Deep State Controlled Demolition of America – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular book “Deep State,” says there is a not-so-secret plan to destroy everything in America and everything it stands for.  Newman contends it is the only way for evil globalists to have the tyrannical New World Order they dream of.  The evil destroyers of freedom and liberty around the world will be talking about the demise of America at the globalist COP28 conference in Dubai, UAE next week.  Newman explains, “This is all part of the agenda.  What we are watching now is the deliberate destruction of the American middle-class and the deliberate destruction of the American economy.  Ultimately, if these evil doers get their way, it will result in the deliberate destruction of the United States of America.  We are talking about the controlled demolition of our economy, our military might and everything we hold dear.  This has been known at the highest levels of government for a long time. . . . During the Trump Administration, they had Rich Higgens on the National Security Counsel, and he put together the ‘Higgens Memo.’  People should read this.  He talked about the global alliance of globalists, communists, socialists and Islamists who are all working in unison for the goal of destroying the United States of America.  This is not just as a nation, says Higgens, but even as an ideal.  They want to shift global power over to China and over to the United Nations to gradually and then suddenly destroy the United States.  They don’t just want to destroy this country, they also want to destroy the ideas and principles it is founded upon because it is simply not compatible with this one world system they want.  George Soros told us what the New World Order was going to look like 10 years ago.  He told the Financial Times that China needed to own the New World Order in the same way the United States owns the current one.”

Newman says Donald Trump is not part of the New World Order, and he dismantled much of it during his Presidency.  Newman says, “Donald Trump is the first President in a century who did not go to this weird club of elitists such as Bohemian Grove.  He never went to Bilderberg.  He was never involved with the Council on Foreign Relations.  Trump did not participate in the Trilateral Commission.  He was not recruited in the ‘Scull and Bones’ at Yale like John Kerry, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.  He was just not part of the club. . . . Trump was not controlled by these people.  They were able to manipulate him on some key things like the CV19 shots and the MCA, but ultimately, they did not feel like they could control him.  He was an outsider.  This is why they are absolutely petrified of him coming back now.”

The news is not all bad as Newman says he is seeing a huge backlash from all sectors to the New World Order agenda.  Newman explains, “There is an enormous backlash building.  Just go out and talk to regular people.  Turn off the boob tube, and this is not even propaganda, it is psychological terrorism.  Turn it off and talk to real people. . . . What you will find is normal people who can’t tell you about the Bohemian Grove, the Council on Foreign Relations or the climate scam, but they can tell you ‘we are being lied to.’  Life is getting increasingly difficult.  My spouse and I are both working with two jobs, and we still can’t make ends meet.  We can’t pay the mortgage.  Food costs are going up.  They know that this is not normal.  They know that we have a uniparty with Kevin McCarthy who showed up at the Bohemian Grove just before he was ousted as Speaker of the House.  You have an incredible awareness from people that we are being looted, robbed, deceived and that our country is being betrayed.  You don’t have to watch the fake media to be aware of all those things.  I am encouraged by the awareness of people and the polling data that virtually nobody believes the media.”

There is much more in the 40-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with hard-hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the book “Deep State” that explains it all for 12.02.23.

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  1. Edd

    Mr.Newman is correct in my opinion about Trump.D.Dudims prophecies of the U.S. are also looking accurate. I fully believe that after April we will have a more clear picture of what is coming.April is key.

    • Katy Bar

      Chief economist at ING anticipates that the Fed will soon end its rate increases “designed to cool the economy and bring down inflation” and will commence interest rate cuts from the current 5.33% (beginning in next year’s second quarter). Rate cuts will weaken the US dollar and strengthen precious metal prices but the Fed probably figures it is worth weakening the US dollar (and allowing gold and silver to run up) to prevent a very severe recession (or depression) being brought on by further rate increases (which could severely lower gross domestic production and exacerbate shortages that can actually cause inflation to rise even faster). So – six(6) reductions of 25 basis points each are anticipated to soon begin which will bring the effective Federal Funds rate down to about 3.83% by the end of 2024 and to 2.83% by the end of 2025 (which will mean relatively clear sailing for both gold and silver “over the next year”)!!

      • Greg Hunter

        The Fed has to sell all of this debt and I wonder how they can entice buyers to take our huge amount of debt by cutting the interest the US pays people. I keep hearing the rate cut story and I have for more than a year. I just do not see how the Fed can sell all this debt and cut interest rates and pay people less.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Hi gang, if you want to hear all about Anti Christ – King Charles and The Evil Pope and their agenda JANIE DUVALL has a;l the details. Jamie used to work for Sid Roth on Its Supernatural she has her own show now and has great guests I just watched a show on the COP28 and all the decisions they have made to control all of us if we let them. Charles thinks 🤔 he’s King of Kings👑 and Lord of Lords 🤣
          boy is he self deceived JEHOVAH/ FATHER GOD will NOT SHARE HIS GLORY WITH ANYONE.
          Jamie also interviewed the author of The
          Anti Christ and a Cup of Tea- Cohen a few times great interviews. She’s great! Sid Roth is great also.

          • Here is Janie DuVall’s Youtube channel:

          • Lori

            Hi Linda!

            The video you are referring to is here!:


            While this is an event where many are covenanting for 7 years it is also being used by satan to distract them from understanding their digital dystopian nightmare where no one will be able to buy and sell without a digital ID by 2025!

            Do not fall for this as the true timeline began in 2021 and we are already in the 3rd year of this timeline!:


            • LINDA J CREAN

              Thank you Jan from Budapest & Lori see you in Heaven some day.🙏♥️ 🎁 Merry Christmas!

              • S. Revere

                Linda, well dont count on seeing Lori ”in heaven some day”. She first has to make it through that 7 yrs. of the Tribulation first since she says ‘the rapture is after the Trib” .
                I wonder if she will tell us how she expects to avoid being among the billions of folks that the bible says are gonna be killed during the Trib.

                • travis

                  Where’s this 7yr tribulation and rapture in scripture? I do not see it

            • S. Revere

              Lori, No this timeline did not start in 2021. It has not yet begun. If you and that nutty web site you rely on knew the Bible, you’d know what has to happen that does begin it.
              sumofthyword is way off the mark, they do not know how to read the bible, and have got you all messed up.
              What else can we tell you; you dont listen to correction anyhow, so just stay like you are….misled and deceived.

          • Cliven Bondi

            Barack Obama signed the order to destroy the legitimate smallpox and anthrax vaccines in 2014.
            These “new vaccines” are intended to kiII and will not save a single life, just like the fake “covid” vax.
            The AMAZING thing about all of this is that they are NOT doing anything to actually PREVENT it. With all of the millions of possible plagues and bioweapons out there, they seem to be focusing on this, which should tell us all THEY preparing to release it.
            Funny thing is, this new Vaxx says you need to take it with antibiotics in order for it to be effective.
            And the CDC says that post exposure doxycycline and cipro will prevent anthrax and has prior dosing information for antibiotics alone. So why should I take this new vaxx? Big$money, Big Pfizer🎃Pharma!


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            Phillis Stein BugBite
            18 hours ago
            Very likely and exactly part of what I was going to say, as well as the one above you.


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            xyeke Pureblood
            a day ago
            JAB JAB JAB JAB DEAD !


            Share ›

            Creaker_Life xyeke
            a day ago
            Don’t take it!!!
            They have been experimenting with anthrax vaccines for a long time.
            They forced us to take it during the Gulf War. Between that and the forced anti-nerve agent pills, I am still suffering the sid

        • Coal Burner

          If they actually drop rates at all it will be a trap or turn into a trap. Rates have to go up too destroy the middle class and that is the goal of much of the world. OF course Greg is correct too.

        • Katy Bar

          Greg – I think the reason the Globalist bankers feel they can cut rates and weaken the dollar (which is bullish for gold) is because they are keeping Russia at war in the Ukraine (so Russia has to continually sell their gold to fund their war effort) – and – the Globalists have a back up plan if the war ends in Ukraine (start a war in the Middle East War that involves Russia) – so these “manufactured wars” are another way to manipulate the gold price and keep it’s price from rocketing upward as the US dollar falls (when rates are lowered to prevent a depression)!!

          • Greg Hunter

            You might be right. Nothing would surprise me at this point. We live in a world where evil people running things.

            • Lori

              Please consider having Whitney Webb on as she is on top of whats coming in 2024!:

              • Katy Bar

                How wonderful – that “foreign entities” are being so generous that they will protect American critical infrastructure like dams, nuclear power plants, etc., etc. “for free” if we simply give them our computer cyber codes – and guess what a “foreign entity” (the WEF) is telling us to prepare for before 2024 “a major cyber attack that will shut down our dams, nuclear power plants and internet so Marshall Law can be declared and the US 2024 election canceled (if they see they don’t have enough dead Covid bodies by that time to vote against Trump and defeat him)!! – Is it not our job to protect ourselves?? Why are we giving the keys to our destruction to a “foreign entity”???

        • M bouza

          The fed cannot cut interest rates as described because inflation would spike. They have to maintain current levels of interest rates. They would not be able to attract buyers with lower rates. As it is they are having trouble in the auctions. Too much paper to sell.

        • GREG NELSON


          it’s been a few years since my last correspondence but I’ve remained a regular viewer and fan of you and your work from the beginning.

          Today while watching another great interview with you and, Alex Newman, I had an idea that may help you and all of us good Christian truth seekers.

          During a market research session this past week on Zerohedge, I ran across an article entitled, FED’S BANK BAILOUT FUND EXPLODES TO RECORD HIGH AS MASSIVE MONEY-MARKET FUND INFLOWS CONTINUE. Although another great ZH article the real gem I found was a link in the comments section from another commenter. It was a link to a pretty shocking documentary on Rumble entitled, “THE GREAT TAKING.”

          The documentary was produced by another truth warrior, David Rogers Webb. Who also authored the book of the same name this year, 2023.

          David, tells a facinatingly freightening story of his career in finance as a very successful money manager that eventually abandoned it when he discovered how the Global Central Banks have LEGALLY rigged the system to become the Legal Oweners of all assets including bank and securities accounts during the next controlled financial collapse. IE … The Great Reset.

          So much of the information he discusses as to when and how these organizations legally emplemented legislation to benefit themselves I have learned over the years but never seen it laid out in such a concise way. My thinking is that very few people percentage wise have a clue as to what is comming. Knowing you, I’m sure that you do.

          Greg, my idea is that, if possible I believe David would be a great guest on USAWATCHDOG.COM and tremendous benefit for your audience.

          Keep up the good fight my friend. And thanks for all you do. God bless us all.

          Very truly yours,

          Greg Nelson

          Ps. The Great Taking Documentary

        • Greg Nelson


          it’s been a few years since my last correspondence but I’ve remained a regular viewer and fan of you and your work from the beginning.

          While watching your nterview with, Alexx Newman, it made me think of another article on same topic I caught on Zerohedge and a link in the comments section to a pretty shocking documentary just posted 10 days ago on Rumble entitled, “THE GREAT TAKING.” so not sure you’ve seen it yet.

          The documentary was produced by another truth warrior, David Rogers Webb. Who also authored the book of the same name this year, 2023.

          David, tells a facinatingly freightening story of his career in finance as a very successful money manager that eventually abandoned it when he discovered how the Global Central Banks have LEGALLY rigged the system to become the Legal Oweners of all assets including bank and securities accounts during the next controlled financial collapse. IE … The Great Reset.

          Greg, I’m thinking that David would be a great guest on USAWATCHDOG.COM as he is actively trying to get this information out to all of humanity.

          Keep up the good fight my friend. And thanks for all you do. God bless us all.

          Very truly yours,

          Greg Nelson

    • Tom C.

      Excellent point. Thank you.

    • Trinacria

      I agree Edd, that come Spring something significant is on the way, so we need to be prepared!!!
      Thank you Greg for the work that you do and bringing on Alex Newman, he is one of the best and I will be getting his books.
      You may have seen this, but wanted to share and I hope you will allow it to go through as it is all interconnected and we patriots all need to know:

      5 minute follow up by a reported in New Zealand:

      Greg, you have inspired me to start a local Society of friends to start formally sharing information and ways to protect ourselves and our families and to make decisions that will lead to resistance of all this nonsense that this world order wants to impose. You, Alex N., Austin Fitts, Kingston and so many others have built so much to go on, and I will do my share to disseminate this information. I encourage all people that follow you to do this and help spread the word and information, that you and others mentioned above help to bring to light!!!
      I am preparing an essay to help my friends and colleagues have a background on what is going on in this SPIRITUAL WAR. I have take the liberty to cut and paste something out of my essay, for which you inspired me. I believe it very important to understand and point out what you brought up about Jehovah, so here goes:

      In today’s world of confusion, many religions are monotheistic. However, this erroneously leads some to believe that this all signifies belief in the same God. So, we believe it important to add this verse from The Book of Isaiah 42:8 – “I am Jehovah. That is my name.” Apparently, Jehovah is an English pronunciation of the Hebrew consonants of YHWH, which is the sacred Name of the God of Israel as revealed in Hebrew Scripture. When the Hebrew Scripture was initially written down in the Hebrew language, they wrote only with consonants, not vowels. Circa the 10th century AD, researchers added the vowels to facilitate pronunciation. Therefore, the sacred Name of God was written as “YHWH” and most likely was pronounced as currently written, as “Yahweh.” Also, out of respect for the Hebrew tradition and practice of not uttering the sacred Name of God, some Bible translations have chosen to use the Name “Lord”. Moreover, the central doctrine or dogma of the Christian faith is the belief in God as a Triune or Trinitarian God. Specifically, this means that the unity of the Godhead or Holy Trinity is comprised of God the Father and Universal Creator, Jesus the Redeemer and the Holy Spirit as the Sanctifier. In a later writing, we will further discuss this complex subject as addressed by the Council of Florence in 1338-1445 AD.

      I am now adding, that Christianity is NOT for dummies that have closed their minds and believe in the “flavor of the month” as put forth by these criminals. I pray that many will be converted to Christianity. Even though scripture does not often use the name Jehovah, we must always keep that both in our minds and in our hearts.

      Many blessings to you and all.

  2. Cheri Rodriguez

    During Al Capone’s tax evasion trial in 1931, the judge got word that some of the jury members had been paid off to find Capone not guilty. So at the last minute, the judge switched juries.

    This is the way Trump should have come in in 2016—figuring that the game was rigged and switched up everything. Still do-able in 2024 with a win. Clean out the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc., and bring in state and local people (I’d trust my local corp counsel and police chief over anybody in Washington).

    As for the people in D.C. you kick out, the lower-level ones can always get jobs driving school busses and working at Target. The higher-level ones need to be in concentration camps doing 20 years hard labor.

    • Marie Joy

      Hard labor for mass murder is not enough.

  3. Summer

    Anyone that has visited Alex Newman’s website, Liberty Sentinel, knows this man is the most intelligent, and totally aware of so much of what is happening in society, person on the Internet. Talk about AI is everywhere you turn these days. AI – Artificial Intelligence – should stand for Alex’s Intelligence instead. We learn so much from this man nobody else is even talking about. Love it when you have him on USA Watchdog Greg.

    • Bill

      I agree. Alex has a amazing mind.

    • F Vevaina

      That’s a beautiful dream. Unfortunately, the rot is embedded so deeply, it will be a miracle if a single person can do this in one term. I believe that any directional changes can only be a very slow and one that is strongly tied to the fortunes of the US dollar. If the Dollar loses its reserve currency status, the US will be forced to change direction albeit over a few years.

  4. Neville

    AAcrime is in one hell of a mess and has been for decades,
    all thanks to to criminals that make up the deep state or the neocons.
    Call them what you like they are cancer to AAcrime and the rest of the
    world.Cut them out of your society…..Now here’s the thing when
    OUR SAVIOUR LORD JESUS CHRIST returns they will be history as their
    KARMA will catch up to them wherever they are in the world.

    Thanks Alex great show

    • Katy Bar

      So why don’t we simply arrest and hang both Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab? Likely because they will be well rewarded by Satan when they go to Hell – and we (the ones being ruthlessly murdered) definitely don’t want them to live in luxury down there – so our strategy is to “keep them alive here on Earth” and “Torment Them With Our Words” – Martin Armstrong is doing a good job in tormentingly joking about Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Joe Biden saying if they all died together in a plane crash and showed up before Satan at the Gates of Hell – Gates would say: “I was simply helping reduce society of its useless eaters and clearly I’m in the wrong place. Klaus would say: – “me too”!. As for Biden – He is so confused he does not even know where he is!!
      Satan puts Biden in a small steaming hot cell with no air conditioning.
      But Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are escorted to a a beautiful air-conditioned Mansion and told to share it. They ask “why do we have to share – why can’t we have the whole Mansion for ourselves”. Satan replies: Because I’m unsure right now which one of you will send more people to me in Hell – Bill you did a great job killing 20% of the vaccinated, and you Klaus, stole everyone’s assets, made them eat bugs and created massive wars. But it’s only when I have the Total Death Count can I decide who keeps the beautiful mansion for them-self – but – I must congratulate you both for doing One Hell of an Excellent Job – beating the death counts of Hitler, Lenin, and Genghis Khan combined – which was very very impressive. Well done my loyal Demons!!!

  5. The Good Guy

    Nobody will do anything because they are not affected by any of them. What will trigger a civil unrest is going to be of a financial debacle. And then… we will see people taking action.

    • Cousin vinny

      I full agree this is going to end up in the streets! Those who do not see this are blind I hope and pray that there is another solution but I clearly do not see it. We cannot vote our way out of this dilemma!

  6. Country Codger

    Mr. Newman is perhaps one of the smartest young people in the last 50+ years to come out and speak TRUTH against the lies of the globalist. Excellent, excellent interview.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  7. Tom C.

    Greg, as always, thank you for the terrific job you’re doing.
    Alex is is always on top of what’s really happening.
    Never in human history has humanity faced evil on this scale.
    May God bless us all and God bless America.

  8. stanley skrzypek

    The Most Well Spoken…. the Most Important Fighter….and the Most Articulate Guest….
    Trying to Save America…..Alex Newman…Please Heavenly Father…send you’re Protection to Alex and Greg Hunter, Fighting the Demons, and Sounding the Alarm.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Stanley!!
      Brother Greg

  9. Ron

    Here in the UK, our postal service is also being degraded by Climate Change propaganda. For example, I bought a used part for my old fridge freezer on eBay which was dispatched on 21st November from the Isle of Man (between the UK and Ireland) and has not arrived yet after 12 days.
    The seller’s reason:
    “Until about a month ago all the mail coming in and leaving the Isle of Man went by plane, which it had done for decades, and generally arrived the next day, but this was stopped by Royal Mail on environmental grounds, however this came just as they replaced the ferry which only happens every 25 years but the new boat seems to be having teething problems and sometimes doesn’t sail, consequently I have had a few customers waiting for their items.”


    Hi gang, if you want to hear all about Anti Christ – King Charles and The Evil Pope and their agenda JANIE DUVALL has a;l the details. Jamie used to work for Sid Roth on Its Supernatural she has her own show now and has great guests I just watched a show on the COP28 and all the decisions they have made to control all of us if we let them. Charles thinks 🤔 he’s King of Kings👑 and Lord of Lords 🤣
    boy is he self deceived JEHOVAH/ FATHER GOD will NOT SHARE HIS GLORY WITH ANYONE.
    Jamie also interviewed the author of The
    Anti Christ and a Cup of Tea- Cohen a few times great interviews. She’s great! Sid Roth is great also.

    • S. Revere

      Linda, just yesterday our pastor spoke at length about
      the COP28 conference presently going on in Dubai
      thru to Dec. 12, and of its vital significance to end-times.
      Especially relating to the 7 year treaty which the anti
      christ will be signing, which begins the Tribulation. All the worlds leaders
      are there, the pope, king charles, etc. by Mandate,given no choice but to attend. so it seems they really mean serious business now.The details of COP28 are not yet clear,but for now, suffice it to say that ithas a lot of the ”shades of end times” all over it. It seems also to coincide with their agenda 2030; they want all their plans for this world completed
      BY Dec. 2030 and that they need 7 years to complete everything. Hmm,
      sounds to me like they demand to start that 7 yr. clock Now, Dec.
      2023. May from Israel are in attendance and the building of their Temple
      is going to be addressed. Note that the Trib lasts for 7 yrs. and that cannot
      begin until after the rapture. It is written.
      (connrct the dots)

      • Christian

        The Harvest is at the last trump. 1 Cor 5:52. The last trump is the 7th Trumpet at the Harvest in Rev 11 to 14. Tribulation is not the Wrath of 7 Vials. Tribulation comes before the Wrath.

        We are told the dead rise first. The Pre-Trib Rapture teaches that the living rise first. God is not a liar. Please stop with the rapture nonsense.

  11. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg- thanks Alex. Here’s a far out idea to ponder= so I’ll say it. No one has ever really understood the phrase “abomination of desolation”. It’s often thought the last itineration will be the anti-Christ in the temple or some other version of idolatry. That takes care of the abomination part, but what about desolation? That should mean some kind of nothing, empty, void, and so on. It’s not to hard to imagine the marring of AI run in the interest of a world religion- how about a hologram that talks and responds to questions and seems all knowing. With facial recognition every person going there and logging in would be known and known about. They’ could pipe it in to every home and screen and just make an occasional tweak to the algorithm. At least i see it as an easy path forward. There’s already been some AI generated sermons, or so i hear. And for Musk, i don’t trust him, not sure why.

  12. S. Revere

    Gregg, just to backup a bit here, what is the qty. or strength
    of nattokinase to take per day? And is there a period of time
    or intervals to take it?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am Not a doctor “S.” You might get this from The Wellness Company or Dr. Peter McCullough. Dr. Kory would know too and so would Dr. Eads.



      S Revere ! Thanks for asking this question I’ve been trying to figure out the same thing I believe I should be taking it but don’t know how much. Thanks!

    • Susan

      Form Dr McCullough:

      Nattokinase 2000 FU (100 mg) x 2 daily
      bromelain 500 mg 1x daily
      nano curcumin 500 mg x 2 daily

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Susan!
        I know from Dr Kory and Dr. Eads that a standard dose of Ivermectin is 9 mgs per 100 pounds. Humans for 100 pound dose is the same as a horse.

  13. Robert says no

    I wonder why Alex referred to his “spouse” and not his wife?

    • Greg Hunter

      Alex is married to a woman and has 5 children. If you go back and listen again, Newman is describing what people are saying about the economy. In this case a husband and wife.

    • rwmctrofholz

      He was referencing people he met on the street.

  14. Justn Observer

    Greg, and Mr.Newman, just more gas on the fire it seems, from all sides as per the interview. Some aware, more seem not to be or least do not show it.
    Persoanlly, I do not see enough will even speak up, let alone say anything or even share the info. To many ‘party animals’ and not enough people with half what the founding fathers risked for this grand experiment of ‘self -rule’ with a Constitution and Bill or Rights few seem bothered to defend.
    All of what you speak, as we now fine the nation’s wealth squandered, and committed – AGAIN – to two wars with potentially perilous outcomes.

    Scott Ritter on the ‘other side’ with a STARK AND CANDIDLY FRANK informed personal opinions many may NOT agree with. =
    “Right now my sympathies are with H@mas Russia not w/ Israel Ukraine because of peace” =

    EQUALLY FRANK DISCUSSION BY John Mearsheimer on the situation in Ukraine and where it will likely go = don’t be surprised to see mushroom clouds?

    HOW did we get sucked back imto the Middle East…and why are so many against DJT getting back in the WH?

  15. Shane

    The only way to save America is by all of us “building up our community.” This means door to door invites to monthly meetings locally where once in place will mean getting deputized by the local top law enforcement officer … and go from there.

    Greg – why don’t you ever do a show on what everyone wants now SOLUTIONS?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am a reporter and not an activist.

      • robert messina

        I highly recommend Bridgette Gabriel at Anti-Defamation League . . . she is activist extraordinaire

        • Greg Hunter

          I have always liked her! She has guts and is brave.

      • Jake

        Well said Greg, we all have our roles and you perform yours superbly!

        That said I know of two men who are actively working to form communities:

        Canceled comedian Owen Benjamin and his “Bear” community which is not strictly religious in nature but strongly Christian in practice.

        Author Forrest Maready who wrote a great book about the polio vaccine scam and whom is involved in creating a new Christian sect called “Protarian”.

        I think the USAWD audience would enjoy hearing you interview both if it could be made to happen.

    • S. Revere

      Shane, before anything can be fixed, you have to first do a thorough analysis of just what the real problem is, and find the root cause . So let me try to show you just what is wrong with America and the entire world, to shed some light on things:
      For men are lovers of themselves, covetous, boasters, proud, bpashhemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without Natural affections, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. (from such, turn away) 2 Tim 3
      I think no one can deny THESE are the things that are wrong with this decayed world, along with a zillion other similar ‘sicknesses’ . And so it seems all THESE things would be first on ”The Fixit Roster” but that is neve going to happen, because Mankind does not want to follow ‘the Remedy” which is ……
      “IF my people who are called by My Name would humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, THEN would they hear from heaven, and forgive their Sins and……….Heal their land. (2 Cron 7:14)
      The bottom line is: all the worlds problems we are seeing NOW are spiritual problems and you cannot fix spiritual problems by worldly means. These are problems of the Heart and mankind does not want to change their heart, and will not allow God to change their heart. (we could say this world has a terminal heart condition)

      Here is an example: In the days of the Prophet Jeremiah the people of Jerusalem became sinful and wayward and put God on the backburner, as we would say. And so God finally sent Jeremiah to them with a prophetic Message to tell them that He was going to destroy Jerusalem. Immediately the people were so alarmed because they loved their city Jerusalem so much that they pleaded with God telling Him ”that they would do ANYTHING He asked, just dont destroy their beloved city”. And so God told them, in essense, ok, straighten up and stop what you are doing, etc.
      And they DID, and so God did not proceed to destroy Jerusalem.

      This is Gods method of opertion. Back then, and still today. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. (Now you can see why and how this world got into all this mess, and why no man will be able to fix it. Many people are looking for ”all the right things, in all the wrong places”. Only the one who Created it, can ”fix it”.)

      • Christian

        God gave us a shovel. Its up to us to dig the hole and not pray for a hole.

        Rev 21:8. Cowards are the first to be thrown into the lake of fire. Learn this.

    • TwoGeese_Flying

      14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  16. z

    Greg and Alex , please rerad this book.

    1666 Redemption Through Sin: Global Conspiracy in History, Religion, Politics and Finance Paperback – May 15, 2015 by Robert Sepehr

    Things will make more sense, Its a light read 78 pages. All religions have been infiltrated and subversion ww and us. Has critical history and great analysis that explains what going on in America. He would be a great guest.

    Blessings to you both.

    Stanley Kubrick describes in his movies. A friend and fellow chessplayer.
    RIP Stanley.

  17. Ed Siceloff

    If so many countries were wanting to stop “global warming”, or climate change, why do they participate to the degree that they do in making war. In all the destruction, is there not mammoth releases of carbon dioxide and and other green house gases. This is not to even mention the creation of poisons spread all over the environment.

    • Prospector

      ED , the whole ‘ climate change warming ‘ scam is a FAKE construct built up as excuse to seize all assets and means of production in a merger of global ( regional ) nation states and corporate power = GLOBO-FASCISM.

      They admit it.

      In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. …The real enemy then is humanity itself.
      Aurelio Peccei – Club Of Rome in the book – The First Global Revolution

      In response to the first comment up top : Trump trials begin in March 2024.
      I can not shake the feeling that this will be disrupted by major events because Trump cannot be allowed by TPTB to present ANY evidence of their many crimes.

    • Katy Bar

      Yeah! The Insanely Psychopathic Globalists want to “Stop Global Warming” by immediately starting a Nuclear War that will “Heat Earth’s Atmosphere” with “Thermo-nuclear Fireball Explosions” that are Ten(10) to Twenty(20) times “Hotter Then The Center Of The Sun”!! –

      • Stan Lee

        The Globalists are now telling all the people on Earth that “Nuclear War Is No Big Deal” – so they can begin setting off Thousands of Thermo-nuclear Weapons and get people acclimatized to Earth being “Hotter Then Hell”!! – this way – the Globalists and everyone else who joins them in Destroying God’s Earth – can enjoy the Much Milder Temperature’s (when they move off world) to their final Vacation Resort Paradise in Hell (that Satan has so graciously prepared for them)!!!

  18. Roger Stamper

    tks alex greg

  19. D. Woh

    Greg, as you know, I have been saying all of these things since I found your articles. I studied this in the 1980’s with four others and we covered all that he covered here, It is an excellent article that needs to be out to the public, but will not be given to all as the OWG people will start blocking it if it gets to very many more. But keep them coming Greg as it needs to be OUT TO ALL THE PUBLIC NOW.

  20. CatherineCronin

    there will be GOD’S agenda that outweighs the human agenda. Noah may have been the only man standing after the flood but the destruction of all life on earth is lining up to be destroyed again, and hopefully good people in the world will survive. this is the most dangerous aspect of humanity’s existence. the vax the drugs the diseases, the wars will dissolve and the destruction will be ongoing until the world is diminished and then whoever is left will have to deal with the monsters behind this agenda if they aren’t all destroyed by God first. Gods agenda will be to destroy evil and bring peace and life in a new way. its very scary to think about this during our life on earth, but the stories in the Bible are there for this very reason and that it explains that this aspect of humanity evil vs. good, is exactly what created problems for humans for thousands of years. the evil which God allowed to encourage freedom of choice, will be destroyed. and therefore only those who truly know and please God during their lifetimes will be around. that is exactly what God promises but only after evil is destroyed. it takes faith to believe this but it seems the only way that makes sense given what Alex Newman is describing. Heaven help us. God will NOT Forsake us in America because our country has been established to help the world. these monsters know that and wants to destroy us before we can stop them. they don’t believe in God and therefore they will meet their ends and they will disappear from the world. How, think about what God said in the Bible about how to develop our lives in a way to build a better way. It’s just a matter of time before their agenda fails and we become part of the new world of Gods agenda.

  21. Brian Susi

    Forgot to mention Elon banned Alex jones from Twitter

  22. Da Yooper

    Greg can or have you looked into interviewing Elon Musk?

  23. Sheila

    Superb interview Greg. Thank you!

  24. Rand Rothey

    ‘They destroy America for the same reason they destroyed Italy after the renaissance. which transferred to Germany. And they bombed Dresden, trying to stamp us out. The Germans, I lived in Germany for over two years in my youth, are as innocent as we are, but ‘they’ are killing them and us simultaneously, and for the same reason. We have intuition and conscience. So it is really only our access to God ‘they’ are after. We must be very careful because even the elect can be deceived.

  25. Thomas Malthaus

    What is the MCA?

    • Greg Hunter

      United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement :

      • Katy Bar

        Why is it “the American People” don’t get any right to vote on such very important matters (like Dissolving the United States of America out of Existence)???

        • Stan Lee

          They are taking our whole Nation because the criminals in charge “think they rule the world” – the following chart proves these criminals really don’t give a damn how much they take without our permission!! – – we are now at the point where all the American people and others holding US dollar assets are being treated exactly the way they are treating the Russians – “these Globalist criminals simply steal everything”!! So we must do as the Russians have done “Buy Physical Gold” (if we want to at least protect our financial assets as our Nation is stolen)!!!

  26. Carol


  27. Susan R

    Outstanding. The two of you icing the cake. If we were to take this all to heart no one could carry on, yet that is what we have to do. I do not do this alone, my maker is my source of light in this dark world. No matter, there is life after death and there we go leaving all the demonic atrocities behind. What we all work so hard for in this life will stay with us, fear not.

  28. Shiloh1

    Great interview of Alex, Greg. Looking forward to the follow-up in a few weeks and release of Alex’ s book. The damage done by government school teachers, administrators, guidance counselors and school boards the past 2 generations cannot be overstated.

    Regarding Musk devil costume – it could have been worse – like wearing a Hillary mask with a Chairman Mao dress. Trick or Treat indeed!

    • Greg Hunter

      I can’t wait to hear what Newman saw and heard at the evil UN climate crazy conference!

  29. wayne hardin

    Alex .
    Everything you talked about the word of God says must come to pass .
    That tells me it cant be stopped .
    It wont be long before people will make the choice to take the mark or stand
    for God and may be killed for doing so .
    But the word says .
    Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
    Some will be like Esau and give up their birth right for food .

    I know that is not a popular word but is true non the less.
    Anybody that takes the mark there is no hope for .

    Wayne Hardin

    • Greg Hunter

      I am afraid you are correct sir. We just got to find a way to hold out for Jesus.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I still think the horrible results of the jab will cause some people (whose family was injured or killed by the jab) to go ballistic on the deep state.

        Great show


    • S. Revere

      wayne, you are so right; the majority will take the
      Mark for food etc. Just like they took the jab to keep
      their job. And yes, once they take the Mark, there is
      no hope; they are done for then.

  30. tim


  31. Nacht Musik

    the USS Carney, and multiple vessels, are now under attack
    & Iran linked hackers are targeting USA water systems

    Watchwoman65 – Rapture watcher

  32. Prospector

    Pentagon Confirms US Warship, Commercial Ships Under Attack In Red Sea
    SUNDAY, DEC 03, 2023 – 01:05 PM
    Update (1305ET):

    CNN’s Pentagon reporter Haley Britzky reports that the US Arleigh Burke-class destroyer Carney shot down two drones belonging to Yemen’s Iran-supported Houthi rebels.

    The destroy then received a “distress call from the civilian commercial vessel M/V Unity Explorer, after the Carney saw at least one ballistic missile fired at the Unity Explorer & land in its vicinity.”

    Gulf Of Tonkin is trending. Fun week ahead. Distraction from Bidenomics

  33. Southern Girl/Older Lady Now

    It took me a long time to be red pilled over time. Your mind says this cannot be true. ..Normalcy Bias. Well, it has taken me a long time to be red pilled about my Catholic Church. Our Bishop here in Arkansas shut our churches doors when Covid hit. So then slowly let people come back to wear the mask. You could not take communion on the tongue and the priest/eucharistic minister had to put the wafer in your hand. And you had to stay 6 ft. apart. Well, something inside said NO!! This is not for me. I am unjabbed and never wore a mask.
    When this so-called pope was elected all my Protestant friends said they liked him. Red Flag on the field. I have never trusted him.
    Me I have not gone back. I have found some prophets online that preach what they hear from God. They all have different deliveries, but they all say the same thing. They are all Protestants (nothing wrong with that). This pope is not from God as far as I am concerned.
    I have fallen out of favor with two of my siblings that say, ” why don’t you come back? They took the dang blue pill. I don’t think I can wake them up. SAD!

    • S. Revere

      Well congratulations Southern Girl. You are right about
      this pope, he is straight from hell and on the way there.
      I cant believe anyone would remain under his leadership.
      Dressing up in that all white garb and putting that silly
      crown on his head ”to look as if he is some king of the earth”
      LOL how stupid is that. God never established any of these
      denominations; in the bible various congregations were all
      designated by their location, such as Ephesus, Corinth, Galatia
      (not selling anything, but just in case you like current day
      preaching that is up to date, and relates to what the bible
      says about these end times, then you might like
      He is bible only, non denominational know simply as Calvary Chapel.
      Click on prophecy vids for prophecy ‘sermons’)

  34. Shiloh1

    Bill Holter, John Rubino, Martin Armstrong and others interviewed have been talking about a false flag for when the system collapses – or more accurately to collapse the system. Whitney Webb on the topic –

  35. Paula

    Happy New Year! Advent begins today, the beginning of the liturgical new year. For Catholics, Advent is a time full of reflection, hope & excitement as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus the Christ. We celebrate Christmas until the Feast of Epiphany, January6. Epiphany means revealing as when the Magi, Three Wise Men or Three Kings traveled from the East to pay homage to the newborn King, Jesus the Christ, revealing Him to the world.
    I never cease to be amazed how God uses dates to reveal to us. Jan. 6, 2021 revealed much…January 6, 2021 was not a coincidental date. It was a revealing of the rot in our government which should warrant this Advent season to be one of reflection, penance, & prayer as we prepare our hearts anew to receive the Miracle of Jehovah God in flesh. May Jehovah Father God withhold judgement on America & all who belong to Him. Ave Maria

    • S. Revere

      Paula, Jesus does not have a birthday in
      December; more like late sept. early oct.
      His true birthdate has never been given
      and we dont see where even the Apostles
      ever celebrated it.
      Jeremiah 10 tells us ‘do not go cut down a
      fir tree, bring it in the house and decorate
      it, like the heathens do.
      I cant help but notice most of the world
      loves the festiveties and ”getting stuff”
      but they have No regard for Him. And
      so I see it as hypocritical, overall.
      Just sayin’

  36. Southern Girl/Older Lady Now

    Brilliant Interview!!
    As a retired educator for 28 years, I can attest to what Alex is saying about education. I retired in 2007 but could see it coming. My last year I was threatened by two students: One black and one white. Well, that was it for me. They started little by little changing things to alter behavior in the students and teachers. One year it was multi-culture…that was so that you had to know about all the gods and not the one true GOD! That didn’t work with me in my classroom. I had religious (Catholic) paintings and even a crucifix on the walls.
    They have succeeded with my nieces and nephews. Most went in religious and came out atheist and not wanting children. The demons infiltrated everything in education and had a slow plan. You know one small step at a time.
    Will buy the book for sure. Smart guy to interview Greg. Thanks, Alex, for going to the conferences and letting us know about their evil agenda. BUT it is no going to make it because of GOD’S AGENDA!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for weighing in here.

  37. jj reference to Cop 28 with a Prayer of Resistence for Prayer Warriors —
    Conference runs through Dec 12, from Liberty Action Network

    • S. Revere

      jj, I sure hope the COP28 ends their conference over
      there, with a 7 yr treaty they are aiming for, so we
      can move forward with what is inevitable. We are
      gettin’ rapture weary here, lol.
      Steve Quayle needs to go back to bible school and
      get a real handle on the Times we are in, take a good
      hard look at Reality, and realize it is fast becoming
      impossible to actually live a real life here.

  38. z

    What happens when the US Treasury is borrowing new debt at $3 trillion per year?

    At the moment it is draining Reverse Repos from the Fed, but that source will be empty soon. What happens next?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good question. I think this is part of the bond meltdown Polny is predicting in the first quarter of 2024.

    • S. Revere

      Z, king Charles has just said that he will need 5 Trillion per Year to run things. He is referring to the upcoming NWO they are cooking up where ”you will own nothing and
      br happy”. Charles is apparently the ”treasurer” of that Order. What they left out is that the ”President” is going to be the very soon coming anti christ guy, and it is actually called the 7 yrs of Tribulation (also known as the time of jacobs trouble, also known as the time of the wrath of God upon a Christ rejecting world).

  39. JOHN DOE


    • Greg Hunter

      That is a total lie by McAfee. Turn it off. Actually, I would not use it at all. Most computer experts use Microsoft defender and nothing else.

  40. Moray

    The wealth stripping started in the 70’s with loss of gold standard. Then the mass shootings started with Clinton in the WH. Clinton also turned the white house into hustler magazine with his antics. NAFTA/Wall Mart- further wealth stripping happened. They (oligarchs- a ton of them are Jewish!) took down Detroit and plan to take down the rest of the country. Red Ice TV on Odessy is highly supportive of us whites. We are the first target – they are stirring up BIPOC hate and murders of whites. Ever since the central bank, the USSA has been at war. There is a giant list of all the wars that the banksters (mostly Jews) have created.

    • Perry

      That’s right blame the Jewish People for your failure in life. While you were probably drinking beer and partying Jewish People were getting an education and now you are bitter and jealous. Sad life.

      • Greg Hunter

        I Hate the Jew haters. I remind them, “You do realize Jesus was a Jew.”

        • Rick

          People are confusing jews with Zionist.

  41. Coal Burner

    I think Alex is right about Americans. I was a bell ringer Saturday at the local grocery store. I am an older guy and people are relaxed talking to me. I second everything Alex said. Most of Salvation Army donations go straight to our local food bank. Many passersby were poor people but honest people and good Americans. They donated what they could, some more than they could afford because they understood what is going on. Hundreds passed by and many talked with me. They all seemed to understand what is happening. Where I live there is no particular prevalent skin color and no one cares about that. We are just people trying to keep food on everyone’s table. Oh and not one believes the news media. They put some reliance in the local media but none when you get out of town.

  42. steve

    semi off topic but a must listen …long but worth it Francisco Gil-White Shares a Shocking Revelation on The Israel-Palestine War. find it on utube

  43. Mark in OKC

    Hey Greg,
    You don’t have to post this.
    Just wanted to make you aware of the video post that Martin Armstrong just posted today about a New Zealand whistleblower showing a huge increase in deaths that appear to be related to the bioweapon jab. In one town, the deaths were 33%… and this is using the NZ government’s data.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Mark in Oklahoma City

  44. Mark in OKC

    Dear Greg, you don’t have to post this.

    After watching the New Zealand whistleblower video, a strange thought occurred to me. Since the US Census counts lump illegal immigrants with American citizens, could those numbers be used to cover up the number of bioweapon deaths?

    Wondering minds want to know.

    Best regards,

    Mark in Oklahoma City

    • Greg Hunter

      If you don’t mind, I will post.
      Thanks for the thought-provoking question.

    • Katy Bar

      Also – the reason the Globalists needed to kill millions of people with their Covid-19 Bio-weapon Shots before the 2024 election “was not just to kill off the useless eaters” but to “increase the dead voter roles” – this way – the Demon-rats would be able to use all those killed by the jab “to vote against Trump in 2024” (along with the millions of illegal aliens coming across the border) – so – with the border “still open” – and people “still dropping dead of the jab” – the Demon-rats probably figure they still have a good shot at winning in 2024 – along with their psychopathic warfare tactics against us whereby they discourage many Trump supporters (not to bother to vote) because they see in all the Demon-rat controlled news media (TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc., etc.) that Biden is only at 9% in the polls!!

      • Stan Lee

        And lets not forget – the really bad “killer jab vials” were distributed by Demon-rat Globalists into “Key Republican States” TO KILL OFF REPUBLICAN VOTERS (and then use their dead bodies from the grave to vote for a Demon-rat in 2024) – and these same Republican States are also where most of the illegal aliens are being shipped by the Demon-rats “to take up legal residence” where they will soon be given the right to vote (for a Demon-rat) in 2024!! – so we Trump supporters have a lot of Evil Demon Connivers to contend with – therefore “we can’t just sit home and not vote” (based on the media making it look like Trump is a shoo in)!!

        • Katy Bar

          What we the public (now being methodically murdered by the Globalists) need to do is set up (and continually contribute to) a $300 Million Dollar or more “Whistle-blower Fund” – to support Whistle-blower’s with a Million Dollars each when they come out against the Globalists (who always retaliate by putting them out of a job). Let’s make our Whistle-blower Hero’s Millionaires (like the NFL makes our Sports Hero’s millionaires) and by doing so I bet we can bring down the entire Evil Globalist Empire (who have already killed Twenty(20) million of us) “Within One Year”!!

      • S. Revere

        Katy, my son likes to listen to the conservative
        talk show guys a lot, and today he told me one
        of them was just telling that about 100 Thousand
        chinese have crossed our open borders totally,
        so far. Now just picture what that will be like
        when they get the ”go ahead” signal to do what
        they came here to do”.
        Oops, I forgot about all those folks who ”want this
        beloved country back” ; did they say what they
        are gonna do with all the millions of these invaders?
        (cant forget to include all the terrorists who have also
        walked across the ‘welcome mat” bribem has rolled
        out for them all this time.)

  45. Marie Joy

    To bend over or not to bend over. That is the question.

  46. Clown Show

    Beijing Warns U.S. After Warship ‘Illegally Enters’ South China Sea | ‘Not Our Friend…’
    Hindustan Times 2,666 48 minutes ago
    U.S. combat ship USS Gabrielle’s entry into the South China Sea has rattled Beijing. China’s military said the U.S. Navy ship illegally entered waters adjacent to the Second Thomas Shoal. “The U.S. seriously undermined regional peace and stability,” said a Chinese military spokesperson. He added that the U.S. disrupted the South China Sea and violated China’s sovereignty.

  47. V. Locke

    Yes, Mainstream Journalists Are Actually PAID To Lie. w/ Aaron Maté
    The Jimmy Dore Show 149,947 views Nov 25, 2023
    Working in mainstream media, and even some corners of the alternative or online media, all but requires one to abandon the truth, pitch false narratives and sell out to powerful corporate interests. But why? That is the question our hosts and guest confront in this segment.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to journalist Aaron Maté ( ask about whether media sellouts are actually paid explicitly to do so, or they merely take the path of least resistance.

    Rumble Announces MASSIVE LAWSUIT Against Woke Censorship Group, Joins Elon Musk In WAR Against LIARS! Timcast 138K views 4 days ago
    Rampant disregard for the truth, censorship isn’t designed to protect anyone; it’s designed to combat dissent. Tim Pool’s opinions and commentary didn’t get him thrown under the buss. But getting too close to the truth did. The left eat their own!
    Tucker Carlson Suggests WE ARE UNDER ATTACK, As US Energy Infrastructure, Food, & Air Are Sabotaged 9 months ago, head fake? What about now?
    Paranoid delusion or are we under really attack.!

  48. Valery Zahluzsimovovichski Jr.

    Putin-Zelensky ‘Deal’ Soon? Russia, Ukraine Army Chiefs Talking Secretly, Claims U.S. Journalist /Hindustan Times 6.26M subscribers 75,009 views Dec 3, 2023
    The Army chiefs of Ukraine and Russia are reportedly secretly holding peace talks. A U.S. journalist has claimed that the two high-ranking generals are seriously discussing a peace deal which involves Ukraine surrendering Crimea in exchange of entry to NATO. Russia invaded Ukraine last year and since then the fight is raging without any durable ceasefire.

    • Harry Mercer

      m Pool’s opinions and commentary didn’t get him thrown under the buss. But getting too close to the truth did. The left

  49. Harry Mercer

    “He’s a Loser!” – HEATED Debate About Trump’s Character
    Valuetainment/ Cenk Yugar of Young Turkey’s
    I remember sipping a bourbon on election night 2016 watching Cenk blow a gasket 😂😂😂
    Love the way Pat let’s people show us how stupid they are without them even knowing
    At the 2020 election, I decided to vote in person. After I filled out my ballot, I walked over towards the Ballot Box and this guy that was a volunteer grabbed my ballot, and threw it on top of a stack of other ballots on a table! I told him to put my ballot in the Ballot Box! He said he would in a minute and that I can leave! I stuck around at the doorway, and a lady that had a Democrat button on her jacket walked up to the Ballot Box and the same gentleman took her ballot and put it into the Ballot Box!? He saw me and said something to two other guys, then motioned to me. They walked over to me and said, Let’s go buddy! And they ushered me out of the building!! I still don’t know what happened with my ballot, or the pile, which I figured were about thirty ballots? This is why I believe the election of 2020 was manipulated, and the reason why I’ve volunteered for the 2024 election as a Watcher!!!
    11 days ago
    My gawd this guy is insane! I love the way these guys allowed him to betray his insanity. Nice job

    “So, Trump Has Your Vote?” – Chris Cuomo Reveals His Thoughts About 2024 Election

  50. A_Friend

    The Globalists will fail when the USDs and the Global Financial System is destroyed. The USD is the blood of their system, the CB is the heart of the beast.

    People will walk to the slaughter house as long their cash still have value. Without value, bribes will not work. What is keeping the system afloat is the people by themselves.

    Humanity is not ready yet, the ones that are ready, they are growing desperate.

    • Greg Hunter

      You sound like Bo Polny!!

  51. A Day

    It’s biblical. once we walk in the light we can never go back to the darkness. No amount of earthly powers can make that happen. To have us forget the advancements made and known to mankind is akin to efforts to block the sun out on a bright day at the beach. The lore of our forefathers beckons all of us through time to prevent falling back. But rather to keep moving forward. No amount of brainwashing can have us collectively reverse progress towards the greater goal, which is betterment of mankind.

    Each time it’s tried, when some effort is made to have us forget what we know, it only illumnates the way to even more advancement. Many have tried and many have died trying to do just that. It is futile and only the ignorant would try yet once again.

    • S. Revere

      A Day, what kind of whacky weed are ya smokin’?
      This country (u.s.) has not advanced one bit in the
      past many years. We have been thrown into deep
      water, not allowed to swim, but just dogpaddling,
      paddle, paddle, going nowhere.
      Havent you noticed??

      Good grief, there isnt even a really good song out
      there anymore; been decades since one has even
      been written; real creativity vanished long ago.

      • Katy Bar

        It is easy to tell who is more advanced – It is the Nations that use Bullet Trains. The Nations that Fly (and let their train and subway infrastructure deteriorate) are not doing their people any favors. People happily collecting frequent flyer miles “are voluntarily dosing themselves with high energy cosmic ray radiation levels” (totally ignoring the fact that cosmic radiation encountered while flying at high altitudes causes all types of cancers) – So it’s the people in Nations using Bullet Trains (that incidentally get you to your destination just as fast as flying) that are more advanced – as they are logically protecting themselves (and their progeny) from the cancer causing DNA damage caused by intense x-rays and cosmic rays at high altitudes!!

        • S. Revere

          Katy, very interesting. I did not know that about flying/radiation.

  52. Richard Longacre

    During the first week of COP28 (the UN Climate Change Conference of lies) the nations have agreed to increase global solar panel production 300% NLT their magic 2030 date (to save the earth, not the humans). Solar alone already uses 283 million ounces of silver a year (in 2023) while globally we already have about a 200 million oz silver deficit per year. So we are being told that solar panels alone will suck up 850 million oz of silver a year NLT 2030 out of an annual supply of just over 1 billion ounces a year.
    Don’t worry about where this magic silver will come from though, the Silver Institute tells us in their 2023 annual report that silver demand globally is down 10% (even though silver demand for solar panels nearly doubled last year). Silver demand for investment purposes (i.e. real money) is down 20% this year while China and India are sucking up physical silver by the millions of ounces a month (for construction, manufacturing, and of course solar panels). No mention of how much silver the people purchase for investment purposes.
    The criminal COMEX market’s response was Silver spot dropped by $0.98 today. Gold dropped by $44. Fiat is failing everywhere and physical PMs (real money) are being smashed down while we are told that true demand will triple over the next 5 years. Sure, that makes sense.

  53. Jar Head

    Zelensky’s Men Face Another Defeat; Russia Blows Up Ukrainian Munitions Depot In Kharkiv/Hindustan Times 27,033 views Dec 4, 2023
    Russia claimed to have wiped out the depot of Ukrainian territorial defense. The attack reportedly took place in the Kharkiv region in Ukraine’s South. Russia claimed that the Ukrainian Army lost 95 troops, an armored vehicle, two cars, and a howitzer in the attack. The attack comes as Russia’s military action in Ukraine continues into its 22nd month.

    NATO Nation’s Big ‘Pro-Putin’ Move; Bulgarian President Vetoes Armoured Vehicles Delivery To Ukraine/Hindustan Times Dec 4, 2023
    Massive blow for Ukraine after NATO nation Bulgaria ‘ditches’ Kyiv amid war with Russia. Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has vetoed an agreement for weapons delivery. The Bulgarian President blocked the supply of armoured vehicles to Ukraine. Rumen Radev defended his decision, saying that Bulgarian citizens are his top priority. Earlier, lawmakers approved a deal between the Bulgarian Interior Ministry and Ukraine to provide armoured transport equipment free of charge. The move by the Bulgarian president amid the raging conflict has been welcomed by Russia.

  54. Harry Cogeners

    American people are now dying off are being damaged so fast—and so many communists and muslim foot soldiers are crossing the border—that we are reaching the tipping point of ever being able to do something.

    and Trump & Son still have said nothing against the vax. His official position is that it is safe & effective.

    and prophet Mark Taylor sits in his trailer park counting the silver pieces he made from his book, instead of being a real prophet and demanding Trump demand pitchforks attack Bourla at Pfizer, etc.

  55. Vern Locke

    Nuland said in 2014, F**K the E.U.! Now they’re doing it to we the sheeple in the US! Too?______________ Ay, caramba!
    What Is A ‘Virtue Hoarder’ & How They’re Screwing Regular People.
    The Jimmy Dore Show 55,125 views Dec 4, 2023
    University of California, Irvine film and media studies professor Catherine Liu has written “Virtue Hoarders,” a scathing indictment of the so-called “Professional Managerial Class” (PMC) — the elite workers who labor in a world of performative identity and virtue signaling while standing in the way of social justice and economic redistribution.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Liu about who the “virtue hoarders” are and why they’re such an obstacle to genuine economic progress in the United States.

    MTG On Tucker: STOP FUNDING Foreign WAR; Biden-Zelensky Counter-Offensive A FAILURE: USED AS Fodder?
    The Hill 19,216 views 15 hours ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy and Robby Soave discuss Tucker Carlson’s recent conversation with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on the War in Ukraine.

  56. YUpper Day Mates!

    NATO Divided as Biden Blocks Ukraine’s Entry | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    US. is not for Ukraine! But fodder against Russia? Yup!

  57. Y.D.M.

    The tide has turned, even the Hood Supports Donald Trump!

  58. Black Lives Matter

    Did you know this about Donald Trump? 😱 Life is full of Brah

  59. Eat Less Meat?

    ‘Whispers growing’ about Obama ‘pulling the strings’ in the White House

  60. WAR is HELL

    US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor Reveals the TRUTH About Ukraine War
    Cyrus Janssen 268,736 views 18 hours ago

    wowser! iNCREDIBLE: ilegal quest to control the narative-sUPER pSYOP’S oPERATION mOCKINGBIRD ON sTEROID’S!
    ‘Shocking’: Mass ‘censorship initiative’ from Obama’s White House
    Sky News Australia 4,810 views Dec 5, 2023, thank God fer the Aussie’s!
    ‘Twitter Files’ co-author Michael Shellenberger says a whistleblower told him the “shocking” idea for a mass “censorship initiative” came out of the Obama White House before he left in 2017.
    Mr Shellenberger provided testimony to the House Select Subcommittee on the weaponisation of the federal government last week alleging social media platforms conspired with politicians and government agencies.
    He says they conspired to not only engage in “mass censorship” efforts but also intentionally spread disinformation to influence elections.
    Mr Shellenberger recently co-published a new bombshell report called the CTIL Files which exposes the extent of this mass online censorship operation.
    “This was very shocking. This was a large trove of documents – a complete set of documents provided to us by a patriotic whistleblower who had access to them,” Mr Shellenberger told Sky News host Rita Panahi.
    “They show that there was much more going on than we thought – it covers a period of time that we had not had a good picture of, which was 2019, 2020.
    “UK and US military contractors started a censorship effort that they tried to hide as a cyber security program – they were partly doing cyber security and then they hid within it a censorship initiative.
    “The person that was in charge of it, according to the whistleblower, said that the idea had come out of the Obama White House in early 2017, before Obama left office.”

  61. Harry Mercer

    A M E R I C A !

    Liberals Have NO ANSWER For Border Crisis!
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    1.26M subscribers 80,965 views Dec 3, 2023 TheJimmyDoreShow
    We’ve all seen footage of migrants flooding across the United States’ southern border, but what we haven’t seen much of is an answer to this problem from the Biden White House. Asked recently what the administration planned to do to address the border crisis, Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas offered nothing but vague statements while passing the buck to Congress
    Jimmy and Due Dissidence hosts Russell Dobular and Keaton Weiss discuss liberals’ overall strategy of accusing anyone concerned about the immigration problem of racism.

    Biden and E.U. CUT OFF Ukraine and NATO prepares for “Bad News.”
    Redacted 97,202 views Dec 4, 2023
    Is the West done supporting Ukraine? The White House says that it will be out of money by the end of the year if Congress doesn’t magically find some more. The EU has not been able to agree on an aid package for Ukraine and may fail to do so at a summit in Brussels next week. And yet, the U.S. will “quadruple” weapons manufacturing, according to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. NATO says that they are “prepared for bad news” about the war in Ukraine. What more bad news do they need?

  62. H,Mercer

    Biden and E.U. CUT OFF Ukraine and NATO prepares for “Bad News”

  63. Clown Show

    Laura Ingraham: The White House is in a panic.
    Fox News 446,173 views Dec 1, 2023
    FOX News host Laura Ingraham reveals why former President Trump’s support is growing while President Biden’s support is declining on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

    The RUTHLESS Execution Of Nicolae And Elena Ceausescu – The Romanian Dictators
    TheUntoldPast 495,284 views Aug 26, 2023
    Throughout History and the centuries, there have been many executions that have been carried out in different countries. But there have been many Dictators who were also executed after they fell from grace, and they were executed by their own people. In 1989 in Romania, the Christmas Revolution broke out and this resulted in the ousting of power of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu. The Dictator and his wife had been in power for decades, but during the Revolution over 1000 died.
    For Whom the Bell Tolls – part 1. & 2.

    nicolae & elena # 1991

  64. Jan Dean

    A M E R I C A !

  65. JuliaAnne

    port that silver demand globally is down 10% (even though silver demand for solar panels nearly doubled last year). Silver demand for investment purposes (i.e. real money) is down 20% this year while China and India are sucking up physical silver by the millions of ounces a month (for construction, manufacturing, and of course solar panels). No mention of how much silver the people pu

  66. Mondexmomma

    ar while China and India are sucking up physical silver by the millions of ounces a month (for construction, manufacturing, and of course solar panels). No mention of how much silver the people purchase for investment purposes.
    The criminal COMEX market’s response was Silver spot dropped by $0.98 today. Gold dropped by $44. Fiat is failing everywhere and physical PMs

  67. The Rev.

    Does the New World Order and WHO really believe that they will get away with killing off God’s creation with this COVID-19 death jab? They are so delusional. In Exodus chapters 7-10 Moses asked Pharoah to let God’s people go. Pharoah refused even after experiencing the plagues of blood, frogs, gnats and flies. Pharoah refused again and again, even after more plagues on livestock, plagues of boils, hail, locusts and darkness.
    Pharoah reminds me of you politicians, bankers and world leaders etc., who are helping the WHO and NWO do their dirty work. You’ve got your head up your butt. Yes, it is hard to think clearly in that position. God help you all. You are soooo dead!
    Finally comes the plague of death on all the firstborn humans and animals, even and especially Pharoah’s own son. Folks, can you just imagine for a moment the grief and sorrow of the Egyptian people? But what about the Jewish people? Well, God told them through Moses to put blood over their doorposts and their firstborn children and animals would NOT die Do you see the connection here? It is the blood. What blood? Oh, Jesus died on the cross, remember? If we ask Jesus to forgive us, His blood washes our sin away and we will NOT die. Jesus’ blood is over our doorpost, so to speak.
    I’ve been praying EVERY day that God’s Angels, Gabriel himself, will wipe all you bastards, who hate Jehovah, off the face of the earth. Believe me, you do NOT want me and my Prayer Warriors praying against you. So, repent! This is called holy righteous anger. I am mad as hell and will NOT take this crap anymore. Now, the ONLY way you evil doers will not suffer is if you also ask Jesus to forgive your sin and I doubt you will because you are a lot like Pharoah. So, I see in your future a Red Sea moment. Exodus 14:10-21. Well, enjoy your one way ticket to hell. Your are sooo deserving of it.

  68. Marie Joy

    I worry that something, I type, could cause trouble for the Watchdogs.
    That said, I’m not sure our medical system is the place to be when yu’re sick. I don’t think they’re on our side anymore.
    How far are you willing to go?
    Do you have 2 years of food and supplies?
    Do you have spare parts for your toilet? OR a replacement (or 2) toilet? Just in case. If not, have you dug an outhouse? Just in case. Make it a 3 holer, just in case. Dig 2, one male, one female. Because.
    Grocery stores are not as cooperative as they were. Watch for tricks and games.
    Tricks and games are going to be common, everywhere. Watch out.
    Weigh your already weighed meat, on the scale in the produce department, to confirm the weight. Tricks and games are everywhere. A lot of water is being put into meat and frozen vegetables.
    People need to come together.
    Ammo up.
    Your politicians and their owners are bring this Democide to you and they are getting paid big bucks to do it.

  69. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    I am sure you know this but, “Big Bad” Bob Griswold passed away last night. Please have your viewers keep his wife and family in prayer. There is no way of telling how many thousands, if not more, preppers Bob has helped over the years.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      This is awful news. So sad! Bob was a very good man!!

  70. History of Deep

    Dr. Hross claims he was abducted by the Swiss police in 2016 because he was trying to warn other freedom-loving countries like America about the real, demonic, deep state Pharaohs and Nazis planning the digital New World Slave Order:–G.I.U.R.E.H.

    He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings utter darkness into the light.
    Job 12:22

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