Democrats Trying to Win by Cheating in 2018 Midterms – Eric Eggers

By Greg Hunter’s

Eric Eggers, author of “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election,” says election and voter fraud is being discovered before the 2018 midterm elections, and that is good news. Eggers explains, “I think what people are realizing is you have to attack and address voter fraud on the front side of an election. . . . The reality is if you don’t address it on the front side, it’s virtually meaningless to address it afterwards. Trump’s talking about it and people reading my book and watching shows like this means they are paying attention. There is a story in Texas that happened not too long ago where it was confirmed that members of the Texas Democrat Party were sending voter registration forms with the boxes already marked that said, ‘Yes, I am a citizen; Yes, I would like to register to vote,’ and they were sending them to noncitizens and sending them to dead people. So, that is serving voter fraud up on a platter. The Texas Democrat party behind it is only confirmation of what many have known for a long time and what I write about in the book. There is an organized effort to exploit the vulnerabilities in our election system, and, thankfully, people are taking it seriously.”

In short, the Democrats have no message and are trying to win by cheating because that is all they have. Eggers says no message means the tactics are turning vile and desperate for Democrats. Eggers explains, “Think about the things we have seen that have occurred nationally. We have seen this caravan of people that are coming through Mexico. So, any effort to try to block that will be seen as anti-humanitarian. You’ve seen the Kavanaugh hearings where there were incredible protests, and you saw the tactics employed by the Democrats in that process on the Judiciary Committee to try to besmirch his name. It’s clear we’ve got a motivated base for Democrats whom are willing to do any and everything to try to impeach President Trump and to try to impede the further implementation of his agenda. . . . I think they believe they have the moral authority. So, committing voter fraud or capitalizing on vulnerabilities in the system seem to be underneath the tactics they have already deployed.”

Eggers says, “One of the very best people fighting voter fraud is President Trump. I don’t think anyone was prepared for having a president talk about voter fraud the way this President has spoken about voter fraud. He is encouraging and emboldening authorities to not just make sure that everyone that can vote should vote, but to also make sure that people that should not be voting are not voting. I think that is really the key. For so long, the system was set up with a bias towards voting. . . . It’s one of the most important freedoms we have, but I don’t think there was that backside piece of protection. Yes, we want everyone that should vote to vote, but we want to make sure that people that shouldn’t be voting aren’t voting. President Trump is encouraging people to add that second layer to it. I am sure that does impact some of the electoral and political math.”

In closing, Eggers says, “There is an effort to make the midterm elections as secure as possible.   Let’s just hope if there is illegal voting, it gets caught and the perpetrators are prosecuted and as many true and honest votes count as much as possible. . . .You clearly have a push by the Democrats to get people to vote regardless of whether or not they should be voting.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Eric Eggers, author of “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election.” 

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After the Interview: 

Eric Eggers is the Research Director of the Government Accountability Institute. There is free information and original reports posted on a consistent basis. If you want to find out more about Eggers book “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election” or want to buy a copy, click here.

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  1. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, this guest’s “message” is outrageous. It is the Republicans that are consorting with the Russians to steal the midterm elections. Trumps hackers are at work trying to break into the voting machines through the internet to try and bug the voting machines so that Trumps candidates win. This is so bogus. Plus now Trump has his people trying to frame Mueller by bribing prostitutes and other shady women to make up crazy stories about Mueller to offset the Trump Russian prostitute scandal when he entertained pissing prostitutes in his glamorous hotel room in Moscow during his clandestine visits. I cant wait for Trump to piss Putin off enough that he releases the video showing these activities. The fact is that Trump is compromised by the potential threat of being embarrassed if the video is released showing the bizarre behavior of Trump with the pissing prostitutes. Of course, I dont expect you to print my take on things as this is now US Censorship Dog than the other moniker you use. You know what I am talking about. Its a shame you cant stand the heat to debate this on the merits out in the open instead of simply resorting to ignorance, avoidance and censorship tactics.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gina = Delusional

      • Gina M Mancarella

        How is this delusional Greg ? Your guest would have us believe that it is us Democrats who steals the elections. Do you read the papers ? Do you follow the polls and reports of polling abuses and frauds ? Its the Republicans that are doing this. More than that, it is Trump who has Russian agents doing his bidding to build his base.

        This country is in deep deep trouble and if we allow the fraud to continue, irrepairable damage will result. Our timetable for a better future will be pushed back 20 years or more ! We need change ! Join us Greg ! Its not too late !

    • Diane

      Gina…you are a brainwashing fool.
      Your comments are laughable.

    • andyb

      Dear lost soul Gina: some might take you seriously if you could offer up one iota of evidence for all of your anti-Trump accusations. Were you one of the pissing prostitutes? If so, show us the pics. Were you one of those ganged-raped by Kavanaugh? You certainly can play the victim quite easily. Can you show Trump’s schedule for all those “clandestine ” Trump visits.? The D NC has researched his itineraries thoroughly but have come up with nothing. Do you have a direct line to NSA and can offer up all of Trump’s traitorous conversations? Until you can offer some, even minute evidence, I suggest you STFU.

    • al

      You remind me of a libtard neighbor who has a “no hate allowed in this house” sign outside his home, as if to point the finger on everyone else as hateful.
      Gina, I’ll bet you have those signs in front of your house.

      That’s hateful and obnoxious! That’s how I take it, why put it up? It’s obvious no one likes hate.
      It’s like me putting up a sign saying ” we bathe in this home”, or “we use toilet paper to wipe our behind”. Why put up such a sign other than prejudging everyone as hateful?
      Come on, admit it, you have those signs in front of your house.

    • Tad

      Staying up late Gina?

    • Mike

      poor deluded gina. this fraud is how and why pelosi is ‘so certain’ about taking the House. she knows her own party is pouring it on, rigging every state, and voting precinct, into their favor, and flooding every state with so many fake ballots, that no one can possibly filter them all out. This is your corrupt party gina. you represent thugs, thiefs, fraudsters, muggers, of the lowest order.

      pelosi will thus very likely be so very shocked, just like hillary was, when hillary and the DNC did so much cheating, rigging, and fraud, that they thought they could not possibly lose against Trump. once again, just like even Michael Moore fears, those cheating and corrupt ballots will not win them the house.

      did you order your BleXit T-shirt and hat yet ? Join the movement ? get woken ? maybe after mid terms you will realize cheaters never win.

    • paul Merkeley

      What planet is this delusional fool from ?

      • Frank D2

        She is a Russian tool/troll paid to sow discord among. Just ignore “Gina”.

    • paul ...

      Hey Gina … I know you’re a “white” Demon-rat male troll pretending to be a an outraged “black women” … what is outrageous Gina … is that Demon-rats are taking our taxpayer money to fund their stealing of elections … they funnel our taxpayer money to Sore-ass (to make it look like they are not involved in fixing elections) … using our taxpayer money to put more Demon-rats in office is criminal … so Gina … it’s the Demon-rats who are pissing on the heads of the American people by using our taxpayer money to fund their stealing of the election!!

    • Jennifer Ohman

      I have rarely commented to you, and this will be my last time, but I must say…Kudos to you, Gina! Yes, I am being facetious, but I will still say, “Kudos to you”, because you know that it is the nasty ass that usually gets all the attention!… NOT the people who usually say the nicer, more helpful things! It’s the good people that usually get little or no recognition or show of appreciation. Sad, but it’s true. I, however, do things the other way around.
      For people like you, I don’t respond. I don’t give your type the time of day, because your type doesn’t deserve it. You are zeroes and zeroes have no value in my life. Your type isn’t worthy of a response. Truly! Your type doesn’t deserve to be legitimized. A non-response is the best way to make people like you fade away.

      For those people who do good, say good, and are good, I acknowledge, I compliment and I support. For them, I am I will never be silent! It is THEM who deserve my attention and I will always give it to them. Not asses like you..
      It takes 2 to fight. But the best way to fight a nasty ass like you, isn’t to argue with you! That’s what YOU (and leftists and the socialists) want! It’s all about control! Press people’s buttons, get under their skin, and control the dialogue. And control them. The best way to deal with an ass like you is t0 not respond! To give you silence. To treat you like the zero you are. I have always found that Nats like you fade away when they are sprayed with Silence! It is such a beautiful pesticide. An it always works!
      KUDOS…to those who choose to spray you with Silence!

    • Jesse Owen

      Wow people still believe Trump is involved with the Russians. I promise you cup cakes if there was any evidence the dumbacrats would of pounced. Give it up already!

    • RTW

      That a girl gina, start blaming the RUSSIANS on an election that the dems are clearly going to lose. The BLUE wave has fizzled and you and your pathetic friends tried every vile despicable underhanded dirty trick in the book to garner votes. I’m warmed by the fact that you are getting a grip on reality. Republicans are tired of all the hate being heaped on us from all the degenerates in the MSM and Hollywood and YOU. Do yourself and all of us a huge favor and move to CANADA.

    • Debbie Venhaus

      Gina how is La La land?

  2. Cool Jerk Mulberry Malone

    Vote the mob? Vote the job$?
    That Is The Billion dollar Question!

    The second is, are you alive or dead?
    If dead, don’t vote. If alive go ahead.

    Third question.
    If I’m a citizen, am I American?
    Look at your citizenship papers. If your a citizen of the United State of America, go ahead, your a North American of the United States and read USAWatchdog. com first, before you vote!
    God’s speed!

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks as always Greg!
    When will the political pork barrelling process end. Victorian state elections on at moment and it’s all about promises and criticism of the opponent.
    Viscous cycle continues.

  4. Mark James

    While I agree with Trump on the “anchor baby” controversy, I do not see how his executive order will override the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Opening up for a Constitutional Convention (as Catherine Austin Fitts once said) would be the “end.” I agree with her. Democrats would shred our Bill of Rights. I don’t think there is an easy answer on the Anchor Baby issue the way I read the Constitution. The only argument I could see would be this: Where there is an inherent illegal attempt by the parents of “all persons born… in the United States” to achieve Citizenship or ability for them to remain in the United States as a result of the Abuse of this Constitutional Right. Maybe that would be the way to solve the anchor baby problem?

    Thanks Greg. Yet another great guest!

    • Mike

      Trump isn’t stupid. His floating the prospect of an EO to eliminate the anchor baby issue, is designed intentionally to get this to the Supreme Court, where they will rule on this, and an amendment will HAVE to be made, in support of more clarifying language. See too many people are too stupid to understand what was meant by ‘jurisdiction thereof’ so the losers over in the demoncratic party took advantage of that for decades, encouraging the practice of illegals popping out babies, so they could then stay, govt welfare pays for it all, and then more voters for the dems are created, by expanding it to extended families of illegals, creating a vicious cycle of new illegals continuing to flow in. Trump shuts this ‘loophole’ (really an intentional and mis-leading piece of stupid language in the 14th), then that pretty much ends the constant flow, and eliminates most of the incentive to come here illegally. Its better than any wall, though metaphorically speaking, its this kind of stuff Trump intended to do all along, when he spoke of the ‘wall’. Its not just about a physical wall at the border, but eliminating all these crapster deals the dems have illegally and egregiously fomented for many years – again, at the expense of illegals, damaging our country, ALL SO they can get more voters for themselves, and be perceived as the party of minorities, blacks, and all foreignors, and not caring one iota, whether any one is getting in here legally through legitimate immigration processes. People dont understand either that MOST of the drug running occurs via illegals, and that many drugs are moved via the ‘families’ and females who want to plant babies here, so they can stay after they have masked and run the drugs. Its a one way trip, sponsored and paid for by the drug cartels, which is why they stay in business, and the demoncrats love them. What the troops at the border are all about, has nothing to do with these caravans, and EVERYTHING to do with military crackdown (finally) on these DRUG cartels. Since the cartels all have military grade weapons, its finally about damn time, our leaders (namely Trump) have the courage and the strength to counter these drug dealers. See when Trump shuts that crap down too, then magically, a lot of the gang violence in cities like Chicago, will dry up faster than a creek in West Texas. Trump equals VSG.

    • Frank D2

      Trump will issue the EO to force a decision by the Supreme Court. Based on that outcome, we’ll see plan B, if it’s needed.

  5. Anthony Australia

    After 40 years I see Halloween has finally taken off here, streets are a buzz!
    Thank you USA

    • Anthony Australia

      And the Celtic!!!

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Eggers,just astonishing.

  7. Bosco Rocks

    Oh my. It breaks my heart to read this. Apparently, none of you have read about the pipe bomber, a Republican, who sent bombs to two-ex Presidents and 12 other DEMOCRATS; nor do you recognize that the vast majority of gun owners are REPUBLICANS; nor that the majority of right-wing nationalists and racists are Trump- supporting REPUBLICANS.
    Honestly, in a street fight or futre instance of violent civil unrest, Republican participants will probably win. Liberal “Snowflakes” are far less likely to turn violent. What would they do, hit you over the head with their NPR book-tote bags, LOL? Be like Jesus, Greg. Help, the poor, the sick, the alien-stranger in your land. And vote for those who do lijewise in your government. Resist fear, and do what is right and just. And LOVE your neighbor- all of them. . Be like Jesus, People!

    • Greg Hunter

      What was the explosive in the so-called “pipe bomb”??? Nobody has come forward with that information. Jesus never told people to be ignorant and believe anything.

      • Bosco Rocks

        Who cares what the explosive was? Investigators wouldn’t have called it a bomb unless it had all the elements of a bomb!

        • Greg Hunter


          You cannot be this stupid. “Who cares”??? If there was no explosive there was no bomb. I could pour a chocolate milk shake into a pipe put caps and wires on it and it would not be a bomb. It would be a milkshake in a pipe or just a hoax. Nobody has identified the explosive material in the so-called “bombs.”



          • Dan

            Greg, “you cannot be this stupid” to think that it was chocolate milk shake in the pipe bombs that were mailed, can you???

            • Greg Hunter

              Hey “stupid” Dan,
              I can report that NO Explosive was found in any of the bombs. I have sources that tell me this and they are high up in government.

          • Bosco Rocks

            Geez, Greg…how about some real FACTs , like this CNN article…
            rather than your “secret (aka, nonverifiable) government sources”? CNN describes the explosive in great detail in this article…

            • Greg Hunter

              Don’t you find it odd that nobody (including this CNN story) asked what the explosive was in the so-called bombs???? I did ask and you will soon find out officially there was no explosive material in any of the “bombs”. That’s why none of them exploded. It is just like the white powder found in some of the bombs was shown to be harmless. Now go back to playing in the street.

        • Brian Vaci

          Sorry to burst your propaganda laden bubble, Bosco.
          Take a look at the packages shown by the media. None of the stamps on the packages have cancellation marks. All pieces of mail go through the process of defacing the stamps to prevent reuse. Here is another FACT for you. Individuals under protection of the Secret Service, NEVER have mail delivered directly to their address. All mail and packages are delivered to an office of the Secret Service for X-ray and inspection before reaching the intended recipient. If you believe the packages were hand delivered instead of going through the mail, then ask yourself how one resident made it to Florida, California, and New York all in one day.
          I could present more FACTS to disprove this bogus charade of utter desperation, but this will give you enough to digest for now.
          Keep up the good work Greg. Never grow weary in well doing.

          • Greg Hunter

            My sources told me this eving that there was no explosive material in any of the bombs. It was a hoax.

        • Galaxy 500

          Who cares? Anyone with 3 firing synapses. This would not pass a test to be used in the early 1960s Batman, where Adam West ran through the streets with a giant Wile E Coyote type bomb.
          Things that this was missing:
          1) Explosive of any kind
          2) initiator circuit (the clock used did not have an alarm to set off But let’s over look that because mail bombs sent out to really explode are made so that when it is opened, it explodes.
          3) power source to set off
          4) blasting cap or fuse
          5) case that restricts explosion
          Etc, etc, etc
          I was shocked when Wray said these “were not hoax” bombs…
          If there was ever an example of a hoax bomb, this is it

    • William Stanley

      Fascinating. Are you “Gina”? Why do you you write under both identities? Is leaving that up to us part of the game?

    • Frank D2

      Bosco, the lunatic who SHOT Steve Scalise on a baseball field was a DEMOCRAT (Bernie supporter). That DEMOCRAT actually SHOT people. So was the Las Vegas shooter who killed scores of people. What planet are you getting your news from??

    • Jesse Owen

      Everyday we see how peaceful the demacrats and their supporters (Antifa) really are! You are right about one thing the ano flakes will lose.

  8. Connie Packerd

    97th Regimental String Band – Risin’ of the Moon
    The 97th Regimental String Band sings the traditional Irish folk song, “The Rising of the Moon.” This Irish rebel song was popular among immigrant soldiers during the American Civil War.

  9. Dee

    Mr Hunter, your guest last evening is 100 % Correct on Voter Rigging/Fraud. I listen to a certain broadcast that works closely w/Trump, last evening they spoke about something quite Interesting & you should listen to them, especially the guest Mr. McKibben who has Fascinating Intel on a ton of things! Here’s the link, I think you should bookmark their channel as well.
    On another note, I have something that I also ran across by Mr Investigative Reporter Greg Palast on an Explosive voter rigging scheme down south as well.

  10. Mike

    Democrats plan to win by sending fake bombs to themselves, push propaganda that Trump wants Jews to be killed, push propaganda that a gun is responsible for mass murder, push propaganda that caravan illegals are the best people to be citizens, push propaganda that Mueller is being set up by false claims of abuse by women after themselves setting up Kavanaugh with false claims of abuse by women, push propaganda that Kayne West is against Trump, and distract from all their voter fraud. The influence of corporate media dropped to near zero after all the false claims of Trump/Russia collusion were proven to be nonsense. All the media hype has motivated people to get out and vote against Democrats.

    • paul ...

      “All the media hype has motivated people to get out and vote against Democrats” … Good … and once we remove all the warmongering Demon-rat neocons … peace will finally begin to come to the world (even the Middle East) … even BIBI seems more amenable to peace in the region … which is only right … as Israel of all the Nations of the world should know best what it is like to have its people slaughtered in a holocaust by a right wing fascist … so lets give the Palestinians a State (the same way the Jews were given a homeland) and lets finally stop all the killing over there the same way Trump just had Mattis call for a ceasefire in Yemen!! …

  11. Roger D

    Eric Eggers makes the points that the commies are large in number and that they believe they have the moral authority. They are ignorant and easily led. In a word, they are extremely dangerous. Their passion and commitment is what will steer the rudder of the USS Lincoln and drive it to the shoals.

    As for voting, fraud starts with the controlled choices we are given: communists or corporatists, a fancy name for fascists.

    The federal behemoth is bankrupt, corrupt, and out of control. Now it is being divided (by design!). This old coot believes we are witnessing the fall of Lincoln’s republic. Ridiculous you say? The USSR collapsed in 1991. It was preceded by 10 years of war in Afghanistan and one year of political chaos following the election of a new President. Sound familiar?

    Hope lies in new free and independent republics with new borders. It’s time for free and independent thinking.

    “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand” (Matthew 12:25)

  12. andyb

    Greg: one of the key indications of possible voter fraud is the discrepancy between actual votes and the exit polling on election day(numerous examples in many urban areas during ’08, ’12, and ’16) Another clue is found in precincts where the actual vote totals are far in excess of the total of registered voters in that precinct (San Diego 2016, as just one example of many ). Still another clue of voter fraud in the result found in 3 Philadelphia precincts during the Romney/Obama election where the results were 100% for Obama; indicating that NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON , among 1 million voters cast a ballot for Romney. If there is fraud in the upcoming elections due to any of the 3 examples above, it will be readily apparent. The Question is “what will be done about it?”

    • kevin

      Sorry but your numbers are not correct. There sure were not 1 million voters in just 3 Philadelphia precincts. The whole city of Philadelphia only has 1.6 million people.

  13. Gina M Mancarella


    My sources say that “Mr. so-called President” will have his ass sitting before the grand jury in December. WHAT ……… SAY ……… YOU ! …. GREG ????

    Merry Christmas President a…hole !

    • Greg Hunter

      Is this like your Hillary prediction or your Kavanaugh prediction?

      • Diane


      • Gina M Mancarella

        Greg, make no mistake.

        Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating crimes of fraud, campaign offenses and obstruction led by President Trump. Certainly, you are aware of his complicity in these crimes. We must sentence him to prison and if he is found guilty of treason, He must be sentenced to death for his crimes.

        • Greg Hunter

          Do you know how many times you have been dead wrong?

        • paul ...

          Hey Gina … make no mistake … Trump isn’t bringing a massive force of Troops, Abrams Tanks and heavy artillery to the Mexican border… to simply fight off a caravan of women and children … he is preparing to invade and occupy Mexico … so as to remove all the Mexican Government stooges who are working hand in hand with the MS13 drug cartel, globalists and Demon-rat traitors to attack our Nation (trying to effect an overthrow of our legal Government) … the moronic Demon-rats funding Sore Ass (with US taxpayer money) will be brought to account … these idiots probably believe they are going to be sent to GITMO for some well needed rest and relaxation (to do some waterboarding)!!

        • RTW

          Mueller couldn’t find his ar$$ with both hands.

      • Jeff Martin

        Another open-minded and tolerant Lefty…NOT!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Step away from the Ouija Board… .

    • View From Above

      The only f’&^%^&-hole that will be sitting anywhere is you at the all you can eat deep fried frog leg bar. Take your fat swamp-donkey self back to the trailer park and STFU.

    • Frank D2

      “Gina”, you need new sources since NONE, ZERO, NADA of your prior predictions have come to fruition. Don’t you ever get tired or embarrassed at being so wrong all the time? They say a broken clock is right twice a day. You can’t even manage that! So sad.

    • Jesse Owen

      Lol we all have sourses!

  14. john duffy

    Retired RCMP officer lets it all hang out!
    “The bad guys have all the money and no rules, the good guys have all the rules and no money.”

    • Jeff Martin

      I saw that interview. I wish he would write a book. I think I will watch it again and take notes.

  15. Rick Hester

    Voter fraud
    Open Borders
    Sealed indictments
    Welfare fraud
    Rioting looters
    Illegal residents
    Tax evasion
    MSM lies
    Corrupt politicans
    Foreign interference with our government
    The list goes on and on:
    Enforce the rule of law or we won’t have a rule of law.

  16. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG; Voter fraud ?
    The Dems have been rigging elections for so long, they are getting very nervous. The only counter point they now have is, wait for it, Democrats being denied their right to vote. That will bring on great wailing and moaning by the Dems when they lose the election next week. Especially from Gina Mac

  17. Tad

    Alleged Russian election meddling doesn’t compare to what the Dimms have done to our system.

  18. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    The Democrat Party Motto; If it is good let us destroy it. When you look into history it is hard to find a bigger bunch of losers. All the world got to see the low life Democrats in action during the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court. Look at what the low life Democrats have done to our universities and colleges and how they pollute the minds of our youngsters. They are the Scum that control Hollywood and Television and pollute the minds of America with their venom of lies that they call World News that is nothing more than propaganda against all that is true and decent.
    It is obvious to me, the Democrats have put an all out attack on Christianity and all that is good. Look what they have done to President Trump and the tragedy at the Jewish Synagogue, if he attends it is too early and if he does not attend they would crucify him politically on television. DO YOU THINK THESE BOLSHEVIKS DISGUISING THEMSELVES AS DEMOCRATS SHARE IN AMERICAN CHRISTIAN VALUES THAT
    The first step to return our Country to Greatness is to RESTORE CHRISTIANITY and


    • Diane

      Good post Jallen!!

  19. iwitness02

    Seems to me that about half the country hates the Constitutional Republic in which they live. Seems they are hell bent to destroy it anyway they can. How do we overcome this love of communism within our country? Looks to me like we are going to have eternal strife between those who love the Republic and those who hate the Republic. Looks to me like it will take a civil war to settle our differences. Voter fraud may be a symptom of the love of communism. I would certainly like to see Divine intervention come to the rescue. But there is the possibility that we will have to settle the issue of Constitutional Republic verses communism in a very personal way. That is to say civil war here at home.

    • paul ...

      When God had the same problem in Heaven years ago … he eliminated the strife by rounding up the Demon-rats and casting them into a Hell Hole of fire … Trump following the Lord’s example should round up the Demon-rats and cast them into GITMO … but we can be a bit more merciful then God was with his Demons … putting them in water instead of fire … such is the penalty for trying to destroy Heaven … Heaven on Earth is our Constitutional Republic!!

  20. J.P. Morgunstun

    Robert David Steele – Civil War

  21. Diane

    Very good report Mr. Eggers.
    Thank you for your work.
    Thank you Greg for the interview.

  22. D. Barlow

    Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. – Mark Twain.
    Politicians are like diapers: they should be changed often, and for the same reason.

    • Roger D

      Thomas Jefferson would agree with you. Had he not been in France during the constitutional convention, he would not have supported the Constitution without term limits for every elected federal official.

  23. paul ...

    How the left steals elections … is with Sore Ass’s help!! … [Just as the Demon-rats in the State Department fund Sore Ass (with US taxpayer money) to create “color revolutions” and steal countries] … Judicial Watch has documents to prove there is a close working relationship between the Demon-rats in the State Department and Sore Ass’s foundations … said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton “the State Department shouldn’t be using US citizen taxpayer dollars to either fund or advocate Mr. Soros’s far-left agenda” … “George Soros needs zero financial assistance from US taxpayers” … Judicial Watch is currently pursuing three FOIA lawsuits related to the Obama administration’s funding of Soros’ operations … so there you have it folks … the reason nothing has been done to Sore Ass … the leftover Demon-rats in the State Department are responsible for funding this caravan moving up through Mexico with US taxpayer money … imagine we are paying to have “Marxist Guerrillas” attack the United States of America … these Demon-rats must be annihilated on Nov 6th … they are spending millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize our own democratically elected government of the United States of America (in order to remove our duly elected President Donald Trump) … Judicial Watch letters to the US State Department to investigate Sore Ass’s Foundations (and how US tax dollars are being used by Demon-rats in the State Department to support left-of-center political groups and impose left-leaning policies in countries around the world) go unanswered … I’ll tell you what answer we US citizens should give the Demon-rats on Nov 6 … vote a straight Republican ticket and remove these ass lovers from our government … then in 2020 (once all the Demon-rats are removed from power) we can go after the globalist RHINO’s !!!


    • paul ...

      If anyone doesn’t know what RHINO stands for it means: Republican “Harlot” In Name Only … [A pejorative term used by conservative members of the United States Republican Party to describe “fake” Republicans who prostitute themselves and make their political views mimic those of Demon-rats much more often then not].

      • paul ...

        News Flash … Trump triples US troop levels on Mexican border … from 5000 to 15,000 (more troops then the 14,000 we have in Afghanistan) … if Trump triples the number of troops one more time … we should have enough troops to launch a “first strike” against Mexico … to stop their invasion of our Nation (funded by Demon-rat “traitors” with our taxpayer money which they secretly funnel to George Sore Ass)!! …

        • paul ...

          You know … the revolution our Gina troll is saying will happen … is not going to be fought in the streets between American citizens of different colors and religions … but is about to be fought right between a rag tag Demon-ratic “army” … and a fully equipped Republican army … now I would like to ask Demon-rat Gina a question … just who do you think is going to win this battle??

          • paul ...

            Trump says: The Caravans are made up of some “very tough fighters and people” … who fought back hard and viciously against Mexican troops and broke through … they are now headed to our border … Patriotic American citizens living along the Mexican border (who Remember the Alamo) are arming themselves and pledging to help our Troops repel the Demon-ratic invasion of our Nation and their attempt to effect a regime change to make our Constitutional Republic into a Marxist Communist Dictatorship!!

  24. Greg Hunter

    Please stick to the subject. Yes, we all know the pope is a weasel.

  25. Bill Bradshaw

    Anyone who puts their hope in a person ( Pope ) or any institution ( Church ) will always be disappointed. Our one hope, our only hope is in JESUS, and Him only.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Can one not place hope in the Church founded by Jesus Himself? Or did Jesus fail, when He said He would build His Church?

  26. D. Barlow

    Caravan, Trump, Hillary, and Voter Fraud.
    “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries.” — James Madison
    Mid Term Election: Trump’s Nationalists vs The Globalists
    Operation Freedom Published on Oct 30, 2018

    It Has Already Begun;
    We Knew This Day Would Come:Bill Ottman

  27. al

    President Trump made Voting Fraud a matter of National Security, he’s not just “talking about it” or did I miss something?
    Washington talks about it all the time and nothing gets done!
    Sorry Greg, this Interview left me feeling empty.
    Basically at voting day anyone can cheat and if they don’t get caught their votes are in and counted. Period!
    I don’t think so….

    My take? If there is a hint of voter fraud President Trump will have the Military involved. You can always call off a vote and start over with more scrutiny in place. You can also count the votes and compare them to the district in question.. (ie: one district in Florida had 125% voter turn out) . That’s not going to fly any more.

    • paul ...

      If a Voting District has voter turnout of 125% Demon-rat … the penalty should impose is that Republicans are credited with “all the votes from that District” … then if a second District is found to have a 125% Demon-rat turnout … the penalty should be doubled crediting the Republicans with twice the Demon-rat turnout … if a third fraudulent District is found … credit the Republicans with triple the turnout … and so on and so forth … with the amount of fraud and cheating the Demon-rats do … we may find that Republican “Red Wave” is actually 100 times the entire voting population of the United States of America!!

  28. Tad

    With efficiencies required, trial and deportation might take two weeks after apprehension. The fact they might be allowed to cross the border creates a tension that goes without saying.

    I might suggest implanting two chips in each illegal so as to make repeat offenders easier to process (deport). The process of chipping might already be happening, but I’m not aware of it.

    • paul ...

      Once our troop levels are up to about 40,000 troops we should establish a beachhead inside Mexico and begin shooting chips into the caravan of people on the Mexican side of the border … these chips should be harmless to the people … however they should contain an explosive device in it … that is only triggered if the person with the chip crosses the border into the US … this way our Troops don’t have to shoot to kill anyone at all … and we avoid the political implications of us killing these people … they kill themselves if they choose to!!

  29. Jeff Martin

    I think is is too late to do anything about voter fraud this election. It’s gone on for too long. I have the Collier’s book “Votescam” which was written in 1996. They tried to alert the then Florida Dade County prosecutor Janet Reno (Sterno) about rigged voting machines. She wasn’t interested. Her reward? Attorney General of the United States.

    I just think there isn’t the political will to secure the vote. There’s too many ways to fake ballots, votes, and redirect the votes in machines. If we are to be serious and quickly apply a solution, it would be at the state and county level…RETURN TO PAPER BALLOTS and hand count them. One hundred and fifty years ago, in presidential elections, it would take two weeks before all the votes were tallied. We can wait that long for honest election results. Some things do not need to be high tech.

  30. Mike

    My understanding locally is that many local Trump supporters are voting early, to avoid being harassed or attacked by the Dems during actual voting day. at least in our area. that is a very wise thing to do this year, as the Dems have gotten completely desperate, even allowing Clinton and Obama speak for them, and are now appearing to resort to escalated violence. This level of harassment had been endemic in Chicago for decades by the Dems, so now it looks to be spreading to the burbs, unfortunately.

  31. Gary

    The hypocrisy of this is unbelievable:

    CNN Says White Men Are The Biggest Terror Threat To U.S.

  32. J. Wright


  33. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG: Pittsburgh
    The msm was loudly proclaiming that Pres Trump was not welcome in Pittsburgh, and showed the demonstrators who were no Trumpers. What they neglected to sow, there were more demonstrators who were pro Trumpers. When he went to the hospital in Pittsburgh to visit the police and others who were wounded, our President received a standing ovation from the employees of the hospital, which we heard nothing of from the msm. I watched fox news during this time, and that weasel John Roberts is just as bad as the msm in his reporting of our President.

  34. paul ...

    Kavanaugh’s accuser walks off with a million bucks and all her court and attorneys fees most likely paid for with taxpayer money the Demon-rats stole from the American people … so they use “our” money to destroy “our” Constitution … these evil traitors must be voted out of power on Nov 6 (every single Demon-rat must go)!!!

  35. Lady Jay Bird

    Ten ways to make voting machines cheat with plausible deniability
    October 25, 2018 by Andrew Appel 6 Comments

  36. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    BREAKI NG_Top Secret Sensitive Crap

    PATSY BOMBER AKA Cesar Altieri Randazzo
    Unplausible Undeni-ability agents set him up just prior to their pre-planned private undercover agents plausible deniability election stunt!!!!!
    Sad that it is probably a stupid hoax as a publicity stunt, for votes, in the coming election. Democrats learned from their Islamic party members how to work the media to get sympathy, and cause the Republicans to take the blame. The Imam in Texas caught setting fires, having the media calling it hate crimes against them by “Christians,” caused many rallies to support their new Mosque, get publicity in the media, good press, while demonizing the “Christians’” that they wanted to destroy. Later to find out that the Imam set the fires. Something akin to this when bulldozers were set on fire at a new Mosque in Murfeesboro TN. Democrats like dirty stunts, and mafia thugs like Hillary know to have someone already picked out to pin it on, and the scene set up ahead of time, to make the charges stick.?
    What do you want to bet our desperate private-intell spooks paid his way into Trump’s rally, as well, as the “bomb materials”? C’mon.
    The guy worked in the, “entertainment industry”, like every other false-flag participant.
    Jeez-Louise, the ham boozers need new material(s)– and new actors, who don’t have resumes? Ya think??
    He was a registered Dem in 2016!? His mother was a democrat volunteer. He did not vote until 2016 and he voted for Trump and he’s from New York? (Dem- central)??
    Problem i$ their TOO $LOPPY about it. This is NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 !!!!!!!!!!!! years ago. Today 9 out of 10 people are walking around with a COMPUTER/CAMERA/TV….On Their phone, HOOKED up to the NET in their POCKET. They can’t $ell to U$ the B$ they did back then. As one who was in the MILITARY before/during/after 9/11 I don’t BELIEVE 90% of what I $EE now! No Way Jose!
    Look how prominent they got his face in the video, so C’mon.

    You know, I was wondering what happened to Gina/Treadway, such a long abscence? Where was he/she when all this was coming down, then she/he shows back up on, when Looney Toon is captured by the crooked cop’s of Broward! CA-Mon!
    Yeah that’s as clear a sign as any who the real perps are (they love to make inside jokes while they pull off their inside jobs) meaning there are possibly more of these Obama Boozer Hammy unintel agents posing as insane agitators. The Gina/Treadhead Obama Clowns In America (TM) won’t stop this crap until they have regained their steel grip of control on our reality… in my opinion, they’ve lost a little bit of it, and they’re not happy about it. We’re all waking up to their stupid dumb tricks. They’ve bean pulling these tricks our entire young lives, we just never knew it until now. They went too far. They blew it. Good riddance.? The guy worked in the, “entertainment industry”, like every other false-flag participant.
    Jeez-Louise, the CIA/Mossad freaks need new material(s)– and new actors, who don’t have resumes? Ya think?? He looks like a crossdresser. I doubt he is a republican… not buying this shiite!!?
    I would love to meet or see an interview with the brave and observant postal workers who “spotted” this in the system. Better yet the suicidal blind lunatic who put it in his/her mail bag, maybe Gina AKA Treadway, wondering around with it all day and then didn’t even blink when delivering it to diplomats, politico’s, actor’s
    home’s? Incredulous!!!
    I don’t know what the heck the dude’s real name is but the media needs to give up and just STOP lying. His mom so far has 3 names AND NOW HE HAS 3 AS WELL. BUT SOMETHING JUST AIN’T LEGIT??
    The mail bomber false flag fails & mass shooting at synagogue the next day?

    We the people are seeing through every ounce of this bull they are throwing at us! They’ve really underestimated our ability to do what their lacking, being able to rub two neurons together! They may not have even one? Think Gina’s/Tredmed’s!
    What a joker clown this Cesar steroid-head is… He’s gonna really screw them up the poop shoot. This is gonna blow-up, pardon the pun, in their farces!

    This guy has it ALL. It’s like CIA/Mossad decided to connect him, in every possible JFK/Oswald way, to confuse the masses even more?
    If it wasn’t so sick, it would be Hillarious!

    The poor sap doesn’t come across as an angry person at all. But apparently he already admitted to being the culprit and said that the “bombs” were fakes or something like that. So the whole thing is a massive hoax, on who? Not Trump. So far they got the poop on their faces and Trump’s still got that billion dollar smile. The more they connive, the more he thrive’s! Can you believe it?
    If the Democrats, mainstream media, globalists, FED, Islamic extremism, EU, UN, SJW’s, progressives, Feminazis, Hollywood, Entertainment industry, The Vatican = New world order putt’s, Nuland, Brennan, Gina Treadhead would have just kept their mouths shut like Morell? We wouldn’t be here and Hillary would be Queen for a day. Day? Ya thats how long it would have took her to blow-up the world wide web, then the whole wide planet and Hollywood! Thank God sheeple!

    This guy was definitely a democratic plant. Him being involved in a Trump rally was only a cover. If somebody wanted to bomb somebody they would make sure the bombs worked and not sent out fake’s. This is just so obvious.? Fake New’s!

    Isn’t it funny how every time one of these hoax, false Flags pop up, all these hack reporters pop up out of nowhere?!
    “Sayoc” sounds to close to “Psyop,” Also, SAYOCCAYOS (Chaos) “Order out of chaos”, the deep state’s favorite method of mind-less control!
    Zero out of 20 or so explosive devices exploded.?
    Sayoc has a common trait with #FakeIndian Warren.
    Their respective native American tribes disowned them both, because they are not native Americans.?
    Old bald guy with with fake bombs and pony tail….conservative…i don’t think so.? Lol?!

  37. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    Plausible Deniability means being able to cast enough doubt over your culpability that it cannot be ascertained.
    It is generally used by governments or private companies engaged in running political military, espionage or false flag black ops, to avoid the legal and/or political consequences of illegal or legally ambiguous actions.

    A (fictitious) example would be if the US wanted to spy on the UK, they’d send a “retired” intelligence officer. Because he isn’t officially employed by the US government, if he is discovered they can deny he was operating under their orders and avoid a political incident with one of their closest allies. Saying the intelligence officer was acting on his own as a rogue agent is a reasonably plausible denial of involvement, hence Plausible Deniability.
    It’s basically the same as Reasonable Doubt, but applied to organised bodies, rather than individual people.
    Unfortunately the not really rogue agent is hung, whilst the real purp, the plausible Denier, go’s on a long holiday on his yacht.

    • Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

      All the above is why James Foley lost his head. Figure it out. You can add Seth Rich too.
      The question now is, who and how many will hang now.
      It’s not nice to fool mother nature. Or the American people Gina.

  38. Paul Anthony

    I am an 80s Kid. My teen years 1980-89. Age 10-19 years old

    Life was a blast being a kid. I loved Mtv . I loved High School and had a blast. I respected President Reagan and EVERYONE I knew respected the constitution and was proud to be an American In my circle of family and friends. We all understood how great America is and was. We were Proud of this country. Probably, even took it for granted and as a given.

    Today .. half the country hates this republic, take a knee for the national anthem, and are for Socialism and think it can work!

    In Illinois you have to pass the constitution test in 8th grade AND in High School when your a senior to graduate.

    Some of the same people I sat next to in these classes hate america because “old white racist” wrote the constitution? I have literally ask my former classmates “Don’t you remember these history classes and the constitutions tests? They do .. kinda … but don’t care. Be Progressive it’s the 2000’s or just have always been a democrat. It’s their team forever.

    We’ve been had somewhere along the line. Half my friends and family have been brainwashed.

    I think Trump is winning and I love what he is doing. Today I am just disappointing and venting a little bit on here. It’s amazing to me that we are the country that in the 1980s I thought we would never be. Divided and fighting to keep our freedom.

    Keep praying!

    and vote red. I all ready did yesterday.


  39. Jerry

    Penny for your thoughts Greg.
    What do you think will happen to Deutsche Bank Stock when this report is made public?

    According to this article DB failed the stress test.
    Thanks! The real Jerry.

    P.S. I’m going to buy one last major purchase of silver this weekend along with parts to make a hydraulic water pump. Even though I have a thousand gallon water tank under my deck to collect rainwater, you can never have enough water. The biggest challenge heading into winter is how to keep it from freezing.

    • kevin


      Stocks always discount both expected good and bad news. DB’s stock may drop at first but then all those people shorting the stock will cover their shorts which will send the stock higher. Of course since the stress test news is already unofficially out then may be the decline may have has already happened which is why we see the stock going up the last several days.

  40. Galaxy 500

    Great Broadcast Greg!
    Timely, informative. Keep doing what you do!

  41. DerStan

    Bigger question – Our elected Republicans know all of this yet do nothing to stop it. Why?

  42. Gina M Mancarella

    Mark my words, Greg. Paybacks after this election ?

    They are going to be a BITCH !

    It’s time to get ready to RUMBLE and THROW DOWN !

    You’re asses are going to get tossed in the not too distant future and those tax cuts ? Gone !

    Gun rights ? Gone !

    It all ends soon !

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary will win in 2016 is all I can remember you saying.

    • paul ...

      Hey Gina … Trump is going to cut our taxes by another 10% in the not too distant future (like a week from now)!! … the only thing wrong with this new tax cut is that Demon-rats will also be getting it … however … that can be easily changed by declaring Demon-rats traitors … and traitors don’t qualify to get tax cuts from the Nation they are out to destroy!!

  43. Mohammad

    Just done listening to POTUS
    “I told our military consider a rock thrown at you a rifle” ….WTF..!!!


    • Greg Hunter

      You should ask David and Goliath if a rock can kill somebody. These paid weasels should turn around and go home.

      • Mohammad

        Good analogy Greg,
        So Mexicans are David and US troops ready to shoot unarmed civilian are the Goliath?
        That speaks volumes.


        • Greg Hunter

          If they have a rock in their hand they are armed. Who do these weasels think they are??? They do not have the right to come to America and have me be required to pay for everything as a taxpayer. Please go to the border and ask a family to live with you for the next few years, if you can find one. More than likely, you will have to take 4 or 5 military aged men into your home. Of course, you will be required to pick up the tab for everything. If one of theme rapes your daughter, burns your house down or steals your car, please don’t be angry and kick them out. I fully support keeping this migrant (fully paid for by the NWO) invading force out of the country. If they want to come to America they can do it legally.

          • Mohammad

            Setting rules of shooting stone throwers is DANGEROUS, no matter how you cut it or slices it, it is WRONG.


            • Greg Hunter

              Storming another country’s borders to destabilize it is wrong too.

  44. Not So Free

    I figure conservatives will have to out vote liberals by at least 20% just to offset the fraud.

  45. H. Craig Bradley


    Time for President Trump to pivot and blame the Republican loss of the House on the Russians. One Fox News pole laid-out the reason clearly: Voters may like President Trump but few of them like Republicans or trust the GOP all that much. I can’t say I blame Independents for distrusting Republicans who have been the Party of Compromise since 1989. Ronald Reagan was the last real Popular Republican and was a Traditional Conservative, as well. We don’t have those kinds in politics any more.

    The Republican Party is not popular except in Fly-Over Country as you travel from the large West Coast Cities to the Large East Coast Cities. In-between is the Great American Desert and The Great Plains ( Flat as Hell ). Nothing going-on there except for Electoral Votes and local government. As an aside, I just read The State of Utah has not elected a Democratic Senator since 1970. Its one of the few (Western) States to be truly conservative all-around during most of my lifetime and stay that way.

    Mitt Romney finally got his dream come true: He was finally elected- as a U.S. Senator from Utah. A reward from the Mormon Community to one of their own. Mormons stick together, Liberals stick together, Republicans fight each other, Protestant Churches fight each other. Americans love to fight. Its our tradition. Its either that or a Civil War. Bipartisanship, Pelosi Style.

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