Criminal Bankers Control US Government Push War-Paul Craig Roberts

1aBy Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, contends it is no accident why bankers do not get jail time for constantly committing fraud by stealing documents and committing fraudulent, criminal insider trading and market manipulations. Dr. Roberts explains, “Look at Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.  They claim they stole documents, and we are determined to destroy them.  One of them is hiding out in Russia, and one of them is hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.  This again shows the immunity of the banks.  They are not held accountable because they are in control.  Who controls the Fed?  Who controls the Treasury?  Where do all the Treasury Secretaries come from?  They come from the big New York banks.  Look at the financial regulatory agencies that are supposed to be regulating the banks.  They are filled with executives from the banks.  The banks control the government. There isn’t a government, there’s the banks. . . . We have the entire economic policy in the United States concentrating on saving five banks.  We had 10 million people who lost their homes, and nothing was done for them, but five banks are saved.”

On the 2016 election, Dr. Roberts says, “The United States is controlled by powerful private interests groups, and these groups don’t trust outsiders because they don’t have their hooks in them. How would they have their hooks in Trump?  He’s a billionaire.  He doesn’t need their money.  They can’t tell Trump, hey, look we will give you a $153 million in speaking fees like we did Bill and Hillary Clinton.  He doesn’t care.  He doesn’t need $153 million.  He’s got billions.  So, they can’t control him, and it’s the same for Bernie Sanders, even though he is a Democratic Senator.  He is not really part of the Washington Democratic establishment.  What the establishment is interested in doing is to control the party.  They would much rather keep control of the party than to win an election if it means they lose control to an outsider.”

Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “Even if Trump were to be permitted to be President, and I don’t think he will be permitted, I think they will do the same thing they did with Ron Paul. They just won’t recognize his delegates.  The Neoconservatives are already organizing a way to block Trump when he wins the nomination from being given the nomination. . . .There is an oligarchy.  The oligarchy protects itself and hides behind the elections, but it controls the candidates.  This time, it hasn’t been able to control the candidates because the American people are finally catching on that neither political party represents them.”

Dr. Roberts has a new book out titled “The Neoconservative Threat To World Order.” In it, he talks about the dreadful shape of the global economy and how war might be forced on the world.  Dr. Roberts says, “The Neoconservative ideology is American world hegemony . . . this means you have to subdue the others, and this includes Russia and China.  These are two nuclear powers with massive military capabilities, and they are in the way of the Neoconservative agenda of World Empire . . . . So, the Neoconservatives are driving the United States and Western Europe into conflict with Russia and China. Russia and China are not going to give up and be American vassals. . . . Our economy is a house of cards.  It’s held up by the Federal Reserve.  The question is how long can they hold it up? . . . There is no way around the coming war unless the American empire begins unraveling, which it could do.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, author of the new book “The Neoconservative Threat To World Order.”

(There is much more in the video interview.)

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    The reason why the American people are deliberately being divided by the President on down into left, right, class, race, color, religion, wealth, age, etc is simple. To create anger, strife, confusion, and hatred. This on the back of an economy being propped up by a central bank/government debt expansion cycle unlike anything which has ever been seen in history is for WAR. I fully expect a major “false flag” event to occur here in America as the people have already been primed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory for joining us on this Easter Sunday!!

      • Greg

        Hi Greg…PCR is my favorite interview. Thanks so much for having him on. I just wish he was on more often. Mannarino is spot on. I have mentioned this in comments before but I believe there will be a major event in the USA (either a terrorist attack, financial collapse or race riots) that will occur before Obama leaves the presidency. It will be so catastrophic that he will declare martial law and stay in power. This will he the end of your republic.

      • Rev Rod Flash

        Dr. Roberts is one of the most moral voices in our termite infested country.
        Thank you for giving him a voice
        Another great guest !

        • Galaxy 500

          Very moral…except for the irrational hatred of Jews. Other than that, he’s a great guy

          • Paco

            That´s not irrational , only self defense

      • David

        It does appear that war is eminent but not in the suspected sphere, rather in Korea. The same tactics that forced Japan to fight are effecting Korea at this time. It may very well be only months off.

    • JC Davis

      Yep Greg M. My bet is Washington DC. Obama likely to be outside the area when the false flag happens.

      • JC Davis

        I just thought maybe the Republican Convention. Kill two birds with one stone.
        You nailed it.

        • Donald Swenson

          The Republican debate on Tuesday should produce some fireworks. The sex issue with Cruz will likely be brought up . Who can win if this issue predominates? D

          • JC Davis

            Donald Swenson at the end of the race I believe the establishment Criminal Crony Class will be the winner of this non election.

          • Galaxy 500

            Ted Cruz all but admitted he was an adulterer on national TV. He was asked a yes or no question about being a faithful husband. First, as he had previously arranged, Fiorina [who nearly bankrupt HP by herself] tried to deflect. When that didn’t work, Ted said the National Enquirer was bad BUT HE NEVER WOULD SAY HE WAS A FAITHFUL HUSBAND. WHY?
            Because there is too much proof he aint. And this story came from a Rubio operative, Trump had nothing to do with it.

      • frederick

        Obamas always out of that area lately isnt he? Golfing or otherwise

      • Oracle 911

        I need to tel my dear American friends this:
        -Obama is LITERALLY the last nail in the USA’s coffin.
        -If the elections are won by an established member of the Party, the there will be a nuclear exchange (which will destroy the Earth’s biosphere).
        -And if the elections are won by an outsider, then the said person will play the same role as Gorbachev did in the USSR, sadly. (And Gorbachev got from Russians “nice” nicknames as gravedigger, traitor, the marked etc.)

        IF we assume an existence of really powerful group, which is aware of a fact that WE ARE on a verge of a economic, technological and biospheric catastrophe, then we can conclude:
        -Obama is their man and whatever is he doing wraps it in socialists slogans and nice speeches. (Just look at the effects of his policies , it is to stupid to be stupid.)
        -The established candidates will be removed from the elections in the right moments.
        -The US will be taken apart and put together on different principles, albeit the constitution may be restored. (It is not about what the constitution says, but how you interpret it.)

        The reason of the last point, the US has the 5% of the world population AND consumes the 50% of the worlds resources.
        And if everybody on Earth want live the American dream (seen on TV) , then for this we would need 5 maybe 6 Earths.
        Which means: the American dream has to be written down and discarded, AND the said process may be quiet bloody, sadly.
        My 2 cents
        Oracle 911

        • Tin foil hat

          Oracle 911,
          I concur with your sentiment. If Trump were elected POTUS, his toughest job would be articulating to the American people why the American Dream has to be written down.
          However, I don’t think the American Dream has to be discarded. Houses would be a lot cheaper since petrodollar recycling would cease with the end of the petrodollar. Malinvestments would lessen with the end of easy money. More jobs would be created in manufacturing than financial, the pay would not be as good as the white collar jobs in financial but it would be honest pay.
          I think the only difference is that vacationing oversea would be al of more expensive and folks would have to get used to driving American cars again.

          • Oracle 911

            Hi Tinfoil
            Look on paper what you say look great BUT:
            Trump’s “Make America great again” wont help it (everybody thinking about orgy of consumption).
            What the US need is living with its means. Sadly it wont bee an easy process due drop in people’s living standard and maybe even failures in basic services. Which would mean riots like in Ferguson but on larger scale.
            Luckily for the US the Chinese has large interest there. So the transition will be smother but not easier (changing your ways is never easy).
            And the US economy have to transit from post-industrial service based financialized “economy” to resource-based closed industrial cycle based economy.
            Which means:
            -not as many jobs in manufacture as you think due automatization;
            -things will be made to last and easily repaired;
            -some states will struggle to ends meet (the direct consequence of living within its means AND closed cycle);
            -end of the orgy of consumption;
            -more localized production and consumption (return of the small cities and villages);
            -return of the railway and other forms of public transformation as viable option;
            -regenerative agriculture and urban farms;
            -return of the small family farms;
            -usage of clean or cleaner localized energy sources (sun, wind, cold fusion etc);
            -AND the ideological coverage for this will be Marxism (which is still state ideology in China AND it will bee supported by the same pseudo-intellectual talking heads as you may see in mainstream).
            And footnote on Marxism:
            In eastern Europe (and Russia) it was discarded as harmful ideology in West and China where it is still OFFICIAL party line (unofficial is Confucianism) didn’t.
            And sadly Marxism have few good points but it avoids the core problem like a plague (the role of usury and the Jewish ideology/mindset/program) and its solutions are inconsistent, divorced from reality (look at its terminology) and thus harmful by themselves. And this is the reason why it is liked by pseudo-intellectuals it allows them preach AND thus gives them power.

            My 2 cents
            Oracle 911

            • Tin foil hat

              Oracle 911,
              I’m not as pessimistic as you are. I think we may come out of the eventual monetary reset healthier and stronger rather than a total mad max style collapse where folks return to small family farms and villages.
              Your vision of a small collective communities with a huge central government would prevail if Clinton or Sanders were the POTUS when the SHTF. Their ideological coverage for this will indeed be Marxism.
              However, if Trump or Cruz were the POTUS when the SHTF, I hope we would emerge as a much stronger Constitutional Republic with a small federal government.
              The Chinese do have large interest here. If we wouldn’t use them as escape goat and drive them out, the transition should be smoother. I’m sure they would rather spend their gold here where the air is clean.

    • Greetings from England

      Divide and conquer – The oldest trick in the book

      • Shadow of Doubt

        The oldest trick in the book, just might run into a major problem here real soon –its called “Pension Fund Crisis Looms”. If things are as bad as they are projecting expect ” deep cuts or defaults” first from the state of Illinois.

        • Bob H


      • Linda L.

        It’s no coincidence that both Obama and Hillary were great admirers of Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals). Hillary actually wrote her senior thesis on Alinsky, who advocated divide and conquer.

    • art barnes

      G. Mannarino, Well, they (elite) certainly have been successful at dividing us per your thesis, seems about right that the oligarchy can now do anything it wants when it wants, war is just another tool in their bag; they have many – we are outgunned, there is no fighting back, the resistance has been lost. Nice knowing you America, enjoy your new religion of Political Correctness it will be so successful as well at creating a third world country.

      • frederick

        İ disagree Art if 100 million decide that enough is enough than they dont have enough bullets But people will have to get truly fed up for that to happen The next few years will be interesting to say the least

        • art barnes

          Fred, Ok, good you disagree, its healthly, but remember the Government agencies, the U.S. Post Office among the many, bought 5 billion bullets last 3 years. If you remember, for about 9 months of 2014 & 2015 couldn’t get any ammo at the local Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, or other suppliers. That is why I say we are outgunned and, the last I looked the Government doesn’t really care what 100 million American think. Hope that you are right but doubt it.

          • rahrog

            We The People are not outgunned. Not by a long shot.

            • Shadow of Doubt

              I agree, but were you aware that the Veterans Administration has now stripped the gun rights of 260k vets. The Government fears the People, this is why our elected officials work behind closed doors with the UN to undermine and destroy our 2nd Amendment rights. The article regarding the VA stripping gun rights from vets may still be found on

          • Galaxy 500

            Art, I am 12 miles from the National Guard armory and a 12 Yrs old with a can opener could get inside. Plus you think all the people in the military are going to dance to that tune? The one where they kill my family while I kill yours.
            Not happening anytime soon here

      • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

        Art, you’re 100% correct – PC is the new religion of this country. No way a bunch of untrained preppers can go up against the US Army/Marines. One Apache helicopter could handle most uprisings.
        All we have left is the vote and it looks like that’s being taken away from us.

        • rahrog

          Wake up! The U.S. military hasn’t “won” a war since the 1940s. It can’t defeat any determined adversary.

        • frederick

          Grafique do you actually believe for a second that ALL of those military people will cooperate and murder US citizens İ doubt that very much and your defeatist attitude is what will be the patriots downfall so İd say you are 100% WRONG

          • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

            Of course you’d say I’m wrong because you think with your pissed-off emotions instead of your intellect.

            Not all military would remain loyal to the regime, but most would and they will have all the hardware.

            • Kerry

              Ever heard of the movie “Red Dawn”? or ever watch the TV series “Jericho”? A small determined group of tribal fighters can take out an entire modern army. Many examples in history: the Spartans against the Persians (a few thousand Greeks held off a huge Persian army of hundreds of thousands for 7 days, and the Alamo, where about 200 Texans held off the Mexican army of thousands for 13 days. This is a big country. How would you subdue everyone in isolated places, like the hills of Kentucky, the mountains of Colorado, the deserts of the canyon lands of Utah, the Everglades of Florida? It would be harder than you think. And I guarantee you, if it came to all out war of civilians vs. military, the military (at least here in Texas) would NOT cooperate. There are a lot of us here in Texas who would fight and who are armed, and by a lot I mean millions. Don’t underestimate us. A personal friend who served 3 tours of duty in Irag is just one example of a civilian who is also a Major in the Reserves. Very ethical and honorable soldier. I would follow him anywhere. He would fight. And so would I. On 9/11 he was sitting at his desk at work and as soon as he saw the first plane hit the tower, heard about the attack on the Pentagon, he knew we were under attack and he was on the phone to his commanding officer at Ellington Field, here in Houston, asking where and when to report to duty. He did not ask permission of anyone or ask his boss what to do, he KNEW what to do, and did it. Thank you, Major Hall, for your service.

          • Galaxy 500

            Amen. I am surrounded by military both active and retired. It ain’t happening

    • Jeff L

      ” To create anger, strife, confusion, and hatred ” You mean like in everyplace we touch around the world ? ” False flag” ? Within one month (less). I hope you are short the market Gregory.

    • andyb

      A major false flag event may be totally contingent upon what happens with Hillary. If she gets indicted, then it will be Trump vs. Sanders, a nightmare for the elites. If she doesn’t get indicted, but the uproar is significant, then Trump could prevail. In either of the above 2 scenarios, a major false flag event would be required to establish martial law and would lead to the suspension of the election. This would bide some time for the elites.

      The same would be true under another scenario. If Cruz (just another elite puppet) is lagging way behind in delegates wins or a Bush or Ryan or Romney gets the nod under a multiple ballot situation, then the elites will evaluate the reaction of the sheeple and if it is severe (riots, march on DC, etc) go immediately to a false flag to institute martial law.

      It certainly will be an interesting summer.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hello Greg,
      Not everything is a “false flag.” Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
      There are people here that claim every action of terrorism is a false flag and that those wacky jooos are behind it all. I beleive so called false flag events are rarely if ever false flags. Just my two cents

      • Greg Hunter


      • sk

        LOL. When my little son says ” I didn’t do it!” BEFORE I even ask him if he did it, I’m pretty sure he did it! LOL

      • freebreezer

        Answer me this … How about “the cigar with Bill Clinton and Monica” ? Just another cigar?

    • James Spyder

      I think we need to open our eyes and see that it is not a left-right issue any longer and it is not one party or the other. It is fascism, pure and simple. And it comes in many many flavors, including left, right green, and libertarianism. All the ideologies and parties can be usurped and corrupted and it all leads to totalitarianism. It is only freedom that stands in opposition to cronyism and crapatalism. It’s not a matter of more or less regulation. The good people don’t need the laws and the bad people don’t follow them. Worse yet, they can create the laws that make their theft legal, create entire systems of theft and corruption. We need freedom and distributive networks. Forget the pyramidic command and control corrupt structures with a few at the top and slaves at the bottom. Think modular, cellular, distributive systems like Bitcoin. Distribute the power so far and wide that it can’t be corrupted. Checks and balances people. Checks and balances, built into a new way of social, political, economic, and organizational networks. Build it on top of free markets, not crapatalism. As long as we see the world as polarized, we will fall into the trap of being divided and conquered. But we will also fail, if we fail to see that the enemy emerges from all sides, and all sides can takes us down the path to destructive totalitarianism and loss of life and freedom. The corrupt elite are not a homogenous group of any particular party, they all work in their own way for their own interests and they work across multiple sectors including banking, NSA, CIA, and every other organization, both public and private. Government may be worse due to coerces ion, but corruption is everywhere. Corruption is embedded in almost every single organization. You can barely find a single industry, a single organization that is not corrupt. Search the web, I challenge you to research various industries and not uncover woefully disgusting corruption across the board.

      Why is it that people have failed to figure out how to come together in honest ways to do honest things? We have had technology revolutions that built space shuttles that have taken us to the moon and connected us across the planet instantly with the Internet, and yet we can’t invent new ways to collectively live freely together where we are not dominating, exploi