No Way Financial System Survives – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Financial writer and precious metals broker Bill Holter has been documenting all the unpayable debt that has been building up in the financial system like cancer.  The latest black hole of default is coming from a big bank in Japan.  Norinchukin Bank is selling $63 billion in Treasuries and other sovereign bonds to stay afloat.  Then there is recent news announced by the FDIC that 63 US banks (the names are being kept secret) have more than $500 billion in losses, and let’s not forget about the trillions in losses sitting on the books of European banks ready to suck the world into a black debt hole.  This is just a few of many on a long list of destabilizing problems that can tank the entire over-indebted financial system.  Holter warns, “The list is so long, it could be a banking problem.  It could be a derivatives problem.  It could be a derivatives problem in the stock market, the bond market and you could see a failure to deliver in silver.  Some type of warfare could crash the system.  You could see warfare in Ukraine, Israel or Tiawan.  The system is so unstable, at this point, it could be anything that could bring it down.  Unpayable debt is not just a US problem.  This is all over the world.  Central banks are having to issue huge amounts of debt because we are in the exponential decay phase.  We are exactly where Richard Russell said we would be 20 years ago.  It’s inflate or die, and the only way to inflate is to create more money supply.”

Add to that the $10 trillion in debt the US Government has to roll over by the end of the year.  Meanwhile, the US government piles on $1 trillion in new debt every 100 days.  What could go wrong?

Holter said the last time he was on USAW that there was a little less than a 50% chance we would even have an election.  Now, he predicts it is more likely there will be no 2024 Presidential Election.  Holter says, “There is no way the system, as it is now, survives.  It’s mathematically impossible.  So, if it is mathematically impossible, are they going to blow smoke . . . up until the day it blows up?  Or are they going to do something to blow it up and then say our programs and policies were working except for XYZ this or whatever.  They have to kick the table over.  They cannot allow the table to fall over on its own because then there is going to be finger pointing.  To avoid the finger pointing, they have got to kick the table over.”

Holter also thinks gold is going to exponential numbers to back all the debt the USA has.  If you go with the 8,030 tons of gold the government claims is in Fort Knox, you will need a dollar price of gold at “$125,000 per ounce for 100% gold backing of the dollar.”

Holter also says, “The dollar is being pushed out of the global financial system. . . . Demand for dollars is shrinking at a time when borrowing demand is rising.”  This is a going to be a disaster for America and anyone holding dollars in the future.

In closing, Holter says, “The financial collapse that is coming will be worse than anything we have ever experienced.  This is going to be far worse than the Great Depression simply because society itself is far worse. . . . Back in the Great Depression, you had neighbors helping neighbors.  Today you will have neighbors picking on other neighbors like vultures.”

There is much more in the 51-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 6.22.24.

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After the Interview: 

Bill Holter’s website just keep getting more and more viewers, and it’s still free.  It’s called

If you need to contact Bill Holter, his email is [email protected] .

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  1. Dale

    They (The FED) are building up for WAR because they can’t pay the interest bill on $35 TRILLION! SICKO spend fools are in charge of our Government.

    • Anthony Australia

      All other countries are doing the same. Every central bank is printing like drunken sailors and loaning them out to their respective governments.
      Bankruptcy laws do not apply here .
      Just back from Asia and boy what a huge development undertaking by all of them is insane.
      Borrowing from the IMF and passing the debt onto willing and vulnerable citizens.
      Some say it is China & Russia footing the bill but an awaken one knows the truth about this scheme.
      A well planned and coordinated program that all of these institutions are involved with.
      The entire global system is already being used by the NWO.

      • Anthony Australia


        WikiLeaks founder boards plane out of UK after agreeing plea deal on US spy charges.

        • Ray

          Welcome home Julian.
          A true Australian hero who had the courage to shine a light on some real filth.
          He deserves a Nobel Prize in my assessment.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

          • Greg Hunter

            I am relieved to hear that he’s out and going home.

            • Ray

              Hi Greg,
              Thank you for your lovely note.
              Many people here are so happy that his torture has ended.
              I for one had tears in my eyes as I watched his plane land here in Canberra last night.

              It will take him a very long time to recover from all of this……I hope he can.
              He has stated through representatives this last 24 hours that after an indeterminate period of recovery, he will go on speaking truth to power.
              That’s a real hero in my book…..right up there with my other hero, Greg Hunter.

              You are cut from the same cloth.

              I think it would be an ABSOLUTE COUP if we could find a way to get Julian as a guest on USAWATCHDOG.
              I might even start thinking of how I can contact him, and see if he would be willing to come on.
              What an absolute scoop that would be!
              Thanks again Greg.
              Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

          • Anthony Australia

            Fat chance Brother Ray,

            This nation will only give him a float at the next Sydney Mardi Gras.

        • O'Mara Brandlee

          Not very brilliant Tony, that Assange was set free. He was set free because Joe Biden called Putin a thug when the political prisoner Navalny died in prison.
          Well it got back to the real powers that be, that what the CIA was doing to Julian Assange was worse.
          It was worse than Putin, they the agency not allowing any talk of Assange being released and still holding out his imprisonment after so many years! Still waiting for him to die too, like Navalny! In unjust custody!
          The loss of Mike Pompao’s carrier in politics or ever having a chance as vice president can be blamed on his insistance that Assange remain in prison. As it would certainly end as Navalny and on course to end death or loss of his mind, as many witness’s were confirming the end was near for Jullian too.
          Best Assange watch his back! That he doesn’t wind up getting killed, upsetting the apple cart as General George S. Patton’s untimely demise. . . .At the hands of the real thugs, obeying the father of the lie!

    • Thomas Malthaus

      I suspect the $125,000 per ounce of gold figure is low balled by an unimaginable multiple. Perhaps that’s the lure for central banks and the one percent to be hoarding gold. The upside potential is overwhelming and the downside is comparatively minimal.

      The unfunded liabilities and the derivatives liabilities that Uncle Sam has assumed means the debts won’t be extinguished so much as a few hundred million Amercians will. To includes these items notably affects the true gold price.

      Assembly line de-carbonization.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Dale,
      I might be wrong but I think the Fed will just magically print some Zeros and Ones on their ledgers and pay the bonds. These guys aren’t doing proper accounting and I don’t see them starting now.
      Just my two centavos … but it is based on the way the fed has handled the 2007/2008 crisis. I couldn’t find a line item in the budget to cover that either.

    • Shiloh1

      “When all else fails they take you to war.”

      • Katy Bar

        When all else fails they also Take Your Wealth!
        All under the guise of promoting “Equality” (which ultimately amounts to everyone having nothing or as Klaus Schwab would say “you will own nothing and be happy”). The psycho-demented Demon Rats are currently proposing that “Income Need Not Be Realized Before It Can Be Taxed”. So I guess this means that children aged 1 to 16 will soon be taxed each year on the income “they will likely earn in the future” when they get out of school, while their parents will be taxed on the stock investments they made for their children’s college education “before actually selling the stock”!!
        And in these psycho-demented Demon Rats minds they really truly expect voters to put a Demonrat in the White House in 2024 “To Implement This “Equality” (along with the drafting of young women to die defending the borders of Ukraine)!!!

        • Ken Yu

          Perhaps Newsom should lead and begin taxing all the Homeless People living on California streets since the psychopathic Demonrats believe “income need not be realized to be taxed”. And since the Homeless obviously won’t be able to pay the tax imposed by the Demented Demonrat Nazis they will likely be the first ones sent to the already built FEMA Concentration Camps for swift extermination with the Guillotine’s Obama already bought (with extra blades) and their bodies put into those Black Plastic Coffins we all have seen (all paid for with our tax dollars)!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Spot on Dale!
      Love the way you described our Regime.
      I’d say they were spending money like drunken sailors but truth be told, even drunken sailors stop spending when they run out of money

  2. Really Awake

    Believe it or not we are still in the “good ol’ days” … In fact, every day between now and the socioeconomic collapse is a good day relatively speaking. Every day between now and the declaration of WW3 is a good day. Every day between now and the next release date from a biolab of something like the “Bird Flu” is a good day. Every day the grocery store or drug store isn’t permanently closed is a good day. Every day the light switch still works is a good day.

    There is still time for us to use wisely. Marty Armstrong said that his AI computer has chosen this September as a bad, bad month. The start of “panic”. That’s less than four months away.

    It seems like all the signs are indicating time is short. Marty said that the U.S. economy is entering an inflationary recession that’ll last until 2028. To me this means that even if Trump gets back in the White House he could be turned into the next Herbert Hoover. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to be elected president, because a basket of hot potatoes are going to be dumped into the lap of the next president.

    Yeah, Trump might be a “winter coat”, but he also might be turned into the biggest scape goat in U.S. history. If Trump’s entire second term turns into an inflationary recession, then the U.S.A. will enter disunity and probably break up.

    Again, Marty said that it’s just our time to crash and burn.. And I say Trump can’t save America let alone make it great, again. The best we can do, secularly speaking, is to prepare accordingly.

    I’m glad I’m doing my best to be a Christian, because it really looks like that God’s wisdom found in the Bible is what can make the biggest difference in my life including surviving wicked, wicked days.

    As bad as it is right now, it’s still the good ol’ days. We ain’t seen nothing, yet. The wicked, wicked days are still ahead.

    • Tom C.

      I agree with you on all points.

      We’re in the calm before the Perfect Storm. I hate to say that..

    • Barbara

      I agree with you 100%. The best we can do from now until the end is to help ease the suffering. One small act of kindness can go a long way.

      • Robert Lynn Hütwohl

        I know people may say this, but it is 100% true. Acts of kindness spread like the waves which develop upon throwing a rock in the water. Thoughts and feelings act accordingly. Hatred will do the same but it (the emotion or thought) needs a host, which is proportionally not that many. Inherently, I don’t think most people want others to suffer. This planet, with all its kingdoms, favors love and kindness towards others, i.e., humans, animals, plants, and even the mineral kingdom. Evolving being are sustained by love. The only reason hatred exist is for humans to learn to be attracted by acts of kindness and then evolution is promoted. Anti-evolution is for those who fail to treat others with respect. Much as the Club of Rome and the WEF may desire humans to be dependent on AI, humans must block this by simply not giving it any energy.

        • Galaxy 500

          Evolution… Evolving beings?
          I see no mention of God (YHWH). I also fail to see how a “planet” can favor anything. Your post reads like New Wave mysticism…
          Act of kindness are wonderful. But you can be stupid about it. There are people that show kindness to people with a demonstrably track record of evil and suffer the consequences of death, rape, and robbery.
          Remember the old adage about the woman and the serpent?

    • Stan Tuttle

      Spot on, Jesus is our hope.

    • Richard Longacre

      Really Awake, Spot on. I do and say the same things. I even thank God for running water, and especially hot water when I take a shower.
      I almost doubled the size of my garden this year and am canning, pickling, and eating fresh veggies like there won’t be any more later. I give a lot away (share) as well.

      As a Christian that believes we are not that far away from the Great Tribulation and the total life control Mark of the Beast (MOTB) system, I thank God that our banks are still open and our out of control government is still somewhat functioning because all of my household income comes from the federal government (Retired military and Social Security).
      I have already made my decision not to accept the MOTB or worship the beast by going along to get along with their new control system (Digital ID, Vaccine Passports, Social Credit Scores, travel limitations, mask mandates, lockdowns, mandatory synthetic mRNA injections, and CBDCs) so I already know I will be blocked from participating in “Normal Society” and eventually I will most likely be killed for refusing to comply.

      That is why I thank God for the new day and one more day to prepare. I am prepared as best I can be for the great taking, great reset, financial collapse, food scarcity, war, society collapse, antichrist, MOTB control system, etc. yet I prepare a little more each day with every day God provides. We are told to persevere until Jesus returns and hold to the testimony of Jesus and that is what I am doing and plan on doing until He does return. Come Lord Jesus.

    • Galaxy 500

      Really Awake,
      Well said. These will be considered the “Good Ol’ Days” in the not too distant future. Sad isn’t it. Heck,
      My childhood is looking like the Golden Age and the late 40s and 50s are the Platinum Age.
      And they are going to try to destroy Trump and maybe even attempt to assassinate Trump.
      As far as Trump being made a scapegoat, who’s gonna buy that.
      And Trump can’t stop the hardship coming… But he can contain the severity and the length of the hardship. He is going to close the Department of Inculcation… ah, hmmm… Dept of Education, yeah.
      That will save the next generation in the Red States.

      So be prepared for the hardship, and most of all ,
      Be right with our Lord Jesus and our God YHWH.
      As you said, that is by far the most important thing.
      Followed by, These are the Good Ol’ Days

    • Kimberly Nolin

      I couldn’t agree more with you. We have to take it one day at a time, because tomorrow will be devastating to so many, even for those who have prepared. We will all suffer.
      Trump is not going to save us. We’re too far down the rabbit hole. He may smooth out some rough edges, but he can’t stop the despair and devastation coming our way. And the Democrats will scapegoat him, assuredly.

      • Really Awake

        “He [President Trump] may smooth out some rough edges, but he can’t stop the despair and devastation coming our way.”

        So true. What you said.

        Really, President Trump is face to face with a political blow torch. I say a little prayer to Almighty God that President Trump doesn’t have to be in The White House when the symbolic Four Horsemen of Revelation come galloping over America and trample Washington into dust.. I hope Trump isn’t there unless it’s God’s Will. I have no idea what Jehovah God’s Will is for Donald Trump. I claim no special inspiration. No Holy Spirit or anything but the common God-given reason of man. And that common sense and reason tells me that President Trump is in grave danger and needs Jesus Christ’s protection a lot more than I do. President Trump has a buzz saw heading straight for his jugular. So, he really, really needs God’s help. And, at this point, the situation is all in God’s Hands more than ever before in my lifetime. Politically speaking, this is the Big One. Like a big symbolic earthquake in Revelation.

        • Greg Hunter

          Really Awake,
          Charles Nenner said, “That winter is coming, and if you know it is coming, you get a winter coat. Trump is a winter coat.” Biden is a Speedo.

          • CB

            Gold and silver are part of the special energy source in the earth “ Ether” it activates the crystals in your pineal gland in your brain. This is why men what to control it. This is how they control your subconscious.

            I know things simple people don’t.


          • CB

            The wars are about energy centers in the earth

            It’s a spiritual war that none of you are aware of and humanity is loosing.

            • Greg Hunter

              Liar!! You Do not know Jesus. Matt 28:18

          • Jerry

            I love this Greg!

    • Jerry

      Thank you for your thoughts, I whole heartedly agree with you.

    • Steve Bice

      “As bad as it is right now, it’s still the good ol’ days. We ain’t seen nothing, yet. The wicked, wicked days are still ahead.”


      Luke 21:
      34 “But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. 35 For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth.

      36 Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

      “…pray that you may be counted worthy to escape…” (evidence that some will indeed escape these times):

      “Watch”… the wickedness is growing…


    Greg, If Tucker or Bannon talk about 6-7 % people would sit back watch TV not vote and let the Dems cheat like crazy and
    and call it a WIN. I think they can’t talk about it. Linda

    • Greg Hunter

      They could not tell people not to take the vax in 2021 either.

      • sally

        sorry to contact you this way. I’m old and don’t know how to start a conversation on your page..I trust you so I want to ask you a question..Is Michael Jacko for real on his blogs..I seem to see a different Jacko on his earlier blobs..and he seems to be talking differently now.

        • Greg Hunter

          I do not know who what is, and I do not follow Mr. Jacko.

      • Galaxy 500

        Heck Greg,
        There are people I know that just took another shot. Even with all the information out there, they still took it…
        And they are not in good health… what could go wrong?

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Greg, Look up the Bio of Prof Seyfried and then watch one video he has done being interviewed mostly byt Adversarial main stream Urologist/Oncologist and others. He is so amazing and look at the comments below. The Keto Metabolic Diet with intermitted fasting is going to be the Standard of Care and he is 77 and sharp as a tack and the knowledge he has, simply a perfect fit for your super way of interviewing all. 70 Americans every hour are dying of cancer now so the current Standards of Care have totally failed now.

  4. Dave Scrimshaw

    Proverbs 18:10 (NASB77)
    10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and is safe.
    Psalm 18:2 (NASB77)
    2 The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

  5. Joe Wong


    Bill Holter is CORRECT & SPOT-ON here as well.

    In the past 3 months Japan has been selling off their huge and largest holding of US Dollars, and US Treasury Bonds (aka US Debt) because Japan needs to do this ASAP to prop-up their failing Japanese Yen that’s in Free-fall now.

    Also, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is NO LONGER accepting the US Dollar (aka US Petrodollars) because China became their largest buyer of their petroleum products, after the Collapse of Free-Market Capitalism via the September 16, 2008’s GLOBAL ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRISIS with a Made in the USA by Wall Street Label on it as well. This also helped destroy America’s credibility and prestige as well. So RIP US Petrodollar 1971-2024.

    There is some truth of the return of the DRAFT, but will include GIRLS as well, since Ukrainian Dictator Vladimir Zelensky is already grabbing 11 to 16 year old girls out of school during school dismissal time and have them call their mamma’s that they will NOT be returning home today, but are issued weapons, and are being sent to the front line and are given weapons and are told to shoot and kill advancing Russian Troops, all this without any kind of basic weapons training at all. This is what Dictator Zelensky has degenerated down to, and has reached his lowest point of his life, since his presidency of Ukraine has essentially expired back on May 21, 2024, He has already annihilated and destroyed his entire male population and now has to grab and recruit females now. Very SAD but true. That’s how the WEF’s policy of depopulate the planet will take place.

    Also, Americans are a very WASTEFUL society as well, since they always want NEW, and throw out a good working Fisher 250TX AM/FM Stereo Receiver with WOOD CASE that is still in great working order, because it is 55 years old and is American Made back in 1969, and my son found it on the sidewalk for garbage pick-up.

    I also think the USA will pave the way for the BRICKS currency in the very near future, since Joebama Buyden’s current administration lack of dialogue and diplomacy, but keeps pissing-off the other 192 nations around the globe with sanctions and wars. Also WARS NO LONGER WORKS ANYMORE, since the ones being attacked by the US, UK, EU, NATO or their collective western lapdog losers, and are FIGHTING BACK now !!!

    I think there will be an election, but will be FIXED by Gyrogy Schwartz and his open border society as well, just like the 2020 elections were, but HEADS will roll this time around, and Joebama Buyden, Blundering Anthony Blinken, Jacob Sullivan, Victoria Juland will all be removed, and found GUILTY of war crimes and sent to the infamous Rikers Island prison for 10 years each, with no early release for good behavior.

    Komatose Kamala Harris will be sworn-in as the USA’s 47th Female President to complete Joebama Buydens term in office as well, just like Gerald Ford was when Nixon resigned on August 9, 1975 because of his corruption in his role in the Watergate scandal. THIW’s.

    Have a nice weekend Bill & Greg

    • Mike

      Hi Greg. I am an o.d USMC combat vet. VietNam infantry It is my hope that kids refuse to register and take off anywhere. Do not fight for these snake ‘s. In DC. We have a do nothing Congress, and zero Justice. Fauci and cohorts still free. Bill gates still walking free. Screw this country. My friends died for nothing. I will never forget. Trump was ignorant of the c jabs? How is it that we were not ignorant. Bunch of BS. Biden a joke. Our country will be destroyed within just like Kruchev said. Bill is great.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg! Love Bill Holter.
    Money was invented to enslave humans, to destroy them from within via their own illusions.

    • Galaxy 500

      You seem to be saying money is evil. I believe it’s the love of money that’s the problem.
      Real money was invented as a medium of trade. Real money is fungible.
      Anthony, the problem has alway been with the love of money. Money isn’t evil but the love of money drives monumental evil in the world.
      May be we can go back to real money either with real intrinsic value or fully backed by fungible commodities.
      Without “money” everything is barter and if I do accounting as a favor it doesn’t make sense for me to take payment in chickens.
      But then that didn’t make sense 2700 years ago when they introduced Electrum coins with a guaranteed value per coin ( weight in pure gold).
      So real money is just a tool. The love of money causes evil. Am I wrong? If so, how?

      • Anthony Australia

        Hi G500,

        We don’t need any medium tool of exchange period. We are all born equal and own nothing except our souls.
        Who or what determines a person’s value for a product.

        • Galaxy 500

          Then trade will never happen nor will wide spread commerce.
          And while we are all Born equal in the eyes of GOD, all men are not equal. A VW will never be a Ferrari.
          Measured or measurable cost determines value whether in labor or “currency”

          • Anthony Australia

            Sorry G500 you are still asleep.

  7. John Leigh

    It is hard to know what to do. When Ed Dowd was on a month ago, he said he thought the US dollar would hold on for another 5 years or so. He said Warren Buffett was buying short term treasuries. Now from Bill it sounds like things are going to start falling a part before Labor Day. It does sound like it is good not to have much money in the US or European banks. So many conflicting reports it is hard to know what actions to take.

    • Sue

      Common sense tells you the dollar will not hold another 5 years. Not confusing at all.

    • Galaxy 500

      From what I have read, Buffet made big bets and would have been wiped out in 2007/2008 if AIG hadn’t have been backstopped 100% by the stupid American tax payer… you know, me and you

      • Shiloh1

        Absolutely. Goldman Sachs was the on the winning side of the AIG bailout, Uncle Buffy had a winning side bet on that one. The bet was SYNTHETIC credit default swaps – not legitimate notes/debt. The roulette table crowd scene in The Big Short. What would we ever do without those rats?!

  8. Rod Brumley Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    I’m amazed that we have not had a total collapse already. I highly recommend having Guns and plenty of ammo to protect your home from the Vultures that will be coming out of the woodwork. I’ve discussed with my two sons and daughter along with her husband our plan when this blows up. The key is to have a support system in place to protect your kids and grandkids. Trump must win in November to have any chance of keeping America safe. We are doomed if that doesn’t happen
    In God I Trust

    • Ken Yu

      If Google feels it can’t steal the 2024 election for the Demon Rats they may simply tell the Demon Rats that the only course open to remain in power will be “to cancel the election” (the way it was done in Ukraine)!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Google Expert And Whistleblower Exposes Plan To Rig 2024 Elections And Track & Trace Everything You Do In The Process.

      • Anthony Australia


      • Katy Bar

        Russia is allowing the Demon Rats (now with only a 6 to 7 percent approval rating for the Big Guy) to fire missiles into their major population centers and blow up their strategic early warning radar stations without responding in kind. The question is why? Perhaps (just like Russia did nothing much against the US when they took out Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline) Putin is likely holding back so that the Evil Demon Rat Neocons now controlling Washington “won’t have an easy excuse to get a Major World War started” that could then be used to Cancel the 2024 Election (that Trump will obviously win)!!! The Demonrats are probably totally frustrated that Putin “won’t take their false flag bait” and start firing missiles into U.S. cities in retaliation for the bombing of Russian cities and these Demonrats will likely now claim that because Russia is not bombing the U.S. in retaliation they obviously are trying to interfere in our election (because No War will help Trump get elected) and no war makes it hard to draft young American Boys and Girls to be killed on the Ukrainian front lines which will then help to rally support for the Demonratic Party in November!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Well reasoned and damn well said. But then you’re a Lt Col. from the Marines at a time when merit ruled.
      First thank you for the blood and sweat you paid for my freedom.
      You have a great plan.
      May I impose upon you to answer a question?
      What medium are you counting on for trade?
      Besides precious metals, ammo ( there is a reason that a measure of whisky is called a shot), food?
      I have some bottles of cheap alcohol (200ml) that I think will be easy and universal value wise. I also have some of the good stuff. I had thought tobacco would be good but unlike alcohol, tobacco is hard to store and goes stale relatively quick.
      Spices, coffee, tea, sugar, motor oil,
      Just asking what you think or what you plan is for trade. Thank you in advance

      • Donna

        Feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads, menstrual cups)
        Sharps (pins, needles, razor blades, fishhooks)
        Solar rechargeable batteries
        Re: tobacco, the BF, a Vietnam veteran, says they were issued cigs from WWII, totally stale but they still smoked them.
        Drugs (prescription, marijuana–legal in my state!)
        Gold rings (FerFAL discussed this, wished he had more to trade on black market)
        Alcohol–hey, a countertop still might be a terrific investment
        Pens, pencils? Writing paper?

  9. Richard Gould

    Thee is one way to get through what is coming quickly; Support our Overseer Jesus — “All authority has been given me in heaven and on the earth.”—MATT. 28:18. >>> TODAY it is God’s will that the good news of the Kingdom be preached in all the earth. (Mark 13:10; 1 Tim. 2:3, 4) This is Almighty Jehovah God’s work, and it is so important that he has placed it under the direction of his beloved Son, Jesus. We can be sure that under Jesus’ capable oversight, the preaching work will be completed to Jehovah’s satisfaction before the end comes. >>> Matt. 24:14.
    In this information, we will see how Jesus is using his “faithful and discreet slave” to provide spiritual food and to organize his followers for the greatest preaching campaign in history. (Matt. 24:45) We will also see what each one of us can do to support Jesus and the faithful slave.
    JESUS OVERSEES THE PREACHING WORK — Jesus is overseeing the preaching work. How can we be sure of that? Shortly before he ascended to heaven, Jesus met with a number of his faithful followers on a mountain in Galilee. He told them: “All authority has been given me in heaven and on the earth.” Note his very next statement: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations.” (Matt. 28:18, 19 & 20 teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.”) So, among other things, Jesus has been given the authority to direct the preaching work which MUST be completed before the conclusion of this system of things under the control of Satan who is noted as the god of this system of things in the Bible.
    Jesus stated that the preaching and disciple-making work would be accomplished in “all the nations” and that he would be with his followers “all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.” (Matt. 28:20) Those statements clearly indicate that the preaching work would continue under Jesus’ supervision right down to our day.
    Jesus was not worried that there would be a shortage of workers during the conclusion of the system of things. He knew that the prophetic words of the psalmist would be fulfilled: “Your people will offer themselves willingly on the day of your military force.” (Ps. 110:3) If you are sharing in the preaching work, you are supporting Jesus and the faithful slave and are helping to fulfill that prophecy. The work is going ahead, but there are challenges. One challenge that Kingdom preachers face is opposition. Apostates, religious leaders, and politicians have given many the wrong impression about our work. If our relatives, acquaintances, and workmates are misled by this propaganda, they may pressure us to stop serving Jehovah and to stop preaching. In some countries, the opposition takes the form of intimidation, threats, arrests, and even imprisonment. We are not surprised at this reaction. Jesus foretold: “You will be hated by all the nations on account of my name.” (Matt. 24:9) The very fact that we are experiencing such hatred is proof that we have Jehovah’s approval. (Matt. 5:11, 12) The Devil is behind this opposition. But he is no match for Jesus! With Jesus’ support, the good news is reaching people of all nations.

    • JM

      Why do you still deny the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ? Are you mormon or JW?

      • Chris's Gall

        Blimey JM, blame it on the Yanks!
        There the only two religions born in the good ol’ USA! So I blame it on those Yanks.
        I blame it on the Europeans too!
        They been fighting that Diety crap
        since the big fight broke out at the council of Nicea and they even went to fisticuffs over it, then the 30 years war and how many afterwards, I’ve lost count! I guess we’ll be ah fightin, till Kingdom comes and she’ll be coming round 🗻the mountain when she comes, when she comes and like Jesus said, when I come back, no more Mr. Nice Guy!
        Keep your eyes on the sky’s!

        • JM

          Deity crap? Is that what you really think of the Lord Jesus Christ?

          • Chris's Gall

            Yes, there are many Deity’s. People are killed in India or Pakistan over the Deity’s.
            Wars have been fought over them.
            All I know is if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ you’ll be saved. Not by works or a litmus test. But if you trust him. So when they put a gun in your mouth and ask you to renounce our Lord Jesus Christ or it’s curtain’s and you do and a poor smuck who refuses and doesn’t believe as the other fellow even though he might be right. The guy who had the faith but maybe not his doctrine right. Will get life, though he might lose it for hist trust in the Son!

            • JM

              Get back on your medications.

              There is only one Deity. The Lord Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. It is called the doctrine of the Trinity. You don’t believe in this. It is beyond your comprehension because you deny the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is your problem and what your cult teaches you. You are deceived.

              Stop with your nonsense.

        • Galaxy 500

          Hey, Hey, Hey…
          We got the Scientologists worshipping Zxenu (SP)

      • Gordon Piper

        Don’t answer that question Richard.
        We’re not partisan here at Just keep telling it your way, his way or Yahweh’s, or the highway!
        We need hope, salvation and the good news of the Kingdom, cause we’re fed up with all of these political parties and they’re governments and their bickering and to keep what’s partisan out of it and if JM doesn’t like it, well he can just lump it, Lumpy!
        Tell us JM, like Richard. Just what hope you have in Jesus and leave it at that. Or as Greg says put your money where your mouth is and start your own site! We’re sick and tired of all this division and fighting in this old world, soon to be hopefully replaced by a new world under God’s own Kingdome! Ya hear?

        • JM

          Are you the same person as Richard? Do you also deny the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ?

      • Galaxy 500

        Right there with you, JM. Jesus the Overseer?
        My Jesus is the ONE and only Begotten SON of the ONE TRUE GOD, YHWH.
        JW, Moron, moslem… sure does read like a Christian does it?

    • Frieda Freeloada

      Wow, that’s mighty rich Rich!
      I don’t fully understand just what the heck your talking about, but it sure sounds good to me!
      I especially liked your quote of Jesus Christ, that he knew that, the prophetic words of the psalmist would be fulfilled: “Your people will offer themselves willingly on the day of your military force.” (Ps. 110:3)
      I know he meant our battle isn’t physical but with spirits in high places pulling the strings on our dear leaders who haven’t a clue and especially drinking them spirits down at the local Bar and Saloon. They don’t call them spirits fer nuthin!
      Well we can’t let ourselves come under any spirit except holy spirit, of course!
      We do have a great future ahead of us, if we just put our trust in our great creator. To get us through to the other side of this
      great mess we’re all in. Like Really Awake says, these our our good ol’ days.
      Right now we’re facing the great foretold, tribulation. and Greg Hunter have been warning us since before 2014, that everything is on sale now. Prices have already started to sky 🚀 rocket! As the Bible says, the days of a day’s wage, for a loaf of bread are here and for much of the world.
      How long can the USA, escape the curse for the blessing? When it turns on God’s
      Sheeple, eliminating all the freedoms our founding father’s brought to this land. That brought freedom to the European as well as, eventually the African. The freedom to worship God.
      When that’s gone, it’s over and the fat lady, will have sung her last song.
      So my fellow Americkan’s, welcome to the ruler of this worlds last ditch effort at
      NAZISM, Communism, or both!
      But our creator only laughs and he who laughs last, as they say.
      Laugh’s the loudest!
      You have his word, the words name on it.
      Where everything Jesus Christ says, will Kingdom come.
      Never give up on the real life, the real life, of life everlasting, on a paradise earth or as a 🤴 ruler, prince or princess of this planet, in the heavens above. Where and what, the meek shall finally inherit!
      So lift your heads up for your delivrence
      is nearer than you think!
      You thunk? I do donk!
      A south Florida yupper day to you all, and an Aussie fair dinkum and a big dinkie die!
      Right back at youn’s’es, from William Penn’s,

      • Ray

        Fair Dinkum Frieda……you’ve spun a ripping yarn there!
        Well said…..well said.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

    • Galaxy 500

      45 “Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his master made ruler over his household, to give them food [g]in due season? 46 Blessed is that servant whom his master, when he comes, will find so doing. 47 Assuredly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all his goods. 48 But if that evil servant says in his heart, ‘My master is delaying [h]his coming,’ 49 and begins to beat his fellow servants, and to eat and drink with the drunkards, 50 the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him and at an hour that he is not aware of, 51 and will cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  10. Linda Vernon

    Always enjoy Bill Holter interviews, he has broad knowledge of many subjects and puts the information out in a manner easily understandable by a lay person. He mentioned mass die offs from starvation but I think the lack of pharmaceutical drugs and medical care will also play a large part in it . The only hope we have is God Almighty 🙏

  11. Cheri Rodriguez

    “Back in the Great Depression, you had neighbors helping neighbors. Today you will have neighbors picking on other neighbors like vultures.”

    Back during the Great Depression, you didn’t have neighbors who were drug dealers, convicted sex offenders, scofflaws racing around blasting their car stereos all hours of the day and night. Those types don’t need helping, they need to go down for the dirt nap.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes, and during the Great Depression, it was abnormal to kill people just because…
      And they weren’t taught in school to hate the country. They weren’t taught that a certain class oppressed them and how privileged those evil people are.

      Yes, things are going to be brutal. Feral humans will prey on the weak and the kind

  12. Faith

    42:25 “Neighbors will pick on neighbors.” Yes. Had a young Christian fella tell me he would kill and steal food from weak people. I was shocked, of course.

    Not good.

    • LoriQ

      Faith, I don’t think he was a Christian. Sounds like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Be careful who is around you.

  13. Mike S

    I know Bill’s never been a proponent, but all of a sudden Donald Trump is! Of course I’m talking about Bitcoin and related DECENTRALIZED currencies.
    And BTC IS global already.

    I know Bill would appreciate how El Salvador has recently gone from the highest global murder rate to lowest in the Western Hemisphere after nearly miraculously arresting 700,000 gang members (re: recent Tucker Carlson interview with strong ChristianPresident Bukele).

    BTC is legal tender in El Salvador.

    Even though the citizens have shied away from using
    It re: tracking fears,
    It things go south as Bill describes, unless the grid is gone, it can be a valuable asset because it too will be valued in itself, not likely in dollars just like you could argue, metals won’t be valued in dollars. (Including copper btw).

    And don’t think Trump is not thinking about this.

    Don’t be surprised if we have a Newsom.-Trump election. vs. no election.

    We can’t rule out a new system that includes people paying for “whatever” via the Crypto app.

  14. Anita

    Thank you both. Broad range of interesting topics.

    • KansasCrude

      I will never spend or accept Crapto. Its one more terrible excuse for MONEY. Which is AU and AG.

  15. Fred Daake

    I like the idea of tagging a trading value to a basket of commodities for international trade. This will enhance the value of those who are most productive. Gold does not seem to me as being viable because it would create a major imbalance of wealth that no one would be able to escape.

    • Kansas Crude

      So I guess that means you have not AU? or AG? Gold is money everything else is credit. AU/AG are real money the rest is credit. If your money has no intrinsic value its pretty much butt wipe. Good luck with that plan.

    • Galaxy 500

      Physical metal creating an imbalance of wealth?
      Poppycock… sounds
      This reads like a bot pushing a trading strategy.
      IF you somehow are not a bot, if you don’t have it in your hand when the music stops, you won’t have anything… period, with the exception of debt

      • Fred Daake

        @Galaxie (arrogant bot)

        What would be the difference between backing money with oil or backing it with gold? It is all fiat. It is based on worshiping a gold idol or an oil idol. A religion. No intrinsic value in the fake money except that it shifts the balance of power from the biggest oil producers to the biggest gold accumulators.

        On the other hand, commodities have intrinsic value. Wheat, cattle, sugar, corn, beans all have value. Those countries who are the most productive would have the strongest buying power if we eliminated the easily manipulated fiat money.

        Ill bet that that you did not know that a bot is capable of seeing through the fallacies of a superstitious human who tries to push their religion on the public?

  16. Richard Gould

    Those who have been faithful supporters of Jesus, i.e., in obedience to Jesus, WILL be protected in what is coming quickly. That is a promise made to us by Almighty Jehovah God. – Come what may, we are determined to obey Jesus’ words: “It is Jehovah your God you must worship.”—Matt. 4:10.
    ! When you imitate Philip and obey Jesus’ command to preach, you prove that you want to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Read Romans 10:10, 13, 14.)
    Consider some other reasons why we are motivated to preach. We want to obey Jesus’ command: “Go . . . and make disciples.” (Matt. 28:19, 20) We also preach because people are “skinned and thrown about” and are in dire need of learning the truth about the Kingdom. (Matt. 9:36) Jehovah wants all sorts of people to come to an accurate knowledge of the truth and be saved.—1 Tim. 2:4.
    7 We will be moved to take up this lifesaving work when we think about the effect our preaching can have. Unlike a commercial fisherman who sells or eats the fish he catches, we “catch” people in order to save their lives.—Read Romans 10:13-15; 1 Tim. 4:16.
    First of all, notice Jehovah’s promise with regard to the plague of locusts: “I will drive the northerner [the locusts] far away from you.” (Joel 2:20) If the locusts represent Jehovah’s Witnesses as they obey Jesus’ command to preach and make disciples, why would Jehovah promise to drive them away? (Ezek. 33:7-9; Matt. 28:19, 20) Clearly, Jehovah is driving away, not his faithful servants, but something or someone who is hostile to his people.
    There is more to this. We are promised that nothing that is coming will hurt us; we WILL be under the full protection of Almighty Jehovah God.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t underestimate Jesus. Matt 28:18 “All authority in Heaven and Earth has been given to me said Jesus. Note the word “ALL.”

    • JM

      You JWs do not believe in the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why?

      Do not be deceived.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Richard,
      Where is the part that you must accept Jesus as your savior? That none can come to the Father YHWH but thru the Son, Jesus?
      You take a verse from here and verse from there out of context?
      So you guys still believe that only 14,400 can make it into heaven or do you use the update version of 144,000? Just curious because my Lord Jehovah’s house has room for all believers and it’s considerably bigger than that.
      I still remember in the mid 70s when the JWs were saying the world was supposed to end. I agree that JWs represent plague of locusts. They devour and prey upon those that don’t know the Bible.
      There is still time to accept Jesus as your Savior. Put the Watchtower aside and Pull out your Bible and really read it. Start with John3:16

      • JM

        Well said.

        The JWs never cease to spread their cult beliefs. They are like the demons, everywhere causing problems. They never rest.

        There is still time to get out while you can. The brainwashing can only be overcome by the Holy Spirit.

        • Fran Tarolton

          Wait a minute, Galaxy 500′ and LM, do you believe that Jesus died for the sins of humankind, or the most important doctrine of Christsendom and the least understood is required for Salvation?(1 Peter 3:18) I can’t seem to wrap my head around a triune God just like so many others. Can any one of you explain it?
          However, I know salvation requires more than just believing in Jesus as Savior or the Trinity, or any other doctrine. The demons know that Jesus is “the Son of God,” they know all the doctrines, but they face destruction, not salvation.—Luke 4:41; Jude 6.
          What I do know, is
          you must believe that Jesus sacrificed his life for our sins. (Acts 16:30, 31; 1 John 2:2) This includes believing that Jesus was a real person and that all of what the Bible account says about him is accurate.
          (2 Timothy 3:15) The Bible says that the apostle Paul and Silas told a jailer: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will get saved.” Then, after that, they began to teach “the word of God” to the jailer. (Acts 16:31, 32) This indicates that the jailer could not truly believe in Jesus unless he had a basic understanding of God’s Word. He needed accurate knowledge based on the Scriptures.—1 Timothy 2:3, 4.
          You must repent too Gal, or feel deep sorrow, over your previous wrong attitudes and conduct. Your repentance will be (Acts 3:19) obvious to others as you stop the practices that offend God and do “works that befit repentance.”—Acts 26:20.
          You must get baptized too LM! (Matthew 28:19) Jesus said that those who become his disciples would be baptized. The jailer was baptized. (Acts 16:33) Similarly, after the apostle Peter taught a large crowd the truth about Jesus, “those who gladly accepted his word were baptized.”—Acts 2:40, 41.

          (Hebrews 5:9) Those who “observe all the things” that Jesus commanded, show by their life that they are his followers. (Matthew 28:20) They become “doers of the word and not hearers only.”—James 1:22.

          (Mark 13:13) Jesus’ disciples “needed endurance from God” in order to be saved. (Hebrews 10:36) For example, the apostle Paul maintained strict obedience to Jesus’ teachings and loyalty to God, and he endured in this course from the day he became a Christian until he died.—1 Corinthians 9:27.

          What about “Gal’s sinner’s Prayer”?
          In some religions people say certain prayers such as the “Sinner’s Prayer” and the “Salvation Prayer.” Typically, those praying acknowledge their sinfulness and express belief that Jesus died for their sins. They also ask Jesus to come into their heart or life. But the Bible neither mentions nor recommends a formulaic “Prayer or understanding a triune God.

          Some people think that after expressing a “Sinner’s Prayer,” a person is assured of eternal salvation. But no prayer in itself guarantees salvation. As imperfect humans, we continue to make mistakes. (1 John 1:8) That is why Jesus taught his followers to pray regularly for forgiveness of sins. (Luke 11:2, 4) Furthermore, some Christians who were in line for eternal salvation lost that prospect because they fell away or turned away from God.—Hebrews 6:4-6; 2 Peter 2:20, 21.

          Where did the “Sinner’s Prayer” originate?
          Historians disagree regarding the origin of the “Sinner’s Prayer.” Some suggest that the tradition started to develop during the Protestant Reformation. Others believe that people began to say the “Sinner’s Prayer” during religious movements of the 18th and 19th centuries. In any case, the practice is not supported by Scripture—it actually conflicts with Bible teachings.

          Matthew 24:13: “The one who has endured to the end will be saved.”

          Meaning: To gain salvation, people must maintain their faithfulness throughout their life.

          Acts 16:30, 31: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will get saved.”

          Meaning: Belief in Jesus is necessary to attain salvation.

          1 Timothy 2:3, 4: “This is fine and acceptable in the sight of our Savior, God, whose will is that all sorts of people should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.”

          Meaning: Belief in Jesus must be based on accurate knowledge of Bible truth.

          Hebrews 5:9: “[Jesus] became responsible for everlasting salvation to all those obeying him.”

          Meaning: To gain salvation, people must both know and obey Jesus’ commands.

        • Galaxy 500

          A friend I grew up with killed themselves right after HS. You see her and her family were Jaws. In the mid 70s they borrowed everything they could because the world was going to end. Then, it didn’t end and her parents had to declare bankruptcy. Lost house, cars, …
          Yeah, I will never forget thst

  17. Fred Daake

    Bill Holter is always very interesting. I am surprised that the debt based dollar has lasted this long. It would not surprise me if the whole thing came crashing down soon.
    As a long time supporter of Trump, I can say that those people who are waiting for Trump to be our savior in all this are kidding themselves. They should be immediately begin to decide how they are going to handle this mess.

  18. Barbara

    I find it disturbing that people who call themselves Christians are willing to shoot first and ask questions later. Whatever happened to sharing what we have?

    • Sharon

      Ever heard of Joshua, Gideon and David??? How about the wise virgins? Do you really think that those who haven’t prepared are going to want to share?? They would come to take everything and kill you while they’re at it!! Don’t be so naive, really! It’s been stated here on this site over and over again to make preparations for your family and friends and to build communities of support! But feel free to keep on missing the bigger picture!!

      • Galaxy 500

        I don’t think Barbara has a robust knowledge of the Bible. Outside of berating Christians, I am not sure what her point was.
        God wants His flock to survive and persist. He doesn’t want you to allow yourself to be murdered. That is Suicide which is a sin.

    • Shiloh1

      How many ‘migrant’ buses are showing up at Vatican City?

      • Galaxy 500

        Me! Me! Call on me. I know the answer… LOL
        Shiloh1 That would be ZERO. The same number of buses that were allowed to stay on Martha’s Vineyard.

  19. Katy Bar

    Bil Holder Interprets the feeding signs of the evil Demon-rat predators and Bankster scavengers now running our hollowed out Banana Republic. Understanding these Neocon Demons (their criminal behavior and feeding mechanisms) is critical to allow us to untangle the mechanisms these Globalists use for their predation and kleptoparasitism (where “kleptoparasitism” refers to when one steals the food or money of another). Heed Bill’s warning because there is presently a Demon Rat (big guy) in the White House who is fully intent on getting all us White Christian Conservatives (the same way the Romans were out to get the Christians) and he wants to “feed us and our children to the lions” using a combination of a big war, draft and significant devaluation of the US dollar. So get ready folks, this is going to be like a Humongous Lion taking a big bite out of our flesh and cracking our bones. Our first recourse being to pray for salvation by Trump (if an election is held). Or if an election is not held to do what is critically necessary ourselves “as duly authorized in our Constitution” and replace the illegal government (not accountable to the people). Thus in the Final Battle WE become the Unstoppable Force Against Evil (backed by Jesus Christ) !!

    • Ken Yu

      First “We Pray” that Trump is elected – however if the election is stolen or canceled by the Demon Rats – then “We Prey” (and physically remove and hang the evil ones)!!

  20. Dale Faught

    I had read an article where it spoke about he price in gold dropping was due to some of the big players selling their paper gold. The person said it was in the high
    hundred billions. They then turned and bought real gold at the new lower price.

    • Greg Hunter

      I believe that game is over. BIG money is looking for physical.

  21. Jeffrobbins

    No one has a crystal ball. However, IF we have elections and end up with a lame duck congress and president, the end of this year would be a particularly scary time. Who would be in charge??——-
    There are a lot possible parallels with the story of Joseph from Genesis. After he-Joseph buys/ gathers in all the money, all the animals, all the land and the people agree to be slaves, it tells us Joseph gathered the people into the cities. Evil isn’t creative, and that sounds like 15 minute cites to me. And we wouldn’t own anything and be happy?

  22. Jeffrobbins

    I’d be curious to talk with Bill about his stocked pond. It’s been a large undertaking, but we have a new-ish pond. Most people would have gone with bass and blue gill, but we chose catfish and comet goldfish. Blue Cats that is. I’m tossing out a fair amount of supplemental feed currently. I use 2 parts Purina Aqua Max and 1 part Purina Game Fish Chow. I do enjoy feeding them at dusk. Sort of a quiet time and a Thankyou time for Jesus helping me along the WAY. A good tip for anyone with a pond or planning to build one- run temp power to it and set up an aerator. Oxygenated water covers a lot of issues.

    • Ken Yu

      Bill Holder having a dozen chickens to provide 12 eggs a day is a very intelligent way to provide food for his family when the stores become empty during the coming economic and war crisis the Demonrats need to create before the election. Another Bill (Bill Gates) is instead out promoting another way for people to survive namely drinking “Maggot Smoothies” during the coming crisis. It is now up to the American people to choose and decide which “Bill” to follow Holter or Gates (who wants to kill all the chickens and allow flies to land on their dead bodies so as to produce “the multitude of maggots necessary” to feed 340 million starving American people during the coming manufactured crisis).

      • Jeffrobbins

        We have a bunch of chickens- 10 older girls and a rooster, and 19 young birds about 4 months old. The work is in the coops, fences, water, and food storage. Joel Salatin advocates for a great exterior fence around your property and lesser permanent inside fences. As a side note, my grandmother came from Hog Island off of the Va eastern shore. When ever she cooked chicken, she boiled it first and then baked it- even the tender store birds. This was a puzzle to everyone, she just said thats how you cook chicken. It took many years for me to figure out that if families were self sufficient, you wouldn’t butcher the young egg layers, but the older birds that happen to be a bit tough and not laying so good.- just an idea from yesteryear.

  23. Marie Joy

    All Americans should carry and train up.
    Silver to buy groceries. And BARTER.
    Take nothing for granted… VOTE (If there’s an election)
    Be prepared for violence.
    Easiest way to Depopulate is to draft (kill) women.
    Air, water, food, shelter, community.
    My neighbor told me he intends to take my food.
    Apathy kills

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi MJ
      Absolutely carry at all times, be strapped even around the house. VOTE!
      Your neighbor sounds like someone whose life doesn’t end well. TPTB went after men first, now they are coming after women. Their goal is to enslave us.
      Good Luck and God YHWH bless you.

  24. Johnny Nobody

    My wife and I have been prepping for several years. To Bill’s point about ‘buy now, before prices inflate up’, we bought extra virgin olive oil in as little as two years ago for £2.75 per 700 millilitre bottle (one and a half US pints). Today, that same brand 700 ml bottle of olive oil is priced at £6.75 – a massive 145% increase in just two years!
    Fortuitously, we purchased in bulk, same with coffee, baked beans, tinned fish, pasta, rice, toiletries, detergent . . . .

    Will we be able to defend our stocks? UK citizens were disarmed (enslaved) many decades ago so, probably not. The best we can do amounts to crossbows, slingshots, tactical flashlights with strobe, and laser pointers. US citizens are protected by the Second Amendment and, despite concerted attempts to overturn it – false flag school shootings – Joe and Jane public still have the essential right to bear arms. This right to bear arms places a huge burden of responsibility on US citizens to defend the world against evil forces.

    • 2nd Ammendment


      You are right America is absolutley locked and loaded. If/when it goes bad every intruder will have to have that on their mind.

      The neighborhhood I live in, (just normal people) almost all of them are armed, either hunters, ex miltary, or they just support the 2nd amendment. Some neighbors who I thought were not, actually are, and that surprised me.

  25. David Gordon Dunne

    So, Does the whole world turn into a Soylent Green movie? No place to hide and really ok. so Martin has two years of food, what then? There are so many dollars out there that a total collapse will collaspe all Countries too. No Brics can save that except maybe Russia and China. The rest of the world will just eat eachother. We live in the Parable of the Fig Tree so the end of times in this Dispensation is near. BUT wait, at the 6th Seal, Vile and Trump the AC appears ie the Devil and comes prosperously and peacefully to save everyone so just follow him right? No, and there is no Rapture no one is flying away and if you beleive that, Satan will be glad to have all follow him to the Lake of Fire but at the 7th Seal, Vile and Trump Jesus does indeed come back and all will be turned into their Spirtual Beings in the instant of an eye and all will go to Paradise as the Millenium will be at hand one day with the Lord is a thousand years for man Is this where we are at now?

    • Donna

      Hello, David, please see my message to you which I mistakenly posted under George E’s comment, below. Sorry, guys!

  26. George E

    Greg, I Dare you to look up Lyndon LaRouche’s triple collapse graph and Storm over Asia video, from back in the 90’s. He laid out the reality of our world today decades ago. Industrial Production Trumps gold, so lets get to work! (our new future)

    • Donna

      Hello, David, this is a comment for you regarding your self-treatment for PSA (prostate cancer), which you discussed under Greg’s last post. I left a comment there, but you might not see it. First of all, great story, and I’m glad for you! My question: how much ivermectin are you taking? 3 mg a week, or ? mg 3 x week? I’d like to pass this on to my brother, who’s having scary cancer surgery next week. I’ve got the mebendazole/fenben down, just trying to find out how much ivermectin people are trying that works for them. Thanks so much! Good luck to you!

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Donna, Immerse yourself in all of Prof. Seyfried’s Utube videos now.
        I first crush all of my pills up good as they get max absorbtion.
        I drink Milk Thistle two times daily about 1/2 TSN with Turmeric and pepper T same as MT. I grind up Flax Seed and same as the others. I also do the same with Ashwagandha Powder too. As far as Mebendazole 500mg everyday except the two days I fast a week, also 2 Ivermectin 1 one day and the other later in the week and same alternating with HCQ all crushed up. Study the Keto Metabolic Diet and get him on it ASAP after surgery. Try to do this instead of any Radiation, Chemo or Immunology as all those kill half the people that get on them. What kind of cancer surgery #1 and Post Surgery, there will be a variety of Scans to do to see in any Red Dots come up ie, cancer cells. The CT/PSMA combo Scan is the best now. My email is [email protected] if you want to gain more info from me. I am here to help others.

        • Donna

          David, thanks so much for your reply! I’ll take this to private email now. Thank you, Greg, for a forum where we can connect like this. Love USAWatchdog!

  27. George E

    First of all it’s not the US dollar it’s the federal reserve note (no caps no respect) the fed $ is trash declare it bankrupt and reissue a true US Dollar backed by raw Industrial Production.

  28. Mark

    Looking forward to you getting Egon Von Greyerz back on Gregg.

    • Katy Bar

      Egon Von Greyerz should seriously think about getting out of Switzerland because it is a “Prime Target for Nuclear Sanction”. Meaning Russia will likely Nuke all the Gold Vaults holding the Neocons and Nazi Globalists stolen wealth. By Nuking the Evil Demons stored wealth these Demons who sanctioned Russia won’t be able to spend their looted gold and as stated in the Bible “they will have to throw their gold and silver into the streets” (because it will be highly radioactive)!! As for us normal people who own gold and silver coins it may be a good idea to buy a Geiger Counter because knowing these criminals minds they will likely try to melt down their radioactive precious metals and put it into the gold and silver coins sold to the Goyim (when it comes to money Jews are too smart to be duped by these Globalist Nazis)!!!

  29. andrea

    and , don,t forget ,all the ones that are margin called ( more then 63 ) , they have to sell their liquid assets, which is gold and silver , and once they hit the market the price will go down when so many banks are selling their easy to get to, assets. of course at 29, 50 orso. China will immediately step in to buy it up IF it is Physical. if not, it is all just paper , and not to be take seriously , all paper. OR come MONDAY ,China’s buying will be evident in the UP numbers monday morning.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this. The CV19 wake-up continues and what is coming cannot be stopped.

    • Born_In_A_Barn,Fran

      from Dr. Jessica Rose (Canada) (I only get emails from her-no substack subscription):
      The strongest antidote against inflation and erosion of living standards that has never been deployed is a great purge of bureaucracies and the dismantling of webs of corruption Moderna and Pfizer Disclosed to NACI Adverse Events Rate Par with Canada’s Violent Crime Rate
      From Jessica Rose from Unacceptable Jessica

      • Galaxy 500

        Dr Rose is correct…
        The strongest antidote against inflation and erosion of living standards that has never been deployed is a great purge of bureaucracies and the dismantling of webs of corruption.
        That would do it

  30. John

    The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.”
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  31. Paul D Anders

    Paul Craig Robert’s please

    • Everett Neal


    • Shiloh1

      Several PCR interviews podcasts here. Listened to most recent yesterday (Daily Chaos with 2 Brits) covers US/Ukraine v Russia, Neocons sabotaging Nixon, Carter and Reagan administrations, Trump cutting his own head off when he fired Gen Flynn at the get-go last time. He actually starts the interview with his trademark chuckle, 8:30 in.

  32. Pete+only

    The coming Thursday Debate between Bribin Biden and Donald Trump should be a real telling point about what direction the political system is going.
    Main Stream Media has been stepping up denials of Biden’s decline of his cognitive abilities, yet the criteria for the debate chosen seems to favour Trump, as both candidates won’t be able to communicate with their handlers during the whole event.
    Don’t be surprised if Bribin Biden has a big fall BEFORE the coming Thursday debate…

  33. Justn Observer

    Greg, Cosmopolitanism on the rise?
    No One Understands How Big This Is Going To Be by Victor David Hanson.

  34. Neville

    No matter which way we look at it AAcrime is now on skid row and there is no coming back.Forget about any reset as the system financially and morally is smashed beyond repair.Bill gives us a very good description of the state of the financial affairs in AAcrime
    and while a japanes bank may be in serious trouble it by no means as bad as the collective
    defaulting banks in AAcrime are in!!
    From what I can gather the BRICS are very serious about distancing themselves from the BANKRUPTCY WHICH IS OVERTAKING THE WEST AND and collectively the currencies which have ZERO BACKING OR WORTH AND COULDN’T BE USED AS MONOPOLY MONEY IN THE KIDS BOARD GAME.

    • Galaxy 500

      So what does this mean? AACrime? Australia? Antarctic ?
      So the entire people are condemned by God because the leaders who weren’t elected damaged the currency?
      Which God is this Mr Chamberlain?

  35. Patricia Maloney

    I believe they want to conscript woman so they get killed and will not be able to reproduce. The WEF wants the reduce the population.

    • Katy Bar

      Also once women are in the Military they will not be able to refuse the Jab that will sterilize them. So all the women draftees don’t necessarily need to die in battle to reduce the population!!

  36. JM

    Thank you, Mr. Hunter, for your devotion to telling the truth.

  37. Mike

    Agree with Mr. Holter as usual. Fellow Texan and brother from another mother me thinks.
    As a big middle finger to the current administration I refuse to make any big purchases like a car, motorcycle, etc. Other than ammo and canned goods I’m putting as little into the Bidenomics economy as possible, go pound sand Joe.

  38. Tobias

    Not sure we can rely on data coming from the Japanese or Chinese about their economies. They deflect much of their so called problems to the Americans for sympathy in the same manners as many from Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, or Peru. The Chinese are buying up much of Africa, Italy, France, Britain, and let’s not forget, American farmland.

    Much of the businesses in northern Italy are presently owned by the Chinese where a lot of the fake luxury Italian goods are copied from. When a lot of the small businesses closed down in England during the Pandemic that started in China, the Chinese have bought them.

    They make blood (dirty) money and clean it with the USA banking networks and many American, British, and European politicians turn a blind eyes because they are in on it, too. The same politicians that followed the Chinese lock down.

  39. Chuck VE

    Definitely I see a “false flag” incident happening that will allow the Democrats to cancel the election. How else can they remain in power. They can’t cheat enough to stay in power.

    I envision few “dirty bombs” detonating in a couple of mid to large cities across the country. People will start panicking “on cue.” The Government announcing “credible” information they have gathered which suggests plausible evidence of more attacks.

    The Government will enact “Martial Law” to protect the citizens at large. Hunker down and stay put in the safety of your home. It’s probably all planned waiting for the “right” time to attack its own citizenry. The Democrats have proven they don’t give a damn about the USA. It’s all about staying in power at any cost.

    How SAD for America — we fallen so far!!

    • Mesquite

      They’ve already been warning about a terrorist event for the past six months or so…
      Setting it up.

  40. Dusty Dude

    Read or listen to the book One second after. The world is thrust into a mad Max situation with no power. I guarantee you the author will give you insights into things you never thought possible. How society breaks down. Who are the first to die. Really worth reading or listening to for the insights gained. Great guest Greg!

  41. bernard

    I don’t know what Bill is smoking. ECB and Bank of Canada ALREADY cut Interest Rates! ALREADY. All Central Banks move in tandem, especially the ones in the West who are owned by the Rothschild.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s you who are smoking crap. Nobody cares about Canada. Compared to the US with massive debt to sell Canada is a rounding error.

      • bernard

        Every Central Banks raise or drop interest rates together. Maybe not all at the same time. But eventually all central banks do the same thing!

        It’s only a matter of time before the US Fed do it too. European Central Bank also dropped Interest Rate. ECB is a major Central Bank in the world.

        • Greg Hunter

          You have normalcy bias. You think everything is the same as it always has been?

          • bernard

            I’m with Gerald Celente in this. All western Central Banks will drop interest rate this year.

            2024 is an Election Year to almost half of the countries in the world. Especially US Election. Why wouldn’t they drop interest rate to create an illusion of Prosperity and make the Democrat looks good?

            • Greg Hunter

              They can’t do that and drop inflation too. “Let them eat cake”?

        • Galaxy 500

          ECB had negative interest rates?
          Did the other central banks follow?
          I see the EU breaking apart.
          A lot of people, especially the farmers and other average Joe citizens are waking up.
          I see the French breaking out the Guillotine again soon. They see their country being stolen by moslems that want them all dead. They may have open their eyes in time

          • bernard

            I’m saying Central Banks Rise and Drop interest rates together. How much they rise and how much they drop may be different.

            Oh btw, while ECB has Negative Interest rates, the rest of the world has 0.1% interest rates. Pretty close to being negative!

  42. Ed Siceloff

    Just think, some stranger stops at your house, wants food, when you answer the door. First of all, he may have someone else hiding on your land, nearby, who shoots you when you come to the door. But, why should he risk getting shot at all. He, and his partners, will just wait till you come out, perhaps to pick some peas, or tomatoes. They then shoot you. And so it goes with your family as well. The only solution is to be a part of a small community all helping to provide security to everyone who is a member. Make agreements with people. What it will come down to is a decision as to whether someone else is “good” or not. Being prepared will be a part of the criterion of “being good”. This is the main thing I am afraid of. Knowing nothing about me, I’ve had people tell me that if things go boom, they will just go and take the food of others.
    But, still, trust our heavenly Father to be “the mighty arm” for us. We almost can’t be.

  43. Susan R

    My boyfriend who lives with me and I got out a cast iron hand pump of which I bought two about ten years ago in anticipation of this time we are about to enter. The well is shallow, thank God, so this will provide water, not to mention most of my property is surrounded by water. This interview with Bill Holter opened my boyfriend’s eyes finally to reality. Thank you, Greg. We also discussed ramifications of other people in our lives for when it goes down. There are no answers for many. This is another area of this that is heartbreaking to say the least. I send my heart out to all of you and pray that you find answers and like myself do your very best to be ready in your heart to face whatever comes. Knowing this is not our permanent home helps to find the path that brings us to our real home.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Susan, for sharing your analysis and story.

  44. gary

    I believe if very one did a 1099-C on all your debt ,,, mortgage ,, car loan, credit cards,, we Ould bring down the national deficit the trillions is owed to the people no 1 else and in doing so you will have ,,,fed. tax credits.

  45. Michael McCammack in Indiana

    Thanks Greg
    We love Bill Holter and his common sense.
    Just wanted to let you know that I have bought deep well hand pumps from Bison Pumps. They make high quality hand pumps you can pump from your existing well. I had a local welder make 6″ caps that the pumps will set on over my well head. They are not cheap, and they are the best quality I could find.
    You can plumb them to pump into your pressure tank if you want.
    Where I live our well water levels in August, the dryest month here, is around 20-25 feet below the surface.
    They make deep and shallow well pumps,

  46. Jon

    Hi Greg, Thank you for having Bill Holter. Question for him. If the Fed is the buyer of last resort. As rates rise. The longer term treasuries will decline in market value. Then theoretically, the Fed can jam the rates high. Crash the value of the outstanding Treasuries .. then buy them back on the market for a lot less than they were issued for. They could cut the debt, just by raising interest rates and buy back at lower market prices.

  47. Captain Chaos

    America and the western countries aren’t going broke. They are going through a bankruptcy that appears to the untrained observer as them going broke. The Brics are disassembling the west piece by piece under the cover of broken and harmful political leadership. Make no mistake, this is a bankruptcy settlement disguised as failure. When the dust settles, the East will own us.

  48. Galaxy 500

    France just gave China a bunch of High Tech and paid China to launch the satellite… which they launched and dropped the booster into a populated area of China. LOL… another Long March III booster hits a populated area.
    Did you hear that on the news?
    Why is France giving technology to China?

  49. Richard Longacre

    So Bill is saying that the USD collapse is so close that they will need to generate some false flags to distract everyone from their century of crimes. You mean like intentionally letting the USS Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier get hit by 6 anti ship cruise missiles from a few rebels in Yemen? Biden’s plan failed and it was not sunk so they are sending it back home for its “normal crew rotation” because “no damage was done”. They denied it even happened for almost the entire day then said it got hit but there was no damage.
    Israeli TV I-24 News is reporting this as well, and gleefully saying “It is reminiscent of the Gulf of Tonkin incident” which got the US into the Vietnam war, and will get the US into the coming Israel-Hezbollah War.”

    You would think they would come up with something more original than sinking an aircraft carrier and killing thousands of sailors to rally American’s to support their endless world wars. At least the 9/11 false flag showed some creativity and imagination along with Bush’s and Cheney’s treason.

    • luke2236

      Because (((those))) behind it said so. redchina is (((their))) next destination and they have been sucking the West dry of technology and resources [whilst educating them how] for the last 50 years or so for just this time.

    • Galaxy 500

      Richard I had to look this up. Don’t know how I missed. Thank you

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg, in case anyone missed the Senate Homeland Securtiy COVID inquiry =
    @ 1:28: 00 on very interesting

  51. Pete+only

    The BRICS nations will be meeting in September to discuss the future of global currencies. Whether the U.S dollar lasts that long is anyone’s guess, but the other day, Andrew Maguire and Alasdair Macleod discussed where the western economies were heading, and it’s not good.
    Together, these two people have over 100 years of banking and commodities experience.
    Alasdair Macleod likes Silver for a lot of reasons, and believes it may only take 30 to 50 ounces of it to purchase an ounce of Gold when things really go awry (down from the present 83 ounces of silver it takes to purchase an ounce of Gold).
    Andrew Maguire says not to underestimate the impact of the Shanghai Silver/Gold Exchange physical price premiums for these metals, with all the paper or digital contracts out there, and that this alone might take down the western banks.
    Both Alasdair and Andrew believe that reducing one’s exposure to the banking system are critical for surviving the soon coming financial chaos.
    I highly recommend listening to this discussion between these two analysts.

  52. Galaxy 500

    Thank you for having Bill back. You’ve been rocking the shirts and ties past few weeks 😉 I know my next words are going to be lost on many. They are going to condemn themselves and their families to a horrible death.

    Bill brought things into perspective didn’t he? Shot first and ask questions later.Most people are not going to do this, their mindset will prevent them from understanding the danger and they will die for their stupidity. The problem is that it only takes one moron in your group to kill the entire group. One woman that sees a child or someone they used to know and you wake up as someone is slitting your throat. It will only take one… if your group survives, you are going to have to march them to the cell, if they have a useful skill, or to wall where people pass sentence for the evil done. Even a lot of people that are prepared will not make it because of people that don’t understand evil and consequences. A lot of people in a life and death situation will be slow to pull the trigger… which will end with them dying. The reprobate mind will NEVER hesitate to kill you, rape your wife and children and maybe if they are lucky, kill them quickly. My God, YHWH, allows you to protect yourself and your family. Don’t hesitate. He who hesitates is lost… along with their families.

    What Bill Holter is talking about is an economic collapse. No Police, no power, no water. You are on your own. Just you and our Lord, Jesus and His Father, the One True GOD, YHWH.

    “If it was the only bank in Japan it would be a problem”
    “It’s more banks than the 63 (US) … at least one more. The Federal Reserve…”
    “False flag to prevent an election…”
    “Have to kick the table over”
    “China has 29,000 tons of gold…”
    “Inside currency and an outside currency…”
    “When people ask me when, I say open your eyes and look around…”
    “They are out of collateral”
    “Worse than anything we have ever seen… worse than the Great Depression.
    Neighbors are gonna pick on other neighbors…”
    Damn… But that fits with the “I am OWED” and the “food, housing and medicine are God given right”. I missed all that. I don’t owe anyone the fruits of my labor, my food, etc.
    There was a time when you felt relatively safe, your neighbors were civilized law abiding citizens.
    Those days will be gone.
    How many zeros come off your account to get the “XYZ” dollars?
    How many zeros do you have to tack on a cup of coffee?
    Does any one think that if 2020 was an honest election and Trump was President today the world would be on the brink of nuclear war? Would 10 million military age terrorist and criminals have crossed the border? And if they admit to 10 million, how many really came in?
    And yet, people still come here and say they won’t vote for Trump because of “XYZ”. What exactly do you think is going to happen to America with Beijing Buy-Dem’s Puppet Masters in charge? Do you think that 30 pieces silver (if only you were paid in PMs right?) you are paid to discourage people from Trump is going to be good for you?
    I am just asking. Perhaps you should look up what happened to the Brownshirts. Or the soldiers who backed Mao.
    If you are a follower of Christ, register to vote and pull the lever for Trump. Your life really does depend on it!
    YHWH sent us a good man, Trump. No, he isn’t perfect. I hear many people assail his character … you know… the corrupt pedophiles and deviants up on the Hill, the TV talking heads, and even the paid trolls that post here. Trump is many things but he isn’t corrupt and he loves America. He did the job for FREE, where all the others did it for all they could steal.
    Trump 2024

  53. Son of a Marine

    Woe to the childfucking Swamplar banksters who hyperinflate the currency to infinity every hundred years in order to steal, kill, and destroy in the name of the devil.

    Jesus said repeatedly, “Do not worry.” Matthew 6:25-34

  54. Bill Holder

    I wonder if this is the time to max-out the credit cards? If we all do that, how the banksters are going to collect their dollar denominated prfits? All debts are recociled at the end by the debtor or the creditors.

    Well, what about garnishing wages? Good luck with that because most of us will be out of any job, including the creditors. Repo Man, forget it! Who is going to repo your car for free, nobody works for free. So I say, stock up on food and self defense; keep the vehicle in good running order, keep it gassed up just in case to bug out, and…. Have a plan.

    • Galaxy 500

      I don’t think running up a bunch of debt that you can’t pay back is a good plan. Especially if you have assets that can be seized.
      Just my two centavos, I don’t claim to know how things are going to pan out but I can tell you people had their property repossessed/foreclosed on during the Great Depression.

  55. I Dig Au

    Clif High would be a great guest to have on. He has some fantastic insight on who is pulling the strings in this world.

  56. Bonnie Robinson

    Those who are corrupt would like for there not to be an election, but even in the face of war, the U.S. held elections during the Civil War (in 1864 Abraham Lincoln ran for re-election) and elections were held during WWI and WWII as well. They can’t cheat this time because as Trump says, “It will be too big to rig”. Even if there were a false flag cyber attack, and/or other false flags, to try to delay the election, the Military could oversee the election. As much as the Left doesn’t want to admit it, they hijacked the 2020 election and instigated a coup on Jan. 6 (Trump was still President at the time, it was an insurrection against him, the sitting President) and the Military was then activated.
    Trump says that the next 5 months are going to feel like an eternity.

    • Galaxy 500

      He… it they are going to make up Shiite at least get the name of the university correct .
      Most fabricators miss the little details

  57. Jackie

    Here’s the kicker. SSA is holding deceased Veterans Spousal benefits.

    • Earth Angel

      I don’t doubt it one bit. Today while waiting in a Walmart line to make a return we spoke with an elderly woman riding on a cart. Her knees were bad, you could see they were a light bluish color. She has to take some kind of shots in them. I believe she said her husband was deceased (possibly a veteran but not sure). She said she was trying to live on $400.00 a month for benefits; and she received $23.oo a month for food stamps which she said the govt. was now trying to take away from her. How does anyone eat on $23.00 a MONTH? At today’s inflation rates that lasts about a DAY. What a disgrace to hear this woman’s story while the o’briben cartel brings in truckloads/planeloads of illegals whom they are putting up in hotels, giving thousands upon thousands of dollars on credit cards, free medical care and who knows what else?! It’s a slap in the face of every decent American paying exhorbatent taxes on everything as runaway inflation eats up our buying power and to the veterans barely scraping by who served this country. We are being ripped off by by criminals posing as government officials who then spit in our faces for good measure. Haven’t we had ENOUGH yet?! Or are we just going to let this continue on?

  58. The Rev

    I feel that Greg Hunter and the USA Watchdog group is like a big extended family to me. That being said, I am asking my family to help pray for me to get well. I have been feeling exhausted/extremely tired and weak for the past three days to the point I am lying down and sleeping or resting for virtually the whole day. This is definitely the opposite of my usual “energizer bunny” self. I will be grateful for your prayers for a healing touch from my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Sincerely, The Rev

    • Anon

      Try Vitamin B12 + Folic Acid (They supplement each other)

      If that’s the problem you’ll notice an instant improvement if you try it.

      • The Rev


    • Pete+only

      I hope you start to feel good Rev. Perhaps you are low in iron, and you may want to try an iron supplement or two. I am speaking from personal experience. All the best. Pete+

    • Galaxy 500

      You have my prayers.

  59. Dr. Tyz

    Forget this advice you need to get out to an area with a lower population. It’s not going to work. This would be like telling the passengers of the Titanic they need to be in the upper deck just before the Titanic hit the iceberg. Not going to save you so let’s get real.

    To be a Titanic survivor you needed to make it onto a lifeboat. If you are in the US you need to get out of the country as there is no such thing as a safe place once the takedown starts. You might be able to delay the inevitable but it will be just a matter of time before you meet your fate. They want you gone and if they decide to spare you, I don’t think you’ll like the fact you survived. Get out while you can or seal your doom. The choice is yours.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dr Tyz
      Nice words of despair. Thanks but no thanks for the advice to get out of the US. There is t a place on the planet that’s better.
      Curious, where are you telling people to go?

      • Seer

        South island New Zealand great place with plenty of water, gas stoves allowed, wood burner fireplaces allowed ( they rotate forest f
        growth and cuts), lots of farms and home growing and home meat harvest. Best of all huge freedom groups lots of communities plus own nationwide radio station supported by donations! I can get one male in if in 60s or early 70s through my residency obtained in 1992. I moved back to Canterbury area ( on 8 acres) a year ago from Florida seeing what is coming. Greg has my email to connect with people wanting to move here. Can guide you. Advise which container company to use etc.

        • Galaxy 500

          No thanks… You have a lovely country albeit over a seismic fault.
          I will stay where I have rights to defend myself. That isn’t New Zealand.
          I wish you well down under. Your current leadership is almost as despotic as Buy-Dem. Rights are not God given. I do like suppressors being over the counter. How did you avoid getting vaxed? I heard they were Vax-Nazis running the government during Covid.
          Regardless good luck
          Maybe you have the right idea.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Not so quick Dr. This is most likely not just a US problem. There are a lot of moving parts to the problems we worry about. The US may turn out to be a safe place with all the armed citizens compared to criminal gangs staking out territory in other countries. It won’t just be the US sinking when the ship goes down, most of the world is highly correlated financially and its not yet clear where best to be. My hope is that states assert themselves when the time comes. Nothing wrong with getting to some high ground though, but we should hold for now, pray for now, and prepare. My personal recommendation is to look for a land of Goshen close by. Those of us that know have others that need us.

  60. Ivan

    The GLOBALIST Banksters can be brought to justice , but first control of the F.B.I. and the department of justice must be obtained . Next the F.B.I. must use RICO to bring to them to justice

  61. Bennet Cecil

    Bill Holter is correct that the market values of the USD and other currencies are going to zero. The entire US economy has been dependent on credit since the 2008 financial crisis. You can see the counterfeit money here:

    How many Americans will be shocked when they discover that their IRA, 401k, pension etc are nearly worthless? The Germans were certainly surprised a century ago:

    Too many Americans still trust the US government. They do not care about the truths about 911, January 6th, COVID injections, the stolen elections, the $21 trillion of missing money, Lahaina and most recently, the New Mexico fires.

    • Galaxy 500

      I see people that are close to open rebellion. The same useful violent idiots are seeing their buddies get sick or die suddenly. These people are vaxed out the a$$. The so-called News media is the same.
      But the real problem for the TPTB are gonna be the average Joe, some vax, some not, that see their entire lifetime savings stolen over night by the Connected techno-bureaucratt robber Barons … these people will not be able to show themselves in public and there really isn’t any place they can hide.
      Unlike Weimar Republic, we Americans are angry already after the 2020 steal and we have the 2nd Amendment. We are there yet but it is close.
      Or if they start the draft to kill our sons and daughters for what? The F’ing Nazis in Ukraine?
      The House of Cards, IMHO, is unstable and ready to fall.
      I remember Bill Holter talking about the slow, slide toward Mad Max. We are seeing this every day as criminals flourish and honest citizens are robbed, murdered, raped and maimed… You are starting to see some small examples of vigilante justice.
      Beijing Buy-Dem’s Puppet Masters are afraid of the citizens especially the armed ones.
      Any person with a belief in YHWH and a reasonable moral compass is looking at what they are doing to Trump and realize they are next.
      I see hard times ahead. Hard times makes strong men. We either retake our country from the Usurper and his Foreign Criminal Army of Invaders or we die… or worse, we become slaves

  62. Dennis Brooks

    Hi Greg:

    Several of us are curious about a statement you made to the effect that Nicaragua was not issuing any more visas for Chinese nationals coming into or through the country. Could be kind enough to share your source of this information? We contacted Bill Holter and he would like to know also.

  63. Stan

    The action in gold reminds me of when it topped in early 1980…right before it crashed & burned and then trended lower for 20+ years.

    Of course, Goldbugs like Holter kept talking their book, urged their ‘clients’ (victims) to “hold & accumulate” during the 20+ year “buying opportunity”. Sadly, many poor suckers listened and died clenching gold coins that were worth half (or less) what they were when purchased.

    Meanwhile people like me got fabulously rich in stocks & bonds!

    I’m going to get even richer after I short gold all the way back down to $500/oz!

    Pro-tip: NEVER take investment advice from Goldbugs–esp. the kind who’ve been predicting The End Of The World since 1971!

    • Stan speaks


      Thought maybe you had gone off to a bunker, guess not.

      Be safe out their and prepare accordingly.

      Above all get to know Jesus Christ.

    • Albert

      a while back you were shorting gold at $1900,just wondering if you covered yet and got fabulously rich(as you say) on those,you talk about holter,just imagine if those poor suckers listened to you,you dont even know how stupid you sound,people are laughing at you LOL

    • Earth Angel

      Stan, I’ve never been ‘fabulously’ rich although we’ve had some modest investments which have served us well over the past 30 or so years. I’m not a hot shot investor, the advisors we’ve worked with originally chose a 10 yr. plan for steady growth and profits in reasonably secure sectors which has worked well overall even through some losses during manipulated bubbles and subsequent lootings of 2008 and a few prior years. It took a long time to recover from the thefts of 2008- but we eventually got there and survived it. I write this because as I see it there’s something fundamentally wrong when people make GAINS when a venture or commodity LOSES value. How can that be possible when there is NO profit to share in?! Its puts and calls, buying on margin and hedge funds which should be ILLEGAL. Its gaming the system pure and simple and that’s not what investing should be about. Of course there will always be risk in ventures. Some will make it and some will not but the casino that Wall Street and the entire monetary systems have devolved into absolutely turns my stomach. Its parasite traders and vultures like you (and many others) that have contributed greatly to the massive problems we face in investing today. I wouldn’t crow too loud about ‘fabulous riches’ gained at the expense of other peoples miseries. But that’s just me.

    • Katy Bar


    • Ken Yu

      “Lost in the election year noise and the zealous pursuit of World War III is one overarching fact. The USA is rapidly going broke. And no one can stop it.”
      M N Gordon

  64. Prospector

    Greg , readers , let me start by saying this, this type of information is not broadcast unless it is somehow useful to those in power or to shape a narrative.

    In June 2001 , while all of the intelligence agencies , with billions of dollars could not supposedly find Osama Bin-Laden , a CNN camera crew walked right into his hideout and interviewed him and his threat to America.
    ” .. the infamous 9/11 prediction by legendary radio broadcast host Milton William “Bill” Cooper which he made during his June 28, 2001 radio broadcast “Hour of the Time” show. ” by – Bill Cooper , 3 minutes.

    NOW we get this , posted Sunday.

    Sunday Talks – Former CIA Chief Who Constructed Both Trump-Russia Narrative and Russian Biden Laptop Narrative, Says Terrorist Attack Imminent

    They CAN’T get away with saying ” We had no idea of an attack ” because the border has been wide open for years on purpose , so it appears they are setting up the next ” Big Lie .”

  65. Bill Nodalllah

    That proposed bill to sell the land for payment of debt reminds me of c. 2010 Greece. If I recall right, they were doing just that.

    Billionaire beach buyouts.

    • Johnny Nobody

      Yes. Most people fail to realise that the national debt is owed by them – not by the government that ran up the debt. The people of Greece learned this the hard way!

  66. Justn Observer

    Greg. sounds like Biden’s (obablinkullivan) foreign policy to destroy the U.S. is playing out just as ‘they’ have planned?

  67. Leslie Nestingen

    The interview link disappeared. Please replace it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I just checked the link is there and it works:
      Try this and let me know if it works: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your cache and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like


  68. Born_In_A_Barn,Fran LTC Murray. Excellent discussions on different topics relative to strategic analysis, preparing-discussion on different items-for the worst.

  69. Leslie Nestingen

    Thank you, the link was restored.
    “Shoot now, and ask questions later.”
    That is really sad. Human nature will never change. When you are the last one, who will be there to help you?

    • Galaxy 500

      What exactly do you think the proper course of action should be? Human nature? How about protecting your family and neighbors.
      Bill isn’t alone.
      And yes, people skulking around your property get shot. Someone coming down the road, shows himself politely like they used to do … that’s different

  70. Prospector

    Russia declares NO FLY ZONE over Black Sea.

    Source : The Poplar Report

    Probably because early reports said a US drone helped with targeting in the recent ATACMS missile strikes.

    Search for ” Douglas MacGregor ” interviews for good info. as well. ( Big picture )

  71. Highfalutin Corporal

    Tit for Tat? Russia gives Cuba permission to target people on Miami beaches, Russia supplies the weaponry and target controls. Would that fix your clock Joe?

    • Galaxy 500

      I saw that Shiloh
      One thing you don’t see… Normal people working for Joe

  72. Justn Observer

    Greg, Good news for FREE SPEECH…to bad Julian had to do a plea to get his freedom.
    Mike POMPEO should be ashamed as should those who acts were exposed. Hope those good blokes down under give he a parade and extend a hand to help him and his family get back on their feet financially for all he had to endure for his years of captivity!

    • Shiloh1

      Agreed. Judge Nap said several times that he approached Trump to pardon Julian and Snowden. Trump said he would, then reneged and blamed Pompeo and other deep-staters when Nap asked what gives? Likewise on JFK hit and 9-11 secrets. All roads lead to The Three Letter Traitors.

  73. Justn Observer

    Greg, Biden’s blunders are increasingly horrific !

  74. The Rev

    Your powerful prayers reached Heaven on my behalf, and within 24 hours I am feeling like a million bucks. How bad was it? Well, for three days if I even walked across the room I was totally exhausted and so weak I thought death was at my door. But the most important concern I had when I was so sick was that my son had asked me to officiate at his wedding in July to a young lady from upstate New York. Here is my point. It is soooo nice being on the RECEIVING END of your prayers. I am feeling so good that I plan to help a friend finish roofing his house tomorrow.

    So what is the bottom line? I have asked you all to pray every day against the evil we see happening around the world. Those prayers are soooo powerful and effective. Our enemy knows it. I don’t care if it is politics, wars, economics, the medical field, or whatever. When we pray together a GREAT shaking is taking place. The lies are being exposed. People who are doing wrong will repent. I felt your prayers and we are in for some exciting days ahead. Amen and Hallelujah!

    Gratefully yours, The Rev

  75. Prospector


    ” The Lockbit ransomware group announced that it had breached the systems of Federal Reserve of the United States and exfiltrated 33 TB of sensitive data, including “Americans’ banking secrets.”

    The Lockbit ransomware group added the Federal Reserve to the list of victims on its Tor data leak site and threatened to leak the stolen data on 25 June, 2024 20:27:10 UTC.

    This was reported on the Jesse Kelly show yesterday. There are many news story links about it from ‘ tech ‘ websites. It remains to be seen if the threat is credible.

    ( Side note : Not the first breech ever. Would something like this be used to pull the plug ? )

    You Can’t Taper a Ponzi Scheme – Article by Nick Giambruno

    • Pete+only

      Sounds like a possible set up for when they take down the internet, as Whitney Webb has been saying for the past year or more, and only those signing up for the central bank digital currency will be allowed back on the internet.

  76. Johnny Nobody

    For anyone who has not yet read Dr Michael Palmer, Dr Sucharit Bakdi, Catherine Austin Fitts, et al, book, ‘mRNA Vaccine Toxicity’, the link takes you direct to a FREE on-line copy. No sign-up required:

  77. Jeffrobbins

    It’s very interesting to come back a few days after the interview and read the comments. I read 90% and click a few links, i even read Stan’s who reminds me of other BS artists I’ve known. Thanks for what you’ve put together Mr. Hunter. My world is a bit richer for it.

  78. Galaxy 500

    How inconvenient… LOL. The world is still here.

  79. Pete+only

    WWIII just got a bit closer, as the U.S Military has been just linked to a terrorist attack on Crimean Civilians the other day, and Russia has just stated that it will be retaliating, likely by furnishing proxies like the Houthies, the North Koreans, the Hezbollah, and others with some technological weapons which will likely be used against U.S military targets around the world. In addition, a few high ranking U.S military officers will be charged with war crimes, from the Crimean attack through international courts, with overwhelming evidence to back up these claims, (although this may take awhile).,-one-step-closer-to-us:a

  80. Galaxy 500

    How did these geniuses miss Bidenflation???

  81. R.M. Stockmann

    Apparently it depends where it happens. Breitbart News reported this : Find out how the new president Javier Milei has accomplished this,

  82. Son of a Marine

    King Fauci (1933) – Katy’s Version

  83. Galaxy 500

    Hackers brought down 15,000 auto dealers…
    They can’t sell cars, they can’t do service, order parts… say will be outage until 06/30. No sales, no service, and no financial reports…
    So you think our infrastructure is any more secure?

    YouTube removed an interview with President Trump because he talked about Election integrity.

    What a world we live in…

  84. Shiloh1

    Amy Coney Barrett, the gift that keeps on giving – like a case of VD! Trump did nominate Judge Nap after conferring his closest advisors: Barr, Pompeo and Jared K.

  85. Shiloh1

    Meant did NOT nominate Judge Nap -sorry!

  86. Carol Vicks

    Thank you President Biden for setting Julian Assange free!

    In 2016 Trump campaigned on a promise to pardon him but instead sicc’d his DOJ on him…just one of the many knives Trump shoved into our backs…

  87. Prospector

    Just in time for election season – gaslight lying media pushes the FEAR
    USA Today – June 26 2024
    Why are people suddenly getting COVID-19 this summer? Insight into the uptick.

    Forbes: Return of COVID-era masks (+safety goggles!) imminent for bird flu
    Ready yourselves, lads and lasses, to JUST SAY NO

    The real reason is to wipe out the food supply.

    Dr. Peter McCullough: Culling Chickens is a Grave Threat to the Food Supply

  88. The Winning Ticket


  89. vgno

    Clif High is reporting HUGE event for July 15/16 that leaves people stunned and talking about it for months thereafter.

    Given some prophetic messages, recently, given elsewhere, this sounds like the The Warning, illumination of conscience, life review that is to be given to all humanity. However, Clif is thinking the event is USA focused.

    • Greg Hunter

      So is Charles Nenner. He will be the guest for the “Saturday Night Post” on USAW.

  90. leslie6

    clip of Mr. Michael Obama junk

  91. Michael Johnson

    As far as elections in the U.S. are concerned the precedent has already been set. Abraham Lincoln stood for reelection while the Civil War was being fought. FDR stood for reelection during WW II. While they may try to play games with the coming election it won’t be legitimate. Which will open up a 55 gallon drum of very ugly worms.

  92. Shiloh1

    If what this guy is saying is true, then the whole ‘Pentagon Papers / war crime expose angle” on the Assange terms to plead guilty and released is a misdirection play. It is really about the emails wiki leaks received from the late Seth Rich regarding the DNC computer emails, including Podesta’s pizza preferences:

  93. Galaxy 500

    Getting close to another WNW.
    There is a mole in the High Court. Why do they allow this?

  94. Eric Malecki

    Hey there Greg, how’s it going? Alright, well not too much has happen since I last posted on here or should I say Big Things. But then again it all depends on what you pay attention too. The only things that have really caught my attention in the past 3 months were Gold and Silver moving up a bit, some of the elections across the world and what happened in France with Macron calling for a snap election. All I know is You and I both know(including your viewers and guests) Big Things Are Coming, The Truth Is Coming, and Wild Cards Are Coming!! It just all depends on what and when and what everyone pays attention too based on their journeys.

    I’m going to post some Topics and then talk about them Greg:
    Big Things Are Coming!!! The Truth Is Coming!!! Wild Cards Are Coming!!!
    -Presidential Race
    -Gold and Silver
    -Good vs evil (War is Coming), Many things in this one (could be confusing?)
    -Being watched
    -Your Own Journey

    Presidential Race-Now most of this Greg, you and your guests probably already know, but this is from my viewpoint. If there is an election Trump definitely has the numbers over Biden based on what I have seen if its a fair election because the only way Biden gets it again is if they cheat. So we’ll see what the left decides to do since the clock is ticking because it definitely looks like they want to re-elect Biden but who knows? I’m sure their banging heads every night. All I know, is, if there is an election I will certainly not be voting. I don’t think I will ever vote in another election again. Voting does not help me whatsoever and none of these candidates benefit me in anywhere. Its a flawed system to make We The People stupid. We should all be voting for the House and Senate seats but I’m Sure That Would Be a Shit Show. I voted for Trump in 2016 because of all the money problems in the world and in 2020 based on what was happening at the time but no more for Trump and the MAGA Family cult. Not voting for someone promoting the vax shot(Operation Warp Speed) that kills people and took credit for it, left the White House and couldn’t defend it, and making people purposely look stupid for not voting for him by leaving the White House. And this is where Bo Polny and I have different viewpoints now. I know for a fact that Trump is not anointed by God or he would have been back in the White House by now and based on everything I have seen. So we’ll see what happens but idk if you’ve seen it Greg the last 3-4 years but have you seen how CNN has kind of changed? Their emotions are getting played now just like they played with the viewers emotions all these years. There’s a few nice ladies on there but there not on there that much. Fox News is Fake News Now!! There’s an Orange cult going on there and they turned gay. Trump is the only person that looks good orange. He has that over everyone. Plus they were promoting the vax shot early on too. MSNBC is the only one that kind of stayed the same but I don’t really watch it. Newsmax thinks their the best but their pretty good at hiding the controlled opposition programs.

    Gold and Silver-Now this is where is starts getting a little interesting Greg. I was never really a big fan of money and still not to this day. Obviously you need money to make a living. But growing up in a family of 7 you definitely heard arguments about money. Dad obviously likes money and knows he has to provide for his family but mom never really liked money probably because of the arguments and by that token I didn’t really like money either. But I also saw all the money problems people have had in the world growing up. And then 2020 came around and during the covid lockdowns that’s when I saw my dad watching you and Bo Polny. You 2 definitely caught my attention. Bo’s presentations and powerpoints spoke to me and helped me learn/see things I’ve never seen before. So during that time my dad and I saw and watched you guys and we actually bought some Silver. Now obviously I wanted to keep watching Bo because I was so intrigued and how the powerpoints spoke to me. So I kept watching and thought it was a good idea to help Bo spread the word about gold and silver based on all the money problems I have seen in the world. Now looking back Greg, I’m thinking that was not a good idea(I’ll explain this later on) You see in that moment I thought WOW, these guys are helping us learn things, this will help our situation and I can help Bo and others by spreading the message. But this is where it starts getting Tricky Greg!! On 1 hand I was taught to help others which is good but on the other hand I never really liked Gold and Silver(Money in General) so why did I want to but some Silver? Keep paying Attention Greg, things are Starting to GET Wild because I am soon about to take some of my Silver back in because its not who I am. We’ll see what happens to the money departments, I’m not going to worry to much with my Faith in Jesus Christ and God The Father. I’ll definitely be aware of it and know that parents have to worry about it but I’ll let the money gurus do whatever they want to do.

    Good vs evil (War is Coming)-Now Greg, if people have been paying attention they know what’s going on with the world but this one is more of a Spiritual War and a War between Good vs evil that I’m about to explain and the things that I’ve seen in the past 3-4 years since 2020 combined with some of Bo’s powerpoints and what Amanda Grace talked about. Now if we go back to the Statue of God’s 7-Kingdoms in Daniel that Bo talked about he talks about how the Iron and Clay don’t mixed. Now I don’t know who else has been able to see it but since 2020 Good and evil are combining together to rule right now and they don’t mix. Now lets take the number 7 which is a sign of perfection and the number 6 as a sign of evil based on 666. The devil is trying show everyone that his way is better than God The Father’s and Jesus Christ’s way. But its not!! The devil and these evil people are trying to combine Good and evil together and it won’t work or last. Now right now that’s where we are at, a combination of 6 and 7 (Good and evil).This world is not sustainable and won’t last. And that’s why we won’t see that Stone Yet. We are going to work our way back if it already hasn’t started to the number 6 sign of evil in this world for the anti-ch rist to rise and then that Stone will come!! This all could have been avoided in the beginning of time if lucifer the fallen angel wouldn’t of rebelled against God. You see right now so much deception and blasphemy is going on right now. Man, I didn’t think I would ever use that word blasphemy. But that’s whats happening, along with magic, evil spirits, symbols, spells, and anything dark to help the devil and its followers. But how did we get here Greg, its all a Numbers Game!! The True and Real Christians are outnumbered right now just like devil’s followers were outnumbered back in your day. The Massive Sinners have the numbers right now and are lifting up their own world to live in because that’s what they believe in. I’m not here to Judge since we are all sinners but just speaking the Truth and what I see. The devil gets his power from this world and from any human souls who let the devil in. We are living in Foreign America, Black America, Muslim America, Latino/Mexican America, LGBT America and Many More Different Cultural America’s in 1 Country combined with the One World Religion Right Now and Their Numbers Outweigh The True Christian Numbers based on what sins their brought into this country and continuing to keep spreading. That’s also why the MAGA Family cult has to stick together because of the numbers. Now there’s many Black, Christian Muslims, Mexican, Latinos, etc. that I know and get along with and enjoy their cultures but once you start changing our culture and forcing things upon us bad things start to happen and that’s why people Start Standing Up. Now there’s definitely a lot of bad White People out there too who cause this just like in anything; Good and Bad Apples (Good vs evil) But then again all these evil people have Every Right to do so since this is their world. I don’t know what your neighborhood looks like Greg, but around here in Milwaukee,WI there is a good amount of pride flags flying and I’m 29 turining 30 in September and lived here this entire time and you can just feel the evil and dark energy around you and throughout the years how each year got worst!! But when I was a kid the energy and aura felt great. And that’s why Bo is a big piece in this because he probably saw this sooner living in California. So along with the combination of Good and evil and the Numbers Game I’ve seen The World is Upside Down (Massive Deception) Good is evil and evil is Good. The next 2 are kind of interesting but All of our dark sides are coming out during this time period and if they are that means we are all under a spell and people have to wake themselves up.(I would definitely check with Amanda Grace about spells and evil spirits Greg) But you could also look at it too from this angle that God The Father and Jesus Christ have to find the True Believers during this Time Period. Some will rise from evil to Good and some will fall from Good to evil. And that’s why I Believe there’s a War Coming if it hasn’t already started and you can’t stop it because its a War that’s Good vs evil and everyone is going to have to pick a side and there’s no in between or lukewarm people or otherwise you’ll probably get stuck somewhere. The devil wants peace and power now from here on out because it knows its running out of time in this world. Its trying to slow everything down and be patient after being aggressive but that’s why God The Father gives the devil time to rule because he knows what the devil wants True Power over God The Father but he won’t get it. God The Father and the devil have been fighting for years!! The devil rebells and then once its screwed or has no play left it does whatever God The Father does!! And once the devil starts running out of time that’s when it starts getting more angry. Unfortunately it was either suppose to happen like this or I screwed up the devil’s timing since that’s who I am I’m patient and I have some kind of timing. I’ll explain this more Greg in the next topic. Hopefully I got most of it in here but I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

    Being Watched-Now we are all being watched by Technology, AI, Cameras, Computers, Internet, Algorithms, Phones, Cell Phones, Text Messages, Messages, etc. Nothing about AI is good, they won’t stop improving it or advancing it. Humans are smarter than technology. But now I’ll go into more on a personal level Greg. Know how I told you I wanted to spread the message about Gold and Silver, well that’s what I did. On the internet through Facebook, Twitter and any internet page that I thought was helpful. But that’s not the only thing I was doing, I was also spreading and telling about my Faith and Love for Jesus Christ and God The Father!! But why was I doing this in the first place? Its because I saw the devil and its evil spirits enter my church back in 2020. So if the devil and its evil spirts want to invade a place of worship where do you strike back, a place where you wouldn’t expect it that much or at least it was at the time for me; Technology-Phones, Computers, TV’s. Things that many people use. And that’s also why I haven’t been back in church or gone to a mass since Easter of 2021 except for funerals because of what I saw and was experiencing and I don’t know if I will go back based on what I’ve learn over the last 3-4 years. Since I was spreading and telling the Truth about Jesus Christ and God The Father it started spreading like wildfire but not right away it took a little time but once certain things happened that’s how I started to become watched and followed to a certain level. Not what I was entirely expecting when I first initially thought of this but its getting really interesting and wild. I was sending messages to athletes, singers, famous people, MAGA people, etc. though twitter and posting things. Not that many but a certain amount, mostly trying to have conversations for the most part. But somehow it turned into something more that all these people started finding out about me and doing certain things. So pretty much what happened was word of mouth, once you see something you tell a friend then that friend tells a friend and before you know it everyone knows. Now on 1 hand I wanted to fight for Jesus Christ and God The Father and will never stop. Plus spread the word and help these people because I cared about them and maybe have some conversations along the way and maybe meet some of these people. But for some odd reason these people are following me and trying to do everything I do and trying to turn the tables on me. Plus the same for my family members. There not physically following us, but through technology. Cameras, stores, fast food restaurants, restaurants, gas stations, reading text messages, messages, listening to phone calls and conversations, internet access of wi-fi, etc. and probably more. Its crazy what these people try to find out. Now I obviously brought this upon myself and the old saying goes “you reap what you sow” but I’m never going to stop fighting for what I believe in. But in the end they will realize the joke is on them and it is leading them down the Path of Destruction!! I will explain this soon, but I’ll give some examples. 1)Like if I go to the store and buy some some food, these people watching me will go and get it for themselves and say I want that and then I will see a commercial in a few days about it. 2)Same thing happened a few weeks ago, went to sub place to get a sub and they made a stupid commercial the next day or 2. Another sub place me and my brother went to about 3 months ago, a place we have never been too. Guess what, a week later I saw Spectrum News in Milwaukee interviewing the workers from that sub place. 3)My brother and I like going to Culver’s and guess what, you hear non-stop commercials on the radio about it. I’ll let this one slide a little bit since its so popular in Wisconsin. But this one, my sister and dad went to this store FleetFarm and they haven’t been there in who knows how long or if they have even been there at all before. Guess what I heard on the radio a day or 2 later…You guess it!! FleetFarm commercials. These People Are Nuts Greg!! 4) Anything I send in a message to an athlete the whole sports industry has it. Within minutes they start doing what I’m doing and saying it. You should hear some of these sports announcers but then again I don’t want to put you through that Greg. But don’t worry Greg I’m pretty much done watching sports in General except for a few since they are all pretty much evil. You should of seen the way these athletes, coaches, sports announcers turn the tables on me, but most importantly themselves and who there are. Before 2020, these people actually use to fight for something, now they are fighting me for no reason. You should see how buddy-buddy these athletes are now with each other. Hmm, where was that before 2020? There was some of that but not like it is now. 5) This one gets me Everytime!! There’s this Christian Radio Station called K-Love that my Mom used to listen to and the family listens to but you should see and hear how bad they’ve gotten and how they are doing the exact same thing and watching us. I know what happened and what they did but wait till they realize what the did to themselves. There’s still a few good songs and people that I listen too but its not many now. There’s many more and of course I picked up on it and realized it and sometimes do certain things to piss these people off but it’s a sick and sad world out there Greg. Its like all these industries and companies and people are coming together to watch me and my family but not 1 person is saying a word to us. Very Interesting? Its like they think I’m Going To Lead Them To The Promised Land or Something or I Have This Treasure!! Sorry People and Everyone The Promised Land Is In Israel and You Can Find The Treasure There!! Anyone who wants to go or travels should go and see what happens. I think Bo was there when they delivered the red cows. I also think your guest Charles Nenner was there right around Oct.7!! Its the Promised Land For A Reason!! But Unfortunately that’s not my Destiny!! Its like I’m fighting Millions and Millions of People!! And on Top of That during these last 3 years I’ve seen my whole family turn against me, Not Directly but Indirectly and they don’t even know it. Just because I’m Standing Up and Fighting for Jesus Christ and God The Father and what I Believe In!! It’s like my family members are under a spell or something? Trust Me Greg, when I last posted back in March about how my dad watches you, he didn’t watch 1 of your videos for almost 2 months. Why would he just suddenly stop? Its because these people are doing something who are watching us. Its weird Greg, I’m doing things my sister did before 2020 and my sister is doing things now that I used to do. It is like someone is messing with us with stupid spells or evil prayers. Plus my brother is under a really bad spell right now. I don’t know if its the people watching us or this lady he’s been helping for the last 4 months and he’s under her spell. But whoever it is they are keeping him away from us and our house. He doesn’t even want to be around us or home anymore, and doesn’t even eat at home anymore and he’s put on about 20lbs. And this just suddenly changed in February out of nowhere!! I’ll explain why these people watching my family and I will lead to their Path Of Destruction!! Now like I said earlier, we are a Family of 7!! Sign of Perfection, but by no means are any of us perfect. But no longer are we a Family of 7 here on this earth, we are a Family of 6 with my Mom passing away on her birthday back in 2021. So all these people watching me and my family are not getting the whole story and perfection since my mom is not around anymore. They are only getting half the story which is the wrong story which will lead to their Path Of Destruction. If these people were watching me and my family before 2020 and after 2020 then they would be getting the whole story and perfection but their not. But you should see how they are going through all my mom’s text messages and my family’s and all the videos and camera’s in the city looking back in the past and into our past. They are absolutely insane and nuts Greg!! But that’s why I know the Truth because before 2020 there were so many celebrities, actors, actresses, singers, athletes, etc. that I saw that claimed there was no God or Jesus Christ. But since 2020 they changed their tune and claim their is a God and Jesus Christ. Now why is that? What happened? Why the change? What do you believe? Who can you Trust? The one before 2020? Or the one after 2020? But that’s why this is sad Greg. These people are lost. And like said I had no problem helping these people or talking to these people but not anymore after what they are doing. But don’t worry Greg, I know who the Real Ones Are, the Fake Ones Are, The Jealous Ones, The Cheaters, The Thieves, The Liars, The Copycats, The Backstabbers, The evil ones, the Good Ones, and My Friends Are if they make it to Heaven!! But Most Importantly God The Father and Jesus Christ know who Everyone is!! And if anyone is mad they can be mad at themselves or their parents for the situation their in. Lastly, I sometimes wonder the person or people who censored everyone are they a blessing in disguise? Cause if you look at it from both angles, on 1 hand your helping people and speaking the Truth but on the other hand the evil and bad people are watching and listening and doing what your doing? Many things to think about!! Thanks for being a Real One, Good One, and a Friend Greg even though we haven’t met or seen each other face to face yet!!

    Your Own Journey- Now Everybody has their own Journey in this world and life because Everyone is different. Everything that happened in everyone’s life happened the way it was supposed too. Not the way you wanted too but the way it was meant too. How do I know this, I took a look back through the history of time and what are the odds that some of these things about me happened the way they did. I chose to be born when I wanted to just like you chose to be born when you wanted too Greg!! For example; I like sports, colors, I did like watching tv and I’m patient. When did sports come around and when did they take start taking flight!! Same thing about television!! And now today the way colors have exploded, and then all the people born before me!! Plus I love my parents, we pick when and what time we are born!! If our parents want to have kids we pick our parents just like our parents pick us!! What are the odds of that happening!! But I do know this life didn’t happen the way I wanted to and I’m sure everyone else can say the same thing!! Everything happened the way it was meant too!! Everything happens for a reason!! I just want to let everyone know…
    -there are no 2 souls the same
    -there are no 2 journeys the same
    -there are no 2 bodies the same
    -there are no 2 people that see exactly the same thing
    That is how Good Our God Is!! Many people have things in common!! Traits, personalities, body structures or features, interests or hobbies, many more, etc. But no 2 people will see exactly the same thing because of their journey and who they are, their parents, when their born, lifestyle, more, etc. You can see something together, witness something together, watch something together but when you try to agree on something you have to put the whole thing together and that’s when no 2 people see exactly the same thing. And so for all these people and jealous men who are trying to be me right now, they have no idea how bad they screwed their lives up and where they are headed. Because I saw something very few people have ever seen and a small sample size of what God The Father and Jesus Christ have seen and will see with the devil and the anti-ch rist. Don’t worry God The Father, Jesus Christ and I will have the last laugh. You can only get to Heaven through God The Father and if you need a Savior you have Jesus Christ!! So that’s why I’m so flabbergasted that all these people are coming together and doing things together Good and evil. But this must lead up to the Rapture in the future according to what the Bible says because it’s a own personal journey and relationship with God The Father and Jesus Christ!! Just like you are a
    usawatchdog Greg and for so many other topics and Bo Polny is a watchmen of gold and silver, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and his faith and my watchful eyes of sports, my faith and the Truth!! Great Job fellow Watchmen and Watchdog!!(Don’t know which one you like better Greg?) Everyone has their own gifts and talents. And many people out there need to get back in their own lane for watching everyone these last 3-4 years. If anyone is lost they have to go back and look back on their journey. If you want to find the Truth its not gonna to be easy, your gonna to have to be alone a lot and by yourself and it takes time. Thanks again for Everything Greg and tell Bo to stop hanging out with so many evil spirits. Its been quite the ride and journey here!!
    Trust Jesus Christ and God The Father!!

    There you Go Greg, Bo and Everyone!! That’s Everything I’ve seen and witness in the past 3-4 years!! Hopefully it helps, if it does Great!! If it doesn’t no worries, they do say One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure!!

    Oh yeah Greg, you and I both know the biggest wild card is the vax shots because we have no idea who took them and we are on our 3rd year so far!! I don’t know if you were able to see that one video on what will happen in 3-5 years with these shots. If not, you can let me know I’ll try sending you it.

    Thanks Again Greg, feel free to change or edit anything you want!! Let me know if I missed anything in the last 3-4 days!! That’s how long it took me to put it together!!

    • Greg Hunter

      In the future, please post MUCH shorter comments. Like about 1/5th of the length of this one.

    • Garry G

      yet another Evangelical gets to post whatever they want, while sane people are censored.

      (This is Greg Hunter. You are not “sane,” you are Godless, demonic and have a “reprobate mind.” Read Romans 1:21-22 and tack on romans 1:28)

  95. Galaxy 500

    This guy claims to be a Christian and a Republican…
    He’s appears to be a pedo…
    Many claim to be Christian while doing evil to children…

  96. Led Skeletor

    Next war: US vs Saudi Arabia; US to blame Saudi for everything past, present and for the coming death of the American economy!!

    Today: News stories are now trickling out blaming Saudi Arabia for 911.

    2001: When we all said this back in 2001 we were conspiracy Anti-Americans. Everyone with half a brain knew the USA was bombing the wrong criminals; but the other 95% of the brain-dead lemmings went along with the ‘official’ 911 BULLSHIT story.

    Days Ago: Saudi to accept oil payments is multi-currencies, begin another round of the end of the US Petro Dollar.

    Remember what the DARK SECRET WORLD MASTER POWER did to Mopar Gaddafi in Libya!! A gold backed African Union currency was on the drawing board fifteen years ago and would of replaced the US petro ten years ago.

    And the American government and London/Brussels think we can fight endless wars against endless enemies and America will remain unscathed.

  97. chinachina

    Chinese are now stealing faces for elective transplants

    there is a well known phenomenon where the personality ( & ) traits of an organ donor transfers to the receiver. Seems obvious this would fracture the psychological persona of the person. Yet another gateway to demonic possession.

  98. virginia clark

    Love all of your guests. Learn so much every time. However. Please stop talking too much and interupting. We all hang on every word they say.
    Most interesting thing I’ve heard: ” the best way to kill a currency is to lose a war” Holy Toledo, didn’t realize that.
    I firmly believe we will have a False Flag by October so Marshal Law and no election.
    But, I don’t think most of the country are going to buy it this time. Too many see the lies.
    Let’s hope they don’t kill most of us at the same time
    People don’t understand that WW3 is also going to be on our soil. What do we think all those Chinese, Muslim and African military aged men are doing here?

    • Greg Hunter

      At this point in my career, I am not going to change. What you see is what you get, and you get it for free.

  99. Ron Lang

    l believe Bill about new debt being added at the rate of one trillion every 100 days. But I haven’t see this reflected on the debt clock? Are there smoke and mirrors being used to hide this new debt?

    • Greg Hunter

      Ed Dowd also conformed this debt accumulation. It’s a solid number. I have other sources that say it’s really $1 trillion debt piling up every 40 days. Get ready and stay ready.

  100. War Monger

    Straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’…

    The world is sitting on a $91 trillion problem. ‘Hard choices’ are coming:

    Governments owe an unprecedented $91 trillion, an amount almost equal to the size of the global economy and one that will ultimately exact a heavy toll on their populations.

    Debt burdens have grown so large — in part because of the cost of the pandemic — that they now pose a growing threat to living standards even in rich economies, including the United States.

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