Early Stages of Hyperinflation Next Year-John Williams

Early Stages of Hyperinflation Next Year - John WilliamsBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Economist John Williams says the U.S. budget and debt ceiling circus is not the real problem.  Williams contends, “The issue here, very simply, is the long term solvency of the United States of America. . . This gap based deficit is going to kill us . . . We are going to be in very serious trouble in this next year, and the global markets know this is happening.”  Williams goes on to explain, “They are not going to address the long term solvency problems of the United States.  That’s going to trigger a massive decline in the dollar in the not-too-distant future, and that, in turn, will give us the early stages of hyperinflation in this next year.”  Williams says, “We’re basically at a point where we can’t kick the can down the road.  This is it. . . . Going forward from here, you’re going to generally see a weaker dollar, and it will get much weaker.  You’re going to have a dollar panic, but I can’t give you the exact timing on that.” Another potential problem is a credit downgrade of U.S. debt.  Williams says, “If we get a downgrade here, that would accelerate the process of the dollar selling and moving us again into the early stages of hyperinflation.”  Williams says you can protect your wealth by holding hard assets.  Williams goes on to say, “If your assets are denominated in dollars and Treasury bonds, those will become worthless in hyperinflation.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Williams of Shadowstats.com. 

After the interview, Williams said something very enlightening about the players in Washington D.C. off camera.  Williams added, “The crisis is coming and these guys in Washington know it, and they are not addressing it.”

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  1. justin king

    Great stuff Greg,— thanks for your hard work on getting Williams back in his sage’s chair.

    — What we’ve been waiting for, all right – the truly DEFINITIVE STATEMENT on this time of American idiocy, and the failure of any form of political EXTREMISM.

    It was your interviews, along with Max Keiser, that have always given many of us faith in gold, and gold mining stocks, and the power of determination to keep with the grand plan of preservation with the knowledge of this imminent financial catastrophe.

    • Greg

      Thank you Justin King for your comment and support!

  2. bob

    thanks again greg, very informative.

  3. Amman

    Greg, according to simple logic, QE printing of dollars argues that Hyper-inflation is headed for the US Economy. I want to inform you that I believe once rapid and fast rising prices appears on the scene, the US Economy will simply not make it into a Hyper-Inflation scenario. It will begin to shutdown long before Any full-blown Hyper-Inflation State. Under the influence of fast rising prices, sections and pieces of the Economy will start turning off, like blown fuses that shut down sections of a circuit board due to voltage spikes.

  4. Allen Ols

    Let’s see now, empty store shelves, loooonnnngggg gas lines; w/ gold in hand.


    20 vacuum packed barrels of wheat, rice, beans oatmeal etc

    10 freezers full. Bacon, butter, roasts, H B , etc

    10 chickens

    Re locateed in country near lakes, rivers, game reserve


    No brainer

    Finger on the pulse. usa wd

    • Amman

      It is a no-brainer if and only if you have a brain.

    • Arthur Radley

      Allen Ols warns, “Let’s see now, empty store shelves, loooonnnngggg gas lines; w/ gold in hand.”

      Okay, okay. We get it. You think people who are diverting some cash to gold are stupid zombies who haven’t the brains to think of the scenario you described. But hey, your plan has some risk, too. I mean, I hope for your sake that the power company will take a chicken for the bill those ten freezers will rack up (if there IS any power). I’m stocking up on charcoal. Maybe we can work out a deal when that day comes. Seriously though, some of us think there may be a “other side” into which we might emerge from the calamity. If so, it might be nice to possess something hard and valuable (whatever it is) with which to start again. But if I’m wrong about that, then we’ll all just come and take your chickens (our gold is well hidden).

      • Allen Ols


        I will sell u eggs, and I have 3 generaters, several inverters sien wave type, 3 yrs gas storage,soon rabbits, boat, w/fishfinder and much more. I will sell u fish/deer meat, chiken meat and all veggies u can handle.

        5 rocket mass cookers/needs no elect

        Wood heat– bring your gold I will bake the bread dutch oven style/maybe some cobblers as well

        Just bring gold. 🙂

        Al ols

        • Galaxy 500

          One of the most basic laws of survival is to play things close to your vest. You keep expounding on what wonderful preparations you have made and I admit I am a tad bit envious, but brother, you have painted a big bullseye on your back. You might have it in four locations but if you and/or your comrades have families and the wicked gov’t guys or even a bunch of city gagsta types start shooting them one by one, how long are you going to be able to hold out.
          Or say that the Nat Guard pulls up in humvees and Bradleys and open up on your fortifications with Maw deuce and 23mm…I won’t fare any better against the guard myself…only strategies I have is flee with limited essentials and hide…let’s hope we both
          see them coming because I believe the Guard and PoLICE will turn feral. After all, they will
          have everyone but the Military outgunned.
          My point is you might want to stop painting yourself with the laser designator and just give advice on how to protect yourself and love ones.

          • Allen Ols

            You r dreaming g 500, hum vees. Mac 10s opening up not even knowing where stuff is,

            How about I lie and say I was provoking conversation

            The military will lock down inner city chaos, stopping hoards heading to country, forfood

            People in rural 10-20 miles out effected first, us 40-50 miles out will have head start, of. 4 weeks or so;

            I only need 3 days head start, and w/my ear to ground at USA WDog We will see it coming afar off.

            I get my new 4 wheeler in 3 weeks, will add 5- more 55 gal barrels gas.

            You see I started 8 yrs ago listening to bob chapman, celente, rogers, more; and started preps

            G 500 you r over exaggerating and I am much brighter than the national guard, police, or in my location

            3 barney fife. Sherrifs, one 400 lbs


          • Galaxy 500

            I’ll take your word for it as it seems good.

  5. Angel Amador

    Impeachment and death penalty is my vote. Not just the president but all of the A$$holes in congress and senate they too should face justice. Except for the few who stood stead fast to try and save us from ourselves.

    Hope you guys are prepared and God save us all

    • TJ Jackson

      Thomas Jefferson said that the people should rise up and kill all of the politicians every one hundred years. An interesting sentiment and one that I could subscribe to except that I am an elected politician…. A most interesting quandary.

    • Galaxy 500

      Amen Angel. Even the Pres swore an oath to protect America against all enemies, both domestic and foreign.These guys should name tthemselves as enemy combatants and self hood themselves for easy pick up. Let’s start with McCain and Obama and follow the poop trail from there.

  6. DAVE

    Hey Greg
    Here’s another alert!


    Always tryin 2 keep ya ya update

    Thanks Dave

    • Galaxy 500

      Dave, thanks for the link to a new News source. The Chinese perspective is insightful

  7. Ya ha bee bee

    Paul Volker, where are you? S.O.R. S.O.R. “SAVE OUR REPUBLIC”

  8. George Silver

    Great interview but I’m confused. Greg Mannarino says hyper-inflation. John Williams says hyper-inflation.
    Armstrong Economics says hyper-DEflation. Prof. Fekete says hyper DEflation.
    What’s it to be? Any chance of getting on someone who thinks it will be Hyper-Deflation?

    • Greg

      I am working on Professor Fekete. Stay tuned.

      • art barnes

        Greg, deflation has also crossed my mind. Take a look at Amman’s post above, a scenario like that would keep the elite who have dollars very wealthy. With an old fashion Great Great Depression in place it would allow our ever power hungry government to impose a police state for absolute power on the ruse to curtail the hungry unemployed bellies; a “let them eat cake” type America.

        • Galaxy 500

          Deflation is not likely, in my opinion, as we don’t manufacturer anything like we did in the Great depression. I’ll change my mind if you can advise a few things that will allow the U$D to retain its value in relation to our foreign trading partners’ currency. I can not think of anything.
          If it was not for the drug trade and oil, our dollar would be in steep decline.
          Yes, we are currently the reserve currency of the world but as you know from reading Greg’s site, the real world players that have manufacturing economies are flushing U$Ds as fast as possible while attempting to maximize their potential recovery.

          • Galaxy 500

            When I say that deflation is not likely, I am talking about things you need for life. Food, gas, electricity…Even cars but houses and stocks, bills…Will drop, deflate

    • justin king

      It will depend on which country that you are RESIDING that will determine inflation OR deflation.

      • Ya ha bee bee

        Justin, hit the nail, in the, proverbial, coffin! During the 1930’s, in the US., it was deflation, inflation in Nazi, Germany. Then W.W.2! Stagflation any one? Now, W.W.Z?
        There’s no business, like war business, like no business, I Know!
        Stop the music! There is good news! Google
        (Great Day- Bing Crosby- youtube) Blast from the past, hope fer yer future! You’ll be glad ya did!

      • Rainmaker

        We will get both price increases and price decreases as a result of the imbalances. The things you need to live on will hyper-increase. Everything else will hyper-decrease. Food, water, fuel, heat and energy, medicine, etc. all those will hyper-inflate. Motor homes, boats, big cars, wide screen TVs, those will all deflate. What do you think happens to the value of McMansions during this crisis? Example: If currently, 25% of wages supply food and, 30% covers housing and driving, 10% covers incidentals/entertainment and 35% covers tax burdens, what happens to all those percentages when food goes to 50%? 60-70%? People gonna eat first, they have to. And thats not accounting for healthcare.

        • Galaxy 500

          Don’t worry about healthcare! Didn’t you get the memo, it’s free. Obama is going to go to the subsidy tree to cover the cost. NO Worries.

      • TJ Jackson

        I am betting that we will see a hyper-inflation scenario quickly followed by hyper-deflation. What happens after that will be irrelevant because the survivors will be keeping to themselves…

    • thejerkstore

      It’ll be both in different assets but I believe the order of the day will be hyperinflation first as they continue to pump money into the system as that burns itself out massive deflation to correct 100 yrs of inflation. Hold hard assets as metals do well in either scenario, check out John Exters inverse pyramid, assets don’t deflate, they evaporate.