Biden IRS Crime, Deep State Jail Trump, War & Currency

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 591 7/21/23)

 This week was a rough week for the people supporting President Biden.  IRS whistleblower testimony in Congress under oath made it abundantly clear President Biden and his family enriched themselves at the expense of America.  In short, it looks like they took treasonous bribes, and this may be just scratching the surface.  How many other people in the Washington, D.C. swamp got a cut of Biden booty?  We don’t know, but the evidence presented this week shows the Bidens, including the President (aka “The Big Guy”), took money from foreign sources, including China.  The Constitution clearly says a President can be impeached for taking a bribe.

While the Lying Legacy Media ignores evidence of real crime, they are reporting on the crimes being made up by the Biden Administration DOJ.  The Deep State wants to jail President Trump so he cannot run in 2024 for another term in the White House.  Will they use the J6 strategy that got convictions of 350 protesters at the capitol so far?  It sure looks that way, and even President Trump is expecting charges soon, which is the ultimate election interference.

There is no doubt America is at war with Russia.  We keep sending in arms and munitions, and there are no peace talks whatsoever.  Now, a bridge linking Russia to Crimea has been blown up again, and the Russians responded by destroying a port in Ukraine that exports wheat.  Higher food prices and shortages will be hitting the world soon.  Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar is under attack, and a new global currency is going to be released by the so-called BRICS countries.  Is a new currency war coming to go along with the real war already underway?  The short answer is yes, and this spells big trouble to the buck.

There is much more in the 1-hour & 2-minute newscast.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Seven-time, best-selling financial book author James Rickards will be the guest for the “Saturday Night Post.”  Rickards will explain the currency war already under way and how Americans will be hit hard in the pocketbook.

(This Weekly News Wrap Up is sponsored in part by the Satellite Phone Store. Huge savings at the Satellite Phone Store can be found at the 72-hour sale at It ends Saturday night 7.22.23)


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  1. Paul

    Declare your war on the twelve enemies you cannot see -egoism, arrogance, conceit, selfishness, greed, lust, intolerance, anger, lying, cheating, gossiping and slandering. If you can master and destroy them, then you will be ready to fight the enemy you can see.

    Paul from arkansas

    • sam

      But one CAN see the 12 enemies….you can see them in real time action…just look

      Sam from america

      • Paul

        Then you have mastered, and are ready to fight honorably.
        All hats are needed.

        Paul from arkansas

    • Lon Bell

      The enemy you can see, in the mirror? In other words, we can all say.
      Me, myself and I!? 🙈🙉🙊

    • Manuel

      As Africa contractor? 1975-1985! Angola/ Mozambique/ Rhodesia / Lesotho/comores etc.
      Do young/ woke generation? Know ? How hard , we were ?
      Homosexually? We never accepted army.
      We all fought most basic , Christian/human / family values.
      My opinion? Bring African justice to the west.
      Yes am old / but am getting tired / no country started execution politicians/ bankers 😡
      Don’t waste bullet. Get rid waste. Politicians/ bankers😡.

      • larry giglio

        Hello. Whole heartedly agree. Attack mansions, private planes, and yachts. Those elites should go down.

        • catherine

          the idea of taking down people in big houses is quite the fascist thing to do. How can you assume that the real enemies are living in big houses? Private planes and yachts are just toys. why not just go to your doctor and hospital and take them down. aren’t they the actual people who are killing on, on the ground and in your face. toys are not the problem, the problem are the leaders who are protected by the Satan and the people on the ground who are jabbing the jab onto the unsuspecting. even though its hard to believe anyone thinks the jabs are good.

          • larry giglio

            Hello. If I am more specific that I do not mean the average $600,000 overpriced home, but the million dollar mansions belonging to the 1%? And why is going after doctors not fascist? Why is it only the jabbers who are guilty of taking too much money from those who can least afford it?

        • Tin foil hat

          You should stay focus on the politicians/bankers leeches and not on the average rich productive folks who own factories and farms.

          Look at what happened in Zimbabwe after the have-not went after all rich folks who had bigger house and nicer cars.

  2. sam

    The War Criminals in this Hijacked America…WILL be found Guilty….what happens after that is not known at this time…..but….JUSTICE will Always be meted out….sooner OR later….but the War Criminals here in this Corrupt gummint…….are running on Borrowed time

    • Rose Mont Sellicka

      Sam, war criminals both foreign and domestic?
      Why would they do that? Our real US. president Alex Soros, underlings Hitlery, Obomber and your $3.8 Billion Briben Beijing O’Biden mob family, handled by your Obama woman Administration and bloody war monger, fat & pretty. blue eyed Tori Nuland. Why? Can Erin Burnett tell us? No way Jose. she’s a pretty bimbo herselfie! Let’s go to Pierse…..
      ‘My own bank’: Piers Morgan tees off at Coutts for banning Nigel Farage Sky News Australia 3.44M subscribers 36,234 views 7/20/23
      Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan says Coutts Bank banning Nigel Farage is just the latest corporate company to push its woke agenda.
      “This week Coutts bank, my own bank, was exposed for terminating Nigel Farage’s account because of his divisive opinion supposedly and his stance on Brexit,” he said.
      “Coutts has tonight grovellingly apologised to Nigel Farage … but the reputational damage once again is done.
      “When it comes to corporate wokery, this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

      While were woke, trying to put lipstick on the pig’s, Rome burns!
      “Putin Has Got All He Wants…” Seymour Hersh On Russia-Ukraine War & What Could Happen Next
      269,875 views Premiered Jun 2, 2023 CRUX Exchange
      Is US President Joe Biden’s support for Ukraine against Russia a political necessity? Why is Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky not willing to end the war or even settle for a ceasefire when the odds still seem to be stacked in Russia’s favour owing to its military might? Will Putin choose to pull out Russia’s nukes if he sees himself losing the war? Or does he already have what he wants?
      US investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, speaks on a number of raging issues around Russia’s standoff with the US-led West and the war in Ukraine. Watch the video for the full interview.

      Russell Brand 518,398 views Jul 19, 2023
      As Tucker Carlson spars with former Vice President Mike Pence over the war in Ukraine, both Democrat and Republican Senators Agree that NATO Expansion Into Asia Is ‘Inevitable’. So, how has the playbook that the pimps of war use to lure us into one military fiasco after another worked again? And how has the U.S. public has been conned, once more, into pouring billions into another endless war?

      • larry giglio

        Hello. Propaganda, misinformation, lies.
        NATO cannot go into the Pacific rim. It is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. That is illegal according to its charter. However, folksy President Obama tried a pacific alliance, after his beer summit. Then ran with his tail between his legs to open ties with India. They could assemble a new treaty vehicle at the behest of the military industrial complex, but doing things illegally appears suitable.

      • Berth Berkshire

        You fergot Marc Elias, black Jack Smith’erine, Dave hardball Harbaugh, and his pit bull, black Bart, the farting bart badass zomboid! All in the shadows doing the dirty work. The first to be thrown overboard, genuinely scared into being the enemy of the sheeple, as this ship of fools goes down, down down this ring of fire! Burning oil Slick on the waters!
        Coup Conspiracy Case Will Get Them All – Kevin Shipp
        By Greg Hunter On May 6, 2020 In Political Analysis
        Emails Reveal Bidens are Treasonous – Kevin Shipp

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Whoa! That link takes you straight to the specific USAW / Kevin Shipp comment back in 2020! Creepy IT skills???

    • Kim

      Thank you Greg for all your hard work and informing us on what is really going on. Your work enables us to make sense of the crazy, it is good to have information to count on!

      • Greg Hunter

        You are very kind to say this, Kim. Thank you!! 🙂

  3. sam

    Ag…XRP….XLM……..only the savvy ones understand this…

    • Clown World

      Be careful of the thousands of elaborate crypto Ponzi schemes that will eventually go POOF and it’s GONE.

      • sam

        AND………..the numbers in your IRA, Bank Account…..cant go POOF?

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    The imbecile knaves we have in our government and bureaucracy here in the UK who killed people and our delightful fellow citizens who are apathetic to being murdered. Of course.
    “You can know them by their actions, not their words. Their words endorse low birthrate as a pathway to population stabilization, but their actions enable rampant population growth due to immigration. The DATA indicate that what they really are striving for is a New World Order, whereby the UN becomes the dominant force of the world, with nation states nestled under their organizational structure. One in which out-migration combined with regional population control via government-enabled birth control (via both pharmaceuticals and deployed propaganda) is designed to augment that process of enabling populations born in economically disadvantaged regions to gain control of more economically advanced nations and infrastructure while destroying the cultures and politico/economic structures which have historically enabled the economic development of these more advanced regions.”
    Meanwhile the pen is mightier than the sword
    Jail is only for us plebs and election “deniers”.

    • Don W

      The DATA indicate that what they really are striving for is a New World Order, whereby the UN becomes the dominant force of the world, with nation states nestled under their organizational structure.
      Maria, you are so right on with this. I, with several others, started the study of this in the late 1970’s early 1980’s. At that time the “Council of Foreign Relations”, that we all have seen the signs behind Biden when he spoke in THEIR building in NYC, was about 30 years old and they and the other major two large groups in the world, formed the “ONE WORLD GOV.” Which is now the WEF.
      These are the people that are working fast to get the US as part of the ONE WORLD GOV. Pres. Trump slowed them up so now they are fast forwarding as fast as they can.
      That is the bad news, now for the good news.
      The Bible tells us that this world will be in a one world gov. control when the END TIME comes. So lets ALL get ready for those times as HE IS COMING AND COMING SOON.
      Blessings to you Greg and all your readers.

    • Rick

      We have arsonists in control of the UN firehouse! – We need to lock them up before they burn down every nation in the world and begin roasting our babies that they traffic in!! – As for their building in NY – “it is time” to use their tactics and “Pull It”!!!

      • Enrico


        I’ll meet you in NYC. I want to see a demonstration of your tactics, but can we first meet at Ess-A-Bagel on First Avenue for breakfast? It’s not far from the UN.

        If anyone else is interested in joining us here is the address.
        324 1st Avenue
        At 19th Street
        New York, NY 10009

        Rick, please let us know date and time we should meet you there.

        • Rick

          Many peoples lives could have been saved if they simply stopped for a bagel and was late to the office on 9-11 – but they would have had to be smart enough to choose a bagel shop that was not be “too close” to the WTC!!

      • "Enrico"

        Sorry, it’s “Enrico” not Enrico, who also comments. Just to avoid confusion.

      • john beasley

        outstanding Rick

  5. B Uriah

    try to get prophet Robin Bullock on the show. Bullock is legit.


    • Paul

      We knew this long before he got in. The corruption was televised and no action taken.

    • Southern Girl

      B Uriah,
      Thanks for the video link. I have watched Robin Bullock and others such as Kent Christmas, Julie Green, etc. They all are saying the same things, but the delivery is different.

      • Anne E

        Please use discernment as Mr Bullock’s church wouldn’t let a elderly Black women in there church after traveling for several hours by bus. She slept in the park until town folk began being hospitable to her providing lodging and food. Our family lived in Corner AL and we were told that my teens inviting black people to our home was not usually done that they should get home before dark. This was over 25 yrs ago. It’s a town where everyone knows everyone . These black teens were educated and their mother was a teacher nice people. When I saw the article that the women was not let in I was not surprised as some churches are like this and stare people up and down in judgement. There is another’ well known prophet up in NC that won’t allow you in if they don’t know you?? There are 100% accurate prophets that I have known that can tell you things 9 yrs from now and they come to pass . Kim Clement was accurate 100% on politics and said that President Trump would have a second term as President. He also told George Bush that he would win but there would be a problem in Florida but do not concede, so when al Gore called him he didn’t concede . George said: something isn’t right here. Remember they had the problem w/hanging chads then the courts made the decision that George Bush won. Just like Trump in 2020 he knew he won it was actually proven long before they called it. Next month on frankspeech Mike Lindell August 17th-18th, 2023 will tell of a way that we can vote with no cheating. It’s something no one has thought of before . It’s interesting that the Holy Spirit is constantly speaking to us and I’ve heard him tell me things 5 yrs before they happened and who to call before they died. I don’t need to rely on a word every day from all these prophets. God speaks to me in the car while making the bed, taking a shower , walking through a store . Let Gods word minister to you be still and know that I Am . Many people are praying and declaring God’s word and taking oil spreading around their neighborhood and Gov bldgs . We’re in a spiritual war. Many will be deceived. Jesus said : I am the truth. Enjoyed your info today and supply’s we can get. Thanks, Mr Greg Hunter 🇺🇸

        • Southern Girl

          Anne E.,
          Hello, false prophet! You give no proof of what your say about the black woman. Provide news articles. I can smell a rat from one mile away and it is YOU!! You darken the prophets of today, yet you say you hear from the Lord. Are you not declaring yourself a prophet?? St. Michael the Arch Angel defend us from battle. Be our protection against the Wickedness’ and snares of the devil. And may God rebuke him; we humbly pray and do thou of Prince of Peace by the power of God cast into hell satan and all the evil spirits who wander about the world seeking the ruin of souls. AMEN!!

    • Edd

      Please folks, do some research.. Not ONE single bible scholar, NONE, believe that an actual ” prophet” is speaking today. NONE…But there are Many who give you a Little truth(what you want to hear”.

      • Southern Girl

        You do YOU and let me do ME! I don’t need a single bible scholar to tell me anything.
        “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.”
        Author: Franz Werfel

  6. sam

    the Corruption in Ukraine is “petty crime” compared to the CORRUPTION here in this Hijacked Amerika….when will the so-called non-existent “white hats”…..intervene?…..When is Enough , ENOUGH?….this will not end without wholesale bl00d$hed…..the “white hats” are AWOL

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi sam,
      “ . . . the ‘white hats’ are AWOL.”
      Were / are there any ‘white hats’ or is this a fiction designed to keep ‘we the people’ sitting on our hands, waiting for a non-existent cavalry to save us all? I’ll believe in the ‘white hats’ when I witness meaningful intervention . . .

      • Rick

        I don’t care what hat they are wearing – all I know is we need help from the guys who took down the Georgia Guidestones!!

  7. Jason

    ‘If you see something, say something’

    I am on the London Underground train service, and over the intercom is a repetitive announcement, ‘if you see something strange, tell transport police and we will sort it’ – “See it, Say it, Sort it”
    This raising of the suspicion levels between individuals is global. Its how the Stasi got the population to spy on each other. Divide and rule.

    • sam

      The “Stasi”…simply moved form the Soviet Union to your Inclusive Woke Country….like it or not.

      • sk

        Stasi was in Communist East Germany. In the USSR it was Cheka, NKD, KGB. Study of history is fun. On second thought, study of history is a necessity. Who was it who said “those who do not learn from history are CONDEMNED to repeat it.”?

        • sam

          “The East German Ministry for State Security (MfS or Stasi) was established and developed under the strict control of the Soviet secret services (the NKVD, the MGB, and finally the KGB)”…
          .OK, PROFESSOR!….I guess you ain’t as “SMART” as you “THINK” you are!…the Answer is….SOVIET UNION…I Just LOVE you “Pseudo Intelligentsia”!

    • "Enrico"

      We may see war begin after The Fed raises rates next Wednesday July 26th, markets crash, WWIII follows?

      G.A. Stewart: Readers should keep in mind my decade long warnings regarding a war in the Astrological Leo time period in conjunction with the 9th of Av, Tisha B’Av. This year that will be on July 26th, 2023.

      Consider 2012 and the 9th of Av, which is the 9th Day of the 11th Month in the Jewish calendar. The 2012 London Summer Olympics celebrated the 311-year rule of the Hanoverian Succession and the Queen’s Diamond jubilee.

      Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 444
      You saw the ritual underway with the lighting of the 2012 London Olympic torch on the 9th of Av, the Benghazi CIA Station attack on 9/11/2012, and the disgraceful resignation of the Director of the CIA on 11/9/2012. The symmetry of the ritual is apparent, but probably unbelievable to most people.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jason,
      Just like the TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE mask wearing. Non-wearers were vilified as disease spreaders. My wife and I lost our friends because we entered a restaurant with them unmasked! Once seated – elbow to elbow – everyone took off their masks to eat. How illogical is that! Biology 101 would have informed those with two brain cells to click together that this particular mandate was nuts!
      But to your point – those who would control us are expert at ‘divide and conquer.

      • Wayne

        Masks were not totally ineffective. Sometimes they did work. However, masks were mostly ineffective because they were worn mostly when it was not really necessary and not worn when it was necessary. Research 101 and Common Sense 101 would tell you that.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Wayne – AKA ‘The Banking Industry Lobbyist’
          There are many studies (including pre-Covid studies published by the CDC) that conclude surgical type mask wearing does not protect the wearer or the general public from viral transmission. The size of viruses being of an order of magnitude smaller than the mesh of the mask. Doctors have likened it to trying to stop mosquitoes using a chain link fence. Furthermore, continued mask wearing, such as mandated in places of work and even schools, can cause hypoxia, and an increased risk of fungal and bacterial infection due to the maintenance of a moist, warm environment (breaking ground) placed close to the nose and mouth.

          • Wayne

            PersonaNonGrata AKA the person who keeps lying about what I said,

            You obviously do not understand how the mask works. The smaller virus particles can’t get through the openings of the mask all at the same time when you cough or sneeze or even talk. The same thing happens when you have a fire at a night club. Can the people all fit through the doors? Yes, but not all at the same time as they rush to get out. That is exactly what happens with the mask. Some or even most of the particles will get caught by the mask which will reduce the amount of virus particles being released in the air.

            Your illustration of mosquitoes is silly since they are not all force into the chain link fence at the same time. They take their turn and maneuver through it unlike what happens to the virus particles when you sneeze, cough or talk with a mask on. It is very easy to understand this. How sad that there are doctors that are that stupid.

            • PersonaNonGrata

              “Your illustration of mosquitoes is silly”
              Not MY illustration. I first heard Doctor Simone Gold, co-founder of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) use this same illustration, and since her other doctors, clinicians and medical scientists have also used it.

              I must have hit a nerve to solicit your response. [Do you work for the 77th Brigade?] Martin Armstrong, regarding the scamdemic, opined on USAW that the ‘elites’ had “overreached”. While ‘they’ were achieving their depopulation agenda, many of the draconian mandates they introduced were so illogical people were waking up to the lies. The example I gave, of it being safe to sit and eat collectively in a restaurant without a mask – but deadly to self and others to stand up in the same restaurant without a mask, informed many that they were being taken for fools. Comedian Jim Breuer caught this illogicality perfectly when he used the punchline, “We’re so safe when we eat peanuts”.
              8:20 -> 11:45

            • Glenn

              Wayne, did not see you post in a while. Glad to see you are still posting the truth here. Do not know what the problem is with PNG. Your illustration of a fire at a night club is very accurate. The mosquitoes illustration that PNG gave is not. No offense PNG, but you can’t win them all.

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Correction: (breeding ground)

    • Tomdeplorable

      That’s likely the eff bee iiii. Lol. While you are erasing history and statues of founding fathers, you can hide a few things you really don’t want people to know is their plans!

  8. Tammy McClurg

    I’ve been reading some articles that are saying that they are sneaking in the management in the flu vaccines and shingles vaccines…I’m staying away from all of it, I use to get a flu shot every year like clock work…now I’ve stopped…no more…learning how to take care of myself with diet and exercise and supplements.

    • Southern Girl

      I with you NO MORE VAXS. My doctor during the plandemic begged me with his stupid mask on after the office visits were opened again to get the Vax and on top of that wanted me to get the shingles shot. He said it was 100% effective. I told him that shingles never existed in anyone I ever knew until the Vax came out. Every one of my friends who got the Vax got shingles. When I questioned them about it they replied, “Oh! but the doctor said it would have been worse if we didn’t have the Vax.” WTH thinking is that…. programed.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Southern Girl,
        In the U.K., they run regular ‘public health’ advertisements that show someone with shingles. Then they tell you that more than 90% of people got chicken pox as children and are therefore vulnerable to get shingles. So, naturally, it’s normal to get shingles! That’s why everyone is getting it – it’s nothing to do with the CV-19 vaxx!!!

        Yet more half truths and misdirection from the MSM / LLM.

        • Southern Girl

          Yes, the run the same dang advertisements here also. But like I said no one I ever knew had shingles except those who got the shingles shot. They try fear porn on everyone about this. It all about the money. Big Pharma does not give a rip about anyone…just the money.

  9. Derek Sinclair

    Annabelle Ham’s family say she died of an “epileptic event” and that she has been dealing with epilepsy for some time. Strange that she was frequently seen driving which I thought was not permitted for epileptics. Was she one of the “influencers” paid to push the poison and is this her family’s way of dealing with that? “Epileptic events” look very much like the pre-death bio-weapon fits we see regularly.

    • Greg Hunter

      You think the CV19 bioweapon/vax has no role in her death? All the TV stations were vaxing their employees and mandating it.

      • Derek Sinclair

        Hi Greg. No, I’m saying that I suspect it was responsible and that the family are using epilepsy as cover for that fact because she might have encouraged others to take the bio-weapon.

        • Greg Hunter

          Got it. Thanks, Derek, for the clarification!

        • larry giglio

          Hello. I understand your suspicions towards the family, but it is not kind after her death. My former wife had grand mal seizures, yet maintained a valid driver’s license in California.
          I do not know if she WAS an influencer advertising for a pharmaceutical sponsor. To some people money trumps morals and ethics.

  10. erick

    Article 9 section 1

  11. erick

    28th amendment should state many things in it should state that no president can pardon their friends or family. And if found with treason their whole cabinet should be disbanded and a new election shall take place. With technology this should be easy with what is coming. It is not for we the people. I would rather have a dog as president at least the dog has balls and is more respected. I am just sorry they are using an old man for their agenda but i think he is not biden he is simply a look alike kennedy had a look alike as well.

  12. Greg (Not Greg Hunter)

    Great show Greg. I am one of those people who almost got the jab but didn’t. I am so glad I did not. I will take no more injections from anyone. Not even the hospital.
    It is really disturbing seeing young healthy people die suddenly. I hope those responsible for this suffering will see justice.

  13. Marie Joy

    The Deep State, long term intent is to reduce the population by 90%. Some want 100%. Democide.
    EVERY politician, who stands with The Deep State, should hang.
    The Poplar Report on Youtube says the Air Force cannot get flour.
    No Russian has ever harmed me and I have never hurt a Russian.
    Notice, all rope is weak, clothesline rope.
    ALL politicians receive ALL their shots.
    Patients who lose toes have to be taught how to walk without toes.
    Big Pharma will be destroyed.
    Come together with people you trust.

  14. Civic Chick

    PREDICTION based on dreams, common sense, human nature: When justice is continually denied, vigilantes arise. They are the white hats. We won’t ever see their faces or know their names, but they will, I believe, save the republic–with the help and protection of God. They will begin to take out the demons, stealthily and with one well-placed shot each time. After the first 4 well-known demons are removed, others will begin to surrender after looking over their shoulder constantly becomes untenable. I also believe they will operate, cloaked, at the border. It will take only one massacre of male invaders to stop the rest.

  15. don briois

    There will be no charges against the Biden crime family, the USSA is totally corrupt.

  16. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and many thanks for WNW591.
    Just got to the 29 minute mark, where you are talking about ‘died suddenly – cause unknown!’ and it occurred to me that interjecting, “but Congress gave themselves an exemption!” (or words to that effect) every time ‘died suddenly’ comes up, would nail the truth to their lies about the ‘vaxx’. How dare they mandate an experimental inoculation, at best, to vast swathes of the population and have the effrontery to exempt themselves. Tells us all we need to know about the disengenuous nature of the political class. Just my two cents.

    • Rick

      When Congress exempted themselves from the “Die Suddenly Clot Shot” to keep themselves safe – all US citizens should have immediately thought about “their own safety” – like we should all be doing now as Biden places his hand on the Red Button to threaten Putin [like he threatened Putin just before he blew up Russia’s Nord Stream Gas Pipeline, Dam and Bridges]!!

      • "Enrico"

        Rick, at 0:30

        “Push the red!”

        • Rick

          Enrico – I assign you to keep Biden’s crawling hand on women’s breasts and shaking hands with imaginary people – that’s your only job – do you think you can handle that Enrico??- Just keep him away from the Nuclear Annihilation Red Button “Or We All Die” – this is no joking matter!! – over and out!!!

          • "Enrico"

            Ok, Rick.

            All The Crawling Hand Scenes In “The Crawling Hand” (1963)


          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi Rick,
            ‘Enrico’ is trolling you. Don’t take the bait!
            Ignore them and they wither away . . .

            • "Enrico"

              No, “Enrico” isn’t trolling anyone!

              Perhaps you are both too narrow minded to appreciate someone trying to add a ‘sense of humor’ amidst all the gloom and doom.

              We are all going to die, from starvation, war, bio-weapons, dollar collapse, nuclear explosions etc.
              Fine. Enjoy.

              Don’t let me ruin the party.

          • Rick

            “Enrico” – I assign you to keep an eye on the Bud Light sales volume as we want to keep their sales in decline with our boycott – I hear Budweiser is trying to make up for lost profits by making their beer with “more then 30% rice” with a few hops and barley malt thrown in for flavor!!

  17. Chance the Gardener

    Based on the topic of Covid-19 “vax”, I would like to reiterate a previous comment. In sworn testimony Dr. (Professor) Nicola Spurria, Minister For Health in South Australia, testified she has not been vaccinated for Covid-19 and provided her daughter with an exemption. Professor Spurria admitted to the attorney of plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit filed by nurses who had to resign as mandated by South Australia that she could provide no batch number for the vaccination she appeared to receive in a fraudulent display on television as she has in fact not been vaccinated. This same woman told the public they should not have Christmas dinner with anyone who is unvaccinated. Dr. Spurria further recommends Covid vaccination for young children. Please note that General Practitioners were not allowed to issue exemptions.

  18. Marie Joy

    NYPrepper on Youtube has up to date war news.
    Anyone with resources should make a very deep, well stocked, self contained bunker.
    There will, likely be a loss of the Rule Of Law.
    Ammo up
    Train up

  19. karl

    Dear Greg,
    I want to take a minute to tell (you and) everyone who follows you, THANK YOU GREG for saving my life!!! You provided quality reporting supported by qualified professionals.
    The KungFlu information and the Boi-Weapon Vax truth supported my skeptical opinion of our government and the corrupt American corporations. Without your voice, it would have been a more difficult unvaccinated path.

    I hope this finds you and yours in good health & spirits!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Karl. Good to know!

  20. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  21. Herval Cossi

    Your reports are absolutely excellent, as always. You, along with a few other truth reporters, are doing an amazing job by showing the ignorant masses (in the US mostly…) what is really happening in the US and in some parts of the world. Nevertheless, and as much as I like the US, it’s time to realize and admit that America is gone. There’s no future for the US. It’s been destroyed from the inside, as predicted. There are banana republics in much better shape than the US right now: endless wars, drugs, evil politicians, financial collapse, lies, increasing crime rate, bribes, induced racism, widespread mental illness, censorship in the largest “democracy” in the world (really?), treason, internal divisions, lack of morality, pornography, pedophilia, child traffic, political corruption going through the roof, inflation, the black budget, genocides and other war crimes (like in Iraq…), election fraud, indecent MSM, absolute disregard for human life, Covid19 VAX collusion, unbelievable national debt, hypocrisy, materialism with no end in sight, arrogance, and religious debacle…
    The list is endless.
    But there’s one thing we can all be certain about: America is no more…

    • larry giglio

      Hello. You have a really impressive list, but what do you really dislike about America?
      You seem to be a patriot, but feel powerless? Do you know if 1% of all the patriots, lowball 3 million people, were to converge upon Washington, DC in protest, perhaps all the rats would run for their lives? One percent of our population.
      Change can happen locally with your voice, if you do not get planted in the couch.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi larry,
        “Do you know if 1% of all the patriots, lowball 3 million people, were to converge upon Washington, DC in protest, perhaps all the rats would run for their lives?”
        You are correct – that’s precisely why the J6 protesters were set-up, encouraged to enter the Capitol building, then jailed for ‘insurrection’. There was NO insurrection. The whole exercise was designed to deter people from legal public protest . . .

        • larry giglio

          Hello. The protest was only a few thousand people at best. 3 million people would shut the district down.

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Hi larry,
            As I said, ‘You are correct’.

  22. DavidM

    Firstly: To follow up on the statistics from Ed Dowd, I’ve just read in the BBC that the firm TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor) has delayed start of operations at a plant in Arizona until some time in 2025 rather than in 2024. The reason for this delay: lack of suitably skilled workers. Seeing as construction of the plant began in april 2021, and planning began undoubtedly years before that in the pre-covid era, I find it hard to believe that TSMC had not factored in the skill level of the available workforce when making the ultimate decision to build the plant in Arizona.
    Secondly: it is my belief that while it may have been a miracle that Trump was allowed to be shown to have been elected in 2016, it was not followed up by any repentance by the church or the people. Where america leads, the west follows, and for generations now we in the UK and europe have drunk deep from the well which is hollywood violence and titilation. Trump was to be a messiah (false) who would wash away the consequence of our sins to enable us to still keep on sinning. Only the blood of Jesus / Yeshua can save us from our sins, and then only if we repent and sin no more.

    14 Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth: they are a trouble unto me; I am weary to bear them.

    15 And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.

    16 Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil;
    – Isaiah 1:14-16

    • Jeffrobbins

      I have worked in chip plants before and and that news is misleading. There are plenty of skilled labor at the right price. Also, part of the problem is the dislocation of labor from such a large project. EX- if they had built in Portland OR, where Intel has set up shop- lots of available labor.
      One other important issue- taxes. It used to be as a construction worker we could right off our travel expenses working on the road. Those write offs have been taken away. How much overtime does it take to support two households? One at home and a motel room by the month and the more overtime- the more you eat already prepared food. And then get taxed for all the extra income that’s needed to live that schedule????

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Jeff,
        I think you missed the point.
        I have also worked / managed a high tech plant and can assert that a company the size of Taiwan Semiconductor would have ensured a suitable labour (labor) pool was available at the chosen location. Perhaps you missed the Ed Dowd interview where he explained that one third of the US workforce was either dead, disabled, or working with a disability in 2022.


    I watched part of the Hunter hearing. What a disgrace. Every Demonrat’s only answer was..”Trump” This case is open and shut – a first year law student could prosecute it.

  24. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg cy op train keeps rolling. Jack Smith the prosecutor who had a unanimous supreme court decision to overturn a conviction he had in a case. President Trump said he would be arrested; this is to set a precedent. What happened with the Trump tax challenge? Went to the supreme court and there’s nothing there. But now in congressional investigations they are going after other politicians and family members taxes. Who are they going to appeal to? Vote 2024 this will not be like any election we have had for years. I let you in on what I think, paper ballots. 11.4 Charlie.

  25. Stinking Bull

    Everything you see happening is to destroy the office of the presidency.
    Think about it. Why would a one world leader want to be tied down to one miserable failing country.

  26. jon

    Thank you Greg for your weekly brief. I just checked the CDC site. The creatures at the CDC are still promoting the mrna vax. Quite amazing, but not surprising to those that have researched the evil over time.

  27. Linda

    Quite a week in Congress, the House of Reps voted to allow the NATO Treaty to override the Constitution. We are “ruled” by stooges and criminals.

  28. Kenneth A. Culp, CPA

    $21 Billion – Not $21 Trillion.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kenneth, for the back stop. That’s what I meant to say. So sorry. Doing everything from memory and my sheets. I’ll bet the $21 billion went to Ukraine and laundered back to all the Deep State players.

  29. Martin Coombs

    It’s probably 666 million ( but that would have people thinking that’s weird?

  30. PersonaNonGrata

    Off topic,
    This last few weeks I have noted an elevated number of comments on USAW disparaging Clif High. While Clif expresses views on matters spiritual that most probably do not coincide with those of the majority of your audience, his views on matters temporal are – more often than not – highly informative. While I stop short of following Clif’s opinions about alien life forms (and I may well be wrong to do so) IMHO, his predictive linguistics methodology has merit.

    It would be a shame to not have Clif on USAW because of a few who would ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’.

    • Peggy N

      right now Revelation 13 (MARK OF THE BEAST) is happening in real time. People are willfully allowing their eyes and face to be scanned so they can purchase a bag of chips at a retailer or board an airplane (nothing to do with security because both US borders are wide open). And World Bank has announced their intentions.

      just look around you, and you will see the prophecy of St. John manifesting in real time.

      You don’t need anything more than this to realize that Clif High is wrong to throw away the Bible. Quite the contrary, he should be telling everyone to read Revelation 13 and repent.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Peggy,
        My guess is that your opinion regarding Clif High is intransigent. So be it. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. I trust no one implicitly, and Clif High, who notably worked at the highest levels at Microsoft, is no exception. However, I do see merit in keeping an open mind. IMHO, Clif’s predictive linguistics has much to offer. You are at liberty to sift out that with which you do not agree.

    • Moiyakitty

      Agreed friend! As we all continue to wake up to decades, if not centuries of deceit and gas lighting by previously “trusted” people and organizations, we should consider all sources of Truth. The more Greg and other warriors dig to expose and reveal, the more I feel “well if they could like about THAT (insert any recent truth bomb here)…what else is also FALSE?” THANK YOU GREG FOR ALL YOU DO!

  31. Valerie

    Thanks for another outstanding report, Greg.
    Things are getting worse by the day! The FBI has even turned criminal! And the news about the war in Ukraine and the CV Jabs is nightmarish! I’m finding it harder and harder to keep from being depressed! I’m praying constantly! God help us all!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Valerie!!

    • Dave

      Don’t give up Valerie. God is on the the throne. Jesus is coming soon. Its actually an exciting time to live. Can we love in the face of such evil? That is our call.

  32. Phyllis Kessler

    Thank you for your platform.
    I watched Turning Point Action Conference which had a lot of big names giving excellent speeches. One of those people was President Trump who gladly said that the covid jab SAVED people. That HE saved lives. Oh, I know, he doesn’t know what really is going on! Right! Even Katherine Austin Fitts told you out right that he did know that the jab was bad. I remember you almost had a heart attack right in front of your viewers.
    I remember back when this covid jab started up, President Trump said he and his family were all jabbed up but I have noticed that no one in his family is sick or dying. Yes he did say it was totally up to the individual if they wanted the jab but for him and his family they would be getting on board. That he is the Father/King of Warp Speed. He even said he got the booster. So this is just my comment and you will probably remove it.
    Just more thing. You bring on Steve Quail who tells us we are in the middle of Revelations and we are all going to hell in a hand basket and then there’s Bo Polony who says the seals have been broken but not to worry because the dollar crashes, federal reserve gone and God is going to make us all rich. And then there is John Rubino, whom I really like. I guess you have all your facts covered. We can not say you haven’t given us all the facts. The number one fact is we are not in Revelations. The only person who makes sense is Mr. Rubino who I signed up to receive his news letter.

    • Myn

      Not true, we are in Revelation, just not the seals yet. Rev 12:1 was in 2017. Rev 12 tells us the whole end time story. I believe we leave at 12:5 HalleluYah

  33. goat

    I read in a later article about that girl that died claimed it was from epilepsy, which allegedly she had had troubles with for sometime.

    • Greg Hunter

      You think the CV19 bioweapon shots helped her?

  34. karm

    You are one of the good guys. Thank you for all your hard work and perseverance.
    It is good we are finally seeing the truth of the last 3-4 years coming out in the open.
    I wish I felt that all those who have caused the absolute agony this world has suffered
    by the entities who have taken over the world and our government, from the top to the bottom, will be receiving their deserved justice, but I don’t. The clock is ticking to war and once it starts I doubt there will be an election. My trust will be in God only. We are all on the precipice of a fall. So we better get right with him, there doesn’t seem to be any other options.

  35. Richard Gould

    Excellent, as always. The Bible makes it very clear that in the end-of-times, which is NOW, all evil would be brought out into the open for the people to see how bad the corruption in the governments picked by Satan (Luke 4:1-8) is!

  36. john beasley

    Greg Hunter please consider talking to this man, Gary Wayne, if he clicks with you maybe you could have him on your show.

    Gary Wayne, Author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind, joins us as we dive into the uncomfortable topics of The Biblical Super Natural.

    • sam

      sounds like he should be on the “Late Night Radio” ….

  37. C.V.L.

    Our petty crime in Ukraine has six ways from Sunday, at coming right back at us!
    As we now are facing the possibility of civilization ending, nuclear war. If either the US. loses, or Russia. Neither side, is just gonna sit back and accept defeat. The loser will will push the button and pull the trigger on us and it wont be pretty! Pray Sam, for peace and security. The life and wife, you save, may be your own and in Professor Klaus Schwab’s Soros wet dream, new world dis-order. You will own nothing and be happy, but you’ll also be dead. Too! Or shivering, nuclear winter.

    Russia’s Tu-160 Plus Hypersonic Missiles Is a Recipe for Destruction
    Defense TV 104,324 views Jul 2, 2023
    The Hypersonic Kinzhal, a ground-based ballistic missile with nuclear capabilities, has been integrated into various Russian aircraft in the past. The supersonic Tu-160 Blackjack is not the initial aircraft to be equipped with this air-launched version of the Kinzhal.

    Atomic Attack (1950)
    OF THE _
    Don’t Panic 1962 v=VR1U6MNoVXk&list=PLXDEv276vS1uZ3LbMxkHr0zKrNZ9IEDMb
    WORLD_ TRIFECTA___________________
    On the Beach 1959
    “Why Can’t White People Just Get Freakin Along?” Rodney King
    BONUS! Fail Safe (1964) Now were gettin serious!

  38. Jeffrobbins

    I keep thinking that the best way to reveal election fraud is going to involve video evidence, and there are more and more cameras everywhere. Hard to say if it makes any difference. I couldn’t believe the results from Phili were added to PA state wide totals- the ballots were basically counted in private. Many images and testimonies about that. It’s not to hard to imagine massive tax avoidance and dollar avoidance to follow. If the dollar is seen as a symbol of a group of people that represent fraud, lying, theft, and plain lawlessness- that would be the currency crisis- IMHO. Maybe Rickards will touch on this? It’s surreal to see these things in real time.
    —-Everyday folks can and should call and message their representatives to voice concerns and questions.

  39. cytek

    Thanks Greg, here is the latest data from Ed Dowd. Ed Dowd Drops Bombshell Data: Hematological (Blood-Related) Claims Up 522% Above Trend in 2022.

    • Rick

      Not only are Hematological blood disorders are up due to the Clot Shot but so are Auditory, Cardiovascular, Dermatological, Endocrine, Metabolic, Thermoregulation, Gastrointestinal, Genito-urinary, Immune, Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Oncology, Psychiatric, Respiratory and Visual numbers through the roof – those who want to make people trying to warn the American people into a big joke [like Enrico does to me] are not doing humanity any favors!!!
      Hematological – up 522%
      Auditory – up 121%
      Cardiovascular – up 121%
      Dermatological – up 138%
      Endocrine, metabolic, and thermoregulation – up 156%
      Gastrointestinal – up 145%
      Genito-urinary – up 143%
      Immune – up 115%
      Musculoskeletal – up 93%
      Neurological – up 107%
      Oncology – up 35%
      Psychiatric – up 124%
      Respiratory – up 93%
      Visual – up 80%

  40. Matthew C Nelson

    These politicians talk in circles. We know they are trying to reduce the population, yet we have allowed over 3 million illegal aliens to run amok in our country since the brain dead, career criminal politician, dementia patient took office. The kicker is the illegals allowed in do not have to take the vaccine. Hmmm makes you think what their true agenda really is.

  41. Lon Bell

    Friday LIVE: Congress Smears JFK Jr. for Citing Covid Facts While Downplaying Bombshell FBI Document that Exposes Biden Crime Family – TUNE IN NOW
    Posted 2 hours ago The transhumanist globalists have unleashed a war on every front you can imagine (and many you can’t) to assure humanity’s extinction!

  42. iwitness02

    And they cried out all at once, saying, Away with this man, and release unto us Barabbas: Pilate therefore, willing to release Jesus, spake again to them. But they cried, saying, Crucify Him, crucify Him. Luke 23: 18, 20, 21
    The innocent are treated with much cruelty in this present evil world. Still.

    On a different note; Trump goes to trial in May of 2024.
    The chief (political) priests and their supporters will probably save Bidumb and murder Trump. If the past is any indication of the present.

    I am not saying Trump is Jesus. But I do see some similarities in their experiences with the so called justice system.
    Make no mistake: I know where salvation comes from, and it isn’t Trump. I’m trying to point out that justice has always been corrupt for at least 2000 years.
    There is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1: 9

  43. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    At approx 43 minute mark, you ask (and I paraphrase) ‘where did all the money go – the money we got for selling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?’ Unless it was all siphoned off to the criminal fraternity in DC, it probably went to pay off some foreign country cashing in US$ bonds. Oil for Treasuries, anyone? If true, then this would be yet another device to ‘kick the can down the road’ – to avoid an outright default.

    • sam

      your comment….Makes Sense!…

  44. John Maskell

    Great coverage Greg . l know your very busy , any chance of interviewing
    John Williams from Shadow Stats . I would love to hear the truth about the US inflation rate , the real rate . Looking forward for Saturday night show with
    Jim Rickards . I pray to God that these DemonCrats can hear you Greg . They must be listening and realising that the people of the USA know the corruption and fraud taking place . We fully understand in the UK because our government is the same. Actually , all these fraudulent governments across the world share the same script. It’s down to us ( the people ) to overthrow the filth in charge isn’t it ? Thank you again Greg for believing in Jesus . We will win , Jesus never lost hope !

  45. J.V.

    Ukraine ‘Copies’ Russia After Putin Pounds Odessa Port; Kyiv Threatens Russian Ships in Black Sea Hindustan Times 78,286 views Jul 21, 2023
    Ukraine will label all ships travelling to Russia and its occupied ports as potential carriers of military cargo after Russia issued a warning after exiting the grain deal initiative. Ukraine’s defence ministry said it is ready to repel Russian aggression at sea. This week, Russia quit the Black Sea Grain Initiative after a series of alleged Ukrainian drone strikes, including on a key Crimea bridge that connects the peninsula with the Russian mainland.

    Explosions Rock Odesa For 4th Straight Night; Putin’s Kalibr Missiles Wreak Havoc In Crimea Revenge/Hindustan Times 56,718 views Jul 21, 2023
    Russia continues to bombard the Ukrainian port city of Odesa for the fourth straight day. Ukraine says Russia fired Kalibr cruise missiles at Odesa, targeting key agricultural facilities. Powerful explosions were heard in Odesa as Russian rockets and missiles hit. Odesa governor says Russian missiles were fired at a low altitude to bypass air defence systems

  46. Dave Scrimshaw

    Hospital does not know what killed the reporter, huh? Wonder how they filled out her death certificate. That is a public document. That’s how I know they killed my Dad – sepsis (after receiving remdesevir).

  47. Guilien Samper

    Clif High and other bitcoiners were the beta-testers. They tested the electro currencies for free. Now the satanic globalists are utilizing that in order to chip humanity.

    And now Clif is also doing a similar service for the satanic globalists. Clif is every week trying to convince people to give up their faith in Jesus Christ.

  48. Coal Burner

    No wonder Dirty Kinky Debbie, the Pakistani’s girlfriend was so vehement yesterday attacking Kennedy. I did not know eight counties in Florida had declared the Bio-weapon. Kennedy believes from his study and expert reviews that it is a Bio Weapon, although the Committee Democrats did their best to talk over him to shut him up in a congressional hearing. It was flat out desperately amazing to watch them treat JFK like a lame dog. I was never that big a Kennedy fan but I could not believe Democrats were that vicious on television. They (Democrat congress critters both women and men) used Kennedy’s speech impediment against him talking over him to shut keep him from answering. I have a low opinion of most Democrats but this was beyond any civilized norm. People watching had to be infuriated for what they did too him. Look up the Youtube Videos of that.

  49. KravWarrior

    Always on the watch for the next episode.
    Greg and Bo (Polny) rock !

    Greetings from The Netherlands

  50. V.J.

    Black Sea Turns Into War Zone? Russian Fleet Fires Missile & Drones During Drills After Warning Kyiv /Hindustan Times 14,930 views Jul 21, 2023
    Russia’s Ministry of Defence released videos of its Black Sea Fleet carrying out combat training. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet fired anti-ship cruise missiles and used drones to successfully hit targets. Tensions have escalated in the Black Sea region since the second attack on Crimea’s Kerch bridge. Russia has been firing Kalibr missiles at Ukrainian port cities in retaliation.

    Rebellion Against Zelenksy Regime? Ukraine Pres Sacks Envoy To UK After Minister’s Resignation /Hindustan Times 39,223 views Jul 21, 2023
    Ukraine has dismissed its ambassador to the United Kingdom, Vadym Prystaiko. This after he publicly criticised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over his “unhealthy sarcasm” remark during a row with UK defence secretary Ben Wallace. A presidential order gave no reason for the dismissal.

    US Media [project Mockingbird bird brained fakers]‘can’t allow’ bad news about Democrats to come out
    Sky News Australia 15,134 views Jul 21, 2023
    Sky News host James Morrow says the United States media “can’t allow” any bad news about Democrats to come out as it could lead to Trump being re-elected.
    “Trump winning represents an existential crisis,” Mr Morrow said.
    “If Donald Trump wins the White House, their whole worldview will fall apart.”

  51. Shirl

    Awesome weekly wrap-up Greg, just wish none of it were true.
    May God Almighty bless you and yours.

  52. Tom

    The deep state is really going after Biden and his family…

  53. rv

    If Trump returns will use Schedule F to fire deep state, on the other hand, worst case scenario Putin destroys the uniparty with missiles cabel rattled forced to negotiate an agreement to stop the war in Ukraine.
    FBI budget should be cut 50% and need to impeach AG Garland there is zero justice against Biden crime family.
    Greg Awesome Weekly Wrap-Up!!!!

  54. Crack, the Devils Private!


  55. Marie Joy

    Leftists are very active and going after Trump.
    The right wing is sitting on our asses, complaining.
    WE deserve the government WE tolerate.

  56. larry giglio

    Hello. I got to Sen Paul not getting a bill on the Constitution passed, and I flipped. So if they really do discredit most of our Constitution, I propose these United States of America within: the United Countries of America. We all already own so much weaponry, first we drive in our SUVs up into Canada, and eliminate all the Chinese inhabitants causing Canadians so much grief, and maybe chase all the liberal loonies out of Montreal; but because they are our neighbor and friend, only cohabit an occupation. To the south, we join with our pickup trucks to overthrow the cartels, Mexico, and then onward to every country in both the North AND South American continents. United Countries of America. We can pause for effect, or use the momentum.

    • larry giglio

      Sorry. My apologies for neglecting our steroid friends swimming to overthrow Cuba. Major flaw in a good plan.

  57. Judy

    Thank you so much for recommending Weston Scientific! I love my Carryion. Air feels cleaner, and fresher in about three hours. I move it around as I go room to room. It’s hard to say exactly what it does, it just makes you feel better, and it really makes a difference during high pollen days. I’ve read the company website and it’s outrageous that this excellent product isn’t in every hospital room in America considering their infection rates. Just thinking about the medical problems in my extended family, I think Covid is emblamatic of a much deeper problem and an entrenched medical racket. When I recall SIDS becoming a thing, I remember stories about young parents being blamed by Social Services, even some facing charges and how it tore families apart and ruined people’s lives. Now it looks like it follows infant vax schedules. We thought arthritis ran in my family. It’s an autoimmune disorder. Painful, causes flair ups. Since retiring, I stopped taking flu shots — still get aches and pains from time to time as I age, but no more intense flair ups! Go figure. I was in the Salk Vaccine Cohort. I’m always surprised at how many of us don’t have children.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Judy!!! There are Many happy CarryIon customers!!! Weston Warren is a good man and very smart. His invention is patented and there are no other devices like his on the market!!! You are lucky to get one.


  58. James

    Members of Congress exempted themselves (Pelosi) and other corporate heads from the jab.
    Hmm, makes me wonder why and what information they had to do that??????????

  59. DEW

    Heah Greg: Maybe you misspoke, maybe your source was wrong, but 300 million barrels of oil @ $70/barrel is $21 billion, not $21 trillion. The $21 billion probably went to Ukraine !!

  60. Bruce McGott

    Col. Douglas McGregor: Next step nuclear!

    • Rick

      Our problem is we have 44 incompetent Four Star Generals who are simply defending the Military Industrial Complex – what we need is more “man in the street” Generals to defend the American people from these incompetents and go after the Military Establishment and reform it [just as McGregor says] – playing with Nuclear War and the Annihilation of 340 million American’s IS NO JOKE [like Lindsey Graham and Enrico seem to think]!!!!

  61. Tom K

    private corporation wants to be paid now, or else:

  62. Tolstoy at the Train Station

    The Beatles lyrics

    Have you seen the little piggies,
    Crawling in the dirt?
    And for all the little piggies
    Life is getting worse
    Always having dirt to play around in

    Have you seen the bigger piggies
    In their starched white shirts?
    You will find the bigger piggies
    Stirring up the dirt
    Always have clean shirts to play around in

    In their styes with all their backing
    They don’t care what goes on around
    In their eyes there’s something lacking
    What they need’s a damn good whacking

    Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
    Living piggy lives
    You can see them out for dinner
    With their piggy wives
    Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon

    Only by the grace of God did I not become a
    Piggy living a piggy life – and that is a beautiful

  63. Trinacria

    As always Greg, you are right over the target. One question: in the past you made a point of calling Biden as “vice president”. Now you seem to refers to him as “president”. Was wondering why the change of heart. Thanks and take care.

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s still the Vice President and was cheated in. I guess I am just getting lazy.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        ‘Lazy Greg Hunter’ is an oxymoron!

      • Truth Justice AmericanWay!

        Western Arms ‘Stolen’ In Kyiv; How U.S. Failed To Track Weapons Sent To Ukraine Amid Putin’s War/Hindustan Times 53,844 views Jul 21, 2023
        A Pentagon inspector general has revealed how the U.S. lost track of its weapons and ammunition sent to Ukraine last year amid the war. A Department of Defence report obtained by CNN exposes how some equipment sent by the U.S. and the allies to Ukraine were stolen. According to the inspector general, the problems stemmed from the “inability of DoD personnel to visit areas where equipment provided to Ukraine was being used or stored.”

        Ukraine Turns Into Tinderbox? ‘Cluster Bombs Sown Across One Third Of…’ | Key Details here; Hindustan Times 17,854 views Jul 22, 2023
        Rosemary DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, told the UN Security Council that unexploded cluster bomb submunitions and land mines have allegedly contaminated hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of Ukrainian territory amid the war with Russia. She said that unexploded ordnance will pose danger for years to come. Her remarks came on a day when Ukraine used its first US-supplied cluster munitions against Russia. Watch; When you don’t believe in a higher power, you yourself become a lower power. A DEVIL!👺Pinocchio!

        Rick’s Reply 07/10/2023 •
        As smart as Hunter Biden in conjuring up devious ways to make money and as smart as the Fed who purposely did this to our US dollar!! –

  64. Rodster

    M.A. linked this YT video on his website. Even Rap artist are now starting to figure out evrything is ONE BIG LIE.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Rodster,
      I don’t like ‘rap music’, but I LOVE these lyrics! One record like this can reach millions of young people . . .

    • Sphinx

      That was excellent and I’m not a fan of rap either. Thank you for posting.

  65. Marie Joy

    The FDA has approved a new Anthrax “vaccine” (Bioweapon) for adults despite the lack of publicly available information on testing and ingredients.
    I found that at and The Defender at
    Don’t take it.

    Colonel Douglas McGregor says the next step is nuclear. shows you how to make a bomb shelter inside your home.
    The thing to keeping radiation out is mass. Lead is better than paper.
    Minimum 3 inches of lead.
    Minimum 6 feet of paper.
    Minimum 5 feet of dirt.
    Keep your food and water inside your shelter
    It’s doable.

  66. Marie Joy

    Wunderground has maps of horrendous numbers of fires.
    Get your firewood before it’s all burnt down. Hide your preps.
    Depending on pollinators, plant fruit and nut trees for your own survival.

  67. Richard Westwell

    Alex Christoforou of the Duran channel made a good point yesterday which is that the United States has no longer the right to call any other country corrupt. The United States is the master of corruption in all departments everyone else is mickey mouse.

  68. Mary

    ALL the evil, satanic evil, this so-called President and his administration, and son, have done well nothing will be done about it will it. Sad sad days we live in.

  69. Eli

    Your show is a must see every week, Greg! Both you WNWU and your discussions with your many amazing guest!

    I love how you hold up papers with the headlines and a synopsis of each story, very easy to share these screenshots with friends.

    I do share your videos but oftentimes it’s difficult to get people to watch while episode, but anyway can read a screenshot blurb. Thank you brother God Bless you!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your kind words of support for USAW!!

  70. Liam Bartmess

    UK Warns Of Russia Nuke Threat Amid Ukraine War; ‘Britain Faces Greatest Threat Since Cold War’ Hindustan Times 83,631 views Jul 19, 2023
    The United Kingdom is facing the greatest Russian nuclear threat since the Cold War, according to a study of the future for UK defence. The notes warned that the Ukraine war has put Britain under more “nuclear escalation” threats from Russia. The UK Defence Command Paper also said that “Russia becomes more isolated internationally as a result of its actions and behaves more volatilely, so the threat to the UK and our interests will increase.”

  71. LondonCenter

    The Russians Have Annihilated The Depots In Odessa
    Douglas Macgregor S.C. 29K views 3 hours ago
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls – Analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States of America and the world.

    This Should Turn Your Stomach/The Jimmy Dore Show 92,913 views Jul 21, 2023
    Ro Khanna is supposed to be a progressive standard-bearer in Congress, yet his most recently announced position is that the United States needs to beef up its steel industry to allow for greater arms production – to send to Ukraine to aid in the fight against Russia. This despite Khanna’s pre-war denunciation of the Azov Battalion, who would presumably receive these armaments, as neo-fascists.

    Big Admission By U.S. NSA On Russia’s Battlefield Roar; ‘Kyiv Losing Significant…’ | Hindustan Times 70,381 views Jul 22, 2023
    The United States National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, has claimed that Ukraine is losing ‘significant’ forces in its war against Russia. Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in Washington, Sullivan also claimed that Ukraine’s much-lauded counteroffensive is ‘hard going.’ He, however, also said that Kyiv has a ‘substantial amount of combat power that it has not yet committed to the fight,’ and the right moment is being awaited ‘when it will have the maximum impact on the battlefield.’

  72. Jane jones

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Non-Stop LYING About RFK Jr.
    The Jimmy Dore Show 8,720 views Jul 22, 2023
    In an effort to silence and marginalize Robert F. Kennedy, Democrats are seizing upon and misrepresenting statements he’s made to attack him as an antisemite and anti-Asian. The obvious strategy is to cut his candidacy out from under him and paint him as an extremist rather that engage with his platform.

  73. I'm Kyle!

    Document: FBI Knew About ‘Big Guy’ Joe Biden’s Ukraine Business Before Laptop from Hell Reporting /by Breitbart July 22nd 2023
    Pluse Patrick Byrne spills the beans on Jack Smith

    John Bolton Accidentally Explains Why US Policy On Russia And China Is Wrong July 7, 2023 Caitlin Johnstone
    We have the deep creeps, big pharma and the military with a industrial complex, on the run! They will soon learn we the people, represented through the unholy trinity, Trump, RFK Jr and yes PUTIN Giving it right back at us! Face it. What goes around comes around. There is a higher power, in this chessgame. Your days are numbered, were taking over! THE PEOPLE, NORTON TRY AND LICK THAT!

  74. Edward Marler

    Hi Greg,
    I thought you’d be interested in this “junk mail” I received the other day from Horizon Therapeutics USA, Inc. I have seen their TV commercials for treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease, but this one is for Gout (which I don’t have by the way). Anyway, this treatment is called Krystexxa (pegloticase) which is given in the way of IV infusion. The common side effects of this drug are the interesting part: COVID-19!!! Along with the usual side effects of nausea, vomiting, chest pain, etc. And it could cause gout flare-ups! What?! Why in the world would anyone want this drug put into their body?
    Maybe this is of interest for you to follow up on. Thanks for all you do for us, Greg!

  75. HL Menchen

    26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. – Romans ch. 1

    yet another rebuke of Clif High — Bible prophecy, besides Revelation 13, that is happening right now in real time.

  76. Frank S.

    My vax-injured GF is vax-injured no more! After 15 chelation treatments, her blood tests are back to normal. She’s continuing the FLCCC I-RECOVER protocol, doing isometric (bungee) exercises to rebuild muscle tone, and keeping away from 5G. There’s hope folks!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Frank.

  77. Mohammad


    I knew from day one that Ukraine is already in the pocket of Russia, because I have seen it in my motherland Syria when all the media was saying Russia lost , Russia lost …and we locals knew they did not, same story in Ukraine.

    I believe that Russia will have Alaska that was stolen from the Russian czar by Jp Morgan back (then they killed him with his offspring so no one can tell), and the eyes are set on this jewel (Alaska) of the Russian crown , mark those words.

    Also Russia will advance to the warm waters and will collaborate with turkey to advance to Jerusalem. also mark those words.

    The rest is NOISE…!!


    • Greg Hunter

      The USA did not steal Alaska.

      “Alaska contains over 580,000 square miles of land and is known as the largest state within the United States.

      According to The Library of Congress, before the United States, Alaska was owned by Russia, but on March 30, 1867, they reached an agreement to purchase Alaska from Russia for $7.2million.

      The deal, called the Alaska Purchase, was made between Secretary of State William Seward and Russian Minister to the United States Edouard de Stoeckl.

      • Mohammad

        That what you have been told…..Writes history and shows documents ( for that matter hides documents ) is the winner, the rightful owner of Russian crown was killed with all his off spring. Dead do not talk.


  78. mike burton

    the untied states and Britain the Anglo American world power is following the same steps as Rome did before it went down. history repeating itself again again again in general man doesn’t learn a thing

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