Biden 8% Approval Means Panic & War – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s 

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong has new data on President Biden’s approval numbers.  Nearly two years ago, President Biden’s real job approval rating in America was just 12%.  More than one year ago, the real Biden approval number slipped to 9.5% (and stayed there) according to Armstrong’s world renowned “Socrates” predictive computer program.  Now, Biden’s rating tumbled again.  Armstrong says, “It is basically hovering around 7.5% to 8% at this stage.  I know this goes against the mainstream media, but if you look at Google, it is really politically motivated. . . . The other number you need to look at is the confidence in government, and it is at 28%. . . . This number is unheard of since World War II.  (I have another confidential data miner source who backs up Armstrong’s numbers, including the latest 8% job approval number, with nearly identical Biden job approval numbers going back two years.  So, yes, there are two solid sources for Biden’s true approval rating.)

You will never see Biden’s real numbers on the Lying Legacy Media (LLM), but everybody at the top of the D.C. swamp knows how weak Biden really is.

What does this record low Biden approval rating mean?  Armstrong explains, “What you have to be concerned about is our computer is showing a massive panic cycle in September.  This is very curious because the Democrat convention is August 19th. . . . At that convention, they can just draft somebody.  That has been the rumor for quite some time.  They know Biden is really quite pathetic.  The Neocons like him because they can do whatever they want.  The climate change people are doing the same thing. . . . The President is supposed to act as a referee in the cabinet, and he’s not even there 40% of the time.  The collapse in government is because all these agencies are just doing the wrong thing, and nobody is standing in-between.  You’ve got the State Department threatening World War III. . . .The problem is a government will fail when you can’t sell the new debt to pay off the old.  That’s when a default comes. . . . That’s how a default takes place.  You have these Neocons in the State Department constantly trying to create WWIII.  Why would you buy a 10-year bond in the face of war?  Interest rates always go up in wartime.  We don’t have a President running as referee between all these agencies.”

Armstrong says, “Everything is pointing towards war.”

Armstrong sees an important turn date coming up and explains, “If we don’t have war, the Fed may do a rate cut after May . . . . I don’t see Powell doing a rate cut at this stage.  Our computers see the economy expanding into May, and the ideal peak is May 7th.  After that, we are going to move into a recessionary atmosphere up to 2028.  It is an inflationary period, and inflation will be rising above economic growth, and that is stagflation.”

On record high gold prices, Armstrong says, “Gold prices go up when confidence in government goes down. . . . I expect the gold price will be at least around the $5,000 per ounce level by 2027 or 2028.” 

There is much more in the 50-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, who will preview his “Mid-year Seminar” in London at the end of May for 4.2.24.

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  1. William Goode

    Greg I’m getting your email with your latest interview but the link is not highlighted. This has happened on the last 3 or 4. Just wanted to let you know.
    W E Goode

    • Greg Hunter

      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

      • Lori

        Greg have you heard this video on the solar eclipse where it has been leaked of a biological event occurring then just 4 days before April 12th which if realized by the masses would certainly start a civil war?:

        They want the 1979 “Club of Rome” map of “10 kingdoms” half way down in this link to be fulfilled by 2025:

        I believe the timeline in this link is correct:

        Trump will win and just like “warp speed” he will be forced to encourage the masses to upload their digital ID to buy and sell with the beast by the end of 2025:

        I agree there will be no election by 2028 as a 1/3 of the earth is burned up with the 1st “trump” in the fall of 2028 which will be the 4th year of “Trump”! This will destroy the Americas as the world is then drawn to the valley of Har-Magedon during the “year of recompense” to meet their death by our King Jesus!:

        Revelation 8:6-7  And the seven angels that had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.  (7)  And the first sounded, and there followed hail and fire, mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of the earth was burnt up, and the third part of the trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

        Revelation 16:16  And they gathered them together into the place which is called in Hebrew Har-Magedon.

        • robert messina

          thank you Lori for posting Reinette Senums : indeed informative & warn-full

      • mike

        I don’t think russia will be forced into a position of nuclear war before trying other options because nobody wins in a nuclear exchange.. I think the russian and chinese version of the IMF ( mission impossible team) will just take out key war mongers in the US and in a way no one can point any fingers at anyone or in some other ingenious way. much preferable to a nuclear war that no one wins.

    • Anthony Australia

      Zechariah 12:3
      “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”

      PM calls for accountability from Israel

      Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told 7.30 he had spoken to the family and they were understandably “devastated” by the news.

      • Christian

        Yes. Ever since America burdened itself with Israel after WW2 we have been cut to pieces. Nothing is better in 2024 compared to 1948, truly not a blessing.

    • Janice

      Mr. Goode: I’ve experienced the exact same issue for the past month or so…. Are you by any chance also in California?? I’ve tried every single possible “fix” to no avail. Luckily I still have the last email with a working link to USAWatchdog (March 7th), otherwise I can find Greg Hunter on Rumble (slightly different audience there tho)….

  2. Jerry

    Great interview…Armstrong so understandable and brilliant, a rare combination….

    Greg, you are the best….We must all pray for help from the Dear Lord…..

  3. Rudolph Carnap

    the darling of 2024, NVDA now exhibiting double-top

  4. Falstaff

    Thanks, Gregg It was a great show and very informative.

  5. sam

    Martin makes a Great case for President Trump to win this November….that means there isn’t much time to get Mr. Greg Hunter in there for President Trumps Press Secretary…….is there anybody out there that can give our President Trump a Heads up on Mr. Hunters Impeccable Press Credentials for his Press Secretary…….as Carly Simon sang….”Nobody does it better”…..

    • wayne hardin

      Since the person that has that job has to say what they are told to say i would hope
      Greg would not even consider it .

      Wayne Hardin

      • Greg Hunter

        You are correct Wayne, and they would NEVER ask me.

        • sam

          Mr Hunter, please clarify something ..”they would NEVER ask me”……..NEVER Ask you to LIE for the President…….or NEVER ask you to be “Press Secretary”?

          • Greg Hunter

            They would not ask me to be Press Secretary.

      • sam

        That’s a very “BROAD” statement…..are you suggesting that President Trump is a LIAR like the obamma/briben hoax?

        • Jerry

          Sam, would you give it up??? Once again, why would you want Greg to become the Pres Sec? They are handed a script and they read it. No matter who is in the WH you cant possible think the Pres Sec is going to give on honest report. If you truly want to hear real reporting and “real world” on the ground comments/concerns/news USA Watchdog needs to be. If Greg leaves who is going to run the show… Karine Jean-Pierre?

          • wayne hardin

            People want what they want and do not see reality.
            No use in trying to enlighten people any longer
            if they cant see now they never will.
            Sad but true …………..
            At least that is what i run into people just want what they want no matter how unrealistic it is .

            Wayne Hardin

            • H. Craig Bradley

              “If you believe the economy is strong (good), then there is medication for that”- Rabbi Johnathan Cahn.

              • wayne hardin

                But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ;

                Johnathan Cain can be your Rabbi
                Jesus Christ is mine .

                Wayne Hardin

                • Greg Hunter

                  Jonathan Cahn believes Jesus is Lord and Savior.

  6. geo

    I was interested in the timing for the economic correction. I take it that it could be May or more likely September with a big panic.
    Always interesting listening to Martin, trying to find the nuggets of useful information, and there is always at least one nugget.
    CBDCs ? Centralised Bureaucratic Digital Control
    WEF ? World Eugenics Forum

  7. Naomi from Israel

    Thank you for this informative interview.
    I would just like to mention that a lot of the stock market is overvalued from what I have read. If this is reality, most stocks will not be able to protect investors; contrary to what Mr. Armstrong seems to think.
    We seem to be in big trouble.

  8. timmy taes

    I remember when Martin Armstrong said that 2024 was going to be the Year of Hell. Armstrong predicted collapse, disease, war, in 2024. 2024 has 8 months to go. We’ll see what happens.
    I don’t think the people running the State care a whit about our approval. They don’t need our approval. They have lawyers, guns, and money.

    • Tony

      So he was right.

      • timmy taes

        Tony: Yeah. Martin’s computer program was right. I think things, in general, are going to keep getting worse in the near future.

        • Ken Yu

          Worse is not the half of it, a full-blown war between Iran and Israel “is now beginning” as the crazy neocons in Israel attack Iran (killing many top Iranian military officials). A war with Iran is going to cause global oil prices to spike upward and we all know what will that will mean for inflation. The poor Fed (with war driven inflation on the way) now has its hands tied by the warmongering neocons in Israel and the US and can’t ease the way it wants to prevent stocks and bonds from crashing . The neocons in Israel (with the backing of the neocons in the US) are fully committed to expanding the war in the Middle East to help Bribe’n and Bibi in power and keep themselves in power!! Iran is being forced into an outright war with both Israel and the US which will definitely push oil prices higher and if the nearby Gulf states are dragged into the war “oil prices will really spike” probably making the mining of gold and silver ore prohibitively expensive (shutting down mines and creating shortages) hence the physical gold and silver “already mined” will rise in price!! Armstrong says he sees gold going to about $5,000 per ounce as a result of this coming war (and at a gold/silver ratio of 40 silver should approach $125 dollars per ounce)!!

  9. A Friend

    Thank you, gentleman. You two provide some of the very best news information and analysis of current events and geopolitics that I’m seeing anywhere. US rifle also has some good articles. Anyway, as for the subject of dropping somebody in during the Democratic convention later this year, I would respectfully suggest to everybody that it is not the person for which people will be voting for voting against. It is the policies. And it is the policies of the current tyrannical administration that 92% of the American public is now rejecting out of hand. Whether you have Big Mike or anyone else take the place of alleged pedophile Joe Biden, it won’t make him a difference. In my opinion. The policies and the platform have already been rejected by 92% of the people of this country. Let that percent sink in. 92% of America has rejected the current policies of this evil organization, which tried to turn Easter into a transgender pervert fest over the weekend.

    Everyone needs to be on their knees. Praying for the Lord’s guidance and protection for Mr. Trump and for our country.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks A F!

  10. Tom Grier

    RFK Jr?

  11. Scott

    The first shots of the War Between the States was Ft Sumpter, 12 April 1861. First Bull Run or First Manassas was 21 Juy 1861, a Sunday and was the first major battle of the War.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Scott, for the history lesson. The South won that battle.

  12. Linda

    No, our “leaders” never concern themselves with the people who die in wars. People dying is just something that happens. After all, they all meet at Bohemian Grove and have the cremation of care ceremony and formally celebrate the fact that they just can’t be bothered with such trivial matters. Disgusting creatures…

  13. Linda

    I agree, Mr. Armstrong, cut Cali loose!

  14. M. Davidson

    God forbid anything happens to Donald Trump before the election, I can really see civil war coming with factions of the military breaking-off from the incompetent, corrupt, TREASONOUS, and now senile Commander-In-Chief, demented Beijing Biden. Trump better double-up on security for himself, his family, and his close political allies. The Communist Democrats will stop at NOTHING to prevent Trump from wining another term.

    • Ken Yu

      As the neocon Super Pac championed by Liz Cheney forges forward with its main objectives to: 1) continue all the endless wars, and 2) eliminate Donald Trump in anyway possible (even possibly doing another JFK in broad daylight) the underlying confidence of the American people in our “Banana Republic Government” is reaching new lows and a crack-up “Banana Split” stage is fast approaching as Alaska, California, Texas, etc., etc. “want out” of this “Neocon Hellhole” (where the common people have consistently had their rights and freedoms removed by the Demon/Rhino Rats now running our government)!!!

  15. Mike

    Always a great guest Thanks for spreading the truth
    You need to interview this World renowned virologist
    Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
    He is issuing a Dire Warning: “Massive, Massive Tsunami of Death Among Highly Vaccinated…is Imminent”

    • Ken Yu

      The Evil Eugenicists have actually succeeded in now bringing most of us to the point where we parents will now see our own children die before we do!! The secret to maintaining a long happy life for all our family members is to “Stay Away From The Doctors and Evil Politicians (who like “Snake Oil Salesmen) are still promoting Big Pharma’s “Tape Worm Kill Shots) as it is this m-RNA “Snake Oil” that has been reducing the lifespans of all those who have Innocently Trusted the Government and taken the Jab. And these Totally Evil Globalist Eugenicists are “Happily Jumping for Joy” that they have so easily succeeded “In Killing Millions” who have been trained not to think for themselves!!!

    • Tim K

      Hi Mike,

      Hard to listen to him when he says the powers at be are not purposely trying to harm people, Michael Yeadon is just one example who proves that the opposite is true.


    • EH Foundation

      What about all the Money Laundering in Ukraine for O’Biden The laundering of everything by Urkraine Crime’s Against the American Taxpayers Paying for Everything and the killing of So Many in and by Ukraine the NATO Puppet being Used by U$@, Inc Military Industrial Intelligence Complex Warmongering Perpetual War$ for Profit$ Bioterrorism Labs in Ukraine StupidSheeple

  16. Led Skeletor

    This is why, as Americans, we are so screwed… subscribed -email from US Food and Drug Admin, today

    “Is Food Safe if it Has Chemicals? [picture of a shopping bag mostly loaded with world-mega-conglomeration brand name garbage dump “food” stuff]
    You may have seen news or online content about chemicals in our foods. Perhaps you’re wondering, is a food safe to eat if it contains chemicals?
    it went on to claim:
    ****All our food — like everything in the world — is made up of chemicals. **** The presence of a chemical alone isn’t what determines whether a food is safe to eat. To assess the safety of chemicals in food, scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and others worldwide look at information about the chemical’s safety, as well as how much of a chemical is in the food and how much a person eats or drinks. It’s the amount that counts.”

    … THESE GOVERNMENTAL RAINBOW BABIES SHOULD BREAKDOWN THE CHEMICAL BY TYPE, natural vs. synthetic, totally harmless absolute no health effects vs. even the slightest possibility of being dangerous. You can tell these are DEI Bidenhires with the IQ of 2.

    They are trying to tell the sheeple not to question any chemical that is added to your foods or chemicals contained within anything you may touch, breathe, eat, etc. I feel safe knowing our USA says one part in a billion limit is safe, but anything above that may cause irreparable rotting of the Bidenhole. Hey, it is safe to drink Roundup. But thou shall wear a paper-mask at all times, it blocks The Wuhan-Woowoo and is recognized as an effective contraceptive in 47 states, OK wrong governmental agency!

  17. Robert Coleman


    Always appreciate your content while you were on YouTube until now.

    Always informative, life-saving detailed information from those truth-tellers.

    Keep up the great work.

    Originally from St. Louis, yet have been here in Guangzhou China the past 20+ years and always great to hear your latest reports.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Robert, for the kind words and support from halfway around the world.

  18. Rod Strute

    The Weaponization Of the Secret Service Has Put Bobby Kennedy’s Life at Risk
    TYLER DURDEN TUESDAY, APR 02, 2024, By Blake Fleetwood via
    Fifty years ago last summer, I met Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    We were in a small group climbing on skis to a spectacular 14,000-foot pass in the snow-covered Chilean Andes. The light, fluffy, bottomless power is about eight feet deep on top of another eight feet of packed winter snow….

    Biden’s indefensible inhumane decision must be reversed before it is too late.
    Dear Mr. Fleetwood, this is not President Biden’s indefensible inhumane decision. President Biden is not there, he has dementia. If he were trying to be released from a mental hospital or even a nursing home. He would be brought before a judge and the first question asked would be who’s the President of the United States? He already has said many times before, Kamala Harris! We need to find out who’s denying RFK Jr. secret Service protection. Then you will find out, who the real president of the United States is and the first thing done should be to Denie he/she any protection and if God forbide they would lose their life, Kamala would be president, officialy, if she isn’t right now. Which I doubt, but the way the country is being run into the ground I wouldn’t be surprised! Unless it’s Alex Soros, Mike Morell, John Brennan, Tori Noodle, Dr. Jill, Vallery Jarret, Jake Sullivan, or last and least, Obama the Obomber himself?
    May the best thing whine!

    _____A ‘fool” is someone who supported him in 2020. . .*1o7oii8*_up*MQ..*_ga*OTc0ODU3MTExLjE3MTIxNTMwOTI.*_ga_H41KJ9GF94*MTcxMjE1MzA5Mi4xLjAuMTcxMjE1MzA5Mi4wLjAuMA..&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3vDWo5mmhQMVSBABCh10CwqNEAEYASAAEgJ6R_D_BwE

    Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Can Ukraine and Gaza Be Saved?
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 3 hours ago

  19. Pete+only

    Always great to see and hear from Martin Armstrong on your show Greg.
    I just wanted to touch upon a few things that wasn’t mentioned by Martin Armstrong however.
    One is that the Russian victories in Ukraine have been accelerating in the past number of weeks, and total Russian victory could be just right around the corner. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians are right now fleeing Kharkov (the second largest city in Ukraine), as it’s electrical power system was recently taken down by Russia.
    On the battle fronts, the Russians continue to be victorious everywhere, and always with very minimal casualties compared to the Ukrainians.
    At the very latest, the Russians will launch a major offensive in June (when the mud is gone) that will likely end on the war on Russian terms not long after that.
    I am sure that the U.S military complex will blame the loss of the war in Ukraine on a delay of the $61 billion handout, but in reality, they were out of ammunition, and Ukrainian soldiers.
    Secondly, Putin is heading the BRICS nations this year, (as they rotate leaders from year to year), and he could move to reject the U.S dollar outright for transactions with all BRICS nations, and they meet sometime this summer, so this might trigger the U.S to declare war on all BRICS nations taking part in this excercise.
    No matter who takes over for Joe Biden, according to Jim Rickards, whether it be Michele OBama, or Hillary Clinton or anyone else, Donald Trump should win, especially with vote splitting taking place with Robert F Kennedy’s name being on the ballot.
    The question is if the deep state will try to assassinate Donald Trump. May God be with Donald Trump.

  20. ,Fidel

    hI GREG could you give Rick Ackerman a ring? Or even Hugo Price?

  21. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg, Mr. Armstrong always has such interesting commentary. Sooo, the bottom line is the American empire is shrinking and Putin has put on a clinic in geopolitics. It’s easy to get depressed, but don’t get down folks. We need hard times to make strong men. We just happen to be on the back end of the curve. This sure would be a good time for authors to write about. One particular man or woman can’t save the country, even if they are President. What we really need are passionate people/ visionaries in different fields, people like Joel Salatin- very interesting ideas about food related issues. He’d make a for a good interview.

    • Felix

      Very good comments and you are correct the new generation is soft and few have survival skills.I have put more faith in JESUS CHRIST and always worried about money,not anymore.I am refining my gardening skills and always trying to learn.GOD bless interesting times

  22. Phil

    Martin said the current corrupt head of SWIFT was appointed in 2019…on TRUMP’S watch…

    Any comment on this Greg or are you just going to ignore it…?

    • Greg Hunter

      Who cut Russia out of swift. BIDEN!!!!!

  23. Doug

    Greg: You are phenomenal as are your guests.
    Martin Armstrong is a terrific guest as you know.
    Hearing honesty and logic is so refreshing.
    Please keep doing what you do; you have turned on the light
    to show us the truth.

    You and your guests are a blessing for the world!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Doug. 8% Biden approval rating explains a lot. This is double sourced by the way.

      • Ken Yu

        With 92% of the people on the same side – any riots the Demonrats create upon Trumps election is not going to have broad support and will likely be the Final Death Nell for the “Insane Demonrats”!! That is why it is so critical for the Demon Rats to start a worldwide Nuclear War “before November” – so they can then Declare Marshall Law, Cancel all Future Elections and Stay in Power as our New World Dictatorial Masters “FOREVER”!!

        • Christian

          92% are not on the same side. Half the country will vote Dem no matter what. There will be another stolen election, elections add legitimacy in the minds of the stupid.

  24. Trainor

    Revelation 18 points to a super rich nation that does massive amounts of trading by sea — that nation is haughty, thinking “I sit a queen, I shall see no sorrow,” and suddenly that nation is utterly destroyed by fire in only one hour. If you do a YouTube search of “Babylon USA,” clear that many see the U.S. as that nation in Revelation 18. Also, saw a video on Franks Speech, “Documents Reveal Iran and Russia Planning Pearl Harbor 2.0 on Lower 48.” Thus Martin Armstrong’s comments really resonating.

    • Christian

      The Bible is very clear, “Mystery Babylon”. This is all the secret mystery schools that believe through rituals they can become their own God. This includes Kabbalists, Masons and Magick Crafts. USA is only part of Mystery Babylon.

  25. ron danino

    Hi greg, Have you heard anything about the eclipse, in regards to them spraying some powder in the clouds, that will eventually cause resp. problems? your thoughts, ron

  26. Bob Piper

    Must Watch: American Rancher Blows Whistle On mRNA Vaccine Tests in Livestock
    by Jamie White April 2nd 2024
    “We have 70% of these animals that are gonna be okay to an extent, and then we have 30% of them that either have died or have near-death symptoms” after taking mRNA vaccine, says rancher.
    “They did autopsies on the ones that had passed away, and they still found remnants of the live virus vaccine inside the meat of these animals.”
    As we reported, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been looking the other way on the use of mRNA vaccines in meat production categorized as “organic”, according to agribusiness watchdog group OrganicEye.
    “The impetus for us to act now is the impending introduction of vaccines for livestock produced using mRNA technology similar to that used by Pfizer and Moderna to produce their respective versions of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine,” stated Mark Kastel, executive director of the Wisconsin-based group.
    “There is a continuing controversy in the country concerning this new technology and we should work to preserve organics as the last safe haven for eaters who want to secure a truly ‘natural’ diet,” he added.
    This Covid injection orders the body to mass produce the deadly HIV spike protein. Any mammal that is injected will face the danger of permanent spike protein infection. The spike protein is very similar to the protein that creates colonies in the brains of mammals known as…

  27. Susan R

    Action packed with Greg and Martin. A flyover of what is coming. It will get dicey on every front with guarantees off the table. This will rewrite our country forever and those left standing had better be prepared. Affiliations will change when survival is the only way. Again, we are back to preparedness on every level one can afford.

  28. Jeff gerst

    I don’t recall many of the details but several years ago I read about a satanist who prophecies that a woman would be born in 1947 who would rise to a high level of leadership in the world and she would
    Helps her in the reign of the antichrist. She would be possessed by a demon called Hilarion. It’s on line look it up. I said four years ago Clinton will be back and I still think she’ll be the nominee.

  29. Johnny

    Thank you Greg. Last two guests were what we need to empower us with the info we need. Facts not opinion or far fetched guess. Please try and stick with the pros and not the grifters like Plony, Whitless, and the like. I judge your guest by percentage of being right when the state a claim. What scale do you use? Thanks, Johnny

  30. Alexa

    Wouldn’t it be something to have Mr. Armstrong’s Socrates program, Nanner’s cycle program, and Clif High’s language analysis program all combined into one computer program to predict worldly events?

    • Stacia Amante

      Incidentally, the exorcist Fr Ripperger said during one of his youtube lectures that the demons don’t actually know the future, but are highly intelligent and attempt predictions of the future. He says only God the Father knows the future.

      • Alexa

        Well I would assume you mean every detail of the future. That is not what I was talking about obviously.

  31. Stacia Amante

    just imagine how much the hospitals got from exterminating people during Covid Reign of Terror.

  32. Christian

    Greg. Thank you for your efforts. I appreciate it.
    In January you had Dr. Nass on warning about the Pandemic Treaty.
    They are pushing forward and no one is talking about this.
    It appears May 27th is the date countries give away their sovereignty. Do you think the next fake flu will be during this time to push nations to sign or they will wait until after nations sign?

  33. Ron

    Greg, PLEASE find time to interview Neil Oliver from Scotland, now that their latest Hate Crime legislation has been introduced, and will surely be on its way to the USA if Biden is re-elected.
    “Evil is now here in Scotland, but it’s coming your way SOON!”.

    • Johnny Nobody

      Thanks for the link.
      Great monologue from Neil Oliver, fully awakened former MSM television presenter.

  34. Thomas Cotton Picker

    He Became the Nation’s Ninth Vice President. She Was His Enslaved Wife.
    Her name was Julia Chinn, and her role in Richard Mentor Johnson’s life caused a furor when the Kentucky Democrat was chosen as Martin Van Buren’s running mate in 1836. The Washington Post Ronald G. Shafer
    Wow! The mainstream legacy media, back in the day. Was EVIL, even then.

  35. Harve Pell

    “Don’t Even Try It” – Putin issues DEVASTATING warning to NATO and U.S.
    In a chilling turn of events, Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a stark warning to NATO and the United States, signaling a dangerous escalation in global tensions. Amid accusations of Western involvement in a terror attack on Moscow and escalating provocations from France, Putin’s message sends shock-waves through diplomatic circles. Clayton Morris talked about this in a recent video for Redacted.
    All’s fair in love, war, and teen hangouts? Now our children are no longer safe, too. Our real government has gone rogue, they don’t represent us, what we fought the British empire for. Representative government! It’s time to throw the bum’s out, again. When you kill prisoners of war, you get your soldiers, sons and daughters held prisoner killed too! Why we have the some civilization, as per Geneva convention’s.
    Facing civilization ending nuclear war, somebody must come to their sense’s!
    Which begs the question, It’s Judgment Day — Where are the Men??

  36. Rich

    personally, I think Biden’s approval is more like 3%, but then I see on Drudge (sludge) that PA poll shows Biden up by 10% in latest poll over Trump????? There is NO WAY there are that many crazy people in PA. The cheat setup has begun!

  37. Jerimiah Johnson

    Iran Vows Retaliation Against Isr@el!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 15,037 views 1 hour ago

    2 days ago, North Korea has Hypersonic Missiles,
    with multi Nuclear Tipped warheads and we don’t!

  38. Robert

    Thank you Greg,
    M. Armstrong is a valuable source of information.
    I would appreciate his insights and opinions on the M.E./Palestine situation.

  39. K Gnosis

    While the Evangelicals dance to the YMCA and celebrate the Gaza genocide, the red heifer and other Jewish abominations, Trump’s Operation Warpspeed ventures deep into the galaxy of groceries.

  40. Guy Royce

    Ukrainian troops panic! 3 un-manned Russian BMPT Terminators destroy Ukrainian military stronghold in Artemovsk DAILY NEWS Apr 4, 2024
    On Wednesday the 2nd. Ivanovo Ru paratroopers stormed the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ stronghold northwest of Artemovsk and gained a foothold, and increased positions along the front line.
    During aerial reconnaissance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces positions, the paratroopers found the main firing points and enemy shelters with concentrations of infantry. The Ivanovo paratroopers, with BMPT terminator 2 airborne combat vehicles, were able to approach the enemy positions from several directions, where the assault group, under the protection of armored vehicles, quickly seized the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and destroyed the enemy with fire from all kinds of small arms, grenade launchers and hand fragmentation grenades.

  41. Howard Plivan

    Why did 4-eyed weasal Cave?
    A coward should have never been in such a position, of postulation? Time to go?
    Who will remove him? The disposition opposition? Or his new deep state uni-party handlers? The latest $64,000 question! Either way, good riddance, mate!

  42. Jim Glassgo

    EXCLUSIVE: Former CIA Analyst Larry Johnson Breaks News on Israel And Russia
    Sean Miller | Infowars April 4th 2024, 7:40 am Solutions for the hole, the U.S. dug in for, itselfie?

  43. Jane Doe Nutter

    The Extent of World WAR2

    World War II, which marked the demise of the League of Nations, took an astounding toll of lives. The Encyclopædia Britannica (1954 edition) illustrated the extent of the death toll by giving the ratio of military deaths during the war to the 1940 population of various countries. Among the figures are these: The United States lost in battle one person in the military for every 500 members of its 1940 population; China, one out of 200; the United Kingdom, one out of 150; France, one out of 200; Japan, one out of 46; Germany, one out of 25; and the U.S.S.R., one out of every 22. When we consider that the civilian casualties often exceeded the military losses, we can readily see how human efforts had indeed failed to bring true peace and security.

    Mechanized DEATH SURROUNDS US.!

    ‘Since the UN’s formation, [over] twenty million persons have died in wars, a mournful fact attesting to the cost of that failure.’​—“Nation Against Nation,” by Thomas M. Franck

    No Need to Worry, Our CIA is Working on This Scenario

  44. Gonzalo Lrip

    disciple of Seattle swami Clif High, says Trump 911 imminent:

  45. Arf Ledbetter

    Trump-Wary NATO Tells US It “Needs Europe To Ensure Putin Doesn’t Prevail”, Ukraine Demands Patriots!
    The CRUX of the Matter Apr 4, 2024
    NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg has urged the United States to stick together with Europe as the Western military alliance turned 75 on April 4. The Western military alliance is locked in a tense standoff with Russia over the war in Ukraine. Besides refocusing on Russia, NATO allies are also wary of Trump’s possible return to the White House. The Ukrainian PM said he is hoping that Ukraine will receive an invitation to the upcoming NATO summit in Washington. The NATO chief also warned the US against dwindling support for Ukraine, saying it would only embolden Russia and other authoritarian leaders like China. Meanwhile, Russia said its relation with NATO has now slipped to the level of “direct confrontation” as the US-led alliance marked its 75th anniversary.

  46. GertBerkshire

    Every American should be worried about this ‘deliberate political effort,’ Gingrich warns Fox Business 238K views 2 days ago
    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Georgia Congressman Doug Collins weigh in on the the Democrats’ handling of Trump’s legal woes and the impact it’s having on the 2024 election cycle and discuss rising oil prices.

  47. Lady Au Stackers United

    Eat clean food. Eat plant-based food. Deadly bird- flu virus at Texas poultry farm, millions of birds culled. Try a vegan diet and if unable then at least vegetarian diet. The human immune system will thank you for the clean dietary change.

    On precious metals, spot Gold is hovering over $2300 and Silver over $27. Now I believe Charles Nenner prediction of $2500. And Bo Polney was correct as well. And now a new prediction of about $5000. Wowza! Hang on to your inflation hedge and sell only for break glass in case of emergency!

    • Glenn

      Sorry but vegan diets can cause some serious health problems. And there is nothing wrong with eating some meat. Jesus had no problem with eating meat and He of all people would know. I will continue to eat meat that God has provided and enjoy it.

  48. re Shelton

    Russian Army Captures More Ukrainian Territory After Avdiivka’s Fall. Geopolitics TV Apr 4, 2024
    In a startling turn of events, the Russian army has surged further into Ukrainian territory, marking a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict between the two nations. The latest advances, shrouded in geopolitical tension and humanitarian concerns, paint a grim picture of the region’s stability and the international community’s response. As the world watches with bated breath, questions arise about the motivations behind Russia’s aggressive maneuvers and the implications for Ukraine’s sovereignty. With each captured territory, the fragile balance of power in Eastern Europe is further tested, and the spectre of a broader regional conflict looms ever larger. Yet amidst the chaos and uncertainty, stories of resilience and defiance emerge from the Ukrainian people. Their unwavering spirit in the face of adversity serves as a reminder of the human cost of war and the urgency of finding diplomatic solutions to prevent further bloodshed. But could all of this have been prevented if President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had openly denounced Ukraine joining NATO? Can world leaders have a role to play in the war between Russia and Ukraine to end?

  49. Jeff Hines

    Jeffrey Sachs Interview – An Analysis with a Critical Perspective. Jeffrey Sachs Of Fans We need a negotiator! The Art of The Deal?

  50. Albert Switzerlund

    How Russia Survived 16,000 Sanctions (Genius Strategy)
    Cyrus Janssen 61,944 views Apr 4, 2024
    There are more than 16,000 Sanctions against Russia, but by leveraging the power of gold, Russia has been able to circumvent every single one of them. In today’s video I break down the crazy gold strategy Putin used and interestingly enough how you can use the same strategy in your investments.
    Russia Is Eating Our Lunch! The US. is The Laughing Stock of THE WORLD! The UNI-PARTY is KILLING US. How long are we going to follow the B.S. Narrative of the Nikki Halley lover Hugh Blew’itt!

    ‘You, Don’t Give Advice’: Russia Reacts To Blinken’s Lecture, Asks To ‘Abandon Hope Of Defeating…’Hindustan Times Apr 4, 2024
    Russia issued a fresh warning to the West and said that it should give up on the idea of Moscow’s strategic defeat. Russian Envoy to the U.S., Anatoly Antonov, said that the West has been “abusing the trust” of Russia for years. Antonov also said that Americans have no right to give advice to Russia. Why did he say that?

  51. Maya Horatio

    Why Mike Johnson’s perch has suddenly grown precarious
    Facing escalating internal clashes, the new speaker watches the walls close in.
    Why? We need a real man in that position! Where in the hell are the men?
    @lindamcdonnell2319 2 weeks ago (edited)
    I just happened to be watching this ahead of Holy Week, And because of that, I can see this as a trope of Holy Thursday. As you know, Jesus asked three of His followers to stay awake for Him in the Garden of Gethsemane, while He endured His passionate prayer with the dreadful knowledge of what was to come. But not only did those three friends fail to keep alert, but He got denied by Simon Peter, and deserted by everyone else who had just welcomed Him so enthusiastically on Palm Sunday. So the wedding ceremony is like Palm Sunday, where everyone is Kane‘s friend and slapping him on the back. But when trouble rears its head, nobody has the guts to put it on the line like a real friend should. Kane is left alone in his own private passion, to think about just what is going to happen to him when faced by the marauders. And just like it was women and a youngster, who were the only friends at the bottom of the cross, a kid asks to help Kane, and only two women have empathy for him. A great movie is open to so many interpretations, just like this one!

  52. H. Clanton

    World War Three: Victor Davis Hanson delivers bleak warning as worldwide tensions ramp up – ‘Most dangerous time since the 1930s’
    Story by Georgia Pearce • 6h • 3 min read

  53. Todd

    Everything is always 6 months away! It’s always pushed out and they always say something will happen in September and October! Only a few more years before everything goes down?

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you miss the big turn Armstrong was predicting on or about May 7th?

      • Gary C

        Greg, After following Martin Armstrong for 30 years I have found out the hard way to NEVER bet against his forecasts.

  54. Led Skeletor

    I can see RFK take the NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME and WA, HI and CA. -Yes!-
    And the remaining states to DJT in a Nixon Landslide.
    Nothing for poor Joe Biden eating the pudding, except for the “shoot myself in the head” weird states of DE, OR and MN who think Mondale is running.

    By July, the Biden-WEIMAR inflationary industry crippling Bidenomics will hurt most people that earn under $400k, Biden the Destroyer will be thrown under the bus.

    The $20 minimum wage states are now talking $50 per hour. Wait until the massive closing of businesses.

    The cure for inflation isn’t more inflation. The wages would of went up naturally if the immigration wasn’t unchecked during DEM presidencies during the past 25 years, we would have 40 million fewer people and a worker shortage would of raised wages naturally. Now we have 40+ million people that have no purpose (and refuse to work) in America. Perhaps they will be sent into the Romanian/Poland/Ukrainian/Taiwanese battlefields of WORLD WAR III later this year before the election.

    I can’t see how anyone would want to run a business that deals with the public and has more than one employee. Many people are just plain awful! This nation has a few million with morals, and 340 million that minds that could “snap” at any moment.

    WE HAVE NO MONEY RIOTS! This summer the left will destroy cities like it is a “Free for all” and watch the cops run away! Squatters enter the highest priced neighborhoods and do what ever it takes to squat, no limits on how far the squatter will go in breaking the law. 2024 Mad Max.

    Will this all lead to the mother of all free money giveaways, the $20,000 monthly checks for anyone with victim-class status privileged (aka no free money unless you are of a certain color or sexually confused)

    BOOMERS, the nest egg we sacrificed for and saved for our entire life is about to become worthless that the paper it is printed on.

    • Lance A. Boyle

      The squatters will be sh*t out of luck in Florida, and with any luck at all will have a bounty on their heads.

  55. john beasley

    I think there are things people can’t talk about. Can you ask Martin Armstrong and Socrates about “Pawns In The Game (Lecture) William Guy Carr: An Illuminati Satanic One World Government Conspiracy” Some people say it is the Roman Catholic Church, the old Roman Royalty, or European Black Royalty. Some say Jews, but upon studying that, the Hebrews are extinct. Hebrew was a dead language. Some people from the southern mountain regions of Russia and Turkey called “Khazars” converted to Judaism. They seem to be employed by some other groups, like the Illuminati, Zionists, Masons, banking cartels. All these groups seem to be Satanic, or Luciferian, and they worship old gods or old religions like Moloch, Baal, Tanic, Saturn, etc… The search seems to go no where.
    like to Phoenicia was an ancient Semitic-speaking thalassocratic civilization that originated in the Levant region of the eastern Mediterranean, primarily modern Lebanon.
    The Canaanites were a conglomeration of Semitic-speaking peoples who inhabited the Levant from southern Israel to the northern coast of Syria. thank you Greg Hunter.

  56. i: a man; travis

    A copy and paste from Lew Rockwell. com Robert Kennedy’s VP choice is more than a bit interesting – the ex-wife of Sergey Brin the co-founder of Google net worth over $121 Billion. This would represent the ultimate in corporate control given her experience and expertise is that of a hard left attorney. Her bio reads like a World Economic Forum testament: feminism, reproductive longevity, criminal justice policy to end discrimination and bring equity into the judicial system, regenerative agriculture (crickets), and ta-da – global climate change referendums.

    Kennedy couldn’t have found a more left leaning progressive unless he inserted Hillary Clinton. Nicole Shanahan, has worked with the Open Philanthropy Project and defunding the police. She has coordinated her charity, Bia Echo Foundation, with the Zuckerberg initiatives and is heavily involved with all the classic NGO’s aligned with the Great RESET. Thus, revealing this is the Kennedy platform as well. And leaving no doubt.

    Oddly, no one is pointing out the obvious and suddenly, it appears that maybe Kennedy has been the nominee the entire time. Apparently, Kennedy has overnight become the charmer, the rock in the midst of chaos – ‘game changer’, the ‘one who can unify everyone’, the ‘hero America needs’… And Kennedy steps in as the Biden replacement while Brandon is wheeled off exit stage left and takes up permanent residency at the sanitarium.

    Anyone Who Tells You V…
    Coleman, Dr Vernon
    Buy New $3.99
    (as of 04:06 UTC – Details)

    This has been their creation.

    It is somewhat of a brilliant plan: 1. Enter into the fray a name that intrigues everyone for its history, 2. Test the waters, 3. Have him maintain a low profile – no media is allowed to touch him, 4. Have him concede an issue so that he appears neutral and unbiased, 5. Start the media play of Biden’s declining mental acumen, 6. The moment Kennedy picks his dark swan VP, use media hype to make him look like the savior! BOOM!

    The Pies de Resistance? A family feud – contentious over Kennedy’s right wing attitude about vaccinations – in order to appeal to the libertarians on the fence. Not bad. EXCEPT – Nicole is a diehard far leftist that will estrange every conservative and libertarian female voter. Therefore – Kennedy’s win would have to include some election funnies given he is not salable to MAGAs – and there were never enough Biden’s to be worth converting.

    Certainly, no one wants to believe that Robert Kennedy would sell out America – and perhaps he truly believes that giving the country to the World Economic Forum corporate stakeholders is the only viable solution – but – that’s not what he said or represented. And that is NOT representational of the vast majority of Americans.

    I was wooed. For a while. But then I found various media interviews that contradicted other media interviews, and pretty soon, it appeared he had re-scripted his talking points to meet the parties half way. We were vulnerable – and wanted him to be the real thing. But when he clarified his intent to ‘never’ consider any appointment from Trump, his motives began to take a bit of a sinister twist. Still, the hopeful – hoped.

    Now that Biden has been declared non-grati by his colleagues and liberal media pundits – this was the time for Kennedy to Shine as the replacement.

    Historically, the Kennedy’s were never ‘clean’ – but they were always charismatic and – wealthy. A combination that is tough to beat. The Achilles Heel is the fact that the ‘youth’ market have no idea who they are or were – and don’t really care. He just looks like another old guy …

    Breaking Away: The Cas…
    McMaken, Ryan
    Best Price: $11.82
    Buy New $12.00
    (as of 12:47 UTC – Details)

    His draw? Seniors. Seniors still enamored with Robert Kennedy’s dad and uncle. Despite the family ghosts. The ghost in the closet remains – Rosemary. The rebellious child, the family was concerned that Rosemary might act out in a way that could embarrass the family. They had her lobotomized and when she became completely incapacitated as a result – she was remanded to an institution for life. A very sad tale to be sure. Yet, only one of many within the life prestige and regiments.

    One might have dismissed some of Robert’s gaffs, but the VP choice makes it quite clear where his priorities lie. The concept of neutral or balance or middle ground has now been completely vacated and his lean is somewhere between Hillary and AOC. As opposed to somewhere between Trump and DeSantis…

    Be wary. The media has been cued to fawn. They will lavish praise. Show poll after poll declaring Kennedy is trailing Trump by 20 points, 15, 12, 10, and suddenly they will deem him as the Winner – well before the election. As the algorithms in the voting machines are readjusted to Kennedy instead of Biden.

    Perhaps I am wrong. I would prefer I was wrong. But the manipulations and degree of fraud and gamesmanship has surpassed what is considered believable for decades. And INTEGRITY is now on the champagne platter…. Who Will Rise and Who Will Fall?

    • Mike D.

      If the Communist Democrat Party was serious about Robert Kennedy Jr replacing senile Beijing Biden as their nominee, then why did they deny him Secret Service protection? That tells you right there he will never be the nominee.


    How to Steal Millions From Those Who Need It Most: The Brett Favre Playbook (17:53)

    Brett Favre apologizes after being duped to record anti-Semitic message (3:19)

  58. Fritz Kraut

    Armstrong is wrong that the jab poison has not been tested. Just not as a beneficial medicine, but as the agent for a biological war! The shadow rulers of course need to know if their poison kills effective enough and at what dosage.

  59. James sullivan

    Greetings Greg, another interesting interview as usual. I like Martin, but as a computer programmer, i shudder every time i hear a comment such as “What does your computer think about so and so ..”. Greg, a computer is not a thinker… it is a programmable machine that relies on the programs that run on that machine, plus the data that goes into those programs . I think Martin has a good feel for geopolitics, but there is no ‘computer program’ called socrates that is all intelligent, all knowing. Its just trending on data, and speculation on what these trends means.
    Other than that, i enjoyed the interview.

  60. Galaxy 500

    Martin Armstrong is a modern day economic prophet. Please have him on again soon


    Historian Dr. Sean Hross’ recent Youtube video “Divided Masters” (2:16:45) is surprisingly relevant…

    Whoever believes in the Son of God accepts this testimony. Whoever does not believe God has made him out to be a liar, because they have not believed the testimony God has given about his Son.
    1 John 5:10

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