CV19 Bioweapon Caused a Pandemic of the Vaccinated – Ed Dowd

By Greg Hunter’s 

Ed Dowd was a money manager on Wall Street and is still a skillful number cruncher.  He worked for Black Rock and made billions of dollars in profits by being right on the data.  Now, Dowd has turned his skills toward the numbers of deaths and serious injuries surrounding the CV19 bioweapon vax.  He sees a very dark and disturbing future taking shape.  Dowd explains, “We did our vaccine damage report after months and months of collecting data.  There are three buckets.  There are the dead, disabled and injured.  The dead is easy enough to find . . . it’s excess mortality.  In 2021 and 2022, it’s over 300,000 deaths, and that’s probably on the low side.  There are 1.36 million disabled from the vax, and that is a conservative number.  Finally, 26.6 million people are injured. . . . Anecdotally , it is all making sense.  Everyone is reporting coworkers that are chronically ill and sick.  The worktime data is really the smoking gun.  It went 13 standard deviations above the 20-year trendline in 2022. . . . It went up in 2020, and then it went up again in 2021, but it exploded in 2022 well after the virus and well into the CV19 vaccine program.  It is a stunning a 13 standard deviation event.  It is a ‘Black Swan’ event.   This affects 10 percent of the total population, but 30% of the labor force.  There is about 100 million to 110 million in the labor force.  With the injured, disabled and the dead, it’s about 28.9 million.  That’s about 30% of the labor force that has died, been disabled or is chronically sick.  This is going to have huge implications on productivity going forward.”

On the U.S. dollar, Dowd says it’s not going down in the near term.  Dowd contends, “We are predicting deflation, which will be good for the dollar.  It’s pretty much bad for every other asset class.”

On the ongoing banking crisis, Dowd says, “The regional bank stocks are getting slaughtered.  When you raise interest rates 500 basis points or 5% in a little over 12 months after a 14-year 0% interest rate regime, you are going to leave tremendous skid marks, and the skid marks are the regional banks, unfortunately, because they have a lot of commercial real estate.  This is not the end of the crisis, it is the beginning.”

Dowd see’s a “deep recession” coming soon.  He also says it is going to be at least as bad as the savings and loan crisis in the early 1990s, but he says all bets are off if the Fed loses control of the economy.  That, too, is a good possibility.

Dowd says one really “disturbing” thing is how everyone in power is ignoring the CV19 bioweapon/vax unfolding disaster.  Dowd is surprised there are “no investigations or hearings in Congress” and is also surprised no one is asking for his stunning CV19 vax data.

Dowd says, “They all want to hope it’s going to go away, but it’s not going to go away because the numbers are so big. . . . My book “Cause Unknown” was written for loved ones who think everything is hunky-dory.  When you look at the numbers, you have to ask yourself why aren’t we talking about this?  We have pandemic numbers now.  It’s way more in the 2020 time frame.

We have a pandemic.  It’s the pandemic of the vaccinated. . . . I think if we don’t do something soon, the country is gone. . . .No one is taking action.”

There is much more in the 39-min. interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with money manager and investment expert Ed Dowd, author of the book called “Cause Unknown” The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022 for 5.3.23.

(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

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After the Interview:

You can order the Dowd’s book called “Cause Unknown” The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022 by clicking here.

If you want to go to Dowd’s website called, click here.

Dowd’s work on compiling data on deaths and disabilities caused by the CV19 bioweapon/vax can be viewed by clicking here.  It’s all free.

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  1. Marie Joy

    Nothing will be done by those in power because it is they who are purposely killing us.

    • Michael Janket

      “they are killing us” is a strong statement. When I see people like Josh Hawley, Jim Jordan, and John Kennedy, I no longer think they will catalyze our direct intervention in the fight against deep state, shadow government, and other sleazy non-approximations of this government which is both directly and indirectly destroying this nation. Who would have thought AG Garfinkel, er, Garland, would have been able to be so deadly to the cause of freedom and fairness to our citizens? When heinous morons like Garland and Mayorcas get away with bloody murder, our apparently gutless government is unable to see how truly worthless they truly are. I’ve never seen nor read about any time in our history that we’ve been so savagely damaged by our elected class. We often extol how wonderful our founding fathers were in their construction of our government, yet now we see that laws are not followed that might elevate us to action and not inaction. There are countless examples of our societal demise and we let the slime and scum from MSM continue to destroy our freedom of speech as well as their non-reporting of the truth in our onrushing debacle. We are guilty of tolerating these destroyers, when do we strike back in united disdain for their wretchedness?

      • Marie Joy

        It is meant to be an extremely strong statement. They are committing worldwide genocide, destroying to the point of extinction. The first time I heard of it was in the mid 1960s when my cousin, a big shot in the FBI told me that he belonged to an FBI faction that wanted everyone dead. Now we know the Rockefellers, Gates, the British Royal Family and many more want us dead and are actively committing worldwide genocide. They are committing Crimes Against Humanity. WE and our children are in horrible danger.

        • Mesquite

          May I ask why they wanted everyone dead? And, please did they mention how that would be accomplished. Did they have active plans back in the 1960’s.

      • Ranger

        Until The Federal Reserve Central Bank and it’s Agents are removed from these shores, nothing can be done to change things in the interest of the American People.
        When you do not control the issuing of your own currency, those who do control you.
        Everything else you do is one hundred percent absolutely undeniably proven to be worthless.

        • Tom

          This is long overdue!

      • Richard

        Appreciate your article… I am reminded by a quote from John Q Adams concerning a constitutional republic … “This form of govt is meant only for a moral and a religious people, and wholly inadequate to govern any other “. I tend to agree!

      • Vernon Locke

        Reply to Michael Janket
        I’ve never seen nor read about any time in our history that we’ve been so savagely damaged by our elected class.
        Soros and son, their district attorneys, supreme court injustices, not doing the job to assure fair elections! Hillary, Obomber and his Beijing Biden administration implanted woman. All Aided and abetted, stealing of the right, to have the American taxpayers vote counted! Especially in blue state urban centers, they’ve raped they’re whole professional lives!
        Unsolicited ballots will lead to ‘fraud like you’ve never seen’: Trump

        Dear Mr President —From The Resolute Desk Barrack Obama
        Congratulations on a remarkable run. Millions have placed their hopes in you, and all of us, regardless of party, [should hope for expanded prosperity and security during your tenure.]
        HERE’S The Kicker! From The Resolute Desk Barrack Obama
        Second, American leadership in this world really is indispensable. It’s up to us, through action and example, to sustain the international order that’s expanded steadily since the end of the Cold War, and upon which our own wealth and safety depend.

      • Mark

        Had a close high school friend’s step daughter die in her sleep at 18, nothing wrong with her, just never woke up.

        Was discussing the vaxx with an older man (in his 80s), who was jabbed. After beginning to discuss the data with him, he told me he didn’t want to talk about it…I stopped talking, of course. I sensed fear in him that he was worried that I might be correct.

        I have seen over the top angry responses from vaxxed people on Twitter, again suggesting they were more afraid they hurt themselves badly, or perhaps hoping this information will disappear, or will be a bad dream and go away.

        It’s not all like this, of course. I know people who are unvaccinated, and they are healthy as a horse.

    • Rodster

      As Gerald Celente likes to say, “we are being ruled by Crime Syndicates”.

    • The True Nolan

      While there may be argument about exactly who is trying to kill us, I do not think any truly objective look at the facts can come to any other conclusion than that SOMEONE is pushing genocide and depopulation.

      Here are the facts:
      1) Our politicians are traitors
      2) The bureaucrats are sociopaths
      3) Our Healthcare officials are genocidal

      We are already in the middle of World War Three, but it a war of psychology and propaganda. Our own government wants us dead, but they are killing us in ways that many people simply do not want to recognize. It is always easier to murder a victim who does not resist. But the best way of all to murder someone? Convince them to murder themselves with an injection of poison.

      Stand up. Speak out. And especially if you took the jab, don’t let your death be for nothing. TAKE ACTION!

    • Bob

      They will All stand Trembling in Judgment for their crimes against humanity when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns and all of their Luciferian money Cant save them then

      • JOHN

        wait since 2000 jears!

  2. Wayne Maclenzie

    From Canada: I am wondering if Ed is going to do an in depth study in Canada, would be great if he had the time.

    • Jay

      The FBI even made a movie openly admitting and advertising the fact that they hire criminals. It’s titled, “Catch me if you can.”

    • Kal Zurkan

      Kal from Canada: Are you kidding? Who would waste time on a country that is governed by a child who has zero ability but dances only for his WEF mentors. He cares nothing for Canadians. We have our own crime families in this country and they have been in charge of it for a century at least.

    • Pete+only

      Wayne, Ed Dowd wanted to report on Canada, but the government agencies in Canada haven’t been releasing any data for quite sometime. Ed Dowd calls the government agencies as third world in nature.

  3. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thank you for a great interview with Ed Dowd.
    ED Dowd, like Karen Kingston and Lt. Col. Doctor Theresa Long, and others on your channel, focuses on documented facts – anecdotal evidence and personal opinions are kept to a minimum. Despite their lack of hyperbole, what they are all saying has ‘Earth shattering’ implications. And yet, virtually no one in the ‘mainstream’ (political class, civil institutions, the ‘traditional’ media) is discussing, acting upon, or disseminating the debacle which is the CV-19 global ‘vaccination’ programme. We in the ‘Alt media’ space are routinely dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’, but the evidence clearly shows that those avoiding the inconvenient truth are part of a giant conspiracy. The largest, most globally coordinated, and deadliest conspiracy the world has ever witnessed.
    Thank you for your informative and fearless broadcasts . . .

    • Todd

      “the evidence clearly shows that those avoiding the inconvenient truth are part of a giant conspiracy. The largest, most globally coordinated, and deadliest conspiracy the world has ever witnessed”

      This point needs a whole show…no strike that…at least a 3 – part series to discuss in depth. Perhaps with a panel of people (aka – Nightline or Bill Maher format) to address:

      1. Is there a conspiracy? (spoiler Duh, yes there is – but maybe it’s how the system protects itself – it’s happening automatically by design – not run buy any one (or few) mastermind(s) ?). Or both? – Is the “system” itself Satanic?


      2. What can we do about it?

      • Don W.

        First, I agree that we are being run by a group of satanic people all over the world. It is the beginning of the ONE WORLD GOV. In answer to your second question. We need to prepare ourselves for the end times as we have all kinds of things happening all over the world that show us that. So get ready, as He is coming, and coming soon. When you do that, it makes the days much more livable.

      • Ranger

        The Founders and Framers of The Constitution were once under the Tyrannic Rule of the Central Bank.
        They stood up, armed themselves, and acted like brave courageous men, and America was free from the rule of the Central Bank.
        At least until 1913 when the Central Bank took back America.
        Until The American People understand the Central Bank, they are doomed. Lol.

      • tim mcgraw

        Todd: “2. What can we do about it?”
        Your comment is the only one on this site worth citing. What can we do about it?
        Three options:
        1: Whine about the situation and do nothing (most of the people on this site.)
        2: Opt out and go off the grid or leave the USA. (Some of those who were on this site are no longer here.)
        3: Get violent.
        I choose Door #2.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Clarification: ‘We in the Alt Media’ encompasses producers, presenters and the audience. I claim only to be one of the latter.

  4. Coal Burner

    Mr Dowd has a good direct way of looking at this depopulation event in that he just says “this is what is happening!” The thing about “criminals” , “Psyco’s” is really important and should not be underestimated. Think about that for a while. It is not the first time psyco’s were willing to kill or maim unknown numbers of the “human fodder” for money and wealth.
    Yes plane flights are being affected.

  5. Coal Burner

    Greg; I went to the Ed’s website, and it is very interesting, not too detailed but the key points are interesting. I noted he is located in Portugal. I hope you have him back and more than once. Sometime ask him how he came to be located in Portugal.

    Thanks for all you do Greg!

    • Claire

      He has said that he lives in Hawaii in several interviews and has talked at length about the community he lives with and prepping, etc so the reason the company is located elsewhere is for business reasons, I imagine. But yes, it would be interesting to know why Portugal. Perhaps he thinks it’s a good second choice to locate; there are good business enticements for Portugal, and it’s by the ocean with good weather – which obviously suits him. The original Deagel projection has Portugal 2 million down by 2025, for what it’s worth.

      • Scott

        Well, Britains News channel had a segment today talking about correlation of vaccination rates to excess mortality…..Portugal has the highest vaccination (actually second to Malta) and the highest excess morality rate….maybe not the place to be living after-all.

        Everyone keeps talking about the cause but no one provides solutions. We can’t trust our politicians or media. Dare the military step in? Or do We the People need to start taking out these modern day Hitlers?

    • Jeffrobbins

      Interesting- I think Mr. And Mrs. Morris that do redacted are in Portugal also. Is it possible they have good free speech protections? Like we should?

      • Shiloh1

        They had a podcast this week with Whitney Webb talking about the Epstain stuff.

        They also had a clip about James Ray Epps (yeah, that one) daughter giving tidbits on his biographical background.

    • Patty

      He lives in Hawaii but his partner Carlos lives in Portugal.

  6. Rodney

    Dowd is surprised there is no investigations or hearings? Actually it’s fairly simple really, one need only ask themselves how many government agencies including Congress were exempt from this shot while others were forced/mandated to take it. Therein lies your answer; they all knew what was going on and knew what the shot really was. There will be no hearings or investigations.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Rodney,
      Succinctly put!

      • Carra

        Hi Rodney,
        Sad, but so true.

    • Michael Janket

      Rodney’s reply is brilliant in its simplicity and openness. What is more descriptive of their contempt than “they knew”?

      Thanks to Greg Hunter, the Watchdog is dutybound 24/7. Show me a better presentation than the fruits of Greg’s labors. C’mon, show me.

      Eternal thanks to you, Greg.

      • stan wenninger

        Yes, of course, through Christian eyes, Greg is one of the best. Greg drops the “J” bomb (Jesus is our only Salvation).

    • Rodster

      I agree, nothing will come of this. As I made the comment earlier, governments have become Crime Syndicates.

      • Tim K

        Hi Rodney,

        It will have to come from we the people. Hopefully Cliff High is right (vigilante justice)


        • r

          I think we urgently need to show who is above – that there are a “Lot” more then Ten(10) good people on planet Earth (in order to stop the Extermination that is Now Taking Place of the Entire Human Race) – those who want to “look back” at the Criminality, Child Molestation, Beastiality and the Perverted Immoral Queer Transgender Pedophiles as “something to be missed” should be turned to Stone (or nuclear glass) just like Lot’s wife!!!

    • Mary

      I totally agree with you Rodney. No surprise here. Congress is bought off. Ron Johnson’s hearings will go nowhere. This reminds me of Trey Gowdy and Bengazi. It was all show and no go. Dr. Judy Mikovits called all the damage from the very beginning: Take off the masks, Sars-Cov-2 does not cause Covid and 50 Million in the USA will be dead from the shots. No virus has ever been isolated. Covid is a grab bag of symptoms. Nothing new under the sun. Fauci and the rest will walk. All is completely corrupt.

  7. Todd

    This interview should have been longer. It was that good. I know he’s trying to sell his book, but a “DATA” guy like this needs to be paired with another guest to discuss the implications in more depth. This 30 minute interview would have been better served as an hour considering the breadth of topics (from money, to vaccine, to military).

    For example, “we won’t have a standing military in 5 years!?!.” That’s great shit frankly. Not the lack of military but the concept behind it.

    Pilots; here’s a great example, need 9 people behind the plane to make it fly? Lose 3, the plane doesn’t fly. Here are some follow up questions…

    1) Is this global, all militaries?
    2) What about AI / automation – do people matter as much?
    3) Is this “good” for America? Goodbye Military-Industrial Defense Complex?
    4) With the deficit, can we afford a boated standing military anyway?
    5) If there’s a civil war, is it good the conservatives, who refused the shot, left?

    This is just an example of how could improve the quality, depth and substance of it’s product. I really like Greg Hunter (cool name) but remember…people CHASE VALUE…even in a down economy. Thanks Mr. Hunter!

    • carra


      Exactly like Trey Gowdy & Bengazi . Exactly.

  8. Vince Osburn

    Excellent interview, excellent guest.
    Thanks, Greg

  9. John Pick

    Another outstanding interview Greg.
    Ed Dowd is a Brainiac Pit Bull investigator.
    Just what we need at this time
    Possum from Pogo said “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us”,
    Thank you Greg and Ed.

  10. Mat G

    We lost friends to the government and media-fed lockdown panic, and then to the rancor over the mRNAs.

    They told us that we were selfish and stupid. That we didn’t understand science. Or vaccines. That we were risking our lives and theirs out of pure spite, or maybe fear of needles. That the government was right to make us choose between our jobs and an experimental biotechnology. That we shouldn’t be allowed in movie theaters or stores or restaurants or planes.

    Then they stopped talking to us at all. They disinvited us from family gatherings and parties. They said our children couldn’t play with theirs. They looked away when they saw us on the street…

    Guest post by Alex Berenson

  11. Ron

    All the WEF supporters talk about population reduction. The systems around the world are being destroyed to bring about a crisis and the reset will be offered as the answer. Expect a CBDC that will help control the masses.

  12. Chance the Gardener

    Recent death of Jock Zonfrillo from Australian Master Chef, age 46, is not accounted for. I have seen pictures of his arm and there are no needle tracks, though he may have done drugs as a teenager. Critics of Covid 19 jab are pooh-poohed for questioning jab relationship, of course, 46 year olds dropping dead is a common occurrence.

  13. NH Watcher

    I watched the entire interview. Ed Dowd is obviously a well connected, mainstream money manager … not a sensationalist or conspiracy theorist. Halfway during the interview, however, he admitted “this country is toast” that his focus now is preparing for the disintegration, break up, end of the United States (and consequently as any conspiracy theorist would tell you, the New World Order). That is not unpatriotic per se; he is simply being a realist. It is evident as an American, he is quite frustrated and sad by it all, but he also has to prepare himself, his family, and his own assets for what is coming.

    And those dead from the vaccines won’t be helping … they are already dead. Those disabled from the vaccines are solely focused on what’s left for them, i.e., government disability, since no work place can employ them any longer, nor is capable of supporting them long term. This will further hasten the collapse of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid in the U.S. Individual “red” states may try to survive on their own, but realistically, even their populations will unravel without federal government support.

    In the short term, I agree that the U.S. dollar remains king. As Mr. Dowd stated in the interview, 90% of worldwide trade remains with the U.S. dollar. As the Lord told me, the vaccines were the “precursor” to the Mark of the Beast, but not the Mark itself. Only the Mark of the Beast will not allow you to “buy or sell” without it. What the vaccines did, however, was lay the groundwork for HOW the Mark will be implemented. Those who did not take the vaccine and experienced social or financial disruption as a result, that is a far cry from what the Mark will be. The Mark is not a disruption or interruption; the Mark is a permanent imprint on your soul becoming one with Satan, or as the Elite call him, Lucifer.

    All of this is part of the End Times, prior to our Lord’s return. God has allowed Satan this temporary control over humanity. It will not be permanent, but it will deceive many, leading to what is permanent, which is the Mark. The Antichrist has yet to be revealed, so in this time left, we all must spread the truth as best we are able in our personal lives and circumstances. It is already hard, and will only get harder. But the answer remains and has always been a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and only His authority to forgive.

    A riveting interview …

  14. Joseph

    Pfizer Reports First-Quarter 2023 Results
    In this sea of dark nest there is a glimmer of Hope; from their report;
    Comirnaty(1) revenues of approximately $13.5 billion, down 64% from 2022 results.

    For those with out sight this is Sarcasm

  15. Nick Leddy

    Greg, Thank you and Ed Dowd for providing this update
    on the on going health disaster unfolding in America.
    I’m concerned that we have crossed the event horizon.
    When you look at the poisoning of our food supply,
    the chemical spraying of our atmosphere and the
    relentless pushing of big pharma drugs, the control
    is in the hands of the psycho/sociopaths. We are in for
    a real tough time.

    • JJ

      5th Generation Warfare Full Spectrum Dominance
      Bio and GeoEngineering — Biological and Chemical War Attacks
      Battle for the Mind using Propoganda, False Flags Events, Mind Control, Shaping Perceived Reality
      Financial Stress and Destruction
      Key Personnel corrupted, compromised and captured.
      Wokism, another name for enemies within destruction via Cultural Marxism
      Create as much demoralization, isolation and division as possible.
      Break people’s Spirit and Will to Resist
      Once all resources are drained and as many are killed and/or disabled as possible declare victory through Chinese Unrestricted Warfare
      Takeover and Takedown Complete.

  16. Rick

    Mr. Biden did you “hear” that 30% of the US labor force has been crippled and/or killed by the jab that you pushed upon the American people??
    No! I “didn’t hear” anything!!
    Mr. Trump did you “see” the death reports of the millions killed by the Jab you still say is safe??
    No! I “didn’t see” anything!!
    Main Stream Media did you “speak” about the jab crippling our workforce, the US economy and killing tens of millions of Americans??
    No! Biden didn’t hear anything and Trump didn’t see anything so why should we have anything to say !!

  17. Jerry

    I sure hope Ed is right. We are at the breaking point right now.

    The banking crisis only complicates everything. And don’t forget the new digital currency system the globalist have lined up.

    • Earth Angel

      The way to fight back against the cbdc system is for EVERY STATE to institute gold and silver backed currency again. Utah, Nevada, New Hampshire & Wyoming have ALREADY DONE THIS with the GOLDBACK CURRENCY! SOUTH DAKOTA and IDAHO are slated to sponsor their own issues very soon. It looks like TENNESSEE will likely be the first southern state to join in (with GEORGIA not too far behind- I HOPE). Tennessee has already UNANIMOUSLY voted to open their own State Gold Depository. See the interview with Catherine Austin Fitts and State Senator Frank Niceley of Tennessee at her website,, if you haven’t already seen it. This is a way to defeat digital slavery and an alternative option for EVERYONE- if you will PLEASE PAY ATTENTION and TAKE SOME ACTION NOW. SEE and GET BUSY IN YOUR STATE. We can all do this!

      • Wayne

        Goldbacks? meh.

  18. Barry w Nicholson

    Every day we see the legal criminals called politicians play there game pointing fingers and claiming the other side is the bad guy…Nothing will ever change until we the people make America great…Not Trump…The truth is….it has always been a illusion that we the people could vote them out or do anything other than be lab rats for those in Power.

  19. Country Codger

    Phantastic interview!!!
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  20. Michael Miles

    Thank you Greg, your programme is great ! Much appreciated 👍.

  21. Catherine

    Of all the guests you have had on your show Ed Dowd, for me, is the man I admire most and I believe his data speaks for itself. Numbers and stats if not tainted need no other proof that 30-35 percent of work force is out of commission for various reasons. The only thing it cannot tell you is WHY.
    It does reflect back to vax killer shots yes. But WHY DO THEY WANT TO KILL 5 billion people?
    As a God fearing person I feel as though God in His judgement of and anger toward human choices to promote the destruction of His Creation ie homosexual marriage, abortions in astronomical proportions, nihilism promoting the destruction of our reality and lack of meaning leads the world AWAY from God on every level. This world was given to humanity to protect enjoy and prosper read the Bible’s book of Genesis with commentaries However with the modern nihilism we are literally teaching in all schools that our reality ie. Men and women don’t exist you can choose your sex is actually currently telling kindergarten children LIES and is structuring the future world of confusion and push AWAY from God and into chaos.
    Dowd is correct in stating if this all doesn’t stop soon The USA is finished , at least in our lifetime.
    Just remember folks a secret. If you surround your lives and families around God His teaching His laws and His promises to save the loyal followers of His Plan then your strength INCREASES because the nihilist who says all is meaningless is dependent on the PAST whereas God the Creator of all is the creator of the future. Only God is in charge and creates the future no nihilist will be part of. They will not survive what lies ahead. He will sort out the faithful from the fallen and that will lead us into a righteous world where God exists as the primary source of light and life. Stay strongly connected to God and leave this world of meaningless behind. The future is OURS.

    • aps


  22. Rick

    When we see those “who won’t admit the truth” run for US President – while those “who tell the truth” (like Tucker Carlson from Fox News, Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone, Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept, James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, etc., etc., etc.) taken down – you better know it is time – time to stop laughing “at the insanity – we have to understand that men who claim they are women” are not normal and that we have immoral perverts, queers and pedophiles in positions of power within our government and our schools “who are raping our children both physically and mentality” – so – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just signed a law “expanding the death penalty” to put to death even the child rapists “who don’t kill their victims” (to cover up their crime)!!

    • r

      One(1) Good Man – but – according to the Bible we need at least ten(10) Good Men “to save a City” – and probably a way Lot more “to save the World”!!

  23. Roger Stamper

    tks ed greg

  24. Greg

    Ice to have Mr. Dowds input. A very articulate and bright person indeed!

  25. Galaxy 500

    Well done Greg
    Thanks Ed.
    I see people being struck down by these minions of Satan.
    No Corona this May 5. No Transhyser Busch for me.
    God Bless you and keep you safe

    • Paul from Indiana

      Attending in person or participating remotely? Best always. PM

  26. James

    Of the people I know who are vaccinated 1 has had strokes she is 43, 1 has kidney failure he is 64 and needs a transplant, another is out sick at least once a week with various ailments, and a fourth has had menigitis gone into sepsis. All these people were healthy with minimal issues until they started taking the vaccine. Is there a link? Well from what I see, it looks like it is highly suspect there is.

    we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but principalities.

  27. Scott

    Great interview. Try to keep Dowd coming back

  28. Really Awake

    Why is the U.S. Dollar and commodities now acting differently in relation to each other than in the past?

    The short answer is that the Covid 19 lockdowns caused a different situation, e.g., supply shortages and a flight to perceived dollar safety. And that’s why both the dollar and commodities went up together when they usually trade in an inverse relationship.

    Furthermore WW3 is coming; therefore, the smart, rich insiders will continue to flee to ostensible safety, e.g., gold, the dollar, real estate in perceived safe locations away from the combat zone, antiques, collectibles, short duration U.S. treasury paper and so on and so forth.

    Moreover China and other countries that are against the U.S.A. are stockpiling gold and other “commodities” causing a supply- demand shortage of gold. So, gold up. The dollar up, too, because those on the side of Washington are investing with King Dollar. Smart money in general is buying up tangable assets away from the front lines of WW3, so what’s being bought up is going up, up, up… Again, suppy and demand…. Follow the demand and that’ll allow you to deduce the future. Know what’s in demand and why, and know the future. And, frankly, the future is a Great Reset. I call it, Satan’s Great Reset because evil is obviously behind what’s happening and driving the outcome.

    Finally, a lot of people now know that a Great Reset is coming, but they don’t understand it’s really Satan’s Great Reset. And so they will buy and sell and hoard goods differently than in the past. If you want to get ahead of the curve, then get ready and get ahead of the Great Reset, WW3 and a Malthusian die-off and, perhaps, a Biblical die-off.

  29. David Bain


    My understanding, and this is information I have heard being reported, is that Black Rock owns 49% of Dominion, Black Rock owns 49% of Fox News. In the settlement, between Dominion and Fox, neither party admits guilt, they just agree to settle, eliminate all the legal costs. A payment between companies is a zero sum game. The media wants us to think there was no election fraud or tampering. This intercompany settlement still leaves the election interference in play!

    Please verify this and get the word out.
    From the Sidelines.

  30. ray jones

    as to your poll about trump on trial 25 years ago i would have said hell yes today i truly do not know as we have corrupt courts and judges every where…

  31. Robert

    Thank you Greg Hunter. Another top notch interview. We are all so fortunate for USA WatchDog.

  32. Robert Will

    Best guest on USA Watchdog

    • Robert says no

      I like Dowd too but Catherine Austin Fitts is my favorite. I’d like to live nextdoor to her.

  33. Susan R

    Ed has a PHD and his concerns are grave. The survival of many is questionable. How many even think before boarding a plane, it could come down? As grim as it is, we who can, need to be ready to survive, we each have those that will need us. Who or what is doing this is evil. History and the bible show this force. Preparations need to be internal (body and soul) and external (fortifications and food), just these two will require everything we can muster.

    • Sam

      Susan R…the thing to worry most about is….He who can kill our Soul…and it ain’t the “Deep State” or “satan”….if one follows the “FIRST (fake) jesus” who appears on the World Scene, it is going to be very injurious to those who follow him….but….Hang On for just a few Months (5-1/2)….our Savior the TRUE Son of our Heavenly Father will arrive….this is in the MANUSCRIPTS and not in the TRANSLATIONS…because TRANSLATIONS are the subject of mere mortal men…..the MANUSCRIPTS are DIVINE.
      Do honest research….but not all will see it. One must ask to see it…it will find you

      • Isabel

        Sam, excellent comment. Many will be deceived by the False Christ. The fake Christ appears at the sixth trump. The true Christ appears at the seventh trump, the final trump. Don’t let Satan deceive you. Read the manuscripts.

  34. Felix

    Love ed dowd and the truth tellers on your weekly shows.I have been following you for a long time greg and it is you and sgt report that have solidified my thoughts this world is run by satan a little more everyday until CHRIST comes back and kicks his ass.Justice for these luciferians will be hard to come by in this life.Sometimes I wish I was judge ,jury and executioner but that is only fantasy.People my age 62 look at the world and wonder what the hell happened to our once great nation in such a short time and it breaks my heart these luciferians in our government have sold their souls,they sold their country and families out.The biden family are the biggest scumbags on the planet besides the bushes,obamas,clintons.I do not live in fear JESUS CHRIST is the savior of the world.AMEN

  35. Matthew C Nelson

    Population control, this may save Social Security for those of us whom did not take the clot shot.

  36. Rick

    We who read the Bible are used to being told in scripture about “other worldly entities” interacting with mankind (like the tempting of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, etc., etc. and even their exterminating of whole cities like Sodom and Gomorrah) – well – Tucker Carlson who was recently removed from Fox (for daring to tell the American people the truth) has revealed in the following interview below “something we have known for a long time” – that Alien’s co-inhabit planet Earth with us Humans – however – recent actions by these non-human entities pertaining to “our” Nuclear Weapons “obviously shows that they consider our Nuclear Weapons “A Threat to Their Existence and Their Civilization” – so – let’s think one step further – doesn’t it seem logical that perhaps these Alien Entities may have ordered the Globalists to exterminate 99% of Human Race (or else they would kill all the Globalist leaders)?? – so could it be – the Globalists from Klaus Schwab to Bill Gates to George Soros are simply “Carrying Out The Aliens Orders” – To Kill Us Humans by Every Means Possible??? – I’m not making excuses for these Evil Globalists for what they have already done to us (with their Covid 19 jabs, abortions, transgender mutilation of our precious children, etc., etc.) – but simply reckoning that “We The People” have to find some way to make A Better Deal with these Aliens” (then the Globalists did in accepting the extermination of 99% of humanity (as useless eaters) as long as “they” get to survive!! – – I need some feedback on ways we may be able to Change The Deal by directly interacting with the Aliens – before the evil Globalists bring out their Marburg Virus (with an 80% kill rate) to more completely exterminate us!!

    • Rick

      Here is my suggestion: Perhaps we can get “A Better Deal” by simply protesting loudly in the streets that “WE THE PEOPLE OF PLANET EARTH ARE AGAINST NUCLEAR WAR” and “WE WANT TO REINSTALL THE NUCLEAR ARMS TREATY TRUMP GOT US OUT OF WITH RUSSIA” – and “DEMAND THAT WE EVENTUALLY WANT A NUCLEAR WEAPON FREE WORLD’ – If the Aliens see “WE THE PEOPLE” are not their enemy – then perhaps “THEY WILL BECOME OUR HIT MEN” and “KILL OFF OFF ALL THE EVIL GLOBALISTS CALLING FOR NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKES” – and We The Human Race can once again Peacefully Co-Exist with the Aliens that live here and they will Call Off Their Demands That 99.9% of The Human Race Must be Exterminated!!!

      • sk

        There ARE no aliens doing anything. It is humans. “We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

    • r

      I think it has become “imperative” that we ordinary people of planet earth demonstratively show the aliens (who have God like power) that we are not as immoral and evil as our Globalist leaders by protesting in the streets of every country in the world they we are against Nuclear Weapons, against the queers and pedophiles raping and killing of children, against tampering with the DNA, m-RNA structure of the Tree of Life – and therefore – “Show We Are Deserving of Salvation” – and Pray – Pray that we are Heard (by those with the power to exterminate us)!!!

  37. Yock

    The effects of this slow poisoning will not be evident for another 5 years when the fertility rates plunge and the public school systems start to dissolve. You need to check your local school kindergarten enrollments when we are 5 years past the shot mandates to see what’s left of our population. We had a church Easter egg hunt last month where we normally would have over 30 or 40 nursery school age kids. We had maybe 5 at the most. Our local zoning is now approving large apartment buildings in our township in order to try and backfill new kids into our school system. Biden is doing the same thing at our boarder. Everyone is focusing on the injuries and deaths but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Maternity wards are shutting down across the nation but not a word is being said.

    • Rick

      When the Globalists kill off almost all our precious kids in a few years (and the illegals crossing our border to be educated can be stopped) all the homosexual queers (that have taken over our school systems in America) will “finally be out of a job” (and the Globalist mass murderers of our children will likely try to take all the credit for getting rid of the queers) and these Evil Globalists will probably also tell grieving parents how grateful they should be to the Globalists (because if it wasn’t for their Eugenicist Population Reduction Program their school taxes would not have come down)!!

  38. Rick

    As the truth comes out that politicians followed Globalist orders “to kill off the human population” (thinking “their lives” would be spared) – now realize they may in fact be put to death by the very humans they were trying to kill – so these evil rats are trying to make excuses for their criminal murderous actions – for example Justin Castro Trudeau recently stated: While I did not force anyone to get vaccinated, I chose to make sure all the incentives (like seizing truckers bank accounts, arresting Pastors holding services, sending the police to break heads, etc., etc.) were there “to encourage Canadians” to get vaccinated!!

  39. john beasley

    Wow, the “skew” of this distribution is 13 standard deviations? 3 standard deviations above or below the norm, “the average, the mean” takes the data out to a 99 percentile probability that all the observations will fall within that range of +- 3 standard deviations. 13 Standard deviations is almost not possible. If this happened in a business model the statistician would have to conclude the data set is corrupted somehow. Something else is happening in the data set (something else is being analyzed) and more than one data set is is included in this analysis. 13 standard deviations proves the crime.

  40. Dan

    Dowd is becoming one of my favorite guests on USAWD, thanks Greg!

  41. Debbie Francis

    This was an outstanding interview. Thank you to Greg Hunter and Ed Dowd — your search for the truth is courageous!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Debbie for the very kind words!!

      • Jack

        I question Ed’s solution to financial debacle. Bonds are instruments of debt in world suffocating in debt . The rates of inflation he’s quoting are way below the reality, which makes the new bonds they issue just as worthless. There is no money to be made by those profiting from this present financial farce because real money is totally controlled.

  42. Prospector

    From Sam Faddis @RealSamFaddis

    You just spent several years being told to cover your face with a mask, take a dangerous and ineffective vaccine and cancel your Thanksgiving dinner plans. All that was because of a virus about as lethal as the common cold. Now your government is actively working to bring into this country millions of individuals who are carrying with them literally every disease on the planet.

    Your own government is waging biological warfare on America.

    ( T.B. & Polio )

  43. Shiloh1

    Calvin Davis, 51, Olympic bronze medalist in 400 hurdles at ’96 Atlanta, died may 1 2023. No cause of death given.

  44. Stephen Ryals

    Dr. Beverly Rubik on Stew Peters Rumble. Yesterday 5-2-23 5G /COVID/VAXED.
    Greg you should watch it, maybe have her on. 12 minutes and it will blow your mind.
    Told you Trump was in on it. So did CAF – ITs a bigger picture then your guest has to offer. IF they crank up the 5G people drop like flys. Its a kill switch, Slow or fast depending on their best results of genocide. World wide, all the leaders who installed 5G
    knew exactly what they were doing. Including your hero Tbone. The devil fools people on different levels. JESUS said let NO MAN DECIEVE U. MAGA lol BZZZZZZ their dead.

  45. Steve Bice

    Going out a limb here disagreeing with Ed on what will happen to gold in an “implosion” scenario:

    Ed gave the traditional answer…and the correct one for normal corrections.

    However, if rampant fear sparked by a 1930’s style credit contraction causes a flight to physical metal (which is likely since financial instruments will feel the brunt of the collapse), the Comex will default.

    There is simply not enough metal to go around. It has been reported that there is one ounce of physical gold for every 200 sold on the Comex.

    When the Comex defaults, the fraudulent pricing mechanism will collapse as well, and price discovery will be based on actual supply and demand…with exploding demand and 1/200th of the supply.

    If this happens, the price of the metals will skyrocket beyond the wildest predictions. Theory says it should happen.

    We will find out together if theory and reality merge…

    • Tim K

      Hi Steve,

      I agree, I am no expert, by I agree with people like Bill Holter who explain why it will skyrocket (i.e. it will be unobtainable)..


  46. Steve Bice

    P.S. Addendum to prior comment:

    Golds behavior in the 1930’s may not be a good indicator for what to expect in the current environment.

    Gold was still in use as a currency, and there were no derivative and/or fractional reserve exchanges in place to create excess supply to spoof the price discovery mechanism for the metals.

    The environment today is very different…and much more dangerous because of the massive credit creation. At the extremes, it doesn’t matter how any asset performs if the underlying structures supporting our civilization are destroyed.

    We should hope and pray that the implosion is limited to the financial sphere. But when you look at the state of our country, leadership and society in general, it is clear that nothing is guaranteed.

  47. Tony Hunt

    Ed Dowd resides in Hawaii which is the worst place to live when financial and trade systems and the US Navy are collapsing.

    Hawaii is dependendent upon imports for everything and the US Navy for defense against CCP expansion. Also the native population is addicted to drugs and hates those who look like Ed Dowd. The US Navy is woke, and its ships are falling apart–they’ve had to cancel several APAC training exercises recently. …… Hawaii is worse than Chicago, because if you are heavily armed you can drive away from Chicago.

    In the Bible–Jesus said that in the End Times Christians are to judge people not by what they say but what they do—their fruits. Next time try asking an expert whose actions accord with what they tell others about the world. (e.g., Warren Pollock)

  48. Jeff M

    Stupid is only going to get worse. And I’m not talking about our public education system. I’m talking about about the “Genocide Jab.” More overall accidents, poor decisions, and physiological breakdowns resulting in higher insurance rates (auto, medical/health, and life). It’s costing the living more and more each year. I’m on social security and January 1st, I had my rent increase 25%, property tax increase 120%, homeowners insurance increase 20%, and auto increase 8% every six months. When is the point that I give up insurance and take my chances? Health insurance? – forget it.

    Young people are going to make decisions in the near future that directly affect my life. (What a scary thought.) I look at them and think to myself 1) What were their parent (s) thinking. 2) They must have graduated from high school or college with an incomplete (Because there are so such things as failing anymore). 3) With drug legalization across the country, is that all they do is smoke dope and do drugs all day. I see it around me all the time. Awful as it may sound – maybe a good nuking isn’t such a bad thing…

    • Wayne

      Pardon me but how can you have your rent increase and then say that your property tax and homeowners’ insurance also increased. Which is it? Either you rent or you own your home.

  49. Gary

    If 1% of the population control 90% of the wealth in the world and 90% of the 1% is the deep state cabal, the future should look very interesting for 90% of the population. If I were the deep state, I wouldn’t be pushing the term reparations too much. It could come back to bite them in the rear.

  50. SR

    I think Mr Dowd obtained these death, disability, injury numbers from the company health insurance claims. Is this right? Does this include the military? Did he do separate analysis based on type of industry? From my understanding a sizeable percentage of employers are small business owners, who may not supply health insurance. If there are 100Million workers in the USA and only 50M are in the large Corps, yet the 25-30M claims are located in the large industries, then that half of the workers are claiming death, disability, injury.

  51. Rocky Jameson

    Jesus commanded: seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

    What that means is that Ed Dowd has it all backwards when he says in this video that America’s iconic brands (e.g., BudLight, Jack Daniels, Nike, etc) pushing Sodom is merely a distraction–which also is what Trump & Son claim.

    The satanists recently congregated in Boston for a “weekend of blasphemy”.
    This was their Boston Tea Party to accelerate the dark revolution in America. Their master is what is causing the financial and health catastrophes. Do not be decieved by those (incl Trump & Son and Chelsea Clinton) who make excuses for the darkness.

    • Chris

      Ed is correct to say those things are distractions. Distractions from the really heinous crime against humanity, perpetrated by our governments, institutions, corporations and the military-industrial-intelligence complex, world wide, during the last three years (and still doing so). If we can’t put as much of our energies as possible into waking the world up to this atrocity, and bring to justice the creatures responsible, does the other stuff really matter? Like some gay guy dressed as a woman advertising beer isn’t an existential crisis, in my opinion, however bizarre and crackpot the idea and however deranged the people involved with it are. They’ve been driven mad by the same perpetrators – to the extent we now have a mass psychosis effecting half the population of most western countries. It’s name is “woke”. Many of these wackjobs will probably be dead, disabled or injured in the next few years most likely, because they “trusted the science”. One might say, serve them right, but there but for the grace of God, go I. Worrying over a leaky tap in the middle of a flood is counterproductive.

  52. Robert says no

    We keep hearing about the failing banks and the goal to close the smaller banks and absorb them into 5 main large banks and the corresponding move to CBDCs, but we never hear about the credit unions and how they’ll be impacted. So I called my credit union and asked about the CBDC’s and if they’re preparing for such a move to the elimination of cash. They had no idea what a CBDC is and are not aware of any plans to eliminate cash. So what’s up? Are we being misled by the propaganda machine?

    • Wayne

      If they really do try to eliminate all the small and medium size banks and just have 5 or 6 very large banks, then there is no way that small and medium size credit unions will be left to continue to operate. However we are far from that happening. There are currently about 4200 banks and about 4800 credit unions in the U.S.

      • Robert says no

        Wayne, Do you think the push to CBDCs is real or is it a ruse to keep us anxiety filled? Seems it would be far off if it’s real as only we political junkies seem to know about it.

        I remember when bank consolidation began back in the mid to late 90s as I worked for a large west coast bank. In fact, we’d just been bought out by another large bank hub’d in the Midwest. We then started buying out smaller regional banks with maybe 3-5 branches. I was part of a conversion team.. that was nearly 25 year ago. One thing I learned about banking executives in their corporate towers is, they reminded me of high school. They were the BMOC mindsets we all observed in our youth as they became adults working in the most powerful industry next to the military industrial complex They were the equivalent adult version of the high school in group. This includes Wall Street too, as many of the banks bought up smaller brokerages.

        One other thing I noticed was before that legislation in the mid Clinton years that basically deregulated the banks/insurance and allowed for them to branch out into other fields, we had monthly audits of everything, even the office furniture. Then it stopped. Standards of accountability were lessened. Then we saw what happened in the loan industry that caused the 2007-2009 great recession.

        I will say, it was a fascinating industry, but I don’t miss the corporate mindsets.

        • Wayne


          I would say the push for the CBCD is real and that normally it would be a number of years away before involving the general public at large. However some people have brought up that it could be done sooner if there was some crisis event that would give the government a chance to introduce it quicker. It is hard to say since things can happen fast and there is so much misinformation on the internet that sometimes you do not know what to believe.

      • Chris

        If you want to see what happens when you have an oligopoly of four major banks, look at Australia. Despite endless government “enquiries” they all continue to collude to perpetuate their corporate self-interest at the expense of the country and its people. Customer service is last on the list of boxes to tick. Branches are closing or reducing face to face banking hours all over the place, even in towns dozens or even hundreds of miles from the next available bank. Credit for businesses is always difficult to get, but if you want a risky housing loan, no problem. It’s been like that since the ’90s and only getting worse. The story of the credit unions is pretty sad but I won’t go into it here. Now there are calls for a national post office bank to act as a counter to the “big 4”. The lobbyists for the oligopoly must be working overtime to stop that idea dead in its tracks, but it’s gaining some traction. The US is being herded into the same pen as Australia was 30 years ago. Aus. is often used as a test tube for the “powers that be” to test fly their schemes, so learn the lesson. Don’t let them get away with it.

  53. Anne

    Thanks for having Ed on, great interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anne!

  54. James Quagrine

    As Hunter Biden says “these are times that try men’s souls”.

  55. Marie Joy


  56. 1776 Bubbas

    time to say goodbye to america suckas. we need to form a more perfect union.

    • Marie Joy

      “A more perfect union” is NOT the intent of the communists in control. Their intent is human extinction.

  57. William W Jeffreys

    It will go away. MSM will not report on it even if the dead bodies piled up to the point you cannot walk down the street without having to step over them. Even if people were falling over like rain drops from the sky MSM will not report on it. Ever.

    • Chris

      Root and branch destruction of the diseased tree is what’s required and nothing less will achieve any lasting change for the better. Including the “state media”, and its “moguls”. How and by whom that will be accomplished, and when or if, I do not know. That kind of change usually accompanies a revolution or the changes imposed by victors after a war, as was done at Nuremberg and Tokyo following WWII. The dangers of revolutions are clear, as they often get hijacked by other forces, just like the Bolsheviks hijacked the February 1917 Russian Revolution. And nobody, except the deranged Neocons and the war mongers, wants wars, and never on home soil. I doubt any of this overdue change will come about by the usual “time honored”, slow and civilized processes, however. It’s way past that now. Something tells me the US empire (that is, the west) is in terminal, internal decay and has long past its use-by date, whether the dollar survives a few more years or not. The rule of the psychopathic elites over the weak in mind and body is evident everywhere in the west, today. That’s usually when something out of left field happens. For better or worse.

  58. Donna Riggs

    Thank you for getting the informative interview out for the world to see.
    Because of your interview with Karen Kingston I have called my state representative’s office and senator’s office and faxed over the link to MS Kingston’s interview. I find it frightening but fear the genie is out of the bottle.
    I told them I would like to know what their thoughts on the subject after they watched the interview…Sadly neither office had a clue of what I was speaking about.
    I will be sure they get this interview with Mr Dowd. They can’t deny the facts.

    • r

      If the two(2) top candidates for US President in 2024 “deny the facts about how the Covid jab is killing millions” – what makes you think State representatives will be any different? – but then again – maybe it can have an effect – look at DeSantis now passing laws to execute rapists (even if they didn’t kill their victim to cover up their crime)!!

  59. Marie Joy

    Zelensky? sent drones to bomb Putin’s residence while Putin was there. Putin was NOT injured but this is a serious escalation of the Ukrainian war and it is reasonable to expect Russia will take violent action over this attempted murder of their leader.
    Found this in The Poplar Report, More Drones Hit Russian “White House”.

  60. Neville

    Thanks Greg & Ed…..for a very informative and crisp interview.
    It amazes me after listening to the interview that how the BLS or any other
    fed agency come up with the ridiculous job numbers that they put ou.ALL DAMN LIES once again and Gold is not having any more of having hit an all time high 0f 2057 this am.
    Usually gold gets kicked up the trousers after the lying job numbers are published.

  61. Marie Joy

    I posted a statement from The Poplar Report, on Youtube, saying Putin’s residence has been attacked. The Angry Prepper, on Youtube, says this MAY not have happened.

  62. Steven Nussdorf

    Well this is not great news for pm holders….many of your guests see upside to pm’s…..some dips but not way down….but he thinks with stocks going down everything will sell off…including pm’s …simple logic, almost Dent like, and hard to refute…unless it doesn’t. Nenner, Oliver, Bo, most think will go up without first a fall….Dowd thinks eventually will go up but that could take years…some of us getting older…yes, his news and take not really good for me.

  63. sapio

    Hi Greg,
    I thought you may have entered into discussion with Ed about antidotes to the poison and whether he had spent much time researching measures to help those suffering?

    Maybe next time you could broach the subject with him

    thanks for having him on, as surely one the best and clearest thinkers about this whole mess, aided by his great knowledge of currency and the crime surrounding that too!

  64. Jill Herendeen

    BTW, cell phones (& satellite phones) are bioweapons, too:

  65. LockeVernon

    Robert F Kennedy Jr: “We need a peaceful revolution”
    UnHerd 180,003 views May 2, 2023

    The WHITE HOUSE Is More Compromised Than We Knew [Duh?] | Judge Andrew Napolitano Stephen Gardner 118,696 views May 3, 2023
    Judge Andrew Napolitano: Judging freedom. I don’t expect you’ll have all the answers as this story just broke but according to Daily Mail Rep. James Comer says they have new evidence and international whistleblowers that Biden had a pay to play scheme going one while Vice President. Essentially It says he pushed policy for foreign people in exchange for money. What are your thoughts on this and the American people really want to know, will anyone ever be held accountable? [Da, Ya!]

    EARLY ACCESS ✅ The US Government Lied About The Ukraine War – Colonel Douglas Macgregor Reveals All London Real 68,617 views Premiered 17 hours ago
    In this exclusive interview, we sit down with retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor to discuss the controversial truth behind the US government’s involvement in the Ukraine War. A decorated military strategist and trusted expert, Colonel Macgregor shares his insights on the hidden agendas, political motives, and shocking revelations that have been kept from the public. Join us as we dive deep into this explosive topic, uncovering the lies and deceit that have shaped the narrative of the Ukraine War.
    🍿 Watch the full interview for free at

  66. l.v.

    The WHITE HOUSE Is More Compromised Than We Knew [Duh?] | Judge Andrew Napolitano Stephen Gardner 118,696 views May 3, 2023

  67. Gary Marlow

    Harpy Daniels Slammed by Navy SEAL Who Took Down bin Laden: ‘I’m Done’
    Story by Aleks Phillips • 3h ago
    If the remaining Seal team Sixer’s, don’t like Navy men wearing lipstick, they can go fight for the Russian Ukrainians for indigence rights in Ukraine, like real Frogmen and grunt like a real seal! Gruh, Gruh!
    The Frogmen 1951 Richard Widmark, Dana Andrews & Jeffrey Hunter and NO lipstick!

  68. Heinrich

    A couple of months ago Charles Nenner predicted that gold would correct or go sideways until May, then resume its bull run. He was 100% correct.

  69. Lucy

    The US dollar is now under attack by the Brics – and the Globalists who own these dollars will bring the world to war to preserve the wealth they derive from them – now – to bring the world to war – these Globalists will need a lot of bullets (made of copper) and other metals like silver, gold and platinum that is used in weapon system electronics – gold is now approaching it’s all time high of $2060 – if it breaks above this level who knows how high it will go – according to Ed Dowd he says the banking crisis is just beginning and to get ready for a hard recession – he sees the Fed doing an emergency rate cut within 90 days – and a rate cut in a recession is not going to be bullish for the stock market!! –

  70. Orv Hubbard Dearborn

    Scott Ritter: Ukraine is NO MATCH for Russia as NATO Runs Out of Aid
    Danny Haiphong 73,372 views May 3, 2023
    Scott Ritter analyzes the significance of NATO’s latest round of aid to Ukraine as it prepares for a counteroffensive. He concludes that nothing NATO can provide will be enough to turn the tide of this war.

    Oh SH*T, the small bank collapse is real and it’s here | Redacted with Clayton Morris
    139,412 views May 3, 2023 “Half of America’s banks are “potentially insolvent,” according to Stanford School of Business.”
    You may not want to hear that on a day when small bank stocks are taking a nosedive but the writing is on the wall and has been since March when Silicon Valley Bank started this domino chain. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates in an effort to stop the bleeding. Maybe that will help but the U.S. is about to hit a debt ceiling in short order so the crisis continues.

    Judge Jeanine: We are descending into anarchy and chaos
    Fox News 322,103 views May 3, 2023

    George Soros son and puppet master Obama women, CALL OFF THE DOGS!
    Rein in your district attorneys and stop the insanity now, or you will be brought to justice at the hands of your distraught and angry Washington world community organizer, Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama);
    _______- The Puppet and His Puppeteers

    • The Seer

      Read there are more credit unions than regional banks who support cash and have no plans for DC.
      Over here in New Zealand ( moved back in January via my residency obtained in 1992 per meditation vision) the banks no longer convert foreign currency cash/coin except at the airport with a huge rate disadvantage.
      Some cashier counters have signs they prefer cash and will charge a 3% fee on top if a cc is used. They put the fee on the customer.
      Hardly see a police car – not excessive on the South Island. Population in the large cities are jabbed and rural areas and small towns they are mostly not jabbed. Plenty of water here, no spray non gmo farms and hydro power.
      Movement removing smart meters to analog on homes to remove control. There are weapons allowed with class training and also for hunting.
      The major man made storms on the North Island have created migration to the South Island keeping property prices steady or down 7-10%. Food is plentiful and merchants proud about what they produce or sell. Weekly boxes of produce are delivered for convenience and some meat producers deliver. The only shortage so far is labor- restaurants can be short of help probably due to the jab effects and young don’t want to work just want to be on their phones instead. I highly advise moving out of the northern hemisphere.
      A two year visa is easy to obtain and then apply after 12 months to become a resident. Remember your soul connection with the divine. Always shines light to guide.

  71. Local Yokel-Jones

    Why Isn’t Ray Epps In Prison? Red Pilled TV | May 4th 2023
    Brian Wilson questions why Ray Epps hasn’t faced legal action like lesser-involved Jan 6 protestors.
    Brian Wilson analyzes the CBS 60 Minutes interview with Ray Epps and asks why he hasn’t been arrested or prosecuted for his actions as other January 6th protestors have who were far less active in instigating a riot.
    SOMEBOBY: American taxpayers sue the man boobs off Raymondo Epp’$!

    RFK Jr. vows to pardon Assange, Snowden, and other whistleblowers if elected President by Reclaim The Net May 4th 2023
    “I’ll pardon brave truth-tellers like Julian Assange and investigate the corruption and crimes they exposed.” David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
    In the race for the 2024 US Presidential Elections, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has made a significant campaign pledge: to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
    Kennedy Jr. emphasized that the United States should not be a country that imprisons dissenters.

    Thursday WW3 Alert! Russia Threatens Nuclear War & Political Assassinations In Response to Kremlin Drone Attack – Watch LIVE
    The Alex Jones Show | May 4th 2023
    Over 50% of Americans believe their money is NOT safe in banks as experts warn financial system faces TOTAL COLLAPSE.
    Meanwhile, globalist corporations continue to commit political suicide. Fox News sees 52% DROP IN VIEWERS after Tucker firing, outdoing Bud Light’s seppuku!

  72. Essie Escobarrio

    Alejandra’s Nicholasus Mayorkas / KEEP THE GAP OPEN/ PAVE IT!
    Global development::::::::::::::
    ‘Terrifying’: Critics decry US plan to stop migrants at Darién Gap
    Deal with Colombia and Panama aims to halt refugees crossing the lawless jungle region, but some say dangers will only increase Luke Taylor in Bogotá Fri 14 Apr 2023
    A US-backed plan to stop migrants from crossing the lawless Darién Gap will likely fail and only push desperate people further into the hands of merciless people-trafficking organisations, migration experts have warned.

  73. aClue

    Gee, good thing nobodies talking about STAKEHOLDER CAPITALISM and all the clown corporations that signed onto that in 2019 before they began the series of engineered events and psyops that got all those signed on corporations to enforce their employees being jabbed or get fired. Its almost like they intentionally targetted the ones who labor for the corporations. They must want to keep all the non-worker welfare people since those people have to OBEY or they don’t get their handouts.

    At what point do the corporations that mandated this all get taken to court to payout all the people who obeyed and injured themselves over the common cold non-threat?

  74. Utter B. Chaos

    U.S. soldiers vs Russian Army faceoff? Biden plans troop deployment in Russia’s neighbourhood Hindustan Times

    Putin’s troops bust Ukrainian hitmen in Crimea; Top Russian officials on Kyiv’s target?
    Hindustan Times Yesterday

    Putin Assassination Plot: Kremlin Blames The US for Drone “Attack” | Vantage with Palki Sharma

    Putin Assassination Plot: Kremlin Blames The US for Drone “Attack” | Vantage with Palki Sharma

  75. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg and Ed. Excellent interview. Sorry to say it, but those responsible are the world’s wealthiest people, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. This is going to require Divine Intervention. They don’t need us; they have robots. We’re using up their resources. It’s de-population and the imposition of a technological tyranny. Beware their “vaccines” and their CBDC. Avoid their 5G.

  76. David Caron

    This time its different! Safety is NOT in the US Dollar, the dollar is in trouble! Go directly to the safest asset on the planet for over 6000 years and with gold just few dollars off of the ALL TIME high -NO-ONE HAS EVER LOST ANY MONEY WITH A LONG TERM HOLD!

  77. Jeff the Beast

    Ahahahha never read something more stupid…you are full-tonto morons…unnecessary eaters being everyone else in the way…just do the world a favor and fuck the hell off this planet!!!

    • Shelley

      Greg censors any comment that is even slightly critical of Trump but allows garbage like this to be posted?!

      • Greg Hunter

        No Shelly, I just censor paid trolls who say nothing about Biden.

  78. regaleagle

    No one can be deceived into taking the Mark of the Beast……it will be a clear choice. The angels will be telling the whole world what it is and not to take it…..lest you be thrown in the Lake of Fire. The Mark is for the Earth Dwellers whose names are NOT written in the Book of Life from the foundations of the world. This is a necessary outcome to destroy all evil once and for all before Christ’s reign in the Millennium. There is more……much, much more.

    • Isabel

      To me it seems that people WILL be deceived into taking the Mark of the Beast. By taking the mark in your hand or in your forehead, I think the meaning is that you will be doing the work of the False Christ and promoting his plan. But, people who don’t know that the False Christ appears first will indeed be fooled. They think they are working for Jesus.

  79. Ryan

    Greg- I think doing the ads outside will show a lot better!on video. Give you room too!

  80. Joseph Boudreau

    Greg, you’ve probably heard of Trudeau backpeddling about his mandates. I can tell you that as a Canadian, we despise this little weasel but can’t get rid of him because of our political system and Jagmeet Singh’s minority NDP party. Now, I see a video of protestors in France approached by ‘Police Officers’ who barely or do not understand the French language. This was the same as last year in Ottawa when German sounding officers quelled the trucker protest. This is the work of the U.N.! The U.N. and W.H.O. are the true national security issue now.

  81. Really Awake

    To Fox News…. I say get behind me Satan..

  82. James Kringlee

    evil operating from “inner levels” working through embodied evil, individually acting in pursuit of their own evil self interests, controlling many not in the embodied evil class who do their bidding, in accordance with and in furtherance of the plans of evil at inner levels – as it has been throughout history. Though with “their” current level of coordination it now appears the “doorway” between evil at inner levels and the embodied evil is fully open. On Earth evil here and evil there and evil as above so below.

    Wherever large wealth and power has been created and where it is now being created, evil will be there infesting and infecting the production and control of that wealth and bleeding off that wealth and advancing the inner level plan of evil for it’s total control, genetically engineered, depopulated, dystopian future ongoing for the large majority of those souls who remain or come to be embodied on “that” planet earth.

    the evil here and the evil there have already won “round covid” yet we do not know the full effect of this opening attack or what its full extent will be.

    As now many more see – now in plain view – “their” plan for a total control, genetically engineered, depopulated, dystopian future for earth

    May soon many more see – coming into plain view – “The Perfect and Possible Plan” which may lead to a Golden Age of Freedom and Opportunity on Our Earth. “First perfected on the invisible or higher planes” and possible on Earth. Yet preempted for now which opened the door where evil dwells for “their” plan to move into its current ascendancy.

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