UN Plans Tyrannical Future for You – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post) 

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular book “Deep State” and the new best-selling book called “Indoctrinating Our Children to Death,” says the UN’s quest for total tyrannical control of your life is coming sooner than you could imagine.  Newman explains, “The bigger story here that people are not paying attention to is the UN is coming together in September . . . and they are having ‘The Summit of the Future.’  They are telling us they are going to bring out radical drastic reforms in the structure of the UN . . . and the power of the UN.  Think of it as the biggest power grab ever at the global level.  The Secretary General of the UN (António Guterres) has put out briefs where he is calling for the UN to be the one world global dictatorship with him at the helm.  In emergencies, the UN would have all power in emergencies and have all power to oversee emergency response. . . . They say the crisis could be a climate crisis, an economic crisis, environmental crisis, pandemic crisis, black swan crisis or maybe something from outer space.  So, basically, anything could be a crisis, and when the Secretary General declares a crisis, all power and authority would go to the UN.  This is like a blank check on the wealth and liberty on every person on the planet, and this is coming soon.  It is imminent.  This is coming in September at the UN, and it is a power grab of historic proportions.  They know their time is short, and they are going for the big enchilada here.  This is really a summit for a tyrannical future. . . . They want control of every aspect of your life.”

If you think the “depopulation” or murder program by the Deep State is some sort of conspiracy theory or myth, think again.  Newman says, “One of the interesting things about going to the UN conferences is they are totally open and totally transparent about the fact that they think there are way too many of us on this planet.  We are taking up their space and consuming their resources.  They say this openly.  They say there are way too many people having way too many babies, and we have to drastically cut back on the number of people on the planet.  They have a whole agency dedicated to this called the UN Population Fund.”

One sure fire way to kill a lot of people in a short amount of time is war.  Newman says, “They have understood, the globalists, the Deep State, the evil doers and the sick cabal, have understood for a very long time that war was the best mechanism for bringing about their totalitarian one world government.  This is not speculation on my part.  This is what they say.  Their game plan is war, famine, energy crisis and economic crisis.  These are all tools and catalysts for accelerating this agenda.  If millions of people die in a third world war, and it does not matter if it is Iran and Israel, or China and Tiawan, or Ukraine and Russia, it really does not matter, they want millions and millions of people dead so people will give up their attachment to the nation state, self-government and individual liberty and give up anything, money or freedom, anything to make it stop.”

Don’t lose hope because Newman also talks about all the things you can do to not comply with tyranny.   Newman also points out what state and local governments can do and are doing to resist this UN total control of everything.  Newman says, “We are at war, and everyone needs to put on the full armor of God.”

There is much more in the 40-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with hard-hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of LibertySentinel.org and author of the runaway best-selling new book called “Indoctrinating Our Children to Death,” for 4.20.24.

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After the interview:

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  1. Tom C.

    The globalists don’t want millions dead, they want BILLIONS dead.

    • Laura Ann

      This is their agenda by July 2025 updated pdf:https://www.docdroid.net/8FGKean/united-nations-directive-001-pdf People don’t have much time to get their “house in order”. We are renting in a retirement community, got rid of the house and downsized four yrs ago, passed things down to heirs and living off bond investments, 401k, SS. Younger folks may want to move out to isolated countryside. Husband has health issues and we live in a city of appr 120,000. We will not be taken alive. So few are aware, nihilism affects over 90 percent of adults in the U.S. and E.U. Congress is sold out to globalism, Speaker Mike Johnson turned leftist suddenly. Election won’t fix anything. Majority of people will go along w/UN and willingly go to death camps w/families separated. Everyone see: Tucker Carlson interview w/ Jesse Kelley last week.

    • Dee Lynn

      They can start by suisiding themselves ! Drink some coolaid during their next meeting !

    • Ricky Thomas

      All that is happening is like a skier zooming down the mountain. At first the snow melted a little, slowing the downward journey. But the freezing cold has returned, and that melting snow has turned into a solid sheet of ice.

      ZOOM, ZOOM WE GO!!!

    • Geri Ungurean

      Amen, Tom. They want the population brought down to below 500 million. It was clearly stated on the Georgia Guide stones before it was obliterated. Here is a piece I did on that:

  2. Don Doerr Sr.

    After my 8 Decades in America, our Country seems to have changed from my perspective. Can anyone answer these questions for me? Am I wrong?
    1. Why did Israel disarm its own people prior to Hamas’ Evil Outburst?
    2. What are Pope Francis’ Goals, and why does he call abortion-promoter Biden
    “A Good Catholic” while he cruelly punishes people like Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Joseph Strickland while condemning the Latin Mass format of our grandparents?
    3. Why does Pope Francis now condone the sin of sodomy by calling for Civil Unions to assure that it is has a welcoming and nurturing environment?
    4. Why do so many members of the clergy now fawningly follow Francis instead of Jesus?
    5. Why is America prosecuting Trump instead of the Biden Crime Family and Hillary?
    6. Why don’t more Americans realize that the Communist Democrats (founded on November 22, 1963) have stolen half our savings since the 2020 Election, thrown our Borders open to Criminals and Terrorists, and made us Energy Dependent?
    7. Why does America now have Political Prisoners such as Officer Derek Chauvin and the January 6th Patriots?
    8. Why was unarmed 14-year Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbit murdered?
    9. Why were Bernard Ebbers and John Sidgmore murdered and Worldcom looted?
    10. Was Barack H. Obama born in America, and is he the antichrist?
    I don’t remember our America ever this Evil or Decadent? Are we under Enemy Occupation?

    • St Maria Goretti

      Our Lady of Akita (Japan, 1973) & Our Lady of La Salette (France, 1846). Read what was prophesied at these two apparitions, and you will know what has been unfolding in the Church.

      before Pentecost … prepare for The Warning, the illumination of conscience, which is a life review to be given individually to everyone on earth. This is an act of mercy provided by the Holy Spirit. Prepare now with repentance and fasting.

    • Rodney

      Actually the answer to your questions are quite simple, as found in a very old book; none other than the Bible itself.
      Peter 4:7 “The end of all things is at hand”
      Your watching history unfold in real time.

      • Don W.

        You are so right on about the Bible. But in early 1980, several of use read a lot and made it a study of the formation of the wealthy that was formed about 20 years before that. They were called the ONE WORLD GOV. When we put that together with what the Bible tells us we felt we may see the end times in our life time as we were in our late 40’s and early 50’s at the time. We do see it today happening as the book of Rev: tells us about the “seals” opening. That is happening today for almost all SEVEN of them. The Trumpets are next and I can see that it is NOT far away. We can have a quick war with Isreal happening very soon and then a signing of the SEVEN year peace agreement. And in the middle of that agreement it tells us many will die and ALL would die except the Lord stops it and then his Angeles come and get us.
        I am ready, is all who read this ready? I Pray so.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Here is my take. Satan has really been the driver on earth since the Garden of Eden.
      He uses greed, deceit, and lies to take over the 4 Hidden Dynasties and he has accomplished this now. Those pillars are the Economy, Political, Education and yes Religion. He has us by the Balls. I see the AntiChrist coming in this generation of The Fig Tree. The Prophecies are coming so fast now, it is like a woman in Labor. I think there will be so much chit going on caused by EVIL, that there will be no election, Trump will be thrown in jail, Martial Law will be enacted and China takes over. Nothing else matters now. If a person has not eaten for 3 days, they eat other people, let that sink in. Greg, I love ya man. Alfred, you are so wise for your young years bud. Amazing guy. Thanks so much Greg. I live in Thailand and have not been home for now 4.5 years so now no kill jab mandate and I am recovering from Prostate Cancer, we are coming Hell or High Water for 5 months to Tampa to see my daughter and 2 grand kids. I think if we unite and stand tall, there is hope. Even if Trump wins, they will ignite massiver riots and also take down our economy.

      • Greg Hunter

        Everything changed after the Resurrection of Christ. Matthew 28:18. Note the word “ALL”!

        • David Gordon Dunne

          I understand Greg. God is great. He is in control but allows Satan now until Jesus comes soon. I have so many Christian friends who believe they will jsut fly away to save their souls and totally discount Satan/AC/Lucifer all the same to come first and deceive them all. Two Prists heard a young girl tell of her dream of Flying Away in 1832 so now so many believe this. Daniel, Ezikeil, Revelations and more only speak of the AC comes first at 666 and that even a child can add up, 777 comes next but they discount God’s word and some say only read Mark, Mathew and Luke. I pray all day long and read the Bible so much. The Prophecies are coming so fast now. Things have escalated so fast now and I worry for the kids and grand kids of everyone now. In Thailand, the people are just ignoring just about all that is going on now. There are so many amazing Guests on here Greg and the comments here are so truth telling and educating at the same time. I send you out to hundreds of people every Show you put on. I know if you have God in your brain, he will protect you so only the evil should be in fear now.

      • T.jefferson

        Satan loses in the end. The most important thing is to get your spiritual house in order, get right with Jesus and make sure you are born again.

        This world is passing away and today is the day of salvation.

        Don’t delay, because none of us are promised tomorrow.

        Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”
        John 3:3

        “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

        He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.
        1 John 5:12

        “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.” John 3:36

        “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” John 3:18-19

        “ I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am he, you will indeed die in your sins.” John 8:24

        “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me will live, even though he dies.” John 11:25

        “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

        “There is a way that seems right to a man, but it’s end is the way of death” Proverbs 14:12

        “God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble.”
        James 4:6

    • Dee Lynn

      Because satan is their lord ! If you ask them they will tell you !

    • sam

      “the tyrants took off their kimonos and now stand naked before us.”……….You like that (:-0)>……….Don’tcha?… Mr. Mcgraw

  3. Steve UK

    Unfortunately the brainwashed children are now of an age that they are starting to move into middle management jobs where they have influence and can make some idiotic decisions. Wokeism being the one pervasive glaringly obvious example, but there are so many other things. As they say, the Fourth Turning is definitely here!

  4. Finigans Break

    NPR Whistleblower SCORCHES NPR!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 100K views 1 day ago
    Veteran NPR editor Uri Berliner has blown the whistle on how the publicly-funded broadcaster has become an activist organization obsessed with pushing progressive ideals. Berliner argues that NPR has gone from a respected information source to one that can no longer be trusted to honestly cover the news. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEGfCfOpLVE

  5. Guy Royce

    Led Skeletor 04/20/2024 • Bears repeating!
    Today, House Passes $95 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel And Taiwan:
    – $61 billion to Ukraine, $26 billion to Israel, and $8 billion to the Indo-Pacific region.
    – But Not US Border.
    – Speaker Mike Johnson cut a deal with Democrats in order to force it through by a vote.
    [HOPE for the BEST__PREPARE for the WORST INCOMING! Guy]
    Bend over American working debtpayer,
    there’s even bigger packages coming quick!!

  6. Fred Flynn Stone

    Two cavemen sitting outside their cave chiping stone tools. One says to the other: ‘Something’s just not right – our air is clean, our water is pure, we all get plenty of exercise, everything we eat is organic and free-range, and yet nobody lives past 30.’
    This scene reflects a very common view of ancient lifespans, but it is based on a myth. People in the past were not all dead by 30. Ancient documents confirm this. https://getpocket.com/explore/item/think-everyone-died-young-in-ancient-societies-think-again?utm_source=pocket-newtab-en-us

  7. Ivan

    Defeating or resisting the adoption of a one world digital currency would require a multifaceted approach, as it involves economic, political, and technological factors. Here are some strategies that could potentially be employed:

    Advocacy and Education: Raise awareness about the potential drawbacks and risks associated with a one world digital currency. Educate the public about issues such as privacy concerns, centralization of power, and potential exclusion of marginalized communities.
    Regulatory Pressure: Lobby governments and regulatory bodies to enact laws and regulations that limit the scope and power of a one world digital currency. This could include measures to protect individual privacy, promote competition, and ensure financial stability.
    Promotion of Alternative Systems: Encourage the development and adoption of alternative decentralized digital currencies that offer greater privacy, autonomy, and security. Support projects that promote financial inclusion and empower individuals to control their own financial resources.
    Technological Solutions: Invest in research and development of technologies that offer alternatives to centralized digital currencies. This could include blockchain-based systems that prioritize decentralization and resilience, as well as encryption technologies that protect user privacy.
    International Cooperation: Build alliances with other countries and organizations that share concerns about the implications of a one world digital currency. Work together to develop common standards and strategies for safeguarding financial sovereignty and individual rights.
    Public Pressure: Mobilize public opinion through grassroots campaigns, protests, and boycotts. Use social media and other communication channels to amplify concerns and pressure policymakers and corporations to reconsider their support for a one world digital currency.
    Diversification of Assets: Encourage individuals and institutions to diversify their assets beyond digital currencies and traditional fiat currencies. Promote investment in tangible assets such as precious metals, real estate, and commodities as a hedge against potential disruptions in the financial system.
    Legal Challenges: Explore legal avenues for challenging the implementation of a one world digital currency. This could involve filing lawsuits alleging violations of antitrust laws, constitutional rights, or international agreements.
    Ultimately, the success of any strategy to defeat a one world digital currency would depend on the efforts of individuals, communities, and organizations committed to preserving financial sovereignty, privacy, and individual autonomy.

    • Dee Lynn

      Allow it to fail ! Then rebuild without using ” the tools ” that built the failed system. Use the Good parts that worked and discard the rest. The only problem is , you have to preserve TRUE history so you can do it and not make the same mistakes ! First thing ? Don’t eat the fruit on that tree like God said not to do ! Simple ………..

  8. sam

    You are so Very PROFOUND…….are you Published?….if not You should be…..bet you are well loved in your neighborhood community….especially during your behavior during the covid lockdown when you so heroically took on the arrogant Bagging Boy from the local grocery store.
    Keep up the wisdom you emit to show us the way.

    • Lori

      Please watch this 12 minute video where it is proven the war in the middle east has been planned for over 100 years by Albert Pike who declared 3 world wars to bring in the NWO:


      Albert Pike was a 33 degree Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry who are a fraternal order that worships Lucifer! He was given a “vision” from Lucifer of 3 world wars described in the first page here!:


      Please do not forget that Lucifer is a god to these Freemasons so they built Washington DC with lots of their symbols to their god as this 5 minute video proves:


      (This is Greg Hunter and I cut this comment. Please put your mind and trust into Jehovah and Christ Jesus, not Albert Pike, Lucifer and the Free Masons. These weasels want you afraid. DON”‘T BE!!!!!!)

      • Lori

        I have put my trust in Jehovah and Christ Jesus as I proved in the rest of the comment you cut off which was encouraging people not to trust in ANY man including “Trump” who is a Scottish Rite Freemason. I will be vindicated when he becomes president and proves who he really is!

        • Twox2

          What happened to the aliens during the eclipse?

          • Galaxy 500

            They were crossing the border in droves. Unless you are talking about the extra terrestrial psych ops

        • Galaxy 500

          Trump is the only choice. YHWH uses the tools that he has. Your position is sill and doesn’t have any logic behind it.
          The Deepest State would not doing everything to keep Trump off the ballot.
          If you don’t vote Trump, you are voting for our destruction

        • Galaxy 500

          I didn’t see any value in the videos that you posted above.
          Just my two cents

      • Mystery of Nature

        People have been deceived about free masonry and don’t even understand the basic symbolism. I am weary of even trying to explain it anymore. It’s a narrow gate and only the called are deserving of this ancient esoteric gnosis. Believe what you want.

        Square the Circle
        Jesus Christ is King
        Psalms 82:6

        Peace be with you


        • Greg Hunter

          Free Mason worship is a gateway to Satan worship. Jesus and Gospel are not secret but open to all. I do agree Jesus Christ is King of Kings.
          Matt 28:18

    • Mike D.

      The United States should be telling the UN to **SHOVE IT**, but it will capitulate under the regime of senile Beijing Biden.

      • sam

        I remember VIVIDLY oh…circa…the 80’s I think….that Donald Trump… wanted the US to take over the UN and let him turn it unto some sort of “World Class” Venue on the site where the building stands….he was IS way ahead of his time…as History will Prove..He wanted to kick out the UN well over 40 years ago….I remember it Clearly

        • Galaxy 500

          And I pray every day that YHWH protects him and his. They will try to murder him. And yet there are fools that say Trump is evil.
          Trump did much good during hir term. Now the scales have fallen from his eyes. And the Elites know Trump will bring YHWY’s righteous wrath upon them.

          • Jerry

            Yes he did, but the question still remains; why the jab and why will he not come out against it?

    • Mike and Ann

      Oh how we love you and love your broadcast Brother Greg. Lord bless you muchly and looking forward to meeting you in heaven. Hopefully soon through the Rapture:-)
      Mike and Ann

      • Greg Hunter

        Blessing back Brother and Sister Ann!!
        Brother Greg

  9. sam

    “Are we under Enemy Occupation?”…..AFFIRMATIVE!
    “Was Barack H. Obama born in America, and is he the antichrist?”………..NO!………………. and second question….. NO! he is just a “fast talkin shoe shine boy”… who got lucky..

  10. Michael Lee Shirey

    DD Sr. Guess you now know what the end-times look like! Fear not. Be amazed. We are witnessing the growing pangs of a new age! It is written. It will be done.

  11. Marie Joy

    1 – The intent was to murder Jews. Israeli leaders, like all leaders, have accepted Billions from communists and, for the money, turn on their people.
    2 – Pope Francis is a globalist/communist, democidal maniac, just like other “leaders”. When Pope Benedict resigned, I knew something was up. They forced Ben to resign to put in the democidal Francis.
    3 – You cannot get pregnany with sodomy. They have a depopulation agenda.
    4 – The clergy are human and like most others, do what they’re told. They may be paid stooges. Most of those who turn on the people are doing it for the money.
    5 – Trump wants to keep us alive. THEY want us DEAD. Trump doesn’t need the money.
    6 – Americans are made to be dumbed down, drugged up lazy fools.
    7 – That’s the way of communists while WE DO NOTHING. Communists count on the laziness and foolishness of all populations to force their DEPOPULATION agenda.
    8 – Hate for Trump and the hat, America and Americans, and to put fear in the hearts of would be patriots. It was a warning to us.
    9 – Whatever they do is to advance their agenda. I am not familiar with this situation.
    10 – NO, I think BHO is a mid level world destroyer used as the face of murderers. They use BHO for smart people and Joe for fools. Their real leaders are way above BHO.

  12. sam

    Alex Newman is an Intellect of the Highest Proportions…and one can sense his authenticity, and genuine concerns when he talks….If there is anyone who should be Taken Seriously it is Alex Newman……..He sees that the “Emperor REALLY has no clothes”… …but goes steps further and tells us WHY…and what should be done to bring back OUR America. to where it should be……

  13. Ron

    Andrew Bridgen MP’s speech to the UK House of Commons about Vaccine deaths, presented by Dr. John Campbell.
    Hundreds of MPs left the House when his debate was announced.

  14. sam

    One Question for ALEX NEWMAN I would ask if he is reading the comments section of this podcast…..
    Mr. Newman, Do you think that Mr.Greg Hunter would make a “Great” Addition to our President Trumps………….. PRESS DEPARTMENT as the Press Secretary?…or at least a position there?

    • John Leigh

      Sam, Please stop bringing this up every chance you get. The Press Secretary job is a difficult one. Greg would need to relocate to DC and most people only last a year at the job at best. Greg is doing a great service where he is at. Stop being a broken record Sam. You are very annoying!

      • wayne hardin

        It is almost like he wants Greg to stop being able to say and do
        what he wants to do.
        Because if he went to DC he could not do what he is doing here .

        Wayne Hardin

        • sam

          wayne hardon…
          “It is almost like he wants Greg to stop being able to say and do what he wants to do”…….you are giving me TOO much Credit….Mr. Greg Hunter can “Speak for Himself”….he don’t need no “mouthpiece…..especially the kind you are…

          • wayne hardin

            Sammy BOY
            Just stating the obvious .
            At least to anybody with eyes opened.

            Wayne Hardin

      • sam

        OH MY!….did I offend you?……OH,ok…just because you are “Offended”….I should quit my Idea that “Might Just Work” for the good of My Country?…..You Just Told Mr. Greg Hunter he “AIN’T GOOD ENOUGH” to work in a International Venue, to work for the American Citizen..To Work for President Trump..(you idiot)………so I Intend to “Double Down”….. I’ll give you MUCH MORE (If Mr Greg Hunter Publishes it) to be “OFFENDED” and ANNOYED by…besides I Knew this would bring out the Koo Koo’s and the “Better than Thou” whackjobs, crybabies, and overall Pseudo Intellectual girly boys……….with a few militarized lezbo commie fems sprinkled in.

        • RueBourbon76

          You type words like you are you some tough SOB only I ain’t convinced.

          • sam

            This is Greg Hunter and I am cutting in here. Sam and Rue,
            Please stop this. We have much bigger problems coming at us. I like you both, by the way.

          • wayne hardin

            Just look over him
            He gets mad when he doesn’t get what he wants .
            Like all name calling childish people do .

  15. geo

    I agree with Alex that the UN is a massive problem. Over the last eight years i have been looking into everything and my view of the world has changed enormously. My current thinking is that the rich and powerful, five hundred years ago, hated the loss of power and have hatched plans over the centuaries to take back power. With front organisations/people to take the blame and administer control. Many organisations, like Club of Rome, could just be distractions so we do not focus on the main power bodies : Central banks, UN, IMF, CIA, BIS, World Bank. I am of the opinion that many of their technologies are not as good as they would like us to think. Their biggest weapons are propaganda, information and financial control. To fight back we need to take financial control and that means buy silver. Silver is the money of the people and more people understand it and transact with it the less power they have. One ounce of silver used to equate to 10 days pay for a manual worker, and when it returns to this level we know we are winning.

    • sam

      Excellent…good thinking, geo….bet we coulda been beer drinkin buddies if we crossed paths , at least I would like to think so……….Ag…(.first)…then…XRP…XLM…and Theta Token………these are my humble bets for the near future………

  16. sam

    The House of Reps…..is CORRUPT…ALL of em should be replaced with REAL AMERICANS…..BING.BAM.BOOM!….simple

    • sam

      C’mon sam!……You mean to tell us to “Throw the baby out with the bathwater”….YES…and if they are any good at all….they’ll be back….the rest should be tried for TREASON…the WHOLE SHEBANG!….the Innocent will be re-installed..

      • Truck Drivin Man

        Sam, Hey Bo, Bro,
        Your a professional deep state neo-con man trouble maker and you don’t fool anybody here. You can fool some of the sheeple some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time, you two timeing son of a gun!
        Were the American people Sam and were taking the country back and nothins gonna stop us, no matter how many talks with or what the CIA pulls, we aint no Mike Johnson! Were the people, try and lick that!
        I aint bragging, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpcDqNdUiZw MACHO MAN TRUMPA
        You Can’t Buck the TRUCK, The Buck stops Here Mate!

        • sam

          “The Buck stops Here Mate!”…..you just UnMasked yourself…you pome’s posting on an American website are “NOT THAT SMART”….mate!

          • Truck Drivan Buddy

            I’m a Navy man stupid, and I aint never been to Oz, mate!

        • Galaxy 500

          I remember my Daddy saying something to the effect…
          Those that can do, those that can’t try to burn everything down to ground out of spite.
          Wonder if Dad met Sam…

  17. sam

    Smile of the Day…..”They don’t even trust their bodyguards…”………………funny and heartwarming.

    • Galaxy 500

      Great observation Sam.
      The evil elite are guarded by serious men. Men who may well take everything the elites have when the Shiite hits the turbine. Evil is not a good reliable partner, even to and maybe especially to other evil.

  18. Chris

    The biggest problem humanity has always had is not the psychopaths and sociopaths that want to control and rule over it. They are actually quite few in number and not inclined to risk life and limb for anything or anyone. It’s the “order takers” they hire as mercenaries to do the strong arm stuff for them. I include the knuckled headed cops who think when they take a phony oath they have to break heads on behalf of some psychos in power when the people rise up and rebel. And when it comes to war abroad, the fools that sign up to get killed or maimed for the same psychos in power (as opposed to signing up to defend your country from attack). Until these types get a change of mentality the power mad loons will always dominate the mass of humanity and destroy them in any way they deem effective. They have no conscience.

  19. sam

    where are all these Pseudo Intellects who Pontificate on USAWATCHDOG.COM all the time about how smart they are ?……Who….first….had the crazy idea that Mr. Greg Hunter is Qualified to be President Trumps PRESS SECRETARY?……….I think that guy should be banned from the net because “He sometimes HURT You’re FEELINGS”….because he called out something that was true ……but……you didn’t like…

  20. rod shonts

    Palestinian father tries to get his child killed

    The BRITISH Military and NATO Military Specialists Were Wiped Out In ODESSA and KYIV_ Mal 23K views 10 hours ago
    The fact is, it is beneficial for the west and the US., that the countries of the world think that the armed forces of Ukraine are losing due to a shortage of shells and not because western weapons turned out to be useless against the Russki army! Patriot missile systems cost 2+ billion each.
    Moreover the topic of the so called munitions famine also helps O’Biden to continue to criticize non-RINO republicans and accuse them of killing democracy in Ukraine. Little wonder that the NATO block have announced all out war, because they’re very scared!
    Many foreign soldiers and mercenaries are dying in Ukraine. Unfortunately, their governments, who sent them there, are afraid to tell the people the truth because of political and social ramifications.
    Mike Johnson’s 61 $billion a fiasco? If the previous billions couldn’t change anything, will this stash do the trick?

  21. sam

    “us boys”……….who are you trying to gaslight?…..you were NEVER part of “us boys”….you NEVER were and NEVER will be a “United States Military Veteran”…you either were a DRAFT DODGER COWARD like that jerry celente guy…or……YOU Cowardly waited it out on the “Sidelines” …not pitching in….”….you got aloa NERVE!….”US BOYS” my dupa!

    • Laura Ann

      Military drafts in any country world wide is a form of slavery, like the captive slaves in the Roman empire who were trained to be gladiators to entertain the Roman leaders. The U.S. hasn’t won a war since 1950 to present. Truman failed to let gen. MacArthur finish and withdrew. Most of these wars were lost because of default (cut and run like V nam and Afghanistan) Desert storm turned into desert shield, and no victory was attained either. Wars are faught in Washington for the military industrial complex. Men enlist today to fight other countries wars, either for the adventure or avoid living on the streets or nor learning a trade after graduation.

      • sam

        ” Men enlist today”………We ain’t talkin bout “today” lady….

    • All Man PartTan


      • sam

        so are drag queens…..you aussie in disquised as All Man Part Tan….so…Tie me Kangaroo Down, sport.

      • Galaxy 500

        LOL… big broad shoulders? And here it I thought it was just the shoulder pads in his frock. Thanks for the correction

  22. Marie Joy

    Easy times made us soft.
    A lot of us have Lyme Disease and our traitorous doctors call it Anything But Lyme. It’s part of the depopulation Agenda. Lyme is expensive to treat properly.
    WE need to be in better shape, in every way.
    Is there, necessarily, an antiChrist? WHY do we think there is an antiChrist?
    Does the Bible talk of the antiChrist?
    Please excercise more than you do.
    Please find your inner bitch and use it.
    My internet is in and out for 2? days in CT.
    Woodstoves. Hide your wood.
    Inner bitch, people.

  23. Marie Joy

    In CT, beginning of fishing season… Yesterday was a big day. Restaurants were FULL. Everyone was happy. This is a big weekend. Lakes are stocked by the state.
    You need a license to fish from your own property. After the initial investment, fishing gives you free food.

    • Laura Ann

      Unless you really love the sport and having to spend money on fishing gear, it’s way cheaper to go to the local market and get some cod or salmon. I fished for trout as a kid w/ g’parents using salmon eggs.

      • Galaxy 500

        My Fathers property had a creek and artesian wells fed pond . Much pleasure from fishing and the food was free. If I owned that property I would set up a few mini hydro generators and build a castle with a moat. Might end up with it yet.

  24. James macareo

    Give it there best shot!

  25. Rod S.

    NATO Didn’t See It Coming: Russian Saboteurs Attacked Military Plants In BRITAIN and The U.S. /Mal 9.7K views 6 hours ago
    Americans didn’t do this! Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas should be fired for this! Chris Wray too, the guy who can’t lie with a straight face, for sitting on his hands and Hunters lap top, watching the country go to pot! Letting millions of foreign agents into our homeland. These guys are enablers. They should be enabled out of the country along with the saboteurs! If these foreign agents kill anybody, they’ll be Hell to pay!

    • Ted Butler

      Rod S.,
      With the ATTACK ON General Dynamics and BEA Systems,
      after blocking Alejandro Mayorkas’ impeachment trial. Dems’ border plan is to hope no one’s watching!
      It’s obvious why Democrats blocked an impeachment for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Wednesday: A public debate would’ve focused attention on his — and his boss’s, Biden’s handler’s catastrophic failure to enforce the law and stem the migrant tsunami tidal wave and even more future foreign agent prevaricator attacks on the homeland.
      Yet the move leaves the deep states stooges Mayorkas, Biden and fellow Dems with no plan to fix the problem, other than let’s hope people stop paying attention.
      True, the Democrats who control the Senate were never going to convict one of their own partners in crime.
      Even if they did, Biden could simply replace him with someone who’d act in the exact same way.
      Yet debate could’ve been useful, illuminating Biden’s handler’s epic border fails.
      In another way to bury the issue, the prez and his staff have hinted for months that after three years of chaos he’s finally considering the use of executive orders to crack down — particularly as the November election grows closer and migrant madness is a huge issue for the voters.
      In a televised interview this month, Biden noted outright that his handler’s may shift course on the border based on language in Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.
      Yet so far . . . bupkis.
      Even as migrants continue to rush the razor wire and exploit Biden’s handler’s (illegal) “legal pathways” into the country.
      Why are his handler’s hesitating? For the same reason they allowed — and encouraged — the lunacy from the start: fear of those on the take, of the make, of the Chi-com’s open-border. Who’ll go ballistic for fear of the stop of the money flow of the Chinese communists if they truly toughened enforcement.
      Biden’s handler’s are worried that an executive order based on Section 212(f) might not stand up in court.
      Bull: As noted, the law’s language gives them clear authority “to suspend the entry of all aliens” if it’s “detrimental to the interests of the United States.”
      President Donald Trump issued several executive orders on that basis, only to see Biden rescind them starting on Day 1.
      Meanwhile, border encounters this fiscal year, 1.7 million through March, are set to blow away last year’s record-high figure of 3.2 million.
      Migrants are overwhelming cities like New York, costing taxpayers billions. Cartels have exploited the situation by smuggling in drugs and criminals.
      Biden’s team, of the deep state criminal cabal is making a huge mistake, not only by allowing the insanity to continue but by hoping enough Americans won’t be watching.
      Sorry, Mr. President: They will be! As we have been already,
      @ USAWatchdog.com
      Count on us to make everyone — Democrats and Republicans alike — well aware of the enormous damage your border fecklessness has caused.

      • sam

        You can’t be …..”THE”…Ted Butler who taught me all about Silver… oh…. starting about 2006 when you wrote for “Investment Rarities”….I Loved your Articles….

    • Ted B.

      Homeland Insecurity? Has come to these shores?
      __-Brought to You by Whom? Who’s at Fault Here?
      IS IT US, or them. Whose at Fault?
      Protect Our Front line Defense Here at Home
      BAE Systems unveils $39 million Fort Wayne headquarters

      PROTECT THE PEOPLE Protecting the Homeland

    • Jul's Vernon

      NATO Commander Warns of Russian “Undersea Hybrid Warfare” | Vantage with Palki Sharma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRZ_vx86cUU
      The world’s emails, TikToks, classified memos, bank transfers, satellite surveillance, and FaceTime calls travel on cables that are about as thin as a garden hose. There are about 800,000 miles of these skinny tubes crisscrossing the Earth’s oceans, representing nearly 600 different systems, according to the industry tracking organization TeleGeography. The cables are buried near shore, but for the vast majority of their length, they just sit amid the gray ooze and alien creatures of the ocean floor, the hair-thin strands of glass at their center glowing with lasers encoding the world’s data.
      If, hypothetically, all these cables were to simultaneously break, modern civilization would cease to function. The financial system would immediately freeze. Currency trading would stop; stock exchanges would close. Banks and governments would be unable to move funds between countries because the Swift and US interbank systems both rely on submarine cables to settle over $10 trillion in transactions each day. In large swaths of the world, people would discover their credit cards no longer worked and ATMs would dispense no cash. As US Federal Reserve staff director Steve Malphrus said at a 2009 cable security conference, “When communications networks go down, the financial services sector does not grind to a halt. It snaps to a halt.”
      A world at war wouldn’t take much to snap it, here’s the hero’s standing by, ever intelligent, guardians of our present civilization dependent of online communication, commerce ect, ad nauseam!

  26. Stephen Ryals

    Greg , what are your going to do about it? Talk. U act like this can be fixed? Letting people know the trype of bullet in the gun and marksmen name what he eat for dinner. His genetic DNA alteration and bang ur shot in the head. Who cares. Talk doesn’t change anything it’s actually tourcher to keep rubbing in. How they do this. Bang. What are u going to do? Nothing

    • Greg Hunter

      I am a reporter. I report information and analysis and the truth. What are YOU going to do to fix it. I am working here.

      • Galaxy 500

        Stephen claims that talk, that words do nothing. Please ignore this silliness. You have saved many people for the Bioweapon, me included. Your words have exposed the Government misdeeds, as in the evil of DU and how the Government was conveniently ignoring the known dangers.
        Speaking the truth in the open, truth to power, you have paid a great price for being an honest God-Fearing man. Steve wouldn’t understand.
        I would love to know what Steve has done to effect change.

    • Laura Ann

      S. Ryals and everyone here: America is dead as a door nail. All we can do is prepare, stockpile items and defend our community, form groups likeminded. Politicians have sold out to globalism here’s proof:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl7alzJEgHU This could be the only hope left:https://stateofthenation.co/?p=222386

  27. Garry

    Let the filthly dogs bark; pick a side and choose the Lord there is nothing to fear ,whatever we must face will be made bearable as though it is nothing. Stand firm.

  28. John Pick

    The Bible Books of Daniel and Revelation point to the United Nations as being the 8th and final Ungodly Human World Power Government to stand in opposition to Jehovah God aod His Kingdom to come un Heaven AND of Earth.
    Thank you Greg and Alex for your tireless works.

  29. Galaxy 500

    Great interview! Thanks for having Alex Newman on.
    What other nation in history has paid the lion share for an organization that seeks the destruction of that magnanimous nation?
    What country pays the cost to have spies and evil men to come to their country and spit on that nation, robs, rape and murder its people?

  30. Galaxy 500

    When old timers like us went to school, we were taught HOW to think as opposed to WHAT to think.
    That is the easily definable difference between education and inculcation.
    Heck, in our Father’s Day. A HS education was comparable to a modern 4 year college degree.

    • Galaxy 500

      This isn’t meant to say what we had then was perfect but it is better than what is going on now.

  31. Galaxy 500

    War typically kills your best and brightest, your strongest men, the ones that would have the best children raised by men of strong wills and good values…
    These are the people that the Elites want dead and they damn well don’t want them to need and raise strong Christian men…
    Greg, I pray for YHWH, if it is HIS Will, to save our once great nation, to expose the High Minions, the Principalities of Power and bring them to desolation with HIS righteous wrath. I pray for Trump and his family. And I pray that the scales will fall from the eyes of those that voted these Demons into office in the past.

  32. Bradley

    Could not agree more Timmy. The one law I would love to see pass is “No politician serving the American People shall have dual citizenship with Israel (or any so called nation)”. War is nothing but a population control meat grinder….one of many prongs of this ongoing genocide. Of course it keeps the military industrial complex flush with taxpayer funded riches. This evil goes deeper than Greg wants to report on. Many journalists I like have a common flaw which I cannot say here as it would cause Greg to censor my comment to you.

  33. Gonzalo Lrip

    breaking news (21 April 2024): Israeli War Cabinet expected to convene tonight at 17:30 (local time). Israeli time zone is seven hours ahead of US eastern time zone.

    Is this the moment of the “Israeli Mistake” foretold by Clif High’s data? If so, then here is a dramatic simulation of what is going to happen tonight:

  34. JAC

    Alex has given us a wealth of knowledge- always enjoy his articulate way of speaking. Thank you Greg for your wonderful podcasts, I learn so much from your guests.

  35. Mark (UK)

    Planned for a long time…


    https://www.bitchute.com/video/OOErwrG5KZdH/ (1 min)

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy Walt with his father–satan. I’ll bet Walt does not feel the same way now.

    • Frank [US]

      WOWSER! My GOD! Were there, Mark! Kingdom Come.
      The Battle of the Ages Betwixt Good & Evil, Bring it On!

    • Galaxy 500

      This is eye popping AND verifiable. I used to respect Cronkite because I saw him on TV with NASA and didn’t pay much attention to News in my youth.
      Wow, bitter pill Hell… Give up sovereignty?
      Thank you for sharing this

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree 500!!

  36. Galaxy 500

    Booster up Garth… LOL. These poor dimwits in the Mendacious Skat-eating Media are very similar to Jim Jones’ Koolaid drinkers.

    Ok Watchdogs, share up. In a kind, sensible way.
    You can’t argue with stupid, nor can you fix it.
    You also can’t save stupid, they will pull you down and drown you out of spit if nothing else.
    Many are called but few are chosen. We are being chosen to protect ourselves, our families, and our constitution.

  37. Cheri Rodriguez

    The guy next door or down the street isn’t the enemy? He is if he’s blasting his car stereo so loud my windows are shaking. Or he’s got a criminal record a mile long. Or he’s a registered sex offender. Or he’s able bodied but refuses to work. Or he’s a shoplifter, squatter, drug dealer, car thief, computer hacker or credit card scammer. Or he’s with a bunch of other guys on illegal ATVs doing street takeovers. Or he’s Antifa/BLM. Give those people a Covid booster shot every month. Or as Greg says, stick them in a concrete room with a drain in the middle of the floor.

  38. Laura Ann

    The disease of nihilism and lack of critical thinking skills affects over ninty percent of adults. Many excel in their profession/trade but not much else. Kids in public schools learn little and are taught globalist agendas and confusing gender classes. Severe lack of alpha males is an enigma. Things will continue to deteriorate.

  39. Stephen Ryals

    Actually people don’t need to know. Because they sent going to do squat. The Bible never said plegde allegence to a flag or worship a country. Or a constitutional delusional. Never said pay tax for abortion and war and vax. So do something, talking isn’t doing anything. You can’t talk to evil or warn about evil. Evil has to be fough. Talking isn’t doing anything good. Reporting isn’t doing anything. U can’t fight what yue Bible says is coming. Futile waste of time.

  40. Brianroy

    The new FISA bill turns everything electronic into a piggyback spy unit. Just commenting here, communicating here, or making a purchase on-line, or having any interaction with anything that can be a company entity can now be used against us in 2024 and 2025 once it is signed. Congress exempted itself so it only must have warrants secured by judges to have FISA used against them, so Swalwell and others can get their Foreign Asset Cash and commit Treason a lot more.
    Congress has illegally passed a violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution which reads:
    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
    They also violate the First Amendment
    “Congress shall make no law …abridging the freedom of speech….”
    Which the new FISA intends to do, being critical of every word and accusing every thought behind every word as though one of guilt, until proven innocent, it seems to me. Why else would they now soon be able to lock us from our bank accounts and deny us the ability to work or obtain income except they hold that view under a new and illegal manifestation they label the FISA Law?

  41. Galaxy 500

    Very eye opening…
    They have been stoking division for decades and their last, latest push is to promote lawlessness. Even showing that the FBI, CIA, DOJ is a political arm of the DNC (Demonic Nation-Breaking Corruption).
    If civil war doesn’t break out as the feral humans go wild, then the Elites have plan B, Chinese, South American and Middle Eastern terrorists. What better way to take over is have the useful idiots begging for protection from the terrorist that Beijing Biden has let flood across the border.
    In rural areas, these feral humans and terrorists are not going to fair well here. We are tired of being robbed under color of law (taxation) or out and out robbed by illegals stealing their SSNs and or all the tax dollars previous stolen from the little guys. And let’s not forget the job losses and lower wages these thieving illegals cause. Oh, and the how about the actual theft, rapes and murders by these illegal feral scoundrels.
    Our wonderful vets are beggared while these criminals prosper. They are putting Vietnam Vets out of their retirement homes to house these F’ing illegals.
    There is a storm coming and these criminal corrupt politicians and elites think they will sit things out and have their Glenmorangie and Rémy Martin Louis XIII (both my Faves … haven’t bought any Louis XIII in 30 years. Was going to Europe a lot and I brought several bottles of good stuff back each trip. I have 1 sealed bottle left and I plan to crack the seal when the shooting starts (WW III). Won’t be any point in saving it at that point… LOL) while the masses can’t even get clean water (if you haven’t bought at least 1 Dry Element system while you can get them you will be very sorry).
    The elites plan to force you into FEMA camps, you will be disarmed, everything you own will be confiscated and you are going to watch your wife and children be raped and slaughtered. Don’t worry, they will do you too…
    And people will be enticed into going into these ready made concentration camps with the promise of food and water. All those people who had the latest iPhone, bought (er ah hmm leased a new car every 2-3 years) a new cars regular, rent their homes like their cars. People that could have tightened their belts a little and been sitting pretty. People who could have had power over their own lives and the lives of their families are either to go to the camps, going to be in roaring bands of feral humans or illegals, or the beneficiaries of great evil.
    There may still be time. If you can feed your family for 30 days, you can plan. If you can feed for 6 months and protect them… you have a plan.
    YHWH bless you and keep all my fellow supporters safe. Time is the devourer of all things.

    • Laura Ann

      FEMA response teams are pastors who will tell their flock to go to FEMA camps to get food and water, etc. They are false prophets and running these 501c3 social center churches and are gatekeepers for the globalists UN agenda 2030. Ditch these gov. corp. churches now folks and home church or meet in private settings w/ small groups for fellowship. also can go to: sermon audio.com for real preaching.

  42. JudithKG

    May they S___ the bed NIGHTLY !!!!

  43. Susan R

    Alex reveals his beliefs and hopes telling us he is expecting his sixth child. His life is devoted to helping this planet survive. The fix has to be every one of us being able to embody this intent and expressing it in encounters daily. We all have an energy body that can be sensed by those who are aware. I sense others who range on the scale from scared shitless and therefore dangerous, to those who think they are invincible and therefore dangerous. Those who inhabit the middle area are capable of being trusted. In a place like NYC, I would generally not try to interpret the masses, just be Grayman. When the time comes that would shut us all in, may we be ready and aware of God in every breath.

  44. Marie Joy

    THEY don’t dare allow an election because they know which way it will go.
    The people coming north will kill, rape, maim and destroy.
    Any American citizen, who is antigun, is a fool.
    FORTIFY, sooner, rather than later.
    Churches are C3s and will do what their government tells them. C3s get financial benefits from the government.
    Woodstoves and hide your wood.
    Get away from other people, out of the burbs. Hide you and your garden, best possible.
    IF you keep your morality, you will die.
    Long term, Billions, not millions of dead.
    Be careful of your doctors.
    WE know it’s coming and do nothing.
    Encourage your Federal Credit Union to become a State Credit Union. State Credit Unions tend to be less corrupt.
    Bitchy is Better, when necessary, and may save your life.
    Don’t go looking for trouble but, if it finds you…
    We need to be stronger.

  45. Felix

    Love alex Newman he is a lover of CHRIST and a true humanitarian.Very well spoken and speaks truth all day long,unfortunately to many Americans have been dumbed down.I tell people all the time to start prepping they look at me like I am an alien,oh well I keep trying.Love you all at USA watchdog nation

  46. Randy

    Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” So what does that mean? MMM ARE YOU RAPTURE READY??

  47. H. Craig Bradley


    Reference: Alex Newman’s video at 16:53 minutes on his video, as well.

    An informed electorate is necessary for the proper functioning of our (Constitutional) Republic. Our Republic was designed ONLY for a moral people, sure not a secular or Apostate country. Otherwise, it does not work and breaks-down, as is the current trend. Our own collective values and contemporary culture does nothing but further empower big (socialistic) government and the U.N., as well.

  48. DJW

    There is no question Alex Newman is brilliant, I have so much respect for his razor sharp analysis on almost all fronts.
    Still I think he, and others, need to exercise some caution regarding Trump and not so boldly declare him as de facto the enemy of the globalists.
    The theatrics of media and officialdom do not constitute evidence of anything other than their stunning ability to coordinate a unanimous narrative and attack.
    The left wing nuts and media whores may be genuine and convincing in their clueless frenzy but the objective of those who are orchestrating the drama may be singularly focused on legitimizing Trump as counter establishment in the eyes of the awakening patriots. The Trojan Horse is an ancient strategy.
    I hope this is not true but it is naive to not consider the possibility given the facts.
    What does the evidence really tell us?
    Consider covid. Consider Trump’s role in the genocidal attack.
    Consider pre-election Trump – ‘Hillary’s a criminal and will go to jail’…followed by post-election Trump – ‘Bill and Hillary are great people….’.
    The revolutionary spirit that the United States needs in order to recover their stolen republic could easily be usurped by such a ploy.
    One has to wonder why someone as brilliant as Alex, or as savvy a veteran reporter as you Greg, will not even discuss this obvious possibility.
    Trump – the reality show host and WWF dramatist – has lied and postured with the best of the criminal politicians…why are you trying to convince your viewers that Trump is with us and is ‘clearly the enemy of the deep state’ when the evidence does not support that view?

    • Greg Hunter

      The globalist have declared Trump as an enemy. Trump has 4 court cases with dozens of felony counts. Would they do this to someone they wish to put back into power? Your analysis does support your view dumbass, and use a real name. It will mean more.
      You have nothing to say about nearly a $100 billion going to foreign wars while $0 was spent on the border. Really???? TRUMP IS THE PROBLEM???????

      • DJW

        How does a 100 billion going to foreign wars have anything to do with my comment? Did you deduce from my comment that I must be a supporter of the Biden show? Give me a break.
        Why do you think I’m a dumbass for not understanding why Trump owns the kill shot to this day?.
        What’s your explanation smarty pants?
        The media and officialdom have already orchestrated more complex plots than an attack on Trump. Why is that so implausible? If they deep state didn’t want him where he is he would already be dead. And if Trump were truly battling against evil then he should be naming the evil…all of it ….LOUDLY.
        He had the ultimate platform for four years…nothing about 911, geoengineering etc etc Bill and Hillary great people etc etc.

        • Greg Hunter

          You can’t be this stupid??? But I guess you are. DON NOT COMMENT AGAIN unless you use a real verifiable name TROLL!!!!!!

          • DJW


            • Greg Hunter

              Says the TROLL WEASEL THAT GOES BY “DJW” This was your last comment.

            • Galaxy 500

              Yes you are but what am I… LOL
              So you don’t get paid unless you can push your agenda

        • Galaxy 500

          Wow, Trump isn’t perfect but he is just the man we need. Do you honestly believe he was given all the information on what was going on?

  49. H. Craig Bradley


    Greg hunter has an agenda. . . . (This is Greg Hunter and I cut off your troll comment. Yes, I do have an agenda, and that is to stop jackass trolls like you from standing on my roof with a bag on your head and shout out stupid crazy crap. Stand on your roof and spew all the crap you wish. Start your own site. It’s easy man!!

  50. Maria

    Biden’s immigration policy (flooding America with illegals) is a Threat to Public Safety, a Threat to us Keeping our Homes (because of higher school taxes needing to be paid to educate all these illegals placed into our neighborhoods ) and Biden’s push for World War III is a dire threat to the very Lives of our Children who will be asked (or simply be drafted) to fight and die to protect other peoples borders!!

  51. Michael

    You can call me whatever you wish, but I have to say it again….it is time to take matters into our own hands. Draw your line in the sand….whatever that is for you. Do not negotiate that line in the sand. Once it is crossed, it’s time to take action.
    I wonder how many of those 500K dead soldiers in Ukraine thought someone would come and save the day?
    I wonder how many of the approx. 60 million killed in WW2 thought someone would swoop in and save them.
    Believe in yourself, believe in your value as a human being….and know, we are all going to pass from the physical plane….while we are here, it is inherent within us to be the free.

    “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death”
    Patrick Henry

  52. Prospector

    The U.N and its backers can plan ….. but can they enforce it all , or even some ?

    Roundtable discussion with LTC. Steven Murray and Matt Bracken gives some very sobering thoughts about the next six months, elections ( or not ) supply chains and methods of control vs. non-compliance. Worth the listen.
    (Adult language at times )


  53. sissi


    The World Health Organization (WHO)’s 194 member nations are being asked to vote on two documents in the last week of May that will transfer unprecedented powers from our nations to the World Health Organization. Here’s what is happening:

    1. A new Pandemic Treaty is being proposed that would legalize the worldwide use of experimental, liability-free vaccines, impose health censorship and much more.

    2. Major amendments to the International Health Regulations are being proposed that give the WHO the power to impose worldwide lockdowns, vaccine mandates and much more.

    If either one of these two documents passes, it will be a massive blow to our civil rights, our Constitution, our national sovereignty and our individual freedoms. Both documents are considered international treaties and are intended to be biding (obligatory).

    1. Nations will be forced to pass laws to allow unlicensed, rapidly-produced and liability-free vaccines to be used for future “pandemics”.

    2. The WHO will be able to order global vaccine mandates, lockdowns, quarantines and border closures.

    3. The WHO Director-General (who isn’t a doctor) would decide which treatments you will get, which treatments you will be prevented from getting, and which information you and your doctor will be allowed to see.

    4. The WHO will require nations to surveil their citizens’ online activities and censor all information that does not agree with the WHO’s health narratives.

    5. The WHO is building a biowarfare agent library: requiring that nations share “potential pandemic pathogens” (a.k.a. biological warfare agents), decode their genomes in high containment labs, and place their sequences online in public databases – virtually guaranteeing lab escapes and more pandemics.

    6. The WHO is negotiating major amendments to its International Health Regulations in the backroom, behind closed doors, and we may not find out what is in them until after they have been voted on. Why so much secrecy?

    7. The WHO removed the words “human rights, dignity and freedom of persons” from the International Health Regulations amendments. The WHO thinks your basic human rights are negotiable!

    8. The proposed Treaty gives the WHO a blank check to spend on pandemic preparedness. How much will it cost? No one is saying, but estimates suggest the WHO budget could increase from 4 to 30 billion dollars a year or more.

    9. The WHO intends to enforce compliance. “National IHR Authorities” in every country will coordinate with the WHO’s compliance committee and implementation committees to compel compliance. The 2 documents will be binding (compulsory) for every nation.

    10. When will all this go into effect? The Treaty will go into effect for countries that ratify it after one month, which could be as early as July 2024. The Amendments will take 12 months after passage, or end of May 2025 if they are passed.

    We must #StopTheWHO Now!

    Our organizations DoortoFreedom.org and the SovereigntyCoalition.org have much more information about what’s happening at the World Health Organization, and we provide updated alerts on how you can take action to stop this!

    Call to action


    Please share this information far and wide. Your silence gives them consent.

    • Laura Ann

      Me and others will stand on first amend. right to speak out and religious exemptions for medical treatments/vaccines. People must know their rights, most do not and don’t care.

  54. Prospector

    As soon as the commie RINO’s vote to pass billions $$$$ in ” aid ” for Israel and Ukraine the Israel war cabinet goes back into session ? What timing !!

    The vote is for more war , everywhere.

  55. douglas

    it’s absolutely time to stop the noodle-arms.
    no amount of money should entitle anyone to usurp the rights of the people.
    if you want to see where this all goes, read the book “mao”. once he achieved power he cared NOTHING for the people who supported him, going so far as to bury his own soldiers ALIVE when they required supplies.
    there is no love in these people folks.
    every bunker has an airhole somewhere.

  56. Douglas

    …and they are abolutely right about this being very dangerous for their “democrazy”

  57. Graham Leadbeatter

    I think that almighty God is about to call full time so let’s not be too concerned.

  58. Lora

    Thank you Greg and Alex.
    A media active, ANTI-Israel, PRO-Palestinian, Hama supporter told me that there is ZERO proof that the BILLIONS of US dollars given to Iran are used to support terror networks against Israel.
    I say of course Iran (who despises US/Israel) are funding terrorism with US dollars!…why wouldn’t they!
    I would like to provide these antisemitic, misinformed followers of this man some proof/food for thought regarding this particular connection (because they request some sources to study).
    Do you have any helpful information that I can forward on?
    Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you believe in the Easter Bunny and Peter Pan too?

      • Lora

        I don’t think that you read or understood my entire message. I’m not a Hamas supporter and I believe that US money sent to Iran is used for terrorism (it’s only logical to me that a country that hates the US and Israel are doing so).
        I was just wondering with all your guests that you interview if there is a history of videos/links/supportive evidence from any of your previous guests that might help to open the eyes of unbelievers regarding the specific LINK between US funds sent to Iran and Iran’s use of these funds for terrorism, so that I can pass the educational information on to those I mentioned in my previous inquiry, and maybe to a couple of family unbelievers. For
        this you ask me if I believe in the Easter Bunny/Peter Pan? When really all you had to say in response to my inquiry is “no I don’t have such Information etc.

        • Greg Hunter

          My bad, I misunderstood. I am attacked 24/7 because of the information I put out. I am sorry. I don ‘t have that information.

          • Lora

            Thank you Greg. You’ve always been my truth hero, and I refer your site to everyone who is willing to listen/learn. I’d never attack you. God Bless!

  59. Mark Harris

    Like my T-Shirt says on the front, “I used to be a people person… then people ruined it.”

  60. Carol Bolt

    Wow Greg. That UN bunch scares me. Everyone is scared and they don’t see a light at this horrible tunnel the world is heading toward. I am hoping Trump does get back in but honestly the Dems have gone scorched earth on everything. What will he have left to work with? I think this whole mess worldwide is by design. Everything is crazy. The old values we had are gone for many of us. I see your roll as one of educator to us so we can see what is happening around us. Thanks for doing that. I resent anyone taking issue with you on not doing enough. Each of us is doing what we can no matter how big or small it may be. Prayer counts. Actions count. Just being good to others helps. Keeping Faith helps. Stay strong and stay close to God. He is in charge anyway. Love to you Greg and all in here.

    • Galaxy 500

      They scare me too. Back in the lat 70s when I was really into shooting, we bought a bunch of surplus WW II helmets and light blue spray paint, as close as we could get to UN Blue. And went to my Daddy’s land in the country. All I can say is it really contrasts well with open sight and even cheap optics. With good quality optics, they might as well have a homing beacon on… LOL. We could hit them easily at 600 yards with Garands and open sights.
      But that was long ago and far away. Don’t really do that anymore but it was tons of fun. Like the time we tried to recreate Oswald shots using same rifle and scope. We had the angles, heights and a moving target set up on wires with a step motor pulling it at a constant speed. And by the way, Oswald barely qualified for his rifleman’s badge. Marksman is the lowest level of achievement and that was Oswald.
      And the Greatest American Sniper in Vietnam, Carlos Hancock, said Oswald wasn’t capable just like our little test showed. Did anyone ever wonder why Oswald’s rifle was never ballistics tested? Did anyone ask why the FBI let one of the most important rifles in history become rusted junk.
      All I have is questions these days and I know the answers I am being feed are lies

  61. Coal Burner

    Drop a nuke on the UN meeting coming in September.
    Someone please do that! Let the wars start with the UN and WEF, let it be put under first.

    • Carol Bolt

      Yes Coal…Let it be so. Amen!

  62. Brianroy

    Before they ban us…just for you, a link of Big Tent Revival’s “If Loving God Was A Crime” or you can search it and watch it separately. It is so appropriate now with the New FISA Law gong into effect. I am NOT asking you post this. Just to listen to it. Thank you kindly. In Christ Jesus, Brian

  63. Jeff Nunn

    And who exactly owns and controls the big banks that have initiated all these wars throughout history and benefitted from them further enrich themselves and drive their demonic agenda? Let’s not be deceived any longer. We know exactly who that is.

  64. Coal Burner

    I have said myself, they will be first, along with the Media, they won’t get away. They have the wealth and deserve the vengeance.
    They would be lucky if Trump gets them, Trump is benevolent and will keep most of them alive.

    Covid, I caught a muted case from my adult daughter two weeks after she took the vax. She was feeling bad and I knew at the time??? I just felt that I was being hammered by the spikes. I took Ivermectin and offered it too her. She may have taken a dose I gave her but being a Doctor would not admit it helped her. But one dose did help her. That may have started turning her but I think she finally realized she had been scammed. A few times I persuaded my wife to take it and it helped her. I have taken any tome I thought I was exposed.

  65. Tarey

    Alex Newman is a national (international) treasure and a master excavator of the truth! His knowledge of current key topics is so broad and deep, it supersedes that of all self-appointed geo-political analysts who have largely ignored speaking of Agenda 30 because of their covert allegiance to the CCP or the UN/NWO. Becoming familiar with the prophecy of the Eastern Orthodox Christian prophets, I have learned that in the coming 20 years the world will be at its most turbulent, bloody, and transformational in the history of the world. Thank you, Alex and Greg! You are appreciated more than you know.

  66. Warren B.

    The Depopulation scheme has been going on for centuries.
    Every 100 years or so to be exact.
    They invent narratives to suit the times and the causes of the required (predetermined) culling process.
    The agenda is, on face value – to reduce the population. But as with all sinister things….they have ulterior motives…..one of which is to ensure that our true history/past is slowly but surely eradicated from the minds of the knowledgable. The concentration of power becomes even more acute….in sync with the loss of freedom and individuality.

  67. Mike D.

    I’ve fasted for 7 days, and I wasn’t even close to thinking about cannibalism. I’ve talked to people that have fasted for much longer, and they never thought about it either. Bottom line is that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  68. S W

    Why has Mike Johnson surrendered to the deepstate?
    Suspicious letter with white powder sent to Speaker Mike Johnson’s church:

    The FBI is now investigating a letter laced with a white powder that was mailed to Speaker Mike Johnson’s church in Louisiana, where his wife has an office.

    The criminals are investigating themselves.


  69. Tim Horton

    Canadians CANNOT Afford To EAT! Economy Failed with @jonflynn Market Mania 🇨🇦 25K views 13 hours ago
    @truthteller6743 12 hours ago
    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered….” Thomas Jefferson

    The REAL Reason No One Wants To Work Anymore
    Damon Cassidy 215,026 views Apr 7, 2024

  70. April Ray

    Attempted Nuclear Attack? F-35 Shoot Down?
    Was Israel Going to Nuke Iran as Pepe Escobar’s Source Claims? | Ray McGovern Dialogue Works 129K views 1 day ago Israeli

    Sergey Lavrov’s Significant Interview as Russia is Winning | Ray McGovern/Dialogue Works 10,377 views Apr 22, 2024 Interviews

    Ray came to Washington from his native Bronx in the early Sixties as an Army infantry/intelligence officer and then served as a CIA analyst for 27 years, from the administration of John F. Kennedy to that of George H. W. Bush. Ray’s duties included chairing National Intelligence Estimates and preparing the President’s Daily Brief, which he briefed one-on-one to President Ronald Reagan’s five most senior national security advisers from 1981 to 1985.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not trust or believe any former CIA assets because they cannot go on the air and talk freely without permission from headquarters–period. So I call Bullshit on this.

      • sam

        “they cannot go on the air and talk freely without permission from headquarters–period”…………..eye opener for me…..never thought about that…the statement is UNDENIABLE

        • Greg Hunter

          I gave a talk to a group of retired CIA people. They told me this at lunch in Tampa. Even in retirement the CIA has very tight controls. One was retiree told me about running for a local office in his community, and he said he was told NO by the CIA. I kid you not.

  71. Erick

    Greg in my Friends Federal case it was found out that the British Govt spies on american internet traffic he is a somewhat journalist/constitutionalist.
    Investigatory Powers act 2016 passed now with GB not part of really the EU they can spy on other countries un wittingly giving that info to their police or fed agencies to use against in a court on parallel Construction or 3rd party information and non disclosure agreements.

  72. Justn Observer

    Greg, more bold steps by the WEFer globalists? Disarming and Depopulating the people has been to main objectives since the original ‘global governess policies’ decades ago. Do people STILL think it all is a ‘CONpiracy theory’?
    Keep an eye out….as goes Maine so goes the U.S.?


    ATF pushing to put Innocent man sent to prison for 18 years for making his own gun = a now rogue agency that did what itself in the past https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn0IgLPDEyo


    So now many are at least changing their plans on ‘investments’ and gold.’ as the REAL concerns of ‘bartering’ in many countries and currency raise new risks of old ways to hedge/ one’s wealth against the banking ccbal ? =
    IS this how things MIGHT play out in the Western countries under the globalist WEFer-Central banker consolidation and control of wealth? Here’s Why No One Wants Gold Or Bitcoin In Argentina

    ONE GETS THE IDEA OF STASHING ‘SOME’ GOLD ….IF one is young enough to make it to the other side of ‘their’ planned economic collapse. But one too, needs to consider if ‘they’ are not creating a ‘bull market run on metals’ to stampede people into purchasing GOLD, ONLY to soak up all the last of the paper currency…which will then drive the ‘VELOSITY OF MONEY’ towards an emergency need of the CBDC digital currency onve their is little way for the masses to transact purchases and sales? The crash of fiat along with the run to GOLD and HYPERINFLATION will be the ‘slowly at first..THEN ALL at once’
    moment. WHY wouild those WITH GOLD ever sell it to you for ‘worthless fiat’ ESPECIALLY in such times UNLESS ‘someone’ WANTS to take all the currency out of the system to FORCE and USHER IN a new one…which once the VELOCITY OF MONEY AND CREDIT seizes up …. what will be the alternative other than CBDC and ‘their’ planned universal basic income is applied to all those that become UN-employed because of their war on small businesses, farming and ranching, and civil unrest. = when the level of ‘defunded police agencies can not keep up with crime and the NEW form of tribal hunting parties = HOME INVASIONS ? WEALTHY ZIP CODES= TARGET RICH ENVIROMENTS !

  73. Prospector

    Alex Newman is 100% correct that they are open about their plans. Did you think all this ” Equity ” stuff just started in the last few years ??? Think again. Here are a few very telling quotes , the links have many , many others – PLEASE STUDY THEM.

    “Private land ownership is a principal instrument of accumulating wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable.”
    Report of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, Vancouver, May 31 – June 11, 1976
    “Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.”
    H.G. Wells The New World Order (1939)

    “The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order.”
    Mikhail Gorbahev, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

    and this …..
    “The environmental crisis is the cornerstone for the New World Order” Maurice strong ( U.N. environmental leader ) was quoted as saying, ” Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”


    Print these or save offline , they will be ‘ disappeared.’

  74. Leskey

    I’m sorry but if there’s just one thing I 100% do agree with the elite and that’s the planet IS over populated.
    I think we’d ALL live a much nicer life if people STOP breeding.
    Only in today’s society do we date/marry/baby/divorce in one year, only to repeat the following year and the year after that. Most of the time marriage does not even come into it.
    The genocide of animals to the point of extinction 😞
    Billions of poop everyday 😩
    The trash people leave behind
    People’s pollution
    People’s attitudes
    The list is long

    I’m all for the world population coming right down by mass sterilization.

    • Greg Hunter

      You pompous jack ass!! Could you please film yourself stepping off a 10-story building so we can see how the depopulating thing works??

      • Galaxy 500

        Hard to believe someone can spout this drivel. She/he is so concerned about over population yet they have taken the first steps of depopulating themselves.

      • Udore Jones

        That was a great response Greg!

    • Shiloh1

      Are your “elites” the degenerates that the CIA is trying to protect? Epstein, Weiner, P. Diddy are only the opening acts. The “raids” were mop-up ops to keep the blackmail treasure trove from reaching the general public.

  75. Prospector

    Greg , I would like to suggest an idea for a short segment to report on. Your platform has wide reach. Reading off these quotes and their sources ,by the people who wish to enslave humanity would be eye opening for many and could be shared big time , over and over.
    Thanks for all you do.

    Over 100 quotes by globalist planners and sympathizers. Nearly every one has its source listed.

    “How I Learned to Love the New World Order” Article by Sen. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. in The Wall Street Journal (April 1992)


    • Shiloh1

      Mind-blowing link/quotes! Its not a ‘conspiracy theory’ when they are telling you what they are doing / going to do.

  76. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks for the encouraging word on getting our boys out of school.- mixed feelings on that one. I have a theory about Speaker Johnson. As we know the House is supposed to originate all spending bills and the math on the national debt has turned exponential- and the projections have to freak them/ him out. I do think we have some genuine idiots and thieves in congress. At this point most of the spending for Ukraine has to be for graft as there can’t be any serious military analysts forecasting a victory there. It looks they are like rats running from the sinking ship- Americas sinking finances and are padding their retirement nests. The charts of the interest on the national debt look like a hockey stick. The claim of “You will own nothing and be happy” has to be taken as a serious. My big question is how far into the next presidential term do we get before the exponential debt becomes like some Godzilla monster movie attacking all over at the same time? Mid-terms of 2026?

    • Prospector

      YES. If more people read / heard these open source , in your face plans they would understand better how what we are seeing daily is connected.

  77. B. Freedom

    I seen the new movie Civil War, why did I think Hollywood could make a good film?
    To me this film was a total woke piece of crap. You’ll see a typical white redneck male soldier executing two Asians, you’ll see several black males being killed by whites, like they ripped off thug rodney king somehow. The main story of this pic is suppose to be the coup against the US government and execute the President. They never say why the Civil War began nor tried to justify why we should support the powers of WF (California Texas powers), why should we trust they are the good guys? It is too much a photojournalists view on photojournalism. They could of saved us all time by just saying: point and click, and keep your head low. Too many unfair jabs against white males in this “production”. I give it 1/10,000th of a star —for the “bait” in the title of this crap. Hollywood, they’ll do anything to perpetuate the hate against white males.

    • Stanley Rubik

      The black men in the film were victims of whites and especially government. And of course the ultimate heroine in the film was the woman. The main male was akin to a cross of Homer Simpson and Joe Biden. Now, if only this most intelligent one in the film heroine took her own advice and wore a flac jacket.

  78. Janis Joppa

    Here is a survey of the geography of the Palestine/Israel in 1695.

    Very different from what Clif High, the LGBTQP and the Muslims claim.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this.

    • Justn Observer

      Janis , Nice post…but…’they’ will only say that record is inaccurate…and ‘their history’ goes much further back in time? Regardless, the Jewish people were there, time in immemorial. The UN set up Israel as a STATE, years after treatys and agreements were made that established many of the ‘newer’ Nations in the area…THAT CAN NOT BE UNDONE NOW.
      The point is….IT IS WHAT IT IS = DEAL WITH IT.
      The Nations there cannot now pick and choose which and who’s borders/nations are to be and which are not. ISRAEL and the JEWS in it have a RIGHT to EXIST…= JEWISH LIVES MATTER !
      Maybe IF the West and Eastern Europe had not allowed the plight of the HOLOCAUST…or the ‘cleansing’ of the area called THE PALE…and Jews everywhere were left in peace…this whole need to ‘establish’ a State =
      Israel , would not have been needed.
      At least three Empires in that area collapsed…for whatever reason…so I say again….DEAL WITH IT!
      There ARE exceptions to ‘judging’ some ‘JEWS’ , politically ie. SORO, AND BERNIE, AND CHUCHY SCHUMER and many in hollywood etc…but as a people Jews are intelligent, industrious, and do to their plight, tenacious in their efforts to not let it happen again.
      So, for this reason…using the current BS meme of the left…ONE CAN ‘IDENTIFY’ as Jewish … and support them, and to uphold the AGREEMENTS at the end of WW…and the STATE of Israel voted in by the world consensus in the UN. IS IT NOT, the breaking of such agreements and treaties that have led the nation to such in say, UKRAINE now as well ?

  79. H. Strangways

    Ex-Stormy Daniels Lawyer Michael Avenatti Says He Is Willing to Testify for Trump
    The former attorney who is currently in prison claimed that he has been communicating with defense lawyers.

  80. Mechanized Death

    Russia Army ‘Takes Control’ Of Novomykhailivka In Donetsk | Multiple Explosions Rock Frontline
    Hindustan Times 69,940 views Apr 23, 2024
    The Russian Army has reportedly taken control of Novomykhailivka village in the eastern Donetsk region, a claim which Ukraine Army unit’s commander has vehemently denied. Russian Army’s southern grouping of forces claimed the capture on April 22. However, the Ukraine Army unit fighting in the region says they continue to hold ground. If confirmed, this will be the second village seized by Russia within just 48 hours near Donetsk frontline. The Russian defence ministry also released a video of the capture of Bohdanivka near Chasiv Yar on April 21.

    Putin Blow To US Might In Ukraine; Russia’s Cheap $500 Drone Destroys $10,000,000 Abrams Tank
    Hindustan Times 160K views 2 days ago
    Russian forces have destroyed five of the 31-supplied US’ most powerful main battle Abrams tanks since February 2024. The New York Times published a report on how the US’ expensive tanks have been falling prey to Russia’s cheap kamikaze drones.

  81. Start Digging

    Putin Reacts To Poland’s ‘Will Host US Nuclear Weapons’ Threat; Russia Sends ‘Catastrophe’ Warning
    Hindustan Times 43,569 views Apr 22, 2024
    Senior Russian officials reacted vehemently to a claim by the President of Poland that the country was willing to host American nuclear weapons on its soil. Russia’s foreign minister accused the West of risking “catastrophic consequences”.

    U.S. To Place Nukes Near Russian Border? NATO Nation Says ‘Ready To Host Nuclear Weapons As…’
    Hindustan Times 34,747 views Apr 22, 2024
    A nuclear provocation for Russia by NATO nation Poland amid rising tensions. Polish President Andrzej Duda has made a big announcement about hosting American nukes. Poland is open to hosting U.S. nuclear weapons amid a standoff with Russia, said Duda. He said the reason for such a stance is that Russia is increasingly militarising its exclave of Kaliningrad, bordering Poland and Lithuania. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWo2Yp5m8VE

  82. Jeff Budge

    NATO’s Policy of Self-Destruction as Ukraine is Being Destroyed | Col. Jacques Baud Dialogue Works 6,583 views Apr 23, 2024 Inte
    Jacques Baud is a former member of Swiss strategic intelligence, a specialist in Eastern European countries and head of United Nations peace operations doctrine. He was engaged in negotiations with top Russian military and intelligence officials right after the fall of the USSR. Within NATO, he participated in programs in Ukraine and in particular during the Maidan revolution in 2014.

  83. fran furhmann

    ITALY’S WARNING to the WORLD – It’s Over!!
    Capitalism 56,653 views Apr 14, 2024
    ITALY’S WARNING to the WORLD – It’s Over!!
    The image that emerges when the current state of the Italian economy is brought to light is relentless. Simply put, Italy is experiencing a tragedy that could undo its 163-year history in an instant. Once an economic powerhouse with a strong manufacturing sector, a healthy workforce, and a high birth rate, the country now faces numerous economic challenges that pose a significant risk to its future stability.
    Primarily, these challenges stem from high government debt, stagnant productivity, and a vulnerable banking sector. The burden of an aging population and a sluggish labor market adds to these challenges, potentially hindering Italy’s competitive edge in an ever-dynamic global economy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1p4UTDxMIo
    War, not peace and prosperity are enough to push the whole world to the brink!

    Batsh*t Nancy Pelosi Goes On Crazed Rant About Putin & Ukraine!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 33,298 views 3 hours ago
    A possibly drunken Nancy Pelosi recently made a speech on the House floor to thank House Speaker Mike Johnson for his leadership in getting war funding for Ukraine passed. She accused anyone who opposed the Ukraine funding as supporting the rape of Ukrainians by Russian soldiers, all at Putin’s behest.

  84. re Shelton

    Scott Ritter: Ukraine Collapsing In Plain Sight.
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom with
    163K views Streamed 1 day ago
    @lewisg9120 22 hours ago
    I’m still trying to figure out how we have homeless, working poor, no healthcare, roads falling apart, old folks forced to eat cat food and work at Walmart to afford medicine, YET our government is somehow always able to find TRILLIONS of dollars for everyone EXCEPT it’s own citizens..
    Lewis, it’s called the printing press’s, soon to destroy the wealth of the middle class to.
    Like the Bible in Revelation says, Don’t hurt the Olive oil and the wine, meaning the fat cat rich!

  85. John Dollaway

    Douglas Macgregor Red Alert: the failed assassination of Zelensky and the future of Ukraine មាតុភូមិ Studio HD 34,280 views Apr 23
    Explore the cutting-edge military and geopolitical insights of Douglas Macgregor in this explosive series that delves into the most critical issues facing the world today. From NATO’s hidden strategies and the potential collapse of U.S. military dominance to the risks of nuclear warfare in Europe and the escalation of cyber conflicts, Macgregor offers unparalleled analysis that shakes the foundations of conventional military wisdom. Each episode exposes the undercurrents of global politics, revealing secret operations, the looming threats of a new Cold War, and the tactical decisions that could lead to the next great global conflict. Watch as Douglas Macgregor navigates the complex webs of power that shape our world, offering predictions and solutions that are essential for understanding what the future may hold.

  86. Jerry

    Hello, Newman….

  87. Newman

    Hello, Jerry….

  88. regalaeagle

    “Their rulers are like children, and women rule over them.” It’s in the Bible in scenarios throughout the Bible to warn what happens to nations who allow wickedness and sin to abound……esp. homosexuality, transgenderism, and all other sexual lusts and acts against the created nature of man……by the Creator of the universe God Almighty. This is not a new thing……there is a loooong history recorded about how God destroys nations that adopt paganism and idolatry into their social structures. Yet the Righteous will be preserved and protected. Amen.

  89. Doly Garcia

    “So, basically, anything could be a crisis, and when the Secretary General declares a crisis, all power and authority would go to the UN. ”
    Yeah, we’ve seen how much power the UN has. A tiny country like Israel doesn’t like one of their agencies, they bend over backwards to accommodate their claims that some of the employees were terrorists, and still it’s tiny Israel that gets everything they want. I wonder why.
    Oh, I know why. The UN doesn’t have an army, while Israel have plenty of military contracts with the US and the Old Testament to argue their points as a bonus. As per usual, if you want to identify the bad guys, look for the ones with the guns. They’re the ones intending to kill as many people as they can get away with.
    Look there! A distraction! Another bunch of powerless people that can be blamed for everything and anything while we kill, kill, kill!

  90. Greg Morrissey


    ‘The Canary in the Coal Mine’: Netanyahu Warns US Antisemitism Signals Impending Global Inferno

  91. C Achean

    breaking news: Arizona state House passes bill to repeal 1864 abortion ban after several failed attempts

    Trump had rebuked Arizona for being to tough on the baby killers. If Mark Taylor were indeed a prophet, he would have called out Trump on this. That is what John the Baptist did to Herod.

  92. Henrik Johanssenn

    Don’t you find it disturbing that Trump is on record supporting Speaker Johnson, over his “180” flip?

    (This is Greg Hunter and I cut this comment short because this is a troll. My question to you is: Don’t you find it disturbing that Biden just signed a bill to send $95 billion overseas for more kickbacks when the southern border is wide ass open???????
    Trump has been out of office for almost 4 years, and you think nothing of Biden and Crew destroying the country with illegal immigration in the millions, record high debt and spending leading to massive inflation and teetering on a nuclear exchange?????????? Jack ass troll!!! Don’t come back. Greg)

    Oh, and Trump is playing politics with Johnson comments.

    • Henrik Johanssenn

      I am not a troll, nor am I a supporter of Biden, Democrats and assoc. heinous spending bills.

      The last sentence of my first comment regarding Johnson “secretly collaborating with the Democrats..” should have made your rhetorical question, to me, apparent.
      Of course I am deeply disturbed “that Biden just signed a bill to send $95 billion overseas for more kickbacks…”

      However, I am more disturbed by 5th column republicans.

      Also, I did not quote Johnson, as you implied. I only quoted Trump.

      Trump being out of office for 4 years, in this case, is irrelevant.
      I am not a radical Democrat blaming Biden’s failures on Trump.

      But Trump now continuing to support Johnson, in any way, should be a red flag.

      I know you read comments quickly because you are very busy.
      But you misunderstood my point.

      All the best,

  93. Amanda Grace

    Hi Greg,
    Just wanted to share my story since you are influential in this sphere. A couple close to me, lets just call her ‘Molly’ and him ‘Noah’, are super hardcore, still taking 600STERS as much as possible. They worship ‘pharmakeia’
    The Greek word pharmakeia appears in Galatians 5:20 and Revelation 18:23. Terms from the same root word appear in Revelation 9:21, Revelation 21:8, and Revelation 22:15. These are typically translated into English as “sorcery,” “witchcraft,” or “sorcerer.” Ancient Greek uses of pharmakeia closely mirror the generic modern English word drugs ; the same Greek root word produced English terms such as pharmacy and pharmacist.

    Funny enough, didn’t realize Greek origins of ‘big pharma’ till I just looked it up. I was going to tell them about how I trojan horsed one of the the man, lets call him, Noah, who loves asian food, into eating ‘Natto’ which contain K2 and nattokinase, basically anti – clotting naturally occurring nutrients that accomplish the same goals of the 7 blood thinners they give U at the pharmikea office ($$$$$). His insane swelling and terrible circulation and heart rhythm were restored after eating 1 daily value of Natto from the asian grocery store. 1 serving. I think this is a more powerful weapon against the bioweapon than the horse dewormer and hydroxichlorquine because those, while they are worth taking, are antivirals. But what seems to be caused by the bioweapon is clotting, even if you were exposed to it second hand.

    Anyway, not only is it the perfect trojan horse for worshippers of the establishment and big pharma, because it’s a food you can buy at the grocery store, but Japanese life expectancy is 98 and they have been taking it for 100s of years. Molly is upset with me because I sent her info on natto being anti clotting, she is overly controlling. Was upset like, ‘hes already taking medications and stuff’ I would have mentioned his health improvements after eating, but she doesn’t listen to others, and. kinda has V4XX-Brain, like no short term memory/attention span. Anyway, interesting story, keep fightin brotha!

    • Greg Hunter


      Thanks for the story and the good analysis!!!


  94. Charly

    Die Mehrheit der Erdbevölkerung merkt gar nicht das die Diktatur durch UNO, WHO,
    Europäisch Union usw. eingeführt wird. Als nächster kommt die Enteignung….

    (The majority of the world’s population does not even notice that the dictatorship by the UN, WHO,
    European Union, etc. Next comes the expropriation…)

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