Destroy America for One World Government – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s 

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular book “Deep State,” contends everything you are seeing from open borders to pushing the transgender ideology to war is all part of the push to destroy America and Christians for a One World Government hell on earth.

Newman says the riots in France are all part of the Deep State globalist game plan.  Newman explains, “France has exploded in violence.  They burned down historical sites.  They have been looting, shooting fireworks at the police, and it’s been absolutely out of control. . . . There is a reason why the globalists have been pushing mass migration. . . .  What I prove in the book, and it’s more and more obvious, this has every thing to do with undermining the nation state, undermining cohesive societies and really breaking up Christianity. . . .This is very deliberate.  It is calculated.  What happens is people look around them and say, wow, I don’t share the same language, the came culture, the same religion, the same ideas, the same upbringing.  We can’t even talk to each other.  What’s the purpose of having the arbitrary line on a map that we call France or Sweden or Germany?  Why not have a big European super state and then later a one world system.  So, that’s what they are doing.  The evidence is overwhelming.  The globalists love what’s happening in France–destruction, polarization, shaking the grounds of society.  You see churches burning, and this is very deliberate.  By the way, the U.S. State Department was involved in training the agitators who have made this mess in France.”

Newman says that is also the plan in America.  For proof, look at the wide open Southern border.  Newman says, “Never in human history has a society imported a bunch of foreigners and then taught those foreigners that the country that they just moved to was oppressive and evil.  That is exactly what a lot of these European governments are doing, and that’s exactly what the U.S. government is doing.  They have the border wide open. . . . They have dissolved the border on purpose.  There have been at least 6 million illegal immigrants who have crossed the border since Biden has been in office.”

The UN is behind this one world government rule, and Newman points out, “The UN says we have to get rid of borders and nation states and first create regional governments and then a world government.  That’s what this is all about.  It’s very, very clear, and anybody who thinks America is going to be immune to this has not been paying attention.  Again, the Southern border is wide open, and there are no signs that is going to change anytime soon. . . . Americans are so sick of this that a lot of Americans would be fine if the whole thing just collapsed.  That is a very dangerous situation to be in.  We have to recognize that we are dealing with criminals who have infiltrated our institutions that are the problem.  It is that our institutions have been hijacked and weaponized.  The perfect example is the persecution of the whistleblower and all of the protection given all of the cronies connected to the Bidens and the Clintons.”

In closing, Newman says, “Most of the problems we face today would go away if we could, once again, enforce the U.S. Constitution. . . . it may look bleak, but we know God wins in the end.”

Newman also takes a deep dive on the number one tool of the Deep State, and that is brainwashing your children under the guise of education.

There is much more in the 38-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with hard hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the book “Deep State,” that explains it all for 7.11.23.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    America will never fall to these demons.
    Destroy the rest of the world and you’ll have it go alone.
    Australia has made deals with virtually every nation, not sure where we fit in with this NWO agenda.

    • Chris

      Cut the apron strings, Australia. You don’t need Big Brother to protect you from your silly “yellow peril” fantasies. Right now the US IS run by diabolical and deranged people who are hell bent on destroying everything and everybody on the globe – including their own progeny. I think Russia is a better candidate for sanity and Western countries would fare better in alliance with Russia, and ditching the US imperial cess pit. Putin is less evil and deranged than the average US (or Australian) politician. Most of the talk of “democracy” vomited up by western politicians is dissembling cant anyway. The CIA runs the place and the media is propaganda central. I lived in China for 15 years and never felt as threatened by police as I did in the Australia during Covid. The hypocrisy is inexhaustible. As for Australia – it’s a big prison island; run by third rate, tin pot tyrants, forelock tugging sycophants and stupid bullies and cowards who never had an original thought in their lives. It’s a Third World economy with a First World standard of living that will collapse to become the poor man of Asia within 20 years if it continues to on its current trajectory. For heavens sake, it can’t even get a fast rail network running on the flattest place on earth, but its going to pay a trillion all up for obsolete subs from its US masters. That’s a colony not a nation. You all need to grow up, grow a pair and be independent. Speak softly and carry a big stick. Big Brother doesn’t have friends and allies – only interests (H. Kissinger). Just ask the Ukrainian people. Alternatively, you can follow Uncle Sam and get your backsides handed to you in the South China Sea as Sam sails off into the rising sun.

      • rise

        Indeed, Putin is less evil and wants a different world. Here, for example, is how he sees this world, as written in the decree “On the approval of the Concept of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation.”, which the president signed on March 23, 2023. Sample:

        “II. The modern world: the main trends and prospects of development

        7. Humanity is going through an era of revolutionary changes. The formation of a more just, multipolar world continues. The non-equilibrium model of world development, which for centuries ensured the outstripping economic growth of colonial powers by appropriating the resources of dependent territories and states in Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere, is irreversibly going into the past. Sovereignty is being strengthened and the competitive capabilities of non-Western world powers and regional leaders are increasing. The structural restructuring of the world economy, its transfer to a new technological basis (including the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies, the latest information and communication, energy, biological technologies and nanotechnologies), the growth of national consciousness, cultural and civilizational diversity and other objective factors accelerate the processes of redistribution of development potential in favor of new centers of economic growth and geopolitical influence, contribute to the democratization of international relations.”

        (click on my name to more)

      • Ray

        Great comment mate……spot on.
        Our Prime Minister just today made YET ANOTHER reference to what he and all the other asswipe politicians here are calling “Russia’s illegal and immoral war in Ukraine”.
        Yet they were more than happy to join the blood soaked rampages over in Iraq and Afghanistan, because……you know…..those wars were totally “legal and moral”.
        The hypocrisy is stunning.
        This country will have its’ arse handed to it, as will most western nations, if we continue down the current road we are on.
        Thanks again Chris for your noteworthy comment regarding Australia.
        G’day to old mate Anthony as well.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • JungianINTP

        Marxian Senator Ted Kennedy began the IMMIGRATION madness, by lying to Whites :

        Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA)
        Commenting on the passage of his
        (( his Commie Handlers’ )) Immigration
        Act of 1965–His (broken) P R O M I S E :

        “Out of deference to the critics, I want to comment on … what the bill will not do. First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same … Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset … Contrary to the charges in some quarters, S.500 will
        not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and economically deprived nations of Africa and Asia. In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think.
        Thirdly, the bill will not permit the entry of subversive persons, criminals, illiterates, or those with contagious disease or serious mental illness. As I noted a moment ago, no immigrant visa will be issued to a person who is likely to become a public charge … the charges I have mentioned are
        highly emotional, irrational, and with little foundation in fact. They are out of line with the obligations of responsible citizenship. They breed hate of our heritage.”
        (Senate Part 1, Book 1, pp. 1-3)


    • Dawn

      You’re delusional to think the USA would not submit to the demonic monsters that already rule over us.
      The USA will be the last country to rise bc so many people are still on the Covid gravy train working 25 hour weeks but getting paid for 40.
      What do they care as long as they can get away with this bs?
      It’s all about the here and now and F the future

    • sam

      Don’t worry….You pome’s are America’s friend……we wont let you go down, not with the deep state demons….. we dont forget our friends……we dont abandon our brothers.

      • Mike

        Alex Newman is awesome. So glad you had him on.
        Love your show Greg.
        As for the war, NATO had best smarten up and tell Ukraine to get lost. Otherwise, Europe will all be up in flames. Europe needs to stay clear of the USA which destroys its own Allies.

    • Anthony Australia

      God help us.

      Albanese offers 30 more Bushmasters to Zelensky at NATO summit

      • Ray

        It’s sad isn’t it mate.
        If Vlad sends his nuclear missiles our way (as well as right around the western nations), we will have reaped what we have sewn.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Anthony Australia

          Would we be safe in Tassie?

    • Loverat

      Great interview. Alex is one of the best. So knowledgeable.

      Greg – you have great guests. That general studies degree served you well.

      Seriously you have alot of fans in Europe. Sadly we dont quite have enough of this.

      Get Catherine back on Greg – she’s far smarter than you and reminds of an old headmistress when she says ” Greg, I’m going to be Mr Tough Guy”

      Suggestions for future guests – J P Sears. He was on Mike Adams yesterday and it was a good laugh. Humour is a great healer in these times.

  2. Thomas Wigand

    Alex Newman has indeed been a “Liberty Sentinel” – one of precious few who understand the depth and breadth of a multi-decade plot to take-down not just the USA, but all of Western Civilization. Seeking, instead, to subjugate all of mankind in a techno-enabled, neo-feudal existence.

    At the hands of what I refer to as the “Globalist-CCP Axis” (the Globalist element incorporating the U.N., WEF, central bankers, Bill Gates, George Soros and many multinational CEO’s). Arguably in secular terms, psychopaths all. More accurately, in terms of faith, demons all.

    Thank you Greg for having Mr. Newman on again; he deserves more exposure.

  3. Kim Beaney

    When USAWatchdog hits my inbox, I’m on it.
    Brilliant Interview as always!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Kim, for supporting USAW!!

    • Michael Cagney

      Fabulous interview!
      It could have gone on for hours. Alex is brilliant.
      The one burning question that I constantly ponder is, how did they/do they manage to get buy in from the governments of every country, even as parties change through elections??
      What is their methodology?
      There are parties who communicate they are against this demonic agenda. Our Conservative party in Canada for one, who are poised to win our next election potentially in a landslide. How could they be made to align with the globalist?
      There are so many smart awake people out there, how can so many in very senior leadership positions be made to buy into this?
      I realize elections are rigged, some could be threatened but the scale is just too big for that explanation to be valid.
      I would love to see a discussion about how, what methodology is employed to have, seemingly, every countries govt bought into this.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        “I would love to see a discussion about how, what methodology is employed to have, seemingly, every countries govt bought into this.”
        I guess we all think we know – coercion, massive billion dollar bribes, blackmail, threats to life of self and family members, possibly subjection to MK (mind kontrol – imported with the Nazis during Operation Paperclip after WWII and perfected by the CIA since then). But, we don’t know for certain. As you suggest, a discussion with some real insiders / survivors could be very enlightening and may serve to forewarn those of genuine good intent seeking political office.

        • Michael

          Over to you Greg.
          Thanks for expanding on my remarks Persona.

        • Diana

          You forgot Blackmail.

      • Hideaway


  4. Richard Gould

    What is happening fits perfectly with Bible prophecy. The Great Tribulation starts with the destruction of the churches, and it seems that is already starting. This should heat up steadily from now on. If you have questions, please ask, or email me; [email protected]

  5. Self Exiled

    In this way our testimony about Christ was confirmed and established in you, so that you are not lacking in any spiritual gift [which comes from the Holy Spirit], as you eagerly wait [with confident trust] for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ [when He returns]. 1 Corinthians 1:7

  6. Edward Ulysses Cate

    This is one of the reasons I post against the WEF and their sociopathic financial partners.

  7. Neil

    Alex Newman is the only one I know who can bullet point exactly what is going on in a succinct and direct way without getting side tracked and going off on tangents. A very knowledgeable well researched communicator. Great Guest Greg.

  8. Self Exiled

    Well; Alex sums it up. In my thinking a very accurate assessment. Also I think Alexi is a Holy Spirit inspired annalist. I ask this question — is this not the setting up of all that occurs during the book of Revelations? ???? Now the timing is HIS. I’m not of the opinion the US will return as the bulwark, beacon it once was. HE will return and deal with the evil that has plagued the nation states sense their inception when HE used individual languages to create the nations. WHO else would know how how to create nations with separate languages but He who creates the the ability speak.

    And the LORD said, “If they have begun to do this as one people speaking the same language, then nothing they devise will be beyond them. Come, let Us go down and confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.” So the LORD scattered them from there over the face of all the earth, and they stopped building the city.… Genesis 11 6:8

  9. Art Simpson

    Sorry guys,
    There is a one world government coming following the seals we are in. The book in God’s right hand is Daniel’s 70th week. It is the one world government of Satan, the legs of iron. There will never be a return to “normal” short of the Rapture and the Millennial Kingdom. That’s why it’s called the end times. We are in them.

    • Mark Alan

      What rapture. There is no rapture in the Bible.
      Pastor Arnold Murray proved beyond doubt rapture theory is satan’s deception. The enemies last card is the fake alien ships using blue beam technology.
      If the rapture fools board those ship’s thinking they are being flown away, are lost.
      Rapture theory is a lie.

      • Self Exiled

        I wait with anticipation concerning of that which you both speak: knowing, that either doctrine [rapture or no rapture] is not essential for salvation.

        “The anger of the LORD will not turn back
        Until He has set in motion and accomplished the thoughts and intentions of His heart;
        In the last days you will clearly understand it. Jeremiah 23:20

      • regaleagle

        The original in the Greek is called “harpazo”……to be snatched or caught up. That word IS used in the original texts……go get some Biblical foundation and education before you spout lies against God’s Holy Bible.

  10. The Turtle Named Bert

    7 July 23 twitter, Willem Middelkoop
    There You Go – It’s Official
    ‘BRICS planning to introduce new trading currency backed by gold at August summit’
    ‘Gold standard will be a great benefit to strengthening single currency’
    ‘41 countries have applied for BRICS-membership’
    Source: RT / Russian Embassy

    …another 60+ nations are waiting to apply.

    If this is a certainty, Any foreigner holding any dollar backed paper ‘anything’ will be buying gold and demanding delivery in a few weeks. London will soon be receiving trillions of paper IOU (US Dollar) in exchange for all available deliverable gold.

    And once the gold price is multiples, the remaining foreign dollar holders will sell their dollars for the new and super strong backed by gold to the moon BRICS currency.

    What if the new BRICS gold backed digital currency can NOT be purchased using dollars? A sort of revenge on all the sanctions.

    The longer the foreigner can hold on to their dollars the more of America they will be able to buy for pennies on the dollar during the collapse of the dollar.

    Daydream Time: put on your plastic walmart shopping baggie hats [tin foil will be unobtainable soon for all non-BRICS people] LOL.

    October 2023 = October 1929 Maybe…
    This could be the end of the New Roman Empire (the entire anglo-western world) this winter. And the western MSM won’t cover the story as the west turns to s.

    US stocks 20% drop in the first weeks of August, full banking crisis 2.0 fully recognized and reported by MSM by October?

    The treasury department starts selling entire US western states to the highest bidder in order to pay for medicaid drugs for our nonworking obese 20-62 year olds, Biben’s largest voting block!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Well, Bert, they can claim that the currency is gold-backed. There’s nothing to it. Delivering upon redemption demand? That’s yet to be seen. Trust but verify. Here’s something else to consider: deliberately trashing the US Dollar is economic suicide to whatever cartel does it, because they are throwing away access to 30% of the world’s economy when that happens. Dollar can’t buy anything, anymore, except in the confines of the USA? OK, how is America going to buy anything on the world market? All of a sudden, China, India, Brazil (snicker), South Africa (double snicker) can’t export into the American market anymore? I hope they’re ready for riots in their streets. Say I suddenly take away 30% of everything you have (and I don’t wish to do so). Think you’re going to feel it? Best always. PM

    • I. Kimble Allen

      How are the BRICS planning to provide material, factual evidence, to everyone, that there currency is truly backed by gold, and exactly what is their definition of backed by gold.

      Obviously, just because someone … claims … their currency is backed by gold, doesn’t make it true.

      Why should we believe any government is being truthful?

    • rise

      With the minor clarification that this new gold-backed trading currency will be the CBDC system for International Settlements. They have nothing else in mind.

      Along with this is the rapid progress of the “national” CBDC of the “national” banks of the BRICS countries. The so-called “Greater Eurasia” certainly does, and it is very assertive. China (digital yuan), Kazakhstan (digital tenge), (India?), and Russia officially have a digital ruble as their third form of payment.

      Belarus has been actively discussing it, and Lukashenko recently met with Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Central Bank of Russia, for discusions of Belarus CBDC. Everyone else is on that path too.

      So we are talking about the rise of the CBDC through the BRICS, because of the reason “for opposing American hegemony.” Which runs parallel to the Western rise of the CBDC, and everything is based on the projects of BIS and the other familiar big boys. . Thus comes the New World Order of the “Western” globalist trusts, if anyone has not yet understood: through the multipolar deception.

    • Stan

      It will be no match for the US Dollar

  11. Self Exiled

    Went to my cardiologist here in the Philippines to give him my medical records from Mayo, I asked to have a de-dimer blood test, he immediately looked up from his writing and said ” we use that to determine if a person has covid or not”. Do you realize the significance of his statement????? Unbelievable control and programing of the medical field right down to the local level on a some what remote island, in a small town, in a third world country. Oh, and not only that; when I went to the drug store I asked the clerk if they had Ivermectin. She took awhile to check; returned and said ” it was deleted from our system July 2022. Amazing.

    • Dr Paolo

      D-dimer will not check for amyloidosis
      D-dimer will check for continuing clotting, blood clot dissolving waste proteins.
      The real damage is in endothelial damage and peel-away, amyloid fibrils and vessel obscuration – doctors may call this blood clot thrombosis but its a misdiagnosis.
      IVM can reduce ACE2 latching/fixation of the spike protein and delay or ameliorate the damage however cure is a tricky thing. Also try Nattokinase.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi SE,
      If you need Ivermectin go to and place a product request. You will receive email responses from over thirty different suppliers. I have used two to date and everything arrived safely.

      P.S. India is the World’s largest manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals. Also, catering for a billion of its own low paid population, even branded products are sold much much cheaper to make them affordable.

  12. Jeffrobbins

    Greg, no time for the video tonight, but wanted to tell something about your neck of the woods- been on my heart. My grandmother lived her last 7 or 8 years at Kerners Ridge Assisted Living in Kenersville. It is a good facility and the first thing they do is cut back and cut out all the excess prescriptions the folks are on when they come in- and mom-mom was definitely over medicated.
    Lots of people are sedated these days and that’s a big part of our problems. I have been scratching my head about states legalizing all sorts of things that used to be illegal. There’s more to it than money and its not for a libertarian ideal; Ex- the state of Oregon legalized mushrooms and they have big problems with homelessness and shop lifting and half the state wants to goin Idaho (interesting story). Why would Zelensky over in Ukraine want to legalize pot? Why are so many, mostly women, taking antidepressants? Not sure about today, but i remember Ritalin being all the rage for hyper boys- they just needed to get outside. How about needle exchanges? These come in the disguise of safety and being responsible. There are just a few ways for a small group of people to control large groups. This age of relative truth is very convenient/ or planned for the world we find our selves in. I have got quite sober and clean because of what the Bible says, not to mention my wife usually has the crazy ideas and i have to be mindful of our corner of the world. Telling people about the “Sedated” is one of my themes.
    We need to wake the people up as much as anything; we’re going to stumble into the poor house, or WW3.

    • CJ

      “Sedated” is a good theme to share with others. 19 years ago when my youngest son was in the first grade, his teacher kept sending me notes that he wouldn’t sit still in class and she wanted to have him tested for ADHD. I worked for the school district and my shift ended a couple of hours before he was dismissed. I started going by his building, walking in and sitting in his class after I got off work. About 2 days in I figured out what was going on. He was finishing his work before all the other kids and then was expected to just sit still while they finished. He was 6 years old, all boy and he was expected to just sit there multiple times a day waiting. Of course he wouldn’t sit still. I wouldn’t have either. And, that’s exactly what I told his teacher. Once I pointed that out to her, she found things for him to do when he finished before everyone else. She was a first year teacher, so we’ll give her some grace. The rest of the year went smoother.

      I finished my contract that year, pulled both my sons out of public school and home educated them. We would finish the school work in half the time they spent in school and the rest of the day they could be kids, playing outside and learning through just living. It makes me sick to think about how many kids walk around drugged up because their teacher has been told that is the best way to handle an active child.

      • Sharon

        Good for you CJ. Glad you went to observe what was going on in your son’s class to then decide to take them out of public school and home school them. Govt run schools is all about indoctrination and it’s very bad today, especially with transgender stuff. Kids graduating today are not being taught learning tools to survive in the world and it’s up to the parents to help them. Many unfortunately don’t have the skills to show them.

    • Anthony Australia

      One for you to reply Ray Mate

  13. John Forgione

    As an Australian I am forever hearing US folks say that “they” took our guns away. It is a misconception they have. We never had guns; they were banned in the 1800’s. A farmer or shooter could apply for a licence for that specific need. When all that hyper footage of gun destruction being shown around the world from Australia what you were seeing was automatic weapons being removed from licence holders; it was a Hollywood scene for US folks. Back in 1969 the only State with armed police was NSW.

    • Anthony Australia

      One for you to reply Ray Mate

      • Ray

        Hi mate,
        I think John’s assessment is pretty spot on, all things considered.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Frank Cooper

      You were all REAL Christians then too, Forgone John. Except for Ned Kelly, maybe. One day soon all the world will be unarmed and Christian! They Shall Turn they’re Swords into Ploughshares…..

      • John Forgione

        When the Judged sentence Kelly he replied “I’ll see you there”. Maybe be was thinking of hell? One week later the Judge died!

  14. John Stuart

    I have suspicions that Obama is still in Washington and is running his third term with all the Obamas holdovers that are still in the Whitehouse and Congress, Biden is not cognitively able to think up all this treasonous crap, Obama always hated America exceptionalist and always secretly wanted to bring in communism, he is working with George Soros and I noticed how fast the break down of America and including the destruction of the dollar, I think they may bring Michelle Obama or Hitlery to run because Biden’s Brain is melting right in front of us and they know Trump will destroy Biden even with another massive cheating plan for 2024. Do you Agree?
    They may want a Hot Nuclear war to cancel the 2024 election and keep Biden in office as a puppet to continue the America takeover.

    • Michael Cagney

      Somehow, if Trump appears to be poised to win the election, I think something will happen that will prevent the election being held. It’s a long way off and who knows what shape the nation will be in by Nov 2024.

  15. Derek Sinclair

    God made the nations and God made the races. You cannot argue against the mixing of the former (one world government) while arguing for the mixing of the latter (multiracial/multicultural societies). The mayhem that we see in our cities (all the cities of the West) is never due to white people it is due to non-whites. And in the US that means blacks – we can see it day in and day out. Everyone knows it and the vast majority pretend they don’t.

  16. PersonaNonGrata

    “Aristotle, echoed by St Ignatius Loyala, famously said, ‘Give me a child till he’s seven, and I will show you the man’. Adolf Hitler, in inimitable and terrifying fashion, developed this maxim, stating baldly, He alone who owns the youth, gains the future, thereby demonstrating not just the importance of early education, but providing an object lesson in the attempts, through it, to manipulate and impose control.”

  17. Don Ho Howe

    (Video) “Biden Family Took MILLIONS In Chinese Bribes!” – Says China Whistleblower:The Jimmy Dore Show 63K views 12 hours ago

  18. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Brilliant interview with Alex Newman – thank you.

    Regarding the riots in France: We are informed that this civil unrest is desired by TPTB and that ‘they’ want to ferment the same in the US. Those of us who are awake do not wish to do anything that advances the cause of the globalist megalomaniacs, but sitting on our hands is not helping either! IMHO, ‘we the people’ are in urgent need of a rebellion within the military – for those officers below the bribed and corrupted pay grade to lead an insurrection. Not of the faux J6 variety, but one that replaces the criminal fraternity that has insinuated itself into every facet of government. We need a George Washington to rise up in defence of the Constitution and all it stands for.

    According to G Edward Griffin, based on historical precedent, you do not require a majority to overthrow oppressive regimes. You only require 1% to lead, 3% in close support, and 11% to follow – 15% in all. You opposite number only has the same level of support. The remaining 70% are those who do not get actively involved – Paul Craig Roberts most famously describes them as being insouciant.

  19. Arden Mcmurphy W.Virginia

    BETRAYAL: Biden JUST PISSED OFF 61 million people
    Stephen Gardner 98,921 views Jul 11, 2023
    President Biden tells President Zelenskyy of Ukraine that they aren’t allowed to join NATO. The white house justifies sending cluster bombs while admitting people will be hurt by them. The whistle-blower against the Biden family has suddenly been arrested for being an arms dealer but says he’s being framed in order to be silenced.

    In Laos we saw thousands of children without legs and arms, after our invasion there during the Vietnam war. Today it’s still happening in real time even now! Because cluster bomblets, are the nightmare that keeps on giving the prosthetics business, innocent victims. ⚰🍦🏴‍☠️🙈🙉🙊🦨
    How would the $3.8 Billion Beijing Bribed Biden Mob family and DOJ and FBI and CIA and Russian FSB feel? If one of their grandchildren picked up a shiny pretty little bomblet? Taking off both arms and legs. Think about that gentleman, because if you aren’t, you’re not gentle, but a monstrosity!?

    Russell Brand 380K views 13 hours ago

  20. A Friend





  21. Maria das Santos

    Thanks again Mr Hunter for a spellbinding interview with Mr Newman who clearly outlines the destruction of the West and its Christian principles. Without the America we “hope”we know we in the West are done for.
    Dr Richard Haas,that Oxford “genius”,was eloquently wistful about America,
    “Our domestic political situation is not only one that others don’t want to emulate,” he said in an interview ahead of his last day at the Council on Foreign Relations on Friday. “But I also think that it’s introduced a degree of unpredictability and a lack of reliability that’s really poisonous. For America’s ability to function successfully in the world, I mean, it makes it very hard for our friends to depend on us.”
    Those “friends” in Western Europe,such as France,have “enjoyed” recently police being shot with American supplied weapons,supplied to the Ukraine, but so freightened are the media in France that they will not discuss this. This is a direct attack on the prostrated Macron who recently suggested in the most mild form that “America has had a coup” So nice to see all that “aid” for Ukraine is all positive!
    The cluster bombs being promoted by the Washington Neo-Cons as aid to Ukraine have caused alarm in reasonable people’s psyche ,no doubt about to be dumped on Europe as a whole. Funny how King CharlesIII’s former wife ,Princess Diana advocated strongly against these weapons that were used by NATO in Kosovo and further afield.Of course her “glorious ” sons,William and Harry,are silent on this bombing technique.
    Still our economy here in the UK is truly awful even though CPI is seemingly collapsing as prices in our supermarkets are on a rocket to the heavens.

  22. Paul Anders

    Great interview!

  23. Roger Stamper

    tks for post alex greg

  24. Don W.

    Thank you Greg for getting this information out there. As you know, I have been saying this in comments for a long time about the ONE WORLD GOV. that is trying to totally take control of the US and all the world. They were formed over 45 years ago with the North American part called the Council of Foreign Relations and they were formed by Rockefeller about 70 years ago and started the push for the other countries to form their units which are the European part and the Asian part that started meeting back about 45 years ago. Then with some of the changes they made, they now call it the WEF. Most of us have heard that name. People just did NOT see all of this happening until the last 10 years, some could see it happening and now we can all see it happening IF we are awake and watch the world news.
    They will do it because as I have said before, the Bible tells us that we will be under a ONE WORLD GOV. rule when Jesus comes. When the last seven year agreement is signed, we will start those last seven years. The Bible tells us about all the things that are happening today ALL OVER THE WORLD. At the rate it is happening, I feel we will see the peace agreement signed no later than the end of next year. Then just over 3 1/2 years later Jesus, with His Angels, will come for us.
    I will be 90 next year and may not make it to the direct route to Jesus and may have to go down 6ft first. But you young people will make it to that time. We need to prepare for those days more than anything else in our lives. We need to get all our family members, our friends and any others into the family of God. He is our LORD AND SAVIOR.

    • Self Exiled

      The LORD is good to those who wait [confidently] for Him,
      To those who seek Him [on the authority of God’s word]. Lamentations 3:25

    • Self Exiled


      But as for me, I will look expectantly for the LORD and with confidence in Him I will keep watch;
      I will wait [with confident expectation] for the God of my salvation.
      My God will hear me. Micah 7:7

  25. Marie Joy

    John Kerry said his biggest concern for the Ukraine war is the CO2 emissions, not its terrible loss of life. He is 79 yo.

  26. Diana Mara Henry

    George Soros did it. His plan, his funds. He’s tried to topple nations at least twice before, that we know.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Diana,
      IMHO, George Soros is nothing more than the Rothschilds’ Rottweiler. While they maintain their softly spoken butter wouldn’t melt in the mouth personas, GS does their dirty work for them. Example; no way GS had the financial clout to bring down the British pound when it was shorted out of the ERM in 1992. George Soros is just a ‘capo’ – a distraction . . .

  27. Rose Mont Sellicka

    Max Blumenthal DESTROYS Ukraine War Narrative At United Nations!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 60,453 views Jul 11, 2023
    The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal was recently invited to speak to the United Nations General Assembly, and he took full advantage of the opportunity to debunk the significant propaganda surrounding the Ukraine War and to detail the serious corruption plaguing the war-torn nation.
    Jimmy talks to Max about the appearance, and the decidedly cool reception he received from UN representatives from the U.K. and other American vassal states.

    The FBI caught working with Ukraine to CENSOR Social Media!
    Redacted 88K views Streamed 16 hours ago Natali Morris

    “Feds Were ALL OVER Jan. 6!” – Capitol Police Chief Tells Tucker
    The Jimmy Dore Show 127K views 15 hours ago

  28. Dan

    David Rockefeller once said “Competition is a Crime”. If that is not Communism, I do not know what is. It is no wonder that he was in bed with China.

  29. Steve Pechak

    Look back a few years to a film that came out called, ‘The Third Jihad’. This result was explained in this film. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  30. Barbara

    Greg, I know you have an astute audience but they probably are not aware of Alobar Jones. He works on the etheric realm with a team to fight evil. Here is his latest video in which he says the shift will be in AUGUST – just weeks away. The comments are very interesting too.
    When is the Shift Happening

    • Greg Hunter

      You should put your faith in Jesus not Alobar. I’ll post to let others see.

  31. Gerry

    I have mentioned before that the fall of Rome with the barbarian invasios set the seal on the Roman Empire, just as is happening in America and elsewhere. There is a fatal flaw in all human institutions in all civilizations and countries called original sin. Nothing bypasses it any more than the law of entropy is bypassed. The trouble with your constitution is built in self -demolition. Since America is not a democracy , but a republic your founders thought they could eliminate the self- interest of the voting masses by 3 separate bodies that could check each other. Unfortunately, America ended up with 3 elite unaccountable groups that became ensconced in ruling your country. To correct the vagaries of the masses, you ended up with professional groups that controlled the country. Unelected ngos who believe they rule by divine right equal to the king of England they supplanted. It is the ignorant, myopic masses that elected Clinton, Obama, Biden, massaged by media. So what is worse. Government by elite, or government by the masses. Your founders chose the elites, and now the chickens have inexorably come home to roost, just as the Roman Republic found out with its Caesars. The masses still bend their knees and offer incense to the statue of Caesar as God. Do you not brag that the president of the United States is the most powerful man in the world! Fatal flaws inevitably force their way out. All countries are in the same position as America, including Canada. Demagoguery followed 5th century b.c. Athenian democracy. Let us all not be fooled, the human race that raises its fist to God Almighty will be struck down. Math. 24

  32. Dan

    I think that the exact quote from David Rockefeller was “Competition is a Sin” which would have allowed him to give his communist view a religious tone. Of coarse he would have made it a Crime if he could have.

  33. MacGuy

    In closing, Newman says, “Most of the problems we face today would go away if we could, once again, enforce the U.S. Constitution. . . . it may look bleak, but we know God wins in the end.”

    How many times I have heard “God wins in the end” so go ahead and buy my book or attend our “Save America Tour” for $250.00 a seat (no refunds). Do not forget all these problems are YOUR fault and you need to suffer some more before things will change.

    Remember the military is the only way and the storm is coming and most likely it is here. In reality, all we have are grifters (Government, Military, Corporations) making money off of people’s misery (Republians & Democrats included).

    COG suspends the Constitution and make no mistake they have no intention in restoring our constitutional rights. The wheel will continue to grind until they feel comfortable enough to physically restrain us.

  34. Catherine Cronin

    What is Alex Newmans views on what it do to survive and is it a good idea to go live in a red state if that even is allowed to exist? All he said about education is correct, as well as the demise of the world at the hands of the demonic entity.
    Just an aside, I recently went to NORDSTROM DEPT. STORE near me and even though the politics of this store is WOKE AND BLM AND PRIDE supporters, this was the first time about 6 different BLACK salespeople refused to help me find a cosmetic I was looking for.
    SO I would suggest this store is actively looking to destroy itself. And I have now completely disengaged from them because as a white I am a little afraid of where this is going. Also, we have a few friends working in a hospital nearby and they have just said there is a HUGE UPTICK in organ transplant to drug addicts, alcoholics and other health compromised young adults. They were astounded by the amount of heart, liver and kidney transplants going on right now.
    So ultimately this is Gods plan because it really is the end of times. God is giving us time to choose HIM over the evil all around us. It sounds easy but many people have no idea this is real and very little education surrounding God and His bible. So that is why this is going on and why many people won’t make it. Choose life, choose God, and pray a lot. God will answer but we MUST ask for His help.

    • Self Exiled

      Yes, establish a communicative relationship with HIM.

      ‘For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the LORD, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. ‘Then you will call on Me and you will come and pray to Me, and I will hear [your voice] and I will listen to you. ‘Then [with a deep longing] you will seek Me and require Me [as a vital necessity] and [you will] find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29-11:13

  35. Freedom-4-All

    Hi Greg,

    I am only 12 minutes in but wanted to remind everyone to buy silver soon. We are 5 weeks from BRICS announcing or starting (not sure which is true) their gold-backed money system. I have no idea what will truly happen, but if you are sitting on extra cash, maybe turn some into something real while you can.

    Will listen to the rest soon.

    • rise

      Talking about a gold-backed CBDC system. Which is, CBDC slavery, cemented with gold.

      • JM

        I REALLY hate to say this but what if the BRICS currency and the apparent sanity of Russia (Compared to Western degeneracy) are a form of bait?

        Everyone in their right mind is politically rooting for Russia given the choice between Russia and the West. Entire nations are waiting in line to become a member of BRICS.

        So half the world crushed under the western heel of “globohomo” and the other half of the world will be… a member of BRICS. What if that just means they’ve got two halfs of a NWO? They’ll probably start an actual World War between both halfs of the planet. Later, when they’ve achieved their goals of killing Europeans off, they’ll unite what’s left of the west and east under the NWO.

        This entire war could be a means to an ends orchestrated by the world powers, including Russia, to bring this about. This is purely speculation… I truly hope that Russia is actually trying to stand against evil but…

        • rise

          Hi, JM.
          I can’t agree more with you, but especially with your first sentence and your last paragraph.

          If, as I think I see, you are interested in further delving into the case and would like further information on the validity of your speculation, you can walk through the comments and follow the links I have put in. These are numerous reports from Russian sources, many of which are either very rarely found in the West or not at all (this especially applies to some of the most central things that seem to have zero coverage not only in the West, but generally outside Russia).

          Also – and this is probably the most basic theme, in my opinion – ever, when you have time, you can take a little time to look at the link that is in my name to this comment. I need say nothing further (except, again, that the sources from Russia are there), any reasonable person, such as you are obviously, can easily judge for himself whether there is anything traditional, conservative and Christian there at all.

          Let me add: does that make Trudeau, Biden, Macron, Gates, Fauci, WEF, Rockefeller and Rothschild, and everyone else (including minor pawns like Zelensky) good? Have I ever said anything like that? Of course not, quite the opposite. But the truth is the truth. So, just as the aforementioned evil characters do and plan what they do, also Russia does and plans what it does and plans, no matter what anyone or many people may believe and claim otherwise. That’s what my humble threads are for.

          I am a little ill in health, actually a lot, but I hope that these threads of mine will remain intact for some time for people who are interested to read them.

          Greetings and I wish you all the best.

        • rise

          And, by the way, a while ago, on another site, I wrote two long comments that are waiting for approval (maybe they will not get one). They refers precisely to your reflections on the possible development of the new world order in the case of a common game.

          I’ll just leave them here, with the clear knowledge that they’re too long and the moderators probably won’t approve. And they’ll probably be right. But, as it is, they are written on the subject and I think they are interesting, and the information in them is rarely outside Russia or is not there. I’ll just leave them here.

          And this is global, despite attempts by part of the alt-media to attribute it to a predominantly Western phenomenon. It is conceived and the strategies are built in western (conditionally because they are supranational) techno-think tanks, but it is a global priority.

          And the most interesting thing is that from a year and a half we have one, standing out above all others, event with a global resonance, which is daily in the vast majority of alternative media. And the same alt-media, which are otherwise very strict and detailed, reporting on every major and minor movement toward technocracy that the Western power centers are conducting (and, less so, but however a lot, reporting on China) almost entirely omits the fact that Russia is seeking, planning and already carrying out the same movement toward technocracy. But from this large part of the alt-media, which report on the events in Ukraine on a daily basis, we get consecutive complete omissions in the reports of the rise of Russian technocracy, along with the consistent and persistent claims that Russia opposes UN Agenda 2030 and WEF.

          Categorically false, it is the opposite. The UN Agenda 2030 / WEF plan is the only way in which Russia’s decisive power factors (State and business) develop Russia. Total digitalization, in which nothing of Western technocracy has been omitted. They are not depriving themselves of anything, and they do and plan nothing differently, there is no “different than western, Russian technocracy,” there is no, if I may paraphrase the Soviet luminaries, “Russian Technocracy with a human face.” Digital profiles for citizens, personal trajectories (including for children), biometrics and blockchain for everyday communication, including with authorities, personal carbon credits (“to tackle climate challenges”), 5G and in the future 6G… etc., etc. – for the smart cities.

          But, wait to see their plans, duly described in their strategies for long-term development: bioprinting, development of systems for genetic modification, synthetic and bio-electronic life forms with elements of social consciousness, computer-brain interfaces for carrying out daily communication (not for sick people, but as a social trend), all this (and many others), according to the strategists, will be “widespread” in the future. Madness.

          I have absolutely nothing anti-Russian in me, quite the contrary, and I am not at all interested in the narrative “Putin bad,” “dictator,” “autocrat,” and this is completely absent from my vocabulary. The people, the media, and the circles that use it most often mean”unlike the democratic West.” What a joke. (Тhey haven’t noticed anything, especially in the last three years?).

          I am only interested to be clarified the following situation: Whatever conflict there may or may not be between the Western power circles and Russia, it is not a battle for different visions for the future.

          *By the way, although there are real casualties, destruction and so on, I cannot take seriously this conflict, which has intensified what all together, including Russia, started with the 2020 plandemia. Those who do not follow things may not know, but in Russia the technocratic rise, which, although it increased with the plandemia, still went slowly and met with serious resistance from the population, intensified very much after February 2022 and there were no more protests: because of the” patriotic “demagoguery and because it became dangerous to protest, because, in the current conditions, it can be interpreted as “discrediting”. And then, for example, it was much easier in 2022 for Putin to sign biometrics laws and sign orders for the introduction of AI in every area of society. “To deal with sanctions,” to replace imports, and whatever else you can think of.

          So, at the very least, the persistent belief in much of the alternative media that the deep state created the conflict in Ukraine in order to continue the Great Reset in the Western world and introduce a new world order, while simultaneously wanting to destroy Russia, is simply not true. These media forget to tell us that Russia played the plandemic game with the West, which reinforced the rise of technocracy, and, more importantly, that Russia took great advantage of the post-2022 conditions to reinforce that rise much more. And they are in a number of agreements with their enemies, for example through global platforms such as the UN, ITU, IEEE (and the fact that they have formally ended relations with the WEF does not prevent them from carrying out the WEF technocracy at all, on the contrary.)

          But… of course: there is an ominous current in the West, where, among other things, young children are taught that they can choose their sex and change it through surgery. Russia has banned lgbtqr.. propaganda and yesterday signed a law banning gender reassignment (except in exceptional cases). Great, look at Christian and anti-transhumanism. This comes three days after Russia legalized the CBDC (the digital ruble), which is nothing less than a huge step towards what is described in Christian terminology as the “system of the Beast.” (Can we guess what from these two and how is reflected in the vast majority of alternative media? Has “Russia taken another huge step towards anti-globalism”?)

          Put in the account all the technocracy I mentioned, and put in the immutable plans for the future with gene modification (*doesn’t this cover 100% of the actual goals behind the trans movement?) and brain-computer interfaces… Is Russia really fighting these crazy technocratic Scientologists-transhumanists?

          Which brings me to the question: Why does this persuasion occur in the alt-media, which regularly report on the “war” (which goes in parallel with the fact that the mainstream and the “anti-Russian” media do not criticize Putin for technocracy, or, when they do, they miss western technocracy, which is… further convincing the Western alt-public that Russia is not performing technocracy.)

          I’ve had a little crazy theory for some time that there is an operation to impose a new world technocratic order, whereby Western alternative/conservative people are lured into an anti-lgbtqr-transgender BRICS that carries out the entire remaining technocratic-transhumanist plan. But without the transgenderism.

          Little crazy, yeah? But Putin constantly stresses this difference between the “Satanic West”, whose authorities are against traditional values, and Russia, which stands for traditional values; not just him, but everyone. While both he and all Russian factors are huge supporters of the “modern future” with total digitalization. For example, see two short examples in the following comment.

        • rise

          For example.

          A small part of Putin’s speech on the signing of the treaties on the accession of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic and the Zaporozhian and Kherson regions to Russia on September 30, 2022.

          “I repeat, the dictatorship of Western elites is directed against all societies, including the peoples of the Western countries themselves. It’s a challenge to everyone. Such a complete denial of man, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, the suppression of freedom acquires the features of “reverse religion” – outright Satanism. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ, denouncing false prophets, says: “By their fruits you will know them.” And these poisonous fruits are already obvious to people – not only in our country, in all countries, including for many people in the West itself.

  36. J.P. Morgunstun

    MEET JOHN DOE “lighthouses” scene
    NCC Comm Tech Mr. McGlynn 1,112 views Apr 14, 2018
    My favorite scene from MEET JOHN DOE (1941). Connell’s warning to John Doe is both moving and prescient in the era of Trump and the rise of fascist movements around the world. Where are today’s “lighthouses”?

  37. jon

    Prior to the 2020 Plandemic and the destruction of the Global economy, the NWO was easily walking the world to their One World Central Control. By 2040 they would have had everybody willingly under a Uni-Polar Administration. For some reason, they pulled the Plandemic. And from that destroyed their chance to do that. Now we have a Multi-polar world fast coming into play. The NWO has already lost. Russia, China, Mid East, Asia, Southern Hemisphere, Turkey. They are now run by Nationalist’s Sovereign Leadership. That is the momentum. Not a NWO encompassing Central Control. The NWO Ilk cannot implement their plan if the majority of the world is in the process of breaking from the Globalists. They threw away their chance with the Plandemic gambit.

    • rise

      …The good thing is that those who break away from globalist control are fully committed to the implementation of the globalist plan, and carry it out even more rigorously and quickly than the globalists from whom they have broken away.

      • regaleagle

        Good for who…..You and your ilk??? Don’t bring that doublespeak into this platform…….this site is for straight talkers sharing information…..otherwise known as patriots. You are showing your true colors.

        • rise

          It’s good for those who command those who spread the false things John claims….My color is the Christian color and I hate the lie.


          • regaleagle

            I’m sorry……I totally misunderstood your meaning.

  38. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Ukraine’s attempt at a Hail Mary (the football play not the Catholic prayer) victory by seizing swaths of territory from the Russians is a failure. The Russians have intercepted every move and Ukraine’s negligible advances are counted in single digit kilometers along with piles of Ukrainian corpses and burned-out hulks of Western supplied tanks and armored personnel carriers.

    Russian Soldiers Flaunt ‘Captured’ American Bradley In Ukraine; Send ‘Greetings To Zelensky’ | Viral
    Hindustan Times 12,192 views July 12, 2023
    A video of Russian soldiers flaunting a ‘captured’ Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle is now going viral. The video shows a group of Russian soldiers standing in front of the American-made IFV at the frontline and reportedly sending greetings to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky amid the NATO Summit in Vilnius. Meanwhile, the Russian Army claims to have made advances in Avdiivka. More details.

    Challenging the West’s Superiority Complex & Erasure of History, w/ Prof. Joseph Massad /BreakThrough News 284,987 views
    Mar 15, 2022, Rania Khalek Dispatches
    Mainstream media coverage of the war in Ukraine has sought to erase the U.S. and NATO role in setting the stage for the conflict, the Western history of attacking Russia, and Europe’s violent and racist past and present.

    Joseph Massad, Professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History at Columbia University, joins Dispatches with Rania Khalek to remind us of the hypocrisy and history the West has attempted to erase as it escalates the war against Russia in Ukraine.

    • rise

      Russia is doing extremely well with the proxy attack of the Deep State, I have high hopes for the future. In my opinion, there is every chance, while the noisy war is going on, that Russia, along with Eurasia and BRICS, will surpass the globalists in the implementation of the globalist plan.

      • Self Exiled

        That should speed things up abit.

  39. David Bagley

    Any politician still silent about the 💉 is complicit including Trump

  40. Greg (Not Greg Hunter)

    The France riots were started over a shooting by police. Sounds very similar to the George Floyd incident. The Deep State knows how to get people into the streets rioting.

  41. Susan R

    I always enjoy Alex, thank you Greg.

  42. Michael Cagney

    This fabulous interview raises another question.
    The CCP wants to control the world themselves.
    Presently they are a major driving force behind the globalists.
    Why would they, in the end, go along with being governed by a one world govt, having their borders erased, allowing themselves to be dependent on another governing body?
    Why does it not make more sense that the CCP becomes the one world govt?
    They have and will have the tech and military power and will to keep their sovereignty. Why would they continue to gain control over foreign govt and buy lands if they are bought into the globalist agenda and realize there is no point in doing these things?
    They dont and will not align with the climate change crisis issue. They realize it is a hoax and who could ever force their compliance?
    They already dominate the WHO and have ownership and control of foreign ports, farmland, govt institutions all over the planet. They play along, partially with the wef,un agendas because it supports and favours them, but maybe only until a certain point where they give the boots to the globalists.
    Why would the CCP, being who they are, subscribe to anything other than dominating the world themselves?

    • rise

      I am not so sure that they agree only in part and are opposed to the green agenda. I clicked on my name and saw something else.

  43. James

    USA has been the military-wing of the NWO since at least WWI.

    It has rampaged around the world seeking to destroy nations and national sovereignty—murdering and displacing millions of people in the process.

    At home the moral rot stinks like death.

    It is a wicked empire that has just about been used up by Satan and will now face the consequences for serving evil.

    The fact that ‘conservatives’ view Donald Trump as their savior underscores just how far gone the USA is…

  44. Rick

    Before we start burning down like France – we must cut off the heads of a couple of the top Globalist snakes – whittle down their Command and Control Center leaders – and we can begin to turn the tide on their evil psychopathic human extermination agenda!!!

  45. Message FromAbove

    WE MUST DISTPACH little 8-year-old Raisat to Washington immediately!
    Yes we must let all little girls and boys sue for peace and security, for us adults , to re- learn war no more!
    Thank You little Raisat Akibova and your loving mommy and daddy, you melted the heart of Vladimir Putin and all of mother Russia, may you do the same throughout the whole earth.
    Putin Fulfils Little Girl’s Wish Who Cried for Not Being Able to See Him | Fun Chat Goes Viral /Hindustan Times 360,850 views Jul 5, 2023
    The Russian President’s “sweet gesture” has melted the hearts of his supporters. Vladimir Putin fulfilled a little girl’s wish who cried for not being able to see him. Last Week, a video of 8-year-old Raisat Akibova crying heartily went viral. The girl was waiting for Putin on the streets of Derbent but was unable to see him because of the crowd. This left her upset, and she was seen weeping in the viral video, which caught Putin’s attention. He then sent Raisat an invitation to be the president’s guest at the Kremlin. The girl, who came with her parents, ran and hugged president Putin on her arrival. Watch this video to learn more about a fun conversation during the visit.

    • rise

      Heart-warming, really. And it is even better that while he is fulfilling the dreams of some of the children, meeting them personally, Vladimir Vladimirovich and his people and organizations are thinking about children’s future in the context of the traditional values that Russia stands for. For example, by promoting video games and organizing such events as that on June 5 this year, when the first All-Russian competition-Olympiad “Smart City talents” was held. There, among other things, children had the opportunity to participate in traditional categories, such as: new security, new medicine, new living environment, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and nanoengineering, neurotechnology and cognitive sciences, creation of virtual worlds. (By clicking on my name, you can learn more.)

      Also, just recently, at the end of June, “The best technology projects at the forum “Strong ideas for a New time” were presented to Vladimir Putin”, among them the first national cyberphysical platform, тhe “Den” aimed at solving the” new big challenge” – “to unite the physical and digital space”.
      “Dmitry Peskov, Special Representative of the President of Russia for digital Development, stressed that the “Den” is “an attempt for the first time in the world to combine the physical and virtual world in the individual logic of a child’s development.”

  46. ImportantMessage

    Peace on earth will come, but unfortunately can not by human efforts alone, or even Raisat Akibova and her mommy and daddy, but will by means of God’s Kingdom, a heavenly government ruled by Christ Jesus. Notice how the Bible teaches us about this wonderful hope.
    God will make “wars to cease to the extremity of the earth,” fulfilling his promise to bring “peace on earth to those with whom he is pleased!”—Psalm 46:9; Luke 2:14

    God’s Kingdom will rule from heaven over the entire earth. (Daniel 7:14) As a world government, it will eliminate nationalist propaganda, which is at the root of many conflicts.
    Jesus, the Ruler of God’s Kingdom, is called the “Prince of Peace,” and he will ensure that “to peace there will be no end.”—Isaiah 9:6, 7.
    People determined to keep fighting will not be allowed to live under the Kingdom, since “anyone loving violence [God’s] soul certainly hates.”—Psalm 11:5; Proverbs 2:22.

  47. Perestroika

    God teaches his subjects how to live in peace. Describing the results of this instruction, the Bible says: “They will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore.”—Isaiah 2:3, 4.

    Already, millions of people around the world are learning from God, how to be peaceable. (Matthew 5:9) Although we all belong to many different ethnic groups and live in over 230 different lands, like Raisat. We do not want to take up arms against our fellow man and like all lovely little girls and boys we can relearn the ways of children of peace today, tomorrow and forevermore!
    Let Us Beat Swords Into Ploughshares

    • Yahweh or the'Highway!

      You can tell that Jesus really cares for little ones too, Perestroika!
      Jesus and his apostles had just come back from a long trip. Along the way the apostles had an argument among themselves. So after the trip Jesus asks them: ‘What were you arguing about on the road?’ Really, Jesus knows what the argument was about. But he asks the question to see if the apostles will tell him.
      The apostles don’t answer, because on the road they were arguing about which one of them is the greatest. Some apostles want to be more important than the others. How will Jesus tell them it is not right to want to be the greatest?
      He calls a little boy, and stands him in front of them all. Then he says to his disciples: ‘I want you to know this for certain, Unless you change and become like young children, you will never get into God’s kingdom. The greatest person in the kingdom is the one who becomes like this child.’ Do you know why Jesus said this?
      Well, very little children do not worry about being greater or more important than others are. So the apostles should learn to be like children in this way and not quarrel about being great or important.
      There are other times, too, when Jesus shows how much he cares for little children. A few months later some people bring their children to see Jesus. The apostles try to keep them away. But Jesus tells his apostles: ‘Let the children come to me, and do not stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to persons like them.’ Then Jesus takes the children in his arms, and blesses them. Isn’t it good to know that Jesus loves little children? Putin, and anybody else for that matter, too! Who, can learn to be like children and in this way, not to quarrel about being great or important and all it entails. Because the greatest person in God’s kingdom is the one who becomes, like a little child!
      Matthew 18:1-4; 19:13-15; Mark 9:33-37; 10:13-16. _ Oy vey! SHOCKING, SIMPLY SHOCKING!

  48. Roger Winkelman

    Douglas Macgregor – The Next Step is Nuclear Weapons.
    37K views 8 hours ago

    ❗Biden approves cluster munitions for Ukraine | NATO summit in Vilnius
    Scott Ritter Shoe 68,838 views Streamed live on Jul 10, 2023
    On episode 37 of the show we are joined by Dmitry Babich, born in Moscow, he’s been an active journalist for over 25 years, focusing on Russian politics and international affairs. Graduate of Moscow State University, Babich had a successful career in Russian journalism. He had previously been a senior correspondent at the Komsomolskaya Pravda, RIA Novosti, and Russia Profile magazine. He is a frequent guest on English-language broadcasts of Russia Today, Al-Jazeera and Press TV.

    We made the mess we’re in
    George Galloway 9,319 views Jul 11, 2023
    “I don’t blame the American people. We’re to blame for accepting the destruction of the economy, poverty and by consuming fake news. It we stopped contributing they’d all collapse.

  49. Patricia

    So grateful for this interview. It’s a total WOW; furthermore it helps me continue to understand my own personal history circa education in Arl Va 1955-1967 and the devastation anti Christ agenda taught even in my schoools: i.e. camus, sarte, nihilest stuff, total despair; add to it the “social jsstice” preached in Cal Meth Church rather than Christ and Christ crucified; add on planned parenthood and birth control. No wonder my life has been hell to climb out of it. Praise God for the clarity of the agenda presented here along with the underlying psychological/emotional understanding. Onward Christian Soldiers. The government rests upon His shoulders; there will be deliverance on Mt Zion.
    Heavenly FAther, Hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven; Father You are judging nations; we ask that America come out pure as gold, as a sheep nation in spite of the filth perverted lying devils currently visiting us.
    Forgive us our trespasses specifically Roe vs Wade lead us not into temptation, for thine is the Kingdon the power and the glory Amein and amein

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Patricia!!

  50. Trinacria

    Newman is great. Thanks for having him on your podcast. My question is what are the concrete things that each normal person can do in order to help thwart the globalist agenda? Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone published a list. We can each do something but what?

  51. Sheila Keapa

    Here is a probiotic which may have an effect complementary to Nattokinase, which is thought to help vax victims.

    Life Extension has a Lactobacillus reuteri (NCIMB 30242) product that should be brough to the attention of the likes of Dr. Kory and Dr Eads regarding possible help for the vaxed.. cf, “Life Extension FLORASSIST Heart Health”

    here are possible effects:
    + total and LDL cholesterol levels
    + levels of aplipoprotein B-100 already within the normal range
    + C-reactive protein levels already within the normal range
    * levels of fibrinogen, a protein involved in clot formation

    * that last item is why this needs the attention of Dr. Kory and Dr Eads to see if this may help those at risk of clots from the vax; or, conversely, would it be contra-indicated for them. (E.g., people with insulin resistance have to be careful with some probiotic strains whch affect glucose/insulin. Nothing is 100% the same for everybody. )

    Clif High recently has been talking about pro-biotics, beneficial bacteria. And there are lots of scientific papers in recent years on this topic. However, he has failed to make a connection to helping the vax victims.

  52. VernonLocke
    Judge Stops Biden From Censoring – Corporate Media MELTS DOWN!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 10,610 views Jul 12, 2023

  53. John

    Well spoken, spot on.

  54. Hank Snowbird

    How would a nuclear war between Russia and the US affect you personally?

    Future of Life Institute
    57.5K subscribers





    688,656 views Jun 29, 2023
    What would happen if a nuclear war were to be sparked between Russia and the United States today? Who would survive?
    In our most scientifically realistic simulation to date, we show what a nuclear war between Russia and the United States might look like today. It is based on detailed modeling of nuclear targets, missile trajectories, and the effects of blasts, EMPs, and smoke on the climate and food resources.

    AOC P I S S E S In Progressives’ Faces!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 4.1K views 34 minutes ago

  55. Kathryn Hartleroad

    There is a YouTube video titled “Ex Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard Exposes the Elite”. A few years ago, I would have thought it was rubbish, but now I know better. According to him there are about 8,500 people at the top that rule the world. His interview is riveting. Thank you Greg for continuing to speak the truth, and for bringing on such excellent guests!

  56. Rebecca Eibling

    I cannot dispute anything said. The truth hurts! We are totally trusting on our sweet Lord, come what may, we give these issues to Him.

  57. Jackie Pollock

    Alex Newman is virtually a professor on history, societal developments, and current world-wide devolving conditions. He is rapid-fire information but stick with him and listen and you can see how we “progressed” to the mess we have in France, Germany, Sweden, and soon to build up to chaos ruling our own streets, cities, and right to the top in our government. The darkness will grow before light comes in to save humanity at the end. And Alex is a student of the Bible who applies its wisdom in his speaking.
    These things took time to get to the dark state we are in and Alex Newman does an expert job of outlining and detailing it all.
    Thanks for the great interview, Greg and Mr. Newman.
    –Jackie from TX

  58. Bennet Cecil

    Greg, you have the smartest and most articulate guests. I have Alex Newman’s 2 books and I will buy his next one from his site. The advantage of the financial collapse that is coming is that it will wake up some Americans. You and your guests have documented the evil and the crimes against humanity. When the typical gaslit American is ready to turn off the Lying Legacy Media you have a truth package ready for them.

    Have you considered putting together segments from various interviews on
    the twin bioweapons, COVID and the lethal injections. You could use it as a funding source. Most of your audience have family and friends who do not believe them. If you sell a one hour DVD, your listeners can buy it and give it to the non-believers when they are ready to listen. You have a big audience who would make it worth your time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bennet!

  59. Jeffrobbins

    Good interview- to summarize the country/ world is being run by educated idiots. Useful idiots maybe. What does Alex think of food issues- similar to war? Bill gates has been big into vaccines and farm land.
    There’s an interesting video by John Paul Jackson called the coming perfect storm. He mentions riots among other things.

  60. Deano Wexford

    “We need to recognize here that we’re dealing with criminals who have infiltrated our institutions. It’s not our institutions that are the problem, it’s that our institutions have been hijacked and weaponized.” – Alex

    Exactly what I was trying to find the words for- infiltrated, hijacked, weaponized.
    Another great show.

  61. SkeptiSchism

    It’s always a pleasure to hear Alex Newman speak, God has gifted Him. Thanks much.

  62. Anti-atomist

    Not funny.

  63. Brianroy

    There has been a White Paper out for more than a decade that goes up and off the internet, but describes the goal of the elites (the 300) in its divide of the world in 10 regions as if they already are on page 20 where it lists Table 1.
    While it focused on Carbon Taxing, it is a MUST READ that should Always be a front and center reference and “go to” for Alex.
    Warwick J. McKibbin and Peter J. Wilcoxen
    February 2009
    “Table 1: Regions in the G-Cubed Model
    1 United States
    2 Japan
    3 Australia
    4 Europe
    5 Other OECD
    6 China
    7 India
    8 Other Developing Countries (LDC)
    9 Eastern Europe and the Former USSR (EEFSU)
    10 Oil Exporting Developing Countries (OPEC)”

    p.3 “In 2006, then French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin suggested that countries that do not join a post-2012 international treaty on climate change should face additional tariffs on their industrial exports. The European Parliament’s (2005/2049) resolution was focused on penalizing countries such as the United States for non-participation in the Kyoto Protocol.”

    p.4 “A sufficiently large carbon tax imposed in a major economy would lower global oil prices and lead to higher consumption in countries with little or no carbon tax.”

    [The economic one-world model in the newspeak of macro-economics is to look at the world as a “G-Cube.” — Brianroy]

    p.4 “G-Cubed is an econometric intertemperol general equilibrium model of the world economy with regional disaggregation and sectoral detail.”

    p.5 [The G-Cube is]”divided into ten regions…Each region is further decomposed into a household sector, a government sector, a financial sector, the twelve industries…and a capital goods producing sector.”

    p.23 Sectors in the G-Cubed Model
    1. Electric Utilities
    2. Gas utilities
    3. Petroleum refining
    4. Coal mining
    5. Crude oil and gas extraction
    6. Other mining
    7. Agriculture
    8. Forestry and Wood products
    9. Durable goods
    10. Nondurables
    11. Transportation
    12. Services

    [Hope this helps. — Brianroy]

  64. VT

    Left with few tanks and ammunition, Ukraine puts its hope in cluster munitions and poison gas | VT Foreign Policy

    • Greg Hunter

      Ukraine is doomed it that’s what they are counting on.

    • Shiloh1

      If NATO launches poison gas or DU onto Russian territory then London will be turned into Atlantis about 10 minutes later.

  65. Led Skeletor

    US Stock market is salivating over the ramblings of the escalation of war, it dreams of the tens of trillions of newly key-stroked “dollars” that will be needed to rebuild the western world after the nuclear exchange.

    USDollar is turning to crap as the reality of a gold backed BRICS digital currency has arrived, and the west isn’t invited to participate.

    Interesting times we live in. The US economy needs to spend at least two trillion in the very near term (say two months or so) or else the GDP will shrink. Remember, the USA must out spend the previous year-over-year from now on until the end of time, or the economy evaporates.

    New car dealers with inventories where cars have been sitting 12+ months and the dealers still demand higher than MSRP, with $10k+ of dealership added crap microfiber floor mats and nanospray clearcoat (jeep and dodge)!! And some dealers with only two or three new on lot (ahem Toyota) . Advertised prices, legalized un-inforced FRAUD, ten+ thousand dollars lower than the actual sticker and out the door price! Six figure everyday pickup trucks… the banks and auto sector are next in line for the big easy money bailouts.

    You can just feel it in the air, some major catastrophic event where 1/3 of the population goes in an instant is here. Our leaders think we will win and everything will be status quo.

    WEF 2030: There will be nothing and you’ll be dead. LOL

  66. Bob Nestle

    the vermin are putting graphene oxide into or onto common medications

    (biref clip)

  67. Ted Kinsimmons

    it has become obvious Satan owns the black males

    • Greg Hunter

      Not all, but some. Satan owns some whites like Senator Lindsey Graham who bragged about mass murdering Russians recently.
      I wonder if the gunman was vaxed?

  68. Patricia

    Heavenly FAther,
    Hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven,
    Father you say in your Word that You start wars and You end wars; all things are possible with you; You are our provider; Father, there is a prophecy that the fire of the Holy Spirit will start in the Ukraine and spread throughout the Arab world, that the Russians will bring the cross of Christ invasion. Father, we need you now, we ask You Father to send your thousands of angels to stop the cluster bombs in Ukraine. We need your intervention now as GESARE and NESARA are being implemented. We give you praise and glory for only what you can do. All eyes are on You , Father, in Jesus name we pray amein and amein.

  69. Marie Joy

    God gives us free will and He will not go POOF! and end communism. He wants us to do it because WE have allowed all this. WE need to end it.
    IF I were God, I would be totally upset with the human race for its insouciance (Thank you PCR).
    Train up. Get to a fighting weight.
    Christians are taught to turn the other cheek and hate violence. That will be our undoing.

  70. Kathryn Hartleroad

    Greg, can you please interview Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai? I am intrigued by what he has to say, and I think your audience would be also.

  71. BillGates: StopIT! NOW!

    BREAKING: Bill Gates Released Mosquitos That Spread Malaria In The United States July 12th 2023, 10:20 am
    Forget the jab! Expert raises alarm on how globalists will vaccinate the masses by any means necessary!

  72. Marius

    Hi Greg,
    I think that Alex Newman has summarized the situation in South Africa as the testing ground for the policies. His insights of the RSA Government is correct.

    Every day life is getting harder for ordinary citizens in the middle class – higher interest rates (the prime rate at 11.75% repo rate at 8.25%). Interest on deposits are about 4% per year. Food and fuel costs are also rising rapidly.

    The worst effect currently is the high levels of blackouts that we are experiencing nationally no electricity for several hours per day here is how it works locally :

    This causes economic hardship and negative economic growth, which is not good for the financial system. Our Government system have rapidly declined and makes every day life most frustrating.

    South Africa is a very cosmopolitan nation and open boarders also caused an influx of immigrants which also puts pressure on resources and increases the crime rate significantly, most of us suffer from crime on a daily basis.

    Most South Africans are at least bilingual or can speak more languages, but there are different cultures within language groups or race groups so it is complex to explain. But this is also a strength as people do unite rapidly when common interests are at stake.

    Do ask Alex more about his time in South Africa, his insights will be very beneficial for your audience in the US, to know that there are people who have lived through the troubles that your are now facing.

    Keep up the good work and may God bless you.

  73. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you greatly for having Alex Newman back on. As you know, I have a degree in investigative journalism, received in the ’70’s. Alex Newman, I salute you for your courage.

  74. KC

    ” It’s time to use the guns”

  75. Justn Observer

    Greg, MISSION CREEP DEFINITION = Gradual expansion of the objectives, scope, and/or cost of a military mission WITHOUT CARFUL PLANNING. without careful planning. Mission creep is usually considered undesirable due to how each success breeds more ambitious interventions until a final failure happens, stopping the intervention entirely. So, where/when did CONGRESS authorize going to war?


  76. Jim

    The “agenda” is all a part od the KALERGI PLAN” of white-genocide through fratricidal wars and non-white invasion (“immigrants, migrants”). Wake up western man.

  77. Jeff the Beast

    Ahahahaha…what a stupid bullshit…you also believe in a flat Earth and that 2+2=5, do you?

  78. Julia

    Thank you for another great interview. On education, J.D. Fulton wrote a book in 1888 regarding the use of education to take over America. The name of the book is Washington in the lap of Rome available on the internet.
    The Professor from the NY university you interviewed was absolutely correct. The colleges and schools need to be reworked. Also not to participate in any of the hate to do the opposite.
    At least the Muslim city council took the right steps to stand up.

  79. Charles


    One of your best interviews ever.

    Alex knows who is running the show.

  80. Rich

    The Romans used the same tactics thousands of years ago. Bread and circuses; keep the population fed and entertained and get away with murder. Divide and conquer; in this case, diversify it so no unified response is possible.

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