moored,
      Judge APPROVES Lawsuit Against CIA & Pompeo Over Assange Surveillance!
      The Jimmy Dore Show Dec 29, 2023
      Richard Roth is the lead attorney suing the CIA and former CIA head Mike Pompeo for spying on journalists and lawyers for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, while he was living in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. A judge recently ruled that the lawsuit can go forward, rejecting the CIA’s contention that copying data from the visitors’ electronic devices was perfectly aboveboard and above Chunk Yogurt.
      Watch Jimmy’s interview with Roth about the case and the outrageous CIA overreach in the Assange case and Chunk Yogurt takes the case, or cake.

    • Eileen Murphy


  2. stanley skrzypek

    “Democrats divide themselves on massive illegal immigration”………one way we might be able to fight this Illegal Invasion……is Call it an ILLEGAL INVASION because that is EXACTLY what it is…..

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Stanley.

      • Mike

        Hi Greg
        I certainly believe anyone with any knowledge knows 2024 will be possibly the worst chaos and crash. Bill P needs to focus on other work. Dec 13, end of Dec…..well, next week , next month. Not a prophet for sure, however, so glad he knows Jesus. Bless your work Greg. Mike

      • Mike

        Ps Greg you saved many lives regarding the killer vax.

      • Sheeple

        14 mil illegal immigrants bought guns according to FBI stats. Does that give anyone a clue of whats coming?

        • Laura Ann

          Here is what’s coming: invaders are coming to kill Americans then take their houses and/or property. Some will be used for cannon fodder in no win wars overseas,others part of UN troops. America has fallen like other UN nationstates like Canada, the E.U. etc.https://rumble.com/v44rbbt-ep-4596-michael-von-and-steve-quayle-joins-doug-hagmann-january-2-2024.html Majority of adults being nihilists, are self absorbed with sports, social media and trivia and won’t act even when people are taken out to be shot or sent to detention centers w/ family separated. Younger men have been wussified from public schools and colleges. Patriots are a tiny few. We are on our own, and few will defend family.

      • Mike Myer

        Even if we gave them an f16 no Ukrainian could fly the thing,it would take 6 months,,plus no infrastructure to monitor, another biden disaster

  3. Neville

    AAcrime as I call the u. s. of a IS ‘THE MOST’ heavily divided country/nation in the entire world.
    This was forecast by the Prophet Daniel when he interpreted a dream for King Nebuchadnezzar during the time about the year 165 BCE.
    What Daniel said was that a statue would be hit by a Meteorite the statues feet were made of Clay and Iron which denotes a heavily divided nation. The book of Revelations which refers to AAcrime as Babylon which will be destroyed in one hour.
    Time has run out for the u.s.of a ,they show absolutely to intention of changing their evil ways and so as per Revelations you will be dealt with by the wrath of GODS FURY

  4. Derek Sinclair

    Zelensky is alive based on the old dictum that you don’t interfere with your enemy when he’s making mistakes. The allies gave up on killing Hitler because they believed he was doing more harm than good for the Germans. That was true to an extent but if Hitler had died then the German army fuehrer loyalty oath would have died with him and peace would have come more quickly.

  5. Bennet Cecil, M.D.

    This is the December 4, 2023 video of Dr. Yeadon testimony to the UK parliament. He explains that this is deliberate genocide and was not a mistake. Many young women are now infertile because of the injections.

    Please listen to his ten minute presentation and share it with your friends and family. Send a copy to doctors and pharmacists who are still giving lethal injections. Tell them to stop.


  6. Hideaway

    Greg talks about the Faraday bags for people’s phones and other electronics. This is a very good idea. I ordered two this morning.

    You can also go to website, safespaceprotection.com to find more ways to protect your families from electric magnetic radiation, which according to the World Health Organization in 2011 is classified as a probable class 2B human carcinogen.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Line a box with a couple of layers of aluminum foil. Use aluminum and/or copper sheeting to make a box with a lid. Best always. PM

  7. Israel attacked on 7 fronts! Could this be the Psalm 83 war approaching?

    What does from the river to the sea mean?

    This is basically the all the Islamic neighbours of Israel wanting to wipe Israel off the map.

  8. Zoe Miroy

    OMG little Welsh girls making a video inviting illegal immigrants! God save Wales.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Mark Collett on Gab. What could go wrong, Greg?

  9. Marie Joy

    Bill Clinton said, “By the time you’re president, someone, else, makes all the decisions”.
    By our insouciance, WE are complicit in our own demise.
    Gun dealers are told they can sell guns to illegals.
    In the manufacturing process, Copper will, likely, take the place of lead. My guess is that would apply to reloaders, as well.
    Rule of Law will be lost.

  10. Don.W

    Yes, Greg, With the people that are now crossing the boarder with guns and ammo, all that Rev: 6 and 7 tell us about the opening of the seals and we see that happening, we are in for a great change in our world. But even more in the US as we get into the ONE WORLD GOV. But we need that as the Bible tells us that we will have a OWG as we go into the signing of the SEVEN YEAR PEACE agreement that starts the last seven years. You and many of the others that read your articles will be around to go straight up. I am old enough, I may go down 6′ first, and then up. But with Israel at war and the peace agreement signed will be for peace in Israel, it is not far off.
    Blessings to you and your family and a Blessed New Year.

  11. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  12. George

    Thank-you Greg. We wish you a survivable 2024 New Year also. Many people can’t believe that those who perpetrated the CV-19 evil could do such a thing, BUT Chemtrail spraying has be going-on for more than two decades now (to assist the climate change scam and to destroy your health); and it is a massive, costly, evil operation also. I say that because yesterday, I spotted this 4-minute country song “satire video” that cuts like a knife in your thinking, but uses comedy to tell you that you are being killed a little bid each day, named CHEMTRAIL COWBOY (rated R for profanity language singing): https://www.brighteon.com/14273e6b-8205-4e9a-84a1-3b6502ab3397

  13. Thomas Malthaus

    Nothing but death and destruction in our foreseeable future.

  14. Auntie Seize

    Nice echo… echo… echo… echo…
    Acoustic panels are cheap Greg.

  15. Abraham Robles

    Who is going to FLY the F-16s (PROXY WAR)

    • Greg Hunter

      The US military has been training their pilots.

      • Katie

        People on the Internet that had cancer are saying Panacur (dewormer) saved them. Do your own research, I’m not a doctor 😔

  16. Robert from Alabama

    Thank you for giving us the “real” news. All we can do is prep and pray. I prayed and read Psalms 91 this morning for salvation and healing of our country. I also read Psalms 79 and 80 and prayed that these heathen globalists would fall into their own trap much like Haman did. Without the intervention the Lord God Jehovah we are doomed.

  17. Winch

    Hi Greg, Lot’s of useful and truthful info today. The F-16’s for Ukaine are a dire threat to everyones’ security. Russia has said that they must consider every F-16 near Russia a nuclear threat. The ‘Little Boy’ bomb dropped on Japan, produced the energy of 15 kilo-tons of TNT. The F-16’s are fitted to carry a couple of B61 bombs. B61s are adjustable and are capable of producing the energy equivalent of 340 kilo-tons each. To even discuss providing such weapons to Zelensky is pure insanity. “Someone has set fire to the Mad House.” Terrance McKenna.
    “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

  18. Stephanie

    Hi Greg
    Please consider bringing onto your show Christopher James , A Warrior Calls.
    He is bringing the truth forward for we the people which will stop this fraud we call debt enslavement. Please look at his site.

  19. Linda

    African Ameican citizens were finally coming into their own. Dems beat the racism drum as long as they could (and get real results) so now they’ve thrown these people overboard. African American citizens ARE citizens and deserve to be treated as such…just like all citizens. The Dems really abused these people (as a group). It is disgusting. I do not favor reparations, but the full fruits of citizenship for CITIZENS should be available to all who are citizens. I think they have decided to burn it down in an attempt to cover up their criminal corruption.


    Just because Bernie Sanders says he got the shots doesn’t mean he really got more shots. LIERS LIES . Maybe Bernie is getting paid to say he got more SHOTS so his FOLLOWERS GET MORE SHOT so they can kill more people. Bernie doesn’t care about the people who supported him

    • Katy Bar

      Anyone still taking the Kill Shot has an IQ of an idiot (which qualifies them for public office) – if Bernie stopped taking the shots his days as a Demonrat Representative would come to a sudden end as all his funding would be stopped!!

  21. Patagonia

    The future of financial feedom – Excellent title for Austin Fitts presentation upcoming

  22. Alex

    Thank you , Greg , for all you do. I have been unable to provide financial help for too long , but that may change in 2024 . I suspect Discount Gold and Silver will do booming business in the months ahead .
    All I can offer right now is prayer , but what is better than that ?

    Looking forward to the Catherine A-F yearend show !

    Blessings to you and yours.

  23. Steve Bice

    Number 6:

    Christmas day protests in Times Square were only the beginning.

    The enemy of all things America is exiting the trojan horse. This could be the first year that Times Square on New Year’s Eve is attacked and overrun.

    This is what actual insurrection will look like. It is not “protesting” and is not about free speech. The millions of invaders coming across the border have no intention of assimilating in American society. They are disruptors.

    Many support a brutal, autocratic, theocratic system of government that is incompatible with western civilization. Their goals are clear: anarchy, followed by replacement of the existing government. They will attempt to destroy anything or anyone who gets in the way.

    America is being destroyed from within, and our “President” and Congress are complicit. This cannot be unintentional. It is planned.

    We have been betrayed.

    Hopefully, it is not as far advanced as I suspect. New Year’s Eve will be a tell.


    • Greg (Not Greg Hunter)

      Well put

  24. Kirk Bradley

    On China in focus last night it said that many people were falling down dead because of the flu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZmRF4liEDg


      Kirk they always say people are falling down dead in China that’s what they said in 2020 that so the west takes all their shots and buys all their junk. Get that toilet paper 🧻🧻🧻🧻 quick 🙀💩😯

      • Tin foil hat

        When people are falling down dead in China back in the late 2019, the MSM here, including FOX, didn’t show us footages of the Chinese government welding their citizens’ doors shut.
        CIA and FBI didn’t warn the democrats that people are falling down dead in China as they called Trump a xenophobe and racist for merely suggesting the travel ban.
        The only person who tried to give us a head up was Trump!
        It’s amazing that you still can’t seem to see the big picture after all this time.

      • Tin foil hat

        When people are falling down dead in China in 2020, the MSM (including FOX) refused to show us footages of the Chinese government welding the doors of their citizens shut. CIA, FBI, MSM … the Deep State are the ones who didn’t want us to know how serious the situation was, not the communist Chinese.

        Trump tried to warn us but he was mocked by the MSM and democrats. I remember Pelosi was hugging every Chinaman she met in Chinatown to mock Trump as a paranoid xenophobe. CCP didn’t hide that from the world, they didn’t stop those horrendous footages from their social media – the Deep State stopped them from being shown here until they got their excuse to shut the world down.

        It’s amazing that many still can’t see the big picture after all this time.

  25. Greg (Not Greg Hunter)

    I hope you come back in 2024 Grea. We need you more than ever.
    For life to be in such a shape as it is today. There must be a great evil growing around the globe. I have a bad feeling about 2024.

    • S. Revere

      I have a great feeling about 2024 as I strongly suspect it will be the year the rapture happens and the world gets on with the inevitable. I have thought for awhile now,
      that it will all begin to go into high gear soon after the calendar flips over.
      I dont wish for the destructive things to come; they are all just inevitable regardless of
      what anyone wishes or wants or hopes for, or doesnt want. It just IS, so I see no good in
      ”kicking the can down the road”. I pray the Lord has also reached the end of his patience
      with all this stupid nonsense.

      • travis

        There will be no rapture for 211 years

        • S. Revere

          travis, by now you should know better than to play that game with me. I know that I know that I know, there absolutely will be a rapture and it will be coming right up.
          And leave you with all that goofy looking egg on your face.

        • Self Exiled

          How in the world did u come up with that. LOL

      • Katy Bar

        God needs to use his rod and staff on all the evil Demons now running around the world purposely creating a never ending multitude of problems for us (like Hillary had them used on Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi)!!!

      • Tommy

        S. reverse…there is mass delusional nonsense in your posts, just an FYI. You ignore the people interviewed here on USAwatchdog with consistent deliberate ignorance.
        Whatever satanic preacher or compromised politician(s) or Lying Legacy Media talking head is filling your head with fantasies from overpopulation with the tied in Glo-bull warming rubbish to the Glo-BULLIST Glo-Bull War pushers are really necessary theme together with the Clot-Shots of mass death and disability too where the harp of lies fall perfectly in line in the excuse making unbiblical rapture nonsense. It is so obviously designed to lull people to sleep encouraging them to accept the Globullist Lies and to just to give up, to roll over and smile…it’s all so obviously is sick and twisted in every way possible from ironically the Bible you reference on it.
        Get a clue.
        Wake up.

        • S. Revere

          Tommy thank you for your opinion and your list of some of the sick and twisted problems of this world. They are the very reason why God has planned to rapture his true christians; to get them out of harms way to a place of safety. That is one of the benefits that christians have.

          As for where the rapture is found directly from God:
          1 Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 16 and 17 For the Lord himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God, and the dead in Christ (the true christians who have already died) shall rise first; 17 Then we which are alive (christians) shall be caught up (alive) together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air

        • Steve Bice

          Never read a post before that was a non sequitur from beginning to end.

          S. Revere trusts the Bible and shares his understanding out of compassion and concern for others.

          Jesus tells us to ‘watch” when the signs you describe begin to happen and says he will return when we are not expecting it. So those with faith in Christ will do so.

          Many choose otherwise. The Apostle Paul wrote that the gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing.

          It is heartbreaking and frightening when we refuse the gift of salvation. Emotional and angry reactions to the gospel are always a tell…again, predicted in Luke 10:16:

          “He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me.”

          It is not too late…yet…

  26. Brianroy

    In 2024, the whole year will be about removing Presidential Election and giving us an open in-your-face Globalist SELECTION. I believe that will be the focus of the 2024, and any economic downturn AFTER that, followed by a war year of 2025 that escalates until Anti-chrst in mid-September 2025 IF the Apophis asteroid is the one of the Bible and its crash into the Mediterranean on full moon Friday April 13, 2029 is it.
    In 2018, China had full access to BOTH Apple’s i-Cloud and Google Cloud encryption keys as part of a 0% tax deal while in China. China also put oversight State Control for Google and Apple and had them help developed the highest tech military grade Artificial Intelligence possible for China, and be hostile to the US Pentagon. It is not inconceivable that the California based companies are inside the US communication centers for the Chinese Spy balloons to communicate with, the Apple and Google addresses being:
    One Apple Park Way
    Cupertino, CA 95014

    Google LLC
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View, CA 94043

    Twice now, the 2nd only days ago,
    the Biden administration has waited for China to gather all it can before shoot downs over the Carolinas. They colluded, I mean.
    Google and Apple technology since 2012
    are now part of ELECTRONIC VOTING. Withe the steals of 2016, 2020, 2022, and the judicial miscarriages of justice, the Corruption is so great, 2024 will be the year of being “all in”, skipping the POTUS Election altogether, it seems to me.
    If there is an Internet Invasion from without and within, read Cyberattack, led by CHINA, it will likely be from WITHIN the USA through Apple and Google against the Electronic Infrastructure of the United States. Shutdown Apple and Google, and you mostly shut down the 5th Column for China inside the US, in my opinion.
    The cyberattack will be allowed by the NSA and others in DHS so as to NOT ALLOW a 2024 POTUS ELECTION and pave the way for a Foreign Interference SELECTION of a POTUS and Administration INSTALLED by Committee style voting under the exigency of a Martial Law being in place. That watch, in my opinion, should be our focus. As for the terrorists and their cell phones, are they Apple or use the Google Cloud so as to activate the sleepers? Just asking.

  27. Matt

    When it comes to the economy, the day citizenry starts to use alternates instead of the mandated currency by an illegal Central Bank, nothing of consequence will change.
    The only vote left for the citizenry is not where we spend FRN’s but if/when we choose to use something that meets all the requirements of money during exchanges of goods and services.
    Change the medium of exchange or nothing will ever change.

  28. Da Yooper

    Have a Happy New Year Greg & my Watchdog extended family.

    A good friend of my wife’s just called to tell us to be careful because covid has taken out 8 out of 10 of the hair dressers where she works. My wife tried to tell her Ivermectin – ect. & it all fell on deaf ears. Sad you can lead a horse to water but you can make it THINK.

  29. Robert Veklotz

    It’s sad to watch a certain football tight end shilling for Pfizer to double up on a Covid booster and a seasonal flu shot as if people are not dying fast enough.

    • Rob Ledermeier

      Not a surprise. I heard that his girlfriend likes to cast spells on her audiences. Birds of a feather flock together.

    • Shiloh1

      Taylor Swift involved with Carlyle Group –
      Clip from Judge Nap show week ago with Mike Benz former state dept. –
      Easier to brainwash the young fools. Would like to know Mark Crispin Miller take on this.

    • Katy Bar

      The Demons who brought the death shots to the American people are now doubling down in their efforts “to kill us all” (likely because they get 10% of the action in kickbacks) – https://news.yahoo.com/barack-michelle-obama-vaccine-ad-173930676.html – and even though there is more then enough supply of the kill shot vaccine available (because almost the entire US population is refusing the deadly jabs) more kill shots are being ordered by the Big Guy (Biden) from Moderna and Pfizer supplemented by additional purchases from Johnson & Johnson and Merck!!

    • TooStupidToBeStupid

      Well, he is dating that satanist Taylor swift…soooo, it’s par for the course.

      BTW, does anyone even watch NFL anymore?

      • S. Revere

        Too STBS, not much NFL at my house, but this year we are keeping up with our Browns since they had become worthless after they previously walked right outta town nearly 3 decades ago and became the baltimore ravens, lol.
        Now its a whole new ballgame, and we are enjoying Flacco and the new kicker; and especially the tight-knit team enthusiasm. Our 11 – 5 record has been a long time coming; now aiming for the SB.
        That love bird saga needs to be taken to the back room; who cares about it?
        (but NBA has been banned at our house, totally) Very little Tv watching of any kind; cycling and some soccer as we just won the Mens championship (columbus crew) . Still they are just games; we dont get all in a big heat over any of it. We disconnected from Cable years ago and put up a really great antennae on our patio fence; perfect pic and free. So we might watch an old old movie or GRIT or one of those off beat channels. Pretty hard for garbage to get in, here, lol.

  30. ed fantin

    Unsolicited promotion here. I bought a carry ION from one of your sponsors. In the three weeks I have used it it has eliminated my allergies while using a bedroom in our basement. It is good to have a product that does what is advertised and also supports a truth teller.. Two birds with one stone. Thank You Greg for all that you do, I’m sure it must be a trial to figure our what is the most important news items to broadcast each week. may the lords face shine upon you and give you peace!

  31. Country Codger

    Great report Greg. You want to know what war is called by the elite? I heard Zbigniew Brzezinski refer to it as “urban renewal” back in 1979 or 80 when he was the National Security Advisor to President Carter. The Deep State hated President Carter because he would not start a war. I think he was a bad president but he was not evil unlike the one we currently have.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  32. Robert Veklotz

    After watching Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure on TCM I found out that they were showing movies of movie stars who died in the past year, not mentioning that they were victims of the vax murder program.

  33. mark branham

    You don’t know the half of it. Read the book The Great Taking. Watch the video accompanying the book. Over the last 60 years they’ve written into law that “they” can sweep ALL securities THE WORLD OVER… into one entity. EVERYONE will be immediately broke. All it takes is the next economic crash. Then you can look forward to CBDC. And the control is total. “they’ve” make it law. “They’ve” made the confiscation of all assets legal. If “they’re” not stopped, total totalitarian dictatorship.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Question; how does the author address the issue of property taxes and county based legal processes regarding real estate? I should read the book, but the history of fiat currencies are 100% a trail of devaluations and debasement. I just have a hard time believing all assets will be swept up in some doomsday consolidation/ -maybe bonds. Is it possible this is a deep fake to get folks to shed assets only to be bought up by the likes of Black Rock and such?

    • Richard Longacre

      Links to the book and the video.

  34. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    The illegal immigrants invading the USA are intended to be the replacement population, they are being brought in to replace you, me, American born. I can think of many evident reasons. 1. Scumbag US public pretenders need people who do not know them, fresh slaves for the public pretenders to administrate and rip-off by bogus fees, fines, assessments, tax billings, they need new slaves, the old slaves are waking up to their status that they are not in control of their property, public pretenders are bleeding regular Americans with bogus billings for nothing of value. Scumbag US public pretenders have had a directive from the UN that says to erase the border line, new world order, part of that new world order is all the gadgets and technology that is a large part of the globalist new world order. It appears that Scumbag US public pretenders have been doing this since the UN gave that directive. As the illegal immigrants flood in to the USA with the help of ICE which is really “guest services”, Texas Guard which is also “guest services”. Fake public outrage by STATE OF TEXAS ABBOTT on tele em a vision. ABBOTT is another globalist that is helping send the illegal immigrants further into the USA by plane, by bus. He is helping get the illegals into the union further.

    • Shedding is real

      Exactly. Nearly ALL American businesses have Spanish as the alternative option. Predictive programming. The same treacherous behavior that transferred jobs/wealth to communist countries, China and Vietnam. Cheerio.
      Thanks Greg.

      • Katy Bar

        We will know the Evil Globalist Cancer “we all now have” has been Put into Remission “when one (1) the UN is surgically removed from America’s shores and two(2) when the Chemo/Radiation Therapy (Geo-engineering) now sucking carbon dioxide out of the sky and forcing us to ingest poisonous chemicals STOPS!!!
        Note: Reflecting sunlight away from Earth that makes Vit D for humans and taking away the very light and CO2 that plants need to make food for us to eat (Is a Prescription for the Murder and Genocide of Humanity equally as bad as their Covid Kill Shot)!!!

  35. Rmbrumley Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    We are longer headed for a nightmare we are in it!!! The Sheep have no clue because they don’t want to know what is coming.
    In God I Trust

    • Donna Riggs

      The truth there. Most refuse to see, they haven’t done any work to help themselves, they either know it or to ignorant to see their responsibility in the direction of their lives.
      No skills, no knowledge,no ambition doesn’t bred a very successful citizens.
      Awakening, surviving and looking within just may be the hardest thing they will find themselves doing in the very near future.
      Get your house in order…become an asset to you, your family and community instead of a liability ,that way time, energy and resources can be use for those truly unable to help themselves;elderly, children, disabled. Humanity will survive but to what degree will be determined by “we the people”.
      Thank you for your service from my military family to another. We all serve to a degree and PROUDLY. MAGA WELCOME HOME!
      Greg, we are certainly looking forward to the New Year of your reporting, one of the best on the net! I come here for truth .Between your excellent reporting to the superior guests and informative comments you can hit the pavement running. Cheers to all a HEALTHY~ WEALTHY New Year!

  36. Mark

    I think you’re spot on Greg. I believe 2024 is the year for a nuclear exchange. I’m surprised it wasn’t part of your predictions. Keep up the good work. If any of your followers are hesitant with buying from Ready Made Resources…I bought from them and they are great people to do business with.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark for your personal endorsement! RMR are great local people with great products and great hearts.

  37. Solar Melt

    I don’t believe for a second that Bernie Sanders actually took the poison death shot.

    • Winded Talker

      How bout The Trump’s Solar winded?

    • Shiloh1

      Tarl Warwick (podcaster known as Styx) recently moved back to his house in Rutland Vermont. Would be a riot if he ran against Bernie. Styx often mentions that Greg Hunter was the first to point out The Lying Legacy Media.

  38. Frank S.

    Great year-long reporting, Greg. Looking forward to your 2024 vids. BTW, acc. to my calcs, WNW #666 is in exactly 52 weeks. Anything special planned?

  39. Thomas

    The Congress and president did not get the shots not with 30% of the vaxed sick or dead our congress would be destroyed. It has been said for 200 years that both sides are controlled. They play theater that’s winners and loosers it don’t even take a high iq just think what you would do they make the narrative alex Jones phony trial Trump phony trial. Neither is stupid the pick the villains and they pick the supposed victors and the masses caught on either side are don

    • If voting mattered, they wouldn't let you.

      You are correct!

    • Self Exiled

      Back in 2000 I had a 90 year old farmer tell me if voting were a threat to them they would have outlawed it years ago.

  40. Virginia Tippins

    Blessings, prayers for you and your family Greg.
    I never took Covid, flu or any other shots.
    I lost family and friends because of my decision. Also I do not watch the lying propaganda media.
    I am 84 and pray to our Lord and Holy Spirit for discernment.
    Song says it’s not easy being green.

    • Greg Hunter

      By now all who thought you were crazy for NOT taking the CV19 kill shots know you were right, and they messed up BIG.

  41. Coal Burner

    Dear Greg: I hope I am first to help you on the Newsome’s evaluation. Newsome: “FAILURE” !

    Thanks for all you do, great Wrap up!
    Wishing You a Happy New Year!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, CB Gov. Newsome totally ruined the state of California.

  42. Not So free

    Happy New Year.

  43. Rebecca

    Sorry… There’s no “T” in WEAPONRY… “”weapon-try” is NOT actually a real word.

  44. Jeffrobbins

    While no one has a crystal ball, we sure can see a bunch of storm clouds gathering. Thanks for keeping us up to date Greg. And let me say again, grain changed to corn in the King James. It could mean several things and none of them are good. And if we apply a Joseph time of 7 years to that, we need to have our homesteads in place by the end of 2026. It’s very interesting that Mr. Nenner spoke about 2027. That would fall into the back half of Trumps second term- hopefully we get Trump. I sure hope I’m wrong about the meaning of those words and just some half crazed eccentric. -i don’t know the path forward and all the road markers, but there’s no way all the craziness in the world can continue as is. I wonder what went through Noahs head when he was working on the ark? It’s not too late for all y’all’s out there to make some moves, plant some fruit trees and that kind of stuff. If nothing happens, you get a mini farm for the grand kids to visit.

  45. Leslie Trope

    1 Kings 18:20-40
    is what is playing out now in real time as Bo Polny vs. Clif High

    Bo prophesied on the Nino Rodriguez bitchute show that stockmarket top would be in place this week.

    Clif High has attacked jsnip4 (youtube, rumble) for foretelling by his dreams that cryptos (and all markets) would begin a massive crash. Clif also foretold a “crackup boom” for stockmarket, opposite of Bo Polny.

    this is the battle between the gods of Clif High, i.e. whatever entities help interpret his data mining, vs. the Book of Daniel as read by Bo Polny. It is eerily similar to the passage given in 1 Kings. Stay tuned next week!

  46. JudithKG


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Judith!! No fear in 2024!
      Brother Greg

  47. History Repeats

    This is whom the 2-faced, Hitler-protecting, tire-slashing, Patriot Act home-invading, Swiss Nazi Templar-run FBI & CIA represents:


    …the bisexual Nazi-loving Atlantean Pharaonic European “nobility” banksters in SwiSSerland & Leichtenstein, who stole all of the 1929 American stock market crash cash, mass murdered Europeans, and stockpiled WWII Nazi gold taken from Jewish Holocaust victims and their dental fillings in order to sell it back to YOU today at $2,062.9 per ounce….

    “After the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, in March 2022 the BIS suspended the Bank of Russia’s membership,” per Wikipedia:
    “IMF approves $1.4 billion Ukraine aid and BIS suspends Russia,” Central Banking, March 10, 2022.

    Octogon the Empire of Darkness (1:47:40)

    The Raven of Zürich (start at 1:08:44)


    Not Schnucks!
    Nor Jesus, don’t be fooled.
    They only represent Sata, the Egyptian snake god.

  48. Bill

    On the Jimmy Dore show. Richard Roth is allowed by a Judge to Sue the CIA and Mike Pompeyo (in the Trump Administration) for surveilling Julian Assange while he was in confinement. When Julian Assange’s Lawyers, went to visit Assange, all Lawyers, Doctors and other Journalists were required to turn over their Laptops and Cell Phones to Julian’s security detail. The security detail wasted No time, in sending All information from the Laptops and Cell Phones to the CIA at Langley, Virginia. Also, Assange’s meeting with everybody, was video taped and the voices were recorded. The CIA planted a hidden camera in the meeting room.
    As Trump’s CIA Director, Pompeyo vowed to bring Assange Down.
    Then, Jimmie Dore says, you mean kill him or assassinate him. At that point, Richard Roth, says “Yes”.

  49. Bill

    I just checked the Above link. Guess what ? it’s NO LONGER Available!

  50. Harold D

    Clif High debated Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter years ago and claimed Bitcoin was impervious to bankster manipulation.


    He was wrong about Bitcoin. And he is wrong about Jesus.

  51. Lili

    Dear Greg,

    Happiest of New Years!
    Quite the year we’ve had. Thank you for everything !
    I’ve done business with Melody she’s everything you say she is ,wonderful lady!!

    Stellar guests, newscasts excellent work. Looking forward to staying informed with you in 2024.


  52. WW3 Byt's&Bites

    Joe Gotcha’ Concha: This is one of the biggest coverups in politics.
    Fox News 8,666 views Dec 29, 2023
    Fox News contributor Joe Concha joins ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to revisit President Biden’s ‘intelligence failure’ for his handling of the Chinese spy balloon situation.

  53. Jumping The SHARK!

    Newt Gingrich: We have a totalitarian left
    Fox News 57,403 views 3 hours ago
    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich shreds efforts to get the former president off the 2024 presidential election ballot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igAlYo7_0dI

  54. Keith

    Thank you for the “wrap up”, as always, truthful, and with a twist of relevant scripture. Jehovah, the author of our faith, knows the end from the beginning. Be of strong courage, never waiver, and keep the faith.

  55. Dana W

    I’m no expert at fighter jets, but I sure wouldn’t want to be the guy who flew an F-16 with a nuke on it toward Russia; I think that would be a suicide mission. Great show Greg.

  56. TheReason for theTreason

    The Last Christmas of the Third Reich 1944 | Bitter Celebration at the Gates of Hell

    War Academy
    66.7K subscribers






    101,643 views Dec 28, 2023
    What was last Christmas like in Berlin under Hitler? What worried the civilian population the most? What was lifelike in Berlin in 1945? What was the last concert of the Berlin Philharmonic in World War II like? What happened to the musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic? In 1944, World War II was coming to an end. The Allies were advancing through Europe, and the Third Reich was falling apart. In this context, Christmas 1944 was a very different celebration from previous ones. In this video, we will explore how Christmas was celebrated in different parts of Germany and Europe in 1944. We will see how German soldiers at the front tried to maintain the Christmas tradition, and how German civilians dealt with shortages, uncertainty and despair.

  57. Terri Appleget

    You are absolutely correct about the Ukraine situation. Very few get it right! I just saw a video on Telegram where a mentally disabled Ukrainian young man was sent to the front and the other soldiers said, “Look what they sent us!” They are conscripting constantly. Russia has won this NATO war but the dying isn’t over.

  58. Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

    Great End of the Year Wrap Up Greg!!! But then All your vids are great. Thanks so much for a great year this past 2023. 2024 is gonna be a Wild Ride so buckle up EVERYONE!
    Much Love to ALL the Truthers and the Seekers of Truth!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “CAT”!!
      No Fear in 2024!

  59. Katy Bar

    Bo Plony sees a big crunch coming which will drive gold and silver prices higher (likely caused by out of control US dollar printing necessary to fund 2 to 3 wars, to pay people back their money on 7 Trillion in maturing T-Bonds in 2024, etc., etc.) – so the US dollar will weaken with all the printing that will be necessary but how can the Fed raise interest rates to help strengthen the US dollar if by doing so will create an economic contraction (right before an election)?? – they are screwed – they will likely have to bite the bullet and let interest rates and the US dollar fall and then justify their actions by saying it will improve our competitiveness against other nations and help decrease our balance of payments deficit – the big banks see the writing on the wall and are buying gold at record levels and so are the people (who are buying gold at Costco, Walmart, Target, etc., etc.) resulting in a significant amount of gold being taken off the market and stashed away while many State legislatures are now moving to eliminate State capital gains taxes on the sale of gold and silver and also beginning to treat precious metals “as money” rather than commodity – and the London Bullion Exchange seems to be out of gold and silver reserves and can no longer give price quotes to KITCO – meaning the Shanghai Gold Exchange is now in control of the world’s gold/silver pricing mechanism!!!

  60. Stroke Strute

    We’re going to have to retrofit our nuclear weapons with these missiles, so that our enemies don’t get the advantage of a first-strike capability on us.🚀
    Excuse me!
    While we were fighting forever wars, concentrating putting all our high tech onto the battlefield, Javelins, etc.. The Russkies were into creating state of the art hypersonic weapons of critical mass, first strike stealth missile technology. That can circumnavigate the globe and can knock us out, while taking a poop, before we get our pants up! Now, not tomorrow or someday! They already invented it while we were spreading fiat dollar wars the world over so we could have all this inflation, just like after we lost Vietnam. Remember? Stagflation! Our first forever war ! Those billions lost in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Ukraine are coming back to haunt us with a vengeance! We can’t keep printing gold like Greenspan says, did you ever try wiping your butt with a gold bar of fiat US. dollars? Trump and O’Biden should have never listened to the CIA Bat poop B.S., trying to stop the spread of a mere cold virus, nearly killing us all and bankrupting the country! But we let the spreading of our future wealth squandered, now our national debt. Our kid’s will never pay it back, the bill’s due now parents, it’s pay back time now! Through inflated toilet paper dollars now and pronto!
    So, what makes this new trillions of dollars UFO weapon so unique? Is, it can travel at insane speeds while maneuvering in ways that no other aircraft can?
    That’s why the New York Times called this weapon, “Unstoppable.”
    The Telegraph calls it, “Invincible.”
    And Air Force Magazine says it’s, “Transformational.”
    Why do you think NATO is poo pooing around in Ukraine while it’s young men die for nothing but Mike Morell’s wet dream of killing Russki’s! You can now add to that dream, Linseed Graham and poor Mitt Romney, who unfortunately feel off the gurney at Detroit’s Harper hospital at birth.
    If the west was wining in Ukraine, that WOULD be risky business indeed. Russia isn’t going to wait around while WE catch up to them in hypersonic tech! We wouldn’t want a nervous Nelle Russian finger on the red button, while were winning in Ukraine, when they have real first strike advantage right now🌪. That’s why this war is a fools game, sure we awed the world taking out Russian tanks and c0pters🚁, till we ran out of the billions and years to make more. But now Russia’s in the cat bird seat and Alex Soros and Torie “trench warfare” Newturedland and her toy boy Barry, better think twice about that new Russian border in Ukraine and maybe about our own. Ya thunk? You know, what the people think about and it’s not insurrection, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and the next one will be a real one and at our US. border, north and south!
    ITC League, try to project Mockingbird brain dead media, that one.
    We lost the war, the narrative and your shallow propaganda war up the poop chute media and the spooks that now run them, seemed to be in a higher station than used car salesmen and politicians, when it was illegal to lie and spy on the American people. Barry, get Michelle to get on that and make it illegalized again when she’s back in your office, as Dr. Jill’s vice squad president. Don’t you know🕊 Barry, it’s not nice to fool mother Nature and the American sheeple!🐏
    Don’t worry Nikki Haley will save you all and Peter StruckStroke from the Wal*Mart sheeple!
    Make peace with Mummy Russia and let them sell there cheaply made state of the hypersonic tech right back at us, at blue light special prices. Bypassing the Washington fat cat middle men and put our rocket men to work at Space X, lets conquer space with all that money saved from the military’s industrial complex not conquering ourselves! Go Team Humanity!🗽Love Conquers All!🌤

  61. V.Locke

    BREAKING: Max Keiser Warns End of Dollar Near, Plus El Salvador Is the New America! The Alex Jones Show December 30th, 2023, 4:06 am
    Be prepared for the global economic crashes. . . . .

  62. Nina

    The Democrat mayors while complaining have not asked for closure the border.just money to help with the expenses.

  63. Lupe Lopez

    Mexican retailers refusing dollars, want pesos

    Pastor Shane Warren’s prophetic vision of dollar storm (repatriation of fiat) and silver skyrocket

    Accdg to Bill Holter, Mexico is key to silver.

    • Harry Mercer

      Shane Warren Vision: Economic Collapse & Silver Increase
      Ghelrum 16,803 views Jun 11, 2015, https://youtu.be/Dq5HoBFaTq0

      Wow! Weird Lupe. This video you recommended and provided, thank you! Is over 8 years old and some of the continuing comments over 5 years! Shan’s take on his dream of oil accepted in non-US. dollars, bring to mind the BRIC’S nations and the Saudi abandonment of such, Petro dollars!
      Curios too, the fact, back then at the time of this video, a total eclipse of the Sun was coming soon after this piece aired and today a Total eclipse is due this spring. Just coincidence?
      Was somebody up there trying to warn us of something big coming, next election cycle and total eclipse of the Sun?

  64. Shiloh1

    Epstein-Blinkin connection –


    Whitney Webb went further down this rabbit hole a few months ago. Not much different than Epstein connection to Bill Barr. As Michael Corleone said, the higher up you go the crookeder it gets.

  65. MLK

    All US fighter can be converted to carry nukes, in less than 2 hours per airplane.

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