Very Hard Times are Coming – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning of a huge war cycle and plunging financial economic cycle.  This week, Nenner’s war cycle “turned straight up” and his economic cycle “turned straight down.”  The next big conflict is not going to be in Ukraine or Taiwan–just yet.  On Saturday, this headline: “Iran Threatens Israel With ‘Obliterating War’ If It Attacks Lebanon.”  Nenner says all hell is about to break loose.  Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iran and Turkey are key players in an escalating war with Israel.  Nenner, who lives on the border with Lebanon in Northern Israel, interviewed with USAW just after a barrage of 100 rockets hit near his location.  Nenner reports, “The children here have not gone to school for a year, and we are under rocket fire day and night.  It is a very strange situation.  What I don’t understand is the Arab resistance, led by Iran, did not see what happened in Gaza.  If this really goes, Lebanon is going to disappear from the map. . . . How do I know these things?  I know these things because I work with several governments in the world. . . .  In the 1960’s, there was a war, and half of Cyprus ended up Turkish and half of Cyprus is Greek.  Turkey never accepted that. . . . Israel is using airfields in Cyprus. . . . If this really gets going, Turkey is going to take over Cyprus because they support Hamas (and Hezbollah).  Turkey will invade Cyprus, and this will lead to a war between Greece and Turkey.  Of course, Iran is going to be involved also.  Big boats are heading to Israel, so America is going to be involved.  Russia has its ideas too. . . . I don’t think Americans have any clue what is going on there, and they have no background.  They are only busy with trying to win the Election, and it’s going to lead to catastrophe.  If there is a war, Turkey is going to be involved, Cyprus is going to be involved, NATO is going to be involved, and it is going to be much more serious than people think.”

Nenner says, “We are already in the next big war cycle.”  Nenner still thinks China is going to be a big problem and says, “I would say if the world is busy with all this nonsense, then this is a time for China to take Taiwan over.  The war cycle is extra up, so we have to be very careful.  A lot of my wealthy clients are busy trying to get visas . . . to Caribbean islands.  I know many wealthy people busy trying to get visas and trying to get out of America.  This is what is going on below the surface, and most small investors don’t know what is going on. . . . They are worried about a nuke strike or terrorists blowing stuff up left and right because they came through the border.  This is a very dangerous situation.  They are not leaving right now, but they are preparing now. . . . The war cycle has turned up, and it is going to be extra dangerous from the 3rd of July on.”

Nenner says his big clients are also leaving the cities and buying houses in rural locations.  Nenner told me this is a trend that has been going on for about 5 years, but it has picked up speed in the last year and a half.

Nenner says his economic cycles have turned straight down.  In NYC, Nenner points out, “I have very wealthy clients that just got out of commercial real estate with a 67% loss.  I also know the banks, they are holding all these bad loans.  The banks have US bonds coming to maturity that they have lost a fortune on.  So, the banks, especially the regional banks, are going to be in big trouble. . . .The regional banks are very weak.    A lot is burning below the surface, which nobody tells you about.”

Nenner still likes gold, but it’s going to consolidate here.  Inflation is getting ready to take off again, and Nenner says, “Layoffs are coming soon. . . . Very hard times are coming.”

There is much more in the 38-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner for 6.29.24.

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  1. Poochiwoo

    If Charles, Bill, and Martin all say “buckle-up”, it is probably a good idea to do so.

    • Anthony Australia

      Scriptures mentions this for centuries.
      It was time to buckle up decades ago, the awaken already knew what’s coming.
      What Greg Hunter is doing now and has always done so!

      Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Chemtrails.

      • Robert Messina

        The global evil empire hovers over us for sure . . . as long as there are CHEMTRAILS

        • Anthony Australia

          We are getting pounded by them here Mate, always on a sunny day just before the rain sets in.

        • Kim J

          hello nice news

          • Ken Mazel

            Only one way though , the way, the truth and the light Jesus .

            • Greg Hunter

              Brother Ken,
              Brother Greg

    • Vern Milan

      Something huge is boiling underneath,what most ordinary people don’t see. Armstrong(Socrates) is warning that month July is panic cycle in many markets around the world. Clif High has strong emotional tension for middle of July and now Charles Nenner is warning about war cycle…And when you see how gold price (best barometer for geopolitical tension) is behaving, something big is comming….

      • Frank Avangaurd

        Vern, are you related to Ray Miland, of “Panic YearZero”, Fame?

      • Seer

        Probably stepping down of Biden and maybe Kamala too.
        Russia will wait for Trump and continue strategically as it has. Peace can be in one day.
        As for Israel it has to wind down. War is old thinking. Time to move on.

        • Galaxy 500

          Wow… so Israel should let a group of child killers and rapists time to regroup and do another October 7th?
          Israel should wind down a day after every member of Hamas has bled out and not a second before.

      • Amy Nyhus

        Galaxy 500 is totally correct. Israel is just defending themselves. They have the right to do so. Hamas is totally evil.

  2. Poochiwoo

    If Charles, Bill, and Martin tell us the same thing, we probably should pay attention.

    • Greg Hunter

      BINGO!! I agree!! These two guys do not know each other either.

      • AJ

        You had a good follow up and logical question in the interview:
        If turkey will attack and take over cyprus for the use of their airport by israel, would they attack israel??
        seems the logical question to ask. after all if they are allies with hezbollah they should attack israel.
        mr. nenner answer that turkey does not have an army for long term fighting, hence will not attack israel does not make much sense.
        sounds more like some satanic plan in the making to make more wars and massacres basically …

        • Charles Turner

          Whilst this comment might be slightly off piste, another scenario to get the Democrats elected is to finish of Biden with a dose of Novichok, blame it on to the Russians and their ‘desire’ to get Trump elected. JFK was killed. Why not Biden, he now represents a different threat to the deep state. THis would feed into the war strategy.

          • Danielle Duval

            Biden will be or could a r k a n s i d e if he does not quit . Hillary wants to run.

            Democrat democracy: cheat, remove or kill

            Rino democracy : do nothing ; support Democrat democracy with tears , sadness

            Democracy: majority of people : freedom of speech
            Support & protect by 2 amendment

          • Pete+only

            Or, they could just let Joe Biden fall down the steps on his own…

        • Galaxy 500

          If Turkey attacks Greek Cyprus would NATO be obliged to defend Greece?

          • Greg Hunter

            Both Turkey and Greece are NATO members. What a mass.

            • seyhan

              Nenner is false on his claim on Cyprus war.. The Turkish involment wa sin 1974 to stop fascist Makarious to kick turkish minority. Turks has already bases in half of Cyprus and dont need to atack Israel just for the sake of Hamas…They are not as stupid as the conspiracy theorists who suggest such fictional story… However Turks and Greeks could get into fight over 12 mile zone which Turks declared as Casus Belli over 30 years ago…

      • Philip Quinn

        RIP Rob Kirby, another great voice that is missed badly

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Philip! Amen.

        • Zegar


      • KC

        Clif had recently shared the future forecasters yt video on his x account. It seems the group has also seen something happening in mid July.

      • Anthony Australia

        Marc Faber & Michael Pento please Greg.

  3. Scott

    I love Charles so much, he always has so many thought-provoking things to say. He’s taught me a great deal.

    Thanks for having him back on, Greg – you made my weekend!

    P.S. I sure miss Rob Kirby a lot. Life isn’t the same without him … =’ (

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Scott. He was murdered in the hospital with their CV19 protocol of death. Someday, I hope these evil demons that did it will be brought to justice.

      • Anthony Australia

        Good lord, really Greg?

        Most of the criminal State Government leaders have all since resigned since the Scamdemic Caronacon, to think they would open their mouths publicly is ludicrous.

        Annastacia Palaszczuk kept dying people from their families during the Covid pandemic. This is what she has to say now about enforcing some of Australia’s toughest restrictions

  4. Coal Burner

    Thank You Greg! Thanks You Mr. Nenner! hope you can avoid the rockets.

  5. Alton Magson

    Last week on the Duran podcast Alex who lives on Cyprus said Cyprus is worried and wants nothing to do with a Israel Lebanon conflict. Alex said the airbases in Cyprus are not run by Cyprus but are owned and operated by the UK. He said Cyprus has requested the UK assure Lebanon that bases on Cyprus will not get involved in any conflicts in any way and the UK has complied with the request. So we will see, but we all know the West guaranteed Gorbachev Nato would not expand past Germany.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for adding this.

    • Lora

      Hi Greg
      Just got back from a 2 week vacation with family to Paris, London and Scotland. I live in a more rural region in a red state here in the US and now plan on buckling more travel in anticipation of anything/everything here in America as the 2024 elections approach.
      In regards to my trip abroad, it was so sad to see that the old time, charming cultures of Paris and London are completely gone, with invasions of radical Muslims and other Nationalities that obviously have not entered these regions to assimilate. Traffic was scary, especially in Paris (like driving in Tijuana, Mexico), and the general feel of urban areas of both areas reminded me of watching rats in a maze.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks for your reporting!

  6. Really Awake

    I like Mr. Nenner’s humility when he admits he doesn’t know whether or not this next war is the “Big One” when billions die.

    The “Big One” is coming sooner or later if Jesus allows it. And the Really Big One is surely coming, namely, the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. And that’s the one when you and I need to really be ready.

    I must confess that I have triple the material survival supplies that Marty Armstrong recommended, yet I feel that I don’t have nearly enough “treasure stored up in Heaven”…

    If I had a second chance to do differently I certainly would have spent more time on spritual matters and less time on earthly pursuits including political, secular and business.

    When the Really Big One happens there’ll be no place to run or hide. No island far enough. No mountain high enough. And no underground bunker deep enough. I won’t be able to buy my way out with any amount of gold. It will all come down to who I really am and not what I own. Just as the Lord said of the poor widow who contributed more than all the rich did. That’s what really matters.

    So, it’s the Christian priorities that’ll make the difference, not the worldly ones. Material preparation is important, but not as important as spritual preparation.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Wise words to take to heart. Thanks.

    • Really Awake

      You are awake!

    • Katy Bar

      Besides buying a home in the Caribbean to protect oneself from a Nuclear War and its Radiation Fallout effects in the entire Northern Hemisphere, or alternatively moving to a rural area within the US (away from Big Cities to protect oneself from the Nuclear Blasts and Terrorist activity) one should also have enough Money in hand (preferably in Physical Silver as ATM’s and Banks will be closed) to protect oneself from a likely Financial and Stock Market shutdown where “Real Money” will more likely be the better option for buying food then the US Dollar (which will be rapidly losing purchasing power as the Fed prints to infinity to bail out all the failing banks). Acting fast is imperative for those who have been sitting on the fence eating chocolate bars as Nenner is clearly warning that bank failures, nuclear war and economic calamity, etc., etc. “is now right at the point of accelerating upward (starting on July 3rd) at a fever pitch!!

      • Ken Yu

        Netenyahu has a Very Big problem if he can’t somehow manage to find a way to negotiate a ceasefire to stop all the Hezbollah missiles from falling on northern Israel and also stop the Houthis from targeting their ships in the Red Sea. If he goes forward to make Lebanon into the next Gaza, Nenner says it will likely force Turkey to invade Cyprus (but what about Russia??). Russia has an array of hyper-sonic weapons that can hit almost any target in the world and evade all U.S. built missile shields. Putin could easily give such weapons to Iran to help Hezbollah respond to any possible “Samson Option” Israel throws at them. We all better begin praying to Jesus that sane’er heads prevail, otherwise we are going headlong right into Armageddon!!

        • Rodney

          Ken, your correct, things are going to get dicey for Israel but they are going to be okay…the rest of the world not so much.
          Interesting read in Revelation laying all this out by the way.
          ” Behold, he that keepth Israel Shall neither slumber nor sleep”

          • Ken Yu

            Rodney, if a ceasefire emerges in Gaza, it is possible that Hezbollah will de-escalate and Israel “will be okay”. But, any escalation by Israel with Hezbollah would be far more dangerous to Israel than what we’ve seen so far with Israel’s attempted annihilation of Hamas, and the U.S. will likely be forced to step in to directly defend Israel from a very massive Hezbollah’s rocket and missile attack (to the absolute delight of the Republican US Neocons like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) along with Nikki Haley, John Bolton, H.R. McMaster and a slew of other Neocon Demonrats who desperately “Want to Start a War with Iran and get the United States Totally Sucked Into It” (most probably to generate huge profits for the Military Industrial Complex and very nice lucrative kick-backs for the Treasonous RINO’s and DemonRat “Enablers of War”)!! Based on how Gold and Silver prices have begun to jump upward today it looks like a Full-out War between Israel and Hezbollah is now Breaking-out on Israel’s Northern border (and right before the election “meaning we could soon see significant U.S. casualties by election day” because Bribe’n won’t want to look weak to the voting public). So I guess our newly drafted sons and daughters must put their lives on the line (and die if necessary) to help get the Big Guy elected!!

    • Galaxy 500

      “Material preparation is important, but not as important as spritual preparation.“

      100% absolutely true. Well said

    • Lisa Mooney

      Really awake, I want to take this time to thank you for all of your amazing posts over the years. When I’m pouring over the comments, I’m always hoping that I see you post because I really gain so much from them. My thought in the beginning of the interview was maybe I need to buy more gold thinking about that scene in the pianist where they’re checking the gold on the marble table. But I absolutely think you’re right, we are all so addicted to the Babylonian money magic, we are missing what really matters. Are we creating a community of the Christian remnant and supporting one another and being true to Christ’s teachings, because that’s what matters the most. This is a temporary place for us. It’s not our home, so if we die because we don’t have enough food or water, does it really matter in the bigger picture ? As an RN, with many RN friends who are also Christian, for the past six months I’ve been banging my head on the wall trying to convince them we all have a piece of the puzzle but we’re not gonna survive unless we po resources and create an off grid community ready to weather the storm. Unfortunately, they’re not listening because we are all siloed into thinking that they can just get a couple more years in, get their Pensions and everything’s gonna be fine. I personally don’t think that’s the case.

      • richard

        after buying silver, I started buying 1 ounce copper coins for under $2 each. Reason: for small purchases if we have a barter economy, who can give change for a $2K gold coin at a gas station or farmer’s market, or even give change for a $25 to $30 silver one ounce coin. so, I started thinking, “small.”

        • stanley skrzypek

          …..1/10 troy oz silver rounds…also..pre 1964 silver us dimes 0.072339 troy oz….cant get much smaller than that…1 ounce .COPPER COINS?…REALLY….you are on the wrong thinking side….just buy pre 1982 one cent $0.001 pennies on EBAY…which are real money..

        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Richard,
          I would take pre64 US silver coins as change. Not interested in copper

    • al longenecker

      only one life, twill soon…………..

  7. Really Deep Thoughts by Jack Handee

    DNC delegates may select Hillary and Big Mike. This ticket checks off all the boxes, and that is why they will do it!! No woman, no persons of the minority, white knight, cuks, simps, nor LGBT+ would vote against these two. 120 million votes, unstoppable. Pres Trump would be lucky to get 25% even if he chooses Taylor Switt as VP.

    I’d still like to have Tucker as VP. Have Tucker do a daily show and really drain the DC swamp.

    Kamala’s Nightly Dream: [flapping her arms like a horse trying to fly in water] We must save democracy by destroying democracy, the republic and the rights of the opposition. What Can’t We Burn, Must Be Taken.

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Berlin, back in ’39,
    Take a look at the tanks, and the run on your banks,
    Inflation at your door.

    Face it, everything that once was fair, just, honorable, and good, is now out of reach, and you are wrong to even expect it.

  8. Jim Wade

    I think we can conclude that the world is on the abyss of a deep and bottomless chasm. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Thanks for this interview.

    • Katy Bar

      “Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide” (except for the precious metals)!! By the Fed continuing to raise interest rates they have already pushed a number of banks out of business (mostly due to non-performing residential and commercial real estate loans). But the Fed seems intent on continuing to raise interest rates which will put even more pressure on the banks driving many more into insolvency as their liabilities exceed assets. And with more and more banks failing the FDIC will eventually “Be Unable To Insure All Customer Deposits Under $250,000” creating conditions for a “Massive Run on the Banks”. So the Fed will soon be forced to step in and “Crank Up The Printing Presses” to buy up all the insolvent banks bad loans just like they have done in previous banking crises. Thus, the purchasing power of the US dollar “Will be Sacrificed Once Again” [just like the Fed has continually done over the last One Hundred Years [ ]. As can be seen in the above chart the Fed “Has a Propensity to Continually Create Fiat Money or Credit Out of Thin Air Without Limit”. And as this excess credit or money is repeatedly issued by the Fed to bail out their banking buddies, the purchasing power of the US dollar ultimately turns to Toilet Paper. Over time goes it will take “a lot of Toilet Paper” to buy one ounce of Gold or one ounce of Silver. The Fed “is in a Box of its Own Making” and they will simply Print (as they always do) Ever More Money “when they deem it is necessary to prevent an outright Collapse of their Banking System”. But even if the banks are bailed out and kept alive by the Fed “We The People Still Wind Up Broke Regardless”. Because by the extreme dollar devaluation and inflation necessary to keep the banks Happily Open – “The People Still Go Broke” (As They Essentially Own Nothing But Toilet Paper)!!

  9. Bailey

    Have been a Nenner subscriber. No way he is as accurate as he claims.

    • john

      I was thinking, I think Bill Holter is out in the middle of nowhere, Martin Armstrong is near Naples Florida, which could be relatively safe, possibly, but Charles is in Israel with rockets now, not maybe in the future, and he hasn’t left.

      • Ann

        I believe Holter tried Costa Rica for awhile, but came back to the states.
        The grass is not always greener. You don’t want to go to a Country that will hold a grudge against Americans for all our meddling. And you can’t travel with cash or PM’s per Armstrong.
        Hurricanes forming early this year. I suppose it will be the perfect storm.

  10. Jeffrobbins

    He’s always a great guest. It’s always interesting hearing from people in different countries. I agree completely when Mr. Nenner says “It doesn’t make any sense.”- The older i get the more i keep asking “Am i being lied to again?”—and i would certainly identify as a prepper- we got rural. And i still say grain changed to corn in the KJ about the same time as covid was let loose, food issues are on deck. The timing- we can only guess. – Although, Mr. Nenner isn’t guessing. Before folks dismiss this as wacky none sense, a loving Father and a just King would give warnings to His people for something more than your standard instructions.

  11. Jeffrey

    Love Charles hair! The mad and accurate economist.

  12. Randy Avera

    Yes, Dr. Nenner, I’m glad I’m old.

  13. Clyde

    Left-wing Radicals Hate America

    The bottom line: Insane left-wing-radicals have declared war on normal American Citizens. This country has been eaten-out from within.

    • Ken Yu

      The completely insane left wing radical DemonRats want to outlaw the Republican Party and also make every Christian (who wants to protect babies from abortion and believes in Jesus) into a terrorist. That’s why more FEMA Concentration Camps (with guillotines and surrounded by lions) are being built to house the Christians who they know will protest in the streets when Trump is put in jail on July 15 (so he can’t attend the Republican Convention and accept the 2024 Presidential Nomination)!!

      • Won Witness

        California Governor Gavin Newsome would FILL those FEMA CAMPSs.
        His tyranny during the pandemic is proof enough.
        The First time Gavin first elected California Govenor He SAID
        ” the REPUBLICAN PARTY IS DEAD in California”
        and since then his leftist B.S. has Ruined the state.
        He rigged TWO recall elections. I realized my Vote doesn’t matter in California So Last year, I Voted with my FEET and “Refugeed” out of there.
        I wasn’t alone.
        California U-Haul quoted a 12 foot trailer rental ,last summer, cost $2000 for a ten day rental and you could not get one until next week, maybe. The SAME trailer rented in Texas cost me $29 dollars a day ($290 for the same 10 days period) The surplus of dropped off u-haul equipment in Texas was overflowing and was being stored at various furniture store, ace hardware, stripmall, ect. parking lots due to the high numbers of new arrivals / freedom seekers.
        It was no easy task for this 73 year old to self move from Orange County CA. to Eastern Texas But Freedom isn’t free it always comes at a cost.
        This 4th of July will be extra special as I am celebrating my Nation’s freedom From King George, as well as my own from tyrant Gavin
        Newsome ( a creature who MUST NOT BE ELECTED to lead our nation should the demoncrats nominate him)

        • Clyde

          The criminal-Dim party, the party of murder, mayhem, chaos and anti-American activity, is pushing New-scum from Cali-fornicate and the Marxist-ding-bat in the Michigan governor’s office, Gretchen Whit-less – pretty sad line up.

        • Ken Yu

          Won, you were smart getting out of California before Newsome signs and imposes an “Exit Tax” on all people leaving California!! But knowing these insane Demon Rats in California they will probably still try to impose “some type of tax” on people even after they have left their jurisdiction (just like the Washington Demon Rats Tax All American’s Income “even after they leave the continental US and reside in another country”)!!

        • Brian L

          U-Haul is a joke. MD to FL, 24 foot. U-Haul wanted $2700 for 6 days and we were returning it. Penske wanted $2400.
          Enterprise…$1200. Get a gas instead of diesel, then you don’t have to worry about DEF.

  14. vgno

    Nenner suspects Israel might flatten Lebanon. The only way they could do that is through use of nukes, which Turkish President Erdogan warned Israel against using some months ago.

    The Biden Administration will attempt to nuke Lebanon and scapegoat Joe Biden, who was put on full display this past week before the whole world. The world saw Joe Biden repeatedly vacillate from delirium to anger.

    ~ 28 JUNIO 2024 Luz de Maria

    • Chris

      I agree with your first paragraph. Unless Israel has a death wish, it would only go nuclear in an existential last stand. Which, it has to be admitted, may yet happen under the Netanyahu regime’s watch. However, I have a different take on your second paragraph.
      The Biden administration would get the Israelis to nuke Lebanon. They wouldn’t do it themselves. Unless Israel has total control of the US, and even then to what end? The end of Israel. I admit, these Western rulers are complete maniacs so one cannot rule out such an action entirely, but I imagine there are still a handful of people in the Pentagon who have retained a modicum of attachment to reality. Or belong to a faction that hasn’t yet got a death wish. Anyway, Lebanon is a bit of a side show when Russia and China are the main event.
      Also, my view is that the Biden demise has been planned for by the operators behind the scenes and the leftist media suddenly going off as if they didn’t expect Trump to demolish Biden is a joke. Their role, as always, is to play the game. Only the delusional members of the public (thanks to the propaganda media) couldn’t see the man was demented and that whoever was really “governing” was the unelected “deep state” swamp creatures and their puppets.
      I think THEY knew full well that he was incapable of performing in a debate of any kind (even the quality of an ice-cream cone). So THEY decided it was time to hang him out to dry in preparation to his “stepping aside” in favor of their next appointee. Now it won’t be Kamala. You can’t replace a geriatric dementia patient with a congenital moron and hope to win this election. That ship has sailed. I expect they’ll wheel out a new and “improved” Hillary whose fake book is coming out. They hope this will galvanize the brain dead Wokists and other assorted neo-Bolshevik types to rally out in force come November. Otherwise, they’ll just start WWIII and cancel elections, institute marshal law, get the COG people to take over and go full Fascist. In other words, they’ll come out of the closet at last. But Lebanon won’t be the target. They will go for Russia and China, with all the subjugated satraps in tow (and destined for annihilation), in full belief THEY can survive a nuclear war.
      Unfortunately, I think there’s a 50-50 chance that will happen. Such is the state of Western Zeitgeist.
      I feel that Trump and RFK Jnr should have joined forces in a last ditch effort to defeat these maniacs. Together they would have brought a large sway of left and right together under a banner to smash the deep state – especially the CIA and the military industrial espionage complex – and restore what was destroyed by that entity when JFK was assassinated in ’63. But it’s too late now.

    • Punch Dunk


      True Peace and Sociological SECURITY by God’s Kingdome
      At the present levels of agression, for nuclear annilation. Halting world war three, is now juxtapositioned to holding the temperature of a feverish patient at 104 degrees (40 degrees Celsius). It is not enough! Wars and fevers are only symptomatic of a deeper ailment. Eliminating the source of the problem results in the cure. For example, today the world’s nuclear nations at war, have the explosive power equal to more than 4 tons of TNT for each man, woman and child on earth​—14,000,000,000 tons! Do you feel secure and prepped, living with this threat?
      It wasn’t too long ago, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachava, “the real big Mike”, Gorbachev. Had a freeze on nuclear arms, up untill Barry Obomber decided Vlad Putin was not LGBT enough and boycotted the Russki winter Olympics. Then Hillery sent her consort Tortilla Nuland, armed with her cookies of peace and overthrewn Ukraine and enriched a whole new slew of new millionaire politician’s, curtasie of Rosemont Seneca partners, Bio-Meta Laboratories and the future planet of the apes American taxpayer.
      So peace and security didn’t last long and any pipe dreams of disarmament being replaced by the nightmare of a ten year nuclear winter, that no flesh will survive except the cockroach. The famous physicist Albert Einstein advocated the peace and security of disarmament. And since 1945 the sound of a host of other dignitaries pleading for global nuclear disarmament has been heard. Yet in the last ten years the combined nuclear warheads of the world and Russia have more than doubled in number. Do you really believe we are any closer to nuclear disarmament now than we were 78 years ago?
      Ridding the earth of nuclear arms will not stop wars. Since the last use of the atomic bomb eight decades ago, over 180 wars have been fought. So, would you experience genuine peace and security if all war weapons vanished?
      Eliminating all war instruments is a giant step toward peace and security but does not go far enough. People’s hearts must be reached, educated and changed. No human movement can do this. But God can. The Almighty God Yahweh or the highway, English Jehovah, KJV. Can read and heal hearts. (Jeremiah 17:10; Psalm 51:10) But he will do more than that. God’s Kingdom, the long-prayed-for heavenly government, will bring about peace and security on the earth. (Matthew 6:10) Do you feel that this solution is realistic?
      The old antinuclear-war book, The Fate of the Earth. Sees a worldwide government as the only sure means of preventing a nuclear holocaust, and further proposes: “In sum, the task is nothing less than to reinvent politics: to reinvent the world.” And that is just what God purposes to do. Do you honestly believe nations will voluntarily give up their NUKES?
      For those against righteous rule, God will use his Kingdom power in a controlled manner, destroying all nations opposed to his peace movement. (Daniel 2:44) In addition, the educational system of God’s Kingdom will instruct every sincere peace lover in true ways of disarmament so that ‘swords become plowshares.’​—Isaiah 2:4; Psalm 46:8, 9.
      Therefore, do not be fooled into thinking that human movements can bring salvation, for the Bible warns: “Whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.” (1 Thessalonians 5:3) But for those of honest heart there is a sure hope. They are confident​—and you too can be confident—​that soon God will usher in true peace and security, which will be everlasting.​—Psalm 72:7, 8; Isaiah 9:6, 7.

      • Katy Bar

        Now I hear that Zelinsky is asking for a negotiated settlement of the Ukrainian War. But Don’t Be Fooled Folks. Zelinsky is probably just trying to BUY TIME so NATO can move their men and military equipment into Ukraine for A Final Deadly Battle Against Russia!! Putin who is always looking for peace was fooled once before by this “Negotiation Tactic” and I don’t believe he will be fooled again. What Putin needs to do is Negotiate A Peace Deal With Trump!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      From the “Jim & Tammy Faye Baker” style money based ministry website…
      So this person has an alter with graven images…

      “Thirty-three years have passed since our Blessed Mother, under the title of the Queen of Peace, appeared for the first time in my house, in an altarpiece that emanated tears with an oily consistency and a heavenly aroma”

      Another blurb from the website…
      Repeated 3 times

      When did Mary become most pure? Jesus is the most and ONLY pure human

      • vgno

        Sister Lucia of Fatima said in her last interview that,”Jesus is a good son; he will smite all those who disrespect his mother.”

        • Galaxy 500

          So if I disrespected your con artist does that count?

          Nice Con, work it …

  15. Mike G

    If the sh is about to hit the fan why would you be in northern Israel?

    • Greg Hunter

      Nenner has a home there. Are you going to abandon your home?

      • BCBob

        If my home was under daily rocket fire, wouldn’t abandoning it be a good idea?

        Does Israel think its going to ‘level Lebanon like Gaza’, and it goes unscathed? That’s a myopic view.

  16. sam

    OH OH Everone……BEE CAREFUL ….the Speling Polise are out und about.

  17. bernard

    Sorry for off topic. But ask your politicians this question:

    Instead of killing millions of Chickens for Bird Flu, Can’t we just lockdown the chickens in the barn for 2 weeks to flatten the curve?

    • Galaxy 500

      What a great question. And how are they going to get those Chicks to wear those tiny little paper masks?

      • sam

        Profound….Very Profound indeed!

  18. Dr. Tyz

    I’ve been posting that the only chance for you to survive what is coming is to get out of the US – period. Those telling you to stockpile food and other provisions is bad advice as this is not going to work.

    Find a country not aligned with the US, do some research and get out fast because time is not on your side. Unfortunately, most of you will wait to see what happens and by then it will be too late.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Tyz,
      “Run Forrest Run.” I am staying you run off now and go hide. Stay out of the way.

      • Dr. Tyz

        A smart man knows not to get in a fight he cannot win unless you think being a martyr is smart. I do not and plan to live to fight another day. Stay put and see how that works out for you.

        • Greg Hunter

          Dr. Tyz,
          Run and hide little girl. Stay out of the way.

          • DukeEarl OfShiebster

            ARMAGEDDON, is a Bible word and in that book it is mentioned only once, but so strong has been the impression upon the minds of the sheeple people, that it has become a fear inspiring household word!
            Many politicians have used it when they thought that the world was at a deep crisis. It has been something to be feared and avoided since the 1950’s, with Russia and the AngloAmerican world super power at odds with each other, and💶 Europe in the middle!
            Generally, it has been viewed by men as the final war to be fought by today’s state of the art worldly forces, with AI at the helm. Yes today’s, politicians and statesmen feel that with the development of hypersonic multi tipped, each separately guidable, on top nuclear missiles and other such scientific developments, could result in mass distinction! Armageddon, as they see it, is possible. Fear of starting such a war, which would result in loss to all and gain to none and might even result in the vaporization of most all of mankind with subsequent ionizing radiation ending, in a decade long nuclear winter. Where even household dreaded tropical cockroaches couldn’t survive. Berrrrrr, that’s cold! Which has caused politicians to make many moves and plans to avoid such a terrible fate and holocaust.

            But fellow Earthling, is such a feared war among the world powers really Armageddon? Can politicians by means of their peace talks, maneuverings, concordats, compacts and leagues avoid the strictly Biblical, so called Armageddon? Can we really rely upon them bumsteer’s, to steer us safely around it with mass distraction of an alien invasion? The way to find out is to turn to the book that is the source of the term and see what it says about this battle and the forces of evil intent involved. The word is found in the Bible, in Revelation, chapter 16, in connection with the pouring out of the sixth of seven plagues of the bowls of God’s anger on the earth. (Re 16 Vss. 12-16) Such as where is Armageddon to be located? Not on the Euphrates at Babylon, for Revelation 16:16 says: “And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Magedon.” This is after the mention of the drying up of the Euphrates. The name seems to mean “Mountain of Megiddo,” not only because the name is Hebrew, but also because it appears to contain the name of the Hebrew fortress city of Megiddo. The place named is to be associated with Hebrew territory. It is reported that, near there, Heaven fought for the victory of Jehovah’s Hebrew people under Judge Barak and the prophetess Deborah. In their victory song they sang:
            “Kings came, they fought; it was then that the kings of Canaan fought in Taanach by the waters of Megiddo. No gain of silver did they take. From heaven did the stars fight, from their orbits they fought against Sisera. The torrent of Kishon washed them away.”—Judg. 5:19-21.
            Says The International Standard Bible Encyclopædia, Volume 2, page 1340: “These low hills around Megiddo, with their outlook over the plain of Esdraelon, have witnessed perhaps a greater number of bloody encounters than have ever stained a like area of the world’s surface.” The name Megiddo enters very nicely into the matter, not merely because of its historical associations, but because, as Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon (1859 edition) suggests, the name may mean “the place of crowds” (locus turbárum).
            Actually, in Revelation the name Har–Magedon does not refer to a geographical location. As a matter of fact, on no geographical map does a place named Har–Magedon (Armageddon) appear. In Revelation 16:16 this name does not literally refer to the neighborhood of Megiddo in the plain of Esdraelon. It symbolizes the place where, within the realm of Jehovah’s Hebrew’s’ experiences on earth, this final war is fought out. At exactly the right point of time and circumstances, when the great preaching work of the Christians, “in all the inhabited earth” has gathered in the “great crowd” who respond to the Kingdom message, the attack will come. The issues will be clear. God will doubtless give his people a very strong message to proclaim just before the enemy attack.—Matt. 24:14; Dan. 11:44, 45.

            Armageddon is to be fought on the earth, which is shown by the fact that the earthly kings and their armies are said to be gathered together there. (Rev. 16:14) They are fighting against God’s kingdom. Of course, they cannot touch the heavenly, invisible kingdom of Jesus Christ, but they can fight those who represent his kingdom here on earth, namely, the remnant of Christ’s spiritual, anointed brothers ann sisters. So the earthly kings under demon influence invade the holy estate that these Christian witnesses have in relationship with their God in Hebrew Yahweh and in English Jehovah and they try to destroy it, getting in an indirect way at God and his Messiah. These kings are not gathered against one another for the purpose of killing one another off, but they are gathered against God. There they will come into collision with God’s holy, royal interests.

            God’s people on earth will have no part in the fight and the destruction. It will be the God’s invisible forces under his Field Marshal Jesus Christ who will come into violent conflict with his enemies and defeat them in a final, decisive war that will need no repeating. God will gain an everlasting victory, just as he did over the ancient “kings of Canaan” by the waters of Megiddo. Satan and his invisible forces, which are now cast out of heaven and down into the vicinity of this earth, will maneuver these forces and try to help them gain a victory. They will lose. However, Satan and his demon forces in the heavens will be put out of action, not at Armageddon, but immediately thereafter, when Jesus Christ hurls them into the abyss of deathlike inactivity.—A Rev. 19:19 to 20:2.

            But what about the political efforts of men? Are they helpful to the nations in staving off this battle as long as possible? Let us see what God says through his angel. At Revelation 16:13 we read: “And I saw three unclean inspired expressions that looked like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the wild beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and perform signs, and they go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty. . . . And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Magedon.”—Rev. 16:13-16.

            In the Law covenant God made with Israel, he classified frogs as unclean animals. The use of frogs here would indicate that the inspired expressions are something unclean in God’s sight. Being inspired by demons, it is certain they are directly against God and detrimental to those who follow such expressions. The “inspired expressions” do not originate with men. So, whoever on earth are the human mouthpieces, they are not speaking altogether of themselves but as inspired by the adversary of God, the Devil, the prince of the demons.

            Frogs make a croaking noise. They come out of the mouth of three creatures, and so must symbolize official proclamations, announcements, predictions or propaganda, especially to influence kings or rulers of this world. The froglike inspired expression out of the mouth of the symbolic dragon, who is Satan the Devil (Rev. 12:9), must say that God is not the Sovereign of the universe and that his rightful Messianic kingdom over earth is not to be recognized or surrendered to. Satan is the one who challenged Yahweh/English Jehovah, at God in the beginning, and right down to this war at Armageddon he makes efforts more and more desperate as the end nears, in an attempt to prove his assertion. So this frog would say also that Kingdom preaching by God’s people giving witnesse must therefore be stopped, and if they refuse to stop preaching the heavenly kingdom by Christ, we must war against them.

            The “wild beast” out of the sea is the Dragon’s visible political organization for governing mankind. In Daniel’s vision of four of the world powers, represented as beasts, he recounts: “I happened to be beholding in my visions during the night, and, see there! the four winds of the heavens were stirring up the vast sea. And four huge beasts were coming up out of the sea, each one being different from the others.” (Dan. 7:2, 3) So Satan the Devil by means of his demons, represented by the four winds, was stirring up the sea of mankind alienated from God to great turbulence, forming his political organization from this sea of restless people who rely upon what the politicians say to guide them.

            Now, the “wild beast” is loyal to the Dragon, to whom it is indebted for its political power, throne and great authority. It worships the Dragon. So the inspired propagandistic expression out of the wild beast’s mouth backs up what the Dragon says. It argues for the sovereignty of the various national groups and tells them to conspire against God and his Anointed One or Messiah and to break all bands, restrictions and limitations that these would impose on them, now that the Gentile Times have ended. (Ps. 2:1-10) Certainly nationalism is at present one of the greatest menaces to mankind’s welfare.

            The third frog came out of the mouth of the “false prophet.” Who is this “false prophet”? He is a new figure introduced in this chapter 12 of Revelation. But he is new in name only and is used in Revelation as a separate figure because of the prominent part he plays in world affairs and the way he performs with great influence before the rest of the political governments represented by the beast. He is really the other “wild beast” that ascended out of the earth and that had two lamblike horns. It is no one else than the dual world power of Britain and America who cooperate economically, politically and militarily, in English, and largely on the Protestant side of religion. But since Revelation 13:11 says that this two-horned beast speaks as the Dragon does in blasphemies of God and his heavenly residence, and since it makes the “image of the wild beast” speak, the two-horned beast is here cast in the role of a prophet, not for God the Father, of course. So it is a “false prophet.” As it is the seventh head of the seven-headed “wild beast” out of the sea, it assumes to speak nowadays for the entire “wild beast.”

            From its position of economic, political and military strength, the two-horned beast or “false prophet” speaks very impressively, for it predominates today as the Seventh World Power. This Seventh World Power has always appeared lamblike in its pretentions, for it claims always to fight on the side of liberty and freedom. It claims never to fight in an aggressive, but only in a defensive, protective war. At the same time it speaks like the Dragon who is the great deceiver and it roars out with a fear-inspiring voice that has cowed smaller nations into subjection so that it could pursue its commercial, selfish exploitations in many countries of the earth.

            This political “false prophet” system, speaking like the Dragon, also speaks against God’s kingdom but in favor of human sovereignty of the earth and now advocates self-determination of the peoples and an international alliance. First it recommended the League of Nations and now backs the United Nations, to keep a nuclear-powered world from destroying itself in world war.
            These demon-inspired expressions from the three sources “perform signs.” This is in order that they may clothe themselves with authority and impressiveness before the people. At times they call for action on the part of the Dragon, the “wild beast” and the “false prophet” to enforce what the inspired expressions say. The Devil backs up these expressions and maneuvers the “wild beast” in holding peoples under subjugation. And as for the two-horned beast, or “false prophet,” it appears to “make fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the sight of mankind.” (Rev. 13:13) The Seventh World Power has used its might to bring about its will, with the backing of the clergy of Christendom. This makes the inspired expressions seem to be coming true and having the god of this world backing them up.

            No matter how much these expressions may croak on the subject of international peace, they are really for war, war against Jehovah God the Almighty Yahweh of the ancient Israelites and there Messiah in power. Therefore, their political promises and arrangements are not sidestepping Armageddon but steering the nations directly into it. John says that the inspired expressions go forth to the worldly rulers, who today possess mass-killing weapons, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty. Yes, they are really gathering them together to fight Yah/Jah, who is the Almighty God, a fight about which God’s commentators are warning the nations. The nations plainly show that they are marching to that final war, for in these last days they fight against God’s witnesses who as in a heavenly Court of law through out the whole inhabited Earth preach the good news of God’s kingdom.

            We should not waste vital time listening to the political promises or looking to this or to that political party to stave off or avoid Armageddon. The warning concerning this battle has been going out for many years and the day is fast approaching. As long ago as in the early1800’s the publishing of the end of the age, “The Battle of Armageddon”, “The Day of Vengeance”). presented a certain understanding of what this final war would be. However, it was not till the early part of the last century, that God’s people, modern Christian’s started getter better understanding, going through the fire of prophesied wars as that this final war would be, not a mere anarchistic human struggle for domination here on earth, but a universal war. It would be really a war with God Almighty, in which he would destroy the Devil’s entire evil organization on planet mother Earth, as we know it. “This is the fight of God Almighty; and the fight is led by his beloved Son’s,” said Deliverance, that has since been expanded and enlarged upon Scripturally in these last days of this wicked system. That has plagued the sensibilities of it’s world rulers.
            Yes, Greg as you so profoundly keep pointing out, there is a place of safety in which one can be preserved, in effect, hidden, at the great battle of Armageddon. This is by placing oneself under the protection of God’s kingdom now established under his Son Jesus Christ. It means that those who will receive protection will be spiritually above this world’s divisive politics, having no share in its decisive untruths and consequences . They will be active in proclaiming the established kingdom of God by Jesus Christ. One doing this is in a favored position, and the Scriptures say: “Before the statute gives birth to anything, before the day has passed by just like chaff, before there comes upon you people the burning anger of Jehovah God Yahweh in Hebrew, before there comes upon you the day of God’s anger, seek , all you meek ones of the earth, who have practiced His own judicial decision. Seek righteousness, seek meekness. Probably you may be concealed in the day of the LORD’s anger.”—Zeph. 2:2, 3.

            It will require courage to take such a position and maintain it because of the opposition of the Dragon, the “wild beast” and the “false prophet” and the inspired expressions that come forth like unclean frogs from their mouths. But those who diligently study God’s Word, trust in him and maintain faithful integrity, will have help, they can endure, to be hidden, covered over, or preserved during that time. They will enjoy the fine privilege of seeing Satan’s complete organization on earth and all wickedness destroyed off of it and the dawning of a righteous new day in which a new world order under the peaceful kingdom of Christ will be ushered in to rule everlasting!
            For, “Babylon the Great Has Fallen!” God’s Kingdom Rules!

            [Some Pertnent Footnotes]

            a In an article on Har–Magedon, Dr. Eb. Nestle says: “Upon the whole, to find an allusion here to Megiddo is still the most probable explanation. . . . the place seems to be mentioned . . . because of the victory over ‘the kings of Canaan’ (Judges 5:19).”—Page 305a of Volume 2 of Hastings Dictionary of the Bible, edition of 1903.

            b The author and Bible translator, Hugh J. Schonfield, identifies Har–Magedon (Armageddon) with Ramoth-Gilead, possibly known in John’s day as Rama-Gad-Yavan, meaning “Rama of Gad of the Greeks,” the place Gad-Yavan being mentioned in the Jewish Mishnah of the second century.—See pages 181-184 of his book The Bible Was Right; also the comment on Revelation 16:16, on page 546 of his translation The Authentic New Testament.

            At any rate, Schonfield associates Armageddon with Jewish territory, although east of the Jordan River, in the aforetime territory of the tribe of Gad. He does not locate it near the Euphrates.

            • EarlShieb

              Wow, Greg. I went a bit overboard. I blame it on artificial intelligence. Mostly mine. It took most of a day to put that monster together. I didn’t want to put the whole thing out at once and was having trouble with my phone, cutting it and then piecing it as I gathered the info.
              With everybody talking about fleeing the scene to all points, but the good ol’ US.of A. I remembered a story of a guy that could see the US. getting involved in a world war, back in the late thirty’s. Well he moved to the south Pacific and wound up sunning himself on a beach somewhere, when the US. Marines landed on that same beach in an invasion to take the Island! So that sort of was the bases of my google search on all the questions to escape the tribulation thus God’s wrath at harm ah geddon.
              Thanks for letting it slide and I did try to keep doctrine out of it. So forgive me anyone and feel free to pontificate on any err0rs. I blames Satan, like flip Wilson used to say, the Devil made me do it!

            • Katy Bar

              The near dead croaking frogs that speak out the mouth of the Dragon (the False Prophet Globalists) will tell us that when Jesus Christ and his Army of Angels come down out of Heaven (to annihilate these Demons) that it is an “Alien Invasion” and all us Christians will be forcibly drafted into the Army to fight them off to save the Globalist’s Evil Kingdom on Earth. But what really needs to be done is to simply load the 1000 or so Evil Demonic Neocon Nazi Globalists (that are “Causing all the Wars on Earth”) into a Space X Rocket and Hurl them “Alive” directly into a Lake of Fire (the fiery abyss known as the Sun) as prudently advised in Revelation 19:20!!!

              • Ken Yu

                With regard to Revelation 19:20. There may not be enough room to put “All the Evil Globalists” on a Space-X Rocket. But, we definitely need to seize “The Head Beast” (Klaus Schwab) and with him “That False Prophet” (Bill Gates) who greatly facilitated those Evil Covid 19 Kill Shots on behalf of the Evil Globalist’s (deceiving up to Two(2) Billion People on Planet Earth into taking the Mark of the Beast “Genetically Altering Kill Shots”). And send both Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates on a one-way Space-X Rocket Ride “Directly Into the Sun”. As for all the other Evil Demon Globalists who worshiped at the feet of Schwab’s “Ugly Nazi’s Image” Revelation 19-20 explicitly states that: “They Can Be Killed By The Sword” (assuming there is not enough room on board the Space-X Rocket that will be throwing both Schwab and Gates “alive” into the Lake of Fire). The launch of Space-X Rocket lifting off should be Broadcast Live on TV “For All the World to See” (and take Heed of the Warning given in Revelation 19:20 that Justice can be More Then Simply a Swift Sword (SS) for these Evil Globalist Neocon Nazis!!!

              • Duke of EarlShiebster

                Well, if your gonna take matters into your own hands, Katy and it’s God’s will? More power to ya. My advice is talk to Elon Musk first!

        • Ken Yu

          Tyz you are assuming “that you will have another day to fight”. Best to fight now before the Globalists make it totally impossible for you to ever fight back!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Doc,
      You wrote, “Those telling you to stockpile food and other provisions is bad advice as this is not going to work.”
      Are you a real estate agent? Do you have property for sale off shore?
      Please allow me to enlighten you on what a stock pile of food, water and weapons. I am going to be eating, working on my shooting skill and engaging with my friends. A non aligned country… I don’t see that as a place where an American will prosper during an economic storm.
      I have a child married and living abroad. If I thought that was better, I’d go there.
      I am here and still working my plan. Having Food, water, weapons, power is always a good idea. Even if you think if folly

    • i: a man; travis

      only ONE place to hide.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hide under the divine protection of Jesus and Jehovah!

        • Ernst Bucholzer

          Your answer here, is the answer! Plain and simple!
          It sure takes a load off! Everybody looking for the answer and you found it!After all the comments and the ‘Very Hard Times That are Coming and Charles Nenner’s courage and determination to stay in the Holy land of the God the Hebrew’s, God the father of the Christians!
          This old 60’s song came immediately to mind Greg, after reading your answer to Travis. Please listen. . .

          Song, “The Weight,” by ‘The Band’ and some of the words…
          I pulled into Nazareth, was feelin’ about half past dead
          I just need some place where I can lay my head
          “Hey, mister, can you tell me where a man might find a bed?”
          He just grinned and shook my hand, “No” was all he said
          Take a load off Fanny
          Take a load for free
          Take a load off Fanny
          And (and) (and) you put the load right on me
          I picked up my bag, I went lookin’ for a place to hide
          When I saw Carmen and the Devil walkin’ side by side
          I said, “Hey, Carmen, come on let’s go downtown”
          She said, “I gotta go but my friend can stick around”
          Take a load off Fanny
          Take a load for free
          Take a load off Fanny
          And (and) (and) you put the load right on me
          Go down, Miss Moses, there’s nothin’ you can say
          It’s just ol’ Luke and Luke’s waitin’ on the Judgment Day
          “Well, Luke, my friend, what about young Anna Lee?”
          He said, “Do me a favor, son, won’tcha stay and keep Anna Lee company?”
          Take a load off Fanny
          Take a load for free
          Take a load off Fanny
          And (and) (and) you put the load right on me. . . . Jesus of course!
          Being an old Hippie myself, give me that old time religion anytime!
          You nailed it Greg!

  19. james hines

    SOOOO! Will we finally see the illegals flee the US? I live in western Texas and obama/Biden has cost us trillions of dollars with their foolishness. After all, it was the Democrats who killed JFK in 1963 because they wanted a war for fun games in Vietnam! That is when I quit trusting the US government & their minions!

  20. Country Codger

    Fantastic interview. Watch China and Taiwan this holiday week/weekend.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  21. Kathleen Ullman

    I believe Nenner is right. But do not understand why he and his family remain in Northern Israel on the Lebanon border (seems like ground Zero) with many missiles attacks on a daily basis. Seems inconsistent.

    • Ken Yu

      Hope Nenner is not so foolish as to believe “that Hezbollah won’t take his land and his house” in their retaliation against Israel. Best to make plans to get a VISA to a safer place in the Caribbean!!

  22. Jive

    Thank you Greg for not letting the jab fall off the radar. Recently lost a childhood friend to a heart attack. His parents and friends are heartbroken.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please start saying your friend was murdered by these evil bastards. It was murder and not an unlucky event. Unfortunately, there is much more of this to come with at least 700 million CV19 injections in US alone. At least 14 billion CV19 bioweapon injections globally.

      I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost friends and family too. This is an awful murder program and nothing more.

      • Jive

        I Hear you Brother Greg and feel the same. Didn’t want to get a bad first impression if I used the “M” word.
        Have a Great week!

        • Greg Hunter

          Again, so sorry for your loss. We live in an age of evil demons with reprobate minds. Romans 1: 21-28.

  23. Galaxy 500

    Outstanding interview, Greg. You don’t see this real world reporting anywhere but here.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500!!

  24. Galaxy 500

    Well Crap…
    RINOs to the Rescue… we have to purge these people from government power. They are not on our side.
    I would like to see a 3 party

  25. Susan R

    I was amazed that Charles said men’s pants are being pulled down in the subway of NYC to determine if they are Jewish! I lived in NYC for about 7 years, back and forth on the subways for work, not to mention I was there to attend a predominately Jewish school, Pratt Institute and I cannot rest with this at all. We are in very serious trouble. Charles Nenner’s report was very sobering on the financial plane and the consequences on all the other levels will cause the people of the US to fall into a rapid demise. Too few are aware or ready. Greg, your dedication to unveil truth is a blessing to all who listen. May we who listen share this blessing.

    • Herman Kiefer

      When the prophet Moses descended from Mount Sinai with the tablets bearing the Ten Commandments, his face emitted rays because Jehovah God, “Yahweh” of the Hebrews, had spoken with him. (Ex. 34:29, 30) Though Christians have not had such an experience and their faces do not emit rays, they should beam with joy as they tell others about God and his only begotten, his qualities, and his wonderful purpose for mankind. Like burnished metal mirrors of ancient times, anointed ones and their earthly companions thus reflect God’s glory in their life and setvice. (2 Cor. 4:1) Are you reflecting God’s glory by your godly conduct and by your activity as a regular commentator here on

      • Susan R

        Herman, you can answer this question for yourself. Each of us have responsibility to honor the life given us by God and our parents. I have been blessed in many ways and gained my strengths in many battles. I am aware of who I have evolved into and send as many blessings out into this world as I can. I am not killing flies in my house but catching them with a glass and envelope and releasing them outdoors as my mother taught me. My boyfriend and I found the remaining eggs of a turtle, some had been dug up and eaten, in one of my gardens and have them safe in the garage in a ceramic pot in dirt to release into the wetlands when they hatch. I know they are snapping turtles. I am filled with joy for the beauty I see around me here in a rural area of Connecticut. I have asked God for protection here and many other places on this earth. This battle is on many levels, and we cannot afford to misplace our inner guidance, the voice of God, in any circumstance. Now, how we conduct ourselves may be our final stand. I am very careful to avoid offenses of any kind, everything is tinder dry, and the smallest spark is dangerous. I live what is left of my life here with an awareness that I may not return. I do feel I have finished evolving many cycles here and a return to my soul’s birthplace is ahead and if not, I will continue on in another cycle with even more awareness. Our teachers behind us remind us to believe and find truth for ourselves. We are all born with the light of our creator, God. It is a long arduous journey to comprehend why we are here with endless distractions to hide this.
        God bless your journey Herman, may you find your path to return to the light of God, and if you are on that path may you continue to show others how to find theirs.

        • Herman K.

          Thank you Sue , for your kind words and thoughtfullness! Hope to see you on the opther side when were rescued out of this sad old world, sorta like your flies eh. Stay in a safe saved condition! Pray incessantly, keeping close to our God and his only begotten!

        • Galaxy 500

          Hi Sue,
          You wrote,” I do feel I have finished evolving many cycles here and a return to my soul’s birthplace is ahead and if not, I will continue on in another cycle with even more awareness.”
          What does this mean? Reincarnation? Please explain if you will. Thank you

          • Susan R

            Galaxy 500, yes. I have had exposure to many religions, my core one as a Roman Catholic. I do not want to offend anyone, ever! I believe in one God and his son, Jesus. Reincarnation is not a religion, it is a soul who births as many lives as needed until it is time to be forever with our Father. I feel I am ready, but time will tell.

  26. Galaxy 500

    Nenner is brilliant. However, when it comes to the automotive industry it appears he is discounting the necessity of having a manufacturing base.
    We Southerners remember that lesson. A nation that has no manufacturing can not wage war, nor can they even defend themselves.
    In the past when I have brought up the need for industry and how it is needed for defense and a thriving people, some people point out Vietnam and Afghanistan. Had we not fought with both arms tied behind our back in Vietnam, in an unrelenting unrestrained unrestricted warfare, it would have been over in months. But then, we never should have been in Vietnam at all. HoChi Min was our ally in WW II against the Japs. And a good ally. When the war ended, France went back into their former colony and the Vietnamese felt betrayed. Hell, they were betrayed. If the French had come in and helped rebuild Vietnam instead of making the people 2nd class enslaved citizens and robbing Vietnam of all its natural resources. So they started doing to the French what they did to the Japs.
    Why did we support the French in this enslavement of its former colony?
    Yes, I do drone on don’t I… LOL
    So I think it is folly to discount an industrial base. The automaker build guns, tanks etc for the war effort.

    Nenner is right that we are in the midst of war. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan And his wife, see themselves reconstituting the Ottoman Empire with them as Emperor and Empress. Bring the sword of pisslam to the world. We should leave Turkey now with our equipment before Erdogan tried to seize our nukes. He would Nuke Israel if he had nukes. He sees Biden as a doddering old fool being puppeted by corrupt politicians. He has already closed the way out of our base before. With Allies like Erdogan, who needs enemies. But then many are saying that about America since the reign of the Obamachrist with the brief exception of Trump’s wonderful Presidency

    But otherwise, I can not find fault with what Nenner is saying. Especially if you have gold, have it in your box instead of company’s box.

  27. Anna

    I’d like you to interview someone that gives an average American (not hundreds of thousands in savings to turn into silver/gold) a blue print and step by step instuctions on how to store long term items they can buy at the store like rice/0ats and canned good – ie rice out of plastic bags and into food grade Buck with oxygen absorber , optimal temps, off the ground…etc… Also, how to estimate how much food and water per person. All of the alt media I watch mostly hocks gold n silver but the real help would be how to prepare to survive massive earth changes, civil unrest or war for the average Joe for the average senior citizen or single mom. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      I have been doing this since 2009 and if you are just starting to wake up you have lots of work to do. You heard Charles Nenner talk about his wealthy clients have been preparing for what is coming for at least 5 years. There is no easy and pain-free way for poor people to prepare. I am not going to go into fine detailed specifics that most people will not do. There is no magic bullet. People need to cut all expenses, phone, cable, dining out, vacations and divert all that to getting food and water for starters. Time is short. You heard Martin Armstrong say he has 2 years of food stored? Please post any tips for prep here. Sounds like you are well on your way to being ready for the storm that is coming.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Anna,
      I would love to see some of this too. I would vacuum pack with o2 absorber in a Mylar bag before you bucket it

  28. Galaxy 500

    Female Stalin making moves to run for President…

    So the people run things now, with Buy-dem as a puppet, are going to give up their little fiefdoms without a fight? There is going to be a fight. I saw video of Buy-dem in NC the next day. Totally different vibe. So was Jill and Team betrayed and they didn’t give Joe his medication? Make you go, “hmmmm.”
    I really don’t see Princess Kamelilla and Her Royal Himdmost, Queen Jill giving up their power without a fight. But I have been wrong before

  29. Stephen Smith

    I’m covered by the Blood of the Lamb, my Lord Jesus Christ! I possess Gold and Silver and a King James Bible. I don’t give a flying flip what tomorrow brings.

  30. Led Skeletor

    We need real transparency in government at all levels.

    How about placing in the cabinet positions investigative reporters and auditors that have daily internet shows to report their findings? Get the brains in there to drain the swamp and be not afraid to call out all illegal activities!! We need the government report to the people daily!! What are they actually doing to earn their paycheck? I see the cabinet as permanent “first in line” at the taxpayer funded DC ATM machine. The cabinet positions aren’t to be like those Obama’ Shovel Ready Jobs where the applicants got paid and didn’t even show up for any work. Not suppose to load the cabinet up with the most outcast inexperienced freaks “in over their heads” just to tick off all the DEI check boxes. Instead, Biden has a case of 26 cans of worms in his cabinet.
    Biden’s regime: If you hear anything out of his government, you can bet it is all lies, always pointing the finger to the other party and directing the attention away from President Junior Soprano’s illegal acts.

    Biden and his Leftist Guerrillas in all levels of government have the truth so contained the press and the entire DC political parasite are too afraid to even ask the questions that lead to investigations. Like in the movie 1984, the truth gets rewritten into total lies and then the truth gets thrown into the fire.

    Calling them Leftist Guerrillas is more accurate than calling them Democrats.

    In a way, the US government and state governments for the most part are run like the five mob bosses. Who can line their pockets with the most money stolen from the working taxpayer and get away with it!! They have such total control over the masses, garnering police forces, Jack-booted FBI, and entire armies that, yes, they will gladly and covertly convert anyone that questions their bosses authority or illegal activities into an obscure road kill causality news story buried on page 38. It is just an opinion. I feel like a turtle in the rat race, and the rats got away with it all.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Led,
      Let’s skip to the chase and just call them Communists.

  31. DailyNugg

    Greg, here’s an idea for a great guest to interview and some ideas for inexpensive disaster shelters. It’d be good to get these ideas to people, given the circumstances we live in. We’re going to need a lot of people installing these; I give a couple related business ideas that people probably have not thought of, as people are financially tapped.

  32. Gabe Zendar

    We went under so fast because the treasonist communists working in our government since at least the late 80s….worked their asses off to brainwash a few generations of American kids to hate their country…..made sure America patriots died in Iraq and Afghanistan over 20 years unless war…..spent all our money on it while they stole our top secret weapons…..they were essentially the explosive charges in a building demolition. All the zoomers and millennials were poisoned or microchiped with those shots and nose swabs. What did tears for fears say in the song “everyone wants to rule the world” exactly.

  33. H. Craig Bradley


    Why is it that so often, we must seek-out foreign sources of news such as RT Times or even Aljazeera on-occasion for truth or objectivity? Listening to news from foreigners with often very strong (thick) accents is frustrating, to say the least.

    What happened to our own home grown guys fluent in easy to hear English ??? Foreign accented news should still be critically analyzed for content, not just automatically accepted as fact, in-itself. Often, its only another opinion and not an expert opinion either.

    How about the advisability of buying a second passport on a distant Caribbean Island, for example? This is referred to as a second”citizenship by investment”, as vs. citizenship via time or ancestry (mostly those with Latin American and European lineage).

    A multi-million dollar mansion or pied-a-tierre for billionaire Oprah Windfry on Turks & Caicos Islands is fine, but do you really want to live there during a bad hurricane season for months at a time as we are moving-into this year? Your residence would be much smaller and more modest ( no boat dock, for example).

    “Nothing to do” there in the off-season except seek shelter and drink rum, which is why the very wealthy only spend just a few weeks a year at their Caribbean retreat. It lies empty for 11 months a year yet must still be maintained. Same with their other residences such as in Aspen, Colorado. Most people (99%) can not afford a private jet to get around to all their residences all over the world.

    Sure, Nenner is stressing the advisability of locating abroad when we close the airports and “you can not get out”. During a time of war, our borders have historically closed-up tighter than a clam in both directions. The flip-side of the coin is you can not get back in either. That happened to quite a few Americans in Europe when President Trump declared a National Health Emergency in March 2020.

    The U.S. State Department advised Americans living abroad or touring overseas in March 2020 to immediately find their way back home ASAP . They were stuck for a time with NO OPTIONS. International flights into the U. S. came to a screeching halt, as I recall.

    The Bahamas, faced a spike in unemployed tourist workers during the covid lock-downs and travel bans in 2020 (except Mexico, of course). Crime skyrocked in Nassau in 2020-2021, according to one resident. Tourists and cruse ships stayed away. No work. Too isolated. Property crime went way up for a time. Security was necessary for residents, as well.

    So, the Bahamian government then had to borrow money (issue bonds and take-on debt for the first time) in-order to pay a new unemployment benefit to local service workers who would steal otherwise to eat. In-addition, for the very first time ever, residents had to pay a new tax for govt. revenue to pay bondholders. Bet you never heard a word about all this since 2020.

    Now, Bahamanian residents pay a tax!! Safe in the Bahamas? Not entirely in times of crisis or especially war. Limited govt. services and supplies at various times such as a hurricane.

    So, be careful whom you listen to and consider your own personal experience over solely the opinions of others who are not near as informed of all the relevant details first hand. Often you hear from a pundit with a foreign accent, not necessarily a local expert. So, be discriminating if you need to. No money back guarantees

  34. Captain Chaos

    Nenner thinks too much like a trader. Safe-haven assets will buy up, not sell down. Grishams Law will override any selling of Gold. Selling PMs for paper is insane in such an environment.

  35. Lauran F.

    Great interview, Greg!…………Bugging out is okay, but moving in the US to a red state (bugging in ) or a rural area, to me, is what a patriot should do. Dial down your lifestyle, no more shopping at malls, buying TV subscriptions, ..AND and educate yourself. Food and water, and most important , get rid of the toxic people in your life, and surround yourself with people who think like you do. They will be there for you when it falls apart. There is no time for negativity, and the government is not going to save any body. There is only one Savior! God Bless America, ya all!

  36. James

    Leaving the U.S.A. for the Caribbean Islands also involves risk , right now it’s Hurricane Season and Hurricane Beryl is a Major Hurricane and will soon start destroying a number of Islands and there is another storm behind it ! The other major problem is getting food and other necessities if his stock market crash happens and ships just stop arriving or you need to evacuate and can’t leave , there is no perfect solution to the problems that man can devise or think through , this can only be handled by God and his Grace , prepare sure but strong prayer will be your best option going forward and may God’s Will be done !

  37. dlc

    The last time someone had the bright idea to invade Russia and expecting to take that country down in 3 months, wound up fighting the Russians with old men and boys. Ironically, we are currently fighting alongside the fascists and contemplating reenacting the draft to include our women. Two evils once again going head to head.

    A real general, Zhukov. Not sure who fills his shoes today, but you can bet he’s not a he/she.

  38. MotherWit

    Your karma awaits.

  39. Perk

    The easiest and cheapest way to start prepping is to just buy the stuff that you’re already using, but just buy a little bit more of it if you can. That way if nothing goes wrong then you haven’t bought anything you’re not already going to use anyway.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep. Keep it simple. Can food is good long term storage and a water filter is also very good to have: I think Dry Element is the best in the business and their entry level is inexpensive and easy to put together and use.

    • Point of Know Return

      The easiest items to start with are pasta, tomato paste, and olive oil. With pasta, get larger airtight containers for it or keep it in a cool area. Expand from there. Get dry herbs and seasonings. Keep things simple. Even though these items have gone up in price, the value is when you use them. We (wife and I) can typically get three dinners from our pasta meals. They can be very hearty and nourishing. I would add having self rising flour and making simple loaves of bread as needed.

      • Galaxy 500

        I recommend vacuum sealing anything you want to store long term. Most pasta is in cellophane type packaging.
        I am not made out of money and bought one for less than $50 before I bought a better one for a little more.

  40. Felix

    I don’t believe anyone will use nukes if there are such weapons, I think it’s more lies from the luciferians. Didn’t they say things would be unhabital for a thousand years,Didn’t they use nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and now they are all bustling cities again,more theater.Be prepped up and love thy neighbor and pray,things are definitely getting ugly but fear not,the FATHER and SON love us all

    • Galaxy 500

      If there are such weapons??…. smh

  41. Bill Holder

    Greg, see if you can get John Williams from Shadow Stats or Gregory Mannarino. Better yet, Clif High to see what he has to say about the next release of emotional tensions (web-bot data); he is saying some big is going to happen in mid Jul, he said July 15th.

    Anyway, my advice to everybody is to study your situation, wether it is flight or fight, prepare accordingly.

    • Ken Yu

      On July 15th they lock up Trump in prison (the way Trump should have locked up Hillary but didn’t and look where it got him)!!

  42. Joe Serino

    I am confused about Mr. Nenner’s take on gold and silver. It seems contrarian to most who think as the dollar is inflated into oblivion it becomes more and more worthless and so gold and silver become more valuable. In a collapse it would be even more valuable. It makes no sense that in a hyperinflationary depression a load of bread can cost $30 but gold goes down fro $2300. That’s not how it works in Argentina and Venezuela.

    • Bill Holder

      Keep in mind, do not get hung on the value of Gold or Silver or even Cryptos in USDs. The best way to find the true value is what you can get with any of those threes.

      Silver will transform into Hardium, into Scarecium and finaly into Unobtanium. When you get the chance to buy a house with 1 Oz Troy of Silver, you will get an idea how much it will be. If we go to Hyperinflation, a Silver Oz Troy will be worth $100,000 the same cash might get you half a tank of gasoline. So do not compare PMs & Cryptos in denominated USDs.

      • Galaxy 500

        From 1873 to 1918, the Weimar Republic’s currency was the German Gold Mark. In 1918, after being looted by war reparations, they were running out of Gold and went to Papiermarks. Towards the end of the Weimar Republic, Nov 1923, you could get a Troy ounce of gold (ok, it close, a US $20 gold piece) for 20 trillion Papiermarks.
        The Weimar Republic’s answer to inflation was the Rentenmark. It was backed by a mortgage on the entire industrial and agricultural resources of the country.

        Read that last line a few times…
        Isn’t that what our Corruptocrats in Congress are attempting to do by putting public lands on the stock exchange?

        I often point to the parallels between the Weimar Republic and modern day America.
        In 1914, 84 Gold Marks were equivalent to $20US. Inflation started slow after the treaty of Versailles which cause the Hermans to further hate France and the UK. And they had reason!
        So 84 Gold Marks = a $20 gold US in 1914
        20 Trillion papiermarks = a $20 gold US in 1923
        When they went to the Rentenmark at the end of 1923, 4.2 = 1 US $
        To get a Rentenmark, you traded in a trillion papiermarks. So 84.2 trillion papiermarks were a $20 gold piece.
        Hitlers favorite beer was a billion papiermarks.
        So then they leverage every to back the Rentenmark…

        People listen… this is the path we are headed down and it leads to serfdom of us and war

    • Point of Know Return

      I think what most people don’t understand is that it’s the decline of the dollar that makes the value of these items rise in dollar denominated terms. We are just watching the dollar decline and how many more dollars it takes to buy similar items from month to month. The market is a joke, since it’s priced in dollars. Think of the stock market numbers as you would the price of steak. Both are going up, yet there’s the psychology of thinking that a rising stock market means more wealth and the rising steak prices are inflationary. We have been conditioned to thinking the rising numbers mean wealth and value, that is, until we need to purchase those items again.

  43. Galaxy 500

    My new favorite song
    Trump, Trump Baby…

  44. GregK

    Just think – this all started because psychos in Israel and their supporters thought it was ok to mass murder civilians.

    Personally, I don’t think any religion that thinks genocide is ok should even exist. That goes double for Israel.

  45. Sam A. Morgan

    Thank you, Greg. Excellent interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sam!

  46. RK


    US military bases in Europe raise security threat levels o Charlie admist terrorism threats. French elections were just held and businesses in France are already boarding up due protests and fears of attacks. Be wary of false flags USAWD nation. Stay salty.

  47. The Canuck

    I just don’t get it. This guy has been forecasting an up turn in war for quite some time and it’s obvious that Israel has become a hot spot. Yet, with missiles flying all over the place, the children not attending school, people packing up and leaving, ……. he’s going to sit there and try to make money in the financial markets ! ? I shake my head.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nenner also has homes in Holland, South America and Florida.

    • Galaxy 500

      When has living in Israel and being Jewish not been hard? Israel has been a “hot-spot” from day one. Living in Israel is hard in the remote areas. You can bet Nenner has a few firearms. It just a fact of life there

  48. Leah

    Hello all Usawachdoggers, a reminder of who Authorities truly are…

    • Galaxy 500

      Excerpt from your book:
      “ Mr. Rose also makes the argument that the belief in political authority/the institution of government is a superstition because no one can legitimately wield political authority, as no one has the right to rule or forcibly control another as if he or she were his slave.”
      While YHWH is the ultimate authority, he set up Kings and Governments. Yet the writer say no one can wield government authority.

      This sounds like a philosophy of anarchy to me. Using Rose’s flawed logic, all human beings should be exterminated because of all the evil deeds done in the past. Read a some of this drivel until I started laughing uncontrollably.
      Written by a selfaggrandizing anarchist. When you search his name the first hundred links are attempts to sell you something or push you to his podcast.
      Not a serious person

  49. Justn Observer

    Greg, another ‘conspiricy theory’ bites the dust…as Biden’s Charlottesville claim goes in the crap-a-roo. As all appears now was another FBI-DOJ inspired hoax?

  50. Julia

    Do you remember when David Wilkerson came out with a book entitled The Vision? That was 50 years ago. It seemed pretty improbable at the time but here we are. Here is a 17 minute video of The Vision. Much of the Vision has come to pass.
    God bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this.

  51. Clint Young

    The Neighborhood: There are 13 homes on our street in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. The only other neighbor on the block that has left the USA was a Jewish family.
    Our family relocated to the Philippines and Indonesia.

    I fully expect the USA to be nuked around July 27, 2024. Hope it does not happen! Hope I have more time than that to get ready!

    Regardless of when the USA goes down, I sleep a whole lot better knowing my family will have a much better chance of survival not being in the USA when the Russian bear fully arises to devour much flesh (Daniel 7:5). I think the time of Daniel 7:5 being fulfilled is get rather close.

    • Paul from Indiana

      There’s a fundamental problem here: China does not want mainland USA nuked. They want the physical ground. Russia has all the land they need and more. They don’t care whether the mainland USA is ruined. However, Russia works for China, not the other way around. China’s economy is magnitudes larger than Russia’s. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. China seems to believe that the USA is busy destroying itself, creating an opportunity for a not-to-hostile takeover. Best always. PM

      • Galaxy 500

        You say Russia is a vassal state of China. What do you base this upon?

  52. tricolor

    Oklahoma rebukes Clif High & LGBTQP:

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen! The Bible is an historical document on which Western Civilization is built.

  53. Trinacria

    No question as all of your guests have been saying for some time and it is downright palpable now, that we are in for hard times. People in so called leadership roles all over the world are a combo of evil + incompetence…worse of all combos!!!! Trump actually tries to fix some things and was against war, well these evils clowns in power simply cannot have that. I hope the tidal wave of people being fed up will overwhelm any cheating. At least Europe has pretty true elections and the “right” is starting to really rise over there.
    The one thing I don’t understand about what Nenner said is that about inflation. How can we have inflation with all the layoffs that he also says are coming? Nothing more effective as a wet blanket effect on inflation that layoffs. So, we will have a period of deflation I believe. But, once the FED get involved and tries to reflate and turn on the presses, that’s when inflation comes in as a response to FED policy.

  54. Bergman

    Sweden sold its prize Volvo to China. Sweden will not escape the economic mayhem, Europe will fall before the USA.

  55. Sam A. Morgan

    This is out-of-subject, but needs to be brought up.:
    What are Michelle Obama’s qualifications to be POTUS? Answer she is completely Unqualified.
    President Trump not only served as President for four years, he also successfully ran an international, multi-billion-dollar corporation. Michelle – Not even close.
    Also, she may not like the scrutiny she will justly deserve….Example: She voluntarily gave up her license to practice law.
    To hear these fake news pundits promote her as the next POTUS is laughable.
    Democrats are trapped.

  56. Seer

    Blackrock backed Biden. Blackstone backed and is backing Trump. The future is planned.

    • Galaxy 500

      May I suggest a steering test?
      As this is Another load of rubbish. Trump isn’t anyone’s puppet. And YHWH does have a plan for all of us. Evil and its minions have a plan too.

      “12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.“

  57. Bob Straw

    Greg…warroom 7/1 p.m show cold open show’s Mark Elias complaining of “several tens of thousands “concerned about DJT’s enemies list……PLEASE READ Mark Taylor’s “Trump Prophecies”…..40-50 federal indictments…..2 terms….5 scotus pic’s…. Not the last Trump!! I’ve not found any comments from Taylor in a long long long time….would make for a monster guest! People are looking for hope as well as prep info👍. Thanx for your ministry 🙏😉

  58. Minerva

    It would be nice if people could move to rural areas, but unfortunately it’s virtually impossible for the vast majority to do that.

  59. Alex

    I was vacationing on Cyprus in May of 1973. All of Cyprus was under the control of Greece at that time. I was 19 at the time. Yes, I saw remnants of tanks from previous warring expeditions. Not denying there were conflicts between Turkey/Greece in the 1960’s, but in May of 1973, Turkey was not in control of any part of Cyprus because I traveled all over the entire island and there was no Border dividing the island in half. Shortly after arriving home to the States, approximately two weeks later I learned that Turkey invaded Cyprus. This would have been the first week of June 1973.

  60. Dementia-Patient-In-Chief


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the backstop. I cannot believe I missed this! Cyprus is correct.

  61. Galaxy 500

    This is weapons grade gaslighting…
    As SLO Joe’s masters prosecute Trump and J6s who walk around the White House following security guards

  62. Marie Joy

    They are trying to pass bills to turn off the internet during emergencies. I found this at Patrick Humphrey on Youtube.

  63. Jeffrobbins

    I ‘ld like to add to and challenge each of you that would be tempted to be a “prepper”. After much contemplation there are many layers someone could prep to, but i think we would be better served to think in terms of a “lifestyle”. Sure, 6 months of canned goods are good, but there is so much more. Just image, say 10 million ranchettes (2 to 20 acres) across the nation. Big Ag, big Tech, and big Gov. would have a very difficult time controlling such land holders. And we wouldn’t have to be in full food production, but be able to ramp up, and maybe your knowledge is in gardening and mine is chickens and sheep. The couple with a green house could provide starts for others. No one can do everything and storage is for temporary/ short term problems.- When i was talking about chickens 14 years ago, my wife was against it. So, i got scrap from a house build, bought a few boards and build a small coop for $50. We put it in an old fenced dog area. After much ridicule, we went to get some chicks, we took the kids and they named them- had chickens ever since. And now, my wife would fight you to keep the chickens. Now we have several tons of scratch in IBC totes and hate store eggs. Last year i built a $1,500 walk in coop.— even if you live in town, 5 or 6 fruit trees would make for an interesting fall harvest and homemade pies. It’s interesting to look at garden/ yard designs from Williamsburg, Va. Utility was certainly an issue. There’s a lot of things we have forgotten. I keep thinking about a root cellar. There is also the issue of what the kids and grand kids see.

  64. Frank Cooper

    Woman Fired By BlueCross BlueShield For Refusing Covid Jab Awarded $700k In Lawsuit by Kelen McBreen July 1st 2024, 3:29 pm
    Federal jury rules in favor of wrongfully fired employee

  65. Frank Copper

    BREAKING: Supreme Court Ruling Destroys Deep State Lawfare Against Trump, Says Top Lawyer July 1st 2024
    Legal expert Robert Barnes joined The Alex Jones Show to dissect the Supreme Court’s Monday ruling on presidential immunity and what it means for Donald Trump ahead of the November election, vital analysis on yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling!

    • Galaxy 500

      Frank, they are already make the calls in the media to murder Trump. All this stupid vapid insanity about Trump or Buy-Dem being able to send assassins to murder political opponents. These dimwits fail to understand that would be an illegal order and the military that is given that order should bust a cap in the order giver.

  66. Frank Cooper

    CRITICAL INTEL: Deep State Now in Civil War Against Itself for Control of America— Brace for False Flags_By Sean Miller | Infowars July 1st 2024
    Alex Jones broke down this ongoing civil war within during his Sunday evening show.

  67. Michelle from Pennsylvania

    Hi Greg, Great interview! Thanks for all you do! I want to put this question out there. Has anyone else received text messages to order your Mail-In Ballot? I got a text last week and this week. I obviously deleted it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for asking this question here, Michelle!

    • Galaxy 500

      I have received several of those. I thought I had sent a screenshot to Greg.

  68. Johnny Nobody

    A snapshot from Northern Ireland:
    VIBSNI -Vaccine Injured & Bereaved Support Northern Ireland – held a meeting on the steps of the NI parliament building today, 7/2/24. Proud to say that my wife and I were there to offer our support.

    • Greg Hunter

      The world is waking up to the Cv19 Murder program. People will be much angrier in the not-so-distant future. Thanks for posting this.

  69. Galaxy 500

    The Demoncrats have forgotten about those on the mentality plantation. Those they bribed to support Beijing Buy-Dem are gonna be very slow (read expensive) to Remove their support for Kamel-ala. Clyburn bought SC for Buy-Dem. The Demoncrats are supported by a significant percentage of black women. If the Demoncrats abandon Kamel-ala, I predict many black women either stay home or make a protest vote.

  70. Emery Palmer

    Request: Interview with Pascal Najadi – Rumble
    Alex Jones insulted him during his interview over the same topics that the “Screaming Idiot of Austin Texas” was covering a few months before. “Pascal Najadi TruthStream Update June 17 ” – Rumble
    Alex interview: Pascal Najadi Update Today June 15: “BOMBSHELL: They were all Executed at GITMO”.

    Alex Jones has ‘joined’ the Vril Society “Black Eye Club” – Rumble His pic is in one of the videos. records the arrest of all Politicians sent to Gitmo, [start with last page and read forward, otherwise you will be asking questions that have already been answered.]
    also Benjamin Fulford,
    You can reach him through Ambassador William Mount – Youtube

    This is an outgoing email, God Bless

    • Brian L

      What are you going on about?
      No one has been arrested and sent to Gitmo, and certainly not executed. Please for the love of God and everything Holy tell me you don’t actually believe any of that?

  71. Marie Joy

    Brandon should stay in the race. He has NO CHANCE of winning.

  72. Justn Observer

    ,Greg, truths, seeking truth, and interesting newer ways to seek it, and do research many Watchdoger might find interesting = using Anna’s Archives etc. and important Facts most don’t know about the current ‘stories’ in the MSM today…

  73. Samuel Braddack

    Trump is never coming clean about the Scamdemic Lockdowns/Masking or KillShot.

    I cannot vote for him because he hasn’t learned a damned thing and will repeat his same mistakes the next time a manufactured crisis occurs.

    RFK Jr. it is, then!

  74. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg. Great interview with Charles Nenner. I appreciate his insights from outside the U.S. I hope he will be safe. About 4 minutes in he mentioned von Metternich, an Austrian Empire diplomat from 200+ years ago who for the most part kept minor squabbles and skirmishes among the Europeans from turning into major conflagrations. I hadn’t heard that name since my last European History class! Now there are the likes of Blinken, Sullivan, Austin, Admiral Kirby and other stooges (seemingly) in charge.

    I wonder if you saw the ZH article today with KJ-P fielding questions from the lying legacy media press corpse – the short video clips are fascinating. No such talk 2 weeks ago from these rats.

    I think the whole thing is scripted, to foam the runways to ease Biden out (withdraw his candidacy for 2nd term, not necessarily resign) just prior to the convention. At that point it will be Enter The Dragon: Hillary. Martin Armstrong has been saying it will be Hillary for the team D, too. Perhaps the goal at that point would be to provoke a reaction/emergency to call off the elections.

  75. Prospector

    COFFEE AND A MIKE show with Martin Armstrong

    War On Farming – Denmark to TAX Cattle – Armstrong Economics . com
    See a pattern here ???
    The 4 Big Meat Packers In America Are Making A Move To Bankrupt Small Farms In America Starting In August

    “This is a way that they’re gonna be trying to force us out”

    “The big 4 packers are killing the American cattle industry right now. Projected by August, each cattle rancher that is selling their animal is gonna be making $30 less per 100 pounds on that market ready animal.

    – The American cattle rancher makes about 30% of every dollar earned on that animal
    – With this gonna be set in place, this is gonna take us down into the twenties.

    This is gonna be a real scary place for the American cattle rancher.

    ‌If they can’t make a profit or make a living off of what they’re selling, their ranches are gonna be put up for sale.

    This is a way that they’re gonna be trying to force us out.

    – And not only that, the corrupt thing is they’re gonna be marking everything up $30 to every 100 pounds that they’re making in return.

    So with that being said, guys, we need to get back to buying local, supporting our local people. And as always, buy American and buy local.”

    – Every rancher will be making $30 less per 100 pounds
    – They will be marking everything up an additional $30 per 100 pounds
    – This puts cattle ranchers in a no profit or loss zone, this will force almost everyone out.

    Stop Noticing Things !

  76. Prospector

    NEW — Situation Report , LTC Steven Murray. 7/3/24
    LTC Steven Murray is a former Information Warfare Officer and Cyber Defense Battalion Commander.

    He talks about looking past all the ” noise ” and seeing things as they are. There have been several additional train derailments of late ( Mattieson Illinois ) and bridges taken out , at least one by the upper midwest flooding. And the food factories damaged.

    ” They ” know you can’t fight back if you are hungry all the time.

  77. György Schwartzkopf Jr.

    Dems Freak Out After Heritage Foundation President Says “We Are in the Process of the Second American Revolutionby Kelen McBreen July 3rd
    Political establishment terrified We The People are taking the power back
    Leftist media outlets, pundits and Democrat politicians are shrieking over recent comments made by the president of D.C. think tank The Heritage Foundation.
    Heritage Foundation president Roberts: “We are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left [Alex Soros?] allows it to be”

  78. Honey Dew

    Congressman Wesley Hunt (R-Texas) and Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) joined former ESPN anchor Sage Steele on her podcast this week for a wide-ranging discussion.

    During the interview, Rep. Hunt revealed his “favorite President Trump story” where Donald delivered a stern warning to Taliban leaders while negotiating the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    The congressman said, “It’s President Trump and Mike Pompeo, and they are talking to Taliban leadership in the room. They had one translator in the room. President Trump looked at the Taliban leader and said this. ‘I want to leave Afghanistan, but it’s going to be a conditions-based withdrawal.’”

    Next, Trump reportedly added, “If you harm a hair on a single American, I’m going to kill you,” before reaching in his pocket, pulling out a satellite photo of the Taliban leader’s home, handing it to him and walking out the room.

  79. Fred Cooper

    ‘The First Amendment Is Out of Control’ – NY Times Piece By Ex-Obama & Biden Official by Kelen McBreen July 2nd 2024, 9:18 am
    Former presidential advisor triggered government can’t have MORE CONTROL over free speech.

  80. Frank Cooper

    BREAKING: Federal Contractor Exposes Massive Internment Camps Being Built In All 50 States For Trump Supporters Ahead Of Martial Law

  81. Arnold Jagt

    He is obviously talking about the Samson Option wiping out a third of the world’s population.

  82. Sam Adams
    m-f 5,6,&8 pm
    For those who’d like to know what to do

  83. Joshua Porter

    Hi Greg, I did not get notified of this post. My email is below.

  84. Galaxy 500

    More feral humans running amok…
    They don’t fear the law because their Soros back DA is their friend…
    The outcome is out of control robbery, rape and murder… California style.

  85. Galaxy 500

    I am not into conspiracy theories… That being said, Oswald didn’t shoot JFK. And SloJoe isn’t in charge of anything, even his bowels.

    MK Ultra anyone? What % of these mass shooters are on mind altering drugs? Does it make sense to anyone to give a “depressed” person a drug that may make them suicidal?

  86. Galaxy 500

    Great, illegals in NC already registered to vote… WTF

  87. Galaxy 500

    Ahahahaahahahaha snort can’t breath ahahahahahaha

  88. Galaxy 500

    Does anyone really believe this?

    Big Mile can beat Trump?

  89. Galaxy 500

    How do you deal with people that are just f#(kimg insane? How can a person be this willfully ignorant and be able to function in society? Oh, wait… It’s Meathead.

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