Dollar Up – Bonds Break – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Near the end of last year, legendary financial and geopolitical analyst Martin Armstrong said the Trump tax cuts were going to be a very positive move for the U.S economy. He was right. What does he say now about the U.S. dollar? Armstrong predicts, “They keep talking about the U.S. debt is $20 trillion. Global sovereign debt is over $200 trillion. The U.S. basically is holding up the whole world, and U.S. debt is why it is the reserve currency. Europe couldn’t make it because they could never consolidate the debt. . . . What you have is a crisis that has been building in emerging markets to sell their debt they issued in dollars. The dollar going up is what breaks the back of the world monetary system. . . . The world monetary system is going to do great if the dollar goes down. Everybody is going to be borrowing more and say this is fantastic. It’s only when the dollar goes up that we get things that break. . . . The U.S. always wants the dollar down, but it’s not going to work that way. . . . The dollar is probably going to go up pretty strong until late 2021 at the latest. . . . The whole thing is going to break. The Federal Reserve has become the central bank of the world by default.”

So, where does Armstrong see big trouble brewing? Look no further than the bond market. Armstrong explains, “The bond market is going down. . . . We’ve already started into it. . . .You have to understand both Japan and Europe have destroyed their bond markets. They have completely and utterly destroyed them. They are the buyers. That’s it. There is no pension fund that can buy 10-year paper at 1.3% when they need 8% to break even. They are locking in a 10 year loss. They can’t do it. We have been helping major funds shift into equities because it is the only place they can go. . . . Once you start seeing the cracks in Europe, you are going to see interest rates rise faster than you have ever contemplated in your life. There is nobody in their right mind that can buy an Italian bond at 1.3%. It’s just not going to happen. Once the ECB is forced to stop, those rates are going to jump to 10% instantaneously. Once it starts to crack, that’s it, it’s gone. What is going to make everyone know it is cracking is when you see rates going up dramatically, and the ECB is at a point it just can’t buy any more.”

Armstrong does not see a big War in the near term, but one is brewing in the Middle East. What Armstrong does see right now is “increasing civil unrest.”

On gold, Armstrong sees the yellow metal “fighting a stronger dollar” but predicts it will have its day sometime after 2020 to 2021.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial and geopolitical expert Martin Armstrong.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant Greg, two thumbs up!!
    Australian official cash rate 1.5%, most mortgages are actually on average around 4%, give or take.
    So when it does spike up to 10%, and it will, all house loans will be around 15%.
    Don’t get me started about Credit Cards!
    Plus all the lending brokers here ask is how much do you want, not can you pay it back.
    During the 80’s my parents were paying 18%, all I heard day in and day out was, “we have to pay the bank, you’ll have to go without” and I did. Not a bad thing as it conditioned me for the real world, not the Robert Kiyosaki fantasy land.

  2. AndrewB

    Hi Greg
    So, Martin Armstrong predicts that bond markets are going to collapse, interest rates are going to rise dramatically, and yet the DOW will rise. Hmmm. According to many of your guests, including Gregory Mannerino, corporations have supported their stock prices by borrowing at low interest rates in order to buy back their shares. Do they take a hit when interest rates increase dramatically? Car sales are heavily supported by low interest rate loans / leases. What happens to car sales when interest rates rise dramatically? What happens to GM when vehicle sales tank – will their share price suffer – and isn’t GM a component of the DOW? What happens to the housing market when interest rates rise dramatically? People who cannot afford new homes, do not need to purchase carpets, curtains, domestic appliances or furniture. Doesn’t that adversely affect companies who build and sell houses and all the consumer items that follow from house sales? Aren’t some of the affected companies constituents of the DOW? The U.S. consumer is loaded up with record levels of credit card debt – what happens to consumer spending when interest rates rise dramatically? How will the components of the DOW sell their goods and services to ‘maxed-out’ consumers? And last but by no means least, what happens to pension funds when bond values fall dramatically? Most of their investments are in government bonds! Your friend, Gregory Mannerino’s mantra is, “Watch the bond market”. He points out that the bond market is the largest in the world and dwarfs the stock market. He implies that when the bond market fails, so will the stock market, and investors will search out ‘safe haven’ assets. Sorry this is a bit long-winded but there is a clash between what MA predicts and what the majority of your guests predict. MA’s predictions; that the bond will ‘crack-up’, European banks will fail, interest rates will rise dramatically, and conversely, that the DOW will rise, seem illogical. What am I missing?

    • This Sceptred Isle

      If foreign investors experience trouble paying back debt in dollars will they not have to sell all financial assets, including stocks, to pay off debts? This would lead to stronger demand for the US dollar, temporarily, and the bubbles popping.

      • K. Wayne

        Default is the other option. 😉

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Yes, but defaulting would occur in a general environment of deleveraging. Why would someone who has defaulted on their debt then go out and buy US stocks as presumably they have no money ?- think about it!!!

          • This Sceptred Isle

            And if everyone is deleleraging or defaulting companies will be downsizing or going bust which means people will be losing their jobs. Where will all this money come from to pay for the essential s in life such as Dow Jones stocks and shares?

            • K. Wayne

              Who is the Debtor Nation is the question that perhaps needs answering?
              Defaulting on Debt can be through outright HyperInflation OR Refusal to repay the Debt amount.
              Those that choose to default are the ones who have no capacity to repay the debt. They arent looking to re-invest…they’ve already spent the money. Whilst those that OWN the Debt are the ones who will not have the luxury to switch into Equities.
              Look at Argentina as an example. They have foreign debt (in USD). If they choose to DEFAULT on their debt OUTRIGHT, then the holders of the DEBTS (Banks, Pensions, Instos) are the ones who take the haircut.
              So Debt destruction is the equivalent of DOLLAR Destruction. Asset values DROP esp. Financial ones.

              • This Sceptred Isle

                It sounds like we are in agreement.

    • freebrezer

      A – Simple … most governments are way past their means of covering their bonds … thus, they will default. I agree with MA that it starts small with some trivial entity and with in a couple of months the SHTF! This is how it went down in 2007/8. The smart (big money) will get out early … The Question is – where is all this money from around the world going to be parked? The answer to that question is the difference between keeping your head above the water or going under. I try to keep it simple … people have to eat (priority # 1), thus the food companies seem a good bet. Or the energy companies … people need to stay warm during winter and since global warming is causing the winters to much colder with a lot more snow (?) this also seems a good bet.

    • William Stanley

      AndrewB: Well done!

      • Barn Cat

        Governments won’t default as long as they can print money. Which means hyperinflation for everyone eventually.

        • K. Wayne

          Hyperinflation IS Defaulting on Debt.
          AND yes Governments will Default (Outright) look at the South American nations as an example.

        • Paul ...

          Exactly Barn Cat … and they will print what ever it takes to have another war … and another war … and another war etc., etc. … you know … for centuries men and women have listened to the evil neocons among us give their “siren calls for war” between brothers … calling for human beings to kill the women and children of other human beings … and just like the Eloy in the movie “Time Machine” when these “sirens went off” they would dutifully march to their death below the dark cold ground … and all these centuries have gone by … “and still even today” … the American people act like “simpleton Eloy” in a trance … am I someone from some long forgotten past? … who can see the absurdity of war and more war and more war and more war, etc.??? … and now again … we have a neocon “singing his siren call for war” … what will we do about it???

          • Paul ...

            “Eloy can make mistakes … but for how long? … only idiots persists in their error to follow evil neocon warmongers calls to butcher other human beings!”
            Marcus Tullius Cicero, (106-43 BC)

    • This Sceptred Isle

      So according to Armstrong, all these foreigners struggling to pay off dollar denominated debt will rush out and buy US stocks? Doesn’t make sense! More likely they will sell ALL their assets to make ends meet.

      • freebrezer

        TSI – The foreign governments and companies that borrowed the huge amounts of money will be in trouble … though for the people in the governments that looted the money, they do have to put the money somewhere – and you can rest assured it is not going in to Venezuela, Cuba, Russia.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Good point, but will that outweigh the general selling of stocks in an environment of deleveraging?

    • Paul ...

      Andrew … Armstrong is probably predicting the Dow will rise “on other considerations” … like Trump ending the trade war with China if they buy $200 billion dollars more in American products each year … plus the elimination of tariffs helps all the American companies that have factories in China who would have been hurt badly if they had to paying tariffs to bring their goods back to the US … so eliminating tariffs on US companies in China and China buying more American goods should give “a boost to the economy” and thus the Stock Market … but it will result in more inflation … good for gold … bad for bonds!!

      • Paul ...

        “Other considerations” can also include the weakining bond markets around the world (as interest rates spike upward) forcing big money managers to plow into US dollars … so these managers can then buy into the US Stock Market (as their only place of refuge) … they can’t simply put all their trillions in cash into gold as they will spike it upward like Bitcoin (although “some of that money” will obviously find its way into gold driving its price to only Sinclair’s $50,000 an ounce )!!

        • Paul ...

          Armstrong doesn’t see war as an immediate threat … likely because Russia can wipe out the entire US aircraft carrier fleet with its Kinzhal hyper-sonic anti-ship missile … China knows how vulnerable US aircraft carriers are … so they are sending this … … to build “unsinkable aircraft carriers” in the South China Sea … hey stupid US warmongering neocons … you are dealing with smart Russians and smart Chinese … and you are pushing for a war with similarly smart Iranians (who have Russia and China as their ally)??

          • Bob

            I think the US could wipe out Russia and China no problems at all.
            Russia can’t even make decent CPUs, and its been recently shown that all Intel CPUs have hardware backdoors. What’s Russia doing about that? Their missiles will probably turn around and hit them in the face.

    • K. Wayne

      Good analysis of this complex issue. You probably have a better understanding of the mechanics of the markets than those on the Board of the FED.

    • steve

      Its about capital flows, so when the bonds/banks bust in Europe then capital needs to find a safe place, the Dow and the USD is the best out of the worst, physical gold for retail investors.

    • Barn Cat

      The DOW can rise because the Fed can print money and buy up everything. That’s what they’ve been doing. That’s why the stock market goes up on bad economic news. The Fed can also buy up real estate. Before the dollar completely dies the Fed will own billions in stocks and real estate.

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks r Hunter and Mr Armstrong.
    Thanks for the clarity and succinctness which is very rare.
    Now that we know what his proven model is predicting do we blithely ignore it or accept it and but equities?
    Reality,for a mere peasant like me,buying USA equities is difficult and I think purposefully difficult and buying US Dollars isn’t as difficult except in quantity?
    After the “crash and burn”it will be painful for those of us outside the USA Dollar.
    Here in the UK we have endured a “royal wedding”which is effectively a propaganda for their royalnesses aimed firmly at the USA.Hope you all enjoyed.Also hope are aware that our royal family are now beyond criticism within the new lexicon of lack of freedom of speech.
    Here in the UK our economy still sucks,no matter how much the propaganda machine at the BBC and government is in overdrive.Sad.

  4. Andrew

    Martin is certainly not wrong when forecasting the looming bond market melt down. However, to think that all the fleeing money looking for a home will head straight to the DOW, ignores the fact that even today, we’re clearly in bubble territory. There are very limited (safe) options. Speculation might see sizeable amounts head to ‘the new frontier’ of crypto’s but the vast majority will head for the only remaining safe haven of precious metals, I believe.
    Interesting nevertheless to hear Martin’s viewpoints.

  5. ross

    Martin Armstrong thinks that the present status quo of compounding debt for ever is viable. When they went off the gold standard in 1971 the bankers went into drive creating exponentially amounts of to the point that is now 3 times the GDP of the planet and cannot be repaid. New money should not be created as debt. China is the factory of the planet that has real production backing its currency and the West virtually has none. Already oil traded in Yuan is 12% of oil production. Who is Martin kidding ? The bond bubble is $200 trillion, share bubble $100 trillion,real-estate bubble $ 270 trillion and the insane derivative bubble in excess of $1000 trillion. Global GDP is a mere $75 trillion. They admit in the 2008 GFC that the entire system almost went down and now it is many times worse.When the bond bubble goes so does all the rest ,since bonds are a promise to repay debt. It looks like Martin is making good money polishing all the egos of those who believe in Keynesian Economics. Well good luck Martin because many of us don’t buy it.

    • JMiller

      Well oil traded in yuan already being at 12% is not that surprising since most of it is probably done by the Chinese who are the largest importers of oil. That means about 88% of oil is still traded in other currencies mostly being the dollar. And just to add to the info you have provided, the country that has increased the debt bubble the most since 2008 is China. And large Chinese banks are not in the best of shape. They are as bad if not worse than the U.S. banks. And the total notional amount of derivatives outstanding is only about 600 trillion. It has never been over $1000 trillion.

      • K. Wayne

        “12% is not that surprising”… move in such a short period of time. I wonder who is actually monitoring the diminishing market share of the PetroDollar on a daily /weekly /monthly basis?
        Not just OIL that should be of concern…its ALL COMMODITIES.
        China has debt issues alright…BUT the big difference is that theirs is mostly INTERNAL.
        Only about 600 TLN ? are you allowing for the OTC UNREGULATED Derrivatives ? I’ll take a guess….somewhere north of 1.5Quadrillion.

        • JMiller

          K. Wayne,

          Let me explain. That 12% is probably mostly from Chinese participants who are the largest importers of oil. Getting that first 12% of market share is the easy part. Adding the next 12% (if and when it happens) is going to take a lot more time.

          And you are correct that most of China’s debt is internal and it is a big difference, but I actually think that internal debt is worse than external debt. For example, the U.S. has a lot of debt. Which would hurt Americans the most? The U.S. defaulting on the debt owed externally to countries like China, Japan etc… or the U.S. defaulting on the internal debt held by American financial institutions and citizens? Well I think it would be the U.S. defaulting on internal debt that would hurt a lot more than if they defaulted on the external debt that China holds.

          As far as the total amount of derivatives, the total notional amount of derivatives of both OTC and Exchange Traded derivatives is currently about 600 trillion according to the data. The people who say it is 1.2 or 1.5 quadrillion get that number because they mistakenly double count the contracts, once for each counterparty. For example, if I made a $5 bet with Joe which means that Joe has made a $5 bet with me, is the total amount of the bet $10 (my $5 bet plus Joe’s $5 bet) or is the bet just $5? It is just $5. You do not count each person’s bet to get the total amount of the bet when it is the same bet. But that is exactly what some people like Egon Von Greyerz, Jim Sinclair and Lynett Zang have done. They have counted up the derivatives (bet) of each financial institution individually which would add up to that 1.2 or 1.5 quadrillion number but that would mean each contract is counted twice since each derivative contract has at least two counterparties.

          • JMiller

            Like I said above. It is mostly from Chinese participants.


          • ross

            It matters not ,derivatives be they $600 trillion or $1500 trillion get honoured first. Even Warren Buffet called derivatives weapons of mass destruction. Let’s say the bond market + share market + debt private bubble + property markets are 50% over valued. This is a loss of $285 trillion + the $600 trillion derivative bubble means total melt down. There are not enough assets on the planet to cover the debts, derivative bets, and the everything bubble. Let that sink in.

            • JMiller


              There is no need for me to let it sink in. I already know that 600 trillion in derivatives is still a lot and can cause just as much problems as having 1500 trillion. Just pointing out the facts about the total amount of derivatives that some in the ALT media keep getting wrong and taking some time to explain why they are wrong so that people do not keep repeat this error.

          • K. Wayne

            J Miller,
            You have only considered the one side of the coin in your point.
            “Which would hurt Americans the most? The U.S. defaulting on the debt owed externally to countries like China, Japan etc… or the U.S. defaulting on the internal debt held by American financial institutions and citizens?”
            Given the external Debt owed to “The Rest of the World”…would it not seem logical that an Outright Default on this Debt would have severe repercussions on the American citizens?
            The Dollar would be toast and would lose its Reserve currency status instantly.
            Import prices would go parabolic and the standard of Living would drop like a lead balloon. Every Financial Asset would be re-priced. Banks would shut their doors because of the overwhelming Bank Runs that would ensue.
            The FED’s pre-disposition with debasement is the Art of Hidden Inflation (Default). The Nations holding the US issued Debt are deeply aware of this deterioration.
            Still think the China Debt and the US Debt are comparable? More perspective required.

            • JMiller

              K. Wayne,

              I said which would hurt Americans the most. Not that it would not hurt Americans at all. Several times when I have brought up the large amount of China’s debt someone says but their debt is internal as if it was not anywhere near as bad as external debt. Well I think it is just as bad and may be even worse which is only what I am pointing out.

        • ross

          Prior the launch of the petrol Yuan all oil was traded in US $.

    • William Stanley

      ross: All good points!

    • This Sceptred Isle

      To be fair, didn’t he say there would be a debt reset around 2021?

  6. Jerry

    The ECB and probably 80% of the Asian market are on the verge of breaking away from the dollar right now and joining the Chinese gold backed Yuan.

    I predict the trigger will be Deutsche Bank. I agree with Martin that the dollar is already putting pressure on these emerging economies. Theres only so much QE that the ECB can do, and only so many times that China can reset its currency to stay in the petrodollar system. It’s survival of the fittest.

  7. John

    Gold is a hedge against government on one hand and on the other hand he admits that there is a sovereign debt crisis across the globe but gold is not going up. He acknowledges a bond correction as manifested by rising rates but then states that this will be good for the stock market. In fact. recent volatility in the stock market has been a reaction to increasing yields. Greg, the cost of doing business in this country is going to increase with increasing rates – just makes sense. Next, these increasing rates are going to be a drain on earnings because they are going to have to figure in the increased costs of servicing all this debt that was acquired since 2008. Furthermore, consumer debt has gone up and not down since 2008. The increased rates are going to damper consumer spending and this can’t be good for the stock market. He seems to assume that money will leave the bond market which I think that most of us agree on and flow to the DOW. I feel that his only advise is to hold stocks as foreign investors are going to be the floor for this asset class – perhaps he is correct but this seems like a goofy way to invest because so many companies out here are zombies – only existing because debt can be rolled over to a lower rate – until now. I have said it before that increasing rates are going to make bonds look more attractive to new money in search of yield but with the true rate of inflation having been obfuscated and the realization that both sovereign and corporate issuers are billions to trillions of dollars in debt that these bonds are really junk. I mean he said it himself in regards to sovereign bonds – there is no plan to pay off the debt being issued or rolled over. I see deflation in housing , bonds and the stock market as rates rise and inflation in commodities as capital seeks value. Greg, I bought some platinum over the weekend and not only was the price $ 1200 below its all time high there was hardly any available. Go look at the charts on certain bullion banks physical holdings of silver – massive. Why are the Russians and Chinese acquiring so much gold? They know that currencies around the globe are backed by US debt and when this system blows it is going to take down the world financial system and they are increasingly hedging themselves to that reality. Folks, three years time to a financial crisis is not that far away and I would not put my faith in the US stock market as being the only source of protection in a financial portfolio.

    • William Stanley

      John: Agreed.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Yes, you are right. Stocks have been struggling since US 10 year went over 3percent. Greg Mannarino thinks this is the line in the sand.

    • K. Wayne

      “Why are the Russians and Chinese acquiring so much gold?”..and why do a host of nations demand their Gold back.
      Might have something to do with International Trade Settlement. Convertability. Non USD Trades btw ASIA/EUR. Notice something strange in the EU Capital? Washington is on the Nose…BIG TIME. USD Hegemony has lost its shine, its being rejected en masse.

  8. Paul ...

    Armstrong says: “the bond market is going down” … which means he thinks the Fed will be raising interest rates … and rising rates will make the US dollar stronger (and keep a lid on the price of gold) … how does this differ from what the Fed says?
    The Fed expects growth to average around 2.5 percent over this year and next … that is … it is looking for strong financial conditions, better-than-expected global growth and the fiscal stimulus of lower taxes producing higher spending (created tailwinds that will push growth above trend) … so the Fed believes no crash in bonds is coming … if it can raise rates very slowly while providing the necessary liquidity to buy bonds … and even though they are getting very close to an inverted yield curve (where short-term interest rates on Treasuries are higher than long-term rates … which is typically a precursor to a recession) … the Fed figures it can avoid an epic financial downturn by balancing rising rates with QE … the Fed’s goal is to avoid a bond market crash and avoid a recession … they want to support economic growth … however … by the Fed jacking up interest rates they weaken the economy … so how do they keep long term bond rates down and avoid a collapse in real estate and a recession? … they figure they can hold long-term yields down with worldwide QE (Quantitative Easing in the U.S., in Europe and in Japan) to provide all the liquidity necessary to buy longer-term bonds (which will pushed down long-term yields as the Fed raises the Fed funds rate) … this Fed strategy is “a gamble” and “if they are wrong” because of other factors … like the investing public being intentionally lied to and sold “crap” by corrupt corporate chiefs hiding losses off their balance sheets … or the selling of subprime debt by major Wall Street banks to pensions funds and institutional investors … all bets are off … and with it any hope of a soft landing! … so “serial corruption” will likely play a major role in the next recession … and the Fed and the public seem to be ignoring this component of the economic landscape … so watch for the Fed losing control (by creating an inverting yield curve) and also watch the closing prices of big Wall Street bank stocks (like JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley) … when these stocks consistently lose “more than the broader market averages” (like the S&P 500 Index) … the game is over!!

    • William Stanley

      Paul . . . Yes, it’s hard to see how we get a soft landing rather than a nose-in crash.
      BTW, Paul, I’ve seen a couple of nose-in aircraft crashes and it is interesting to compare the dynamics of crashes of physical systems with financial crashes. In one of the aircraft crashes, the plane lost enough power to maintain speed and control. In the other, a patch of air turbulence just tore the wings off an experimental aircraft. It was strange watching those light carbon-fiber wings still fluttering in the air long after the fuselage had nosed-in.

      • Paul ...

        William … the Stock Market is likely to hit some turbulence that results in an “updraft” (not a downdraft) now that Trump has ended his trade war with China (which should give a boost to the US economy) … the The Fed was expecting growth to average around 2.5 percent over this year and next … but with the end of Trump’s tariffs … I’m hearing reports that the US economy will grow by over 4.2 percent this year … probably good for a 1000 point rise in the stock market!!

        • Paul ...

          And all those Stock Market investors out there … loaded up with put options (waiting for the inevitable crash) … better seriously think about buying some protective calls (just to be safe)!!

        • William Stanley

          Paul . . . RE: “updrafts”
          Strangely enough, I suspect it was an “updraft” that increased the wing loading which caused the wings to get torn off.

          • Paul ...

            And William … the updraft in the Stock Market due to hyper-inflation will destroy it also … just as the Zimbabwe Stock Market rose and rose and rose and became a bunch of useless worthless paper!!

  9. Jerry

    This has been a long time coming. The warnings have been posted for years. And now we are approaching the end of the line.

    Reality alert. If the Deep State goes down, they’re going to take us with them, since the central banks and the fed are part of the Deep State. If President Trump is serious about draining the swamp, he will eventually have to deal with them,by breaking our current economic system apart and releasing the grip they have on the banking system. If not it’s just going to be more of the same Q be damned.

    • William Stanley

      Jerry: Agreed, political risk couldn’t be higher. “Pain is coming.”

  10. Robert Zionist Lykens

    Details about Trump’s Israel/“Palestine” peace plan are emerging.
    The main points known so far:
    1- A Palestinian state will be established with limited sovereignty across about half of the West Bank and all the Gaza Strip.
    2- Israel will retain security responsibility for most of the West Bank and the border crossings.
    3- The Jordan Valley will remain under Israel sovereignty and military control.
    4- The Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem will pass to the Palestinian state, excepting the Old City, which will be part of Israeli Jerusalem.
    5- Abu Dis east of Jerusalem is the proposed capital of Palestine.
    6- Palestine and Jordan will share religious jurisdiction over the city’s mosques.
    7- Gaza will be integrated in the new Palestinian state provided Hamas agrees to disarm.
    8- There is no provision in the plan for the Palestinian refugees’ “right of return” – but a compensation mechanism will be established and managed by the international community.
    9- The Trump plan mandates Israel’s recognition as the homeland of the Jewish people, and Palestine with limited sovereignty as the Palestinian homeland.
    It is understood that Trump’s plan is a starting point for negotiations.

    All the land from the Nile to the Euphrates belongs to Jewish, Zionist Israel, including Lebanon.
    Genesis 15:18 and Deuteronomy 11:24

    However, the “peace plan” which will eventually be accepted will have Jerusalem being shared and the Temple Mount divided. The Temple will be rebuilt next to the Dome of the Rock.
    Ezekiel 42:20

    It is a sin for world leaders, including Trump/America, to divide Israel and give away any amount of the land which God gave to the Jews. That land is holy to God. He intends – and will have – Jewish, Zionist Israel serving him on that land.

    • Robert Zionist Lykens

      Sorry, here’s the link:

      All of history, time and man’s focus will eventually come down to Israel.
      It’s not hard to understand why:
      Satan has always tried to prevent the coming of his enemy, the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ.
      – Satan corrupted man’s DNA with the blood of fallen angels, which would have prevented the birth of the Savior.
      Genesis 6:9
      – Satan tried to wipe out the Hebrews, which would have prevented the birth of the Savior.
      Exodus 14:8-30
      – Satan tried to wipe out the Jewish race via Haman, which would have prevented the coming of the Savior.
      Esther 3:13
      – Satan tried to kill the child Jesus before Jesus could grow up and die on the cross.
      Matthew 2:13-16
      – Several times the Pharisees sought to kill Jesus but it wasn’t his time yet.

      When Jesus was crucified and died, Satan thought he had won. He didn’t know that the death of the Jewish Messiah/Christ was the defining Victory of all time for God and man.

      • Bob

        I think you may be a little confused.
        Jesus isn’t the Jewish Messiah. The Jewish Messiah is going to kill the goyim, and he is not here yet.

    • Charles H

      Give-up land in the West Bank? Not happening.

    • Julia

      Robert, You forgot an important part… Israel was given the land on the condition they were obedient to the Torah. The current State of Israel follows the Babylonian Talmud which Jesus called “Tradition of fathers making the word of God of no effect.” Mk 7. What was the work of Abraham? But to believe Gods word. You cant say that when you are not even following it. Deuteronomy 28 clearly states Israel will be blessed if it obeys God’s word. Deuteronomy 28:15 states the curses if Israel doesn’t follow the word of God. God doesn’t bless those in disobedience.

      In the creation of the State of Israel their representatives signed an agreement of a two State solution and that it would never take land by aggression.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Thanks for adding some balance and reason to the discussion.

      • Charles H


        Disobedience falls inder the “works”, and the constraints of the Law. The operation of God has always been by Faith, and is realized under Grace. Works can’t enter into the covenant of Grace. So Old Testament “works” will not be the operative issue for Israel: God will restore Israel by the promise of His Word – despite Israel’s disobedience to Mosaic Law. You look at Deuteronomy and condemn; I look at Isaiah, and see Redemption in the future. As God is gracious to New Testament Believers; He will be gracious toward Israel for HIS NAMESAKE, and not their obedience.

      • Robert Zionist Lykens

        Julia, God keeping his promises does not depend on man’s behavior.

  11. Paul ...

    BREAKING NEWS: What a fool Bibi is … he has “just lost” the strategic Golan Heights for Israel … “a bunch of dumb ass neocons” are currently running the Israeli Government … Russia’s Putin is no fool … he will simply help Iran to build more and more Iranian military bases (behind Israel’s red line) and then give the Iranians “more sophisticated weapon systems” like the S400’s and S500’s (that can easily span Bibi’s red line) … until idiot Bibi “signs a deal” whereby “ALL” foreign armed forces are removed from Syria … with emphasis on the word “ALL” … this means Bibi will have to to give up Israel’s strategic position in the Golan Heights if they want Iran out of Syria … what fools these neocons are running Israel … by their constant pushing for a better and better deal in the Middle East … they have only succeeded in giving back Israel’s “hard fought for occupation” of the Strategic Golan Heights!!! …

    • Paul ...

      And what happens when Iran builds military bases in Yemen at the request of the Yemeni government? … do you think the Saudi regime will stand for very long? … Saudi Arabia will likely be “effectively overtaken” by Iran (just like Iran has control in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon) … then will the idiot neocons running Israel finally wake up? … when they are completely surrounded? … and have to make “a lousy deal” in a much more weakened position??? … or do they take the moral high road now and proclaim in the interest of Peace in the Holy Land (and as God’s loyal servants) state they be abiding by God’s will … and unilaterally declare they will no longer shoot women and children … and request “the other side” do so as well (and not use women and children in their protest marches in order to have them killed for public relations purposes) … if both sides can simply agree to this principle … of “not killing women and children” … it will begin a lasting peace in the Holy Land that will last 1000 years (as foretold in the Bible)!!

    • Greg Hunter

      No they have NOT. Israel is not giving up the Golan.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: Agreed. No matter what else happens, Israel is not giving up the Golan.

        • Paul ...

          So Israel is prepared to live with more and more Iranian bases in Syria?? … with Putin moving in S300’s now (and S400’s & S500’s later on)??? … Putin has already countered any Bibi move to destroy the S300’s by moving in forty Pantsir -S2’s which will protect the S300’s from attack … and even the lowly S300’s have “advanced capability” that allows it to target Israeli planes as they are taking off from Israel itself … so a deal to remove ALL military forces from Syria … is probably a “very good deal”!!

  12. Daryl Riewe

    I cannot say enough good things about your guests and your research. Your are a blessing to us as a true reporter. DR from Wyoming

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Daryl. Trying hard not to become an echo chamber. Armstrong is interesting and very connected. Did you catch that “everyone knows they are not going to pay back all this money.” He’s talking about people he consults for and that means this will end. Better get ready and stay ready.

  13. Tim

    “On gold, Armstrong sees the yellow metal “fighting a stronger dollar” but predicts it will have its day sometime after 2020 to 2021.”

    LOL. All these conflicting opinions are so comical. U.S. equity markets could start correcting to fair value tomorrow. Ditto for gold. The truth is that nobody knows what how this is all going to play out.

    • William Stanley

      Tim: It seems to me the “conflicting opinions” are more about the dynamics and timing of the coming catastrophe, not whether its coming, and relatively soon. There’s a lot of agreement on that point.

    • Donald

      “The truth is that nobody knows what how this is all going to play out.”

      Unfortunately, that is exactly right. ALL the predictions have so far been based on a former financial model that no longer applies, and that’s why they have all been wrong. But there is probably more going on than that. The new model is intervention everywhere because the sheeple could care less. Does anyone care that the Japanese central bank is monetizing 97% of its new debt? Nope. Could care less. Will the sheeple ever regain enough smarts to care again? That is VERY questionable. The most likely scenario – a black swan event will overload the system leading to its abrupt collapse. And the Middle East is the most likely place for such to occur. Will gold be of any use then? Possibly. Time will tell. Regardless of what the governments wind up needing to do, its highly doubtful they will ever try to institute an honest financial system. Look how many are happy to buy and own fake paper gold courtesy of the fraudulent financial system. Why, as a banker, would you want to sell them something real if they are more than happy to own something fake?? So, any new system will simply carry on the same old same old of the current system.

  14. breamrod

    thanks Greg! great interview. Armstrong is one of the smartest if not the smartest person you have interviewed.

  15. Thomas

    Armstrong is right about public confidence being key, but seems ignorant if what is in the IG report or the obvious prospect of mass arrests and treason tribunals based on GITMO expansion and claw back EOs and the Insurance file and the Emails etc, things we can see, it seems like he is ignorant of. The world economies do not exist in a vacuum. When the corruption is taken down it will be worldwide. Confidence, trust, will be shaken to an all time low.
    It is a full time job to understand capitalism so it should be no surprise that Armstrong has no time for all this other crap.
    I want you to put on your list Schiff, D’Souza, Steele, Natasha V, Fulford, Drake Bailey (only restored republic topics), Maloney, and a Mises dot org rep. And I hope you can do extended interviews.

  16. Tim

    Good morning Greg. That was a tough interview for you and me. The only way to get something out of this guy is to put words in his mouth. Would have been nice if he answered one of your questions. The fact is, there are only a handful of people that know what is going on and what will happen and this guy isn’t one of them. As George Soros says, it will be a controlled collapse. We are all slaves and voting will not free us.

    • Tim

      “We are all slaves and voting will not free us.”


    • steve

      Might pay to listen again- he answered all the questions and added a lot of critical information

  17. Paul ...

    Come on Trump … how come the little country of Hungary can build an electrified fence but the US (that can easily print up trillions of dollars for War out of thin air) “can’t find the funds” to build an electrified fence here in America so as to keep out the invading hoards being sent to us by Soros??? …

    • Paul ...

      So if the US “can’t afford” a wall … and can’t afford a fence … we can surely afford bringing our troops back from Syria, Afghanistan and Korea to guard our southern border as there will be no additional cost to maintaining them here to guard America as it is to maintaining them overseas to guard foreign countries boarders … lets take a lesson from Russia who knows how to secure its nation from attack!! …

      • Paul ...

        The way America can’t afford a wall … the Europeans can’t afford all the sanctions “imposed on them” by the warmongering neocons in Washington … they listened to the Washington neocons for too long … taking an economic hit after economic hit to impose sanctions on Russia and Iran … they have had enough … their countries have been overrun by foreigners to such an extent that they have lost their national identities (as planned by the US globalists who started 7 wars in 5 years to uproot the populations of the ME to flood Europe) … now they are standing up to the warmongering globalists in control at the White House … and will not sanction Russia or Iran for this neocon cabal in Washington who want to rule the world!! …

        • Paul ...

          Just as Satan didn’t know who he was playing with when he screwed with God … the neocon cabal in Washington did not know who they were playing with when they screwed Europe up … you know … Almighty God had the power and could have easily “executed” Satan for treason … but he didn’t … he had a better more terrifying punishment for Satan … he would make him “live forever in a dark place called Hell” … where he would have to continually think about his evil deeds that caused his downfall … the US will soon suffer the same fate … as it enters a “dark hellish depression” from which no amount of printed money will be able to bail us out!!

          • Paul ...

            Just like Satan’s minions … nothing thrills the evil warmongering neocons more then thinking up “new countries to attack” … does Trump’s aggressive New Year’s tweet against Pakistan indicate the “next war” the neocon’s already have planned for America to fight?? … we should put all these evil neocon’s brains in jars by the door along side Hillary’s and make THEM “all the lonely people”!! …

  18. Diane

    I’ve read Martin Armstrong every day for the past 5 years. He provides at least two subjects every day.
    His website is free.
    I have no formal education, I was an inmate of the Los Angeles Unified school district for 12 years…which means I had no real education.
    I’ve learned more from Martin’s website and videos and his movie …The Forecaster in the past 5 years than I learned in school.
    His Socrates computer is amazing. It’s the most accurate forecasts on the planet. Bet against these forecasts at your own risk.

    Thank you for inviting him to USA Watchdog, Greg.

    • Gary

      Diane, I agree 100% with your comment, go against Marty at your own risk.
      I have followed him for 25 years, met him, attend his conferences when I can.
      Socrates was created to help the average joe not get left behind and for 15.00 a month
      it is the deal of the Century.

      Who else can charge a hedge fund, bank, government 5 million bucks for a forecast and GET IT.
      As Greg mentioned Marty is very well connected, especially about capital flows.
      PS People should watch the Forecaster, your not going to see it on any North American network.

  19. David Mestrovic

    Martin Armstrong made the comment that U.S. debt is $20 trillion. It is actually $70 trillion. Please check the Federal Reserve data for total credit in the system. Why is Martin not counting private debt which must be repaid? The ability to service $70 trillion is quite different from $20 trillion. Martin is not doing you a service when misleading comments designed to make our fiscal situation look better are put in print.

    • Heinrich Harrer

      David, well spotted ! I was about to make the same comment. Global private and govenmental debt stands at 240 trillion, 70 trillion thereof US debt. This is roughly 30% !
      Furthermore, Armstrong‘s claim that interest rates will go up to 10% whilst stocks keep rising is ridiculous. He has no clues what an interest rate of 10% would mean. Horrible losses, interbank lending and repo deals come to a complete halt, liquidity dries up, private bank accounts will be frozen, capital controls etc. Charles Nenner says that interests will go down. I think Nenner is right, the central banks will intervene and surpress interest rates. Japans government debt stands at 253% of GDP. BoJ monetizes all public debt. Same will happe in Europe and US.

      • Paul ...

        Heinrich … Armstrong‘s claim that interest rates will go up to 10% whilst stocks keep rising is ridiculous … unless … the Fed “at the same time” is printing QE so fast liquidity simply can’t dry up … this means INFLATION … and inflation always drives stock markets higher (i.e. Zimbabwe, Germany’s hyper-inflation in 1923, etc., etc.)!!

  20. Dan

    Great interview – really interesting hearing a slightly different take on what the upcoming crash will look like. Thanks Greg!

  21. Rob

    The simple fact that the Fed has only raised interest rates .75% in over 9 years from .25% in December 2008 to 1% in March 2018 proves not one sovereign entity is ready for a instantaneous 10% interest rate shock without instant default globally. But then again this is exactly what TPTB will need if they want to force a currency crisis on the emerging markets which will then domino into all markets in months if not weeks:

    They ran a beta test from 1971 when Nixon took us of the last ties to gold until 1980 when Volker had the rate at 20%:

    Everything has been engineered since the 1980s to get us to their desired crisis forecast in 1988 for 2018:

    Please remember Martin Armstrong referenced 2014 which just happens to to be the year TPTB quietly forecast at the Georgia-guide stones in September 2014 they wanted to begin raising interest rates to chip away at currencies:

    While the numbers “20” and “14” were visible on that cube the numbers “8” and “16” as well as “MM” and “JAM” were hidden. The “lawless” have much planned to reach their goals for 2030 which is “16” years from 2014:

  22. freebrezer

    Greg – Another nine minutes with Armstrong would have been great … But THANKS (!) for the 51 minutes!

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t want to keep these guys too long because I want them to come back. I was only going to interview him for 30 mins. That said, Armstrong was interesting and had a different perspective.

      • freebrezer

        Thanks again! MA’s work is fascinating ( I have followed him for a few years) in that his talking points are not opinion, but the power of his programing (over 40 years) and analysis of cycles and what the computer out puts. The computer says the DOW is going higher; SHTF in 2020 / 2021 in the bond market; The world is getting colder and food prices will go up accordingly. It is tough to argue against a man that Margaret Thatcher liked! And, every minute you get extra with MA, Naomi Prins and CAF … deeply appreciated … time for Greg M – pure honesty!

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Margaret Thatcher also liked Augusto Pinochet!

  23. Alanon

    So is he saying that we should be in the Dow within or companies 401ks since it’s going to go up? That we shouldn’t have got out?

    • Paul ...

      Yep! … that’s what he is saying … however … think about this … if you were a Zimbabwe citizen before their stock market went to 1000 trillion trillion trillion …. would you have been better off staying in the Zimbabwe stock market … or simply bought gold?? … those who bought gold were able to buy food … not too sure if a Zimbabwe could have even bought a loaf of bread with a stock certificate worth 100 trillion Z-dollars!!

  24. Chris Foster

    Hi Greg, now can you please call Mr. Jim Sinclair for his response to this interview with Mr. Armstrong? I think it is only appropriate since Mr. Sinclair has called out Mr. Armstrong more than once on his anti Gold rhetoric. Thanks…..Chris

    • Paul ...

      Chris … I think Sinclair and Armstrong are on the same page … both see massive inflation coming which is good for gold and the stock market and bad for bonds!

  25. Tad

    A few scoundrels have gained familiarity with Article 2, Sec 4 of our US Constitution: Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Mr. Trump (undeservedly so), Bill Clinton and perhaps Jeff Sessions.

    I doubt Maxine Waters is familiar, because of her difficulty in distinguishing Crimea from Korea. I wonder if she knows their are two Koreas?

    So it is with curiosity and three sources that one looks upon the appointment of former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani as an addition to Mr. Trumps legal team.

    I’m not saying Mr. Giuliani is there preparing to assume the reins of Attorney General.

  26. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Greg: The question isn’t whether or not the system is going to collapse. The question is: which demographic will the gov’t enslave to make the scapegoat and pay for it when it does.

    As long as the population of the United States allows the enslavement of a vulnerable demographic to continue (in violation of the Constitution), there will be plenty of slave labor to keep the economy going. For the slaves, the economy has already collapsed. For the slaves, the stock-market (which isn’t really a market and doesn’t reflect a free-market economy) already collapsed because they had to drain their balances (if they had any to start with) to pay for (less than) subsistence.

    Most of your guests are missing the obvious when they predict (or not) collapse of the stock market and the economy. That is: the economy for a specific vulnerable (and growing) demographic has already collapsed. And the slave labor of that demographic is paying for the profligacy and excessive life-style choices of other demographics (feminists, communists, etc…).

    For us slaves, it doesn’t matter what happens next. It’s already as bad as it can get. And another thing: anyone promoting investment in the stock market (including some of your guests) is promoting the enslavement of a specific vulnerable demographic of slaves. And growing that demographic. They are participating in and are complicit with all this evil.

    The only honest investment is in the proceeds of a man’s labor. Anything after that is a slippery slope. All other investments today other than that is irrational speculation based upon nonsense, smoke and mirrors, lies and deceit.

    I know, Greg, that you’re a strong supporter of Trump, but for us slaves, there has been no positive changes in the economy or our lives since his election. Or anything else for that matter. So the truth is that Trump is no different than any of the other politicians. He’s still stealing the proceeds of conscientious men who work hard. He’s just giving those proceeds he steals to a different demographic than the Democrats or Neocons. Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.

    • William Stanley

      Dr. Jewette:
      RE: “For us slaves, it doesn’t matter what happens next. It’s already as bad as it can get.”
      I disagree: It’s going to get much worse for everyone. Starvation, disease and major violence are lurking about, IMO. But, yes, it will be worse for those who are the least prepared.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        I appreciate the sentiment, William. Some of us have already faced (if not starvation) serious malnutrition, disease (caused by poverty and in part malnutrition – don’t get me started on refined foods, gluten, and the gov’ts screwed up food pyramid – as well as unsafe or unsanitary living conditions -shingles, CO poisoning, etc…) and major violence (also in part because of unsafe living conditions).

        For many and a growing number of Americans, these developments are already a significant part of most of our lives. I grew up surrounded by wealth but lived in bone-crushing poverty (mostly because I had stupid parents who subscribed to gov’t propaganda).

        I spent my entire adult life so far below the threshold for poverty that I couldn’t even see it from where I was or still am. My parents live like pigs at troughs on gov’t assistance at the expense of my slave labor. They complain that they’re poor even thought they’ve owned two brand-new homes (new construction), dozens of new cars, tens of acres of farm land, etc… But they think they’re poor. These are Great Depression era Americans. And they’ll tell you how much they suffered. How they had to fire one of their servants and a couple farm-hands. But the got to keep one servant and a couple other farm-hands. That’s what poverty was to most people in the Great Depression. Yes some were worse-off but not most. Today is far far far worse.

        My parents never had any education. Neither graduated from high-school. I have a PhD (two actually) and live on less than 20K a year (and am ineligible for any public assistance because I don’t belong to the right political demographic – no this isn’t a liberal thing as conservatives are just as bad or worse). The US is a country where the average PhD earns less than an illegal Mexican immigrant, welfare recipient or minimum age earner over a life-time.

        PhD’s in the US have lower take home pay relative to cost of living than an average PhD in any third-world country. Lower than minimum wage earners in some third world countries. If the rest of the world is hoping that the US is going to solve their problems, don’t count on it.

        It will get a lot worse for everyone. But for some of us, it really doesn’t matter. Been there done that. Yawn…

        • Charles H

          My B.A. gets me and my wife about $14K a year. Been here so long – I don’t know what more would mean.

  27. Rock

    Thanks Greg. What an interview. Wow.

  28. eddiemd

    A comment on issues here in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Paradise Valley areas.

    I ride my bicycle 70-100 miles per week throughout north Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas. I have noticed a large increase in the number of homes up for sale in these areas. I usually look up the homes on the MLS system to see what the prices are. No surprise that prices are beyond the prices that we had in 2005-2007. I see homes in these areas that are 3-4 times the value in the aftermath of the crash in 2008-09. I am not sure who is buying. I have had the “cash for your home” people calling my home number. I believe that the buyers are people fleing from California, large east coast/central USA cities (Chicago, New York) and investors from China or other countries. It seems that the real estate market here is about to blow up again.

    While both riding my bike and driving here in Phoenix, I have noted the lawlessness of people driving. There is relatively no enforcement of traffic laws by LE. Insurance rates are up. The use of the iPhone is a major factor and lawmakers will not make make laws outlawing their use. I propose that vehicle manufacturers install a RF jamming system in autos/trucks that jams the use of iPhones will the vehicle is moving. It would be better than a backup camera which was just approved as mandatory.

    I have noted the extraordinary bloom in the saguaro cacti in and around Phoenix. Having been in the area for 50+ years I have never seen such a dramatic bloom. Even the Desert Botanical gardens here in Phoenix has noted this phenomena. They do not have a specific reason why but suspect it has to do with the long term drought conditions. I would suspect that the combination of the drought along with the extreme heat during the summer of 2017 triggered a reproduction cycle. That brings up the news of late regarding the low flow in the Colorado River. Both Lakes Powell and Mead are already at critical stages before the anticipated low runoff. I suspect that there will be a water crisis later this year. Arizona (Phoenix metro, Tucson), Las Vegas, and California are facing a reckoning very soon. Driving into Las Vegas for the first time in 2016, a friend mentioned what would happen if every toilet bowl in Vegas flushed at the same time. Could you imagine that? All those hotels. Maybe we could just flush Vegas down the toilet at the same time.

    Lastly. Cash. I use cash all the time. I have noted the younger cashiers have difficulty counting change even when the register tells them the amount. They become perplexed when someone pays with a bill larger than a $20. A combination of lack of basic arithmetic skills and lifelong programming to use debit cards/EBT/credit cards. I believe that sometime in the near future there will be a direct attack on cash. For instance, what if the dark side contaminated cash with biological or chemical substances in large cities across the USA simultaneously? This would be an excuse for banks and businesses to decline cash and to make a case for electronic money only.

    Lastly…Let’s talk about flase flags…Vegas, 911, Oklahoma City, Skhripal “poisoning”, chemicals in Syria…what has the dark side planned for the upcoming World Cup gaes in Russia? I suspect that there is going to be an attack against Russia by the dark side (CIA, Mi5). Where? Chechnya, Ukraine, USA, Europe, ME? Perhaps a 1972 Munich Olympic type attack against a participant in the competition in order to embarrass the Russians. Maiden in the Ukraine was occuring in and around the Sochi games in 2014. The near future should be interesting.

    • eddiemd

      Everything is in place for the mark of the beast. Sweden leading the way. The technology is here, just need the events to trigger the enforcement. I note that every major intersection here in Phoenix is watched remotely. They have also set up other electronic devices that don’t appear related to emergency vehicle triggering devices. Riding around the metro areas I have noted that key electrical grid stations have concrete walls protecting the transformers. A couple of years back there was a transformer that blew in northwest Phoenix. They had to drive in a large replacement from California to fix it. I hope that they are better prepared for the next time. If the power goes down here in the desert, we are in for a very rough time. People with solar unconnected to the grid will do better until the roving zombie gangs attack. Bugout plans to include movement to water sources would be reasonable. Phoenix and vicinity will be a nightmare when the SHTF. No power, no AC, no water. Add in the fact that pharmacies will be ransacked. People on critical meds (insulin for example), narcotics, and SSRI’s….slow death, withdrawl, and mental breakdowns. Can’t wait.

  29. Lynn

    Pleeeze! Less interruptions of the guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not edited much. What you see is what you get and hey, it’s free. If you think this sucks you got what you paid for.

      • Lynn

        Actually, I gave you a $200 donation . Just trying to help.

        • Greg Hunter

          Well Lynn,
          What can I say other than thank you very much for your donation and your support. I do try my best to put out a good product and get answers from the guests. Please do not take offense.

    • William Stanley

      Lynn: As I saw it, Mr. Hunter interrupted to help reinforce points that his guest had made, not change the subject or argue with him.

      • Jodyp

        William, you’re nicer than me. Thanks!

  30. Matt Jaymes

    How do you have a bond market implosion that has no effect on its baby brother, the stock market??

    The dollar is going to be okay, when most of the east, some of the Middle East and now Europe are now dollar septic?

    Sorry, Martin these concepts and many others simply don’t hold water…….

    • jim c

      Matt , I totally agree with you, he is total wrong.

    • Paul ...

      Matt … massive inflation will boost “baby brother” to new highs … while bonds become worthless … what people simply fail to understand is that “those new highs” being made by baby brother are in “ever more worthless dollars” (i.e. Zimbabwe)!!

  31. Mike R

    Hey Jerry ! – this interview is for you ! Read my lips. No.DOLLAH.CRASH ! Period. (at least in your lifetime)

    Martin Armstrong understands global dynamics, and currencies just about better than anyone on the planet. As he says, there is NOWHERE else to put your money (safely.) The Yuan is not an alternative. Bitcoin is not an alternative. Gold market is too small. And Martin is right about the phooey about ‘Petro-dollar’, or ‘Petro-yuan’. Those are BS notions, and entirely meaningless words.

    Tried telling you this many times on this web-site. You can choose to ignore Armstrong at your own peril.

    From here on out, the dollar will be trending up to at least 120 for the foreseeable future.

    Believe it or not, gold will also likely trend up. Maybe not very fast, but there are periods when both the dollar and gold go up. Its because the rest of the world is crap, financially speaking. If our globe is to keep functioning, it needs the US dollar. It also NEEDs the US military to help maintain global order. The whole balance of trade issue, that Trump keeps talking about, will end up strengthening the dollar, and that’s why there is all this ‘cryin’ and ‘whinin’ by China. China has its stupid Yuan pegged to the dollar, but it can’t keep doing that, otherwise, it will be in dire straights. Trump knows that. Its why he will win on any discussions about Trade. The Yuan ultimately HAS to devalue, and de-couple from the dollar, because for one its economics and debt and many internal issues that go un-resolved, make it such that the Yuan isn’t safe, and no one is going to touch it as long as China keeps doing stupid stuff. (like all the ghost cities it built – yes we build stuff and create debt, but its actually being used and being productive – the crap that China built isn’t being used by anyone – i.e. totally nonproductive ‘assets’.)

    Gold backed or petro backed, is not going to help the Yuan. Both are pittances in total market value, compared to what is needed to become anything remotely close to a global reserve currency. In fact, China, despite its size, is about as far from being able to have a global reserve currency as Greece would be. That sounds silly, but its true. Its eon’s away, and possibly never, unless it begins major governance changes, free market changes, cultural changes, and on and on. Its attempting to run the world like a dictator would, or a communist regime would. That ain’t going to work as long as America’s democracy remains in tact, and continues to spread the power of free markets. Its why 90% of the world’s largest corporations remainly firmly embedded here. And how and why our country continues to produce the most billion dollar corporations of any country on the planet – bar none.

    • K. Wayne

      “the dollar will be trending up to at least 120″…is that YOUR forecast?
      Good luck with that.
      NEWSFLASH: US Debt is on a trajectory into Hyperinflation. That spells trouble with a capital D. Debt doesnt fix DEBT issues. The currency is being destroyed. Have you noticed the trend of the DXY over the last several decades? Nice channel sloping DOWN. 2021 may be too generous. The Donald is running out of time to MAGA.

      • Paul ...

        So “the dollar will be trending up to at least 120″ …What does that matter? … if the Zimbabwe dollar is stronger then a 1923 German Reich Mark (you are simply comparing worthless paper with worthless paper) to see which paper is more worthless?? … you must avoid all paper (fiat, cash, bonds, CD’s, etc .) and be buying gold and silver with it (while people will still sell you their gold for paper)!!

        • Paul ...

          Hope making America “great” again (MAGA) does not mean we will be going into a “Great” depression … as interest rates rise and the Fed does massive QE so governments can have the liquidity to buy their own Treasury’s so they can fund government operations (like more wars) and pay to keep our troops overseas (like in Korea and Germany were “those wars ended” 70 years ago)!!

    • John

      Perhaps the US wants a weaker dollar and takes the brakes off gold and allows it to reset to a higher price. Trade increases between the US and China and a bunch of countries and banks make a good profit on the “reset”. Perhaps the reset is all about clawing back 200 billion of the 500 billion we send to China each year through buying their goods/services in order to balance one sided trade deficits – we get something(increased trade and better employment) and they get something (gold/silver bullion appreciation) Also, I don’t think you get it – what China is doing is dumping dollars as they have trillions of them – they are not trying to become the reserve currency – yet. Mike, China is going to become a great power and there is not anything we can do about it but accept it and profit along the way. We can’t win a trade war with the Chinese or a conventional war. IMHO – it is better to work with them through increase trade so we can re-industrialize. In reality, China does not need us – what they will do for their middle class by simply opening up Asia will eclipse anything this world has seen in a long time. China’s goal right now is to become the key player in Asia and for them and other countries in that area gold does just fine – it is in the culture. The dollar needs to devalue for trade – an increasing gold price and a decreasing demand for dollars are a few ways to get it there. A strong dollar is hurting our exports and other countries who have to convert their currencies into dollars in order to go out in the energy sectors and debt markets. This is why I think the dollar is going to drop.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      There is nowhere else to put your money? What if everybody is deleveraging, as Armstrong suggests a strong dollar will bring on a debt crisis? Surely then all assets will be sold off, causing the asset bubbles to collapse and the dollar to spike.

      • Paul ...

        TSI … Armstrong says that as rates rise in Europe money managers will jump out of falling bonds and buy US dollars (to invest in our stock market) … but as you and Armstrong also say … a strong dollar will bring on a debt crisis in countries that have “dollar denominated debt” which will bring on defaults and asset seizures as the stronger dollar is much harder to earn to pay down debt … so the governments with such “dollar denominated debt” will be screaming at the Fed “to weaken the dollar” … and the Fed will oblige by printing money (QE) like crazy to weaken the dollar … but creating inflation at the same time … which will make the stock market soar (and encourage even more dumping of European bonds and the buying of US dollars) which will make the Fed do more QE and print even more US dollars to weaken the dollar … creating Hyper-inflation, a Zimbabwe stock market and ultimately … a re-set of the US dollar compared to gold!!

    • Jerry

      Mike R,
      FYI the dollar has been crashing. But it’s been in stages. The house I live in I built for $30,000. In 1984. My tax assessment today is $125,000. Any way you slice it this type of debt is totally unsustainable.

      In my humble opinion, the dollar, the yuan, and the rest of the global currencies are ALL going to collapse and force a global currency reset. The Chinese have been preparing by buying gold and investing in real estate, and building an alternate exchange system. Will it work? Who knows? But at least they’re doing something. The United States? Crickets and denial such as your post. I myself have paid off my debts, bought real estate, and yes food storage and long term farming supplies. The best part about living in denial ville is you don’t have to do anything until….

    • Donald

      ” Gold market is too small. ”

      What????? A few years back it was reported that in just one quarter, $15 trillion worth of gold traded within the LBMA. This makes gold one of the biggest financial markets in the world. Trouble is, most of that trade was with fake non-existent gold. So no, the gold market is not small – its just that its fake.

      • Paul ...

        Actually … the “real gold market” can handle all the hundreds of quadrillions of fiat paper dollars, paper yen, paper Euro, paper Yuan, ever worthless “paper x” and “paper y” sloshing around in the world … the banksters simply have to set the price of gold “at the correct price” (like $100 million “paper z” dollars per ounce) … so anyone with dreams of one day having $100 million “paper ? dollars” … should go out right now and buy a physical one ounce gold coin with 1300 of the very strong dollars (relative to other paper fiat) we currently own!!

  32. andyb

    Greg: I certainly agree with Marty that all of the global banks have underwater balance sheets; how can they not have with the derivative situation teetering on the edge of a cliff, waiting for the next interest rate hike, to fall ignominiously (like the Roadrunner) into the chasm of chaos. The next “fix” will be to outlaw cash and then will come the bail-ins. I cannot overemphasize the need to pull your funds out of the TBTF banks. Go to a small community bank or credit union; keep as much cash on hand as feasible; just allow enough for bill pay.

  33. David

    Greg, I watch and read Martin Armstrong more than anyone else. Hes the most accurate of all prognosticators. Thank you for having him on.

    • jim c


  34. H. Craig Bradley


    Martin Armstrong has repeatedly said that gold and silver will NOT be going-up with the stock market in the near future ( until 2021 or there ’bouts ) . Today’s Gold market is a “Big Yawn” or as exciting as “Watching Paint Dry”. I totally agree with Martin’s views.

    His multiyear gold forecast is realistic but still just an estimate. Martin further stated in his interview with Greg the (future) preconditions necessary for Gold to really take-off: Widespread loss of public confidence in the U.S. Government by most Average People on the street ( not just gold “bugs”) . Right now, we just are not there yet.

    There still remains widespread or sizeable “Hope” that President Trump can fix things and get the American economy growing again ( MAGA). Voters have lots of “Hope” left. So, maybe after President Trump leaves office will public confidence plunge and gold regain some momentum. Just not for now.

    So, its going to be awhile (years). Martin says all the other forecasts by Gold Bugs are “Sophistry”. I agree. He is polite. I think too many of the gold bugs are nut-jobs or cleverly “selling their book “. You have choice.

    • K. Wayne

      “preconditions necessary for Gold to really take-off: Widespread loss of public confidence in the U.S. Government by most Average People on the street”.
      Removal of the Criminals who orchestrate the suppression of paper prices at CRIMEX and The “FIX” would be a starting point for price discovery….or preconditions necessary for Gold to REALLY take off. Public reaction to a sizeable move will be what sets the wheels in motion for the exponential move. Its not the Cart before the Horse.

      • Paul ...

        Gold has not taken off yet because the public still believes there is no inflation … right now an ounce of gold is worth about your monthly Social Security check … guess what price gold will be at when your monthly Social Security check is a million dollars per month??

        • Paul ...

          People think gold will make them rich … they are wrong … gold will just prevent them from becoming poor!!

          • john

            Depends on how much gold you have. People have to realize that the bond market has been a place where you can park your money with safety – with rising rates, QT and the debt level of the issuers this is no longer a given. Gold pays no yield as it does not have to because it is pure money. I have to laugh a little when I hear that all this money will be leaving the bond market for stocks because #1 it assumes that there will be liquidity in the bond market to accomplish that feat and #2 it assumes that investors will look at equities as a safety play when the other option is to buy suppressed assets (Pt, Ag and Au) and pay off debt.

            • Paul ...

              John … Liquidity will have to be provided by the ECB and Fed to prevent a complete collapse of the fiat bond market system … but this QE will drive up inflation (and the equity markets) … but you are right about most people tending to ignore another option … buying suppressed precious metals … instead of switching from Government paper (bonds) … to “Corporate paper” (stocks)!

              • Paul ...

                As for how much gold people should have … it should be limited to about 1000 ounces per person … how did I figure that? … well if one ounce of gold equals one months Social Security Check … we will need 12 ounces to make it through a year … and since most people live 80 years … we need 12 x 80 = 960 ounces of gold for a lifetime Social Security living standard … now since there is not enough gold in the world to provide each of us with 960 ounces each … we will have to simply re-set the gold price so that each person with a one ounce gold coin can enjoy a lifetime SS living standard … do the calculation John … and we find that gold needs to be re-set to $1,248,000 dollars per ounce!!

                • Paul ...

                  And remember you will not get rich by owning your one ounce share of gold in the world … for even when it is re-set to $1,248,000 dollars … it will simply provide you with the lifestyle of a Social Security recipient! … it will not be morally right for a person to own more then one ounce of gold because you will be taking the food out of the mouths of other women and children … remember when Jesus divided up those two loaves to feed thousands … he gave them all a little piece of bread each!!

                  • Paul ...

                    If Sinclair is right about gold being re-set to only $50,000 dollars per ounce … we will all be starving … but as those people Jesus feed … we should all be happy we got a crumb!

      • GregWackynt

        IMHO: Now really Wayne ! How about some more “Sophistry”? The (too) often stated reason we don’t yet have a gold bull market ( always “just around the corner” ) is usually alleged to be price manipulation. Its the same culprits with the green shades in the back room “fixing” things. Aren’t global markets a bit more complicated than just one general rule or cause?

        Gold bugs are just “selling their own book”, albeit with sincerity. We all want to believe in what we say or think. Some people just can not handle opposing points of view and delete them in a childish display or anger or immaturity. Who might that be?

        • Paul ...

          Selling ones own book does not mean it is false … same with the Bible … preachers sell their own book … but if it’s right … it’s right … buy God’s gold and stop all the killing in war, after war, after war, after war, after war, until your mouth gets so dry you can’t say “war” anymore!!

        • K. Wayne

          Your Points GW are disingenuous. I’m not the one who is deceiving here. If there is a valid and rational point to be made I will consider it.
          You still live in Denial and that’s quite obvious.
          I don’t care to and wont counter your comments with FACTS, which are pointless because you have your head buried in the sand.
          So what is your explanation then as to why we don’t have a BULL Market in GOLD ? I don’t want the crap about the complexity of the global markets.
          Maybe you don’t have an explanation and just need to make nonsensical comments for amusement.
          Go back to the schoolyard and play with your school buddies. Its safer there.
          Whilst you are at school …..pick up some history books and look at the US Debt Chart. Overlay that with the Price of Gold. If you have any semblance of Intelligence you will notice a divergence (AFTER MANY DECADES) occurring this decade, just when the USD came under enormous threat. This is not natural (laws of the market). This is MAN MADE.
          Take off the rose colored glasses and see the TRUTH.

        • FluZee

          Wackenhut, your confusing Alex Baldwinbag with the Trumpster. You cant fool the people all the time Greg and your looking the fool more of the time.
          Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice shame on us. Keep crying wolf, there will be hell to pay.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      It is like watching paint dry but that means the gold price is not collapsing. An earthquake that causes fatalities is not boring but it is not something I am keen to experience either.

  35. ben

    So the invasion of Lybia had nothing to do with another currency being created
    Iraq and Lybia were simply invaded for Israel.

    Possible I guess.

  36. safe as milk

    wow greg, great interview. i am a subscriber to marty’s basic level. it’s hard for him to communicate some of his ideas clearly on his blog. your questions forced him to slow down enough to clarify his thoughts.

    one thing that i think he wasn’t clear enough about is the second half of 2018. when he talks about increased volatility, that can be pretty severe. i believe he expects some painful corrections in both the stock and bond markets. what he is saying is that the dow will bounce back quickly because once the big players leave bonds, they have nowhere else to park their money.

    • Greg Hunter

      I took it that way too. Thank you for the comment and kind words.

    • K. Wayne

      Stocks are in fantasy land. PE’s are off the charts. Lets see what happens when the Boyz dont get the FREE money LOANS from the Banksters to do their scrip buybacks. Pensions aint buying into that casino.

      • Paul ...

        It’s not the free money “loans” the Boyz are thinking about … it’s the free money “grants” that they never have to pay back that has them excited … when ordinary people begin getting Universal Basic Income … the corporations will be getting Universal Basic Grants (like the banks do now) !!

        • K. Wayne

          The point is, the Stock Market is in Crazyville. When the large instos “leave” bonds (bcos they are crashing)….they dont go to the Stock Market (now owned by the FED/PPT/WORKING GROUP/INSIDERS). That’s the OLD playbook. We’ve now moved to Bubblesville Everywhere Ltd Edn.
          Return of Capital and NOT R on C is what its all about.
          Bonds Crash…Stocks will follow…and so will the Fiat Currencies of the World.

          • Paul ...

            That’s why we have to own something “real” like gold, silver, land, trees, etc.

  37. Gary Cates

    Thanks Greg and Martin. Yesterday while down to the river with Skylos I made time between running a few mags threw the CAR,and 1911, to reflect on “our” situation . “Our” meaning the geopolitical mess; a song kept coming to mind. An “American Tragedy ” I have realized full well for many years that U.S. foreign policy has nothing to do with spreading peace , democracy, and apple pie recipes . But is all about establishing dictators that will let our multi national banks and corporations rape their people and steal the resources. You are so correct when inferring that none of this will surprise Jesus and his Dad. The song. .

  38. eddiemd

    Ebola in the Congo. Supposedly it has made its way in a large city. This story is underreported if this is true.

    I expect that there will be a call for mass vaccinations at some point in time. The question is what will be in the vaccine. History demonstrates that vaccines usually have financial gain. For example, anthrax given to all DOD members in the 1990’s. The vaccine for anthrax has never been shown to protect against the pulmonary form which is the weaponized form.
    My worry is that a “vaccine” may be the way to inject people with nanotech or monoclonal antibodies. I have searched medical studies for research involving nanoparticles and the technology certainly exists. I am not sure if nanoparticles would be effective by subQ or intramuscular injections. Another question would be the relationship between nanotachnology and 5G networks. Certainly the 5G push is related to the microchipping of the population.

    • Angelo

      Yes, there has been a big push in the 5G technology. This will be marketed aggressively and sold in a nice package for the young and ignorant to take up as “convenience” services. There are a multitude of published literature linking the use of RF to a plethora or illnesses from non-specific auto-immune disorders to brain tumors.

      The question now is what do we do about it?

    • William Stanley

      eddiemd: Yes, this Ebola outbreak is in a major city and that will make it very difficult to contain. We should be extremely concerned and should get extremely prepared. This has the potential to crash the world population and the world economy with it.

      • Paul ...

        William … grow an elderberry tree and keep some garlic, Brazil nuts, cinnamon, honey and vitamin C on your stock shelf along with some Viagra and you can quickly re-populate the world and save the world economy …

        • William Stanley

          Paul . . . LOL

        • eddiemd

          Interesting list of remedies. Although I don’t think they would be effective against Ebola, they certainly have their places in medicine.

          1. Garlic- Known for many possibilities in medicine. Several years ago I spoke with a local Costa Rican shaman who used it for bowel parasites in particular.

          2. Elderberry- I came across the use elderberry last year in Hungary. They use a syrup to make tea. Known for many different uses in medicine. I drink the tea syrup a few times a week.

          3. Ground cinnamon- Benefits include possibly lowering serum glucose levels. Might be helpful for a diabetic.

          4. Probiotics- Certainly. Fermented foods. Kefir. Kimchee. I drink unsweetened Kefir daily in addition to episodic kimchee and organic root vegetables.

          5. Vitamin C- They note eating papaya. Papaya is excellent for the GI system in addition to Vitamin C. They say the seeds have value also. I eat a few papayas a week.

          6. Turmeric- I take this myself daily. I found a brand named “Vimerson” online. I looked at the reviews on Amazon. I take the turmeric/ginger/black pepper tablets. I was skeptical at first but I now have minimal to no left hip pain after 6 weeks. I cut back on Alleve to maybe one a day (from 3-4) and tylenol (500mg x3-4) {now no tylenol at all}.

          I would recommend any of these for patients depending on the individual circumstances.

  39. JC

    great interview. He hosted WEC in Orlando last year, it was good conference. I want to go to Singapore but it conflicts with my schedule. I hope I can go to Orlando again this year.

  40. Jennifer Ohman

    Thank you Greg for this very interesting interview with Martin Armstrong. I appreciate his sobering perspectives on current events. He reminds me bit of Jimmy Rogers with his honest frankness, without seeming to have an agenda.
    I agree with Mr. Armstrong on the sophists. And they usually seem to be the gold bugs! I believe in gold, but I do not like the Bugs’ sophistry, and I have been noticing it for years! In Jim Roger’s Hot Commodities book he refers to Gold Bugs as a “miserable lot”. Jim Rogers, like so many of these sophists, ALSO believes in Austrian Economics and free markets, as I do, but their never ending zealousness and “broken clock being right sometimes” bad sense of timing is maybe not so remarkable when one observes that they all seem to be gold dealers, miners, gold portfolio managers and the like. They all seem to have an agenda. I have come to distrust ALL of them now, but I am always open to hear what they have to say. I just read between their lines.
    Interestingly, I recently heard Jim Rogers say that he thinks gold is not ready to go up either. like Martin Armstrong. Rogers, also thinks gold will likely go down first, toward $1,000. Then, he believes that gold will go “much much higher”. It sounds like his time frame is more in line with Mr. Armstrongs. We shall see.
    Kind Regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      I would continue to dollar cost average the metals and continue to get ready. Every day we get is a gift. Thank you for supporting USAW!!!

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Thank you Greg. My pleasure. I think you do great work!
        I agree with you….At this stage of financial and global developments , the price suppression that has taken place in gold has presented us with a real gift.
        Kind Regards,

    • Jennifer Ohman

      A foot note…as I wrote my comment from memory, Jim Rogers actually said , “A gloomy bunch,…”

    • William Stanley

      Jennifer: Mr. Armstrong emphasizes that gold is a hedge against government collapse. I agree, it’s not an investment in the normal sense. It’s an insurance policy you hope you will never need. Problem is, you are almost surely going to need it, just like you need (1) shelter, (2) water and sanitation, (3) food, (4) warm clothes, and (5) a means of self defense. A few thousand dollars spent getting prepared for the worst may be the best “investment” you will ever make.

      • Jennifer Ohman

        I think you misunderstood me. I agree that gold is a hedge (i. e., insurance), too, but primarily against a currency collapse or collapse of the financial system. The financial system is precarious and our currency and currencies globally continue to be debased. As such, everyone should be concerned about this state of affairs and should consider protecting their savings to the extent that they are able.
        As I said above, I believe in gold. I just don’t believe in gold bugs! As Jim Rogers says, they are “A gloomy bunch,…” . To them, the worlds’ ending is always just around the corner, or quarter (Q1, Q2, Q3,Q4), and they just can’t seem to wait for it’s end to happen, so that they can cash in on their insurance, the very insurance they never wanted to view as an investment!!! (Think about that!!)
        And then, the gold “gurus” awkwardly apologize for timing “the ending” wrong, which they always seem to do!! No matter how many times they fall off their horses, they get right back on with a new prediction of the world’s demise. And they are forgiven because everyone “knows” that the world is coming to an end, right?!!!
        Now… imminent demise requires imminent action. So, is it any surprise that many of these same gold bug pundits are sitting ready to sell to you the very gold they say you imminently will need? Or to vault it for you or to sell you the gold book with follow up stock recommendations that will help you to navigate through this pending disaster? Or to sell you the newsletter that will keep you updated on the worlds’ end, so that you can be sure to cash in on it!!
        It’s the clever sophistry, that the dollar is IMMINENTLY (once again) going to collapse and the gold is IMMINENTLY (once again) going to be reset, that Mr. Armstrong observed and disagrees with, that I am addressing. Not the REAL importance or VALUE of gold, which I know, understand and believe in.

        • William Stanley

          Jennifer: Thanks for taking the time to set me straight.

        • Paul ...

          Jennifer … perhaps when people buy gold they should put in the back of their mind that they are doing it for their children’s children children and not to get rich themselves … this way it will stop all the promotion these “gold bugs” do (who want immediate benefit for themselves) … simply bury the gold coins, draw up a treasure map and hand it down to the next generation … and you will be remembered very well for your very kind thoughts and actions! … I know … as I had a relative in Italy (seven generations ago) who made an endowment to a Medical School in Italy with the stipulation that seven generations of his grandchildren be educated for free … I was the child of the seventh generation … and I still think fondly of my very kind and thoughtful great great great grandfather!!

          • Jennifer Ohman

            Yes, some important percentage of one’s life savings should probably always remain in gold, especially since the world is moving toward less freedoms, more control and dependency, and toward locking every one into a digitized financial system.
            Like your forefather, Jim Rogers, who owns a lot of gold (and silver), has said that his daughters will be inheriting his gold.
            Now… I am not advocating doing anything illegal, but do know that gold is also the enemy of unjust government seizures, including malicious frivolous law suits as well as any unfair inheritance taxes. The very wealthy know this and they act accordingly.
            It is gold’s ability to make men free and to be private about it, that those in power will always loathe and try to control, as they seek to control the masses.

  41. Gary Cates

    An aside , another song. Mr. Confederate Man . .

  42. Flattop

    Have you any idea why Pres Trumps # 1 financiers have been invited to China for a sitdown?

    • Greg Hunter


    • Paul ...

      Flattop … likely to stop Trump’s trade war and have China buy American products to boost our economy … in return … we allow North and South Korea to unite … as was meant to happen 70 years ago (but for idiot Truman who listened to his warmongering neocons and started the Korean War … when both Stalin and Mao didn’t want a war) … the toll in American boys lives that had to die for evil neocons was all for naught then as it is all for naught now!!!

  43. Howimpossibleispossible

    Everyone should research your guest’s past; not that it necessarily means anything general, but you should know. His calculus is interesting, but so many preceding ones were both interesting and wrong. There are always factors that are not visible or anticipated. Yes, the dollar may be less flawed than many other currencies. However, continued confidence in it could be momentarily halted by confluence of unexpected destabilizing events. Compounding that, those in the world who are fed up with dollar supremacy might make their move, while the he currency spectators short-jump in, and thud, the dollar tanks. In that case, it might not be able to get traction up the slippery slope it has otherwise been micromanaged to stay above over the past few decades.

  44. Jodyp

    Individuals should buy pre 1933 $20 goldpieces? Logical. But Mr.Armstrong seems anti- gold in general. Why are countries repatriating their gold? Why has China and Russia been stockpiling the yellow metal? And petro-yuan means nothing? Not sure how to take this guy.

    • Paul ...

      Jodyp … Armstrong is “effectively telling us” to prepare for “massive inflation” … that will destroy the bond market … push the stock market higher (in ever more worthless dollars) … and that gold is the something we should all accumulate (as coins)!!

  45. Bob

    Great interview Greg, thank you for all your work. When Mr. Armstrong reported about the cracking of the bond market, you can clearly see this has occurred and continues to decline by viewing the bond chart (BND) since September of 2017. Definitely in a bear market trend. One thing I was hoping would be addressed is what happens with the existing debt structure once interest rates really begin to rise. Won’t this lead to massive defaults even within Corporate America? Mr. Armstrong stated that the equity market could continue to rise even with rising interest rates as in the past. Yes, but we did not have the debt overhang that we have today. I’m not sure how this will work in today’s environment. Thanks again.

    • Paul ...

      Bob … the massive debt structure will “melt away” under the QE hyper-inflation that will become so endemic the Fed will have to turn to issuing “Basic Universal Monthly Income Checks” to every American so they can put food on the table!!

  46. doug

    watched the video–martin is quite the genius eh–you struggled a little there Greg but we got the info–i read his blog and he has been saying all this for years-stock market up,dollar up,bond market in the toilet…golds day is maybe two years away–martin and his smirk always cracks me up,the chessire cat–the real genius is his programming his computer–nobody and i mean nobody has his info

  47. Paul

    Another very interesting episode … the one area I can’t get my arms around is around the 18:30 minute mark the comment about the ECB not being able to buy anymore of the low quality member bonds sparking a rise to say 10%. It seems to me the ECB can continue with QE for some time without necessarily spiking rates to 10%. The dollars recent strength comes with a backdrop of much higher treasury yields even in the presence of poorer quality government bonds with significantly lower yields … doesn’t it stand to reason that as those yields rise the value of the euro will increase … thus reducing the value of the US$. This would also be true in Japan whose yields are near zero. Also with the reduced usage of the dollar in trade, one would think the reduced demand for settlement of oil and other trade with Iran, Russia .. petro yuan etc would also cause downward pressure on the US$. Although I agree with the majority of Mr. Armstrong’s assertions, especially you have to look at the whole picture, I cannot see how the ECB and other CB’s won’t continue on with the manipulation of the credit markets he suggests. I guess the question this ultimately raises is … what is going to make the ECB start doing what is right? I’m not sure which of your guests indicated that it is a reactive market, but I completely agree. Around the world Central banks react to whatever manipulation the other central banks do when they are sticking their finger in the part of worldwide economic dyke, each plugging the hole that is closest to flooding them out … although I fear and prefer that the predictive outcome of the Sinclair/Holter collaboration is wrong, my tendency is to believe theirs are most likely to occur. In gold we trust.

    • safe as milk

      you assume that the central banks are still in a position to control bond rates. martin thinks that day is ending soon. unless they allow rates to rise, there will be no bid. the ecb is especially vulnerable. martin explains why the ecb can’t continue qe forever in his blog. unlike the fed, the ecb is not authorized to create money for the purchase of bonds. when they run out of money, then ecb has to be recapitilized by the european union.

      here’s a link to martin’s blog on this subject:

      • Paul ...

        Or safe as milk … the EU is recapitalized by the Fed (who takes a lessen from Venezuela, Argentina, Zimbabwe, etc.) and issues 100 year bonds to save Europe for the Muslims (as the Europeans forgot how to have sex and were destroying their economy)!!

        • K. Wayne

          OR…the ECB and the EU….will go away….as in FAIL.

  48. Zen

    When gold was near its highest price Martin predicted that its price would continue to rise and probably double, ——- Wrong call !!!

    Martin said in this interview that stocks will rise along with interest rates, Many companies are highly dependent on low interest rates so how can the stock price of those so dependent rise along with their debt burden?

    • Greg Hunter

      What was the time frame. I think it will double but not for awhile.

    • Paul ...

      Zen … corporate debt will go to zero as hyperinflation kicks in … and stock prices will rise (in ever more worthless money) … as for the price of gold … Armstrong was being too conservative (it will more then double) !!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Also stock buy backs are supposedly at record highs. How long can this continue?

    • Paul

      Bingo Paul, 10% rates in Europe destabilize the US … the fed is the bank of last resort for the western world and nothing is off limits to protect their interests. 10% is not going to happen … despite a massive jump in demand since 2013 by the biggest buyers of gold and without an increase in supply, prices have dropped … proving the laws of economics are subject to the whims of the Fed … it is a rigged game and until the casino is closed, the game will continue.

  49. john duffy

    So Marty says the stock market goes up with the dollar and Mannarino says the stock market goes down with the dollar. Someone is going to have egg on their face.

    • Paul ...

      Not necessarily John … the stock market can go up in “more worthless dollars” as Marty says … and down in “real dollar value” as Mannarino says!!

  50. Don

    Good Guest Greg, I haven’t always understood Mr. Armstrongs analyist of global economies, but I must say, his simple explanation of the global economy at present hit a nail on the head. The emerging markets stress is seen everywhere now, and I do believe he’s eight about Europe. Brother, you always do a good job on wrapup, may the Lords best be yours.

  51. Stan

    You see Jerry? The Dollar will not collapse. No need for you to fear-monger anymore.

    • Jerry

      Nice try Stan,

      Do you do any reading at the troll school for the uninformed or is sniping all they teach? Try posting something meaningful.

    • Jerry

      I’m betting you can’t read so this video is for you.

      Best regards. Jerry.

    • Jerry

      I paid $2800. For my first car. A 1968 426 hemi Plymouth roadrunner. This is what MOPAR muscle cars are going for today.

      Still think the dollar is a good investment ? I could buy 20 1968 roadrunners for what 1 cost today. Inflation has eaten away the purchasing power of the dollar.

      • Paul ...

        Jerry … I was able to afford to buy a 1969 Oldsmobile 442 muscle car “brand new with all the options” for only $4500 dollars … with today’s “strong dollars” it costs over $100,000 dollars for a similar muscle car!! … so today’s “strong dollar” is actually “20 times weaker” then the dollar we earned years ago (and the reason we should “never save” dollar denominated fiat or bonds)!!

        • Paul ...

          Today a 1969 Olds 442 sells for between $40,000 and $60,000 “strong” US dollars … so by buying something “real” with my dollars in 1969 I make a bit more then 10 times my money … but if I gave up the pleasure of owning such a “mean machine” and bought gold instead with my $4500 dollars (gold was selling for $41 dollar per ounce back then) … I could have had over 100 ounces of gold (worth $130,000 today) … so I lost about $80,000 dollars by buying my 442 … but I think I derived about $80,000 dollars worth of pleasure from owning and racing it … beating the doors off the clunkers other kids had!!

          • Jerry

            Amen Paul .
            It was worth every penny on those Saturday night cruises . The burnouts. The races. The sheer power of 800 horses in your hands. Priceless.

            • john

              yes they were good times no doubt – 800 hp – you are dreaming – even a stock 426 hemi did not break 500 hp. My 2006 gto with a LS2 corvette motor with supercharger bolted on top with a dyno tune did not break 650 hp. My 06 GTO in stock configuration would embarrass any muscle car from the 60’s – 70’s – no joke. Sorry to say but the old muscle cars from the 60’s – 70’s bring big figures and big hype as well. At the end of the day, it is hard to put 500 hp to the ground not to even mention the prospect of stopping said lead sled with drum brakes. Most of these cars at best in stock configuration were 12 seconds cars at best in the 1/4 mile.

          • William Stanley

            Paul . . .

            • Paul ...

              William … that GTO would have never beat my 442 with “modified engine” (oversized pistons) and foot wide rear tires … still have it on my driveway today … just starting it up “and hearing that engine roar” is a thrill for me … and even all the young kids in my neighborhood … it was a once in a lifetime “Golden Era” for us muscle car owners (then the government and EPA killed everything … the way they always kill everything … killing is their game … and they have brought us now to a “Golden Era” of Never-ending Constant Wars !!

              • William Stanley

                Paul . . .
                Was I cheating here? Did that 442 have positraction?

    • Jerry

      What no comment Stan? Did a cat eat your mouse? The dollar is doing so well that the national debt is only growing by $184,ooo. Dollars per second instead of $200,00.

      I’m sure JMILLER will have the exact figure :)The point is get yourself ready because at some point like any system that is overloaded there is going to be a reset. There’s the perception of reality. And then there’s reality. Reality always wins.

  52. Joe

    Armstrong vs Mannarino

    Greg, would be so interesting to have a debate between the two. While they both seem to agree on an overall bond market meltdown, Armstrong sees stock market going up while Mannarino sees it crashing. Who is right?

    Likely not to get a real debate between the two, but since you talk to Mannarino, could you at least get his take and counter-argument against what Armstrong is saying (that the market will melt-up)?

    Soooo curious about this now.


    • Paul ...

      They are both right … no need for a debate Joe … the stock market is going up in “more and more worthless dollars” … and down in “real value” … at the same time!

    • Jerry


  53. K. Wayne

    I have to disagree with MA’s assessment that there is no alternative to the “King” Dollar.
    Long before the Fiat regime was born, the world had Gold. REAL MONEY. GODS MONEY.
    BTW it still exists today, and when the most populace nation on EARTH decides to DE-DOLLARIZE its Trading and DEBT books, then the realisation of how lower demand will create a vacuum/black hole, will flip the swich and we have game on.
    Interesting point he made about 2021 now only 3 years out. Do we assume thats when things fall apart. BUT, like he said, its already started. 2021 sounds like a RESET date to me. If they can actually hold it together that long. Interest rates are threatening. Stocks peaked. USD peaked. GOLD bottomed. Debt /Volatility have only one way to go.
    You never did get a straight answer from him Greg. He has quite the repertoire. Made a lot of his points, but failed with his incongruent structure.

    • Greg Hunter

      I remember when Mannarino first came on right after the 2016 election and he predicted that “Trump was a game changer.” You cannot underestimate how Trump screwed up the plans of the NWO. The wanted America to fail and Trump pushed it higher and bought us all some time.

      • K. Wayne

        Buying time I have to agree. It’s inevitable.
        The way things are headed it would not surprise if we migrate to a Multi-Polar Reserve Currency World.

  54. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Martin Armstrong does not disappoint. I’m still scratching my head though, the dollar staying strong while the bond market crashes … ??? Obviously there are a lot of moving parts to the system and they don’t interact as we common folk think.

    MA is just one opinion, but his track record indicates an opinion that’s more often right than wrong. I need to listen again and then maybe revise and extend my remarks…

    Thanks again.

    • Mike R

      Russ – actually the global bond market crashing and dollar going up is not such a head scratcher. The global bond market represented about $127 trillion at the end of 2016. The US Bond market represented $39 trillion, while US stock market represented about $27 trillion at the end of 2016.
      If bonds sell off there needs to be some place HUGE for the money to go, and with the US dollar one of the largest most liquid pools of money, it would be the natural place for that money to flow.
      Bonds are actually selling off hard in many places around the world, so that is probably in large part why we are seeing relative dollar ‘strength.’ With US stocks priced to perfection and beyond, and as Martin says there really is no other safe market in the world outside of the US, money from bonds at least initially, going into the USD, is pretty much a no brainer for the larger money managers.

      Whats REALLY scary about bonds, is the majority of really suspect ones, aren’t trading with much more yield. So risk is being extremely under-estimated, and I give blame personally to the existence of derivatives, in how they mask nearly all market risk, especially in interest rate sectors like bonds.

      There is no event comparable in history to what we are witnessing here over the past 2 decades, because never before this 20 year period did we have Quadrillions in derivatives. Its extreme to the max. Its a big fat untested experiment.

      • JMiller

        We do not and have not ever had quadrillions in derivatives. Where are you and others come up with this exaggerated number? Fear porn sites?

        • Mike R

          JMiller – Paul Wilmott who holds a PhD in applied mathematics from Oxford University. Written a number of books on the topic of derivatives. $1.2 quadrillion, but its a low estimate, because very little is actually documented.
          And stop it with the use of words like ‘fear porn’ to belittle some one else’s truthful statements. You sound like a typical left wing liberal with complaints, conjecture, useless words, ad hominem attacks, and zero facts. btw Paul’s just one of many expert sources on the topic. I’m fairly certain you don’t even understand what a derivative is, why and how they exist, let alone the endemic danger they represent to the financial system. The leverage dwarfs total global GDP by dozens of x’s, and its not going to take much to implode the system.

          • JMiller

            The 1.2 quadrillion estimate of total notional derivatives as stated by some is only because that is what it was if you count up each bank’s reported derivatives individually. But actually the total notional amount of derivatives of both OTC and Exchange Traded derivatives is currently about 600 trillion according to the BIS data. The people who say it is 1.2 or 1.5 quadrillion get that number because they mistakenly double count the contracts, once for each counterparty. For example, if I made a $5 bet with Joe which means that Joe has made a $5 bet with me, is the total amount of the bet $10 (my $5 bet plus Joe’s $5 bet) or is the bet just $5? It is just $5. You do not count each person’s bet to get the total amount of the bet when it is the same bet. But that is exactly what some people like Egon Von Greyerz, Jim Sinclair and Lynett Zang have done. They have counted up the derivatives (bet) of each financial institution individually which would add up to that 1.2 or 1.5 quadrillion number but that would mean each contract is counted twice since each derivative contract has at least two counterparties.

            And Mike, you are sounding a lot like what you are accusing me of being.

            • JMiller

              Mike R ,

              Because I want to know the truth and do not want to get my facts wrong I spent several hours checking out what Paul Wilmott said about the total amount of derivatives outstanding and he did say that the total for both OTC and exchange-traded derivatives was 1.2 trillion but that data was from 2008 and unfortunately it looks like he made a mistake.

              Listen to the last audio on this page from 2009 where he talks about derivatives.


              Paul Wilmott in the audio states that the total amount of OTC derivatives was about 683 trillion. He obviously gets this amount from the BIS. See June 2008 in Table 1 in the link below.


              However the total amount of OTC derivatives in the last several years has declined considerably according to derivatives expert Rob Kirby and he is correct. The total notional amount of OTC derivatives which was about 683 trillion back in 2008 is now about 543 trillion. 532 trillion of which is foreign exchange, interest rate and equity-linked contracts (see H2 2017 in link below).


              And about 11 trillion more are commodity and credit derivatives (see H2 2017 in link below).


              This leaves us with the exchange-traded derivatives which the total amount has always been much less than the OTC derivatives. The total amount of exchange-traded derivatives today, which consists mainly of futures and options contracts, is about 80 trillion according to the BIS. Paul Wilmott in the audio however says that the amount of exchange-traded derivatives was a whopping 530 trillion back in 2008. Well according to what I have seen it was actually less than 100 trillion in 2008 and always has been according to all the data and charts I have seen. See Table 23A in link below for the total notional amount for derivatives traded on exchanges.


              This chart shows the same.


              And another chart.


              So currently according to the BIS data, which derivatives experts like Paul Wilmott and Rob Kirby use, the total notional amount of OTC derivatives is 543 trillion and the total for exchange-traded derivatives is about 80 trillion. This gives us a total of about 600 trillion which is what I said.

              • Greg Hunter

                You are correct sir. Whether it’s $540 tillion or $700 trillion or $1 quadrillion, the number of outstanding derivatives is a very large number that will be uncontrollable in the next big collapse.

      • Paul ...

        The hyper-inflation experiment “was tested” many times in the past … just never implemented by the Fed at such a fast rate (it previously took about 100 years for the Fed to drop the value of the dollar from 100 cents to 2 cents) … in Venezuela today what took the Fed 100 years to do is done in a few weeks … so figure on the Fed to speed up its inflation process … I’m expecting to get a million dollar “monthly” Social Security check before I die (if they would kindly and morally change the way the CPI is calculated for us ordinary folks)!!

  55. Bob H

    Gregg, what is the average guy on the street supposed to make of this interview? It appears that Mr. Armstrong (highly intelligent by the way) is at odds with other very intelligent guests of yours (e.g. Michael Pento, Greg Mannarinno). I’ve been following their advice for some time, and purchasing precious metals, etc. (disproportionately to my total portfolio, by the way) because of what they’ve been espousing. Any thoughts?

    • Greg Hunter

      Bob H,
      I would get out of debt, dollar cost average gold and silver coins and get ready and stay ready and make sure I have some fun along the way.

  56. Jerry

    This big!

    Unless I missed my guess, this is the beginning phase of a gold price fix, to back theYuan with in preparation for a currency reset. Honestly I thought they would have done before now when they launched the SGE in 2017. The Chinese are methodical .

  57. Will H

    Thanks Greg for this interview of Armstrong, I think it just shows a perspective of putting off the reset for a few years and how it is possible. I like hearing different view points.

  58. Russ McMeans

    Greg; I don’t know how you get these amazing guests, but you must have some kind of hall pass or back stage pass. Between Catherine A. Fitts, Gerald Celente and Martin Armstrong; they just have the same reaction regarding governments all over the world. They simply want to shake us down for as much money as they can steal. They laugh! I like their sarcasm. Interesting to note that Martin said this: “ It doesn’t matter what/where interest rates are when the government is the biggest borrower. It doesn’t matter to them. “
    Martin Armstrong may not be the best at explaining complex stuff, but he doesn’t have to because we just have to read between the lines. He’s one smart dude period. Thanks Greg. Wow!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ.

  59. David Larsen

    Wow. It seems the trolls have found the poll again.

    Yes (50%, 543 Votes)
    No (50%, 535 Votes)
    Total Voters: 1,078

    Time to register people who want to participate in the poll.

    • Greg Hunter

      I was testing to see when they would hit it. I have returned to the proper percentage (3%). I have new software and it works!!

      • David Larsen

        Sweet! Glad to see it. I was in a figurative agony when I saw those bogus numbers!


  60. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Martin Armstrong was a fascinating guest. Thanks.
    Apparently Mr. Armstrong seems to agree with most of your prior guests in that he sees America’s financial situation as terrible and unstable. Where he differs is that he sees it as the only country with a viable and well-enough established financial system to absorb the world’s mobile capital during the current and growing financial crisis, especially in the bond markets. This leaves, the US stock market as the “only” alternative. As money floods here to buy US equities, the dollar will be bid up. That will force down the dollar price of gold (and, presumably, other precious metals). This situation he sees as continuing for another year or two, after which investors loose confidence in governments’ ability to continue their “socialist” policies, and (less clearly in his exposition) the financial system (and presumably) the economy both collapse.
    Mr. Armstrong focuses more strongly than some analysts do on aggregate flows of capital, and less strongly than some analysts do on threats to the financial system from failures of individual institutions and the possible resulting cascading defaults in the bond and derivatives markets. Nevertheless he is aware of that possibility, and even notes an historical case of that, and mentions the municipal bond market as a sector which could be susceptible to such a phenomenon.
    Because of the current and near-term flow of foreign funds into the US stock market, he sees economic catastrophe being put off longer than do other analysts. Yet, while he is less clear about the nature of that catastrophe than some other analysts, he nevertheless sees it coming.
    He also seems less sanguine about gold than other analysts, even in the long term, but is somewhat unclear (at least to me) in his reasons for that.
    My take differs from his: While he makes a good case that the near-term financial flows will buoy the US stock market and the dollar, hence depressing the dollar price of gold in the short term, it’s hard for me to see the US stock market surviving widespread financial panic and the resulting economic collapse. Moreover, he foresees even more stress on Europe and emerging markets than do other analysts. Thus, in my view, the glow of precious metals remains undimmed.

    • Paul ...

      As you say William … the glow of precious metals will never dim when we have banksters that believe in inflation … even an inflation rate of only 2% per year will destroy the dollar over a long enough time period … imagine taking about a “strong dollar” when it just went from 100 cents to 2 cents in the space of “one lifetime” (120 years according to the Bible)!!

  61. Peter from the Netherlands

    Armstrong April 2017:

    Armstrong says there is going to be a major “monetary reform” in the not so distant future, and the U.S. will end up with a dollar for domestic use and a dollar used for international trade, sort of like a “domestic dollar” and an “international trade dollar.” Armstrong says, “Yes. All it is doing is replacing the dollar as the reserve currency. That would satisfy China and Russia, and it would simply be maintained by an international board. I strongly advise against the IMF. It’s way, way too corrupt.”

    Look for the difference!!!!

    • Twox2

      Lol. Not sure what to think when Jim Willie and Martin Armstrong agree…but, Jim owns this prediction, and Martin is late to the party. We’ll see…

      • Paul ...

        But Jim Willie has one other stipulation that must be fulfilled before we go to a domestic dollar … the US must reduce its trade deficit … Trump is working on this problem feverishly with his tariff ploy and now his agreement with China to have them buy more American goods … once the US trade deficit is brought under control … the domestic dollar (Willie’s schist dollar) will be introduced (and the re-set will finally take place) … Trump won’t allow the re-set to take place until our trade deficit is resolved … which is logical … otherwise even the new domestic “schist” dollar will have to be devalued and devalued to worthlessness!!

  62. Peter from the Netherlands

    Armstrong 2014:

    On the recent strength of the U.S. dollar, Armstrong says, “The central banks only have the dollar, that’s it. It is the reserve currency. We had a former Obama economist who just came out a few days ago and said the risk to the United States is a strong dollar, and we should give up the reserve currency position. Why? Because they realize there is no other choice. What are you going to do, put your retirement money in rubles? How about Yuan? There is no place you can go. It’s only dollars.” So, is the dollar is not going to fall out of bed anytime soon? Armstrong says, “Not yet. You have to take the dollar up, and that will bring gold down short term. Also, as war begins to happen, you have to realize that capital flees from wherever conflict is. The more conflict you have in the Middle East and Europe, the more money is going to come this way (to the U.S.)”

    Look for the difference !

    • William Stanley

      Peter from the Netherlands:
      Good points!

      • Peter from the Netherlands

        Yes William, you are right. Look in the past and you will find your answer. And you are the only one who read this.

        • Paul ...

          I read it Peter … yes … people will run to the US dollar (making it “strong” relative to all the other Zimbabwe fiat currencies in the world) … but is having a “strong” 1923 Reich Mark in your hand better then having a worthless Zimbabwe dollar? … economic fools abound … “paper is paper” (whether it be Gov Treasury paper or Corporate paper) so running from “weak” Bonds to “strong” Stocks is not going to save anyone?? … they should be running to “rare” Gold!!

        • Flattop

          Hey Peter;
          You forgot to include. ” The US is A BANANA REPUBLIC.

  63. Theta Lion

    Peter Schiff….May 17, 2018….”Interest Rates Are About to Shoot Through The Roof ”
    30 minutes
    So Peter agrees with Martin on the bond market but agrees with Greg Mannarino on the stock and precious metals markets. Martin hates gold… will never get a positive comment from Martin on gold until the ship has sailed and disappeared over the horizon.
    He completely missed the 2016 bull….not a word to his clients as miners tripled+ in price.
    Armstrong has distinguished himself over the decades for his expertise however after years in Fort Dix, I think he is careful what he says so he doesn’t end up there again.
    He avoided answering your question on the yield curve because it is market negative.
    I’m sticking with TradersChoice.

    Greg….keep up the awesome work your doing…..time to have Robert David Steele back on the program.

  64. John Fahey


    You’ve had a series of smash hits. Pento and Janda were stunning interviews recently. I’m familiar with Armstrong and his incredible personal story. The idea of governments hunting cash is extremely scary.

    Thank You
    John F

  65. Charles H


    Being partially right and confident – goes a long way. Generally MA is Dollar positive; and the greater herd is Dollar negative. I have to go with the herd. Bad behavior from the USA is not going to generate positive consequences.

    • William Stanley

      Charles H: Dangerous world out there:
      As I write this I’m still a little nauseous from the adrenaline rush I had this morning from a dangerous encounter. A woman flagged me down from her car trying to get help in a remote off-road location. Her boyfriend had been beating her up for hours. He was in the car and got out as I approached. I was too stupid to realize that HE was an IMMEDIATE threat. Thankfully, he backed off and took off. The police are looking for him now (armed and dangerous).
      SITUATIONAL AWARENESS IS ESSENTIAL (no matter how well armed you are)!

      • Charles H

        Exactly. Situational Awareness is key to all – Martial Arts… to opening the front door. That coin’s other side is Preparedness.

        I’m glad you came out alright. After facing my three assailants in the afternoon – I was still buzzing at midnight and did not sleep at all that night.

        Women and Good Samaritan/rescue situations are often traps now. What a world.

        • Russ McMeans

          I’ve rescued a few ladies from bad boyfriends and husbands. Ie: helped them escape. If any lady is distressed and looking for help, be rest assured that the dude may be very nearby.
          Plan accordingly. And be quick about the ‘rescue ‘ .. Time is not on your side.

      • Paul ...

        Situational awareness (plus 35 caliber and aim center-mass) … William you must have an imposing “he man type image” to have scared off the armed thug!!

        • William Stanley

          Paul . . . Nothing imposing about me at all, and I very much doubt he ever knew I was carrying a 9mm (plus a knife and pepper spray). I guess he sensed that I was determined and self confident. Mainly, he was just a coward. And I was lucky.

  66. The Canuck

    It’s not every day that the world’s financial system seizes up. Mr. Armstrong is telling us something similar to another Bretton Woods Agreement is in the works going forward and I suspect there is a great deal more that he knows he is not telling us. Anybody with some common sense is going to prepare for this in many, many ways. It’s going to be very dramatic !! I keep coming back to Christine Lagarde’s speech involving numerology and the magic number seven. Is it possible they break us down by dragging us through the mud for a few years before the reset in …. 2023, .. 2+0+2+3
    A good example, Venezuela.

    • Gary

      Marty, said at his Orlando Conference, “The Us Dollar Is The Least Ugliest Horse In The Glue Factory” That being said Micheal Campbell was the moderator for the conference,
      and in no uncertain terms, ‘Get out of the Cando”
      There will be a reset, I think Marty is absolutely correct.

      Greg, thanks for having Marty on again.

  67. Diane

    I loved Martin’s knock on CNN!

  68. Pomp & Pheromoney

    An inside source said that ‘it doesn’t look like [North Korea] wants to denuclearise at all’ as US officials worry about the planned talks on June 12

    PUBLISHED : Monday, 21 May, 2018, 3:21am
    UPDATED : Monday, 21 May, 2018, 10:02pm

  69. Tim

    It’s interesting how people like Martin never explain how the gold price can stay so low when China and Russia are gobbling up all newly-produced gold or explain all the EFPs that Harvey Organ documents. If this was the case in any other commodity the price would skyrocket. Life must suck when the Devil owns your soul, eh Martin?

  70. William Stanley

    Mike: Mr. Hunter invites us into his house and kindly allows us to voice our views. Snarky, personal comments in response to snarky, personal comments, sure. But Mr. Hunter didn’t attack you. Show some respect to our host; indeed showing some gratitude for all of his efforts wouldn’t be entirely out of bounds.

    • Jodyp

      There you go again W.S. Makin’ me look bad. Ha!

  71. breamrod

    Armstrong basis all of his predictions on his computer model. He does expect the dow to eventually crash but not before it rises to 35 to 50,000. His big date seems to be 2021 and 2032

  72. James, the Flying Flapping Clap Trapper

    How the FBI and CIA Restarted the Cold War to Protect Themselves
    Thomas J. Farnan
    |Posted: May 20, 2018 12:01 AM
    On December 29, 2016, the Obama Administration – with three weeks remaining in its term – issued harsh sanctions against Russia over supposed election interference. Two compounds in the United States were closed and 35 Russian diplomats were ordered to leave the country.
    Russia responded by calling the actions “Cold War déjà vu.”
    In the two years that have elapsed since, it has been learned that the “intelligence” that formed the basis for the sanctions was beyond dubious.
    A single unverified “dossier” compiled by an ex-British spy with no discernable connections to Russia was shopped to FISA judges and the media as something real.
    The dossier was opposition research by the Hillary Clinton campaign, a fact that was not disclosed and actively hidden by off-the-book transactions through the law firm Perkins Coie.
    As a dog that chases its tail, the fake dossier was being used to cause the investigation which itself lent credibility to the notion of Russian interference.
    The FBI and CIA thumbed the eye of an armed nuclear state based on false intelligence. Why?
    The answer is now obvious: to cover up their own election year shenanigans they thought would remain forever hidden in the inevitable Hillary Clinton victory.
    Restart Now Reset!

  73. FluZee

    Obama Pleads With Hip Hop Artists Not To Meet With Trump
    :(He is terrified):!
    by Sam Di Gangi 7:04 PM 21 May 2018

  74. Tim McGraw

    I came back to your channel for the Martin Armstrong interview. He is an interesting man. Years ago I read his articles from prison. A NYC judge threw him into jail because Armstrong wouldn’t tell the Feds where the money was hidden. MA got beaten in prison and he had a tough time. Now he’s being fete’d by governments. Amazing!
    I agree with the writer above that you interrupted MA a bit too often. MA is not very clear most of the time anyways. My favorite line from MA was how bureaucrats never prevent a problem. They’d rather have the crisis come to pass and then “try” and fix it.
    Thanks for the interview.

    • Diane

      The feds threw him in prison for 8 years because he wouldn’t give them his Socrates computer, Tim
      Watch the documentary THE FORECASTER.
      I never watch movies, but watched this one 3 times. It’s a fascinating true story.

      • Tim McGraw

        Thanks Diane.

  75. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice interview…and a glimpse from another perspective. Of course…all see the same sorry state …but like at poker table…only from ‘their’ view and which cards they hold. Charles Nenner views things based more on ‘cycles’ that linear charts (segments of a longer timeline)…and when you consider such things that take down empires…it is usually things they lose control over…or never had the ability to…though they think they can. The U.S. is relatively new on the block…and has been largely controlled by ‘foreign interests’ most of it existence… That the world knows this…but continues to ‘blame’ the U.S. is but a ploy to make it and it’s people the hated scapegoats for their meddling and using the U.S. as the world enforcement arm of the globalist bankers…
    People in the U.S. need to acknowledge this…and make it clear that if smaller nations wish things to change…they need to focus on those ‘behind’ the world banking cabal and stop obsessing on the U.S. exclusively. Want the wars to stop? Go after the the Kissingers – the Brezenskis – Soros- the Buffets -the Gates -the Rockefellers – the Rothschilds and the other peers much less mentioned. Those doing the ‘pay to play’ THRU the Foundations. All the world leaders WANT enemies – so their people will PAY THEM for protection and keep THEM in power. Then THEY all go to places like DAVOS and ASPEN and laugh about it. The ‘real’ play book is in world= earth cycles.
    Who has the longest and best grasp on astronomical and weather cycles and patterns…THAT…is the ‘real’ question. Can they manipulate it? Likely some…but can they ‘really’ harness the sun? Or planetary alignments or cosmic flux? Likely not.
    So what does – and who does the ‘best’ and longest written historical records…where are they …and why are they so closely guarded and secret behind ”’religious”’ myths? lol What is it the ‘world leaders’ and priests do not think YOU need to know and should be left to them for ‘their’ interpretation from behind the walls of the hidden city, the Vatican library, or up Monks temples? Likely maybe the same cycles on the Mayan calendar maybe? And so…if ‘certain’ people were aware of things they could do what ? Give out loans, sell bonds and take short term profits knowing the time when they will never have to be repaid to people that likely will not be alive to collect ?
    Would some sell property and land they knew would be worthless and unliveable for long periods of time… Buy lands where they ‘believed’ would flourish in that same time period? Maybe move world banking centers out of the north to a warmer area more near the equator where waterways might likely stay open? If—the world is cooling rather than ‘warming’ as is being preached by the ‘powers that be’ then ARE they deliberately doing things to hasten the demise of some , exploiting them to enrich themselves in preparation for what ”’THEY”’ know is coming? Like maybe = much longer colder winters and shorter more turbulent summers of drought and flooding? More volcanic activity causing/limiting the suns radiation from warming earth…that change not just weather latitude patterns but the oceans converyor belts? Causing massive food shortages and failures and increasing energy costs ( until starvation sets in) — then will we see the marauding bands of zombie looking for food…like No. Korea military are doing today? Now add the amount of people not just here in the U.S. that have NO CLUE let along a little – or any ability to sustain themselves from their laptops in the NYC apartments or basements across the nation. Are the viewers here aware of the massive crop failures the last two years, the historic snowfall in Europe, Canada, North U.S…. the very late spring planting and sub-grade winter crop harvest that if winter again comes early will hamper late attempts to ketch up? Notice too that snow and winter came early in Australia by two months. The rice harvest suffered greatly due to flooding. Could go on… but shortly…about the last thing on anyone mind will be the bit on silver. The ‘inflation’ will be driven soon by the availability and deliverability of things to stay warm and eat. Wealth will be less a factor if what is needed is not ‘available’ and one needs to go into the street to find it.
    Hmmm- drone deliver of WHOLE FOODS via Amazon maybe? lol At this point anyone believing in or relying on ‘THE GOVERNMENT’ or ‘real’ information or news is being foolish. Those that visit your site, Greg , at least get a shot at open opinions – diverse informant to follow up on – and thankfully too – a glimpse of what some of the trolls propaganda filled mind actually have been led to believe!
    In the end — it will be LOCATION, LOCATION , LOCATION.
    Yes… its coming ….in spades! And like a run away freight train.
    The Obama and Hillary mentors have been having them sell trolls beach balls, suntan oil, shorts to a world that many will soon need greenhouses, woodstove, boots, winter coats and blankets…and not another car…but likely snowmobiles! lol
    Many that’s why so many others like the Bush family are buying large ranches over fresh unfrozen aquifers in Paraguay? lol
    Would post some links…but eh…most never bother to follow up anyway…but as a betting man… one might be looking into commodity prices ? And for the U.S. farmers …don’t be to quick to sell… North Korea is likely looking real hard at those South Korea agriculture areas and China will likely be BUYING all they can beg- borrow and steal from anywhere…including South America- Africa – and the U.S (IF we have any surplus?) Just a heads up — be well all !

    • Paul ...

      When we buy anything … make sure it has something to back it up … you don’t buy land contaminated with radiation … you buy land with trees on it that you can harvest and sell to pay taxes or buy food with and has water on it for irrigation … when you accept fiat paper money you make sure it is backed up by a strong military … when you buy gold it is backed by God who made it very rare … who is backing this …… crooks and banksters??

  76. Dan

    As usual, you did the “Larry King” style interview…softball all the way. NO specific questions about specific market forecasts for TIME & PRICE. I wonder if this guy gets $2800 per ticket to his conventions and pulls the same crap on those chumps as he does here.

    Still, I commend you for having at least ONE guest on who isn’t a shill for the gold brokers.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was free Dan, and you’re welcome.

    • William Stanley

      Dan: A few of thoughts:
      (1) It seems that we all got a better understanding of what Martin Armstrong is all about, which has some value in and of itself;
      (2) His different take did provoke quite a bit of reflection and analysis among the commenters about how and why Mr. Armstrong might be wrong (or right), which also has some value in and of itself; and
      (3) Softball isn’t all that easy and, moreover, it still has entertainment value, especially if you like watching good-looking, young female athletes.

      • Paul ...

        William … watching good-looking, young female athletes is OK … but hold off on the Viagra until Ebola strikes!!

        • Paul ...

          With your elderberry tree, vitamin C, etc. you will be one of the few men around William … the whole women’s softball team of good-looking young female athletes will be at your feet … yes, we men who survive will have to bear “a great sacrifice” to repopulate the world for God and Country … sort of what the Muslims have to do for poor Europe right now to bring it back from its declining demographics the neocons promoted as a way to improve living standards!!

  77. This sceptred Isle

    Good. Hopefully this will set a precedence. The Popes have a lot to answer for.

    • Paul ...

      Good start … we must stop covering up the crimes committed by priests, neocon warmongers and governments “no matter how good a bloke” we think they are!!

  78. James Brown

    Greg, when I say, “I Love You Man”, that is no joke. Marty is the coolest guy since Jesus. OK, maybe that’s hyperbole. You are “The Dude”, you rule. Great interview. DJIA 50,000. Check out Brandi Carlile.

  79. Diane

    This is very interesting.

  80. FluZee

    While driving in San Francisco, Lieutenant Frank Bullitt is pursued by professional deep state hit-men. Their following him in a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T. Spotting them Bullitt flips the chase, turning the hunters into the hunted. They attempt to escape, and a high-speed chase ensues through the steep streets of Russian Hill and out onto the highway, ending when Bullitt’s 1968 Ford Mustang GT forces the Charger off the road and into a gas station, where it explodes in a huge fireball.
    This scene fits Washington today where the Trumpster has flipped the chase off the final blow to the American people with the Soros, Hillary, Morell attempt at the take-down of representative government of we the people of the United States of America.

    The Hunted becomes the Hunter!

    The Chase

    The Chase (Part 2)
    This Is How It Ends When The Hunters Becomes the Hunted.
    Good eventually conquers the evil that men do, you have his WORD on it!
    Just remember they were just trying to protect the Trumpster, they wanted him to win!
    The question is, win what?

    • William Stanley

      Great chase scene!

      • FluZee

        Don’t thank me Will, thank the Donald!
        May his enemies R.I.P. ~

  81. Jerry

    Let me ask you question. How long Deutsche Bank last when stocks are falling like this?

    In my opinion the vultures are gathering. Why would any investor risk an investment on company like this when you they buy it in a default for pennies on the dollar? Just asking?

    • Greg Hunter

      I talk about DB in the Wrap-Up.

  82. Mohammad

    So he called off the summit…
    Now WHAT?


    • Greg Hunter

      It’s one big negotiation.

      • Mohammad


        One big war.


  83. Paul ...

    And like all the above was not enough … here are a few more thoughts on the hyperinflation to come …

  84. Russ McMeans

    Greg; we’re all looking forward to your badass Friday weekly news burrito wrap up. We live in very interesting times!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ.

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