Landslide Trump Victory in 2024 – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s 

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong has correctly predicted every presidential race since the 1980’s with his “Socrates” data mining program.  The 2024 race, featuring Donald J. Trump, is shaping up to be the most lopsided race for the White House in history.  Armstrong explains, “Trump should win.  This data has even shocked me, and it’s been right on every election and even Brexit.  It’s basically showing, out of 6 models, it is showing four basically all for Trump, but two of them are showing absolute unbelievable landslides.  It’s showing 61% for Trump. . . .  The computer has never come up before with this complete gap . . . . In 2016, it showed Trump would win, but not overwhelming, but this one is absolutely stunning.”

Many say that they can stop Trump by cheating more than in 2020.  Armstrong is seeing that the margins are so big they cannot cheat enough to fill the gap.  Armstrong contends, “That’s the way it is shaping up.  If you look at the polls on confidence in government, even Europe is down to only 30% of the people trust government anymore.  We are looking at a serious collapse in the confidence of government on every level you want to look at.  Our computer also shows that this election is not going to be accepted by the other side. . . . Honestly, I have never seen our computer project such a landslide. . . . The Biden Administration, in all honesty, is a complete disaster.”

Armstrong says interest rates are going to continue to edge up along with the federal debt.  Armstrong points out, “If you pay attention, Fed Head Jay Powell came out in the beginning of December, and he actually said, ‘The spending is unsustainable.’  The Federal Reserve does not criticize the current administration.  For him to say this, you know it is getting bad.  This says the Fed knows we have a problem here.  The higher rates go, the more unstable the banks become. . . . We are in a sovereign debt crisis now.”

How will they pay all this back?  Armstrong says, “I think they want to deliberately start a war, and the way they get out of the debt crisis . . . . I think they will refuse to pay all the debt that China holds.  That’s it.  Any enemy that holds US debt, they are simply not going to pay it.”

Armstrong also says there is a plan to run Michelle Obama in place of Joe Biden for President in 2024.  Again, Armstrong says that is not going to stop a Trump landslide.  There is also talk of the UN and the WHO taking control of the world in the next medical crisis or pandemic.  Armstrong’s computers do not see that working out either.  Armstrong does see a peak in global disease and sickness in 2026.  Armstrong points out that could be a combination of the nearly 14 billion global CV19 vax injections and some new disease unleashed on the public, too.  Armstrong also sees a Deep State that is so desperate to beat Trump that “it will start a war in August or September” just before the November election.  Armstrong says that the Deep State is so evil that even if Trump does win, they will get him involved in a world war that will not be easy to walk back.  Armstrong says the biggest fear his global clients have is World War III getting started before Trump can get back into office.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 2-minute in-depth interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, financial and geopolitical cycle expert for 1.23.24.

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  1. Brianroy

    Can the Globalists cheat enough to stop Trump in November 2024? By holding control over the electronic voting system, they already won. Remove the electronic voting altogether, and remove wrong size ballot tabulation issues by removing the electronics and THEN you might have an almost fair and honest election, but dead people and an extra 67% over the voting rolls will still happen among Democrat controlled cities and counties as they have done in Presidential Elections going back to 2008.
    In the lead up to and during the 2020 Election, Dominion operated an office (Suite 360) which shared the SAME Ontario Canada office building floor with Chinese Military Intelligence Suite 300 and British Military Intelligence suite 370, the Military Intelligence of the Chinese and the British operating through front groups, Syn Tao /Sustainalytics and the Tides Foundation while in Ontario. You will find that on May 26, 2020 Dominion registered with the Chinese State Government in Hunan Province (Expired May 26, 2021). It is collusion and true life conspiracy fact.
    Dominion is owned in part & board represented by a member of Carlyle Group, whose co-founder David M. Rubenstein is linked to Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. After the 2020 election rig, George Soros hired Smartmatic’s CEO to run Tides. China, along with Microsoft, owns & develops software made in China that are used & copyrighted from China in all Dominion & Smartmatic voting machines. Only 67.04% of all electronic votes for Trump were counted for Trump in one state’s audit. Invert that to 32.96%, and who can prove it? The Courts no longer care.
    What’s more, by just using a pen, at the polling place, the transfer of votes can be had by any amount an on-site hacker chooses.
    The Gateway Pundit reports:
    “THE JIG IS UP… EXCLUSIVE: Local Reporter Describes Election Expert Halderman Breaking into Dominion Voting Machine and Changing Vote Totals During His Georgia Testimony
    by Jim Hoft Jan. 21, 2024 8:00 am
    …On Friday, in a Federal Court In Atlanta, Georgia, University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering J. Alex Halderman testified in front of Judge Amy Totenberg’s courtroom about the Dominion voting machines used in the Georgia elections since 2020.
    As reported earlier, during his testimony, Halderman was able to HACK A DOMINION VOTING MACHINE and change the tabulations in front of U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg and the entire courtroom!
    …Professor Halderman tweeted that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger would not install Dominion’s security patches before the 2024 election.”
    So if they will not remove the Chinese Corrupted Stealth Programs and Hack compromised systems designed to defeat Trump before an after 2024 election fix, even if there is an election, how will Trump overcome not just the 34,000.000 to 37,000,000 lost votes of the 2020 election, but perhaps a 60,000,000 vote theft in the next? And even if the results come in where Trump wins by 70%, do you really think they won’t to the Pennsylvania, Trump ahead by 700,000 votes and 3 hours later that lead and tally evaporates and then some?
    As Joe Biden bragged in October 2020, his people were part of the greatest election rigging machine ever assembled in the world, and said,
    “I don’t need you to get me elected, but I will need you once I am elected.”
    We no longer have Presidential Elections, but Electronic Rigging SELECTIONS.

    • Pete+only

      Thanks for sharing Brian…I wonder where their offices will be located this time around?

  2. Rolf Lagerquist

    The Central Bankers are derivatives of the real social economics controllers of the planet.

    • Lori

      Executive Order 14067 explained by Jim Rickards in 10 minutes:

      You will be required to upload your digital ID to operate in this digital dollar by 2025 which will control who can buy and sell and be the midst of this timeline!:

      • Katy Bar

        Bribe’n is trying to replace the US dollar with “programmable money” (before Trump is elected) which will be the death knell for our economic freedom just like his call to “Surge the Borders” was a death call to collapse the American Government!! With Bribe’n programmable digital currency you will be forced to use it only on “government approved products” (like “green meat” made from immortal cancer cell lines in a petri dish mixed with cricket powder)!! To preserve your economic freedom gold and silver coins will be useful!!!

    • Trinacria

      Yes, the derivatives are a problem.
      Greg, in this regard and based on what Saturday’s guest (David Rogers Webb) said about street name brokerage accounts being held as collateral without disclosure to the account holders AND, that these can be taken in event of a meltdown…Armstrong seemed to infer that they would not take peoples worth.
      So, is there any way you could ask Armstrong directly before your Friday report if he agrees with Webb or not and, then report on his answer Friday? This is so huge, potentially.
      Also, strange that early in the podcast, Armstrong mentioned that of the 6 Socrates models on the election, 4 show a very large advantage for Trump, while the other 2 still show Trump but with a smaller advantage. Armstrong then went on to say that this concerned him…but he did not elaborate. Can you shed any light on this?
      Thanks again Greg, you keep hitting the ball out of the park!!!

      • TooHotInPhoenix

        Hi, whether they do the “Great Taking” or not is irrelevant. With a sovereign debt crisis Armstrong ADMITTED to, it means your currency collapses very quickly. That means stocks can go to DOW 100K or higher as we shift into Weimar/Venezuela hyperinflation which plays out in 5 months time when started. This could be why Armstrong is seeing a strong stock market.. in runaway inflation all assets go to the moon, but your net worth is zero. Trillionaires were homeless in Zimbabwe, same in Weimar. Then they have achieved the Great Taking, just through destruction of the currency. That is the same theft, as your debt (as Webb said) would be reset with new high interest rates of 30-40%- thus everyone would default on debt and it would be repossessed. Same Taking, just done more painfully through destruction of the local currency/ Your 401K wont buy a cup of coffee in the end- hence the CBDC system. It will be unleashed.. BIS mandated it by June 2025 to every citizen.

    • Daniel 9:27

      How bad will things have to be for the votes to be counted in favor of Trump? Obviously, Sleepy Joe didn’t receive 81 million votes, even staunch liberal Dems don’t actually believe this tripe. Districts in Milwaukee received well over 100% of the their population in votes, let alone registered voters. My guess is we should prepare for $10/gal gas, regional wars expanding, potential terror cells acting out on US soil, those derivatives Rolf mentioned doing their thing and of course, MSM telling us things are fiery but mostly peaceful. In the immortal works of Bruce ‘Caitlan’ Jenner, “Buckle up, Banzai!”

    • Katy Bar

      The Central Bankers are the real destroyers on our planet. They have most everyone bulldozed that interest rates will be going higher – yet they know full well if they do such an idiotic thing the entire banking system will fail “along with the US Government with Trillions in debt”!! Therefore, to stay in business and keep all the people, companies and the US Government (with their massive amounts of maturing Treasury Bonds) in business “the Fed needs to bring rates down” and simply flood the system with printed money (like they always do)!!! Listen to Peter Schiff who explains it very well here:

  3. Mary Lou Longworth

    I wish there was more conversation about the candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy. It’s as though he is not running. He is experiencing media blackout. It’s a shame he gets no secret service protection, or positive MSM coverage with interviews.
    I’m no fan of Trump or Biden, but there are other candidates worthy of listening to.

    • Rob

      Mary, Its really astonishing to hear of the brainwashed few still clinging to their pathetic broken dogmas…😂😂😂

      • Shirl

        Hey Rob,

        Not sure what part of LANDSLIDE VICTORY has some of the few still confused and or wanting to hear from quantifiable loser glo-bullist agenda driven creeps?

        Perhaps, it is because they are actually BRAINWASHED and believe similarly in their favorite TeeVee Presstitute who have repeatedly told them that He’s can Become She’s ???


      • Jerry

        Kennedy is a gun grabber and wants to see “climate change deniers” imprisoned. The less we hear of him, the better.

    • A Friend

      RFK is done. I supported him in many respects until I found out that he was supporting gun control and black reparations. He’s done.

    • Steve Lowery

      I’ve got a request,
      Ask Socrates, Web bot, & any other sources that does predictions, ” what are the supplements / treatments the greatly increase the health of the body in the future” ? ? ?
      In the meantime check out Nattokinase, & Taurine.

      • A Friend

        I take nattokinase everyday. Dr. Peter McCollough recommends it. He says it dissolves despite protein. It also dissolves atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries of the body.

        • Phil

          You should have asked who Trumps VP pick would be

        • Pat

          You may want to check into taking time off with it occasionally then starting up again.

    • Christian

      Nah. He is just another gun grabbing Dem that needs to go away. He is Biden-lite. He is the opposite of his uncle.

      • Peter

        What does the Stock Market do when there are multiple terrorist arracks courtesy of Open borders? I don’t think they’ll go up. Bad times coming. At least for awhile. Best thing is to prepare for worst and hope for best. Definitely good for gold and silver. Armstrong is a genius no doubt but he makes it sound like it will just be business as usual. They’re trying to kill us imo. Pretty straightforward. GLTA. Thanks .God Bless!!!

    • P.O. Box 9847

      RFK jr. … you’ve got to be out of your mind!! I know you feel sorry for him and his diseases.

      RFK jr = the worst possible wolf in sheeples clothing…
      RFK jr = ALGORE, John Kerry, HILARY CLINTON, Bathhouse Obama

      Kennedy endorsed and campaigned for Vice President Al Gore during his 2000 presidential campaign, and openly opposed his friend Ralph Nader’s Green Party presidential campaign.

      In the 2004 presidential election, Kennedy endorsed John Kerry, noting his strong environmental record.

      In late 2007, Kennedy and his sisters Kerry and Kathleen endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries.

      After the Democratic Convention, Kennedy campaigned for Obama across the country. After the election, the Obama administration was reportedly considering Kennedy as a candidate for administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, but his controversial statements and an arrest for heroin possession in the 1980s made him unlikely to receive Senate confirmation

  4. Cheri Rodriguez

    A few takeaways from the New Hampshire primary:
    (1) Nikki Haley got 43% of the Republican vote. Scary since her backing (money) is supposedly coming from Alex Soros. There was a recent Candace Owens piece on Soros Jr. The guy can’t even put one sentence together and sounds like an idiot.
    (2) In the Democratic primary, 25,000 people wrote in Joe Biden. That’s real scary too..

    • FreeMpg

      Points taken, but he’s too much of a climate change zealot. Trump asked him to chair a “vaccine safety and scientific integrity” commission. The Big Pharma backed-and-paid-for MSM threw a fit. It never came to pass.

      • Civic Chick

        MANY Democrats signing up as Republicans so they could vote against Pres. Trump make up that 43%. And btw, it’s no more Dem and Republican. It’s Marxists and MAGAists. Imo and based on what I experience from my customers at the gas station/convenience store on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

        I believe we’ve reached the turning point. That pendulum will swing so hard the other way it’ll knock every enemy and nutjob to another continent.

      • Linda

        Where did you get the idea/information that Trump asked Alex Soros to chair a vaccine safety etc. committee-assuming I understood you correctly? I knew Trump had approached RFK, Jr. about that. Maybe that’s who you were alluding to?

      • steve

        Democrats voted for Nikky I want war Haley in NH

      • TooHotInPhoenix

        Rememebr the days when people said Geeoge Soros “messed” with third world countries’ political systems through election fraud and forced migration? Guess he has now moved onto apex nations and completely transitioning them to a violent form of Bolshevik communism. Going to 20 years just to get out from under htis.. it is called a fourth turning. Doesnt happen with a president, presidential cycle. You cant vote your way to freedom.. this is already a fourth turning.. no going back it has been quietly constructed in the background for 60 years as those generations cheered on melt up 401Ks and 30K homes going to 500K. They kept a couple older generations distracted with “fake wealth” so they could gain control of all that was real and eventually soon,control of the people.

    • Shirl

      Hey Cheri,
      The Dems interfered with the election again, not RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA…they switched sides for the evening in New Hampshire to vote for Birdbrain to try to upset the Real Republican overwhelming support for President Trump.
      He won both Idaho and New Hampshire by HISTORICAL measures despite the nefarious cheating. Nothing surprising about it.

      President Trump and We The People WON, again.

      • Shirl

        Iowa 🤪

      • Shirl

        70% Birdbrain Haley voters were not registered Republicans, per a CNN exit poll.

        Crooked freaks frauds and fools trying to stump Trump…😂😂😂

    • Sunny

      Cheri, There are reports up to 70% of Haley’s voters were not Republicans, but Democrats that had reregistered as Independents in order to be able to vote in the Republican primary and would not vote for the Republican candidate in the general election. So the true Republican vote for Haley is under 15,000, a total blow-out in favor of Donald Trump. Even Rona McDaniel is asking Haley to drop out.

    • Roger Dat

      it’s an Open primary in NH so perhaps avenue for Democrats to cast votes for Nikki and skew the vote.

      those voting for Joe Biden are likely obsessed with abortion, under the lash of demons. Also those driving around in the car wearing a mask.

      • Katy Bar

        I wonder if the Demonrats used the corpses of those 39 Heaven’s Gate cult members (who committed suicide to ride the Hale-Bopp comet) also voted again to ride Haley’s Comet!!

    • Lilliana

      Martin Armstrong, predicting a landslide vote for Trump. Than he states that no one on either side will be pleased with the outcome..
      What does he mean by that ?

      • Pete+only

        Good questions Lilliana, in answer to your question, the other side is ironically the Central Banks and Martin seemingly doesn’t know that they are funding the CIA, FBI, and the U.S war machine among others or may be a bit frightened to admit it.
        For the most part, I do hope that Martin is correct with most of his predictions, but he seemed to miss this big point regarding the central banks responsibility in all of this.
        Ironically, a lot of our socialism has historically been funded by our Central Bankers, namely the Rothschilds and Rockefellers of the world. They first brought it to Russia, during WWI, and these same Central Bankers allowed communism to get established in China in 1949, by refusing to give much backing to the then Imperial family there who were fighting the communists at the time.
        Our Central Bankers are hell bent on tyranny, and total control, and have already killed hundreds of millions of people throughout history, so a few more hundred million in the U.S will just add to these totals.
        Martin does tell us that it was very likely that Joseph Stalin killed Lenin and his wife…wanting more central control, (and a resulting bureaucratic genocide through starvation as a result ).
        His remark that only 30% of people in Europe have any trust in their own governments at the moment is very encouraging, in the face of all the main stream propaganda they have been exposed to.
        The truth is hard to ignore when high rates of unemployment and real inflation are hitting everyone there, as well as here.
        Unrealized Banking Losses will need to be dealt with more sooner than later, here, and especially in Europe, and Martin may be correct to some extent that the Dow Jones is being propped up by all this foreign money at the moment, but only a few top stocks is propping up the NASDAQ index at the moment. Interesting times indeed!!

  5. Jane Hill

    Thank You Greg!
    Just who we needed on!

    • FreeMpg

      Sorry, this landed in the wrong place. It was meant in response to Mary Lou Longworth.

      • Linda

        Ok, I see you cleared that misunderstanding up. Should’ve read further.

  6. Marie Joy

    ALL decent Americans should carry and Train up.
    My father (1916 – (2004) started our training when we were 5 yo. As the oldest my training was the longest and most individualized.
    Trump needs more help than we’re giving him.
    Have a Trump sign in your front yard.
    Please join the Trump Team, officially.
    Or run for school board or any office.
    Grow your own food, EVERYWHERE, inside and outside.

    • A friend

      Even if they run Michael Lavoy Robinson, is becoming clearer day by day that that’s not going to make any difference. It’s not the party that people rejecting. It’s the platform and the policies of that party that have been rejected by so many people out of hand all around the globe. Not just in America. Look at what has happened in Argentina. You have a conservative savage who just went to the WEF meeting the other day and gave Schwab the proverbial middle finger. Vaccination rates are plummeting. He have people in Des Moines Iowa going out to vote in negative 40° weather. We are unstoppable savages. Salty Cracker was right.

      Celente often says that when everything else fails they take you to war. We’re already in an asymmetrical war. Look what has happened in the past few years. Those death rates are going to increase. I’m on staff at the largest hospital in North Carolina. They told his last year that going forward, unless the medical examiner requests an autopsy, they’re not going to do any more autopsies. Why do you think that is? What do you think? They don’t want people to see? Pretty obvious isn’t it? The good guys are winning. The bad guys are losing.

      If the bad guys had inside information, inside Intel, that said, they didn’t have anything to worry about, then they wouldn’t be worried about anything. But yet look at how they are reacting to Mr. Trump. Rush Limbaugh said many years ago that these sorts of people will always attack the ones of whom they are scared. They are terrified.

      Let’s have a cup of their tears and drink up and have a toast to conservatism.

      And don’t forget to share memes about these perverted monsters at every opportunity. has some good ones. This is psychological warfare on both sides. Those memes are excellent in waking people. The hell up.

      Now is also your chance, probably your last chance, to get preparations made for some challenging times in the next year or so. So. And Mr. Trump will have to groom the next vice president from day one to become his replacement one day and also make sure that there is funding for that person to withstand the attacks that will surely happen to him or to her. General Mike Flynn has been suggested as one of those people on the list. Time will tell.

      • Katy Bar

        The Globalists gave us “queer” Obama who said he was “very good at killing” until they gave us “demented” Bribe’n who is “very very good at killing” and actually looking to get a nuclear war started – and now they want to give us “transgender” Mike Robinson as our President to finally “finish us off”. The people have awoken and are now saying “No More Killing”- and are overwhelmingly voting for a true patriot who does not want war “Trump”!! The only option left to the evil Globalists is to “immediately create” an Ebola pandemic in all the Red States and in those Blue States (that are on the verge of turning Red once again) – the Demons probably figure that if they can kill off enough people with both their Covid and Ebola shots (which “are very good at killing”) then perhaps they can possibly get enough “dead voters” to vote for “Mike” and overwhelm all the live voters voting for Trump in the coming 2024 election!!!

    • tim mcgraw

      Marie Joy: If I put up a Trump sign in my yard here in ultra-liberal Sonoma County, CA, I’d be ostracized from the community, or worse. I have noticed that all of the Pro-Biden yard signs are gone as are the Pro-Ukrainian ones. Maybe people are waking up even here in Sonoma County.
      PS: Years ago a rancher outside of Santa Rosa put up a Confederate Battle Flag on his flagpole. The reaction of neighbors and the media was intense. The rancher said, “It was an experiment to see if I have free speech.”
      People told him to take his flag and experiment and shove it up his anal cavity.

  7. EH Foundation

    Forgone Confusion Stupid Sheeple Accept No push back No Constitution Only Conscription Get Ready TikTok Face Plant on GOV issued Cell Phone Welfare 🧲 Magnet Recipient Massive Replacement Invasion

  8. Art Simpson

    Michelle is not a woman. She’s Michael.

    • Greg Hunter

      She/he is still going to get creamed in 2024.

      • Jane Hill

        I think so too.
        Most Americans are simply not into the Trans push!

      • Christian

        I don’t know Greg. Obammy got 84% of the vote or something crazy. Most people will feel nostalgic for pre COVID days and equate that to her credit. Even though it was Obammy that solidified the IHR codes for health and used the Swine Flu scare to find holes in the wall before his medical miracle legislation took away our future defense against COVID tyranny. The machines could give her a 60% win and I don’t think the majority would bat an eye.

      • Greg Hunter

        What are you talking about? Are you new here??

      • A Friend

        Exactly. It’s not the person they’re running. It’s the platform and the things these monsters stand for that. The good people of this country, and of this world, are rejecting. No matter who may run in place of the actor playing the role of Joe Biden, it is the policies of that despicable group of monsters that people have rejected. This is part of the Great Awakening.

    • tim mcgraw

      Art Simpson: The Secret Service will have to sweep for toilet cams if Big Mike runs for the presidency.

      • Shiloh1

        I remember when the men’s rooms at Wrigley Field had the troughs.

  9. Tom C.

    As always, a great show.

    Those who are so inclined should pray for the safety of President Trump.

    Thank you Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Very good idea Brother. Pray for Trump and America to Jehovah/Yahweh in the name of Jesus.

      • Tom C.


      • Catherine Cronin

        Yess indeed Greg❤️

  10. Kevin M.

    Great interview. But 2020 was by no means a close election. In depth analysis shows Trump actually received over 100 million votes, which means that Biden received 50 million at best. But statistical analysis shows that 90% of Biden votes were created purely by algorithm. The truth of this will be revealed as this year goes on. We are living in a coup. The Patriots know this, but are biding their time as the courts, public opinion and evidence catch up.

    • Roger Dat

      Yep. And there is lots of video to prove the stealing.

    • Christian

      No the patriots are not. They weak, divided, unorganized and too busy fighting over the latest propaganda to ever mount a defense, mush less an offensive. When push came shove they put on a mask to buy carrots. They will turn on each for food to feed little Johnny if it comes to that. Preppers think everyone is going to group up like on TV, nope.

    • Katy Bar

      We are living in a coup (like a bunch of pigeons) while the Globalists are driving in their Bentley coups smoking Cuban cigars!!

  11. sam

    Every time I hear Traitor John Mckain’s disgraced name I get Red with Rage…

  12. Joshua Porter

    Excellent Interview, Greg. I stayed up till one thirty am to finish the show. Martin never disappoints.

  13. Marie Joy

    If WE don’t stand our ground in a very strong way, we will die.

    • Jerry

      Marie Joy, I have read your comments for sometime now. I love you candidness!

  14. Tom C.

    As always, a great sow.

    Those who are so inclined should pray for the safety of President Trump.

    Thank you Greg!

  15. Karen Luce

    Thank you Greg! I love it when you interview Martin Armstrong! He’s brilliant and always tells it like it is! God Bless Both of You!

  16. cookiesncreamicecreamintravenously

    Another great interview. The time of sorrows just keeps rolling along..

  17. Tom Ranger


    The primary is already showing efforts to steal the election.  Haley is far less popular among conservatives that Desantis or Ramaswamy because she is a known hard core RINO.  Yet all the pools are reporting her to be neck and neck with Trump.

    It has to be a lot of Democrats pretending to be Republicans combined with fake poll numbers and maybe vote flipping in the machines.

    Everybody needs to be encouraged to take a photograph of their paper ballot (PRIOR to putting it in the tabulation machine).  A photo of the entire piece of paper, a close up photo of the bar codes and other stuff at the bottom, and a close up of the plain text vote and other information at the top.  Then it should be taken to a judge to order an audit of the voting records.

    Either the tabulation machine or the voting station are flipping the bar code information.  That is, the top may say a person votes for Trump, but the code at the bottom will say they voted for Haley (or Biden in 2020).  Even in a recount the counters will probably just scan the bar codes on the paper and it will still report the skewed results. Only by auditing and recounting both the top AND the bottom results can a vote be verified.

    Once that is done, it needs to be determined if it’s specific machines that are flipping the votes, and who configured the machines, and/or where they were configured. It could be isolated to specific people in a specific facility.

    • Rodney

      Tom, an election that comes to mind is the midterm Arizona vote (so called) that was audited and found to be full of fraud beyond the pale, and yet; that fiasco still stands, no one held accountable or anything made right so it stands to reason there will be more of the same.
      Question remains, can voters overcome the cheat, it will surely be in spades. Will be interesting to say the least.

    • Christian

      What if it isn’t? What if there really are that many stupid Republicans to vote for Haley? It makes more sense that team that keeps messing up and can’t get organized would continue to have the wool pulled over their eyes. In 2017 and 2018 the Repubs had the Executive the Senate and the House and they did absolutely nothing to help America. When the House was stolen in 2018 they cried about voter fraud and still did nothing. Then again in 2020. Then again in 2022, then again in……..They have done nothing.

    • Pete+only

      Tom, this is something that everyone need to know no matter where they live in the world, because corruption knows no borders!! Many thanks for this useful information!

  18. tim mcgraw

    I look forward to watching the interview with Martin Armstrong. Computer predictions are nice for wallpaper. The revolution will be from the people, not Donald J. Trump. Trump couldn’t beat the bureaucracy and the media in his first four years as president. Why do you think he’ll win this time? He may win the election but he won’t run the government or the country.
    Government is always the enemy of liberty.
    Greg says I’ve given up. Yes, I have given up on the state. There is no Genius Stone in the capitols of the USA. The same people who were idiots in high school are still idiots in the legislature, governor’s office, Congress, and the White House.

    • Christian

      Yep. It was over when people put on a mask to buy broccoli and cops stood at the door to make sure you were a slave. People love hopium though. They blatantly stole the election and only few thousand showed up to do anything about it. Then their dear leader turned the wolves loose on them and called them “detestable” or something like that. They have no hope. This ends in bloodshed unfortunately.

      • tim mcgraw

        Christian: You are correct on all points. I wish it wouldn’t end in bloodshed. But wishes are not a strategy.

    • Proud WW3 Veteran

      Reply to Tim McGraw
      WHAT A HORROR! THIS HAPPENED ON LIVE TV! AMERICA IS IN SHOCK! Peanut Hawk Jan 24, 2024 Thanks for Watching 😉

      Tim, when the Dem’s leave office. They leave with $Millions! There in the club, were not in! When the Trumpster left, he left with a $Billion less! A billion here, a billion there and before you know it, he’ll be in our club. He threw his lot, in with us. The little, sheeple people and I thank him.
      A friends cousin, in Toledo recommended this. It worked fer me!
      I Protest the State of Civilization and the State of our Deep State!

    • Chris in Arkansas

      Tom McGraw – so you are commenting in detail before even watching the video?

      • tim mcgraw

        Chris in Arkansas: I read the prologue. I am responding to that.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are not even watching the interviews?
          That’s the spirit.

  19. tim mcgraw

    I’ll tell you what we are all up against.
    Decades ago, my Dad received an invitation to a CATO Conference in Arizona. CATO was a very Libertarian organization.
    It was an election year. The Koch Brothers had just taken over CATO near as I can tell by funding it big time.
    Security was tight at the hotel in Scottsdale.
    The Big Event was held in the Convention Center. A speaker stood at the podium demanding and pleading that they all fund this candidate or that one in the upcoming election. As we say on the golf course, the room was full of Big Swinging Dicks.
    “Who will pledge $50 million for the upcoming election campaigns?”
    One man stood up and said, “I will!”
    Another stood and said, “I’ll give $100 million.”
    Many more stood up and pledged millions for the upcoming elections.
    My Dad realized that he was in a Big Stakes Game and he didn’t have the ante.
    George Carlin said, “It’s a Big Club and you ain’t in it!”
    Carlin was right.
    Money is a powerful motivator for people.
    Greg, if one of the Big Swinging Dicks offered you $2 million to close your channel and retire, would you take it?

  20. tim mcgraw

    PS: The reason I bring up the $2 million bribe is because in 2016 Pfizer gave Donald J. Trump $1 million for his Inauguration celebrations. RFK Jr. writes about this in his book about Fauci. Trump took the money and then cancelled releasing all of the data on vaccines over the decades. RFK Jr. wanted that data to prove that some vaccines are harmful.
    Trump rolled over for $1 million. I figure that with inflation and all, you would be worth twice as much.
    All the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is my PS. So, you are not really worried about the guy in the White House that has raped the country in the last three years? You are not worried about bagman Hunter who took in billions of dollars in bribes from the Chinese and others for the “Big Guy”? No worries about the 500,000 dead Ukraine soldiers in a war Biden and his buddies are prolonging? This is not to mention the hundreds of billions sent to Ukraine. You are not worried about the wide-open southern border with terrorist pouring in? So, I call Bull crap on your $1 million dollar pittance. Yes, Trump has made some mistakes but, he’s not a criminal. Can’t say that for the BIG GUY. So, bull crap on you giving up. Yes, I am pissed because I hate quitters.

      • Rob

        Yes, pathetic losers always quit and that is a fact.
        Funny thing with Birdbrains like Nimrada Haley and “Tim” above, they don’t have the common sense to distinguish reality from their own delusions.

        • tim mcgraw

          Rob: Do not compare me to Nikki Haley who is a warmongering liar.
          I went to the city council meetings. I wrote to the school board (no meetings were allowed during Covid). I wrote to the local paper. I signed petitions here in town to end Fluoride in the water.
          I wrote to the county supervisors. I wrote to the county health officer. I wrote to my “representatives” in Sacramento and DC.
          I got NOWHERE! I rarely even got a reply.
          I finally went to a protest at City Hall about forced jabs and masks and lockdowns. The five city council members ran out the back door of City Hall.
          What did YOU do?

        • A Friend

          I think Tim McGraw is enjoying all the attention everyone is giving him. Just ignore him and maybe he’ll go away.

      • Dave

        Greg, nothing Biden has done compares to the devastation Trump inflicted in 2020, the horrific precedents set, and the things he set into motion.

        It’s fair to say that America will NEVER recover from the Trump Scamdemic and kill shot.

        Wake up!

        • Greg Hunter

          No Dave you are a troll idiot and you do not know what you are talking about. The shots came out in December of 2020. This was after Trump was robbed of the White House. Biden Mandated the clot shots and his dumbass treasonous Biden/Obama Defences Secretary, Lloyd Austin, wrecked the military by mandating it there. If you read the Trump/Pfizer contract here: It required Pfizer (that had 63% of the CV19 vax market globally) to make a safe and effective vax. R E Q U I R E D!!!
          Now go away and don’t come back AI toll rat “Dave.”

      • sam

        GREAT!…Mr Greg Hunter is seeing what I have seen for a lomg time from this tim character….I can spot people like him a MILE away…..GOOD CALL Mr. Hunter!

        • tim mcgraw

          sam: You must be using a periscope from your Mom’s basement if you can see me.

          • sam

            timmy….. you can’t Insult any body but Me?…..boy you sure are hunting for “Big Game”…….I spotted you a LONG time ago….not with a Periscope, but with the Narcissist writings of a person who thinks HIGHLY of himself and deludes his thinking that way….when you BRAGGED that you got a Local Boy FIRED from his Grocery Bagging Job because he had the Audacity to tell you to follow the store RULES….I knew at that time what and who you are…just one of MANY statements that shine the “Light of Day” on your Character…

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I still agree with Bo Polny take n the financial system, however his specific times (i.e. December) have been off.

        God bless


      • tim mcgraw

        Greg, the system we have in the USA doesn’t work anymore. The uSA isn’t thirteen states in 1778 with a small Federal government in DC.
        The system has to GO!
        Arguing about Trump or Biden is pointless.
        The system has to GO!
        The states should regain their power and DC should disappear.
        So yeah, I’m quitting on believing in the current centralized power system we have in the USA.
        It doesn’t work for the people. It doesn’t matter who is in charge.

        • Greg Hunter

          Noted. Please keep telling us all how it sucks here and how you are not going to lift a finger to do anything. How uplifting.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg: You didn’t answer my question. Would you take the $2 million? I think you would and that would be wise. Take care of your family.
        You missed my point. This is why we are losing the battle. The Bad Guys are bribing everyone in sight who is a threat. The Bad Guys have unlimited funds.
        And if you didn’t take the money, well then the Bad Guys send in the Goons. You end up like Julian Assange.
        All the best,

        • Greg Hunter

          I did answer your question and you did not like my answer. I called bull crap on the entire premise because it pales in comparison to what has been going on for the past 3 years with the Biden/Obama Administration. We will be lucky if we make it through the weekend without starting WWIII.

      • JB

        The courts will ultimately decide if Trump is a criminal or not!

        • Greg Hunter

          You mean the crooked courts like the one in NYC and DC.

          • JB

            Trump will have the right to appeal all cases, including the one in Florida. all the way up to the Supreme Court.

  21. tim mcgraw

    Great interview! Armstrong’s story of how Australia turned down money, lots of money, from Hong Kong for immigration to OZ was news to me. So the Labor government in Canberra didn’t want those conservative Hong Kong emigres. Figures.
    Power is everything.
    Here in Healdsburg, CA, Dr. Jill Biden came to town last Thursday. She attended a Democrat fundraiser at a winery just north of town. 80-85% of local voters are Democrats and very very rich.
    Here in our former farming town (now a world-class 5-star destination) homes sell for over $1 million. They are then torn down and mansions are put up. 64% of Healdsburg home sales last year went to owners who use the property as a second home or rental.
    You can look all this up in the local rag Healdsburg Tribune (Spittoon).
    I guess Senile Uncle Joe couldn’t make the trip to Healdsburg.
    I’ll give you a first-hand account of how rich these Democrats in the SF Bay Area are.
    My wife and I live in an old 1933 stucco bungalow. It has two bedrooms and a tiny bath. We’ve had to put in new plumbing, wiring, HVAC, roof, paint, etc.
    Next door was a historical two-story brick home. The walls were five bricks thick and withstood the 1906 earthquake.
    The house was torn down and a mansion, guest house, and pool were built. The most recent owner paid $4.2 million for the place. They didn’t like how the pool went north to south. Two summers ago my wife and I listened to the jackhammers etc. as the owners put in a pool that went east to west.
    The owners have a mansion on the Belvedere Peninsula in Tiburon with views of the Golden Gate Bridge. They are almost never here in town.
    They repainted the house next door just because it was the wrong shade of gray.
    Money is nothing to these people. Money is a weapon they use against us.

    • sam

      WOW….”I guess Senile Uncle Joe couldn’t make the trip to Healdsburg.”…….Impressive….they sent in the “second string”……must be a POWERFUL get (doctor) jill biden instead of the Headliner….

  22. Benadictess Arnoldo

    Reply to Cheri Rodriguez •
    What’s even scarier Cheri, is all the Dem’s, who came out to vote for Nikki in New Hampshire as fake and false Republicans. Forget about Michelle, Nikki is going to turn out to be a turncoat and be the nominee for president, as a Democrat! She’s what the deep creeps, deep state think, as the perfect bird brain. To replace slow Joe, to be they’re new presidential pick. She’s willing to be and do whatever it takes to be the first woman and puppet president. She’s a CIA dream, bird brained operative. An Alex Soros wet dream bimbo and for Victoria Nuland, Nikki is the savior of her baby Ukraine, Toria a war monger like her big sister Hillary too. I could go on, but mark my words, she wants the job so bad she can taste it, you can see in her face. The powers that be, have assured her. Donald Trump, compared to her is a bug, that needs to be squished and she’s the one to do it! I will repeat, she will do anything, for the deep state and AOC, JV squad. Them compared to Trumpa, don’t stand a ghost’s chance in hell, shadow government and aren’t going to let her go.
    Boy, are they in for a shellacking! They used to call it. shell Shock!

  23. Catherine

    Wow !!!
    This interview was excellent. The turning point of destiny is here and God Willing justice will prevail. Trump will win by a landslide. The world will continue to put trust in the dollar and the very idea of making the USA a Communist socialist dictatorship will NOT happen. Socrates predicts and it all sounds like we will be struggling here but we will overcome that struggle and somehow come up on top!
    The previous guest said the powers that be currently undermining the world “cannot be allowed to reach their dream of total and complete control over the planet”. Socrates seems to be saying that they will never control the world!
    Two very powerful interviews pointing to us winning the battle over evil.
    Thanks Greg. You are truly a patriot and a REAL investigative journalist.

  24. Roger Stamper

    tks martin greg

  25. Mike

    Armstrong is right at the top of analyzing what is taking place. Very balanced. Thanks Greg.

  26. Russell Holmes

    The government cartel in several states have already given illegals drivers’ licenses so they can vote and super coward House Speaker Johnson made a deal to give million work permits and visas to these “undocumented Dumbocrats” (passed by the Senate but not by the House….yet). Even with these millions of illegal votes it’s looking like Trump is so popular the feudalists cartel won’t be able to steal the election again. Mike Lindell also has an awesome plan to stop them from hacking the voting machines. His people have developed a phone app to monitor when the machines are being hacked and has recruited thousands to monitor polling locations.

  27. Roger Dat

    “People think I’m crazy when I say the stock market will go down 86% on the S&P — the worst case but also my most likely case,” Harry Dent Jr. . . .

    . . . For several years now, Dent has been forecasting “the crash of a lifetime.” Now, he says, 2024 will be the year it hits — “two years later than it should have,” according to his calculations. But “it’s starting now,” he insists.

    . . . Beware of a weak January 2024, he warns. It will foretell “the type of crash I’m talking about.”

    you have to wonder what kind of strings must Biden & Co. be pulling to keep this thing afloat? Just like how they had the big corporations involved in promoting the Covid psyop, perhaps these are now issuing fake quarterly reports, e.g., how are people subscribing to Netflix when they cannot afford food, utilities, credit card interest and automobile loans. …. You’d think Trump would want the crash to happen on Biden’s watch, and sooner than later affecting the election.

  28. Joseph Boudreau

    I’m 6 and you better believe it! haha
    Another great interview with Mr. Armstrong. I agree with him saying the USA markets will benefit from an ompolding world scenario. Cliff High said just a couple weeks ago that a crack up boom was straight aead of us. All so much fun, eh?
    I wrote a post on my blog about your last interview with David Rogers Webb and it’s become a very popular post. Includes links to USAWatchDog, of course. Word of mouth is so powerful.
    Thanks for all you do, Greg!

  29. Rod Brumley Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    The deep state will pull out all the stops!! I enjoyed the interview and I remember one of the pollsters saying Trump had to win Pennsylvania by 8 points to actually win the state and that came out to be very true – the cheating will be massive but I too think Trump wins big!!! I’m
    Positive that DJT will pick a much better cabinet this time since he can’t run for reelection after he wins. Destroy the swamp this time around.
    In God I Trust

  30. Mary Ann Saluri

    Thank you Greg and Martin. I always look forward to hearing Martin’s updates, not only because of his knowledge and intelligence, but his love for our country and the betterment of humanity. Both of you give me hope that fellow Christians will join together in this biblical battle against Satan.

  31. Don.W

    I really agree with about all Mr. Armstrong said. I do think that it will be a war that the ONE WORLD GOV. that is in control today in the US will start a war shortly after they see how Trump is doing in about July. Then they will say we can not have the election with us at war and they will so all they can to stop the election. They know they can NOT win it by again stuffing ballots to take over. But we will be at war soon.
    Blessings to you Greg for doing the interview at this time. People need to be kept updated and have some knowledge of what is happening in our USA today.

  32. Judd


    Your only chance of convincing people your Thor you’re going to need to color your hair blond, 😳

  33. Henry Zee

    typical open-border Democrat hypocrisy in action:

    50 seconds clip:

  34. Jacky Jackson

    FDA effectively dispenses with informed consent if it is deemed by the corporation to be “safe & effective”.

    Transforms the entire USA into one big Auschwitz experiment camp.

    ps. when does Socrates say is the Apocalypse, end-times?

  35. John Duffy

    Heart attacks among young people in the UK have more than doubled in the last few years, leaving scientists and doctors baffled as to the cause.
    Baffled I say, Baffled!

  36. Birk Milne

    The triad of antibodies and t-cells are there? This is Hugh Hewitt triad territory!

    “What Percent of CDC Employees Are Vaccinated?” Cassidy asks Walensky at Senate Hearing!
    Rising Voices 477,319 views Jan 14, 2024
    🇺🇸 Welcome to Rising Voices – Unveiling the Senate Chronicles! 🎥

  37. D

    To the politician saying, “Someone’s got to die” — YOU FIRST.

  38. Sue Robinson

    Wonderful interview with the great Martin Armstrong, Greg. Your site is a must watch and must listen. Thank you for all that you do. As for Marty, he is a treasure. I never miss checking in on his Armstrong Economics Blog every morning. He posts a lot of free material and all of it is just superb. I’m no expert, but I did spend time as a journalist writing about foreign affairs, and Marty’s perspective on international issues is valuable to say the least. Let’s not forget that most of these neo-con war lovers and their foolish followers could not find tiny Yemen on a map, let alone Syria or Ukraine.

  39. Willie

    Magacrats suffer from dementia almost as badly as Biden…them forgetting the reality of Trump’s 4 years in office are overwhelming proof…

    If you loved the Scamdemic and clot shots then you’ll love what Don The Con has in store for his next term in office…

  40. Jason

    Honestly, I turned it off when I heard, “Electorial College.” That was about 30 seconds in.

  41. Pamela Hankins

    Mr. Armstrong quotes the law as to the reason the US cannot issue a CBDC, but what does the law matter to lawbreakers? They don’t care what the law says, they seek to dismantle the law…they ignore the law…they pervert the law to their own ends, and/or their minions change the law by hook or by crook. To think the Constitution matters at this point seems ludicrous to me, and highly naive.

  42. Abraham Robles

    Hello GH, who can i speak to about a loved one having surgery and a blood transfusion. Does the blood given used in surgery donated dangerous? We do not know if the blood banks having been accepting blood from vaccinated people as good acceptable blood? Is there someone we can contact to verify said? Thxs AR

    • Greg Hunter

      I have been told by the red Cross it is a national policy to comingle the vaxed and unvaxed blood.

    • Donna

      Abraham, is your loved one capable of banking some of their own blood prior to surgery? That’s what I’d do if I had to have surgery and had time to do it. Talk to surgeon, hospital admistration, local Red Cross, someone has to have the information. Good luck to your loved one!

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, as to Mr. Armstrongs views on the wrongly stated narrative that Putin’s intentions is to ‘invade’ Ukraine and then on to Western Europe is supported…and that what Putin did was only a result of NATO expansion…which…the U.S. along with Germany and others help by their subterfuge and betrayal of the Minsk agreement.
    So, what was Trump’s sin? He did not want ‘ENDLESS’ wars which undermine the NATO plan. @ 35min thru 45 min…
    but as always…people with an attention span longer than a X tweet….should listen to the whole thing which runs remarkable parallel to RFKjr views

  44. tim

    NO OBAMA IN WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Major Payne

    Michelle Obama is not a woman, Martin…

    • sam

      Whatever IT is……IT is so REPULSIVE…..IT makes me CRINGE just to look at IT…


    If you look at the historical stock price of Microsoft (MSFT), Harvard dropout Bill Gates III had to push for gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China, and WHO pandemic protocols through obvious, provable bribery in order to shut down brick and mortar businesses & culture with the COVID-19 lock downs and replace them with online businesses and Big Tech culture in order to expand his digital Microsoftkill computer empire at the expense of seventeen million COVID victims, and counting. The Big Tech CIA Nazis at Facebook, Google, & Twitter colluded with the corrupt Swiss Huber/Hoover family sleeper cells in the FBI to victimize, censor, and raid President Trump because Big Pharma “khellthcare” and Big Tech companies all benefited financially enormously, including Fauci, Mark Sugarmountain, Joe Bribeden, Bill Gates, and the other Harvard Nazi pink list killer, Obama. Trump isn’t a computer geek or a medical family guy like Nixon, he’s brick & mortar and reality television. Since taking over Twitter and leaving OpenAI, Elon Musk has been an AI whistleblower: “Artificial Intelligence is the greatest existential threat to humanity.”

    According to Wikipedia, “In December 2015, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Reid Hoffman, Jessica Livingston, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Infosys, and YC Research announced the formation of OpenAI and pledged over $1 billion to the venture. Before the transition to a private company, public disclosure of the compensation of top employees at OpenAI was legally required. The company then distributed equity to its employees and partnered with Microsoft, announcing an investment package of $1 billion into the company. Since then, OpenAI systems have run on an Azure-based supercomputing platform from Microsoft.”

    OpenAI is a private company now owned and controlled by Microsoft owner and COVID-19 mass murderer, Greedy Bill Gates. He’s not a public health expert, he’s a dangerous and corrupt man. His anti-competitive business practices in the 1990s and “philanthropy” laid the groundwork for his Big Tech fascist revolution in 2020. He also owned 500,000 shares of Monsanto Corp before it was sold for $66.6 Billion to German Bayer, owners of the patent for Zyklon B and RoundUp – more connections to Nazi Germany and the growing Holocaust against humanity. With an private army of murderbots and swarm drones, he could unleash the Gates of Hell and DESTROY US IN ONE DAY!

    GPT-5 AI spy shows how it can destroy the US in a day. (expand stock chart to “Max!”)

    “Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo to leave the company.” ( 2008)
    (See the Swiss Nazi Templar 101 torture symbol in the IOI logo?)

    Room 101 Part 1: Vertical War vs Horizontal Wars (44:12)

    WHO could stop this Satanic Swiss Octagon neo-Templar neo-Nazi gang of banksters, provocateurs, thieves, liars, extortionists, torturers, and mass murderers but God & Jesus?!

    For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?
    Mark 8:36

  47. Fatima 1917

    this is an apocalyptic sign allowed by God so that you now know who is with the dragon of Revelation 12 — because Blessed Mary is “the Woman”, which is how Jesus refers to her in the Gospels (at Cana wedding and at Calvary, the alpha and omega of Jesus’ earth ministry.)

    ps. Clif High’s computer had forecast worldwide pogroms coming soon. (Billions of Catholics/Orthodox & Muslims revere Blessed Mary.)

  48. Justn Observer

    Greg, only to move the conversation and awareness that Mr. Armstrongs view seem correct…is same link = but 1:02:00 to 1:26:00 =

    Many now see the narrative has changed from INSURRECTION to…ESCALATION =

    and nations (UK-Germany-Sweden-Finland ARE telling their people to prepare for war =

  49. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg and Mr. Armstrong. As odd as it sounds, Trump has been made into a martyr. All the law fair has done what no PR person could have ever done. Let’s hope he can remain alive.
    Side note; i have my wife talked into some bulk buying. I think we settled in on about a years worth of stuff. And that’s not a huge amount- maybe 6-8 cases of toilet paper, 8 jars of peanut butter, 8-10 Costco cans of ground coffee, etc. — over a few months for sure. We already have some of the basics. It will be a good feeling when we talk about going to the store and it is a matter of convenience and not necessity. Not sure what to make of the talk about disease X? It’s scary out there.

  50. Richard in Georgia

    “The 2024 race, featuring Donald J. Trump, is shaping up to be the most lopsided race for the White House in history.”

    This statement from your synopsis of your interview with Martin Armstrong on or about 24 January 2024 is simply not true.

    In 1789 and in 1792, George Washington won 100% of the Electoral College votes. Those are the only unanimous presidential elections ever.

    And although it remains to be seen what the 2024 election cycle will bring (Lord help us!), it is safe to say that nobody is going to get 100% of the Electoral College votes in 2024 or indeed ever again.

    In 1980, Jimmy Carter won six (6) states and the District of Columbia. In 1984, Walter Mondale won only one state. And in 1964, Barry Goldwater won six (6) states. The 2024 election will not even come close to being as “lopsided” as those of 1789, 1792, 1964, 1980, or 1984. And nobody will ever again win George Washington’s 100%–especially not twice.

    Greg, you are without doubt one of the best journalists and interviewers to come along in many decades, and I am one of your greatest fans, but ignoring history is not good for your credibility. I hope that you will take my remarks in the spirit in which they are offered: friendly and supportive. But the facts are the facts. And in these times, when Washington has been stripped of his birthday holiday in favor of “Presidents Day” and when “our” country’s true and proud history is being rewritten or erased, George Washington’s unanimous elections–both of them–should not be overlooked.

    All the best to you and yours for 2024 and beyond.

  51. Marie Joy

    Please, quietly arm up.
    Put your assets in PMs and hide them.
    Landslide or not. They will never allow Trump to take office without a kinetic or guerilla herculean effort. Get ready
    They will not let Trump take office without us doing something big. Get ready.
    They intend to take ALL you own. Get ready.
    I have my doubts we are up to doing what needs to be done.
    Like minded people need to come together NOW.

  52. Marie Joy

    I mentioned to my former doctor that someone said, that a doctor’s relative received $15,000 per month to promote the clot shot. My doctor said she only receives $12,000 per month and did I know why the difference. I believe the difference is the number of patients a doctor sees in a day. Some doctors give a patient 15 minutes per visit. Some doctors give 8 minutes per patient. I know one group that gives 5 minutes per patient. Nurses and other support staff do most of the work so the doctor can get the patient in and out and make more money.
    I mentioned to my doctor that I thought doctors and nurses would, eventually, be in serious danger from relatives of “died suddenly” patients.
    On second thought, I don’t think we have the cajones to do what needs to be done. IF we did, Gates of Hell and company would be

    • Katy Bar

      Marie – Wow – so doctors are receiving $3,000 dollars per week to promote the Kill Shot? Do you know how much Bribe’n is getting to promote it??

  53. Mary

    I just finished this documentary, It took me several days. The data/evidence was overwhelming. I was upset by all the lies that have been told and taught as truth in our education system. What they did to Germany reminds me of what they are doing to our beloved country. They have removed this video this video on a lot of the platforms, this was posted on gab.

  54. Poochiwoo

    I do not foresee a market crash for a very long time either.. It is 100% rigged. We’ll probably see a manufactured correction around election time to be used as a political PR stunt at election time.

  55. James Macareo

    What about the military age men coming across the border?
    How about the training camps across the country funded by the FBI for years training Muslims to kill us.
    Mr Armstrong says war by July or August but didn’t say where
    I think it will be here on our soil with a lot of brain dead couch potatoes.
    God help us all

    • Katy Bar

      War right here on American soil makes sense if the Neocon Demon Rats want an excuse to cancel the election. If they can’t cancel the election, they will likely still have their millions of imported troops (migrants now crossing our southern border) create a Color Revolution (to get Trump out) and replace him with some Queer or Transgender as our new President (just like the neocons did in Ukraine)!!

  56. SkeptiSchism

    It’s interesting he thinks none of the elite or bureaucratic leadership will ever be held to account for their crimes against humanity. That means, logically, there is no restraint from them raping humanity as much and as often as they want.

    Coupling that with a general knowledge of human nature that means they will not stop until they have killed us all. So I don’t really understand the need for any kind of economic model when there is no accountability for our political or economic leadership. Might as well kiss your butt goodbye.

    Very confusing to me, maybe someone here can help me understand.

  57. Los Costas Antonio

    Thanks Greg, I like that you are always seeking direct answers to your questions, and that you insist on having them.

    How many people outside the US believe the US military will attack three continents without any retaliation? Hardly any, is the answer. Let’s leave out the possibility that retaliation could be on mainland USA; that idea is too contentious to discuss here and now. But there are 800 foreign bases with US personnel on them, a lot of them not properly staffed and armed.. and that could be the achilles heel of the US.

    So far, we can see from the type of warfare that is developing in the middle east that there are assymetries that are causing headaches to the US and the IDF. Most of all there is no visible intimidation from the local militaries. We know the US wants a “big guns” war, but its opponents know this and are unlikely to oblige.

    For a number of the US’s opponents, the threat to their sovereignty is a matter of life and death. I mention this because Mr Armstrong is confident the US and its dollar weapon will be supported by all and sundry. I suspect it will be supported by Europeans and wealthy family offices that are already dollar based.

    And what about the EU? Who will wage war in Europe? Germany (LOL)? France? Italy? Greece? With what army, money and what weapons? NATO cannot produce enough weapons to fight Russia, let alone Russia’s allies, so how will they launch a war? Ukraine will no longer be in play to conduct anything other than IRA style warfare, and irritating point, but not game-changing. So if not the above, who else? Moldova, Romania, the little Baltic states? its amost funny to think about it. The obvious candidate would be Poland but they are more interested in usurping Germany in the EU than turning into road kill – for the umpteenth time in history.

    Is it not possible that Mr. Biden will be forced to step down and his neocon team will be put on ice for a few years? Whomever succeeds him, let’s say it is Michelle Obama, does she want her immediate job to be a global war?

    Mr Armstrong is right in relating the dollar’s importance to these wars, but I’m not sure everyone sees it the way he does. His point about the US defaulting on its debt is well taken, it is in and of itself a potent weapon. But all the nations that will fall victim to this act of default or confiscation ahve alreay thought about it and are drawing up contingency plans. lets not forget that the US has also loans it will not have repaid in such circumstances.

    Russia’s 330B dollar reduction in confiscated reserves was a game-changer. No one can argue there hasnt already been financial blowback. The damage to Russia can be mitigated by its confiscation of European factories in Russia, I have heard the figures are not far off the amount of the reserves confiscated, and its revenue streams from oil and gas are going to skyrocket in the event of a wider war. We have already seen aprelude to that happen with the Ukraine war.

    The US’s allies today are captive nations from WW2, and nations that depend on its swap lines. They are a burden to the US in everything except as padding to the US’s frontiers or as cannon fodder in any front line battle. Like the Ukraine, they will end up with nothing. I am writing in to suggest that while a handful of malicious bureaucrats in the West are keen and able to engineer a war, it will not a one-way street for the USA and the public would soon realise that it was a bad idea. So perhaps a damaging war could be averted with the US public putting pressure on its government. Lets hope so.

    Best regards

  58. The Good Guy

    Good call Greg, Martin A Armstrong is a great choice for any interview. Also, good coverage on the topics.

  59. Justn Observer

    Greg, as Mr. Armstrong also mentioned the Farmer Protests Erupt Across Europe is erupting out of control…WEF losing the narrative…so expect for draconian measures will probably be imposed? Only time until this comes here to the U.S. and Canada as the same policies are getting set in place here… =

  60. Justn Observer

    Greg, Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/24/24 = Col Douglas MacGregor…=
    Losses in Ukraine now sickening…. another 40 K and tens of thousands amputees in the current offensive…. hordes of severely injured Ukraine soldiers now surrendering to Russia

  61. Justn Observer

    Greg, Iranian Illegal Alien Warns About the Border Invasion in interview at border….does not now how many ‘terrorists’ have crossed…but says MANY !

    • Moiya

      Everyone should watch this short video – very eye opening. Thanks for sharing.


    Mr Hunter… Thanks as always for another intriguing interview… I must say I disagree with Mr. Armstrong on numerous points he articulated yet found it fascinating he holds such beliefs… The Bottom line in my view is, God has a far different plan for America , a brighter future than anything Martin Armstrong is professing with all due respect …
    Thanks as always Greg for your insights and the time you spend producing this wonderful forum !

    • Diana

      I agree with you Mark and God will have the final say not any person on earth. Oh, and that includes Schwab or his side kick Harari.

  63. tim mcgraw

    There are some on this site, including Greg Hunter, who call me a quitter. Well, I am quitting the protest. I’ve written all the letters, attended the City Council meetings, and I’ve stated my opinions to locals.
    I got yelled at for not wearing a mask, and for not getting the jabs.
    I’ve lost friends and all of my “friends” here in town. I’ve lost my town. I’ve lost my family.
    The days of peaceful protestations to the state are over.
    I have two options:
    Violence or abstaining from the fray.
    I will not use violence.
    So call me a quitter.
    What did YOU do in the Covid Wars?

    • Greg Hunter

      I stayed on the air and told people not to get the shots. I was kicked off of You Tube and later kicked off of AdSense. I had 300,000 subscribers and 90 million video views. This cost me big money to be deplatformed, but I made it and it was worth it. I was never going to keep quiet to cash a check for the CV19 murder shots. I have never backed of telling people not to take the murder CV19 shots. That’s what I did, and I am still informing “We the People.”

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg: I know you fought the good battle during Covid. I know it cost you money. You are a warrior.
        But have you changed anything?
        You write yourself that WWIII is around the corner.
        You tell the same people the truth. It’s an echo chamber.
        You live in North Carolina and visit Missouri. You live in Hobbiton. I’m out here in Mordor (Sonoma County).
        Until the Ring of Power (government) is destroyed. None of us will have peace, prosperity, and liberty.
        You think you can wield the Power of the Ring. You can’t. It must be destroyed.

      • tim mcgraw

        PS: Greg, the real quitters are the ones who fled California for Texas, Florida, Nevada, etc. Sure we lost the fight to recall Gov. Gruesome 2:1 but I’m staying. I still write letters to the City Council and local newspaper. I’m still a thorn in their side. I won’t give up paradise to Satanists.
        But politics… no thanks. The revolution has to come from the ground up. I give my opinions and facts to the people who DON’T want to hear them.
        You also have had confrontations with bureaucrats. I respect that.
        We disagree on strategy, not outcomes.

      • Bill

        Yes, Greg told people Not to get the shots!

        • Stan tuttle

          Thump and govt. can’t save us but Holy Spirit Spirit filled patriots will, get it and pray.


    The Lord said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand until I put Your enemies under Your feet.” ’ So if David calls Him ‘Lord,’ how can He be David’s son?”
    Matthew 22:44-45

    Pregnancy in true hermaphrodites and all male offspring to date

    As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.”

    He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”
    Luke 11:27-28 NIV

    • Susan Tiger

      Luke 11:27-28 in his reply, Jesus does not negate the statement “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.” For if he did so, he would be contradicting scripture (Luke 1:42 & 48), which cannot happen whatsoever.

      What Jesus is saying in his reply is for us to be like her, for because she is full of grace she perfectly follows the will of God.

      Likewise, St Paul writes to his followers in several letters that they should imitate him. All the more so imitate Mary because she is full of grace.

    • Lina Orozco

      re Luke 11:27-28

      Despite the Evangelical’s notorious disregard for Blessed Mary, the reply of Jesus is not at all a diminishment of her. Quite the contrary, it is a Rhetorical technique known as Synecdoche (cf. Wikipedia) used to highlight a quality, which Mary in abundance because she is “full of grace” (accdg to the Archangel Gabriel and Elizabeth).

      That quality is that she is perfectly obedient to God. … By communicating in this manner, Jesus is effectively commanding that Mary is a role model for Christians.

      … Likewise, St. Paul tells others to imitate himself. ( 1 Corinthians 4:15-16 & 2 Thessalonians 3:9 & Hebrews 6:12 & Hebrews 13:7 ) Hence, the Saints are role models.

  65. Mark Beldame

    TYRANNY ALERT: Federal Ruling Against Trudeau Spells His Doom – WEF Panics/The Alex Jones Show January 24th 2024
    The tyrant up North may soon be removed from office!
    Viva Frei joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down how and why the corrupt Canadian government invoked the Emergency Act during the trucker convoy protest in 2022.

    “Tucker Carlson: You Won’t Believe What JUST HAPPENED in Canada!!”
    Point of view 5,600 7 hours ago

    Today Seniors Receive! $2000 New OAS Payment Coming From CRA.
    Canada Benefits Hub 358 views 4 hrs. ago Jan 24, 2024
    In this exciting video, we bring you the latest news about a new OAS payment coming from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) that will benefit seniors. Join us as we discuss the details of this upcoming payment and how it can positively impact seniors’ lives.
    We’ll dive into the eligibility criteria, application process, and important dates to remember. Whether you’re a senior yourself or have loved ones who are, this video is a must-watch to stay informed about the financial support available!
    Oh Canada! With LOVE!

  66. Dr. Tyz

    Let’s see were things are at.

    The power elite fabricated the covid virus to get the sheeple of the world to shut down their businesses, close schools, wear ineffective masks, distance from others, take bogus tests to say whether or not they were infected, get deadly shots that either caused serious medical problems or outright killed, are now predicting a new more deadly bioweapon that is just around the corner, have manipulated the weather to either destroy the food supply or to use as another weapon of mass destruction, flooded the border with illegal aliens that get more rights than US citizens and veterans, have run the US debt up to a level that soon no one will want to accept the dollar, are planning to replace paper currencies with a digital currency where they can shut off access to your funds, have hand picked complete incompetents (Trump/Biden) with the intention of causing civil unrest leading to a civil war and this is not all of it.

    Essentially, the game is over for those of you living in the West, primarily the US and UK, as China and its allies gain a foothold on the world.

    With all this going on, people still come out advising to get rid of debt as a solution to survive what is coming. This makes as much sense as telling someone to buy a fire extinguisher when they live in the woods and a massive out of-control fire is coming their way. Total nonsense.

    Seriously, there is no surviving what is heading your way. The only hope you have is to move to a country not being targeted for mass depopulation. Time to do a little research while you still can and get out while you can. Otherwise, you basically have sealed your ownfate and it’s game over come 2025 or sooner. This is one prediction you need to take seriously as your life and your families life depends on it.

  67. Paul Bajon

    Martin Armstrong, his name is Greg, not Craig.
    Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed again.

  68. harold cloud

    Tucker Carlson Tonight January 24, 2024
    KIM OANH Handmade 138, 991 views Jan 24, 2024 Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/24/24 :
    Into the abyss: Colonel Douglas Macgregor tells us why the Ukraine war must end now.
    This is why i dont get my news from tv. Thank you Tucker for keeping us informed
    The best thing to happen to inform the American people what’s really going on was Tucker being fired from Fox. Thanks for your awesome reporting.
    70% of our military is overweight and the rest 30% have anxiety disorders. We don’t have the military to fight with Russia. We in the US are tired of these money laundering wars to make certain people richer and wasting our taxpayer money.
    Every American should watch this entire interview.
    No better reason for Trump to be America’s next President!

  69. Louis Prince of Battenberg

    FOX News /Keith Olbermann rages at CNN anchor over on-air Biden criticism, calls her ‘absolute disaster.’ Story by Jeffrey Clark • 14h
    Get Used to It Kiethster! The party’s over, my friend. All dreams must end.

    Fetterman Slams Fellow Democrat Live on CNN, Questions Why They Don’t Care About the Border Crisis Story by Andrew Rodriguez • 18h

    Hispanic community leader reveals reason behind Soros’ expensive effort to reverse Dems’ Texas losing streak
    Story by Brandon Gillespie, Joe Schoffstall • 3h

  70. Rupert Brooke

    Breaking: UK Army Chief Says Youth Will Be Called-Up To Military Service If NATO Goes to War with Russia
    by Kelen McBreen January 24th, 2024
    ‘British men and women’ told to ‘be prepared for a call-up if NATO goes to war with Putin.’
    GET READY BRITAIN___Red Badge of Courage / Stephen Crane

  71. Ed Balfour

    Breaking: Arizona GOP Chair RESIGNS Over Bombshell Audio Leak Bribing Kari Lake to Leave Politics /by Jamie White January 24th 2024
    “I received an ultimatum from Lake’s team: Resign today or face the release of a new, more damaging recording,” says Jeff DeWit.

  72. Gloria Charlier

    Martin called Klaus Schwab a control freak. It makes him sound almost “normal.” Sorry Martin, the man is a psychopath and psychopaths have NO capacity for empathy, they are dangerous and will do ANYTHING to get what they want! I am a retired RN who spent most of my career in psychiatry and have an extensive background in forensic psychiatry.

  73. Bill

    Wow! Roberts and Barret ignore the 10th Amendment! Greg, please bring a expert on, to talk about this?

    • Shiloh1

      Great question. Perhaps Robert Barnes. Judge Nap usually takes open questions on Friday, so I am on the lookout. tomorrow. Judge Nap said that Trump talked to him about the Supreme Court seats that Trump ultimately nominated Kavanaugh and Barrett. Very sad when I heard that. I never watched Fox – not now or the old days and mainly learned of Judge Nap via Gerald Celente on USAWD with Greg.

      • sam

        ” Judge Nap”….hates President Trump because he “Passed him over” for Supreme Court….Gerry Celente is a DRAFT DODGER who is proud of the fact that he is a COWARD……

  74. Lora

    Hello Greg,
    The popular opinion is that the Biden Administration is allowing open borders for votes. But it’s so much more than this. The Globalists want to COMPLETELY eradicate our current borders, destroy our traditional ways of life by causing utter chaos/fear in our society by all means including terrorism, evidently installing in a New World “centralized” Order, their own regional border lines, (10 regions if I’m not mistaken). Their governance will allow for zero freedoms and a massively reduced population of slaves.
    We need to go after the big fish, but little focus or conversation seems to be addressing this overall dire concern/issue.

  75. Justn Observer

    Greg, seems Bill Holter agrees with David Roger Webb or is his views likely most, more partisan/national rather that world economic ones?
    Holter agrees those laws DRW spoke to are real and on the books and that he, Bill Holter has gotten and held his stock certificates for years when he referenced your interview with DRW.
    @31:21 =
    I believe this is the Zerohedge article Bill Holter cites in the interview =

    • Greg Hunter

      I really like and respect Bill Holter.

      • Justn Observer

        As do I !

  76. Laura has dmv question

    I have a hunch how they flipped their party registration affilliation. If you go to dmv online it has a section to ask a question if you give your name, add, phone & email. Any question I assumed it was for regarding the dmv.

    A spam nbr immediately phoned me after I submitted a question. I didn’t answer the call, it was last week during the NH primary. I was expecting an email reply. My question was unrelated to voting it had to do w the dmv written exam. The weird call came in as a spam phone #, as listed by complaints in online search of who called me, as if it was available to assist on the link to submitting an online question at the dmv. It was last week during the NH primary & at that time that those robocalls were going out telling people to write-in Biden. I haven’t received an official email reply from the dmv yet in response to my question so it makes me think if the dmv’s questioning online form is reserved for that party switching, since they’re not following up on my question by email, and it appears it’s contracted out by that suspicious spam phone no. that tried phoning me after I gave out my ph# to ask a dmv question, & search of the # is listed by a group listing of spam callers catagorized under Chinese sanscript.

  77. Buddy L

    Go to your state’s dmv website & ask an online question & see if you get a spam call in reply to your dmv question ?

  78. Faith

    I think they will do a false flag, like the TV show, Jericho. That show talked about a rogue group in the US setting off tactical nukes and the resulting EMP / electromagnetic pulse turned off everything. Communications, the internet, cell phones. Maybe an older vehicle without any electronic stuff would run. You can also read “One Second After” and he explains the horror of the loss of electricity. Unless you live on a farm, can grow your own food, hay, and wheat, and have horses or mules, life is going to be terrible. Even trying to hold on to such a farm would be hard.

    It wouldn’t be that hard to launch tactical nukes from offshore cargo junkers and shut down the entire electricl grid . Boom boom out go the lights. How would any of us know who actually did the deed? We wouldn’t. We would be scrapping for our lives.

  79. strych9

    The thing I don’t get is the idea of raising rates or even keeping them where they are.

    Yes, it makes T-bonds/bills more attractive to foreign investment to some degree but it also means that all the debt we roll over comes with that new, higher interest rate that we can’t actually afford. That leads to the death of the dollar wholesale and then you don’t need to worry about the Dow or the Nasdaq.

    I can’t see attracting enough outside business to get any growth from a higher rate strategy because it makes you less competitive. The only thing that gets us where we’d actually want to go is to be economically competitive or be seen as a safe haven for foreign capital, neither of which is achieved by a higher rate.

    At a certain point BNSF doesn’t move from Germany to the US, but goes somewhere else because there’s no power in Germany and no profit in the US.

    Because of how lopsided everything is, the only thing you get from higher rates is even more public anger simmering away until eventually everything “goes French” a la 1789.

    Unless, of course, the morons in charge actually believe that MMT is a viable long term fiscal strategy. In which case, we get the whole croissant, just over slightly different reasons.

    Simply put, at a certain point you have to worry about literal blood in the streets. That puts you in an awkward position unless you can steal elections AND get away with it. Otherwise, you’ve got two choices.

    First is trying to placate older people (Boomers and Silent Gen) who, let’s be real here, are not going to burn a city down, yet vote in huge numbers.

    Second, there’s the younger people who, OTOH, will burn that city down over being intentionally impoverished by .gov.

    For all the blackpilled nonsense, at a certain point things break and the knives come out. It’s people <50-55 who use knives, IRL or proverbially. And they will when they get hungry. How they become hungry doesn't much matter. If it's climate hysteria or fiscal debasement matters not. Hungry people do things most people would consider "irrational" and, generally, they tend to do these things in numbers that no government can actually contain.

    So far as I can see, the only thing that buys time is lowering rates. That might given the "elites" time to smarten up (or not). The alternative argument is basically that everyone in the "elite" class is actually a room temperature IQ, which I rather doubt.

  80. James

    LOL…..Hey Martin. It is Greg….not Craig. Nonetheless, Martin is da man and a genius!

  81. Lise McLain

    Hi Greg,
    I love the way you interviewed Martin Armstrong.
    You are able to narrow him down to respond to your
    potent questions.
    Great reporter!
    Some reporters do NOT ask follow up questions after
    a comment but you do.

  82. john

    Michelle Obama is a proxy for Barack Obama. That should be obvious. Every time I see it said that “they” will run Michelle Obama, it’s like they think it’s really Michelle Obama who is being run.

  83. Pistolpete349

    Martin A. Armstrong: Socrates program is your god. Biblical definition of a god: a man makes a thing by his own hands. Then, he bows down to it by seeking its advice as the last word. Here us what God of the Bible says to you Mr. Armstrong: ”
    35 I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.
    36 Yet he passed away, and, lo, he was not: yea, I sought him, but he could not be found.” KJV Psalms 37:35,36

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for adding this, “349”!! Jehovah/Yahweh will have the last word.

    • steve

      Dont be ridiculous its a computer system that follows capital flows thereby allowing assumptions and predictions. get your head out of a book.

  84. Paul K

    We couldn’t win in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, now these warmongers think we can win against China and Russia at the same time.

  85. Pete

    What does the Stock Market do when there are multiple terrorist arracks courtesy of Open borders? I don’t think they’ll go up. Bad times coming. At least for awhile. Best thing is to prepare for worst and hope for best. Definitely good for gold and silver. Armstrong is a genius no doubt but he makes it sound like it will just be business as usual. They’re trying to kill us imo. Pretty straightforward. GLTA. Thanks .God Bless!!!

  86. Miss Lacy

    Greg I have just watched the interesting Martin Armstrong interview. In it he says “if you do not respect different cultures, you will have a disaster.” and “The Romans believed in freedom of religion. That’s why the Roman Empire lasted so long.” But, durng that same section of the interview you made a comment to the effect that “aethists are bad” and “they don’t even belieive in Jesus Christ.” I wonder if you realize how insulting that is to some people. There is no one religion and no one path. There are good people and bad people in all religions and in no religions. Do you remember the popular slogan “kill a commie for christ?” Is that what you think? I prefer Martin Luther King, jr. “go by quality of character.” You are a professional journalist with no affilaiation to any political party but apparently that does not extend to religion. Of course, it’s your website…..but it seems to me, with respect, that a true commitment to truth would acknowledge that truth in religion has many forms.

    • Greg Hunter

      Miss Lacy,
      I firmly believe “atheists are bad” and they lead people in the wrong direction. All the atheists that I have known are delighted in believing in nothing and they condemn Christians for believing in our Lord and Savior Jesus. I will not back down on this point. I do not and will not push violence for commies and atheists. “Religion” may have “many forms” but there is only one wat to the Father Jehovah/Yahweh and that is Christ Jesus. Now go away and delight in hanging on to the black hole of nothingness. In the end, this is what your god will give you–NOTHING.


      • Miss Lacy

        Well Greg. I don’t try to lead anyone in any direction. Your intolerance is striking but perhaps not surprising. Ironically, I just sent you a check, in honor of your dedication to truth and in honor of Catherine Austin Fitts. I’ll see if I can stop payment, and crawl off to my sunny garden where all religions are welcome. I do not have the arrogance to presume to know what god or goddess or lack there of may be or do, Peace.

        • Greg Hunter

          Miss Lacy,
          I am so sorry you feel this way but my beliefs are rooted in the Bible. There are many scriptures that talk about Atheists. Below are a few:

          Psalm 14:1 “. . . The fool says in his heart, “God does not exist.” They are corrupt; they do vile deeds. There is no one who does good.”

          My personal favorite: Romans 1:28-30 New King James Version
          28 “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, [a]sexual immorality, wickedness, [b]covetousness, [c]maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,”

          So, Miss Lacy, you are not really going against me. You are going against the Bible, Heavenly Father YHWH/Jehovah and Christ Jesus. I’ll stay on the side of the Bible, Jehovah and Jesus forever.

          Thank you for any and all past support. Please considering turning to Christ.

          With Brotherly Love,


  87. M Stu

    Very interesting interview. One thing I had difficulty imagining was when Martin said that the CBDC rollout cannot happen and would be illegal because it was unconstitutional due to the article that prevents searches without a warrant.

    This made me chuckle and roll my eyes, in the sense that this government has disobeyed quite a number of constitutional laws. I don’t think the ammedment about searches without a warrant would stop them either. I think there are examples of the government breaking those laws too. Seemed naive, especially for Martin.

  88. someuser101

    check out Trump’s VP picked prediction here and see what gematria has to say:

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