Fall 2015 Turning Point-Civil Unrest and Riots-Martin Armstrong

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Legendary financial analyst Martin Armstrong says the world is going to be hitting a major “turning point” this fall.  Armstrong says this is the end of a 300 year cycle and contends, “This appears to be a peak, as far as governments and bond markets are concerned, and from there, we are going to be turning down.  We are in a lot of trouble with most of these governments.  Our models say that by 2020, the amount of interest we pay . . . will exceed the entire defense budget.  So, this is pretty serious.”

Armstrong says his model marks the actual turning point on October 15, 2015.  So, what’s in store?  Armstrong says, “First, you get the deflation, and then, you move to the inflation.  It’s kind of like a pendulum–it swings to the extreme to both sides.”

So, when the government bond bubble pops, what happens to people getting a government check?  Armstrong says, “That’s the big problem.  They’ve wiped out pension funds all over the place.  That’s the danger of civil unrest, and that’s what our computers have been warning about as well as very serious sharp riots and third party activity for 2016. . . . When governments are broke, they come after us.”

Will the Fed finally raise interest rates?  Armstrong contends, “The Fed will have no real choice. . . . The Fed will come under significant pressure to raise interest rates because the newspapers and Congress will blame them and say they are creating a bubble with low interest rates.  The more they raise interest rates, the higher the stock market will go.  I know that sounds crazy . . . historically, interest rates bottom with the markets.  I mean, you lose confidence and people won’t borrow.”

Will rising interest rates kill the bond and housing markets?  Armstrong goes on to say, “The bond market, yes, it will accelerate the problems as far as other foreign countries that have issued dollar based debt.  The emerging markets will get like Greece.  So, we have a serious worldwide problem going on here.”

So, when the Fed starts raising rates, will some currencies collapse?  Armstrong says, “Sure, this is what’s pushing the dollar up.  Most people don’t realize that the dollar is the only real game in town.  In Europe, you see the difference in the mentality there compared to the United States.  In the United States, we are still in a fog; over there they feel the pain.  What are they doing?  They are basically selling all the euro debt everywhere, and they are buying the German debt.   It’s not that they think Germany is fantastic, but they are assuming that the euro is going to fail.”

On gold, Armstrong says, “Gold rises when people lose confidence in government.  It has nothing to do with inflation.  So, when you start to worry about government is not going to survive or who’s going to win, that’s when gold rises.  Short term, we still have the risk of it going under $1,000 per ounce.  It’s going to flip when everything is right.  It will probably max out at $5,000 per ounce. . . . You are really talking about a major reset coming.  300 years ago, that was the revolutions against monarchy.  Today, it’s going to be revolution against . . . pretend democracy.  We do not have a democracy.”

Armstrong says you can forget about the U.S. dollar crashing in value.  Armstrong contends, “No, that’s absurd.  The euro is in terrible shape.  The yen is in terrible shape, and honestly, you can’t park money in yuan or Russian rubles yet.  I mean, let’s be realistic here, but eventually– yes.”

In closing, Armstrong says just a few percentage points in rising rates are going to cause big losses and big changes.  Armstrong predicts, “People will be losing huge money.  We are looking at a few percentage points, and you are going to blow the national debts of all these countries way out of whack, and that’s what’s going to force political change.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong of ArmstrongEconomics.com.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

On March 28, 2015, Martin Armstrong put on a conference where he talked more than three hours on multiple issues he sees coming.  If you would like to buy the video presentation of the conference, you can do so by going to ArmstrongEconomics.com.

(USAWatchdog.com receives zero compensation and provides this link as a courtesy.)


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  1. John Law

    Law enforcement is ready for the uprising to start. I am perfectly willing to make examples of folks who want to try something just as the rest of my brethren in blue are, The population needs to understand that we dont take prisoners and just to clarify we are now equal opportunity law enforcement officers. There has been a lot of press that we are and have been targeting black targets so sorry now sorry to you white guys. That means you have to take your share. So if you see red lights flashing, you better be on your best behavior because any sign of disrespect will be taken as an assault to our being and WOE UNTO YOU SIR ! I will surely warn you people that when we have a subject in custody the volume gets turned way up! Once a blow is struck and the adrenaline is pumping, all I want to do is strike another blow ! A broken jaw ! Knocked out teeth ! A couple of broken orbital eye sockets ! Concussions ! Fractured skulls ! And if a shot is fired, I will empty my service weapon and relaod for a chance to do it all again ! Listen to all instructions and COMPLY ! Otherwise, this year may be your last ! We don’t @#$% around ! Civilians obey or people die ! Dont assault law enforcement. Bad MOVE !

    • Greg Hunter

      John Law,

      What department or agency do you work for? (Folks be careful answer this guy as I think he is leaving a comment like this to see if he can get violent responses. Don’t fall for it be cool and play nice as you always do here.) By the way, I would never try to hurt a police officer, and I am always respectful. Everyone should be respectful to each other.


      • JC Davis

        Greg too those I say come on in, take your shoes off… sit a spell.
        Yall come back now ya hear. Southern hospitality from the volunteer

      • diane

        I agree with Greg …..this is a trap

      • Jerry

        Greg, don’t you get this guy? The pressure of the economic breakdown is beginning to take its toll. Its like putting peas and nuts in a can and shaking it. The nuts always come to the top.

      • Snorky

        Real or not, this *cough* peace officer needs to get professional help.

      • Al Hall

        Greg: DHS has made cops this way, no all, but a lot of vets are coming back trained this way. DHS has corrupted some 28,000 pastors to keep the population calm. Why?? Because the government has gone over the edge, just as Martin has said.
        My only difference of opinion with Martin is: I’ve been told by an insider and I’ve said it here before: If it printed on paper, it’s worth only the paper it’s printed on!! This is straight from the elite’s that tell government what to do and say!!!! We are now a FASCIST nation, people better realize what they are facing, most of your readers do. The rest will be slaughtered.


      • Jerry

        I didn’t want to comment again, but I felt I had to. This guy (John Law) is a poser. Most of the law enforcement officers I know would never speak this way on a public forum. Their job is hard enough, without driving a wedge between them and the citizenry. In order to protect and serve effectively they must have the support from the local community, and they know it. In fact many I know have told me that if the Federal Government ever ask them to turn on the American people, they would turn in their badge.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think no self respecting law enforcement officer would think or talk like that. I have one rule when the police stop me: “Never argue with a man (or a woman) with a gun.” It has never failed me.

      • RADibble

        Unfortunately this guy has a cocky attitude that is all too common. If you’ve ever been in a real world battle situation you will always see them fall first because of their own cockiness. Their own over confidence is their demise.
        As for them accepting southern hospitality, I know some of these guys who boast of their southerness and are still fighting (as they see it) the war of northern aggression. What’s even more frightening is that some of these are currently becoming peace officers (so called) as we speak.

      • brian

        Yeah Greg, this guy is obviously not a police officer, you should probably just scrub the comment off your board…its just silly.

        • Greg Hunter

          The trolls are revealing though, aren’t they? I have the smartest people on the net reading this site and “Law” is no match for you guys.

      • trident888

        Greg: The “tell” that this guy is a fraud lies in the following sentence he wrote in his nutty screed: “So if you see the red lights flashing, you better be on your best behavior ….” Red police lights went out of out of style 20 years ago. Police lights have been blue ever since. As they say, “credibility is won in inches and lost in yards.” What he wrote has zero credibility. A wonderful interview with Mr. Armstrong, needless to say. Best regards.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good point 888! Thanks.

      • Luke

        Internet Troll Alert!

    • Galaxy 500

      John Law…hahaha, Greg, this is some mall security guard dreaming of being relevant. In the mean time, he tells teen to move along. John, did the Sheriff take the one bullet they let you carry in your shirt pocket? If you look close, you’ll see its calibre doesn’t match your gun.

      • dchayden

        I agree with G500 on this one. There are nut jobs in every work force, including first responders. However, I do not think for one minute this person is legit. I call bs on this one.

    • t

      Not afraid

    • Grafique

      I very much doubt that John Law is an actual LEO. I have a label for him, but since I’m a polite man I won’t use it; I’ll just use another label:

    • blt

      6 dead 25 wounded in chicago this weekend….mr. Law, i think your “bravery ” is needed elsewhere. Be a real cop and go stop real crime, unless of course your scared……

    • Steve

      Well, how to they say, live by the law die by the law.
      Who was it who said, maybe bob chapman who passed away, that there were 70 million armed vets around. Some are tv glued, some are aware I’m sure. Parts of the military don’t like this whole police state thing. What was the armed count in America, 230 m armed households. If this is not accurate I recall it was very high. Not all want to be bullied either by men in blue.
      anhow, just adding some perspective. part of me thinks this was a satirical blurp out of comedy central, but if real mr. law might need the law to defend him.

    • Art Barnes

      Unfortunately too many police officers in our modern militarized police forces will shoot at will and follow orders no matter what they are; remember the Romans carrying out killing all the Jewish children under two, they were just following orders as well as Hitler’s police fores, among many more historic police forces comes to mind. Whether this is a real officer or not, he speaks of the issue of the growing number of our modern militarized police forces who do & will take American lives without hesitation or moral considerations, ordered to or not. Fortunately, people with no moral character and respect for life or of the Constitution in our military & police forces are still a rather small minority; albeit growing enough for concern. Fear not my friends, this rather crude person, police office or not, sparks a real debate we should be having; the militarization of our police forces!

    • Brandon

      As a police officer myself, I can only hope you work for my department so I can resist you, oppose you, expose you, and see you prosecuted. The type of thuggery you portray in your post makes me doubt that you are truly a LEO. I do not know a single officer in my department or any surrounding departments that has your mindset. Police officers take an oath to defend the constitution, and as sheepdogs we are to defend our society against the wolves. And you are the wolf.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for your public service Brandon. “Law” is no cop just a troll!

    • Rob

      Hi Greg and John!

      Your right Greg we must be respectful and show John the love and grace Jesus would:

      Matthew 5:44 but I say unto you, love your enemies, and pray for them that persecute you;

      He does not understand he is being used to persecute those Christians who think we are allowed to rise up in defense of their perceived patriotic rights:

      Romans 13:1-2 Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers: for there is no power but of God; and the powers that be are ordained of God. (2) Therefore he that resisteth the power, withstandeth the ordinance of God: and they that withstand shall receive to themselves judgment.

      Please before you people scream foul and respond in the heat of your flesh take a little breather and read why God put us on this earth to learn to die to this life so as to receive eternal life with the Father and His Son:


      Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • eddiemd

      Law enforcement can never be ready for what is coming. Your battle is not against the citizens of the world but against your handlers; those who follow demonic forces in the highest levels within the spiritual realm. You must be willing to sell your soul to Satan. If you are willing to murder the innocent then you will reap the vengeance of God. See how that will work out in the end.

      Spiritual laws means nothing to the troll who posted this. It is good for Greg to post this type of statement because it allows the public to get a glimpse of the mindset of the psychopaths who are in charge. This troll gives an honest view of the highest levels of thinking within the degenerate leadership of the world.

      Remember that those in charge of this end world destruction see you Mr. John Law as a pawn to be used up and spit out. Your life means nothing to them. Neither does the lives of your loved ones. If you choose to serve Satan, then you will not escape the judgment to come.

      Philippians 4:6,7

      “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known unto God.
      And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

      Romans 2:2-6

      “But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them that commit such things.
      And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?
      Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

      But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God;
      Who will render to every man according to his deeds:”

      The wrath of God; unimaginable anguish and tribulation. This is what the soul of the writer of this post faces.

    • paul

      Peace on Earth and brotherly love to you too John … so what happens after you gun down all those people who have just a “slight problem” turning the other cheek … and you are left with people “just like yourself” who won’t take any bullshit … then imagine … if you have the ability to imagine … what happens then? … Do you simply buy more military surplus … how about some surplus F16’s and cruise missiles … even better the police should get some surplus nuclear weapons to keep the American people in line … do you have a Nazi Swastika on your police uniform underneath your bullet proof vest and helmet? … and after you round up all the American people for “personal extermination” at FEMA concentration camps … and only you and your kind are the only people left … do you really think planet Earth is then going to be “a nicer, kinder and better place to bring up your children”??

    • jimp pooley

      Jabba jumpie, smoogie tumper

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t know what this means, but I’ll post it because it doesn’t look offensive.

        • aussie jeff

          Hey Greg, I took the time to look into jimp pooley’s comment,
          I thought Cryptic Little sissy would have been able to decify it for us alas she is no where to be seen when you really need her.
          So here go’s.
          Jabba….. is a slug like alien appearing in star wars
          jumpie….. sudden starts, jerks, or jumps
          smoogie….A 14th century Sumerian deity who was notorious for his promiscuity among woodland creatures.
          tumper…. has evolved from the word thumper,which is slang for “club banger”
          So with that being said, jimp seems to be telling us that he is a
          promiscous club banging slug that is known for jumping woodland creatures.
          Of course this is open to interpretation however the evidence seem’s overwhelming.
          I rest my case!

          • paul

            I love it … btw what happened to our Cryptic Little sissy?

            • Greg Hunter

              She told me that I had to do what I had to do and she will do what she has to do. GONE POOF. She can do what “she has to do” somewhere else. I will not put up with cryptic threats to me or any of the folks here. Non of us needs to put up with that. I probably let her go no commenting too long. CLS did not add any information to the site-only uneasiness. Poof!

        • julie

          Armstrong seems to skirt your crucial
          derivative questions. I have heard Armstrong was one of the early players in derivatives. He acted as though derivatives would not be a problem for the US banks because they will just redefine what a derivative is and not pay coverage. To me redefining will result in lots of law suits on broken derivative promises and hurt confidence In the system. Later he said that the European bank derivatives would be a problem. He talks about everything being connected so why dont the US banks also have ties to European derivative problems?

          Next time you interview him ask him why he isn’t concerned with huge amount of US derivatives?

          Armstrong’s practice of comparing the performance of an asset that just completed a bull market to one that just started a bull market is not useful.
          Armstrong always uses the example of the bull market for financial assets beginning in 1980 to rationalize why you should not own gold. He is correct that 1980 was the time to switch to the new bull market in stocks. Gold had just finished it’s bull market during the inflationary 1970s and stocks were cheap. So of course the rested new bull market of stocks will outperform the old bull market in gold post 1980. Using Armstrong type reasoning you could use the 1970s a reason why you shouldn’t buy stocks and should buy gold because gold did better in the 1970s.

          The truth is you buy stocks when they are in a bull market and gold when it is in a bull market.

          The question is if gold is going into the final stage of its post 2000 bull market after the healthy 2011 correction. Bond money looking for a place to go can fuel it.

          His point that people will move out of bonds makes sense as that bond bull market has run since 1980. A huge amount of bond money will look for a place to go. Some will go to stocks but some will go to gold also. I think he was late to the beginning of the 2000 gold bull market and he may be late to gold’s recovery from its 2011 correction. That smart exiting bond money may come to gold sooner than Armstrong is saying. Your prior interviewee Charles Nenner is now looking at gold. Better too early than too late.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you for your analysis and comment.

          • Silence is Golden

            Bond Money looking for a home can also go to CASH given the bubble in Stocks, Real Estate, Fine Art and Jewellery. Remember CASH is KING !! The risk is a loss of PP….not capital.
            Otherwise you make some very valid points.
            Both Stocks and Bonds started their respective BULL markets in 1980….was MA correct ?

          • Jack

            I agree with you that Martin is only giving us half of the story. First, we as citizens are under open attack from the banks. This is evidenced by JP Morgan announcing that they will no longer allow cash in safety deposit boxes and Citibank saying that all cash has to go. This means that they have run out of areas from which they steal money. With all cash deposited they are free to wipe clean any reserve funds that the citizens have and insure that they have captivated all financially. Second, all derivatives, in their hypothecated glory, will disappear as there is no chance of them ever being redeemed or funded. Third, and most important, the survivors will be those companies with strong assets unencumbered and commodities producers including oil. Yes gold will end up around $5,000 an ounce, but it will sky rocket on emotions prior to settling down at the $5,000 level. Where it will top out is anyone’s guess. The silver ratio will jump to at least 25-1 or may even hit the 15-1 level that it has enjoyed historically. This is why silver is the better of the 2 metals in my opinion. It will also be easier to spend/sell in small quantities. Greg, thank you for bringing this issues to light. Bless everyone in their endeavors to survive our own leadership.

    • Janet G.


      Don’t know if you’re a troll or not. Don’t really care. I have made this statement before, but like everything else no one listens. When a police officer is aggressive as you suggest I think rather than bringing just a financial suit against you taking taxpayer money, that it should be preceded by a personal suit against you. Meaning. Take away your house, your car, your boat, your bank accounts and any and all investments you may have. Leave you with your Christmas lights and a pair of jockey shorts. You would see police militarism end tomorrow.

    • supreme allied commander

      We will not mourn your death you tyrant filth.

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t think John Law has anything to do with law enforcement. I think “Law” is a paid troll that wants to incite malice between cops and citizens. The majority are good people just like us. The cops I know would never talk the way he does. If Law is a cop, then he needs a psych evaluation and treatment. He represents a liability to any department and to the public.

    • Terry

      John Law, [if that’s your real name] You will be the cop I will not stop to help when a gang of trash is stringing your entrails along the highway. Good luck buddy. What’s your mom making for dinner tonight?

  2. James Sullivan

    Greg, while awaiting the video, i checked out ZH and watched the police snafu in Cottonwood AZ. It made me sick The family was not prepared for the violence of the police… but my friend, the more we see this kind of jackboot policing, the more prepared ordinary people will be to face violence with violence. The fat lady is off wings, tuning up her voice.

    • mark

      Good call,Greg a paid troll….!!
      Don’t stop your work,

      • Diane Ryan

        Right Mark. Truth is the best bait to bring Trolls out of hiding. USAWatchdog is making The Establishment very nervous.

    • JMiller

      The Gaver family was in the wrong. They are the ones that started to get physical with the police including throwing punches. I have no problem with the police protecting themselves especially when someone is trying to grab their gun.

  3. Gerty

    Will we soon have one government for the whole world?

    People of all nations united by one world government

    How could a world government unite people of all nations? Isaiah 32:1, 17; 54:13

    Imagine how a world government could benefit mankind. Today many people suffer because they are so poor, while others are very rich. But a compassionate world government could make sure that all have what they need. Do you think humans will ever create such a government?—Read Jeremiah 10:23.

    Throughout history, governments have failed in many ways to care for their subjects, especially the poor. Some governments are cruel. (Ecclesiastes 4:1; 8:9) But Almighty God has promised to provide a government that will replace all others. Its Ruler will really take care of people.—Read Isaiah 11:4; Daniel 2:44.

    What will God’s Kingdom achieve?

    Our creator has chosen an ideal world Ruler—his Son, Jesus. (Luke 1:31-33) As a man on earth, Jesus was interested in helping people. As King, he will unite people of all nations and relieve people of all suffering.—Read Psalm 72:8, 12-14.

    Will everyone accept Jesus as Ruler? No. But our heavenly father is patient. (2 Peter 3:9) He is giving people the opportunity to accept Jesus as Ruler. Soon, Jesus will rid the earth of bad people and will establish peace and security worldwide.—Read Micah 4:3, 4.

    Prepare for it, plan on it and the “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself!”


    • Silence is Golden

      Hate to disappoint you Gerty …..”soon have one government for the whole world”…..
      we already do in the form of the UN. Just like we do with the Elites’ Central Bank (BIS) based in Basel Switzerland…the Godfather of Banks and the controller of the world’s monetary system.

      • allen ols


        What/how does a bond market crash look/work start to finish, and is bond market crash same as dollar/derivative crash or do they happen at different times, short period vs longer period of time?

        • allen ols

          ….also use simple words pls.

        • Silence is Golden

          Short answer I honestly don’t know. There is a lack of historical account of Bond Crashes….so we are in unchartered territory. What brings about a crash in Bonds….could very well be the swift and substantial move in monetary policy….i.e. material hike in interest rates. Bonds crashing implies prices are falling precipitously whilst yields are rising. Bond holders sensing a loss of capital would make for the exits at the same time….analogous to the water flowing over Niagara Falls trying to find its way through a 1/4 inch pipe. This implies Bond sellers are wanting to exit their Bond holdings with a view to place the capital in a “Safer” asset class. They will be left with the proverbial dilemma at that supposed moment …given where real estate and Stocks bubbles are at. That leaves CASH. Selling bonds infers buying dollars. The opposite of when one buys Gold …selling dollars. The demand for dollars would be unstoppable. The rise in the USD to date has been somewhat orderly….I would hate to think what a bigger tremor in Bonds would equate to.
          The biggest unknown for me would be the fact that investors have been conditioned with the ZIRP policy and really do not understand the “normalised” cycle. In any event …if there is any ounce of truth in what the FED has been warning about …you would expect a flight out of Bonds well before the witching hour … JUNE 15.

          • allen ols



    • T Stamps

      It’s called socialism and it rarely works!

    • Janet G.

      Hey Gerty

      Do yourself a favor. Go back to each and every book of the bible that you have ripped out. read the background, the history of the entire book what was going ON AT THE TIME. Understand the TRUE MEANING of each and every verse in ITS CONTEXT. Stop interpreting the bible for yourself.

      • Gerty

        I’ll do that Janet and maybe you can help fill me in on what you found in those books too and what hope we can have, in the not to distant future?
        ____________— New Living Translation

        “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend”◄ Proverbs 27:1►

        _______— http://biblehub.com/proverbs/27-17.htm

  4. Grafique

    I wonder what Mr. Armstrong will say on October 16 when the can has been kicked another six months or a year down the road.
    Sure, the Keynesian economy is unsustainable, but setting dates is such a bad move. If you’re not right you risk losing all credibility.
    Maybe he already has his excuse worked out.

    • Greg Hunter

      How do you know he’s wrong? Guess we will find out this fall.

      • Grafique

        Maybe I shouldn’t have said “…when…” – I should have said “if”. But having read Mr. Armstrong’s work for a long time, my opinion is that he’s no more a prophet than any of the others out there who point to this or that date as the tipping point.
        As you said, Greg, we’ll find out this fall. But you know what they call a man whose prophecies don’t come to pass –
        a false prophet.

        • Greg Hunter

          How about a bad guesser, like a weather man?

        • John A. Seed

          Grafique I don’t believe in if anymore!

        • paul

          Greg/Grafique … I don’t think we have to wait until fall … consider that April 2009 was the last time China disclosed its gold reserves (they said they had 1,054 tons) and that
          China mines its own gold and “saves it all” … producing about 375 tons per year.
          China also buys in the open market about half of all the gold mined in the world each year (approximately 1200 tons per year).

          So in the last 5 years since 2009 … China has added about 8000 tons of gold to its reserves … therefore today they must own a bit more then 9000 tons … while the US now only owns about 1000 tons!

          As the US only has 1000 tons of gold to back up all their US dollars … while China has 9000 tons to back up all their yuan … (“conservatively” assuming there are as many yuan in the world as there are US dollars) … this means every single yuan is backed with 9 times more gold then a single US dollar … and therefore a $16 US dollar one ounce silver coin should currently be seen by China to have about nine times more value … or about $144 US dollars.

          Armstrong just stated “the only way out” is a “reset” … Rickards has stated “if the amount of gold that China owns were suddenly revealed” … “that unveiling in itself could trigger the collapse of the US dollar.”

          Well on July 7, 2015 China is scheduled to reveal to the IMF and the world exactly how much gold it has in reserve … so isn’t it logical for the Fed … in anticipation of such a revelation by China (that could collapse the US dollar in July) … that the Fed begin raising interest rates (by June at the latest) in order to strengthen and brace the dollar against any sudden collapse! … and thus Mannarino saying “interest rates can’t be raised” may be underestimating the importance the Fed places on “protecting” the US dollar!

          • Terry

            Paul, How are the dollar or the yuan “backed” by gold? They are not at this time.
            It is the idea that someday soon currencies will need to be “backed up” with something more tangible than the oaths of proven liars that is the promise of PMs. In this respect, yes, China is wiser than the US. Your comparison reflects reality and that is seldom taken into account by US leadership. That is also why I’m not worried by having a few gold bars and silver coins in my sock drawer. I don’t expect to get rich. But I do expect to keep the value of what I have.
            I have some experience in antiques and I can tell you this; In order for something to become fashionable in the antique business it had to A; Have once been plentiful and very common like butter churns and spinning wheels and Model Ts. B; It has to fall from favor and be nearly all destroyed or cast off as junk. C; It’s true beauty and value and function must be fondly recalled and the survivers are then treasured. This is why “modern” women now just love spinning wheels and butter churns and wood burning enamel kitchen stoves. These things did not change their nature. People did.
            Like guitar players and old tube amps. Like hot rodders and Holley double pumpers. We go back to the things we know that worked,not only well, but very well indeed.
            Like savers and gold and silver.

            • paul

              Terry … That’s why I hold on to my 1969 Old’s 442 and 1990 C4 Corvette … the Old’s is already worth twice what I paid for it brand new! … you don’t think I’m going to ever take US fiat paper (not backed by gold) for these beauties … Yuan “perhaps” but only when China officially backs their currency by gold!

              • Terry

                Paul, Good taste in classic rides! Myself, I have a 64 Cyclone and a 60 Falcon for drag racing. Also a 72 HD XLCH. Like your Cutlass, these things have been through the “cycle” I spoke of many times. Most “car guys” have no idea what a 64 Comet Cyclone is. They made 7,454 of them in 64.
                Your top end Olds hot rod probably cost about $3800 in 69, am I right? How much gold would that buy then?Was it still $35 an oz in 69? Was there even a market?
                If that 442 is nice, it’s worth a hell of a lot more than twice what it sold for new.

        • Art Barnes

          With an open mind I say the elite are much more resilient than Mr. Martin has given them, however, having said that, I’m preparing for that cold day in hell!

          • allen ols



      • diane

        I saw his Movie The Forcaster in Pasadena, California. It was amazing.
        This man must be on the right track or the Government wouldn’t have done this to him. They wanted his Socrates system .
        I think he is the real deal and sure hope he will influence these governments. He may just help save the world. I’m a pretty fair gambler…and I’m betting on Martin and Socrates.

      • Galaxy 500

        Martin Armstrong has been wrong before but don’t forget, he’s been dead on accurate too.

        • Greg Hunter

          You know me, I like to have as many different views that are out there so people can navigate this. Thanks for the comments.

      • Al Hall

        Greg: Martin is a cycle guy- cycles set dates. BUT, many things can change. ie: the bankster elite’s were to collapse the world economy 2-3 years ago. But their plan in Syria got screwed up by Putin stepping on Obama there. So the date changed. They said they would create more debt, increase taxes, and wipe-out the middle class.
        This has happened – as martin has pointed out.
        If martin is right about the fall-Sept-Oct- if your not ready and prepared- you be crushed – loose everything. The metals will be unavailable then.

    • Grafique

      Greg, what actions will you take, or in what ways will you change your life, based solely on Mr. Armstrong’s prediction of 10/15?

      • Greg Hunter

        The debt market is orders of magnitude larger than the stock market. When the next crisis comes it will be in the debt market and you can expect supply lines to dry up for a while. I would make sure I had everything fixed, maintained and stockpiled that I thought I might need. This includes basics such as stored food and water. I would also buy tires and a new battery if my battery was four years old. Everything is going to be much ore expensive or in short supply of probably both. Get to work and prepare. It will be the cheapest insurance you will ever buy and it may save your life by keeping you out of the streets.

        • Grafique

          Good advice; I’m pretty prepped up now. There is definitely serious trouble on the way.
          There is a reason the trouble hasn’t hit yet and that reason is because the United States still supports Israel. Once that support vanishes, there will be nothing protecting us from the consequences of our bad decisions anymore.
          Greg, you might be interested in reading “The Israel Omen” by David Brennan. This book describes very clearly how the disasters the U.S. has suffered in recent years are clearly related to our waning support for Israel – from Katrina to 9/11.
          You should consider having David Brennan as a guest. His research is truly eye-opening.

          • Al Hall

            On target – I’ve posted this several time- be aware!
            Note the last one in this list!!
            What the world elite have told pastor lindsey Williams recently:

            Imminent danger – there will be more posts on the website: http://www.lindseywilliams.net/ . Please check it weekly.
            * The New World Order will be brought in, in its entirety and it should be starting this year (2015) at Sept-Oct timeframe when they (Illuminati) pull off this economic collapse.
            * Near future – banks crash/collapse, watch the financial derivatives market. This will be the event that triggers the collapse of America.
            * 5 TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banks have at least US$40 trillion dollars in derivatives. (It is a lot more than that.)
            * FDIC is not able to make good all the trillions of bank deposits when banks fail. Congress passed law for FDIC to cover financial derivative losses of the banks.
            * Everything is now in place for the Illuminati Elites to collapse America and the New World Order will step right in.
            * The Illuminati Elites are NOT God.
            * Violence in Washington. Fist fights in Congress, Senate, House .. by politicians.
            * A series of massive bankruptcies will take effect.
            * Interest rates will be rising. Financial derivatives collapse. When the dust settles precious metals will be all that remains of value. Paper assets will collapse.
            * Sept-Oct 2015 timeframe – most critical period.
            * Buy physical gold and silver. It may dip a bit initially because of deflation but it will reverse quickly and rise exponentially.
            * Only physical gold/silver will remain as money not fiat currencies.
            * Deflation – apart from food prices (and physical gold/silver), other asset prices will deflate ie. price collapse/fall. Food prices will rise ie. inflate!
            * Oil price collapse is Obama’s revenge on Russia/Putin for humiliating Obama. Illuminati elites told Lindsey Williams: they are not involved.
            * Obama made a deal with Saudi Arabia to smash oil price, resulting in Russian Ruble collapse 50+%.
            * Illuminati elites very angry/unhappy with Obama.
            * New Elites – refer to the younger elites who are taking over and not the older elites in their 70s/80s.
            * They have plans to create a new (corrupted) version of the Bible.
            * They want a new US Constitution by Executive Order.
            * New leaders, new churches, new health care, culture … New World Order takeover!
            * “Devil’s Messiah” – defined as the Elites perverting everything in the Bible. New perverted meanings…
            * Shemitah – 7 year biblical debt cycle will assert itself in 2015. Read Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger book.
            * VP Joe Biden’s (he is one of them, an elite) New World Order speech.
            * Elites positive that : “There’s going to be divine intervention!”
            * “Divine Intervention” – by this the Illuminati Elites mean the coming of the Anti-Christ!
            * Blood Moons Cycles, Shemitah, Jewish/biblical holidays … and major world events.
            * Obama uses ISIL and not ISIS. ISIL means Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Levant largely means Israel. Illuminati plan: destruction of Israel.

  5. allen ols


    Egyptian Cave Church


      • John A. Seed

        No surprise here allen, Grayling Michigan is where the military practice their war games and the National guard from all all over the Midwest come to practice. Tank battles, dog fights in the skies, bombing raids with heavy ordinance, top secret weird stuff. When the state of Michigan started sticking it’s nose in on the goings on there, because of all the racket and burning night skies and accusations of the use of depleted uranium ordinance polluting the wilderness, the military basically told the state to take a hike and mind their own business or they can take their guard units somewhere else and that was that. Haven’t heard anything about the place since and now this!

  6. JC Davis

    Greg. I disagree with Mr. Armstrong. The world is collapsing, The bond market is due. The AIIB, CIPS, BRICS, and (the number 1 GDP and largest credit card system) in the world is none other then China not the USA ever again. When your as.. is on fire a 100 yard dash is slight of hand. China will see the easiest, and fastest transition the world has ever known. Gold is the stock pile Mr Armstrong has, and paid guards to watch it for him. LOL Otherwise I like everything he said. We are in a huge deflation time.

    • JC Davis

      Also tell your guest not to put there notes up and to the left of them. It gives the appearance there lying. That is one of the tells.

  7. Gina Mancarella

    Hi everyone. These guys paint a bleak picture, but we can change things around if we take heart! Hillary Clinton has annnonced her candidacy for presedent of the United States and she is the leader we have been waiting for for 30 years. She will bring back diplomacy and goodness and free trade. She is a balm to our eyes and the goodness of the Lord shall revel in her. A true child of God the one true God and very God Very God begotten not made being of one true self with the spirit. Praise be to the Lord for Hillary as her ascendance is wonderful in the Lords eyes!

    • Greg Hunter

      You simply must be a paid troll.

      • Gina Mancarella

        No sir, I am not paid and not a troll. I am simply being optimistic when we get Hillart Clinton elected to the white house. True change will finally be here in 2017 when she takes the oath of office. She will fight for all of us not just a few at the top of the food chain. I believe she has been ordained by God to lead us at this crucial point in time. Take heart people. Better late than never ! Here is a link to her announcement: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/she-makes-it-official-clinton-is-ready-for-hillary/2015/04/12/2d4df304-e15c-11e4-905f-cc896d379a32_story.html

        Also, here is a beautiful tribute sone for Hillary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfU3hI8ML30

        • Greg Hunter

          You simply must ignore a lot to believe what you believe. Mrs. Clinton committed multiple crimes in my opinion surrounding her private server and exposed the country to massive security breaches in my humble opinion. (This is just the private server incident.) She will never be President and dose not deserve to be. Thank you for your comment.

        • John A. Seed

          Gina Mancarella

          You mean she will fight for Victoria Nuland to be secretary of state, not just a few neo-conmen and women at the top of the food chain and we do know she has been ordained by God, “George Soros,” to lead us at this crucial point in time. Amen twisted sister!

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          If Hillary ever becomes President then God help us all!

      • Anne Elliott

        Greg, I took this the other way and thought it was a complete joke!! Whether this is a troll or not, I still had a good laugh this morning from it!

      • Polly Huggins

        Greg, I always enjoy reading your site. Great information, thank you! On Ms. Clinton – I think we should make her irrelevant by constantly asking her the question, “What does it matter anyway…?” Just quote back to her, her own words…enough said!

    • aussie jeff

      Gina did God tell you personally that Hillary’s ascendance is “wonderful in the Lords eyes!”
      Please explain this to me in detail so a spiritual peasant like myself can understand your closeness to God, and why he reveals such things to you.

      • Desert Rose

        Hillary is backed by Monsanto.
        God’s person?????? Nahhhh.
        Maybe Bill needs more female interns and it’s harder to get them out of the White House.

    • paul

      Gina … Were you praising the Lord when Nixon “erased” 20 minutes of his tapes (an impeachable crime)?

    • Mason

      You are indeed a troll.
      If you are not, read the contents of the following link and please tell me why you think she is anything other than a corrupted oligarch:

    • Brandon

      Gina, this is your doctor. Please come see me, we need to adjust your meds again.

    • frederick

      Gina you are serious that Hillery is the one that we have all been waiting for. Thats one of the most ludicrous statements I have ever read

    • eddiemd

      Sounds like a peyote trip. Mandatory drug screening of all who post on USA Watchdog.

    • Jerry

      Here’s your savior in all her glory.

    • JC Davis

      Hillary is easy to get rid of… BENGHAZI . Poof gone.

    • Felicia

      Definitely a paid troll…read what is coming out about Hillary. One of her strongest traits is a pathological liar. Since Satan is the father of lies, liars are being influenced and manipulated by Satan and are not God directed. Here’s the link to 1 article covering her depths of depravity: http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=32370

  8. Jack

    If you follow Armstrong’s work, he doesn’t say everything blows up on Oct. 1. That will just be the start of the flip from public to private. The governments of the world ask this man for advice. Ignore him at your peril. It was interesting to hear him say that the vast majority has no idea what is happening or even cares what is happening. This is what Greg keeps talking about, and it is my experience as well. When it hits the fan, everyone will wonder what happened. Preparation is the word.

  9. Jack

    This guy ALWAYS pisses me off. Never forget that the Feddies locked him up , to Shut him up, and he is not allowed to speak freely or it’s back in the slammer. Notice that his thesis ( despite the headline , gloom and doom )is very Pro-US ….i.e. higher stocks, low gold, strong dollar????…. exactly what his handlers would want him to say…. oh and then there’s the interest rate hike?????……. why would you raise interest rates when you are worried about the dollar being too strong already? Armstrong says “credibility” …… the FED has no credibility left anyway, and anyone with half a brain knows they will never raise rates, and if they did ,they would need to monetize even more to pay the extra interest on the debt. For a guy who is supposedly some world class economist , I can’t believe he is this stupid. more likely he is just a mouthpiece for his handlers at the FED. AS for timing of the collapse, it will happen when the PTB decide to pull the plug and not before, tat way they can clean up on both sides of the trade before the US goes the way of a third world country.

    Finally , he discounts the growing power of China… well let’s see what happens when China demands a larger seat at the table this fall in the IMF meetings. as for the Chinese currency, they already have MAJOR hubs, in London, Toronto, Germany, and counting, then there is the strategic partnership deals they are doing with the Russians . Armstrong, like a good little weasel says this will take years….. really? who do you think Putin was meeting with on his recent 10 day absence?

    Greg, and fellow readers, please don’t believe a single word this guy says, especially his B.S. on gold.. if gold were to drop to $900 as he says that would be something like 30% under replacement cost. it doesn’t take a phD. in economics to figure out that India, China and Russia would put in an open bid at that price to take everything available off the market. He claims that the average guy in the street doesn’t know what gold is… well that might be true for the ignorant Americans, but ask the average Indian , Russian , Chinese or anyone else on earth that has seen a currency collapse and I guarantee you they know exactly what gold is and understand it’s value.

    • steve

      You need to read and study his blog, he is the only guy out there that has been correct in his forecasts. I know cos I fell for the other twits telling us about the gold market, finding Armstrong was the best thing due to his accuracy of his model.

    • rezzo

      Yes I agree 100% with your comments

    • JC Davis

      Jack. Your right. I have been searching for scrap gold on the streets. I find no sellers other then stores. Americans know what gold is, and there hanging on to it.

      • Freebreezer

        JC Davis
        I sadly disagree. My experience says otherwise … I visit a friends coin and antiques store every so often. And every time I am in there, I am amazed at the amount of people (all ages) selling – their stories are fascinating. By far the biggest theme is inherited jewelery, silver ware and coins and “what do I need this stuff for” ??? Two weeks ago a lady, early 40’s (a guess) sold her inherited Mom’s old 16 place silver ware and gold jewelery … she needed the money for a European cruise – Oh how the wealth is slipping out of the hands of the average American.

        • JC Davis

          Freebreezer. Like I said I see them selling in stores. I was buying from folks on the street level. It has almost dried up. Folks are needy and selling large amounts to dealers, but dimes for a dollar is gone.

    • Clare Doll

      i have to say, I’m with you on this one. This guy is a snake!

  10. Paul T

    Greg, I have to be honest, the past few times you’ve had this guy on, I thought he was way off base and I didn’t trust what he was saying to any great degree but after listening to him this time around, he’s kinda starting to make a lot more sense to me. I’m a big believer in gold and silver for my protection of wealth and he seems to have the thinking of yes, gold and silver are good to have, just don’t expect to see any kind of gains or anything spectacular just yet until the general public catches on to what gold and silver actually are and feel the fraud that’s going on. He probably would agree that having the metals now is not really gonna hurt you, but just don’t expect to see fireworks with them just yet. I think we’re still kinda early. I think he’s right on the money with that idea. He sees a lot more happening before the veil is actually lifted which in my opinion, gives us metals lovers a little more time to buy. I think I may have given you slack about him last time but not this time. He seemed to hit home with you right at the end there. Great interview. Awesome work Greg.

    • paul

      Did you notice Armstrong had a “gold” chain around his neck … and he said “there is only one solution” … a Reset!

      • paul

        Armstrong says: “Gold rising has nothing to do with inflation” … then he says: “the rise and fall of gold is like a pendulum” … well the pendulum swings … from inflation to deflation … then to inflation again and deflation again … back and forth … back and forth … in deflation “interest rates fall” … in inflation “interest rates rise” … all under the complete control of the Fed … the fact that “confidence in the government” rises and falls along with these Fed created inflation/deflation cycles has nothing whatsoever to do do with the rise and fall in the price of gold … gold follows what the Fed is doing to the money supply … the Fed withholding fiat money produces deflation … the Fed creating fiat money produces inflation … the pendulum has now reached it’s deflationary peak and the Fed is now about to increase interest rates along with additional fiat money printing … so gold has bottomed and is now about to rise as the pendulum swings to the inflation side … the fact that “confidence in government falls” when their budget is out of control and they must print and print and print to pay the bills is not the “cause” of gold moving higher … it is simply a normal “result” of the inflationary actions of the Fed!!

  11. Galaxy 500

    Thanks for having Armstrong back

  12. Randy0302

    Hmmmmm……I thought Martin Armstrong was smarter? Not really impressed other than the fall sounds reasonable for a melt down but so does tomorrow.
    As tiny as the physical gold market is and the high likelihood that everything else fails he thinks gold will only hit $5000. That will happen when Shangia opens its physical only market with or without the crash hitting.

    • steve

      Well he is the only one that I know out of the gold analysts that has been right, the rest have got it so wrong

  13. OutLookingIn

    Interest rates will rise? The USD will not crash? Wrong. There is just way too much debt.

    Even a rate rise of 1% would throw the global debt amount into a tailspin. As far as the US dollar retaining, or increasing it’s perceived value? Time will tell. At this juncture it does not look good, as virtually all fiat currencies will eventually lose not only their value, but public confidence also.

    When brute force confronts an immovable object, violence is not only often, but the only result. To those that would abuse their powers of bestowed public trust, remember the Nuremburg trials after the end of world war two. Despotic actions will be called to task and resultant punishments will be meted out.

  14. Jerry

    Greg, Mr. Armstrong lost me at the 9:38 mark when he said ” The dollar is the only game in town”. Clearly that is not the case. What is driving up the dollar index right now is the fact that the Fed is being forced to mop up Trillions of dollars in bonds that have been dumped back into the market by countries who have fled to the AIIB.
    – We’ve had eight years of QE with NO measurable results.
    – We’ve got an an economy that has a negative GDP.
    – We have (0.0) ZERO money velocity in the system.
    – We’ve got 125 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities that we can’t even pay the interest on, much less the debt.
    I’ve save the best for last.
    – According to the latest FT-900 report we have next nothing in Gold reserves to support this whole mess. In fact we couldn’t even pay the Germans back a tiny portion of their Gold that we had in storage for them. What’s that tell you?

    The Chinese do a yearly audit of their Gold in July (7th month) every year. This year Zhou Xiachuan has invited Christine Lagarde to examine their vaults as they try to win approval for SDR drawing rights with the IMF. I anticipate that Zhou will ask us to do the same thing. What do you think will happen when our government refuses to do it, and refuses to give access to Fort Knox?

    • steve

      He says this about the Dollar because it is still perceived as a safe haven this will eventually change)

    • JC Davis

      Jerry I knew you would have a field day with that statement. So did I when he said it.

    • wd


      Remember he is “a watched man”…he is under the watchful eye of the feds. But that being said it is still in the fall of 2015. There is a reason why these countries are all signing up with the AIIB, pure survival…. many see the US Dollar as doomed and it will be…

      He has been on the money on a bunch of things, but so has Jim Willie who seems to have an 85% close ratio….

    • Jerry

      Greg, I try to back up what I post with some type of supporting information. Here is such a report from Wall Street on Parade.

      They may call it paranoia, but it sure looks like to me the Financial Security Board is preparing for something major, with their last letter to the G20. You can decide for yourself. I know what I’m going to do.

      • Silence is Golden

        “Stability” my friend (FSB)…. nothing secure about it.

        I have read that letter addressed to the CB Governors and Finance Ministers – 2/4/15. It does contain some rather frightening language….as opposed to the contextualised “reform” it purports to convey.
        “Cross border derivative contracts from being terminated disruptively in the event of a globally systemic bank entering resolution”
        “Implementation of resolution regimes for SIFI’s”
        “Finalise higher loss absorbency for SII’s”
        “Temporary stays on the close-out of financial contracts”
        I especially like the phrase that Mark Carney uses to describe Investors as being unaware of the dangers… when he refers to the state of “Liquidity Illusion”…..implying there will be NO LIQUIDITY when it is expected…when the “EXPECTED” occurs with very short notice. In simple terms he expects a MARKET CRASH and again INVESTORS across the spectrum, will not have the FED watching their backs.
        You can definitely sense the urgency with which they are attempting to implement some of these policies to ensure some semblance of order. Importantly, it highlights what we all expect to occur.

        • Jerry

          Silence is Golden.
          I concur. Again no mention in the MSM. American people being led to the slaughter.

          • paul

            Jerry … I like this theory “Wall Street is perceived by our foreign allies to be so completely out of control of Congress … that foreign financial markets simply do not trust US regulators to rein in Wall Street abuses or prevent another systemic financial collapse. So the Financial Stability Board (composed mostly of foreigners) feels they must look over Wall Street’s shoulder because it can’t trust Congress or the Federal Reserve to do their job.

    • Desert Rose

      Right on….check out the ZH article on algos today, sorry to not post link…..there won’t be any liquidity. It’s soaked up. What’s coming in bond market is beyond horrific. Like Jim Willie says, the US will be utterly isolated. This all brings its own solution since we don’t make anything here anymore, including military equipment. Imagine if the war suppliers said: pay in gold.

  15. Snorky

    I’m at the point where I have made my peace with the Lord. Things are just getting crazier and crazier and uglier and uglier. Thnx for the interview, Greg. It looks like Armstrong is a bit less adamant about sub-$1000 per oz gold. Keep stackin’ and if you haven’t started, don’t wait. 🙂

    • aussie jeff

      Thanks for your post Snorky, it encouraged me.

    • Brady

      Jerry, Do you have a link you could post that would confirm “”Christine Lagarde to examine their vaults””

      • Jerry

        This is as close as I can get.
        The rest I’m hearing from other sources that I can’t confirm. We’ll know more in June. Read the Financial Stability Board letter to the G20. They are making plans.

        • Jerry

          Brady and anyone who wants to know about the global currency reset will find this information very interesting.

          When you connect the dots this corresponds with the Financial Stability Board letter to the G20. Post crisis agenda 11/15/2015. The RMB will….I repeat…. will be the new reserve currency by 11/15/2015. Now you know why all the countries signed with the AIIB.

          • Brady

            Thanks Jerry for the links!

  16. gutzer53

    Gregg, I don’t know what to think of your 1st commentor, but here is a story from our local paper here in the middle of Iowa.

    BV leads Iowa for military surplus gear

    Submitted by on Wed, 08/27/2014 – 8:44am
    425 pieces worth $1.55M in 8 years
    Twice as much as Polk County
    Not just tanks: from blankets to goggles


    Buena Vista County, including the Storm Lake Police Department, has received the most pieces of military gear with the highest value of any county since 2006, according to a survey published in The Des Moines Sunday Register.

    BV County has received 425 pieces of surplus military gear for free from the US Department of Defense since 2006. The total value of the gear is estimated at $1.55 million. Each of those numbers tops the state, where 75 of Iowa’s 99 counties have acquired at least one item through the program over the past eight years.

    BV County overtakes Polk County, the second ranked county in number of pieces of equipment. Polk County has accounted for 273 items valued at $707,000.

    The BV County Sheriff’s Office and SLPD combined have accumulated two Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAPs), two utility trucks, 22 M16 rifles, 22 bayonets or combat knives, nine .45-caliber automatic pistols, eight 12-gauge riot-type shotguns, three M14 rifles, 10 night-vision sniper scope sights and five grenade launchers.

    “These items sound intimidating but it’s only because of the way the military words them,” explained Sheriff Doug Simons. “We own one ‘grenade launcher’ but it is only for tear gas or smoke, not grenades; we will never own a grenade.”

    Police Chief Mark Prosser knows that people are asking why. Prosser asks, “Why not? My prayer is that we will never need it, but having the gear will protect my officers and protect the community.”

    The equipment has non-combat uses. “The night vision goggles are used for surveillance on drug operations. But we also use it to help find missing children and seniors,” explained Prosser. The department also received infrared equipment that can sense fire inside a wall.

    The MRAP could be deployed to rescue a victim in an active shooter situation or to collect stranded motorists stuck on roads during blizzards. Simons stated that their MRAP does not have any weapons on it; it is only used as protection.

    “We utilized the vehicle once in an active shooter situation located in Sac County,” noted Simons. “If the MRAP saves one life of a community member or police officer, how can we put a price on it?

    “Without the help of the military surplus, we would be spending money that we do not have,” said Simons. “I would prefer to get these items for free.”

    Other items received include blankets, three 4×4 Chevy Blazers, two Humvees, gas masks that are now outdated, night vision goggles, 15 walkie talkies, six defibrillators, flashlights, binoculars, computers and digital cameras.

    Not only do the police use the items received, the department shares the gear with other departments according to Prosser. The vehicles are cycled to the medical examiner’s office, fire department and the dredge workers.

    The police department is looking for a useable watercraft for the fire department for recoveries and a fire truck for the airport. The gear is free to the county but the county must pay for shipping and maintenance. Any money spent for this gear is from seized criminal assets.

    Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Office

    Storm Lake Police Department

    Mark Prosser. Doug Simons

    Military Surplus

    • Hard Working Police Officer

      Mr. Gutzer,

      The officer above is merely pointing out what we face everyday while doing our jobs. Unfortunately there are a lot of defiant and stupid people out there. It used to be that when you conducted a traffic stop, folks would behave just as if they were in a court room. This is the only acceptable behavior while on the road. Let me point out a simple fact. Driving on the road is NOT a right. It IS a priviledge. So when you smart mouth us, you not only show disrespect and defiance to the badge and by extension you are thumbing your nose at the communities in which we live. People that do this on my watch will be lucky to get away with just a severe monkey stomping and escalating beyond this point certainly entitles us to use lethal force whenever necessary. The problem is that the only way for us to maintain a workable relationship with the public is for us to openly demonstrate our capacity for showing force and punish those who would mock rule of law.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hard Working Police Officer,
        Police have a hard job and I recommend respect, and that is done respect should be reciprocated. For me it’s always worked that way. Thank you for your public service.

      • Grafique

        My oldest son was a police officer for two years and is still in law enforcement. I know the unjustified abuse you take. Thank you.
        Law Enforcement these days is taking it in the chin for the abuses of a few, thanks largely to phone cameras. You are still the good guys. Every one of your critics, when faced with the situations you face daily, would instantly be dialing 911 and screaming for your help.
        When the collapse comes, since I’m already prepped up, my plan is to drive straight to mu Sheriff’s office and volunteer my services as they are sure to be overwhelmed in the first few days of the Event.

      • Art Barnes

        Hard Working Police Officer: being a police officer is not a right either, its a privilege, one that I think you should take more serious. The tickets you give out are outrageously high & designed to support deep pockets of your community, your pension, etc. & not for deterrent any longer. That my friend is what is the matter with respect, try selling a candy bar for $50 and see how grateful the buyer is for that privilege.

      • Diane Ryan

        Face the truth. America has become a militarized Police State. Yes, there are still some good LE officers out there. There were some ‘good Germans’ in 1938. History recorded how they effective they were for maintaining civility and justice. If folks want to trust the police today, fine. I do NOT.

      • Randy0302

        This cop doesn’t know the law. As sovereign citizens we absolutely have the right to travel. The police interact with us by a legal fiction called a “Straw Man”
        Look at any drivers liscence and see the names are in all CAPS. We have all been turned into corporations at birth with our birth certificates.
        Citizens are being let out of traffic tickets etc when the know the real law.
        This is a republic and another citizen must make a complaint against you. Law enforcement doesn’t count. Citizens will restore the republic.
        Educate yourself officer…..look up Straw Man!

    • Art Barnes

      Yea, and tanks can be used to shoot coyotes & rabid dogs thereby protecting the innocent little children on the streets going to school. I don’t buy it, there is only one reason they want the fire power & its not for deterrent, its to be used upon citizens.

      • Grafique

        No, there are other reasons, including coordinated terrorist attacks and well-armed street gangs.
        It’s a mistake to fall for the popular notion that the police are “against” you. They are one of the few deterrents to chaos.

    • Brandon

      Gutzer, that sounds about right. The military has been giving (“loaning”, really) equipment like this to police departments for years now. After the Iraq/Afghanistan wars it seems the military has quite the abundance of equipment, and loaning it to police departments was actually pretty brilliant on their part. Now instead of having to store and maintain it, they have shifted that burden to law enforcement agencies. Many departments are trying to give equipment back, but the military is refusing to take possession due to clauses in the agreements they had the departments sign to receive it.

    • JMiller

      Nice to read the truth. Many fear mongers make a big deal out of police getting military surplus.

  17. Doug

    Everyone has excuses when it comes to predictions. That’s why they’re called predictions !!!

  18. Anne Elliott

    A government bubble – geez, so simple and yet that makes so much sense!! Just now what to do when that bubble pops… One thing for sure, get off the government dole and get a job that would still create income in a Depression. Also, for all you millions of retirees out there, don’t plan to get your Social Security anymore, ’cause sadly it ain’t gonna be there… This will be a paradigm shift for sure.

    Was just listening again to Catherine Austin Fitts and her talking about the Legacy systems going away and the “new system 2.0” coming on-line… A new government system (new world order??) eliminating all previous debts would make sense. Like a bankruptcy – you erase the old and start over with the new. I will be so screwed… Technically I am only 6 years away from retirement today, but ever since 2008, I have realized that I will probably never get to retire… It reminds me of the 1930’s, in that the average American citizen just kept working and scraping by until they died. Talk about cycles! This is not a good one to be in!!!

  19. Narmi

    With due respect no one is perfect by telling dates for events to be happen in future. Your site is full of articles in the last year or so with these types of dire predictions. I am not saying things are rosy, having 18+ trillion in debt is not good and the some how some day, one fine morning this party will be over – there is no doubt about it unless the leadership has some magic bullets which is wishful thinking. Gerald Celente and others (specially Igor Panarin) also worried and keep saying every year is kind of last year but some how the Fed’s are smart to deceive their theories…..

    • Gerty

      Narmi, It would be easier to judge how far you can stretch a rubber band till it snaps, than how far the Fed can stretch, “the full faith and credit of the USD.”!

  20. Tee

    Gerty My friend before the world gets to be ruled with God and the saints ‘there is the beast of Revelation to contend with which is also a world ruling government which if the free world tanks it may be the dawning of it . To Mr; John Law i like to say hay John we are all in this together ,if bank bail ins begin it will not be just the police we are all involved in this many of us could loose there pension , frankly the only way any of us will manage through any crises is to keep a cool head prayer self examination and asking God to help us with these things. Thank you Martin for your in put on this horrific financial situation that is at hand

    • Gerty

      Dear Tee,

      Were on the same page, I think?
      United Nations ……eighth world power?
      Whilst i was at my moms about a week ago, she told me that an close elder friend of the family had been discussing this with her tying the UN in with the prophecy in Daniel.

      Six lines of evidence proving that we are living in the last days of this stupid world.

      Are we living in the time of the eighth and final “king” mentioned in the prophecy recorded at Revelation 17:9-11? Here the apostle John mentions seven kings, representing seven world powers—Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and the Anglo-American dual world power. He also sees “an eighth king” that “springs from the seven.” This eighth king—the last one that John envisions—now represents the United Nations. John says that this eighth king “goes off into destruction,” after which no further earthly kings are mentioned.

      The Last of the Great World Powers?

      In 1926 , in a public lecture in Royal Albert Hall of London, England, it was proclaimed that the League of Nations was the Eighth World Power foretold in Revelation 17:11 . But as we know the League was in shambles by the beginning of WWII.

      An especially important fact is this: There was to be a succession of only seven such world powers! A contemporaneous eighth power , which would include remnants of the seven, was foretold to exist for a short time during the days of the seventh. (Revelation 17:10, 11) This means that we are living during the time of the last of the great world powers ruled by man. There will be no more!

      Peace, Security, and the ‘Image of the Beast’

      Revelation 17:11 mentions a “wild beast” that is “an eighth king, but springs from the seven.” This eighth power that would exist during the lifetime of the seventh.

      Do you recognize the beast now? Yes, it is the same as “the disgusting thing that causes desolation” that began as the League of Nations and that now exists as the United Nations. (Matthew 24:15; Daniel 12:11) How does this organization ‘spring from the seven world powers’? In the sense that the whole beastlike organization, like an eighth power, is brought into existence by already existing governments, with the Anglo-American world power being its chief sponsor and supporter.

      The Calamity Facing All Religions of the World

      Pictorially as a harlot, she sits upon a scarlet-colored wild beast, with seven heads and ten horns upon those heads. The beast makes a descent into an abyss, disappears, and comes to view again, just like in the case of the League of Nations and its successor, the United Nations . Babylon the Great climbed back upon this reappearing international political “beast” in 1945 C.E. Since then Babylon the Great has ridden the royal-colored “beast” for more than 70 years. The time must now be near when, to the shock of religionists, the symbolic beast will turn upon the loose woman, “Babylon,” that has dominated politics during the lifetime of seven successive world powers. Then what? Revelation 17:15-18 portrays it for us, saying:

      “The waters that you saw, where the harlot is sitting, mean peoples and crowds and nations and tongues. And the ten horns that you saw, and the wild beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire. For God put it into their hearts to carry out his thought, even to carry out their one thought by giving their kingdom to the wild beast [ the eighth world power ], until the words of God will have been accomplished. And the woman whom you saw means the great city [modern Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion] that has a kingdom over the kings of the earth.”—Note Revelation 18:21-24.

      The Calamity Facing the World Empire of, “False religion”, Babylon the Great!

      He will let the visible representatives of the Eighth World Power of Bible history act aggressively against Babylon the Great. That latest world power is the agency that worldly nations have devised and used since 1919 in trying to preserve world peace and security, now the United Nations . This man-made institution has at present behind it a “congregation” of 152 nations. It is caricatured as a scarlet-colored wild beast with seven heads and 10 horns atop, concerning which Revelation 17:11 says: “It is also itself an eighth king, but springs from the seven [heads], and it goes off into destruction.” Before its destruction in “the war of the great day of God the Almighty” at Har–Magedon, he lets this Eighth World Power chalk up a stunning victory for itself, but not against him.—Rev. 16:14, 16.

      So some Watchdogs refer to the United Nations as being “the eighth world power .” Is not the Anglo-American, the Seventh World Power, the last world power?
      The United Nations, as the successor of the old League of Nations, is a “world power” in that its member nations, influence and organization are world wide in scope.

      The Anglo-American combine, nevertheless, continues in its powerful dominating position as the Seventh World Power. Even the old Soviet Union had not surpassed it because of coming to have superior military, political and commercial might. The Bible shows that there will be only seven world powers in this sense, to correspond to the seven heads of the wild beast. (Rev. 13:1) There is rivalry and competition between the Anglo-American world power as the “king of the south” and the bear, mother Russia”king of the north,” but there is no indication in Scripture that the latter will replace the former as an eighth world power before both come to their end.—Daniel 11:40-45.

      Yet, both “super powers” have cooperated, along with other nations of the world, with few exceptions, in producing and keeping in existence the United Nations organization. This is in fulfillment of prophecy in that the scarlet-colored wild beast, representing the United Nations organization, is said to be “also itself an eighth king, but springs from the seven, and it goes off into destruction.” (Rev. 17:9-11) This wild beast also has seven heads to correspond with the seven world powers that have been on the world scene in past centuries and down to the present. But the whole scarlet-colored wild beast, heads included, comes to be like an “eighth king,” in that the United Nations is a tool used by the member nations in attempting to impose a collective will upon the nations as a whole, while holding on to their respective sovereignty.

      Liberation and Survival of Christendom’s Fall

      The United Nations does not have much power in itself, not even having an army, except where the members make specific provision for this. It really derives its existence and power from the nations that make up its membership. Particularly is this true of the Anglo-American world power that took the initiative to bring into existence first the League of Nations and then the United Nations. (Rev. 13:11-15) Before it goes into destruction along with all the nations to whom it owes its existence, the Scriptures show that this “eighth” world power, with the prominent ruling elements taking the lead as the “ten horns” of the beast, will turn on “Babylon the Great,” the world empire of false religion, and destroy it.—Rev. 17:12-18

      The Coming Deliverance from the Anti-Religious “Ax”

      The final world power foretold in Bible prophecy, the eighth world power , is now with us . It is in the form of the United Nations. It has a death-dealing role to play toward Christendom, Jerusalem’s modern counterpart. The U.N. and its predecessor, the League of Nations, have now had a combined life of 70 years. (Rev. 17:7-11) Before it perishes it will act!

      The Death of a God

      According to Revelation 17:7-12, that “wild beast” must be the Eighth World Power , the international organization for world peace and security, the United Nations .

      How does the “man of lawlessness” meet destruction? To answer that, let us consider the situation and destiny of “Babylon the Great,” for the “man of lawlessness,” being the chief part of this world empire of false religion, will share in its judgment. The Bible depicts “Babylon the Great” as riding the back of a scarlet-colored “wild beast.” This beast symbolizes the world organization for peace and security now known as the “disunited,” United Nations. It is called an “eighth king,” the Eighth World Power of Bible prophecy .—Rev. 17:1-11. Apparently their going to be United enough to come after and try to eliminate all religion from off the face of the earth. Their going to have a bit of a problem with those that have the truth, believe the truth and trust in it. But just what is the truth?

      Jesus Before Pilate

      …37Therefore Pilate said to Him, “So You are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.” 38Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?” And when he had said this, he went out again to the Jews and said to them, “I find no guilt in Him. 39″But you have a custom that I release someone for you at the Passover; do you wish then that I release for you the King of the Jews?”

      _ ___________________◄ John 18:37-39 ►________________________

      • Gerty

        Tee 04/12/2015 •
        Gerty My friend before the world gets to be ruled with God and the saints ‘there is the beast of Revelation to contend with which is also a world ruling government which if the free world tanks it may be the dawning of it .


        Looking over my response to Tee, i’m sorry Greg, it was hard to make it any shorter, but Tee is right, were in the dawning of the beast of Revelation and he’s right again, it will also be like Christ’s Kingdom, a world ruling Government. Mans soon feeble attempt at world government “UN.” wont last long at all, to be replaced by God’s Kingdom. As it say’s in Revelation. . .

        The Abomination of Desolation
        …21″For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will. 22 In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones. ◄ Matthew 24: 21 & 22 ►

        The United Nations, “the beast,” attempt at world rule will ultimately fail and it’s rule shortened to save mankind, by means of God’s Kingdom in the hands of his only be-gotten son Christ Jesus!

        P. S. I was planning to lay low and keep my post’s shorter and sweeter, but sometimes in a response, it’s impossible. I miss Charles and Mohammed and I try not to offend when possible, but when I think something might be true I want some proof if I’m going to think differently and I hope Anybody who thinks otherwise will fill me in on why they think differently instead of just ignoring or worse abandoning this fantastic site USAWatchdog!

        New International Version
        As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. ◄ Proverbs 27:17 ►

        USAWatchdog is the “Coast to Coast” of the internet without the spooky stuff, ufo’s/aliens and Sasquatch!

      • Greg Hunter

        I appreciate your passion and like your comments but could you please make them much shorter?

  21. Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

    Predictions are problematic; especially when they are about the future.

  22. steve

    Thank God someone that actually knows whats going on, thinks for himself and has a proven track record

  23. Silence is Golden

    Martin’s contention that “by 2020, the amount of interest we pay . . . will exceed the entire defense budget” is not too far fetched IMO.
    The assumptions underlying that thesis are Government DEBT of approx. $23TLN with interest rates being normalised at 6%. (18tln + 5years @ $1tln p.a.).
    A defense budget of $1.3TLN….hmmmm….EVERY YEAR….!!!
    What could a nation do with that sum of money…other than to create/support wars and to further enlarge an already grotesquely oversized military complex.

    As far as the theory on interest rate hikes go….if we see repercussions as expected….i.e. mayhem in markets (bankruptcies, stocks, bonds real estate) …..isn’t that just bringing about the “great levelling” that Jim Sinclair so often mentions. By now we have worked out that the system is rigged and they don’t play fair. Therefore we should expect that they will bring about a great “Wealth” shift…..with much higher degrees of oppression and once they have effected the necessary destruction…and stolen the remaining wealth to pay back the debt……they shift everything into gear again ….to start another cycle. That brings us to the need for a reset.

    I don’t entirely agree with Martin on his logic with Gold….. and “that it is not related to Inflation”.
    Gold price IS a function of Debt. Debt = Inflation (of money supply). Increased Debt = reduced confidence in Government. Martin’s belief is that Gold is a function of lack of confidence in Government. Where does that lack of confidence manifest itself ? Bad policy……poor decisions……corruption…greed….profligate ways….runaway debt !!!!

    • paul

      Don’t forget … by 2020 the defense budget will be through the roof (WWIII will cost a lot of money) and so the interest on the debt will be proportionally even higher … but that’s no problem … when you can print all the money needed for war out of thin air.

      Stop the Fed from printing … and peace will reign on Earth for a thousand years! … So we know exactly what Jesus will be doing when he arrives … overturn the tables by ETF (Ending The Fed)!

  24. Jim Gilly

    He obviously doesn’t know much about the US housing/mortgage market because if he did he would know there is no way they are going to eliminate the 30 year mortgage.

    To keep the housing game going they need to continue to find ways to bring more people into the system and if the 30 year mortgage were to go you can expect an immediate collapse of the entire industry.

    To go to a shorter amortization period than 30 years would dramatically drive up the monthly payment requiring larger down payments and equity to qualify for a loan that would especially kill the first time home-buyer.

    If you ever read the 30 year mortgage is dead you can be sure you have reached the end game but I expect other events will trigger that first.

    • JC Davis

      Jim Gilly When I herd that, all I could think is what would Fabian Calvo have to say.
      Greg I have not seen Fabian Calvo in a long time.

    • paul

      Jim … what they will probably do to help the real estate market is come out with a fifty (50) year mortgage … which will lower monthly payments and make home ownership easier for all the kids currently living at home and working at McDonald’s. All the talk of a “maximum” 15 year mortgage is being done to drive real estate prices lower … after they buy cheap … the 50 to 75 year mortgage will be introduced!

  25. Mason

    @Greg: That interview was excellent! Great questions. Thank you very much Greg for putting Martin Armstrong on USAWatchdog!

    @Martin Armstrong: Thank you for coming on USAWatchdog! Thank you very much for your teaching and providing us with your insights! And I loved your Solutions Conference!

  26. Smaulgld

    Martin says get “recognizable coins” while saying don’t buy silver quarters which are one of the most recognizable coins!

    He said gold doesn’t rise during inflation it rises when there is uncertainty in govt.

    Sure the latter is correct, but the two are not mutually exclusive.

    Gold does rise during periods inflation- see 1970’s gold action.

  27. Smaulgld

    Armstrong ” a strong dollar is terrible the us would love to devalue it because our exports would rule the world”
    What exports?’! The US manufacturing base has been decimated
    If the Us wanted a lower currency its very easy dont raise rates and do QE 4
    After saying a strong dollar is terrible he says a weak Euro and Yen are bad things!

    • paul

      If the US wants a lower currency … it’s very easy … “don’t raise rates and do QE 4” … or raise rates a little and do two to three times QE4!

    • JC Davis

      Smaulgld Martin is a world of contradiction. It is easy to get things right when you speak out of two sides of your mouth. Your two postings were the best. Thanks.

  28. Donna

    I broke my own rule — never listen to your interviews before I go to work. I read the first comment and had to work on automatic pilot. My head was swimming.

    My father had hire and fire power over and above the chief of police. I went with a police magistrate for 8 years. Super exposure to policemen, their conversations. The police magistrate’s court was in the same area as the police department, the “drunk tank”/holding cells right across the hallway from the courtroom.

    I have a newspaper clipping of my father getting into a limo with Gerald Ford. The limo was surrounded by Vietnam War protestors. Remember free speech? There was no busting of heads or breaking up the crowd. They were mostly college kids who did not want to be drafted.

    Dad used to walk into DC offices without appointment or an invitation. That is how he became friends with Hubert Humphrey. Try that today, and you would probably be bullet riddled. Freedom of movement, freedom of speech. Great while it lasted.

    I never heard an officer talk even remotely like the one on your site. Here in AZ, I saw them as the blue line when I drove home at 4 a.m. from my job and possibly saved my life one night. I have been stopped many times, I think because I was usually the only car on the road at such hours. Never had a problem.

    NC Gal mentioned the ?Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass. How about the Night of the Long Knives when Hitler snuffed his bully enforcers. Stalin did the same, even killed off all of his friends. You can never be too careful, I guess. I remember a remark by Roy Masters: “A bully is always a coward when facing an even bigger bully.”

    There will be no doughnut bunker once the “boots,” military or police, slaughter the populace. They will not waste precious food and water on you either. You are dangerous most of all to them, the elites, the top of the hierarchy as bully charts go.

    As to Hillary, diplomacy and reason? More like a female capo from Dachau. If she weren’t married to Billy Bob, she’d be an unknown from Palookaville instead of an unaccomplished harpy married to a sellout president. Remember NAFTA?

  29. John Mackenzie

    Marty’s point of view is extremely US centric.

    It may well be far too narrow a perspective.

  30. Little Trish

    Dear Gina,

    The American Dream is alive and well. Soon we will have our first Woman President. American Oxygen. Just like Rhianna sings it. America Represent!!!!
    Pump the musical lyrical. Word.

    • paul

      Little Trish … when you add C (Clinton) to American oxygen (O) … you get CO (carbon monoxide) a deadly gas … where was Mrs. Clinton when her husband was destroying banking legislation that protected the American people from bank fraud? The power a woman can exert over her husband is greater then the power she can ever exert over any other man or government leader … and she failed to do anything … to protect us Americans … just as she failed to do anything to protect our ambassador in Benghazi.

    • Terry

      Lil Trish, I’m just glad I’m Not riding in the Scooby van with Hillary full of Chipotle burritos.

  31. James

    The problem with using models for forecasting is that they become useless whenever the independent variables move outside the range of history. For example, say that over the last 20 years of data that I have available for both electricity usage and maximum temperature in Chicago, the maximum temperature in July has ranged between 60 and 100 degrees. If I estimate the relationship between maximum temperature and daily electricity consumption and tomorrow’s temperature forecast is 90 degrees, my model would probably do a very good job telling me what electricity consumption will be for tomorrow. But if the temperature forecast for tomorrow is 110 degrees, my model would be quite useless in predicting electricity consumption. Sure it would spit out a number, but I could have no confidence in that output. Now apply this to the topic of your discussion with Mr. Armstrong. His cycle analysis may be perfectly valid, but the world has never experienced the collapse of a global fiat monetary system. There is no way his model can tell him anything about what will happen to the value of gold in such a situation. What if no one with gold will even put out a bid on current fiat paper dollars? Then what would the price be? His high target of $5000 is absurd, and he should know better. He’s a bright guy, and I’m sure he understands the rudimentary limitations of econometric modeling. Thus, I tend to side with those who believe he is compromised to some degree, but I have no evidence other than that he is too intelligent to say some of things he says otherwise.

    • paul

      Your right James … Armstrong is to intelligent to be stupid! … If there is a collapse of the global fiat monetary system and Governments fall (go bankrupt) … no one in their right mind will take “unbacked fiat paper” for gold … perhaps “a few looney tunes” will take $50,000 fiat dollars for one ounce of gold (probably because they believe in Jim Sinclair) but the rest of us will shun “all fiat paper without gold backing” … July 7 is when China announces how much gold it owns … on the date China announces you can turn in your Yuan for physical gold is the date the US Government collapses!

  32. Paul

    Greg, another great guest. The plethora of cycle analysts recently such as Bo Polny- Gold 20/20; Jonathan Cahn- Shemhita and of course your well known guest , continue to predict trouble ahead. Yet stock / bond markets world wide continue their upward bias unrestrained, seemingly discarding any and all of the concerns the pundits such as Martin speak about. Jim Willie of the Golden Jackass states the US$ will continue to rise until it vanishes implying a great reset is in store ( soon!). To be honest it is frightening but like the times of Noah the masses carry on undeterred while in the horizon storm clouds are forming! Thanks again for a great interview. Try and get Jim Willie on if you can. Paul

    • paul

      Paul … Armstrong predicts $5000 dollar gold … Willie predicts $18,000 dollar gold … Sinclair predicts $50,000 dollar gold … looks like most everyone with brains agrees the trend for gold is up from here … it’s only “the magnitude of the rise” that they differ on.

  33. JM

    I disagree with Armstrong’s stance on PMs. We all know that they are way undervalued at this point in time. If they are properly valued in the future, their purchasing power will increase exponentially. Armstrong makes it sound like they will merely account for a rise in inflation. I find that a silly assertion.

    • paul

      Gold is the “only” protection from a collapse in government and perhaps this is why Armstrong places more emphasis on “confidence in government” then on inflation as a “mover” of the price of gold … so although inflation does push gold higher … Armstrong is looking for the “outright collapse of government” to be the ultimate prime mover of gold into the stratosphere.

  34. Vincent

    Great interview Greg!
    I do respect the broad range of opinions here, it induces some great thought.

    Armstrong is likely right on a lot of fronts, but not many. His arguments hinge too much on his prior arguments being right. That’s fine if he can bowl a perfect game here, but in all likelyhood that’s just not gonna happen.
    Gold and silver could still fall some, but there are nothing but happy people waiting to buy this stuff, even if it falls to zero. I mean, were not talking about diamonds here.. Gold and silver are money, and all the nations of the world realize and swear by it as the ultimate collateral. Even real estate is garbage after an earthquake.. As a medium of exchange, and measure of good faith, you need it, it’s portable, it’s universal..
    The police state is true, the government robbery is true, the government implosion is true, heck, even the coming deflation is very likely true.. I just don’t think we will be standing around in deflation long enough for it to really matter. The population being caught in a fog is also completely accurate, but he’s missed the mark here by far. Our population will not, I repeat, will not EVER “get” whats going on here. It’s their cross to bare, and a sad story, but it is what it is.. They will rage with conflict, they will all get hurt, but they will also follow us out, without understanding anything outside of the fact that we were all the “prophets and smart guys and gals” that figured this mess out, and prepared.. This will only work until it doesn’t, the ending will be abrupt, just as people die.. Here today, gone tomorrow..

    Armstrong is right how people don’t pay attention to derivatives, and debt. But he is marginalizing that information against the masses.. Sure the people are instremental in propping this up through ignorance and a fear of individuality, but he’s forgetting about the population outside of the USA! This is a new world already, and with the advancements in communication alone, he forgets how people like to react, and judge quickly. The official story takes 10 minutes to create, and a lifetime to dismantle. Hopefully people like us are the first ones to break the news..

  35. Gerty

    Russia lifts ban on supplying S-300 missiles to Iran

    AFP 1 hr ago

    Russia had cancelled a contract to deliver advanced S-300 ground to air missiles, citing UN sanctions imposed over Tehran’s nuclear programme  ©

    President Vladimir Putin on Monday lifted a ban on supplying Iran with sophisticated S-300 air defense missile systems, the Kremlin said, after Tehran struck a deal with the West over its nuclear programme.

    A decree signed by Putin lifts a ban on “the shipment from Russia to Iran” of the S-300 missiles, the Kremlin said in a statement. Moscow had blocked delivery of the surface-to-air missiles to Tehran in 2010.


    • Greg Hunter

      This is big and telling. There will be no deal and everybody knows it. Sad really.

      • allen ols

        S300’s are obsolete, Russia has S400’s, which we can defeat, but Russia has almost finished S500, which worries our military.

      • Art Barnes

        Respectfully disagree Greg, Obama will insist on a deal, & he will get one, even if everyone knows its a bad deal. Congress is afraid of this President, I believe that is because he can be quite immature & vindictive when he doesn’t get his way. He may even make Congress pass a resolution if they don’t agree with a deal that they are ask to go to war with Iran, which they won’t do as well, thereby making Congress look even further inept & irrelevant that they already are.

        • Greg Hunter

          The fire works this summer and I am not talking 4th of July. You may be right. In my world if someone you are negotiating with calls you a “liar” that’s a deal breaker, but what do I know?

    • paul

      Seems Russia doesn’t like the Saudi’s either … the Saudi’s have instigated terrorist attacks in Russia … just like they supported the 9/11 terrorist attack on America … both the US and Russia want to screw the Saudi’s “Royally” … by supporting Iran!!

  36. andy

    What is really interesting is the fact that in September the Pope will speak in US Congress.
    Timing of that is not a random thing.If you look what that men has been saying lately (Turkey has just remove its ambassador to the Vatican because he condemned them for Armenian massacre) ,I think world as we know is about to be changed dramatically. Given how much power Jesuits (Pope is Jesuit) control they are ready for change. Maybe this is a bit of topic but Catholic Church with its mighty power is ready to use it.

  37. wd


    Armstrong may be wrong, but he has been spot on on other predictions. Regardless, almost all signs are point to the Sept 15 and fall for events to move and shake….Jim Willie also contends “look to the fall”

    • paul

      Forget the fall … look to July 7 when China announces how much gold they own!

  38. Debra

    The government has already started coming “after us”. Mandatory vaccine laws being passed across the nation to mentally and physically disable all children, geoengineered drought in California, increased geoengineering by increasing chemtrails across the nation to further poison the air and soil and to sicken us. The genocide of the American population has accelerated. Geoengineeringwatch.org has great videos giving amazing proof that our biosphere is being destroyed, which means no life on earth in the not so distant future unless it is stopped now.

  39. Jerry

    Greg, I have it from a very reliable source exactly what the Obama Administrations plan is for Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Here it is.
    – If you like your centrifuge’s, you can keep your centrifuges.
    – If you like your nuclear warheads, you can keep your nuclear warheads.
    – If you buy your plutonium through one of our federally facilitated government marketplaces, you can lower cost by $2500. a year.
    Sound about right doesn’t it?

    • paul

      Jerry … you forgot this one!
      – If you like to call the US the Great Satan, you can keep calling US Liars.

  40. brian

    I agree with Mr Armstrong in that so long as most people have faith in the system it will continue to grind on. What is disappointing to me is the ability this “system” has clearly exhibited thus far in maintaining peoples faith in it, despite all the blatant abuse of trust and egregious acts of wanton pillaging it has committed in front of everyone. Like many of the other people who Greg spoke with over the years, its become a wonder to me just how far things can go before people have had enough.

    The tools of distraction, deception and delusion are far more powerful today than they have ever been, and these tools are utilized by the same soulless, amoral scum that always finds its way into power.

  41. Drak

    A guess as to what happens to a first world economy suddenly dropped to third world would be to analyze the Russian collapse. We are likely to experience something similar. Since government produces nothing of value, if the system meltsdown, the producers will stop producing. Initially law enforcement, fire, epa, irs etc etc will be non functional, they wont be getting paid, no gas for their cars etc. How effective the military and fema will be is questionable. Probably a steady decline, until a leader of sorts closer to regional govenor authority and local malitia takes hold.
    In past times during a country collapse or some war, the US has been able to backstop and provide heavily subsidized troops and aid, just to weakly maintain existance. With the current betrayal of washington towards the rest of the world along with running roughshod over the us population. Thin to zero chance anybody will backstop us. Unless somebody backstops us with aid and occupation,, we as a nation will shrink drastically and all the fruit salad, braid , hollow dictates and costumes wont mean anything.

    • paul

      Drak … forget about government help from politicians that sold us and our Constitution down the river … we must backstop ourselves with our own lead, gold and silver!

      • paul

        In the fight against the British during the American Revolution we had the Minutemen … in today’s fight to keep what we won during revolutionary times … we have the Metalmen!

  42. gregd

    Martin Armstrong is a very smart guy , don’t make the mistake of thinking otherwise. He go’s with the odds, the probabilities, not always a sure thing.
    You have to like a guy who stands up to the bullies of this country.
    And for Gina Mancarella did you take a look at her track record? She’s just a weak as the one she’s trying to replace. What has she EVR done? Is this the best the Dems can do. ?
    I find the Democratic party and its supporters to be an STD on the whole political system and that includes the media.

  43. jack

    Greg, I follow quite a few blogs and listen to as many podcasts; however, to me some of Martin’s comments just don’t add up. He was never a believer in metals and if his comments on gold are correct then how would he explain why gold rose to almost $2,000 before the regular poundings began.

    • paul

      He is not a believer in metals? … Didn’t he say gold would go to $5,000 dollars per ounce? … and why does he wear a gold chain around his neck?

      • paul

        Hey … Central Banks are supposedly not believers in metals … yet during 2014 Central Banks all around the world bought 477 tons of gold … this is close to a 50-year high … something is up … and it will likely be gold!

  44. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    Had my post re MA interview yesterday blocked by some sort of technology because of key words/phrases it contained.
    Sent it on direct to you as an email.
    Pretty sad state of affairs if they feel a need to censor a farmer down in little old NZ
    Am not sure whether to be alarmed or proud!

    • Greg Hunter

      Just a tech problem in the back end. You are not being blocked on purpose. Other people have contacted me and said the same thing.

  45. Don

    Greg, the people need to know, the next step for total control is the 2010 act that congress will vote on to allow SDR’s issued by the IMF for a global reserve currency. If allowed, all currencies will be pegged to this SDR, and total control of global monetary policy and all governments will be in the hands of the IMF or the BIS, as the central bank of the world. Notice, that China, though creating a sequel to the world bank and IMF, are still bidding for a leadership role in the SDR, of the new world reserve currency. The institutes created for financing, is a way for the east to have greater control of the SDR, not to compete with, so to speak. The central banks of the Rothschilds have pretty much covered the planet now, and are acting as a catalyst to merge the world, not to divide the money interest. I’m not sure when congress will vote on this, but it will be soon. We are being delivered to this global government by are own leaders, who have already, since the creation of the UN, to have global government. In there unbelief, the system will produce a global leader, who will be an Islamic antichrist, there false messiah. If the people don’t rally to stop it, that’s were its heading. In my humble opinion. Like you’ve said so many times, ( know fear) they can only fulfill what is already written. We are the generation that saw Israel’s rebirth, and there generation will see Christ return.

    • paul

      Maybe the international SDR crooks will be slightly better then the Al Capone crooks currently running the US … it’s time for a change … you know … like we “change things” by electing a new President every 4 to 8 years!

  46. Mason

    An article in the New York Post on “How the FBI is whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9/11”:

    A small excerpt:
    “Former Democratic Sen. Bob Graham, who in 2002 chaired the congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11, maintains the FBI is covering up a Saudi support cell in Sarasota for the hijackers. He says the al-Hijjis’ “urgent” pre-9/11 exit suggests “someone may have tipped them off” about the coming attacks.

    Graham has been working with a 14-member group in Congress to urge President Obama to declassify 28 pages of the final report of his inquiry which were originally redacted, wholesale, by President George W. Bush.

    “The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11, and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier,” he said, adding, “I am speaking of the kingdom,” or government, of Saudi Arabia, not just wealthy individual Saudi donors.”

    For more background information, see:

    • paul

      Why do you think the Obama administration is stealing tons of Saudi gold located in Swiss banks and is now supporting Saudi Arabia’s worst enemy (Iran)? Because when Senator Graham (working with a 14-member group in Congress to urge President Obama to declassify 28 pages of the final WTC report) … Obama wants to be able to show the American people he did something about it … not like “Dubya” Bush who redacted all 28 pages and made them secret … why do you think Jeb Bush wants to run for President … he will likely try to “erase” these 28 pages before they are made public (you know like Hillary “erased” her files).

      • Mason

        Yes, you have a point. I was thinking along the same lines that this indeed might be one of the reasons the Obama administrations is switching sides against the Saudi’s.

  47. Alarmed

    Most historical events may happen quickly in the broad spectrum of history, but not from the perspective of our day to day lives. While 9/11 coupled with the Patriot Act was the real “Shock and Awe,” The 1929 Stock Market Crash had its crescendo in 1932.

    No one knows the date and time of the end of the World that God has prepared, but the end game for the US will not be much of a surprise, as the most of the events are repeated over and over in history. I think Smedely Butler would more than concur. In the book _Ersatz in the Confederacy_(shortened version of the title), Mary E. Massey relates through the diaries and newspapers written during the Confederacy, how the average person lived during that time. It is biased, however. There was a large segment of the population who were not represented; they did not write in a diary. Nevertheless, I think it is an important read on what happens when a country does not have a manufacturing infrastructure, and unrealistic optimism. The war was a banker’s war. Both the Confederate government and the North confiscated what was available, and in the end, the average citizen had nothing. There were riots, looters, and those who took advantage of others. They suffered greatly due to lack of everything, even when they worked very hard for substitutes (Ersatz) that mostly did not work. While the political dynamics are currently global rather than one small part of the world, confiscation continues to this day in many forms such as excessive taxation, and banking restrictions, but when the dust settles, we will be no better off than the Old South; it will be deprivation “21st Century style.” The “New South” took a century to evolve.
    I was born and still live in the northeast. I have no fish to fry concerning this book, but feel that the men and women who valiantly worked through this event, gave us the gift of their fortitude.

    War (21st century or 19th century) has no winners, only losers, and given a choice, people will not choose war.

    We still have a choice: Repent and accept Christ as your Saviour. He is our only hope.

  48. Jim

    Any new news on the big payment Greece is suppose to make in the near future?

    • paul

      The “new news” will probably be that the Fed is going to print up more fiat money down its basement and give it to Greece “for free” … it won’t cost the Fed anything to print up all the money Greece needs “out of thin air” … and in return … we get to keep Greece out of Russian hands!

    • Grafique

      Greg, Hillary has come out with an attack on the wealthy.
      Guess that means you’re in the crosshairs.

      • Greg Hunter

        Wealthy? Ba ha ha ha ha.

      • paul

        Yeah … but just like her husband who redefined what “is” is … she will redefine what “wealth is” … she will likely redefine wealth as being anyone without an EBT card!

  49. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    Had my post re MA interview yesterday blocked by some sort of technology because of key words/phrases it contained.
    Sent it on direct to you as an email.
    Pretty sad state of affairs if they feel a need to censor a farmer down in little old NZ
    Am not sure whether to be alarmed or proud!

    By the way would any fellow watch-doggers have an idea what this structure is:
    _DSC7083 Weather station.jpg
    Whats your call WD’s ….”weather station” or “spy base”?

    The photo is a huge structure built on a hill last year a few miles from where I live in Northland NZ. Locals were told it is a weather station but I am not convinced that it is only a weather station. I was suspicious from day one because at the same time it was built a huge new electricity line was constructed to power it. This seemed to me like complete overkill if it was indeed just a weather station.

    NZ is part of the “Five Eyes ” [FYEY] alliance with Australia, Canada, UK and US. This is basically an intelligence gathering alliance by interception of signals including communications between people and electronic intelligence.
    Edward Snowden and former NSA contractor describes “The Five Eyes” as an intelligence organization that doesn’t answer to the laws of its own countries.
    I quote from Wikipedia;
    “Documents leaked by Snowden in 2013 revealed that the FVEY have been spying on one another’s citizens and sharing the collected information with each other in order to circumvent restrictive domestic regulations on surveillance of citizens.
    Despite the impact of Snowden’s disclosures, some experts in the intelligence community believe that no amount of global concern or outrage will affect the Five Eyes relationship, which to this day remains the most extensive known espionage alliance in history.”


    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Apologies…. I am technically challenged…..having trouble cutting and pasting this as a file that can be opened and viewed!
      _DSC7083 Weather station.jpg

    • Greg Hunter

      I have had some tech problems in the backend of the site and it has been accidentally blocking people. I simply do not know why. Sorry for the problems.

  50. NC Gal

    I tend to tune out everyone whose predictions are based on cycles. Cycles only work if history repeats and I contend that we are living in a time that is unprecedented. Cycles depend on market fundamentals operating as they should, and as so many speakers on this site have pointed out, we don’t have any market fundamentals governing things anymore. We don’t have any true markets, period. That’s how far things have gone in terms of the elites controlling everything.

    Cycles also don’t work if they are pre-empted by things like false flag attacks, designed to bring about a desired outcome, such as martial law and/or a currency reset.

    I fully expect false flag attacks (plural) to be used when the elites feel it is “time” for them to be used. Oklahoma City and 9/11 were both false flag, insider jobs designed to gut our Constitution and remove our recourse to courts under habeas corpus provisions. Both “anti-terrorist” bills were stalled in Congress due to concerns over civil rights issues, and both times the false flag events overrode the opposition and the bills were signed into law within days. And THAT was back when Congress was marginally functional. We don’t even have that anymore!

    I just became aware of a column by Dave Hodges that bears out my thinking that false flags are going to pre-empt processes that would otherwise take much longer to play out (see http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/04/09/jade-helm-15-and-the-coming-false-flag-attack-upon-the-banks/). I don’t swallow everything he says about Jade Helm 15, but there’s enough in there about planned cyber attacks on banks for the ideas to be credible. Banks are hacked regularly, but apparently this one would be an inside job and could very well serve as a trigger for financial collapse and martial law following that. Nothing would surprise me at this time.

  51. aussie jeff

    If their ever was a reason for Israel to get in quick with a preemptive strike against Iran, the link below would be one hell of a good reason.
    The battle lines are being drawn, both Russia and US have also recently conducted full scaled nuclear exercises.
    I’m a firm believer that war on a world scale will present itself ahead of a financial crash.
    A few more pieces of the puzzle to be put in place and it’s good to go.

    • Greg Hunter

      As I said last week, there is no deal and there is not going to be a deal on curtailing Iran’s nuclear program. I wish there was.

      • aussie jeff

        I totally agree with your summation,Obama knows the deal with Iran won’t hold water,looking from afar I kinda feel sorry for John Kerry,he is either not in the loop with Obama or for whatever reason he seems to think that the agreement will work.
        I have followed Kerry very closely over the duration of this pseudo agreement and Kerry looks more than honourable in all of this,which tells me some good men still exist in American politics.

        • wd

          Aussie Jeff,

          There is absolutely nothing honorable about Kerry ( Self-inflicted wound JK)….I would make a list but its too long.

          This guy has disparaged all American soldiers, he has made it clear on where he stands on many things…he is a hard core leftist. He has bungled one thing after another.

          He is considered by many to be an absolute stooge and fool.

          If you had been following the haircut in search of his brain you would know this.

          • paul

            Reminds me of Laurel … in the old time Laurel and Hardy comedy skits! Remember when Laurel tried to make spaghetti using a roll of string?
            I bet if we still had Laurel around US citizens would easily vote him into office the way the Italians just voted for a comedian to be their President!

    • paul

      Striking Iran helps Saudi Arabia (our 9/11 enemy) … why would we want to help the people that attacked America??

  52. Po Rich

    ….The US Govt would love the dollar to fall as our exports would take over the world…..what do we have to export…..our food?

    • paul

      No … we export “worthless fiat dollars” … but the world is awakening … and now won’t send us their food, etc. for these worthless paper dollars anymore!
      Yuan Hubs are springing up everywhere so they don’t have to deal with us anymore!

  53. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Bit of a shocker these two links.

    Desperation for Americans in Yemen as U.S. refuses to mount rescue
    Read more here:

    US Abandons Own Citizens in Yemen War-Zone but Rescues Saudi Bombers


  54. Old Dog

    Question, Greg.
    Several of your guests have mentioned that pension and Social Security checks will be of little to no value after the “reset”, “collapse”, or “crisis” (whatever terms best fits).
    What happens to entities that operate on government funding, such as schools, nursing homes, and hospitals (majority of their monies come from retirees on Medicare)?
    Do schools continue to function?
    What happens to the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities?

    I have two acquaintances that are RN’s. Both get a lot of days when they are put “on call” because of low-count at their respective hospitals. People are not doing elective surgeries, like they used to. Rural hospitals seem to be relying heavily on Medicare patients.

    What happens to the entities (besides just people) who rely on government funding?

    • Greg Hunter

      Old Dog,
      This has never happened before, so nobody really knows. I suspect people will be on their own at least for awhile and standards of living are going to change dramatically. That is for sure. Remember what Dr. Kotlikoff told the Senate? 58% of every dollar we spend is borrowed.

      • Stonewall

        Greg, we have examples in history where fiat money becomes just a piece of colored paper and those examples are too frightening to
        imagine happening here but when the collapse comes there will
        be no white knight riding to the rescue so people had better prepare
        the best they can. I expect anarchy and the ensuing pandemonium
        will last a very long time.

  55. McRae Blaine

    Greg, an excellent interview with Martin Armstrong. I have listen to this interview four times and really learned a lot! Thanks so much for your continued hard work, you have really been a blessing in my understanding of what’s going on in the world. Of course, you weekly wrap up is the best!

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you McRae!

  56. Tee

    THX Greg for posting me i think i can add flavor to your site at least thats my intent however my spelling typing etc is bad

  57. mike

    Ignore this Law clown. Don’t waste your time on fools.

  58. Squinty

    I cant figure this guy out, is he a financial genius or a fraud ?
    While it is true that he has made some accurate forecasts. His 8.6 year cycle theory doesn’t seem plausible. Its smacks of predestination and chafes the scientific mind. It shakes my core belief in causation and consequence, to say nothing of free will.
    Also when MA says gold is going to go to $5000, and then predicates that statement by saying that a weekly salary might also be $5000. He is inferring that gold will basically stay the same in purchasing power.
    Is not that reason enough to own gold ?
    I wish he had been more specific on how to invest to protect oneself.
    I cant believe that at one time clients were willing to pay MA up to $10,000 an hour for consulting advice.

    • paul

      I have a pretty accurate cycle everyone can believe in … we get a full moon every 27 days … and using this information I predict women will become very nasty every 27 days … this is why we can’t vote for Hillary … because every 27 days we might be facing nuclear war!

      • Anne Elliott

        Paul, while I agree with most all of your analysis, I do think Hillary is old enough to have moved past her 27 day cycle… Unfortunately, for most women that means they have moved into an even more fearful stage of life – hot flashes, a no-holds-barred attitude, and instant anger. (Just ask my poor husband!!). 😉

  59. RTW

    It looks like they’re allowing the inmates access to a computer at the Asylum. Joanie Law is so far removed from law enforcement he cannot be taken seriously. One simple clue is the statement regarding “red lights”. Everyone knows the police use blue lights. So, if you do get pulled over by a vehicle with flashing red lights, prepare to get “hosed down”, because it’s more than likely a fire truck.

  60. Cole Hardin


    Putin’s Mideast Gains Trump $27 Billion Loss From Iran Agreement
    by Henry MeyerStephen Bierman

    April 14, 2015

    As Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, he’s willing to take an economic hit to expand his political influence.
    He’s taking the same approach with Iran.
    Lifting sanctions and allowing Iranian oil onto global markets would threaten to deepen the plunge in crude prices, curbing revenue from Russia’s biggest export. The cost: about $27 billion, based on estimates from the central bank in Moscow.
    “The strategic benefits are much more important for Russia,” said Nikolay Kozhanov, an expert at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London and a nonresident fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center. “Incorporating Iran into pro-Moscow organizations, Russia is hoping to secure its share in this market or divide zones of influence.”
    Putin will get an opportunity to bolster an ally, stymie regional adversaries and open business opportunities. The approach was underscored by his decision this week to lift a ban on shipping S-300 air-defense missile systems to Tehran under an $800 million contract.
    A deal with world powers over Iran’s nuclear program has the potential to shift the balance of power in the Middle East as Iran competes against Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally.

    Iran could join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a group that includes Russia, China and Central Asian states, thereby boosting Russian ability to influence Iran’s policies in Central Asia and Afghanistan. . . MUCH MORE


  61. Tom Porter

    I have been following economic activity of the world very closely. Everybody talks about the debt. The USA is in debt, China is in debt… European countries are in debt… along with almost every other nation in the world. The question isn’t if these nations are in debt… but if EVERYONE is in debt, who are they in debt with?

    • paul

      When the reset occurs … everyone will default … the result will be … everyone will be out of debt … and the Fed can begin all over again … then in 3015 we will have “another reset” … add infinitum … until the day the Sun of God becomes a Red Giant and swallows the entire Earth … and finally “Ends the Fed” in nuclear furnace!

  62. r.j.

    hi Greg i think M.A is a smart guy but i would like to know if he walks his talk by taking a cash position in a long dollar short gold trade. Someone would have to hold a gun to my head for me to take that position .As far as accurate calls go , i would take Jim Sinclairs record of correct calls on gold over anyone elses. He called the top in 1980 .His 1650 call a few years back was very close . All i can say is $50,000 by 2020 here we come.

  63. Terry

    I have no faith in timeline predictions. I think Sept or Oct will come and go like Y2K. But, things will be a little worse. That’s how progressives work. Either way, be prepared for an underground economy where things and services of actual value will rule. There will be banks and currencies but you will be very reluctant to use them. Gold and silver will be at the top of the heap. Underground barter economies have always been, and still are, big. They will just get bigger. Gold and silver, guns and ammo, food and water etc and sadly, drugs like opiates and meth and pot will be supreme trade goods. Not a criminal you say? You will be if all of your property was not surrendered for “the greater good”.
    I actually think the USA will not be as bad for the wise and slightly prepared. In America, most are are good Christian people and we help our neighbors. I intend to help my fellow man and restore our Republic and spread real freedom throughout the entire world. Every problem the world has faced in the last 250 years or more has been caused by communists or democrats. As if there is a difference.
    In 5 years, what will gold be worth? Who thinks it’s a mistake to buy it at 1200 or so?

  64. mike

    Greg, JADE HELM 15 is being promoted as a drill and sure it will be using “crisis actors” to play along and create a sense of realism; but I expect special forces embedded in the drill will use this as a cover to illegally arrest so-called “political dissidents” and in particular those who know too much about things the public are not allowed to know. Having been privy to Intelligence briefings in South Africa during the revolutionary years when Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress fought for their take-over of the government I realized how political activists (and sometimes their protectors) were “disappeared” by special government forces. Two of my relatives were assassinated. As a result many “political dissidents” fled the country and found protection abroad. Similar under-cover “lightning strikes” will probably be used in the US this summer. Electronic telecoms for alerting potential targeted individuals to get out of the way before JADE HELM 15 begins is not clever – any people in the US that start warning others to get out of the way could also disappear during the drill. Can you promote a word of mouth campaign to start warning potential targeted “dissidents”? If most of the potential targeted “dissidents” go into hiding the planners might even postpone the drill or extend the duration and that will be a tell tell sign.

  65. Ken Grakauskas

    Hay Greg, y9ur Armstrong interview made it onto Zero Hedge. Welcome to the big time baby!

    • Greg Hunter

      Can you give me a link? Please?

  66. Silence is Golden

    *** WARNING*** the link attached to the above has a virus…it is a malicious website. Open at own peril.
    SIG 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      SIG was that from angusdude?

  67. Matt

    Martin Armstrong is a fraud and a disinfo agent! He says:
    * The Federal Reserve is good and Ed Griffin is wrong about the Fed
    * 9/11 official story is TRUE, and anyone who questions it is a conspiracy nut
    * Gold prices are NOT manipulated

    Armstrong is a liar and disinfo

  68. Gabriel Valdes

    About the Armstrong Interview.
    This Armstrong individual suffers from hyperinflation of the Ego. He speaks in a cryptic, sybilline and esoteric fashion, trying to make an impression about how knowledgeable he is and the end result is that his discourse lacks a clear logical line of thought. He dishes out disconnected statements and poor Greg Hunter is trying hard to pull out some coherence out of those reluctant and scarse ‘morsels of thought’ that this petulant buffon, full of himself, condescends to spit out.

  69. GregHunterFan

    This is Martin Armstrong, he has discovered 309 year cycles in power of civilisations. He currently stands for forecasting stocks, with his Pi models. This man is something else.

    About his 300 civil unrest cycle and 309 year power change:

    This is what he says” So they will raise taxes until the people get mad as hell and refuse to take it any more. The first tax revolt in England was that of Wat Tyler in 1381. The first interval of 309 years was 1690 when because of taxes and a shortage of money in America, on February 3rd, 1690, the very first paper money was issued by the colony of Massachusetts and on December 10th that same year, they became the first American colonial government to borrow money starting national debts. Add another 309 years and you get the birth of the Euro.

    At the 309 year level, weather has played a greater role in altering the behavior of society. There is the first Heroic period in Greek history separated also by a dark age, and then the Hellenistic period. During the dark age, because of weather Greeks took to ships and migrated south. Other cultures called them the Sea People. Rome (1) overthrew its king, (2) Republic became an Oligarchy, (3) after tremendous civil wars, it became Imperial Rome, and then collapsed. China also was invaded by the Mongols and was taken over by them even though they did not know how to read or write. They too were weakened by floods, famine, disease, and corruption.”
    “-– “it was cyclical and only a matter of time before the other side grabs power for their turn.”


    30:9 “Have they not traveled through the earth and observed how was the end of those before them? They were greater than them in POWER, and they plowed the earth and built it up more than they have built it up, and their messengers came to them with clear evidences. And Allah would not ever have wronged them, but they were wronging themselves.”

    Notice the cyclical nature of civilisation, one rises in power, greater than the one before, but falls. Also I higlighted power, because the 309 year cycle is cycle of power, shifts, occurring of the end of the civilisation.

    And notice which verse it was said on 30:9 i.e. 309 and in the chapter the Romans, Martin found the 309 year cycle in analyzing Roman coins, as you can see from the trailer. The coin debt devaluation follows a 86 year cycle. And 43 year cycle in confidence.

    86:16 But I am planning a plan
    43:79 Or have they devised a plan? But indeed, We are devising a plan.

    Martin About the 86 year cycle
    armstrongeconomics(dot)com slash qa slash the-86-year-cycle-is-all-around-us slash
    ” It is all around us if you just let go of the prejudice and see the world as it truly is. Cycles are how energy flows, from sound and light to the cycles in your heart, no less your brain waves.”

    MARTIN SAYS 309 year cycle in religion. Quran SAYS the exact same!

    ” There is a 309.6 year cycle in religion that has been extraordinarily regular and that includes ALL religions not just Islam. This is of course amplified by economic downturns.”
    Here is what the Quran says on the Roman youths sleeping in the cave and why god made them sleep for 309 years

    18:20 Indeed, if they come to know of you, they will stone you or return you to their RELIGION. And never would you succeed, then – ever.”

    18:25 “And they remained in their cave for 300 and exceeded by 9.”

    This verse specifies that they needed to keep their religion a secret, because for the Roman youth to survive and be protected from society, and god heard there conservation, and made them sleep for 309 years.

    Not only that the Chapter speaks on silver-coins and coincidentally their is a 18 year monetary crises cycle also! Martin found this with analyzing Roman coins, in his computer models. Same as the Chapter number 18.

    Below is what he predicted since 1985, he predicted the fall of russia on the exact date, year, and also the fall of EU-union as we see it now. After year 2015.75
    Right at the day point of 2001.69 that horrendous event happened, and at the next pi date, the greek debt crises began in 2007 april 10 where they officially wanted help from the IMF, the next pi date is in 2018 in november month. I believe something momenteous will happen just as the 2001.69 date.

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