Democrats Trying to Win by Cheating in 2018 Midterms – Eric Eggers

By Greg Hunter’s

Eric Eggers, author of “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election,” says election and voter fraud is being discovered before the 2018 midterm elections, and that is good news. Eggers explains, “I think what people are realizing is you have to attack and address voter fraud on the front side of an election. . . . The reality is if you don’t address it on the front side, it’s virtually meaningless to address it afterwards. Trump’s talking about it and people reading my book and watching shows like this means they are paying attention. There is a story in Texas that happened not too long ago where it was confirmed that members of the Texas Democrat Party were sending voter registration forms with the boxes already marked that said, ‘Yes, I am a citizen; Yes, I would like to register to vote,’ and they were sending them to noncitizens and sending them to dead people. So, that is serving voter fraud up on a platter. The Texas Democrat party behind it is only confirmation of what many have known for a long time and what I write about in the book. There is an organized effort to exploit the vulnerabilities in our election system, and, thankfully, people are taking it seriously.”

In short, the Democrats have no message and are trying to win by cheating because that is all they have. Eggers says no message means the tactics are turning vile and desperate for Democrats. Eggers explains, “Think about the things we have seen that have occurred nationally. We have seen this caravan of people that are coming through Mexico. So, any effort to try to block that will be seen as anti-humanitarian. You’ve seen the Kavanaugh hearings where there were incredible protests, and you saw the tactics employed by the Democrats in that process on the Judiciary Committee to try to besmirch his name. It’s clear we’ve got a motivated base for Democrats whom are willing to do any and everything to try to impeach President Trump and to try to impede the further implementation of his agenda. . . . I think they believe they have the moral authority. So, committing voter fraud or capitalizing on vulnerabilities in the system seem to be underneath the tactics they have already deployed.”

Eggers says, “One of the very best people fighting voter fraud is President Trump. I don’t think anyone was prepared for having a president talk about voter fraud the way this President has spoken about voter fraud. He is encouraging and emboldening authorities to not just make sure that everyone that can vote should vote, but to also make sure that people that should not be voting are not voting. I think that is really the key. For so long, the system was set up with a bias towards voting. . . . It’s one of the most important freedoms we have, but I don’t think there was that backside piece of protection. Yes, we want everyone that should vote to vote, but we want to make sure that people that shouldn’t be voting aren’t voting. President Trump is encouraging people to add that second layer to it. I am sure that does impact some of the electoral and political math.”

In closing, Eggers says, “There is an effort to make the midterm elections as secure as possible.   Let’s just hope if there is illegal voting, it gets caught and the perpetrators are prosecuted and as many true and honest votes count as much as possible. . . .You clearly have a push by the Democrats to get people to vote regardless of whether or not they should be voting.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Eric Eggers, author of “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election.” 

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After the Interview: 

Eric Eggers is the Research Director of the Government Accountability Institute. There is free information and original reports posted on a consistent basis. If you want to find out more about Eggers book “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election” or want to buy a copy, click here.

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  1. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, this guest’s “message” is outrageous. It is the Republicans that are consorting with the Russians to steal the midterm elections. Trumps hackers are at work trying to break into the voting machines through the internet to try and bug the voting machines so that Trumps candidates win. This is so bogus. Plus now Trump has his people trying to frame Mueller by bribing prostitutes and other shady women to make up crazy stories about Mueller to offset the Trump Russian prostitute scandal when he entertained pissing prostitutes in his glamorous hotel room in Moscow during his clandestine visits. I cant wait for Trump to piss Putin off enough that he releases the video showing these activities. The fact is that Trump is compromised by the potential threat of being embarrassed if the video is released showing the bizarre behavior of Trump with the pissing prostitutes. Of course, I dont expect you to print my take on things as this is now US Censorship Dog than the other moniker you use. You know what I am talking about. Its a shame you cant stand the heat to debate this on the merits out in the open instead of simply resorting to ignorance, avoidance and censorship tactics.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gina = Delusional

      • Gina M Mancarella

        How is this delusional Greg ? Your guest would have us believe that it is us Democrats who steals the elections. Do you read the papers ? Do you follow the polls and reports of polling abuses and frauds ? Its the Republicans that are doing this. More than that, it is Trump who has Russian agents doing his bidding to build his base.

        This country is in deep deep trouble and if we allow the fraud to continue, irrepairable damage will result. Our timetable for a better future will be pushed back 20 years or more ! We need change ! Join us Greg ! Its not too late !

    • Diane

      Gina…you are a brainwashing fool.
      Your comments are laughable.

    • andyb

      Dear lost soul Gina: some might take you seriously if you could offer up one iota of evidence for all of your anti-Trump accusations. Were you one of the pissing prostitutes? If so, show us the pics. Were you one of those ganged-raped by Kavanaugh? You certainly can play the victim quite easily. Can you show Trump’s schedule for all those “clandestine ” Trump visits.? The D NC has researched his itineraries thoroughly but have come up with nothing. Do you have a direct line to NSA and can offer up all of Trump’s traitorous conversations? Until you can offer some, even minute evidence, I suggest you STFU.

    • al

      You remind me of a libtard neighbor who has a “no hate allowed in this house” sign outside his home, as if to point the finger on everyone else as hateful.
      Gina, I’ll bet you have those signs in front of your house.

      That’s hateful and obnoxious! That’s how I take it, why put it up? It’s obvious no one likes hate.
      It’s like me putting up a sign saying ” we bathe in this home”, or “we use toilet paper to wipe our behind”. Why put up such a sign other than prejudging everyone as hateful?
      Come on, admit it, you have those signs in front of your house.

    • Tad

      Staying up late Gina?

    • Mike

      poor deluded gina. this fraud is how and why pelosi is ‘so certain’ about taking the House. she knows her own party is pouring it on, rigging every state, and voting precinct, into their favor, and flooding every state with so many fake ballots, that no one can possibly filter them all out. This is your corrupt party gina. you represent thugs, thiefs, fraudsters, muggers, of the lowest order.

      pelosi will thus very likely be so very shocked, just like hillary was, when hillary and the DNC did so much cheating, rigging, and fraud, that they thought they could not possibly lose against Trump. once again, just like even Michael Moore fears, those cheating and corrupt ballots will not win them the house.

      did you order your BleXit T-shirt and hat yet ? Join the movement ? get woken ? maybe after mid terms you will realize cheaters never win.

    • paul Merkeley

      What planet is this delusional fool from ?

      • Frank D2

        She is a Russian tool/troll paid to sow discord among. Just ignore “Gina”.

    • paul ...

      Hey Gina … I know you’re a “white” Demon-rat male troll pretending to be a an outraged “black women” … what is outrageous Gina … is that Demon-rats are taking our taxpayer money to fund their stealing of elections … they funnel our taxpayer money to Sore-ass (to make it look like they are not involved in fixing elections) … using our taxpayer money to put more Demon-rats in office is criminal … so Gina … it’s the Demon-rats who are pissing on the heads of the American people by using our taxpayer money to fund their stealing of the election!!

      • paul ...

        And guess what Gina … Trump vows to end “Birthright Citizenship” to the thousands of babies born of illegal aliens … so all those illegal mothers trying to “F” us will be traveling up to the US to have their babies for nothing … as the kids they give birth to … will soon not be granted American citizenship!!