Terrorists Blowing Up Stuff gives Excuse for Martial Law – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong began 2023 predicting “chaos” would be coming around the world.  We have a bloody war in Ukraine, a new conflict with Gaza and Israel, and a wide open U.S. border with the FBI predicting huge terror attacks coming to America.  Is this kind of destabilization a coincidence or is it a Deep State globalist plan?  Why are the demonic dark powers taking peace from the earth and forecasting big terror events coming to America?  Armstrong contends, “It is very simple.  Basically, we are looking at a sovereign default.  Governments are pushed to the limit at this stage.  You even had Fed Head Jay Powell come out last week and say ‘the spending is unsustainable.’  The Biden Administration is a complete corrupt absolute disaster.  It’s not really Biden . . . he’s just there to sign whatever they stick in front of him.”

So, a debt default will tank the economy and make millions of Americans poor and broke overnight.  Poor and broke is how revolutions and civil unrest start, especially against the government that caused all the problems.  Armstrong contends this is why the Southern U.S. border has been wide open for the past three years.  The Deep State corrupt Biden Administration (RINO Republicans included) want terrorists to come to America and commit awful acts of violence and murder.  Why?  Armstrong explains, “You have Neocons pushing for war on all possible fronts. . . . Terrorism leads to lockdowns.  As soon as you start getting this, they will have to know what everybody is doing and where they are moving.  You are looking at ‘Papers, Please.’  . . . . Lockdowns are coming to America again, absolutely.  This is to prevent civil unrest.  So, they want the terrorists to blow up some stuff.  This gives them the excuse to effectively enforce martial law. . . . This helps the government to hold onto power.”

Armstrong thinks interest rates and inflation are going to go up for a while.  He thinks the U.S. dollar will get stronger because capital will flow to the U.S. in times of crisis and war.  Armstrong thinks Hamas has won the public relations war and is trying to isolate Israel on the world stage.  This attack is much deeper than anyone imagines.  Armstrong says get tangible assets, and that includes gold and silver as core assets.  He also thinks the global economy will implode, but the USA goes down last.  Armstrong says the economy will tank in America, but it will be much worse in Blue states like New York, California and Illinois.

There is much more in the 58-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, financial and geopolitical cycle expert for 11.4.23.

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After the Interview:

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  1. David Franecki

    no video link

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s there now.

      • Lori

        Digital ID required to operate in the CBDCs by 2025 and nuclear war by 2028 as this timeline continues to be proven correct!:


        • S. Revere

          Lori, watch who you read and what you fall for in your belief. Common sense would tell us that by the end of the Trib there will be scarcely any flesh left on the earth. We know by scripture that billions of folks will die durin the Trib.
          And so it also stands to reason that the Lord will Not leave his Bride here during any of the Trib. Even among the heathen here on earth today, no bridegroom would allow his bride in any danger whatsoever. How much more does the Lord protect and care for His Bride.
          Ive studied this stuff for nearly 50 years from scripture and I assure you the rapture is absolutely PRIOR to the Trib.
          P.S. post Trib rapture is one of satans favorite lies, and he loves it when people believe that crap.

          • Lori

            Please read all the scriptures in that link that prove there is a “year of recompense” that commences immediately after these last 7 years of tribulation are finished!

          • i: a man; travis

            You have a little over 200 yrs until the rapture happens;

          • Robert Bunker

            I hate to sat it but you’re wrong. For why then is He preparing the Church. There is nothing indicating a Rapture or pre Trib Rapture exceptthe wishful thinking of unprepared (physically and spiritually) Christians who are weak and scared in body, soul and spirit. Just what Satan wants: living a lie. WAKE UP! Prepare ypur Church for the Tribulation.

      • Linda

        Greg, I listened to a 2 hr. interview of Catherine Austin Fitts by Dr. Joe Mercola. He mentioned that he heard one of your interviews with her. I have heard your name mentioned more and more frequently by people I subscribe/listen to. You are getting around well and that’s a good thing!

      • Porkus

        With all due respect, Martin Armstrong talks about how Napolitano and Hitler lost their wars because they couldn’t handle war on multiple fronts. This was before the introduction of nuclear bombs. The US can nuke 2 of 3 or 3 of 4 of these advisories and be back to 1 front.

        • Takuto

          Theoretically, but Russia, China, Iran etc. will nuke the US then, so there will be no front left.

        • Pete+only

          It is widely believed that the Russians can launch their nuclear warheads in just 90 seconds which is 3 minutes faster than that of the U.S, but nobody would really win a nuclear confrontation.

          • David

            If we know that cycles will turn over the next few years and we recreate governing in 3032, one should ask Martin what actions/behaviors future cycles point to in terms of humanity adopting a future abundant mindset. Creating civilization in advance so to speak while understanding the cycles of time that Armstrong has proven are a very real phenomenon. Buckminister Fuller said you don’t need to fix the old system, you just need to offer something better. What does Martin see in terms of effective reactions to what is coming?

            • Katy Bar

              Perhaps (after all this killing is over in 2032) all the evil Governments of the world will finally enforce God’s Law (that “everyone” is a child of God and have God given inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) that no man can override take away from them!!!

          • Bob Bunker

            Don’t believe it. It’s all B.S. Russia is a lot like us, or like we used to be. They so ‘t want war. Moreover, their technology is behind ours when it comes to launch capability. Do your research. Don’t believe hearsay… in any venue.

        • sk

          Maybe Napoleon? Napolitano is a current white hat. A judge, I think.

        • Tom Nicholson


          • Katy Bar

            Napolitano believes in equal justice and in the right of humans to protect themselves from anyone coming onto your property and physically threatening you or taking the lives of your loved ones!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tcx7qebpCw0

            • i: a man; travis

              Better learn law common to i; thesovereignsway.com

        • Lora

          No winners in a nuclear exchange

    • Shirl

      Martin Armstrong delivers courtesy of the fantastic Greg Hunter USAWatchdog website, thank you both!!!

    • Jack

      Martin Armstrong ,Why is there a war on children in both USA with child sex slavery and carpet bombing children in the Middle East? Israel has won the war because it kills children in the USA and the Middle East. The whole world does not disaprove.

  2. Judy

    Please insert video

    • Greg Hunter

      Got it now.

      • Felicia Music

        Before this interview, I went back to his website and read a lot of his writings to be prepared for this interview. I’d recommend others do that same thing. You’ll get more out of what & why he’s saying what he is saying. Thanks Greg for having Martin on. Great interview.

      • Sam

        Wow…overhead flying everywhere there are YUGE “Black Swans” and one of them is going to crap 😯

  3. Jules

    Armstrong video is not accessible, Please fix !

    • Greg Hunter

      My bad. It’s up now.

  4. Thomas Essex

    Hi Greg I was not able to get your report not like the other times

  5. Charles N Pitale

    Armstrong is your best guest.

    • Robert

      Cliff High is good too

      • O'Briben

        Cliff says he has “died,” not sure if he means in his “woo woo world” or some other fantasy he’s dreamed up as of late, so there’s that 😂😂😂

        • steve

          He is talking about on the operating table some years ago, where he left his body

          • Takuto

            Yes, but he increasingly talks about the reptilian worlds which he visits by taking drugs etc. Not such a reliable source any more, I fear.

    • Old Rancher

      I sure miss John Williams!

  6. Dave

    Miami has a water infiltration problem (in other words, it is sinking.) Been happening for several years now.

    • sam

      How many feet per year?

  7. Jane Hill

    Excellent Video! (Answered many of my Questions.)
    Thank U Greg!

  8. Michael

    Greg – you havent been out to your Missouri farm lately. Normally we would get a corn crop analysis from you about now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Crops from Missouri are large in harvesting grain. Bumper crops.

      • Coal Burner

        Great news Greg!

  9. Trish

    I wish he would answer the question about your money being in the bank. He blew by that one.

    • Stanley

      Trish, he mentioned not until after 2024 so, you still have a couple on months to worry about those fiat concerns… although everyone knows they are as good as gold, derp!

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Yeah, being “in cash” means different things to different people. There’s cash in money market accounts, cash in checking accounts and cash under your mattress.

    • Shiloh1

      A few days ago on an interview Bill Holter (it’s on his site) referenced this book –


      The Great Taking – David Rogers Webb

      This pdf IS the book; nothing to buy.

      • Pete+only

        This book is quite informative.
        If you only have a few minutes to spend on it, read pages 97 to 103, as that summarizes things and provides conclusions.
        Thanks for sharing it with us Shiloh1.

    • Tin foil hat

      Nobody knows for sure but this is how I strategize my assets to hopefully get me to the other side if we could survive the latest insanity in Mideast:

      ???? 20% cash (U.S. Treasuries (mostly 3 months as per Ed Dowd) and bank CDs (3-10 months)
      ??? 5% stocks
      ?? 50% real estates
      ? 24% PMs
      ! 1% foods, barterable goods, guns & ammos

  10. The Seer

    M A is one of the best!
    In meditation I was shown this past Friday that sometime between 2026-2028 Israel and some north, south and more east of it is all leveled – Flattened. Not a living thing. Saudi Arabia wins the oil expansion.
    Friend told me that the war is to bring in a new CANAL. They just clear out wherever they want and take it over. So, could be 2027 as Socrates predicts for the major WW.
    Also, as Sinclair said, the Euro is going down and Europe in deep depression. The US$ will rise still.
    Humanity as a whole has not evolved very much – same thing keeps repeating. Planet Hell.

  11. Johnnie

    Soros Open Societies would be run by secret societies. DC is designed & built by Masons, but they just do the grunt work. The higher work is done by Jesuits.

    • J.Loughran

      But the Jesuits work for the Rockefeller NGOs… religion for hire ain’t so much a faithful walk worth following behind?

      • sk

        Tell me exactly how Jesuits work for Rockefeller. Then give references for what you claim. Thank you.

  12. Jeffrobbins

    Mr. Armstrong is a great guest with fascinating insight. Thanks Greg Hunter! I would like to add two important comments; one, he mentioned 2027 the same as Nenner, i have also pondered that year. As near as i can tell that would be 7 years after grain changed to corn- long story- but there should be some tendency to follow in the Joseph example, maybe late 2026. And of coarse we could have a national repentance. The end of 2019 into 2020 was a busy time for me, not so sure of a time marker. The second comment; the ultimate hard asset is productive land. Gold and silver i like, but a green house, smoke house, fish pond, fruit trees and such are going to be the most desirable things. A guy might do real well investing in fence supplies and fertilizer, maybe even fruit tree starts. The Bible doesn’t tell us much about the land of Goshen, but that is where my mind wonders off to. Just consider how many yards are just for “curb appeal”- kind of a vanity in all that and a ‘chasing the wind’. I’ve gotten quite fond of surveying our little homestead.

    • carl

      Having a fence and fruit trees is nice “if we don’t have a Nuclear War” – both the US and Russia have about 5000 nuclear weapons each – but Consequences Must Always Be Considered – remember the land mass of America is about a third the size of Russia’s land mass – so in an all out Nuclear War “percentage wise over the entire land mass” more of the US will be damaged compared to Russia – so – it is best “to turn the other cheek” as the Bible says when dealing with such odds – just like Israel turns the other cheek when it comes to Hezbollah (that has a 300,000 man standing army and enough missiles to gave Israel a bloody nose) – But in the case of Hamas the consequences are different – all Hamas has is a para-glider air-force and motorcycles instead of tanks – so when Hamas attacks and indiscriminately kills our women and children we can use the Biblical saying: “An eye for an eye – a tooth for a tooth” and totally exterminate their women and children back (unless Turkey, Russia, etc. raise the consequences for doing so)!!!

      • Katy Bar

        Good thing the US is in the Mediterranean with two(2) Carrier Groups to prevent Hezbollah from starting a second front against Israel – now Israel is free to demand an eye for an eye as the Bible says and kill every last terrorist now hiding out in their underground tunnels – and an easy way to kill them all without significant Israeli casualties is by simply throwing cyanide gas canisters down into their tunnels and gas them to death!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Hostages are in the tunnels.

        • sk

          a la Zyklon B? Where have I heard of this before? 1941/42 in a country in Europe? Some think those in 1941/42 were intended to kill lice, but in 2023 the clearly stated intent is unequivocal. Katy Bar. Kill humans. As someone said earlier in the comments “humanity hasn’t learned a single thing.” In fact, it seems to have forgotten a whole lot of things.

          • Earth Angel

            In fact, if memory serves me right, IG Farben was the german/(nazi?) chemical company responsible for manufacturing zyklon b, one of the the mass murder weapons of choice for the nazi’s in WW2. Didn’t Farben chemical morph into Monsanto? which has now been absorbed by Bayer(?) Its seems a real BAD idea to put chemical companies in charge of Big Ag food supply business, and also our (health care industries?) Connect the dots and see where this has gotten us.. time for a HUGE reversal back to independent homestead organic farming and holistic health practices, me thinks! If I am wrong on any of this history please correct, I’m pulling this from memory of things once read some time ago.. could be a little dust in the library.

          • Katy Bar

            Sorry, I let my emotions carry me away – No we “Should Not” gas Hamas (like we should have not gassed the Jews)!!

    • Daniel

      Yes Jeff, great insight and suggestions. Learn to grow your own. Simple and Biblical.

    • Pete+only

      Jeff, great insite and check list. We have secured most of what is on your list, including fencing supplies, a greenhouse, fruit trees, and of course, God’s Money, and a secured water supply. Also, don’t forget having seeds. Many more things of course, as is a means to protect these things.
      We have been canning more types of foods lately, such as meats, and home made foods, as they don’t need to be refrigerated, and can last 12 to 18 months.
      Having vitamins, and making home remedies are also on the list, as is a wood stove with 2 -3 years of firewood, and keeping the propane tank at least 60-70% full on a regular basis.
      Learning what can be foraged, may also prove to be valuable, as is developing a spiritual connection with our Maker.

  13. Wayne Mackenzie

    Is Martin Armstrong serious that no travelling to Europe in 2024…?

    • Greg Hunter


    • Felix

      You will be able to travel but there will be biometric scans to trak you like a animal

    • Helen R

      I think Armstrong meant that he doesn’t want to have to do the application for a visa to Europe hassle which is starting for non European citizens going to Europe in 2024. But he also might mean that he wants to get to Europe one more time before the lockdown starts either in the US when they might not let people leave. Or in Europe where they might not let people come.

      • Lora

        Maybe in 2024, folks won’t be able to travel to Europe without a mandatory jab.

    • Bob

      I read on “GMA” online that the new EU visa / biometric requirements for us Americans have been pushed from 2024 to 2025

    • Dawn

      Oh please
      Going to Europe is NO more dangerous than someone traveling to the USA

      • Katy Bar

        I hear that there has not been one new baby born in Italy over the last year – that sounds to me like something “very dangerous” and threatening to life is going on in Europe – and I hear Bill Gates now wants to vaccinate an additional 86 million adolescent girls of child bearing age with his new hpv vaccine – https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/pharma/gavi-commits-to-reach-86-million-adolescent-girls-with-hpv-vaccine-by-2025/99838406 – most likely to speed up his “depopulation agenda” (by sterilizing these young women with his new engineered vaccine) – and that’s if they have not already inexplicably died (young people are now dying at a record pace according to insurance company death claims) which is causing a “monumental outflow of cash” and major drag on life insurance company profits!!

  14. john

    martin is the best!

  15. Mark Mayes

    Dear Greg. Thank you VERY MUCH!!! This was one of your best interviews with Martin Armstrong. I will watch it again and take careful notes to help plan for the future. Lots of golden nuggets.

  16. Mark Mayes

    Dear Greg, here’s a link to an excellent video about the history of Israel by Ben Shapiro that was posted 2 years ago that I think you will find very detailed and pro-Israel.

    Here’s THE TRUTH About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (A Comprehensive History)

  17. Rich

    Martin is the best of the best! Been following him for almost 15 years. Positioned well because of him. Thanks Greg – best interview yet!

  18. Marie Joy

    The UN seems to be owned by oil money and guess who owns ME oil. (Arabs)
    Martin Armstrong says (Minute 25:30) government is incompetent. I think government is purposely genocidal/democidal and their intent is to destroy America, Americans and the dollar. That includes all western governments.
    The overthrown CT election was in Bridgeport for mayor. FYI
    Get to where you want to be ASAP. Lockdowns coming.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Similar story here in so. IN. Corn, wheat, and soy crops all did well. I am surrounded by cropland on 3 sides, so I get to see it all from planting to harvest. Best always. PM

    • Paul from Indiana

      Lockdowns will be impossible to enforce in the rural areas. There simply is too much area. Our sheriff’s dept. is occupied with other things. I can see it being a major pain in the cities and suburbs. Best always. PM

      • Farm hand mark.

        The cellphone towers are weaponized.
        The information is at targeted justice. Com

  19. Chris

    Armstrong has a fantastic knowledge of history as well as finance and politics. And he isn’t parochial. He knows the world and where the pieces fit. Probably knows where some of the bodies are buried too. I always listen carefully to what he’s saying because, apart from the proverbial Socrates, Armstrong has moved in circles where the movers and shakers live and work. Between Armstrong and Nenner you have the best picture of the dystopian world we live in and at least you won’t be left wondering what happened when it goes down.

  20. Michael Janket

    What galls all of us is that things like the Lahaina disaster and the present disaster in Gaza are censored from the press and most Americans don’t care to dig into alternate news and find out the TRUTH. Disasters like Acapulco are also directed energy weapons used against unsuspecting populations. 100 food plants across the globe have been purposely destroyed, who knows about the Nepal earthquake? We are surrounded by evil minded devils who will pick off and destroy towns and cities, manufacturing plants, and cultures. Where is Interpol when you need them? Or, are they just another cog in the wheel of the deep staters and globalists? Why have these cretinoids not been put on all points bulletins and marked for liquidation? As in, “Wanted- Dead or alive but preferably Dead”.

    • Earth Angel

      Right MJ. It gripes me to no end that the crime syndicate running DC continues to send billions in arms & fiat money to foreign nations like Ukraine & Israel- while offering the people of Lahaina, Maui who lost everything in the recent DEW attack on them a whopping $700.00 per person. I have called my congressperson for what its worth and let them know how I feel about it but hey, in this pay to play gov’mt I’m just a nobody rank & file so why the HELL should they care what I think; let alone do anything about it?! Oh yeah & lets have the talking heads in the LLM blackout the whole story of Maui and sweep it under the rug asap- nothing to see here- it’s on to the next propagandized crisis of mass distraction for the masses.

      • S. Revere

        Earth Angel, talk about throwing good money at the jackass in Ukraine, and the measely $$ to Hawaii – – what about our growing homeless right here in the US – – who have been priced right out of housing due to no fault of their own doing. Dontcha just love the way the media and govt. just acts like that doesnt even exist……and growing daily.
        Next on the list will be homeowners property taxes pricing them right out of their own houses, which has already begun. One man in AZ said his prop tax just went up by 30%.

  21. Mike S

    The war to keep Trump out. Add that to the list.
    It’ll be interesting to see how Socrates starts seeing this.
    Will the war to keep Trump out escalate to the point of….MORE mail in ballots? Necessary because of…terrorists attacking, another scamdemic…etc etc.
    Will they get away with it?

    May God1 Bless, protect and keep healthy Greg and all his guests and their families

    • Katy Bar

      Looks like the Demon Rats are planning to dump Biden as he is now losing in 5 out of 6 “Key States” to Trump – the Demons are in panic mode and are preparing to put Commie Newsom into Biden’s position – as Newsom just took a trip to China to tell its leader Xi “not to worry about Trump” as he “Newsom” will be in complete charge of the US when the elections are fixed in 2024 (irrespective of his complete and total destruction of the State of California)!!

  22. geo

    Have seen many interviews by Martin and he looked more stressed than normal. This makes me think that something bad is going to happen sooner than we think. Maybe a Christmas terror attack? Take care of yourself this Christmas and New Year, might be a good idea to stock up early and lock ourselves down for the festive season.

  23. Justn Observer

    Greg, watchdogers need to get Agenda and Agenda II
    this is a interview of an X -IDAHO legislator that made the vids, has some key pointsv found in his investigative research, several you will find in his discussion here =
    How We’re Playing Into The Hands Of The Elites Without Even Realizing It – Curtis Bowers =

    Get the Agenda and Agenda 2 DVD’s on amazon =

    • Summit Alum

      I agree with you. Curtis Bowers is excellent. I met his extended family about 30 years ago and was impressed even back then. They have multi-generational insights into social and geopolitical trends with a Christian world view. His insights are top notch, timely and measured — yet he doesn’t hold back. I get a lot from his Agenda Weekly updates…
      Summit Alum

  24. LoriQ

    You are another trusted Watchman ringing the bell. Thank you and God Bless you for doing so in these very precarious days. Your guests are pretty much spot on, and pray your audience takes the information to heart and prepares as much as they are able. May you and your family be kept under God’s protection. Psalm 91

  25. Roger Stamper

    tks martin greg

    • John Murray

      But what bothers me deeply is how many followers of this website believe 40% that ISRAEL should not exist in the poll.Unbelievable.

      • Greg Hunter

        I was stunned too, but the trolls are out rigging the vote on the USAW poll I suspect. Here’s why I say this. Last week when I went off on Hamas for hiding behind women and children to drive up the body count, the thumbs up on Rumble were 733 up to 59 down. No doubt part of the 59 down votes were trolls, but they have to have a channel to vote. It is harder to rig it. So, I suspect my tally was inflated on the Jew hating side of my poll as you can vote no as many times as you like.

  26. Judd

    You can read Herbert Hoovers Memoirs online.

  27. shawn michael

    It’ll be interesting to see who winds up being right Bo Polny or Armstrong. I enjoy listening to them both. Wish I was rich and go buy an island somewhere and watch it from afar. Thanks for all the great interviews.

  28. Justn Observer

    Greg, this is a bit off today’s topic…but some good information on how to bolster one’s immune system with regards to those with auto-immune system concerns especially in light of the jab situation… in 3 parts…Dr. Peter Osborne =
    1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRFIG54UB34
    2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taWLzDnltLk
    3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y59G0kblLoE

    How the system has failed you. = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrQiKFfBzAI

  29. Jeff

    Ezekiel 38-39 war almost has to be at the end of the tribulation since Israel burns the enemies weapons for seven years. The army will almost certainly be nephillum based on the way the Bible describes them which means they’ll have large primitive weapons which supports the notion israel will have enough to burn for seven years. If this isn’t true then the tribulation can’t start for several more years after the war
    On another note, dimitru Dudumen had a dream in 1984 that China, Russia, Iran and others will invade from all four directions while our government is occupied with civil disturbances. That could certainly be due to lock downs but financial problems are
    Also a distinct possibility

  30. GR

    Counterpoint He is not answering the questions that are asked. He answers “you have to understand” and then moves into an attack on some geo political institutional mechanism or something else”.
    These stories of future vision conquests are pretty annoying. I took a course at one his conferences a German genius who was purposely completely incomprehensible pretended everyone was an idiot Mr A prides himself on the same. Mr. A makes valuable contributions with Plato Aristotle or whatever Greek god he congers. I do pay for service but I can tell you factually his stuff has been wrong far more that it’s right and the creativity is the value notice most of these geniuses have programming backgrounds since once you get that tollbooth up your in heaven and can lecture the masses by looking back and painting the future which your right 50% no matter what. Playing on peoples fears is very good business. The information is always interesting and don’t forget to to buy the book and the conference. Great interview by Mr Hunter now get some rest.

    • Nat

      GR, tend to agree with the first part of your post. When asked a question, MA often answers by chasing a rabbit and not really giving a direct response. But credit Greg for bringing him back on topic…repeatedly… and getting a better response to the questions at hand.

  31. stanley skrzypek

    Totally IMPRESSED with the Knowledge that Martin has on the tip of his lips…One can’t be just an Economist to be as “on the mark” and as solid, and calling the future based on his “Wonder Machine”, he has to be a Genius. I wonder how it feels to be smarter than 99.9% of the Population….and from what I see…bet he’s a “Good Guy” too!

  32. Jay Bonner

    Buy your ivermectin at IndiaMART. As little as 5 cents a 12mg pill plus $35 shipping to USA for 500 pills.

  33. Tony

    Martial Law! Already and have been under this for over 160 yrs.

    To the Remaining Clueless F-Wits

     By Anna Von Reitz

    This quiet message is to all the remaining clueless persons out there trying to scare Americans with the threat of “martial law”.  

    We’ve lived under martial law since 1863.  

    We’ve been occupied by our own flipping military since 1863. 

    They’ve been evading detection under a “Cloak of Secrecy” and trying to avoid the actual civilian government of this country ever since, but we finally caught up to them. 

    Joe Biden is trying to create a new office for himself as “War President” but he is just the “President” of a ridiculous Municipal Corporation calling itself the “White House Office, Inc.”.  

    He’s not “Commander in Chief” of anything, and to the extent that Donald Trump is, the reach of his long arm is severely curtailed to U.S. Territorial affairs; he can’t declare an actual war, either. 

    Neither could Lincoln. 

    That doesn’t mean that either one of these guys and the foreign “Congresses” associated with them can’t get everyone into trouble.  They’ve done it before plenty of times and they are trying again.  

    The British Crown and their War-monger Cronies are desperate to make some money off their mercenary services known as the “US” Air Force, and “US” Army, and “US” Navy and yes, even, God help us, “US” Marine Corps — the only service that still screams, “I am an American!” 

    They are the only ones who still know who they are. Stuff all your jokes about color crayons. 

    While Joe Biden and the China Development Fund (aka, the CIA Pension Fund) are just as desperate to start something, anything, in the Mideast or breach some opening on this continent for the Chinese or the UN Corp or both.  

    And all these persons are stumbling around rattling sabers they don’t own, in the name of people they have dis-served, disrespected, and defrauded, and all in the anticipation of spending credit that doesn’t belong to them.

    Banks, get a clue. 

    We are the actual long-lost missing shareholders and depositors.  We are the progeny and the claimants. We are the owners. 

    We know who we are. We have the proof and the lineage and provenance. We possess the court orders and the long-cured commercial claims and deposit receipts. 

    Don’t even think about giving any more of our assets or credit to the Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia.  Or any of their Creditors, either. 

    It’s time to play nice, yes, very, very nice. It’s time to cut off the endless gushing of American credit and false claims against American assets.  And turn over control of our own assets and credit to us. 

    Yes, all those “abandoned deposits” — the gold, silver, land, cash, and corporation shareholder interests, those held in your banks, too, have to be returned and accounted for. 

    Master Accounts 333, 555, 777, and 999 are all due and owing.  Master Account 111 is due and owing. Master Accounts 222, 444, 666, and 888 are due and owing.  

    Banks, you really are remiss about all of this. There are unsettled accounts that you’ve claimed were abandoned going back 2800 years, all the way back to the Dacian Empire.  And there hasn’t been a Golden Jubilee in over 800 years.  

    Gaul, the Kingdom, not the Empire, is still owed 23,000 Talents of gold, the French Royal assets, and all the land north of Paris. The Kingdom of Gaul is also owed a nice fat chunk of the middle of England, including all of Albion by natural parental inheritance, quite apart from all that was reclaimed by the Norman Conquest.

    Prussia, the Kingdom, not the Empire, is owed 8 billion metric tons of gold.  Russia, the Kingdom, not the Empire is owed 10 billion metric tons of gold. The Dacian Kingdom is owed half the hoard of Alexander the Great. The Urban Trust, quite aside from the City of Rome, is owed to the people of Italy and the Marian Trust, not to JPMorgan.  

    Far more recently, the Federal Reserve and its Successors owe us, the Americans, an ounce of pure silver for every “dollar” they’ve printed out of thin air. 

    You are shaking your heads. You are overwhelmed. But, but, but….there is no way to reconcile these books!  They haven’t been balanced since Amenhotep!  Where are the heirs of Egypt now? 

    Look at my foot. Literally. 

    Banks, you’ve been warned. You’ve been told.  You’ve been notified.  Not a single commercial bank will be eligible for any form of bankruptcy protection. 

    So make friends and stay in business. 

    Let’s stop funding evil, for starters.  And stop paying mercenaries for a follow up.  Return the funding and the decision making to those to whom it belongs and be happy with this outcome. 

    It beats all the alternatives. 

  34. Marie Joy

    On Rumble, Alex Jones Banned Media,
    “Trump Issues Emergency Martial Law/Dictatorship Warning”

  35. Justn Observer

    Greg, for some context, Turkey’s ambitions to re-visit their Ottoman Empire days, likely we be short lived as one can doubt Russia, or Iran or the others will let it go very far, but ‘USE’ its alliance in an attempt to achieve ‘their’ goals. The enemy of my enemy is my friend…only goes so far…but as long is it submits to the wider purpose…they will be allowed to beat their chest, as long it helps the wider globalist goals. IMO
    That said, either some inside the U.S. and Israel seem to be making so HUGE missteps, which remains to be seen, but with Ukraine now about but over…leaves the door into Europe cracked a bit more open, if THAT IS Russia and Turkey’s ambitions?
    It is increasing harder to understand what the NEO-CONS are thinking as their policies are failing one after another.unless it IS GOING as ‘they’ planned it , TO SELL OUT the U.S. ….AND….Israel? = to weaken them and force them into acceptance of the ‘globalist’ one world stakeholder cabal’s control.

    I noticed also; in Oregon they are making State staffers of their gov’t ‘union employees’? That seems dangerous. Does that mean a State Senator or Rep, can’t fire them. That if a legislator loses his re-election, the staffers stay behind protected by their union as an ’employee’ of the state? IS that not similiar to Jimmy Carter with his SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE (SES) , where the ‘puppet heads’ may come or go…but the ‘stay behind un-elected’ remain with their donors and out of state ‘carpetbagger’ donors funding the legislation ‘they’ want passed? what am I missing here? =

    add that to prior post about cities first pushing defunding of police, putting in Soros D.A.’s opening a revolving door for criminals, reducing laws against crime, going after cops, all to discourage police into retiring, moving, while their numbers on payroll were cut….NOW, wanting to refund police and hire non-citizens to those positions… ONE WONDERS IF THEY WILL ISSUE THEM BLUE HELMETS?
    This all while private U.S. ammunition factories are being sold off to Soro’s buddies? from Czechoslovakia and Biden orders LAKE CITY not to sell any excess ammo production runs for private use, only supply gov’t agencies and military…GIVES ME A SENSE OF WHAT MY POST AS TO WHAT THE X-IDAHO LEGISLATOR IS REVEALING IN HIS AGENDA AND AGENDA 2 VIDS IS POINTING AT…AND WE ALL HERE HAVE NOTICED…A CREEPING MARXIST TAKEOVER?

  36. Gordon Becker

    I’m concerned.
    Tell Martin that one of the warning signs of cancer is a persistent cough.

    • John Hudiburgh

      Notice that cough too, this video and last time too.

  37. Rob Chase

    Catherine Austin Fitts is Greg’s best guest. Before COVID got into full swing she said she would fear the vaccine more than the virus. I heeded her advice and saved a lot of my friends, although I had six friends who went to the hospital and died from CDC protocols. If they had taken Ivermectin from the feed store they would all still be alive.

  38. David Fredsall

    Greg you are a persistent interviewer. Martin Armstrong is a volcano of knowledge and it takes your effort to get the information he has, that we listeners desperately want from him. His historical information leads him astray but you bring him back to your (also our)
    questions. Thank you and tell Mr. Armstrong we appreciate him and his perspective.

    • Nat

      BINGO David! Here is what i posted on a previous comment:

      GR, tend to agree with the first part of your post. When asked a question, MA often answers by chasing a rabbit and not really giving a direct response. But credit Greg for bringing him back on topic…repeatedly… and getting a better response to the questions at hand.

  39. Virginia

    If Armstrong thinks there will be no traveling to Europe in 2024, he must have a very bleak view of our next election.
    Great interview!

  40. Jim Hebert

    for a commentary on money and finance from the little guy take a look at this
    The English rapper Ren has just released the third video in the series
    Money Game
    Money Game 2
    Money Game 3
    Just so the oligarchs know that we know the game

  41. Atilla7

    Armstrong’s forthcoming World Economic Conference looks to be fascinating.

    Given the importance of its theme, and Armstrong’s desire to disseminate his messages, it would be good sense to make passive Internet streams (plus downloadable documents) freely available.

    Sadly, in the present day, information tends to be placed behind paywalls. This, of course, is consistent with Neoliberalism’s doctrine of monetising everything possible, and of attributing no worth (in differing metrics) to that which is not.

    Armstrong’s company ought to be able to make a tidy sum from physical attendees at the conference, much as it has been doing in smaller conferences and via consultancies. Thus, a philanthropic gesture from Armstrong enabling a wider audience than the super-rich would place him in a good light; after all, Armstrong estimates the combined worth of individuals in the conference hall to be of trillion dollar scale; I’m sure these grandees can be touched for more money or sold tacky keepsakes (e.g. NFTs associated with the conference).

    I hope benevolent ‘pirates’ will make up for Armstrong’s failing of generosity by freely promulgating intercepted streams; this much like is done for the bottom end of rentier culture: sport.

    • Gary

      Martin puts out a lot of free information to the public on a regular basis.
      I am a subscriber and have attended several of his seminars in Canada, Florida, Hong Kong, “the best money I have ever spent”
      If you want specifics PAY FOR IT re special reports , I did like the one for OIL 100.00
      and I am not going to leak it,
      After following him for thirty years especially as a subscriber, he is now certain
      of a major shitstorm coming down on the global economy which he can’t articulate

  42. Thomas

    “When you die, have your children drag your body across the state line before they call the coroner.” LOL and spitting out my coffee.

  43. Laura

    Greg, I wanted to pass on a compliment that I saw from Cliff High on X.

    “Greg Hunter is the normies’ gateway to reality….”

    I share your content on the regular! Take care!

  44. Susan R

    Greg, you and Martin just gave the listeners a huge leg up to the unveiling of world affairs! Hearing this country is doing better than most shows how bad it is elsewhere, while we are not great, the everyday news is horrifying. Some of the dates talked about are not for a few years yet, the economic ones. I see that front in collapse, so it will get much worse, that will become grid down territory. I would rather know than not know.

  45. richard g mooney

    Martin does an excellent job of explaining the facts to expose the truth. However, I do not agree with his timelines. He proposes that the US will be the last Western nation to collapse- probably in 2027. Not! His Socrates program data input of only a secular nature. The should also use biblical data input for a clearer timeline. In 2017, a total solar eclipse crossed over the entire US from west to east, and only this country. This coming April, 2024, another eclipse will pass over the nation from south to north making an X across the nation. God has given a sign that the American Empire time is up and it will not be in 2027.

    • S. Revere

      richard, I tend to agree with you. This nation is already teetering on the brink of finality; yet most folks are hell-bent on their futuristic thinking. In fact, there is no more future. In fact has anyone stopped to realize they are no longer actually living a normal life anymore? In fact nearly every waking moment for most people, is spent on money and the economy and the dollar; wars a rumors of wars; quakes and disasters, jobs and survival, schools and how to take care of your children; now to pay for the necessities of life; on and on it goes.
      No more talk about a family picnic, planning a vacation, school activities, plans of any kind in the future. Nada. All that normal living has gone by the wayside. Yet, people still wanna ”pray for their country” in which they are not free to really live in, normally. Why do you all want more of it?
      Yes, it does seem that ”God is X’ing out the U.S.” But even before that coming X. it should be pretty obvious that He has taken his caring Hand off this country – – This is why we have nothing but one disaster after another, and every aspect of life is totally crumbling, making it unfit to live in any longer. This is why this country is almost totally absent of blessings from on High.
      It baffles me to see most people all in a dither, wringing their hands grasping at ”ways to fix these problems” not realizing it is an effort in futility – – when there is really only One answer, but folks just keep passing it by. And still looking to the ”next election” which will likely not even happen. There is not one human being that ”has your back”.
      If you don’t have God, (Jehovah/Jesus) then you are on your own.

    • The Seer

      M A stated Socrates watches capital flows. No theory, no philosophy, no belief system input.
      Read my earlier post. I have confirmed 2026-2028. Socrates shows rebuild starts 2032.

  46. Joe

    It’s bad enough that American taxpayers who have no pensions and can’t afford to retire have to pay the pensions of corrupt politicians and government bureacrats here and that our corrupt politicians are bankrupting this country, but now Biden is making us pay the pensions of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in Ukraine and other countries.


  47. L8R G8R

    Did Martin discuss whether the U.S. stock market is safe, or if is it coming down?

    • Greg Hunter

      He told people to buy tangible assets. Warren Buffett has $150 billion in cash.

      • Pete+only

        Thus the saying, “actions speak louder than words”.
        It appears that Warren Buffet is ready to short the market when it starts to go down and then buy things back up for pennies on the dollar when the need arises.
        Back in the 1990s, Warren Buffet was heavily invested into silver, but has since then divested himself out of it.
        He might have made a lot of money had he hung onto his silver however.
        SD Bullion estimates that there is just 4 billion ozs of physical silver in the world (that is .999 pure), so at present market prices, he could afford to buy all of this, for around $100 billion, and still have $50 billion left over.
        There is a lot of silver jewelry, and still a lot of junk silver in the world, that is not included in these 4 billion ounces, but the point is that the silver market is a tiny fraction when compared to the gold market, the stock market, and the bond market or any other market in reality.
        Physical silver is probably one of the better tangible assets to own out there at the moment at least in my opinion, and perhaps only one or two percent of people in the world actually own any of it outside jewelry.

  48. Becky

    Stunning interview! Many thanks, Greg!

  49. Naomi Zentmyer

    Thank God for Martin Armstrong.

  50. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    I am so impressed with all the information that I get each week from all the guests that Greg has on – and I am impressed with the amount of work some people put into their comments – they all sound so wise and educated with big words and theories that make a lot of sense. The only problem I have is trying to figure out with all this wisdom swilling around is how come we continue as a collective whole to paddle our way into a stinking quagmire of lunacy and debauchery that only a real swamp creature can enjoy.

    All I can come up with is most everyone is trying to follow the letter of the law of what is presented in all the ancient texts – bible included – and no one is living the spirit of the law – no one is finding consciousness but only talking about finding consciousness – are you doing something right when no one really likes the words that come out of your mouth when your speaking truth – and not your truth but the truth that is under your own thoughts and flowing from the source of all wisdom – visitations from the ether.
    Given a long enough timeline I can see where all this is heading – and we are all in this together – so – keep believing in the white hats and the redemption – and then accept the reality.

  51. The Rev.

    Thanks for continuing to push back against the forces of darkness. Thanks for helping to win this war against evil. Thanks for checkmating the devil and all the demons of hell. You may not know it, but you are on the front lines of this battle. You are not shedding blood, but a lot of sweat and tears. Let me say it again – we, together, millions of us praying – are the answer to all the bad that is happening around. the world.

    Yes, praying is HARD work. Think about it; your prayers are more effective than bullets or bombs. Also, when we pray “in Jesus’ name” all of Heaven moves against our enemies. This really is a spiritual battle. The Bible says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12) Prayer is KEY.

    We also need to especially be praying that when our loved ones are disabled or killed from covid shots, people start demanding the truth. Pray that eyes are opened and lies are exposed.

    Finally, Greg, you are right. Hamas should NOT be hiding behind women’s skirts or taking the lives of innocent little children. How low can these cowards go?

    God bless everyone as we continue to pray together corporately. We are winning!!!!! Praise God, hallelujah! The truth is this – GOD IS WINNING!!!!!

  52. JAC

    Another great interview- really enjoyed listening & learning from you guys

  53. Jennifer

    Imagine how much better off we’d be doing if conservatives hadn’t gotten us into a 20 year long war in Iraq and Afghanistan that cost us trillion$ and trillion$…not to mention the immense human costs…

    Now the idiots want us to fight yet another war on Israel’s behalf…

    And btw Trump added like $9 trillion of debt in one term and also oversaw one of the biggest wealth transfers to the 0.1% and consolidation of economic power in history with his Scamdemic…and he is also responsible for the Warpspeed Death Jab.

    But many conservatives still view him as the savior of America…not very bright are they?

    • Earth Angel

      Never forget Jennifer, that BOTH Red and Blue politicians are absolutely in the POCKETS of the Military Industrial Machine (or others) that General/ President Dwight Eisenhower warned us of over 65 + yrs. ago. Very few low life bottom feeders- no matter what color stripe they wear- are above accepting either the carrot or the stick (generally it’s the carrot) to do their bidding. Though this is inexcusable- it IS understandable that many fold under pressures the evil machine stoops to ranging from (the stick) blackmail, threats, violence to family members and even death for not accepting (the carrot) the all too often bribes. I’m pretty sure this is NOT the system the founding fathers of our Constitution had in mind for the Republic of America. ALSO: If you had heard one of the many of Karen Kingston’s research reports you would know that Trump’s contract with Pfizer to provide a ‘safe and effective’ warp speed vax was NOT adhered to- so actually he is NOT responsible for the disasterous, harmful, murderous results of the warp speed vax. I encourage you to look up one of KK’s last interviews at USA Watchdog where she breaks down this vital information on the contract for us all. I’m not sure I view him as the savior of America; but he damn sure wouldn’t have thrown us into the abyss we now find ourselves treading water to keep our heads above right now.

  54. Poochiwoo

    I love listening to Martin. I love his style and his message. I realize the US dollar is king, but Europeans can save the Euro in the same way the Us is doing, with magical free money printing. As of today, the US has $211 trillion in unfunded (declared) liabilities, and $33.7 trillion in declared debt. It goes without saying the real debt it is likely vastly more than stated. Let’s not forget derivatives, which are nothing more than bad checks stacked away in a drawer.

  55. I Dig Au

    Someone needs to tell Martin that a democracy equals mob rule, where the majority can take the rights from the minority. Our Founder’s were brilliant in creating this Republic and recognized the problems with a democracy.

    • Shiloh1

      Repeal 17th Amendment

  56. Frank S.

    I don’t believe all the other countries will be sending their wealth (gold, currency, whatever) to the US, because the US is tanking, and its run by incompetents. It was Biden’s weaponization of the ruble which essentially set BRICS in motion. All other Central Banks and nations around the world are buying record amounts of gold. Why would they risk sending it here ‘for safe keeping’? This ain’t your granddaddy’s global financial crisis.

  57. Marie Joy

    I have read there have been 19 genocides in human history. I don’t know if that’s true but looking at humans, I’d guess it IS true. It comes to a point of stand or die. From what I see, we are complicit in our own extermination. Easy times have made us weak. Some stand but most want others to do the work while we stand on the sidelines. Trump is a man among men but he needs more help than he’s getting. We have all bent over and we’re looking at the floor. Stealth.

    • Self Exiled

      Genocides was committed in my home state of South Dakota even before it was a territory. The Hudson Bay Company a fur buying company of the 1800’s had the fur traders trade small pox infected blankets to the Mandan Indians who lived along the Missouri River. The populous had absolutely no immunity to the European disease. To this day there are only a few Mandan on a small reservation in North Dakota.

      For Christ is the end of the law [it leads to Him and its purpose is fulfilled in Him], for [granting] righteousness to everyone who believes [in Him as Savior). Romans 10:4

  58. Richard Longacre

    Very interesting how Martin said the USD will become stronger (until after 2024). He never really said when the US sovereign debt crisis would take place. We already have china and other nations no longer accepting US Debt (T-bills) for payment for imported goods (and are selling off their US debt/bonds as fast as they can). This was the main reason Long Beach Port had a strike this summer. The cargo ships would not unload until they were paid in currency (not T-bills). A stronger USD makes USA made goods more expensive to other nations and they will not buy our “stuff” (putting more Americans out of work as we head into an inflationary recession/depression).

    Not accepting US debt (and eventually even USD) is one of the main reasons we even have the BRICS+ nations (to destroy the current corrupt USD debt based fiat system of global control). At some point nobody will trust the USG anymore and nobody will purchase our new debt.

    The USG has already been conquered and “We The People” have been forced to suffer shaming rituals (from our Dog King) for nearly 3 years now. The entire world understands the USA is a Banana Republic (not a democracy) except for most Americans. Our arrogance won’t allow us to admit defeat. Please don’t get me wrong, I will never comply or submit to their tyranny and will fight them as best I can. Too many of us still think there is a political solution to this spiritual problem we are facing.

    If Martin along with the CIA, FBI, NSA, and DHS say we are about to suffer terrorism in the USA so they can have an excuse to lock us down and restrict and track our movements, we should believe them and prepare accordingly while we still have time. Of course, when the FBI says this, they mean terrorism from God fearing, Bible reading, gun toting, Christian conservatives, and school board meeting troublemakers labeled as “Domestic Terrorist”, not what you and I were thinking. Can you say, “False Flag”?

    • Self Exiled

      Yes, there is no political solution to this spiritual problem. Sums up the entirety of the issues at hand.

      Jesus answered, “If anyone [really] loves Me, he will keep My word (teaching); and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our dwelling place with him. John 14:23

  59. Cry Me a Ruble

    Jon Voight is a good man with common sense.

    • J_C_

      Cry Me,
      More Voight!
      ‘Corrupt mob’: Hollywood’s Jon Voight slams ‘disgusting scheme’ against Donald Trump
      Sky News Australia 21K views 2 months ago
      Hollywood actor Jon Voight has defended Donald Trump following his latest indictment, calling it a “disgusting scheme” by the Biden administration to try and keep the former president out of the race for 2024.

  60. Frank S.

    The “end time” prophecies God gave Ezekiel were conditionally based on whether or not the returning exiles from Babylon were compliant with God’s Laws and followed in His guidance. They initially did, but soon resumed their worldly ways. Ergo, the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 – 48 were nullified. 600 years later, John (Mark) was given the unconditional prophecy of Revelation.

  61. RW

    U.S. economy is a huge ponzi scheme.
    When the Federal Reserve only prints enough money to loan to the government at interest, but they never print enough to pay the interest? How can you fix a system like that? We can never be free until there is a sound money system.

  62. Norman Byler

    Send this to Martin Armstrong, this really helps my cough & clearing my throat!
    It really works!


  63. Bob Bishop

    Colleague and I have interviewed and interacted with hundreds of illegal aliens at San Antonio’s Migrant Center with hours of videos. They are tugs since most are young military males that are prime for violence.


    I have some farm ground in a CRP program. This a farm program to set ground aside, and is funded by the USDA, United States Department of Agriculture. I was supposed to have received a check two months ago. I received a phone call from the USDA. I was told that they had no money, and when Congress votes some money in, Than I can be paid. So just hold your breath.

  65. Martin Price

    A good question for Martin Armstrong would be, with around 45% of the Israeli population triple vaxxed for Covid-19, how many of those people would actually be healthy or, even alive in the next 3 to 5 years? And that’s if, nothing else bad happens to them

  66. Janice

    Thank you for this enlightening interview!!! Since Israel was used as the official testing of the cov. “vaccines”, how does this unfortunate reality relate to the over-all “health” of Israel?? [….I heard somewhere that the Israeli “poster” child for the cov. vaccine recently died, at age 8 after his 4th shot, of a heart attack.] Healthy, young peoples can fight, but not so much for unhealthy (vaccine damaged) peoples. My formerly fit & very healthy son-in-law just lost a 2-year battle with his sudden-onset stage 4 cancer after 2nd pfizer shot required for employment in 2021. He was 43, has daughters aged 10 & 12 and was murdered by joe biden’s jab-mandate for employment. My family thinks I’m a nut-job and I, alone, am unvaxxed

  67. Mohammad

    He is cornered, he is desperate , he has only one card to play, going FORWARD:
    Hitting the nuclear reactor of Iran and igniting a regional war that can roll into global war.
    This weasel will do anything to remain in power:



    • Greg Hunter

      Bibi is cornered and Hamas is begging for a cease fire? Iran would not nuke Israel if it had the chance?

  68. Randy Best

    It is obvious from the interview that Martin Armstrong does not think much of the BRICS.

  69. George Prica MD

    Martin, are you taking a ACE inhibitor drug like Lisinopril which can commonly cause constant throat clearing?

  70. Jeffrobbins

    Question to the audience???- how is the homelessness and crime in your areas? It seems strange Mr. Armstrong mentioned rampant crime in Europe. It’s not that I’m surprised it is what it is, I’m surprised that a big money/ macro guy would make a point of it.
    I live 20 to 30 minutes out from a 300K area in eastern Washington and most crime has had a small uptick. The stand out is shop lifting- i really don’t know how some of the stores can stay in business- maybe that’s the point of it. The homelessness has increased quite a bit and the word on the street is that most homeless have been bused in from Seattle. Although, we don’t have any tent style compounds it’s common to see people sleeping along a public road with a grass patch. It’s hard to see how it gets better. Random acts of violence are uncommon- but if that should change- that would require a reexamination of what we are doing. I keep up with Neil M. Ward and the crime numbers out of England are just off the charts- and i believe that was part of his calculus to move to the Isle of Man.

  71. Janice Bechdolt

    China and Russia and several other countries have restrictive visa criteria. Wherever you go in the country, you must let the local police station know who you are and why you are there. You must not overstay your visa and leave when time is up or you get put in prison.

    With the creation of EU, with the Schenghen travels rules, Europe was going down
    the more restrictive route already. With Covid, they all especially Germany really
    went full Nazi. The Dems tried it in US, but thanks to our laws got checkmated. Heres to the red white and blue and our founding fathers.

  72. Lori

    Hi Greg. I listen at least once a week here at your website. Well, I found you on a Rumble channel today. Here’s the link: https://rumble.com/v3tr2cm-terrorism-leads-to-lockdowns-to-prevent-civil-unrest-martin-armstrong.html
    If it really is your channel then I will listen either here or there. I thought you should know because you have never mentioned a Rumble channel.
    Much appreciated from Canada.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is mine. Rumble is a video player for me. I put most of the content here on USAW. Thanks for supporting me.

  73. bernard

    There are NO childbirths in Italy for 3 months!

    Italy Achieves Unthinkable World Record. No Child Births in 3 Months.

    Europeans will go extinct. This is why they are importing millions of Muslims mostly from Middle-East into Europe to replace its population.

    Many people misunderstood thinking the Vax depopulation agenda has “failed” because only a few Millions people died from the jab out of 8 Billions. But they cant be more wrong. They are “already” successful in their depopulation agenda. As I said so many times. They are depopulating by mass sterilization, not by killing the people.

    If you think the Syrian War Refugee crisis in Europe is bad, you just wait for Palestinian War Refugee crisis. This Israel-Palestine war is a set up to shove EVEN MORE Muslim migrants into Europe.

    Europe Continent will become Muslim majority in 3 generations! European culture is finished. It is Mathematical Certainty at this point!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank the CV19 bioweapon vax!!

    • helot

      “There are NO childbirths in Italy for 3 months!”

      That’s absolutely astounding.

      Have you ever seen the predictive programming film, ‘Children of Men’?

      I thought of the parable of the fig tree. …Perhaps?… Idk.

      Also, do you know, has Greg ever asked any of the Dr.’s if MNRA, or any other damaging substance, can pass through from livestock given MNRA type shots?

      I haven’t been able to find out if there’s any evidence.

    • carl

      Turkey may soon rule over the Middle East and Europe!! The new Turkish Empire could even be larger then the Ottoman Empire (created by Turkish tribes that ruled the Mediterranean Region during the 15th and 16th centuries)!!

  74. Gabe Zendar

    Do I need to list my church to comment?

    • Greg Hunter

      No Gabe, You just have to NOT be a Jew hating jackass spewing Hamas propaganda.

      • Tim W

        I love your subtlety and nuance, Gregg. 🙂

  75. Anthony

    It was rude of Armstrong to insult Greg and his fellow neocons by calling them all “idiots”.

  76. Randy

    The fig tree in Jesus’ parables is considered by many to represent the nation Israel. I believe this is especially true in the case of the Matthew 24 Olivet Discourse reference. And, like the Lord said, we should recognize how near He is to returning; He is right at the door when we see these things come to pass.

    Jesus earlier said in that same discourse:

    “When you see all these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your head, for your redemption draws near” (Luke 21:28).
    We’ve gone over time after time all the things Jesus was predicting for the very end of the Church Age. And here He talks about the chief sign of them all: the fig tree—the nation Israel—being front and center when all these things take place.
    I previously posted an article titled “The Zechariah Effect.” The prophet said Israel would become “a cup of trembling and a burdensome stone” to all the nations of Earth. There is no doubt in the mind of anyone who hasn’t been deliberately hiding from today’s news that Israel and anti-Semitism are dominating all news media. The mainstream forums—i.e., The New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.—are mostly calling for Israel to back off from punishing the Hamas in Gaza. They are most generally calling for a ceasefire of some sort. Absent from their reports is much about the bloody atrocities inflicted by Hamas upon innocent Israelis and even visitors from America and other countries.

    The following puts into vivid perspective how quickly things are shaping up to produce that “Zechariah effect.”

    • S. Revere

      Randy, I think the bible speaks of all the things we are now seeing ”coming to pass” …..such as the mark of the beast already being experimented with to see how people will take to the idea; such as world control over all people via the digital currency coming into play; right being taken for wrong,and vice versa; the gospel truth being thrown out , just everything we see, too numerous to mention – – these things are how we know ”our redemption draws nigh” – – as told to those who are born again and in Christ.
      This redemption is referring to the rapture of those folks. But that is not Christ’s Return, as he only comes down as far as the clouds, to catch them Up to meet Him in the air . That event will not include the unsaved, and so all the advice on ”prepping” is for them. The actual Return of Christ happens in the Second Coming as it will be all the way to Earth, and does not take place until the end of the 7 yr. Trib.

      As for antisemitism, I tend to think God is watching to get a final opinion on each individual, just where they stand on this issue. I would not want to be found in this group, as it will be a dangerous spot to be in. A notable scripture tells us that ”as a man thinketh, so IS he”. How one thinks about things, IS his stand on issues. Take heed.

  77. Liber8tor

    MA so good, I had to listen three times. (maybe four) I’m confused. Our fiat paper money good until 2024. What about bank bail-ins, where our meager savings just disappear? Buy gold a good idea, but gold is going up $200 a week. Yikes. Time to call discount Gold and Silver. As Martin said, a very complicated situation.

  78. Son of Ethan Allen

    So does high crime in United States.

  79. John Maskell

    That was a fantastic but unnerving interview, in the way how the future plays out. Greg, you gave Martin Armstrong some really good questions . Things could change but Socrates has been very reliable . I have listened to your preparedness in the precious metals, food, water etc and I have acted accordingly . I value your opinions very highly Greg , thank you.

  80. Justn Observer

    Greg, as Mr. Armstong and Mr. Nenner show…war cycles matter…, and they are also a great diversion from what might really be going on? A masking of a REPEAT of a ARAB SPRING like situation worldwide? = One of the driving forces behind the Arab Spring was the high cost of food. Shrinking farmlands, bad weather, and poor water distribution contributed to higher prices and anti-government sentiment. =

    Patterns matter…so do cycles….and cycles within cycles…and war cycles as a result of then. A few tutorials to the understanding of them and how they affect commodity prices, geo-politics, and yes food fights and wars caused by shortages.


    Some other data and charting that ‘apparently’ the data collectors are denying themselves? and that it seems are giving almost directly contrary predictions ie – saying first it was ‘global warning’…then ‘global weather changes’ when in reality…the longer view is could it actually be =- ‘ Global Cooling’…the cycles rolling along from LOWER highs to LOWER lows …yes, Trump might have been right when he said ‘ I think it is going to be getting cooler’…
    When nations cannot feed their people, it is said they have ‘lost their mandate from heaven’ and the Empires collapse… Ultimate supply chain breakdowns are when there is Nothing or not enough to supply, and so nations move on other nations for what they lack….in the case of food…they cross borders, buy up and horde other’s crops or farmlands. And their food processing facilities to control access to it…and trade routes for their access to them…and SOME nations might like to push migration OUT of their land to decrease tensions and ‘their’ inability to provide? ANYONE see any of that going on around the earth today?


    Question….why the focus on CUTTING/SEQUESTERING CARBON OUT OF ATMOSPHERE is. When it is an integral part of increasing food production?
    also, .as sunspots and sun’s radiation effect crops and control over the bio and pathogens, the excess or lack of moisture, and excesses in making surfaces sterile..WHY would anyone complicate it further with chemtrails that kill and weaken tree and plant growth, poison ground water and water sources, and the microbiome in the soil.?


    • carl

      The Globalists are out to Kill everything – that includes 99% of all the humans on planet Earth!!

  81. Hennery Fjords

    If you Do Everything and Anything What Could Be Larger Next!?
    Xi Jin’ping, Axelrod, Obomber & GrowSome Newsome, want Trump OUT!
    The Ground Is Shifting NBC KNOWS/ WHAT the NEW YORK SLIMES KNOW
    _______ http://tv.infowars.com/index/live
    See Ezra, the LIVE REBROADCAST FROM 12:00 pm noon EDT US.
    4:00 pm_8:00 pm_ 12:00 am_ 4:00 am, every 4 hours! EDT US.

  82. MLK

    I suspect there will not be any domestic attacks until after the election. Otherwise, it would work against Biden on Reelection.

    • Richard Longacre

      MLK, Perhaps their goal is Martial Law because of so many terrorist attacks (and wars), total lockdowns, contact tracing and tracking, only mail-in ballots allowed or not even allow an election to take place. They are very desperate to stay in power. Biden never did win an election and can’t win an election so they will use extreme measures.

      Of course this will also include gun confiscation and mandatory DNA altering bioweapon injections once the Constitution is suspended (or ignored like it is now).

  83. MLK

    Moving the money also happened Sept before the COVID problem.

  84. WW3 News&Views

    Alex Jones says Hezbollah has declared war on The United States and warns there are sleeper cells prepared to attack America and European nations imminently.
    The Infowars host told his audience Friday, “The globalists are manipulating this behind the scenes to create a global crisis so Biden can cancel the election and they can use the war as the pretext for claiming that’s why the economy has imploded so the globalists don’t get the blame. They can be the saviors and bring in their new Central Bank Digital currency, the ESGs and more.”

    BROKE FRIDAY: Hezbollah Declares WAR On The United States
    The Alex Jones Show November 3rd 2023

    • carl

      Probably the reason Hezbollah Declared WAR On The United States is because they have a 300,000 “Man” Army and likely think they can easily defeat the US (which only has a 482,000 “Queer/Transgender” Army)!!

  85. MLK

    Surprisingly, a lot of these issues can be countered by massively reducing regulations.

  86. MLK

    To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

  87. MLK

    Civilians are the single biggest resource for any war. Innocent victims; there is no such thing, War cannot be conducted with out civilian support……….period.

    • carl

      Civilians are always made the target of the “Superior Warrior Class” – “millions” of innocent civilian Jews “were gassed to death” by Nazi Hitler – “millions” of innocent civilian Japs “were nuked to death” by Demon-rat Truman – so far – only “a few thousand” innocent civilian Palestinians “are being bombed to death” (which is not too bad on a relative basis)!! As long as the Samson Option is not activated the Israeli killing of innocent civilians “is so far small potatoes” compared to what Germany and the United States have done in the past!!!

  88. Marie Joy

    What do y6ou do when your government turns against you?

    • 2nd Amendment

      That’s what the 2nd amendment was put in place for.

    • Justn Observer

      Hopeful…you get a leader than has a record of FIRING PEOPLE ? and one committed to exposing the swamp? and claw back all the profits they made from their created endless wars…and that includes all the other nations leaders in on the ‘PAY TO PLAY’ schemes…Amazingly, who is the most silent on the current event, and most responsible for it = THE UN for adopting and passing Israel’s right to re-claim their land and become its own ‘sovereign’ nation WITH it’s own borders… BUT IF they are a sovereign nation…do they NOT have the right to protect its people and its borders? And which NATIONS pushed FOR the Balfour Agreement…it WAS NOT the U.S….SO WHO? and too, who helped ‘rat-line’ all the culpable people in that attempted their ‘final solution’…and helped disperse them all over the world…including into the U.S.?
      Imagine..not a word from ‘king’ Charles, who’s father’s and Prince Bernard of Austrin…with many of their family married X NAZI’S …when even one of their ‘would be kings ‘, and sympathizer for the NAZI cause stepped aside to married Ms. Simpson…while the U.S. was being sucked INTO a EU war to help ‘defend’ the UK from the takeover by very people many of their ‘bloodline’ SAXONS relatives? Of course, then too, there is SOME of those from Turkey who joined the NAZI, especially with the rounding up and death camps…and NOW ‘they’ all call the U.S. the BIG SATAN? for what…reluctantly entering a war to save the barbarism of the NAZI…and the Bolsheviks? A whole lot of pots calling the kettle black going on IMO.
      And as far as the BLM, until they can ADMIT. like many including SOLWELL and many others have pointed out….it was the blacks and Muslims who long before the U.S. ever was a nation…. were deeply involved in capturing, enslaving and shipping their fellow blacks the world over before one set foot in a southern plantation.
      In fact many were but indentured slaves along with many poor whites as early as 1400, long before an Antony Johnson, a black man went to court to get a judgement to be able to KEEP his indentured servant a ‘slave for life’ …which MADE it legal to do so… AND which MUSLIM ruled nation at that time period had set up a colony in North America….Spain. and with its Conquistadors and Jesuits also were all over the South Americas including Mexico…doing the same.
      So, time the blacks and Muslim blacks pay themselves reparations for what they themselves created. Time all this foolish gibberish, finger pointing and blame and screaming of ”’racism”’ and ‘white superiority’ to STOP.

      and who was doing the ‘enslaving’ requiring U.S. and Swedish action

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Barbary_War =
      which taking ‘slaves’ and getting ramsom was a normal practice of Muslims then and apparently is still…today, only changing the term to the more modern term ‘hostages’ for ransom? Apparently, ole POTUS JOE BIDEN and his misguided ilk in his Admin. does not read U.S. history?=
      In March 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London to negotiate with Tripoli’s envoy, ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman (or Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja). When they enquired “concerning the ground of the pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury”, the ambassador replied:

      It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise. He said, also, that the man who was the first to board a vessel had one slave over and above his share, and that when they sprang to the deck of an enemy’s ship, every sailor held a dagger in each hand and a third in his mouth; which usually struck such terror into the foe that they cried out for quarter at once.[21]
      Jefferson reported the conversation to Secretary of Foreign Affairs John Jay, who submitted the ambassador’s comments and offer to Congress. Jefferson that ………paying tribute would encourage more attacks………!
      Many in the world should count …..the 50 STARS AND STRIPES for their standing up and ending piracy and slavery in many places around the world…but then what do FACTS and History have to do with it?…. Right?
      These days…. radicalization TRUMPS education…..

  89. Major Payne

    Eve of destruction, tax deduction, city inspectors, bill collectors
    Mod clothes in demand, population out of hand
    Suicide, too many bills, hippies moving to the hills
    People all over the world shouting “End the war”, yeah
    And the band played on

  90. Marie Joy

    GOP House Spoeaker made vaccines one of his top priorities during covid. Troubling.
    I found that at Newstarget.com
    The UN said all children belong to the UN. I believe that’s why children were taken from illegal aliens’ parents. The reason is sex trafficking.
    Again, what do you do when your government turns against you???

  91. Marie Joy

    When the opposition goes to war on America, they will destroy infrastructure including, but not limited to…
    gasoline/fuel oil/ petroleum products/coal
    natural gas for fuel
    They don’t have to try that hard because traitor politicians and nitwit communists who fall for propaganda have already started to destroy America.

  92. bernard

    Former Mossad director calls for Gazans to be distributed around world

    Right from the beginning this War is a set up for the West to yet again faced with a War Refugee crisis, this time much bigger than Syria!

    • Jerry

      25k to 100 different countries, and I just wonder how many would come to the US??? All but 25!

  93. Marie Joy

    You may not be able to sue the vaccine makers but you may be able to sue the companies, government agencies, and people who mandated you get an experimental vaccine for a non existant, non vaccine.

  94. Elias

    This was a fantastic discussion as all your discussions are, I have to say. Thank you, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Elias!

  95. Norn

    They say 4000 children in Gaza have been killed. How many innocent Palestinian children have to be slaughtered before the ancient Jewish blood lust will be satiated?

    • Greg Hunter

      “Hamas is the cause of the innocent dying. Get Hamas to meet the IDF on the battlefield with their civilian population at their backs.” Simple.

      Hamas has caused all of this, and the coward leader of Hamas is reportedly on a plane to Iran.


  96. Kip

    what quarter in 2024 does his computer predict when nation wide martial law and lockdowns will start?

    important for us little people to know in advance.

    • Greg Hunter

      He did not say.

      • Kip

        Thanks Greg, maybe he will next time.

  97. Justn Observer

    Greg, You, your guy and Mr. Armstrong NAILED IT !
    They are now admitting Biden’s support is at 8% ! = @ 8:55

  98. strych9

    I don’t always agree with Mr. Armstrong but I do agree with him on capital inflow to the US, but for different reasons.

    It’s seemed to me for quite some time now that Powell’s overarching strategy is to look at the world in a fairly realistic manner of five major capital pools. The US, Europe, Japan, China and “BRICS” (or the Global South if you like). The guy’s not the moron the Doomers tend to make him out to be.

    Japan’s got, shall we say, “limited” growth potential. China’s capital controls make me wonder why anyone ever put money there in the first place. BRICS is a series of, mostly, basket case countries. That basically leaves the US and Europe but Europe’s trajectory for a decade has been objectively borderline, if not outright, suicidal on several fronts.

    So, the smart move for the US is to assist Lagard in slitting the European’s throat. That leaves the US as the place where money would be treated best, not great maybe, but best.

    Part of me thinks that’s what Ukraine was about from a US geopolitical perspective.

  99. Oy vey! MISTRIAL! N.Y., N.Y.!

    This could pave the way for a Michelle Obama White House bid: Concha
    Fox News 107,679 views 21 hours ago
    FOX News contributor Joe Concha joined ‘FOX & Friends First’ to discuss Biden’s 2024 re-election bid as polls indicate Trump may have a lead in various swing states.

    Trump attorney: We are in deep trouble!
    ___________Fox Business 448,188 views 9 hours ago
    Trump attorney Alina Habba reacts to the former president’s testimony in the civil fraud trial on ‘Kudlow.’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wgTTx8OmtY

  100. Prospector

    Ed Dowd and others being proven correct. Greg, if the insurance companies continue to ignore the evidence that the vaxxine is the cause, shouldn’t THEY be sued ?
    They have the data but don’t want to admit or warn people there is a problem.

    Insurance Industry Execs ‘Alarmed’ by Surge in Deaths Among Young People — But Stop Short of Blaming COVID Shots

    “Insurers saw death benefits rise 15.4% in 2020, the biggest one-year increase since the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, followed by a record $100.28 billion — nearly double the historic norm — in total death benefits paid out by the industry in 2021.”

    ” Edward Dowd …. exposed the excess-death crisis in insurance-industry data in his December 2022 book, “‘Cause Unknown’: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.”

    Dowd told The Defender that according to insiders at one of the biggest insurance companies in the U.S., “People in the industry know what’s going on but nobody at the top” is yet prepared to recognize it. “The CEOs and CFOs don’t believe it’s the vaccine. It’s not that these people are evil. They’re not separating facts from emotion.”


    If insurance companies feel they have no moral obligation to sound off, they DO have a financial DUTY to shareholders to investigate in a serious way.

    • carl

      Don’t wait for the light to go on in insurance company heads – simply sell any insurance stocks you may own!!

    • Pete+only

      If these insurance companies are publicly traded, then at the very least, they are commiting criminal liabilities against shareholders at the very least, but since the justice system is totally corrupt, then it doesn’t really matter any way.
      Only a revolution would fix such things, but I disagree with Martin Armstrong on his timeline, as you only have to miss 6 meals for these revolutions to happen. Forget his 4 to 6 years of time for a revolution to occur, it could happen literally tomorrow.
      What truck driver would risk their life to deliver food to the supermarket, when things turn nasty, and any number of credit problems might prevent food from getting there anyway…this is why the deep state is panicking now with the middle east war, because the Ukraine war is now lost.
      Wake Up Sheeeple, spread the word.

  101. Justn Observer

    Greg, potentially a win BUT… the people should not have to wait a year or until, IF… Trump should win re-election and the Senate and Congress would care to also intervene a year from now?


    The People need to persuade or have pro-2nd Amendment State legislators also press the U.S. Supreme Court for an emergency expedited ruling of this case because of the irreparable harm being done to the people, to businesses being run out of businesses, their guns being taken, privacy violated and being put on ””lists”’ =
    https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/biden-united-nations-global-gun-registration-treaty =
    The NRA has warned that, among many moves, the treaty will require all arms that Americans buy from overseas makers to be tracked. To do that, a global gun registry would be created and maintained for 10 years. Every owner will be listed on that registry.
    ….and their RIGHTS to carry for self-protection being denied by zealous anti-2nd Amendment activists and ANTI-Constitutional rights State legislators and Governors along with Presidential executive orders denying the sale of ammunition to private citizens and dealers, all with the intended effect of denying their right to self-protection and security from the RAMPANT CRIME, invasion and Potential harm BY UN-TRACKED ILLEGALS ENTERING THE COUNTRY, MASS RALLIES DEMANDING THE DEATH OF SPECIFIC SETS OF People along with the rampant crime caused by errant policies like defunding police and letting criminal elements out of prisons… One should not have to WAIT to go thru a ‘ CUMBERSOME long PROCESS’ just to ‘get permission’ to EXERCISE their Constitutional Right to bear arms…. when lives are being threatened NOW!
    Not to mention those running around like the current incident, with the leaked MANIFESTO.
    The whole point of the 2nd Amendment is to be prepared and able to protect and defend one’s life and liberty in a present setting before an event arises… and NOT have to wait until AFTER and left to HOPE a police department or military that has been DEFUNDED ‘might’ respond if someone is ‘lucky enough’ to hide or survive the initial attack. Not everyone can afford to be surrounded by armed security like they as taxpayers are forced to pay to provide many politicians and the ‘elite’ segment of social that also are. Which, because ‘they are’ is likely why they rarely if ever are subject to such ‘mass shooting’ attacks. In fact, that was part of that Manifesto, to scout the area first to ensure there was no security before the attack. The incessant anti-gun concerns, needing they say, to stop the deaths …. flies in the face of ‘their’ lack of concerns for the same as fentanyl and dangerous people crossing the borders…IT IS ALL BS… in an attempt to disarm the U.S., as a stated and agenda and TREATY goal made long ago in the early on Global Governess meetings. AND which Biden hopes to advance to the ultimate Obama/UN plan to disarm the U.S. thru UN treaties?
    https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/dec/15/un-arms-trade-treaty-gives-away-rights-of-american/ =
    The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was negotiated from 2006, during the Bush administration, through 2013 with the Obama administration. The original intent of the treaty was theoretically to prohibit arms transfers to regimes that abused human rights. From the very start though, gun control groups looked upon the treaty as an end run around America’s domestic reluctance to adopt their agenda — if Congress and the state legislatures wouldn’t pass gun control why not get the U.N. to make it a permanent part of its agenda or even better part of international law? Gun control groups have pursued their agenda at the organization since 1995 but were frustrated by the likes of Ambassador John R. Bolton who single-handedly stopped a U.N. treaty effort in 2001 that would have regulated U.S. civilian firearms.

  102. francis reps

    Martin Armstrong was the author of many brilliant Historical articles when he was wrongfully incarcerated for several years ; a while back. His opinions should be taken seriously. The current observations of retired Col Douglas Macgregor are also of great import. The Most important observations and decisive actions of Sergei Lavrov and Vladimir Putin ; two men who are among the very few “Adult” World leaders ; should be followed ; since Our Christian Western Civilization will hinge on their successful activities. This may be hard to believe if you follow the MSM ; but keen witted Americans who look into the facts ; and the past and current conduct of “so called” World leaders will come to the conclusion that our Hopes are actually based on the accomplishments of the current leaders of the Russian Federation.

  103. Shiloh1

    Martin made a brief mention of the topic in the interview. Bill Holter has a 11-6-23 post on his website with links –

    Bill’s commentary:

    “Must be some of real substance to have a ‘news blackout’?”

    There are extremely strange things happening in a very high-profile federal court case in Manhattan where the largest bank in the United States, JPMorgan Chase, stands accused by victims of facilitating Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring that sexually abused minors as the bank doled out $40,000 to $80,000 a month in hard cash for more than a decade without filing the legally required Suspicious Activity Reports.

  104. Thomas Gaston

    Trump: ‘I Make You This Promise’ If I Win In 2024
    Forbes Breaking News 246,121 views Nov 5, 2023
    At the Florida Freedom Summit yesterday in Kissimmee, Florida, former President Trump spoke about his plans should he win in 2024.
    DRILL BABY DRILL! Not our teeth Obomber!

  105. Jaun Valdez

    California Gov. Newsom Hits Record Disapproval Rating: Poll
    M.The Messenger Story by Kayla Gallagher • 4h
    Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom’s record approval rating has reached an all-time low. . . . . .

    • carl

      Anything higher then Biden’s 9% approval rating makes Newsom a viable Presidential Candidate in the eyes of the Demon-rats!!

  106. Realist

    Try locking up 150 Million Gun Owners, you will find dead politicians on every corner.

  107. J.P. Morgunstun

    Stephen Gardner 740,272 views 16 hours ago Nov 6, 2023
    A new poll shows Trump leading Biden in 5 key swing states he won in 2020. Many Democrats are now urging Biden not to run in 2024. But Obama stood by him, while Bill Maher said Biden could “turn the country back over to Trump” if he runs again. In response to Trump’s claim, he could end the Ukraine war quickly, Zelensky invited Trump to Ukraine but said he couldn’t manage the war in 24 hours.
    Ukraine aims to become the “arsenal for the free world” and establish itself as a leader in weapons manufacturing and boots on the ground real war weapons testing, a two-fer! Trump lashed out at the judge in his NY civil fraud case, calling the trial unfair. The January 6 and documents trials may not be televised to avoid benefiting Trump.
    The House oversight committee plans to subpoena Biden himself regarding alleged tax evasion and money laundering by Hunter. Israel military surrounded Gaza, separating it to protect civilians while combating Hamas in the north. Despite warnings and assistance evacuating, Hamas has stopped civilians leaving. Israel says it has dropped flyers and made calls to warn civilians.
    Pro-Palestine protesters stormed the White House gates, calling Biden “genocide Joe” while demanding elimination of Jews, ironically criticizing the genocide they promote. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6rDf1i8UHs

    • carl

      With all the genocide going on – why aren’t magnifying glasses outlawed? These Demonic weapons are teaching our kids to “Kill”!! Our kids are being subtly trained to do Mass Murder (by burning ants with the death ray a magnifying glass produces in sunlight) which hardens their hearts to eventually become the eugenicists we see today who want to kill off 99% of the human population and also makes them love bugs of every kind – to not just kill but even to eat!!!

      • Katy Bar

        I don’t see how the eugenicist Globalists are going to keep the Glyphosate out of our bug burgers – and they will likely be feeding the bugs GMO corn to boot – the chemical cocktail created (Beyond Beef) will probably reduce the average lifespan of humans to below the age of 32 – which is totally sufficient for the Globalists needs (to recruit them into their army’s to fight their continual wars)!!

  108. Marie Joy

    We lost power this morning anf I thought this is it. As it turns out this wasn’t it. A tree limb fell on power lines and we have our power back. It was just a neighborhood thing. Thank heaven.

  109. Lame BRAIN

    Cell Phones Mysterious Effects on the Brain

  110. Lame BRAINS

    The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation and Your Health
    Resonance: Beings of Frequency 16K views 7 months ago
    In this eye-opening documentary, we explore the topic of cell phone frequency radiation and its potential effects on your health. With the widespread use of cell phones, it’s important to understand the potential risks and how you can protect ourselves. Join us as we uncover the latest research and expert opinions on this important issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tA0WRvXdwg

  111. Joseph

    Did Mr. Armstrong say one won’t be able to enter Europe next year for some reason?
    Thank you,

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Intense screening.

    • Shiloh1

      I wouldn’t want to get any closer to Europe than Pittsburgh, PA.

  112. Shiloh1

    Mayor of Nashville – software co background, went to Brown, etc. etc. etc. You could knock me over with a feather!

  113. Vasily Pickleford

    Joe Biden JUST Got HORRIBLE NEWS! | Jimmy Dore
    Stephen Gardner Nov 7, 2023

    • Shiloh1

      Wow – that’s great, thank you!

  114. cindy

    Zelensky Headed For DISASTER, Ukraine’s FAILED Counteroffensive COVERED UP:

  115. Self Exiled

    God is drawing out the evil in the world to destroy it.

    Your words were found and I ate them,
    And Your words became a joy to me and the delight of my heart;
    For I have been called by Your name,
    O LORD God of hosts. Jeremiah 15:16

  116. S. Revere

    Note: Paris Peace Forum led by Prez. Macron this Friday and Saturday, 11 and 12. It seems the focus of this forum is for discussing world government and will likely include a brainstorming about the Israel-Hamas situation. In other words, one world govt., a world leader to step forward and take control and ”do something” about all the ills of this sick twisted hellish place. This is what everybody is ready for, and that ”leader” will be the anti christ. One must wonder, is this his Time to take his seat of power. Things are sure geared up in that direction, and if so, that means the rapture is at the door.

  117. Self Exiled

    The war that is being fought in heaven is now manifesting itself on earth and will intensify.

    Now, little children (believers, dear ones), remain in Him [with unwavering faith], so that when He appears [at His return], we may have [perfect] confidence and not be ashamed and shrink away from Him at His coming. 1 John 2:28

  118. Korn Poop'ed

    Zelensky KNOWS He’s About To Lose Russia-Ukraine War, Peace Talks COMING?: Rising
    The Hill 64K views 1 day ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave weigh in on reports that some European officials and the U.S. have been talking about brokering peace in the Ukraine-Russia war.
    The only ones whom seem happy about this war are Chicken hawkers, Mike Morell, Mit Romney and Linda Graham.


    ‘No Choice But To Attack’: Trump’s Bombshell Iran Claim Goes Viral | Qasem Soleimani Episode Hindustan Times 5 hours ago
    Former president of the United States, Donald Trump, has made a sensational claim on Iran. Trump told a gathering that Iran had informed U.S. well in advance of its plan to attack American bases in Iraq in response to the assassination of top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in 2020. The former president said that the Iranians told U.S. that they are compelled to retaliate as it pertains to their self-respect. Iran has not reacted to the claim yet.

    • carl

      Trump knew exactly how to take out the critical personnel in charge of the Command and Control Operations of the Iranian Military – this is exactly what must be done to the enemy Globalist leaders in the WEF, UN and WHO!!

  120. Frank Cooper

    Iran’s President Raisi to Visit Saudi Arabia for Talks? | Vantage with Palki Sharma/Iran’s President Raisi to Visit Saudi Arabia for Talks?

  121. Kyle Cook jr.

    Zelensky KNOWS He’s About To Lose Russia-Ukraine War, Peace Talks COMING?: Rising
    The Hill 64K views 1 day ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave weigh in on reports that some European officials and the U.S. have been talking about brokering peace in the Ukraine-Russia war.

  122. George Berwash

    Growing concern among Democrats over Biden’s latest polling numbers
    ABC News Nov 7, 2023 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkAdTZmFHNw
    As the 2024 election grows closer, the latest ABC News/IPSOS poll shows both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have major favorability issues.

    This poll is ‘bad news’ for everyone, except for Trump: Piro
    Fox Business 463K views 1 month ago
    ‘Fox & Friends First’ co-host Todd Piro discusses Trump widening the gap among GOP contenders and Hillary Clinton dismissing Biden’s age concerns as ‘off-base.

    • Greg Hunter

      The real number is around 9% approval.

      • Raymond Epps

        Agreed Greg!’
        But VERY TROUBLED’: Gingrich warns Republicans face two ‘great’ challenges Fox Business 22,890 44 minutes ago
        Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich discusses Trump’s progress in the 2024 election polls, failed ‘red waves,’ House Speaker Mike Johnson’s handling of government spending and the rise of antisemitism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFEwJQzfexM

        No longer just two parties, the former Democrat party is deeply split. There is now a pro-terrorist wing of the former Democrat party that has also taken over the hard left of that former party, so that we now have in reality three parties. The Terrorism party, along with the Uni-party and Anti-war party!
        Haven’t heard from Chuck Schumer lately? No you haven’t, like Gerald Celente says, he’s one of the scared little boy’s, like the Cuomo brothers! Where are the men to stand up to this nonsense?

        It’s Judgment Day — Where are the Men? — High Noon Video Essay
        Thomas Gary Nuila 36K views 5 years ago
        The classic western High Noon shows that Judgement day isn’t some religious notion for believers in another life. Judgement day comes frequently, for all of us. And when it does come, one question that will be asked is “Where are the men?”
        And it’s making…

  123. Justn Observer

    Greg, SOUNDED LIKE? the conservative U.S. Supreme Court of Appeals 5th CIRCUIT Justices were not buying the DOJ arguments?

  124. Sara

    Thank you Greg, Martin is a voice in the wilderness! Did you see where the AP had photos that were embedded with hamas? Yes, apparently the source is that they shared a building with them. Can you say- beyond belief?

    • Greg Hunter

      You participated and then took pictures and sold them to the NYT, Reuters and the AP???!!!

  125. Vern Locke

    Donald Trump comes out swinging after his day in court | Planet America
    ABC News In-depth 13,220 9 hours ago Planet America 9:30pm AEST ABC TV.
    This week: Trump comes out swinging after his day in court. Biden faces calls to not seek re-election and why the Middle East crisis is sparking division among Democrats.

  126. J. Bonner

    ‘The fix is in’ against Donald Trump in NY case: Kerri Kupec Urbahn
    Fox Business 92,480 6 hours ago
    FOX News legal editor Kerri Kupec Urbahn provides analysis from inside the courtroom of former President Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud trial on ‘The Evening Edit.’
    We can’t let these fat black urbanite woman, prosecuting’ly and legislating’ly bring our country and our urban centers FURTHER down, making our country a laughing stock! MAKING us a part of the 3rd world! Please!

    White House disses GOP’s border proposal: ‘Need something a lot more serious’ Fox Business 42,344 views 4 hours ago
    Former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf argues Americans won’t see any improvements on the border until the administration changes its policies.
    We don’t need to attract more terrorists to the terrorist party do we!

  127. H. Point

    Putin’s Spies Arrest Ukraine ‘Double Agent’ Trying To ‘Get Russian Soldiers To Work For Kyiv’ /Hindustan Times 29,000 views 6 hours ago
    Russian authorities released dramatic footage of the arrest of a person accused of being an agent of Ukrainian intelligence agencies. The Russian citizen was arrested in Buryatia. He has been charged with treason and accused of trying to make Russian soldiers defect and help the Ukrainians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRUwPt-ceMc

  128. H.Boring

    JUST IN: Top Democrat BETRAYS Biden After OFF THE RAILS RANT!
    Stephen Gardner Nov 8, 2023

  129. J. P. Hawkinson

    Putin Warns Of USA Creating War-Like Situation In 3rd Region Amid Ukraine, Israel Wars /Hindustan Times 76,445 views 4 hours ago
    Russia President Vladimir Putin hosted a senior Chinese military general amid the intensifying conflict between Israel and Palestinian group Hamas, and a “stalemate” in the Russia-Ukraine war, as per the latter’s military chief. Putin said that Russia and China are not forming a military alliance like during the Cold War. He also accused USA of creating “tension in the Asia-Pacific” through its AUKUS military alliance with Australia and the United Kingdom.

    Greg, we know Jesus said when we hear the cry of peace and security, then it will be sudden destruction for Gods enemies! I think the people are crying now for this peace
    “Whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them.”​—1 Thess. 5:3.
    Jesus foretold that some of those who were alive when the “last days” began would live to see this system’s end. They’re not going to be around much longer! Already a little over a hundred years have passed since WW1 years, since that “generation” saw the start of these troubles. (Matt. 24:34) So time has nearly run out on this “crooked and twisted generation.” (Phil. 2:15) Shortly we may be eyewitnesses of the fulfillment of the many Bible prophecies related to ‘the passing away of this world.’ (1 John 2:17) And we can have complete confidence that these prophecies will be fulfilled in every detail. Jehovah, “the One telling from the beginning the finale,” the One who has inspired these prophecies, “has sworn, saying: ‘Surely just as I have figured, so it must occur; and just as I have counseled, that is what will come true.’”​—Isa. 14:24; 46:10;

  130. J.P.H.

    Video: Sh*tlibs Want Trump Jailed – But NOT George Bush!?!?
    The Jimmy Dore Show Nov 8, 2023 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYER3zuCgBE

  131. Shiloh1

    RFK Jr. candidacy is done, by his own hand no less. No wonder Kucinich jumped ship.

  132. Jaymond

    LIVE: Gaza City Stormed, Israel Targets Hamas’ Tunnel Network | Vantage with Palki Sharma 6 hours ago 202,270 views

    BREAKING: Sabotage or Terrorist attack?
    Biggest News to Israel! Iranian Rebels Launch Surprise Attack &
    Blast Iran’s Main Bases in 1 Night! Deep Journal Global Nov 8, 2023

    Hamas Rages As Israel Kills Its Weapons Chief Mohsen Abu Zina; Dramatic Operation On Cam /Hindustan Times Nov 8, 2023
    The Israel Defence Forces said they have killed one of the top figures in Hamas. According to the IDF, Hamas’ weapons production chief has been eliminated. The weapons chief was killed after an Israeli jet targeted Hamas’ production headquarters. Mohsen Abu Zina specialised in manufacturing strategic weapons and rockets. Dramatic footage shows Hamas’ weapons headquarters being struck, sending plumes of smoke into the air. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PNLAbPFFG8

  133. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg. Did you see article posted on Automatic Earth 11/9 about Astra-Zeneca vax case in Slovenia? Code 1 -placebo, Code 2 – mRNA, Code 3 mRNA and all the other crap. “Head nurse says she personally witnessed all the politicians receiving the Number 1 vial.” This was throughout Europe/UK.

    • Greg Hunter

      “1” evil!!

  134. Coal Burner

    Greg and Martin. This is The greatest interview ever on USA Watchdog. Thank You Both and thank Socrates. Most informative discussion I have heard in this realm. I am going to have to listen to this ten times and rewrite notes ten times.

  135. Don Ho Howe

    ‘Yet To See Our Full Might’: Hezbollah’s Chilling Threat To Israel After Deadly Border Strike/Hindustan Times 82,786 views Nov 7, 2023
    Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah has warned Israel of “double” revenge after it accused that Israeli strikes killed Lebanese civilians. Hezbollah, backed by Iran, also fired a barrage of rockets in response, which Tel Aviv claimed killed an Israeli civilian. The Israel-Hamas war has escalated border tensions between Israel and Hezbollah. Around 60 Hezbollah fighters and 10 civilians have been killed since October 7, while more than half a dozen Israeli soldiers and a civilian have also died in border clashes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Pw-ASu17I

    Hezbollah Unleashes Deadly Missiles At ‘Israeli Planes’; Warns Of Complete Confrontation/Hindustan Times 195,230 views Nov 8, 2023
    Hezbollah has once again “launched an attack” on Israeli defence forces. The Lebanese militant group, backed by Iran, fired surface-to-air missiles to reportedly target Israeli planes. The clashes between Hezbollah and Israel have intensified amid attacks on Hamas. Hezbollah is daring Israel in the north to shake up the IDF’s Gaza operation in the south. The IDF has been targeting top Hamas leaders, as they claim to be in the heart of Gaza.

    In case you missed it, see in court the emperor exposed once again as naked as a jay-bird!🦜
    Trump’s Lawyer Plays Video Of Biden, Harris, Waters Using Violent Rhetoric Grilling Extremism Expert 1.6M views 9 days ago
    Peter Simi, a sociology professor at Chapman University and expert in right-wing extremism, testifies at the Colorado trial of former President Trump that could see him blocked from the 2024 ballot, and is shown video of Democrats using violent rhetoric by Trump’s lawyer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms3q6vxk_AM

  136. Don Ho Howe

    Jimmy Dore PROVEN RIGHT AGAIN As U.S. Tells Zelensky To Negotiate Peace
    The Jimmy Dore Show 1.25M subscribers 59,729 views Nov 9, 2023
    After almost two years of fighting, hundreds of thousands dead, hundreds of billions spent and devastating impacts across Europe and even stretching into other continents, the U.S. is now signaling it’s time for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to begin negotiating an end to hostilities with Russia. The terms of any peace agreement will, of course, be much less favorable than what might have transpired if Ukraine had been allowed to negotiate at the war’s outset.

    VOTE SWITCHING Uncovered In PA Voting Machines!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 29,120 5 hours ago
    Problems with voting machines struck a Pennsylvania county this past Election Day as on-screen displays appeared to show vote switching in a Superior Judge race. Election officials claim that the “glitch” did not cause any votes to be mis-registered, but the circumstance have led a public already dubious about voting machines to question what went on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_V-VQYtnFM

  137. Susan M

    I watch all of Martin Armstrong’s interviews. He seems most interactive with you. There seems to be a nice rapport. Don’t ever recall him well wishing his interviewer by name at the close, except for you. You obviously are well versed and follow him, which makes you able to keep up with him in the course of the interviewer. Hope you have him back soon.

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