Violence Will Get Even Worse – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert Kevin Shipp says the violence you are seeing in American cities is not going to stop anytime soon.  Is the violence going to get worse?  Shipp contends, “It will get worse.  We are going to see it amplified leading up to the election, and it’s going to get even worse after the election.  These people see this as their moment to act.  It’s a moment that they have been building for a couple of decades.  We are going to see the attacks increase, especially by Black Lives Matter (BLM).  People need to understand and be prepared for what is coming. . . . They are desperate.  They know the Democrat Party does not have a real candidate to offer.  Donald Trump is extremely strong, and they also know that Trump has a support base that is larger than it was during the last election. . . . They see this as their time.  They are not going to give up, and they are not going to stop.  They have been encouraged by Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and others, such as Maxine Waters, to increase the violence.  So, they are being encouraged by top Democrats, and they are not going to stop.  This will escalate.”

Shipp says, “BLM and Antifa want a civil war.”  Shipp explains, “That’s exactly what they want, a civil war, and they want to split America.  They understand that the conservative people and the patriots out there have gained a lot of ground.  They are intentionally starting a civil war to overturn our Constitutional system and our fundamental belief system. . . .They are starting a civil war, and they are starting serious attacks.  It’s not just Trump supporters, but Black Lives Matter has had attack after attack on white Americans simply because of their race. . . . Anyone who resists this movement, they label them as a white supremacist with no facts and no evidence.  They know exactly what they are doing.  When they do this, and I am talking about the Democrat Party, it is a propaganda technique because it shuts down any discussion and any examination of the facts. . . . People who are representing Trump at these ‘protests’ need to understand they are in danger.  It’s clear they have an organized effort to attack Trump supporters and conservatives with violence.  So, people need to be prepared and situationally aware of their surroundings.  Look for somebody following them.  Look for a brewing protest on the street and things like that. ”

After the election, Shipp predicts, “Trump is going to win, but when Trump wins . . . these people are just going to go crazy and escalate the violence.”

As far as the cheat-by-mail campaign the Democrats have been pushing, Shipp thinks, “They are a little late in the game.  So, I don’t think that’s going to work.  What they may do if the ballots don’t come in until after the election . . . they will say we’ve got all these votes, and we want to count them.  They will contest the election, and that’s already part of their plan.  They know these mail-in votes are not going to work this late in the game.  After the election, they are going to claim that this is reason to contest the election and not concede.  Just watch it happen.”

Shipp also predicts, “I think Trump is going to have a wider margin of victory than he did in 2016.  The Democrat Party has shot themselves in the foot . . . encouraging this violence, thinking it was going to make Trump look bad and make things look unstable.  It has backfired on them. . . . The Democrats already know they have lost, and Joe Biden sadly gets worse by the week in terms of his mental acuity, and they know it.  It’s embarrassing and cruel for the Democrat Party to keep putting him in that position. . . . The Democrats are terrified, and Donald Trump is going to decimate Joe Biden in the debates.  Democrats are going to do everything they can to keep these debates from happening.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp.

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  1. al

    Kevin is on the money except for the fact that on Nov 4th, the Plandemic will have been forgotten and our Police, National Guard, FBI, Army, Marines and other fighting forces will quell the violence in 1/2 hour. It will be over by end of day Nov 4th.
    Look what happened in MN, and in WI… see any more statues coming down?
    These punk thug Soros paid Pu55ies are easy to beat! That notion has been proven time and time again. For now they are useful idiots making Marxist Democraps look bad, which helps Trump even further.

    No, Mr. Schiff, THEY better worry, not us.
    Pantifa and BLM will be a thing of the past. Too many people of all colors are wide awake!

  2. al

    Hussain Obama’s ghetto America will be crushed soon.
    Remember, Hussain tried to scare us with ISIS, now his brown shirt Pantifa/BLM/BS wears the same garb and spews the same empty threats.
    Where is ISIS? GONE! Why? Because we have a REAL MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE! Not a traitor.
    Have more faith Kevin, it’s not that bad.. besides.. if they leave their compound all the arms and bullets people purchased in the past few Months will be put to good use.

    • Mike

      That’s what they said about the weather underground in the 1960s and look at what they were able to create.

      Stopping this takes something much much bigger than the guard or LEs stepping up.

  3. Country Codger

    Dear Kevin,
    Having work with CIA in Southeast Asia and the Middle East (as former NSA) I was exposed to a lot of “Colonel Flaggs” in the 70’s. (The cartoonish character on MASH.) You sir do the good patriotic CIA officers a great justice and credit. Wish I had known you in the 70’s. Keep up the excellent work.

    Great interview Greg. Home run!
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Lee Burkai

      MACV-SOG Guy here. Imagine Biden winning and with a few months his true mental instabilities manifest. Harris becomes President….


    Greg- love ya man-BUT…

    you didn’t ask the question I told you from CIA “W” That Obama is behind this madness out there n the big cities. He said he want a big army( ie Brown shirts ) You had him on but failed me!


    • Greg Hunter

      Next time.

      • Kaye Rivers PhD Retired Psychologist

        I love your youtube channel and always watch. I don’t disagree with the QAnon assessment as a fake except in one regard: the best aggregator of corruption in the history of corruption. The exposure of these cabals and satanic influence is the clearest I have ever encountered. I thought I was cognizant of Clinton nastiness since I practiced as forensic psychologist at Rogers Hall at Arkansas State Hospital where so many of our evaluations were significantly affected by coroner corruption in Pulaski County and Bill’s disastrous early release program of criminals. However, I discovered through Q how all of these families and historical fascism are a theme through all of these governmental actions and Federal Reserve, etc, IN the early 90’s I read a book about that Federal Reserve was really not governmental but private in nature. I had my husband ask our banker, a smart educated man, about this. He had no clue about this. Now this information is pretty well understood. One of my eye opening bits of information was about Jacob Rothschild. The satanic influence and cannibalistic issues were hard to believe until I researched and found some documentary where he was showing off an artist that had displayed human dissection as sculpture across the floor of his museum It was so clear and easy to see what he really treasured–death. Also the Q explanation about historical families and financial intrusion in NC and SC led to my discovery of the railroad influence by Payseur family in Chesterfield SC , my husband’s hometown and where we live now. I have experienced great relief understanding how my life has been affected by this world view and truly evil people. I am truly grateful for the dissemination of this historical and eyeopening news by Q. The predictions are irrelevant in comparison to the value it has given in historical perspective. Keep Up You Good Work..Thanks

        • Self Exiled

          Welcome Kaye. I too have been a caretaker in the field of Psychology. My position was as a Child Caretaker and was specifically trained to Reparent Children who had been abused. I was in a residential treatment facility and we were paired in male female couples to help facilitate the child’s return to a family. This was years ago and we worked under the DSM III. The training I received there has never ever left my baseline thoughts on relationships. The agency I worked for was a purchace of services agency which was originally an orphanage that had been in existence since 1892. I do not have any Degrees in the field of Psychology but was tested and trained for 6 months before I was hired. I have taken so many test I can’t remember them all. One I do remember measure the didactic in my parental relationships. I also had to sign off on the Minnesota Personality Inventory Test. We had consulting Psychologist, Psychiatrists and Medical Doctors and the school systems, parents, social services and court systems purchased our talents. Our milieu was what we called Relationship Therapy.

          I too have noticed through study the references you have made; concerning the issues, that you sighted, and are discussed at Greg’s USA Watchdog. Also my grandfather remembered how upset his father was when the Federal Reserve Act was pushed subversively on the US citizens. Seems the common man at that time in the US was much more astute concerning socialism and banking. What brought me into the conspiracy realm at 13 was the Kennedy Assassination and my Grandfathers declaration that ”we did it” after several months of study. I then from 1967 t0 1972 received two Degrees, one in History, one and Political Science, not underestimating of course the volatility of the Vietnam years. Again: Thank You and please share with us your insights. Self Exiled.

  5. eddiemd

    Good Interview. It will be posted over on zerohedge in a day or two.

    I spoke with a family member who is violently anti-Trump. It does not matter if Biden is in a coma or close to death, she will vote for him. She believes that the violence now in different cities is Trump’s fault. That violent looters, thugs, and criminals are Trump supporters. This is from a 50+ year old with a college degree. Very sad.

    Shipp did not talk about the current psyop to turn the military against the president. The desperation by the left is escalating so it is no surprise that it will continue. Debates at the end of the month.

    The Arizona news is promoting this story over the past 24 hours.

    The Antifa/blm/leftist/CCP subversives will escalate their war on the people and the police. The MSM/propaganda is promoting it. The next attacks will be against churches and synagogues.

    Interesting that you mention Pol Pot. Several weeks ago we were talking about the Khmer Rouge tactics here at your website. The Khmer Rouge used the same tactics that Antifa/blm are using now. They escalated to murder, reeducation camps, and genocide.

    If Biden/ Harris come into power, expect a scenario similar to the Khmer Rouge. Harris is her own words stated similar. Add in Beetoff ORourke, Ocasio, the three muslim congress members, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer…and we will see the complete overthrow of the nation and the Constitution. They are luciferians already.

    Interesting that key leaders in this destruction of the USA are abortionists to the late stage. This alone will bring the wrath of God. Pelosi the catholic, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Feinstein the secular jews, the three muslims…all raising their fists in defiance against the King of the universe.

    Keep staring into the abyss of your iPhone. The thief is coming in the middle of the night when you are least prepared.

    • Pete M

      Not to worry about these misguided people who still believe what main stream media spews at them.
      Fewer and fewer people believe what MSM says every day.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump were to come forth with overhelming evidence providing proof of who is funding these rioters perhaps a week before the elections take place.

      Following the money trail can’t be that difficult. Round them up and empty their pockets, and you will soon find a money trail somewhere.

      Who rented those vehicles that provided bricks to these rioters? It certainly can’t be that difficult to ascertain, as is who is flying these rioters around the country and putting them up in these fancy hotels.

      Eddie, you better buy a case of tissues for your misguided relative that has a college degree, after she realizes that she was had.

      • Chip2

        My 80-year-old mom watches the MSM and she, too, thinks the Antifa/BLM rioters are white-supremacist Trump supporters. I can’t tell her otherwise. They’ve totally fooled her. She’s a retired RN and considers herself very educated and informed. She KNOWS.

        As they say, it’s easier to trick a person than it is to convince them that they’ve been tricked. The deceit is now too-big-to-fail.

        • Charles H

          The DECEIT is now too big to fail. Man, you nailed that one!

    • Paul ...

      This 50+ year old Demon-rat with a college degree probably also loves criminal DR Fauci … in the coming election she shouldn’t allow the D and R “title” to matter … D or R it not the issue … it’s “the person” we need to analyze and vote for … “not the Party” … if the D and R candidates put before you are both morally corrupt … then don’t vote for either one of them … this way when one of them wins it will be with a very small voter mandate which should give them less political strength!!

      • eddiemd

        Actually she is a big follower of Cuomo in New York. Was a huge supporter of Hillary and Obama.

        The deception and delusion is already here. The MSM psyop mind control is very strong. They are teleprompter readers. The elderly who have difficulty hearing jus read the closed caption. They are stuck with the MSM.

        The “educated” anti Trumpers will go to their graves believing the lies. They want socialism not recognizing the history behind it. The young adults who were taught in the public school system over the past 30+ years are brainwashed not knowing the history of the communists and fascists.

        Execution by hunger. This is the future of the USA.

      • Paul ...

        Does this 50 year old “commie” Demon-rat also support giving Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants the way Biden and his “co-commie” demon-rats propose???

    • James Scott

      Synagogues are safe and if we follow the money on who is supporting and funding these commies we will have to investigate some conspiracies that probably involved some synagogues.
      This is just history repeating itself. How many times are the rootless cosmopolitans going to try to pull this stuff? Who is going to save them this time? The nation wreckers have ripped off the whole Western World and the non white world is not going to allow them to rule them and cannot keep white people from exacting our revenge even if they wanted to.
      Pretending the rootless cosmopolitans are not working together as an ethnic group is tiresome and no one believes it anymore. I talked loud about them in line at the DMV a few days ago and EVERYONE agreed they are a menace. I named them as j e w s and everyone agreed the j e w mob is what is wrong with the USA. We all talked about it for a few hours waiting to have our temperature taken because of the jew flu hoax. How long do you think you can keep the lid on this reality? Non whites could not care less about j e w s are are to stupid to know the j e w media is carrying their water. It won’t be long now. The hyper inflation is always the beginning of the end for the rootless cosmopolitans

      • William Stanley

        RE: “rootless cosmopolitans”

        Stalin also called Jews “rootless cosmopolitans.” That seems like a strange place for an anti-communist such as you to source his rhetoric.

    • Randy Best

      i-Phones have definitely contributed to the downfall of society.

  6. eddiemd

    More trash from the local Arizona TV station website. Channels 3 and 5 broadcast here in Phoenix. 5 is a CBS affiliate.

    Their combined website posts CNN stories which they regurgitate on the TV.

    Courtesy of Jim Acosta at CNN. All unconfirmed, unnamed, and anonymous sources. Fake news in other words. Propaganda psyops.

    Another one. David Williams…CNN. A name you can mistrust.

    Another one…CNN again. Anita Hill back on the scene supporting creepy Joe the sexual harasser.

    Who is next?

    Where is Ginsburg? In the basement with Joe? They probably have Ginsburg on a ventilator with a feeding tube/parenteral feeding, urinary catheter, and slow drip of some experimental fetal cell mixture. Stranger things have happened.

    Can’t wait for the debates. Hey, Dave the DNC hack, where are you?

  7. Kevin

    Mr. Shipp kinda looks like a skinny version of Rush Limbaugh. Always enjoy his insight.

  8. eddiemd

    Coronavirus in Israel. They have the “Corona Cabinet”. Fully stocked with Corona and limes.

    US sanction clamp down begins again on September 20th.

    Much happening in the MENA. Turkey, UAE, Israel, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudis, PLO/Hamas, Hezballah, Russia, Greece, France, USA, China…all in.

  9. Jack

    Q’s trust Session or who ever(insert name) is a statement in that trust the said person to be predictable in their actions. Not just trust this guy is on our team

    • Greg Hunter

      Bull crap Jack and stop making excuses for “Q”. This was a huge miss and Sessions was the reason for the Mueller investigation with a pack of crazy Democrats that drug on more than 2 years!!!!! Sessions was involved in a group wanting to impeach President Trump. Wake up an smell the coffee!!!!!! President Trump tweeted out to his 85 million followers that Sessions should drop out of the Alabama primary against Tuberville. Trump endorsed Tuberville and Tuberville destroyed Sessions. Trump certainly did not trust Sessions and you should not him or “Q”.

    • Frank D

      Hey Jack, “Q” also told us to “Trust Wray”. How’s that been working out? Wray has been stonewalling Congress and FOI requests from Judicial Watch. He’s a traitor to the American people. Hopefully Trump fires his ass soon. “Q” is total bullshit. Still no one sent to Gitmo. How gullible are you?

    • China Syndromes

      Rich “Hamilton Bozzer tread head” Treadway, Gina “Macaroni” Mancarella, Stan & Dave and now jumpin Jack “the flasher”! These pysop cyclops, take the proverbial self-righteouse cakle!

    • Paul ...

      Jack … Trump trusted that “nice lady” Hillary Clinton and never arrested her for selling Haitian children nor did he take action against the criminal Clinton Foundation … as payback for Trump’s generosity … Hillary Clinton recently declared publicly “that Joe Biden should not concede the election “under any circumstances” …

      • K. Wayne

        What does he really think about HRC ?
        Go to 2.15……still waiting …well give up waiting because
        at 3.35 …he lets us all hear exactly what he thinks of her….”I have a lot of respect for those two people”
        You and I know full well that its all a sideshow…entertainment…..keeping the masses distracted while they do their work. Were you fooled too ? I think you are a better person than that.

    • Paul ...

      Was it Q who was clandestinely laying the groundwork for a revolution in America right in front of our eyes by misdirecting us?? … or was it inaction by Trump to arrest Hillary, Soros, Clapper, etc., etc. ??? …

      • K. Wayne


  10. Daniel T

    Its more important for house members to denounce antifa and black lives mater and the violence and destruction that is 100 times worse than worry what Q says

  11. Orlando

    I have no doubt that President Trump will get reelected. What disturbs me is the very high probability that the Dems will win the Senate majority. With a democratic majority in both the house/senate doesn’t leave room for President Trump to do much. They will no doubt, try to impeach him again. Thank you for the interview.

    • William Stanley

      Okay, you’ve conceded President Trump’s reelection.
      That seems incongruous with him doing so without some pretty long coat-tails.
      However, in the spirit of your hypothetical scenario, we might contemplate yet another possibility: i.e., that once President Trump is reelected as a Republican, he then forms a new political party. Subsequently — especially if there is a second attempt at impeachment — that new party goes on to overwhelm both the Ds and the Rs in the midterms . . . and for a long time afterward. In the end, President Trump prevails even BIGGERLY.

      • Self Exiled

        That would be my hope also, if there is any ”normalcy” after the election. The qualifier in this concept would be also that Trump can establish a form of the rule of law. If I use France, Germany and other countries around the world as a barometer for such thinking they also are having organized nightly riots and ”normalsy” is an oversimplified term. {The only event qualified as normal is the setting on a clothes dryer} If Trump can accomplish this in a political charged situation we find ourselves in; then the Marxist will also form an opposition party that will be there the rest of our days.

      • Self Exiled

        Also Jerry’s well documented posts concerning Trump are very difficult to refute concerning Trump’s feeding into a NWO scenario. This does not mean Trump is not being used as an instrument of God’s keeping to further his agenda for the United States and HIS [God’s] new world order. In fact if we open our mind to a multifaceted view of events rather than the usual polarities; this makes more sense, and ties Israel and the world into a last days event with a whole range of even more subordinate extreme events.

        • K. Wayne

          Jerry’s still a believer in Trump and still carries hope that Trump will deliver this nation into realignment and normalcy. That will not happen.
          I’m not… and haven’t been….. fooled by his showmanship since 2016.
          I have posted many comments articulating how Trump has not only been working with the Unelected Rulers…he in fact is in bed with them. His Jewish background and his association with Rothschild is all you need to know. His Administration’s mis-handling of the Virus and the planned Warp Speed Vaccination program should also persuade you that his agenda is closely aligned to that of the NWO’s. The State of the Nation’s economy (with circa 60Mln unemployed) is achieved under his watchful eye. Giving the FED Reserve permission to create hyperinflation in the Money Supply demonstrates his connection with the Banksters and the self serving attitude. The lack of indictments and cleaning of the “Swamp” are testament to a failed President…who has again promised we the people so much …and hasn’t delivered. Its time for the Board of Directors to make a decision….because we the people surely cannot interfere with a FED appointed President.
          DJT = Trojan Horse.
          He is getting the job done…..and most Americans are asleep.

          • Jim Egan

            K. There’s not enough space here. Common sense, is not up your alley, K. Maybe up your chute shoot?
            The fact Trump is still in office, taking the flak. Is testament enough. That your flak too, is fake! You flake.

            • K. Wayne

              Testament to what?
              That he’s controlled….like a puppet on a string.
              If they really wanted him gone…he would have disappeared long ago.
              You obviously enjoy the sideshow and the distractions.
              Stop denying the truth. Its okay to accept what is real. He is one of them. He is not for we the people…never was….never will be.
              You can only live in denial for as long as you desire. If you cannot discern fact from fiction…then you need God’s help.
              As I’ve said before….many Americans have been fooled and are still asleep. You are one of them….Troll . Take your head out of your chute shoot….and take a good look around.
              Your are right though…there isn’t enough space here to explain to you the methodology they use to con you. I sense you like being controlled too.
              Go back to sleep Jim….and stay indoors …where you can’t be a distraction to anyone but yourself. Waste of time and energy. You are consuming too much oxygen …leave some for those that really need it.

        • William Stanley

          RE: “Trump’s feeding into a NWO scenario.”

          Why then did President Trump — in speeches at Davos and the UN — explicitly condemn Globalism?

          • K. Wayne

            Why was he in fact even there…..knowing full well what DAVOS represents? There you have a contradiction.

            • William Stanley

              Your question answers itself:He went there to denounce them to their faces.

              • K. Wayne

                That’s your interpretation.
                Trump didn’t go to China …to make HIS point …DID HE ?
                DAVOS is the haven for the Globalists…you are very aware of that I’m sure.
                You don’t go there if you don’t “belong”. Period.

                • William Stanley

                  The Globalists were meeting in Davos, not China.
                  Same thing with Trump’s speech at the UN. That’s where another meeting of Globalists was. In both instances, President Trump simply went where they were meeting in order to denounce them face to face.

  12. Lord Nasdaq

    Off topic for me tonight but wish to respond to great interview of Kevin Shipp.

    I do know if Anitifa or BLM go into rural towns in NC, they will get a a quick reminder of the second amendment and that this only works in the democrat cities like Rawley or Charlotte, etc. And I know, as they do, they would never come to country towns.

    Antifa and BLM are Cowards and Terrorists. Their fathers were probation officers and their mothers were social service workers since the child tax credit b.s. of 90’s.

    Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t fear these pathetic losers. They are paper tigers.
    Lord Nasdaq

  13. Tee Hassell

    I dont know what this Q thing is maby some folks can comment on this Thank You

    • William Stanley

      As I understand it, “Q,” or “QAnon,” is a person(s) who makes anonymous and cryptic Trump-focused political posts on an internet message board called 8kun (formerly 8chan). For awhile his posts went viral on the internet and a number of commenters cropped up who interpreted his posts for the rest of us.

      At first — because of some posts that seemed to reflect inside information — it was widely assumed that Q was a Trump-camp insider whose purpose was to manage a “psyop” to keep Trump supporters from becoming discouraged by the barrage of mainstream media attacks. Over time, Q’s posts lost their credibility as he made forecasts and pronouncements that were incorrect or otherwise undermined President Trump (e.g., “Trust Sessions”). Increasingly, Q’s stream of posts came to be suspected of being an anti-Trump “psyop.”

      Q remains a bit of a mystery, but recent information casts doubt on the hypothesis that Q has insider knowledge of any sort and is, possibly, simply the author of a massive hoax.
      See, e.g.:

      • K. Wayne

        There is good logic behind Q having inside information……it is because “Q” is/are inside.
        At first Q presented with the usual mystique & mystery, curiosity with an abundance of startling narratives….but as you have pointed out … more recent times….has lost all credibility.
        This is a Psyops (Covert Ops) being performed by one of our Intelligence Agencies. I can tell you which one …but Mr Shipp might have a better account of that.
        Its premise is to shift the targeted audience away from the Truthers.
        Q has taken the fall for the incorrect predictions and false alliances….”Intentionally”….to bring about a greater failure/ridicule for those espousing the truth (and using Q as a key source and aligning themselves with the Entity). Grand Hoax…..more like…Grand Scale Psychological Weapon.

  14. Cheri Rodriguez

    Shipp says—“They’ve been planning this for decades.” More like 1964. Since the Civil Rights Act and the Immigration Act (1965), it’s been a low-level race war but only one side has been doing the fighting.

  15. Self Exiled

    Rachel09/04/2020 •
    although I just re-tested this and there is a time delay due to a slower internet processing time that is currently occurring world wide that I think is intentional, but there is nothing else wrong, the processing speed is much slower. Thank You Rachel. Makes sense.

    • JC

      Self Exiled,
      I just posted a comment and it posted normally “your comment is awaiting moderation.” A minute later I posted another comment, and it “disappeared” as has been happening to us lately. Very strange.

      • Rachel

        Hi Greg, you could use the live chat messaging in you web hosting to ask their technical support staff to look at it.

      • Self Exiled

        JC—- has occurred several times with me also.

  16. Sid"Cookie"Heylin

    Don’t ferget everybody, the Russian killer, numchuck poisoner, Michael Morell. The unfit, un- intelligent, psychopathetic psyop cyclops, top secret agent wanabe and Soros/ Hillary stooge. Was promised by Hillary, he would be her top dog. To press the WWIII, button☢️, if he could take down Trump and he stop then and won’t stop now, till were in Civil War II. He thinks he’ll be around to pick up the pieces, when we annihilate each other. Nope Michael, you’ll be picking up cigarette butt’s at Git’mo instead.💉TRUTH

  17. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Schiff,once again USA Watchdog is out in front bringing reality to an audience desperate for reality.
    Here in the Boldhevik nation of elitism(UK) ,us plebs are being used as targets for propaganda and the collaborators are many,particularly in medicine and academia and the usual suspects in the Stasi police and military and of course the media ,with the BBC leading the Bolshevik message .None dare speak now to strangers as the Bolsheviks turn up in force,sadly this will end in violence and Democracy has gone.From what I remember of Northern Ireland in the 1970s,it was not enjoyable for us plebs.

  18. JC

    The world is playing out a Reincarnational Cycle. Unresolved conflicting belief systems thousands of years old are about to clash.

    I suspect that the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex wants its war and Israel wants to move into the West Bank. Trump is apparently smart enough to know that he will be known in history as the guy who started World War III if he allows this to happen.

  19. JC

    Strange, terrible, and unbelievable things are going to happen beyond what Schiff is describing.

    Hal Turner has a very important breaking story on a suspected massive 5G power test in Mexico on September 1st, 2020.

    September 3, 2020
    WEAPONIZED 5G Test Caught LIVE outside Mexico City

    I have verified that this test is visible in the archives at The archive only contains ten-minute loops, but it appears that the test began at 07:50 Central Time and ended precisely at 08:50 Central.

    • JC

      Important update!

      G.A. STEWART:
      Whatever happened in Mexico on September 1st, 2020 seems to be a test. Why would the Department of Homeland Security issue an EMP Alert the following day? I suggest that we are on the cusp on an imminent False-Flag Terrorist Attack. I suspect that it will be against part of the national electrical grid or the Internet.

      • Jerry

        5G is going to be used as an EMP weapon to take down the grid of this country for the global reset. I would advise people who live in heavy 5G metropolitan areas to get out NOW. I have researched the 5G companies, and the majority of them are owned by a global trust which includes who? China. The components are designed to go as high as 10G. Enough to fry any electrical device in a one mile radius. I won’t even begin to tell you what that will do to a human being. Let’s just say your brain will be like an egg frying in a pan.

        • Jerry

          Here’s the support for my last statement. Guess who makes all the components for the 5G network?

          Huawei. A communist Chinese weapons manufacturer. Let that soak into your brain along with the 5G waves that will be coming.

          • JC

            Jerry, what do you think about this?

            G.A. STEWART:
            As far as any conspiracy concerning 5G is concerned, I will say that ALL Electromagnetic Radiation affects cellular processes. It depends on the local ambient power-levels. Cells use ionic channels for nutrition intake and waste extraction. The cations and anions in biochemical processes bias these channels to open and close them. Drugs do the same thing.

            I think a case can be made that electromagnetic radiation works the same way. That is why there are warnings on electrical stimulus devices for the body regarding taking drugs before using the equipment. Electro-teleportation of a drug can amplify the drug’s affect.

            Therefore, I do have my concerns regarding 5G.

            But the warning about an EMP attack by the Department of Homeland Security suggests that this alleged 5G test in Mexico is preparation for an infrastructure attack.


  20. Clint D.

    The greatest of violence is war. Civil war is ruler against ruler.

    Jeremiah 51:46 says that there will be a rumor one year and then a rumor another year with ruler against ruler fighting before Babylon is destroyed. I expect to see civil war coming to the USA if she is the last days Babylon. When civil war comes, there will not be much time left to escape her before she is destroyed by an enemy from the North.

    Most likely the USA is the last days Babylon written about by the apostle John in Revelation 17. No other identity more closely matches what the Bible scriptures say about the the last days Babylon. Isaiah 13-14, Jeremiah 50-51, Revelation 17-18 are key scriptures that define the last days Babylon.

    If the USA is the last days Babylon, none will survive within her borders regardless of how remote or well prepared they might be. It’s best to get out of Babylon before she is judged.

    • leo bissett

      Clint I agree with your post 100% and have had a dream from the Lord with a scripture of that very thing. Thanks for your post. You could also say that the Lord is calling those who have ears to come out of whoredom i.e Babylon

  21. Self Exiled

    The Ottoman Empire is back. It is just that the other nations of the world have not yet acknowledged it yet.

    • JC

      Speaking of empire…

      ‘In the Footsteps of Rome: Maybe It No Longer Matters Who’s Emperor’

      Quick history quiz: who was the second-to-the-last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire? How about the third-to-the-last? Answers: Glycerius, 473-74 A.D. and Julius Nepos, 474-475 A.D. The last emperor was the grandly titled Romulus Augustus, who reigned less than a year until the whole shebang disintegrated in 476 A.D.

      You get the point: when the momentum of collapse crosses the Event Horizon, it no longer matters who claims the title of Head Snake; the collapse is beyond the control of any individual or agency.

      So when I hear the most important election in history, last chance for democracy, etc. I hear blah-blah-blah because we’re following the footsteps of Rome’s collapse to a T.

  22. Self Exiled

    His $33,000 bail was quickly paid.

  23. Self Exiled

    ”weapons and dozens of makeshift shields inside of tents”

  24. H. Craig Bradley


    Special forces, specially trained in Urban Warfare, are drilling with black hawk helicopters at night in L.A. and other cities. They practice landing on rooftops and rappelling down to the street level from their helicopters to fight insurgents. These troops are said to be the best of the best and ready for business.

    Just before this upcoming election, they will go into the areas where riots are brewing and detain or if necessary, shoot and kill those whose purpose is the burning and looting of private properties. BLM and Antifa participants would be wise to go home and stay there. If President Trump has a larger voter base this time, he will have a landslide after the Night of Law & Order is imposed on our large, unruly, Democratic- run cities.

  25. Jerry

    I keep telling you and your readers that this is much bigger than the elections and Joe Biden. Do you want to see the smoking gun?

    This isn’t about Joe Biden or the elections, or Antifa. They are all being used as a distraction by the globalist to accomplish their goal of a one world government. Donald Trump has surrounded himself with corporations and globalist who are all involved with this agenda. President Trump may very well win the election ( provided we even have one) but what difference will it make when international corporations and the world financial forum are making decisions for you? Oh I get it. You still think you have a voice. Really? In some locations you will pay a fine for not wearing a mask, or be put in lockdown if you test positive for covid19. Did you vote for that? Nope. Those are CDC control mechanisms. In my area they are threatening to close down schools if to many students test positive for covid19. Guess what? We didn’t vote for that either, did we? Wake up people! The countdown has started. We’re at number 4. By the way Greg, didn’t Kevin say indictments would be coming in an earlier interview? I’m still waiting for Durham to do something. Maybe he’s another Sessions?

    • Jerry

      Do not read this unless you are awake.

      You can choose to believe whatever you want to, but the reality is, the pandemic is to get you to the certification that you have been vaccinated and have received your identification code. With Operation Warp Speed the vaccinations are scheduled to begin November 1st. Supposedly you will not be required to take them unless you want to. But, according to some sources, if you receive any form of government assistance, welfare, or social security you will. It’s hard to tell which lie to believe. Having read Microsoft’s vaccination patent, I wouldn’t bet against it. The question is what are you going to do? I know, I know Donald Trump is going to step in and save us all. Right? I sure hope your right, because if you’re not this is going end very badly for all of us. Do you wonder like I do why November 1st ( two days before the election) was chosen as the launch date? I can only speculate that a deal was done to guarantee his re-election. Come on Joe Biden, is a walking zombie of a man that any politician with half a brain could beat? Just saying.

      • Jerry

        Please take the time to explore this link and fact check it. This is not conspiracy theory. It’s a plan.

      • K. Wayne

        Consider if you will…..
        That Vaccination for Covid-Sars2 …may be THE ticket to Vote?
        Key dates!!
        How is that possible ?….without Military Assistance….. via Operation Warp Speed.
        Even so, given the population expected to vote….not even remotely possible….but…may be that is part of the plan !!
        Is POTUS going to issue any more EO’s/ exert any more influence …given he has already passed over control to FEMA… opportunity.

        • Jerry

          K. Wayne,
          I’m going to get some flack for stating the obvious. If President Trump knows the pandemic is fake, and being used as a cover for the reset, then why doesn’t he come out and just say so? Either he’s oblivious and doesn’t know what to do, or he’s in on it. Period. This idea that he has a master plan to take down the global elite is all bull crap. When I see him involved with Gavi ( a know globalist organization working with Bill Gates ) you have wonder what his real intentions are? As far as Q? He’s bull crap to. Follow the plan he said. What plan? The one that destroyed our economy and put us in lockdown? Or the one that’s lining us up for the 5G kill shot? I know the plan won’t be revealed until after the election, right? It’s always another delay. Another election. Whatever plan there was died along with Jeffrey Epstein and all the information that got buried from pedophile island.

          • K. Wayne

            No flak from me there Jerry.
            In fact I can only add to your comments.
            Trump is now pushing for a “Pre-Election Vaccine”……he has consistently tied his re-election hopes to a Vaccine.
            AND….BIDEN came out the other day and said…..”I will take the Vaccine when it becomes available”. How stupid and gullible do they think we are?
            Who cares what others think. You have a voice…..there’s nothing wrong with stating the truth…which is what we all are searching for. There’s plenty of facts to support it too.
            Keep posting …and don’t hold back. I got your back on this one. 100%.
            Peace brother.

            • Constance Ford

              Ok, Flake. What are you going to do, especially when you get buried in the dust!

              • K. Wayne

                I must be over the target today.
                CF = Troll.
                The more you guys try…the more resilient I become.

    • Jerry

      Need more proof?

      • JC


        Biometric Authentication
        ‘Includes world-class liveness detection, spoof prevention and proof of life’
        ‘Utilizes the highest level of tamper proofing and data encryption for data integrity’

        Liveness detection? Proof of life? What does that mean?

  26. Steve

    Concerning vote fraud (election theft) in the upcoming 2020 election, I must disagree with Kevin Shipp’s claim about the democrats that “They are a little late in the game. So, I don’t think that’s going to work”.

    This has been an issue (democrat vote fraud) for at least a decade or more. And they have perfected their methods. They know exactly what they are doing!

    In 2017, Trump was supposed to put an end to all this election fraud, and appointed a “voter fraud commission” to look into vote fraud across the country. Trump created the commission through an executive order in May 2017. It was expected to investigate instances of alleged voter fraud in the 2016 election. But in early 2018, Trump dismantled the “voter fraud commission”. Typical Trump, start out with a bang, and end in a whimper.

    Most recent NH case: Vincent Marzello of West Lebanon, NH, admitted on video to voting twice during the 2016 General Election. The NH State Police reported the case to the NH AG’s office nearly a year ago. They failed to prosecute. Marzello, a democrat, was appointed as an election inspector for the upcoming 2020 election. It appears The AG Office was cooperating with the state Democratic Party, to help them save face for appointing an admitted double voter, as an election inspector. Only after Project Veritas confronted the AG’s office with the video of Marzello, did they then act.

    The dems have perfected their vote fraud and theft in NH. In 2016, Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte lost her seat to democrat Maggie Hassan using the dems tried and true late in the game turn-around (fraud).

  27. A. E Jones. JR

    I agree, we are headed for trouble. Here is my concern: The secretary of defense and a few leading generals said when the violence first broke out this spring that they would not under any circumstances use deadly force against American citizens. If lethal force is not an option, you just lost the war. Let me tell you how I learned this lesson: In 1969, I was in the Army stationed in Okinawa. One night a group of us were sent to a Special Forces camp in the mountains of Okinawa for training. We went to a little setup that looked like a boxing arena. There were grandstands facing a ring like structure in the middle. On the ring platform was a table made of glass with two chambers separated by a glass panel. On one side was a 9-foot Habu snake which are deadly poisonous and native to Okinawa. The snake was curled up and apparently asleep. There was a clothesline hanging above the cage with 7 dead animals hanging on the line above the cage. They looked like large squirrels. The instructor came out on the stage and explained these dead animals were mongooses a small carnivorous mammal with a long body and tail and a grizzled or banded coat, native to Africa and Asia. These are aggressive varmints that hate and love to eat snakes. The instructor explained these 7 dead mongooses made a fatal tactical error. To demonstrate their error, he raised the top of the empty side of the glass box and dropped a fresh live and hungary mongoose in the chamber. This little critter spotted the big snake immediately. He analyzed the situation and immediately stood on his head trying to get under the glass partition so he could attack the big shake. The instructor raised the glass and the mongoose in a flash had the snake by the neck before it knew what was coming. Then the mongoose chewed the snakes head off and began to eat it for dinner. The instructor then explained the moral of the story. “He who hesitates in combat is dead” is the lesson learned. Attack on your terms and timing on ground of your choice and kill or be killed without hesitation. These 7 dead mongooses waited to see what the snake would do. Who knows, it may have been a friendly snake. One cannot coexist in the cage with a deadly snake. Lesson learned and never forgotten! There ain’t no rules in a knife fight!!!

    • Self Exiled

      In Thailand the Mongoose always wins.

      • Paul ...

        And in a knife fight (or a brick fight) … the man with a gun always wins … you know instead of wearing masks … we should all be wearing rear view mirrors (to see if a “commie” Demon-rat is sneaking up behind us)!!

      • William Stanley

        In America it (almost) always loses . . . because rattlesnakes are too fast for it.

        • Self Exiled

          Interesting. They are fast.

    • William Stanley

      Good point about decisiveness.
      I reviewed the video of the 17 year old young man who shot the Antifa thug in the arm while the Antifa thug was attacking him. It’s clear that the thug flinched/hesitated when he saw the 17-year-old hero raising his carbine. If our 17-year-old hero had hesitated he probably would not have survived. (I also noted that the thug’s pistol was pretty beaten up. I’ll bet it was given to him by his superiors and is untraceable).

  28. Brien Sullivan

    The state governors and city mayors who support bail release are responsible for any death and destruction from protests. When Trump wins, the SHTF and the death and destruction will escalate in response to Trump’s overwhelming win! What will the plan be at that point? Shoot or be shot? Great interview as usually!
    BTW-not watching professional sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. andyb

    The first debate is on September 29; be prepared for the Dems to launch a major false flag as the reason the debates cannot be held.

  30. Paul ...

    The fact that a CIA controlled mockingbird Fake News outlet is out to discredit Q … … must mean Q is doing something right (not everything … but who is perfect except God)!!

  31. Mike

    Q posts are a mix of disinformation and open source information. There is no classified information revealed. Who in government would run a disinformation campaign? How about the same people who ran the disinformation campaign prior to the D-day invasion in World War 2? Take nothing like “Trust Sessions” at face value. How do you know a “real” disinformation campaign? The enemy reacts to the Q posts like they are real. When Antifa has signs that say “Abolish ICE” and “WWG1WGA” on the same sign we know the enemy is watching and reacting to the Q posts.

  32. Paul ...

    In response to Biden stating: “It is about justice … for generations Americans who are Black, Brown, Native American or Immigrant haven’t always been fully included in our democracy or our economy” … Trump tells Federal Agencies to stop discriminating against Whites … … and perhaps it will now result in not discriminating against God in our schools and government agencies and put our “One Nation Under God” once again!!

  33. Tom Wigand


    As always, Mr. Shipp is informative. But with him, and others you interview, I believe some overview of how what is going on in this country fits a template (the subversion discussed by Yuri Bezmenov in the 1980’s; Gramsci / Frankfurt School / Cultural Marxism; “color revolutions” etc.).

    It can serve a great purpose for Americans to have someone step back and present that the revolution under way is that, and that the tactics being used are not “new” or “spontaneous” — but the execution of plans for which the groundwork has been laid for decades.

    As for “Q” I’ve been agnostic / skeptical — wishing it were genuine, but recognizing that it’s more likely a psyop to get patriots to become complacent, thinking that the cavalry (“the plan”) is about to come charging over the hill and save our republic. I’m gratified that you and Mr. Shipp are blowing that whistle.

    I was never a dedicated follower of Q — I’ll sometimes watch the “X22 Report” on YouTube to see what “Q” is saying. I’ve found X22 too “rah rah” / “the patriots know their plan and all is well” to be credible or “gospel.” But but occasionally there’s an interesting data point — but only to consider along with information from other sources, as these days we have to gather puzzle pieces and then put them together as best we can.

  34. Marie Joy

    The Modern Survivalist, on YouTube, has Matt Bracken, as a sometimes guest.
    Respectfully, request you have him, Matt Bracken, on. He’s very good.
    Because it’s coming.
    Thank you.

  35. Tim

    Greg do you think that President Trump will be able to go after the organizers (i.e Soros) of blm and Antifa?


    • Greg Hunter

      I hope so Tim!

  36. Jerry

    So where’s the blueprint of the NWO?
    I couldn’t do a better job of putting this information together myself.

    Pay close attention to the schedule. We’re in the blame Trump phase.

    • JC

      And after “Blame Trump” we have Marshall Law and check points.

      • Self Exiled

        We already have Coved Marshall Law and check points here. Altho when nobody’s looking I see a lot of lawbreakers. Masks to low, breathing out nose, no plastic visors, no masks on auxiliary streets, hear motorcycles after curfew. Like herding cats, subversives everywhere. The worst are 10 to 2 year olds. No hope for the future.

    • Self Exiled

      Many interesting and well documented statements. ”And who better to orchestrate the whole thing then a man who is President that may love the country dearly but owes the Globalist Bankers big time because in order to keep all of his properties and Casinos and hotels the Rothschilds bought 50% of everything Donald Trump owned in the late 80s to early 90s “but let him still run things” we know he puts Wilbur Ross who was the man responsible for that as his Commerce Secretary (does that tell anybody anything?).” Scary Stuff. I’m still trying to find out the name of the group Jared Kushner is affiliated with that is a radical Jewish sect that has ties to the Jewish mafia.

      • Energy

        The lacoode party

      • K. Wayne

        I believe you already know the answer to that question SE.

        • Self Exiled

          Yes, I qualified my thoughts on a preceding post to you and Orlando. Our posting glitches are disorienting me but I think the posting location is accurate. Please comment on this post. Team work is always essential in the residential treatment facility, and we all have a Divine treatment plan and eternal goal. I think I need to rest. I’m babbling again. Anybody seen Stan, did he escape, maybe snuck out to mail a postcard, hope so. It is one of our goals for him.

      • K. Wayne

        “Chabad Lubavitch” …was indeed what you yourself quoted on 08/21/2020
        ….”Sounds like you may have knowledge of Jared Kushners connection to the Chabad Lubavitch. I did not want to include Trump as Jared’s asset but thought about it, his family tie to Trump senior can not be underestimated”.

        • Self Exiled

          Thank You: again, I still need to research his connection. The usual memory issues coming with age. Also my cynical humor gets involved.

        • Self Exiled

          Thank You, forgot that I had a post with the name of the sect, starting to dig into it. ”Michael Berg, 32, a dedicated member of the Chabad for four years, believes that this cult’s ideological vision of the Khazarian world hegemony is behind the New World Order.” Have not read entire article yet. Khazarian, another term to remember. Rothschild Khazarian Mafia; now this turned up.

          • K. Wayne

            I sense that you support the ideology about the Khazarian World Hegemon/Mafia…
            firstly that you made mention of it….and secondly that you are/have been reading / researching the topic….and decided to enunciate a key point on such… on this platform. Testing the waters …so to speak!! Hmmmm.
            I have known about this sect. , their methodologies, agendas and their infiltration (infestation) …for some time. Their Presence, Influence and Power cannot be refuted. Thank you for re-confirming.
            (The Trump Administration …is really the tip of the Iceberg).

            • Greg Hunter

              Please do not post the Khazar myth here. It’s a total sham:

              • K. Wayne

                I’m good with that. Your house. Your rules.

            • Self Exiled

              I sense that you support the ideology about the Khazarian World Hegemon/Mafia… { No, I’m just researching, first ever heard of it}SE
              firstly that you made mention of it…{surprised by the discovery,so mentioned}SE and secondly that you are/have been reading / researching the topic…. {Just started last night}SE and decided to enunciate a key point on such… on this platform. Testing the waters …so to speak!! {No, you’re projection. This site is not a testing platform for my need to be asserted. My self esteem is not gauged by my need to convince or to be believed.}SE—-Thank You K. Wayne, appreciate all your comments. “Greg”, of course, your house your rules. Will reread your article.

            • Self Exiled

              Remember what I said ” if we open our mind to a multifaceted view of events rather than the usual polarities; this makes more sense, and ties Israel and the world into a last days event with a whole range of even more subordinate extreme events” also remember; I do not see Trump as a highly intelligent person[aware], he could be God’s asset and a praying asset, but also beforming the dual role and appear as Israel’s asset. This type of duplicity is God’s arena, polarity thinking is part of our curse. Soul work is God’s arena, only HE knows Trump’s inner being,heart. {who’s asset he truly is.} The important question to all of us is “Who’s asset are you.”

              • Self Exiled

                I need to clarify: Not whose aset are you, personally [K. Wayne] but whose asset are we,us, anybody, everybody.

  37. George

    I think it should be mentioned that Q post were also used to mis- inform while action taken would not be compromised.
    This was always a long term plan .

  38. Jack

    ok, seems all rational . however, ask yourselves this question: Why would the democrats select the worst possible candidate to represent their party? the poor guy belongs in a nursing home , they knew a long time ago that Biden was senile, and they would pretty much be assured of a loss, if he was selected as the democratic candidate, now they run all this covid crap, BLM , trying to destroy the country , yet with all the crap they pull , why would you run the weakest candidate in American history. cui bono???? ……… think about it folks…….

  39. john duffy

    Boycott the NFL!

  40. Ed

    BLM and ANTIFA et al are US government proxies, funded by and controlled by the US federal government.

  41. Sylvia

    I hate to be stupid but could someone tell me what is “Q”.
    Never heard of it. . . . and consider myself pretty well informed.

    • Rob

      Find Q at >still hope Q may Uber genuine but it may be controlled resistance too. I know Q adheres to Sun Tsu who said deception is The Art of War. That may be why it sometimes contains misinformation. We only see the tip of the iceberg. For Q to operate as it does it must be involved in the Federal Government, but on which side?

  42. Alice Brecks

    Record cold temperatures and a rare September snow arrive this week
    By Tyler Mauldin, CNN Meteorologist 5 hrs ago
    An early taste of winter with record cold temperatures and snow — yes, snow — is on the way for the Rocky Mountains.

    A strong September cold front is set to drop out of Canada in the beginning of the week, making its presence known from the Dakotas all the way down to Texas by Wednesday.

    This will bring a dramatic temperature swing to a large portion of the country as many deal with record-breaking, triple-digit heat over Labor Day weekend.

    Nowhere is this temperature roller coaster more pronounced than in Denver, where a 60-degree drop in the city’s high temperature, from 99 degrees to 37 degrees, is expected in a mere 48 hours Sunday to Tuesday.
    For The Rest of This Story….
    Forget it’s From The Clinton News Nest, It SEEMS B.S.FREE!
    There Maybe Hope For The Human Race After All?

  43. S W

    How long have they been buying Covid-19 test kits for the Plandemic?

    COVID-19 Test kits (300215) exports by country in 2018
    Additional Product information: Diagnostic reagents based on immunological reactions
    Category: COVID-19 Test kits/ Instruments, apparatus used in Diagnostic Testing

    • S W

      They must have gotten a lot of traffic on the website they changed the description already to medical test kit. It never hurts to have a screen shot. I would add it but it is not allowed on this bb.

      • Chip

        Here is a screen shot I took before they changed the description… Chip

        • K. Wayne

          Great left field catch. 👏👏👏

  44. Kay

    WE were in Nepal when the Maoists shut down Kathmandu, Nepal in a similar fashion that we see here in America. This Maoist activity prevails till today in Nepal and I think it will stay the same in America. The more these guys get attention and talk on media the more they are legitimized. They want to be seen as a force that should have a seat at the table and I don’t think they deserve that seat. I believe all moderate Democrats will be replaced with radicals and if we are not careful many RHINOS will show themselves to be the radicals they are. We should vote for the person and not the party. Let’s not be fooled by a D or R. I would encourage people to pray for the safety of both Trump and Biden. I don’t think anything is too low for this radical group to do and we need to stop assuming they think like us. They are prepared to do whatever it takes now and in the next 10 years to move the country in their direction! I would also pray for the safety of journalists that are bringing us truth.

    I often wondered why BLM say the name of the deceased person they claim was victimized. Seems there are spiritual overtones to the chanting.
    In an interview posted to social media, Black Lives Matter (BLM) Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors, along with BLM Los Angeles Co-Founder Melina Abdullah, discussed the “spiritual” component of the movement, explaining the practices and “rituals” performed to remember and “invoke” the spirits of deceased African Americans.
    “We speak their names … [and] you kind of invoke that spirit, and then their spirits actually become present with you,” Abdullah, a professor at California State University, stated during the discussion hosted by Fowler Museum at UCLA.
    Cullors outlined that she was raised Jehovah’s Witness, and “ancestral worship became really important” as she got older. She said that she felt a responsibility to honor the deceased politically and spiritually.
    She explained that even in using hashtags people are “literally almost resurrecting the spirit so they can work through us to get the work … done.”

    • Self Exiled

      1 Timothy 4:1

      But the [Holy] Spirit explicitly and unmistakably declares that in later times some will turn away from the faith, paying attention instead to deceitful and seductive spirits and doctrines of demons,

      • Charles H

        Pretty clear, huh?

  45. Old Timer
    8 years ago a recently retired Command Sgt major in the Army spoke at our church. As a man who specialized in military psyops he explained in detail how very soon “they” would start race wars in our country that would not be about race at all. He then grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote “left”, “center” and “right” on a board. He took his chalk and drew an arrow that pointed way past left and explained that is what “they” were getting ready to do with the left. He said the left was going to go so far left it will be almost beyond belief. He explained that the psychology behind this thinking is in doing so that it would drag the far right to center and much of the moderate right into the left.
    One needs to look no further than the above video as proof of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Men who profess Christianity now fly the flag of a pro-sodomite president, and with no shame. In 1John it says that anyone who wishes God speed to another who does not abide in the doctrine of Christ is a partaker of his evil deeds. The lesser of two evils is still an evil and I will NEVER put my check mark beside the name of someone who promotes/condones/accepts sodomites.
    Obama, Trump, Biden, Clinton, Harris, Pence and America as a whole are doomed for promoting such an abomination. Hell is the graveyard of all such societies.

  46. sound awake

    the smart play here is to have an action plan thats centered around not getting dragged out of your house and beat to death in the street

  47. Matties

    This will be a dramatic winter for the US and one should concentrate on food and warming. Consider an EMP event so electric is out, long time.

    Do it now… !

  48. John M.

    You two had discussed that you cannot be a good, practicing Christian and a Democrat. Of course it’s impossible as the modern Democratic party is communistic, collectivist, anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-life, pro-abortion, and against most of our Constitution and natural law.
    There’s a courageous and outspoken Catholic priest that is constantly preaching that you cannot be a Catholic and a Democrat. He also speaks clearly about COVID-19 and so many other things. His sermons are fantastic, demonstrating that there still may be hope for Catholics. “Fr. James Altman : You cannot be a Democrat and a Catholic. Period “(10 min)

    I strongly agree with Jerry. It seems that if Trump is reelected, the NWO will keep marching along undeterred and winning any way. I think that the best we can hope for is a civil war in which America somehow manages to survive without being invaded, and we subsequently are no longer the leader of the free world. How can we be, when it’s obvious to the world that we are not united but divided?
    Also, I cannot see how the REAL economy does not collapse with the coronavirus and the stench of Washington bureaucracy. Our US Dollar may give up the ghost first, destroying the illusion of confidence in America and its foundation of money.

  49. Self Exiled

    Mankind left to his own devices sure is a mess.

    The LORD is my Rock, my Fortress, and the One who rescues me;
    My God, my Rock and Strength in whom I trust and take refuge;
    My Shield, and the Horn of my salvation, my High Tower—my Stronghold. Psalm 18:2

  50. Coalburner

    Dear Greg;
    I would like to hear an update from Greg Manirino. Also whats this rumor about the death of cash? If that is somehow announced there will be chaos like when India eliminated their two highest denomination cash bills. Remember the problems and the gold pop they had and then the government tried to restrict conversion of cash to gold. Smuggling and serious problems ensued. Going cashless is going to be a real problem in the US and would have serious repercussions around the world.

    • Self Exiled

      If I remember correctly in India the cashless exercise affected 2-3 acre farmers, had difficulty selling their produce/making transactions: result, had to sell their generational land. Guess who came in and bought the land and consolidated the acreages: Cargill , reports revenues of $114.695 billion and earnings of $3.103 billion in 2018. Employing over 166,000 employees in 66 countries. IMF I suspect pushed the the cashless idea. Here in the Philippines with all the local town markets it would be difficult to operate without cash. I noticed yesterday a brand new tower going up not 2 kilometers away and a large crew stinging 2 large cables under a bridge going in that direction. They all have cell phones. President Duterte said he would allow China to invest 30 billion in communications in the Philippines when he took office. Nothing seems impossible for these futuristic warlords.

  51. Self Exiled

    As far as Q goes I could not get into, challenged or intrigued by his position of subversion. The identifier: is his clandestine but in view[highly publicized] approach to subversion; is always suspect. Except for actual men or women who place themselves in physical danger during conflict as subversives his hidden agenda and inability to be interpreted by anybody [in any qualifiable role ] rules out his usefulness to us who speak directly to an issue. His being obscure does not qualify him as a covert source to a cause. My thinking is covert sources are hard to identify and do not advertise their presence: only, to those who know their usefulness. As far as usefulness; his giving anticipation of change, that does not occur and is disillusionment.

    • Self Exiled

      I could of said this better, ”For me he does not qualify as a source.”

  52. Rev Andrew de Berry

    It seems that you Greg and Biden are of one mind over Q. See sixteen minutes into the blog below:

    • Self Exiled

      He is a very interesting gentlemen. Seems he owes his loyalties to the Most High. He also seems a ”bit” OCDC concerning certain issues. I don’t think he would consent to any testing. Maybe, ya never know.

    • eddiemd

      He brings up a good point on how these antiTrump stories are picked up by foreign news agencies and broadcast as the truth into Europe and other countries. In particular the Atlantic storyline. CNN in particular pushing the false narratives into other news agencies.

      CNN in Spanish is on nearly every cable/hotel/airport news feed throughout latin America. Pushing the false narratives everywhere they can.

      AS we mentioned here before. Every time you go through an airport terminal it is a full blast propaganda nightmare. Every TV with CNN.

  53. Paul ...

    Interesting … when a Christian Nation like Russia tries to help Christian Trump by providing e-mail evidence against Hillary it is grounds for impeachment … but when a Commie Nation like China tries to help Commie Biden it is perfectly alright!! …

  54. Keith Wilson

    Well I just wish President Trump would grow a pair of balls. . If Moscow was burning and riots where out of control Putin would send in the KGB death squads and take out the whole group of troublemakers. Hitler would have rounded up the cabal and had them tried and executed before breakfast. If you rounded up the group of individuals who are behind the take over of America since Kennedy was assassinated , you could put them all in a single room and it’s probably no more than a couple of dozen. A couple of dozen individuals who have robbed America of all its wealth and bleed America in wars from Vietnam , to Iraq.

  55. Keith Wilson

    When in doubt… Attack. George S Patton

  56. Ranlar

    Check out the House of Representatives Resolution H.Res.666
    They intend to ratify the United Nations free food, free housing, free healthcare, free higher education, and exporting of food.

  57. Jimm

    I’m hoping to shed organic light on the Q movement.

    In short, we are the “fear not crowd”. Regardless of the Q breadcrumbs (validity or not), it has brought together people who are like minded to the things you’re espousing, Greg. Yes, we are disappointed that not everything has happened as the breadcrumbs have dropped, yet something bigger was built from the foundation of the original breadcrumbs.

    The average Q patriot has a deep love of God, are Bible believing people, love this country and family, exposes evil continuously, and are there for each other. Regardless of how this all started, there’s a community that is outside of the breadcrumbs, whom have each other”s back and are in constant prayer for this nation and it’s leaders. We are a movement who’s looking to create a radical U-turn in where this country has been headed, since the days of Papa Bush declaring what a wonderful thing the new world order will be (of which, that speech was given on 9/11/91).

    We strongly agree with 98% of USAWD’s guests and platform subjects, especially the WNWU on Fridays. If anything, Q is the silent majority that is hidden in plain sight. So, it may not entirely be what Kevin and you are demonizing. If you take time to look into the movement, we are everything that both of you are wanting to be in your corner when “the storm hits” (which is a constant Q theme from the last 3-1/2 years).

    Having followed this from it’s beginning, I can assure you that we’ve not destroyed anything (person, structure, or city), yet we are constantly destroying the MSM narrative and fake news. Trump has even commented (paraphrasing), “What’s not to like about these people?”

    We are the forefront of the great awakening and, what Kevin and you are exposing, we are all strongly in the corner of defeating that evil, which is satanic at it’s very core. We are the remnants of the true cornerstone to which this nation was founded. We are bigger than the initial posts that brought us all together. We are a true army of God’s soldiers under command. Yes, the Bible is cited as the foundation of our movement, which is another reason I’m confused about the onslaught of words against it. This is not a watered down belief of the Bible. It’s one that we all deeply hold onto as if our next breath depends upon it.

    We’re not the Sunday morning, mega church crowd, who love God for the hour they are seen weekly among their peers, yet back down to the BLM movement (like the president and leadership of my so-called Christian based employer does).

    We are those who have noticed this country needs to repent and get back to the values on which this nation was founded. Q wants nothing more than One Nation Under God. We are active prayer warriors under submission of the Great Commission and, if that’s considered fringe in today’s “mask up society”, so be it.

    Hopefully this sheds some insight into who and what we are. #WWG1WGA

    • Greg Hunter

      I hate to say this but you are delusional and fact resistant on “Q.” Jeff sessions was not a “disappointing bread crumb” but a monster miss by the lying scum weasel “Q”. Here’s the case I made to another poster: Jeff Sessions, who allowed the 2 &1/2 year long Mueller investigation to take down President Trump by 18 angry Democrats. Sessions was fire the day after the Mid-term election 2018 by President Trump. President Trump tweeted out to his 85 million followers that Sessions should “drop out of the Alabama senate primary” with Tuberville who won and was back by Trump. We were told by the lying scum “Q” “trust Sessions and trust the plan.” It is clear President Trump does not trust Sessions and I don’t either and that includes the disinformation anonymous weasel “Q”. That said, “Q” followers are super patriots who rightly know something is wrong with the country and that the Republic is in great danger. I don’t want them to be deceived and Q is a deceiver.

    • JC

      Refer to link below for Q PsyOp failures.

    • Rev Andrew de Berry

      Jimm I support your remarks, thankyou!When Biden and other deep staters are fiercely anti-Q surely Q is on the side of the angels. Best, A

    • Robert Dziok

      Well said. and insightful! Thank you. Not an easy task in these times for anyone to discern and Q helps. General Flynn in a recent post with his family ended saying WWG1WGA. About as good a “Q Proof” as there could be I think given his over 30 years outstanding/honorable service to America and how Treason/Sedition is now revealed via BS Russian Collusion to try to silence him because of all he knows with regard to Obama Administration corruption, crime, etc.

      • Greg Hunter

        Well Sessions (is a good guy) proves “Q” is a total fraud in my mind. No Q followers just Q.

        • Robert Dziok

          I would say “The jury’s out” on Sessions yet. Q has recently posted a picture of Wray with a red X through it. Seems reasonable to mean Wray has been found to not be a “good guy”. Another “Sleeper” found/flushed out. Moves and countermoves in the plan. Think things would go “perfect”? Not all Q posst to inform but to misinform “bad guys” to see how they react so can counter, track and flush out. Not an easy task to be sure as have to remove blocks also. For example, what good is evidence, facts etc when there are corrupt judges? One only has to look at what General Flynn has been subjected to even after DOJ has dropped its case.

          • Greg Hunter

            No the “jury is NOT out” on Sessions. You are in “Q” denile and you have been duped. I hate to see good American Patriots duped.

            • Robert Dziok

              Seems a post I submitted on the CIA and a reply I submitted on the CIA never got posted.
              Maybe in CIA denial? Oh, that’s right, just more BS on my part right? Brushed off as “unrelated” when brings into question credibility? If all you and guest only have is Sessions to demonize Q that sure says a lot.

              • Greg Hunter

                I post a lot of you comments Robert some don’t have any real sourcing though. You really should start your own website. It’s easy man and you would be a big hit.

  58. Adam

    Greg, tragically you and Shipp both appear poorly versed in the Q-anon body of work. The great thing about the Q posts is that they bring to light details on many, many thread topics. Thus, anyone who tries to put that much information in a nutshell to label Q all good, bad, accurate or otherwise is a quick indication to the rest of us that discernment is not taking place across the board.

    There are (almost) countless proofs since the fall of 2017 that P-Trump (known as “Q+”) is very much aware and onboard with Q – usually via Tweets that reflect the topic and timing to corresponding Q posts. The rest of the posts deal with open source information, patriotic and historical and posts, and also the predictive posts that can indeed be misinformation – but have also been amazingly accurate at predicting events like Epstein, Maxwell arrests and John McCain’s death a month in advance to the minute.

    Believe me, Americans are much more aware of the global and local crime syndicates because of Q, despite where you may think it originates. Do us all a favor and stop generalizing. That’s too easy. Pick ONE topic and research at and THEN give your opinion of the subject matter at hand.

    Thanks for all your efforts, Patriot!

    • Greg Hunter

      It is you who are not well versed with the facts. My proof is Jeff Sessions, who allowed the Mueller investigation, was fire the day after the Mid-term election 2018 by President Trump. President Trump tweeted out to his 85 million followers that Sessions should “drop out of the Alabama senate primary” with Tuberville who won and was back by Trump. We were told by the lying scum “Q” “trust Sessions and trust the plan.” It is clear President Trump does not trust Sessions and I don’t either and that includes the disinformation anonymous weasel “Q”. That said, “Q” followers are super patriots who rightly know something is wrong with the country and that the Republic is in great danger. I don’t want them to be deceived and Q is a deceiver.

      • K. Wayne

        Yes that is true.

    • Robert Dziok

      Good insight in a compact response! President Trump shook Comey’s hand early on. Did that mean he trusted Comey and thought he was a “good guy”? Think he didn’t know about him quite a bit then? How did that turn out for Comey? It is said (e.g. Truth and Art TV) President Trump’s negative statements/actions towards Sessions are an act to deflect attention/criticism to what Sessions is doing in the background. That includes being negative to Sessions election bid. Time will better tell is all I can say. What did Mueller talk to President Trump about for several hours when he supposedly interviewed to be head of the FBI ( Prior to the Russian Collusion probe) when it was known he was not even legally able to be? Think they both didn’t know this beforehand? For sure (Q posted) such things as “The Art of War” and “Game Theory” are being used so the “enemy” will not know for sure where at or where stand at times. Looking on the surface at what is said and done is not likely sufficient in these realms for us as observers.

      • Greg Hunter

        “President Trump’s negative statements/actions towards Sessions are an act to deflect attention/criticism to what Sessions is doing in the background.” This is total bull crap!!! Source this. You cannot. Your opinion is not a fact and this is NOT a fact.

        • Robert Dziok

          Never meant to present as a fact. Just a tactic used and mentioned on sights to keep the “enemy” off guard by Q. (e.g. “Art of War”). President Trump has spoken very well of Sessions upon his departure as AG via tweet and that is fact that obviously does not match other statements/actions about Sessions pointed out. Some say that is the tactic used to keep the “enemy” confused as to where President Trump stands. Similar to what President Trump says about Vaccines and Therapeutics for the China virus as he knows the corrupt/controlled MSM will always disagree with him. Q posts are said to not be exclusively for those looking for information etc. They know the “enemy’ monitors posts also. So some posts are misinformation (e.g. incorrect times) to mislead or see how they react so can track, flush out sleepers, etc. I only point out where there is additional information that may help. For sure I was disappointed in the BS Russian Collusion resulting from Sessions stepping aside. But then I do not see why Mueller met with President Trump for several hours allegedly about being head of the FBI prior to that when both knew legally he could not be. At least you are willing to post a variety of outlooks and that is to be very much respected and appreciated. Most (except for such as Trolls) are only trying to find their way through these difficult times looking at various information available. In the end it is up to the individual and we are all grateful to still be able to do this in this country.

          • Greg Hunter

            .It’s not a fact–period. It is your unsourced opinion. This is just total BS and denial that Sessions was a big part of a plan to take down the President.

            • Robert Dziok

              Sessions had to step aside for legal reasons. That does not make him part of a plan to take down President Trump even though on the surface one might think it looks that way. Any such statement would only be conjecture/speculation.

              • Greg Hunter

                More total BS, Sessions was fired by President Trump the day after the Mid-Term election in 2018 and this is a fact not my opinion.

  59. Paul ...

    Sad … life-in-prison for Assange while Hillary still walks free … telling Biden not to concede the election so her “It Takes a Village Commie Revolution” can begin this coming Nov 3rd … while Hillary revealed and disseminated a trove of Highly Classified Top Secret Documents “resulting in many Americans getting killed” … Assange simply disseminated a trove of “very low confidential documents” on WikiLeaks’ about the illegal US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the torture going on in the US prison at Guantanamo Bay “to prevent Americans getting killed”!!

  60. To Be Or Not To Be

    Bolshevik Revolution 2.o?

  61. Doctor Smith

    Kamy the camal Harris’s Trump Russki collusion!
    “It’s amazing that the media can go from insisting that voter fraud doesn’t exist to screaming about it when President Trump points out the giant holes in the Democrats’ voting schemes.”
    Mail in your ballot, so election day, you can shop election day, at Wal*Mart, Costco, Best Buy ad nauseum, on election day and don’t forget Black Friday! Vote soon and often!!!😂👍🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  62. john

    this does not work

  63. Constance Ford

    The U.S. is the biggest election meddler of them all, new book claims
    Kim Hjelmgaard
    The United States has messed with more than twice as many elections as Russia/Soviet Union, according to “Meddling in the Ballot Box: The Causes and Effects of Partisan Electoral Interventions,” out Sept. 7. The book by Dov H. Levin, a political scientist at the University of Hong Kong, claims to be the first in-depth analysis of electoral interventions “from the dawn of the modern era to the 2016 Russian intervention in the U.S. election.”
    Ever wonder who spent most on our eclectic election, Putin or Soros?

    • Greg Hunter

      USA Today is a totally biased propaganda organization. I read it daily for may years and had to cancel my subscription.

      • Smithson

        Agree, like I said. Soros and his Chi-Comm. buddies do more damage than Russia /US. combined!

  64. Mike R

    Trump: The LAW and ORDER President. From Day 1 !

    The dems and leftists and BLM and Antifa, and others that sponsor and incite all the violence, rioting, looting, building burnings, are merely giving people MORE incentive to vote Trump. Basically everyone over the age of 60, has zero desire to spend the rest of their days living in total fear for their life. Thats what the dems and leftists and socialists have brought into the cities, and basically they started the political ‘violence’ when Obama tried to prevent his election, and then they (all dems) pursued coup after coup. These acts of treason, and sedition, are violent acts, not in a physical way but in a very political and governing disruptive way. They have literally been turning the government, the states, the cities into total chaos.

    They mistakenly believe that Americans will blame Trump for it all, and they are hoping that people think their INCITE chaos, will end once Trump is out. Quite the opposite as we all know, but that is how perverted the Dems and leftists thinking can be.

    Trump has had their side absolutely ‘nailed’ since before day 1. He long ago anticipated their every move. They’ve become so predictable, its like a broken record. Especially the FUD being spread by the majority of Mainstream media outlets.

    Whats hysterical, is that these MSM outlets, get at MOST, 8 to 10 million viewers on any of their primetime broadcasts, and most get an abysmal 2 million viewers or less. Thats 2 to 10 million out of a population of 350 million. Its barely a rounding error, in terms of statistical or representative samplings.

    Obviously most everyone is getting their daily dose of media elsewhere, and its likely alternative media webpages, like Greg’s here, and others.

  65. Dan Lund

    Reports claim that Antifa encampment has been discovered in downtown Portland Oregon. The site is said to allow antifa easy access to the downtown area. Photographs show an orderly looking tent city equipped with porta-pots. The property is located on city property between the Hawthorn and Burnside bridges. The property is reportedly owned by city of Portland. Can anyone confirm or debunk this story? (story is reported by Mike Adams/Natural News.

  66. Terry Blankenship

    Kamy the camal Harris’s Trump Russki collusion!
    “It’s amazing that the media can go from insisting that voter fraud doesn’t exist to screaming about it when President Trump points out the giant holes in the Democrats’ voting

  67. dlc

    Called Unspecified Podcast site.

    I think the best livestream for viewing the LA, Rochester, Portland and Seattle riots. Looks like law enforcement has been schooled on more effective tactics. They are currently streaming in Seattle, using vehicles and bikes to block off exits and “kettle” the rioters to specific areas. There stance is a bit more aggressive, knowing that they too finally have some support from the feds.

    I like the dialogue that goes with this site — pro America. It consists of a husband and wife, vets, and various real men who discuss the events. No snarky liberals here.

  68. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,

    This is a very riveting and enlightening interview of Yeonmi Park, a 26 year old Human Rights Activist who defected from North Korea when she was 13 years old. She has written a book called, In Order to Live. In this interview ( youtube link below) she exposes the wretchedness of life under Kim Jong Un, communist China and communism. It’s an amazing story!! In 2014 she spoke in Dublin and within 2 days had 50 million views!! Every one will benefit from listening to this adorable and articulate young girl’s story.

  69. JC

    Martin Armstrong:
    Are the Democrats using the 1932 Play-Book to Overthrow Trump?

    Based upon RELIABLE sources, there is a deep concern that the Democratic Party has fallen into the hands of the Global Elitists and the playbook was to create riots, as they did in 1932, but to force lockdowns to crash the economy to mimic the Great Depression. They actually believed that they could turn the country fully into a socialist state and impose this Great Reset while handing out minimal subsistence for living called Guaranteed Basic Income.

  70. tim mcgraw

    I’m tired of living under Covid House Arrest here in California. Mandated masks and businesses going broke. Our small town just lost the Raven Theater which is the cultural center of Healdsburg. “Toy Story” premiered there. Boz Scaggs and the drummer from the Grateful Dead played there a couple times a year. Local theater groups put on weekly plays. The annual “Mr. Healdsburg” event was there, I demurred due to swim suit competition anxiety.
    All politics are local. I hate the politics and the local politicians. I don’t give a damn about DC or NYC or even SF. I don’t care who “wins” this next election. I always lose. Or as Tom Woods famously says, “It doesn’t matter who we vote for. We always end up with John McCain.”
    Your guest joined the CIA. Total loss of credibility immediately with me.

  71. Smithson

    Why did Matt Drudge turn on Donald Trump? – Columbia Journalism Review. You can view it here did Matt Drudge turn on Donald Trump?, one of the most influential people in the media.
    Drudge doesn’t have a basement, but he’s is hiding out in fear for his life, in south Florida. He knows in the revolution, he’s a top dog target, at the top of the list. No matter how much he makes amends to the mockingbird brained media whores, he’s toast!

    UN Forced To Admit Gates-Funded Vaccine Is Causing Polio Outbreak In Africa
    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
    by Tyler Durden
    Fri, 09/04/2020
    Gates wet dream come true. He probably sneaked into the lab and contaminated deliberately the batches!

  72. Robert

    The reality is the failure of the Durham Report to provide anything to act on ….and Barr is in place to string us along until the dems can steal the election so Obama can have his shadow 3rd term via his surrogates Biden and Harris. This is the reality. We been had.

  73. Mitter


  74. Henry Ford

    NFL stands for “Not For Long”. The whole thing will die soon. Can’t wait.

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