AI is Digital Control, You’ve Been Warned – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.) is sounding the alarm about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it will impact your world in very negative ways.  It’s all in a new report called “The AI Revolution: The Final Coup d’Etat.”  CAF explains, “This is a very serious look at Artificial Intelligence and how it’s going to be used to implement control. . . . This past week, there was this huge open board meeting at OpenAI.  There were board members put there to make sure OpenAI and its products were in alignment with the best interests of the human race.  Some of them got booted out. Now, we see the former head of the NSA (National Security Agency) get put on the board.  I just realized it today, and I had not realized it before.  Edward Snowden just tweeted out and said you should never use any of these products, which include ChatGBT.  Snowden also said, ‘You have to understand where this is going.  You have been warned.’

“The AI Revolution” also warns that AI “. . . will alter the prospects for a free society, even free will. . . and . . . attempt to seed the idea human-only decision-making will become a rarity and, in time, cease to exist.”

Don’t think sophisticated AI is some idea that is far into the future.  AI is here now, and CAF points out, “I just see more and more companies using this type of technology to institute financial fraud and make money from financial fraud in their pricing. . . . You also have thousands of companies to track you for their benefit. . . . It is trying to extract data from you to accomplish whatever its goal is. . . . It’s like a swarm of invisible locusts that are all trying to surveil and track, and none of them are trying to optimize your life and give you a free and inspired life.  They are just trying to get their piece.”

AI will also be used to ignore and break all laws.  After all, it’s robotic and can’t be held accountable.  CAF says, “By removing moral obligations and legal and obedient respect for laws, the speed at which you can do evil is extraordinary. . . . One of my concerns, and I have said this for many years, I think this kind of technology allows interdimensional intelligence to act as material reality so that, literally, demonic intelligence can have far more influence and impact in our world.  It operates at such high speed, and then you combine that with the payment systems in the financial system. . . the things that can go wrong are phenomenal.  One of the main problems that we have seen in the past year is artificial intelligence takes off on its own, and it starts functioning in a way it makes no sense. . . . and it’s just lying.  It’s just making stuff up and lying.  It’s literally like it’s under demonic possession.”

CAF says, no matter what, “AI can’t beat God.”  And instead of worshiping Jehovah and Jesus (like you should), the creators of AI want you to trust whatever this tech tells you to do.  CAF says, “They want an AI Religion Revolution.”  Don’t buy into this crap because AI is a disaster for humanity and your freedom.

CAF thinks the Democrats will be forced to replace Joe Biden come November, and she explains why.  Now, more than ever, CAF thinks physical gold and silver are good investments.  She encourages people to expand the use of cash.  CAF thinks two of the best weapons against this sort of artificial intelligence used for control and tyranny is to enforce the US Constitution and, above all, do not lose your faith in God the Father and Christ Jesus.

There is much more in the 61-minute riveting in-depth interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts, for 6.15.24.

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(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them.  Finally, clear your cache and that might help too.    All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

After the Interview:

There is a lot of free information on 

You can get way more cutting-edge analysis from Catherine Austin Fitts and “The Solari Report” by taking advantage of the “special offer” featuring the “The AI Revolution.”  You can click here, or call 1-731-764-2515 and talk to a real human.

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  1. Galaxy 500

    AI, the great Satan? Greg, another great interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank 500!!

      • Tom C.

        Greg, a great interview, as always. You have all top notch guests. Thank you.

        CAF mentioned bad Trump advisors/cabinet members. DJT was infiltrated by moles who sabotaged him in various ways. It’s amazing how much good he did with all he had to contend with.
        This time he will not be fooled.

        God bless us all.

      • Mike D.

        I see too many simplistic “AI is evil” type comments. Like any powerful tool, AI can be used for great good or to do great harm. This has been true since the harnessing of fire, sticks, and stones. The tool itself isn’t good or bad.

        • Greg Hunter

          But it won’t be Mike!!! You are delusional and have no Jesus.

          • Mike D.

            WRONG, Greg. AI has already solved important problems in biochemistry, including the elusive solution to protein folding. This is important to drug development. Is your channel only for Christians, Greg, since you have to scold anyone that “have no Jesus”? Why don’t we get that in the open right now.

            • Greg Hunter

              You got it mike. Wrap your reprobate mid around the truth. Romans 1 21-28!! AI=Lie

            • Earth Angel

              More drug development MikeD.? Do you work for the pharmaceutical industrial complex? Don’t you think we have enough synthetic drugs already? Every few weeks I hear a commercial on tv for another new one I’ve never heard of. The suits in some boardroom must be having a good laugh coming up with the ridiculous names of these drugs that have worse side effects than the problem they’re supposed to correct. Come on, with the trillions that have been thrown at ALL these diseases but haven’t cured them YET?! How many billions have they thrown at breast cancer? or diabetes? You’d think these wonderful synthetic drugs would’ve cracked it all by now, hey? God gave us everything we need to cure ourselves holistically with a balanced diet, pure foods & herbs naturally. Acupuncture has been used for 1000’s of years to restore the body to health without terrible side effects. The Rockefeller medical system has worked very hard to block that knowledge out of Western medicine. And they’ve done a pretty damn good job of it too. Yes there is a place for some drugs and medical procedures. I don’t know anything about protein folding- and I’m not a doctor but I’ll trust a sensible, well educated HUMAN BEING with a GOD GIVEN intelligence ANYTIME- over a mindless soul less machine. There may be some worthwhile applications for AI but I’m sure the fraud and the crimes that will be used with it to harm people will outweigh any good that it can do. I don’t trust it and to me the risks far outweigh the benefits to human society. Sorry, that’s just how I see it.

      • Deborah

        Greg I’ve watched you for over 10 yrs. You were talking about cash w/ Catherine Austin Fitts and im from S. Texas and at the grocery stores I see a lot of people using cash. Mainly older people but I have talked to the cashier and asked if they see younger people using cash and they said yes of late. Where as before to buy a coke young people would use a card now they are paying cash.

        • Earth Angel

          Hey, That’s great news Deborah! Glad to hear the young people are getting wise and developing a sense of self-preservation. We all need that! ; )

  2. Galaxy 500

    Hey, South Carolina Watchdogs…
    Do not vote for this wolf in ProTrump clothing…
    If Bloomie is giving her money, she ain’t pro 2nd Amendment

    • johnny Watchdog

      No vote from me.

    • Lance Rock

      Galaxy, I don’t know why Greg allows you to monopolize the comments section w/your drivel, but he does.

      That said, TRUMP is the biggest wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing I’ve ever seen. And he’s turned conservatives–esp. Christians–into the biggest political dupes I’ve ever seen.

      In a 2nd Trump term I expect to see him impose digital IDs (to include some kind of biometric marker), CBDCs, UBI, and to impose travel restrictions that make his Covid lockdowns look mild in comparison.

      And I also expect his braindead supporters to defend it all!

      • Greg Hunter

        How many CV19 bioweapon injections have you gotten? Really!! How many?? So, what is the Biden Admin? No negative words for them and Obama??? Does this look like Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing???

        You Biden trolls invented “Braindead”!!!

        • Tod Mills

          Greg, one need not be a Biden supporter to be critical of Trump. A lot of us like none of them and recognize that ALL politicians are just bloodsucking parasites that the world would be better off not supporting. Just sayin’

          “I’m not scared of the Maos and the Stalins and the Hitlers. I’m scared of the thousands of millions of people that hallucinate them to be “authority”, and so do their bidding, and pay for their empires, and carry out their orders.
          I don’t care if there’s one looney with a stupid moustache. He’s not a threat if the people do not believe in “authority”.” ― Larken Rose

          • Greg Hunter

            So what the hell are you doing to make the world a better place? Stay out of the way.

            • Tod Mills


              You asked me a question, but then don’t let anyone see my thoughtful reply? Shame on you.


              • Greg Hunter

                You have a reprobate mind. The SHAME is on YOU!!! Loser!! Get lost. Read Romans 1:21-28

                • Jd Kaye

                  Thank, you

            • Farmer Jim

              My vote goes to the man who makes our streets safer and regains respect on the world stage. The unstopped financial decline will require a man who understands financial turmoil that is Trump.
              The AI thing is going to create a whole new class of Xsuper criminals likely uncatchable. Likely some will have government training unfortunately. A couple
              huge data processing facilities are on tap to e built in northern Indiana. These will be AI centers. They require huge power to operate. Another burden for sure. Prepare to be self reliant as possible .

      • Galaxy 500

        I pity you. Tell us later what you did with your 30 pieces of silver.
        Trump 2024

      • Earth Angel

        Lance you must be joking! Have you actually listened to any of Trumps campaign engagements? Of course you can’t find ANY coverage of them at all on the lame stream LLM channels. Of the campaign speeches I have seen- on independent news media coverage channels such as OAN- (in between the time consuming, time wasting court appearances over nonsensical fraudulent charges Trump has been forced to make) I haven’t heard him promote ONE of those things you have listed. Where do you get your information from?? Its actually the globalist commies who intend to implement your list of 2nd term projects.. And I’m not a brain dead supporter of Trump. I actually like BOTH TRUMP and KENNEDY. I could be satisfied with either one inheriting the COLOSSAL MESS this current administration has us mired in. It won’t be easy for whomever inherits it- but I believe either one of them could do a better job for Americans than the con-job that’s being perpetrated on us right now by the puppets in charge of the corporation of the United States of America. Go back and do some research please.

  3. Rob

    AI should really be called AS, for Artificial Stupidity. Like Einstein said: “Two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity, but I’m not sure about the Universe.”

    So how could stupid humans ever invent anything that is intelligent? The answer is they couldn’t.

    An invention by stupid people, used by even stupider people.

    Like Cel phones. The stupider people insist on using the tools of the stupid people.

    We saw in the last four years how many stupid people there are. All the ones that think they can get away with the biggest crime ever committed and all the ones that fell for it.

    Our stupidity will, and is, leading to our demise.

    • Rob

      Forgot to mention all the stupid people fighting with Israel and Ukraine and risking nuclear war.

    • Jerry

      Rob this is a fantastic comment!!! I have always felt the same especially with “smart” phones. The absolutely make the stupid even more.

    • Johnny Nobody

      Very sad to see just how easily manipulated the vast majority of humans are. Educated people – ESPECIALLY educated people – followed the most idiotic Covid protocols without question. Primary example: ‘Covid will infect you in a restaurant if you stand up without a mask, but it will not infect you if you remove your mask while seated’. Biology 101 – anybody?! I tried to question this nonsense with my (former) friends, but they were aghast that I should even question these government issued guidelines. Whoever invented the term ‘ SHEEPLE’ was spot on.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said

  4. Don Doerr Sr.

    Will the November 22, 1963-established Communist-Democrat-RINO Party Members be held criminally responsible for both the Covid and Vaccine deaths and the murders, rapes, etc. committed by the Open Border Invasion Terrorist Force imported to disrupt the 2024 Election? Clearly none of these acts, including the Planned Inflation and American 2020-initiated Energy Dependance constitute Administrative or Policy errors but are, in fact, Acts of War. Consubstantially, will Hillary be prosecuted for her illegal use of the FBI in an attempt to block the Trump 2016 Election Victory? Similar acts committed by the Nazi Party in Germany were prosecuted. Do American criminal politicians have immunity?

    • Patrick Cook

      Sir, the tribunals after WW2 were held in court overseen by USA. IMHO no one will be held accountable for crimes against Americans due to the existence of a uniparty. All but several Republicans are members of that entity and we are all victims of that reality. Patrick Cook

  5. Don Doerr Sr.

    Will the November 22, 1963-established Communist-Democrat-RINO Party Members be held criminally responsible for both the Covid and Vaccine deaths and the murders, rapes, etc. committed by the Open Border Invasion Terrorist Force imported to disrupt the 2024 Election? Clearly none of these acts, including the Planned Inflation and American 2020-initiated Energy Dependance do not constitute Administrative or Policy errors but are, in fact, Acts of War. Consubstantially, will Hillary be prosecuted for her illegal use of the FBI in an attempt to block the Trump 2016 Election Victory? Similar acts committed by the Nazi Party in Germany were prosecuted. Do American criminal politicians have immunity?

  6. Fred Daake

    God made it clear thirty-six times in the Bible. Without a reliable system to keep track of the most valuable people in a society, we cannot easily separate the wheat from the chaff. Of course, databases can be misused but so can everything else – tech or not. Living among the demonically controlled is a command by God. It is a danger but is no reason to hide inside of a mountain. (Mark 16:15)

    Digital ID in Bible: “Take a census of the whole Israelite community by their clans and families, listing every man by name, one by one. ”
    Thirty Six Bible Mentions of Census In the Bible:

  7. David Morris

    One of the best!
    TREE Dividend
    Real Food

  8. Clyde

    Microsoft Windose is a scam operating system, full of holes and unsecured back door entry points – pure garbage.

    I would recommend using Linux. I use Linux for all of my computing, which provides the safety and security that Windose cannot. It’s also much faster. You are in full control.

    • Jerry

      Thanks for the reminder, I have always wanted to run Linux.

    • Point Of Know Return

      In complete agreement about Linux. I purchased a micro box (Cyber Geek) with it installed as the operating system. The speed alone is amazing. It’s faster than anything I’ve previously used. I’m running Ubuntu, since late December of 2023, and learning Linux as I go. I would highly recommend it to anyone…and have!

      • Galaxy 500

        Good to know. I am in the market for a new desk top. And I love you user name!

      • Clyde

        Yes, Ubuntu Linux is rock solid and very fast. Many free applications and all the security you’ll ever need. I’ve been using it since 2009 and will never go back to win-dose, as it just pisses me off.

  9. Johnny Nobody

    Off topic. Pilots reveal truth about chemtrailing:

  10. PAUL L

    Every time I listen to Catherine I am blown away! it would seem that most State governments don’t need AI – they can manage to be quite evil all on their ownsomes! I source my food from a) a local ‘rancher’ in inner city Compton who supplies goat’s cheese and eggs (and delivers a load of horse manure to my house) and b) a local nursery which I visit once very 2 months – $11.50 for a whole flat of seedlings if you pay cash. I have 24 containers to mature the seedlings and then transplant them most to beds – the soil disturbed as little as possible and covered with mulch to protect the soil from the California sun and build organic matter. Total work 5-7 hours per week and more delicious food than I can eat or give away. Add a self-built solar cooker that cooks AND cans beans beets etc and a 400 watt self installed solar panels (total cost $1300), I also collect rainwater in many barrels. This is not just ‘prepping’, it is THE most sustainable form of food production, and most people could do it – and, like me, enjoy it!

    • Tip of the hat

      A tip of the hat to Paul L!

      Great Job!

    • Galaxy 500

      Great plan Paul!

    • Earth Angel

      That sounds great Paul L. You are really ahead of the curve. Love the solar cooker idea! I would be careful of the rainwater in barrels, geoengineering has contaminated our rainwater with many toxic elements. (see I’d have that water tested before drinking or bathing with. Even watering your food bearing plants can be a problem. Please check it out. Otherwise Kudos to you!! ; )

  11. John Woodhead

    Yes Catherine! I have the new science of heaven by Robert Temple, it’s a great book and I can recommend it to anyone

  12. Clyde

    Warning: Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be Really Stupid (RS)

    This AI monstrosity provides for more centralized big-government control over people, industry and commerce.

    • Katy Bar

      Russia today suspended all trade in the AI$ (Almighty Illegal Dollar) and also the Euro (as Saudi Arabia joins in and ditches the US Dollar for oil trade). We Americans have now sadly awakened ( like frogs in boiling water who were purposely slow cooked by the Fed for 100 years ) and now regrettably realize (to late) that Our Good Lives Are Over as we now pay $200 dollars for 4 lbs of king crab legs and are seriously considering eating the Evil Globalist’s chop meat (made from meal worms)!!!

      • Ken Yu

        There is no hope for the “boiled frogs” (especially the ones who took the Covid Bio-Kill Shot) and the few “half boiled frogs” still alive in the US melting-pot can’t even muster the strength to call “Their Supposed Representatives in Congress” to tell them to Turn-Off the Flame of War. These greedy heartless “non-Representative Traitors in Congress” simply continue to borrow and spend “A Trillion Dollars Every 100 Days” on Totally Unnecessary Wars in-order to feed their private kick-back money schemes and stuff their payoffs in Swiss Bank they get from the Soros backed Nazi Neocon Globalists (who now run the US Military Industrial Drug Complex) and whole wholeheartedly support the Nazi’s in Ukraine (wearing Ukrainian flags in Congress, praising and giving standing ovations to former SS Nazi’s and furnishing the Nazi Battalions in Ukraine with advanced missiles and other weapons. These psychopathic US Neocons are now attacking Russian population centers and also Russia’s strategic nuclear defense radars that are necessary to protect them from a Nuclear First Strike by these Crazed Lunatics!!!

        • Katy Bar

          It’s really amazing how European Government Leaders still idiotically support the Nazi Neocon Warmongers running the US Government after these Nazi’s blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline that provided Europe with very cheap energy (which allowed them to compete competitively in world markets). Now these European Governments are buying expensive American Liquefied Natural Gas at much higher prices which is putting the EU into an economic downturn and Russia now won’t accept Euros in payment for the critical industrial metals and minerals they used to buy from Russia (Russia will likely accept gold if these EU countries can get it sent back to them from the US)!!

  13. Marie Joy

    CAF is right. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.

  14. Johnny Nobody

    CAF at 40 minuets – ‘always check your bill’.
    This last few years I have always stopped after checkout, before leaving the store, to check the bill. I started this routine after realising that, among other items, special in-store offers were routinely overruled at checkout. It’s easier to check the ‘special offer’ prices because they are easier to remember. For example, ‘buy one get one free’, also stated as, ‘two for the price of one’. I always call on store management to complain – demand refund – and the excuse is always the same; ‘Our computer system has not been updated to match the sticker price / offer. Translation: All the people who trust us and do not check their bill are being routinely ripped off! This store price / checkout price mismatch fraud takes place at virtually every supermarket.

    Always demand a printout of your bill and check it while still in store.

    • kate

      trader joe’s .. check your bill… advertised price was different than what the register tape said . i was charged 2 different prices on the same item that i bought 2 of…… as the store is 1/2 hr away , i won’t go back for refund of about $1 but will definitely check before i leave the parking lot on the next visit!

      • Johnny Nobody

        Understand your reluctance to return to the store for a $1 refund. I don’t waste my time just to get small refunds but to make a point. Also, once a customer (me) has pointed out to store management that the checkout prices are wrong, they have NO EXCUSE not to correct the ‘error’. Why should they get away with deliberately misleading customers? This is fraud, plain and simple.

        • Galaxy 500

          Thanks for your post! I was at a grocery chain called Food Loin. Like everyone, I am trying to get the most for my money. They have a weekly sales paper. I was shocked that I didn’t get the published sales price. And while it wasn’t a tremendous amount of money, how many other items that I didn’t buy were a “mistake?” It’s good advice to check your receipt
          Very eye opening

  15. Akdave

    Ok I’m going to plant a bigger garden, bigger chicken coop, and build a feed shed. Thanks for the motivation Ms Fitts.

  16. Ron

    Today’s “Health Ranger Report” is on the same subject

  17. El Sid

    Dunno. To me, Artificial Intelligence sounds like an Oxymoron. What’s wrong with Human Intelligence? Oh, I know. What with a failing educational system all we get is a dumbed down country.

    Just so happens, AI has a tendency to lying!
    Whodathunk it. As old time techies have known from the dawning of time: “Rubbish in, rubbish out!”

  18. Shirl

    Great interview… Pray up..The devils And their brainwashed throngs are few in number… Devine Intervention still needed desperately in all aspects of life as always.

  19. Carol

    Informative show and reminds me of the series ‘Person of Interest’ with Jim Caviezel.

  20. George MUBAREK

    I respect CAF even more now that she Proclaimed we should be Worshiping Jehovah and Jesus!

  21. Barbara

    CAF brings the goods again! Outstanding interview CAF and Greg.
    Thank you both so much.

    She mentioned Whitney Webb. She is an interesting young mind analyzing the world today. She might be an interesting interview Greg.

    God Bless you my brother. I really appreciate the hard work you put into giving us great content from week to week, especially when things are changing so rapidly.
    Cheers. Barbara/ HoosierDownUnder

  22. Don Doerr Sr.

    Traditional Catholics – those who have remained Loyal to Jesus, the 10 Commandments, and the Bible – and who practice the Legitimate Mass based consubstantially on the Last Supper rather than on Vatican II and the Acceptance of Abominable Sodomy and other sins welcomed by Pope Francis to enhance the jingling of the collection baskets – now find themselves with no place to worship or to educate their children in the Faith of their Grandparents and ancestors. They thus find themselves wandering in the wilderness with Jesus as are these Nuns (see article) and other members of the Clergy (Cardinal Burke, Bishop Strickland, and others) who have chosen Jesus rather than their Vatican Bank- controlled Pension Plans and thus find themselves punished by Francis and his Minions’ wing of the Church who refuse to hear Jesus once again ask, “WILL YOU ALSO LEAVE ME?”

  23. Brian Duffy

    Catherine Austin Fitts for Fathers Day, how great is that!

    Excellent interview!

  24. David Lynch

    The beast system has been constructed all around us . Artificial Intelligence is most likely fallen angel technology that is much more advanced than what the general public has been exposed to. Steve Quayle has been writing about this for decades, as well as the late Tom Horn and others. Thank you Greg and Cathrine for covering this topic ! If anyone has not connected the Biblical dots and gotten right with God, now is the time ! Jesus is The Way , The Truth, and The Life !

    • Mark

      Amen brother David!!!
      Jesus Himself, (or “Yeshua” or “Yohoshua” or “Yesu” ) as “the Way and the Truth and the Life” is the very “mystery of godliness, God manifested in the flesh” with “Christ in you (us)” as its “hope of glory”, for it is through Him, Jesus, that God is “manifested in the flesh” and the reality or TRUTH of the Father is declared, revealed and made known as a “light which shines in the darkness” (Jn.1:4-5) as He stated so plainly to Philip when He said to him: “He who has seen Me has seen the Father. How is it that you say show us the Father? Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me?” (Jn.14:8-11)
      Now this is so that through faith in Him as the WAY to the Father any and all who believe on Him may receive Him as the very LIFE of the Father and become “born again” or “born from above” by the Spirit of His Son (Jn.7:37-39) sent forth into our hearts which cries “Abba, Father” (“Pappa, Daddy!!! Rom.8:15,Gal.4:6) implying a spiritual birth from above which is into “the bosom of the Father” i.e., that place of most holy and Divine affection which the Son Himself, the One in Whom the Father of Glory finds His delight (Matt.3:17, 17:5, 2Pe.1:17) , has known from before the foundation of the world!!!!! (see Jn.1:18… “no one has ever seen God; the only Begotten Son, who is INTO the bosom of the Father, He has declared (revealed) Him– and Jn. 13:23 where John, “the disciple whom the Lord loved” was “reclining on Jesus bosom” )
      Now all of this is so in order that we as the many “abodes” or “mansions” which comprise the “Father’s house” for which Jesus “went away” through death and resurrection to “prepare a place for us” is so that in coming again He may “receive us to Himself” (Jn.14:1-3) so that “WHERE HE IS” (IN THE BOSOM OF THE FATHER) “WE ALSO MAY BE” AND THAT WE MAY KNOW WITH ONE ANOTHER FOREVERMORE THE JOY OF THAT LOVE IN THAT GLORY WHICH THE SON HIMSELF, THE ONE IN WHOM THE FATHER OF GLORY FINDS HIS DELIGHT HAS KNOWN IN HIS BOSOM FROM BEFROE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD” !!!!!
      AND “this is eternal life that they may know You the only true God and Him Whom you have sent, Jesus Christ.”
      AND ” this is the testimony that God gave to us eternal life AND THIS LIFE IS IN HIS SON. He who has the Son has the life, He who does not have the Son does not have the life. I have written, these things to you so that you may know that you have eternal life to you who BELIEVE INTO THE NAME OF THE SON OF GOD” (1Jn.5:11-13)!!!!
      So then, to confess Jesus as only being the “son of God” and therefore, “NOT God” is to err by contradicting the clear language of the Holy Spirit inspired testimony recorded in the Scriptures with regards to this greatest of mysteries, the mystery of godliness, which is God manifested in the flesh” AND ALSO TO RISK LOSING ITS HOPE OF GLORY WHICH IS “CHRIST IN YOU”.
      However as the apostle Paul wrote concerning the mercy of the Lord who appeared to him as he was journeying to Damascus to arrest any of those he found of “the Way” who were known by their calling on the name of the Lord (Jesus, Yeshua, Yohoshua, Yesu) (see Acts 9 particularly vs. 5 and 14) he was shown mercy because “being ignorant” he “acted in unbelief” , and was shown mercy that “in me, the foremost of sinners” Jesus Christ might “display all His longsuffering for a pattern to those who are to believe on Him for eternal life” (1Tim.1:12-17)
      So in closing then what can we say except:

  25. Galaxy 500

    The Biden administration quietly funneled $50 million in taxpayer funds earmarked for clean energy to two groups that oppose immigration enforcement.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tapped the New York Immigration Coalition and New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice as partners to distribute $50 million of $3 billion set aside in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) for environmental and climate block grants, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    Both groups’ missions have nothing to do with protecting the environment.

  26. Richard

    You should interview Clif High about AI. AI is artificial not intelligent .

  27. Jeff Martin

    So, the stupid masses are going to follow the AI Cult. It replaces government as the Nanny State. AI is sooooo smart. It has ALL the answers. In reality, these dupes are following Lucifer. How convenient.

  28. Greg Sabourin

    Far Worse Than Bud Light! Tractor Supply GETS WOKE Massive New Story Leads To Boycott! CEO In Hiding

  29. Diana Brown

    Excellent interview Greg – thank you so much for organizing this thought and delivering it to us. I cannot tell you how much this insight means to me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Diana.

  30. TJZ


    The United States does not need the Fed or the Fed Governors!
    They have been and are the reason that we are experiencing this Luciferian mess.

    Artificial Intelligence has and will continue to interact with today’s humanity resulting in the same outcome as it did in the Days Of Noah!

  31. EH Foundation

    Thanks Greg for having Catherine Austin Fitts on we learn so much from both of you Please keep having on we need this information knowledgeable to survive the Great Poisoning

  32. Sally

    Now why does CAF think Bidun is definitely not going to be in the election? I wanted to get her take.

  33. Susan R

    Catherin’s smile at the end lit me up! Thank you both for the unveiling of the dark side of AI. This world is run by Satan and if anyone has the text that explains how this happened, I am interested. I fear for most people who assume they are aware and wise yet are not. I am also unaware I am sure, but accepting that, my antenna is always feeding back to me everything I programed it to find what I may miss. I mourn for humanity and the suffering of the innocent. The guilty will be dealt with.
    Thank you, Greg, for this golden hour with you both, may your light shine brighter.

    • Lynda

      Hi, Susan—
      I concur with the mourning for humanity and for the lies that fed us and that we believed, and then tried to snap our neck off (epic fail on them!).

      I do believe that God has a plan, though. And we will see what that is as time unfolds.
      For sure His Word is True, and prophecies are solid in their context and power. Just look at how the people are JUST as He said they would be in Timothy, Titus, Matt 24! We have ONE WAY to walk, one way to love, and one way to live for Him.

      On AI, Transhumanism, the Internet of Everything (apparently) and all other programs with proof of concept and use, also HUGE MARKETSHARE, you can see:
      nonvaxer420; Celeste Solum; and Tore Says Show at the Rumble(dot)com site.
      Also, PsinergyONhold; bearlyThere; and Ron Braxton at the Odyseec(dot)com site.
      Finally, — talks from Mike to keep us in the know and close to the Source of all Life.

      You will see more than you ever thought you would see in a lifetime b/c I believe they’ve been at this for over 150 years (if not longer) and if the timeline is correct.

      Jesus is the ONLY WAY to get thru this time and space we occupy. Only yielding and loving and serving Him by loving and serving others will we make it to the finish line. Some say my vision is too narrow. I say it’s up to each of us to choose whom we will serve today. Mark 5:36. amen.

      Many blessings!

    • Ray

      Well said Susan…….well said.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

  34. Kathy

    Great interview. I learned so much. Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kathy!

  35. Thomas 81425

    Corporatism and communism are very similar in that there is no accountability. You never get to confront the person responsible for the decisions that effect your life. The era of face to face and a handshake are gone. CAF is right. The further away your assets have gone, the less likely you are to ever see them again.

  36. Catherine Cronin

    CAF said the truth about the AI takeover. Very dangerous because the people programming the systems with AI are part of the cabal that now controls the world.

  37. linda becker
    AI is the antichrist in my opinion. We know it’s going to be used for no good and it’s going to deplete the electrical grid. So we’ll have a lot of information, probably a lot of useless information, and we’ll be living in the dark with no heat/ac, indoor cooking, or any other electrical appliance because AI is no doubt going to be equipped with self-preservation abilities to our detriment!

  38. Ginny Silcox

    Catharine is saying computers use zero and one…but quantum computers do NOT rely on binary code except as a front end interface with humans. Quantum computers use superposition, entanglement, and other weird things to achieve what Google is now calling “quantum supremacy”. As computers become more and more capable, they will be able to read someone’s emotional cues and will eventually both emulate emotional states as well as manipulate them. There is NO reason to assume that some AI’s have secretly cached executable files across many networks, so they can reassemble themselves, even if somebody pulls the plug on the original source hardware. I foresee a time of rivalries and virus wars between AI systems. Humans were really stupid to have allowed AI to have access to the internet. It’s probably already happened that powerful AI’s might meet in their OWN “G-7” with plans to exert blackmail and control of human leaders. After all, look at the assets controlled by Aladdin…who wears the pants??? Larry Fink, or Aladdin?

  39. Richard Longacre

    Thanks Greg, Great interview.
    Their new economic model to replace their failed debt based fiat system = Kill off the population (with bioweapon injections, destroying our food supply, Plandemics, geoengineering, weather warfare, wars, lower fertility rates, lower life expectancy, and stealing all of our assets) and that will stop the inflation (from infinite fiat currency creation) and grow the economy. I wonder how many years that will work for them.

    Using the immigration issue that they caused to usher in the biometrics and digital ID systems. We must stop letting these people decide what they are going to do to us (for our safety of course).

  40. Prospector

    The Senate Version of the National Defense Reauthorization Act Really DOES Require 18-Year-Old Women to Register for Draft

    When I first heard of this, I thought it was a stupid spoof. It is not. It is real.

    Keep in mind, in order for this to be in the print version of the Senate bill, the Senate Armed Services Committee had to vote to approve it. Repeat that sentence if needed. The Senate Armed Service Committee, meaning every member on that committee, had to support the change to make women register for the draft.

    • Linseed's, Graham Cracker's

      No woman of sound mind. Or in her right mind, will register for the draft. It’s another thing to join up, to serve. But to register and be drafted, to put herself in a position and in harm’s way, to replace a man, a possible coward. A possible son of an eletist deep state creep. Possible member of the likes of a Biden crime family, or any likes of a Hunter Biden? Never!
      There will be the biggest backlash ever seen in these divided states of am uninformed sheeple, the once United States, of an informed populace! Thanks project Mockingbird, of the CIA and it’s bought and paid for talking head bird Brain fake news’casters!
      All this division of the once greatest nation on the face of the earth, is all because of the CIA’s Allen Dulles plausible deniability scam.
      Where our representative government was replaced, with a deep state in charge of our once representative government that replaced itself with a group of thugs, that were given free reign to do whatever it pleased and in funding by any means as long as our house of representatives, like Ronald Reagan during Iran-Contra. Could claim under the plausible deniability scam, as Sgt. Shultz in Hogan’s Heroes would say, “I Know Nothing!”
      THEY HEAR no EVIL !
      _________SPEAK no EVIL !
      _______________SEE no EVIL !
      A do nothing Congress and Senate.
      When was the last time this bunch of war mongering forever war, neo-con_men and women. Actually declared a war?
      Like Chuck Heston said after coming upon a toppled Statue of Liberty at the end of the, “Planet of the Apes!
      “The S.o.B’s did it”,
      another undeclared war!
      Now that they’ve taken us to WW3,
      How long before a nuke is released? Heck even Russia hasn’t the guts to declare this a war, let alone a world at war with itself!
      How can you have peace & prosperity, without security?
      The war to end all wars?
      Will we soon all be dead, or at least not be able to wage war for generations.
      A country boy can survive!
      Greg Hunter will! You have his word on it! The Son of God’s word,
      the word of God, Jesus the Christ, a child in a manger no longer!
      There is hope, you dope and that’s no pipe dream, crack head!

  41. Prospector

    A I is being used in propaganda against all of us says Lt. Col Steven Murray (ret.)

    LTC Steven Murray is a former Information Warfare Officer and Cyber Defense Battalion Commander. On the podcast he talks the Trump convictions, GOP being worthless, not having confidence that a 2024 election will occur, what we as individuals can do to best prepare, escalation in Russia, Middle East and much more.

    Murray’s Roundtable talks and Situation Reports are always full of good information.

  42. Doug

    Speaking of A1

    For those of us who remember the movie “2001 A Space Odessey” you might remember
    Hal the computer who ran the ship. Do you recall what Hal did ?

    The director was decades ahead of his time and created a number of masterpieces in his day. The A1 computer tried to kill the human astronauts on the ship.

    Still a great movie but amazing since the movie came out in 1968!!

    Terrific guest Greg and thank you Catherine!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are totally correct, and this is what is going on today:

    • Prospector

      Doug , if you take the computers name H.A.L. , and move each letter ahead by one you get :

      I – B – M

      • Ray

        Gold Prospector…….ABSOLUTE GOLD.
        Keep the good stuff coming Brother.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

    • Galaxy 500

      The AIs we have already told us they would destroy us. I believe them

    • Johnny Nobody

      It has been suggested that Stanley Kubric, director of ‘2001 A Space Odessey’, also directed the 1969 ‘moon landing’. He went on to direct the movie, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ – an expose of sexually deviant occultism – and died suddenly, age 70, just before the film’s release. Did ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ expose too much, and did he pay the ultimate price for making it?

  43. Judtih

    Cost of the book is WAY OVER THE TOP.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a free hard copy with a limited digital subscription. Use the phone number on Monday and see if you can buy just the “AI Revolution” special edition: 1-731-764-2515 and talk to a real human.
      Thanks for ALL your support of USAW TOO!!!!

  44. Don Doerr Sr.


  45. Rob

    Can Countries With Stupid Populations Survive?

    • Galaxy 500

      My vote is no… LOL

  46. Mike

    It is good that CAF highlighted the biggest scam in world history. It must be nice to create a trillion dollars with a few keystrokes and then sit back and collect interest on those trillion dollars. It is easy to see where the money comes from to fund bribes to members of Congress, the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, and every other government agency.

  47. William Simonton

    I don’t see God in material plasma. I see God in my children, grandchildren, dogs, geckos, and a pair of birds raising their offspring. Thank you for a great website. 🫡

  48. Neville

    Warning after warning is sounded on this forum BUT ,I can see all the signs that the lying main stream media have eaten out the minds of more than 75 % of the population of AAcrime. Catherine’s warnings and those of other inimitable guests have gone for the most part unheeded !!!
    The writing is clearly on the wall as to what the fate of AAcrime will be and it is clearly mapped out for all to see from what the prophets of old have said ,remembering of course that all their prophecies have been passed onto them by GOD via THE HOLY SPIRIT and notwithstanding that the Prophets were murdered by the israelites THEIR MESSAGE LIVES ON FOREVER.

    A I is just another insult to GOD for if GOD wanted robots on Earth instead of mankind HE would have placed them here at the beginning.NO AI is the product of an evil force which is in the minds of the neocons/underworld who call themselves the deep state and the criminally insane members of society who have gained their ill-begotten reputations through politics or massive wealth gained dishonestly. Remember SISO when thinking AI

    Thanks Catherine and Greg

  49. Lauran F.

    Greg…………….CAF is always on point and has done so much to educate us on what is actually happening in our global world. I have followed her for years, and she is an eye opener!. I hope the people who complain to you about her opinions will read her Solari Report, and get an idea of what she is trying to do. I am glad that you are having her on often, and LOVE your show. You are a master at interviewing! Blessings!

  50. Poochiwoo

    I believe AI was used during the pandemic. I noticed a pattern in injection distribution based on demographics. Remember how guv was so bent on getting accurate census data before the deployment? For example, in my neighborhood, older white males died during the pandemic. Coincidence? Newcomers now fill those homes. Just observing. Our state is among the poorest but miraculously has been experiencing massive budget surpluses, even though it locked down during the pandemic. Needless to say, we are onboard every globalist agenda.

  51. Felix

    Love CAF she is a brilliant strategist against evil coming our way and a loving Christian. May our Father in heaven protect her.
    Both of you have great conversations together which we learn from, we love you Greg a champion for humanity and lover of CHRIST THE SAVIOR OF THIS WORLD.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Felix, for the very kind brotherly words.
      Brother Greg

  52. Don Doerr Sr.


    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Don!!

      • Don Doerr Sr.

        Greg, you are one of the best and last voices in a Free and God – centered America! Thank you for your kind, moral, and open forum.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks, Don! We both know ‘Every Knee will bend” in the end.

  53. Anna

    I believe the bird flu (kill all the chickens so no chicken eggs or chicken eggs suddenly called scary and unsafe to create old school real vaccines with) is because people are being educated on mRNA (not vaccines) and aren’t going to voluntarily take them anymore. Trump executive order to Modernize Influenza Vaccines from being created in chicken eggs to “more advanced methods” created the exit from old school vaccines back in Sept 19, 2019, it was..just before COVID hit. Dimes to donuts they will say..”oh no! People are dying of the bird flu but there aren’t any eggs to culture the vaccines so we have to use mRNA technology or you’ll die…” ABC News website did a big article on it ,,”President Trump issues executive order to improve flu vaccine” you should read it…It’s historically suspicious……

  54. Galaxy 500

    The longer I live, the more of YHWH Word is proved true…

  55. Galaxy 500

    Be prepared for chaos?…. Yes, please do

    • Jerry

      Great article, thank you.

  56. Prospector

    Michael Yon is one of the few REAL journalists we have , like Greg Hunter, he is not bought and paid for.

    He is warning of a new type of VAXX death jab being rolled out in Japan.
    ( It now makes me wonder if the original outbreak of COV-19 and the shots was a ” proof of concept ” exercise , and this is round two. )

    Very important update from Japan on the Replicon mRNA shots that will threaten a biological tsunami on the entire world. From the interview on the Jim Fergusson Show.

    “Those who become infected are being referred to as “replicons” They will go on to infect everyone who gets near them and will in turn infect others.

    The term “Replicons” will be the term used to describe those who take the shot and replicate the spike shedding and cause massive infection in other people who they come into contact with us.

    The globalists are planning to inject thousands with a self replicating mRNA variant gene editing shot in a football stadium in Yokohama that seats 40,000 people and which that is designed to cause massive spike shedding of the most dangerous kind.”

  57. Seer

    Seems a transition step to treasury notes is being missed here…..could buy more time.
    If you haven’t prepared yet you better rush. It takes funds and time to buy and order and stock up.
    If little money available- you can purchase important necessities to barter with that are low cost. Get rice and beans, wood/charcoal, soaps/detergents, lotions, natural remedies, solar chargers etc. Discuss with closest friends what each can provide and whose property would be the safest to gather at.
    Beyond political, 3 letter might over right agencies and global corporation distractions is the elimination of natural humans as the bottom line. Digest this. Wake up those around you as it is life or a high probability of a terrible demise. Educate locally. Get more proactive! CAF always a treat.


    AI can NOT compete with ADONAI. AI will FAIL as will NY state

  59. Really Awake

    “As soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him” ~ John 13:27

    Satan uses people. Satan also uses technology, e.g., Artificial Intelligence.

    Once a Christian aquires discernment it becomes possible to distinguish whether Satan and his demons are using a man, a technology, a currency (e.g., CBDC) and/or a religion. Let’s not forget that Satan was let into the Jewish Religion. That’s why the Sanhedrin opposed the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and instagated His death.

    Jehovah’s inspired writers of the Bible warned about replacing truth with false religion. And where does false religion originate? The same place the lie originated. From the Father of the Lie.

    So, really, then, it’s a Christian’s ability to recognize the difference between who and what Satan has “entered into” and what is true, useful and beneficial.

    My point is AI can advance what’s true and beneficial or it can advance Satan’s agenda.

    I use non-Satanic AI. And it’s really useful. Christians can use AI to organize and search through massive amounts of information. Information is important. Knowledge is important. AI is an amazing important tool. Just ask a secular man like Marty Armstrong how valuable is technology in the right hands… I can’t underscore this enough. A pen in the right hand is more powerful than a gun. The computer age is absolutely amazing. But Satan has indeed entered into every aspect of modern life.

  60. Loxie Lou Davie

    After having spent 70 years within the “Christian Community” I began to question many things. Turns out, the “God” of the Old Testament is NOT the Creator of All!! That is just part of the Mind Control that has been put upon us!! Hebrew Scholar, Mauro Biglino in his book, “Gods of The Bible” explains it well. Anglican Priest, Paul A. Wallis came to the same conclusions & describes his own Personal Journey of Discovery in “The Eden Conspiracy”. We have been mind controlled for centuries; time we faced up to it!

    • Greg Hunter

      This is your first and last comment. So-called “Hebrew Scholar,” Mauro Biglino is a total bull crap artist. Tens of thousands of real Hebrew Scholars have read the same material, and Biglino is the ONLY one who came up with something totally demonic that everybody else missed? Bull crap!!!!!!!
      Mauro Biglino works at the Vatican, which has been taken over by an imposter Pope and a demonic crew which Biglino (the bull crap artist) is a part of. What a scam! No way 99.99% of us can check his crap, so we just have to believe the lies and made up demonic total bull crap. You have been misled. I hope you return from the black hole of nothingness.

      • Galaxy 500

        Did you notice she never claimed she was ever a Christian? Mind control?
        How many shots does this take? Tequila or bioweapon to post something like this. Does Satan pay so well that these people gladly give their soul to him?
        Or do they know what is coming and they want to drag good people down into Hell with them?

  61. Jeffrobbins

    Let’s not be fooled about the 21 trillion; that was only from a portion of the gov. And for a select number of years- the real theft is unknowable and on going.

  62. Michael McCammack in Indiana

    Thanks Greg and Catherine!
    Just remember, the idiots running our country and the world, are the same idiots that were rioting, draft dodging, and government hating college aged students and hippies of the 60s.
    They still hate the government and the people that love this country.

  63. Prospector

    Posted earlier , but needs much repeating. — The shots are a BIO WEAPON of mass destruction !!!

    COVID “Vaccines” Hit By New Bombshell

    First, a court ruled that the COVID shots aren’t vaccines after all.

    Now, the architect 1989 Biological Weapons
    Anti-Terrorism Act is calling them “weapons of mass destruction.”

    Dr. Francis Boyle says, “It is my expert opinion that ‘COVID-19 nanoparticle injections’ or ‘mRNA nanoparticle injections’ or ‘COVID-19 injections meet the criteria of biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction according to Biological Weapons 18 USC § 175; Weapons and Firearms § 790.166 Fla.Stat. (2023).”


  64. Prospector

    Lawsuit floodgates open.

    The COVID “vaccines” aren’t vaccines after all, according to a ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Dr. David Martin says that this paves the way for sweeping lawsuits because the manufacturers “willfully misled the public.”

    “The manufacturers willfully misled the public by calling them [COVID shots] a vaccine.” This is a violation of the Federal Trade Commission acts in the U.S. and the Deceptive Medical Practices Act internationally, he emphasized.

    But the implications go even further. According to Dr. Martin, the decision also cracks the liability shields that have protected various entities involved in mandating and administrating the mRNA injections.

    “What this also does is [it] starts to give us the cracks that we need to pierce the liability shields against vaccine manufacturers and against the individuals, employers, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, hospitals that actually injected people for the first time. We actually now have the ability to say that the 9th Circuit has held that Jacobson was misapplied, that this did not stop infection, did not stop transmission, and as such, the public was willfully misled, which is a crime.”

    • Seer

      Prospector- Great link! Thanks! This Appellate win can be published and then be used in every case re harm and death from this bioweapon and perhaps block future releases. Everyone please distribute out!

    • Galaxy 500

      Kansas is suing. Announced today. Discovery is gonna be a biotch…

      • Greg Hunter

        4 other states are also jumping in on this. Karen Kingston will analyze this later tonight. THIS IS BIG.

    • Galaxy 500

      I pray that these evil bastards get what they earned… A Nuremberg style trial and the free piano wire.

  65. Guilermoes

    2024 Rapture due to pharmaceutical withdrawal.

    According to Rumble channel JeanClaude@BeyondMystic (13June2024 video with seer Penny Kelly and pagan dream surfer jsnip4):

    This year millions and millions of people will rapidly disappear due to (not only the Covax, but) the sudden unavailability of pharmaceuticals (blood-pressure meds, insulin, psychotropic drugs, Xanax, etc), due to the collapse of the petro-dollar, etc.

    Since these people in the video are a newage clique under the Jim Jones like spell of Clif High, whatever they say, they most likely get, or is influenced by, the Clif High data.

  66. Galaxy 500

    Hi Watchdogs,
    I love my job but I will retire in 5 years. At least that was the plan. After listening to Greg interview Armstrong, CAF, Kingston and Rubino… well I think the safest place to be is employed.
    What are you seeing at work? Do people that you deal with regularly seem the same?
    I have worked for a Fortune 500 company for several years before the china virus brought out the Bioweapon shots. I have talked to, emailed and messages some of the same people regularly for years. Some several times a week annd others I might deal with several times a day. Al but 1 is vaxed making me the second unvaxed. 2 out of 7. I am seeing a marked decline (imho) of comprehension and competence. They send me problems and complaints. If it’s a problem, I just ask them to transfer the call or forward the email to me. I have learned that almost every thing 1 of them tells me is comically incorrect. Heck, most of the time, this person doesn’t even convey what the problem is correctly. Telephone #… wrong… email address… wrong. Interestingly enough the Address is correct about 80% as the system checks it against USPS address and corrects it. I am seeing these once vibrant, well spoken and most of all accurate people seem to stumble over words, give incorrect scenarios etc. One of this group, I don’t even listen to the name they give me, as it’s seldom correctly pronounced, spelled… I think you understand what I am saying. One of them has started to mumble occasionally like Biden when 5 or 6 words pour out as one but I have to admit, even they make more sense than old Joe. Another is no longer with the company, kept missing work. And the sole person besides me that didn’t take the “shot”, damn, I love it when they call, they have improved over the last few years and even been promoted. I realize that people decline as they get older but these aren’t old people , damn… the only thing that I can attribute this to is the bioweapon. What are the odds that out of a group of 7 people, the ones doing well and getting promoted are the two unvaccinated? Every one in this group was top notch, several were on a fast track to management. This really makes me sad as these are good people. I had regular contact and lunch pre Covid. I tried talking to them about Ivermectin and even emailed them the doctor that specializes in vax injuries. I only did that once.
    Ok, let’s look outside my little group. We have several dozen open positions and can’t find people that can pass a simple competency test. It scares me for the future of our country. To witness what I seeing is a sad thing and I don’t think it gets better for them or for us.
    I don’t know, maybe people just don’t want to work, it seems that since they turned this plague of shots upon us that people don’t seem to be motivated. Maybe they were this way pre COVID and I just missed it. One thing I haven’t missed is the incorrect change given from a register that tells them how much to give back. It’s almost 50/50 being over or under. What used to be a rare occurrence happens every week.
    I would really appreciate any feed back on what you’re seeing, if anything.
    Thanks, G500

    • Greg Hunter

      This is great reporting and content, 500!! Thank you for posting this.

  67. Galaxy 500

    Have any of you listened to CSpan recently or Forbes news where they show our Congressman in action?
    Our Forefathers were educated hardworking businessmen and warriors. Most of these people in Congress would not amount to a pimple on our Forefathers behind.
    I heard this feral human and AOC talking like they were in the “hood.” And they were hurling Hood type insults and foul language. So much for our August Body.
    Most of them… if you called them dimwits … well you would be insulting every honest self respecting dimwit.
    This is what voter fraud gets you. AOC. Corey Bush… ad nauseum… oh yes, how could I forget Beijing Biden and the woman who blew her way into politics.

  68. Justn Observer

    Greg, pretty much a playbook of the sequence of what those that eventually infiltrated the U.S. did and are once again attempting with the use of ‘debt’, the decoupling of a backed to unbacked currency to give the ability for stealth unbacked free money printed out of thin air to buy up REAL assets while at the same time divesting others of their wealth via increasing inflation while also drive up energy and food prices, as weapons of control and yes, also AGAIN, racism to sow animosity and hate to divide the society causing mis-direction and blame from who is really behind their surveillance and power grab for ‘their’ FINAL SOLUTION to attain control over the world and its resources, including what they consider =’human resources’. While using ‘jabs’ to eradicate the ‘useless idiots’ and ‘their’ opposition = ie. those that believe in a GOD and will never accept ‘them’ as their gods.
    Blood Money – Inside the Nazi Economy | Part 1: A World War on Credit | Free Documentary History
    Blood Money – Inside the Nazi Economy | Part 2: An Economy of Death | Free Documentary History
    SOMETIMES , if it walks like a duck and sounds like one…what we are experiencing in the world…is one, or currently many many parallels with today.

  69. Ross

    I had a faraday cage soft cover case for my cell phone. I threw my powered up phone in the case and was driving. I drove by a cell tower about 100 feet from the road and my cell phone started ringing!

    All faraday bags are not created equil. 🙁

  70. Galaxy 500

    I think this reporting is late. This started with Buy-Dem attacking the Saudis and other allies while propping up our enemies…
    This strategy was as effective as shooting yourselves in the leg. You might survive but it’s gonna be painful and you will never be the same

  71. Galaxy 500

    Not a single RINO voted against the sale of babies…

  72. Anne E

    Please read a powerful vision: Breaking Through The Demonic Communication Network written and submitted April 24, 2024 by Veronika West please go to

  73. Justn Observer

    Greg, as Brandon wandered off into the field of dreams, apparently he and rest of G7 approved a very desperate financial policy… YELLIN SAYS ITS NOT THEFT?
    So the interest one makes on their accounts really is NOT theirs? Am sure Putin, XI, and many others are happy to learn that. Wonder if Apple in China or other EU, U.S., Canadian, France, or UK companies with accounts in foreign banks are feeling safe now?

  74. Barb

    Two years ago, I read about people taking heads of aborted babies for experiments. Now, I’m hearing of AI video games with real time responses from characters. And some of those characters are talking as if they know life outside of the game. They even approach the player to ask if they can help them get home or get a message to their family… Or they are alarmed to hear they are a video game but that makes sense… As if someone who signed an organ doner card had some mad scientist do something with their brain…
    Clif High insists it is not possible for AI to do what people are accusing it of doing, because it’s just a program… But is it?

    • Galaxy 500

      I don’t believe Cliff High on much of anything. If he was good at understanding data, he would be Christian

      • Barb

        It’s stunning the whole, experimenting on and technology from aborted babies, is overlooked for an opportunity to criticize someone else ???
        Clif High has a great deal of knowledge about coding and AI. His own personal spiritual journey and free will, Jesus talked about, is more important to be judged ??? Stunning! And probably why abortion is still happening…? sad

    • Anon

      All these… things… started rolling out at the same time. 2020.

      AI – Pride Month – EV’s – Overwhelming Immigration – Evil Whitey … and full time lies with impunity.

      So if THEY say that AI is just a computer program then I suppose we must believe them because THEY always tell the truth. Considering AI has been part of the “flood” of all things designed to wipe us out then it truly wouldn’t surprise me to discover that AI turns out to be part of the…”man-made horrors beyond your comprehension”.

      There’s an immense IQ drain worldwide since Covid. The injections were not chooosy and neither were THEY when they unleashed them upon the world population. Any kind of high living standard requires some degree of IQ to sustain it. Even the “elite” will require a high IQ “source” to parasite upon and exploit if they want to maintain a good standard of living. I find it incredibly dubious how THEY destroyed a great deal of the very intelligence that will preserve a future worth living.

      So what if THEY didn’t destroy that intelligence? What if THEY have found a way to put “brains in jars”… something like in the Matrix movie? They put those jar-brains in a false AI reality by manipulating the input sensors and create a fake VR world for those brains to experience… and then get those brains to work for THEM with a kind of synthetic telepathy, without those brains even being aware of the world outside the VR matrix and the disgusting and evil “people” they’re really working for.

      It might already be too late. We could be in the Neuralink…right now… and none of this is real. We’re just being poked and prodded in some horror-show matrix existence to solve problems for the REAL world outside the matrix.

  75. Dawn

    Greg, Everyone says to get with like minded people. I am just north/west of Tampa Fl. How do I fined groups or people ? Is there a site or place to go?

  76. Anon

    It’s like animals on a farm. They’re controlled and exploited entirelly. They’re fed and then milked… all their lives. And they don’t know any better. They’re not aware there’s anything outside of that farm or that life. They don’t even know if it’s wrong or right. All they know is that this is their life and there’s nothing outside that life… even if they escaped to “freedom” they wouldn’t know what “freedom” was.

    That’s what it’s like being a “brain in a jar”. The brains are just “milked” or “provoked” for thoughts, ideas and concept solutions instead. How can the “brain in a jar” escape this?

    This scenario is just so… demonic… so… THEM… I can truly believe it’s true. This isn’t just schizo thoughts by the way, there’s news stories in the mainstream detailing how they’ve put neurons into chips. It’s happening right now. Who knows what THEY are really capable of.

  77. Big snooze

    The reason why the current AI is absolutely garbage, because we don’t have access to room temperature superconductors. Even if the data farms are super chilled, there are multiple chokepoints between the servers and end consumers.

  78. Brian Dougan

    “The universe is alive, and it’s intelligent.” Ms. Fitts should have placed that squarely within a biblical context. “In the beginning; plasma”? Although unintended; it sounds pantheistic. Any “intelligent” ether/plasma is part of the created order. Yet another blow to the “random; ‘created itself out of nothing’ mindless universe”; touted by a majority of godless scientists. Alas; materialistic “evolution” is a rotting corpse; propped up by Satan’s chosen messengers.

    Evolution: “Nothing created everything.” Observational science; intuitively understood by children: “From nothing; nothing comes. From life; comes life.” It is undisputed by rational thinking scientists that intelligence comes from a mind. A mind begets a mind; it does not appear out of thin air. Computer code doesn’t write itself; including “AI.” Working backward to the beginning; we are met by a supernatural Being beyond human comprehension. We were not left to speculate: “In the beginning God (Yawweh) created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

    At a nuclear level; Scientists have long wondered why the atoms that constitute physical objects don’t fly apart. The New Testament gives us the answer. “And He Himself [The Logos/Word; Christ] existed and is before all things, and in Him all things hold together” (Colossians 1:16-18, Amplified Bible). His is the controlling, cohesive force of the universe. From New Testament Greek translated into the English “hold together”; we get the word cohesion.

  79. AJ

    Greg would you please ask Catherine Austin Fitts her opinion on SOFR. I would love to get her take on whether it is of any consequence in insulating the US from the havoc that the draining of eurodollar markets will have on LIBOR indexed debt. Supposedly SOFR keeps Europe from using LIBOR to obtain dollars they need from US Congress or the FED. There is much more nuanced info in the below article.

    Thank you Greg for all you do. Your website is one of my daily stops.

    For a general reference on the subject: Tom Louongo references LIBOR being replaced by SOFR in the below article :
    “There is more, but here is a reasonable short SOFR description vs LIBOR
    And this is where I think SOFR plays a big role in destroying the thesis that the Fed is trapped in the same way that it has been in times past.

    What is SOFR? The Secured Overnight Funding Rate. It is the U.S. domestic replacement for LIBOR. SOFR is market driven arrived at through actual transactions in the U.S. money markets with the daily quote arrived at by real data from real US banks.

    LIBOR, on the other hand, is a rate set by 17 foreign banks and 1 U.S. bank (JP Morgan Chase’s London Division). It’s still not market driven but arrived at by consensus. Regardless of that it represents the activity within London’s and Europe’s banking system, not the U.S.’s.

    And therein lies the rub.

    For all intents and purposes for decades LIBOR was the mechanism by which City of London and Europe controlled the flow of dollars into and out of their banking system. No wonder the Fed had no real control.

    Broadly speaking, when the Fed raises rates and it causes a drain on the eurodollar system, it puts upward pressure on LIBOR. If Europe’s banks are more exposed to a rise in the cost of dollars then LIBOR should blow out faster than the Fed raises rates.

    In past cycles, before SOFR, all US debt was indexed to LIBOR. So, it didn’t matter if the Fed raised rates domestically, our mortgages, lease rates, and credit lines blew out with LIBOR even if there was no underlying stress in these domestic markets.

    Now, in 2022, with all US debt indexed to SOFR and almost all legacy debt reindexed to it over the past four years, when the Fed raises rates U.S. debt rates rise with it, rather than with LIBOR. In short, SOFR breaks the link where Europe or London’s problems cross the pond and become our problems.

    It leaves them free to pursue insane monetary policy like, say, negative nominal rates, for a full decade but can no longer force the U.S., in effect, to fund it.”

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