Biden Debate Disaster, War Exploding, Economy Tanking

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 640 6.28.24)

I could not see that Joe Biden scored a single blow on President Trump in the CNN debate on Thursday night.  Biden held his own in the debate that preceded the 2020 Election, but in this debate, he showed how much he has declined.  He mumbled many of his answers and could not mount a single defense to President Trump telling him “We are closer to nuclear war than we have ever been.”  Trump beat Biden over the head on the problems the open Southern border has caused America:  crime, debt, drugs, inflation or all of the above.  Trump said everyone in the military who had a hand in the Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021 “should have been fired, and you did not fire a single person.”  Trump also said we have been “living in Hell for the past three and a half years,” and “If Biden is elected again, we won’t have a country left.”  Biden had no comeback for this or any other of Trump’s debate points.  So, Trump won hands down.  Call it a blowout.  It was like a football team beating an opponent 100 to 3.  Now, everybody knows (including the Democrats) Biden cannot be President.  In a way, I feel sorry for Biden, but I feel way sorrier for the “Hell” we are living in here in America under the Biden policies.  Remember that Martin Armstrong predicted the Dem party wanted Biden to do terrible in the debate  (parapraph two) with Trump so they could justify replacing him on the 2024 ticket.  The got their wish.

War is exploding and intensifying everywhere.  Cluster bombs dropped on Russian in Crimea, and the Hezbollah conflict in Northern Israel will make the Gaza conflict look like a party.  Hezbollah has thousands of rockets that can hit any target in Israel.  So, will Israel wipe them out first?  Iran is now mobilizing for war against Israel.  Will you see regular Iranian troops going up against Israel?  As far as Russian reprisals for the cluster bomb attack, it looks like Putin is not taking the bait to widen the war and go nuclear just yet.  Putin still wants a Ukrainian ceasefire.  If Trump was in office, this would have never happened.  Trump said this in the CNN debate, and that was yet another point Biden had no comeback for.

The Fed did a so-called “stress test” on 31 of the biggest banks in America.  Some reported they passed with flying colors, and others said this stress test showed the big banks are “weaker” than in the past.  It sure feels like somebody is lying because the FDIC just said at the beginning of June that 63 banks are on a so-called “watch list” because they have more than a half trillion dollars in sour debt.  The FDIC list of problem banks is secret, which does not inspire confidence, and the transparency is like looking through mud.  Also, Michael Snyder has just put up a list of 11 signs that the economy is tanking.  Third on his list is “When Banks get into trouble, they start closing branches.  So far this year, US banks have closed more than 400 branches all over the country.”  As I said, somebody is lying about the health of the banks and the health of the US economy.

There is more in the 41-minute newscast.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

World renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner will be the guest for the “Saturday Night Post.”  Nenner will explain why his “war cycle has turned straight up” and the economic cycle has turned down.  Nenner says brace “for very hard times.”  He will explain why in detail.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Apologies for our Australian media.

    Tucker Destroys Australian Journalist In Hilarious Exchange

    • barbara

      Tucker roasted them. It was gold.
      The media here has lost it’s grit; and many younger Aussies don’t even know what that means. Such bizzare times we are living in here.

  2. Charles Turner

    Having watched the presidential date, i think that Judge Mershon’s gag order was the best debate preparation that Trump could have. For weeks, he went outside the court room every day, gagged, and having to get his message across in a highly controlled way. Last night he was the most controlled he has ever been. Presidential!

  3. Don Doerr Sr.

    President Biden is responsible for every crime committed by those who have entered his Open Border since he took office. Accordingly, Crime Boss Joe Biden – described by his “consubstantial” supporter Pope Francis as a “GOOD CATHOLIC” – has robbed, freeloaded, raped, and murdered. Given what the Communist Democrat RINO Party (founded on November 22, 1963) has done to President Trump and his Family – and thus to America – Joe Biden and his Minions must be prosecuted for each of these crimes and must be subject to lawsuits from the victims of these treasonous policies.

    • Galaxy 500

      Come on Dude. Biden isn’t in control of his bowels much less anything else. Change that Biden to either “Biden Administration” or “Biden’s Puppet Masters” or “Biden’s Handlers”.
      And the Pope is one of Satan’s high minions… He is finishing the destruction of the Catholic Church. Saying Biden is a “Good Catholic” is like saying Stalin was a great humanitarian…
      Corrupt Pedophile pro-baby murder politicians are seldom a good anything. But the idea that Beijing Buy-Dem is a “Good Catholic”? WTF… what would a bad Catholic look like? Jeffrey Dahmer? Ted Bundy?
      I do agree that the Usurpers and their acolytes must be held accountable under colour of law. The trials should be swift and if found guilty, the executions should be held the next morning at dawn in a public forum and televised.

      • Joe Wong

        Its Gyorgy Schwartz and his open border society that’s calling the shots for Joebama Buyden, as well as the Military Industrial Black Hole.

        Unfortunately, Joebama Buyden’s 46th US Presidency from January 20, 2021 till January 19, 2025 will NOT go down as a successful one when history is written about his presidency. Also, his current administration completely LACKS any concept in conducting DIALOGUE & DIPLOMACY since all Blundering Anthony Blinken, and Jacob Sullivan does is threaten every nations heads of state they meet with wars and sanctions, instead of some form of agreement or compromise that both sides can live with.

  4. mark lemmon

    At least we didn’t have to see Joe crap his pants on stage again… Thank you God…

  5. Ralph

    Greg, Never under estimate the stupidity in some of these Biden voter’s. I’m sure at least 6% of the people we’re chearing at home.

  6. What did he say?

    Can someone get an interpreter for Biden, when he speaks it sounds like has a mouth full of marbles.

    • Perry E Poling

      Sounds like a manure salesman with a mouth full of samples.

    • Won Witness

      Old Joe sounds like all his vax’s are almost finished their cerebral assault. Looks like he’s starting his turbo dementia.

  7. Erick

    50 yrs from now people will be online looking back and this time in history will be a JOKE. If DC was ever a hole in the landscape i would not shed one tear. I am so sick of the corruption. Why work for so many years be over taxed and not be able to afford things like it was years ago. We are the laughing stock of the planet and from a friend who moved to russia his family are prospering the russian govt leaves them alone no permit to build his house or farm anything. If i was only younger i would have moved if i had hind sight to the crap coming down the pike. I just see major protests coming Hong Kong 2.0. Like it was in 2019-2020. People are so controlled i lost a lot of friends i told them covid was a joke even i cannot believe people wear masks while driving still.

  8. Jakob1944

    It appears that the Democratic Party brought in a lot of Roland Freisler judges to try Trump.

  9. Really Awake

    I watched the debate. I actually remember Joe back in the 70s when he was a young reasonable sounding politician. Frankly, Joe has turned into an old, worn out, hollowed out liar whose life is quickly dimming. Why Americans allow these old, corrupt, demon inspired politicians to spend their entire lives in Washington I’ll never know.

    After watching the debate it confirmed to me that America isn’t coming back. Yes. It’s true that Trump is an amazing man in many ways, but he still isn’t going to stop the decline and fall of the American Empire. It’s over. If by some miracle Trump actually gets back into the White House, Trump will continue to add tens of trillions to the national debt. And let’s be honest with ourselves, shall we? The day is coming when the national debt won’t be able to be rolled over. When that happens it’s over. Over. And it’s over with a BANG! A tremendous BANG! BANG! BANG! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! And that’s not hyperbole. It’ll be something like a giant metaphorical earthquake found in the Book of Revelation. In other words it’ll be Bibical. Bibical. Bibical.

    It won’t be a happy ending. Trump winning the debate and winning the election doesn’t mean a happy ending. Period. In fact, the Deep State might now push the button for WW3 before the November election. Biden can’t win, so something radical will likely be done.

    Of course, a miracle could happen.

    Pray for a miracle.

    • Felix

      I agree 100 percent the luciferians in charge are burning the financial system down as we speak,I have no sympathy for any puke politician they sold their souls to the devil, all of them. It amazes how people will sell their soul,sell their country and family out for power and money.Yes we are at the fall of the empire.These things must come to pass.The world is a stage and they the people nonsense all these things are scripted long ago.Trump could be the antichrist.GOD bless

      • Johnny Nobody

        “All the world’s a stage,
        And all the men and women merely players”
        William Shakespeare

    • Katy Bar

      The Deep State might now “push the button for WW3 before the November election”. However if the Deep State can’t get Putin to retaliate and attack America to get their world war started they may just have to use their back-up plan “A False Flag Space Alien Invasion” to get a worldwide war started!! Of course the Space Alien ships attacking America will be UFO’s manufactured right here in the US by Deep State Skunks at Raytheon and Lockheed!!

  10. JM

    What a disaster.

    The Chinese, Russians, Iranians, and North Koreans must have been laughing uncontrollably while watching Biden’s deer in the headlight’s facial expressions. Every nation in the world for that matter now knows who is in charge in the USA.

    Jake Sullivan, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and probably Obama are really running the show. They are taking us to war with Russia and China.

    We are in serious trouble over the next 4+ months while Biden is still in office. The most dangerous times are still ahead.

    What an embarrassment.

    We really need to be praying for the nation after watching this debacle. Time is short.

  11. Steve Carter

    You are the BEST NEWS MAN OUT THERE! Please keep getting the truth out there and of Course FEAR NOT FOR OUR LORD IS IN TOTAL CONTROL!


  12. James Hall

    Greg, check into these guys. Maybe some good guests to have on.

    • Johnny Nobody

      I note that one of the signatories is Lt Col Theresa M Long MD, who Greg has already interviewed. Brave lady!
      There is your opening to reach out to any other of those brave signatories . . .

  13. Margaret O’Keefe

    I watched the debate on The Real with RFK. You have insight with how debates operate, and I’m wondering what you thought about that type of platform for debates.
    I read that Real Debate got twice viewership than CNN. I truly want to hear all sides, and am pleased with how it was handled.
    I would love to see a 1 on 1 Trump and RFK. They are very different, and hope to see more reporting on independent candidates as well.
    Thanks for all that you do.

    • Earth Angel

      I watched it too. Kudos to RFK’s campaign for not allowing the media jackals to shut him out of the debate. I thought it was a brilliant move on his part. The number I saw was close to 9 million views during the live broadcast of The Real Debate. I like RFK jr. and I also like Trump. I know America, and the rest of the world for that matter, would surely be better off with either one of them as Commander in Chief.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why would Trump waste his time debating RFK?
      RFK is not a serious player

  14. David Gordon Dunne

    God is Great. America now is a hell hole and Trump alone can not dig us out of this. I agree with Bill H. that it will be decades if ever to regain our Status as a good Country. When the dollar crashes, all those 1000 bases will close up over night and our Navy will sail home and we will be foreed to hunder down and protect our borders and clean all the rats out city by city.

  15. JO

    Did not watch the debate. ON PURPOSE. As far as what their plan is now, I feel as I always have. They want to destroy America and have China in charge, using our land to grow their food, etc. Biden was just a stupid plant to make us crazy. It was all in their plan.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are probably correct. Biden was so bad they had to know what was going to happen. Jill Biden should be charged with elder abuse.

      • Traitors/Treason


        If Biden does not accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior he will spend eternity in hell. At that time he will wish all he had was elder abuse.

        He is a traitor. sold America out
        His daughter states he took showers with her.
        His son is a crack head traitor.

        His partner in treason Obama
        is married to a guy who dresses as a lady.

        Most and all of Congress is complicit with the treason.
        You can even throw in murder with the mrna kill shots. that makes the medical and media complicit also.

      • Earth Angel

        Yes I agree Greg. As Commander Puppet in Chief I realize Briben is held responsible for the many criminal disasters we are facing- yet the Christian in me feels a strange sort of pity for a doddering old man being used as a pawn paraded up on world stages & put through his paces. All while being laughed at by the masses- when in a kinder world he would be in a peaceful and safe environment surrounded by kind and caring family members. Perhaps he has none of these. I’m sure he has been involved in plenty of political crime, graft, and scandal over his 40 year career; how could anyone involved in politics for such time not be? But doing this to a senile old man does seem to fall into some catagory of senior abuse. We know he will face his final judgement by the Lord our God for the sum total of his life, as we all will.

        • Traitors/Treason

          Earth Angel,
          They are trying to KILL you either directly or indirectly. Have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who is doing that.

    • Tin foil hat

      In 2013, China bought 9% of Ukraine’s famously fertile farmland, equal to 5% of the country’s total territory in Ukraine, using much cheaper Ukrainian’s land to grow their foods.

      The new government post Orange Revolution a year later clamped down, forcing the Chinese to buy much more expensive land here and elsewhere. China has no control over the Deep State which wants to destroy American and have the banksters in charge.

      Most Americans are dazed and confused by distractions like Biden. I believe the Russian and Chinese nationalists are the ones who are stopping the Deep State from completing the final phase to NWO. Hopefully, Trump will win and wake up the masses here to put an end to the ongoing insanities.

  16. Mike Byrne

    From your article Putin still wants a Ukrainian ceasefire…. I follow Putin very closely. Putin does not want a ceasefire. He pointed out that the West always uses ceasefires as a ploy to give the enemy time to build up its forces.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s not what the reporting said. The quote came from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, and it was Putin’s ceasefire proposal. Maybe the Lying Legacy Media lied again, I don’t know.

    • Tin foil hat

      Putin wants a REAL ceasefire to avoid escalation to a nuclear war. He correctly pointed out that the West always uses ceasefires as a ploy to buy time to build up its forces.

  17. Stephen

    We will never make it to November. Prepare.

  18. Galaxy 500

    Fantastic WNW. Thank you Greg for reporting real News, real concerns and facts instead of the latest government disinformation and lies or celebrity distractions.
    America burns while Jill Buy-dem fiddles… cause SLO Joe isn’t in charge. Anyone under the delusion that Joe even gets control of the TV remote is sadly mistaken and likely intellectually disingenuous.
    The TPTB started replacing American workers with NAFTA.
    TPTB started replacing their powerful Black voting block with illegals.
    You can go on and on…
    Currency destroyed
    Relationships destroyed
    Treaties violated
    Honest hard working citizens persecuted
    Now the cretins would rather America burn and its people be destroyed that them lose power… party because they know what crimes they have committed.
    I will vote Trump because to not do so is voting yourself and America off the island.
    I see people attack your site with garbage and lies, I see people try to leverage your audience to what ever scams, schemes or so-called “religions” that they tout, whether mysticism, islam or crystals.
    Keep spreading the Word of YHWH! Many are called, but few are chosen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500!

      • Saved by Grace

        “I will vote Trump because to not do so is voting yourself and America off the island.”


        Quote of the year AD2024

        • Galaxy 500

          Thank you Saved!
          And like you, I am not saved by my works, although I should should strive to have good works, I am Saved By Grace.

  19. RK

    The puppet was made to look foolish by design. Thus TPTB can place their candidate just in time for the dim convention.

    BTW, for anyone who shopped or used to shop at Tractor Supply, they’ve eliminated ALL DEI garbage and B.S. after fears of being boycotted and becoming Bud Light after they were called out.

  20. Jack Flores

    I’ve come up with the only possible campaign slogan for Biden .

    I Like Big Mike 2024

  21. Kathryne Paine

    Does anybody remember a time when candidates for President (or any office) didn’t call each other names, answered questions directly and generally had class? Cast your memories back to the Mondell/Dole Vice Presidential debate in 1984. Both Mondale and Dole were assaulted by a young cast of media journalists who asked questions designed to be aggressive and stir up acrimony between the two contenders. After the debate was over, both Mondale and Dole came out from their podiums, shook hands and with relief on both of their faces spoke to each other and commiserated on the bit of hell they just went through to get their ideas across. Politics and the character of a politician has sorely plummeted. While it may be judged that Trump “won” this debate, those who remember the rules of a fair fight will have seen that Trump dodged questions, name called and brought out inappropriate allusions to other politician pranks in order to justify his actions on Jan. 6. He is a bully, and showed poor form, he receives low marks from me. Why did his ego have to take over when he is clearly the front runner for this election? Joe Biden is a vacuous cluck, and a stooge for the Deep State. But Trumps behavior didn’t give me any confidence in Americas future should I vote for him. My God, people, don’t you remember JFK’s Peace Speech at the commencement Ceremony at American University in 1963? Where have our leaders gone? We’ve got nothing but F-Troop.

    • vgno

      seems you have the 1984 & 1996 campaigns mixed up.

    • Johnny Nobody

      Kathrine, your observations will no doubt be unpopular with the USAW audience, but I agree with you.
      For the first time I can recall, the debate format was fair. Both parties to the debate were asked difficult / uncomfortable questions. Neither party had the ability to talk over the other. No handpicked bias audience in the studio to cheer everything one said, and boo the other. In short, a perfect opportunity for DJT to be statesmanlike in everything he said. IMHO, an opportunity lost.
      As you say, Trump ducked some questions, and IMHO with good reason. How do you speak truth about Ukraine to an American public that has been brainwashed, ever since ‘Duck and Cover!’, to despise, suspect and hate Russia and Russians? Educating Americans about the true nature of the conflict in Ukraine is not something to be attempted during the few minutes allowed in the presidential debate.

      • Amy Nyhus

        You both have gotten mixed up. It was the 1976 Vice Presidential debate. But I agree that politics have gotten really bad and certainly not cordial anymore.

    • Obomber BinDare Salumanski O'vichston Gun

      Kat, wake up. Welcome to the real world. Donald Trump is in the fight of his life for the American sheeple! And you Bo-Peep are in line to be sheared with the lot of us if Trump does not win. You better get down on hands and knees to thank the good LORD, YHWH Yahweh, or the highway. JHWH Jehovah and only begotten Son, Jeshouah Jesus the Christ, no longer a child in a manger and with a powerful holy spirit!
      Pray fer peace and Allah opens yer eyes!

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump brought us good economics, jobs, no new wars and you have “no confidence” in him.
      You can’t be serious, can you? Amazing

    • Tin foil hat

      If I could vote for Putin to be the POTUS, I will.

  22. Don Conrad

    I watched the debate to the end. The vacant look in Biden’s eyes was saddening and I believe many of his answers were somehow issued to him as needed. We need him out.

    Trump, on the other hand was mentally strong. I do wish he had answered every question as given to him without pointing to many fingers. He would have solidified his place in history by staying 100% on focus.

    Oh well, this is one man’s opinion. Interested in hearing other thoughts.

    Still A Trump fan. I pray for him daily.

    Don Conrad

    • Ken Yu

      Although, even if Trump is elected “he will be told by the Deep State” that he does not have the security clearance or the need to know all the scientific advances that have already been made (like a small free zero point energy battery as big as a cell phone that can light and heat an entire home) but these scientific advancements have been held back from the public by the Deep State “Because Corporations Like Big Oil, Gas, Nuclear and other Industries “Will LOSE Billions of Dollars in Profits”.

      • Galaxy 500

        Hi Ken,
        Trump misunderstood the situation during his first Presidency. He won’t play nice this time.

  23. John

    The debate was a setup by the Democrat party. The party knew Biden would not present himself as a strong candidate against Trump.

    The comments by the mainstream media were that Biden was past his prime and that Trump was a liar. The Democrat strategy was evident by the commentators’ remarks– that Biden was weak but that Trump was a liar. I didn’t hear once that Biden had told a single lie.

    The Democrats’ plan is to put Biden out to pasture and provide a trustworthy candidate who can carry on with the good efforts of Biden and not allow the mean-spirited liar Trump to destroy the country.

    The debate was a setup.

    • Paul

      The debate was a gift for all to see.
      That Biden is not a president.
      That there tragic policies are destroying our country. Perhaps a new face instead of Biden, but the same tragic policies.
      Financial system went down long ago.
      Even with the amount of immigrants , pales in comparison with our foreign spending of wars and graft.

      All that Needs better direction. Argentina comes to light.
      We are still the land of enormous resources potential and production. Losers always give up.
      The world ends all the time .

      Get busy

      Paul from arkansas

  24. Scott manhart

    Yes, Greg they truly do believe they will be able to overthrow the Russian government and extract the resources as a puppet state to enrich themselves. When you see things that do not make sense, such as Cheney burning down her entire political career over supposedly hating Donald Trump, you have to consider other options. Lots of people hate each other in Washington DC, and yet they never do anything to endanger their political futures. However, if your daddy’s company, stood to make billions that was going to find its way into your pocketbook. You might be willing to put everything on the table.

  25. Florence Nightshade

    re the great deflate: Many times Biden began his response with an idea that had nothing to do with the question, then he corrected himself mid-sentence, BUT after the first part of the sentence -if Biden would of finished it- would of revealed a truth that would of destroyed him.

    Biden’s answer to everything is to throw even more working taxpayer money at the problems and them blame Trump for the inflation. Every-time the government buys something for someone, foreign nation, or corporation, it is adding to the inflation of everything else.

    Things that are received that are unearned by people that get everything free are almost always unappreciated, case in point: the welfare system since 1964.

    Trump should of spent half his time on talking about the CRIME CAUSED BY LACK OF CONSEQUENCES AND SOCIAL DEGENERACY CAUSED BY SCHOOLS.

    Regardless of your color or legal status,
    Your childcare is your personal responsibility. Get a job.
    Your food in your stomach is your personal responsibility. Get a job.
    Your housing is your personal responsibility. Get a job.
    Your post education is your personal responsibility. Get a job.
    Your social mobility is your personal responsibility. Get a job.
    Your spending money, savings and investments are your personal responsibility. Get a job.
    Your disasters that occur to you and your property are your personal responsibility – get insurance. Get a job.

    In the old days if the woman chose to have children then someone other than the government paid for everything. Now days it seems for the tens of millions on entitlements, it is the working taxpayer that is paying for everything in these “families” there is no shame, actually the more money one can steal from the taxpayer the greater the victory for the parasite.

    Biden wants the rich to pay their fair share. Why is it anyone else’s responsibility to pay for some other persons cost to live? Give them no money and tell them to get a job.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Florence,
      Nice post. The ner’do’wells never self reflect nor do they accept any responsibility for their bad choices, bad action, or bad beliefs.

  26. neville

    What an utter farce the so-called lopsided debate was ,it is also a thundering disgrace that AAcrime couldn’t put two honest ”men” on a stage and debate the past and future of a country steeped in lies, warmongering, election rigging, creating fake pandemics ,allowing an unchecked invasion of the country etc etc etc
    At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter who is the white house as the power is vested in the hands of criminally insane scumbags who make an utter nonsense of any election.
    The Asteroids are are moving about with a job to do……To reset the crisis management in not only AAcrime but for those that support organised crime

    • Galaxy 500

      Hello Mr Chamberlain,
      You wrote, “ At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter who is the white house…”
      2 questions:
      1 Are you an American living in America
      2 Where have you been the last 7 years?

      Things were not perfect under Trump but he was addressing many of the issues facing Americans. Beijing Buy-dem took every problem and acerbated every one.
      Invasion at Border: Trump shut it down, Buy-dem turned the spigot wide open and broke off the knob.
      War: Trump had a planned strategy to get out of Afghanistan. Trump didn’t start new wars and was winding down those that had raged for decades. Buy-dem gave 10a of Billions of dollars in state of the art military equipment and left our people and allies to be tortured and murdered. Slo Joe gives an Actor that some believe the CIA made President our tax dollars and beggars our military stores. We are broke and Joe’s buddies are stoking the fires of war (WW III) and partying like it’s 1999.
      Inflation: under Trump, inflation was under control. Under Buy-dem, we have almost run away inflation.

      Under Trump, relationships with our enemies improved and with our allies strengthened. Joe destroyed everything.

  27. Citizen Satirist

    ELECTIONsteria: Best Uniparty Post Debate Memes (Bad Adderall Hangover!)
    Fox declares Biden the winner, debate drinking game + Bingo, the Adderall wore off, the official debate narrative from Harry Sisson, waiting for the new narrative to drop & more Uniparty debate memes!
    ELECTIONsteria: Best Uniparty Presidential Debate Memes (Getting Ready to Rumble!)
    Trump vs. Biden debate preparation, the debates as a clear sign of god’s judgement on America, remembering the good ol’ days of debates & more debate memes as the Uniparty gets ready to rumble!

    • Galaxy 500

      I saw Harry talk about how well Buy-dem did and how Trump was a liar and lost. It was laughable. Harry had on way too much makeup. And you could see the puppeteer’s hand when Harry opens his mouth.

  28. Country Codger

    Howdy Greg, Great report. Thank you for scheduling Dr. Nenner. Here is a breakdown of what I am watching for the Fall Super-cycle coming up:
    Solar Eclipse – October 2, 2024
    Lunar Eclipse – September 17-18, 2024 <<<Possible beginning of Sukkot???
    Initiation of cycle begins: August 13, 2024
    Increase in Intensity: August 27th
    Increase of Intensity: September 10th
    Maximum Intensity: September 24-25th<<<<(Shemini Atzeret)??? Possible date
    Decreasing Intensity(??) October 8th
    Decreasing Intensity (??) October 22nd
    Cycle should End November 1st
    What happened so far? Passover/Unleavened Bread —-Francis Scott Key Bridge 03/26
    Shavuoth March 19th —-President of Iran dies in (?) crash
    Dates to watch for:
    Yom Teruah ((Falsely called Rosh Hashanah)) —-Sept. 3-4
    Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) —Sept. 13-14
    Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) Sept. 18-19
    The Eighth Day (Shemini Atzeret) —-Sept. 26-27

    Why are dates within 2 or 3 days? Because the Hebrew Calendar begins with the sighted moon. In fact Yom Teruah is the day spoken of in Scripture as "The day and the hour no man knows" because it is the only Biblical feast day (Lev. 23) that falls on the first day of a month. That is why we are commanded to watch.

    These dates may be different from the date Dr. Nenner could give because he is probably on the Hillel II calendar.

    Just food for thought.
    Lo Iyrah!!!
    p.s. Quite frankly I hope nothing big happens on the Fourth of July weekend.

  29. John Duffy


  30. Lilliana


    And yet WE act like it’s real.

    • Galaxy 500

      That would mean Trump is a plant…

      He isn’t

  31. Suzette Lawrence

    Good Morning Greg! I beleive Marting Armstrong/Socrates. My Auqa Sterling Water Purification system is arriving today! Thanks for sorting through needed products/companies for us. Last night was elder abuse. The globalists not only hate us they hate themselves.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Suzette!! You got to have good intel, and you have to have clean water.

  32. John Stuart

    The one disaster that Biden is causing, is that after 45 years of working and all of us paying into Social Security, Biden generously is giving illegals that make it over the fence our hard-earned Social Security benefits, and then telling us We retirees will have to endure a 30% pay cut on our S0cail Security Benefits in ten years because the 9 billion Illegals he gave our social security to

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said. Joe is making sure Social Security is bankrupt. He wants the elderly dead and starving.

  33. Jerry

    Greg’s Poll – Who won the CNN Biden/Trump Debate?
    Who votes 3% Biden??? You must be kidding!

  34. Deborah

    Greg I know you like Trump but please if anything could have been done He could have done it when he was in office. Please Greg it is a club and We are not in it! Remember WarpSpeeed Trump did that! I understand that Karen Kingston says the contract Trump signed was to protect people. But the opposite has happpened and no word from Trump about the adverse effects of the jab. No, he doubles down with Bill O’Reilly and says he got the booster as well. Please Greg have an open mind!

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree with you, so I don’t have an open mind? Sorry, not going to work. It’s a lot more complicated than you think.

      • Deborah

        Sorry, Greg you do have an open mind. We just disagree on Trump. I voted for him twice. I never took the jab and I am 71 years old when everyone I know did. I appreciate you so much and we can agree to disagree. My bad, you do have an open mind or you could not do what you do. Love to you and your family!

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Deborah,
      You speak of open mind but you are supporting Biden? After his administration has nearly destroyed America. Trump is a businessman. He wrote a contract for a vaccine. He didn’t approve and he didn’t make it, yet somehow you irrationally blame Trump for all the evil poured out upon us.
      Yes, Deb, it’s a club and Trump IS NOT a MEMBER, just like the rest of us. That you can’t see this after all the demonstrable proof speaks volumes

      • Deborah

        I do not support Biden! Where did that come from? Who are you Galaxy 500? I will not vote in the next election. Does that answer your question?

    • Tin foil hat

      Deep State doesn’t trust Trump and that’s good enough for me to vote for Trump.

      I have an open mind but I’m also a realist.

  35. z

    Joe Biden is winning the polls to become the next President of US!!!!!!!
    Every night at CNN and most media Biden is beating TRUMP in Polls ?

    What do you think after the debate ?
    Polls Rigged ? Election Rigged ? Polls and Electioon always Rigged ?

    Who is running the country if Biden is not with it ?
    Biden son died in war in Iraq ? nor Cancer ?

    Jill says Joe answered every question in tge debate in front of the crowd?
    VP Harris says Joe started slow (earpiece fell out) and finished strong and leaqding in the polls ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Two sources say Biden has a true 6% to 7% approval rating. Marting Armstrong is one of the sources and the other works in Big Tech and I cannot name.

  36. Phil

    So now it’s a coin toss if the “Hold Power at AL Costs” DNC Mafia will wheel Biden in the path of the bus wheels and (again) ignore DNC voters seemingly oblivious after the past few elections that their primary votes are merely a veneer for the Convention back room choreography, and install The Hair Gel from Hell, Ca. Gov. Gavin Newsom. Having endured several terms of this tyrant before fleeing CA, I recommend a pre-emptive spelling change – it’s now Gavin New-Same – as in –
    NEW Puppet, SAME strings !!

  37. Doug W

    In the next presidential debate, CNN should “Leak” the questions to Biden on what they are going to ask, that way, we can see him struggle to remember what answers he was going to give. I wonder if the space cadet Biden was wearing a diaper ? It was 90 minutes long……

    • Galaxy 500

      You don’t think CNN leaked the questions to Buy-dem for this debate?

  38. Les L

    Biden is not the guy making the dicisions, he is nothing but a fall guy that wont go to jail because he is to old; that’s the plan, they expect Trump to win and on that day we will see how many of these immigrants of military age turn in to torrorist and you know as well as I do the weapons will suddenly appear “thank you deep state,” my fellow Americans, get back to Jesus, he is the only weapon we need.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Les. I agree totally!!
      Brother Greg

    • Galaxy 500

      Spot on. All these young men of military age… it’s an invasion and the Principalities of Power will see that they are armed and running amok.
      I have Jesus but to not be able to protect you and yours is suicide. YHWH and His SON don’t much like suicide.
      So Les, Praise our Lord YWHW and pass the ammunition

  39. Justn Observer

    Greg, the ‘debate’ was nothing but expected….the real story is that the ObaBidenillary regime was EXPOSED as was the MSM/LLM for liars and deceivers to all those that ‘refused’ to believe their eyes and ears, stuck in their derangement syndrome cause in large part by the ‘entrainment’ and propaganda of the above-mentioned coup crew with all their ‘hoaxs’ , fake news, election interferences and rigging, lawfare, to heights than to many has been criminal if not treasonous. Add the ‘plandemic’ and the people should be in revolt! But we can settle for ‘a reformation and return to the U.S. Constitution and the God given rights and morals along with getting rid of the WOK,
    Fascist public-private partnerships/pay to play…and back to sound money and meritocracy, and equal opportunity would be most helpful…
    No doubt ‘journalism is dead’ and thank God for alt media and to move to podcasts where independent honest news and freedom of speech is able to thrive.
    The ‘old mockingbird media’ is DONE…they are now seen for what they are…and it ain’t pretty !

    • Greg Hunter

      You have to give credit to Martin Armstrong for calling this 3 weeks ago. Read it here in the second paragraph:

      • Galaxy 500

        Martin is a genius. I disagree with his choice of replacements but then, he was right on the first part, maybe he will be right on that as well.
        Hillary? Hell, even Demons don’t like her. And Team O’bama hates the Clintons.
        Gruesome Newsom? He’s destroyed an economy that is one of the largest in the world. He sent billions to China illegally.
        Mike O’bama? Mike is less likable than Hillary. But she would be the 3rd O’bama terms.
        These Satanic minions running the Buy-dem administration have a plan for sure. But they are not perfect and their plan isn’t perfect.
        It will be interesting to see what shakes out.

  40. Robert

    Thank you for saying u.s. started war in Ukraine please keep saying it

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you. This is not just my opinion it is historical fact. The US broke the 2015 Minsk Accords that were signed to stop a conflict in Ukraine. The US and NATO overtly and covertly funneled arms and training into Ukraine from 2015 on nonstop. The Azov (Nazi) Battalion was killing Russians in the eastern part of Ukraine, and that was not supposed to happen. (By the way, the US just stated overtly funding these Nazis, whereas before it was covert.) The people in Eastern Ukraine were supposed to be protected according to the 2015 Minsk Accords. They were not. Nazi/Azov attacks went on for many years. I don’t even want to start on the bioweapons labs the US had in Ukraine that broke another treaty. What did they think Russia was going to do??? These people are stupid, and evil. They should be tried for treason.

  41. Jens

    remember the abomination George Michael? When he was alive and not on stage singing, he kept getting arrested for loitering in public restrooms. Here’s a reason why the sodomites like being around toilets so much:

  42. Won Witness

    Wondering Aloud….
    Two thoughts…..
    1. Why is First Lady Doctor Jill Biden allowed to get away with helping CONCEAL from the American Citizens the FEEBLE Mental State of her husband ( a man who can launch nuclear weapons ???

    2. I frequently ask my Lord and Savior to bless and PROTECT President Trump.


    I NOW wonder If the demoncratic party will “kill two birds with one stone” by way of
    assasination of Old Joe via another crazy shooter and blame the 2nd amendment and of course Donald Trump.
    I can even hear the Future campaign commercial. “This November avenge the death of our fallen hero JOE and Vote Demoncratic” .

  43. dlc

    Neil Oliver has been making the rounds with Tucker, Jones and the like. I like his perspective and turn of phrase. He pointed out that the average citizen likes to think that in the 1930s they would be the one to join the resistance or hide a jew in their home. What the lockdown revealed is that the masses became the gestapo.

    He mentioned repeatedly boarding a plane to Scotland maskless and what that felt like facing a cabin full of people wearing masks, and wondering if this was the day they would pile up on him. Do we forget so easily what the masses were like in these recent years? I had been grabbed in the Scottsdale Costco by another shopper and placed “in the circle” so as to not contaminate others. To paraphrase Oliver: “I heard what you said and I saw what you did.” He is not forgetting or forgiving what the jackal public was all about during lockdown.

    View a live cam in Russia and a live cam in Philly or NYC. One shows well-dressed, well-mannered, intact families enjoying their outing. In Philly, NYC, SF, you name it, you see structures and people in severe decline, lying on and dumping on the sidewalk, no familial vibes.

    Phoenix is looking more and more like Havana with the same political mindset. I am not counting on a beaten down, traumatized, uninformed public to turn this country around. We are a nation of broken homes, or as dear old dad would put it: “a nation of stray dogs with no loyalty to even their own blood.”

  44. Waldo Magoo

    Biden in NC today.

    Biden stands like a nearly comatose dementia Alzheimer person, with the classic “two year old shitting his pants smile”.

    Biden supporters chanting LOCK HIM UP regarding DJT. Biden appears to condone and cheer-on the taking the legal rights away from an American citizen without cause, to summary judge over 50% of the Americans with terrorism crimes not committed.

    Shouldn’t Biden supporters be charged for a J6-like rioting and for calling for the removal of Constitutional Rights of legal citizens whom are only guilty of supporting DJT? Biden’s democracy is a group of 60IQ woke and broke protesters that demand a lynching.

    So Biden will continue on, not running on his merits or any accomplishments, there aren’t any.

    Ask any Biden supporter, why should Biden lock up DJT; or ask them to name instances where DJT actually lied. You get the same blank stare as we got from Hospice Biden.

    Keep playing the Dead Son entitlement card, and the racist card “you ain’t black unless you vote for me”. Keep promising free money to everyone that don’t earn it by working and yelling “the rich ain’t paying their fair share”. Keep it up Buddy Boy!

  45. Lowejo

    Greg I think you will find out down the line, if time will tell, that Julian Assange is an agent of the Cabal. Think about it. He used to get my sympathy, but I have realized, it’s all smoke and mirrors. He’s a ruse.

    • Greg Hunter

      Preposterous and moronic. Assange spent 20 years of his life essentially in jail. He is NOT one of them.

      • Galaxy 500

        Isn’t it amazing that some people are pushing both Trump and Assange as “plants.”
        Both have suffered mightily under the illegal weight of government. Both have lost so and endured so much. Yet, people claim they are in the “Club”
        Simply astounding

        • Greg Hunter

          Total moronic trolls are doing this. Can you feel the Deep State desperation?

      • Lowejo

        a “14 year ordeal“ (14=Osiris) Real threats to the caba’al don’t get blanket news coverage.

        • Greg Hunter

          No back-up, no data, no sourcing, no real name = Moronic.

  46. Pete+only

    The only question that I felt Donald Trump could have answered better was the one in which he was asked if he would abide by the results of the coming election.
    Trump answered that he would abide with the election results, as long as it was fair.
    I believe that he should have said that he would abide with the election results, as long as he could examine the ballots as well as the election machines…among other things.
    I did have a feeling that the powers to be would throw Biden to the wolves with this debate, but now at least, everyone knows who is actually running things (except us watchdoggers, as we’ve known this for years now)…Gavin Gruesome, Crooked Hillary, and Michel (Mike) Obama are probably the 3 top picks to replace Crooked Joe.

    • Galaxy 500

      Not sure after the sham election of 2020 that you think this is a bad answer?
      “Trump answered that he would abide with the election results, as long as it was fair.“
      Gavin Gresuome is unelectable… he has destroyed California, once an economic Golden Goose. And Hildabeast, even a majority of women hate her.
      Mike Obama… not gonna get elected for Obama Act 3.
      They are gonna pull some unknown dark horse without a record.

  47. Glen

    Thanks for another great commentary.
    After today’s presentation ended, there was, after a considerable pause, another presentation by Chris Cuomo. Was this intentional in the name of “balanced news”? I read all of the comments after your presentation in order to see if anyone commented on this. Nobody commented on Cuomo. It was difficult to listen all of Cuomo’s statements and several times, as the stomach turned, I nearly disconnected from it. I am still puzzled and wondering if a nefarious agent inserted Cuomo.
    Was I the only one who viewed this creature?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the commentary and report!

  48. Yolk Cracker

    What does the future hold for Comrade Biden?


    Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman – (Lyrics) MAO PROPAGANDA

    J.D. Vance on his new book Hillbilly Elegy (2016)

  49. Bill Holder

    The disaster is coming. Biden gets selected, we are going to war. Trump is selected, the banks will crash.

    Either way the endgame it is a financial disaster, the game now is about the “who.” The banksters needs an even or a patsie to blame.

  50. Phil

    THE whistle blower who proved a Texas hospital LIED about NOT performing child gender change surgery has been INDICTED by the DO”J” if you haven’t seen this already.

    Channel- Dad Saves America

    Title- Doctor indicted for exposing secret child transgender program


    It’s Merrick Garland who needs INDICTMENT.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Phil, for posting this important piece of news!!!

  51. Marie Joy

    We deserve the government we tolerate.

  52. Richard Gould

    Inflation? Is low?? But what is the REAL inflation rate now!? Do you AND your pocket book BELIEVE that inflation is low??!? Presented by Shadow Stats – US Government Began changing the CPI measurement in the Early 1980s; Why? To Avoid Large Increases in Social Security payments – – And you thought the government would not lie to you…. Or cheat you. Or take away your rights. But who is responsible for choosing who serves as a politician? Satan is. Luke 4:5 So he (Satan) brought him (Jesus) up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time. 6 Then the Devil said to him: “I will give you all this authority and their glory, because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. 7 If you, therefore, do an act of worship before me, it will all be yours.” – An act of worship… Interesting point; Jesus named Satan as the father of the lie in the Bible; John 8:44 You are from your father the Devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a murderer when he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie.” In verse 33 Jesus noted; “every doer of sin is a slave of sin.” Yes, right now we are imperfect and cannot live without sinning. THAT is soon to end as is promised in the Bible, just as Almighty Jehovah God (Psalms 83:18) promised, at the appropriate time, to return the earth – and us – to its and our original perfection.

  53. Richard Gould

    Great) Tribulation – The Greek word thliʹpsis, usually rendered “tribulation,” basically means distress, affliction, or suffering resulting from the pressures of circumstances. It is used with reference to the affliction associated with childbirth (Joh 16:21), persecution (Mt 24:9; Ac 11:19; 20:23; 2Co 1:8; Heb 10:33; Re 1:9), imprisonment (Re 2:10), poverty and other adversities common to orphans and widows (Jas 1:27), famine (Ac 7:11), and punishment for wrongdoing (Ro 2:9; Re 2:22). The “tribulation” mentioned at 2 Corinthians 2:4 apparently refers to the distress felt by the apostle Paul because of the wrong conduct of the Christians at Corinth and because he had to correct them with severity.
    Marriage Brings Tribulation in the Flesh. When recommending singleness as the better course, the apostle Paul observed: “But even if you did marry, you would commit no sin. . . However, those who do will have tribulation in their flesh.” (1Co 7:28) Marriage is attended by certain anxieties and cares for husband, wife, and children. (1Co 7:32-35) Sickness can bring burdens and stresses on the family. For Christians, persecution may arise; families may even be driven from their homes. Fathers may find it hard to provide life’s necessities for their households. Parents or children may be separated by imprisonment, suffer torture at the hands of persecutors, or even lose their lives.
    Faithfulness Under Tribulation. Tribulation in the form of persecution can have a weakening effect upon the faith of an individual. Christ Jesus, in his illustration of the sower, indicated that certain persons would actually be stumbled on account of tribulation or persecution. (Mt 13:21; Mr 4:17) Being aware of this danger, the apostle Paul was very much concerned about the newly formed congregation at Thessalonica. Those associated with that congregation had embraced Christianity under much tribulation (1Th 1:6; compare Ac 17:1, 5-10) and continued to experience such. The apostle therefore sent Timothy to strengthen and comfort them, “that no one might be swayed by these tribulations.” (1Th 3:1-3, 5) When Timothy brought back news that the Thessalonians had remained firm in the faith, Paul was greatly comforted. (1Th 3:6, 7) Doubtless the apostle’s efforts in preparing them to expect tribulation also helped the Thessalonians to continue to be faithful servants of God.—1Th 3:4; compare Joh 16:33; Ac 14:22.
    Although tribulation is unpleasant, the Christian can exult while enduring it, since he knows that faithfulness is approved by God and will ultimately lead to the realization of his grand hope. (Ro 5:3-5; 12:12) The tribulation itself is but momentary and light in comparison with the everlasting glory to be received for remaining faithful. (2Co 4:17, 18) The Christian can also rest assured that God’s loyal love will never waver, whatever tribulation may come upon the faithful believer.—Ro 8:35-39.

    • Galaxy 500

      Right out of The JW’s Watchtower…
      LOL… no one can take a verse here and verse there like a Chinese Restaurant menu and stitch together utter nonsense than these guys

  54. Oscar Hurtado

    Whenever someone asks if I’m voting for Trump, I tell them that my response to their question will match their reply to this question:

    Has he disavowed the ClotShot & apologized for Warpspeed?

  55. Shiloh1

    Kim Dot Com – Alex Jones a few days ago, talking about Julian Assange, the U.S, the inevitable financial collapse and the great taking:

  56. Galaxy 500

    Are the police on the side of the normal honest citizen?
    This LEO assaults 60+ year old woman slamming to the ground injuring her…
    And the City Council in Fort Worth appears to operate like the Geheime Staatspolizei.

  57. Galaxy 500

    Walgreens is a company that treated it’s employees like Pooh, in the last year, their stock went from over $31 to less than $12…
    15 years ago, these guys were the best pharmacies around. Leadership matters…

  58. R.E. Sutherland MEd Sciences

    Hi Greg. (29Jun2024) Great article:Biden Debate Disaster, War Exploding, Economy Tanking

    One more thing…. when can we stop pretending that Joe Biden is an ‘old man’?
    We are watching ACTORS playing the role of Biden… these are IMPOSTERS, which according to constitutional law must be immediately arrested and tried for impersonating an elected official.

    Second thing… I am 70 years old. I know 90 year olds who play tennis and are mentally alert. Can we stop associating age with “deceptive incompetence”?

    You are a very good journalist and news reporter… CAN YOU GET THESE TWO BITS OF KNOWLEDGE TO THE PEOPLE… and hold the line for TRUTH??
    R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./ sciences
    24 years – Virginia Licensed Science Teacher (biology, chemistry, physics)
    9 years-(DOE/SRS) Nuclear lab and Nuclear Radiological Protection Inspector
    1992 – Certificate of Completion for “Teaching Nuclear Topics”
    Author: American and Russian ALLIANCE of 1858 (ISBN: 13: 9780595215010)
    Freelance Investigative Science Reporter since 1996
    1996-2000 Front Page Reporter – The Edgefield Advertiser, South Carolina
    1998 – GOP Primary candidate for SC State Superintendent of Education
    2000 – GOP Primary candidate for SC Governor
    2004 – Libertarian candidate for SC US Senate

    • Galaxy 500

      So knowing one 90yr old that is outside the curve means Biden is?
      This is poor propaganda Sir.
      For every 1 spry and mentally acute 90 yr old there 1000s that aren’t. Age is the devourer of youth, vitality and mentality. This has been known as a fact for thousands of years, just like there are only 2 sexes, male and female.
      That you put out there age does matter is preposterous.

  59. Frank Borja

    Biden’s debate disaster may have been the set-up/signal for Democrats to finally yank him out & replace him.

    When & with whom is the question. If they pick the right kind of candidate (relatively young & unexperienced at the federal level), they will win BIGLY in November.

    I would be very nervous about this if I was a Trump supporter.

    Trump’s cult-follower base represents no more than 50% of the GOP. About 15-20% of the GOP hates his guts and the rest just “go along to get along”.

    All Democrats despise him and no one motivates Democrats to get out and vote like Trump does.

    Most Independents are sick of Trump & desperate for any alternative not named “Joe Biden”.

    The problem w/Trumpers & sites like USAWD is that they spend too much time in their little Echo Chambers, censoring all dissenting opinions, so they have a very skewed perspective on reality.

    Take my word, USAWD Trumpers: Trump only appears like a strong candidate when he stands on stage next to Joe Biden. In fact, he is an incredibly WEAK candidate who will get smoked in November if the Democrats put up a halfway decent candidate.

    Just my 2!

  60. War Monger

    1. It takes the typical U.S. household $1,069 more a month just to purchase the same goods and services that it did three years ago.

    2. Two-thirds of the respondents to one recent survey indicated that they had to take action to deal with rising financial stress within the past year. Those actions included “cutting back on spending, skipping monthly bills, or taking an additional job”.

    3. Home insurance rates have risen by 38 percent since 2019.

    4. Home rental prices are up 30 percent since Joe Biden entered the White House.

    5. A whopping 61 percent of U.S. renters cannot afford the rent on a median-priced apartment in the United States right now.

    6. Gasoline prices are up 46 percent since Joe Biden entered the White House.

    7. The average rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage is up 148 percent since Joe Biden entered the White House.

    8. According to Zillow, the monthly mortgage payment on a typical home in this country has almost doubled during the past four years.

    9. One recent poll discovered that 44 percent of retired Americans are considering going back to work because the cost of living has become so oppressive.

    10. New home sales fell 11.3 percent last month.

    11. Pending home sales are dropping at the fastest rate ever recorded.

    12. According to the House Budget Committee, there have been more than 8 million migrant encounters nationwide while Joe Biden has been in the White House. We truly are in the midst of an immigration crisis that is far greater than anything that we have ever witnessed before.

    13. Thanks to our unprecedented immigration crisis, the homeless population in the city of Chicago actually tripled in just one year.

    14. Murder rates are up by double digit percentages in many major U.S. cities this year.

    15. Continuing jobless claims just shot up to the highest level in almost three years.

    16. The number of job openings in the United States has dropped to the lowest level in more than 3 years.

    17. Rite Aid just announced that it will be closing 27 more stores. That is on top of more than 500 stores that it has already decided to shut down.

    18. Walgreens plans to close approximately one-fourth of its 8,600 U.S. stores. If the economy really was “booming”, why would they be doing this?

    19. Today, 20 percent of the entire population of the state of California is living in poverty.

    20. According to one recent survey, 46 percent of Americans don’t even have 500 dollars saved up.

    21. So far, the U.S. has spent a total of approximately 175 billion dollars on the war in Ukraine, and the Russians are still winning.

    Over the past three and a half years, there has just been one epic failure after another.

    The nightmarish withdrawal from Afghanistan set the stage for the entire Biden presidency. Everything that Biden and his minions have touched has gone sour. In fact, usually the best thing that Biden and his minions can do to solve a problem is to do nothing at all.

  61. Pete+only

    For years now, there has been a secret unelected governing body that not even Presidents of the United States were allowed to be a part of for the most part over the years.
    It is this secret parallel body of several hundred people which does everything it can to enslave and kill most of society, and probably where most of the disappeared trillions of dollars that Dr. Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts has pointed out to us.
    It is why we still don’t have free energy as a society, which is definitely a do able thing if we ever get rid of the scumbags actually running things.
    There is a brave group of individuals, led by Dr. Steven Greer who is trying to change these things.
    Attached is a 2.5 hour in depth podcast that helps explain the history of technological control on our society, dating back to the days of Nicola Tesla, to the present moment, which is very informative, and should be watched before it is taken down. If you are pressed for time, just watch the last 1/2 hour of this podcast to wet your whistle…
    Dr. Steven Greer has a plan to help bring free power to the masses, using Electro Magnetic Generators among other technologies that the elite do not want us to have. The 2.5 hour podcast, which is a must watch. Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project archive DPIA
    As well, there is a link to Dr. Steven Greer’s own website, which has useful info and in which donations can be made to keep his project going.

  62. Galaxy 500

    The Law of Unintended Consequences… Murphy’s Law…
    The Minions of Satan are not honest reliable partners, even to, and especially so, to other evil. So the High Minions and Principalities of Power are fighting each other.

  63. Phil

    Following the Debate Debacle the DNC Mafia now say (after exhausting creative writing and focus groups ) the poor performance was due NOT to diminishing mental state, but that he was “over-prepared”
    Well, if I leave my Thanksgiving turkey in the oven until burnt, guess I can also say it was “over-prepared” – well the Thanksgiving turkey, like the TURKEY Joe Biden is ALSO — UNFIT TO SERVE !!!! (Apologies to all avian Turkeys !)

  64. Bill Holder

    We are all getting replaced, anybody that was born and lived in the US; does not matter the race or gender. If anybody has generational ties to the US or even European nations will be exterminated and replaced with people that have no alligeance to the host nation.

    That crap in that Russian beach was nothing more than an instigation. These deep state neocons want a war at all cost, they are poking the Bear hard. The neocons will up the ante until they get a reaction.

    This is it guys, we are near the total end and you want it or not, you will be part of it.

    • Ashkenasi

      “We are all getting replaced” .
      Karma is a bitch ! ~ cherokee chief.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not for the elect. The days will be “shortened for the elect according to Jesus. Be the elect.

  65. Captain Obvious

    Smoke and Mirrors

    1) That is NOT Joe Biden, recently software was used and determined that there is a 99% possibility that this “Joe Biden” is an imposter.

    2) Who benefits all the stuff that’s been done to us …under Trump the cities burned, economy shutdown, employers forced vaccines, people lost their homes, jobs, livelihoods.

    3) Fake Joe Biden, faking incompetence while dismantling the country, Invaders, food production plants burned, etc, now the bir$ flu on the horizon.

    4) Controlled narrative…about the debate..obviously completely staged, Uniparty in control, these are the best and brightest people running for office?

    Our country is a hairs breath from imploding, inflation, taxes, corruption….00001 % are in charge of 99% of the population.

    That’s not Joe, it’s an imposter feigning incompetence, I don’t understand how that’s not being discussed as it’s so obvious a 4 year old could see it. People are living in a delusion blinded like in a trance, just like during covid.

    China is in control and dismantling the United States, piece by piece..brick by brick.

    • Galaxy 500

      2) Who benefits all the stuff that’s been done to us …under Trump the cities burned, economy shutdown, employers forced vaccines, people lost their homes, jobs, livelihoods.
      Trump was President not Emperor. Trump didn’t shut down the economy, etc
      Trump didn’t force people to get the bioweapon.

      It appears that you Missed the Obvious there Captain.
      I do wonder why you push such easy to debunk anti Trump nonsense.
      And pray tell, what software, please cite it.
      And anyone that thinks Trump is part of a staged anything is vacuous argument by a feckless mind

  66. Shiloh1

    What happened to Massie’s wife? I’m thinking not Covid/vax-related.

  67. Prospector

    I don’t care what anybody says , if they are going after farmers and food production on land , why wouldn’t they seek to poison ocean fishing & lobstering as well ????
    This would likely kill off Plankton , the base of the food chain all other fish depend on.

    Scientists Want to Pour 60,000 Gallons of Sodium Hydroxide Into Ocean Off Cape Cod to Test Carbon Dioxide Removal

    ” sodium hydroxide solution” — which is “essentially lye, a substance known to cause chemical burns ”

    “an experiment called LOC-NESS by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution carries “potentially catastrophic risks” for the Atlantic Ocean”

    Despite these lingering questions, said FOE, the EPA has issued tentative approval for a permit for the experiment, with a public comment period open until July 1.

    Common Dreams . org – June 26 – Geoengineering

  68. John Leigh

    I just heard a horrifying thought. Barack Obama becomes Vice President.

    He is back in the White House, whether there is a real President or an alzheimer’s patient like currently.
    Democrats might vote for any candidate even Hilary if Barack was VP. Then basically
    Barack behind the scenes would be president. As he is now.

  69. Curtis

    Greg, I think that the democrats will allow Biden to run and lose. This way they can blame Biden for every ill, not risk a new candidate on a short schedule, not waste a lot of money on the election, then try and make a comeback in 2026 and 2028.

  70. Joe Wong

    They had their chances to get RFK Jr, but they REJECTED him for Joebama Buyden !!! So just let him FINISH his term on January 19, 2025, and then agree NOT to run for re-election, so the Dems can and needs to find new blood to save their asses, or LOSE badly in November and lick their wounds. What does these Dems expect from a senile 82 year old Joebama Buyden that has dementia as well. Buyden self destructed, while Trump mostly remained quiet during this debate. So – Pick your poison !!!

  71. Julie

    I will agree with another commenter but I am calling it Bread and Circus. The only thing I can control is making sure my family is out of debt, putting aside some precious metals, and learning all I can about skills that will keep my family safe and healthy. One of the things I heard when I first started down the “prepper” path was put 5 cans of food you and your family will eat every week. Buy rice and beans as well. It is amazing how much food you can store in a moderate amount of time.

    By the way, Joel Salatin and Trent Loos would be a good interviews.

  72. Yolk Cracker


    Biden staff ‘scared s—less’ of him, senior admin official says; WH hits back

    Make America Dependent Again: How Biden’s Energy Policy Helps Russia

    Capital Area Diaper Bank Needs Your Help Stocking Up

  73. Rich

    They have to give it to the VP or off one of the Justices and give that seat to harris , best case Trump wins (for the 3rd time ) and hand him a complete train wreck , ether way we the people are going to be in deep s—

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