Pandemics, Financial Collapse, War & Terrorism Designed to Overwhelm – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle describes the evil demons of the Bible we are up against.  He lays it out in a mind-blowing new DVD called “Earth in the Crosshairs.”  Quayle contends, “The interdimensional Gates of Hell have opened, and the world is under attack by Satan and his demons.”  How else could everything in the world go terribly wrong all at once?

There is war and military conflict in multiple places, a new Bird Flu pandemic brewing, terrorists and illegals are flooding across the southern US border and a little talked about financial meltdown that Quayle says is going to catch the vast majority off guard when it implodes.  Quayle points out, “This is Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”  You simply overwhelm the target with accusations and so many problems that you could be ‘Ricochet Rabit’ and try to duck everything coming, but you can’t duck it all, especially when it is all dumped on you at once.  Again, this is Saul Alinsky, and the idea is to overwhelm the target.  Hillary Clinton wrote one of her college papers on Alinsky.  Now, you see this with the Obama nation of desolation.  That’s what I call him.  You see the entire taking over of communities.  Look at all these Democrat prosecutors and mayors, and look at the absolute fraud that has been initiated against everybody.  Anti-abortion people are praying and going to prison.  Look at Donald Trump and all these false charges.  Their entire reason for doing this is to bring total destruction to America.”

On the economic front, Quayle says, “This is a heavy responsibility for people to understand, and bank bail-ins are coming.  We have so many banks on the problem list or the ‘watch list.’  Even Fed Chairman Powell said, ‘our debt is unsustainable.’  For the first time, all IRS revenue cannot cover the interest on the debt, which is $1.5 trillion.  That’s trillion with a ‘T.’  Banks are desperate, and what I am seeing is people who have had full access to their money . . . are being prohibited from wiring money out.  A lot of people do not realize this, but banks now have the right, if they get into trouble, to bail themselves out with your funds.”

Quayle’s sources say that both Japan and Germany are facing huge financial trouble right now, and either of them could start a daisy chain of financial implosion around the world at any time.

Quayle also brought up news about the construction of FEMA type camps popping up around the country.  Quayle says they are not holding centers, they are extermination centers. . . . The Marxist communist elite have flipped a switch, and this is all being orchestrated by Lucifer, who wants to be worshiped as god.”

In closing, Quayle says, “The Bible is the blueprint for what the future holds . . . the Book of Revelation . . . is Jesus telling people, hey, this is going to come, and the way you get through this and out of this is through me–which means having a personal relationship with Jesus.”

There is much more in the 62-minute in-depth interview.

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Join Greg Hunter of who goes one-on-one with Steve Quayle as he talks about his new DVD called “Earth in the Crosshairs” for 7.6.24.

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  1. sam

    I WAS THERE…In 1969,70, 1971…Japan Yen was 360 yen for a dollar….we treated 100yen like it was a quarter.

  2. sam

    The Persians are considered a white race…

    • Shiloh1

      Yes, not considered Arab.

      • Alfred (Hurghada)

        Iran = Aryan

    • Stop the Invasion

      That’s the same thing Hispanics/Latinos say about themselves as they were bastardized with the Spanish then Germans and Eastern Europeans.

      Does the definition of White meaning anyone mixed with Scandinavians, Middle Eastern, or Continental Europe?

      Then Blacks mixed with Whites would be categorized Whites. No Repatriation money for them.

    • Tabitha

      Many Russians consider themselves White even when mixed with Chinese DNA.

  3. Robert says no

    Why do these pundits always refer to the banks. What about credit unions? CUs are more responsible.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Big banks are often the power behind the throne of Credit Unions. Dig a little bit and you will see. If the money goes broke (dollar crash), all financial institutions will be affected. They can’t bail in what’s not there. Minimize your exposure. Get out of the banks to the greatest extent possible according to your individual circumstances. Best always. PM

    • Katy Bar

      Credit Unions are more responsible as they mostly buy Treasury Bills and Bonds. However, it is “these same Treasuries” that Japan and the rest of the World are running away from. So people with money in Credit Unions will still be negatively affected when the paper system collapses to worthlessness!! Gold and Silver coins in your physical possession is the better choice for wealth storage!!

  4. Joe Wong

    I like Steve Quayle – he’s cool and spot-on as well. However, the UK will continue to be Joebama Buydens vassal and poodle as well. The UK was kicked in the ass by Zelensky as well. Now Zelensky has essentially decimated his entire male population in Ukraine, and is now snatching 11 to 16 year old GIRLS during school dismissal time, and are calling their mamma’s to inform them that they would NOT be coming home today, and are given weapons without any formal training, and are sent to the front line are are instructed to shoot and kill advancing Russian Troops. Also Zelensky’s term as president of Ukraine ended on May 21, 2024, and has eliminated free-elections and is now a dictator as well. Now Putin can end this war by capturing Kyiv, and capturing all of these troublemakers and warmongers from the US, UK, EU, NATO and their collective western vassals and LOSERS that are sending out their marching orders from Kyiv as well. By capturing Kyiv, Putin would have essentially CHECKMATED the above troublemakers, and also put an end to all of the suffering and misery that has taken place since Victoria Juland overthrew Ukraine’s legally elected government back on February 22, 2014 in Kiev (now Kyiv) and passing out cookies as well. This entire fiasco started in Kiev, and this will END in Kyiv as well.

    That’s also why Japan is rapidly selling-off their massive US Dollars holdings, and the very large US Treasury Bonds (aka US DEBT) because they need to do it for propping-up their failing Japanese Yen.

    The US Military Industrial Complex became the Military Industrial BLACK HOLE.

    • Ken Yu

      The first goal of the Evil Deep State Dark Side is to get the American people (like Luke Skywalker) to actually commit to the Dark Side. The DemonRats are like DARTH VADER ” fully committed to “Going Along with the Evil Globalist Agenda of the Dark Side Emperor (better known as Satan)”. The DemonRats need to Turn to the Light. But Evil can only be quenched and defeated by reason, and Steve Quayle is doing an excellent job of Showing All of Us the Light. For Only Together can the American People turn away from the Dark Side of the Force. We must stand together “Simply As Americans” (Regardless of Party) and begin to loudly say NO!! To The Evil Globalists Plans for a Worldwide Nuclear War (That the Head Demon Satan So Desperately Wants before the 2024 Election)!!

      • Katy Bar

        EXACTLY Ken – Everyone Should Say NO!! – To NUCLEAR WAR!!!
        Come On People, WE DON”T REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!!!!
        “EVERY AMERICAN” should take the FREE COURSE on “American Citizenship” now being offered FREE Of Charge by Victor David Hanson!!!!!

      • Katy Bar

        Rather then feeding the Christians to the Lions (the way Rome did) it seems the Satan-Rats have a FEMA Plan all set up “To Be-head All the White Christian Terrorists” who’s only crime is “Believing in Jesus” (instead of the New World Order) and have according to the attachment below already ordered “Extra Guillotine Blades” from a Mexican company (that wants a Guarantee from the Satan-Rats now in complete charge after stealing the 2020 election) that they won’t be held libel if the Guillotine Blades “dull-to-quickly from over-use”!!

        • Ken Yu

          The Satan-Rats probably won’t mind televising that it’s taking three tries to get a Christian Head completely chopped off and likely is the reason why they simply ordered “regular iron blades” from Mexico instead of specially hardened stainless steel blades. Because the psychological impact on the minds of the people will be greater to force the non-compliant to swear allegiance to Satan (God of the Deep State Dark Side) and totally reject saying the name Jesus or having any relationship with Jesus!!

          • Katy Bar

            The sneaky Globalists will slowly ween us Christians away from saying the name Jesus (by having us reject saying the name Jesus in favor of saying Yahweh or Jehovah). Then once they achieve that goal they will ween us away from speaking the name Jehovah or Yahweh and instead have us begin praying to Satan or Lucifer!! The Commie Pope is already preaching that “Christians do not need to have a relationship with Jesus to get into Heaven” (for in the warped mines of the commie queers who took over the Church in Rome they actually really consider Christ to be the “Son of Lucifer”)!!!

          • Katy Bar

            When the Christians are rounded up and sent to FEMA Camps they will likely be asked “Do You Believe In Jesus”? If you say YES!! (you will be scheduled to be Beheaded by means of Guillotine)!! If you say No!! (You will be scheduled to have your brain reprogrammed with memory altering machines)!! The question I have is: Will Today’s Christians Meekly Allow the Globalist Lions to Kill Them Without a Fight (the way millions of Covid Jab Victims meekly went to their deaths at the hands of these Insane Psychopathic Evil Satan Worshiping Globalist Nazis’)???

            • Ken Yu

              There must be “moral limits” under God. A Nation (supposedly under God) like the United States can’t brazenly go around treating its own citizens like lab rats and exterminate human beings willy-nilly with some experimental m-RNA shot or by using guillotines, cluster bombs or white phosphorous!! And this goes for an even more Religious Pious Nation like Israel too!! Otherwise our God is Lucifer (as the Commie Pope believes)!!!

    • Wayne

      In the province of Alberta, Canada, the deposits in CU are gravened and insured by the Alberta provincial government

  5. Joy

    “Jesus telling people, hey, this is going to come, and the way you get through this and out of this is through me–which means having a personal relationship with Jesus.”

    That’s where we are now. No matter what we have; land, stored food, guns, gold – none of that is enough. Some of us are going to be martyred for refusing to worship Satan. The only thing that matters is whether our souls are saved or not. The enemy is powerless against the love and mercy of Heaven.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Joy. We all have to be the Elect and hold tight to Jesus!!

    • Don W.

      So TRUE

      • Katy Bar

        Buy holding tight to Jesus “the elect” better not “Elect Demon Satan’s Rats” to be our Representatives in Congress!!

        • Mathetes

          Nobody’s vote matters. “All power is ordained of God.” Romans 13:1

          • Ken Yu

            What happened to morality and fair play???

          • Galaxy 500

            Voting does matter.

  6. ursel doran

    There is another alternative view, IMHO.
    It is not about celestial Gods, ( I am a believer) or other forces of nature.

    (“never assume intelligent malicious malice aforethought of stupid brain dead humans when negligence stupidity and ignorance will do.”)

    • EagleStarMountain


  7. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    The Dems are talking about putting in Barack Obama as the Vice President nominee.
    Then the President, especially if it is Biden, resigns or is removed. Barack Obama becomes
    the un-elected President. Dems are saying according to the Constitution he can’t be elected more than twice to the Presidency, but he can come in through the Vice President slot.
    He will be able to finish off America just as he promised when he said he was going to “fundamentally transform America”. Absolute horror.

    • Dale Anderson

      God help us if that happens.

      • Katy Bar

        God better begin to help straighten out the unthinking warped demented brains of the Demon Psycho Schizo Rats now running our Federal Government who believed in Bill Gates’ extermination plans (that killing off at warp speed their own citizens with m-RNA Shots was a good idea). But then suddenly realized that killing off 40 million of its own citizens stopped a lot of money from flowing into Social Security System (thus speeding up its final collapse). And thus requiring the Satanic Demons in Washington AC/DC to quickly open up the US borders (so as to bring the US Population paying into Social Security back up by 40 million)!!!
        Now these Psycho Schizo Satan Rats think starting a Nuclear War with Russia (that will most probably kill off 200 million of its own citizens) “Is a Good Idea”!!!!

        • Ken Yu

          The Queer Ukrainian Dictator Zelinsky has killed off almost all young Ukrainian men) and now thinks it is a “Good Idea” to draft “young 16 year old girls” to die fighting the Russians. The brain dead Psycho Schizo Satan Rats now running the US Government think the Queer Zelinsky is on to such a “Very Good Idea” that they are now proposing to draft “Young American Girls” into the US Military to go die fighting the Russians!!!

    • Bill Holder

      What I heard is to select Biden and Hillary as a Vice; pull a 25th on Biden and presto, the witch is the 1st woman president without casting a single vote.

      Democracy is so overrated 😉

      • Katy Bar

        If Putin sees any possibility that Killary will become President, Russia will likely immediately give Hypersonic Missiles to Iran (the way Putin recently gave Hypersonic Missiles to North Korea). Putin knows that Hillary will more then likely very stupidly “give an order to attack Iran with nuclear weapons” and she has already stated that as President her impulsive decision to use nuclear weapons “can take as little as four minutes” (from order to launch) and she expects “that when she is President and gives such an order, it must be followed” (even if she is high on drugs for her neurological problems)!!

        • Ken Yu

          Hillary like most of the brain dead Psycho Schizo Satan Rats in Washington AC/DC probably has “KURU” (a neurodegenerative disease caused by eating human flesh) which most these Satan Rats love to do at their $1000 dollar a plate Pizza and Hot Dog Parties!! The symptoms of Kuru include muscle twitching, loss of coordination, difficulty walking, involuntary movements, behavioral and mood changes, dementia, slurred speech, muscle twitching, tremors and random compulsive laughing!! Kuru “has no known cure and is usually fatal”. So it seems we normal people simply have to wait for these Immoral Psycho Satan Rat Cannibals “to eventually kill themselves off” (hopefully before their efforts to start a Worldwide Nuclear War succeed)!!

  8. Frank Cooper

    ‘World War III…’: Top NATO Leader’s Shocker After Meeting Putin on Ukraine War | Times of India 86,212 views Jul 6, 2024
    Turkey President Erdogan lambasted Western elements for their hidden desire to spark World War 3. Erdogan alleged that Ukraine and its Western backers are not seeking de-escalation and rejecting peace proposals by Russian President Putin. Erdogan blamed the western arms manufacturers for their hidden agenda as west continues to funnel military aid to Ukraine.

  9. Fred Cooper

    ‘Don’t Need Your Approval ‘: NATO Leader Tears into West After Putin Meeting
    Times Of India 44,290 views 10 hours ago

  10. Bob Hatfield

    ‘It’s over’: Megyn Kelly on Joe Biden following trainwreck performance
    Sky News Australia 468,352 views Jul 4, 2024
    “The only thing that really mattered after that debate was this release by POC news of the internal Democrat polls,” Ms Kelly said.
    “And those are the best reasons I’ve seen so far to predict it’s over for Joe Biden.
    [Megyn nails the soon swoon, up and coming project Mockingbird press coronation. Of Michigan’s Gretchen Witmer. “MUST SEE” PROCESS!]

  11. Bob Sorry

  12. Coal Burner

    Reprobate minds: Road Rage, Loonatic Karen’s and Kenny’s! Out of control criminals.

  13. Paul from Indiana

    Steve Quayle is USAWatchdog nation’s Medicine Man, our resident mystic. The spirit is with him. Best always. PM

  14. Seer

    Can the camps house illegal border crossers and criminals in a huge clamp down ?
    House woke gov and pharma and medical who murdered via bioweapons including big mouth names? Can enough humans stop following scripts and choose wise actions instead? Is it a major test to step aside from scripts and choose purity and intelligence?
    Nothing new from this guy again. Same o same o negativity and selling. Wiser education and community building is up to us.

  15. dlc

    Typical Saturday night in Nizhny Novgorod on the Volga. I would not join the ex-pats in Russia, even if it is currently called the golden era, given the not so long ago history. Many of the people speak English and the people themselves enjoy all things western.

    Do these people look like they’re sweating a war, worn down from sanctions? It is nighttime obviously in a city of over 1.2 million people. There are men and women along with their children in the downtown area with seemingly no fear of being shot, beaten or run over.

    It just makes me smile to see that somewhere there are what looks like happy people having a carefree good time. There is no aggression, outbursts of rage. The city is clean, the people in the streets are clean and well groomed. The women look like actual females and the men look happy about it.

    Do we really want to bomb souls like this?

    • Expat

      Great video, resembles me to the Rolling Stones tournee in Prague, everything with very good mood. The East today and the former eastern countries have far more fun and safer to offer. Not as the german busman who rented a mobile home to travel on vacation from
      Erlangen to Barcelona already nearly 15 years ago. He never arrived at Barcelona the mobile home was stolen before, came to my office after 20 hours or so return by train in fairly bad shape. Unfortunately no US citizens can fly to Niszny for fun.

  16. Lorna Dunelevy

    Moscow Accuses US Of “Killing Russian Children” In Crimea, Warns ATACMS Strike “Won’t Go Unanswered”
    CRUX 65,396 views Jun 24, 2024
    Russia has blamed the US for a Ukrainian attack on Crimea using five US-supplied missiles that killed five people. The Russian Defence Ministry said four of the US-delivered ATACMS missiles, equipped with cluster warheads, were shot down by its air defence systems.
    However, the ammunition of a fifth had detonated mid-air which resulted in the shrapnel falling on beachgoers in Sevastopol. Five people, including two children, were killed by falling debris at the port city in Russia-annexed Crimea, said the city’s Moscow-installed governor.
    The Kremlin on June 24 warned the US of “consequences” and summoned its envoy in Moscow. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the strike on Sevastopol “barbaric” and accused Washington of “killing Russian children.”

    Russia Retrieves “Cluster Sub-munition” From Downed US-ATACMS, “No Secrets Left” After Examination
    CRUX views Jul 6, 2024
    Russia’s search for various elements of the US-made ATACMS has resulted in a new discovery, Moscow’s state media reported. Russian experts recently got hold of the submunition of the missile used by Ukraine to attack Russia
    The cluster sub-munition, which is part of the missile, is a green, spherical object about the size of a tennis ball with a casing.
    Earlier in the week, Moscow forces claimed to have captured an intact guidance system from a long-range US-made missile. According to the RIA state news agency, Russians are studying the American military technology behind the missile.

    Putin’s Big Declaration On Ukraine After Meeting NATO Nation’s PM In Moscow | Times Of India 28,274 views Jul 6, 2024
    Ukrainian officials criticized Hungary PM Viktor Orban for not informing them about his planned visit to Russia, emphasizing that discussions concerning the conflict should include Ukraine’s participation.
    Is killing children ever justified if you kill mine, I’ll kill yours?
    The first casualty of war is the truth, if the truth be known, many wars would cease altogether!
    You can’t blame the ignorant, they haven’t a clue about this war.
    The blame goes to those in charge of the project Mockingbird type presstitudes, who are bought and paid off with their large salaries and think they are secure in they’re lap of luxuriation in ignoring the truth and inadvertently keeping the ignorant ignorant. You shouldn’t ignore the truth, because it always has a tendency to haunt you! Ignorance, is it blissful?
    In general, the idea of ignorance being blissful stands in stark opposition to the Socratic claim that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” In fact, Socrates uttered these words after choosing death over exile or silence.
    Silence is always better than lying, liar!

    • Galaxy 500

      The quote is
      Where ignorance is bliss, Tis folly to be wise.”

      • Paul

        Steve covers almost all the evils affronting mankind today.
        As with a mentally challenged or sick person you care for . You must learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable to keep your mind.
        Same holds true in society, don’t despair instead prepare, for many will require strength and guidance from you.

        Paul from arkansas

  17. Katman

    Israel NOW has laser weapons – it’s time to erase the MOSLEMS from All of Israel –
    THEN build the canal – make ISRAEL GREAT AGAIN w/o ISLAM.

    ISLAM is the enemy of the WEST which is why western nations
    NOW have many MOSLEMS infesting the homeland.

    NEVER EVER TRUST a MOSLEM – the truth is NOT in them.

    Ia m biased, racist as I stand for the white race & DO NOT support corruption of blood.

    • Katy Bar

      We Christians don’t want to see Israel destroyed. But Israel as a Jewish State may be committing self-inflicted genocide (and I don’t mean the entire population being forcibly injected by its current government with the Pfizer Kill Shots)!! As Charles Nenner explained, since the October 7 Event the economic and financial elite are beginning to move their capital outside of Israel and are also seriously considering physically relocating to other places in the world (that are safe from the constant rocket attacks). The significance of this is “that the Israelis who are leaving Pay 80% of the Taxes”!! Seems to me the only logical conclusion “To Save Israel” is for it to bend over backward to create conditions whereby it can live peacefully with its neighbors. Which probably means grudgingly giving the Palestinians their own State and getting on with life and thus keep the Jewish Identity Alive in the Homeland From Which They Rightfully Came (rather then once again being scattered to the far corners of the earth)!!!

    • Ken Yu

      What happened to morality and fair play???

  18. Robert Dziok

    Dr. Jim Willie ( has pointed out in interviews that Japan’s currency dropped 21% because they quickly sold massive amounts of US Treasuries to buy gold. Hence it did not have nearly what it once had in US Treasuries in it’s Reserve. So it’s currency took a big hit. The “requirement” for a strong currency being US Treasuries in it’s reserve. Problem is countries don’t want US Treasuries anymore as worthless due to massisve 35 Trillion US debt and weaponization of dollar and SWIFT payment system. BRICS etc have seen what happened to Japan by unloading US Treasuries too much too soon for gold and not other dollar items so are getting rid of them on a more gradual basis. The “requirement” of US Treasuries in reserve is outdated in today’s world and just another gimmick to try to prop up “King Dollar” which is being dumped now through worldwide De-dollarazation and end as world reserve currency.

    • Katy Bar

      Japan “Woke Up Late” and is now desperately buying Gold with their Paper Treasury Dollars [that don’t have very much purchasing power left ] but at least the Japanese have “woken up before all the chocolate bar loving Americans” who soon won’t have a pot to throw their chocolate wrappers in when the U.S. Dollar spirals to “Absolute Zero” (when the Fed gives the word to Bail in the Banks)!!

      • Ken Yu

        The Fed will likely give the word to “Bail In The Banks” (After Trump Is Elected) in order to put the blame for the horrendous economic catastrophe squarely upon the shoulders of the Republican Party!! And thus, make the Demon “SatanRat” Party “the Only Party to Rule America for the next 1000 Years” (but don’t expect those 1000 years under the Satan-rat Party “to be Peaceful and Without War”)!!!

  19. Don W.

    I fully agree with your guest. I started seeing this back in the 1980’s when our Bible Study group could see the forming of the three great control groups formed that made the TRI-LATERAL COMMISSION.
    Lately I have written about the ONE WORLD GOV. that is also known my most people as the WEF. I also have stated many times that “we need to get right with the Lord as soon as we can”. As the End Times are coming soon and now are getting so close it should be seen by all. But if you do NOT believe in the Bible, and have NOT read it, you will NOT see this as the end times. But we will have more wars and then we will see the PEACE AGREEMENT signed between Israel and their enemies, and that will be the START OF THE LAST SEVEN YEARS BEFORE HE AND HIS ANGELES COME FOR US.

  20. neville

    Don’t look down its got a long ,long way to fall.
    I am referring to the dirty dollar .When I last looked it was 104:875 which is
    by any reasonable accounting 104 overvalued and it true value can be compared
    with the Zimbabwean Dollar which in all likelihood has more value than the american $$.

  21. No Thanks

    Folks I truly don’t know how else to put the fact: We are facing EXTREME Peril period!! We are being put into the proverbial corner, we either Fight back & Resist or we all DIE, full stop. So what will you/we do? It is way past time to get off of the sofa my friends.

    • Galaxy 500

      And that is a fact!

  22. Justn Observer

    Greg, all hands-on deck moment here and in Europe…massive migration IS part of the reset plan.
    as to the last link posted prior interview…ie the whistleblower on the CIA…one can only add …as to just who and how many were allowed in to infiltrate the U.S. government and agencies since 1948 and for what reason beyond gaining ‘scientific’ knowledge.. or was the plan all along to overrun the U.S. from within by TPTB in Europe that wanted the U.S. returned to serfdom having claimed its Independence from the HRE cartel of the day.?=
    Operation Gladio | How the Mob Financed the CIA’s Secret Army

    Killer Patents & Secret Science Vol. 1 | Free Energy & Anti-Gravity Cover-Ups =

    One might ask, why all the billions to Ukraine Azrov Naai, why the debacle in Israel now to unwind the Balfour Agreement put in place at the behest of who? Just seems to many co-incidents in alignment to be just a coincidence? Jim Marrs called it years ago, THE RISE OF THE 4TH REICH? ‘, and just how was it Eisenhower pushed across Europe to ””defeat”” the NAZI with a large help of Russia…and then bring them all home into the U.S. and Russia so we could continue on with a space race and nuclear cold war, along with settting a vast ‘terrorist’ network across the world that overthrows governments and nations for Central banker endless wars based in Switzerland as is the WEF and WHO. All while the other half of the Operations, Paper Clip, Underworld, and Mockingbird all just too rolled out nicely? ah Yes, conspiracy theory all!

  23. Galaxy 500

    Never interrupt an enemy when they are making a mistake!
    And yet RINOs weigh in. This shows they are not on the we the people’s side

    • Ken Yu

      They have us good guys frozen in their “Carbonite Quagmire” to the point where Bill Gates is now going to chop down and bury all the trees that give us oxygen to breathe!!

      • Katy Bar

        Psycho Bill Gates (just like Insane Klaus Schwab) has a lot of Globalist Gaul!! Bill Gates Publicly States he is Going to Chop Down and Bury All the Trees ( to Suffocate the Entire Human Race by Depriving Us of the Oxygen Trees Produce and thus Fulfill the Globalist’s Evil Extermination Agenda) but unlike the Psycho Movie where only a couple of humans “are buried in a swamp” Gates wants to bury “Entire Forest’s of Trees” (to deprive Humanity of the Oxygen we Need to Breathe)!! While his Insane Buddy Klaus Schwab wants us Humans to Own Nothing (which is what happens When You Are Dead)!!

  24. Rick Hester

    2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version
    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    Psalm 60: 11-12
    Give us help from trouble,
    For the help of man is useless.
    12 Through God we will do valiantly,
    For it is He who shall tread down our enemies.

  25. Nicholas

    It is deeply disconcerting that people like Steve Quayle can quote the Bible, which, at best is incomplete as presented to the general public, but seem not to have any understanding of our Constitution, which came with a complete set of instructions from the people who wrote it.
    The U.S. Constitution places all law enforcement authority in the hands of the People, but there are only a few of us who want to promote and re-establish that power. Why?
    For years now, I’ve been attempting to educate as many people as I can by publishing articles, being interviewed, speaking with representatives, and organizations supposedly fighting for rights. I have learned that there are few who actually want to stop the march towards destruction.

  26. Stephen

    Greg , one of your best done interview’s !!! A good Internet connection ? Great flow.
    So very happy to see Steve looking healthy…..
    God bless you both ! We where created in his image, perfect in every way!!!

  27. Galaxy 500

    So did he dies from perfect health…

    “Hollywood actor Mike Heslin has died suddenly at the mere age of 30.

    Heslin, who had starred in the Amazon series Lioness and the film The Holiday Proposal Plan, had been hospitalized for a week before finally succuming to a heart attack last Tuesday.

    His husband, James Wilson, confirmed his passing on social media, where he goes by the name Scotty Dynamo:“

    • Glenn

      James Wilson was not his husband. God did not join these two men in marriage as you seem to believe. It is perversion.

  28. Galaxy 500

    Can you believe this? Prominent Demons voice support of empty suit Beijing Buy-dem?

    • Ken Yu

      Satan Rat Gavin Newsom has emerged as one of President Bribe’ns strongest supporters. For the Demonrats, it looks like “Big Bucks” County is going to be a crucial battleground to throw money around to secure Satan’s “Big Rat” a victory in Pennsylvania.

  29. Pamela Hankins

    2 Cor 10:3-5, “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ…”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please do not comment here anymore.

      • Saved by Grace

        In route brother Greg Hunter

        , the word Truth, is a Person.
        Be Blessed-dje

        Experiencing God: How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Wil…
        Estimated delivery
        Estimated delivery: July 19, 2024 – August 1, 2024
        Purchase Order Number:
        Purchase Order Number: 687035149

      • Jerry

        that link was very informative and from one of your best guests Martin Armstrong.

  30. Evelyn Noyes

    In case you didn’t realize it, the “INTERNATIONAL BIRD FLU SUMMIT” takes place on Rosh Hashanah! Might want to check in with Bo Polny too see what is on his radar. My Rabbi taught me that “nothing happens by chance.”

  31. F. Brooks

    Surely there are personnel, among the White House staff, that are capable of reading the entrails of The Big Guy’s lower cowling excrement; and divining a reasonable course of action, for the nation. God bless America; and please hurry.

  32. Andrew

    Great presentation from Ukrainian front

  33. Marie Joy

    According to Patrick Humphrey, on Youtube, invaders are taking shooting classes.

  34. Randy Avera

    Obama removed MIRV warheads on all land-based ICBMs and replaced them with single warheads…


  35. S W

    Dr. Michael S. Heiser teaches on the Unseen Realm for anyone wanting to understand the Gen 6:1-4 event. He also has a teaching on Reversing Hermon. The events dealing with the fallen angels. He will connect the events of Caesarea Philippi where Yeshua called the place the gates of hell.

  36. Galaxy 500

    So why would a wholly owned subsidiary of the Demoncrats organization report these heinous crimes in Ukraine?

    • Saved by Grace

      In route brother, the word Truth, is a Person.
      Be Blessed-dje

      Experiencing God: How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Wil…
      Estimated delivery
      Estimated delivery: July 19, 2024 – August 1, 2024
      Purchase Order Number:
      Purchase Order Number: 687035149

  37. Don Doerr Sr.

    Please stop blaming and ridiculing our November 22, 1963-Founded Communist Democrat RINO Party – now headed by our “GOOD CATHOLIC” (as defined by no less than “his holiness” Pope Francis) President Joe Biden, the author of “Open Border Terrorism,” promoter of abortion, inflation, energy dependance, the sell-out death of our 13 soldiers in Afghanistan, the arming of terrorists, immigrant-caused deaths, and more! Hey, we Pope Francis-Joe Biden “Modified Catholics” are asking for more respect, whether we deserve it or not. In all honesty, we are terribly embarrassed by our Sodomy-Promoting, anti-American leaders and ask for your prayers and your forgiveness. It seems that all Evil is “Consubstantial.” You will find us wandering in the wilderness with Jesus – deprived of a valid Mass and a Christian education for our children. Pray with us that Pope Francis will pull up his pants and return to the Bible, the 10 Commandments, and the teachings of Jesus to “GO AN SIN NO MORE!”

    • Julia

      Don, as I learn more about the “Church” I feel for you. I agree with you but we all need to return to the 10 Commandments. The problem for Catholics is in their catechism. They removed the second commandment about idols. Then they changed the fourth commandment about the Sabbath moving it from Saturday to Sunday.

      Here is a video showing the catechism and changes to the 10 Commandments:

      As for the Fourth Commandment here are a couple of quotes about the Fourth Commandment from well respected Catholics:
      Cardinal Gibbons, The Faith of Our Fathers, 88th ed., pp. 89.

      “But you may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday. The Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday, a day which we never sanctify.”

      Peter Geiermann, C.S.S.R., The Converts Catechism of Catholic Doctrine (1957), p. 50.

      “Question: Which is the Sabbath day?”
      “Answer: Saturday is the Sabbath day.”

      “Question: Why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?”
      “Answer: We observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.”

      Don, I honestly wish you well.

    • Ken Yu

      Jesus is taking notes and the Queer Commie Pope is bound to spend a lot of time in Hell for calling the pedophiles within the Catholic Church “Children of God” (which God??) Lucifer???, and even more time in Hell for the evil deals the Catholic Church has made with the Drug Cartels and Child Traffickers!!!

  38. Susan R

    Steve Quayle is one of the important ones to pay close attention to. He said he does not listen to television, it is programming to keep us vulnerable.
    I believe what he says, I feel truth in his words.
    Our eternal life is with God.

  39. Galaxy 500

    And more good news (sarcasm)
    Know terrorist acknowledged illegally crossed the border… years ago, was captured and may have been released

  40. Timotheus

    This comment will probably not be received very well and not make it to the comment board. But I feel obligated to finally say something.

    I.m.o if satellites are targeted then someone explain to me why communication satellites would not be targeted. You know they would if identifiable.
    Doesn’t the house & senate also have these same sat phones? Which in my opinion paints a big target on its satellites and any ground based equipment. If any ground based equipment looses power does it affect the satellites functionality?
    I’m not trying to harm anyone livelihood but to be 100% honest these questions need to be asked.

    • Galaxy 500

      Cell phones will go out first. Yes, satellites can be destroyed and in doing so, it’s a domino effect. So will it is possible to take it down, it’s harder than cell.
      No system is infallible

  41. Doug

    Remember Hillary sold our yellow cake (Uranium) to Russia and kept the money.
    No charges filed and no legal action taken against her. Treasonous selling National
    defense material to our enemies. Pitiful!

  42. Marie Joy

    Stand or die.

  43. Randy Best

    It never ceases to amaze me how many still have faith in worthless Government/FED fiat money.

  44. Galaxy 500

    Is America the New Weimar Republic?

    From 1873 to 1918, the Weimar Republic’s currency was the German Gold Mark. 84 Gold Marks = a US $20 Gold Piece [.9675 ozt]. In 1918, after being looted by war spending, the Weimar Republic was running out of Gold and went from Gold Marks to Papiermarks. Towards the end of the Weimar Republic, Nov 1923, you could get a Troy ounce of gold (ok, it close, a US $20 gold piece is .9675 ozt) for 20 trillion Papiermarks. So how did this happen?

    In 1914, 84 Gold Marks were equivalent to $20US. The German Mark, the British Shilling, and the French Franc were basically equivalent. Germany abandoned their gold backing of its currency in 1914 and borrowed to finance the war as they expected it to be short. [Hmm.. Sounds similar to the USA doesn’t it albeit taking longer. The US borrowed much and then defaulted in 1933, paying a little more than half the gold that they originally borrowed. Then in 1971, we went off the gold standard.]
    Inflation started slowly at first, from 1914 to 1919, prices in Germany doubled. It continued to increase, getting so bad that prices doubling from Jan 1922 to May 1922. In Nov 1922, 1 US dollar equaled 1 TRILLION papiermarks!
    It was so bad toward the end that wives waited outside the factory fence on payday (everyday at 11am) for their husbands to toss large bundles of paper money over the fence. The woman immediately ran off to the shops spending it all even buying things they didn’t need.

    The only thing that kept Germany afloat was they were a major manufacturing nation and their high quality goods were in demand. Something America stopped being after NAFTA.
    The Weimar Republic’s answer to runaway inflation was the Rentenmark. It was backed by a mortgage on the entire industrial and agricultural resources of the country.
    Read that last line a few times… Sound familiar?
    Isn’t that what our Corruptocrats in Congress are attempting to do by putting public lands on the stock exchange? I often point to the parallels between the Weimar Republic and modern day America.

    The Flight to quality, starting with the wealthy buying gold, diamonds, property and art, extended to the common man, having lost faith in their paper currency started buy bric-a-brac, almost useless items like soap and hairpins. Crime soared, people stealing copper and brass. Prostitution was rampant. People bought stuff they didn’t need like shoes, shirts, luxury items like coffee if they could find it and used them as barter. We are at the rampant crime phase and are close to the hyperinflation stage.

    So 84 Gold Marks = a $20 gold US (1914) to
    20 Trillion papiermarks = a $20 gold US in Nov 1922
    When they went to the Rentenmark at the end of 1923, 4.2 = 1 US $
    To get a Rentenmark, you traded in a trillion papiermarks. So 84 trillion papiermarks were a $20 gold piece.
    Hitlers favorite beer was a billion papiermarks in the early 1920s.

    So then they leveraged everything to back the Rentenmark… Sounds like where we are now will Congress attempting to monetize our National Heritage and Parks. Will you let them?

    People listen… this is the path we are headed down and it leads to serfdom of us and war. In 10 years, In 10 years!

    • Randy Best

      Ten years? Do even have that long?

      • Galaxy 500

        No, And don’t think we have 4 years. I think if we don’t elect Trump, we lose everything

        • Glenn

          Sorry but even if Trump is elected it will not change much.

      • Galaxy 500

        We are on the cusp of desolation. I don’t think we have 10 yrs either. I do know that time is short.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I have been thinking for some time that Trump is to be the man when our national finances are overhauled/ we become bankrupt, but that word won’t be used. It’s hard to say if we go through hyperinflation or a depression. For most of us, it won’t matter to much because we will be poorer either path. The people on the fringes of society won’t make it- given enough time none of us make it out alive. My hope is that a great revival is born out of our societal decline.- there is a story in Numbers 12 that i really like because we see something personal about God and there is a word translated ‘dark sayings’ in a few bibles and ‘riddles’ in a few. I like ‘riddles’ and when you think on it, a mans highest calling to search out Gods riddles. I say this to put all this doom in perspective.

      • Galaxy 500

        There is a difference between being poor and being destitute.

      • Galaxy 500

        What great insights. Yes, Trump is our best option. That being said, I think he is going to have to default on all our foreign debt and the debt we owe the Big Boys. Trump will protect the little guys but we are still going to have it hard. Trump will fight hard for us and has Wall Street worried.
        And YHWH expects effort on our part and solving HIS riddles is our highest calling. I pray for a great national revival. A return to YHWH.

      • Tin foil hat

        I believe we will we go through both hyperinflation and depression – hyper stagflation.

      • Ken Yu

        Trump hands out $100 dollar bills the way Rockefeller used to hand out dimes!! That’s a 1000 to 1 inflation rate so far!!

  45. Galaxy 500
    except: “Wall Street is panicking that former President Donald Trump’s populist economic policies will hurt growth in a second term, but experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation that it’s average Americans who stand to benefit.

    Wall Street traders are increasingly betting that Trump will win the presidency following President Joe Biden’s dismal debate performance at the end of June and are worried that the former president’s immigration and trade policies will hurt topline economic growth, according to Politico. While Trump’s economic policies might harm the results of headline economic reports, they channel benefits to average American workers who are dealing with the effects of a massive surge of illegal immigration and unfavorable trade policies, according to experts who spoke to the DCNF.”

    • Katy Bar

      How will Trump bring manufacturing back to the US?? When U.S. manufacturing is still rapidly moving offshore (to avoid taxation, high wages, and green legislation). John Deere recently announced it will be moving manufacturing from Illinois to Ramos, Mexico (effectively eliminating over 4,000 manufacturing jobs). This is part of a growing trend of companies who are simply finding it too difficult to turn a profit in the US (unskilled wages in Mexico are about $4 an hour compared to about $17 an hour in the U.S. and with a shrinking agricultural sector (there has been a 7% decline in farms across the nation since 2017 with only 1.89 million remaining) and heightened manufacturing costs, net income from agriculture expected to fall by $43 billion in 2024!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Trump was bring back manufacturing to the US during his first terms. Make imported goods expensive and jobs and manufacturing will come back.

  46. Bill Holder

    Only an handful of people are ready for thes truht, 9.9 out of 10 will not believe their eyes when the truth comes out. There will be people that will take their and their families life’s when the truth reveals before their eye.

    • Ken Yu

      Bill – I have a question you may be able to answer for me. Is it better to own Canadian Silver coins (rather then US Silver coins) because the US Government can call in and confiscate our US coins. If Canada calls in their coins it is going to be very difficult for them to get them from us if we own them in the United States!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Hi Ken,
        So the big government boys come for you US silver coins but they are gonna let you keep Canadian silver?
        Also explain how the government can seize my silver? It’s not money like it was in 34

        • Ken Yu

          Before the first coinage act in the U.S. people exchanged goods and services through the barter system. Today, if CBDC’s are issued the possibility exists that all U.S. coins “can be called in” (except for various foreign coins over which they have no authority) that will remain in circulation “Unless the U.S. Does What Roosevelt did in 1933 and Issues an Executive Order “Forbidding the Hoarding of All Coins within the Continental United States”. Roosevelt used the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 (as amended by the Emergency Banking Act in March 1933) to get our gold and hat’s probably how the Demons today will likely try to seize our silver!!

  47. Marie Joy

    Putin has to nuke Ukraine BEFORE Ukraine joins NATO. IF Russia nukes Ukraine after Ukraine joins NATO, they start WWIII.

    • Randy Best

      NATO is a paper tiger.

      • Bill Holder

        NATO is amrs MIC Weapons Dealership. They are there to make sure the Europeans keep buying weapons, wheter they work or not, that is debateable.

  48. G.I. Jane

    Bombshell NYT Expose Details War Crimes By American-Led Volunteer Force In Ukraine by Zero Hedge July 7th 2024
    Likely, the report is just the tip of the iceberg, and comes after two-and-a-half years of grinding war with Russia. How many other war crimes like this are happening in these foreign units?
    Soldiers must kill. But this look’s like the continual project Mockingbird press propaganda is working it’s evil charm. American soldiers now murdering in cold blood! Not a real soldier, but murderer! American soldier’s are always the good guy and to murder the enemy in cold blood put our guy’s captured in harms way too, if surrendering or captured. Opening them up to such like reprisal’s. Let alone if, every enemy combatant murdered especially one that surrenders, less likely more wont surrender to be killed and they’ll be less captives to exchange to get our men back in an exchange. I can only hope that somebody with some brains enforces the Geneva conventions and think about our men captured, as if their own brother would surrender then be killed in a revenge murder as` a captured or surrendering soldier. War must be civilized, or nobody would fight but only the psychopathic psycho pathetic!
    Now what’s next, with the Mocking bird presstitudes harping on about Biden’s old age never mentioning the poor man had brain surgery for a stroke! His own surgeon a woman said that’s why he lie’s so much! Casting a bad light on us oldsters in our eighties! What about all the years of Trump bad and a stupid red headed broad named Griffith depicted chopping off Trump’s head! Egged on by all the lies of the project Mocking bird wacko’s! This CIA psyop’s on they’re own country is illegal, like the Church investigation pointed out back in the 70’s! Stick with psyopting Russians, that’s legal, or any other country and stop using Russia Russia, as an excuse to go after we the sheeple your fellow Americans remember. To get Jones, Get the Christians, get mandates and the Jab in as many arms and farm animals as possible! That’s all Obama and his third term LGBQ+ presidency, to protect the home front. He who’s afraid of his own shadow! Betcha he didn’t get jabbed! He’s chicken! When does it end? When Jill throwes in the towel and then Trump has to fire Obama out the white house along with his bud Alex Soros and give them both a Kon-Tiki raft trip on a one way trip to Molokai! They think they’re gonna lock Trump up? Bet your black bottom dollar!

    • Justn Observer

      G.I. Jane, war crimes? WHAT stinking war crimes? There are NO war crimes until-unless ‘they’ say there are war crimes! Since the ‘infiltrators’ ran amok…and ARPA became DARPA…and ‘they’ and ‘their budget’ went dark…and got lightyears ahead of what the public even perceives is going on…’they’ have been running overt and covert ops across the world as an unaccountable entity of ‘INTEL’ controlled agencies of many governments.
      Who / how many intel personalities ‘verified’ that the ‘laptop’ was likely dis-information and a Russian hoax? 40? What ‘they’ want is exactly what they got in Joe, a totally controlled empty vessel they can now pin all ‘they have wanted done for how long’ on. Those same orgs. took out JFK, who wanted to diminish there operations back to what itwas originally intended to do…gather intelligence…NOT go off on ops that at time even the President was kept out of the loop on. Did DJT realize just how far down the ‘rabbit hole’ all of the ‘deep state’ really is…likely not. But, trully who in the world really does not at least expect this is all so, and turns their blind eye and LETS the FIVE EYE and Vatican go along their merry ways? Who really thinks that the old Roman Empire structure within the old banking houses across Europe and for that matter, Russia, and those that banked Mao’s rise just as they banked the EAST India CO. , the old push into the Philippine Islands by Spain?… as was the push into South and Central America, and Mexico how long ago?

      The Dark Side of DARPA | The Human Cost of Technological Supremacy

  49. Like a FOX!

    If its Sunday, it’s FoxNews!

    Russia seizes strategic position as war with Ukraine drags on
    Fox News chief national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports on how important funding has been to Ukraine’s fight against Russia on ‘Special Report. Russia seizes strategic position as war with Ukraine drags on

    Fox News chief national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports on how important funding has been to Ukraine’s fight against Russia on ‘Special Report.
    This should be ‘deeply concerning,’ warns Victoria Coates
    Heritage Foundation National Security Vice President Victoria Coates discusses the recent meeting between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping on ‘Varney & Co.

    “Private meeting with Putin…” Indian Envoy Vinay Kumar reveals schedule of PM Modi’s Russia visit

    Moscow (Russia), July 07 (ANI): Indian Ambassador to Russia, Vinay Kumar on July 07 gave insights on Prime Minister Narendra’s visit to Russia from July 08. Speaking to ANI, he said, “he’s visit is very significant and it is taking place after a gap of three years. A lot has changed around the world in these three years and also our relations have expanded. Russia is now one of the very important sources of crude energy resources in India. Trade has expanded in other areas too. This visit becomes very important for leaders to exchange views on all these developments in the bilateral relationship and also other issues of mutual interest. The program elements include a private meeting with President Putin, delegation-level talks, restricted talks, a luncheon hosted by the President for the Prime Minister and his delegation, a visit to an exhibition center, and also an exchange of documents which we are preparing to sign. The PM will also address a gathering of the Indian community who are eagerly looking forward to PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Moscow after a gap of 9 years.”

    Zelensky To Meet Putin? Ukraine’s Big Reveal After Hungary PM’s Russia Visit | Kyiv Says… | Watch

    Ukraine demands mediators align with its stance on peace talks with Russia. Hungarian PM Orban faced criticism for proposing a ceasefire without Ukraine’s approval. Russian President Putin reiterated conditions for ending the conflict, including Ukrainian troop withdrawals and recognition of Russian sovereignty over certain regions.Zelensky To Meet Putin? Ukraine’s Big Reveal After Hungary PM’s Russia Visit | Kyiv Says… |

    Jens Stoltenberg: I do not expect NATO to offer Ukraine an invitation
    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss world leaders attending the NATO
    summit in Washington D.C. this week.

    Three African Nations Embrace Russia; Kick Out French, U.S. Troops, Exit Pro-West ECOWAS | Watch

    Military leaders of Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso have announced their withdrawal from Ecowas, forming the Alliance of Sahel States. They aim to create a sovereign, independent community focused on security and economic cooperation, including a potential common currency. The alliance opposes French involvement, seeks closer ties with Russia, and resists calls for a rapid return to civilian rule, emphasizing African sovereignty amid regional security challenges in the Sahel.Three African Nations Embrace Russia; Kick Out French, U.S. Troops, Exit Pro-West ECOWAS |

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg, Top Cardiologist Drops Bombshell: Covid Shots Caused 112,000% Spike in Brain Clots Posted on June 22, 2024 by State of the Nation

    • Greg Hunter

      J O,
      Wait until the Left finds out their bosses poisoned them. People are waking up all over the world to the CV19 bioweapon nightmare kill machine.

      • Left is Blind, Dumb and Deaf.

        I do not see the left figuring this out. They are just to lost. They have been given over to a reprobate mind.

  51. Nigel Barage

    Nigel Farage slams the ‘outdated’ first-past-the-post voting system in the UK!
    I don’t know what this guy is talking about, but I do know we need such a man here in the US.!

    • Keith

      Nigel Farage party reform got 4 million votes. But only got 4 of there members into the house of commons. The Liberal democrats got 3.5 million votes but got 71 of there members to the house of commons. The Labour party got about 9 million votes and have over 420 members into the house of commons. If we had proportional representation Nigel farage would have over 200 members of parliament instead of 4.

      • Galaxy 500

        It almost looks like organized cheating doesn’t it?

  52. Brianroy

    The Sumerian Text of YEARS is a MIS-TRANSLATION on assuming it is a variant of Sattu, whereas it is NOT and should be translated as DAYS.
    After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridug. In Eridug, Alulim became king; he ruled for 28800 years. Alaljar ruled for 36000 years. 2 kings; they ruled for 64800 years. Then Eridug fell and the kingship was taken to Bad-tibira. In Bad-tibira, En-men-lu-ana ruled for 43200 years. En-men-gal-ana ruled for 28800 years. Dumuzid, the shepherd, ruled for 36000 years. 3 kings; they ruled for 108000 years.
    ( Source: Black, J.A., Cunningham, G., Fluckiger-Hawker, E, Robson, E., and Zólyomi, G., The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (, Oxford 1998- }
    The texts are easily datable to the Flood of Noah and a proper translation that begins to the effect of:
    “After the kingship descended from heaven,
    [2348 B.C., after Noah’s ark}
    the kingship was in Eridug.” et cetera.
    The word for heaven, might easily be read as that which was first intended as waters from above…or, ‘after that the [Noachian] flood receded”
    It may be that Alulim in the chronology of the kings is of the line of Shem. Alulim , “he ruled for 28800 {DAYS}. That is, according to OUR calendar, we would say he so ruled for 78 years 10 months or from ca. 2348 B.C. to 2269 B.C.
    And so on.
    When the text goes down and records “Then the flood swept over.”
    That is, here in this instance, “wiping the slate clean.”
    It is an expression of resoftening the cuneiform clay tablet, so that it can be reused for writing…or telling us that a new accounting, or sub-history, or of those with lesser titles, is taking place.

    Therefore, we are next prepared for sub-kings, district lords, or first administrators of their provinces during the period following that up to this point. The Sumerian structure had essentially disintegrated by 1866 B.C., according to this timeline of the Sumerians, which dating is verified against the Bible timeline. But, like the vice-regent duality lists known to Manetho, who counted second in commands as if they too were Pharoahs…so also does this Sumerian account offer confusion in the number of what are reckoned as their own leaders. The vice-regent extension list (or of such furthering rulers to that effect) appears to be composed in or very shortly following 1720 B.C.
    So this Sumerian Kings list actually dates to between Noah’s going out of the ark and 1720 B.C. or a maximum of 628 years start to finish, with any date adjustment being to a different calendar system that depends on the days that were in a year at that time by the Sumerians, it seems to me.
    Sattisamma is not a derivative of sattu, which is where scholarship fouled up by never correcting or proof-checking in these MANY decades.
    If you don’t check into the Akkadian Dictionary and do the research yourself, it is easily missed.
    Unfortunately, it usually will be a case where “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend. ”
    (Quote from the movie of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, 1962.)

  53. Shankar Hadon

    ‘Jealous West…’: Putin Mocks U.S.-Led NATO Over PM Modi’s Russia Visit I Details
    Times Of India Jul 8, 2024
    The Kremlin has mocked the west as Indian PM Narendra Modi visits Russia. The Kremlin said that the West is watching PM Modi’s trip with “jealousy.” Vladimir Putin’s office said their close monitoring means they attach great importance to it. PM Modi will be in Moscow from July 8 to 9 at the invitation of Putin. It is PM Modi’s first visit to Russia since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in Feb 2022.

  54. Galaxy 500

    It should be obvious to all that Biden is an empty suit. And it was apparent before the 2020 election. Now the Demons are being hoisted on their own petard

  55. Marie Joy

    Dominion, 2000 Mules, Traitors. Stand or die.

  56. Galaxy 500

    So Evil has decided to take on Evil… evil digs in his heels.. LOL

  57. Marie Joy

    Communists cheated their way into a win in France. I am concerned for our American November 5 election.

  58. Saved by Grace

    So that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:17

  59. K.Lane

    How to survive a Nuclear Attack, According To Science
    It’s happened: a nuclear explosion. If you weren’t killed in the initial blast, the fallout can finish the job. Whether it’s an act of war or terrorism, all that really matters in the moments after the blast is that there are ways to save yourself and your loved ones. So, how is it possible to stay safe? Underknown shows take you to the frontiers of science, tell the greatest underknown stories from history and make the most complex ideas and theories entertaining and accessible. Underknown takes you beyond the familiar to explore, question and marvel at the magnificent vagaries of life on Earth and the Universe and ponder our best hopes for our planet, our lives, our children and our future.

  60. Richard Gould

    This is the key to understanding what ends this system of things; Why did did Adam die? He disobeyed or if you prefer, he failed to obey. Nothing changes with Almighty Jehovah (Psalms 83:18) God. Through Jesus, He gave us a command. You can find that in Matthew 28:18 Jesus approached and spoke to them, saying: “All authority has been given me in heaven and on the earth. 19 Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.” Those who OBEY the command given to Jesus will live through what is coming because THEY OBEYED.

  61. Richard Gould

    A BIG Bible Truth; Jeremiah 10:23 I well know, O Jehovah, that man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.
    Peace and harmony CAN NOT exist in a world that is dominated by Satan; Luke 4:5 So he (Satan) brought him (Jesus) up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time. 6 Then the Devil said to him: “I will give you all this authority and their glory, because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. 7 If you, therefore, do an act of worship before me, it will all be yours.”
    With this info, you should be able to understand why there is a cesspool of corruption in EVERY government of man. This will not change before Armageddon.

  62. Ken Doe

    remember when Trump ordered all those ventilators?

    Always at USAW Trump gets a free pass on participating in the Covid genocide because he donated his daughter Invanka to the small hats.

  63. All The JoeBlow's

    Whoopi Goldberg: I Don’t Care If Biden Has Pooped His Pants & Can’t Put A Sentence Together July 8th 2024, 12:16 pm
    Democrat cult members willing to support party’s anointed leader [no matter the cost!]
    ‘I have poopy days all the time,’ says Whoopi.
    Whoop Whoop is right, she nails it. We’ve known for years_ Joe’s been brain dead. Heck, the guy’s had brain surgery for stroke, when much younger. His own surgeon, she still marvel’s on Joe’s abilities to screw things up! Sure, you can’t blame what started out as small faults or mistakes, or the outright lying, the innuendo. on just old age. Yes he’s even got much worse. Yet Joe’s problems, were never mere peccadillo’s. Joe does have serious cognitive difficulties and liabilities. Combined with being trained as a lawyer and politician, that make him a perfect puppet for the powers that be and like Whoopie points out, is still the perfect usefully idiot. To be used too, now to get past the election. To keep the present regime in power, fer Barry’s best bud, Alex Soror horror György Schwartz Sorrow’s son] to cover all their crooked assets. Like our third term president Obama. Who still want’s a fourth and Hunter who want’s to stay out of jail, Joe’s brother too and even Dr. Jill! All from prosecution, under a Trump administrator!
    Yup, the problem is Trump. You got the good cop’s and the bad. Trump was born with the silver spoon. He’s still clean. Joe not so much. He’s been used by the scum of the earth and must be used, to get past the finish line and these people will not give him up so easy. They, the Mike Morell’s, Brennan’s and Clapper’s. The Fay Wray’s Chris, who still can’t lie worth a damn and the Andrew Unwisemen, like Jack in the box Smith. They just cant! Cant what?
    Just sit back and watch they’re evil Titanic criminal empire, built under the woke broke and disgusted Obomber/Beijing O’Biden, tower of Babel crumble! To sink into the depths of they’re, sea of disparage and disrepair.
    Watch out folk’s it’s going to be a very big shoe! Right up the you know what! Bewarey!
    Michael Moore’s finale last words of insanity;
    I rest my case, your humor. . . . . … Thank you CIA project Mockingbird media whores!

  64. Yancy Yates

    mRNA future
    Dr. John Campbell 777K views since 3 weeks ago
    Moderna Receives U.S. FDA Approval for RSV Vaccine mRESVIA(R)

    First of 9,858 Comments, @CJR434
    I’m 77 and I just received a letter from the NHS asking me to book my spring covid vaccine. There was an opt out option which I ticked. I then got a message asking me why I was opting out. Here was my reply ” I have lost half of my family to vaccine injury and death, and I don’t have a suicide wish.”

    Whats safe to eat. I’ve heard the pigs are vaxed, with mRNA. Chickens, cause of bird flue? How bout organic chickens? What about the egg’s? Organic or free range, pasture raised any better?
    What about beef? Grass fed? Lamb from N.Z. or Australia?
    Whats the best way to keep Bill Gates nano particles out of our bodies, besides justavoiding the poison jab’s? People can’t be breathing out they’re nano particles can they?
    Any replies much appreciated. Thanks!

  65. Galaxy 500

    Joe is toast… but then he was that way in 2020

  66. Galaxy 500

    Biden is going to take his ball… and his money… and not go home… LOL

  67. Mathetes

    Sons of God are believers. Daughters of men are unbelievers. That is called truth marrying a lie, as in the days of Noah.
    There are no such thing as demons. Jesus said deny (contradict) self: greed, envy rage, etc. Self is what Jesus cast into the swine. It drove the swine so crazy that they killed themselves. My pastor Jim Brown, of Grace and Truth Ministries, can be found on YouTube or the ministry’s website. The pastor will pick up the phone if you call, unless he’s out or not feeling well. He’s 85 y.o. after all, but he still teaches twice a week for about 2 hours.
    Greg, he may even agree to an interview.

  68. Margo

    Greg, I appreciate that you cover here is supernatural as well as political/financial. I enjoy Steve and have learned much over the years reading people like Michael heist, and his book The Unseen Realm. It was timely that Steve mentioned the skin walkers as I was recently listening to an interview with Nathan Reynolds. He is worth an interview on your show if you’ve not heard of him before. He is from a bloodline family, but spent his growing up years in the lake Havasu area and was talking about how the Native Americans there still go to the high places, bringing their children and opening portals where they allow the daughters to ‘commune’ with these entities. He has much personal knowledge/experience which would be so helpful for this audience. That young man is a very articulate and passionate warrior for Yeshua! He is site is The Linen Railroad.

  69. Judge Roy Bean

    Ray McGovern : Will Putin Attack Poland?
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom Streamed live 8 hours ago
    In this engaging conversation with former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, we dive into the current geopolitical tensions and explore the pressing question: Will Putin attack Poland? Join us as we analyze the historical context, strategic interests, and potential outcomes of this critical issue.

    Larry Johnson : NATO Grasping at Straws
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom Streamed live 7 hours ago

    Kyle Anzalone : Anti-War Wrap
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom Streamed live 4 hours ago
    Is the Hannibal Directive a necessary evil or a gross violation of human rights? We confront this sobering question in our latest podcast, where we probe into the harrowing realities of recent Middle Eastern conflicts. Hear eye-opening revelations about the Israeli Defense Forces’ alleged use of the Hannibal Directive, a brutal measure reportedly taken to prevent hostages from falling into the hands of Hamas, even at the cost of innocent lives. We also discuss a shocking report from The Lancet revealing a staggering death toll in Gaza, not only from direct military action but also from the dire aftermath of war-related hardships.
    Shifting our focus to the West, we dissect the potential reconstitution of the draft in the United States, exploring the implications for civil liberties and the creation of a comprehensive database of American males. In addition, we scrutinize the continuity of British foreign policy under new leadership and NATO’s claimed readiness for deployment to Ukraine.
    Don’t miss this in-depth discussion that promises to challenge your perspectives and provoke thoughtful debate.

    Forign or domestic, Americas policy’s haven’t changed a bit from today or yesterdey!
    I can swear by that! This Film will reminds you of what president? It’s as plain as dat.

  70. Galaxy 500

    Trump, Trump, Baby
    By Forgiato Blow featuring Amber Rose

  71. Galaxy 500

    Poor Kristi had an exciting future. Is this vax induced brain damage? No one in their right mind, especially a politician, would have put that down on paper. I was coming home from my parents home after Christmas more 36 years and saw a bunch of dogs get hit on the interstate. I picked up 2 that weren’t hit and one was still alive and just screaming in pain. Fortunately for me he died before I had to shoot him.
    This is something for extreme circumstances and to be honest, I could have done it to a dog of mine especially if I could take him to a vet. This is sadistic Shiite. Anyone knows this. So she must be mentally compromised

    • Justn Observer

      Galaxy 500, Do you live in a box? Ranch and farm life is full of such matters. Likely Gov. Noems ‘sin’ is that she did not realize how the normie city idiots and PETA types would act to normal life in the outer rural areas. My uncle ‘offed’ several dogs on his farm for ‘their sins’ = 1 an egg sucking dog he let off twice before he took him to the grove, and the other #2 which would get off riling the pigs in the barn, which every time the nursing sows would get up freak out and crush several of their piglets. Multiply that by 10 or 15 sows and that was a ‘piglet loss’ of that many or more piglets per incident. Time for the good old 22 between the eyes. And yes, there were many pigeons that ate the dust in the silos, who would take up home and crap all over the grain and silage. Add the coyotes and wolves and ‘their’ take of the calves and farm critters…more just a day in the life of ranching and farming. Add, how many times have ‘city-dwellers’ with lead feet flyiing down the highway hitting deer and elk and cows and driving right off, pissed they dented their cars…and no one gets out and shoots (likely not gun owners) the poor animals left to suffer in the hot sun and the predators who show up, Likely she or family had to also walk up and cut the animals throats to put them out of their misery. Lots of dumb AXX people in the world with NO real rural or outback experience. At one time I lived in a place the ‘Staters’= State police drove thru every Thursday about 2 pm. Sheriffs then, = before cell phones = a few hours out after the time to bother going to phone to give them a call. Sorry, responsible people just do the right thing themselves. And Gov. Noem as stated just failed to realize how ‘whiner class’ the majority of population is, you know like those that walk up to Bison to take a selfie! lol
      Politically, yes, not a good call…but an honest one IMO!

      • Rolf Stare

        At times, God has found it necessary to execute judgment upon those meriting destruction in order to uphold his name and his standards of righteousness. As a result of the wicked conduct of the people in Noah’s day, Jehovah executed a judgment of destruction when he caused a global flood to destroy the world of that time. (2Pe 3:5, 6) Similarly, because of the ‘loud cry of complaint about Sodom and Gomorrah’ and their ‘heavy sin,’ Jehovah destroyed the cities and their inhabitants. (Ge 18:20; 19:13, 24, 25) In addition to natural forces, God at times used human agents to accomplish a sentence of destruction. In the case of the wicked nations of Canaan, Jehovah used his people Israel as principal executioners of his condemnatory decree.​—De 9:1, 3, 4; 20:15-18.
        So J.O., what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander?
        From a Michigander!

        • Galaxy 500

          Let’s not forget YHWH commanding King Saul to put every single one of their enemies to the sword.

      • Galaxy 500

        No I don’t live in a box. Kristie was born in 1971 not 1871. So this happened in the 1990s?
        I hunted and fished quite a lot. In the mid 70s a farmer had a big crow problem. He offered a bounty of a buck a crow. Me and 4 friends shot over 500 using 22-250s and one 220 swift. We got paid by the pair of feet. It was great fun. However, I we lost a few bucks by vaporizing a few. There is a reason why a gathering of crows are called a murder. We also learned that crows can count to 3. I’’ve followed blood trails to make sure the deer I shoot and didn’t hit where I should have to keep the animal from suffering and to make sure I had venison. I was invited to a hunt on a military base in the 80s as I was selling hunting and fishing equipment to the Moral Support fund who sold the stuff at the PX. I had to agree to shoot 5. There were 25 of us and only 2 of us shot our 4 and had them dragged out. The other guys shot many more and not everyone took them home. I think that’s wasteful.
        But shooting a good bird dog in the 90s. I’ve had a few pointers in my life . But then I am a “dog” person, a Dane is on my right side as I type.
        Shooting a dog is stupid. I have had to put down 6 dogs in the last 7 years. I live in rural America. It never occurred to me to save money and shoot them in the head. To me it speaks of lack of character and/or being either a psychopath or a sociopath
        There are some things you just don’t celebrate . Especially if you’re a politician.
        Just the way I see the world.

      • Galaxy 500

        By the way, the dog wasn’t sick and she states she hated it… she could have given the dog away or spent time training it. She shot it instead

  72. Galaxy 500

    From Dr. Joseph Sansone
    Jul 8 · Mind Matters and Everything Else with Dr.

    News broke today that Jeffrey Epstein’s fat friend (and LinkedIn founder) Reid Hoffman has been bankrolling voting machine company Smartmatic’s lawsuits against right-leaning media companies like Fox News and Newsmax.

    I know all about these lawsuits because I’m the only American journalist named in both the Smartmatic lawsuits and the Dominion Voting System lawsuits.

    In fact, I’ve already been deposed by Smartmatic’s lawyers — and my deposition with Dominion’s attorneys is coming soon.

    The first thing that struck me about these stories: they were all published on July 8th within hours of each other.

    All of them were posted across the left-wing corporate media world almost simultaneously — including the Washington Post, Daily Beast, and CNN — which indicates highly coordinated action.

    What’s going on? These are left-wing outlets owned by the Democrat Party, and they don’t usually print the secret activities of major Democrat donors. My guess is that the donor rivalries inside the Democrat Party are heating up as Joe Biden fights for his political life — and Hoffman has angered someone who’s very powerful in that gangster hierarchy.

    Why did Hoffman invest in Smartmatic? His business associates told the Washington Post that: “Not only is Smartmatic a great investment in terms of financial returns, this was a way to provide capital that would allow the truth to be found in the courts.”

    That’s ridiculous of course.

    The truth is that electronic voting machines are highly vulnerable to fraud and manipulation.

    It’s also important to remember: the face that’s hiding behind the voting machine companies is the federal government and our national security agencies.

    Hoffman’s recent “investment” in Smartmatic also nicely coincides with Dominion Voting machines completely blowing up Puerto Rico’s election primaries on June 2nd.

    Ask yourself: what could be more frightening than Jeffrey Epstein’s fat friend gaining control of our electronic voting machines?

    The last time that I really looked into the workings of Smartmatic, it turned out that Lord Malloch Brown (the best friend of George Soros) was pimping its products while sitting on its board of directors. With Soros now in his dotage, and Brown pushed out recently, perhaps Reid Hoffman is being handed the keys to that operation?

    We shall soon know.

    Ultimately, it’s good news that Hoffman has been outed by his allies — because this story should lower the public’s trust in electronic voting machines even more.

    • Will Tuttle

      The 2020 Coup: What Happened. What We Can Do.

      The 2020 Coup takes bits and pieces of evidence from across America and knits them together into the definitive work on how the election was stolen.
      Patrick Colbeck served as a certified Poll Challenger at the TCF Center in Detroit. He witnessed the fraud firsthand. He witnessed the late-night ballot drops, poll challenger lockouts, pizza boxes taped to windows, and voting equipment connected to the internet.
      He has been investigating the scale and significance of the fraud ever since.
      After reading The 2020 Coup, you’ll be equipped with: a solid understanding of how elections are supposed to work, documented evidence of what actually happened, and a plan of action to thwart the efforts of those behind the coup.

      America is in an information war between coup activists who seek our fundamental transformation, and proud Americans who seek to preserve the blessings of our constitutional republic. This book breaks through the Big Tech and mainstream media information embargo to equip you with the truth they do not want you to hear.

      “Pat has been over the target since the beginning when he
      let everyone know about Dominion voting system internet
      connections in Detroit. He has continued to expose the stolen
      election ever since. Listen to what he has to say. You’ll learn
      something the fake news media doesn’t want you to know!”
      -Mike Lindell, CEO My Pillow, Inc.

      “Elections belong to the people not the government”
      -Mark Finchem, AZ State Representative

      “Pat Colbeck has painstakingly worked to investigate the
      corruption surrounding the 2020 election. His knowledge
      of the subject and dedication to cleaning up our elections is
      an asset to anyone wanting a better understanding of what
      transpired in 2020. He is a dedicated patriot, and his work
      reflects his passion for honesty and transparency.”
      -Christina Bobb, Former DHS Executive Secretary
      and USMC Judge Advocate

      “Almost immediately after the 2020 general election, Senator
      Colbeck and I began collaborating and investigating election
      irregularities. He traveled the country talking with people,
      listening to their accounts of how this particular election was
      so out of the norm, and collecting evidence. This book, like
      his website,, are organized to enable Americans
      everywhere to connect the dots and understand with clarity
      what really happened in the 2020 Election.”
      -Phil Waldron, Col USA (Ret)

      “Pat Colbeck witnessed fraud in the 2020 election firsthand.
      He’s worked tirelessly exposing it ever since. His work will go
      a long way to prevent it from ever happening again.”
      -Liz Harrington

      About the Author
      Patrick Colbeck is widely recognized as one of Michigan’s top election integrity experts. He is an accomplished aerospace engineer, certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist, and former vice Chair of Elections and Government Reform in the Michigan State Senate. A frequent guest on national TV and radio programs, he continues to work with “meddling kids” across the nation to expose the truth about what happened in the 2020 election. SEE FOR YOURSELF BELOW;
      Greg, great guest?

    • Will Tuttle

      Galaxy 500′
      Check out Will Tuttle below, in the comments on.
      VOTING MACHINES:::::::::::::::::::::::::
      The 2020 Coup: What Happened. What We Can Do.

  73. Truck DrivenSonOf AhGun

    This is How The World Ends
    We’ve gotten so good at adapting to our surroundings that at this point, most natural disasters don’t pose much of a threat to our species as a whole. But what couldn’t we withstand? What, if it happened tomorrow, could end the human story instantly and infinitely? These are the biggest threats our species faces. The threats which seek to make us history, like the 99% who came before us.

  74. Peace & Security = PROSPERITY!

    FSB thwarted a Ukrainian plot to bribe Russian pilot with $3 million and Italian citizenship to defect with a strategic nuclear-capable bomber
    Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has thwarted a Ukrainian intelligence operation to hijack a Tu-22M3 strategic bomber, a key asset of Russia’s Aerospace Forces. The FSB revealed that Ukrainian agencies, allegedly supported by NATO countries, attempted to recruit a Russian pilot with a $3 million offer. The video covers the details of the plot, the pilot’s testimony, and the broader implications for Russia-Ukraine relations. Plus, get the latest updates on Russian casualties and potential changes to Russia’s nuclear doctrine from President Putin and Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

    VIDEO: Russia’s FSB Thwarts Ukrainian Hijack Of Russian Tu-22M3 Bomber; Putin Orders Dramatic Blitz
    Oneindia News 4,734 views Premiered 11 hours ago
    Learn about the dramatic thwarting of a Ukrainian plot to hijack a Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber, as revealed by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). Ukrainian intelligence’s alleged scheme involved enticing a Russian military pilot with promises of monetary reward and Italian citizenship to fly the bomber to Ukraine. Discover the details of how the FSB intercepted this operation, preventing potential escalation in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
    Cool & Funny 2nd. comment! @user-qv3ff1ge4i 5 hours ago

    MEETING WITH VLADIMIR PUTIN: Hungarian PM Viktor Orban on Peace Negotiations and Ukraine War
    WELT Documentary Jul 8, 2024 BUDAPEST
    In an exclusive interview with Paul Ronzheimer, the Hungarian Prime Minister discusses his controversial trip to Moscow and meetings with Vladimir Putin. He emphasizes the need for peace negotiations and the role of Hungary’s EU presidency. The Prime Minister warns of an escalation in the Ukraine war in the coming months and underscores the importance of an autonomous European foreign policy. He highlights that a unified European stance against Russia is crucial and criticizes the EU’s current war strategy as ineffective. Despite criticism of his visit, he defends his diplomatic efforts and stresses the moral and political obligation to promote peace. He concludes by discussing the perspectives of American and European politics and the importance of leadership in times of crisis.
    First two comments

    @Maiden4eva1995 5 hours ago
    Orban is the only pragmatic leader in this whole situation. Most of the EU leaders are spineless.

    @xycap8351 5 hours ago
    What a thoroughly UNIMPRESSIVE ” journalist ” especially when compared to Orbans obvious Greatness
    Greg I think you can Interview this guy, I like how he cracked a funny when answering the journalists comment that so many seem to think the war needs to continue, yet Orban said soldiers on both sides would agree that tomorrow
    morning would not be a good time to die!
    Tucker went over there to interview Orban a while back.

  75. Conrad Black

    Hey Comrade,
    “It’s Unforgivable” | Labour To Allow 100,000 Migrants To Apply For Asylum TalkTV Jul 9, 2024
    The Rwanda deportation policy is “dead and buried”, Sir Keir Starmer said, as Labour announced plans to release the last two migrants detained as part of the doomed scheme.
    The Prime Minister said he was “not prepared to continue with gimmicks” as he confirmed the multimillion-pound plan to send some asylum seekers to Kigali is to be scrapped.
    Hundreds of people who were held pending removal to the east African nation have since been bailed under the former Tory government, according to a spokesperson for Home Secretary Yvette Cooper.
    Political commentator Benedict Spence joins Talk’s Mike Graham to discuss this further.

  76. Harley Spangler

    Douglas Macgregor WARNING: NATO Responds in PANIC As 900,000 Russia Troops ATTACK

  77. Rod Strute

    Starmer and Sunak take on new roles in Commons as parliament returns
    Sky News Streamed live 5 hours ago
    Parliament is sitting for the first time since the general election, with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak having swapped seats. MPs are due to elect a Speaker today, before they are all formally sworn in over the course of the week.

  78. Gordo Piper

    “Complete And Utter Democratic FRAUD!” Reform UK’s Richard Tice Demands Electoral Overhaul /TalkTV Jul 9, 2024
    Jeremy Kyle is joined by Reform UK chairman Richard Tice MP as the party’s first elected MPs arrived at Parliament for their first day in the Commons.
    The group of five included leader Nigel Farage, former Tory MP Lee Anderson, former chairman of Southampton FC Rupert Lowe and James McMurdock, who unexpectedly edged the contest in South Basildon and East Thurrock.
    Reform gained their five seats on the back of 4.1 million votes – around 14% of the total.
    Last Thursday also saw Reform come second in 98 seats, many of which are now held by Labour, and Mr Farage has set his sights on the new Government, saying it “could be in trouble pretty quickly”.
    Richard says the First Past the Post voting system “is a complete and utter democratic fraud” and calls for electoral reform.
    Peace & Security = PROSPERITY! But keeping a stiff upper lip!

  79. Justn Observer

    Greg, so….has this whole ‘banking crisis’ been a con-fababrication…= just a central banking cartel power/control/divesting the middle-class/create crisis and absorb the smaller banks bs scheme all along?

    Could Mike Pento help explain it?

  80. Galaxy 500

    This tells you Buy-Dem isn’t in charge

  81. Justn Observer

    Greg, Biden’s ‘ stealing Russian assets and weaponizing SWIFT system was a grave likely unfixable miscalculation?

  82. Stalag 17

    A.I. Joe @ his latest Snuffleoptopus interview, notice Biben’s teeth, they are giving off more lumens than the amount of reflective protons available. Next I suppose MSM-TV will bring out the A.I. HUGE A.I. DARK EYES and the perfect DUCKBILL A.I. LIPS, make him look like a fake 15 year old girl with rainbow color hair-plugs.

    A.I. Joe was totally out of it when he visited a black church recently. A.I. Joe sadly looks like a corpse that doesn’t know it is, some sort of Woke Disney Animatron at Dizzyworld.

    I overheard one of A.I. Biden’s latest TV commercials while turning on the TV for an elderly person (I refuse to watch that garbage). I had to look closely, I thought they were running old Hitler speeches on the Hitler Channel (aka The History Channel) A.I. Joe’s high pitched screaming and yelling, mad incoherent rabid dog Flem faced Biden, on a daytime TV channel that caters to those that refuse to work and expect everything for free, you know The View (aka The Flu)

  83. Jane Doe Nutter

    Russian Bombing Wipes Out U.S. Himars In Kherson; Putin’s Men ‘Kill Foreign Military Specialists’
    Russian Bombing Wipes Out U.S. Himars In Kherson; Putin’s Men ‘Kill Foreign Military Specialists’
    The Russian Army took revenge of Crimea beach attack, by destroying the Himars launchers equipped with ATACMS missiles in Kherson. As per Russian Defence Ministry, the Ukrainian launchers had taken concealed positions in a forest belt close to Kherson region. Drone footage released by the Russian defence ministry shows three Himars launchers were hit by Iskander crew. In the attack all the three Himars launchers were destroyed and 10 foreign specialists maintaining the launchers were also killed.
    I wonder how they’ll explain the deaths? Will they try to piece together the bodies, bring them home and claim an accident? Like the general found back home dead in the desert, just outside base.

  84. Justn Observer

    Greg, MBS Backs Putin, Threatens G7; and notice Zelensky there , DOUBLE DEALING AGAINST THE US.= BITING THE HAND THAT HAS BEEN FEEDING HIM?

  85. Ernst Bucholzer

    This guy’s got guts!
    Russia-Friendly NATO Leader Defies West Again; After Putin, Now Hungary’s Orban Embraces China’s Xi Times Of India
    23,224 views Jul 8, 2024
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s visited China. PM Orban discussed the Ukraine situation with Chinese President Xi Jinping. These visits come ahead of NATO’s 75th-anniversary summit. PM Orban has characterized China as the pivotal force in achieving peace between Ukraine and Russia.

    China Unleashes Brutal Attack On U.S.-led NATO Ahead Of Biden-hosted Summit | Times Of India Jul 9, 2024
    China has lashed out at U.S. led NATO after secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg accused Beijing of enabling Russia’s war in Ukraine. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said that China firmly opposes NATO’s smears and attack. The tussle comes ahead of a U.S. hosted NATO summit.

  86. Peace & Security=PROSPERITY!

    War Monger?
    ‘Putin will face a spikier porcupine in the future’: Veteran diplomat on NATO support for Ukraine
    Former State Department senior official Victoria Nuland believes Ukraine will prevail over Putin’s Russia, with NATO’s support. 18:18 – Source: CNN Amanpour
    King James Bible
    Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. ◄ Matthew 5:9 ►
    Or Peacemaker?
    MEETING WITH VLADIMIR PUTIN: Hungarian PM Viktor Orban on Peace Negotiations and Ukraine War
    WELT Documentary 182,258 views Jul 8, 2024 BUDAPEST
    In an exclusive interview with Paul Ronzheimer, the Hungarian Prime Minister discusses his controversial trip to Moscow and meetings with Vladimir Putin. He emphasizes the need for peace negotiations and the role of Hungary’s EU presidency. The Prime Minister warns of an escalation in the Ukraine war in the coming months and underscores the importance of an autonomous European foreign policy. He highlights that a unified European stance against Russia is crucial and criticizes the EU’s current war strategy as ineffective. Despite criticism of his visit, he defends his diplomatic efforts and stresses the moral and political obligation to promote peace. He concludes by discussing the perspectives of American and European politics and the importance of leadership in times of crisis.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nuland??? The person responsible for the Ukraine mess is trying to cut a peace deal?????? Nuland is a corrupt moron.

  87. Galaxy 500

    As the Republican-controlled House is expected to take up a billWednesday aimed at making sure only U.S. citizens vote in federal elections, President Joe Biden is signaling he would kill the measure should it miraculously survive the Democrat-led Senate. Biden isn’t likely to need the veto pen.
    Democrats will, however, be forced to explain why they oppose the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, which requires documentary proof of citizenship to vote for president and members of Congress.

  88. Galaxy 500

    Gives off Soviet style vibes?
    The Soviets punished opposing views and speech. Soviets used judiciary against its enemies
    The Soviets debanked and sent their enemies off to camps (J6 political prisoners)

  89. Galaxy 500

    This Shiite is why I am not a republican and haven’t been since they ran a corrupt un indicted co conspirator for president

  90. Galaxy 500

    So when we are done n charge, we impeach the liberals that do not violate legal theory?

  91. michael burton

    Quote from god’s word as said by Klaus Schwab read on and see what happened to the king of assriya this will be the of the wef united nations and the vatican
    1st kings 18:27-30 27 But the Rabʹsha·keh said to them: “Is it just to your lord and to you that my lord sent me to speak these words? Is it not also to the men who sit on the wall, those who will eat their own excrement and drink their own urine along with you?” 28 Then the Rabʹsha·keh stood and called out loudly in the language of the Jews, saying: “Hear the word of the great king, the king of As·Syria·a.29 This is what the king says, ‘Do not let Hez·e·kiʹah deceive you, for he is not able to rescue you out of my hand.30 And do not let Hez·e·kiʹah cause you to trust in Jehovah by saying: “Jehovah will surely rescue us, and this city will not be given into the hand of the king of As·syrʹi·a
    also read isaiah 36:12

  92. Galaxy 500

    The Real U.S. Covid Disaster: Pandemic Economic Damage Topped $18 Trillion
    A report by Heritage Foundation’s Nonpartisan Commission on China and COVID-19 also concluded that it “very likely stemmed from a research-related incident in Wuhan, China.”
    Leslie Eastman
    Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 07:00am 31 Comments

    During a series of congressional hearings focused on the origins of the novel coronavirus that spread worldwide and the nation’s response to the pandemic, the former White House COVID advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that significant aspects of the policies pushed by “experts”  (e.g., masking, and social distancing) were not based on science.
    Fauci was also keen on discrediting any information that tied the initial outbreak of COVID-19 to a laboratory release within the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.
    A new report by the Heritage Foundation’sNonpartisan Commission on China and COVID-19 found that the pandemic and its response caused $18 trillion in economic losses to this country. The analysis also blamed the Chinese government for the outbreak.

  93. David Blanchette

    Hey watchdog listeners, check out this website—

  94. Lowejo

    Why don’t you ever get to the crux of who are?! The people who take on the evil spirits. The Sanhedrin. The nazis. The bolsheviks. They’re all one.

  95. top888casino

    you are truly a just right webmaster The site loading speed is incredible It kind of feels that youre doing any distinctive trick In addition The contents are masterwork you have done a great activity in this matter

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