Kansas AG Pfizer Lawsuit Will Stop CV19 Bioweapon Vax Industry – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

In a stunning new CV19 vax lawsuit filed this week by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, there is new hope to finally bring down the CV19 bioweapon vax industry.  AG Kobach filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, the biggest maker of the CV19 so-called “vaccine” with more than 60% of the market globally.  Kobach is alleging “unlawful misrepresentation” of the efficacy of the injections and “censoring public discussion” of the disastrous effects of the injections.  On top of that, it is reported by Kobach that four other states are going to join the Kansas AG’s lawsuit.  This is big, and biotech analyst Karen Kingston, who has warned from the beginning of the murderous and disabling effects of the CV19 injections, explains why, “I am overjoyed to share this.  Again, AG Kobach is suing Pfizer for ‘fraud and unconscionable acts.’  Ten counts have been brought against Pfizer, including conspiring with Health and Human Services (HHS), the (legacy) media, social media, other agencies and even the lobbying group ‘Bio.’  Even bigger than that, Kobach announced four other states will be joining this lawsuit and potentially even more. . .”

Why were other vax makers not sued?  Kingston said, “It was because of the contract Pfizer had.  They were not under the supervision of the U.S. government and did not participate with the Warp Speed program.  Under that program, the U.S. government controlled the products that were being manufactured. . . . What it comes down to is because of the contract that Pfizer signed with the U.S. government, and it looks like Trump had his fingerprints all over it, the art of the deal, Trump broke Pfizer’s liability shield that the contract would be a weapon, so that state prosecutors and Americans could sue Pfizer if they did anything wrong.  They tried to defraud us, and they harmed and manipulated us.”

Just in Kansas alone, Pfizer could be liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for killing and harming people.  Kingston goes on to say, “In all of these counts that are being brought by Kansas and the four additional states, the 10th count is the most important because so much for saying the Covid-19 injections are not safe and effective and they do cause harm, disease, disability, infertility, Myocarditis, Pericarditis and death.  It is no longer a conspiracy theory.  It is a fact with count number 10, it is a civil conspiracy.”

Many groups are alleged to have conspired to keep information about the dangers of these CV19 injections from the public.  Some of the groups are the US government’s Health and Human Services (HHS), Stanford University and ‘BIO’ (Biotechnology Innovation Organization), the world’s largest bio lobbying group.  Kingston adds, “BIO was the group that worked behind the scenes to shut down the BIOSECURE Act on behalf of China. . . . Even though these other groups are named as co-conspirators in this lawsuit, they are not going after those co-conspirators.  You let Pfizer bring them in and explain what happened.”  Kingston adds all co-conspirators can be sued for their role in hiding the truth about the CV19 injections from the public at a later time.

Kingston also points out, “When the BIOSECURE Act was brought up earlier this year, all the CEOs of Pfizer, GSK, AstraZeneca, they all flew to China and said you’ve got our backs, right?  You are going to protect us, right? . . . . I think these Attorneys General are starting to wake up and say, wait a second, this mRNA technology from our U.S. pharma companies was actually used as a weapon against the American people.  If they don’t stop it, there will be no future for our country.  There will be no posterity.  I think they are realizing that, but I also think they want to avoid World War III.”

In closing, Kingston says the Pfizer data proves, “If you get the injection, you get the (CV19) infection.  It is the exact opposite of what we would call a vaccine.  On top of that, they (Pfizer) knew about all the disease, disability, infertility and death that it would cause. . . . Their actual labeling is criminal. . . .Forcing the CV19 vaccine was about breaking American values and breaking our belief that individuals have human rights.  That’s what it was about. . . . This is also about editing human beings, and not just human beings, but all biological lifeforms.  The synthetic bio industry wants to do this to the world, and they want the laws to go away.  They think they are the good guys.”

There is much more in the 51-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with renowned biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives groundbreaking analysis on what the Kansas AG’s new lawsuit against Pfizer means for finally stopping the CV19 mRNA bioweapon vax nightmare in America for 6.18.24.

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  1. ursel doran

    Fabulous that this law suit is FINALLY filed by an entity with a lawyer that has the macho skills to go after the criminals.
    I also think she should add the “Fraud In the Inducement of a Contract” issue to the suit as it carries triple damages. Pass on to her please.

  2. David Gordon Dunne

    Karen is a lovely lady, smart, honest, with integrity. God Bless her and this exact thing can be said of Greg Hunter too. Thank you both for this game changing info.

    • Marie blaszak

      I love Greg. He’s the best. Honest, funny, motivated and he has great guests!!

  3. Lachesis Atropos

    You have to wonder why Pfizer, the US Government, and media blatantly lied and deceived everyone? IMO, they know something catastrophic is coming and these lawsuits will be meaningless at some point. Bottom line, they’ve already murdered and sterilized billions of innocent people. The deed is done. The Deagels forecast has been realized.

    • Prospector

      “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” | Ted Turner, CNN founder and UN supporter

      What did the Georgia Guide Stones say ?
      ” Keep humanity under 500 million ”

      “Techniques such as Genetic engineering, Psychoactive drugs and electronic control of the brain make possible a transformation of the species into docile, fully-obedient, ‘safe’ organisms.” | William Sims Bainbridge, ‘Religions for a Galactic Civilization’



      The devil always does the opposite of what GOD has said. GOD said be fruitful and multiply. The Anti-Christ says kill…. kill …. kill. …. stop life , stop reproduction.

      The United Nations name says it all. It stands to UN make , UN wind , UN do , UN create the things of GOD.

    • Lisa Mooney

      100 % agree with you. Just talking to one my RN, awake peers, about this Today. We both have been RNs for 30 years. That plus the deliberate destruction of the US Healthcare system (quality and access) which is happening now at warp speed, will kill many, sadly, in the next few years.

      • L N

        As a patient, I can vouch for the destruction of the health care system. My primary care doctor died early this year from a recurrence of cancer due to the clot shots. I tried a new primary, but, they are overwhelmed by my medication list and joked about not caring about saving someone over 70 with cancer, so, trying to find a new one. So, if you think your doctor is not trying to keep your 70 yo body alive, it might not be your imagination. Think DEI.
        There are many, much younger physicians available, unfortunately, I am not a trivial case, long history of allergies, asthma and Graves. My former primary physician saved my mom by diagnosing a Scandinavian specific disease. Plus half those available are not native English speakers and if they misunderstand me or I them, it could be deadly.

        • Joan M Blaszak

          I am 75. I was told I need an echocardiogram once a year since I have health problems. My cardiologist cancelled it saying I didn’t need it. I left a message and told them that the System just wants old people to die. I found a new heart doctor. He’s older. Sat and listened to me and didn’t carry a laptop everywhere he went. Got the records from my cardiologist and lung doctor and in one month will give me an echo and breathing test. I have problems with my lungs cuz I worked in bars for 25 yrs when I was younger and I breathed in second hand smoke. I’m not a smoker and still my lungs are damaged.

    • Joan M Blaszak

      Made them all infertile. Children getting vaxxed won’t be able to have babies when they are grown up. Also I read they won’t live past the age 55.

  4. Jim Wade


    • Galaxy 500

      Heck, NO on Jail. They should be publicly hanged if convicted .

      • Ray

        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺 🦘😎

    • Earth Angel

      Forget jail. Even hanging or firing squad is too good for them. Death by 1000 cuts- or do as some primitive native tribes might have done and tie them down on a desert mountaintop in the blazing heat and let the coyotes & vultures pick at them ’till they’re dead!

      • Joan M Blaszak

        No, give them twenty boosters!!!

  5. Johnny Nobody

    Wonderful to hear that credible entities (State Attorneys General) are finally challenging the hitherto ‘unchallengeable’!!!

    Minor observation: Greg, you repeatedly – over several broadcasts – refer to “Michael Collins” when you mean Michael Palmer. Not sure why the mix up?

    • Galaxy 500

      Remember what the RINOs did to AG Ken Paxton?
      The Demoncrats do t want us to have competent and Christian leadership

    • TheTanMan GeorgeHamiltan

      Mike Collins, Edward “Buzz”Aldrin and
      Niel Armstrong.
      The first Moon landing crew! “Michael Collins”, stayed with the mother ship, orbiting the moon.
      A “Froidian Slip”, Greg? Or in Michael Palmers case. Maybe Greg, you were having a Fraudulent Slip? You must have been a Apollo 11 and Star Trek fan in your youth, like all us kids were back in the wild and 😜 wolly sixties!
      The last days of the, live for the Sun, Sun, fun and more Sun, generation!
      Now it’s the Slip on a hat and slurp on the cancer causing in itself, oodles of sun screen, generation!

  6. Stephen Smith

    I hope my state, Louisiana, gets involved in this.

    • David Lynch

      The Greek word pharmakeia appears in Galatians 5:20 and Revelation 18:23. Terms from the same root word appear in Revelation 9:21, Revelation 21:8, and Revelation 22:15. These are typically translated into English as “sorcery,” “witchcraft,” or “sorcerer.” Ancient Greek uses of pharmakeia closely mirror the generic modern English word drugs ; the same Greek root word produced English terms such as pharmacy and pharmacist.

      Modern use of the word sorcery evokes images of supernatural power and spells; biblical use of pharmakeia doesn’t fit well with such ideas. Rather, the term suggests various forms of drug abuse. Those might include drug use in pagan worship, as an addiction, or as a poison used to manipulate and control others.

      This Covid 19 plandemic was most certainly was birthed in the pit of hell !

  7. David Montross


    • Galaxy 500

      Right there with you, David.
      If you think about it, Fiat Currency, Banks and a lot of Govt agencies are “Faith” based institutions.
      Why do you accept a US Dollar for your labor? Because you have faith that you can trade it for things you need and that others will accept it for debts and transactions of trade and commerce.
      Why do you bank at XYZ Bank? Because you have faith that your money is safe. My Father grew up in the Great Depression. Even as an old man, he NEVER had all of his assets in a bank. He didn’t have faith in them and rightly so.
      People at one point had faith in the “Justice” department. I say used to because at one point they had the facade of impartiality. Boy, they have stripped even the illusion of that away and violently so. ATF cuts a man’s power in middle of night and murders him. DOJ goes after an old woman for praying outside a Baby Murder Factory and sentences here to years in prison. All the while, illegal acts by the demon hoard are ignored.
      The Elites want this once proud country destroyed and you do that by destroying the building blocks of a nation. Military? Check, disarmed, disabled and F’ing Gay. Law and Order? Check, no one believes the little guy that is demonstrably innocent will prevail against the demons at DOJ and local DAs.
      Currency? Check, Beijing Buy-Dem has destroyed long standing relationships in the Middle East. They destroyed the value of the U$D abroad by weaponizing SWIFT etc.
      The Family, an essential building block of any nation. Check, destroyed and broken asunder and by doing so, they destroy another important element of a nation: its children.
      We went from a highly educated children by the end of HS to children that can’t read, do basic math, instead filled with self loathing, hatred for America and a victimhood mentality.
      This isn’t a 20 or 30 year period of one bad decision after another. Nay, this is THEIR plan and they are working it hard!
      Trump throws a great big monkey wrench into these plans. Demons are scared of Trump because he exposed them before and will again.
      If you are Christian, really believe in YHWH and His Only Begotten SON, Jesus; how can you support ANY Democrat? I had someone explain a few years ago how she could… turns out she wasn’t really a Christian. Yes, we ALL make mistakes but you are known by your deeds and what I later learned put the big LIE into focus. And there are RINOs that are just as evil and complicit as the worst Democrat.
      Senator Burr in NC is one of many. Senator Graham in SC is another.
      You vote matters.
      VOTE Trump in November and send him real help as best you can

  8. Patrickl

    Well well its finally came to this. LOST BOTH PARENTS AN UNCLE AND AN AUNT from these DEMONS. I want everyone to think THINK FOR ONE SECOND IN YOUR LIFE!! from 1913 Fed act The Gulf of Tonkin, Building 7, WMD weapons’ in IRAQ and now this. listen most of you are in TOTAL DENIEL of the so called GOLDEN CHILDERN and ill leave it at that. Go back and look it up THEIR NAMES!!!!!!!!!! but you wont because most of you are SPIRITUAL GUTLESS COWARDS yes I’m mad a lot of my family WERE…. MURDERED by the DEMONS!! just because you think “THEY” haven’t reached out and touched your family YET!! doesn’t MEAN THEY ARENT GOT IT!! YOU ARE ON THEIR WAITING LIST like CHIRST CALLED SHEEP TRUE SHEEP. like I said GUTLES COWARDS You know A funny when they killed Christ the people were GUTLESS then too for not standing up for him. Now there kicking ww3 for YOUR CHILDRN….. and you will send YOUR CHILDERN FOR THE GOLDEN CHILDREN to their bottomless pit.

    • Erick

      My brother was raided by Homeland Security after his friend in china was sending him what was going on. 11 months later after taking his computer they INSTALLED kiddy porn to justify the search. 50,000 images. Remember from the x files with that one doctor saying about looking at mulder … this is how they shut down and get a search warrant now then they plant evidence. Already he had a lawyer sign his name to a plea deal and he was arrested by US marhalls. A thing called parallel construction was used against him which on the warrant stated A tip from a foreign agency meaning the IPA/English Govt monitoring american internet traffic. My brother said you ever get information like he was given HIDE IT off site. His trial is next year and he refuses to plead. He was sent video and much more of stacks of bodies being burned in fields behind apartment complexes and where those kids from Hong Kong where sent. The friend of his was a DR near Wuhan. They could not find my brother because he was using a cell phone so they used a helicopter using cell site simulator tracking devices. He lives in a remote place of the county and when a white helicopter appeared he looked it up later on the FAA website. After the Raid the DHS sent that helicopter to Texas. Where for the last 4 years it has stayed. N754AM He started monitoring all DHS airplanes/helicopters and found out that they data collect all over seattle/portland even into canada. This country is becoming a police state and its only going to get worse why is it the US marshalls service has an almost 720 million dollar contract with geo group and so does ICE which there contract is in the billions? I did a foia with the company and recieved a letter telling me i was not allowed to have any information i requested because its a private company but they operate on taxes from the american people. So be careful out there. My brother is looking at 20 yrs for crimes he did not commit. Look at Julia Davis the documentary the terror within , she reported terrorists coming into the country from mexico and was thrown under the bus. To keep it a secret because the DHS screwed up.

      • Diane

        Terrible for your brother. Do not trust the g one bit. Constant lies. Do not forget 911. A black rapper has stated the CIA/FBI drop off boxes of guns in the ghettos of Chicago. Not one bit surprised. Just like the CIA known to be drug runners.
        Must fly under the radar and be invisible.

    • Anon

      Ultimately, the same people who committed genocide with the bioweapon are also responsible for stoking the flames of World War 3. Ukraine itself is little more than a human meat-grinder / money laundering operation.

      If these Covid trials can prove the genocidal intent of all government’s involved worldwide then it will also demonstrate that the attempt to start World War 3 is more of the same and those responsible must face military tribunal… Internationally. These are acts of war being committed against civilians and the perpetrators are enemy combatants on our soils… this is all well beyond just criminal malfesience.

      (I believe even the Devil himself would baulk at injecting Children with this bio-weapon as children do not and can not have the capacity to “consent” to what is being done to them or comprehend who is doing it to them – Whoever the ultimate enemy – the final boss – turns out to be… they are quite potentially more evil than the devil himself)

      • Galaxy 500

        Why would you think Satan has a conscience? I guess this disturbs me so because there has been a concerted effort to remake and rebrand Satan over the last 15 to 20 years. Shows like “Supernatural “ started out as Angels and God good only to turn them both EVIl. You have the popular TV show “Lucifer” with Lucy as a cool swinger and Nice guy… These shows reshape the image of Satan. Think about it. yeah, that ain’t Satan. His Acolytes sacrifice infants to Satan…
        However, you are right about the Ukraine. Remember all the secret bioweapon labs that the CIA and other 3 letter organizations had there? All illegal?
        There should be Nurnberg style tribunals with the chairs and piano wire waiting in the next room for immediate justice. All the the ill gotten gain should be stripped from them and given to the victims, not the government.

        • Earth Angel

          Chairs and piano wire- I like that. It’s definately worth bringing back ‘ol sparky’ for these b@st*r&s! And they should have public viewings of the executions for those wishing to view it.

    • Katy Bar

      Do you think “THEY” haven’t reached out and touched your family YET!!
      Well the “electronic digital dollar” (CBDC) or AI$ “Artificial Imaginary Money” is coming. Which is extremely necessary for the Neocons who know there soon won’t be enough trees on Planet Earth to grind up into paper Dollars, paper Treasury Bills or paper Treasury Notes!!
      So the fraudsters in Congress and the Fed critically need the ability “to conjure up Imaginary Money on a Computer Screen”. It is now very clearly obvious that The Final Solution Decision “has already been made” (by the slime ball murders in Congress and the Fed) to get rid of the people by lethal injection and infection with their mRNA Kill Shots and get rid of the National Debt “by Inflating the US Dollar to NOTHINGNESS” (and the BRICS and other Nations know exactly what these thieves in the US are up to. Think Weimar Republic (or Nazi Reich) and Zimbabwe!!!
      So if you are still alive after the Nazi Kill Shots and still holding US dollars or Treasury (Notes and Bills) you are participating in “a Fools Game” and the Fed currently raising interest rates “is simply a cloaking device ploy” to make the “frogs” (who are still alive) think that the US Dollar, Treasury Notes and Bills retain value (when held to a zero maturity)!!!!
      But the sad Truth is only “Physical Things” will retain value in this Weimar Nazi Zimbabwe Runaway Hyper-inflationary Mass Murdering Banana Republic that our Traitorous Congress and Fed have created for us to Exterminate the people along with the National Debt!!!!!
      Sadly only Gold, Silver and Physical Commodities will now protect the “frogs” (who are still alive after the Kill Shot) from owning nothing. But be prepared if the Demon Rats steal the 2024 election to be callously exterminated by the Neocons in a pre-planned purposely contrived Nuclear War or A New Viral Plague Inflicted Upon All Mankind)!!!!!

  9. Neville

    Thank you Sister Karen a brilliant exposure of the murderous intentions of the evil criminals that maladminister AAcrime.
    If the Electric chair is still operating ,this would be a suitable ending to all at pfizer ,the people who sponsored and ordered its manufacture distribution and the injecting of that satanic filth dressed up as a vaccination.
    As you say Karen its nothing but a BIO WEAPON and as we all should know weapons of any sort are KILLING DEVICES!!!
    All strength to the Kansas initiative to bring this most sordid part of AAcrimes and indeed the rest of the worlds fight against evil which is permeating our Globe
    Whatever trumps part in promoting operation warped speed or any other such diabolical sponsorship should be equally prosecuted!!!
    Everyone around the world knows of or has a person in their families or circle of friends that was affected by all of the above.
    Thank You Karen and Greg for the disclosure of this tyrannical episode

  10. Erick


    ‘Is This In Fact A Bioweapon?’: Roger Marshall Grills Doctor About COVID-19 Origins

    Forbes Breaking News

  11. Don Doerr Sr.

    How does this entire American Covid-Mask-Vaccine-LGBTQ Public School Indoctrination-Created Inflation-Abortion Industry-Open Border Terrorist Invasion, and Pope Francis scenario differ from Nazi Germany’s elimination of the Jews?

    “Now we are engaged in a Great Civil War.” – Abraham Lincoln

    I hope that we are all sending these Greg Hunter Interviews and Reports to everyone we know. It is the best defense we have against the November 22, 1963-Founded Communist Democrat RINO Party that now controls our targeted America.

    • Katy Bar

      Yes! And more importantly send this Greg Hunter interview to all the “Demon Rats” you know, so these Trump haters will finally realize “that they too” are simply looked upon as “experimental Rats” to be indiscriminately Killed and then “flushed down the toilet” by a bunch of unimaginable greedy immoral and totally evil Pfizer scientists who desperately want to “expropriate God’s creation” and patent us humans as their own private property to do with whatever they want!!

  12. Wisenox

    One, unless they mention picornaviruses it’s a sham.
    Two, informed consent was required for all emergency use cases in 2020. EUA regulations require known risks to be conveyed to the patient and this was not performed for vaccines or test kits, both of which have known risks. So, any “lawsuit” over garbage ‘safe and effective’ premises is dead on arrival and likely just a scam.
    Baric’s 2018 coronavirus patent lists Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, a picornavirus. The patents also list them to cross the blood brain barrier, and “modern medicine” wants you to believe they’re some kind of “viroid”: no, it’s a picornavirus.

  13. Collette Lefebvre

    ALBERT BOURLA stated He is Legally NOT allowed to have the JibJab Until EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HAS TAKEN THEIRS ,

    BILL GATES. X Chef has stated Bill WONT ALLOW his Family to
    Have insect meat / Lab grown or the 3 d printed ‘ food ‘,,,
    For Thee not me !

    • Joan M Blaszak

      Also his children are not vaccinated!!

  14. Thomas Malthaus

    Who’s going to stop the next round of mRNA vaccines, e.g., the bird flu?

    Who will prevent all poultry production facilities from being unnecessarilyd destroyed?

    Mass depopulation.

  15. Galaxy 500

    Trump’s contract will be the downfall of Pfizer

    • Ken Yu

      Pfizer’s stock is currently trading for about $27 Dollars – it should be selling for Zero!!! Look at the 5 year Pfizer chart https://www.google.com/finance/quote/PFE:NYSE?window=5Y – when the Kill Shot was first introduced in 2020 people jumped on board Pfizer and its stock doubled but “as more and more people dropped dead” people awakened and the stock has been justly cut in half – this truly evil company does not deserve to be in business – and we should all do to Pfizer what the Fed did to us https://www.richdad.com/MediaLibrary/RichDad/Images/charts/usd-purchasing-power-1913-2008.png and push its stock to Zero!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Ken, the Officers should be tried, after they are found guilty, Hanging and seize all the assets of the company and disperse to all victims (every American is a victim whether you got the shot or not… Shedding is real)

        • Shedding


          “every American is a victim whether you got the shot or not -Shedding”

          that sums it up and is the quandary.

      • Pete+only

        Ken, you raise good points, but I see 2 or 3 possible reasons Pfizer stock price is not at zero yet.
        One is that Pfizer was banking on people getting sick from their injections, and had planned on selling other drug treatments that are in it’s portfolio. (It has quite a few of them), so it is profiting from these treatments still.
        Two, there is a chance that the Pfizer stock price is being manipulated (like most other things in markets are).
        Three is that maybe markets are already starting to price in bird flu vaccines coming to market soon.
        We will see how the covid lawsuits play out, as that will definitely be one of the factors that will influence the company’s profitability going forward.

  16. Tx

    These perpetrators don’t need to be heard in a court of law. They need to be hunted down in exterminated. Like vermin.

  17. Linda

    Anything mRNA should be against the law. Keep it out of our lettuce, livestock and children etc.

    • Ken Yu

      And anything AI along with mRNA should be kept out of our DNA!! McDonald’s is reportedly planning to end its use of artificial intelligence-powered automated drive-thru order-taking robots at more than 100 locations after angry customers reported receiving items they didn’t order, including “having their ice cream cones topped with bacon”. If the Evil Globalists finally achieve their goal of destroying God’s creation “for their own robotic creation” we may find ourselves becoming unthinking Borgs (sort of like unthinking Demonrats like Bribe’n) that will probably enjoy being taxed without representation and eating bacon topped ice cream cones for desert after consuming a hearty “meal worm” burger with a side order of “bug” fry’s!!

  18. Papa Smurf

    So….here is my question.
    If an entity with nearly unlimited resources get sued, especially one intertwined with the Federal government, why does one expect results to be anything but favorable to the entity with nearly unlimited resources. They are intertwined with the group that makes the laws and enforces the laws. They can extend the lawsuit for a decade or more….they can bribe or threaten any judge or jury the wish….it will fall from view and be quickly forgotten, much like the steel structure hi-rise buildings falling in their own footprints. Or….they will rule against those bringing the lawsuit and set the precedent that will effectively shuts down any future attempts at a lawsuit. They control the process, what do you think the outcome will be? Be realistic.

    • Cold Reality

      Papa Smurf you are 100% correct.

    • Katy Bar

      Here is another question we should be asking – why is it that a Nation founded upon the principle of “No Taxation Without Representation” now finds its people being taxed on whatever they earn each day, paying tax on what they buy each day, paying tax on the home they bought (over and over again each and every year that it is owned), paying tax on the interest and gains made on investments, paying tax on any accumulated money left to our children as an inheritance and now soon to have carbon use tax imposed, etc., etc. – Yet the people of this nation have “Zero Representation” when it comes to putting a stop to an Insane Tax Collecting Government’s Desire to Start a Worldwide Nuclear War or stopping this same Insane Government from using Biological Warfare “against its own people”!!!

  19. Shelly Uscinski

    Excellent interview!
    Greg -could you please explain the difference between the “Warp Speed Contract “ and the separate contract with Pfizer, and the implications (or not) for President Trump. It sounds like Trump is not accountable for the misdeeds of Pfizer. Would this be correct?

  20. tibor

    yea I live in kansas..and the elderly are very quiet.. so AG is 3 years behind..and kansas certified a fraudulent election..they all should hang.
    I tried to tell the elderly be carefull..no one listened..many are gone.
    Kingston is on the right side.

  21. tibor

    it was all premeditated…simple as that. hang them

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes please

  22. Naomi from Israel

    I hope this law suit is successful. I also hope it stops the development of new mRNA Crap they want to force us to take.
    Regarding Israel: Today, I saw that one of the almighty administrators in the Health Department in Israel, during the Covid-19 period, is accompanying one of the Israeli ex-hostages from the 7th of October. She accompanied her to Washington for public relations regarding the hostages.
    The name of this woman (not the ex-hostage) is Siegal Sadezki.
    It is disgusting how she portrays herself as being on the side of good. I think that with all the brainwashing going on here, the poor ex-hostage has no clue about what is going on!

  23. Louise

    Thank you for this excellent interview with Karen Kingston.
    The sad part is I know only one person who would be open to watching this.

    I did not get ‘the shot’ . Everyone I know has taken the shot and many boosters… and they all have been sick!! Some, very sick. In spite of the obvious consequences, their minds remain closed to the facts which have been available from the beginning. Some of these people are high end professionals with several advanced degrees, speak five languages, and have enjoyed the best life has to offer. Yet, when it comes to this subject, they remain incapable of critical thinking and seeking truth. They remain mental captives of the powerful forces of well-orchestrated propaganda and censorship. The ninth circuit has finally opened Pfizer’s Pandora’s Box . Bless the AGs who are moving forward with bringing an end to this mRNA debacle.

  24. Sandra

    If *they* can’t get the MRNA technology in us openly, they will just find a more covert method (already been tested in food and food animals). But at least the lawsuit will open the eyes of the public who didn’t believe us .. so there’s that.

  25. Patricia Maloney

    I had dinner last night with a friend, a chef for a global company who is the head chef for the Whistler Ski resort convention center, in British Columbia, Canada. He told me there are so many people with allergies now that he has to hire a special crew to make the food for the people who can’t partake in the over-all menu. He was quite animated about the bother it takes to make a great meal. He said this is new, it’s been increasing as the months go by.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for adding this information and reporting!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Being seeing this for a while. When I was young, you never heard of a peanut allergy. 35 years later, when my kids started school, there were a few peanut allergies. Now it’s widespread

        • Joan M Blaszak

          And I know why!! I read many yrs ago that they put peanut oil in childrens vaccines and this is why they have a peanut allergy!

  26. Seer


    Karen and Greg – please read through this report. It’s so linked together many entities and ties of evil planning and manifestation of the global labs and banks.

  27. Mark

    In my opinion, the AGs shouldn’t be suing Pfizer in civil court, they should be arresting the top brass and criminally charging them using fraud, RICO, and whatever other applicable laws.

  28. Scott

    Let the heads roll. This is the most evil thing done to the world. EVER.

  29. Louise

    Another issue that should be addressed is the fact that the medical industry colluded in perpetrating this fraud both in terms of pushing the shot on patients and subjecting those in hospitals and nursing homes to extreme or ineffective treatments.
    Courageous medical professionals who tried to do the right thing were persecuted by medical boards and prevented from properly treating their patients. Why does the public put up with this?
    Most medical doctors now work for corporations. $$$$$$ Can they be trusted to make good decisions for individual patients when they are being forced to follow a standard of care that benefits a ‘for profit growth industry’ ?

  30. Pat McGee

    What I am seeing in my lib relatives who took the shot, is Stockholm syndrome. They are refusing to admit they were swindold.

    • Greg Hunter

      “How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!” – Mark Twain

  31. Dana

    Well, As I understand it, the Big Pharms are protected from suits from consequences due to vaccines. The sars cov2 injections were not vaccines, but were genetic modifiers instead, so there should be no legal protection.

  32. Won Witness

    Hey California Govenor Gavin….

    How about the California AG Should JOIN the lawsuit !
    1. You Really COULD USE that settlement $$$ to help fund California’s HUGE deficets. (especialy now as I and soo MANY other FORMER residents have left the state and it’s high personal income tax. I was hit with 9.3% last year)

    2. Gavin you needs to Find COVER and DIVERT BLAME to someone else for the crap YOU and Senator Richard Pan pulled like trying to pass laws :
    To force children to submit to mrna shots before attending public schools
    Trying to pull private patient medical records from doctors offices (SB920),
    Diverting police to the tasks of forcing mrna mandates (SB146)
    Censor contrary medical opinion (SB1390)
    there were 10 HORRIBLE bills pushing the Genocide so evil that the US Trucker Convoy after circling Washington DC Returned to California to protest these bills in Sacramento, CA.
    I know I was there.
    The Truckers also appeared at a Defeat The Mandates protest outside downtown LA City Hall.
    I know I was There also.
    I’ll never forget the huge DTM crowd in LA.
    And I’ll never forget the Mainstream media only showing up to film LATE in the day AFTER 60/75% of the crowd had left.
    The media lied by factual omission and certainly People died from the lie.
    As Christians we should Forgive them.

    But This Witness will NEVER FORGET what the Godless did to the innocent.

  33. Jeffrobbins

    This Kansas suit is a good start, but criminal charges need to be the ultimate goal. Hopefully the discovery portion will open up names with willful crimes. Of course, there could also be a star witness to come forward- if they could stay alive. We should keep an eye on any legislation passed during a lame duck session of congress at the end of the year. Any lame duck congress bills are highly suspect. Greg is right on about the judges and people in high places being affected by this evil, same as everyone else. I am left wondering, who are the real puppet masters?

    • Johnny Nobody

      The ‘real puppet masters’ are the dynastic central banking families. They own the Fed and nearly every central bank worldwide. Source: ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin. The few countries that did not submit to being controlled by their central banking system, for example; Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, have been vilified, denounced as “The Axis of Evil” and had wars thrust upon them. Putin had the temerity to nationalise Russia’s central bank – to free Russia from their vicelike grip – and witness the torrent of abuse and war raised against him. Because the fiat currency system they created is debt based, they are the ultimate recipients of the interest charged upon it. After the Federal Reserve Act was passed into law in 1913, the IRS (not a government institution!) had to be created to ensure the collection of taxes to pay the interest. Think about that for a minute . . . How much is the combined interest on the national debts of all the countries where they have established their parasitic central banking system?
      They are very few and ‘we the people’ are many. They control the legacy media and they control the majority of politicians who purport to represent us. But IMHO, they are fearful. Fearful that the virtuous side of the Internet coin they created is revealing the truth to too many of us. Fearful that enough of us will see past all the many distractions they create, and see them for what they are, the ‘Masters of Slavelandia’. Fearful of the night we pick up our ‘firebands and pitchforks’. That explains the great culling, but it is back firing. Early during the scamdemic, Marting Armstrong described is as a ‘vast overreach’, and I believe event have proved him right. So many were awakened by the idiocy of the Covid protocols. So many are asking questions, just like you. Who are the real puppet masters?!

  34. Justn Observer

    Greg, more tremors in the banking system…Japan ditching BONDs to pay their derivatives book?

    appears Robert Kiyousaki was right last May

    • Greg Hunter

      Japan could set off a selling collapse in the bond market.

  35. Paraclete

    Hi Greg –
    Would you please consider interviewing:
    Dr. David Martin Exposes The Government COVID Lethal Injection Program@DrDMartinWorld

    Thank You,

  36. Tim Zamperini

    what about the cv-19 that was let loose on the American public??? they need to pay us all back for damages

  37. Joe Wong

    Don’t you think for one second that Bill Gates also played a major role in this MNRA vaccine fiasco as well ???

    At the WEF in Davos Switzerland they want to bring the worlds population down from almost 8 billion people down to a more comfortable level of 3 billion people instead as well.

    • Keith

      Bill Gates invested 55 million in BioNTech in August 2019, promoted event 201, heavily promoted the vaccines worldwide and then cashed in BioNTech shares for close to one billion after the vaccines were rolled out. Gates also funds the WHO.

  38. vickey T

    Deagel 2025 headcount by country:

    this fits with what the devotees of guru Clif High reported, 13 June 2024 on Jean-Claude@BeyondMystic (Rumble)…… massive die-off due to Covax, inability to get pharmaceuticals, famine and whatever else the Pfizer’s CEO Bourla & cabal have planned.

    • Tim K

      Hi Vickey,

      If this happens (seems a little soon) in 2025, it has to be due to the jab. Nuclear war would just about kill everyone off on the planet.


  39. Anna

    Some, who believe can be gullible. The FDA should not be shut down … we can’t close all our institutions … the NWO folks don’t really want to cull humans …
    Red flags are appearing; there’s more than one way to boil a frog … many are crafty.
    Pashmina …

    • Katy Bar

      Ever look at Pfizer’s CEO Bourla throat as he talks “it ripples like a bull frog”. So lets apply the heat to this bull frog slowly so he won’t jump out and take up residence in China where he developed his bio-weapon Kill Shot (to intentionally slaughter Americans and others throughout the world)!!

    • Conchita Santayana

      can we at least get rid of the Dollar Tree:

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Anna,
      We need some government agencies… we need a functioning Military so DOD, we need a Department of State and Justice. Not sure we need the FBI.
      But these organizations would be started from scratch… the plotters and evil doers need to be punished after a short trial, then publicly executed if found guilty. Congress needs to be purged as well and there should be term limits 2 terms in Congress, 2 terms in Senate plus 2 as VP and President. NO exceptions, no exemptions from the laws, no voting for your own pay raises, it would be added to national ballot every 4 years for the people to decide if they get a raise.
      I think everyone should serve 2 years in military. You can get an exemption for this but you don’t get FULL citizenship. You would have all the rights but you can’t vote and you can’t run for public office.
      The new slightly modified constitution would have a few issues resolved such as the 2nd amendment (not infringed means not infringed) and the one that people think gives illegals that cross border and plop a baby out. Sorry he isnt a citizen. You can not gain citizenship thru an illegal act.
      And to stop the emotional insanity where the apple pusher vote for stupidity and immorality… the purveyors of the apple don’t get to vote.
      Basically, we do a little revamp of the Republic to stop the insanity.
      Foreign stuff would be expensive because we would have high tariffs…
      Boy, I went a little far afield didn’t I LOL

  40. Gloria Ford

    This is great news! However, will it reach msm? If not, few people will even know about this…the problem from the begining….no one can talk about it!

  41. Ron

    Scottish commentator Neil Oliver just released a great 15 minute monologue urging all to STAND UP and be heard against the Uniparty.
    It would be great if you could interview him.

  42. Clyde

    The Federal Death Agency (FDA) in conjunction with the Covid Death Center (CDC), under the criminal Obozo-Biden regime, has allowed Pfizer, Moderna and others to peddle their killer-clot-shots. And all of this occurred under a fraudulent FDA EUA.

    These shots are crimes against humanity. Therefore, all of these nefarious, big government agencies (FDA, CDC, NIH. Et al) that help push these kill-shots need to be held accountable for their crimes. Otherwise, this tragedy will happen again in the near future.

    • Greg Hunter

      I love the names your have given the FDA and CDC “Federal Death Agency (FDA) in conjunction with the Covid Death Center.”

      • Clyde

        Yes Greg, I believe that the Federal Death Agency (FDA) and the Covid Death Center (CDC) are descriptive terms for what these criminal bureaucratic agencies have devolved into.
        Most of these federal government agencies do not work for the American people any longer. They are captured operations, for the marxist-globalist cabal.
        I believe they all need to be gutted way back to some degree of reality in which they are held accountable to the People.

        • Greg Hunter

          I totally agree with you!!

  43. Dr. Tyz

    It was just a matter of time before it would get out about the Covid-19 hoax and the fake “vaccines” that would kill and disable millions so don’t think the perpetrators were not aware of this.

    You can have all the lawsuits you want but it is not going to disempower those who are in control. They have the money, the means and the motive to take you all out and there is nothing you can do about it.

    So stop getting your hopes up that the bad guys are being exposed and will soon be brought to justice. The only thing that is certain is that your days are numbered and things are only going to get worse from here.

    And if you don’t believe me, you won’t have to wait long to see if I’m right. What’s coming is just around the corner. Tic toc, tic toc…

    • Galaxy 500

      Dr Tyz,
      Why so serious? LOL
      These people will be brought to justice: if not in this world then in the next.
      If there is serious upheaval, massive civil disturbances… well most of these guys won’t know what hit them.
      They are not well prepared

  44. James Hall

    Rand Paul is controlled opposition along with others in Congress. Contact Ivan Raiklin he’s cracking the whip on a long of these folks. Would be a good person to interview.

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, some may want to reject this…but possible that much of what is occuring is a result of this crucial historical misunderstanding…or mis-leading. Clearly, the religious and politically bent need to deal with this as today’s binary Hegelian choices between good and evil, and (G)od and (g)overnment given rights deliberately set up might have left people in a irreconcilable quandary of conflicts. Which two legged stool might your ‘faith’ be balanced on…a time for a deeper understanding of which ‘version’ of truth they are led to believe down which blind alley.
    A Pious Man Mistranslated a Word and Split Europe by Joseph P Farrell

    Time to at least challenge your beliefs, or least your affiliation to which version of Christianity you ascribe to?
    God, History, and Dialectic, Volume I: God, The Foundation of the First Europe
    By Joseph P Farrell

    Maybe within the above…one might see why Russia and Turkey for that matter and their Eastern Orthodoxy will not bend a knee to the Western ‘ROMAN’ Christian heirarchy of EU. nor its infiltrated compromised vassal bully, the U.S. via the predominately German Central banking cabal which along with the SWIFT system hopes to ‘whip their subjects’ into submission. As pointed out, the BRIC has a high chance of failure itself, being made up momentarily by a band of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ …who, at their core have their own dysfunctional ‘attributes’ that over time will likely collapse of its own weight.

    The wider concern is…just what do you know about who you have been led to trust, and what doctrines you believe in, or if you even really believe rather than just are a church goer….without real moral and ethical values you are willing to fight and stand up for…against Progressive non-believing atheists, the slanted moral proclivities and lifestyles. The ‘culture war’ we seem to find ourselves in…may be more spiritual than many understand.

  46. War Monger

    Russia Rescues Hundreds of Adrenochrome Victims Destined for Washington D.C.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to dismantle the adrenochrome supply chain as news breaks that Russian forces have liberated 50 imprisoned, emaciated children from an “adrenochrome farm” near Shostka, Ukraine.


    Exposed: Hollywood Elite’s Adrenochrome Rituals Revealed on French TV – Media Blackout. Insider names and shames Hollywood celebrities.


    Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’.


  47. Stop the invasion

    I’ll start believing the judicial system when they (all judges) close the birder and stop the illegals from Mexico with the Chinese generating OPIOD crisis working hand with the Hispanic/Latina invaders.

    • Galaxy 500

      And Chinese and moslems from Somali, Ethiopian, the Middle East, etc…

      • Stop the Invasion of Communists

        Did you see the race category from the USA Census for Whites mixed with Hispanic/Latino as White Hispanic/Latino instead of just White? If Whites are breeding with the illegals, then it wouldn’t be surprising that they are helping and keep the border open for them, Vietnamese, Thai/Lao/Hmong, Moslem, Africans and any group with criminal intentions.

        The Chinese were never held accountable for not only starting the Pandemic, but lying about it.

        Ask yourself why are they protecting these illegals, is it because someone in their family is married to an illegal or Hispanic/Latina?

        Law abiding people are being shafted whilst criminals get the red carpet. Something morally WRONG with those that permit this, esp. those that hire them under the table.

        Long ago, one had to sponsor an alien from outside the USA to the USA when there was law and order in the land. No more as the much of Whites are helping and changing laws to accommodate to the communist ilk.

  48. Johnny Nobody

    Doctor Jane Ruby passionately exposes false claims of an mRNA cure for CV-19 vaxx injury:

    P.S. Dr Ruby would make a great guest on USAW.

  49. Prospector

    “The USDA overstepped its authority by promulgating a rule requiring the electronic tagging of cattle. Congress writes the laws, not bureaucrats guided by corporate cronies;
    I will not comply.” — ~ Congressman and cattle farmer Thomas Massie

    By Pete Kennedy and Catherine Austin Fitts – Solari Report

    Please listen to this farmer explain why food shortages are planned by the government
    1 minute. Free Your Mind videos .


  50. Lisa Mooney

    Greg and USA watchdog community. I just want to paint this picture for you. Because I think it might provide a little comic relief with what we’re going through as of late. I am a registered nurse for 30 years who saw Bioweapon scam for was it is at the very beginning. I have a total of 4 coworker/friends who are awake. We have created our own little Christian prepper community. Doing the best we can in these precarious times. 3 of us are still working as RNs in order to make enough money to exit the matrix. This week was particularly bad as they are ramping up there total control, and ridiculousness. Today is my day off. I am sitting on the roof of my local pizza parlor. Day, drinking a glass of organic red wine and eating a cauliflower crust pizza. One of my awake friends called me and we’ve been playing phone tag. I put my ear buds in to have a chat with her. I spoke in a normal tone voice, but I wasn’t hiding anything and we were talking about things like we normally do that could’ve been a USA watchdog interview. Couple times I’ve heard around to see what the south end other people around me were doing and they were all staring at me. Do you know what I no longer care. We are at war people or objective is to wake up as many as possible with relevant accurate information. They have hacked all of our devices, they are listening to us all the time, so why should I care what I say in public anymore? To my car now having a little laugh, it what kind of conversation this will generate amongst the Normies when they go home and for the rest of the week.

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice post Lisa. On a side note, if we were out, I’d have buy my own pizza LOL only the deep crust with all the good stuff

    • Ray

      Good for you Lisa.
      I loved your story!
      Thank God for truly dedicated nurses like you who are awakened to what’s going on.
      My best wishes be with you.
      Keep throwing out the left jab girl 🙂

      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  51. Lisa Mooney

    Just to clarify I had a large meal and 1 drink over 2 hours. My main point is that it is sad how so many are still asleep, walking right into the trap.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for adding your analysis and comments!!

  52. Clara Mead

    My vote is Trump’s for the having—if he comes clean and apologizes for lockdowns, masks, and especially his ‘miracle’ vaccine.

    If not RFK Jr. is getting it—and I live in an important swing state.

    If this causes Biden to win—so be it!

    • Galaxy 500

      So you’re a Beijing Buy-dem supporter…
      Good to know. Not sure why you’re here because it is crystal clear you didn’t listen to the interview.
      Clara, you have no intention of voting for Trump and you don’t care about the economy, the border or preventing WW III
      You’re either a paid shill or someone who is truly morally and mentally challenged.
      Don’t worry Clara, elections have consequences and this one, the consequences are LARGE.

  53. Lesley

    What’s happened to the first amendment- the freedom of speech?

    • Greg Hunter

      1st Amendment concerns government restriction of speech. Also, what you want “Lesley” is anonymous speech. I am not providing that on my platform for you to say all the crazy crap you want. This is like you wanting to stand on my roof with a bag on your head and holler out crazy crap. Stand on your roof and do it and take the BAG OFF!! Start your own site like I did. There is nothing stopping you, and hey, it’s easy!!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Nothing happened to the First Amendment. You can say what ever you want… on your site.
      What you want is the ability to use Greg’s large and widely read platform to promulgate your evill

  54. Kathleen Brady

    Greg, There is an interview on SGT Report in Oct 2023 with a Dr. James Thorp… he was the head of Sisters of St Mary’s Gynecology/maternity, and he was fired for telling his pregnant patients not to take the VAX. Here’s where it gets good:

    Why won’t they stop the vaccines? Because he said THEY WOULD HAVE TO PAY IT ALL BACK!

    For every 5600$ payment, for every 13,500 for the Vent and 100,000k for the deaths…per patient! They spend it all!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this!!

  55. Justn Observer

    Greg, Dr. David Martin=
    The U.S. Government Is Coordinating A Depopulation Program Against The World!

  56. Felix

    Great Interview love Karen Kingston a true lover of CHRIST and humanitarian.Nothing is going to happen to these evil scumbags,they are protected by their father satan,fauci,gates,dazak,collins all followers of the devil.The court system is totally corrupt the whole federal government is owned by satan.we will not get justice until they meet their creator then the heat will be turned up.Just pray for your families and fellow man.

  57. Estelle Tinsley

    Please write, call, email Thomas Massie and support this resolution at the House of Representatives.


  58. Me Again Margret

    OK, file the suits.

    But . . . .

    How could law suits stop a multi-decade DOD nodal transmogrification project?

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you not see the interview and understand the Pfizer contract? Pfizer had 63% of the CV19 VAX market NOT the government.

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