will be on Hiatus for the Next Few Weeks

By Greg Hunter’s 

Since going online with in August of 2009, we have never been off the air for any considerable time.  Starting today and for the next few weeks, we will not be doing new content, but we will be posting comments.  So, feel free to do some street reporting and trade information on the site.  We will be tending to your comments.  We will also be working on servers and improving our online security.  We are attacked continuously, and we need to take the time to make improvements to keep the site viable and secure.

So, feel free to comment, and remember to check out our sponsors listed below that help keep us on the air.  We will be back in a few weeks delivering more great USAW content for the rest of 2024 that will be interesting and wild, to say the least.

Your friend, brother and newsman,

Greg Hunter


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  1. Carol Bolt

    Always listening Greg. We will be here when your back. Best of luck with the upgrades. I love the cartoon. Such a lot of truth in it.

    • Steve K

      We sure need you today, Greg. May President Trump be preserved. May those behind this assassination attempt be found out and suffer the consequences of their evil.

    • Mike Martin

      After tens years of trying to understand the financial and geopolitical world the one person I have followed throughout is our friend Greg Hunter.

      Now that we have witnessed the parallelling of the Trump and Kennedy families with this attempt on DJT ‘s. Life we must expose all of those who ignored the warnings of the shooter minutes before the shots rang.

      We came within 2 inches of a civil war last night. It is time for the military to step in and do their job protect the constitution.

      Thank you Greg for all you have done to provide real news.

      • Earth Angel

        Agreed Mike. If we had a military worth even half their salt they would immediately turn on the treasonous weasels infesting our government; honor their oaths to defend the American people AND our Constitution- from threats both foreign AND domestic; round up these people, court marshall them and mete out appropriate justice for their treasonous crimes instead of following orders from them. Let’s hope somewhere, some of them find the balls to finally DO that. What ELSE will it take to finally wake these people up to what the hell has been really going on?! Otherwise, then WHY are we spending TRILLIONS of dollars (we really don’t have) to fund this military? They’re not protecting their OWN SHORES; they’re being used as a worldwide militia for PRIVATE agendas and that’s just wrong!

        • Ken Yu

          If the US Military can’t find the balls to protect the American people (who are paying Trillions of Dollars to the US Military each year To Protect OUR COUNTRY From Any and All Demonic Threats to destroy our USA) then Donald Trump should take Martin Armstrong’s advice and at a minimum make RFK his Attorney General as he has first hand experience in knowing exactly who these Satan Worshiping Demons are!!!

        • CCW

          I’m missing you already.
          The news mill is cranking out a cyanide cycle. It is good that you chose this time to handle tech and security issues.
          If you should decide to reinvent Watchdog as a weekly newsletter using your Friday roundup as a model, I will be right there. You have such a loyal core of viewers.
          I love the interviews, but I don’t follow any of the great folks. I can’t. This would be overwhelming.
          I rely on you to tastefully aggregate all the information coming in from these dozens of reliable sources. No fear porn, no agenda, just clear and concise reporting of issues that impact the days of our lives.
          Thanks Greg.

    • Joseph

      Hi Greg:
      You picked a great time to go on your well-deserved and long overdue vacation.
      Nothing of any import is happening. 🙂

      • Joe Wong

        True – but someone tried to assassinate former President Donald Trump in Butler, Pa. The shooter was shot dead as well.

    • ZeBond

      Agreed. Looking forward to Greg’s return. Safe travels, assuming a trip is in process. Blessings and safe return.

    • Judson

      Good grief Greg! I don’t watch TV. I listen to you faithfully. I am relieved to read that you are taking deserved time away to update your system and rest.
      You are in my prayers and are missed dearly.
      I will be waiting for your return and your next story.

  2. Anthony Australia

    God Bless You!

    • Mark in OKC

      I also hope you get some Rest & Relaxation time. I cannot even come close to saying thank you enough for all your reporting in pursuit of the truth.

      • Steve from TX

        Hell of a day to go offline. I’m sure you’d be here if you could be though. Good luck with the downtime. Hope to see you again soon.

    • George

      Are you actually down under.?

      • docdownunder

        You’ve been a great resource to free-thinking people worldwide. Thank you for all you’ve done and will continue to do. I just hope you’re not heading off to your bunker d/t info that you can’t share!! Enjoy your summer, mate!

      • Anthony Australia

        “Do you come from a land down under
        Where women glow and men plunder?
        Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?
        You better run, you better take cover”

        • Esmai Watson

          Dear Tony,
          To0 right mate, you’re from a land down down under.
          But I’m from a land up yonder, north America.
          You could be downder in south America.
          Me thinks it’s Oz, not Amerika!!

          • Bobby Hitt

            Greg for years you have addressed us through a camera. In some ways it was like a see through mirror. We have been anonymous observers you could not see. But we saw you. Twice a week for years you have joined me for coffee and you didn’t even know it. You became more familiar to me than any of my neighbors. I note your moods, I worry for your safety and I pray for your divine protection. Your absence now leaves an uncomfortable hole I pray you will return and again fill. May God bless and protect you as you navigate His path.

            • Daniel Foley

              That’s a beautiful comment, Bobby. Yes, God bless Greg and his loved ones and God bless you.

    • Kathleen

      Greg, I love your podcasts! A few weeks off is so well deserved and long overdue. Enjoy your time off and we’ll all be here when you return. Take care and God bless!

    • Where is the security?

      Interview with a guy who claims he saw the Trump shooter before he fired

      • Karma Electra

        Mark in OKC07/12/2024 •
        I also hope you get some Rest & Relaxation time. I cannot even come close to saying thank you enough for all your reporting in pursuit of the truth.

        GEORGE07/12/2024 •
        Are you actually down under.?

        DOCDOWNUNDER07/13/2024 •
        You’ve been a great resource to free-thinking people worldwide. Thank you for all you’ve done and will continue to do. I just hope you’re not heading off to your bunker d/t info that you can’t share!! Enjoy your summer, mate!

        Anthony Australia07/13/2024 •

        “Do you come from a land down under
        Where women glow and men plunder?
        Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?
        You better run, you better take cover”

        Esmai Watson07/14/2024 •Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Dear Tony,
        To0 right mate, you’re from a land down down under.
        But I’m from a land up yonder, north America.
        You could be downder in south America.
        Me thinks it’s Oz, not Amerika!!

        Reply to Where is the security? 07/13/2024 •

        Reply to Where is the security?
        Not at Trump rallies! Maybe that will change now.
        Somebody higher up in the quagmire should be fired and the real blokes responsible for such sloppy security. Whomever let this happen, may God have mercy on their souls. I’m sure we’d know who they are if we could saw them. Maybe somebody will trip up somehow and they’ll be found out. Or what goes around comes around, bad karma can get you!

      • K.E.

        Reply to Where is the security? 07/13/2024 •

        Reply to Where is the security?
        Not at Trump rallies! Maybe that will change now.
        Somebody higher up in the quagmire should be fired and the real blokes responsible for such sloppy security. Whomever let this happen, may God have mercy on their souls. I’m sure we’d know who they are if we could saw them. Maybe somebody will trip up somehow and they’ll be found out. Or what goes around comes around, bad karma can get you!

      • Karma Electra

        I don’t know what happened, but you can eliminate that long swap of posts! Greg

  3. Alex

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    Please enjoy your well-earned vacation. Your work is helping save lives, safeguard freedom and bring people closer to God and his Son. Bravo, sit!

  4. Major

    2 hearts 4 free – give one get one

    AI = atomic immolation

    A leap of faith, is cheap transportation that takes you where you want to go.

    War is an organized crime racket.

    Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

    Governments, politicians, and pirates are a law unto themselves, without respect for citizens or for law.

    Freedom was briefly won with sufficient blood and gut sacrifice in a revolutionary war against government.

    Free-dumb is the scam sold to mind slaves to support government largess.

    Mind control propaganda parasites have fluked the human race into our disgraceful submission. Our minds consent to regularly host parasites, of animosity, fear, worry, guilt, envy, and others. Our worst enemies are the parasites inside U$.

  5. Rodney

    Greg, you do what you need to do I’m sure you’ll get everything ironed out and squared up. We’ll be here when you get back, stay safe and well and in Gods grace.

  6. sam

    WOW..ain’t that a “kick in the head”……Now what am I supposed to do until you come back?….You will be Missed, I am sure.

    • Deborah

      rest up, patriot. appreciate all that you do for the Republic.

  7. Vance

    Will be praying for success with the updates on your security brother Greg. Get some rest as well, we re heading into rough waters.
    God Speed
    Brother vance🙏👍

  8. Karen Dalman

    Thank you, my brother-in-Christ, for all that you do. Enjoy your break, but continue wearing your Ephesians 6 armor every day. I’m sure I speak for others here…you are being remembered in many of our prayers. This is most definitely a spiritual battle, but we know Who wins!
    God bless you! Keep standing strong!
    Hoosier Gal

  9. Seer

    Safe times for everyone!
    Think about this- the worldwide geoengineering spraying of chemicals toxins and metal
    particulates especially Aluminum/Aluminium is contributing with the manipulated droughts to DRY out the paddocks/pasteurs!! Lower livestock/ fowl no produce production. Aluminum drives us all to drink more water. We didn’t carry water bottles in the 1950s or 60s.
    Don’t believe this? I am on 10 acres rural in New Zealand left FL 01/23. My friend few roads over has home killed some of her cattle ( meat supply) because the low rain this year and aluminum chemtrails her paddocks don’t have enough grass to feed all of them! She is heart broken having to cull her herd and the remaining cattle are freaked out seeing their tribe taken away.
    We don’t have chicken culling yet.
    Warner winter with fewer storms in this global cooling entering a mini ice age in northern hemisphere phase. It isn’t global warming.
    PS Please buy wool products instead of synthetics. Sweaters, socks, rugs, carpets – healthier and last longer. The sheep farmers need to export their wool. The sheep are sheared before spring so they are cool for summer. Sheared seasonally. False online info saying they are killed – not true just groomed and it cleaned and sold. Thanks!

    • Kalz

      Hi: Yes I know what you mean exactly. Here in rural British Columbia, the chemtrails have devastated our land too. And it continues; the aluminum and other crap they’re spraying on us (they’re spraying us like insects) falls to the earth and eats up the moisture. We’ve had lots of rain here this spring, now it’s clear and the jets are out again dumping the poison. The summer fire season has begun. After all the rain, the forests are dry as chips. There are individuals who insist that you call chemtrails by another ambiguous name- aerosol injection- that’s part of the scam- to confuse. If you draw attention to the chemtrails or planned wildfires, you get attacked. Who can stop this madness, who? Greg- I love your reporting and your unrelenting dedication to truth and to our Lord and savior. I look forward to your return.

      • The Canuck

        Hello from Vancouver Island. It’s been straight heat and sun since July 1rst. I notice the trails disappear when fire fighting season is in full swing but they are back spraying us like insects as well when the fires get dealt with. A lot of earthquake activity off the west coast in the Pacific as of late.

    • Earth Angel

      We are seeing the same situation with the pastures here in north central Georgia, USA Seer. Less good grass & more weeds proliferating because of the nutrient depleted, aluminum & other heavy metal saturated soils. Losing our once rich black top soils; now washed away red clay base exposed. As Dane Wigington has taught us aluminum is a dessicant, thus the unnaturally dry conditions even if chemically saturated rains do fall. Trees in ill health and dying all over. I have felt excessive thirst for a few years now and also seem to have dry mouth and lips most of the time despite reasonably good health despite the juggernauts we are all up against. You are so right about good cotton & wool fabrics. Hard to find quality products anymore. I just bought a pack of new underwear from a big box store and didn’t realize they are pure synthetic polymer; CRAP. Hot, scratchy and uncomfortable as soon as you put them on. I’m ready to throw them all out! Next time I’ll be a bit more careful with my purchase. Man, I sure miss the ‘good old days’.. we didn’t know how good we had it.

      • Galaxy 500

        No offense Angel but if he’s living in New Zealand he isn’t USA anything anymore …

        • Earth Angel

          No, I don’t know what you are talking about Galaxy 500. The entire world ecosphere and atmosphere is being destroyed by geoengineering- whether you are living in New Zealand, USA, Canada, South America, Russia, China, Antarctica or any place in between. What does the fact that Seer is not living in the USA anymore have to do with it?

          • Galaxy 500

            Miss read that as USA Seer.
            We got plenty of rain here.
            Well send you some.

      • Better Chetter

        You share vital info.
        Here is mine – in ’08, turning 5o, I finally couldn’t do strenuous work outdoors on 90 degree days, so I researched & found out the lungs are 90% water, & need better water, so I sunk a grand into an alkalinizing water machine, that ionized water, so it could brew tea at room temperature. It ran 10 yrs, and allowed me to bicycle to work, 15 miles, & back on hottest days of Ohio summers. There is also a Willard Water supplement that increases absorption/assimilation of any nutrient taken with it, even if it is only added to the bottle water to help cleanse our lungs & other organs. If it was wider produced, prices could come down, but good health has always been a good investment for me. I also use the chart of chiropractor John Thie, called “Touch for Health” which not only shows acupressure points to massage for healing, but also the nutrients for each organ, when it is impaired. We still have access to a garden of Eden, when we return to it for natural health.

        One last thing, besides the nutrients, is 35% Hydrogen Peroxide – available at: – which when diluted and taken with water/juice, helps reverse disease and aging, perhaps needed more, now, with all the pollutants in our earth. I did the protocol a few yrs before covid, to help rejuvenate my system, & it likely helped me adapt to the spike proteins & avoid a vax, along with other methods. Be well, my friend,

        • Earth Angel

          Thank you so much for this information BC. I have heard of the Willard Water from Joyce Riley’s Power Hour radio broadcast from several years ago but had forgotten about it. I will look into this website you have shared. I like the H2O2 idea, makes sense about the purification for our bodies. I have also heard taking a little baking soda can be helpful and it isn’t expensive- yet. Perhaps some of us will make it through what’s coming. We have to hope so. Its a blessing DJT survived yesterday’s attack on his life. Hear Dane Wigington’s latest broadcast from yesterday July, 13th if you care to. Painful truths to comprehend. No wonder so many are in ill health now. I am grateful to be as healthy as I am. God’s life force is strong. You are right- healing is still possible even in these terrible times. May God Bless you and all of our USA Watchdog & GeoWatch family members. Thank you friend. We are all in this together.

    • Major

      Stratospheric ozone loss has allowed more ultraviolet energy into our earth system, causing the climate to change faster.

      Carbon dioxide is getting the blame, so that administration coffers will fill up with the carbon taxes.

      • Earth Angel

        Yes. The carbon taxes are the scam- but the DAMAGES to Earth’s life support systems are REAL and we all experience them every day. : (

      • Galaxy 500

        Yes, we need more CO2, not less

        • Earth Angel

          I’m not a scientist but I’m pretty sure Earth needs more oxygen and ozone. I’ve listened to Dane Wigington for 12 years and according to him we now have a carbon sink happening which is when dying forests are unable to convert the rising co2 levels into oxygen and instead begin to also give off carbon dioxides. It may also be happening with the oceans with iron fertilization and heating taking place. I don’t think we need more co2 although traditionally this is what trees and plant life converted back to oxygen for us to breathe. Earth’s natural systems have become overwhelmed and cannot deal with the vast amounts of carbon and pollution now being produced and put into the atmosphere. is Dane’s site and nowhere is there a more complete compilation of facts, data and research on the topic. No offense meant G 500, its a great place to learn from. Dane is tops in his field of expertise.

          • Galaxy 500

            Yeah, more co2 gets more oxygen. It’s called photosynthesis . And more O2 gets you more ozone. Check and see what small amounts of the atmosphere co2 is.

            • Earth Angel

              Yes, but photosynthesis STOPS at 104 degrees and decreases through the 90 degree mark. With so much of the earth’s surface heating up (with haarp manufactured heat domes being held in place) and possibly due to some natural causes too the stressed, dead and dying plants cannot keep up. I would really like to hear Dane’s expert explaination of this in detail. Perhaps if Dane should read this feed maybe he will comment for us. I know I have heard him say more c02 is not necessarily better. Our planet’s life support systems are struggling and failing and that is fact. We are in uncharted waters and passed the tipping point of return about 20 years ago. May God guide us & help us all.

            • Katy Bar

              Ninety nine (99) percent of the atmosphere is made of oxygen and nitrogen. The remaining One (1) percent are CO2 and water vapor which keeps the average temperature of the Earth at around 15˚C, or 59˚F, which allows for life to comfortably exist. However, the Greedy Globalists who want to sell us their heating oil don’t want Earth at a comfortable temperature, they want to remove the CO2 “And Make The Earth Colder” so they can sell us more oil and gas to burn to warm our freezing asses!!

  10. Jesse Boone

    It’s about time you took a well deserved break. While I will miss hearing from you the next few weeks, I perfectly understand your need for some quality down time. God bless and rest up because we are headed for some interesting times!

  11. Sheryl

    Good luck with working out the problems. I hope u can get in some time to relax and enjoy. I always look forward to reading comments from your viewers

  12. Pam

    A little humor! These two really nailed Biden and Trump!

    • Barbara

      And to think this was part of a presidential debate, not an SNL skit. Oh, my!

    • Galaxy 500

      Thanks Pam, I needed a laugh
      That was damn funny

  13. Really Awake

    Yes. Get some R&R before the SHTF. Rest up then buckle up for the wild ride in the fast lane on the Highway to Hell.

  14. Marion Fitzwalter

    ‘Russia Warns New Government of, Retaliation Over Potential Missile Use

  15. Paula Ruth Waterbury

    I will be looking forward to your new look. You will be missed. God bless and In the name of Jesus Christ, please clear the enemy from Watchdog’s path and make it straight. Amen
    Paula Ruth

  16. Matthew Gerawan

    Hope all is well with you folks. Look forward to more USAWD in the future. Peace and blessings to you Greg.

  17. Dave

    Enjoy your time away from the mic Greg, you’ve more than earned it.

  18. Southern Girl/Older Lady Now

    That is like taking candy from a baby. What the heck will we do?? I will go into withdrawal. I understand but wow get you and your site protected.

  19. Fred Lobster O.G.

    They’re Back…
    Scientists issue new stark ‘Day After Tomorrow’ warning after major change in Gulf Stream
    “… making temperatures in Europe drop by up to 15C.”

  20. Bill Kitelynn

    Love you brother and your work! May God bless you and your team. Praying that you will be successful.

  21. Katy Bar

    There is a seasonal tendency to have a stock market correction between August and October of Election Years. So, will the Federal Reserve “now surprise the market” with some additional money printing and a small rate cut “In Order To Keep the Immoral Demented Psycho Satan Rats in Power”? It is certainly possible. We have witnessed the problems Weimar Germany, Argentina, Venezuela and Zimbabwe all had in common (due to reckless fiscal policy, expansionary monetary policy and enormous budget deficits) – “It All Resulted in Hyperinflation”. Yet our Criminal Fed Banksters (who were given their Banking Charter in 1913 “To Intelligently Manage Our Money” did this to us instead: The Fed “Hyperinflated Our Money Supply” just as idiotically as the Satan Rat politicians we elected to office who for greedy bribes induced profligate spending and gave us “Endless Wars – For Endless Bribes” (from WWI , to WWII, to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and now Gaza with Taiwan likely next). Hyperinflation is going to be the inevitable result of such profligate Government spending and Central Bank money creation. And we the common people need to protect ourselves from these “Satan Rats” (who now want to start WWIII) by stocking up on necessary essentials (starting with food like garlic and ending with metals like silver) both known to repel such Immoral Greedy Satanic Vampires that always seem to Prey Upon Us (to fatten themselves up while they cull the herd)!!

    • Ken Yu

      Speaking of preparedness, I was reading some good advice by Bill Holter. And it makes sense to take some time now “to review your home security”. Check your window and door bars and locks, secure your wrought iron fencing, even have garden hose connections inside your home (so as to put out fires started by marauding gangs). We must plan ahead on defending our homes from a very real threat that is coming (from Insane Briben’s open boarder policy). We don’t have very much time left to prepare as the Satan Rats are probably already planning their riots now and which cities they plan to burn down when Trump is elected. The threat “is very real” and we all need to prepare to repel any threat upon us (without direct confrontation at first) but when the threat becomes such that your life and your families lives are at stake “we must be prepared to unleash hell upon the threat” (with silent bows and arrows, sling shots, etc., etc., etc. and be prepared to fire in every direction to repel and scatter the threat (which will likely be coming from all directions at once)!!

      • Katy Bar

        Ken – Setting up garden hoses inside ones home “is a good idea” for when Briben’s Terrorists (he is now welcoming across our southern border) begin to burn down our homes upon Trump’s election Fire Departments won’t be able to handle more then a few fires at a time (not the hundreds that the Psycho-Marxist Utopian Satan Rat Nazi’s are preparing to start) to Burn Us Down and Build Back Better “Their Psycho Commie Transgender Utopia”!!

  22. Guardian Angel

    The Scriptures come from God’s tears, not just God’s words. Mel Gibson made a “great” movie thirty years ago that is more relevant than ever. I pray that Trump shuns “pharmakeia” uncompromisingly and that he goes William “Braveheart” Wallace on WHO/WEF before they make US slaves!


    The Making of Braveheart (1995)

  23. Well Deserved

    No such thing as a bad day off!

  24. Shirlie Bassey

    Nuclear war map shows how 75% of US could be wiped out in in case of bomb – and were is the safest place
    Story by Joshua Taylor & Emily Hodgkin • 2h •
    ACold War-era map has revealed a chilling prediction of the US being covered in radioactive fallout in the event of a nuclear war. The doomsday forecast suggests that up to 75% of citizens residing in the most severely affected fallout zones would be killed.
    Look at the bright side, you could be part of the 25% that survive the blast and if you survive the radio-active nuclear fallout and the 10 year nuclear winter that fallows and somehow don’t freeze to death and your Patriot food supply doesn’t run out and so does Greg!
    So you’ll be here to see back, up and fully running with quite possibly a new array of guests and fellow survivors. To help you survive that asteroid given a 75% chance of hitting earth in the next 14 years! Yes there’s a lot to live for and look forward too. But don’t put any stock in a savior who say’s he has your back, even though he warned us they’ll be days like this, yes your Moma said!

    • freedom

      Russia nor China is interested in Nuking US. They already control. You don’t radioactive the food & water you moron. China Xi Jinping military commander wrote in the taking over of America without firing one bullet. Russia has never colonized like UK. It’s the British Pilgrim Society. Americans are controlled by their emotions and never their brain. Surfs are easier to be controlled by their feelings just like Sheep.

      • Galaxy 500

        Not being interested in doing something doesn’t mean you can’t be backed into a corner and be forced to do it

  25. György Schwartzkoph

    Biden Is Not Running the Government. So, Who Is?
    by Connor O’Keeffe | Mises Institute July 10th 2024
    Biden’s inability to get through a debate and a sit-down interview without issues shatters the illusion that he is the one running things in Washington and across America’s globe-spanning sphere of influence.
    After a disastrous debate performance two weeks ago and a weak damage-control interview last Friday, it’s finally become clear to almost everyone that President Joe Biden is not running the federal government.
    Every four years, we’re supposed to pretend that a single individual, who we collectively choose at the ballot box, takes charge of the federal government and acts as we would to address the problems we face at home and abroad.
    Biden’s inability to get through a debate and a sit-down interview without issues shatters the illusion that he is the one running things in Washington and across America’s globe-spanning sphere of influence.
    So, if Biden is not actually running the government, who is?

  26. Felix Lietner

    Putin Aide Warns Of Military Response As U.S. Vows To Put Hypersonic Missiles In Germany 5 hours ago

    Putin ‘Answers’ NATO With Military Action; Russia ‘Wins’ Ukraine Area After West’s F-16 Move Times Of India Jul 11, 2024
    Russia has announced the capture of another village in Ukraine’s Donetsk region amid ongoing conflict, following NATO’s reaffirmed support for Ukraine. The capture of Voskhod marks Moscow’s continued territorial gains despite intense fighting reported by Kyiv in the Donetsk area.

  27. z

    A great time for a vacation!!!
    Have fun and enjoy !!
    We will miss you!

  28. Felix Lietner

    Putin ‘Answers’ NATO With Military Action; Russia ‘Wins’ Ukraine Area After West’s F-16 Move

  29. Mark

    God bless you brother Greg and may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to be richly with your spirit brother for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7) for “Great is the mystery of godliness Who was manifested in the flesh, vindicated in the Spirit, seen by angels, preached among the nations, believed on in the world and taken up in glory” (1Tim.3:16, Jn.3:16)) with its “hope of glory” being “CHRIST IN YOU” (Col.1:27)
    So that now “if ANY man be IN CHRIST… A NEW CREATION, THE OLD THINGS HAVE PASSED AWAY; BEHOLD, THEY HAVE BECOME NEW” because ” God has reconciled us to Himself through Christ and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation; namely, that God in CHRIST was reconciling the world to Himself, not accounting their offenses to them, and has PUT IN US THE WORD (The TRUE REPORT) OF RECONCILIATION”… for “HIM WHO DID NOT KNOW SIN HE MADE SIN ON OUR BEHALF THAT WE MIGHT BECOME THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN HIM”!!!! (2 Cor.5:17-21)
    Therefore then, we who have received God’s gracious offer of reconciliation based on the once-for-all sacrifice of His Son for the sins of the world, are EXPECTING, “ACCORDING TO HIS PROMISE A NEW HEAVENS AND A NEW EARTH IN WHICH RIGHTEOUSNESS DWELLS” (2Pe.3:13)!!!!!!

  30. Gregory Carter

    Good luck! I hope your upgrades go well.

    If not, don’t forget to turn it off and on again.

    I know, I work in I.T. 🙂

  31. Won Witness

    Lost power for 2 days in Texas (This Conservative Refugeed from Commifornia last year)
    Not getting the watchdog postings is to me a greater hardship.
    now a Joke:
    what to Joe Biden and anti gold Stan have in common ?

    Some really messy shorts !
    ( Gold up $44 bucks )

    • Earth Angel

      Ha Funny! WW, that’s a really good one! Very clever joke.

  32. Ray

    Rest up Brother.
    Enjoy a frosty beer in that warm North Carolina summer sunshine ☀️
    Great to see you are taking a thoroughly deserved break.
    Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺 🦘😎🍺

    • Anonymous
      • Greg Hunter
        • Ray

          What are you talking about Greg?
          Am I misleading anyone?
          I am wishing you well during your time off.
          Yet you publicly thank this IMBECILE for frothing at the mouth about it?
          Fair Dinkum…….do you ever take the time to read the venom that this piss ant sends my way on a regular basis, even when you ask him REPEATEDLY to stop?

          Now you are ACTUALLY THANKING HIM for having a shot at me for wishing you well!

          Are you not able to see that the only reason he is making these comments is so that he can spit some more venom my way? He scans the comment section looking for anything I have had to say, so that he can chime in with his cheap shots.

          Did you pat him on the back for the post he made in this thread about me “passing him the soap”? You let it go through……and it’s disgusting.


          Utterly putrid is this creature who sullies your website with his incessant jibes at people.

          I do expect a clarification from you Greg on all of this, and I respectfully ask if you actually read what he posts toward me and if you endorse it.

          If you do endorse it, you won’t hear from me again mate.


          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

          • Greg Hunter

            Dear Ray, I do not endorse the posts directed towards you. My comment was made by accident, long hours dealing with tech issues. His comment has been removed. Greg

            • Ray

              Bless you my Brother, and please forgive my strong words.
              I know you are working very hard (as always)
              I also know that many of us here at your site were hoping you would be taking some well deserved rest during your hiatus.
              Perhaps others didn’t, which is a reflection on them more than us.
              These are incredible times to be sure.
              You steer the wheel with amazing steadfastness as we sail into an incredible storm.
              The Watchdog Community you have built over many years will always be grateful.
              Again, my apologies for my strong words.
              Your friend,
              Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

          • Anthony Australia

            This song goes out to Brother Ray 🇦🇺


      • Galaxy 500

        Wow, Sam, that was uncalled for. You sure got your panties in a wad over nothing.
        Regardless to what you may think the above says, there is a break in interviews and Weekly News wrap up.

        • Ray

          Those frosty beers here in Canberra are awaiting you Old Mate 🍺
          Mind you……winter here is frigging cold, so all I have to do is leave them outside until you lob here at my joint!!!
          There’s a warm fire inside though mate, and splendid, long hours of interesting chat I look forward to with you.
          Thanks for your unswerving support G500.
          It’s great, and always appreciated by me.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

          • Clyde Barrow MICHIGANDER

            Ray old son, USAWatchdog’mate, pal and buddy! Don’t ever leave, you and sam are great entertainment! Your reply’s Ray, are devastatingly spot on! Yet Sam couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery! Let alone mounting a proper defense to your reply’s Raymond. His reply’s never pass the pub test, where he’s always doing a shoey.
            Raymond, your command of the mother tongue is splendidly direct yet sublime, around the edges. It never takes you much Ray, to knock him out the ring! Because your a gentleman, if he would just throw in the towel of his insolence and be an adult, admit defeat at the hands of a pro prizefighter making Australia Great again, MAGA!Along with all us Yanks, trying to make America great again, without the K!
            Ray and sam, two former colonial boy’s
            We must settle our differences. Of all the peoples of earth, It was only when we gained our independence did the prison ships go to Oz.
   Check out the Old Baily a few minutes in, or watch the thing!
            We Yanks and Aussie’s share a common heritage. So hang in there, or as Thomas Jefferson used to say, or will hand separate! Here’s three unlikely Americans, politically at odds with each other. Coming together to make the world greater with peace and security!
            Sam put on your big boy deep creep state, neo-con man panties and watch Nikki Haley, parents from India, Ron DeSantise, I think of Italian heritage and Vivek R., that must be American born running for president and watch to your chagrin sam, as they make Trump president again! All together now, Pip, Pip, Hurray. Pip Pip, Hurray Ray!
            NBC Chicago 4 hours ago
            Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy speak Tuesday evening at 2024 Republican National Convention.
            Now if they can come together, there is hope fer the rest of us!!

            • Ray

              Clyde Old Mate…….
              Ye doth honour me greatly with your gracious comment.
              You are indeed a well loved raconteur here at USA watchdog, and your posts are always looked forward to.
              “couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery”……love it!!!
              Yes, Australians and Americans have a great deal in common, a great deal, and there is hopefully a wonderful future ahead for both nations.
              Keep throwing out the left jab mate, and again, thank you for your razor sharp comment.
              Ray, Canberra, Australia

  33. Donna

    Take care of yourself and your family, Greg. We Watchdoggers will be here when you come back. Love your work! — Donna

  34. Tim

    Greg, enjoy the time away and get ready for an action packed fall. I listen to every post and thoroughly enjoy your interview style, updates and guests.

    The bad guys want to destroy good, like your website.

    I pray that God keeps you safe in Jesus name…. Don’t be afraid.

  35. Les L

    You earned this time off a long time ago, do what you need to do so the dark side has hard time infiltrating your site, also take some time for yourself, we will be here.

    Les L

  36. Really Awake

    I watched the solo Biden press conference. He still has a “cold”.

    This is the most embarrassing situation I’ve ever seen in the executive branch. Biden should just stay in the basement like he did back in 2020..

    This is just too stupid to be stupid. This is far too overt. This has to be a deliberate set up. I agree with Joel Skousen that the Deep State and unseen forces of evil want Americans to see the true Biden, because of nefarious reasons.

    • Anon

      Remember when THEY were showing all those newscasters stroking out on TV from the vax.

      They completely control the entire TV. Even “live” feeds are delayed in order too censor anything they don’t want heard or seen by the public.

      They did it on purpose. Some people speculate it’s a humiliation ritual. Parading the results of their handiwork in order to say: “Look there, we all know what is going on… but what are YOU going to do about it?”

      They are rubbing our noses in their evil.

    • Thomas Malthaus

      Biden has allergies and the pollen content around DC is very high.
      My second choice is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

  37. Susan R

    I have never seen you take time off. There is talk of something coming right ahead on or about the 15th which I am sure you are aware of, and I will just have to go it by myself. You will be sorely missed for sure. Enjoy your time and know you are appreciated by me as #1

    • Colleen

      Going without my favorite broadcast is going to be difficult. Just the thought of it puts me in withdrawal. But you are the best, Greg, and deserve a restful break from all your hard work. I will be here waiting for your next podcast, however long it takes. Have a good rest, Greg. For sure, you will be missed!

    • Earth Angel

      Last week my friend from the Chicago area mentioned something about not going out from July 10th to the 15th and being on alert, though she didn’t know what for. I thought she was being overly anxious at the time. Maybe it was the assassination attempt on Trump yesterday, July 13th, that was the crisis event predicted. Hmmmm.

  38. Katy Bar

    Here is the latest from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The US is now borrowing cash from the world (but not the BRICS) at a faster and faster pace by simply issuing “paper” Treasury Bond (IOU’s) for all the cash it needs (to fund all the Wars and Pork Barrel Projects our Demon Rats in Congress require (in order to skim a large percentage off the top for themselves). The CBO now says the Debt that America will owe back to the World by 2034 will skyrocket to $50 Trillion Dollars. The interest being paid out on our Current Debt already exceeds what we spend on the Entire Defense Budget, and very soon will exceed what we spend on both Defense and our Federal Health Care Programs. Such skyrocketing debt makes a strong case for the price of Gold and Silver rising (in terms of all the new inflated dollars that will have to be printed out of thin air to pay back this Mountain of Debt to the not so savvy Saps in the World we borrowed it from). “It’s a Ponzi Scheme Folks” and the financial criminal Bernard Lawrence Madoff “was a small fry” compared to our “Criminal Fed” who (with the blessing of Satan’s Demon Rats in Congress) has Masterminded one of the Largest Known Financial Ponzi Scheme’s in All Recorded History (taking the purchasing power of our US dollar from 100% “to just about Zero” in one lifetime)!!!!!

    • Ken Yu

      As Andy Schectman says: “You don’t own Gold to get rich, you own Gold because it has survived everything the World has ever thrown at it”!!

      • Katy Bar

        Gold is like a life raft for those on the U.S. Titanic – and the “elite” are now scrambling to get aboard Gold because the Fed was not so SWIFT by playing sanction poker with the Russians thinking they had clear sailing head (but now finds itself powerless to save the U.S. Titanic which just got hit with a huge BRIC iceberg) that will ultimately send the U.S. Titanic to the ocean bottom!! As for the poor common people below deck on the U.S Titanic they will need to find an alternate to Gold (a Silver lining) to save them from drowning in a sea of fiat)!!

  39. Jimbo

    We all luvs ya Greg
    Take all the time you need my brother
    And May god guard and keep you and yours always

  40. Bill Holder

    Godspeed my friend.

  41. Paula D

    Completely understand your need for a much deserved rest Greg Hunter. Take all the time you need. We’ll be here when you are ready to resume. All the best. ❤️

  42. Chad

    That’s great you are shoring up security of USAW. God Bless you Greg, and use this time also for some well deserved R&R with your family.

  43. Lili

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you for everything! I will truly miss you during your absence, you are a staple. I look forward to your broadcast every week.

    Take care, be well and God Bless you

  44. Jeffrobbins

    Take care Greg. It’s a heavy burden reporting on all the nefarious things going on. It’s a good lesson for all of us to lighten up and have a little R&R from time to time.

  45. James Quagraine

    Good luck Greg

  46. James H

    If the opportunity ever comes along again to spread the incredible plan of Jesus Christ, do not focus on the messenger, but the message.

    Surely it is true – he who rejects the power of the Holy Spirit by rejecting in whom the Holy Spirit resides, rejects not just the person but also the Holy Spirit.

    As it is written, so shall it be – he who blasphemes against God and Jesus Christ can be forgiven, but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven.

    Jesus says do not worry about the clothes we wear to let us know that we should not worry about what human the Holy Spirit comes forth within from. Is not the inside if the cup that must be kept clean? Do not have concerns about the outside of the cup, for it is the inside of the cup that matters.

    Repent. And start your new journey. You can change the world by allowing God’s plan to be fulfilled through you.

    You know what to do.

  47. John Maskell

    Have a deserved break and try to rest up Greg . Yes , you’ll be missed but I know that your fighting spirit will be back , better than ever ! All our love from the UK . Thanks John .

  48. Roger Stamper

    ok tks for post

  49. Justn Observer

    The Chicken or the Egg. The War or Weather cycle. Patterns matter…whether nature’s or man made. The difference between Feast or Famine can be the consequence of what you grow, where you live, AND and chose to listen to as well as vote for. For context, one might consider….

    *As per a list previously provided by a USA watchdog commentor =
    Blown Up or Been Destroyed Under Demented Bribe’n and the Completely Psycho Demon Rat Administration That Cheated Him Into Office!!
    1— 4/30/21 Monmouth Smithfield Foods pork processing plant
    2— 7/25/21 Memphis Kellogg plant
    3— 8/13/21 JBS beef plant
    4— 8/24/21 Patak Meat Company
    5— 7/30/21 Tyson River Valley ingredient plant
    6— 10/21/21 Darigold plant
    7— 11/15/21 Garrard County food plant
    8—11/29/21 Maid-Rite Steak Company
    9—12/13/21 San Antonio food processing, West side Foods
    10—1/7/22 Hamilton Mountain poultry processing
    11—1/13/22 Cargill-Nutrene feed mill. Lacombe, La
    12—1/31/22 Winston-Salem fertilizer plant
    13—2/3/22 Wisconsin River Meats
    14—2/3/22 Percy dairy farm
    15—2/5/22 Wisconsin River Meats processing facility destroyed by fire in Mauston, Wisconsin.
    16—2/15/22 Bonanza Meat Company goes up in flames in El Paso, Texas
    17—2/15/22 Shearer’s Foods Food processing plant explodes in Hermiston, Oregon.
    18—2/16/22 Indiana Louis-Dreyfus soy processing plant
    19—2/18/22 Bess View Farms
    20—2/19/22 Lincoln premiere poultry
    21—2/22/22 Shearer’s Foods potato chip plant
    22—2/22/22 Fire destroys Deli Star Meat Plant in Fayetteville, Illinois.
    23—2/28/22 nutrient AG Solutions fertilizer facility burns
    24—2/28/22 Shadow Brook Farm & Dutch girl Creamery burns
    25—3/4/22 294,800 chickens destroyed at farm in Stoddard, Missouri
    26—3/4/22 644,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, Maryland
    27—3/8/22 243,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in New Castle, Delaware
    28—3/10/22 663,400 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, Maryland
    29—3/10/22 915,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Taylor, Iowa
    30—3/14/22 Wayne Hoover dairy farm, barn full of cows burns
    313/14/22 2,750,700 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Jefferson, Wisconsin
    32—3/16/22 Walmart Distribution Center burns for 76 hours in Plainfield Ind.
    33—3/16/22 Nestle Food Plant extensively damaged in fire and new production destroyed Jonesboro, Arkansas
    34—3/17/22 5,347,500 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Buena Vista, Iowa
    35—3/17/22 147,600 chickens destroyed at farm in Kent, Delaware
    36—3/18/22 315,400 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, Maryland
    37—3/19/22 Walmart Food Distribution center catches fire in Plainfield, Indiana
    38—3/22/22 172,000 Turkeys destroyed on farms in South Dakota
    39—3/22/22 570,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Butler, Nebraska
    40—3/24/22 Major Fire at McCrum Potato Plant in Belfast, Maine.
    41—3/24/22 418,500 chickens destroyed at farm in Butler, Nebraska
    42—3/25/22 250,300 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Franklin, Iowa
    43—3/26/22 311,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
    44—3/27/22 126,300 Turkeys destroyed in South Dakota
    45—3/28/22 1,460,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Guthrie, Iowa
    46—3/29/22 Maricopa, Az. Food Pantry burns down 50,000 pounds of Food destroyed in Maricopa, Arizona.
    47—3/31/22 Rio Fresh Onion factory damaged by fire in San Juan, Texas.
    48—3/31/22 76,400 Turkeys destroyed in Osceola, Iowa
    49—3/31/22 5,011,700 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Osceola, Iowa
    50—4/6/22 281,600 chickens destroyed at farm in Wayne, North Carolina
    51—4/9/22 76,400 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
    52—4/9/22 208,900 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
    53—4/12/22 89,700 chickens destroyed at farm in Wayne, North Carolina
    54—4/12/22 1,746,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Dixon, Nebraska
    55—4/12/22 259,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Minnesota
    56—4/13/22 Fire destroys East Conway Beef & Pork Meat Market in Conway, New Hampshire.
    57—4/13/22 Plane crashes into Gem State Processing, Idaho potato and food processing plant
    58—4/13/22 77,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
    59—4/14/22 Taylor Farms Food Processing plant burns down Salinas, California.
    60—4/14/22 Salinas food processing plant
    61—4/14/22 99,600 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
    62—4/15/22 1,380,500 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Lancaster, Minnesota
    63—4/19/22 Azure Standard nation’s premier independent distributor of organic and healthy food, was destroyed by fire in Dufur, Oregon
    64—4/19/22 339,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
    65—4/19/22 58,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Montrose, Colorado
    66—4/20/22 2,000,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Minnesota
    67—4/21/22 Plane crashes into and destroys General Mills
    68—4/22/22 197,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
    69—4/23/22 200,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
    70—4/25/22 1,501,200 chickens destroyed at egg farm Cache, Utah
    71—4/26/22 307,400 chickens destroyed at farm Lancaster Pennsylvania
    72—4/27/22 2,118,000 chickens destroyed at farm Knox, Nebraska
    73—4/28/22 Egg-laying facility in Iowa kills 5.3 million chickens, fires 200-plus workers
    74—4/28/22 Allen Harim Foods a chicken processing company based in Delaware killed nearly 2 million chickens
    75—4/2822 110,700 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
    76—4/29/22 1,366,200 chickens destroyed at farm Weld Colorado
    77—4/30/22 13,800 chickens destroyed at farm Sequoia Oklahoma
    78—5/3/22 58,000 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
    79—5/3/22 118,900 Turkeys destroyed Beadle S Dakota
    80—5/3/22 114,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
    81—5/3/22 118,900 Turkeys destroyed Lyon Minnesota
    82—5/7/22 20,100 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
    83—5/10/22 72,300 chickens destroyed at farm Lancaster Pennsylvania
    84—5/10/22 61,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
    85—5/10/22 35,100 Turkeys destroyed Muskegon, Michigan
    86—5/13/22 10,500 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
    87—5/14/22 83,400 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
    88—5/17/22 79,00 chickens destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
    89—5/18/22 7,200 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
    90—5/19/22 Freight train derailment Jensen Beach FL
    91—5/21/22 57,000 Turkeys destroyed on farm in Dakota Minnesota
    92—5/23/22 4,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
    93—5/29/22 200,000 Chickens killed in fire in Minnesota
    94—5/31/22 3,000,000 chickens chickens destroyed at Forsman egg farm facility in Stockholm Township, Minnesota
    95—6/2/22 30,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania And
    96— S & P Meats Burn Down in Spokane, WA. Gone In Summer 2021

    Doesn’t’ one need to ask several questions as to just who is running the food/agriculture policies and WHY ARE THEY shutting down ranchers and farmers ability to provide food for the people, policies like cutting off Russian fertilizer sales, shutting down framers from the Netherlands to many places in the U.S. etc? ESPECIALLY when it is clear we are closing in on the CURRENT /next 400 year Milankovitch cycle which pre-dates biblical records by how many tens of thousands of years?

    So, IF this is to be so…AND war cycles seem to align with them quite a bit as weather history seems to indicate above…ARE war cycles caused by them…as a result of famine and why would governments institute policies to make the dwindling supply, processing, and supply-chains problems worse? And why would some also wish to amplify and make weather patterns worse as well? And why would some also desire to effect populations with ‘viruses’ unless they might be trying to lessen/manage/deal with the ‘die-off’ over a span of time, and of course be the ‘deciders’ of who goes and who gets to stay alive? Yes, all piggies have rights, some just have more rights than others, right? Knowledge IS power! and that’s why only some have access to and know what is hidden deep within the Vatican archives and the Smithsonian? LOL Rumfled would say, ‘there are things you don’t know you don’t know’ ? OR something like that…

    The only thing the ‘survivors’ will need to know is, how many people need to die for there to be enough food for them to get thru the next Grand Solar Minimum = the already named EDDY Minimum?

    • iwitness02

      Justn Observer,
      Thanks for posting this. It is the most comprehensive list I have seen. Seems as though famine will be unavoidable. Government is reaching peak evil.

      • sam

        “Government is reaching peak evil.”……..Not even close….”You ain’t seen nothin yet”!

    • I Dig Au

      Justn –

      Thank you for posting this.

    • Fool Me Never

      That list about the food plants that have been blown up or destroyed is bogus. All anyone has to do is search the Internet and it is easily found that the list is bogus.

      Take the first item on the list. Search on “4/30/21 Monmouth Smithfield Foods pork processing plant”

      What do you find?

      4/30/21 Monmouth Smithfield Foods pork processing plant
      Location: Monmouth, Illinois
      Date: April 30, 2021
      There is no specific information available about the Smithfield Foods pork processing plant in Monmouth on April 30, 2021. However, we can provide some general information about the plant and its history.

      The Smithfield Foods plant in Monmouth is a significant employer in the region, with a workforce of around 1,600 to 1,800 employees. The plant has undergone renovations and expansions over the years, including a major fire damage incident in 2016.

      In 2023, Smithfield Foods announced plans to reopen the Monmouth plant, which represents approximately 3% of U.S. fresh pork supplies. The plant is expected to resume operations on Saturday, according to a company statement.

      Please note that there may not be specific information available about the plant’s activities or events on April 30, 2021, as this date may not have been significant or notable enough to be documented.


      So, we see that yes, there was a fire, but not in the date cited in the list. And what else do we see? We see that the plant is reopening. In fact, it’s reopened and up and running.

      Like I said, the entire list is bogus. Anyone with any marbles should have seen that, as there are no links provided to back each of the claims.

      Sure, there is a war on the food supply. Sure, they want us all to starve to death, but for the love of God please don’t just put lists out like this with no accompanying documentation.

      There are a lot of people that worry all the time and are easily worked up into a frenzy. There is also a marketing strategy that sees these types of people as easy targets that they can sell their products to on a regular basis.

      Anyone that has followed right wing news for ten years or so knows what I am about to say is true – every week the alarm bells are sounded that the end of the world as we know it is imminent. Geez, it didn’t take me long to see to see that it’s all a marketing ploy.

      Jesus got it right – don’t worry about tomorrow.

      Try it, you’ll like it. Go fishing!

    • Fool Me Never

      Looking at the 2nd item on the list of plants that have been blown up or destroyed, here is a link that talks about this event:

      Take a look at the article. LOL. The fire took place on a Monday and it closed but then reopened for business when? ON TUESDAY, THE VERY NEXT DAY!!

      LOL. If you actually believed this list of supposed plants that have been blown up or destroyed, well, I kindly suggest you reevaluate your mental acuity.

    • Lady Au Stackers United

      Re: The chicken or the egg.
      Food supply via Factory Farms is brutality harmful to the environment and brutally inhumane to the geoengineered animals raised for food consumption.

      • Galaxy 500

        Food. Needs.To.Be. Cheap! No one in America should have to struggle to buy food. Many are starving now or close to financial collapse.

        It needs to meet a standard of quality. I am not for animals being tortured but I don’t care if they are they can’t run around.
        Sorry, there has to be a cost effective solution. Chickens are never going to have a happy life. They are raised as a food source

    • SW

      This is terrifying! Thank you for posting!

  50. David Gordon Dunne

    God Bless you Greg, your family and all who comment here.

  51. Russ McMeans

    Good move Sir Greg. I wish you well with the time out and security upgrades. I wish my bank and medical & business companies would do the same thing. I dread having all my information being taken when they get hacked. It sucks. So I continue to dread that day.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said Russ. I have received 2 notifications that my accounts have been “compromised”… technobabble meaning the companies and or their employees are F#€king inadequate, incompetent and ill prepared to be trusted with your C/C, Personal Medical information etc.
      Say what you will about paper records but they can’t be downloaded and are very very difficult to alter without being detected.
      And I recommend a GoDark pouch or the equivalent for both your cell phones, tablets and laptops. Also an RFID proof wallet for your credit cards. People with easily obtainable scanners can Hoover up all your info on these devices. If you use your equipment at a business’ hotspot, better have a VPN , good security and antivirus.

      And Greg is the hardest working man I know. His time off is well deserved.

  52. Brianroy

    We may have an entirely different Admin when you come back if Joe is prescribed a natural causes passing away and quick no autopsy cremation. A lot is up for grabs between conflicting forces who are already in control and ruining this Republic, and some of us are being layer upon layer tribulated prior to the Tribulation that is coming. We share in that life circumstance in the now. May such temporary and unwelcome paths be shortened for we the Elect in Jesus.
    Enjoy the pre-dawn and dawn hours, as they are the closest the Earth has to Sabbath Rests, and refresh yourself in Christ Jesus in the variety of ways you can to make your time off more soul and body nourishing and fulfilling. May your time off truly be a refreshing and free from adversity. Peace be unto you. Amen.

  53. George

    Well, we should know by next week who Trump’s VP pick will be ? He said that he will announce his pick at the Republican National Convention next week, and I still think it will be Mr. Vivek Ramaswami, because two Trumps are better that one Trump ! What say you?

    • Galaxy 500

      Vivek would be a horrible choice for elected office, especially in the Trump administration

  54. Galaxy 500

    Hi Greg
    Hoping all is well for you and yours.
    You deserve a little time off 😉

  55. Grateful Listener

    Be blessed Greg. Hope this means you and your family are enjoying a well deserved vacation from the head spinning crazy.

    May God continue to bless you and yours.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    Many blessings.

  56. Paraclete

    While you’re on a well earned sabbatical, and security sweep, it’ll be interesting to mull over who’ll be your first interview upon returning…Armstrong ?, Holter ?, CAF ?…
    Maybe a poll, of likely candidates, could shed light upon your choice…???
    Please enjoy what “down time” that you’ll actually be able to acquire…

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, and watchdoggers…an important case study vid on ‘mis-information’ and how MSM and LOCAL msm, are used to discredit alt-media …
    OREGON | NEWS STATION with ties to (X) Governor attempts to CONTROL NARRATIVE of FARM OVERREACH

    • Justa Participant

      Be a part of it all!

      Fulfilling the will of the Father is not possible by those on the outside looking in.

      If the Holy Spirit has filled you after baptism, repentance, and prayer, you understand exactly what I am saying.

  58. Pete C Hawk

    Greg, thanks for all your diligent reporting. Hope you get everything in order.

  59. William C Lester

    gotta love Greg Hunter…take care my brother in Christ 😁

  60. Justn Observer

    Greg, the next ‘plandemic’ in the making?
    Government Cultivated Meat | Bovine H5N1 fears spur calls for Government Lab Grown Food.

  61. Jive

    We will see you soon Brother Greg!

  62. Maria dasSantos

    Thanks again Mr Hunter for your exhaustive analysis of the world we actually live in .Sadly the demise of the UK and Europe are on a very fast train. It is now obvious to even the most moronic that our democracy here is a sham at best and our economy is dead.
    Have a great break and come back refreshed .

    • Amerigo Vespuchi

      Maria, there is hope!
      Orban navigates between global powers to secure to secure Hungary’s national interests.
      Peace & Security= PROSPERITY! What the world needs now Maria, NOT WORLD WAR!
      Where did world war get Britain last time, the Sun never set on Britain’s empire before that world at war. This one must stop now and we wont wait for the crazy days ahead of the US. presidential selection election. Were not waiting for

      Modi in Russia Row: US tells India not to take Friendship for Granted | Vantage with Palki SJul 12, 2024
      Modi in Russia Row: US tells India not to take Friendship for Granted | Vantage with Palki Sharma
      The US has decided to lecture India again over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia. The US ambassador to India said that US-India ties are not deep enough for India to take them for granted. Why does the US have a problem with India’s Strategic Autonomy?

      Only in America Maria!

  63. Mark Duane

    You will be greatly missed. God bless and stay safe

  64. Todd

    Thank you. I will be praying for you, and the crew.

  65. Harvey Ackermann

    Rest up before the storm my friend.
    I think I can safely say that we all appreciate you.

  66. John Duffy

    Our own government and military targets christians.

    Start at 7minute mark:

  67. Marie Joy

    Joe and the traitors need a war before the election.

  68. Puffalong

    Well deserved time off. You always provide fantastic content.

  69. Thomas Wigand

    Godspeed Greg, in every respect.

    Looking forward to your return, hopefully rested and ready to engage with what portends to be a remainder of 2024 and beginning of 2025 that will be of Biblical scale, of not of Biblical prophecy.

  70. David Morgan

    Enjoy, well deserved time off. Keep your bank deposits at the minimum required.

  71. Jeff

    Yes Greg please take some time off, rest and renew your spirit in the Lord. Your work is tremendous and we have benefited for nearly 2 decades. Please let us know what we can do to help you or provide further for you and your family. I pray the favor of God and man over you according to Luke 2:52.

  72. Justn Observer

    Greg, People keep asking…if its not Joe, who is running the WH and making the decisions and policy decisions? Who knows…but one might like to ask these ‘influencers’? Maybe the MSM/LLM should ask some of these people?
    and an interesting list of ‘groomed’ or followed ‘new comers’?,29569,2023831,00.html
    then there is people at CGI one might ask?
    OR….MAYBE someone else could browse around and see who ‘they think’ might be those ‘in the loop’ and directing the WH puppet?

  73. CJ

    Already miss USA watchdog. May the updates be smooth and quick. May you get the rest you deserve.

    I was hoping that you would address how quickly the democrats have turned on Biden after his mental issues were shown to the world. Question: If Biden is in as poor mental health as he seems, can any of his executive orders stand? Will his EO on student loan forgiveness, criminal invasion or any others be allowed to continue? How can the democrats say that those orders should be allowed to continue, if they are saying he needs to step down? Either he is fit to run for office, or his previous work must be questioned. Either way, they lose.

  74. Prospector

    I spoke with Jim Gayle from and his stories and encounters with county officials trying to inspect and seize TWO chickens on his 51 acre property, building inspectors probing and how he handled these intrusions. FYI there are now new laws on the books for transporting any live animals or birds across state lines.

    Our food source is being firewalled off state by state.

    Interview :
    Grow Food.

  75. Galaxy 500

    Any one that Karl Rove backs is not anyone that Trump should consider

    • Galaxy 500

      JD Vance is a great choice for Veep
      Young intelligent and MAGA

  76. ould be

    When you come back think about a bi monthly call in show with only specific questions. or send in questions that are worth talking about. Could be about the last 2 or 3 shows as the topic for example.

  77. Karen Smith

    Everyone deserves a break! Thanks for all you do and your courage. I look forward to your return.
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  78. Sue Robinson

    You will be sorely missed during your absence. Take care and enjoy! We out here in the ether will try to keep the lights on while you are gone. All the best to you.

  79. Shiloh1

    Call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be better for Trump if every Republican in California and Minnesota voted for RFK jr?

  80. Aram

    You need some time off during the site update for a good rest. Think about other stuff for awhile and decompress. We’ll see you in a few weeks. Thank you for all you do sir.

  81. I Dig Au

    Probably a good time to lay low with all that’s happening next week. Pray for President Trump’s safety and that American’s will make the correct choices.

  82. Bob Piper

    JPMorgan Chase CEO goes Viral over Work-life Balance Comment | Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 5 hours ago
    The Dem’s should consider Dimond not Opre’s pick Michelle!
    If not somewhere in a Trump administration, maybe.

  83. Poochiwooo

    Things look quiet for a few more weeks. Just the Biden bread and circus show. It is a good time to take time off. Thank you so much Greg for working so hard. Attempt to enjoy your time off.

  84. Mark in OKC

    It’s growing worse day-by-day…
    FedEx Trucks Will Be Spying On You For the Police
    by Attorney Steve Lehto

  85. Jeffrobbins

    I want to share a recent conversation; In 1607 Jamestown was settled along the James River in Virginia.- keep in mind a virgin river and estuary. In the first couple years more than half died from malnourishment, disease, and the harsh new environment, but not really harsh just no conveniences. As i learned as a kid from that area, the remaining settlers loaded up and set sail back to England. I believe that was after almost two years. In the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay the resupply ship with the new commander met them and made them turn around. Here’s the point, the majority of people in charge have always been idiots and people suffer because of it. Not sure ?- it isn’t taught any where, but how could Bible learned people not know about catching fish in nets? Even the difference between fresh and salty water was known, as Paul writes about. We assume somehow we are enlightened in our modern age or that folks back then were generally ignorant, and that is a mistake. The early disaster of Jamestown was born in the idea of profit above all else and forgetting about the importance of work- skilled trades to be exact. The Virginia Company was the entity legally doing the work of looking for and setting up trade opportunities. Don’t be surprised if one day soon Elon Musk, or Congress establishes ‘The Space Company” as a company, for profit opportunities on asteroids or for manufacturing. They went there to get rich, not to build anything meaningful. I think that is a powerful lesson. The tragedy happening in the Ukraine is the same story, a bunch of people trying to get rich and they don’t give a damn about young men dying there. All the crazy about the bird flu, looks like a massive consolidation of the food industry to me, not to mention more billions spent for vaccines- and some people will get rich, others will be bankrupted. Not sure?- is there any talk of dealing with the wild birds? How about breeding the chickens that survive the infection? The governor of Colorado just declared some kind of emergency for the Bird Flu- bet there are some finances involved with that. Greed helps explain a lot of the nonesense in the news.

  86. Elizabeth

    You are such a blessing! Thank you for all you do! My thoughts and prayers are with you are yours. God bless you!

  87. Frank Leisner

    Brother Greg-
    Hopefully you can get some much deserved rest during your time away. You are going to need it as this year finishes out. It’s about to get real.

    God bless,

    Frank Leisner

  88. wAde cook

    Alec Baldwin’s Rust shooting trial dismissed after lawyers say evidence was withheld
    New Mexico judge agrees charges should be dropped after lawyers said state ‘buried’ evidence about live ammunition/Betsy Reed Editor, Guardian US
    WOW! Baldwin won by the skin of his teeth!

  89. Peace & Security Equal's PROSPERITY!

    Putin Has Last Laugh Despite Mega NATO Summit: No Ukraine Counteroffensive In 2024 Because Russia….. \ Hindustan Times 3 hours ago
    NATO officials made a big claim over anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russia. The New York Times reported that NATO officials do not expect a new Ukrainian offensive in 2024. The NATO officials cited a delay in the delivery of military aid pledged by the West to Ukraine. The officials claimed the aid will take months and years to be delivered to Ukraine.

    Zelensky ‘Unhappy’ Even As Ukraine Set To Get First F-16: ‘Not Sure It Can Change…”Hindustan Times Jul 12, 2024
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has voiced his dissatisfaction over the numbers and timing of the US-made F-16 fighter jet delivery. Zelensky said to Fox News, “Russia is operating so many combat aircraft; small numbers of F-16s won’t make a difference.” Zelensky’s reaction came after NATO on July 10 announced that Ukraine would get its first F-16 fighter jet by the end of 2024.

  90. Lily Langtree

    THE WESTERNER Walter Brennan Gary Cooper
    Saturday afternoon movie, or Sunday afternoon in Oz.
    Does the judge remind you of Biden and Cole Hardin the Trumpster and the court, the Biden Administration and Vinigaroon D.C.? Yup!

  91. Lily
    This might be a better copy- The Westerner

  92. Robert Goad

    Even down here in Mexico (for 10 years now) I listen weekly for some unvarnished truth about how things are going back in the motherland. Thanks for all you do. Old school journalism rocks………………..

  93. Galaxy 500

    Naw, there isn’t any voter fraud. Our elections are free and fair… ROFLMAO
    If you believe this demonstrably false statement then I have some beach front property in OHIO that I can sell you at a real deal.
    How does this happen? It was not an accident. We are talking about 10K ballots. The fraudsters know that even the mammoth cheating in the last election will not be enough and they believe that they can steal 2024 and we will just sit on our a$$es and let it slide. I pray to YHWH regularly that he smit these evil bastards and save our once Great Nation.

    • H. Strangways

      Michigan is ground zero! They way Michigan goes, so goes the whole United ? Er, divided states!
      Past 8mile Rd. the border of Detroit Mi., to the porcupine mountains in Michigan’s vast upper peninsula, along the 400 mile border with Wisconsin. It’s all dark red, except for of course. All black and blue urban Detroit! Where they stuff ballot box’s and connect the Dominion voting machines to the internet!

      • Galaxy 500

        “ black and blue urban Detroit! ”
        Crime and voter fraud capital.
        H, I pray that these Evil people are Exposed and brought to justice

      • Shiloh1

        Michigan governor, attorney general and Secretary of State – a witches coven.

  94. Galaxy 500

    You want some on the ground reporting?

    I talk to about 100 people a week outside of the company I work for. I had one high earner in the medical field start talking about how bad things were and I used my standard a political statement when asked who I was supporting, “I wish none of the above was on the menu.” You don’t talk to suppliers, customers or even other employees about politics while at work. They laugh and said that they liked Kennedy but couldn’t pull the lever for him. They go on to say about how bad things will be if Trump is elected. I comment that it scares me that we don’t know who is actually making decisions. This medical professional, know that Buy-dem is compromised is going to vote for him anyway. I also say I had a lot more extra money under the previous administration regardless to what you think of him personally.

    I respectfully steered the conversation back to resolution and took care of them. People, how in the Hell can a medical professional that admits SLOJo is compromised, understands that inflation is real pull the lever for an empty suit. This person lives in a high dollar neighborhood surrounded by an ocean of crime and homeless encampments . They decided I supported Kennedy and I said nothing that would have changed their mind. People like this would have no problem attempting to get my fired and have a high probability of speaking with high management, maybe even directly with the CEO. These people are a danger to the Republic.
    What exactly are these people voting for and what the f#€k are they voting against?
    Outside of a few mean tweets, not starting any wars, decreasing the animosity of NorKo and standing firm on the US Constitution what exactly did Trump do that generated this willful ignorance and outrage?
    I get that this person has money to burn so inflation is just a number they hear but isn’t really impacting their lifestyle .
    Meanwhile SLOJo is clearly racist, both past and present. Did you see him ignoring the black woman in the front row of his small rally reaching and shaking hands all around but blatantly ignoring her? His anti American and anti Freedom policies? Bankrupting America to send money to Ukraine that is laundered back to both Demoncrats and RINOs.
    Selling our oil reserves to China at a discount. Taking bribes to sell out the citizens of America and he sells us damn cheap too.
    I don’t get it. 20 yrs ago you could sit and talk while breaking bread with the “classical liberal” and part on friendly terms. We could agree to disagree agree. But as the deviants gained more power and were hidden in high places of the bureaucracy to push their Satanic agenda, you were attacked for “wrong think”. They pushed illegal regulations not passed by congress. They let fellow deviants criminals go without charges to prey upon children while persecuting Christians.
    If you want to own a home, be able to go where you please and eat what you want, when you want, you damn well better vote Trump. If you can’t see what the Demoncrats want to do to you then I truly feel sorry for you. And your f you don’t vote or if you pull the lever for Kennedy or SloJo then you will surely reap what you have sown.

    • Akdave

      Welcome to my world.

    • Major

      Operation Mockingbird hypnotized liberals, and created a way to divide U$, permanently.

  95. Galaxy 500

    Satanic minion wants to replace Joe as one of the High minions. Polis is destabilizing and destroying Colorado and he wants to finish SLO Jo’s work in doing America the same

  96. Galaxy 500

    So who is making these decisions for SLOJo?
    No one that wants him to continue because they have to know he is shot mentally. If Dokta Jill is allowing this, she is shot mentally too.
    Every time Buy-dem is out in public, like the NATO meeting, it shows how week we are, leadership wise.

  97. Marie Joy

    Just in case

    • Major

      It seems we are being PSYOPed, psychological operation (programmed) to
      semi-automatically eliminate each other in SHTF, protecting or sacking pantries
      and panties. All our weapons will eventually be removed, from our cold dead hands.
      Probably by UN Peacekeepers.

    • Randy Best

      Yes, I agree with you again.

  98. Tim K

    Great job Greg. Ge some much needed rest and continued to be guided by the Holy Spirit

    Our friend in Christ

  99. Galaxy 500

    By Debra Heine

    July 12, 2024
    Dr. Robert Redfield, the former director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Thursday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pushed […]

  100. Galaxy 500
    By Debra Heine

    July 11, 2024
    House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) has subpoenaed three key White House staffers who are allegedly shielding Joe Biden from media scrutiny and doing […]

  101. Johnny Nobody

    CV-19 vaxx overreach – Court Decision:

  102. Robert P Bailey

    I have seen over 45 years of watching the MSM, so much lies and crazy propaganda, but to the POTUSA talking or trying too and walking just like a robotic actor is just unbelievable! The political party of the ‘Donkey’ are clearly out of their minds ! If they think that all this act of their Commander in Chief is all based of truth ?

    Maybe its this time that Lucifer, will appear as Jesus Christ, as the final global delusion and do his miracles and will convince the human race that what he is saying is the truth just like Joe Biden !

  103. Prospector

    ” NO MATTER WHO WINS THE ELECTION , neither side will accept the results. ”
    Think about what chaos that means.

    Cyber defense guy , LTC Steven Murray (ret.) has been saying this a lot. He has shows several times a week on —- RUMBLE.COM.
    ( Go to RUMBLE. com , enter LTC Steven Murray in search bar. )

    Lots of good , current information..many good guests …. Signal , not noise.

  104. Galaxy 500

    Electric cars. Less mobility, more costs!
    Car dealerships could win big in the Biden administration’s push for electric vehicles (EV) due to their greater need for repairs and short lifespans, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

    EVs spend much less time on the road before being replaced compared to gas vehicles due to battery degradation, insurers often preferring to replace EVs rather than repair them and rapid technological advancement, according to the WSJ. More frequent car replacements and higher repairs as more EVs hit the road could mean more sales for car dealerships.

  105. Prospector

    FOOD WARS / Planned Famine.

    Beware the trolls trying to tell you ” this is NOT happening. ”

    Interactive Map Details Destruction of Numerous US Food Manufacturing Plants, Grocery Stores, etc. — Compares US Incidents to Global Trends

    By Jim Hoft
    Published June 23, 2022 at 1:15pm
    Earlier this month, The Gateway Pundit published an article on a list of US-based food manufacturing plants that were destroyed, damaged or impacted by “accidental fires,” disease, or general causes from 2021 to 2022 under the Biden administration. These data were first published at Think Americana.

    Below is the list:

    ZEE Maps . com . Search for food plants. ( You will notice some are officially listed as arson. )

    • Major

      Prospector – you’re making Greg proud of us filling in while he is upgrading.

  106. Prospector

    The Gateway Pundit has done good reports on food & supply chain destruction.

    Manufacturing Plants Aren’t Just Mysteriously Getting Burned Down In The United States, It’s Happening Around The World…
    By Alicia Powe Jul. 4, 2022

    More factory fires occurred in 2021 than any year in recorded history.

    Nearly a quarter of the supply chain disruptions globally were attributed to manufacturing plants being set aflame, according to exclusive data compiled from Resilinc’s EventWatch monitoring database.

    According to the FBI’s Cyber Division, cyber-attack threats on agricultural cooperatives are an imminent threat.

    Rockefeller Foundation’s managing director of Food Initiative Sara Farley detailed plans about “How to reimagine our food system for a post-COVID world” in an article published in June on WEF’s website.

    It makes you wonder — So what are they plotting?

  107. Prospector


    Without farms, there is no food. period. Over the weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris made a statement of her own calling for a “reduced population.” This can be accomplished in part through the destruction of the global food supply. The latest version of the global warming narrative is that food itself causes it. Apparently, the entire world must go back to stone age with a hunter and gatherer society and very few actual people remaining in order for the planet to “cool” itself down and return to “normal.”

    We can presume from this language that among the practices being considered are replacing a major portion of the beef and dairy cattle, pork, and chicken stocks that populations rely on for protein with insect larvae, mealworms, crickets, etc.,” says journalist Leo Hohmann about what the Global Methane Pledge entails.

    The UN, World Economic Forum, and other NGOs have been promoting meatless diets and the consumption of insect protein for years, and billionaires have invested in massive insect factories being built in the state of Illinois, in Canada, and in the Netherlands, where mealworms, crickets, and other bugs will be processed as additives to be inserted into the food supply, often without clear labels that will inform people of exactly what they are eating.”

    13 Countries Sign WEF Treaty To Engineer an ‘Ethical Global Famine’ – via #planettoday

    Many source links at article :

  108. Shiloh1

    When I see things like this I look to the sky for an asteroid hitting this country:

  109. Skip Havely

    Greg, Good luck with your efforts the next couple of weeks. I will miss your posts. You have been my favorite “truth teller” for years. Please take the time to rest and recharge as you work on other things requiring your time.

  110. Colleen

    I’m just letting everyone know that there are several current interviews with our favorite guests from on line. I went to YouTube and searched for Catherine Austin- Fitts, Martin Armstrong, and Bill Holder and found recent interviews with all three. Bill Holter’s most recent interview on Smart Talk Trading/ YouTube even has a reference to Greg and USA Watchdog.

    Anyway, I thought this would be another resource to keep ourselves informed and entertained while we are missing Greg and If anyone finds a good interview, please post the information on Greg’s comment section. I personally am interested in finding good informative interviews with Greg’s Watchdog guests! Thank you.

  111. Prospector


    Wounded , alive.

    The machine is desperate.

  112. z

    President Trump has been shot. Blood on ear and face.
    Pray for Trump!!!

  113. Gregory Carter

    You picked a hell of a week to do upgrades.

    • Galaxy 500

      Several conservative sites were attacked and damaged. was turned into gibberish.
      The Principalities and Powers are making a full on press to attack Greg and others. They do not want even one person to know the truth. And they especially don’t want anyone brought to Jesus.

  114. Katy Bar

    Like General Custer (at the Little Big Horn) , the Little Big Guy (Joe Bribe’n) fires off a few rounds at the Demon-ratic Indians “Who Want His Scalp”. In Joe’s version of Four(4) Dimensional Chess he shows how Really Savvy He Is Mentally by calling the person in charge of Ukraine “PUTIN”!! “Which is Undeniably True” and shows to the American people that “HE STILL HAS ALL HIS MARBLES”!! And when asked about his “Vice” President – Bribe’n Once Again Shows His Is Mental Savvy, by stating that: Former President Trump (who he has indicted on so many criminal charges) is actually the “Vice” President!!
    However, the Obama Tribe is still out to scalp the Little Big Guy and will likely use Mike along with Kamala as a Totally Black (Harris/Obama) team to swing the Nation away from the MAGA White Christian Terrorists (as Bribe’n likes calls them)!!!

  115. RK


    I hope you’re resting, you definitely deserve it
    While you’re away, all hell breaks loose and the DS/ Obama biden regime attempt to assassinate President Trump.

    USAWD nation, please pray for President Trump and our nation. We need Jehovah more than ever.

  116. Earth Angel

    A despicable attempt was made on President Trump’s life at a Pennsylvania rally today. Thank Goodness it was unsuccessful and though he suffered some injury, we are told he will be all right. Sadly, it seems a rally attendee was killed in the attempt and it is reported the shooter was killed. We shall see how this all unfolds. The globalist/ leftists with their freedom destroying agendas are desperate. Another VERY sad day in America. Praying for President Trump and all Americans right now. May the blood of the Lamb cover us all with God’s protection and these evil agenda’s backfire on those perpetrating them. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  117. Galaxy 500

    Damn, they actually tried to assassinate Trump

    • Glenn

      Who is “they”? You mean someone. If “they” would have tried, “they” would have done a better job. You do not send a boy to do a man’s job.

  118. Led Skeletor

    Trump shot… the shooter must NOT of been from CIA/Deep State because MSM didn’t report “the complete details instantly”, we don’t even know what the shooter had for breakfast during the past month, color of skin, nationality, or who he supports. Wot, no manifesto? Usually MSM gets the complete 14,000 page story written by the comedians at the Deep State off the wire instantly, or even before WTC7 was “PULLED”.

    Unless the CIA/Deep State wanted this failed assignation look like a sloppy f*up Joe idiot job? It sounded like a child’s cap gun. Amazing no one else got hit.

    Literally trillions of taxpayer $$$ on the line if Trump wins, what will the War Industrial Complex do if Trump brings peace? And half of DC ought to be behind bars for life, will he drain the swamp?

    • Major

      It’s NOT a swamp, it is a cesspool, they have to be pumped. No way to drain them.

    • Johnny Nobody

      “the shooter must NOT of been from CIA/Deep State because MSM didn’t report “the complete details instantly”,” Not so fast LS. See report by BBC linked to in comment immediately below . . .

  119. Ken Yu

    Don’t have confirmation yet??? But it seems ten minutes ago:

    • Johnny Nobody

      Your comment suggests that the BBC report you link to was published a few minutes after the assassination attempt. If so, it’s extraordinary that according to the BBC (globalist propaganda media) “Special Agent Kevin Rojek confirmed the agency was treating the shooting as an assassination attempt.
      He added that the Crooks had not been carrying ID and that investigators used DNA to formally identify him.”

      How long do you suppose it takes to analyse a blood sample for DNA? Surely, the sample needs to be transported to a suitably equipped laboratory. Then you have to run a check with a DNA database to find a match. Super fast eh?! Maybe the security services already knew the identity of the shooter . . . .


  120. Randy Avera

    Survived a headshot…Fucking Legend
    Apparently, there was vacant high ground around the rally.
    Mr. Majorkas needs to give RFK,Jr. Secret Service protection now, or is he afraid of him too.

    • Lee Harvard Yard

      Take your ball and security clearance back to Booz Alan Ham.
      Your confrontational attitude reveals your deep state warmongering self!
      Typical Deep state Nazi loving operation paper clip, project Mocking bird brained, KOO KOO! THIS IS WHY YOU HATE THE AUSSIE’S. THEY HAVE A FREE PRESS, OUT OF REACH OF THE PROJECT MOCKING BIRD DEEP STATE CREEPS and yer the werst!

      ‘Sad day for America’: [Sad day for Sam he missed!]
      Sky News host blasts CNN coverage of attempted Trump assassination
      Sky News Australia Jul 14, 2024
      Sky News host Gabriella Power has slammed CNN for its initial coverage of the attempted assassination of former president Donald Trump.
      Ms Power said: “If you were following media outlets like CNN today, you would have thought Donald Trump had a fall”.
      A breaking CNN article included a headline which read: “Secret Service rushed Trump off stage after he falls at rally”.
      “Falls? It was an assassination attempt. He’s not Joe Biden,” Ms Power said.
      Ms Power said it was a “devastating day for America” and claimed there was likely to be growing support for the former president, following the attack.

      ‘Extraordinary’: Kevin Rudd and Scott Morrison slam Trump’s assassination attempt
      Sky News Australia Jul 13, 2024
      Sky News Australia host James Morrow has reacted to the “extraordinary event” where former US president Donald Trump survived an assassination attempt at his Pennsylvania rally.
      Mr Morrow commended former prime ministers Kevin Rudd and Scott Morrison for criticising the attack.
      “Kevin Rudd called it what it was – an attack,” Mr Morrow said.
      “Scott Morrison called it an assassination attempt.”

      Donald Trump ‘so demonized’ that attempted assassination was ‘logical endgame’
      Sky News Australia Jul 14, 2024 TONING DOWN THE DEM’S GOOD V’s EVIL
      The “shocking scenes” which unfolded at a former US president Donald Trump campaign rally is a day that will “go down in history”, Sky News host Caleb Bond says.
      “It is a day that will go down in history, it is a day that could have changed history,” Mr Bond said.

      • Major

        Disregard CIA asset, stirring up animosity amongst us.

      • Ray

        Thanks for your support, and well said.
        This guy clearly has problems.
        As I have pointed out over the past 12 months, he has the written expression skills of a 5 year old and the manners of a hog.
        Now he is referring to himself in the 3rd person.
        That is a sign of mental issues right there.
        Fair dinkum…….I post a message to Greg stating I hope he enjoys some well earned time off with a cold beer, and this Zubberdex chimes in with his ridiculous comment.
        He should return from whence he sprang……to the veritable shallows of the Zero Hedge comment section, although come to think about it, he has probably been banned from there as well for his “sharp as a butter knife” commenting style.
        My guess is he doesn’t have many friends, and I can see why.
        My best wishes be with you and yours LHY,
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

    • Ken Yu

      Do you think Biden knew the Secret Service is a critical part of the Deep State Globalists “Hit Team” and very intelligently did not give Kennedy “its protection”????, and even tried to deny Secret Service “protection” to Trump????

      • Lee @ Harvard Yard

        Your welcome Ray!

  121. Katy Bar

    The suspect that shot Trump fired from only 200 feet to 300 feet away “on an elevated shed” – isn’t it the job of the Secret Service to check out “the immediate area surrounding the stage upon which Trump was to speak”?????????

  122. Ken Yu

    The Deep State was aiming for the head just like they did with JFK!!!

    • Katy Bar

      What “Party” the President belongs to “is irrelevant” to the Evil Deep State Globalists who use the US Secret Service as their “Hit Men” to take out whomever (regardless of Party) is pushing back against “Their Thing” (Complete Global Conquest and Worldwide Human Subjugation to Their Will and Economic Control)!!!

  123. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg and all here. Heard that Lying Legacy Media had their A-Team on duty immediately this lazy summer afternoons: Anderson Cooper, Lester Holt, and Wolf Blitzer, among others.

  124. Ken Yu

    This botched up attempt on Trumps life likely by a Demon Rat “may spark a retaliatory attempt on Biden’s life” – which is probably exactly what the Demon Rats want!! So lets hope Biden stays safe. We don’t want the Truly Evil Deep State Globalists getting exactly what they want!!!

    • Major


    • King Cummings

      Yup, Ken Yu,
      The useful Idiot is no longer so useful and if he won’t step down for a more useful kamala, or Michelee, or a hardnosed Grethen, no Wit mire. He better crawl down the basement and stay till Kingdom come.

  125. Johnny Nobody



    You’ll have to return to us sooner than you anticipated.

  126. Katy Bar


    • Major

      WHY? Because they are in the club. Trump is not.

    • Major

      No, It will require extra time off.

      • Major

        No, It will require extra time off, reply was meant for Johnny Nobody

    • Katy Bar

      Bribe’n and his Deep State Neocon Buddies steal of the 2020 Election, the Rape of Ukraine, the Blowing Up of the Nord Stream Pipeline, the Cluster Bombing of Children, etc., etc. pales in comparison to the July 13, 2024 Assassination Attempt on President Trump’s Life, where the Depth of U.S. Deep State Depravity is Laid Bare before the Entire World to SEE in the Most Clear and Stark Way!!! It is Time!!! Time to Finally Get Rid of these Evil Demon Rats “Once and For All”!!!

    • Glenn

      How about doing us a favor. First, stop using all caps when you type. Second, get your facts right.

      • Katy Bar

        Sorry Glenn I stand corrected – Trump was only about “120 to 150 METERS” away from the DEEP STATES HIRED GUNMAN (not the “100 FEET” I mentioned). So does this “extra distance” absolve the SECRET SERVICE from securing that rooftop?? (Which Was the Closest Building to the Podium from which Trump was Speaking)???

        • Glenn

          Again you need to get your facts right. The building from where the shooter shot from was certainly not the closest building. Several buildings were much closer which did have the snipers on.

        • Katy Bar

          Additionally – Studying the following video of Trump “before he is hit by a bullet” – At the 0:44 mark I see Trump is still speaking and the Secret Service Sniper on the roof behind Trump is aiming his rifle at the assassin – at the 0:56 mark Trump is still talking and it looks like the SS Sniper may have fired off a shot at the assassin (as he then picks up his head to see if he hit his mark) and a second later the assassin probably as he is dying fires off 5 shots (which miss fatally shooting Trump)!!
          Do Your own analysis folks but for all the bashing of the Secret Service for allowing the assassin to get on the roof in the first place, I think the Loyal and Patriotic Secret Service Sniper on the roof behind Trump may have actually knocked off the assassins aim “Saving Trumps Life”!!!

          • Ken Yu

            Katy – The assassin only got off 3 shots after being hit by the Secret Service Sniper!!!

        • Katy Bar

          Glenn – The video above shows I was wrong – the Secret Service did have snipers on the building “closest to Trump” and “were aware” of the assassin on the roof about 130 meters away – so despite the faux pas with regard to allowing a gunman to get into position to shoot at Trump in the first place, the Patriotic Secret Service men on the ground SHOULD BE HEARTFULLY THANKED AND CONGRATULATED FOR PREVENTING WHAT COULD HAVE TURNED OUT TO BE SOMETHING EVEN MORE TRAGIC, FOR BOTH TRUMP AND OUR NATION!!!

          • Ken Yu

            Katy – I didn’t hear any shot by the Secret Service Sniper so I guess you are assuming he had a silencer on his weapon (this should be verified for us by the Secret Service in their upcoming report on the incident)!!

            • Ken Yu

              Alex Jones is saying we must go on Full Alert!!! The Globalists are making their move and many sniper experts, Green Beret, etc. are saying this attack on Trump was clearly a planned and coordinated “inside job”!!

            • Ken Yu

              Katy – Seems that (according to CIA Intel Analyst Larry Johnson) The SS Agent on the roof who lifted his head “DID NOT” FIRE A SHOT AT THE ASSASSIN!!!!
              So we are back to God Jesus being the one who saved Trump!!!

            • Ken Yu

              Bob Moriarty “confirms” that it was Local Police Snipers on the roof behind Trump and they were Under Strict Orders from the Secret Service “Not to Fire Upon the Assassin” (until the assassin got off his shots)!!!

            • Ken Yu

              Katy – the guys on the roof behind Trump were not Secret Service Snipers (they were Police Snipers that were under orders “not to shoot the assassin”)!!!

    • Earth Angel

      Katy, The points you make are very good and valid questions. What I could see from the video footage shown was only trees around and behind the podium and grandstand area in the distance. Perhaps this shooter had climbed a tree and was hiding in it. I never even saw any buildings directly behind or to Trump’s right where someone could hide. Funny no news cameras panned over to the direction of where the shots came from during the incident either.

    • Tin foil hat

      Looking at the the picture of the USSS snipers, the detachable magazine looks like a .300 or even .338 caliber magnum with a very powerful scope with a range finder. These are 1,000 yrd rifles. It’s not a .308 or any other midsize cartridge. It’s almost impossible for that idiot to get so close to Trump without being detected.

      • Ken Yu

        Seems like the SS snipers were simply waiting for their hired stooge to kill Trump before they shot their fall guy (the same way they took care of Oswald after the deadly deed was done to JFK)!!

      • Galaxy 500

        It was reported by one source to be 300 win mags, 338 much bigger action.

        A new report by NBC News revealed the Secret Service identified the rooftop next to Trump’s Butler, Pennsylvania event as a security vulnerability days before the rally.

        The agents failed to secure the building so a man with a rifle was able to climb up to the roof, position his scope, and fire several shots at President Trump.

        • Pete+only

          And they left a ladder for the assassin to use to climb the roof…he did not act alone…also there is footage of one of the CIA agents clearing a path for the shooter by the stage, and for 2 minutes before the shooting, people in the audience were telling the authorities there was a shooter on the roof.

  127. Johnny Nobody

    Apologies if this comment turns out to be BS, but is based, at time of writing, on what little news has emerged about the DJT assassination attempt.

    Reported by an ex CIA person (does anyone actually leave the CIA?!) that the “lone gunman” (Lee Harvey Oswald ~ anyone?) “shot with a rifle from a building OUTSIDE of the venue, and that the Secret Service got to shoot him dead almost immediately afterward”.
    Trump’s personal bodyguard could not have located at short notice, and then shot the assailant outside of the venue with hand guns. This would-be assassin was obviously set up to be shot dead, immediately after the deed, so that he couldn’t talk.

    Trump just met with Hungary’s Prime Minister, Victor Orbán, who recently visited Putin in Moscow. Victor is trying to mediate for peace in Ukraine. The NWO globalists cannot countenance peace with Russia. Russia is run by white Christians nationalists and MUST be defeated to enable a ‘One World Government’ (authoritarian dictatorship). IMHO, the WEFers would rather blow the world to Kingdom come than accept the defeat of their decades long Orwellian project.

    If the shot that rang out on 7/13/24 had hit its mark, then:
    Joe would have been spared the abject humiliation of the next scheduled presidential debate.
    The presidential election could have been delayed ‘to allow time for the GOP to select an alternative (RINO) candidate’.
    Delaying the election would allow time for the Democrats to ease Joe out and ease his alternate in.
    Post election, propagandising the American public (made legal by Obomber) that the rigged 2024 election was fair, would have been MUCH EASIER than trying to convince them that Trump lost to sleepy Joe AGAIN!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Like the so-call assassin , Lee Harvey Oswald, he was a Shiite shot. Oswald barely passed his USMC rifle test. He was the lowest of the low. There is plenty of evidence that Oswald was not the shooter that killed Kennedy. Did you know that they NEVER did ballistic testing on Oswald’s rifle. Not only that, the FBI didn’t preserve Oswald’s rifle. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Incompetence) allowed the rifle to rust to pieces. These are demonstrable facts.
      So it’s wasn’t a lone gunman

      • Johnny Nobody

        Yes. I know the JFK ‘lone gunman’ story is BS. The point I was trying to make is that the deep state operatives use the same MOs time and again. Seems they lack imagination.

    • Major

      Who sighted in the weapon, was it 3 inches off on purpose?

  128. Bosco P. Horowitz


    thanks for all you do! You’ve one been one of the few reliable, dependable, always-can-count-on beacons of light in the media! I can’t thank you enough for your dedication of consistently putting out excellent content with your A-list guests and your weekly wrap-up’s on Thursday nights. Been a regular listener since spring/summer of 2015!

    Enjoy your time away, my good man!

    Dr. Bosco

  129. Allen BLaine

    I have been a fan for over 3 years, experiencing your expulsion from Youtube, run by Indians from India, who know nothing about American culture. Thank God for Musk who changed the scenery forever– he sent these Champagne Socialists a”packin” —- You have had quests who none of these MSM idiot puppets have dared have on.. they aren’t “journalists– they are over-paid Soros whores, now run by his limp-wristed son….. we always wonder who will be next, meaning your guests… religiously I watch them every week !!!!!! And learn a little or LOT each time !!!!!!!

  130. gary

    hope you and yours are well. enjoy what you do.

  131. Ken Yu

    The only way the Demon Rats can spin this assassination attempt on President Trump’s life is to either 1) “Blame it on a disgruntled White Christian Terrorist or 2) Blame it on the Russians to get their efforts at fostering WWIII to rapidly go Nuclear. Assassinating leaders such as President Lincoln, JFK or Trump is all due to an Evil Satanic Deep State Commie/Marxist/Dictatorial Cabal that has illegally taken control of our American Government with the aim to either Control the Destiny of the Entire World or Failing that Spark a Total Worldwide Annihilating Revolution. They Must Be Stopped!!!

  132. Katy Bar

    Eye Witness Speaks: After a regular person in the crowd sees a gunman with a rifle sneaking around on the roof of a building just a few hundred feet from where Trump was speaking. He immediately notifies Police and “Wonders Why Trump Was Not Immediately Removed From Danger”?? (Trump was simply allowed to continue to speak “And Be A Target” until the shots rang out)!!!

    • Lora

      Regarding the assassination attempt on Trump, it was a bit suspicious that a 20 year old kid knew exactly which vulnerable roof at the rally to set up his equipment/gun on. And when a bystander in the audience alerted police that there was a suspicious man at this particular spot, the authorities weren’t in a hurry to check out this concern.

      • Ken Yu

        Many people were actually pointing to the assassin on the roof with a rifle and screaming out to the State Police and the Secret Service Snipers “to take some immediate action”!!! – And They DID NOTHING!!!! – “Until The Assassin GOT OFF HIS SHOTS”!!!!!
        Note: It is going be interesting to see What Sort of Excuse the Secret Service is going to Dream Up (other then tell us that they are going to hire more women into the Secret Service “who won’t have the strength to lift a big man like Trump into an ambulance if he was seriously wounded)!!!!!

  133. Andy

    Watchdog USA going “radio silence” just in time for 15th July chaos?🤷‍♂️

    • Judith Grandledge

      Just In Time Andrew;
      Farage Reform UK leader – and long-time Donald Trump ally – Nigel Farage is joining Laura Kuenssberg on her Sunday political programme.
      He begins by saying he’s “very upset” by the attack on his “good friend” – but not surprised.
      He says the “nasty” narrative put out by “liberals who oppose him” almost “encourages this type of behaviour”.
      He highlights recent reported comments by Joe Biden, before the shooting, about putting Trump “in the bullseye”.
      “Liberal intolerance is increasingly a part of this problem,” Farage says, before outlining how he himself has been the victim of repeated physical attacks.
      “And because it’s me no-one cares,” he says.
      Dear Andy 07/14/2024 •
      Watchdog USA going “radio silence” just in time for 15th July chaos?
      i FOUND YOU GREG. JUST IN TIME, just in time. . . . . . . . .

  134. Ken Yu

    Martin Armstrong’s Socrates Computer Program is predicting another “Panic Cycle by the Deep State” the week of September 9th!! (Does this mean another Assassination attempt will be made on President Trump in early September)??? President Trump “better be on guard with his own Private Security Force” rather then rely totally on the Secret Service for protection!!!

  135. nIEL kELLY

    Sky News hosts blasts Joe Biden’s ‘disgusting’ Trump rally shooting statement
    Sky News Australia 932,008 views Jul 13, 2024
    Sky News host Chris Kenny has blasted US President Joe Biden’s “disgusting statement” regarding the shooting at former US president Donald Trump’s rally.
    “At such a time of chaos and concern for American democracy, he said nothing to call off the dogs … off Donald Trump,” Mr Kenny said.
    “Nothing to say that we’ve got to stop being this divisive and not demonise this man.

    ‘Political moment for the ages’: Donald Trump survives assassination attempt
    Sky News Australia Jul 14, 2024
    Sky News US analyst Michael Ware has called the failed assassination attempt of former US president Donald Trump a “political moment for the ages”.
    “When the Secret Service allows him to rise up and he’s in that cocoon they put him in, that security cocoon,” Mr Ware said.
    “There is a moment I swear when he decides this is a chance to say something.
    “This is a chance to show my resilience and composure and to rally the faithful.
    “You can see there was a political judgment made I believe at that instance.”

  136. Gene

    There is no truth to the rumor that the Biden campaign has referred to the assassination attempt as, “a mostly peaceful protest.”

  137. Justn Observer

    Greg. interesting vid on attempted assassination… sure ‘LOOKS LIKE’ no one was interested in stopping shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks, until AFTER he got his shots off? Clearly a failure of security…no SNIPER overwatch posted on building soooo close to the event- 130 yds? EASY SHOT at that distance, NOT WITHIN PERIMETER? = BS, every cop, agent, x military knows with today’s equipment…clear shots from 1 mile are ‘routine’ for a committed sniper. How this guy got on a roof, and moved from roof top to roof top on a wide-open white roof a football field away from where DJT was speaking? And the cops and SS not even ‘concerned enough’ when people are telling and pointing and trying to show them= ‘THEY’ let it happen IMO

    • Major

      Greg will become emotional when he reads what we wrote here, valiantly covering the news for him, while he is upgrading

    • Ken Yu

      From Booth to Oswald, Hinckley and Crooks the DEEP STATE GLOBALISTS have used Hired Gunmen “to change American foreign policy”. Now it seems the Secret Service has put itself into the not so enviable position of being the “Pay for Play” Murder Incorporated Agency the Globalists can hire at any time “to do their dirty work”!!

  138. Galaxy 500

    So please tell me how a shooter gains high ground within 150 yards of Trump? When I lived in Greensboro and Obama was coming. They welded the manhole covers shut. Roads were blocked, cars were searched.
    They had an “Oswald” Antifa member close to stage. The CIA isn’t as good at assassinations as they were in the 60s

    • Tin foil hat

      One time and one time only, I’m grateful for the DEI hires.

      • Major

        Good point, Tin foil hat. Perhaps a DEI sighted in the weapon for the shooter. What would the Milwaukee shindig be like without the nominee.

  139. Galaxy 500

    Brought to you by Demoncrats and RINOs near you,,,

  140. Pete+only

    By the miracle of God’s intervention, Donald Trump is still alive. A bullet grazed Donald Trump’s ear, and the assassin was shot dead seconds later.
    Here is actual footage of the assassination attempt and news story of the event.
    It is deeply troubling that main stream media was just calling it an “incident” at a Trump Rally, when they constantly whip people up into a frenzy of wanting to kill Donald Trump every day it seems.
    7/13/24 will be a defining moment in history…
    Greg, I hope all is well with you and your family.

  141. Really Awake

    Many of us knew that the forces of evil would try and park a bullet in Trump’s head. This time Trump got his ear pierced. And yet another miracle happened for Trump. And he’s going to need many more miracles just to get back in The White House. And, if Trump achieves the impossible by actually making a come back, then he’s got four long years of hell on Earth to deal with. The Forces of Evil have made their intentions clear. This is going to be a fight to the death.

    I say we better get our prepping done and prepare accordingly.

  142. Tin foil hat

    Must Watch: JFK Motorcade and Odd Secret Service Behavior

  143. Thom Swain

    Reform UK leader Nigel Farage says it’s a “miracle” that Donald Trump is still alive
    Sky News Jul 14, 2024
    Mr Farage, who has joined Mr Trump at a number of rallies, said he was “very upset” by the scenes at the Pennsylvania rally.
    Speaking to Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips, the MP said: “I was very upset when I heard the news late last night, Donald Trump survived by a miracle, frankly.”
    Mr Farage said he would have “almost certainly” been at the rally, had he not won a seat in the general election.

    Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips: Lucy Powell, Andy Street, Dr Philip Banfield & Baroness Falkner Sky News Streamed live 3 hours ago
    Join Trevor Phillips on our flagship weekly programme that aims to set the political agenda, delve deep into the big stories and hear from news-making guests.

  144. Scott

    Inside job by the current desperate administration. There is no way a 20 something can come close to making that shot. You believe what you want but no chance that kid would be within 10 of an object at that distance, angle and pressure.

  145. Galaxy 500

    So how did a 20yr old know where the hole was in Secret Service Security perimeter? Why did the counter snipers not see and know the shooter wasn’t supposed to be there?
    This kid had help and praise YHWH he was a crappy shot. I was shoot IPSC Combat, NRA silhouette and bench rest matches at that age.
    They say he had a guntuber T shirt on. What the hell does that even mean? And how can you walk across a field with a rifle toward a president’s rally and not be challenged and shot down way before he gained access to the vantage point he shot from?

    • Ken Yu

      One very important question I want an answer to is: Who provided the ladder for the assassin to climb up to the roof of the building (that conveniently had zero Secret Service agents on it)????

  146. Jeff T

    Thought in email to Greg, on further thought… here shared with God-loving, Truth loving tribe… God bless all.
    Assassin sighted, known… deeply-stated, dead-aim targeted; but (strangely) NOT shot. Until (film shows): roof-top `gov’t protective’ sniper waiting… waiting… waiting…. until moment assassin-wanna-be – takes, letting loose `his shot’.

    Then WHAM-BAM… 187. `Wetwork’. Quickly eliminated!

    Greg… watching film… over and over; he was known, seen… in rifle sighting: focused upon, deadly aimed at; until lone gunman, would-be assassin on roof – pulled his trigger. Then, only then… eliminated by roof-placed sniper intently focusing on, clearly aiming at him.

    Films taken, showing sequence of shooting with popping gunfire sounds… tells all, `deeply stated’. Clearly seen. This… what eyes with ears… and Spirit of Truth reveals.
    ~ Jeff Thirlwall

    • Ken Yu

      From the 0:40 to the 0:56 mark on the video [ ] the Secret Service Sniper had the assassin in his cross-hairs with an opportunity to fire on the assassin (before the assassin had a chance to shoot) . Now I’m no gun expert but does it take that long “to pull the trigger”? Considering Trump was likely in the assassins cross-hairs getting a shot off quickly by the Secret Service Sniper “was critically necessary” (the assassin fired off three shots just 5 seconds later at 1:01!!

  147. Marie Joy

    We want Biden to stay. He has NO chance of winning. Biden is the best thing that can happen to republicans.
    I see that shooting and, every time, I’m in tears. So close.
    Dear GOD, in Heaven, Thank you.

  148. CJ

    Two things I noticed watching the videos of the Secret Service getting President Trump off the stage.

    First was the older guy flipping off the cameras. I don’t normally like kind of public display, but for some reason it seemed appropriate given the situation.

    Second was the pathetic display of one of the female secret service member guarding the president. She couldn’t re-holster her weapon. I’m not personally an expert, but have a couple of family members who are in law enforcement. They were very quick to point out she shouldn’t have been here. Being able to secure your weapon quickly so you can put hands on a person is very important. A second can mean the difference between life and death. How could that person be allowed to be in the Secret Service, especially guarding someone like Trump who they know is a potential target? Has the Secret Service started ESG hiring? Did they intentionally put substandard personnel on Trump’s detail? Being female allows me to ask these questions where a man doing so would be called a sexist. Notice I mentioned just one of the females. The other one seemed to do a great job.

  149. Pat McGee

    You picked a fine time to go offline Greg!

    • Ken Yu

      Sadly, Greg Missed the Story of the Century, like I missed the investment of the Century (by not buying a Bitcoin at only what it now costs to purchase a one ounce Gold coin)!!

      • Katy Bar

        Trump say he will support Bitcoin as a form of money!! It would be nice if he also states he will support Silver coins as a form of money!!!

  150. Michael McCammack in Indiana

    Greg, we miss you.
    I hope all goes well with the upgrades.
    Cyber security is a real challenge these days. I have no clue what all it details. I know my former employer that claimed they had the best security in place lost my personal data on multiple occasions. Thank you, FAA and DOT.
    Yes, the federal government.
    How those protecting Trump can’t find a shooter on a white rooftop 130 yards away is beyond me. They claimed to have drones in the air surveilling everything. Was the shooter wearing white? NO!
    I have many questions and I know you are working on the answers.
    Thanks for your tireless work.

    • Galaxy 500

      There were several sites all attached around same time. All conservative. was destroyed and defaced. Greg was attacked. There are others
      This is a concerted effort to silence Christians

  151. G

    I just saw a prophecy on April 8 that said Trump would be shot in the ear and he feel on his knee and became a born again Christian.
    How accurate! And this has been on line since 4/8
    YHWH be praised

    • Glenn

      Not that accurate. The supposed prophecy that was stated never said that Trump would be shot in the ear. Only that the bullet flew by his ear, close to his head. This is what we call a false prophecy. Also if that prophecy was really true then that would mean Trump was not really a Christian before he got shot since he only now became a “born again” Christian. Prior to be “born again”, he like every else was spiritually dead.

  152. Harry Hooligan

    Former classmate of Trump rally gunman says he was ‘bullied almost every day’
    NBC News
    A former classmate of the 20-year-old Pennsylvania man law enforcement identified as the shooter who opened fire at former President Donald Trump’s rally says he was “bullied almost every day” at school. NBC News’ Shaq Brewster reports on what is known about the background and life of Thomas Matthew Crooks.

  153. Mike

    Clif High predicted something big was going to happen at this time around mid July

  154. Galaxy 500

    The head of Secret Service is a DEi hire. I have looked at the videos of the assassination attempt over 50 times. I looked at my history and stopped counting at 50. Satan’s minions conspired and attempted to kill Trump. YHWH said you can not kill my choice for King/president/leader.
    Did you see the female SS agent bent down exposing Trump head and center mass to the assassin?
    The counter snipers gave the assassin at least 5 free SHOTS at our President. Trump turned his head and the bullet grazed him instead of killing him. How upset the demons are. This was Beijing Buy-dem’s government that conspired to do this. This wasn’t a guy that got luck and just walked up. There was a F#€king ladder… an extension ladder…that the government put there and gave the shooter access to. The little Shiite was told where to go to find the ladder. Walked across an open field near the president with a rifle in plain view and yet no one challenged him let alone stopped him. People saw him and reported to police and were waiving at the SS sharpshooter and yet nobody did anything. I don’t fault the guys that shot the assassin for killing him. My buddy said they were tying up loose ends. He isn’t a shooter, he’s a sailor. Maybe there is merit to his opinion but you don’t shot someone with a high powered rifle and expect them to live. I want to know about the ANTIFA guy that they hauled away that was standing in the front near Trump. Was he armed and was he the Oswald? Shooting under pressure is tough and there was little chance of the guy surviving. Not sure what the counter snipers were using but I have some M118 and its magic. Overrun bought by the 1000 loose pack. My guess is the Federal 168gr Gold Medal match. This works best in what I have. Almost as good as hand loads.
    For all the a$$hole paid trolls and demons that come here and post Shiite about Trump being part of the Establishment, well I hope this crystallizes things for you.
    If Buy-dem’s handlers do manage to Kill Trump, I believe there will be civil war.
    They had 3-4 worthless women agents around Trump. Did you see the one that couldn’t even holster her pistol? These are women playing at being men. They will never be fit enough, never be strong enough and never have enough endurance. These things matter. It a fact, it’s not an opinion. Women should not have a different standard for firemen, military or police. But they do and it endangers all of us

    • Ken Yu

      That guy competing as a woman in swimming events should make himself useful and join the Secret Service that the current women heading up the Secret Service wants to fill up with many more women agents by 2030!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Damn, that is funny

  155. Galaxy 500

    This is same secret service director that refused to give Trump more agents and she also deleted all the SS J6 text messages, thousands of them.
    Corey Comperatore died shielding his daughter.
    These Demoncrats allowed this… no, they facilitated this assassination attempt

  156. Galaxy 500

    There was 1 video of Kennedy. There are at minimum 100s of videos of the Trump assassination attempt, maybe 1000s

  157. Lois Douglas

    Goodness Greg we need you RIGHT NOW! This is a BIG story.

    • Major

      Greg will be emotional and proud of our news reporting while he is away upgrading his equipment. He trusts us to get ourselves through this. That is why he suggested we post here.

    • Major

      Mr. Martin Armstrong has posted good information on this at:

  158. Galaxy 500

    So Task & Purpose is reporting Counter Snipers used a 300 Win Mag out of a REM 700 action.
    Points out how SS is supposed to be on all high ground and/or control access

  159. Tommy

    Jacoby Jones, NFL superstar receiver, dead at 40. Cause not released. Hmm.

  160. CCW

    I feel the same way. Time for a rest.
    The face of broadcasting has changed dramatically. The content too. The contents are changing also.
    Today there are hundreds of
    glitzy prepper sites–all parroting earlier sites. Those with great content but primitive production skills are fading into the fog of internet history

  161. Galaxy 500

    Here is the Pastor who prophesied Trump being shot in the ear. And what did Trump post on Truth Social.
    Fear not! Just what Greg says! Praise YHWH, Glory be to God YHWH. Thank you, Lord. Your most unworthy servant praises you and thanks you for heeding my prayers of protection for America and President Trump.
    Here is a prophecy on March 14, 2024. This is no joke. It’s called 3 prophets explain America. This isn’t some scam seeking money like is posted for the South American scammer that claims to be speaking to Mary. This is the real deal

    • wayne hardin

      Real deal ???????????
      Did you listen to the so called prophecy ??????
      Lets see there was going to be a bullet that came close to his ear
      and would bust his ear drum. Did that happen?????????
      He would go to his knees and be praying and become radically born again . I pray that it does happen we will see .
      As far as the video that the dude did he said the prophecy said the bullet took a piece of the ear / when the prophecy said close to the ear and busted the drum .
      Adding to what was said just like someone saying the Lords Prayer used to say Jehovah Father and not Father in heaven .

      PS Don’t add to something / it becomes a lie ……. That is the Real Deal .

      Wayne Hardin

      • Galaxy 500

        I heard shot in the ear. Neither of us have any medical reports sayings there was a wasn’t ear damage.
        I saw the on his knees dude. Do you hate God?

        • wayne hardin

          The point is where did you hear it .
          The prophet didn’t say shot in the ear .
          Since God is the truth / you asking if i hate God .
          Is a JOKE .
          I do hate lies for sure .

          Wayne Hardin

        • wayne hardin

          The real ? is do you hate God .
          God said to Love your enemies .
          You are asking him to kill them .
          The End .

          Wayne Hardin

        • Earth Angel

          Yes, Mike Adams the Health Ranger did a report and forensic audio analysis of the sequence of shots and he said almost certainly Trump would have hearing loss in his right ear due to the sonic boom that the bullet blast causes breaking the sound barrier. He explained with more scientific expertise than I have, but essentially stating that there would be ear damage from the projectile coming that close to his ear & head. It may well come out in future reports he suffered hearing loss. I am still shaken from this horrible event. Trump is truly an amazing and courageous man. With ALL that has been thrown at him; the insults, the outright LIES, the unjust lawfare, the relentless attempts at public humiliation and now a murder attempt- and he’s cheerfully back on the campaign trail with messages of hope going forward for every American! He truly is TRUMP TOUGH. We should have yard signs printed saying that. May God continue to watch over, protect and bless him, his family and the rest of us too. Hey, Wasn’t the RNC a fantastic event?! We watched it and it was like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Full of excellent people, meaningful presentations and we fell in love with Trump’s grandaughter Kai Madison, who gave the most touching testimony of love to her grandfather. We had no idea what an incredible family the Trumps are. THESE are the kinds of people who SHOULD be our leaders- for that’s what they naturally are. Top drawer & FIRST CLASS! Greg, I hope you and your family are well and we can’t wait to hear from you when you come back to report to us. Be well all.

  162. Galaxy 500

    I don’t know if this posted, this pastor prophesied that Trump would be shot at and hit in the ear, falls to his knees and is reborn again in Christ. He is warning of a great dark time of economic collapse. He see Trump on his knees in tears praying in supplication to the Lord. This was posted March 13

    • wayne hardin

      There is a old saying .
      Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wayne Hardin

    • Tin foil hat

      Like it or not, the Deep State is keeping us comfortable by kicking the can down the road. If Trump were serious about MAGA, he would embrace the painful withdrawal and guide us thru the Ponzi meltdown.

      Money is king in the Great Depression, stocks and hard assets (other than real estates) are the things to hold in the Weimar Germany hyperinflation.

    • Glenn

      If that prophecy was true then that means Trump was never a Christian before the shooting since he now just got “born again”. Prior to the shooting Trump was dead spiritually. But like I said if that prophecy was true. It seems not to be since the bullet hit his ear and did not simply go by it as was in the prophecy. I have yet to hear of any modern-day prophecy that actually came true down to the smallest detail.

  163. Galaxy 500

    So Dems tried to strip SS protections from Trump a few months ago. Had they succeeded, Trump would be dead

  164. Galaxy 500

    Satan is pissed. His evil machinations failed. YHWH spared Trump. HE has a plan for America and for Trump. Thank you my Lord, Jesus.
    Miracles are real

  165. Pete+only

    Your website is now over the target greg…
    Here are key takeaways from the Trump Assassination that the the media doesn’t want you to know.. very new and interesting..

  166. Galaxy 500

    His motives were to kill Trump. I mean damn

  167. Son of a Marine

    C R O OKs?

    Blackhawk Down : On the Set

  168. CraigfromVA

    By a miracle of God’s grace Trump literally dodged a bullet. I pray for his safety.

    I am starting to believe that we’re fighting evil which is a shock to me as me as I once considered myself an atheist.

    El Salvadoran president Bukele said the first thing he did when he was elected was to pray.

    Pray to protect this nation.
    Pray for peace for both the Ukrainians and the Russians.
    Pray for the future.
    Lord .. give us the strength

  169. Pete+only

    so the main stream media is ignoring the assassination attempt, and the CIA security around Trump it sounds so far was ignoring people’s warnings about the sniper climbing the roof top with a rifle in hand, so this tells me that the banana republic is now in power…same as it is in Canada, Germany, France, Great Britain, and other countries right now…we have nothing to lose but our chains, attack the main stream media where you can, as they allow this to happen as is the deep state, filled with politicians having more than one passport…name and shame them, and vote against them if you get the chance..sorry to have to offend anyone but that is the reality…fk them all..Greg, I hope they are not holding you hostage…

  170. Justn Observer

    Greg, more vids of attempt on DJT life including one of that shows guy setting up and aiming his gun before he fires…so what was SS waiting for…what are the rules of engagement? you’d think just being there aiming a gun at DJT was enough to take the shooter down? How/why did the local cop trying to get up on the roof not radio the SS he was in pursuit of a guy up on the roof?
    @16:16 pic of shooter setting up on roof before he took the shots=
    Bill Oreilly names several who is responsible for the climate of hate of DJT=

    No doubt about it…Obama was successful in his ‘fundamental transformation of America’ plan….and appear ‘they’, the world oligarchy does not want FPOTUS DJT to MAGA? Divine intervention? Clearly Obama is not the MESSIAH ‘they’ tried to claim he was…
    Stay calm and in prayer… violence is NOT necessary….DJT fist pump and the U.S. flag and God loving people behind him, is what winning looks like!

  171. Robert Dziok

    It is reported 7/14/2024 by the CLAIM: Police Sniper Had Trump Shooter in-sight 3 minutes. Secret Service REFUSED Permission to shoot. The report states in a posting on a social media service, a user writes the following:

    “My name is Jonathan Willis, I’m the officer in the famous photo of the two snipers on the roof at Trumps’s rally. I came here to inform the public that I had the assassin in my sights for at least 3 minutes, but the head of the Secret Service refused to give the order to take out the perp. 100%, the top brass prevented me from killing the assassin before he too the shots at President Trump.”.

    The report also includes a screen shot of the posting.

  172. Robert Dziok

    It is reported 7/14/2024 by that Turning of His Head Saved Trump From Brain Stem Being Ripped Out. This is shown in the report by pictures and diagrams. The report states had Trump not turned his head, the bullet would have entered his skull and ripped-out the President’s Brain stem, killing him instantly.

  173. Mark in OKC

    The latest blog post from Martin Armstrong is a doozy… the last paragraph is very telling.

    Trust in Government – Data Aligns with ECM

  174. Shankar Hadon

    Well, the deep state is in deep do do now fer sure! Somebody made a move at the finale solution as Tucker Carlson predicted. Weather it was just a kid and when I was growing up you weren’t an adult, man or a woman till 21. Even if you were fighting at Anzio in ww2! As you can see by the comments here most think it was a set up. As Galaxy500 put it. “The CIA isn’t as good at assassinations as they were in the 60s.” WHAT Galaxy?
    Your wrong mate! In fact they know, that we all know, nowadays. How back in that day, they used assassination. Back when we were the number one assassin, nation!
    They couldn’t take the heat, knowing that we the people know, they got JFK. That they weren’t now just a bunch of hashish smoking assassins. Like they’re hash bash pot smoking master, Obomber and maybe best bud Alex, chief Soros too. Alex maybe just looks high because of nearsightedness?
    Yes, now today they must be much more sophisticated at assassination, letting the mass hysteria ginned up by project Mockingbird acolytes, to do your heavy lifting of demonetization killing and mass murder, remember Vegas, the 2020 summer of love? Get we the people to accomplish they’re dirty work, through big pharma and their psychotropic drugs and the government funded and project Mockingbird media Propaganda. Obama allowed not to be against the law, but to be lawfully used against the American people. For the main stream media to be allowed to lie, propagandizing we the people. Propaganda with nice legs, preaching hatred against Trump!
    “Americans Finally Have Access to American Propaganda
    A law went into effect this month that ends the ban on U.S. government-made propaganda from being broadcast to Americans. In a remarkably creative spin, the supporters of this law say that allowing Americans to see American propaganda is actually a victory for transparency.” 2012 By Elspeth Reeve
    Joseph Goebbels: Hitler’s propaganda minister, would have been proud!

    ‘Sad day for America’: Sky News host blasts CNN coverage of attempted Trump assassination /Sky News Australia 2,618,777 views Jul 14, 2024
    Sky News host Gabriella Power has slammed CNN for its initial coverage of the attempted assassination of former president Donald Trump.
    Ms Power said: “If you were following media outlets like CNN today, you would have thought Donald Trump had a fall”.
    A breaking CNN article included a headline which read: “Secret Service rushed Trump off stage after he falls at rally”.
    “Falls? It was an assassination attempt. He’s not Joe Biden,” Ms Power said.
    Ms Power said it was a “devastating day for America” and claimed there was likely to be growing support for the former president, following the attack.

    ‘Lack of professionalism’: Alex Stein blasts Secret Service after Trump assassination attempt/Sky News Australia 874,740 views Jul 14
    Commentator Alex Stein has criticised the Secret Service over its handling of the situation following former US President Donald Trump’s assassination attempt during a rally in Pennsylvania.
    “This is a serious issue for the Secret Service there is only one other roof across the whole entire event that had a shootable lane to the president and they had to wait till he shoots them,” Mr Stein said.
    “This is a lack of professionalism by the Secret Service that doesn’t care about actually protecting Donald Trump.”
    More Stein! “A controlled demolition?”

  175. yolanda burl

    China Prepares for War
    Posted Jul 15, 2024 By Martin Armstrong

  176. Trust LIZ!

    “Malice Or Massive Incompetence”: Erik Prince Gives Detailed Assessment Of Secret Service Failure
    Former Navy Seal and Blackwater founder Erik Prince gave a detailed assessment of yesterday’s Secret Service debacle in the wake of a failed assassination attempt on former President Trump.

  177. Red Georgia Clayman

    Brad Colombo in this piece, I beg to differ. That bullet didn’t miss Trump, by mere millimeters or inches. The bullet ripped through the top of his ear mate! It didn’t miss him. Actually missing his skull Brad, or he’d be dead. By a lone solitary fraction of an inch, maybe? Between the top of his ear to the side of his head! Place your finger between your ear and the side of your head. For most, less than the width of your index finger! Unless your Bing Crosby, you might have a half an inch. He used to call himself Dumbo.
    Walt Disney’s big eared elephant!
    Well folks and fellow Amerikans, it truly was a miraculous close call, wouldn’t you say!
    Divine intervention, Dumbo luck?

    God Has Numbered “the Very Hairs of Your Head”
    “Not one bird will fall to the ground without your Father’s knowledge. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”​—MATTHEW 10:29, 30.
    How much more so, the course of nations! Indeed, the sentiment expressed here reflects a profound belief in divine providence and omniscience. The idea that a higher power is aware of every detail, from the smallest to the grandest and resonates, like Trump heard the wiz of that bullet resonating past his right eardrum, so across various religious and philosophical traditions, God is aware. So don’t be scared!
    In mathematical terms, this concept can be likened to the precision of a limit. Just as the limit of a function approaches a specific value as its input approaches a certain point, the divine understanding encompasses all events and entities. It transcends human comprehension, much like an infinite series converging to a fixed sum.
    x→∞lim​f(x)=Divine Knowledge
    (f(x)) represents the unfolding events of the world.
    (\infty) symbolizes the vastness of existence.
    May this perspective inspire contemplation and reverence of what just happened last night. Beyond comprehension?
    The awe that can be sparked by the various idiosyncrasies and facets of life. Here are some common sources:
    Nature in all it’s grandeur of landscapes, ancient trees, vast oceans, star-studded skies, can evoke such awe.
    Masterpieces, of art and Music that harmonious melodies, and intricate compositions can transport us beyond the ordinary.
    Acts of courage inspiring people to kindness, and extraordinary virtue can leave us in awe.
    Mystical Encounters, that defy explanation or touch the transcendent.
    Life and Death, contemplating existence and mortality can evoke profound awe.
    Big Ideas and Epiphanies, insights that expand our understanding and perspective.
    These experiences connect us to something greater, reminding us of the magic inherent in our world.

  178. fran furhmann

    July 14, 2024 / Joseph P. Farrell / No Comments
    It’s been one of those weekends, so I’m going to round out this week’s blogs by posting the following story from Zero Hedge, referencing Blackwater founder Erik Prince (gee… I wonder where in this tangled mess we heard that before?), and his criticism of the Secret Service, which, from any perspective, seems to (once again) have fallen down on the job:

    “Malice Or Massive Incompetence”: Erik Prince Gives Detailed Assessment Of Secret Service Failure

    Thank you, Mr. Prince, for pointing out the obvious.

    But I have to wonder, what’s the agenda? Well, suppose, just suppose for a moment, that there are billions of dollars to be made, by privatizing essential government functions, like presidential and infrastructure security (which would include things like nuclear weapons, rods of God… you know, all of “that” stuff). Moreover, by doing so, you could exercise a great deal of control not only over the government and its officers, but that influence would be all but without any public oversight or control. With enough maneuvering and skill, you could even propose replacing the diverse, inclusive, and equitable (DIE) military. You could oversee all those monetary transfers to the Ukraine and make sure the graft and skim was going into t he right pockets.
    You could, in fact, fundamentally transform Amerika…

  179. Fred Flynn Stone

    ive: President Biden to address the nation following Donald Trump assassination attempt
    ABC News 852,649 views Streamed 9 hours ago

  180. Justn Observer

    Greg, along with the above posts about the SS sniper team not give authorization? to shoot for 3 minutes…which sounds a lot like AFGHANISTAN, this report is that the local cop who climbed up on the roof after the shooter ALSO backed down and retreated from the roof and gave the ‘shooter’ time to get his shots off. So it ‘appears’ the ‘rules of engagement’ are DON’T FIRE UNTIL FIRED UPON? Not good from the now building ‘conspiricy theory’ perspective for sure. SS but another ‘infiltrated’ and weaponized perspective?
    My other thoughts looking at the ‘event’ was, why on earth and who assigned two women that are what looks like 5′ 4″ as body shield agents for a man 6′ 3″? From a DEI perspective…ok having women is OK, but there are many I am sure taller women more suitable for the job. Unless of course, the Democrat Party choses to run ‘the first ever small person’ as a candidate? And preferable one, that would be more focused on actually ‘covering’ the subject than fumbling around and exposing him further while she gathers her hat and sunglasses while FPOTUS is being shot at? Clearly, this is not a good look for the SS. They ARE BETTER than that…IF AND WHEN, like the military, ‘they’ leave diversity choices out of it! The Director of the SS should resign if she is not fired straight away IMO. More than just a comedy of errors going on when one considers all the ‘lapses’ of judgement. Thank God for HIS intervention, DJT’s good luck, and the cooler heads of MAGA supporters, or society might be ‘as they’ might actually want it’ = all at each other’s throats and total civil disorder.
    DJT might entertain the thought of changing his campaign event song to another one from now to election? =

    • Shiloh1

      The only good secret service agents since 1963 were James West and Artemus Gordon.

      • Luke McCain

        Wasn’t that 1863?

        SUPERCUT: JD Vance—2024 GOP VP Nominee—Discusses The Russia-Ukraine War
        Forbes Breaking News 17,958 views 9 hours ago
        Over the past two years, Sen. JD Vance (R-OH), former President Trump’s nominee for 2024 GOP Vice Presidential nominee, has forthrightly shared his views on the Ukraine-Russia war.

        When exposing a crime is treated like a crime, you are being ruled by criminals” – Edward Snowden

        The “Deep State” Explained
        Johnny Harris 6,649,776 views Mar 13, 2024
        Trump was Right, the Deep State is Real
        With all the allegations about a group of unelected men making decisions that impact the rest of the country, we wanted to dig into the documents and talk to experts to find the truth. Is there a Deep State? And if so, how deep does it go?
        We wanted to give a special thanks to Jefferson Morely for his extensive research and writing surrounding this topic and for taking time interview with us. Be sure to check out his blog: and his other work.

  181. Tommy

    Biden tells us to dial it down. Does that mean Trump voters are no longer a threat to democracy and the republic, or is he just not going to say it anymore?

  182. Galaxy 500

    It looks like the Secret Service had elements that stood down and allowed Crook a few free shots at Trump. This kid’s Dad bought the rifle. He tried out for HS Rifle Team as a Freshman but failed to make the team as he was a bad shot.
    Secret Service had a bunch of DEI hires pretending to protect Trump. Secret Service isn’t worried about get the best, the head stating wants 30% women. They had problems closing a car door and holstering their gun. Secret Service had 1 job

  183. Marie Joy

    and become involveed in the voting process.
    It matters

    • Major

      Voters elect the best liars, every time.



      Voting any politician into office, certifies to them,
      beyond any reasonable doubt, that voters are STUPID!




      Voters elect the best liars, every time.

  184. War Monger

    German blogger was persecuted and tortured by the SBU in Ukraine for two years:

    A German blogger who had lived in Ukraine for about ten years was persecuted and tortured by the SBU for over two years. The German embassy even refused to help. Now the blogger and his family are finally safe.


  185. Ken Yu

    Photo of Thomas Matthew Crooks:,1024&quality=75&strip=all
    CNN interviewed more than a half-dozen former classmates and neighbors of Crooks who generally remember him as “somewhat of an intelligent misfit”. His long “girlish hair” may suggest him being a transgender queer like the one who shot up and killed a number of people in a school recently. Because Crook had a Libertarian Father and Democratic Mother it may explain “his divergent political leanings” (registering to vote as a Republican but making a small donation to a Democratic-leaning group).

    • Atam Gits

      He was registered as a Republican because the dems in his state (a closed primary state) were registering as democrats so they vote for Nikki Halley to try and keep Trump off the ballot. There was no reason for them to vote in the democrat primary because Brandon was already set to be reinstalled, so they resorted to their normal sleazy tactics.

  186. Colin

    Is this the shot that will be heard around the world?

  187. uncle samski

    Doctor Sounds Alarm After Diagnosing Turbo Cancer Every Week
    Sean Miller | Infowars July 15th 2024, 10:35 am
    Covid shots are documented in medical literature to cause cancer.
    Dr. Ben Marble sounded the alarm Tuesday about the fact he has been diagnosing new-onset cancers in patients basically every week since the Covid shot rollout in 2021.
    Dr. Marble has been in the practice for 26 years. He said that previous to the Covid shot rollout, he’d diagnose a couple cases of cancer a year. That number has since ballooned to around one case each week.

  188. Trust LIZ!

    Sunday Emergency Broadcast: Globalists Will STILL Try To Kill Trump Again! The Alex Jones Show July 14th 2024
    Questions swirl over the failure of the Secret Service to protect the former president and how shooter was allowed to be within striking distance — tune in and share this link!
    Alex Jones will also exclusively break a citizen journalist organization catching bizarre rituals on video and Republicans plotting against Trump!
    Alex Jones discusses the unforgivable security failures surrounding the attempted assassination of former President Trump on Saturday, which have led many to question the Secret Service and whether its failure to protect Trump was just a major mistake or a deliberate stand down. We’ll break it all down!

  189. Conradco Blackich
    Google’s service, offered free of charge, instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.
    Reagon Melania Trump për sulmin ndaj bashkëshortit
    Translation from the Slavic Serbian
    Melania Trump reacts to the attack on her husband
    July 14, 2024 5:17 p.m
    Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, said that when she saw the bullet that hit her husband “she realized that her life and Barron’s (their son) was on the verge of destruction”.
    In a letter published on the X social network, Melania said she is grateful to Secret Service agents and law enforcement officials who risked their lives.
    “America, the fabric of our nation is fragile and torn apart, but courage and common sense must rise and unite. When I saw that violent bullet that shot my husband, Donald, I knew that my life and Barraon’s were on the verge of devastating change. I am grateful to the brave Secret Service agents and law enforcement officials who risked their lives to protect my husband,” she said.
    The wife of the US presidential candidate further stated that a “monster tried to incite Trump’s passion”.
    “The essential aspects of my husband’s life, his human side, were buried under the political machine,” she added
    Mrs. Trump was born and raised in Ljubljana Slovenia. City and province of the former communist country of Yugoslavia. Of which Belgrade the capitol and Serbia was also a province.

  190. Felix Lietner

    Alex Jones Issues Emergency Message Concerning Future Of America & The World: We Must Protect Trump To Stop WW3!
    Posted 3 hours ago
    Alex Jones is LIVE right now taking your calls and covering the stories globalists DO NOT want you to hear, Join the discussion!

  191. Keith

    According to the news. There was a tree blocking the secret servicemen sniper teams from the roof of the building where the gunman was positioned. The tree did not block the gun mans line of fire when he opened up on trump. If the police did inform the secret servicemen sniper teams about the gun mans position on the roof, they may have had a difficult job locating the gunman. The gunman had a clear view of trump and the stage. Sadly most government departments are managed by morons who got there position through being woke, diversity, and being a lesbian or gay or bisexual, or into crossdressing and being a transsexual deviant. So it’s no wonder the secret service is broken and not fit for purpose.

  192. yolanda burl

    Read the email CEO Jamie Dimon sent to JPMorgan employees after the assassination attempt on Trump
    Story by [email protected] (Ana Altchek) • 1h •

  193. Jeffrobbins

    There’s a guy that has a youtube channel called ‘Last Days’. He claims to have visions and visitations and the Lord has shown him things of future events. I’ve been a bit on the fence, but overall thought him as legit because he looks like he has a touch of Down syndrome and “power is made perfect in weakness”. I don’t know how all of you view the prophetic, but this guy did call for Trumps ear to be shot some time ago. I’ve seen a lot of his videos. He’s also calling for an economic calamity worse than anything this nation has experienced- he believes it to last 4 years, and to be corrected mostly by the actions that a Spirit filled president Trump will make. A word of caution- when ever we read the Bible or hear a prophetic word or vision there are two main questions. How do we interpret it and how do we apply it?

    • wayne hardin

      How do we interpret it and how do we apply it?
      Word for word from the person that said it / not what someone said he said .
      You said / but this guy did call for Trumps ear to be shot some time ago .
      Where can i find the video Please / of HIM saying trumps ear would be shot .

      No disrespect intended ….

      Wayne Hardin

    • Glenn

      This supposed prophet that you follow did not say that Trump was going to be shot in the ear. He wrongly said that the bullet would fly by his ear, close to his head. Not the same as hitting his ear.

  194. Justn Observer

    Greg Expert evaluation of event errors =
    Assassination Attempt: Secret Service Breakdowns w/ Erik Prince
    SS = beyond grotesque malpractice!!!!!

  195. Anon

    What if…

    THEY really thought they were going to win in Ukraine. They poured everything WE had into that death hole and doubtlessly assumed the kitchen sink would do the trick.

    However, it didn’t work out. The Globalists / Deep State / Cabal (Whatever they are) lost against Putin.

    So… why not jiggle the chessboard too arrange getting Trump back in who will immediately settle the Russia issue thereby saving face on “losing” that proxy war… and then instead support the zionists battle in Iran which Biden’s regime can not do without alienating their base. This all looks like a convenient switcharoo to me.

    (You wait… THEY will be saying that Russia is a middle-east ally or something next as they steer western hate back against the muslim world which all this immigration is probably a part of – THEY are wielding the West or what’s left of it like a sword to again attack the middle east and finished what they started after 9/11)

    What if they also blame Joe for the asassination? That’ll get him out of office pretty sharp and ensure a dem failure. They can make up anything they want.

    If Trump gets in… that needs to be the START of real patriots retaking the US. Trump can’t fix anything without REAL people – just like you and me right here and now – standing up with him rather than standing back just watching the show. Every one of us decent people that stands back is allowing some kind of devil weasel to step up.

    • Major

      If a “devil weasel” measures winning in Ukraine by the death count, they won over 500,000 Ukraine military and a million or two dead civilians. Add in the Russ losses and their “win” gets even bigger. Tom Crooks may have believed he was “decent people” taking out a “devil weasel” when he fired his weapon, rather than “standing back just watching the show.”

      If the show is a deepfake (synthetic media that have been digitally manipulated) better not get your soul involved.

      Who was it that said “Love thine enemies.”
      Luke 6:27-36
      27 “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29 If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. 30 Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.
      32 “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full. 35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

      A devil weasel wants your hatred. . . to rot your soul.

  196. Louis Carmichael

    Thomas Matthew Crooks exercised his 2nd Amendment right to fight tyranny!

    Remember, y’all, the 2A isn’t there to ensure the ability to hunt…

  197. Mike

    A compilation proving Trump’s assassination was planned
    You got to watch this

  198. Lauran F.

    Greg……………….God Bless, and you will be missed!…Your faithful readers are hoping for you to get a bit of a rest and come out with the better security that you need. I hope people understand that “they” are watching and listening to phone calls, e-mail and even what everyone watches on TV if anyone gives information to the apps on the tube. For those with Roku TV or a set with any apps, give no info. Especially if you get Rumble, OAN or any religious stations. They don’t really care about your “preferences”. They are just after the data. Too many people buy into giving out info for a ‘better experience” in selecting TV sites. Take in information, but do not give it out.

  199. Justn Observer

    Greg, if the not so comedy of errors? was not bad enough…there is even more…after the ANALYSIS by Eric Prince of Blackwaters …on Jessie Watters on FOX, the shooter was on top of the building the local police was using as their event staging area? The shooter was seen a full half hour earlier carrying a ladder and rifle. Was chased and lost by the police yet still got up on the roof and took those shots? while one cop climbed up and saw him then dropped out of site and left him their without WARNING the DJT there was an armed perp at large in the area and elluding the police so they could have evacuated Trump to a safe zone? Now that is just too much, too many mistakes to not be something nefarious a going on. Puts the odds way to far out their to believe someoen was not wanting IT to happen.

    • Galaxy 500

      How do you allude the POPO with a frigging extension ladder and rifle? Even the grossly obese donut obsessed ones? This little criminal wasn’t an athlete.

  200. Galaxy 500

    So the kid bought ammo and ladder day of? Tell me how he walked around a President’s rally with a rifle and a ladder. How did he know where to go?
    This was an inside job just like Kennedy. And isn’t it amazing that after denying RFK Jr SS protection, they are going to provide it now…

  201. War Monger

    Top Biden administration officials with Ukrainian Jewish roots are working against U.S. interests, economist warns:

  202. Won Witness

    YOU :
    SAW with your own eyes what happened.
    KNEW the deep state, uniparty, wef etc. had run out of options.
    KNOW what they did to leave him vernerable to a sniper.

    Do we Realize ? We have witnessed a MIRACLE !

    Praise God ! And do NOT let the EVIL investigate THEMSELVES (when? next year ?)

    Right NOW Trump needs to hire private security !

    Right NOW We need an honest D. A. (like D.A. Jim Garrison of New Orleans who investigated the Kennedy assassination after the warren commission cover up) To Start collecting evidence on this MURDER * Attempt.

    The politically weponized FBI has NO MORAL AUTHORITY To investigate Secret Service’s Way Too convienient lapses. The FBI’s immediate history shows it’s political corruption..examples pre election hiding of Hunter Biden’s laptop allowing it to be called russsian disinformation, covering for Hillery and email/server destruction, Instigating/entrapment of peaceful Jan 6 protestors with Ligitimate Questions about a now obvious multi state election steal, lieing about Russion Colusion, etc.

    P.S. God has exposed the years of MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIES via the presidential debate. Why even listen to them anymore ? or Care what lies they spread ? they are proven FALSE WITNESSES.
    stick to the “free press” like X, Rumble, and of course WATCHDOG USA.
    Freedom is a gift from God and its past time we started to honour that gift and exercise it.

    * MURDER because the word “assassination” has a diluted meaning due to left’s belief it’s just another form of political action.

  203. K.Clayser

    Jack Black Cancels Tenacious D Tour and ‘All Future Creative Plans’ After Kyle Gass’ Remark on Trump Assassination Attempt: ‘I Was Blindsided by What Was Said’ Story by Zack Sharf • 1h •

  204. Harve Pell

    Retired Green Beret Level One Sniper Says Trump Rally Was ‘Planned, Coordinated Attack’

    • Protection

      That’s the kind of people Trump needs and you know there are a lot of others.

  205. Led Skeletor

    Joe Adolph Biden now proposes nationwide rent cap! Draw the Adolph mustachio on all of the DEMs and RINOS that still support this flatline dirtnapper. American businesses aren’t running a free charity here!!

    “Trump must not be allowed to exist because Trump’s a Dictator!!” HOW ABOUT BIDEN AND THE DEM/RINO PARTY? How many times has this ‘person’ and his DEM ilk come out with unconstitutional TAKEAWAYS and FREE GIVEAWAYS, to illegal aliens even. Why do they insist on the confiscation of wealth or property and even the unconstitutional elimination of certain forms of legal contractual debt. IT GETS THEM MILLIONS OF VOTES.

    And this same trash and its ilk calls Trump Hitler? Another rant:

    Lets make the entire Biden Secret Service all women to give the shooters carte blanch . Woman SS agents during the shooting: “where are we going, what do next?” Fumbling and bumbling around. Women SS agents moving around looking like they are Biden on stage!! One couldn’t even holster her gun without stopping and giving it 100% of her attention. Woman SS agent hiding behind another, not protecting anyone. Women SS agents half the size of the person they are being paid to protect.

    Maybe this is where women SS agents out to only be on details protecting other women? Another example of women demanding all the glory, the title position and the big bucks, yet not doing the minimum required to even be considered for the position. Maybe replace all the women with 6’9″+ ANGRY ENTITLED Amazonian Trannies named Mike.

  206. György Schwartzkoph

    Russian farmers fight to salvage harvest as major region cuts forecast
    Story by Sergei Pivovarov and Olga Popova • 2h •

    Food Shortages​—An Evidence of What?

    INCLUDING this as part of “the sign” of what the Bible calls the conclusion of the system of things, Jesus said that “food shortages” would occur “in one place after another.” Giving us reason for hope, however, he explained that these food shortages would be an evidence that “deliverance” was “getting near.”​—See Luke 21:7, 11, 28.

    Are the food shortages signifying imminent deliverance really in evidence today? Many people think so. Do you?

    Consider the Fact War is a prime cause of food shortages, so it was only to be expected that the first global conflict, World War I, would be followed by serious food shortages. It was. World War II was even more catastrophic and likewise the food shortages it helped produce.
    Today were in war with NATO, Ukraine and Russia. Israel and Iran, China and Taiwan. It’s a world war, that just hasn’t gone Nuclear yet. Remember, WW2 was on a few years, while we were supplying Great Britain before we sent in our troops . Just as today talk of drafting girls in the US. to send to Ukraine now. So just because Americans aren’t dying yet, does not mean this is not a world at war.
    Of course many other factors besides war have contributed toward making food shortages a global problem. But, how many more millions are doomed to die before it all, can be solved by man or GAWD!?
    In summary, what do these facts show? That present food shortages affect more people now worlswide than at any other time in history, that rather than being temporary in nature as in the past, they are like the forever wars, food shortages are becoming a permanent feature of today’s world, and that despite scientific progress no human solution seems forthcoming. These facts make this phenomenon of food shortages something new, just exactly what we would expect to see in fulfillment of Jesus’ “sign.”
    But do not forget that Jesus said that “food shortages” experienced “in one place after another” would be clear evidence that “deliverance” was “getting near.” Learn more about this exciting prospect here on

  207. Ruprecht III

    If a bullet had taken off even a centimeter of the edge of the ear, it would be bleeding profusely, and we would see blood dripping from his earlobe down onto his shirt and jacket. I have scratched off scabs on my ear that bled more that that, and you probably have, too. Then there’s the little problem about allowing him to stand up and do his little dance, gesturing to the crowd and so on. They had to get the picture for the papers. But if this had been real they would have kept him down. He would never have been allowed to stand back up almost immediately, making himself a target again. That was against all protocol and logic.

    • Paul

      Your comments prefer his death.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Won Witness

        We must be merciful Ruprecht, he’s ill. Trump derangement Syndrom is a form of chronic lying sickness necessary to maintain thier imaginary world. Lets enjoy their silly TDS monologs. They always make up things to support and cover their silly world.
        Ruprecht is just following the standards set by TDS & Vax damaged Joe Biden at the debate who could not understand how much of his fanciful statements didn’t jive the the facts of america’s real world.
        Now the narrative of lies is broken all except the most severe TDS sufferers know it’s over for them.

  208. Ruprech IV

    Then we have the miracle picture of the bullet flying by Trump.
    They really think you are stupid, to buy that photoshopped POS. That was allegedly captured by a NYT photographer. Convenient. So how fast was his shutter speed? Well, they saw that question coming, because they tell us he was using a Sony A1 at 1/8000s. Since Trump is not known to move 1000 feet per second himself, it is unclear why the photographer would be using that shutter speed. But let’s say he was. At that shutter speed, how far would the bullet move? Since this was an AR15, the bullet would have slowed to about 2000fps. So we just multiply. The bullet should have traveled ¼ foot, or three inches. Is that track 3 inches? No, it is about a foot, which is four times too long. Obviously, the bullet would need to be moving 8000fps to make a track one foot long on a film open for 1/8000s. Anyone can do that math. 8000/8000 = 1. Then there is the reaction of the crowd behind Trump, which allegedly had eight bullets whizzing past them. They stand there like idiots, many not running or even ducking. That’s because they know the bangs are just blanks.

  209. Ruprecht III

    You will say one of those people was killed. Corey Comperatore. Unfortunately, his story doesn’t add up, either. We are being told he was an ex-fire chief in Buffalo Township. But his LinkedIN profile doesn’t mention being a firefighter. It says he has worked at JSP in Butler for 30 years. Plus, this dead guy is still posting at LinkedIN as of today.
    Nice of him to comment on his own death, right? That’s very helpful. You will say there are two Corey Comperatores in that area of the same age who look exactly alike.
    Not according to Intelius and Instantcheckmate, which both tell us there is only one Corey Comperatore there. And not according to the Los Angeles Times, which is using the second pic there in their obituary, which is the one from LinkedIN. So as usual, this is all incredibly sloppy. Also funny: it appears the guy never changes shirts.
    His old firehouse now has that memorial. Except for one thing: they spelled his name wrong. They have never heard of that guy.

    • Won Witness

      Earlier I commented that Ruprecht has Trump Derangement Syndrome.
      I stand corrected. His soul is in danger from the 2nd stage TDS.
      T rue D emon S ervent of the father of lies.
      I will pray for him to find God’s truth.

  210. Lovely Rita

    Lefties losing it: Sky News host roasts ‘leftie’ Jill Biden after Trump rant
    Sky News Australia 2,775,638 views Jun 7, 2024
    The hosts of American talk show ‘The View’ are keen to show “misery loves company” with US First Lady Jill Biden being the latest “leftie” to lose it on the program, says Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi.
    “You’d think there was enough weapon-grade crazy on The View from the miserable wackadoodle hosts – but no, the ladies of The View are keen to prove that misery loves company,” Ms Panahi said.
    “And they invite other lefties to lose it on their program, including the First Lady.”

  211. Prospector

    This guy predicted Trump would be shot in the ear — 4 MONTHS AGO.

    I do believe GOD sends prophets sometimes. Sadly there are many false ones too so we must use discernment. ( Trust your gut , is a good place to start. )

    This man also predicts extreme heat , big storm long-track tornadoes and a big earthquake in the New Madrid , Mississippi River zone. Big enough to cut bridges and require Chinook helo flights of supplies into the area after.

    • Prospector

      Link got cut off :

      The man who predicted Trump getting shot but surviving is named :
      Brandon Biggs.

      The show was March 14 , 2024 on — DISCOVERCHURCH.ONLINE

    • Glenn

      Not true. The prophecy said it flew by Trump’s ear. Coming close to his head. It did not hit his ear according to the prophecy. Just another false prophet.

  212. fran furhmann

    2nd Trump Shooting Gunman? Water Tower Theory Emerges Due To Eyewitness Interviews July 16th 2024, 1:16 pm
    Internet questions official narrative of assassination attempt on 45th President.

  213. sadie hawkshaw hawkins

    Former Top Biden Staffer & CNN Contributor: ‘Democrats Have to Turn Their Fire on Trump’ by Adan Salazar July 16th 2024, 12:56 pm
    Former White House Communications Director for Biden apologizes after using loaded terminology in immediate aftermath of attempt on Trump’s life.

  214. Lloyd Cousins
    Rachel mad as hell Maddow, exposes J.D. Vance when he too bought the lies on Trump, like most of us including, me!

    • Katy Bar

      Do you believe what Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle said!!! She said that a decision was made to put local law enforcement inside the building (that assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks climbed on top of to shoot Trump) due to the “Safety Factor” of exposing law enforcement to the Danger of Slipping on a Sloped Roof”!!!!!
      What about these guys???

      • Ken Yu

        Does Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheat’le understand that her Job Description says her main concern should be to “Protect the President” (not the Police) from Crooks and Assassins!!!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Amazingly laughable wasn’t it

    • Major

      It would seem that the public is being made fun of openly, by such a ‘sloped ‘ answer.

  215. Galaxy 500

    These Fuktards live in a different reality than the rest of us. This is clearly false but these people are feckless liars

  216. Galaxy 500

    Here are some animations of just how close the assassin came to killing Trump.
    This was a miracle. This is the kind of thing I have been praying to our Heavenly Father, YHWH, for. To protect Trump and our nation and to bring our corrupt politicians and government officials to desolation. I pray for these evil bastards to receive justice and for them to be brought down from their lofty positions and punished for their crimes against YHWH, against America and against Americans.

  217. Galaxy 500

    Tom Macdonald’s rap song, ‘You Missed’

  218. David Bagley

    Why isn’t anyone asking why Trump is silent regarding the greatest crime against humanity in history ☠️ 💉

    • Earth Angel

      Which crime are you referring to David? There have been so many of them! It’s hard to tell which is the worst. Would that be the covid scandal worldwide genocidal vaxx murder campaign?, the total ecosphere destroying climate engineering weather warfare crimes taking place for the past 75 yrs. without public knowledge or consent by militaries and governments?, or is it the complete monetary fraud the Fed. Reserve System has been using to suck up the wealth of individuals and countries around the world for the past 110 yrs.? what about the contamination of our food supply by GMO’s, bioengineeered foods, toxic glyphosate and other chemicals sprayed over our farms and other lands?, is it the destroying and killing of children with autism producing vaccine programs pushed by big pharma & incentivized $$$$ doctors?, what about radiation poisoning and destruction of the planet by military activities, endless wars, and the toxic radioactive waste produced by all of this; and the deaths of literally millions of ‘takes’ and injuries to innocent sea (or land) creatures and human beings from these nonsensical ‘tests’ and other military activities? I haven’t heard anyone on the political stage talk about ANY of this other than RFK jr. He has at least addressed some of it. I truly HOPE we are able to get more candidates in ‘the spotlight’ to engage in discussion of the issues so very important to the near term survival of the human race and our once thriving and beautiful planet Earth.

  219. Galaxy 500

    Like in Nov 1963, our government, the US Government, conspired to assassinate a US President. The Demons running our country… and running it into the f#€king ground … the have raided the treasury. They have raided all the petroleum stores. They have raided the ready reserve (military stores). They have raided our children’s bodies and minds. They have raided and twisted college students.
    People if you don’t vote for America, If you don’t vote for freedom, if you don’t vote for a return to normalcy, if you don’t vote Trump… I pity you. You are voting for the destruction of America and your own subjugation. You are the Brownshirts… You are the useful idiots and you will be culled when it’s convenient by your Satanic leaders
    Trump 2024
    There is NO OTHER CHOICE

    • Major


  220. Galaxy 500

    How did this 20 yr old know that a 5’ ladder would do it? Who scrubbed his phone and computer history?
    How did he plan this? Is it reasonable to think this kid is a genius assassin? Or is it reasonable think this kid is a government asset?
    The Secret Service made the Uvalde PD look professional.

  221. Tin foil hat

    I pretty much had figured out how they did it with the exception of how the shooter, Thomas
    Matthew Crooks who lived so close (50 miles away) from Butler, was recruited within such a short time frame – 2 to 3 weeks max.

    Crooks was seen in a Black Rock commercial!! If I were Trump, I would take a real good look at whoever suggested to hold that rally at Butler. The rest of the plot is easy, they made enforcement impotent with ridiculous protocol and rules of engagement.

    They brought Trump to the shooter!

  222. Tin foil hat

    Thomas Matthew Crooks was likely recruited after appearing in a BlackRock ad in 2022.

    • Katy Bar

      BlackRock stood to benefit immensely if the Trump assassination was successful, not only because of the Billions they would have made on the Put Options placed on Trumps company, but because they are planning to make Trillions in the Ukraine “slaughter house”!!!

  223. Galaxy 500

    Brought to a city near you by Biden’s illegal peeps

  224. Galaxy 500

    “GARM” Is New Version Of Old Tactic To Starve Conservative Media of Revenue To Silence Dissent
    Our Op-Ed In NY Post: “leftist activists are not trying to win the argument, they are trying to deprive conservatives and free-speech advocates of platforms on which to make their arguments. Ultimately, they are trying to deprive you, the audience, of hearing those arguments and coming to conclusions on your own.” 
    Posted by William A. Jacobson
    Sunday, July 14, 2024 at 07:00pm

    • Katy Bar

      To completely “Silence Dissent” the next attack upon the American people by the Evil Globalists is to do “a Cyber Attack” to shut down all our Free Speech Platforms that is currently exposing them for what they are (Satan’s Demons), and these Evil Rats will likely put Hillary into the White House (to replace Bribe’n) because she has already pledged to go along with their Evil Plans for the Destruction of the United States!! Remember what Hillary said back in 2017: “I will treat a Cyber Attack like any other attack by Russia or Iran, and when a Cyber Attack occurs I will give the order to launch Nuclear Weapons”!! “And when I give That Order I expect (those in the Military) to follow my orders”!!!

      • Ken Yu

        Hillary Clinton said: “The Federal government needs to classify Cyber-attacks on the United States “As Acts Of War”!! And as President, Hillary said that she will make it clear to the Russians or Iranians that the United States will treat Cyber-attacks just like any other attack.” Bottom line on firing Nuclear Weapons Hillary said “That when I give the Order to the US Military, It Must Be Followed in the Four(4) Minutes Between the Order Being Given by Me and They Must Launch the Nuclear Weapons!!!
        How will Hillary know with absolute certainty that the Russians did the Cyber-attack when the CIA has the capability to make it look like the Russians did it?? (Just like she knew from 59 CIA agents that the Hunter laptop was Russian disinformation)???

  225. Galaxy 500

    The officer who confronted Thomas Crooks, the guy who shot former President Donald Trump, alerted everyone on a shared tactical channel about the shooter on the roof.

    The question is…did the Secret Service have access to the blanket tactical channel? Collin Rugg wrote:
    NEW: Two police officers phoned into a “blanket tactical channel” to alert that an armed individual was on the roof moments before Trump was shot at the PA rally…

  226. Galaxy 500

    Why were they worried this day? This seems awful damn convenient doesn’t it? They always know where their 20 yr old son is?

  227. Katy Bar

    People always say “Follow the Money”. Well consider this very strange coincidence that Bob Moriarty mentions in the attachment below, that Blackrock (who had previously hired the Assassin that shot at Trump) has a Lot to Lose in Ukraine (possibly as much as a Trillion Dollars if Trump is Elected and Successfully Stops the War over There) !!

  228. Baron

    There are so many levels of fu$*ery that it’s hard to get a handle on anything. I do enjoy the narrative changes- Bidens dementia is suddenly a problem. Lol. My favorite narrative 180 is the liberals pointing out anomalies at shootings, challenging the official narrative. Society has devolved into full clown show mode. Head/swivel Patriots.

  229. James Hall

    This is an interesting clip with a lot of undisputable facts. I’m a Trump supported.

  230. Monica

    Greg, if you don’t see that Trump is in on this & that he’s not for the people, I will lose all faith in you. I’ve loved listening to you, but I can’t see how many of the independent journalists & truth tellers can’t see through this whole scam. Please read what Leo Hohmann is saying. We all need to be reality based, or we’re setting ourselves up to be offed! I hope you post my comment. Blessings from a fan in So Cal, USA.

  231. Laura Coogan

    DJT Stock Sees 800% Volume Spike, Record Shorts DAY BEFORE Assassination Attempt
    by Adan Salazar July 17th 2024
    ‘Surge indicates that individuals or large organizations anticipated a significant drop in the stock’s value by July 15, a scenario that would likely have materialized had President Trump died in Pennsylvania,’ notes financial outlet Finbold.
    Were corrupt insiders with prior knowledge planning to profit off Trump’s death?

  232. Galaxy 500

    …Exclusive—MTG: Mayorkas ‘Slowing’ Process of Info About Shooting…

    United States Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is “stepping in and slowing the process of information,” regarding the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said during an interview with Breitbart News at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday.
    Speaking about former President Donald Trump’s “miracle” survival on Saturday, Greene noted that he turned his head at the exact right moment, looking at a chart offering statistics of the border invasion.

    “There’s so many little things that line up, but you’re right, the fact that he turned his head at the precise time and his life was spared, that bullet clipping his ear, it really was a miracle we all witnessed. But can we move on to the fact that what he turned his head to look at is exactly the key issue that is one of the things … completely destroying our country: It’s the statistics of the border invasion,” she said.
    “He had a chart on the screen in that moment, and he was speaking to all the people at the rally talking about the border invasion, the illegal border invasion of the Biden administration,” showing the spike in illegal immigration, Greene explained.

    • Ken Yu

      Trump turned his head to look at the spike in border crossings and avoided a spike to his head. What we need to do is put a Silver spike into the Heart of the Deep State Vampires (who have been suppressing the price of Silver and took our silver coinage out of circulation – the way they now want to take Trump out of circulation)!!!

  233. Laura Coogan

    Nuclear war map reveals that two thirds of US could be ‘vaporized’ in hours
    Story by Joshua Taylor & Emily Hodgkin & John O’sullivan • 10h •
    Achilling Cold War-era map has surfaced, predicting a grim scenario of the US blanketed in radioactive fallout in the event of a nuclear war. The doomsday projection suggests that up to 75 percent of citizens living in the most severely affected fallout zones would perish, as shown in this map.

    Details emerge about Trump shooter Thomas Crooks’ sister
    Story by Rebecca Rosenberg, Julia Bonavita • 7h •

    • Katy Bar

      Seems the assassin’s sister (Katie Crooks) is a “hardworking woman” who juggled two jobs “just to make ends meet” (yet her brother wanted to take out Trump who wants to bring jobs back to America and kick out the illegals crossing our border)???? The Deep State must have offered Thomas Crooks a huge amount of money probably telling him he could then help his sister out!!!

  234. L.Coogan

    Video shows shooter at Trump rally moments before attack
    Video shows the shooter on a rooftop moments before former President Donald Trump was the target of an assassination attempt at a Pennsylvania rally on Saturday. A former fire chief attending the rally with family was killed, as was the gunman. Two other people were critically wounded.

  235. Frank Cooper

    “These Women Were Half The Size Of Trump” | Secret Service’s Response To Assassination Attempt TalkTV 526,334 views Jul 15, 2024
    WOW! The why/ Must be answered!

  236. Clutch Gallager

    The Priest Who Prayed on Stage Moments Before Trump Shooting.
    EWTN 363,211 views Jul 14, 2024
    Fr. Jason Charron prayed on stage just before the assassination attempt on Donald Trump. And incredibly, he told people in the crowd to pray for the former president, saying “there are people who want to shoot him, there are people who want to kill him.” Moments later a bullet grazed the former president’s right ear. EWTN’s Colm Flynn interviewed Fr. Jason Charron.

  237. US.News & World Retort

    ‘Demented, deranged and deluded’: Lefties erupt following Trump’s assassination attempt
    Sky News Australia 1,233,723 views Jul 15, 2024
    Sky News host Danica De Giorgio has reacted to “demented, deranged and deluded” lefties having a meltdown on social media following a failed assassination attempt on former US president Donald Trump.
    “It’s been a big day for the demented, deranged and deluded,” Ms De Giorgio said.
    “I mean truly, the left have come out of the woodwork because of the failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump.”

    Angry and unhinged’ MSNBC host’s Trump remarks slammed
    Sky News Australia Very disturbing and can’t continue!\……

    Secret Service chief ambushed at RNC by angry Republicans
    Sky News Australia 4.37M subscribers Jul 18, 2024
    Republican politicians have confronted Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle at the GOP convention in Milwaukee.
    Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) confronted Cheatle at the RNC convention about the failed assassination attempt on Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.
    Donald Trump was close to getting killed at a Pennsylvania rally when he missed the bullet with a head tilt.
    Marsha Blackburn confronted Kimberly Cheatle telling “You owe the people answers” in a video she posted on X.
    She said, “This was an assassination attempt. You owe the people answers. You owe President Trump answers.”
    Laughing Stock?_ Sad but true!

  238. Guy Royce

    LIVE: Donald Trump holds MAGA rally in Minnesota
    The Times and The Sunday Times 2,890,444 views Streamed live on May 17, 2024
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will address an annual gathering of Republicans in St. Paul, Minnesota’s capital.
    The state leans slightly Democratic, but Trump’s campaign aides have indicated they believe they can compete there this year.

  239. Justn Observer

    Greg, No bags or backpack checks entering the rally and witnesses say shots ALSO fired from a water tower = possible multiple shooters? @9:00

  240. Galaxy 500

    So is there anyone in a position of power in Fulton County not a feral human? Fulton County Housing Authority has much complaints of misuse of funds, staff not qualified and sexual harassment.
    Hmmm. Just like the feral 304 showing her Fani?
    In Fulton County GA, it appears the ferals are running the County and if you bring their crimes to light, you are fired

  241. Galaxy 500

    So we are being told that this limp dick 20 yr less than Beta male light was a super Agent 47 level assassin and bomb maker. So he was supposed to be at work Saturday instead of magically funded the right place to shoot and being left unmolested by Secret Service after they saw him with a rangefinder looking straight at counter snipers. Allowed to work HIS plan (yeah, I don’t buy it was his plan either) for hours. Not minutes although people called attention to assassin on roof and local Police who had initiative to climb on top of each other to look on roof and then fell while trying to draw. Isn’t it odd that the assassin somehow knew the right spot and bought a ladder day of. All social media wiped just like cellphones and computers. He somehow was a bomb maker and a strategic planner and assassin. It’s much more likely that he was a CIA or FBI asset that was set up as a patsy, just like Oswald. It’s funny, can anyone remember watching on TV and Oswald saying he was a patsy?
    This glaring failure of Secret Service is more than incompetence, it was an inside job. I don’t know any other answer. Occam’s razor say use the smallest set of elements. The smallest set of element are. Demons are seeking to retain control of government by any means necessary. Voter fraud worked last time but they have been exposed and it would have to be orders of magnitude more this time. So over the top no one would buy it; revolution happens when voters know they are disenfranchised. Demons tried trumped up charges for make believe Soviet style Lawfare. That didn’t work. So the only thing they had left was assassination. Just like they did JFK.

  242. Linda Milkes

    I hope you get your tech & security issues taken care of!

  243. Kathryn

    You and your content are greatly missed! I look forward to when you are back up and running! Blessings to you and your family!

  244. CycloneSteve

    I’m glad I bookmarked this site. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any posts on Rumble in a while.

  245. Ben Gayson

    Trump shooter’s parents called police hours before assassination attempt
    The motive behind shooting in Butler, Pennsylvania still unknown
    Unkopwn by whom
    Moderna Shot 30% Deadlier Than Pfizer Shot — Government Numbers
    Sean Miller | Infowars July 18th 2024
    While both brands are known to kill, Moderna is more effective at it.
    Numbers like these have led many to refer to the Covid vaccine as a ‘lethal injection’.

    • Ken Yu

      Trump avoided the Evil Globalists Kill Shot just like “we non-vaxed” avoided the Evil Globalists Kill Shot!!!

      • Katy Bar

        By the Grace of God!!

  246. Grace Hurly

    1:21 / 26:40

    Snipers Saw Trump Assassin 3 Times Before Shooting & Did NOTHING! Said He “DISAPPEARED”!

    The Jimmy Dore Show

    Jul 18, 2024 #TheJimmyDoreShow
    The story unfolding about the MASSIVE security failures that allowed 20-year-old Thomas Crooks to fire a direct shot at Donald Trump from less than 150 yards away during the former President’s Butler, Pennsylvania rally becomes more surreal and unbelievable every day. The latest bit to emerge is that snipers who were stationed inside the building saw Crooks outside looking at the building and disappearing before he climbed up on the roof to take his position. Oh, and the head of the US Secret Service says the roof was too pitched to send anyone up to investigate it before hand. How steep is the pitch? 10 degrees.
    Jimmy discusses all this and more about the unbelievable circumstances surrounding the assassination attempt.

  247. Grace Gayson

    The Jimmy Dore Show
    Jul 18, 2024
    The story unfolding about the MASSIVE security failures that allowed 20-year-old Thomas Crooks to fire a direct shot at Donald Trump from less than 150 yards away during the former President’s Butler, Pennsylvania rally becomes more surreal and unbelievable every day. The latest bit to emerge is that snipers who were stationed inside the building saw Crooks outside looking at the building and disappearing before he climbed up on the roof to take his position. Oh, and the head of the US Secret Service says the roof was too pitched to send anyone up to investigate it before hand. How steep is the pitch? 10 degrees.
    Jimmy discusses all this and more about the unbelievable circumstances surrounding the assassination attempt.

  248. Fran Fuhrmann

    NYC Gets Worse… Shoplifters Raid Costco
    Cash Jordan
    A new report reveals the only Costco in Manhattan is now being targeted by thieves, and it just so happens this Costco is next to a Target which closed a few months ago, because of theft.

  249. Shiloh1

    Recent interesting podcasts on deep state and last Saturday’s incident –

    Coffee and a Mike with Matt Bracken:

    Ray McGovern on the Failed Assassination of Donald Trump
    Dialogue Works – Nima R. Alkorshid

    In this interview Ray (x-CIA) is a lot more free-wheeling than he is when on Judge Nap show.

    • Katy Bar

      Ray McGovern tells us straight out Who the Deep State Assassins Are – but he has “some doubt” that Trump will have the courage to tell the American people who did the assassination attempt on his life (as Trump did not have the courage to release who did the JFK assassination)!!! But, I think McGovern is wrong. I think Trump (Under the Divine Protection of Jesus) is “Finally Going Get These Deep State Murderers In Control Of Our Government Off The Backs Of The American People Once And For All” !!!!!

  250. Rules of Engagements

    Watch Globalist Victoria Nuland Smirk & Say Trump Won’t Be President 2 Days Before Assassination Attempt by Kelen McBreen July 18th 2024,
    A video clip going viral online shows the moment globalist minion Victoria Nuland fought back a smile while telling a Russian news channel she didn’t think Donald Trump would be reelected as U.S. President.
    Nuland’s husband previously wrote op-ed calling for Trump to be murdered à la Julius Caesar.
    ‘I don’t think that Donald Trump is going to be president. So, if that’s what Putin’s betting on, he’s going to get a unhappy surprise,’ she says.
    Wow, this says’ it all! The cookies for war gal, the brains behind the Ukraine war!
    What’s this world coming too? An end I hope! I mean not nuclear winter, but Strictly Biblical. Where the meek inherit the earth?
    You know, paradise lost, Adam and Eva. Paradise regained by messiah or Christians Jesus returns with the key’s to the kingdom.
    But I’m afraid, we must all go through the fire of tribulation, far worse than any recession, depression reset or world war! To get to the other side, then afterwards. Paradise on earth. Get my drift?
    Where we drift from here nobody knows. Not even Victoria Nuland or her fat ass hubby! Only the man upstairs and how much Hell on earth before he upsets the apple cart! Remember Patton? Will Trump have the last smirk? Ask the Hebrews God Yahweh!
    They don’t evnen believe it! Now when it’s most important!

    • Ken Yu

      This Evil Neocon (Satan’s Globalist Minion Victoria Nuland) is clearly seen “holding back a smile” while gleefully telling us “Donald Trump Will Not Be Re-elected U.S. President” – Brazenly Admitting To The Entire World That She Is Part Of The Evil Conspiracy To Kill Trump (just like her husband who previously wrote an op-ed “Calling for Trump to be Murdered à la Julius Caesar”). And this Evil Demonic Neocon She-Wolf also clearly told Putin: “If Trump is What You Are Counting On To Prevent A Nuclear War” – “You Are Going To Get A Very Unhappy Surprise”!! And Bingo “just as the Evil Globalists Planned” they have launched their Cyber Attack upon the United States of America that will be Blamed on Russia (by the CIA who just tried to Kill Trump) and so “their newly assigned” Demon-Ratic President (probably Hillary) can Immediately Launch a Full Scale Nuclear Attack Upon Russia and Destroy America (Before Trump Takes Office)!!!

  251. garth darlington

    Will China Be the First Domino in a Global Collapse?
    by SchiffGold July 17th 2024, 1:01 pm
    A recent Bloomberg report found that Chinese GDP growth slowed far more than economists expected, and while the ruling party has made moves to boost domestic industrial production and exports, domestic demand remains extremely low among consumers.

  252. Ken Yu

    As Katy says: “Follow the Money” and we’ll know exactly who’s behind the Failed Trump Assassination!! Well, Alex Jones now reveals who it was that sold a DJT Company Naked SHORT “before the assassination attempt” likely expecting to make Billions of Dollars (it could then hand out to further strengthen Leftist Globalist Organizations like Blackrock, Soros, the ADL, etc., etc., etc.)!!!

  253. Led Skeletor

    J.D. Vance has that Ulysses S. Grant feel to him, screams leadership.
    I hope DJT gives JDV the highest amount of responsibility of any VP that we ever had.
    Look at the difference between Vance and Pence.
    Pence was a stick in the mud, Pence would of fit right in as Biden’s VP.
    We need a high caliber of leadership during the Reconstruction of America.
    We need all hands on deck to drain the The Great Dismal Democrat Swamp.
    Vance was a good pick.
    Good bye Joe Biden and your Joker VP.

  254. Galaxy 500

    More misinformation from the FBI… does anyone believe the FBI will provide any accurate information? The same FBI that has persecuted Trump illegally?
    Anyone believe those Intel Agencies will provide accurate info?
    Liars and traitors, one and all

    • Katy Bar

      To reconstruct America we must Immediately Fire all the Upper Management of the CIA, FBI, etc., etc. for being Co-conspirators, Deep State Assassins and steal-ers of our rightful Presidents – and then “Build Our Nation Back Better”!!

  255. David Anderson

    What? Are you preparing a bunker to ensure the survival of USA Watchdog after the coming events? I can’t see any other good reason to not be here.

    • Ken Yu

      Remember David how the Deep State Operates!! After the Deep State succeeds in killing Trump they will go after and kill off “All Their Opposition”. Why do you think Alex Jones “is so concerned”. He intuitively knows that as soon as they kill Trump the Deep State will “eliminate” him, Tucker, Rogan, etc., etc., etc. (all the others running Patriotic Truth Media Sites)!!!

  256. Robert Stockmann

    WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump speaks at 2024 Republican National Convention | 2024 RNC Night 4

    Donald Trump at 52min called out the most terrifying thing
    he called out The Green New Scam.

  257. Galaxy 500

    Wow… it was a set up…

    IT WAS A SETUP! – Senator Hawley: Whistleblowers Most of Trump Security Working Rally Were Not Even Secret Service –
    by Jim Hoft Jul. 19, 2024 9:15 am1151 Comments

    Trump is surrounded by agents after he was nearly assassinated at his PA rally.
    And the hits keep coming.

    Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Friday demanding answers on the attempted assassination attack on President Trump at his rally in Pennsylvania last weekend.

    Senator Hawley wrote that whistleblowers have notified him that a majority of the security officials working the rally last weekend were not even Secret Service personnel but were with the Homeland Security Investigations team!

    They were not even trained Secret Service personnel!

    Government officials also treated the attempted assassination as a “loose” security event and that canines were not used at entry points and to detect threats

    • Katy Bar

      The Police Snipers on the roof behind Trump were frantically asking “for permission to take out the sniper” (that they had in their scope cross-hairs 20 minutes before the assassin fired off his 5 shots at Trump). But “they were denied permission to take out the assassin” (until the assassin got off his shots)!!!! And still no one has lost their job (without retirement benefits) or even been suspended (without pay) as of yet!!!!!!!

  258. Lynne Reville

    Dear Greg, as a Canadian, I watch from all borders. What the EU has done today will provoke the Saudi’s. Ursula knows what she’s doing. Orban’s efforts must be ground to a halt. Peace is verboten. This may sound amiss but I hope Bin Salman sells the EU bonds as he’s threatened. A woman MP from Poland catastigated Ursula on the floor of the EU parliament in the most spectular way. Kudos to her. Canada is eerily quiet the past few days. This IT outage is seemingly part of an ouster of peace. Russia not affected as per RT news. I await the tumult of Russia’s “guilt”. As per what I’ve garnered, it depends if you use Micro or Mac. Micro brings the world to a halt. My own city’s med system is down. Toronto-Dominion is down. Funny they were nailed for $ laundering, n’est pas? I miss your WNW. Friday morning coffee isn’t the same. Take your time, fight the fight. God bless you. You’re a beacon in the days of darkness. James 4:6. I admire your insight as much as your humility to address these days in light of God’s wisdom. Fight the good fight & take as long as needs be. Lord knows they attack from all fronts. God bless you & keep you & yours.
    With much love & respect, Lynne from Canada

  259. michael burton

    Just wish you well during your hiatus, but I will miss your newscast. Here is a YouTube video of analyses of maybe 2 shootings, not one at pres trump take a look and see what you think May Jehovah god through his son Christ Jesus be with you and your family see you in a few weeks. I noticed Lou Dobbs passed away what a great news reporter always using the term those radical Dems.

  260. Justn Observer

    Greg, whoz, might explain/answer even more of the questions/speculations

  261. Fred Lobster, O.G.

    We found another DEI sexist pig in charge.

    U.S. Marshal Anna Ruzinski, “Women bring unique skills to balance law enforcement teams. Studies have found that women have a lower use of force, effective de-escalation techniques, and high-level interpersonal skills.” United States Marshal for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

    Does Ruzinski understand the word UNIQUE? She is saying women, unique, NOT MEN, have a lower use of force, effective de-escalation techniques, and high-level interpersonal skills. Women, unique…. something unequaled or unparalleled??? BAHAHA

    Lower use of force… because a 250 pound women is pooped out walking ten feet from chair A to chair B, requiring two hours of safe space quiet time. And those 60+ days of annual sick leave is also uniquely women.

    Freezing and falling to the ground is not an effective de-escalation technique, unless you are protecting an ex-President that the deep state and MSM wants eliminated.

    Slowly moving towards an exit and relying upon the male agents to do the heavy lifting is not an effective de-escalation technique.

    Most women “pretending to not be one” only know how to “take assets from” a duped male, take away the most resources by any means possible with the smallest amount of effort, by lying, larceny, by the court system, and from white simp knights.

    If your in a life or death situation the last thing you’d want is a woman in charge to bollocks it all up.

  262. Mike

    OMG Greg, so much unfolding right now, really miss your perspective, insight, interviews, guests, and commentary. Can’t wait for your return.

  263. ZZBrown

    Is this our Y2K computer outage, in the form of deliberate cyber chaos in 2024?
    Is this cyber outage a shot over the bow, Pearl harbor type WW3 false flag attempt and attack?
    4 day’s ago, after Trump assassination. Alex Jones warned of a massive deep state, globalist cyber attack. There is actual infighting, civil war between forces of good and evil GOING ON NOW !
    Elon Musk and most of Silicon Valley has been Identified as a force against this WW3 takeover attempt.
    Buckle up folks, the greatest attempt at a fascist world takeover could be here?

    As Greg Hunter has warned. To be prepared for such a time as this and now is the time for physical courage and spiritual faith!

    “Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen.”—Hebrews 11:1
    “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”—Hebrews 11:1, King James Version.
    This verse provides the most concise Scriptural definition of faith and shows that faith involves more than mere belief.
    “Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for.” In the original-language text of Hebrews 11:1, the Greek word translated “faith” conveys the thought of confidence, trust, or firm persuasion. Such faith is not based on wishful thinking; it is an “assured expectation.” The Greek term rendered “assured expectation” a could also be translated “title deed,” referring to a guarantee that gives assurance, or confidence, to the one possessing it.
    “Faith is . . . the evident demonstration
    [or, “convincing evidence,”] of realities that are not seen.” Faith exists as a result of compelling proof. Such proof is so strong that it convinces a person that even though he cannot see a thing, it is real.
    Context of Hebrews 11:1

    The Bible book of Hebrews is a letter written by the apostle Paul to first-century Christians living in and around Jerusalem. In this part of the letter, Paul discusses the importance of faith. For example, he writes: “Without faith it is impossible to please God well, for whoever approaches God must believe that he is and that he becomes the rewarder of those earnestly seeking him.” (Hebrews 11:6) After defining faith in Hebrews 11:1, Paul provides examples of men and women in the Bible record who displayed this quality. He recounts how they demonstrated their faith by acting in harmony with God’s will.—Hebrews 11:4-38.

    The Greek word here translated “assured expectation” is hy·poʹsta·sis, which could literally be rendered “that which stands under, a foundation.” In Latin, this word is translated sub·stanʹti·a, from which the English word “substance,” used in the King James Version, is derived.

    Please read Hebrews chapter 11 along with explanatory footnotes in a red lettered new testament with cross-references.

  264. Fred Cooper

    Why is India sounding the warning and not our corporate deep state Comcast CIA project Mockingbird bought and paid for US. media?

    China Widens War Zone Against America | Chinese Warships Spotted Near Alaska | Gravitas WION 234,871 views Jul 12, 2024 GRAVITAS
    The U.S. Coast Guard says that four Chinese military vessels were spotted near Alaska’s Aleutian islands on July 10. Is China trying to widen the conflict with the U.S.? What else explains the spotting of Chinese military ships inside the U.S.’ exclusive economic zone?

    Vladimir Putin LIVE: Putin says BRICS May Establish its own Parliament in Future
    Firstpost 42,644 views Streamed live on Jul 12, 2024
    Vladimir Putin LIVE: Putin says BRICS May Establish its own Parliament in Future
    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said that the economic bloc BRICS may establish its own parliament in the future. Addressing participants at the 10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum in St. Petersburg, Putin said regular meetings of lawmakers from BRICS countries will help the process of establishing a parliament.
    Putin also praised lawmakers’ efforts to forge ties between BRICS member countries and to address socioeconomic development issues, improve the well-being of nations, reduce international tension, and form “a more just, democratic, multipolar, and multilateral world order.”

    • Ken Yu

      Remember how Putin asked that Russia be allowed to join NATO (but was refused)!! Perhaps Trump will ask to join the BRICS!!

  265. F.Cooper

    Putin Aide Targets ‘European Capitals,’ Threatens West Against Hosting U.S. Missiles | Times Of India 70K views 5 days ago
    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov issued a stark warning to European nations against hosting U.S. deployments of long-range missiles, particularly hypersonic ones, citing potential risks to their capitals. Peskov highlighted Russia’s capability to counter such threats and emphasized historical tensions during the Cold War, where Europe bore the brunt of missile conflicts.

    Russia Pulls Out Nuclear Weapons In Retaliation To U.S. Missiles In Germany | Times Of India 63,704 views 14 hours ago
    Russian deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov stated that Moscow is considering all options. Moscow says ‘all options’ include the deployment of nuclear missiles. The strong Russian response is due to the u.s. decision to deploy long-range missiles in Germany. The Russian deputy FM said Moscow does not feel constrained in deciding what to deploy, where and when.

    Russia To Strike German Missile Sites? Terrified U.S. Responds To Putin’s Warning | Times Of India 4 hours ago
    The U.S. State Department has expressed concern over Russian statements following U.S.-German announcements of missile deployments in Europe for 2026. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov’s remarks, including the assertion of retaining nuclear options, have raised tensions.

  266. Duke of EarlShiebster

    War Comes to America

  267. Low Dollars

    “Biden Set To Drop Out!” – Media Insider Reveals
    The Jimmy Dore Show 4 hours ago
    Delegates to chose- Not we the people, always the plan. Only Pelousie votes!

    • Galaxy 500

      I really don’t see “Dr” Jill giving up the Ring of Power willingly

  268. Dr. No Ah Jr.

    Jim Rickards Shared Some Horrible News
    Plain Finance Reborn 6,201 views Jul 17, 2024
    Jim Rickards warns that the economy is going to be destroyed. He explains how banking crisis spread and the fact that the Fed never knows what they are doing.

  269. G. Witkneemir

    “BlackRock’s Next Plans Will SHOCK THE WORLD” – Whitney Webb’s LATEST LARRY FINK EXPOSE
    Savvy Finance 1.6M views 11 days ago

    • Ken Yu

      Fink not only bought puts (to profit from Trumps assassination) and but is praying to Satan for a Worldwide Nuclear War (to start in Ukraine) “so as to profit even more”!!!

  270. Gretch W.

    How Blackrock Trained Trump’s Shooter?
    King Luxury 6 hours ago

  271. G.W.

    RFK Jr. Decides to Finally EXPOSE Joe Biden’s Dark Secrets
    Michael Duffy 5 hours ago

  272. Lynette

    I miss your analysis Greg. I wake up on Friday morning looking forward to your show. These last two Fridays I feel like a junkie needing my fix! I will be glad when you are back!
    God Bless you and keep you safe.

  273. Elizabeth Krispin

    We miss you Greg. Providence took you out of commission during the initiation of these increasingly turbulent times. Rest up, the ride will be fierce and wicked, when you return. We will be needing you.

    Much Appreciation,


  274. Katy Bar

    Crooks outsmarted the Secret Service the same way the Crooks in Washington outsmart the American People “IN PLAIN VIEW”!!

    • Galaxy 500

      This 20 yr old had serious help. He’s a patsy. Where was the 2nd shooter?

  275. Jimn Googinhide
    ‘We Are In The Most Dangerous Times’: Warns Stock Market Expert Edward Dowd July 19th 2024
    “They won’t stop until they’re in handcuffs.”

  276. Galaxy 500

    Right… the Oswald treatment. We are smarter and there are cameras everywhere

  277. CJ

    Massive fire at church lead by pastor that endorsed the covid vaccine. “Robert Jeffress, who called the vaccines a “gift from God,” hosted a vaccination clinic at his 14,000-member megachurch, First Baptist Dallas. ”

  278. Mike S

    Greg I scrolled through the humongous number comments sent while you’re on hiatus. Tons! You’ve been a VITAL cog in the wheel of the resistance. Educating, exhorting, etc!
    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families and the America most of those posting here want back!

  279. Justn Observer

    Greg, Dems know they are going to lose…they are going to ditch Biden as a sacrifical lamb, and hope to deny the RECESSION started last Octover 2023 = net losses month over month, and make it as hard on DJT new admin. as possible so ‘they’ can blame the failed economy on him is the insight in this vid. Things worse than media is protraying, but holding off the reports to keep that realization until later.
    “All HELL BREAKS LOOSE” (In the Next Few Months) says FED Insider, Danielle DiMartino Booth

  280. Katy Bar

    Freedom of Religion is part of the American tradition – so lets not get so worked up about our VP Vance having a Hindu Wife like in the following post:
    No one seems to bat an eye when the Pope in Rome celebrates Mass worshiping Lucifer and actually calling Jesus (the Son of Lucifer)!!
    If the Hindu’s want to believe in their god and the Pope in his god why is it we Christians now all of a sudden can’t say the name “Jesus” anymore? They want us to say Yahweh or Jehovah instead?? Why????? (Is One World Religion the goal just like One World Government)!!!

  281. Galaxy 500

    Nasty evil disgusting little man… Fauci made millions pushing kill shots. Fauci makes Josef Rudolf Mengele’s evil look like a Jr High School science project. This man must be tried for his crimes

  282. Galaxy 500

    I hear people say they are not for reciprocity. These bastards on the left destroyed peoples lives and I mean nobodies like myself, over nothing at all and now want to cry out when they, the evil liberals, are brought down by actions inciting violence and murder.
    I am for censorship… now before you get your panties in a wad, please am talking about a very narrowly targeted censorship. Snuff fix, kiddie porn, pedophile organizations, illegal actions such as actual threat and doxing as opposed to offensive, offending, hurting snow flakes feelings and or unpopular opinions. What G500? Not slander or libel? There are laws to sorts that Shiite out how ever if I had a site it would properly community the crap out of demonstrable fake Shiite like those saying Trump set this up to be shot in the ear. No one that knows anything about shooting has any silly theories like this.

  283. Son of a Marine

    God Wrote The End From The Beginning

    And one of them struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his right ear.
    But Jesus answered, “No more of this!” And he touched the man’s ear and healed him.
    Luke 22:50-51

    Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.
    Matthew 10:28

    My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.
    John 17:15

  284. Justn Observer

    Greg, way crazy but possible = Jim Richard’s = Biden likely to step aside, she could pick Obama. She will step aside, and Obama CAN become President because he was not [elected]…as were several other who became President, like Ford etc. which COULD fix the black vote drain?
    Richards'” Trump didn’t drain the swamp because he couldn’t find it’, ‘Nobody thought Trump woudl win the first time, and DJT didn’t or understand the PLUM BOOK’, then he talks about who ran DJT transition team = Chris CHRISTIE ! Christie but Jared’s father in prison. A LOT OF OTHER NUGGETS.

  285. Justn Observer

    Greg, two more very interesting vids o information for people to consider….

    • Shiloh1

      Thank you – highly recommended!

      • Justn Observer

        Shiloh1, yes, seems all the MSM reports want to use direct overhead pics, and NOT expose/show the 2 story building AND the open window directly behind behind where the LLM/MSM first reported the ‘shooter’ was laying? when other pics show the ‘shooter’ killed was actually 50 or so feet further down the roof line as the people on the ground videoed with their cell phones. Seem rather like a BUILDING 7 on 9/11 moment?
        He is the one in the link on the audio analysis =
        PH’d Martensen did some excellent analysis also…so when Greg gets back I hope he can interview him as he has in the past…

  286. Justn Observer

    What Is The Eurodollar System? (Must Know) =
    (Is this The Black Hole that holds financially what we do not see in things like Rossa Bonds, derivatives, and beyond where developed that Kirby used to try to expose..that beecame the mis-used funds which the BRIC now want to move away from because of its weaponization?)

    Core CPI=Inflation Report Reveals the Truth About the Economy

    The Treasury Market Is Starting to Un-invert (Here’s what that means)

    The Global Monetary System Is Reliant on Swap Spreads (Here’s what they are)

    The Copper Gold Ratio is Sending a Massive Warning to the Economy (here’s what that means)

  287. Randy Avera

    Nessun Dorma…Trump picks the Music…
    Here it is @ RNC…
    Here it is in English
    Here it is showing what is coming…

  288. Galaxy 500

    Girls pretending. Mayorkas upset people hurt worthless agents feelings… after they fail to protect Trump and can’t holster their weapons

  289. Galaxy 500

    The Hydroxychloroquine Crime

  290. Danielle Duval

    Dear Brother in Christ,
    Enjoy your well deserve vacation with family!
    Safe traveling,
    Best wishes
    Hello to all 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💪💪💪🇺🇸

  291. Goebel epling

    Greg it is about time after all these years that you took him some hard-earned time off along with upgrading all your equipment and not letting it fall into the outdated Abyss like greasy Gavin Newsome has with California’s infrastructure that’s another story for another day but why you are out on hiatus is there any rough time frame when we will be seeing you again?

  292. Galaxy 500

    Not having Microsoft saved Russia…

  293. Katy Bar

    SECOND SHOOTER??? – Look at the Secret Service Agent in full Military Gear who point his rifle directly at Trump as he is being put into the van at the 1:20 to 1:23 mark (but decides not to shoot for some reason) !!!
    What excuse would this SSA have to come in and point his rifle directly at Trump like he did ??? His only excuse could be is that he thought Trump was being threatened by one of the Secret Service Agents surrounding him and was simply preparing to take out one of the Agents!!!

    • Katy Bar

      Remember how they first wounded JFK “to make him know he was shot” and then blew his head off!! Well it looks like they may have been trying the same thing on Trump (wounding him in the ear first) and then the Second Shooter blows his head off in the van at close range)!!!!

  294. Prospector

    CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE . COM is asking the right questions.

    The biggest question inside the investigation of the Trump assassination attempt, is the thing no one has mentioned. Why have there been no daily press briefings?
    ♦ Where are the official 10:00am press briefing updates every day on the investigation?

    ♦ Where are the official press conferences from the Secret Service, FBI and law enforcement answering questions and providing information from the prior days investigative results?

    ♦ Where are the organized and official updates to let the American people know what has been found out about the assassination attempt on President Donald Trump?

    Instead, the Secret Service, FBI and Law Enforcement have been selectively leaking details, testing what would be and would not be accepted, and we have only seen controlled snippets of information.

    OFFICIAL STORY THUS FAR – In addition to bringing explosives, a detonator, a range finder, a backpack and an AR15 rifle to the rally, while finding a way to sit atop the counter-sniper position, the 20-year-old without a social media footprint apparently had air superiority via drones.

    ( Don’t be surprised if they blame 3rd party state actors. Jesse Kelly Show reports shooter had ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATIONS. )

  295. Colleen

    Hi Greg,

    I’m getting a chuckle out of the news media as they are all hyperventilating over the fact that Alex Jones is stating that Hillary will replace Biden for the presidential run. If the media had been watching your interview with Martin Armstrong,WEEKS AGO, they would already know that information. I’ve told friends that Mr. Armstrong stated that information and they didn’t believe me that Hillary would run for president. Now that Alex Jones is stating it, they are gasping! I say, get your news early on USA watchdog! I also wanted to say how much I am missing your weekly updates. I appreciate the fact that your commentaries are always so factual/truthful. I eagerly await your return to the airwaves. blessings to you, Greg. To all things there is a season, and I patiently await your return.

  296. Mr. Allison

    Gravitas: Is NATO preparing for World War III?
    WION 8,470 views hours ago
    A “secret document” reveals that around 800,000 allied NATO troops will be deployed during a war with Russia, supported by a huge number of weapons, and around 200,000 vehicles. The deployment will occur over a phase of three to six months, with troops arriving via Germany’s North Sea ports before heading east towards the battlefields.

    Some spend thousands to flee as new draft notices are sent out in Ukraine
    Scripps News 13,568 views Jul 18, 2024
    New draft notices are going out in Ukraine, affecting men as young as 25 to make themselves available for the effort to fight against Russia in war.
    The new mobilization law came into effect on May 18th, just a month after President Zelensky signed it into law. After May 18th, Ukrainian military aged men were given a 60 day window to update their information with military authorities. This week, that 60 day period expired, which is why draft notices are now going out.
    Due to this, there has also been reports of some draft doggers spending thousands to be smuggled out of the country.

    BLOODSHED IN BAKHMUT: Fearless Fighters in Ukraine’s Deadliest Meat Grinder | WELT Documentary
    WELT Documentary 1,457,405 views Premiered Mar 8, 2024
    The eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut was the scene of the largest and most costly battle of the war so far. For more than ten months, the city was under the bombardment of Russian troops, until it fell in May 2023 despite the fierce resistance of the Ukrainians. The documentary follows three young soldiers a few months before the fall of Bakhmut: Vadim Adamov, Mykhailo Alekseenko, and Yuriy Samanyuk. Only one of the three men will survive the second year of the Russian assault on Ukraine.
    @luisfigueiras5707 20 hours ago
    “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” ― George Orwell, 1984

  297. Mr. Allison

    J.D. Vance addresses RNC crowd: FULL SPEECH
    FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth
    1,764,967 views Jul 17, 2024
    Donald Trump’s running mate, Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, gave his first speech since he was picked for the Republican ticket. Vance discussed his humble beginnings and the importance of a Trump-Vance ticket for the future of the country.

    Watch Donald Trump’s 2024 RNC speech in full
    6abc Philadelphia 899K views 2 days ago
    Donald Trump, somber and bandaged, accepted the GOP presidential nomination on Thursday at the Republican National Convention in a speech describing in detail the assassination attempt that could have ended his life just five days earlier.

  298. June Bug

    Watch Donald Trump’s 2024 RNC speech in full
    6abc Philadelphia 899K views 2 days ago
    Donald Trump, somber and bandaged, accepted the GOP presidential nomination on Thursday at the Republican National Convention in a speech describing in detail the assassination attempt that could have ended his life just five days earlier.
    J.D. Vance addresses RNC crowd: FULL SPEECH
    FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth
    1,764,967 views Jul 17, 2024
    Donald Trump’s running mate, Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, gave his first speech since he was picked for the Republican ticket. Vance discussed his humble beginnings and the importance of a Trump-Vance ticket for the future of the country.

  299. Galaxy 500

    Sound analyst says 2 shooters… just like Oswald. Hmmm… now this comes out

  300. Dan Gowin

    One of the greatest stories in history and Greg is on hiatus handling tech & security. Good luck Greg. God Bless.

  301. Valerie Kirk

    Trump’s 2024 RNC was LGBTQ-friendly, featured a Porn-whore speaker Amber Rose (who very recently praised Satanism & abortion), an embarrassing appearance from fake-wrestler Hulk Hogan, and included a blasphemous prayer to “the one true god Vaheguru” from a Sikh immigrant…and overlying it all an equally blasphemous idolization of the Hollywood Liberal DJT.

    ‘Christian Conservatives’: you clearly stand for nothing & have no principles.

    You & your Republican Party have followed the Democrat Party right into the sewer.

    If, after this disaster of an RNC, you still believe Trump & Co. are going to lift a finger against illegal immigrants, advance Christian morals, keep us out of war, work to restore American liberty or advance an America-first agenda…you’re DELUSIONAL!

  302. Prospector

    COVER-UP: FBI Tries to Kick Out Senator Josh Hawley at Assassination Attempt Site Despite Having Local Security Operator’s Permission — “Get Out of Here. You Shouldn’t Be on the Site”
    ” ……….more security on that site than they did on the night of the incident.”
    Gateway Pundit – July 20

    Not the first time for encrypted comms.

    Feds Challenged by Encrypted Devices of San Bernardino Attackers
    ABC News – Dec. 9 , 2015
    ” The couple who launched the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, last week had devices with some form of encryption, making it difficult for authorities to access all potential information on phones and perhaps other devices, two senior U.S. officials told ABC News.

    There was a KNOWN threat unresolved , Trump still allowed to take stage.
    Majority of security were not actual secret service — lacked proper training.

  303. Prospector

    Via Matt_Bracken , GAB .com

    PSYOP-CYBER-POLYGON: Is The Largest IT Disruption In History A Planned Setup For Mass Power & Internet Outages?

    By now most have heard of the unprecedented IT outages due to a Bill Gates’ Microsoft update, and the associated widespread disruptions in banking, travel, commerce and even hospitals going offline. This incident may very well have just served as a warmup to a far worse worldwide CyberPolygon attack on infrastructure, with the “solution” paving the way for much more devastating global IT exploits:
    [read it all at the top link]

    ( Speculation is that while security was down , backdoor code could be installed to enable a much larger attack / outage. Remember , Klause Schwab – WEF – said a ” CYBER 911 would make Covid disruptions look minor)

  304. Prospector

    Cliff’s Notes :

    twitter @HarrisonHSmith
    So let me see if I have this Crowdstrike story straight….

    When Hillary Clinton was Sec. of State, she was illegally funneling sophisticated weapons through Libya to terrorists in the MidEast in an effort to take out Assad in Syria for Israel.

    When the weapons transfer went sideways and the US Ambassador was killed in Benghazi, it was discovered she was using an illegal private server for secret communications.

    She destroyed the server, but not before its contents were leaked by Wikileaks, including communications about bizarre occult rituals and inexplicable code words involving children and pizza.

    Instead of investigating the leak themselves, the FBI relied on a Crowdstrike investigation that falsely claimed the server was hacked by Russia.

    The FBI cleared HC despite admitting she broke the law, and launched the Russiagate investigation, using more fake Clinton campaign disinfo to tie Trump to Russia to get a FISA warrant and spy on Trump while leaking dirt to the press to undermine first his campaign, then his presidency.

    When Trump had a call with Zelenskyy and asked about Crowdstrike, a “whistleblower” falsely claimed quid-pro-quo and launched the first impeachment to stop Trump’s inquiries.

    (It was in the midst of this impeachment trial, btw, when Event 201 took place. But that’s another story.)

    Fast forward to 2024 and Trump is dominating Biden when he miraculously survives a deep state orchestrated assassination attempt two days before the RNC.

    Two days later Crowdstrike causes the biggest computer network crash in all of history, knocking millions of corporate and government systems offline for hours.

    Other than the fact that Blackrock owns Crowdstrike and a Blackrock affiliated investment firm placed millions of dollars betting against DJT in the hours before the assassination attempt by a shooter who was featured in a Blackrock promo, did I miss anything?

    • Major

      Thanks for connecting more dots for us, good work.

  305. Joseph

    Here’s an interesting site I just stumbled on:

  306. Prospector


    This will be a major Monday distraction from Secret Service failure hearings.

  307. Ken Yu

    Bribe’n seeing as how the Deep State gets rid of the people they don’t like with a bullet in the head, immediately quits the Presidential Race and nominates Kamala Harris to save whatever brains he has left!!

  308. Justn Observer

    Greg. Biden out….

  309. Galaxy 500

    Wow… wonder what this cost Kamel-ala?

  310. DavidM

    OMG Mr. Hunter. Since You went into hiatus, the USA has gone to pot. Are You preparing a bunker somewhere? … have You a Musk or Bezo´s goldenticket You haven´t told anyone about?
    1) An attempt on President Trump where he can only thank G-d for his protection rather than any effort of the secret servive. Indeed the protection of president Trump was so badly run one has to ask whether MsCheadle was complicit by negligence;
    2) The breakdown of computer sevices, not through a hack, but by a standard software update implemented by a software company formely employed by the DNC to frame president Trump; and now
    3) the stepping down of president Biden as a presidential nominee for 2024, and his endoresement of VP Kamela Harris for president, a candidate who could not even drum up enough support in her own district for her owncampaign as a presidential candidate in 2020.
    Mr. Hunter, I can only imagine You are kicking back and revitalising yourself for what is to come. I suspect You will need it. To paraphrase the late modern prophet Kim Klement (referred to by Bo Polny), “strange july, strange july, … hypnotice november”. I wish You the best Mr . Hunter for what looks like to be the white knuckle ride to come. You are a voice of sensibility and clarity in a jungle of intrigue and a desert of lies. Please keep up the good work and don´t let the ***tards grind You down.

    • Scott

      When I read Greg’s announcement of taking time off – I called my buddy who is an avid follower and I said the exact same thing. Greg is working hard behind the scenes because something BIG is about to happen. We still have 10 more days left in this month.

  311. Prospector

    Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin MAY be Harris’ VP running mate.

    Unconfirmed , but F.E.C. filings shown online suggest so. Developing.

    If it was a low rent horror film it would be called ” Attack of the Liberal Karens .”

  312. neville


  313. Ray

    Biden steps out of contention……..GOOD.
    Now Kamala wants to sit in The Big Chair.
    I wonder if “those who organised a shot at Trump’s head” might take sharper aim at Kamala in coming weeks.
    Perhaps Hillary is speaking with her CIA friends right now?
    This is really heating up.
    God bless America, and especially all here at USAWATCHDOG.

    Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  314. Brah

    Greg you picked THE worst time to shut down. Trump’s attempt Assass and Biden steps down. You are blowing it BIG time!

  315. Marcus S

    Did he drop out…. or drop dead? Serious question

  316. Katy Bar

    Crowdstrike (owned by Blackrock) causes the Biggest Computer Network Crash in All of History (after a Blackrock affiliated investment firm placed millions of dollars betting on the assassination of Trump by a shooter who was featured in a Blackrock promo). Now, I know Jesus Christ asked the Father to Forgive Those Who Know Not What They Do, but for those “Who DO KNOW What They Do” It’s now Going To Be An EYE For An EYE and a Tooth For A Tooth as Trump hires Delta Force Patriots to Protect Him and the American People from the Evil Globalists Kill Shots!!
    If the Evil Globalist Demons (continue to try and do a Kill Shot on Trump and the American people) “And Do Not Repent Their Sins In The Next 60 Days”, they may just find “Themselves to be Targets” (of Delta Force Patriots acting in kind)!! And all those Deep Underground Bunkers the Evil Globalists have built “Will Not Protect Them From Just Us” (as many guests on Alex Jones are now forecasting)!!!!!!

  317. Ken Yu

    Guess What!! – DemonRat O’bomber hires Cloud “Strike” to PROTECT CYBER SECURITY in the United States of America and “Instead of Protecting Us” we get the Worst Cyber Attack in our History!!!
    (Thank You Blackrock)

  318. regaleagle

    When can an oxen and donkey be yoked to plow a field? Can Righteousness ever marry Evil to find peace and happiness? Will rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic delay its appointed time of destruction? There is only one Way and one True God that rules over the entire universe…….His name is Jesus Christ. His servants know the affairs of this world are only temporal and not everlasting…..and that there will be no true peace on this earth until Jesus Christ returns as King to eliminate all evil and the unrighteous. All praise in heaven and on the earth belongs to our Lord… be careful of your desires and your associations.

    • Richard


    • Self Exiled

      Regal advice grounded by the Holy Spirit.

  319. Galaxy 500

    So an angry demented old fool or just a plain idiot.
    Demented Jo or Kamel-ala…
    How can anyone who is not evil and or corrupt put the Ying Yang vote Demoncrats?

  320. Larry
    It’s too bad about these guys. I wonder how much they would have gave they’re lives for this just and Nobel cause, if they knew the rest of the story. I wonder how much Hunter Beijing Biden would have risked his neck for Ukraine, that he and Fink soaked and raped!

  321. Won Witness

    A Persistant Thought that I can’t shake…..

    Gavin Newsome and an Earthquake.

    Should California’s long overdue Earthquake hit before the democrates lock in a replacement for Multi Vaxed, Turbo Dementia, covid suffering Joe Biden,
    Could Gavan Newsome slip in ??

    References from history:
    Juan Peron owed his control of Argentin to many things, the Unions, Evita Perona, But his fame from leading an emergency response to the 1944 San Juan earthquake put him on the political map.

    New York Mayor Rudi Giulioni Suddenly became “America’s Mayor” after 911 twin towers Attack.

    God protected and elevated President Trump. At 6:11 p.m. (BTW,read eph 6:11 )

    Satan, the Father of lies, Must be angry. He could counter attack with a California Disaster and the promotion by the press of Heroic Gavin Newsome’s response ?

    I am NOT PREDICTING the above but I’ve had a PERSISTANT feeling that A massive California\earthquake would suit Satan to elevate his Presidential Pick AND facilitate another ELECTION STEAL since covid lock downs were questionable to so many.
    How much less so a Massive earthquake.

    Anybody out there has this premonition too?

  322. Joe Wong

    And things may change for the better, since Joebama Buyden 82 has officially DROPPED out of the US Presidential Race, after losing support from major Democratic Allies and Donors. They supported his rival Donald Trump instead. Hopefully, things can change for the better after January 20, 2025.

    As for Joebama Buyden’s Project Ukraine – I’m afraid that this conflict in Ukraine will end the same way the War in Afghanistan (aka the graveyard of empires) when Kyiv is finally captured and falls to the advancing Russian Forces. Then the EU & NATO may cease to exist and the US & the UK will be greatly weakened and bankrupt after this is all said and done. Again – wars no longer works anymore, since the ones being attacked by these above warmongers now have the ability to FIGHT BACK against them now !!!

    • Randy Best

      NATO is a paper tiger.

  323. Katy Bar

    Data scientist Tony Seruga says he has Digital ID proof that there was an FBI Sniper on the Water Tower “Also Shooting to Assassinate Trump”!!!
    Tony Seruga and his partners are “Data Scientists” who have the digital ID of every Mobile device/Computer in the U.S. “And Have Indexed and Archived Every IP Address in the World” with extensive experience in collecting Digital Data (including Geo-tracking and Geo-location) which makes his Data Collection company The Top Authority for Providing Data to Law enforcement and U.S. Government Agencies (like the CIA, NSA, DoD, DIA, NGA, NRO, FBI including Interpol and Foreign Intelligence Organizations). And his Digital Data of the Communication Device carried by the would be Trump Assassin shows it was an FBI Agent on the Water Tower, who after firing his shots at Trump escaped by tramming down a glide wire to a waiting FBI Van!!!

  324. Randy Best

    Gerald Celente and the Trends Journal is the #1 place to go for truth.

  325. Led Skeletor

    President Mike Johnson?

    Whip out the 25th Amendment, I say remove both Biden (dementia including Alzheimer’s disease) and Harris (Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA) and Fantasy Prone Personality (FPP)). When both refuse to voluntarily resign, then Impeach them both.

    Forgive my Laughter:
    I have a Condition. [MORE ON BACK]

    It’s a medical condition causing sudden,
    frequent and uncontrollable laughter that
    doesn’t match how you feel.
    It can happen in people with a brain
    injury or certain neurological conditions.

  326. Justn Observer

    Greg, appears we now have Kamela Harris running on the Dem side, one who has expressed she wants the Princess Wanda ‘super power’of seeing what can be, unburdened by what has been’ ?
    Not really into word salad. So likely will go with one with more a warrior spirit and hoping to expose truth, one more grounded in ‘what is, and has been, The Constitution then one with her own Obama style Hope and Change message of ‘transformation’ which no one then never asked, transform from what to what? which now seems was from a Constitutional Republic to a public-private FASCIST corporate run WOK socialism.
    A governing and surveillance by the ruling piglets that have more rights and access to ‘free money'(cronyism) while the rights are suppressed and their credit suppressed or cut off for being dis-obedient lesser piglets.
    Beyond that, VP Harris explicitly failed those victims of the Catholic Church pedophile problem in S.F. area as AG. and later further was then elevated to being ‘selected’ Senator of CA. ? So, strongly pro-abortion and disregard for pedophile cases while busting as many ‘illegal pot smokers’ as she could find… Seems a strang set of moral bias to elected/selected by ANY party to be a POTUS.

  327. Victor Manino

    You picked a terrible time to go on hiatus as I’m sure you are aware by now

  328. Gerald Mays

    Hi Greg:
    It’s been a super slow news cycle with absolutely nothing going on, so feel free to take an extra week or two off. 😄

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