Disaster If WHO Gets Total Medical Control – Dr. Meryl Nass

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Dr. Meryl Nass is an expert on vaccines.  She has testified to Congress many times.  Dr. Nass warned about the dangers of the CV19 vax.  Massive amounts of deaths and disabilities have been documented around the world caused by what many doctors say are simply bioweapon injections.  Early on, Dr. Nass was a proponent of treating Covid with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine with outstanding results for her patients.  For this, her medical license was suspended in the State of Maine two years ago.  This did not stop Dr. Nass from fighting to get the word out about the evil being caused by the CV19 shots.  Just when you think it’s over, and we can all get back to normal, Dr. Nass warns of a more evil global plan to take control of your healthcare (and life) in the next pandemic.  The UN and the WHO are wanting to do this by May 2024.  Dr. Nass explains, “The WHO is an agency under the UN.  One document, that has never existed before, is called a ‘Pandemic Treaty,’ and they are drafting it now.  The other is an ordinary document called ‘International Health Regulations.’. . . . What has happened is they want to use this document and amend it massively.  They want to completely change what the document is about and have it become orders that all the nations of the world will have to obey.  The person giving the orders is the Director General of the WHO.  This director can declare a pandemic under any circumstances he likes. . . . It gives the Director General of the WHO enormous power to dictate healthcare to anyone around the world. . . . They want the ability to mandate vaccines on you in the future for pandemics that they declare at will with no standard for what this entails.  They want the right to withhold drugs and to shut your doctor up.  So, WHO Director General Tedros, who does not have a medical degree, would become the world’s doctor.”

Dr. Nass goes on to warn, if the WHO gets this power, it can force you to take any vaccine it wants to give.  People harmed or killed would have no recourse because everyone involved would be granted a liability shield.  Also, Nass contends the WHO would have the right to censor anyone in any nation who is giving an alternative view to the vaccine or treatment options used for the next pandemic.  In short, no free speech will be allowed that is not an approved UN narrative.

The next pandemic will have more vaccines sped through the development process with no animal trials.  Instead of a vaccine taking more than 10 years to develop, they want a new vaccine in four months.  That’s right–four months!!!  Dr. Nass (again, an expert on vaccines) warns, “The FDA did give some of these CV19 vaccines a license, but not using any of their normal standards.  This was a disaster.  What they want to do next time is create a vaccine in 100 days and roll it out to the entire population in 130 days.  Four months and a week, and they want to roll out the next vaccine to the entire world.   That is completely crazy!  There would be no way to assess if it worked or how safe it was in 130 days.  That is the plan.  That is the WHO plan and the US government, the G-7, the G-20, the EU and they have all said they want a 100-day vaccine.  They have also put in all these documents to have a system in place to take liability away from the manufacturers. . . . You have no way to sue the WHO either.  They are completely unaccountable to the public.”

Dr. Nass adds that the federal government and the Biden Administration does not have the right to oversee healthcare.  Healthcare belongs to the states to oversee, and Dr. Nass says this is where the WHO can be stopped for their “disastrous” plans.

There is much more in the 46-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks to vaccine expert Dr. Meryl Nass about the total control the UN and WHO want in the next pandemic that is surely coming for 1.9.24.

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After the Interview: 

You can follow the work of Dr. Nass by going to her website called DoortoFreedom.org.  It is a (UN) WHO-fighting website.  Door to Freedom is a tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit, and you can donate by clicking here.

You can also see Dr, Nass at her Substack at merylnass.substack.com.  Dr. Nass says she produces posts nearly every day.

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  1. Trixie C

    what they are doing in UK, Obama-Biden are doing in USA for sure:

    British Army Supplying AK-47’s, Ammo, and Hand Grenades by Crateload to Hotels housing “Migrants” (to arm the Migrants!)

    ~ https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/report-british-army-supplying-ak-47-s-ammo-and-hand-grenades-by-crateload-to-hotels-housing-migrants-to-arm-the-migrants

    • Marie Joy

      Ammo up

      • Anthony Australia


        England, 1853. An anti-vaccination poster from the 1850s.

        The anti-vaccination movement began in England in 1853 and continues into the 21st century. Vaccines exist to serve the drug companies, doctors, pediatricians, and hospitals.

        “The vaccination practice, pushed to the front on all occasions by the medical profession, and through political connivance made compulsory by the state, has not only become the chief menace and gravest danger to the health of the rising generation, but likewise the crowning outrage upon the personal liberty of the American citizen.”

        Dr. James Martin Peebles, MD, MA, PhD, “Vaccination a Curse and a Menace to Personal Liberty”, 1913

      • Anthony Australia

        My dinner with Andre explains the truth of the world we are in.

        They must and always do disclose many truths in entertainment, via Hollywood.


        • Richard Longacre

          Great link Anthony. Funny how these people don’t open up with the truth until after they retire. 26% increase of all cause deaths in one year after the vaccine was introduced. People won’t start making any noise until these insurance companies start refusing to pay out death benefits for customers that willingly participated in this extremely dangerous and deadly “Global Medical Experiment”. I am confident that the USG is subsidizing (Bribing) these insurance companies to remain quiet and stay in business.

      • Anthony Australia

        Greg Hunt was the Australian former politician who was the Minister for Health between January 2017 and May 2022.

        Greg was also the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM
        Director of Strategy World Economic Forum •
        Feb 2000 – Jan 2001 •

        Strategic indeed people !! It’s also magically vanished on his LI profile!!! Always snip things when you can people!!


      • Anthony Australia

        Papua New Guinea following the rule of law in California


        • Shiloh1

          Looks like Chicago last weekend May 2020.

    • Katy Bar

      It is obvious from their actions that they want us dead – so what are we going to do about it??

      • Scott

        Fight or die.

      • tim mcgraw

        Katy Bar: Die or fight or run away or all three.

        • Lesley

          Run away
          That’s what people will do

          But if people want quicker cures for diseases etc the we MUST skip experimenting on animals and go straight to humans.
          By doing this will cut the experimenting time in half or much more.

          I have said for a long time now there are loads of people who would be ok getting experimented on.
          We can use people who are in jail to get time knocked off their sentence or for added privileges if they’re lifers and even to get of death row .
          We should not and must not experiment on animals.
          It’s pointless.

          • Paula

            Never forget the torture A.F. did to the beagle dogs…sand fleas biting them till death for NO purpose other than to subject them to unimaginable torture for his pleasure. Such cruelty & evil for all of God’s creation must cease.

      • Trinacria

        Exactly Katy!!!
        Greg, I am glad you had Dr. Nass on your show. Once can tell she is an honest person, just like all your guests.
        She provided a lot of great info to corroborate what all your other guests are saying as well. She did mention that she believe this is a population control/reduction program. This lady has been through much injustice to say the least. Later in the program, she asks rhetorically, where is all this going…well earlier she said population reduction…and yes, that is where it is going.
        I hope people realize what is going on in this world:
        1. Populations gave grown too much for some of the sociopathic elites.
        2. Around the world, national pensions and social security cannot be paid and those systems are insolvent!!!!!! This is huge.
        3. Less people easier to control. Uneducated people they think are easy to control as they can be bribed with basic income. But then again aren’t we right back to paying pensions???? Also, these uneducated people from especially 3rd (or should I say turd) world countries are more prone to violence. So, careful what you wish for you sociopathic and psychopathic overlord wannabes. Notice how many people have been “swatted” lately, including bad actors like Jack Smith.

      • Tin foil hat

        Stand back, observe, wait and then fight or flight, it’s pointless to do anything now until the other half wake up or die off.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I read it. It could be real and it could be a fake story. There are so many lies it’s hard to know what news is true, or not. There are groups that want you to act out so they can apply an appropriate (preplanned) response. Sadly, AI is going to get really good at looking and sounding real and that should concern us all about what is true, or not. It is a good idea for us to make time each week to be outdoors in some capacity and no screens. Screen and tech fasting??

    • AL



      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks for the warning, Al. Ask “W” when does this start?


        • Abraham Robles

          Greg i did not know how else to contact you with an unrelated question. If someone that is unvaccinated is having surgery. Does the donated blood have covid related negative consequences? Could the donated blood be infested with all the deadly contaminants that cause death? Who can I speak with on this matter?

      • Lesley

        But what makes the likes of Bill Gates etc immune from small pox etc?
        Surely they would get it as well even if they lived in their underground bunkers.
        I don’t think the bunkers will ultimately save them.

        I’m sorry, but I do wish people would stop breeding.
        Six billion people born in the last 80 years alone – do the math if this continues – not good.
        So many messy families too – children born to different parents .
        There is no integrity to marriage / the vowels / getting married in a church – the house of Jehovah .
        One can meet / date / marry / child / divorce now all in a year only to repeat the next and the next ….,
        And few care

        We live in a sick world and Main Street are just to blame as the Gvts and ruling elite are.
        We are all at fault bc people do not do the right thing.

      • Katy Bar

        When we allow people like Bill Gates to do what ever they want “we become accomplices to murder” and our Nation now openly “kills its own” (with the deadly jab) – are we even a Nation anymore? – obviously we have regressed to being a “Nation Without Borders” – and a Nation Without Borders is “NO LONGER A NATION” – so what do we call “this group of people living in the US that knowingly kills humans through both jabs and war? The United States of America no longer seems to fit our description – we are more like a CANCER depopulating itself with the “kill shot” and spreading cancerous wars throughout the entire world from Vietnam to Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, etc., etc., etc. – sadly we all know what it finally takes to kill a Cancer – “RADIATION TREATMENT” (https://www.gif-maniac.com/gifs/54/54255.gif) !!!

    • Katy Bar

      Immigrants who enter our country illegally are not going to follow any gun control law that is imposed upon legal US citizens by the Demonrats – so what have the Demonrats done? – they figured a way to make it legal for illegal aliens own guns (while still working to take away gun ownership rights from the American people) – they simply pass legislation to make illegal aliens policemen!! https://www.newsweek.com/fact-check-illinois-police-officers-illegal-immigrants-law-1816306

      • sam

        They are NOT immigranys…they are INVADERS….when will people get this through their stupid heads?

    • Trinacria

      Here is more info on migrants:

      I see parallel societies, violence etc. Trump is right, we need to engage in the most massive deportation operation the world has ever seen. Clean up and employ the military, police, sheriff, national guard.

  2. Alan Wakefield

    Greg; In the the Name of our Creator, LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ, how can we, Americans, remain so abysmally stupid? Our Founding Fathers precisely and specifically, provided everything we need to Protect and Defend the liberties they bequeathed us! There is ONLY ONE stipulation, a stipulation issued by our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ, really a Command applicable to every single human being on Earth, No exceptions, No exemptions: “You MUST be born again,” the minimum requirement to do what is necessary to Protect and Defend our Liberties.
    And that begins with a very simple exercise of our Right of Freedom of Speech. By which we are to challenge the Sacred Oath of each and every office holder in Congress and the courts!
    George Washington advised us we are take every office holder to court to challenge their Sacred Oath: “…the Oath is THE instrument of investigation in our courts of justice!” Not AN instrument, THE instrument! Here is the First President of the United States telling us we are to challenge every Sacred Oath in court!
    I know, I know! That very thoughof taking someone to court to challenge their Sacred Oath is quite daunting! But, it can and MUST be done! And unless one IS born again, IT CANNOT BE DONE!
    I do not have to ask, “Do you comprehend what I just wrote?” You do Not!
    The very worst thing is, you WILL NOT ask!
    So, ASK!

  3. Dave

    Talk about murder — Missing CDC Employee Timothy Cunningham Found Dead Two Months After He Vanished https://time.com/5177454/timothy-cunningham-cdc-missing-found/ — APRIL 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sam

      An autopsy confirmed that Cunningham drowned. The death was later ruled a suicide by drowning after toxicology reports were completed……He was upset because he didn’t get the Promotion that he “Thought” he deserved….Look Up affirmative action!

    • Martin Coombs

      The jib is the pandemic, no one I know who didn’t get the jib got ( variation illnesses ) the nasel test was false result , the so called c19 was never actually isolated & is bogus ( & there’s no mistake on what they did, it is all pre planned (. End of days ) Gods judgment as in numbers when the Israel’ites got the snake bites for complaining after being freed , look to the exalted one , time is short , all glory to God in Jesus’s name .

  4. Tx

    Great Guest, Greg.

    Dr. Nass is spot on.

    Bring her back as part of top roster of regular guests.

  5. stanley skrzypek

    After Following Mr. Greg Hunter for years on UASWATCHDOG.COM for years….I have come to the Conclusion that Mr. Hunter is on Par with the many Patriotic Doctors who have come out and condemned the “Shots”….His Level of Expertise (in my opinion) is Equal to the same Doctors who have came on his show and Explained the Evils of the “Shots” by him Absorbing and Researching the Subject….So…..If Mr Greg Hunter tells me Anything about these Murderous Shots…..I BELIEVE HIM!……and so should any person with 2 neurons sparking together.
    Thank You Mr. Greg Hunter!

  6. Greg (Not Greg Hunter)

    The medical community has become corrupt to the point they are knowingly killing people. These doctors have been committing crimes against humanity.

    • Katy Bar

      The corrupt medical community has been knowingly hurting us for a very long time – unnecessary tonsillectomies, unnecessary knee operations, unnecessary cesarean sections, unnecessary flu shots, etc. etc. – all this unnecessary manslaughter without morals or ethics (for the demonic love of money) has lead to doctors outright murdering their patients on ventilators (for a cool $40,000 a pop) and paid for by the Bill Gates Foundation for a Better World (without people)!!!

  7. Pedro

    The board will hopefully succumb their vaccine.

  8. Naomi from Israel

    Thank you for this update. If you want to learn more about the legal aspects of this issue, see: dr. John Campbell ‘s channel on YouTube from the 9th of this month, – “WHO updates”.

  9. Brent

    WOW, finally someone from Maine speaking out. I LOVE IT, yes I’m a Mainer
    and I hope more Mainers decide to stand up against the current state & federal government. The forcing of people to take the vax or loose your job in the medical profession and other professions is downright NAZI-ism.

  10. Neville

    Having listened to this wonderful lady tellig us about all the vindictiveness leveled\
    against her for TELLING THE TRUTH and acting in het patients best interest and
    by extension the whole worlds best interests.
    Thank you Dr Meryl Nass and May GOD BLESS you and your family and keep you safe from this evil atrocity in your country.

    Thanks Dr Nass & Greg

  11. Shirl

    Unreal times with criminals wearing robes, badges, and occupying the highest public offices.

    Brace yourselves against the growing evil of fascism & tyranny.

    Stand Up, Speak Out. Take Action. Pray up.


  12. Jack R Williams

    Doctor Nass is correct in everything she states in this article. The one sticking point for me is the fact that she will not comment on the scientifically proven fact that no virus exists at all, and the entire discipline of virology is based on pseudoscience. This is made clear in a two-part video presentation of just exactly how this fraud is perpetrated. It is as scientific as alchemy. No separation, no isolation, no identification at all. The method is laughable when it is shown that the scientific method is ignored. Doctors Bailey and Bailey of New Zeeland have proven this fraud.

    • Cassie

      This fraud that ANY VIRUS exists is also proven by Drs. Tom Cowan and Andy Kaufman. “Let him who has ears, let him hear.”

    • robert messina

      Jack, . . perhaps she did not mention . . ” the scientifically proven fact that no virus exists at all” etc ; but she is announcing a far more Globally toxic news NOT ANNOUNCED . . . ” . . . . orders that all the nations of the world will have to obey. The person giving the orders is the Director General of the WHO. This director can declare a pandemic under any circumstances he likes. . . . It gives the Director General of the WHO enormous power to dictate healthcare to anyone around the world. . . . They want the ability to mandate vaccines on you in the future for pandemics that they declare at will with no standard for what this entails. They want the right to withhold drugs and to shut your doctor up. So, WHO Director General Tedros, who does not have a medical degree, would become the world’s doctor.” . . . Also, if you listened . . she willingly gave up her livelihood in order to whistle blow AGAINST the destructive vaccine . . I admire that she maintains her cheer and still smiles

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jack,
      I agree with what you say, but can you post a link?

      • PersonaNonGrata

        I did not intend to negatively critique Dr Nass. I guess that if your aim is to awaken fellow medical professionals to the danger posed by the CV-19 ‘vaccines’, it is not helpful to simultaneously challenge their deeply held (indoctrinated) belief in virology.

  13. Roger Stamper

    tks dr nass greg

  14. Don.W

    Greg, we ALL need to know more about the WHO and the WEF. They are both pushing to take over ALL the world for healthcare by the WHO and the WEF by telling people that they will be free to just sit and talk together in our lives.
    The WHO is right now setting up the use of ALL of our drugs that we can use and will be available very soon.
    The WEF has really been open with their meetings about what they want and are going to do. But we, in the US have NOT brought much of this stuff to the attention of the public people that have NO CLUE as to what is really going on in this world and will happen soon.
    Now the good news. We have our real leader, Jesus. He will come about 42+ months after the signing of the SEVEN YEAR PEACE AGREEMENT. And that will happen soon as Israel is getting closer to having an all out war that will be joined by the US and we will be against Iran and China and maybe even Russia. That Peace Agreement will be between Israel and their enemies. So we need to get the word out to all that we all need Jesus in our lives ASAP.

  15. tim mcgraw

    The WHO is evil. It is run by Bill Gates, the largest contributor to the WHO. Sedros is a communist from Ethiopia.
    I will never follow WHO edicts.

  16. Dr. Liz

    Nass has totally discredited herself. These kill shots helped no on. No virus was ever isolated and there was no covid. The flu disappeared. Wake up!
    Fan Wu, Nature, Feb. 2020. If you read the paper you will see nothing was isolated.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Page not found” Dr. Liz. Dr. Nass told people not to take any CV19 shots from the very beginning.

      • Ollie

        I also disagree with Dr. Liz. I thought Dr. Nass was a very honest and credible guest who is cautious not to make comments about things she is unsure of. But like Greg, I believe the C-19 shots were part of a multi-faceted plan to reduce the world’s population. There was never any pandemic in 2020, per se, and not even an isolated pathogen, only a perception of one propagandized primarily by the MSM, WHO, CDC, UN and our own Governments and corporations around the world. I’m hopeful that people will very soon step back and look at the big picture of what is really going on. We are at the very end of man’s misrule of the earth, and everything happening today was prophesied by Yahweh and Yahshua (or Jesus if you prefer) through Isaiah and all the other prophets in the Scriptures. We’re nearing the very end of the Jubilee cycle, and the return of Yahshua is not far off. Everything is going as He said it would. Do not live in fear, as our beloved Heavenly Father, and His Son, have everything under control. Put your faith in the One Who, by His blood on the cross, atoned for our sins and promised His covenant people eternal life in His Kingdom. Don’t make the mistake of thinking there can be a political solution to what is most certainly a worldwide spiritual problem. Put your trust in Yahweh, live by His teachings, and let Him take care of the rest.

  17. Perry

    We love Greg Hunters’s site and comments. Keep up great work Greg. We pray for Israel and the Jewish People. I know of several people who got the jab and are sorry now.

  18. JOL

    A wonderful guest who was willing to speak out. God Bless her. I enjoyed this interview very much and now have a much better idea what this fake, cult in our WH is doing to it’s people.

  19. Randall Maxwell

    The Bible in Hebrew and Greek was delivered to Christians once and for all time in 70 AD. For all in the kingdom to believe the same thing, we needed the reverse of the tower of Babble and to start speaking the same languages in the Kingdom of Heaven. Since the apostasy of 340 AD, Satan has ruled over the kingdoms of men by pretending to be God, the Holy Spirit, A messenger of light, a space alien, or whatever so that we would not realize that Christ has all authority. Saul was persecuting Christians, kicking against the pricks, because He believed Satan. We needed the bible translations of men, the wisdom from below so that Satan and other demons could convince men to murder Christ, and so that they could cause such harm in the world today 1 Cor. 2:6-16. The wisdom from above, the Bible in Greek and Hebrew is given to us in these last days or end times so that for the second time the Kingdom of God, with the Greek and Hebrew Bible – the wisdom from above will break up and consume the kingdoms of men with the wisdom from below Dan. 2:44; 12:4; Joel 2; Acts 2:17-21, etc. all, Indeed the theme of the Bible is that for 6,000 years of humanity we would suffer under the ways of men, until the first, and now the second coming of the ways of God James 5:7-11, after 43 years of contending for the faith, by removing the lies/wiles/seals of Satan from the bibles of men so that we can put on the full armor of God from the Greek and Hebrew Bible Rev. 5:1ff.; Eph. 6:1ff. The Bible from God is as high as the heavens above the ways of men, exceeding abundantly greater than we ever could have imagined Isa. 55:8ff.; Eph. 3:20ff. The Bible translations of men are how Satan, the second horseman of the apocalypse Rev. 6:4 steals our peace and sanity, by lying to us and convincing us we all can be like God!

  20. Yvonne

    What they have put Dr. Nass through is ridiculous. I’ve been following her and her story on Childrens’ Health Defense.

  21. Greg Sabourin

    Looks like they are going all out on depopulation.
    Geo Engineering
    The Food Pyramid, telling people to eat all the wrong things to make them unhealthy.
    Learn about the Proper Human Diet (PHD) from Dr. Ken Berry

  22. Edgar J Hartman

    Thanks for all you are doing Greg 🙏

  23. Peggy

    Hello Greg,
    My neighbor died suddenly two weeks ago.
    (Day 1) Felt very sick.
    (Day 2) Felt very, very sick. He went to the emergency room. Emergency room diagnosed pneumonia in left lung and said he had stage 3 COPD. He was not a smoker and had never had lung problems. Sent him home.
    (Day 3) He drove himself to the emergency room where he died in the emergency room of a blood clot in that lung.
    70 years old with good health except he had back surgeries over the years. From feeling sick to dead in three days. Yes, he had all the vaccines.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the real-world reporting, Peggy!!

    • Roger Dat

      look for comment by “Einstein” on the Karen Kingston video in December 05, 2023. Alleged doctor who claimed usefulness of the herb Andrographis for this sort of problem. This comment was a month later confirmed by another audience person in a subsequent video, comment section, Keith 01/05/2024

      ps… elsewhere, it has been said that vitamin E potentiates Fenbendazole and Ivermenctin. However, others say that it is the delta & gamma tocotrienols (part of the vitamin E complex) that do this. … However, alpha-tocopherol (the most abundant and commonly available form of vitamin E, is said to compete with these for absorption. So best the tocotirenols taken separate from the tocopherols, not in combination. Products are merchandised both ways. All are fat soluble, best taken with fatty food.

      ___ do your own research, not medical advice ___

    • tim mcgraw

      Peggy: Pretty much the same thing happened to my Dad. Pneumonia led to hospital visits led to operations led to more pneumonia and then the hospice with Fentanyl for the final goodbye. My Dad had two jabs.
      What can you do?
      What can you do?

  24. Shiloh1

    ZH headline – “I Don’t Recall”: Forgetful Fauci’s Memory Fails Over 100 Times During Congressional Grilling

    John Kass, formerly of the of the Chicago Tribune, last good guy there who moved to Indiana a few years ago and started his own blog/podcast, coined a phrase for this ailment / ‘legal defense’ when Chicago pols were caught: Fedheimers Disease.

    Fauci is as much of a fiendish psychopath as Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy.

  25. Justn Observer

    Greg, considering this =
    which might be better, a systemic die off or marauding hordes of desperate people due to famine and freezing?
    Seems those countries in the Deagle Report might be those most affected?

  26. The Unselected

    The Pfizer pre trial docs show they used Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) instead of Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) to justify their 95% efficacy number. FDA standard is to use Absolute Risk Reduction, which would have only given less than 1% efficacy had it been used. How many people would have sign up for the experiment at 0.83% efficacy? The answer is clear and the lie exposed.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Unselected
      My understanding is the TPTB also used Relative Risk Reduction when ‘justifying’ the almost universal use of Statins. Statins have been implicated in the rise in Alzheimer’s disease. I have also read a hypothesis that the use of Statins ‘starves’ normal bodily functions of lipids – leading to increased uptake of injected ‘lipid nano particles’.
      Hmmm . . .

  27. Conchita de Garabandal

    while back there was a guest — the know-it-all, expert in computers, linguistics, theology, history, banking, medicine, astronomy, astrology, prepping, martial arts, nutrition, physiology, . . . philology, Hebrew and ancient languages— who defended Operation Warpspeed by claiming, they have to kill people in order to save people.

    . . . So 7.5B have to die, or be wrecked, to save 500M? How is that any different than the stated goals of WEF?

    And don’t forget, the WEF is planning its Great Deception. They also want you to believe Jesus is a space alien or a GMO by space alien.

  28. Frank Cooper

    “They Will Come for Your Homes” – Musk Issues Dire Warning After Illegals Take Over NYC School by Dan Lyman January 10th 2024
    “They’ve run out of hotel rooms, are kicking kids out of school for illegal housing and now they want your homes too,” Musk warns. . . . . . . .

  29. April T. Showers

    LIVE | Putin Visits Region Near U.S.’ Alaska Amid Tensions With West Over Ukraine War/Hindustan Times 20,447 views Streamed live 9 hours ago
    Russian President Vladimir Putin is making his first ever presidential visit to Chukotka in Russia’s Far East. Chukotka is the easternmost region of Russia, with a maritime border on the Bering Strait with the U.S. state of Alaska. This comes amid tensions between the Russian regime and the U.S.-led West over the ongoing war in Ukraine.

    Swallowed up, gone missing, in the vast expanse of Russia’s own? ALASKA! USA!
    Check out the terrifying comments too!
    Vacation/North to Alaska https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dVRvuzyZXM

  30. marty

    “What they want to do next time is create a vaccine in 100 days and roll it out to the entire population in 130 days. Four months and a week, and they want to roll out the next vaccine to the entire world. That is completely crazy! ”
    Not really. They have already validated the “efficacy” of the next “vaccines” through the various illegal labs around the world. They have already created viruses and the “vaccines” and they will unleash them at will to force us into their sick agenda. Smart cities and quarantine camps are the future if we allow it.

  31. Susan R

    This went to a personal level of a conflict with a long-time college friend who lives in Maine, who’s sister died this past year by I don’t know what and lived with her. My friend believes everything mainstream media says and rebukes everything I attempted to enlighten her with. She has a high IQ but is like an Einstein with simple everyday things. I just told her I would not provoke anything else between us by way of politics, we have been friends for over half a century. I intend to follow recommendations to stop this WHO takeover. It will follow party lines though. Republicans vs. Democrats. My state is Democrat, so I expect the worst.

  32. Clyde F.

    The Federal Death Agency (FDA) in conjunction with the Covid Death Center (CDC), under the criminal Obozo-Biden regime, has allowed Pfizer, Moderna and others to peddle their killer-clot-shots.

    These are not “vaccines” at all, but gene-modifying-injections/Bio-weapons that are killing and maiming millions of US Citizens.

    These shots are crimes against humanity.

  33. Clyde F.

    The Federal Death Agency (FDA) in conjunction with the Covid Death Center (CDC), under the criminal Obozo-Biden regime, has allowed Pfizer, Moderna and others to peddle their killer-clot-shots.

    These are not “vaccines” at all, but gene-modifying-injections/Bio-weapons that are killing and maiming millions of people.

    These shots are indeed crimes against humanity.

  34. Justn Observer

    Greg, warning about possible grid down from JP MORGAN to their investors.@ 8:30

  35. I Dig Au

    When your guest referred to the 10th Amendment ” The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people, she omitted the most important part – PEOPLE. That omission completely changes Amendment X.

  36. kay

    Great interview! Thank you for bringing Dr. Nass on. This one needs to be passed on to all our loved ones.

  37. Harve Pell

    NEW: Bill Clinton WITNESSED Epstein Sex Abuse On Island, Giuffre Claims In UNSEALED 2016 Deposition /The Hill 85,110 Premiered 4 hours ago
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss a new batch of Epstein documents regarding accuser Virginia Giuffre.

  38. Trainor

    Very interesting. A crime that they suspended Dr. Nas’ license. These are criminals.

  39. tim


  40. Harfang67

    Absolutely wonderfull Gregg. Just sent a comment to Dr Nass. We’re is a fundamental world geopol power shift and the ones that control the West know very well that they are loosing and doing everything in their power to keep that grasp on us. More than sad. It’s historic and I’m very happy that you’re going to have Dr Nass on your site later on. Keep informing us, especially telling us what to do.
    She said something very important: people are loosing faith in the whole health system….they are at the point of not believing the medical profession anymore. Hey what a backlash!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “67”!

  41. Dr. Larry and Yolie Vierra

    Thank You Dr NASS and Thank You Greg!

  42. Anti-Atomist

    After I commented on neo-Templar neo-Nazis on another website last Thursday, my computer was infected and rendered unusable since Friday. They are gaslighting me with my own computer, making it impossible to move the cursor, zooming in and out, making it impossible to see what you are typing or to hit “send.” They don’t have to shut down the internet, they can remotely censor targeted individuals by knocking out their computer via the IP address at any time of their choosing. They even fooled the Apple techs at the Genius bar, who thought it was a hardware issue. I can tell it is not a hardware issue because it gets worse when I am online, when I am trying to do something meaningful, like warn friends about this international neo-Templar Nazi poisoning and power-grab. They also put red dots next to the word “Nazi” in my browser, as if it was a spelling error, rather than neo-Nazi gaslighting, a prelude to censorship, and Pavolvian conditioning. They also force your computer to look up words they don’t like, and the letter “W” was featured prominently, Traitor! Be warned. I know Google downloaded something onto my computer a few years ago via gmail when they shut down my screenshot function to prevent me from collecting evidence of their digital fascist crimes against citizens. Today, they opened up EIGHT windows with a stop sign, which is a symbol of the international Swiss Neo-Templar criminal organization, OCTOGON.


  43. Shiloh1

    Christy drops out, caught on a hot mike, Haley is going to get smoked –


  44. Jeffrobbins

    Another great interview! I love it when a smart person talks plainly. I remember the line- ‘we need to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated’. They lost the narrative with that one. Of coarse it was meant to force compliance, but it gave away that the vaxed weren’t protected. I am convinced that we are dealing with malthusians in high places. Hard saying what they will try next.- each of us needs to look for some ‘high ground’ for the next decade at least. I say a homestead is such a thing.- still say corn in the KJ is a warning from on high.

  45. Jeffrobbins

    One question for all, why hasn’t any of the migrants had to get any vaccines? Not even for chicken pox, not that i have heard. That would be government money for a product for an ever growing group of people that initially are literally a captive audience. Why isn’t big pharma all over that?

    • Lars Nordstrum

      Remember just like the congress and the senate didn’t have to be vaxed, so too the illegal invading so-called migrants. They’re our replacement, as we all die off from the side effects of the clot shots. We know too the vax was a scam and now the whole virus theory is coming under much more scrutiny. The powers that be, _ Big pharma, brought to you by Pfizer. The military industrial complex, captured by the left, the Dem’s of course captured by George Soros, now he’s run by son Alex. The only independents are our own intell community and our real government without our representation, that has the real power behind the whole enchilada and is our only real hope! That some there, see the error of their ways and are still true patriots.
      Of course, were all implicated, yes you and me too. But some of us see, were this is all heading. Right down the middle of America, both north and south America and the whole world too. A civil war is brewing across the whole face of the earth! Most want peace and security over hope and change and most like what we got here in the USA, or should I say had? The wild card is, who will win?
      Which reminds me. A comment addressed to Mr. Tim McGraw. Abraham Lincoln to Tim McGraw,
      “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” —
      Yup, it’s come down to that! __Hope and Faith!

  46. Dirk Kirk


    Scott Ritter: GAME OVER for Ukraine as Russia Defeats NATO in 24 Larry Johnson Danny Haiphong 65,508 views 10 hours ago
    Former US Marine Corps Intelligence officer and UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter joined the program along with former CIA analyst Larry Johnson to discuss how Russia is in full control.

  47. DK.

    Try this,
    If at first, they don’t want you to succeed, try, try again!
    Scott Ritter: GAME OVER for Ukraine as Russia Defeats NATO in 24.

  48. L.Nordstrum

    Thinking about faith, this is what I came up with.
    HOW would you define faith? Some equate it with blind belief. Influential American essayist and journalist H. L. Mencken once called faith “an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.”
    Bible Teachings explains that faith is a powerful force for good, which can give you stability now and a reliable hope for the future. True faith involves belief in God’s ability to reward those earnestly seeking him. Believers are united by common goals, which include honoring God. But true Christians God of the Bible believe, the Creator of all things, and in imitating Jesus Christ. That real faith, not just credulity. Is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen. https://img.heartlight.org/overlazy/creations/6248.jpg

  49. Michele Anderson

    Dr. Mass and other medical professionals who are speaking out against the bioweapon foisted upon us, should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor..
    There are thousands of others speaking out that get no recognition and are persecuted mercilessly.

  50. Shiloh1

    Jeffrey Epstein and his VIP associates had “prior knowledge” of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in the months before they happened, according to Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey.
    Hervey took to social media to break her silence regarding what she knows about Andrew’s relationship with the notorious child sex offender, claiming that Epstein’s contacts knew details about 9/11 before they happened, including the flight numbers of the commercial airplanes to be used in the attacks.
    According to Hervey, Epstein and some of his close associates bought plane tickets “as souvenirs” of the horrifying and heartbreaking national tragedy.
    “Regarding 9/11 which I’ll touch more on tomorrow, I have a story that connects it to Epstein,” she wrote on Instagram. “As in he knew it was going to happen and so did his close circle. They even bought plane tickets as souvenirs and never got on the planes. This is a whole new level of Sick.”


  51. Revelation 9:11

    On January 6, 2021, as on 9/11/2001, high level deep state criminals in the FBI and CIA were deeply involved in instigating criminal activity, using American citizens as disposable pawns, and preventing law enforcement from doing their jobs in order to bring about a deadly, preventable false flag event that would enable the deep state to bend the historical narrative for their ends and purposes at the expense of everyone involved, especially Constitutional rights denied by extortion and entrapment. In both cases, RINO child-fucker George W. Bush lied about what really happened in order to capitalize on the false flag event, and he was the first to falsely characterize January 6, 2021 as an “insurrection.” Capitol police fired rubber bullets at the peaceful protestors, then Officer Rich Khoury allegedly “misfired” a canister of tear gas into the line of police that were protecting the Capitol building, resulting in the “Surge” that was innacurately blamed on President Trump’s tweet. What if Officer Khoury did that intentionally as part of a pre-planned, deep state script? Police on the scene complained they were “set up” to fail, like the FBI grunts on 9/11.

    According to citizen journalist and former White House hooker, Cathy O’Brien, if George W. Bush really believes in the “Rule of Law,” then he should be arrested for statutory rape of her 16 year old daughter who was illegally terrorized, child trafficked, and sexually molested by him and Dick Cheney during the Reagan Administration, according to her autographed autobiography, “TRANCE FORMATION of AMERICA: The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips” (1995). Journalist author Mark Dice has also called for these claims to be investigated.

    According to her scathing critique of the New World Order, HW’s drug of choice was heroin (p. 163 and p. 196) – not cocaine from the Cocaine Import Agency – and he claims to be an alien (p. 166) with pedophile perversions (p. 158). Carcinogenic gylphosate (AKA RoundUp) was deregulated in 1980 by Vice President George H. W. Bush and 100 million gallons are still being used every year in the United States, laying the groundwork for today’s turbocancers and 600,000+ American cancer deaths every. (44 years x 600,000 = 26.4 million American cancer deaths since 1980, and 17 million COVID-19 bioweapon injection deaths since 2021) 33 million deaths from mass poisonings by Pharaonic neo-Templar Bank Nazis are over 500% more effective than Hitler’s Nazi holocaust. How long will demonrats and phony RINO crime families continue to destroy America, extort Congress, and deny Americans their Constitutional rights?

    In the name of Jesus, deliver us from evil.


    George Bush Tours Monsanto’s Facilities “Dereg Business”

    George W. Bush on Capitol insurrection: “I was sick to my stomach”

  52. danknight

    God bless Dr. Nass,

    And, by the way, thank you for your thank you cards! You’re very welcome. We wish we could do more, but we’re retired.

    … I understand why she watches her words. I can spew my fresh and salty opinions on social media when the platform allows it, but that’s only because I gave up and all of my licenses and credentials are inactive.

    Dr. Nass is subject to censure for ethical violations, defamation lawsuits, and, under the current conditions, it would be easy to charge her with fraud and/or process crimes that could send her to prison. By the expedient of making stuff up, of course. She was very open and expressed her opinions relatively thoroughly considering the legal risks.

    I’d love to give my two cents, but I’m so out of date, it’s irrelevant now. Besides; the conservative or “right-wing” movement has caught up to where we are; so there’s not much to add.

    Keep up the good work, and fear not!

    – God bless.

  53. Doug

    Greg, I listen all the time. My wife and I are going through something respiratory at the moment. We have both survived COVID in the past. We are not vaccinated. I would like to try Chlorine Dioxide. Do you have any info on dosing for that? Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      The bottle says 3 drops of “A” and 3 drops of “B” in 4 ounces of clean water (NOT TAP). Then Dr. Eads says to sip it every hour. I think 20ml of half of a shot is a “sip.” Dr. Eads says use only glass to mix and drink out of. A 10 to 12 oz salad dressing bottle works great and leave the cap off. then you can mix 9 drops of “A” and 9 drops of “B” in 12 oz. You may want to start out with 4 and 4 in 10 ozs for a couple of mixes. That’s all I got. I am not a doctor.

      • Doug

        Thank you so very much. I have so little trust in the medical establishment these days, it boils down to you and the doctors you interview. If I could ask the Lord Jesus one question right about now, I’d ask, “Dear Jesus, how many lives has Greg Hunter rescued over these last few years?” That number has to be enormous. May Yahweh bless you brother, or should I say, “Dr. Brother”?

        • Greg Hunter

          Brother Doug,
          Thank you for your very kind words. You made my day. All the glory goes to Yahweh/Jehovah and Jesus my Lord and Savior. I was just following orders. They are the brains of the operation.
          Brother Greg

  54. Steve Bice

    Birx is still at it.

    I would say she learned all the wrong lessons…but clearly, she is just trying to run cover for her intentional statements to mislead the public.

    She admitted lying about whether the “vaccines” would prevent infection or transmission. The damage these shots have caused is monstrous.

    Yet she and Fauci continue to skate. No accountability, no punishment.

    But like Greg has long predicted, the truth is emerging.

    Their legacies will take a hit, and history will remember them both as liars and charlatans responsible for chronic illness and death for millions.

    It is not over…


  55. Paula

    Off topic but relevant: Life Site News: Pope Francis tells Communists, ” Don’t back down, don’t give up.” The End is near as written in the Book of The Apocalypse.
    Years ago my husband & I listened to Coast to Coast radio interviews of Fr. Malachi Martin. Fr. Martin held back some info of what he knew, but enough info shared to connect the dots if so inclined. Exciting times to live -praying for enduring faith until Jesus returns. Ave Maria

  56. Richard Longacre

    Isn’t it funny how at first everyone that died, died of COVID, even if they died in a car crash. Then, after the DNA altering bioweapon injections starting killing a maiming everyone they stopped releasing any information on why people were dying (died suddenly or mysteriously with no stated cause of death).

    This is all to cover up their crimes and murders and to keep the public ignorant and confused by not releasing any data on deaths, disabilities, or vaccine injuries.

    The WHO/UN Plandemic Treaty has already been agreed to during their last meeting in May 2023. They have made massive changes to the document/treaty that give the WHO/UN even more unchecked powers but rest assured it will be signed in May 2024.

    The rest of the world calls this a “Treaty” even if Obama/Biden doesn’t (trying to avoid the requirement to be ratified by congress). This treaty will steal all national and personal body sovereignty. Dr. Ness is right. Our best defense is “States Rights” and “Individual rights given to us by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights”. Our illegitimated leaders will try to tell us that this “Treaty” supersedes the Constitution even if it is not ratified. Expect some huge battles this year, even bigger than election fraud.

  57. H.Craig Bradley



    95% of practicing M.D.’s will go with the current health care policies and being conservative, sure won’t overtly buck the system in my experience as a patient. Some physicians do not like the system, as it is, but they are not going to jeopardize their practice or medical license by defying it either.

    Essentially most medical doctors are coerced into obeying the directives of their local and state government health directors and medical licensing boards. Doctors who practice medicine and see patients are still largely captives of the system.

  58. Sean

    The globalist want you to be brainwashed into believing if they write a dictate like vax mandates you have to do it. The mass rejections of the mandates collapsed the campaign of coerced jabs proving them powerless to force the masses to do anything when even people say NO.

  59. Pete

    This would not be a disaster. Au contraire mon amie, it would be a staggering success. That of course assumes that we all confront the fact, that the purpose of all this madness is not to “protect” people but, rather, to eliminate them. In fact, it should not even be called a “vaccine.” That’s being too kind, not to mention blind. No, the injections should more properly be called EXTERMINANTS, for that is the means to achieve the objective – mass population reduction. You know, for the planet.

    I believe the true objectives are actually more “pragmatic.” The PTB seeks to greatly reduce its massive financial obligations by killing off the beneficiaries of the many entitlement programs (the elderly, disabled, mentally ill, addicted handicapped, orphaned, etc…). They also have concluded that, with the surge in technology, so many people are no longer necessary to run “the system.” Lastly, there are in fact limits to economic growth (i.e. Peak Oil – the master theory) and, hence, consumption. We do live on a finite planet and there really is not enough for everyone, assuming a Western standard of living.

    Yes, restoring the health planet is a legitimate concern, but it’s the cover story for the real action – global economic and financial reform by furloughing the mass of humanity from existence. Again, Peak Oil, however unacknowledged, is THE underlying geo-physical reality determing the terms of our current reality.

    So do not despair of the WHO, do not try to reason with them or elected officials. Instead, fight them with all you’ve got because your very life is at stake. And we may not have much time remaining, so make peace with your Maker and come to terms with yourself and with reality. May God have mercy on us all.

  60. Lora

    Crazy how these pharmaceutical companies can create MRNA “vaccines” that screw with one’s DNA, ultimately causing cancer and other autoimmune diseases. And then the same pharmaceutical companies create cancer treatments drugs and other limited sustaining drugs for the diseases that they created, doing all this foul play without being held liable in any manner, while making billions of dollars off their misfortunate guinea pigs (sickening).

  61. Greg Austin

    ~40:00 Correction: Amendment Ten, which reads “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” does NOT abrogate individual Rights described in The Bill of Rights, under guise of healthcare or any other state-run enterprise. First Amendment Rights are clear, as are Tenth Amendment Rights–no state possesses jurisdiction to violate the Rights of individuals.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Greg!! Never give up!!

  62. Good Manufacturing Practice

    God blessed them and said to them,
    “Be fruitful and increase in number;
    fill the earth and subdue it.”
    Genesis 1:28

  63. EH Foundation

    Doctor needs to join other doctors across the world standing up against Tyrannical Depopulation Agenda’s ongoing in violation of and Crime’s Against Humanity. More at ICAN Brighteon Maine is Notorious for Witch Hunt Persecution Lawyer Up Tom Renz other Attorneys winning cases She is a white woman who men override Many Unlawful things others endure Don’t be Silent Help is out there We Honor Her Courage Bravery

  64. Earl Robinson

    I am addicted to USAWatchDog! I recommend your reporting to everybody in my circle Greg.

    So let me share with you an idea I have about how to CRUSH the Mandates still going on in Seventy Universities here in the US. I am looking for criticism and suggestions from any and all.

    Put in a nutshell, the students should do the post marketing clinical blood tests that the FDA waived for Big Pharma during the mass rollout campaign.

    Here is the setup:
    We are looking for just two enzymes in the blood; d-dimer and troponin.
    -Go in for the booster
    -Get a blood draw before the shot to establish a baseline
    – Take the shot
    -Go back in every three days for another blood draw. Do this for two months.
    -Get your results.
    -Plot them on a chart

    If the shots did no damage then levels of both enzymes should remain at ZERO for every blood draw over the 2 month period.

    However, if the d-dimer spikes up then levels off and then trails back down over time you have clinical PROOF the shot had an “off target” effect
    and caused damage to the lining of your blood vessels and provoked micro blood clots randomly all over your body.

    If Troponin spikes up you have proof that the shot damaged your heart. (Hospitals look for troponin if they suspect heart damage).

    They told us over and over to “trust the science”. Well this test is the clinical science they should have been doing through all 3 phases of the clinical trials
    in humans. This direct testing is called “Active Monitoring” and FDA Regulations require active monitoring in the clinical phases of a new product. FDA waived
    this testing for all C-19 injections.

    We let them get away with Passive Monitoring. it has allowed the government medical authorities to follow a “See No Evil” approach to the VAERS data
    because each report is merely an “anecdote” given that each one is self reported.

    Students who are under the Mandate are in a position to shift the evidence BACK into the ACTIVE MONITORING Regime by doing their individual due diligence of blood tests.

    Once a sizeable group of students have damning clinical results in hand showing they were damaged, they need to SUE THEIR UNIVERSITY INTO THE DUST OF BANKRUPTCY
    and leave it as a LANDMARK of rubble for future masterminds to take as an object lesson on becoming authoritarians.

    Active monitoring can change the tide against the intransigent system.

    BUT SOMEONE NEEDS TO HELP THEM!!! This won’t happen if they don’t get the information.

    This is a viable and doable action plan to defend the students. Let’s not neglect them. Please help spread the Word.

    Thank you Greg for all you do, even if this plea is outside your racquetball court.

    Earl Robinson

  65. KravWarrior

    Sorry Meryl, these so called CV19 vaccines are just democide brews !!!

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