Deep State Needs Nuke War to Cover Up Dirty Deeds – Steve Quayle

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Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle has been warning of very hard times coming for America.  The CV19 bioweapon/vax continues to disable and kill.  The U.S. dollar tanks under massive debt while the BRICS ready a new global currency.  The skies are poisoned by geoengineering every day, but all these pale compared to the coming nuclear war that the Deep State wants and needs.  Quayle says, “Obama has just reappeared on the world scene again.  Remember, he said, ‘America is the greatest nation in the world, and we intend to change all of that.’  Do you like what you see in the cities?  Why do they need World War III?  They need to scorch and burn all remembrance of all their dirty deeds. . . . We have actively declared war on Russia.  In essence, we are at war with Russia right now.  We are moving nuclear capable F-16s, B-2 bombers and all the things in America’s bag of tricks is being positioned in the Eastern block nations such as Poland.  They have the idea we are going to fight a ground war against Russia and defeat them.  President Putin said recently that we know you have more tanks, ammo and etc., but we have our nuclear weapons.  So, you cannot win a sonic war against a hypersonic opponent.  I am talking about the entire Russian ability . . . they have full spectrum dominance. . . . The United States is so far behind. . . . They need nuclear war because they need to cover up the biggest crimes in history.”

The United States may find itself in financial hardship soon as well.  The BRICS are coming out with a new currency around August 22.  Quayle says his sources are telling him the dollar could take a huge hit in the not-so-distant future.  Quayle says, “The U.S. dollar and the gazillions of dollars out there in the derivatives market, there is so much it is ludicrous to try to encapsulate it, but it can never be paid back.  So, the only way the United States has to handle this is debt repudiation.  They need a force majeure.  A force majeure simply means all denominated assets, whether it’s cash in your pocket, money in the bank, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement and bla, bla, bla.  The day force majeure on the U.S. dollar is declared, all that goes to nil, zero, zilch.  The Central Bank Digital Currency, CBDC, the infrastructure is not in place. . . . It’s not set up.  Any surviving Americans are not going to touch this.  They will say look at what you just did to our lives and fortunes.”

Quayle says, “The only way you are going to keep your freedoms is you are going to have to fight for it.  You cannot comply to the lies.  If you do, you die.  You will be forced to comply or die.  That’s the mark of the beast.  It’s coming right out of the book of Revelation. . . . God said a third of the life on the planet is going to die.  We are seeing manifestations in all directions, and least not forget the weather war and the heat dome over the Southwest. . . . You have flooding in some places and absolute devastation and drought in another.”

Quayle points out the only way to make it through the very hard times coming is to have a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

There is much more in the 59-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to radio host, filmmaker and top selling author Steve Quayle as he talks about hard times coming for America and the entire world for 7.18.23.

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  1. Stan

    No one is going to take my Dollars from me. For decades all I have been hearing is “The Dollar is going to crash soon! Run for your life!” Well, it hasn’t happened and won’t happen. The Dollar is the life blood of the world economy.

    • "Enrico"

      “People who think the dollar is just going to go by the wayside, because these BRICS are going to get together and issue a currency the whole world is going to automatically accept, I’m sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.”
      (Brent Johnson, Santiago Capital)

      • Rick

        Enrica and Stan – have you both looked at the “Strong Dollar” recently?? – – Stan you say: “No one is going to take my Dollars away from me” – wake up Stan – the Fed “has already” taken the US dollars purchasing power away from you!!! – Emrica you effectively say: “The whole world is not going to automatically accept the BRICS currency” – not the whole world “yet” – but 80% of the Nations of the world are running from the US dollar – do you think the Fed getting rid of paper cash and “going digital” will change their well planned Ponzi scheme to rob us of our wealth?? Look at the Chart above once again – see how Demon-rat Roosevelt got us into WWII (because the US dollar was beginning to strengthen after the Depression) and he needed a way to keep it falling – now Demon-rat Biden is getting us into WWIII “to finish off the US dollar” (by putting an expiration date on the Fed’s new digital dollar) – “Use It – Or Lose It” will be the Fed’s new mantra (they want complete and total control over us) – they will soon tell us what we can – and what we cannot buy “with their digital dollars”)!! – the Fed is just like the Immoral Perverted Queers parading down America’s streets – The Immoral Perverted Fed “HAS NO CLOTHES ON”!!!
        [While “most” of the Nations of the World “have taken their blinders off” – both of you “happy dollar lovers” can’t see or smell the roses – even Evil Klaus Schwab has enough brains to understand what both of you don’t – “You Will Soon Own Nothing”] !!!!

        • "Enrico"


          It’s “Enrico”, not Enrica or Emrica.

          Calm down and keep your shirt on. I’m not a “dollar lover”, I hold both gold and dollars. Sorry, I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket like you.

          Brent Johnson manages money for high net worth individuals, his version of the ‘permanent portfolio’ is divided into gold, dollars, U.S. stocks, and real estate.

          • Tin foil hat

            I concur with Brent Johnson 100%.
            25% PMs
            25% dollars & US stocks
            50% real estate … and I hope I’d never have to sell my PMs.

            • regaleagle

              Bill Holter recently stated he is “ALL IN” PM”s and preps.

              • Tin foil hat

                For me personally, 25% is “ALL IN” and I have been all in (25%) since 2008.

    • Linda

      Normalcy bias?….all fiat currencies eventually fail. I just hope it doesn’t happen soon.

    • simon templer

      Steve Quayle is gotta be the best guest Greg has on his show! I have no idea why I like the guy so much but whenever he see him as a guest I tune in ! Like every Thursday on Hagman!

    • john

      Card not accepted……Turn your dollars into gold or silver

    • john

      get the college students with debt to push the repeal of the chapter 7 bankruptcy back to 1955 levels so that all can participate

    • Shirl

      The Title of this interview with the message, ” Deep State Needs Nuke War to Cover Up Dirty Deeds ” is spot on as many the world over can plainly see this plain truth…there is no reason to believe otherwise as every criminal deed of the deep state unfolds and with every revelation it becomes worse that anyone thought possible for normal thinking everyday people. Its us the vast majority or the pathetic few psychopaths.
      Thanks Greg and Steve!!!

    • john

      push chapter 7 bankruptcy for the all debt this is a hole in their armor. repeal back to 1955 so all can benefit.

  2. Padre Pio

    those lying devils that Quayle references (ca. 21:40) have been telling Clif High to turn people away from Jesus Christ.

    this interview is a welcome change from Clif High’s screeds against God as of late.

    • Jeannine

      Thanks Greg and Steve. Only God , The Father, Jesus the Son and Holy Spirit can change this mess. It is too big for a political solution. Light verses darkness. Biden, Zelenskyy, Harris, Obama and the rest are nothing but tools used by Satan. Puffs of smoke blown away and never seen again. God has the real power. Everything else is deception. They are not just liars but are “the lie”.

    • Ken Mazel

      Yeah it’s a bummer Cliff is so sold on space aliens and so stuck on Old Testament when if he asked God for understanding and read the New Testament he would have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  3. Freedom-4-All

    Evening Greg,

    Wow! Steve had me riveted. My input on a couple of things.

    First, I have often said Putin is a master leader. He plays chess at a very high level, is a martial artist, and I believe a very good piano player. He has always played chess while the rest of the world is playing checkers, and poorly at that. I may piss off a lot of readers, but I have thought he was one of the strongest and smartest leaders in decades. He took Russia from the very brink of total disaster in the early 90’s to a powerhouse 30 years later. And if he goes down as Russia’s leader, God help us because I am sure who would follow would be far worse.

    I also agree that we HAVE to keep our guns. Yes, with the artillery the military has, (drones versus AR-15s) we can’t take them on and win, but we can keep our ability for some last source of hope. Hope is often all people have before total destruction.

    I often think I am semi-up-to-date on the craziness of the world, but I hear Steve’s talk, and my head spins. I believe him, but it is hard to process. I pray for the best and will go down fighting.

    Another good job. Keep it up.

    Don Conrad

    • Adam Munyard

      Quit drinking Gabe … your brain will be thankful so you can continue with reviting topics you share with everyone

  4. J.Edgard

    Ukraine and the West are facing a devastating defeat
    Story by Robert Clark • 2h ago The Telegraph
    Since Putin’s tanks crossed into Ukrainian territory last year, three options have been on the table for how this war would end: victory for one side or the other, a frozen conflict or a negotiated settlement. The public comments made this week by Oleksiy Arestovych, a former advisor to Volodymyr Zelensky’s chief of staff, appear to indicate the last may be more likely than previously thought.
    Arestovych raised the prospect of Ukraine making territorial concessions in return for the rest of the country receiving the most cast-iron security guarantee there is: Nato membership. These comments have proved highly controversial. Not only would such an outcome be unpalatable to many in Kyiv and other European capitals, raising it as a possibility highlights a growing uncertainty about the long-term sustainability of the war – particularly amongst Ukraine’s western backers.

    Tulsi Gabbard: This is insanity
    Fox News 220K views 1 day ago
    Former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard weighs in on concerns over President Biden’s ability, cognitive state as re-election campaign heats up on ‘Hannity.’

    U.S., UK Sanctioned Attack On Crimea Bridge? Russia Blasts West, ‘Terrorist’ Zelensky Regime/Hindustan Times 131,406 views Jul 17, 2023
    Russia has accused the U.S. and UK of being responsible for the deadly attack on the Crimea Bridge. The alleged Ukrainian attack on Monday morning resulted in the deaths of three civilians and forced the closure of the vital transport link between Crimea and Russia. According to Russia, the strike was carried out using two Ukrainian sea drones. details.

    • Rick

      Just like a Queer (Zelensky shows his bear ass to Putin and blasts the Crimea Bridge) – Putin has not attacked Ukraine’s bridges (even though they were being used to bring in NATO tanks and depleted uranium rounds) probably thinking Zelensky would play by the same rules – but there are “no rules for queers” (look at how the queers in the US boldly march down our American streets showing off their bare asses, etc. “with pride” to immoral women who bring along their children to observe the filth)!! [Putin will probably now take the gloves off and destroy every bridge and tunnel currently bringing NATO weapons into Ukraine]!!!

  5. James

    Aug 21 & 22nd when BRICS comes online and is said to be gold backed.
    How will that work???
    Will the western psychos want to stop that with something big & bad????????????

  6. Denny Chosen

    ……… The corruption is bad like Quayle says. Here is an example of how incestuous it is:

    The satanic, communist gov Gavin Newsome is said to be going to become VP when Joe exits and Kamala becomes president and picks him. Then she will leave. And he will become president and pick Mike Obama.

    Newsome’s ex-wife is now engaged to Donald Trump jr. She was the “first lady” of San Francisco when Newscum was mayor. They had a child together.

    RFK Jr revealed this week about Trump taking a million from Pfizer then firing the vaccine advisory committee:

    • Jane

      Several of you statements are incorrect.
      Newsom did (not ) have a child With Kimberly..
      ( Kimberly’s child is w/ her second husband )
      #2 CkPfuzer Contributions were to Trump Inauguration Committee !

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Denny,
      Thanks for the link to RFKjn interview. I always wondered why he never became head of the Vaccine Safety Commission under President Trump. VERY telling!

    • Rick

      Oh Boy!! – I guess RFK Jr now won’t consider my idea to make Trump his Vice Presidential choice – not now – after revealing that Trump took a million dollars from Pfizer (and then fired the vaccine advisory committee who could have stopped the shots)!!
      [Why is it that America has politicians “that have no morals” and can be bought off so easily]?? Didn’t our politicians go to Church as kids and learn “The Rules of God”??? And even if our politicians were molested by some queer Priest as kids – “you don’t just simply throw the baby Jesus out with the bath water – and start taking bribes”!!!

  7. Marie Joy


  8. lara bell

    Scott Ritter: Ukraine BOMBARDED By Russia’s MISSILE ATTACK!!
    Stephen Gardner 277,580 views Jul 18, 2023
    Scott Ritter speaks with Stephen Gardner about the Russian missile attack ordered by Putin on Ukraine as a revenge attack for the bombing of the Crimea bridge. Odessa will become the new focus point of the war to control the black sea port.

  9. Hard working

    OLD Testament.. Haggai 2:8 The Silver is mine and the GOLD is mine says the LORD

    • Rick

      “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, declares the LORD of hosts”!! – This is because God created all the gold and silver in the universe (within the interior of the stars he made) – so ultimately “all real money” belongs to God – only “fake monopoly money” (paper and digital dollars) belongs to the Fed (Ponzi Schemers) – the most important question we must all answer as individuals is – which money should we hold under our mattress for a rainy day – “fake” Fed money or God’s “real” money??

      • "Enrico"


        • Rick

          Enrico – When putting out a car fire at the gas station its better to use a water hose then the gasoline hose – using “both” will only put you in very serious trouble!!

          • "Enrico"


            “The ignorant always loud in argument.”

            Charlie Chan (Docks of New Orleans)

            • Rick

              “Cat who tries to catch two mice at one time, goes without supper.” Charlie Chan

  10. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Quayle.
    Why do the Washington Neo-Cons hate America and Americans so much that they want to slaughter American youth and the American economy?

    • Better Chetter

      MdS – if I were to speculate on the ‘why’, it would be that they plan to go elsewhere, once all the looting is done (New Zealand, perhaps?) or back to a European safe-haven(?). Euro elite have been doing this for years . . .
      . . . one thing not planned into this scenario is the planetary cycle of Nibiru, or Wormwood, mentioned in the Bible – whose timeline was postulated on John Moore’s site, on what a pole shift would do to all continents on earth, but particularly on the US of A. With this bit of info factored into the equation, it could be that this new earth/new USA will yet host the neo-cons, in a yet to be determined site (Denver, Atlanta, Cols, OH)

      • Rick

        I hear the Globalists are currently building underground living quarters on the backside of the Moon (to escape any pole shift flooding or meteor showers caused by Nibiru’s coming close encounter with our Solar System) – however – the Moon should be used as a “Noah’s Ark for ALL Earth’s animal and plant species” – and not just be “a hideout for the Evil Perverts” (who are not the best or the brightest)!!!

    • Rick

      Because they are queer perverted psychopathic pedophiles who have no feelings or empathy for any living thing – they are eugenicist serial killers – and they will kill off 99.9% of the humans on planet earth “if we simply sit back and do nothing to stop them”!!!

      • "Enrico"


        Let me know when you’re ready to stop sitting back and do something, I’ll be right behind you!

        • Rick

          Enrico – Generals don’t go to front lines “like in the movies” – in real life they just give the orders!!

          • "Enrico"


            “Under strong general there are no weak soldiers.”

            (Charlie Chan’s Chance)

            • markp

              “Cart with square wheels hard to push.” Sun Tzu Chan, The Art of Cart Pushing.

    • Chris

      I heard many of them have dual citizenship. I can’t verify that but I know it’s not with China or Russia if true. How can a person who is a citizen of a foreign country hold high public office in another, even if they have citizenship of that country? Divided loyalties is surely a recipe for disaster.

    • Earth Angel

      I say it is because many are satanist psychopaths and hate everything with any good in it. They are evil to the core.

  11. Barbara

    There’s no way to survive nuclear war or irreversible climate change. Live each day as if it were your last.

    • Shirl

      Barbara you need to unplug from the Lying Legacy Lame Stream Media. Glad you are here though as you might have a chance to grasp Legitimate ideas and concerns.

      Glo-BULL Warming,as they they politically sell it with impending doom unless we all pay them, is clearly a SCAM!!!

      Most know that Climate is always changing…think previous cyclical ice ages and warm up periods that are as natural as the Sun rising and setting for proof, okay!?

      On Nuclear Annihilation that you try to couple as being as bad as the ever changing climate, ridiculously laughable 😂😂😂

      • Smoke n Mirrors

        It gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

        RUN FOR YOUR LIVES !!!

    • Earth Angel

      Good advice Barbara. We have painted ourselves into a very dark corner, the human race has. We must ask for Divine forgiveness and assistance as I cannot see how we can dig our way out of this at the physical level. Live every good day to the fullest and Love and be Kind to all living beings in God’s kingdom. As Dane Wigington often says, ” There is solace in knowing you are doing the right thing BECAUSE it is RIGHT, regardless of whatever the the final outcome may be.” Our Father who sees in secret will know us by our deeds.

  12. David Anthony

    GodSpeed Gentlemen…

  13. A Friend

    With regards to President Trump… Many people are putting their faith in him to come back as a sort of political savior. Riding it on a white horse and making everything okay. Remember that he still to this day will not repudiate the vaccines. Remember that he would not pardon Assange and Snowden. Remember that he is the one who in 2017. Rescinded the George W. Bush era ban on cluster munitions.

    And send me the other things. He talks about recently how he made mistakes in his first administration by hiring the wrong people. The man has to take responsibility for himself. I’m not sure his tremendous ego will allow that to ever happen. And most of all ladies and gentlemen, remember that nothing in America will change in terms of politics, unless or until they get rid of all electronic voting machines and go back to military supervised paper ballots. And I mean military with loaded rifles.

    I recently had a discussion with my local congressman, Dr. Greg Murphy. I asked him point blank about the issue of securing the elections by getting rid of the electron voting machines.

    Murphy wrote me back, and Greg has a copy of the email. He said it’s never going to happen.

    So there you have it. Straight from a sitting Congressman, that they are not going to get rid of the electronic voting machines.

    There’s little if any chance that Trump will ever walk back into the white house until we have fair elections that cannot be tampered with. To my understanding the only way to do this is to have paper ballots one day voting, no absentee ballots and have military with loaded rifles at every voting station. This sounds third world, but I think it’s the only way to guarantee the integrity and security of federal elections. I could be wrong.

  14. Wes

    2 Timothy 3:1-5
    But understand this: In the last days terrible times will come.
    For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,
    Unloving, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, without love of good,
    Traitorous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,
    Having a form of godliness but denying its power. Turn away from such as these!

  15. Rick

    Is anyone wondering why the US Congress “Won’t Declare War on Russia”?? – here is the answer –

    • Nicholas Convair 990-C

      Wow, Rick!
      Judge Nap. nails it. But, unlike when the Serbs tried restricting the ethnic Albanians, in Slavic Serbia’s southern provence of Kosovo, Serbia proper. Bill Clinton cried foul and sent in NATO to bomb Belgrade!
      Well, to the uninformed Mockingbird brained bought and CIA paid for, talking head millionaire newscasters.
      Like Erin Burnett and CIA trained Anderson Cooper.
      They have no idea that John McCains, Lindsey Grahams and Tori Nulands bought and paid for Ukraine, was directed to do to the same, to ethnic Russki minorities in eastern Ukraine. The very same thang, the Serbs were accused of! Yet all Putin wanted was the west to abide by the Minsk agreements and all the other agreements, that Ukraine would not join NATO.
      No, the neo-con men and war mongering woman, had they’re Wolfowitz wet dream. Of vast and resource rich, eleven time zone, largest country in the world, mother Russia. Hypersonic nuclear ICBM’s included.
      Well the dream has turned into a night and day mare.
      The Europeans, Aussie and Kiwi, Americans have. awoke. They want peace and prosperity! They don’t want to be woke, broke and disgusted! Yet its staring at them in the face! They refuse to eat zee bugs!
      They want to own and not be owned by the big bugging, Mockingbird brain, bought and brought to you by the big pharma pharmaceutical complex, and its taxpayer sucking twin, the Military industrial complex. That Ukraine is sucking off on, life support!
      We the people want to cut and run! Were sick and tired of being sucked and tired. Lets make like a tree and leave! Leave Russia holding the bag! The country’s in ruins and were gonna pay Blackrock to rebuild, my American taxpayers eye, not! What are we gonna pay off Blackrock with? Digital dollars? Come on now.
      Wheres Jack Nicholson when we needs him?

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Nicholas,
        Great post and links. Thanks.

  16. Roger Stamper

    tks for post steve greg

  17. Marie Joy

    Yellow Freight may go out of business. They cannot make their July and August pension payments.
    This is around the time UPS may go on strike.
    I found this at

  18. Dan

    There is no third Temple, nor Antichrist on the scene.

    • Greg Hunter


    • Michael McCammack in Indiana

      No man knows the day or hour.
      There has always been an antichrist in the wings ready to be taken over by the spirit of the great deceiver. Evil has to be prepared always for the last days. Everything satan does is a counterfeit. Do not be surprised if the Antichrist is 3 men leading governments, military, and false christianity. Counterfeiting the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    • regaleagle

      It can and will be erected in one day……in the same fashion as David’s Temple. Not in the same fashion as Solomon’s temple……or a structure built like that. More in the fashion of a tent structure that will house what was housed in David’s temple. So don’t go looking for a new built structure for a sign……it will be too late for you if you do. The Antichrist will take the body of the 7th King and become the 8th King(head). Then the Beast will give all of his power to the Antichrist to perform miracles. Satan can only use a human……man was given dominion over this earth. Fallen Angels will seek human bodies to inhabit……that’s why AI will be used to merge human with machine. There is so much revealed in God’s Holy Bible that was sealed up until now. Now we can unseal and understand the scriptures so much more.

      • regaleagle

        Our Harpazo is imminent……get your spiritual house in order. Many who are watching believe on the Feast of Tabernacles this year or at worst next year. Events will begin to unwind quickly. The Harlot will be the moving force and cause Satan to send 1/3 of his angels to the earth… what form we can only guess. Be aware and have understanding. Maranatha.

  19. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia…usa…

    The Book of Revelation tells us, @ 90% of the population die. As for America, we are destroyed as a nation for all our perversions.

    I enjoyed the show. There is no place to hide. There is not a “rapture”. We are all in this together. Amen.

    • Jeffrobbins

      My belief is that we have a mid-trib rapture. Verses for each position- sure, but the one that gets me is the parable of the 10 virgins. Jesus tells us the groom comes in the middle of the night and half have oil (spirit anointing) and half don’t. I believe that is a reference to the falling away in the last days and the coming is in the middle of the darkness. We need to get ready, just like if you saw a bad storm coming you would get ready. There is something else interesting too about the drought of 3 1/2 years that Elijah declared in his day. He is likely to be one of the two witnesses in the end and in his famine he resided with a non Jew widow and her son- Gods provision came to some gentiles. It’s a safe bet at the correct time there will be another 3 1/2 year famine along with some other nasties and then he is killed.

  20. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview. I will vouch safe for Steve telling everyone, either in 1989 or 1990, that there would be race specific bio-weapons. I listened to him for years on shortwave.

    Also, I am on record, in multiple interviews and on your site’s comment section, over a year ago, trying to tell everyone that the purpose of the tactics employed by Putin in Ukraine was specifically to drain America’s reserves of weapon systems to defend itself and we took the bait. In one interview I even show China’s strategy to invade America and it will work.

    China wants America’s food growing capability uncontaminated and will use tactical nukes first to soften what’s left of our military and then shift to conventional warfare.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Tin foil hat

      If China were willing to go to war for foods, would it not be much easier if they invade Russia?

      • Country Codger

        Absolutely not. Russia and China has been planning this for years. Their thought was that by 2020 they would be strong enough and America would be weak enough for them to invade. The highest ranking KGB officer that defected before the fall of the Soviet Union brought the plan out with him. Russia will get Alaska and Canada and China would get the U.S. and Mexico with other distributions made later.

        We can produce the rare earths that we need but the regulations of the EPA and other agencies prevent it from being profitable to do so. We have huge reserves of strategic metals in America but it is far cheaper to mine in other countries because of cheaper labor and less regulation by the government.

        • Tin foil hat

          Please share the link about “The highest ranking KGB officer that defected before the fall of the Soviet Union brought the plan out with him.”

          • Country Codger

            You will have to search it out yourself. Type in the words and “look”. I was working for NSA at the time and it was very well known among the intelligence agencies.
            Shalom CC

            • Tin foil hat

              Okay, I will take your word for it instead of doing the search.
              The problem is that plan which the high ranking KGB brought with him was null and void post Soviet Union more than 30 years ago.

              Bill Clinton turned Communist China into a slave state for American consumers and the Deep State’s oligarchs got rich turning Russia into one big junk yard sale post collapse.

              Did the Russian and Chinese planned that more than 30 years ago?

  21. Bennet Cecil

    Companies in foreign countries should immediately convert their USDs into Gold. Most USDs are outside of the USA. Trading countries with USD surpluses should immediately convert them into gold. The USD price of gold will soar, causing the US government to cut spending as voters complain about gas at $10-20 per gallon etc..

    This is much better than reinventing another system. It will cause less destruction and will be a more orderly solution.

    • Rick

      There are more US “hundred” $100 dollar bills in circulation “outside the US” then there are US “one” $1 dollar bills circulating within the United States – as the foreigners holding these ever more worthless $100 dollar bills “began to panic” in 2020 – they dumped their dollars to buy gold and other tangibles!! –

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Rick,
        You link to an old chart – data ends mid 2019. Since then, gold has exceeded its 2011 US$ high. Not clear why you posted it . . .

  22. Chris

    That was a very interesting interview. Steve quotes Revelations because he’s a Christian. For the sceptics, let me just say some Muslims and Jews are talking about this period in exactly the same terms (and I think others as well). For example, the Koran is saying we have reached the point where the equivalent of Armageddon and the reign of Anti-Christ (Dajjal) is immanent. The Koran says Jesus will shortly return and depose Dajjal. And the West is the tool of Anti-Christ/Dajjal and referred to a Gog and Magog. I am not an expert on comparative religion but this is what my own study is telling me. Love to hear from a scholar who can set me straight if I’m off the mark. Though, it is certainly how the Sufis are interpreting the scripture. BTW, the American “sleeping prophet”, Edgar Cayce, said in the 1940s that Russia will be actually the hope of the world, eventually (not the USSR of his time, but Christian Russia). As will China be in time (not the CCP led China of today, obviously), but a China where a Christianity that is practiced in daily life emerges. Rudolf Steiner, father of Anthroposophy, Waldorf education (persecuted by the Covid-19 Jabbists), biodynamic farming, etc. who was murdered by people aligned with dark occult societies (Satanicwe might say) and proto-Nazi entities in 1925, said his visions indicated the future of Europe was in the Slavic peoples of the East, especially Russians. So, maybe the sun is setting on the West and all its deranged, insane and diabolical cultures are like the last days of Rome – fascinating but degenerate and doomed to drown in their own effluent. Perhaps a spring cleaning is under way. Not good news for us living there, obviously, but if God wills it then so be it. Make provisions and leave the rest to the creator of the universe. Don’t live in fear.

  23. Fred Engel

    11.3 Charlie is watching.

  24. Jeffrobbins

    Just finished ‘The Return of the Gods’ by Johnathan Chan. I have to say it is a good read and explains a lot of how we got to where we are and the coming persecution of Christ followers. My simple assessment is that a financial hardship is the least harmful way to wake up the country- we need a revival before truth, justice, and the old American way can return. Or if. As far as a nuclear war goes, if the Bigs want to keep the land, a few Emps would kill off most people in a week because of no water due to no electric.
    Also, if anyone is concerned about Taiwan- the big things for the Chinese are saving face and money. Those will determine if it goes hot.

  25. Mark

    Is anybody besides me having problems getting Rumble to play? Know a solution?

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  26. Matt

    The U.S. response with the Saudi’s move away from FRN settlement for oil was weak. When the BRICS turn their back against the U.S., it too will be a weak response.

    End of empire.

  27. James Crown

    Three Strikes! Yourrrrr OUTTTTTTT !

    Tucker DESTROYS Mike Pence Over Support For Ukraine War
    The Jimmy Dore Show 97,205 views Jul 18, 2023
    At this past Friday’s Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines, Iowa, moderator Tucker Carlson challenged former Vice President Mike Pence about the now presidential candidate’s stance that the Biden administration has not offered enough military support for Ukraine. Carlson also questioned Pence’s support for Ukraine despite the lack of religious freedom in the eastern European country.

    Tucker Schools GOP On How To End Ukraine War
    104,947 views Jul 18, 2023
    Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson moderated this past Friday’s Family Leadership Summit, a prominent Iowa gathering of conservative Christians attended by several GOP 2024 contenders, and he put them through their paces. Specifically, Carlson challenged candidate Tim Scott about his support for spending more than $100 billion on the Ukraine war effort and lack of interest in pursuing peace.

    Tucker Exposes Nikki Haley Over Nord Stream Pipeline
    The Jimmy Dore Show 120,645 views Jul 18, 2023
    At the recent Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines, Iowa, moderator Tucker Carlson asked candidate Nikki Haley who was responsible for the Nord Stream pipeline bombing. Haley had no answer, nor did she even seem interested in finding out if GOP arch-nemesis Joe Biden was the culprit and had potentially seriously damaged the United States’ relations with European allies.

    China’s Veiled Warning For U.S. As Kissinger Meets Wang Yi; ‘Can’t Encircle Or Contain…’ | Details
    Hindustan Times 2,589 views Jul 19, 2023
    In a veiled warning to the Joe Biden administration, China’s top diplomat Wang Yi has told former U.S. secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, that it is impossible to encircle or contain Beijing. His comments came during a meeting with the 100-year-old Kissinger, who played a key diplomatic role in normalising ties between Washington and Beijing in the 1970s. Wang Yi further added that the U.S. needs “Kissinger-style diplomatic wisdom” in its China policies. Watch for more details.

  28. Prospector

    It’s Blockade season.

    JUST IN – Russian military says from 00:00 Moscow time on July 20, ships traveling through the Black Sea to the ports of Ukraine will be considered carriers of military cargo — TASS
    11:13 AM · Jul 19, 2023

    • Pete+only

      Prospector, good catch. Alexander Mercouris (seen daily on Odysee and Rumble) just yesterday predicted that the Black Sea would soon be off limits to so called Ukrainian Commercial vessels. This, coupled with the Ukraine regime’s reliance on U.S Aid just to keep functioning means it’s days are numbered, especially if the BRICS’ August 22nd message is that it will no longer accept U.S dollars.
      Cracks are starting to appear in NATO European countries, with Germany, reeling from high energy prices, France already making it’s own side deals, and Poland perhaps leaning towards exiting NATO in favour of taking over part of Eastern Ukraine as a strategic alliance of some sort which has been discussed by Colonel Douglas MacGreagor). (So some of the millions of Ukrainians in Poland right now might go home).

  29. BigMac

    Hello Mr. Hunter,
    Thank you for all that you do and all the sacrifices that you have endured to bring the truth to us. May GOD protect you and give you strength through the Holy Spirit (the full armor of GOD).

    Peace and blessings

  30. Brianroy

    “Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.” –
    Samuel Adams, Essay in the Public Advertiser, 1749

    “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”
    President John F. Kennedy to his child nephew Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    (Source RFK Jr from his Twitter account, May 8, 2023)

    “CRIME PAYS, EXPEDIENCY IS WHAT COUNTS.” (Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, paperback, John Coleman, 1992, p. 86)

    We are no longer a moral people in the United States as a people. There are fewer of us by percentage than Lot’s family in the 52 year old existence of Sodom of his day the day it was destroyed. We are a people ruled by outside elites via British Military Intelligence proxies and others so that our cocaine snorting White House can live oblivious to reality and just sign off on whatever outside rulers tell them to. While the Shangha Cooperative has in writing that Russia and China will create a new world currency and economic platform of its own for almost 2 decades now, our end times focus should still be BIBLE based, and fear should NOT be an issue…just preparation and calm responses.

    For our end time 1st brush and first avoidance with a full on nuclear war, Bible Prophecy states that it will be NOT a Ukraine-Russia event, but a Israel-Iran and allies on both sides event that will give the world such a scare that THAT event will set up the prophesied 7 year Peace treaty of the Bible and the required presence and revealing of Anti-Christ, so that all will know whom he is.
    That 7 year peace treaty will involve the US and Russia and Israel and Europe and others. That treaty will be signed about 3pm to 5pm Jerusalem time, immediately unleash the Tribulation Period, and those who are still around after the 1st Rapture of the 2 Raptures of the church, will see the 2 Great Witnesses appear (be it through a time wormhole or other inter-dimensional time transport) in Jerusalem exactly 26 1/2 days after Anti-Christ and others sign the 7 year peace treaty to stop a world-wide nuclear Armageddon slated for Day 1290-1291 after that specific Tribulation Starting Treaty is signed.
    In addition, just so you know, Daniel’s time line putsthe Temple in Jerusalem as being built the last 9 months of the first 3 1/2 year Trib, and when the Anti-Christ enters after the dedication and states “Anoki Elohim”, only then does that start the last 1335 days or Day Of The LORD second 1/2 of the 7 year period, with the USA being nuked at our night time, a 100% worldwide earthquake that tilts the Earth off its axis with a 100% Earthquake that removes all islands, flattens all mountains and fills all valleys on land, and places Jerusalem at the true north pole as its new location.
    No World War 3 panic for either Ukraine or August 22-24 BrICS money meeting. Don’t YOU do the same. Prepare for depression issues? Yes. Panic? Just DON’T. YOU be right with GOD and Remember LOT’S WIFE…when the 1st Rapture calls you home, don’t look back…just go, always looking to the New Jerusalem where the angels are taking you. Thanks.

  31. watcher on the wall on bitchute , friend of the king on rumble

    Think about it !!!! ….. you invade a country like the usa with millions of fighting age men , WHO !!!! ….. by the way , the USA is the sole protection that canada has , …. and canada as the most resource rich country in the world , with no protection at all if the usa is removed by the bought treasonous politicians who are destroying their own country for personal gain . Now the most … supposedly most strongest militarily powerful country is removed , and canada the untouched resource rich belly of the world is exposed to whoever wants it . The world revolves around money and power , this silent war delivers both to the winner . Canada is the main target here , with food ,fresh water, minerals , wood, clean air , lots of unused land , there is no country on the earth like it , its the remaining golden goose of the entire planet is up for grabs

    • Cliff Bondi

      watcher on the wall.
      Russia, the world’s largest transcontinental country and spanning eleven time zones, is richly endowed with natural resources. This vast country plays a crucial role in global energy and resource markets, and is the main trading partner for many of its neighbors.
      Was, the main trading partner for many of its neighbors.
      Were in the Twilight Zone neighbors, no more peace and prosperity. But, WAR and POVERTY! Get used to it. What do we here all the time. America is the richest country in the world. Was!!!!!! The debt bubble we’ve lived on since WW2 has burst. The party’s over.
      Who’s gonna lend anybody anything when they know there not gonna get S**T BACK!
      True, Just ask the Germans! Now that the US. has effectively teemed up with the Ukrainians and ended the Germans love affair with Russia, it and all Europe’s in the Crapper! Turn out the lights Americans;
      Were rich because we’ve lived beyond our means, the Russki’s are poor because the lived within they’re means and haven’t even started to exploit their country yet
      Let’s bring capitalism back, economic warfare not physical! Freedom, that’s what make prosperity. throw’ THE CROOKED CRIME FAMILYS OUT PEOPLE AND SMILE!
      True peace and security, makes true prosperity!

  32. Ted

    Excellent Report: But one place Steve is wrong:
    The US actions are not by stupidity but extremely smart and calculated By Design…ie they new the repercussion of cutting Russia off the Swift System…just one extremely smart step to take America and its dollar down.

  33. Bob

    Who exactly am I going to call if I’m the only one I know with a satellite phone?

    • Greg Hunter

      With a question like that you are too stupid to own a sat phone.

      • Greg Hunter

        Any you are an anonymous coward weasel!!! Now go play in the street.

    • Daniel

      Yea agree. Of course the first thing that happens to you is you get trashed by the guy selling the phones. Just like people who asked questions about covid shots and were ridiculed, talked down to, etc.

    • Tom (A.I. Troll according to Sgt. Hunter)

      Valid question Bob, I had the same thought.

      Apparently Sgt. Hunter thinks we are too stupid to own a sat phone because we ask valid questions.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Do you remember dial up? Things progress and the answer is some family member needs another one- It’s very likely not all the telecommunication networks go down, but who knows where that will be. They should have a 2 phone deal.- maybe you call and ask for one.

    • Thomas Malthaus

      I’ve not done the research, but I doubt its effectiveness subsequent to a nuclear detonation/EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse).

  34. Sylvia Sires

    I watched a documentary that shows it’s Roman Catholicism Is the Woman that rides the Beast (Antichrist) in Revelation 17 & 18. A Jesuit Priest discovered the Christian New Testament that he had never seen or read before. So he read it and accepted Jesus Christ into his life. He say’s the Catholic denomination is a political system under the cover of religion. All of the secret societies are subservient to the Jesuits. Say’s the Black Pope is the Superior General The Jesuit Order through various organizations and their Knighthoods are the ones pulling the strings. For myself, it explains why all our Presidents and world Leaders kiss the Pope’s hand. He say’s when he read about 666 he said that it says “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. It’s roman numerals, he said this is why we see Popes with a name and numbers at the end of their names .

    • Tess Hardy

      USAWD should host exorcist Fr. Ripperger, Fr James Altman and/or Dr Taylor Marshall to address this calumny.

    • J. Loughran

      Keep watching documentaries.

    • Janice

      Sylvia Sires, It’s very evident that Pope Francis is demolishing status quo in the Catholic church. Many Catholics have taken notice!!…. Too many devout “Catholics” in Washington DC also in demolishing mode. (Makes me remember Obama meeting with Francis… was called a “match made in heaven”…..??) A very strange and tangled web of deception to sort thru and unweave. Pedophiles now want protection under LGBTQ+ rainbow umbrella and the way is being paved by these monsters in control.

  35. Sydney Cox

    For our end time move against first avoidance this is untenable. The spectrum dominance of the evil lies manifest in the survival wavelength of the forbidden one. Watch and be afraid now of the massive irresistible compulsion know as the force majeure, but soon after fear not.

  36. arizona

    WELL Steve got some of it right,HE never mentioned the POLE SHIFT,..NIBIRU is NOW in the sky,PICTURES of it are now on the net,A GREAT COMET will hit earth,CALLED WORMWOOD,THE NUCLEAR WEAPONS THAT will be used are so powerful,THEY will change Earths orbit around the sun,RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF WORMWOOD,it would have missed the earth had earth Orbit not been changed,next.LOOK at the see vaults around the world,THE GROUP behind everything is THE US AIR FORCE,they plan to completely destroy ALL life on earth with a Nuclear war,THEN in 500 years THEY will return and replant the earth,then return to their Bases on MARS,then return in another 500 years to see how earth looks,I could go on,but hopefully you got the picture……

    • Rick

      How about us the Anunnaki “saving humanity” [as they promised in their clay tablets] – they said in their clay tablets “they would never again kill us off like they did at the time of the Noah flood” – so they should be putting some “moral people” into the deep underground bases on the back side of the Moon [instead of the pedophile globalist queers] along with the DNA of all the animals and plants on Earth – and use the Moon as the Noah’s Ark it was designed for by the real Creator God of our Universe!! –

  37. Steve

    He says Russia wins the nuclear war in the first two minutes. No. No one wins a nuclear war. The fall out would be global. The sun would be blocked out. Everything dies.
    The evil that rules over this world will be in their nuclear bunkers but that doesn’t guarantee survival and there’ll be nothing left above ground to come out to anyway.

  38. Tony

    Putin is not a genius he’s a deep state puppet just like trump was. He’s going to bring in the digital currency do you think he’s gonna print a dollar for his new currency, no he’s gonna do it digitally and back it by gold and fool everybody into excepting the one world order cbdc …..

  39. Yves San Lorezo

    here’s Trump talking about the hundreds of thousands dead in Urkraine war because he is trying to distract from the billions that will be dead from his Warpsped vax. He has said many times he is the “father of the vax”, and no amount of USAWD censorship will change that.

    • Justn Observer

      YSL, you appear to be seriously misled….Trump ‘created’ nothing…the mRNA was designed, patented and set up for use years before Trump ever ran for office. Yes, he set in motion ‘op warpspeed’ to get something implemented in short order, based on information PROVIDED to him about an impending pandemic crisis. POTUS Trump ADMITTED from the very start, he is not a doctor, he is taking in information and then presenting ideas and using the ‘GOVERNMENTS’ power and resources, and funding to get a policy and plan up and running in short order, which is based on information he is being provided on the subject.
      So, yes he ‘fathered’ the roll out of something and provided to him and actually put in place and funded years earlier by DARPA or BARPA, which was pushed OUTSIDE the U.S. for obvious legal reasons under the guidance of those mentioned in many interviews here in WHO, CDC, NHI, FDA… as brought to light by David E. Martin talk at the 3rd International Covid Summit | European Union May 2023 =
      and produced by the various PHARMA industry also mentioned WHICH were put under contract, to BE SAFE and EFFECTIVE as Karen Kingston has pointed out in her last several interviews here on USAWD.
      Some of the FAUCI co-horts have admitted were NOT safe or effect, and ‘they’ knew it…ie, BIRKS reveal to Neil Cavuto etc…
      Trumps position (stop the endless wars) on the unnecessary deaths in UKRAINE, a product of other ‘neo-con’ unelected deep states together with uni-party politicians like Lindsey Graham, McCain during Obama and his cabinet members…is TOTALLY unrelated to the ‘covid’ deaths issue. Hardly, a distraction from one to another.
      Of course, one might also ask, WHY are we in Ukraine, and how about all the bi0-labs the U.S. has ties with in UKRAINE? Would you feel uneasy with Russia setting up many bio-labs on the other side of the Rio Grande?Would the U.S. tolerate U.S. citizens being forced to not speak English, or denied their culture, or banned from practicing their religion in Mexic0, let along attacked and killed…WHICH IS why Putin went into Ukraine, and not to invade or conqueror Ukraine or eastern Europe…but to protect Russian people and stop the advance of NATO missiles closer to their borders.
      The prior AGREEMENT was that Ukraine was to remain…. NEUTRAL was it not! But now here we are, marching on towards another expensive and profitable for some, endless war.

      • regaleagle

        Nice summary…..and very accurate. There’s tons of information out there to validate this 110%.

  40. Mike

    This needs to be brought to public attention
    A Chinese floating city as big as Cleveland used for fishing now in The South Atlantic is killing everything in the South Atlantic
    They are taking everything living in the ocean to feed Chinese
    Nothing will be left in the South Atlantic ocean in three years once they kill everything here they’ll move on to somewhere else
    A definite topic needed to be discussed ASAP

  41. James Hall

    Big news.
    Brevard County GOP Declares COVID Vaccine a ‘BIOWEAPON’, Votes To BAN Shots in Florida

  42. Montana Joe

    CBDC’s are the Phantom Menace. Lot’s of fear mongering for a proposition that is not technically feasible.

  43. Harvetta Wisanstiener Latest Scott Ritter💌

  44. Lord Nasdaq

    Great analysis from Steve Quayle brother, Greg.
    Look forward to Friday weekly news wrap-up.
    Next week FOMC meets, everything stagnant but precious metals and commodities.
    Take care.

  45. Janice Bechdolt

    I don’t know why we tolerate what is happening when the red states could secede and cure alot of the crap that is going on with the Dems and Washington DC. Majorie Tayler
    Green has already mentioned it….so why isn’t there progress being made on this. Just start meeting and planning the new constitution and structure and get the wheels going. to a better place we all know is possible.

  46. rmstock

    “Google tries return to office PC without internet”
    For security reasons, Google is cutting off thousands of employees’ Internet access on their work computers. Others lose root accounts. A trial run.

  47. StrategicView

    Greg, a personal relationship with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the only way we will finally defeat the Beast, as you have clearly stated repeatedly.

    This doesn’t mean we give up or do nothing to stop the Beast. Again, another good point you have made repeatedly!

    We must do our very best in the war against the Beast/NWO. Trump no longer serves our best interests so we must now cut him loose. We can’t go into a political fight with a damaged and compromised candidate like Trump!

    The Beast/NWO is engineering the re-election of Biden and for him to pardon Trump in the name of National Reconciliation and Unity. Biden’s pardon of Trump will further weaken and divide the Republican Movement.

    Biden will go down as The Great Unifier and Trump, The Great Loser!

    Game-Over and Start Again!

    Demonic forces are encircling us right now and we must cut Trump loose, before it is too late!

    God bless the truth seekers and those prepared to fight for the cause.

  48. The Stone Zone

    Russia’s Loitering Munition Obliterates Ukrainian Unit in Bakhmut; 25 Troops ‘Wiped Out’ | Hindustan Times 57,650 views Jul 19, 2023
    The Russian army kept up its defences along the frontline in Bakhmut by raining back-to-back attacks on the Ukraine Army. Two latest videos from the battleground show how Russian loitering munition destroyed an Ukrainian OSA 1 surface-to-air missile system. In another video, Russian MLRS can be seen on a rampage to destroy Ukrainian positions. The Russian military claimed that over 25 Ukrainian troops were eliminated here.

    Russia’s ‘Win’ Compels Ukraine To Rework Battlefield Strategy; Watch Zelensky’s New Plan/Hindustan Times 70,974 views Jul 19, 2023
    Ukrainian troops seem to change their approach amid the ongoing Russian war. A report by Wall Street Journal claimed that Kyiv’s troops are adapting to a new reality. The WSJ report added that this is a result of Ukraine’s failure to breach Russian defensive lines. Ukraine’s Western backers have also acknowledged the lack of progress in Kyiv’s counteroffensive.

    The HORRIFIC Execution Of The Woman That Shot Lenin
    TheUntoldPast 242,050 views Jul 3, 2023 [The Tori Nuland of her day?]
    One of the most important figures of the 20th century was Vladimir Lenin. He would be the head of the Communist Party and would take control of the Soviet Union, but throughout of his life, Lenin experienced a number of assassination attempts on his life. One woman who shot Lenin was Fanny Kaplan, a partially sighted woman who had been imprisoned inside of a hard labour camp for over a decade in Siberia. Her treatment was tough, but she believed Lenin was a traitor to the Revolution and because of this she wanted to take action.
    Following visiting a Factory, Lenin approached his car and then Fanny Kaplan shot three bullets at the Leader of the Soviet Union. Two bullets hit him, and one of these was very severe but it’s believed that these which were embedded in him led to his death as his strokes could have been caused by them. But for her actions of shooting Lenin, Fanny Kaplan was executed and was shot by an executioner inside of the Alexandra Gardens in Moscow.

  49. Frank Cooper
    Walt Disney’s The Swamp Fox: Episode 8 “Horses for Green”
    Keeping Walt in Disney 21,513 views Dec 18, 2022
    Three episodes of The Swamp Fox were released on The Walt Disney Treasures Series. Here we have the remaining 5 episodes continuing with Episode 8: Horses for Green which originally aired on January 8th, 1960. It stars Leslie Nielsen, John Sutton, Barbara Eiler and Disney favorites such as Slim Pickens, J. Pat O’Malley, Tim Considine and Hal Stalmaster. The final episode finds Captain Richardson trying to instill some discipline in Marion’s volunteer brigades. Marion stops the training long enough to lead a daring raid to capture some much needed horses. ENNJOY!

  50. Clay Lane

    CONGRESS ERUPTS as Sen. Ted Cruz DESTROYS FBI Director Wray with SHOCKING EVIDENCE against Biden MRGBoys Channel 174K views 2 days ago
    Sen. Ted Cruz DESTROYS FBI Director Wray with SHOCKING EVIDENCE against Biden

  51. Lane Clay

    WOWSER! Ray’s such a lousy liar!
    Chris Wray FINALLY ADMITS! Watch Matt Gaetz HUMILIATES FBI Director with TEXT EVIDENCE from Hunter. MRGBoys Channel 112,984 views Jul 19, 2023
    FBI Wray FINALLY ADMITS! Watch Matt Gaetz HUMILIATES FBI Director with TEXT EVIDENCE from Hunter

  52. ClaysLanes

    ‘I Compare Your Agency To KGB’: Victoria Spartz Mercilessly Confronts FBI’s Wray
    Forbes Breaking News 459,969 views Jul 14, 2023
    At Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN) pressed FBI Director Christopher Wray about FISA abuses.

  53. Havel Toodrowe

    Watch LIVE: RFK Jr. Testifies to Congress About Government Censorship After Hysterical Dems Tried to Keep Him From Speaking! Alex Jones Unloads on the Irony!
    Posted 2 hours ago
    We are witnessing TOTAL desperation from the globalists! They are now censoring people for talking about censorship!
    Alex Jones warns: “This is what it looks like when the establishment collapses.”

  54. Farley Gunther

    Violence Will Get Even Worse – Kevin Shipp
    By Greg Hunter On September 5, 2020 In Political Analysis 197 Comments

    Maria dasSantos07/14/2023 •
    As an an aside from the UK et al!

    OVERWHELMING PROOF that the COVID-19 Plandemic was officially planned out and executed by the U.S. Federal Government (and other state actors)

    VP Kamala Harris Calls To ‘Reduce Population’—She Means ‘Pollution’
    Read some of the comments folks….

    Tucker Carlson destroyed the RINO Republicans’ career at the first primary forum
    July 15, 2023

  55. Utter B. Chaos

    Corrupt Ukraine Defense Minister’s Daughter Buys $7 Million French House! Huh?
    The Jimmy Dore Show 8,864 views Jul 20, 2023
    Ukrainians are outraged that the daughter of the country’s Defense Secretary Oleksiy Danilov recently bought a house near Cannes in the south of France for 7 million euros. news of the purchase ties into the widespread recognition of rampant corruption in the Ukrainian government.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss where on earth Danilov’s daughter might have come up with the money to purchase such a home.

    Putin’s Men Crush 20 Ukrainian Attacks, ‘Kill’ Over 595 Soldiers | Artillery War In BakhmutHindustan Times 17,420 views 7/20
    The Russian defence ministry claimed that its forces continued to crush Ukrainian counteroffensive in Donetsk, South Donetsk and Krasny Liman directions. It said that 20 Ukrainian attacks were repelled while nearly 600 soldiers were wiped out in the last 24 hours. It added that 32 Ukrainian drones were shot down while seven HIMARS projectiles were intercepted. In a video released recently, Russian army can be seen ravaging Ukrainian strongholds near Bakhmut. Watch this video for more updates on the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone.

    US warns of Russian attack on civilian grain ships in Black Sea | WION 3,590 views Jul 20, 2023
    The Russian military could attack civilian shipping in the Black Sea as part of its effort to target Ukrainian grain facilities, Biden administration officials said Wednesday, citing new intelligence. “Our information indicates that Russia laid additional sea mines in the approaches to Ukrainian ports,” National Security Council spokesman Adam Hodge said in a statement. “We believe that this is a coordinated effort to justify any attacks against civilian ships in the Black Sea and lay blame on Ukraine.”

  56. H.D.P.
    New Vaxx Data From Australia Should Shock Your Conscience!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 7,054 views Jul 20, 2023

  57. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg. Great interview with Steve.

    So today we know that Hunter Biden is the smartest guy Joe Biden knows, but not as smart as that Ukrainian crook’s dog! MTG holding up that picture was something else, too.

  58. FreeMpg

    BRICS. Gold backed. Try to redeem it. Laughable nonsense until what happened in 2020 repeats in 2024.

    • Greg Hunter

      You sure about that?

  59. Esperanza Creeger

    …don’t forget the FDA (Flawed Drugs Approved).

  60. nigic


  61. Ewiak Ryszard

    For now, there is no reason to panic. But where are we heading? In the Book of Daniel, God announces: “At the appointed time [the king of the north] will return back [and that, in this context, means that Russian garrisons will return to where they were previously stationed. And this applies not only to Ukraine. Current military actions will expand to other countries. The EU and NATO will break up], and come into the south [this will be the beginning of the nuclear war], but won’t be as earlier, and as later [the current military action associated with the return of the “king of the north” not lead directly to WW3. This will only happen after his return], then the dwellers of distant coastlands of Kittim [the distant West] will come against him, and (he) will break down [mentally], and will go back.” (Daniel 11:29, 30a) This time it will be a world war not only by name. Peace will be taken from the earth. It will be a mutual slaughter and the sword of great power will be used. (Revelation 6:4) The prophet Ezekiel wrote: “A sword, a sword unlocked for slaughter, violently removing from the surface by devouring because of flash.” (21:28) This is not an ordinary nuclear bomb, “it is dressed for the slaughter”. (Ezekiel 21:15b, Geneva Bible 1599) This is a strategic nuclear weapon, where “hydrogen bombs” are surrounded by a jacket of, e.g., U-238, to increase yield. Jesus characterized it in this way: “a frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” For this reason, there will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders” (lack of public order). The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). The global nuclear war, (this will be the fulfillment of the sign of Jesus), will begin as a result of ethnic conflict, “for nation will rise against nation”, like as in 2008 in Georgia. (Matthew 24:7) It won’t be Armageddon. “All these are only the beginning of the labor pains.” (Matthew 24:8, NCB)

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