Financial Rape of America – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts warns that the “financial rape of America” is nothing more than “re-engineering” the debt based economy. This “rape” is happening from earth to space, and it connects to $21 trillion in “missing money” that has disappeared from the federal budget since the late 1990’s.  Fitts explains, “I started to look at where all this missing money from the federal government is going, and it led me into space.  There are lots of questions.  In the last few years, the commitment by the American government, the European government and the Asian governments have become much more overt.  There is also the commitment from the private sector. . . .It’s becoming much more feasible to do manufacturing, mining and other things in space. . . . You see a lot of the corporate world lining up to do this. . . . I think that is very exciting.  At the same time, if you look at the sub-orbital platform and the orbital platform around earth is being used for control . . . and a lot of it comes down to control, control of what is going on in the planet.”

The “rape of America” is happening with the pension funds, according to Fitts. Fitts is worried about the value of the U.S. dollar.  Fitts says, “I have never been worried about the U.S. dollar, and we have argued a lot about this, but I am now starting to get very concerned. . . . The biggest buyers of U.S. Treasuries are U.S. pensions.  Basically, the U.S. pensions are buying trillions of dollars of U.S. Treasuries, and the money goes into the government, and then the money goes out the back door.  In the meantime, the taxpayers, including those pension beneficiaries, are on the hook for those Treasuries.  So, you are giving away real money, and all you are getting is a liability. . . .So, the federal government literally becomes a laundry mechanism. . . . Now, I am seeing multiple efforts, disinformation efforts, fear porn and hope porn all pushing that it would be a good idea to dissolve the U.S. government and auction off the assets, which is the “rape of Russia” plan right here in America.  Privatization is when I transfer an asset out of government at market price.  Pirate-tization is when I transfer it out at 10 cents on the dollar.  A lot of the plans I am hearing are proposing just that. . . . Are they going to do a radical re-engineering in a way that is bad for the taxpayers?  I am seeing lots of ideas floated about partial defaults and dissolving the U.S. government and paying the debt back by auctioning all the assets.  It’s pretty scary. . . . In Russia, you had significant depopulation happen because of this.”

Fitts says she sees an “enormous level of ignorance about how money works.” So, what can the average guy do to protect himself and his family?  Fitts says, “You want to get as resilient as possible.  You cannot solve a political problem with a financial solution.  When we are talking about the level of lawlessness that we are seeing around the country now, it gets very granular on how you protect yourself.  So, you want to get as resilient as possible, and you want to get as low of an overhead as possible and as low of debt as possible.  If your income depends on the U.S. government, you want to make sure you have alternatives.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts of, home of “The Solari Report.”

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After the Interview: 

Fitts says her research shows that profits and revenues from the space based economy will be significantly higher than the rest of the stock market. Fitts is also saying that gold and silver prices will be heading much higher in the coming months and years ahead.

There is free information on  For more detailed information and exclusive content click here to get “The Solari Report.”

Here are links for the stories Catherine Austin Fitts referred to: The Federal Reserve Solari Report,  The Solari Report on Pensions and  The Solari Report on the Missing $21 trillion from the DOD and HUD.

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  1. Paul ...

    Fitts says: “You want to get as resilient as possible” … so take your loose change (mostly nickels) and save them in a big jar … because it’s going to be quite awhile before we begin mining asteroids … in the mean time … the only two92) sources of “class one” nickel is Canada and Russia (and that’s it) … with Trump moving against Russian aluminum … Russia will likely deny the US nickel (which is very rare) … already the price of nickel has begun to jump upward … and remember … only “class one nickel” can be used in “nickel rich Lithium Ion batteries” needed for electric vehicles and solar storage systems (pig iron derived nickel won’t work) … as the ordinary nickel coin begins to be removed from circulation by people hoarding them … the ordinary nickel coin in your pocket change could easily sell for 15 to 25 cents each!!… during the hard times to come having 4 nickels equal to $1 dollar will come in very handy as bread will likely only cost you between 4 and 12 nickels a loaf!!!

    • Joy

      There is only 25% nickel in a US nickel. However, Canadian nickels 1965–1981 are 99.9% nickel. Those are the best deal if you live near Canada and are looking to build a nickel hoard.

    • R. Patrick

      Your probably right Paul…..

    • Frederick

      Is there actually any “nickel” in a nickel coin? I thought it was plated

      • Paul ...

        Frederick … As Joy says above “Canadian nickels 1965–1981 are 99.9% nickel … and are the best deal (if you can get them)” … otherwise the American nickel is your only “easy choice” left … the US Jefferson nickel (1938-1942, 1946 to date) is composed of 0.75 copper and 0.25 nickel (it is not plated yet Frederick) … so for people who can’t afford to stack away gold and silver simply collect 4 lbs of Jefferson nickels (about 356 nickel coins) and it will contain 3 lbs of copper and 1 lb of nickel … spot copper is currently selling for about $2.60 per lb and spot nickel is currently selling for about $7.00 per lb … now if Russia imposes sanctions on the US limiting nickel supplies … we could see nickel prices jump to $20 to $40 dollars per lb … so 4 lbs of Jefferson nickels could have a value close to $50 dollars in a sanction situation (or each nickel could be worth $0.40 cents each) … so every one dollars worth of nickels you stack away (20 of them) from your loose change … could in a crisis situation be worth up to $8 dollars … enough to buy your family a loaf of bread … an easy alternative option for those finding it too difficult or expensive to stack gold or even silver!!

    • Mike G

      bad money drives out good money, and now we are down to nickles

      • Paul ...

        Mike … consider this crisis situation … you run to the store and the cost of a loaf of bread is $8 dollars … you pick up the last two loaves on the shelf and take it to the checkout counter … you hand the “snowflake” at the register a one ounce silver dollar (you paid $16 for) … and the “snowflake clerk who knows nothing about real money” says to you … “this is only a dollar you owe me 15 more of these dollar coins” to purchase this bread … do you pay the idiot effectively $256 dollars for two loaves of bread? … or do you let someone behind you on line with 320 nickels (that they only paid $8 dollars for) buy those last two loaves of bread in the store?

        • Paul ...

          Being prepared means you “prepare for every situation” … remember there are crooks in the world besides the Fed banksters … that “snowflake behind the counter” may only be “pretending” not to know the value of a silver dollar (to rip you off) … so we prep’ers should all save some nickels (just in case)!!

          • Beverly Kingsford

            Some nickel might do a little good, but what we need on hand is food. We can store wheat, we can prepare garden spaces and use them, we can bottle our own food and dry it. You can buy 5 gallon buckets of grain type foods. Store some water. If we have no electricity when this all goes down, we will be living like the Amish. We need to get used to that idea. God will take care of the dirty rotten scoundrels, although we need to be prepared to fight. God helped Joshua and the Israelites. He will help the righteous people in these last days too.

        • roccoco

          Absolutely correct observation: As usual, jumping to a solution without thoroughly understanding the problem can become a greater “cluster- f*ck” than the original problem… I’m reminded of the many times I’ve asked bank tellers, or checkout clerks to swap me their pre65 half dollars for my clad half(s) with a smile (on their faces)… Metal content in coins, aside from silver, as exchange medium, is just too complicated for unaware sheople (that’s how we got here. To begin with)… I go to estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, etc, as a scrapper… Its unbelievable how much gold and silver I score on a weekend: If it isn’t stamped 14k, or sterling-.925, I can usually get items for a dollar, or three… Stamped with 10k, or
          417(10k) or 750(18k), or 585(14k) gold… And 730, 800, 900, 830, even 950 for silver… I even try to educate some of the cuter hotties (sellers); next time I see them: Same things can be stolen -bought ( in one ear, out the other).. This is the state of consciousness we must remember we’re dealing with here: How about when checkout staff come to a complete stand still when power goes out, and they can’t make change, without the register doing the math for them? Try giving them a few coins to make giving change easier: The whole line comes to halt, because clerk cannot do math, and is completely dependent on the register screen… Siggghhh, as Mogambo Guru used to say, “we’re doomed!!!!”

          • Paul ...

            That’s why having nickels in an EMP/Blackout situation is a good idea … assuming the snowflakes at the cash register have at least learned the “5 X table” in math class … as for those buying with penny’s … you could make out a little better (as snowflakes are taught 2 + 2 =5) … however be careful you don’t lose a penny if they are giving you five cents change in pennies!!!

      • Charles H

        Good observation!

        • DB Cooper

          Brother Charles, We actually have 3 .308’s now, my wife has a Remington 788 which I do not care for much but is good for her!!; a Win Mod. 70 which has a bull barrel and is a serious reach out and touch ’em type of tool and then the rem 700 which I mentioned before and it is a good ‘take to the field ‘ tool. Very user friendly caliber.
          Yours, DB.

        • Paul ...

          And Charles when buying bread with your nickels use only the “worn out” ones … the nickels with steps still visible (on Jefferson’s Monticello home on the the reverse) will have numismatic value (i.e a “full step” 1950D currently sells for between $16 and $20 dollars) !!

          • Paul ...

            It is always fun finding a “silver” war nickel (1942 to 1945 with a big P or D or S mint mark on the back … “free silver” is still available for those in the know!!

        • Corvus

          I handed a young man under age 25, a US Kennedy coin and he didn’t want to take it because he had never seen one before.

          • Paul ...

            Most snowflakes can’t make change of a dollar with all the fluoride in our drinking water … and it’s only because wrist watches have become “digital” that snowflakes can tell time … give them a watch with hour and minute handles and they can’t tell you the time of day (too confusing for their simple minds)!!

    • Adam Burkhardt

      Years ago I learned that nickel’s are 75% copper and 25% nickel…..and that one day the nickel will also be debased with cheaper alternatives……..I one hundred dollar box of nickels weights 27 pounds I think and I have 18 so far… I’m all for trading in paper for nickels…..

      • Paul ...

        Right on Adam … when the corrupt government shuts down on its own (or is forced to shut down) … the Fed’s paper fiat will become confetti, the mint won’t be stamping out coins, the stock and bond markets will crash, the internet will go dark (along with Bitcoin), etc., etc. … however the physical metal coins in your hand will have value … from the rare precious metals to the metals of war like copper and nickel!!

    • Dr. B

      Please watch your interviews to get an idea how poor your questions are and how misleading and interfering they are for your quest, who could convey so much more to the audience in the time allotted. Please check out X22 Report Spotlight to get the gist of this approach.

      I have been watching your channel for most of its existence. With all due respect, this has been a constant disappointment between your valuable guest and us viewers.

      Thank you

      • William Stanley

        DR. B: Such arrogance! Now THAT was truly disappointing.
        I have a couple of suggestions for you: (1) learn some respect for your betters, and (2) sharpen up your writing, its pretty clumsy.

        Thank you

      • William Stanley

        DR. B: Yes, the contraction for “it is” is it’s, not its (which is the possessive). I wondered if you would be able to pick up on that.

        • Beverly Kingsford

          W. Stanley,

          Yes, this site provides us all very valuable information. Greg has a lot of stress put on him to report the news and answer emails, and run his family life. But, Dr. B. is only trying to help Greg make his interviews better. Even though criticism can be hard to take, it can also be helpful if we are willing to bear it and do some pondering and self evaluation. Let’s not get into attack mode with the comments though. We need to be friends on this site. And, maybe suggestions to Greg can be done through his private email.

          • William Stanley

            Beverly: Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment. Your point about being courteous in our comments is well taken.
            However, IMO, bad behavior should not be tolerated silently and serial violators should, IMO, be dealt with vigorously by the community. Further, IMO, DR. B’s comments were arrogant and condescending; they were, indeed, not helpful.
            Of course, we need to distinguish between differences of opinion and bad behavior. (Moreover, I would include willfully sloppy reasoning as a manifestation of bad faith and place it the “bad behavior” category).
            Maybe we could all lighten up a bit, admit our mistakes when we make them (often, in my case), and have some fun along with our serious discussions.
            Let Greg be Greg. We’ll all benefit from that.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Doc, get real. This is Greg’s site (meaning his, as in, he may do it his way) and it’s free. Go teach rhetoric and public speaking at the community college of your choice. How would you get access to these experts without Greg’s efforts? Best always. PM

        • William Stanley

          Paul from Indiana:
          What’s your take, is DR. B a troll? If not, what accounts for his/her/its lack of empathy and self-awareness? Autism? Bipolar disorder manifesting itself as grandiosity? On the surface, it seems to be some sort of borderline condition, yet narcissism or psychopathy seem inadequate to explain his/her/its lack of intellectual and moral development. What is his/her/its psychological diagnosis . . . assuming that this is a human and not a bot?

  2. R. Patrick

    Wow Wee, I sure am looking forward to death.

    • This sceptred Isle

      unless you believe in reincarnation, then you have to go through it all again!

      • Paul ...

        And if you believe in an “immortal soul” … you will have to live with “what you have done” … for all eternity … so “it better be something good” you can reflect upon … or you will “be tormented forever” … forget what the Pope said “he is an idiot” … we have immortal souls and our souls live forever … think of our body like a car … we get into it to go somewhere … although the car wears out and goes to the junk yard … we go on!!!

    • Beverly Kingsford


      I can sympathize with wondering how long you want to carry on when all of this terrible stuff starts happening. But, I believe we make the most progress in our souls, when we are alive here on the earth. When we are dead I think there is still opportunity for progress, but I think there are trials there too. Jesus called it rest, but that was for Peter and His other disciples who were dedicated servants. Who knows what kind of “rest” we will get. We might have to work on proving ourselves up in heaven too. I’ve come to the conclusion that even though living is hard and will get harder in the future, the only way we can truly be happy is to endure to the end and do it well. God and His angels will be with those who really want His help. And, for those who know the truth and want to do something with it……God will be with them too.

      God bless you R. Patrick and everyone else on this site who may get a little depressed from time to time.

  3. FC

    Space economy revenue is that the politically correct term for printing money out of thin air?

    • Paul ...

      Your right FC … In the future … the generations to come will be using different terminology … and will complain about the Fed printing money “out of empty space”!!

      • Paul ...

        Wait a second … don’t we “already have empty space money” with Bitcoin? … simply “a virtual reality money” that is conjured up out of “ethereal electrons” in a Hilbert vector space!!!

    • Charles H

      A Hold-over to the “science will save us” believers. Science has done, and is doing more evil in the world than is put forward to do good. The Duck Rule applies.

    • This sceptred Isle

      to infinity and beyond…

      • Greg

        Science will either get us out of this mess, or will kill us all. I just worry that corporations and the governments are suppressing life saving science due to politics and lobbying. THAT would be the greatest tragedy for us all.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Yep, what is the point of curing people? – you can’t make money out of the healthy.

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Austin Fitts.
    Astounding,how much more blunt can anyone be ?The people of the USA are “MEAT” to the carnal lust of the “money men”whose lust for profit is never ending.However,what is on the other side of this “RAPE”?They have all the money that used to reside in government(the model for this is Russia) but a tiny unelected group of men gorge on this corpse of the USA.Where do they reside?Will Beverly Hills be safe enough for them?The Russian model was to use the UK and in particular London as their playground will the rapers of the USA do the same?
    Let us hope the army and its officers stand firm and the “rapers”encounter these men.Its a hope ,but I remember Mr Obama replacing so many generals during his tenure,perhaps this is another reason they are so successful at stripping the USA.
    Technology is changing dramatically even Microsoft and Google and Apple are legacy technology the unleashing of robotic will destroy these behemoths first.In pharmacy even your local pharmacists’ days are numbered as today so many prescriptions are filled in large robotic warehouses miles from the soft face of pharmacy.What next ,will your local builder come with a Hewlett Packard logo if you can afford to have work done?
    Remember the asset stripping is you!

    • Paul ...

      Astounding Maria … you speak as blunt as me … (i.e. “The people of the USA are MEAT to the carnal lust of the money men whose lust for profit is never ending … this tiny unelected group of evil men who gorge upon the corpse of America”) … love it!!!

    • Charles H


      On one level – human bondage has proven to be THE most profitable business. The other level is that – ‘you’re gonna have to serve somebody’. It boils down to God or the devil. By their works – ye shall know them.

      • Paul ...

        Human bondage can be made into an even more profitable business by “eliminating Hell” the way the globalist Pope has (to bring atheistic China into the Catholic Church) … by the Pope eliminating Hell he effectively eliminates Heaven … nice going “loony tune” atheist Pope (without Hell and Satan there is no Heaven and God) … are you now going to cut our thermometers in half and tell us temperatures don’t go from hot to cold? … are you going to tell us there is only white and no black … only left and no right? … how can we know what good is … if evil does not exist to make any sort of comparison!!

  5. Nick de la Gaume


    Thank you.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Marvellous Sunday interview Greg.
    All the money on the world cannot replace the time and love needed for your family.

    • Paul ...

      As Jesus well knew when evil Satan tempted him with a world of treasure … and the way the banksters are tempting us today with their promise of Bitcoin treasures … to make us their slaves!!

  7. Jerry

    Forget about the midterm elections. The global economic system will implode before then. Here’s a marker.

    China is pulling out of Deutsche Bank. What does that tell you? It’s a lost cause. Mario Draghi has said that the ECB will stop QE in July. Another marker. The central banks are running out of places to hide their debt, and somebody has to pay. The question is who?

      • Charles H

        ‘What do you mean “we”, paleface?’ (The Lone Ranger surrounded by indians, and Tonto replies to the remark – “It looks like we are surrounded.”)

        “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” Proverbs 22:3

      • Marcus

        I think Trump played along with Putin , 4d chess Jerry , the latest threat from Russia is UK is the head of this evil snake, the leaders of the Deep State, Elite call them what you want, Game changer as Trump and Putin are on the side of Humanity,
        Putin has told all students in UK to come home IMMEDIATELY . Russia will shut down inter electronics of Britain.
        The relation ship with Trump and Putin is in support of the Christian Civilisation removing the evil Pedophiles in power, and the head of this sickness is in Britain.

        • Paul ...

          Britain having a “pretty face” (by drinking or sacrificing children’s blood in Syria, Yemen, etc., etc.) … while hiding the picture “of it’s true self” in a closet like Dorian Gray is not acceptable to the world any longer … Brit’s have to get rid of Terror-isa May … the world is not so dumb they don’t know Skripal was poisoned with 3-Quinuclidiny L Benzilate (BZ) … a toxin only manufactured in the US and UK … if you Brit’s want a nuclear war with Russia leave us Americans out of it (and stop with your Pearl Harbor strategy … it won’t work again)!!

          • Maria das Santos

            Clearly Britain and its elite are not the friends of the USA or the people of the United States of America,yet the lies emanating from the British Parliament,inhabited by the most ghastly of life,are enough to put the world on the cliff of a nuclear war.It must be so edifying to see the willingness of our British elite to send young American men to die for the lies of the British establishment.Why the British are allowed an embassy in Washington is beyond sense,however,you Americans “ain’t so dumb”you have built a spy network here in the UK,not only to spy on your “friend-enemies”but also on yourselves,so when a future POTUS demands that his CIA stop spying on the American people they can “honestly”admit this is not the case.And classy lassies as we are,we are picking up the bill for this network.
            Understand,many come to you speaking the same language but most are out to see your destruction America,that shining beacon that is still flickering vaguely,and they are Marxists through and through.Beware America.

            • Paul ...

              America’s enemies without and traitors within are trying to dowse the eternal flame of liberty and freedom born here in America … but it can’t be done … for that flame “exists in our hearts” protected by God the Father (who well knows evil when he sees … he removed evil from his Heavenly world) as we will remove evil in the same way from planet Earth!!

            • Jethro Bodine

              Maria, are you British?

  8. Jim

    Greg, have you been following Q-Anon?

    • Greg Hunter


      • Neil

        Q seems to say that the satanists, pedos, can’t get the light of god anymore. So, the satanists take it from the children, young youths, who have more light in them from the god source. I feel like it is harder and harder to see the good around me. I need to improve on seeing the signs of good Greg.

        • Paul ...

          And to rally “all the young snowflakes” to their side … the banksters will probably plant a bomb at the Fed, kill a few expendable banksters, the spy corporations (like Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.) will probably plant bombs at their offices, etc. etc. all across America … to gain sympathy … the way Hitler did when he burned down the Reichstag in a false flag attack … then the Demon-rats will rally their “snowflake troops” and blame it on the Christians and Patriots demanding Marshal Law and be-headings!!!

          • Paul ...

            Do these banksters seeking World domination really believe that “only they” can put together sniper teams to take out their opposition like JFK, Lincoln, etc., etc. … don’t they know “two can play the same game”?? … if these banksters keep pushing the envelope with all their false flags … a day will come when they wake up and smell more then coffee roasting!!

        • Beverly Kingsford


          I bet Barbara Bush is quite shocked, wherever she is now. And, I bet George Bush Sr. is scared to death of death. I would be if I were in his shoes.

      • DB Cooper

        Greg, I love it when Q says ” These people are Stupid” !! DB.

  9. Solomon


    Wonderful interview .
    She needs to be on more often or for longer interview periods.

    Thank you.


    • Russ McMeans

      Someday Greg and Catherine the Great are going to do a 2 hour marathon interview… omg it will be awesome!… aren’t they both just the best news journalism compared to the tv junk?

  10. Rob

    Please understand the space based “weapons” are going to be used to deceive the massses with an alien invasion:

    TPTB hate Jesus Christ and want to deceive the masses into believing there are Messiahs everywhere:
    Matthew 24:23-26 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is the Christ, or, Here; believe it not. (24) For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. (25) Behold, I have told you beforehand. (26) If therefore they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the wilderness; go not forth: Behold, he is in the inner chambers; believe it not.

    Lawlessness in high places are a type of Judas Iscariot who sold out Jesus for silver:

    • Paul ...

      Those space based “low orbit platforms” are probably part of a “mind control network” (as the globalists probable found that using cell towers to control the minds of large masses of people is very inefficient) … we independent thinkers better double check the ground wires on our tin foil hats (which will easily deflect their mind control waves)!!

  11. philipat

    IF CAF’s scenario is correct, and remembering that neither the Baby Boomers NOR the Millenials have any savings to fall back on, if Government support completely collapses due to fraud (Quite possible IMHO), then there are going to be tens of millions of desperate Americans struggling to eat and survive.
    This is a matter of responsibility for the Fed and Government (mis)management but that won’t matter. There is also personal responsibility (or the lack thereof) on the part of the Baby Boomers who will retire with nothing and will then expect the State to accept the responsibility for their irresponsibility (a/k/a the sense of “entitlement”). What happened to America?
    Of course, none of the above will actually accept any responsibility and, in this scenario, I’m sorry to say that I cannot see any outcome other than another Civil war, possibly after another (potentially nuclear?) World War, in which case the Civil war might no longer be relevant.
    America, you blew it big time, mostly in the last 2 decades IMHO, by allowing a totally corrupt and broken system in Government, Business and Civil Society to take over from what had been “The American dream”, civic decency, general goodwill, ethical standards and morality.
    RIP America.

    • Charles H


      Who is the bigger fool? – the one who gives the Credit Card?; or the one who miss-spends it? In the end – there was no way to stop the growth of government, and the unaccountability which has lead to the world’s current state. It is the Tower of Babel, in different permutations.

      • This sceptred Isle

        “If you owe your bank a hundred pounds, you have a problem. But if you owe a million, it has.”

        ― John Maynard Keynes

        • This sceptred Isle

          You raise an interesting question Charles. Moral hazard is a great concern in this era of bail-outs.
          With regards to sub-prime I would say that, although the banks acted in an immoral way, they were, perhaps, clever in a calculatingly criminal way, as they knew they would be classified as too ‘big too fail’ when the SHTF. Many banks also moved the risk onto other parties by securitizing the loans and repackaging them into ‘top grade’ financial assets. The banks were in a win-win situation.
          Perhaps the greater fools were those that they extended credit to at the highs of the real estate market. Although, in answer to your question, the taxpayers are the even greater fools as they have to bail-out the system every time the lenders and borrowers get into trouble.

        • William Stanley

          TSI: One summer I was a driver’s helper on a long-distance moving van. He told me something something remarkably similar: “If you owe a man $100, he owns you. If you owe him a million dollars, you own him.” I’m pretty sure he had never heard of Keynes.

    • Gary Cates

      Philiat , The following link speaks to who destroyed the U.S. from the inside out. These are the only truthful or intelligent words I can attribute to Joe Biden . This is a quote of Cisero, they go hand in glove. . Catherine mentioned the Constitution and the fact there is no law and order. What is she talking about? The organic Constitution was shit canned back in 1871 by the Enforcement Act of that yr. We have no Bill of Rights now, we have privaliges. In all three thousand and some county court houses in the U.S. behind the Judge hangs a flag. They all have yellow fringe . Why? In that court room the defendant is a straw man ,or a legal fiction,we are not Flesh and Blood people created in God’s image. From having God given rights and innocent until proven guilty, to YOUR A LEGAL FICTION , and GUILTY until you prove your innocents. 1871, to 1913 and the introduction of the Fed. to 1933 and the bankruptcy leading to the S.S.N. , in only 20 yr.s. CAF spoke to the rape of Russia, in Jeff Gates’s book Guilty by Assoceation he pointed out that 6 of the 7 olagarchs where of the tribe . Many have gone to jail over income tax issues. Most have asked ,show me the law. There is no LAW ! In this Just -Us system we are the grist for the mill. Contempt of court should be an understatement! As to what we can do about it . Prepare to die well . We don’t know when this event in our eternal life will happen. And remember this, Christ is on the Throne , and he ROCKS!

      • Paul ...

        “Prepare to die well” … not by going meekly (under mind control) to be roasted in ovens … but by putting on our “grounded” tin foil hats and giving the globalist a taste of their own medicine!!!

        • Paul ...

          They can rape our bodies … but they can’t rape our souls!!!

          • allen ols

            If they are going to rape my body, please let it be large busted, slender, beautiful face, female please, just no men.

      • DB Cooper

        GC, We demanded that ‘they’ show us the law and present us an accounting … so ‘they’ took us to the cleaners!! Hence our reliance on
        “God / Guts and Guns”. We pray and hope for the best … “Aim Small / Miss Small” Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  12. Alan

    CAF is breathtakingly intelligent and uncompromisingly honest in her analysis, truly on another level entirely from practically everyone else out there. This is why *they* tried to destroy her in every way possible for having the audacity to tell the truth and yet she was willing to battle (at great personal expense) until they essentially gave up. We only wish the utterly lawless, Kafkaesque reality we are all living in was a bad dream. However the weaponizing of the system by the few against the masses will only get worse until the beast can no longer be sustained even by military force. Russia & China both realize this, especially Russia after 25 MILLION died in the aftermath of their own fire sale privatization/piratization of state assets and subsequent collapse of their infrastructure. Sobering overview to say the least. Sadly, the VAST majority have zero idea what is really going down. God help us all… Thank you Catherine and thank you Greg for having this brilliant and classy lady on USAW once again!

  13. Gina M Mancarella

    Glad that you at least admit that women are smarter then men. It’s so true. It took us women so long to realize that we don’t need men. Who needs idiots ? At least you know your stature Greg, and for that I give you credit.

    • Greg Hunter

      Some women.

      • Mohammad

        Or a man?


      • Scott

        They should give you a medal for the crap you have to put up with, Greg. I don’t know how you do it – I sure couldn’t.

        Keep up the great work!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Scott!! There are plenty of comments I simply do not put up too. I try to put up many views but then there are the trolls and hateful commie Dems.

          • Paul from Indiana

            “Commie Dems” is a redundancy! Best always. PM

    • William Stanley

      Why then, Gina, do you wish you were a man?

      • Paul ...

        The Satanists want to make women “killers” (just like men) so as to speed up their “population reduction” agenda!!

    • Paul ...

      Gina … women are smarter then men? … is this why Eve was so receptive to a snake … Adam couldn’t believe his eyes and got an apple got caught in his throat … perhaps what you consider “dumb men” are simply men turned off by the “out of control sexual antics” of “smart women” like Miley Cyrus, Madonna, etc., etc. …

      • Paul ...

        And what did God think of this “smart women”? … he kicked her out on her ass along with Adam who could not control her!! … and here we are today with the likes of more “smart women” like Hillary, Terror-isa May, Haley, Marylin Albright, etc., etc., etc. !!!

    • Charles H


      You live your entire life in an ‘over-generalization’. You’re out of touch; I’m out of time…

      • Frederick

        Charles I’m not even sure Gina has a life Perhaps she’s some sort of robotic ignoramous or artificial stupidity

        • Charles H


          How about a living, human robotic ignoramus with superficial stupidity?

    • Diane

      Maybe if you would follow Catherine , Gina, you wouldn’t be such a puppet

    • Jerry

      Hearing you speak about intelligence is like hearing a nun talk about sex. But what the heck, I’ll play along. Name one thing you’re BFF Hillary has ever done? Benghazi ? Uranium one? Clinton Global initiative? Name one?

      • Frederick

        Hey Jerry some of those nuns are pretty wild you know Sort of like librarians Very deceptive ifyou know what I mean brother

        • This sceptred Isle

          I bet your memoirs will make for interesting reading!

    • Mike R

      Gina – Your idol, Hillary Clinton, broke the mold on stupid. Everything from her abhorrent choices on Benghazi, Uranium 1, even her choice of marrying a long before well known immoral, philandering and cheating husband, and then setting a POOR example for women by staying married to a clear immoral scumbag, who literally and physically defiled the office of President. The guy who flies on Epstein 1, to pedophile island, and Hillary herself who has been documented on the same flights at least 6 times. Her list of stupidity as SOS is endless, and as a politician in general is breathtaking, while doing everything from stealing government property illegally and putting it on her UNPROTECTED and easily ‘private’ hackable server. To her sponsoring the Clinton Criminal Foundation, and taking in billions in bribes that would have made her such an immense danger to the citizens of the US, in terms of being easily blackmailed, and making her so freaking unfit for President, that at least enough REAL men who were smart, voted for Trump and kept us out of massive harms way if she had snaked her way into POTUS. It would take pages, if not books, to outline all her stupid choices. And so those women who witnessed all this stupidity for years on end, and still voted for her, cannot be in the category of anything close to ‘smart.’ And Sorry, but a smart woman would have not spoken up on the topic of stupid like you just did.

    • Jeannette Rowden

      Comments like yours make me thankful for men. They balance out the stupid thinking of some women.

    • Sue

      Gina, who are you kidding?

    • Dylan

      Gina, you are getting the big head. A resizing of your
      pink, fuzzy cap may be in order.

    • allen ols

      I caught a mouse/female, in my bug out home today, one baby mouse was running around, what to do. lol, I put out another sticky trap for baby mouse. food is safe.

      • allen ols

        did u see the naked guy in Nashville tn shoot up a waffle house about 3 miles from my house? I immediately knew it was J C Davis, but he is bald, short, and I think he has a shot gun, not sure. contact Bill and Hitlery, and get them to investigate jcd. he seems succspecies, like u.

        • JC Davis

          Allen Ols apparently your home made moonshine has a rat in the barrel, or is it just a mouse. SIG just when I think I am out I got pulled back in..LOL

    • Donald

      Spoken exactly like a true and pure narcissist would speak. For any who cannot yet recognize what a pure narcissist is, go to this link:

      If this doesn’t make you sick, something is lacking ….

    • Occasnltrvlr

      If men didn’t need sex, women wouldn’t be recognized as people.

      • William Stanley

        Occasnltrvlr: Are you a man or a woman? Surely no real man would make such comment in mixed company.
        In the movie “Aliens,” Hudson (the male marine) asks Vasques (the female marine) a question:
        Hudson: Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?
        Vasquez: No, have you?

        • William Stanley

          Occasnltrvlr: My apologies: my response was way too PC. To make amends I offer you this approximate dialog from the movie “As Good As It Gets” where Jack Nicholson’s character (an author) is asked by a female admirer,
          Q. How do you write women so well?
          A. First, I think of a man. Then I take away all reason and accountability.

          Just kidding, people: Some of us, including me, are starting yo take ourselves too seriously.

          • Paul ...

            Forget the Movies … God the Father created man (and got a disobedient servant) … God then created Eve (who also turned out to be a disobedient servant) … frustrated God threw them both out … so Gina’s claim that women are better (or smarter) then men is a lie!!

            • Paul ...

              Hey Gina … you want the truth about men … they practice human sacrifice in nearly all corners of the globe! … you want to be “better at killing” the way men do? … neocon men ritualize the slaughter of our young children in constant unending wars (WWI, WWII and now the upcoming WWIII) … and snowflake parents dutifully accept the constant slaughter of their children?? … sacrificial murder plays an important role in societies ruled by an elite class (they burn people in ovens, nuke them in Japan, slaughter is their motto as Hitler, Mao and Stalin proudly took credit for) … it is an old technique that immorally evil people constantly use because through social stratification and murder they can control populations for monetary gain … so be better then men at killing Gina … simply have women kill the unborn and sell their body parts!!

              • Paul ...

                To be better then men Gina … women must refrain from sex for pleasure (it is for creation of a new life in a bond that will nurtures that child and teaches them right from wrong) … to have sex for pleasure makes you just like a man (a murder of children)!!

    • Beverly Kingsford


      We don’t need MEN? What are you talking about?!!! Both sexes have their problems, and in this day and age everything has been turned upside down as far as roles are concerned. God created man for strength and protection and He created women to be the helpmeet to the man and to have babies. We can’t have babies without men being willing to take on the responsibility of caring for those children once they are here! Not every woman on the planet wants to be childless. And, most want children from a warm, affectionate husband who loves them—–not from a sperm donor. If men have their faults it is partly because of what our culture and society has slowly brought to them. This whole equal rights women’s movement is nothing but trouble. Regardless of how we feel about the opposite sex, we have to keep trying to show each other respect. Show some respect here!

      • Paul ...

        Good point Beverly … not to give Gina a bloated head but women are “life givers” … men are murderers … why would any women want to be comparable to a man … abortion of children is a man’s game (killing our kids in unending continual wars at 18 + years of age)… so women (who want to be better then men) have to kill kids at an even younger age (with 3 month to 9 month abortions)!

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Beverly, A man only has value if he can bring the money to the table and a lot of it. They want to get down our pants but they think its for free. Well, its not for free. As women, we need to tap into our power. Yes, we have immense power between our legs, but we also are superior to men in every respect. Once we have been unchained, look what we have accomplished. We outnumber the dumb boys on the college campuses. We are putting huge chasms in the glass ceiling. We are not simply a mans equipment or baby making machine. Why are we expected to fend for men ? They expect is to clean up after them, wash their dirty laundry and hold their hand. Screw that.

        • Greg Hunter

          You need to meet some new guys. Try church and Christ. You will be much happier.

        • William Stanley

          RE: “A man only has value if he can bring the money to the table and a lot of it. They want to get down our pants but they think its for free. Well, its not for free. As women, we need to tap into our power.”
          Apparently your contempt for men is exceeded only by your contempt for women . . . and yourself.

      • Gina M Mancarella


        Just to underscore the point, Cosby was convicted for his misdeeds towards women. For years women have taken all of it …. the abuse … the neglect … the rapings …. the enslavement. Now all women of conscience are uniting together and letting all men know that they aren’t going to push us around anymore. We arent your eqiupment. Our vaginas dont belong to you ! You have no power over us !

        • Mohammad

          It is getting XXXrated here Greg.

  14. John

    Why keep pushing the phrase, “rape of America”? I thought you might end the interview unless she said, “yes”.

    • Greg Hunter

      She did say “yes” and it was her idea. I read her work at and she said it there too. is fantastic, by the way.

  15. George E

    Greg: Space exploration is the only future for mankind great topic good interview. The problem is corporations can not and will not make it happen, they cannot even stay solvent with their share holder equity system here on earth, the investment capital will overwhelm them. Has to be a national govt. run and better yet multi govt. run project. Enter the One Belt One Road program of China, which is a Win Win for all nations that join, the perfect platform for the development of earth and the conquest of outer space. China, The United States, Russia, India and many others can and will make it happen . Wall st, is simply looking for the next high sounding cause to start a new financial speculative bubble and you can take that to the bank if one still exists when the speculators and users get done.

    • William Stanley

      George E: I disagree: One Belt One Road is a Lose/Lose for all nations that join, especially Russia and India . . . and even China, eventually. China would eventually be gobbled up by the Anglo/American/Rothschild globalists. China is just the next course on the Western globalists’ banquet, and the Chinese would-be globalists are foolishly building the road that will let them in, albeit with capital supplied via the Western-globalist-arranged pillaging of America.

    • Charles H

      “Space Exploration” – is just a carrot on a stick for mankind to chomp at…

      If God made man for the earth – do you think He is going to let him wander about the Universe?

      • FC

        So true……. and I would like to think that man did set foot on the moon, but I have this burning question why we haven’t gone back lately?
        Could it be that we can’t be fooled this time with all this technology at our fingertips?

        • freebrezer

          FC – real simple – Cosmic radiation! the levels are extraordinary high once a person is beyond the protective barrier of the earths magnetosphere. Per the astronauts that went to the moon … many discuss seeing flashes in there eyes about every 5 to 10 minutes. Here is what is going through you every minute …

          • Paul ...

            Forget the astronauts … what about airline passengers??? … not only are they exposed to radiation on the ground with whole-body scanners and the x-rays from machines looking into their carry-on baggage but they are exposed to 1000 times more Cosmic Rays high in the air while flying (and these snowflakes even fly when pregnant and bring their children and babies on board with them … no wonder St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital is kept full) … Astronauts know full well the risks of getting cataracts, cancer and heart ailments … do these snowflakes? … even an extended stay on the surface Mars would be lethal with its thin atmosphere (like that found at 10,000 feet flying in a plane) … so our Astronauts will have to live underground until forests of trees are planted which will release enough oxygen to make the Martian atmosphere denser and breathable without a clumsy spacesuit … however living on the surface of Mars (once we develop an atmosphere there) will probably have the same cancer risk as living on the surface of the Earth (which is currently about a 25% lifetime risk of cancer from Cosmic Ray bombardment!

        • freebrezer

          And … get out side the protection of the magnetosphere and those level go up tens of thousands. Note – the space station resides just with in the magnetosphere, thus dampening out quite a lot of the cosmic radiation. And of note – the magnetosphere is decreasing ( … Ramifications – Great Question – big time changes! and most not good.

          • Paul ...

            Freebrezer … if Trump wants to help the common people to lower their cancer risk … he should be moving very quickly to replace passenger airlines with high speed trains … of course will this hurt the airline industry … and in revenge they will rent out their planes to the chem-trail genociders who will rain down even more cancer causing chemicals on our heads!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      I feel that the problem has to be solved here on planet earth, otherwise the mind virus will destroy any space colonies as well.

      • Paul ...

        The first rape took place in the Garden of Eden … now the entire Earth has been thoroughly raped … and we are moving on “to rape the stars”?? … our “highly moral” alien brothers who artificially inseminated Mary to bring us the words of Jesus … better lock and load their weapons and prepare to exterminate the globalist rapists the way they had to do once before on the Moon and Mars!!!

    • Uma

      …so true!
      If all the resources the war monger put in made up conflicts would be put in space technology- mankind would have a future of unlimited resources, peace and basic income for everybody. A commies wet dream, but truely possible.

      unlimited resources, unlimited technology, IA

      The Star Trek society.

    • Uma

      …so true!
      If all the resources the war monger put in made up conflicts would be put in space technology- mankind would have a future of unlimited resources, peace and basic income for everybody. A commies wet dream, but truely possible.

      unlimited resources, unlimited technology, IA

      The Star Trek society.

      But t seems our future will be the Borg continuum.

    • Neil

      The Belt and Road is of no use to the USA.
      Anyone who still has money will invest there rather than in re-industrialising the US – which is just re-enabling future competitors.
      China looking for markets to replace the US which has been reduced to a husk, and having over capacity anyway will be able to almost entirely supply the needs of the new zone – there will not be the opportunities imagined particularly as Chinese prices will still substantially undercut others.
      To compete directly with China in the market place, assuming the US still had factories, wage rates in the US would have to drop substantially. I believe the rate for an engineer in China is about 1/3 of that in the US doing much the same work. The US is as it is established/geared/ cannot remain viable much below the current living standard however even if it didn’t have huge debts. Any company still around now is probably as lean and efficient as they can be. To lower wages across the board or devalue will result in a round of business failures and social hardship that will be the death Nell of the country.
      Somehow the Chinese have to be talked into doubling their wages and abandoning their ambitions to supply everyone so other countries can at least continue to function in the world albeit in reduced terms.
      The Chinese are unlikely to admit to it but their centrally planned industrial miracle is a monster that needs to be fed and it exists at the expense of the West.
      Just like the US will have to admit it is broke and take a hit China will have to admit it cannot have it all or keep as much as they have presently. Everyone needs to agree to take a loss/penalty here and agree to come out roughly even. If we can’t do so then it is apparent there will be some sort of violet conflict over the right to work/exist.

      • Neil

        I should mention too that while the US tends to come out with the “for or against us” mentality when stressed and continue to pick on the Russians out of habit, the Chinese talk stridently about “the China side” This means that left to themselves powers and national egos are unlikely to engage in reasonable behaviour and reach compromise.
        There is an important role for smaller countries to propose general solutions and be intermediaries in negotiations. This is the biggest test we have faced yet in human civilisation – we need to get along on one small planet.

        • Paul ...

          Here is a quick and easy solution to the Middle East problem … each country in the Middle East donates 100 children each week to be sacrificially slaughtered on a big alter and their hearts removed as all people watch on TV … after killing enough children week after week after week … there won’t be any Iranians, Israelis, Syrians, Yemenis, etc., etc. to fight in any wars … problem solved!!!
          Note: For those first time readers who don’t know me … this is sarcasm!!

    • Beverly Kingsford

      I agree. Jesus and God the Father are the only ones that can put this planet back on track, both in a physical sense and spiritual. If some sick people are out there spending trillions on space exploration, it is because they don’t know how to be happy here on earth. They can’t control the people here on earth like they thought maybe they could and they are making such a mess out of everything that they have to focus on something else. So, they do this space thing. God’s ways are not complicated. They are common sense, reasonable, realistic and kind and caring. All we need is to live the simple life and we will be happy. Some people are making this whole world way to complicated and we are letting them. Yes, simplicity is what we need. Get small, right?

      • Paul ...

        As Voltaire said: “Cultivate your own garden and you will find happiness”!!

  16. Mr. Byrd

    Catherine Austin Fitts has hit the nail on the head! “The marketing of lawlessness” is one of the greatest evils we face today. She specifically refers to crypto-ideologue Adam Kokesh here. However, this line is also being pushed by many self-styled ‘libertarians’. I was shocked when earlier this week I read a screed by financial guru Doug Casey. Casey was pushing essentially the same idea. The problem is not ‘government’. The problem is *bad* government. With ‘friends’ like Kokesh and Casey, conservatism needs no enemies.

    • Charles H

      Lawlessness!?!!?? There is no marketing about it. ‘It is a Club: and you ain’t in it’.

    • Uma

      Yes Casey play the world citizen and smart man.
      But he is a leech.

      One should ask him what guarantees his security?

      In the world he imagines, the old farth would just get shot.

  17. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I have always thought the U.S. Government will pay off its debt(s) by inflating the dollar, but now I think the debt has gotten too large to do so without becoming worthless paper. If that is true then it would seem that only a war, currency collapse and some type of currency reset would work. Martial law would have to be evoked to settle the populace down in order to accept the new currency where almost everyone starts over or near over; exception the elite of course. If nothing is done and things continue as usual, then as your astute guest mentioned, one should get very concerned about the dollar as the debt will overwhelm it to valueless useless paper. At that point, without a war & some type of reset the U.S. becomes a non-player third world country on the international arena (along with many other fiat based economies). Only time will tell but surly a blind man can see the dollar will soon be toast if something is not done.

    • Charles H

      Well said.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, the default policy since the 80s has been to add zeroes. That could go on yet awhile. No one believed we’d ever budget in the trillions. What’s 3 more zeroes? Quadrillions? So what? The truth is, no one really knows what to do. Best always. PM

      • Arthur Barnes

        Paul, I also have been somewhat astounded/perplexed that the debt has gotten so many zeros behind it and the dollar hasn’t collapsed yet. Having said that I do believe we are reaching a pivot point with the dollar’s value. What zero will do it I don’t know, but logic says its can’t remain adding zeros for ever. If a currency shows up as Jerry discusses that is gold backed real money could move to that currency leaving fiat currencies like the dollar behind and values falling. It could happen any time Paul, any day or night, but I have a strong feeling that we will live to see it my friend. In the meantime if you have any dollars best you take them and buy something of value that you can use before that fateful day comes. Best regards, a b

    • Paul ...

      This is why every US family needs to own approximately 400 nickels … because when world war comes … and people lose confidence in fiat paper … circulating coins (make of the metals of war) will hold value … and will become the accepted “currency” used for purchases … however the nickel may have to be given the worth of a dollar (or 100 dollars)!!

      • Paul ...

        Think it is impossible for a “real” nickel to be worth a dollar … look at the value people have placed on a “virtual” Bitcoin ($8,000 to $20,000 dollars)!!!

  18. Tad

    Always learn something when Catherine is on. Twenty-five million Russians who left this earth because of Langley, Treasury, and Russian oligarchs is a tragedy beyond words. With that as history, and subsequent reforms, one shouldn’t be surprised at Mr. Vladimir Putins popularity.

    How will it work when robots or mechanization take jobs from human? I mean aside from mass depopulation for those without an income or the upcoming crisis which will need no assist from mass robot utilization?

    Won’t need a smiling, congenial Maria from El Salvador to do house chores anymore. A robot with ersatz human engineered characteristics will likely see the same in its human “master.”

    Why not? Millionaires and billionaires will be left to enjoy a lifestyle with no one alive beneath their station. They may or may not provide for immediate family members and friends. Difficult to discern here and now, because so many personal traits are found undesirable by those below their station.

  19. Small grey weasel

    The mathematical trend model of America’s economy dictates that just a few have 99% of the country’s wealth before just one of them does.

  20. Caroline

    One of the brightest women in business today. Thanks for the interview and the astute view and observations of economics in America. Husband and I watch any and all interviews with Catherine Austin-Fitts and so much enjoy the information we gather.
    And, thank you Mr. Hunter for having her on…we appreciate you much

  21. Wayne Swanson

    Greg, I love your interviews and have been a listener for years. The service that you provide is immeasurable. One thing: STOP denigrating your intelligence and STOP comparing your intelligence to theirs. So what if somebody is smarter than you…big deal…you’re plenty bright, plenty!

  22. This sceptred Isle

    Greg, more updates from the UK like you asked.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what I am talking about!!! Thank you.

  23. Ross Herman

    What I’m going to tell you, I don’t think you will believe, but I will plant the seed of truth anyway hopeing it will eventually sprout.
    There is no space! There are no satalites “orbiting” earth!
    All space agency’s are completely fraudulent. As I see it NASA has two main missions. First, to extract as much money as possible out of the system (who wouldn’t understand the exorbitant costs of space travel), and second, to thought shape the people regarding the true nature of Earth and our place in the universe.

    • Paul ...

      Ross … and I’ll plant this “seed of truth” for any snowflakes out there who don’t know anything … at night there is a light in the sky called the Moon … and in the day there is a light in the sky called the Sun … the Moon orbits the Earth once every 27 days … the Earth orbits the Sun every 365 days … and there is space in between!!

    • Jodyp

      So what’s up there? A round wall to keep illegals out?

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Uh…, okay, uh, I’m pretty well convinced that there is AT LEAST sufficient space for me to stand erect without bumping my head…so, could you explain little further?

    • Bill

      Ross Herman;
      Does it really matter since we live on a flat earth???

  24. H. Craig Bradley


    I am not all together sure what (Federal) Government Assets Kathy is referring to that could be sold-off or privatized in the future. Are they physical assets such as former Postal Service properties and buildings or other Federal properties owned by the General Service Administration, such as Federal Courthouses? Pretty sure its not going to be National Parks and Forests. How about Financial Assets, such as Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae? Not especially meaningful in the abstract.

    I think most “government assets” are public infrastructure in various states and counties around the country. I am sure some states are already selling-off assets or have considered it, such as the California Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento, CA. All hard assets are on the table, for sure. Select public roads and freeways can easily be sold-off to private companies who then collect tolls from the public to use. City water wastewater plants can be likewise sold-off to private companies, as was already done in Margaret Thatcher’s England. Now, the public is noticing. Bit late, as too often is the case.

    The objections come when the new owner of formerly public assets is a foreign owned company where the revenue is remunerated back to the home country and leaves the local community. Improvements may not be forthcoming and the public gets “raped” in the process as jobs disappear. Its all pretty fair too, given their disinterest in the whole matter. A Renter Society could thus be developed over time and nobody would even know or care for that matter. Thus, we can relinquish our sovereignty gradually in-exchange for payola for our political elites and a return to Colony Status for the masses of Americans. All nice smiles on the news. How ironic. Return to our roots.

    • Flattop

      H C Bradley;
      Just in case you were not aware, all the old post offices and other federal buildings have already been sold to, Sen Diane Feinsteins husband. But she is a democrat so there would surely not be any collusion there.

  25. DerStan

    The problem being any and all assets you own debt free will become larger and larger tax targets and thus burdens to you as government becomes increasingly starved of revenue. I can imagine where those who have paid off homes pay an additional “fairness” tax of say 10% of your homes value each year. Those dependent on government or those who rent would support this 100%. Even those of us who own gold and silver will be heavily taxed on any “ill” gains we receive from our unfair and maybe even illegal activities, we might even see prison time for owning PM and not paying our fair share of taxes! The masses will demand it. I am also believing crypto is just another tool of the government and has nothing to do with decentralization as it is tracked and taxed.

    • Paul ...

      DerStan … You say: “I can imagine where those who have paid off homes pay an additional “fairness” tax of say 10% of your homes value each year” … you don’t have to “imagine” this happening in the future … we already have this … it is called a “Reverse Mortgage” … the banksters print up fiat paper out of thin air (add interest to it each year) and eventually “they” get your house instead of “your kids”!!

  26. Tim McGraw

    Thanks Greg for the great interview of CAF. I also wish I knew what was really going on, but we don’t. So, yes, “get small”.
    My brother recently sent the whole family a list of what one should have to prepare for emergencies. We are all becoming as “resilient” as we can. Fortunately none of us are dependent on government money. We don’t like that “sock in the jaw” that comes with it.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Israel needs to man-up and accept criticism with a degree of dignity. Did the Romans whinge about rocks being thrown in the occupied territories? Greg criticised me for calling someone ‘brainwashed’ with whom I disagreed, yet this antisemitism response to everyone who criticises Israel (including Jewish people) is absolutely pathetic.

      • Greg Hunter

        No problem TSI. Lets criticize some Arabs and Muslims too while we are at it. Lots of sin to go around in the middle East.

        • Jallen

          It is so obvious you are a paid troll for Israel!!


        • This Sceptred Isle

          I have no problems with that. Have criticised S. Arabia’s human rights record whilst Britain and America arm them to the teeth.

    • Greg Hunter

      What do you suppose would happen if people started boycotting Arab or Muslim countries. Hey, how about countries that have let Muslims start Sharia courts and start taking over like the in the UK???? There would be outrage but not so much for the Israel.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        We have boycotted Russia, S.Africa and Iran why not Israel and S.Arabia? Oh yes they are our friends.

        • Charles H

          “Allies”. Some friends are better than others.

  27. This sceptred Isle

    Borrowing some of Robert Lyken’s logic, the US and Israel must be trying to hide something.

    • Greg Hunter

      The terror group Hamas came to the border of Israel and want a fight with a body count and they got one. So you are on the side of the terrorist Hamas? There are the people that throw gays off of buildings to hear them scream and mutilate their women. You are for these guys–right????? Oh and Hamas shot protesters in the street because they dared to push back against Hamas shooting rockets from hospitals and schools. You are for these guys?

      • This Sceptred Isle

        I am just using Robert’s logic to form a conclusion – I didn’t say it was the right conclusion.

    • Frederick

      Lykens has NO logic whatesoever so forget that

      • Greg Hunter

        So, if someone does not think the way you do they “have not logic”?

        • Robert Lykens

          Actually, Greg, I take it as a compliment that Frederick thinks I have no logic because that means we think differently.
          If he liked my thinking, now THAT would be an insult!

          • Charles H

            I am still laughing!!!

            • DB Cooper

              According to the Turkish Troll not only do they not have logic but they also gain some sort of demeaning label … How is that for being nice to each other ?? DB

            • William Stanley

              Charles H: Is there any chance that Robert is actually self-aware, and has made a self-effacing joke, such as when Groucho Marx quipped:
              “I wouldn’t join any club that would have ME as a member.”
              I don’t know about you, Charles, but I just can’t avert my eyes from this never-ending train wreck.

              • Charles H


                The very nature of man’s character is being corrupted. As social creatures – we have no insulation from it. Only our self-aware reference makes it so great force is the only thing to move us. And moving very slowly, we note the spiral growing, and gaining speed. What is coming is more than most people will believe.

                Why would anyone ride a roller-coaster with their eyes shut?!?!?

  28. Mohammad


    We are in a pivoting point in geopolitics and Macron of France is signaling he has no plan B for Iran’s deal:

    Worth noticing what he said and I quote:

    “Both of us are probably the maverick of the systems on both sides.

    “President Trump’s election was unexpected in your country and probably my election was unexpected in my country.”


    So he reminds Trump that he was the globalists answer in France to the populists choice in US….?

    Obviously we are heading towards a test of will, and the game of biting hands and who has the patience to hold a longer and wins is the theme of 2018.

    Will Macron convince Trump to stay in Iran’s deal? and if so, at what price?
    last ditch effort in May that will be considered the most important month of the year 2018, and may be in history.

    Time will tell.


  29. Doug C.

    CAF is an amazingly smart lady and very interesting.
    I just noticed that you are unfortunately going back to interrupting mid way while she was explaining something very interesting and then the point was lost. Quite a few times unfortunately. You are a very smart and informed person obviously, but I wish you would just let her talk until she stops. She has so much good information but was cut off mid sentence and then the rest of the point was lost.
    Sorry to be critical of you but I find that annoying when I am listening VERY closely to what she is saying.
    AnyHoo, keep up the great work and sorry about the criticism.
    Doug C.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s live to tape I do very little editing.

  30. Erika Miller

    I just love Catherine Austin Fitts. She is the best.
    Is James Sinclair on next? He released a new massive on how to be prepared.
    Thank you Greg. Great work.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I believe you mean “missive” (unless you are hearkening back to Nino Greasemanelli…).

  31. Marcus

    Dr Wernher VonBraun was a captured Nazis and became the head of NASA space rocket program, he said that we must not weaponise space in the 70’s. the Military industrial complex is all about space weapons, at one time we had many space encounters now we have very few, America has always been involved with this agenda…….Do you believe in Alien intervention if yes keep reading.
    There has been an intervention raised up against the illegal Elites and there Alien weapons…… Dr, Von Braun was right but did not know that America will be second to this space program, Remember he was a Nazis, Also try and keep up with whats going on in 2014 Russian Jet Buzzes US Destroyer Donald Cook with high tech weapon rendering it useless towed to port…… know Russia Threatens UK with Black out space weapons, The race to the high tech has been won, Thank God it is in the hands of Christian nation Russia. The only weapon the crazy elites have left is nukes…… and the Aliens will not allow this weapons to be used.

  32. Mohammad


    A troubling report from Syria but it is in Arabic from Al-Arabiya news:بعد-انسحاب-المعارضة-داعش-يسيطر-على-مناطق-في-القلمون.html

    The report indicates that all the vacuum created by pulling the US backed rebels from the “Qalamoon” which is 50 miles north of Damascus is not filled with the Syrian army nor with the Russian para military, rather it is filled with ISIS….!?
    Report also indicated that the Syrian army suffered a “sudden” defeat after the pulling of the rebels and them surrendering their heavy weaponry to the Syrian Army from attacks conducted by ISIS.

    Russia is caught in the middle and there is another troubling report from Al-Jazeera also in Arabic indicates that Russia is offering the rebels that were backed by US to stay in Qalamoon in exchange of them fighting ISIS…? WOW..!روسيا-تعرض-على-المعارضة-قتال-تنظيم-الدولة-بالقلمون

    My reading if it turns out to be true, that ISIS will be GIVEN DAMASCUS by Iran and Assad if they feel that US will be on the verge of hitting Iran and Russia betraying them.

    Please keep in mind that ISIS top commanders were released from Iraqi and Syrian prisons when Al-Maleki was the PM of Iraq, and Mosul was given to ISIS in Iraq when Al-Maleki backed by Iran gave the orders to the Iraqi army then to surrender all their weapons in Mosul and flee the city ( to give it to ISIS on a golden plate):

    Same precursors of Mosul scenario is happening now in the vicinity of Damascus, and all depends on wether US will pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran in preparation of a hit or not.

    It is no secret Greg that Iran harbors both Al-Qaida and ISIS top commanders.

    If Iran feels the danger is imminent …. Its retaliation is likely to allow ISIS to take Damascus.


    • Paul ...

      Let ISIS take Damascus??? … that’s like Iran giving Damascus to the CIA and Israel?? … I think that is very very very unlikely Mohammad!!!

      • Mohammad



        • sk

          ????? Can you elaborate, Mohammad? Since you’re from that neck of the woods, I give to you more credence than to most people and would like to hear more from you on this topic….thanks!

        • Mohammad


          I will mention some facts and you connect the dots:
          1- France was the incubator of the so called “Islamic revolution” in Iran when they harbored Khumaini and flew him to Iran after toppling the Shah.
          2- When Iran was holding the US hostages, the Contra deal is no secret, they got weapons from Israel, do you remember that? in exchange of the US hostages.
          3- Despite the “common knowledge” of Iraq using chemical weapons in Halabja, there were reports that were not brought to the public domain that Iran used it on Halabja, and that Kurdish town was caught in cross ” chemical” fire between Iran and Iraq, please note here that both Iran and Iraq have seen Kurds as a potential threat(Kurds alway wanted their Kurdistan that chops a block from each Iran,Iraq,Turkey,Syria):

          “A 1990 U.S. Department of Defense reconstruction of the Halabja incident reportedly concluded that both Iran and Iraq used chemical weapons in Halabja.”

          “In total, the Defense Department study estimated that Iranian forces used more than 50 chemical bombs and artillery shells during the offensive. The Pentagon analysis of the Halabja incident is corroborated by a 1990 report co-written by Stephen Pelletiere, the CIA’s senior political analyst on Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war. In his report, Pelletiere stated that there was “no evidence whatsoever that the Iraqis have ever employed blood gasses such as cyanogen chloride or hydrogen cyanide.” Because “blood agents were allegedly responsible for…the killing of Kurds at Halabjah,” Pelletiere concluded that “the Iranians perpetrated this attack.”

          Who supplied Iran with chemical technology, Israel gave them for fact weapons in Contra deal, why not chemicals? a question to ponder on.
          4- Who helped building the nuclear structure in Iran, and why Israel did not take it out in the early stages where it was the infancy of the “Islamic revolution” in Iran?????
          They took Saddam’s nuclear sites in 1981 in a heart beat:

          Why were they shy from taking Iran’s sites???Hmmmm.
          5-Iraq was taken out to allow Iran to expand to the west, Do you think for a second that US will make the Iraq invasion decision without the seal of Israel? Not a chance. so if Israel is an enemy of Iran why would they take its fierce opponent that was keeping it at bay for more than 8 years and give Iraq to Iran on a golden plate…?????

          I can go for hours talking about the matter…..
          What am writing here is challenging to the thoughts and searching for the facts will give you a different picture than what you have been told.

          Do not listen to the talk (Talk: Iran will destroy Israel and Israel will destroy Iran).
          See the walk (Walk: Iran is destroying the Arab nation and evacuating the land in preparation for the Greater Israel Kingdom).


    • Frank

      And then we would bomb the crap out of Damascus.

  33. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Here we go, again, but in our own time:

    “This famous monument, built between 1906 and 1921, stands testimony to the glorification of the British Raj in India. It is time, I argued, that it be converted to serve as a reminder of what was done to India by the British, who conquered one of the richest countries in the world (27 per cent of global GDP in 1700) and reduced it, over two centuries of loot and exploitation, to one of the poorest, most diseased and most illiterate countries on Earth by the time they left in 1947.”

    The word “British” should be replaced by “City-of-London Money Power,” and of course the word “India” now replaced by “America.” Of course, no one cares for history any more; so the financial sociopaths get to do it again.

  34. Marcus

    Greg it seems all I said about the failed weapons by the 3 Amigos is becoming common news 75% blown up in sky, Now Russians take down 2 live shiny brand new missiles to back engineer , was this a gift to Putin from Trump, as some now say , how do you get live missiles not to explode……..Russian Tech is way ahead of the 3 Amigos illegal aliens obsolete cooking pots.
    I like Catherine and she may be right, but some how I think America just waisted all this missing money she claims go’s into space programs, You see it just dose not add up, the rest of the world is up to speed that America is broke and got out gunned, with out being top dog to bully your way round, America is being rejected, wow thats a hard pill to swallow, the missing money has been spent on building under ground cities, thinking we can save our selfs if we go to nuclear war …… Thinking they are safe …lol haha I must say that the light is shining into the deepest bunkers and will burn brighter then we could imagine.

    • Greg Hunter

      What make you so sure any of this is true?

      • Marcus

        Greg have you ever heard of a guy called Phil Schneider, He and his father were engineers employed by the Government, Their job was to build underground tunnels and basses, encounters with subterranean Aliens, look him up his story is amazing, as he switched to be a whistle blower, he was killed along with his family……
        The real reason for Trump to back of Russian sanctions is not what you are being told……Cyberspace war, Russia has retaliated if removed from swift that it will hit America in the gut with Intellectual property rights, And make a new law in Russia to freely distribute any intellectual property, This had Hollywood and the Tech giants and their leading Elites begging Trump to not put any more sanctions on Russia…… The tax generated from this Intellectual Property is Americas biggest pie representing 38% of total US GDP. what we are witnessing is another cold war, these words are from the mouth of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Remember this Greg world war 2 was won after the Russians defeated Germany …..Hitler wanted to destroy Russia and everyone with a brain needs to remember how that ended.
        My information has come out to be correct , how I come by it is my privet means….. Im just a blogger.
        Love your work.

    • Paul ...

      You know … the final weapon that kills off all breathing life on Earth … probably won’t be nukes … but something no one expects … the dumb-bell neocons keep spraying aluminum dust in the atmosphere … eventually the entire atmosphere of Earth is going to become one giant Fuel-air bomb … and everything will end when some snowflake steps out of his house to light up a joint … the entire atmosphere of Earth will explode as the aluminum dust oxidizes in the air (like a giant Fuel-air bomb) … the explosion will likely crack the Earth in half … and the only thing humanity will be remembered for … is that they brought the number of planets in our Solar System back up to nine(9) … after they discarded Pluto!

      • Paul ...

        Perhaps Sessions thinks he can save the world (by not legalizing pot) … since he can’t seem to issue a Justice Dept order to stop the neocons from spraying aluminum into Earth’s atmosphere (with a few added ingredients like thermite)!!

        • William Stanley

          Paul …
          The con/chemtrails are obvious. But there seems more to it. What’s the chance that what we are seeing is just dust from the Goby Desert mixed with pollution from Chinese cities?

          • Paul ...

            Perhaps! … like the aluminum companies get rid of their toxic fluoride in the water we drink … the Chinese may be getting rid of all their toxic pollution in the air we breathe!!

    • Neil

      For sure – 100 missiles @ $1m each plus the costs of delivery by warship or jet – call it $200m. Then there is the Syrian/Russian intercept by older/cheaper hardware say for $100m. So$300m was spent in a couple of hours to cover up British lies about a poisoning they did themselves and the following false flag. Handy to keep arms manufacturers employed though.
      I understand those few missiles that got through only made large holes in the ground at 3 sites. Actually if there had been chemical weapons at those sites blowing them up would have spread them everywhere potentially killing many more than apparently were affected by the attack of Assad on his own citizens. Really isn’t that grotesque/outrageous? …and yet May and Johnson manage to escape the lynching they deserved. The upside of this bit of absurd theatre is that the sick and dirty games that the British Government cultivate are now obvious to all, including to other members of the “Common Wealth’ who they would willingly mislead and involve. The sun has well and truly set on the British Empire and good riddance to it. Its only the British that still believe they are somehow important.

      • Neil

        BTW it is Anzac Day here in NZ. Many Australians and New Zealanders suffered British incompetence with their lives in the Gallipoli Campaign of WW1, including one of my family. Many were put into the position where they were required to effectively run into a mincer and ‘sacrificed’ for King and country. Never again….

        • Paul ...

          Blood sacrifice and war … killing of women and children … all in the name of God and Country … but snowflakes don’t read the Bible (it is now considered a useless book) … for it says “Thou Shall Not Kill” … neocons can’t such a book around that snowflakes may read by accident!!

  35. Jerry

    We’re about to find out how Credit default swaps really work.

    I realize everyone is cheering for a soft landing in the global financial reset, but in the business world there are always winners and losers. Today is Monday 04/23/2018 . Can you imagine what DB stock will do when this news gets out? This is Lehman brothers on steroids.

  36. Frederick

    Ten year treasury hit 3.01 today before pulling back to 2.978

    • Martin Armstrong Student

      Now that’s big news! Martin Armstrong is warning that higher interest rates will lead to a stronger dollar that will lead to very ugly consequences in the end. Until then, enjoy the stock market…up!

  37. ricd

    I was at a local state GOP caucus and they had us vote on promoting “privatization” of state medicaid. I’m all for smaller government and they framed it in such a way that I promoted it. I receive medicaid payments and I know that so called “private” subcontractors of medicaid actually paid less than state medicaid. I voted yes on this proposal anyway because it’s for “small gov”, even though it hurt my income. Now, thinking back, I must agree with Catherine Fitts. So called “privatization” is a red herring for small government. Instead of reducing the middle man, it introduces another middle man. Originally, taxpayer money went to the state which directly paid medicaid providers. Now, with so called “privatization”, money goes from the taxpayer, to the state, then to the “private” medicaid (who take a huge cut) and finally to the provider at a steep discount. Ideally, in a small gov, the taxpayer should pay nothing to the state, they should pay the provider directly. “Privatization” is a red herring for small gov, like Catherine says. Totally agree.

  38. Goldie Smithgold

    Lets Talk About Chuck the Toddster

  39. Goldie Smithgold

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: MILITARY COMPLEX OWNED CNN Attacks Jimmy Dore In An Insane Way! l o l !
    Rand Paul asks the same questions that Jimmy does…ON CNN!!! Does that mean they’re “peddling conspiracy theories”?!

    Uncle Torino
    3 days ago
    Clinton News Nitpickers is a direct competitor with Youtube, that’s why they are bullying them, us and even their own viewer’s! CNN is trash and horribly dishonest. Soon to be irrelevant. Voices such as yours Greg, Lee and Jimmy, are the voices most needed in these strange days. Thank you for remaining a voice of sanity Greg, for those of us who do not support these media-corporate-sponsored wars. I’ve no doubt that CNN’s attack will fail utterly and only strengthen these still United States of America.

  40. ELF

    Really creepy to use rape in this context.

    • Charles H

      So… ‘involuntary violation’ suits you better?!? When YOU are the one taking it – rape expresses the outrage better.

  41. coalburner

    Greg; Catherine mentioned the danger of opening the Constitution to change. Lots of people for years have thought they could open the Constitution to create term limits. I have always said that is far too dangerous. If the Constitution is opened the globalist money will swamp the country and we will lose our Constitution. People need to remember that the first time (when the Constitution was written) a war was started and won by the people who wrote the Constitution and the power side now would be treasonists and globalists and they will be ready. Look at the Kock Brothers now. They are at least as bad for the country as the Rockefellers.

  42. coalburner

    I think Marcus is wrong. We wasted a few missiles probing the capability of the S400. So what! We are packing space full of Kinetics is my bet. And those are now old toys. I am not happy that the dollar is backed by force because it can end suddenly by the money reasons CAF talks about. Trump is leveraging every asset from trade ripoffs to lowering costs which are huge from illegals. People have no idea how much the tax payer is being dumped on while the Kochs do that raping she talked about by paying low wages while we subsidize the illegals and our own who have no jobs. We pay their welfare, phones, health care including abortions and jailed criminal illegals. We pay for their education at the expense of educating our own, give them retirement on our Social Security that they do not pay for under any legal SS number. And the DNC lies and tell us there are only 12 million not 50 million.

    • Alejo

      “We wasted a few missiles probing the capability of the S400. ” Wrong, the S-400 were not used by the Syrians/Russians. So, NOT probing of capability in Syria.

      • Charles H

        At about 1 million per Cruise Missile: save the planet and send me that money.

  43. Daniel Barr

    Ah yes, another sterling dissertation from the planet “Gravitas”.

    And what’s amazing is these morons keep repeating themselves OVER and OVER and OVER…year after year after year…and you somehow consider it NEWS when they give you another interview saying the same crap.

    Like watching GROUND HOG DAY with Bill Murray. Only worse. A lot worse.

  44. Tad

    I was pleased with President Trump describing North Korean presidency as “honorable.”

    While technically still at war with the DPRK, the US is not at “war” with Iran.

    While he hasn’t met Mr. Kim, it wouldn’t be reckless to say that Iran President Hassan Rouhani and Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif are honorable leaders, even if Israel and US MSM outlets think otherwise.

    I look forward to Mr. Trump and Iran’s leadership having a open discussion.

    • Mohammad

      Do not have the illusion that US/Israel is at odds with Iran.
      There target is Turkey/Pakistan/ Saudi Arabia.
      They may poke Iran to unleash the latter on SaudiArabia.

      Time will tell


    • Marcus

      Bolton has declared USA position on Iran and is loading up as we speak in Northern Syria, China and Russia have informed Illegal USA, that they support Iran and America has no rights to invade this Sovereign Nation …… It is so clear that Bolton wants war….. and Trump has switched sides as he steps up war….. NK will not support USA in there back down on nukes…… this is all games on behalf of Trump war Policies .


      • Greg Hunter

        Let’ test you knowledge of the so-called Iran nuclear deal. Did Iran sign the deal? You should know this if you want to make intelligent comments. If you just want to come on and use the rem “War Monger” then “stupid is as stupid does.”

  45. Flattop

    GREG: California is at it again.
    California legislator Evan Low, representative of the Silicon Valley has submitted a bill making it illegal to sell a book in California that speaks negatively about alternate lifestyles
    Does the Bible not speak newgatively about alternate lifestyles??

  46. Mikey

    “If Iran threatens us in any way, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid,” U.S. president warns

    Gotta love Trump!

    • Paul ...

      You know … Trump better figure out if he is on the side of the warmongering neocons or is for peace in the world … we now have crazy Netanyahu poking the Russian bear (Zero hedge says Putin is now moving S300″s into Syria) … are we now supposed to go to war with Russia because of neocons “outside” our government … Netanyahu’s attacks into Syria are a complete failure … he is going to destroy Israel the same way the neocons in the US are trying to destroy America … Bibi now has gotten Putin mad enough to move S300’s into Syria … think about what idiot Bibi has done … he has now brought in very advanced and sophisticated weapon systems … that will now protect the Iranian military in Syria!!! … so now what is Bibi going to do attack the Russian S300 missile sites?? … if he does he will have Hell to pay because the Russians will simply bring in S400’s and S500’s … the S300’s are very capable … they can lock on to Israeli planes as soon as they take off from their bases as far away as Jerusalem … instead of fanning the flames of war … Bibi should be figuring a way out of the mess he has created by being “ultra aggressive” in the Middle East … it is time to make peace … before the opposition “gets so strong” they can easily take back the Golan Heights and even force Israel back to its original boarders … so what was it all for???

      • Paul ...

        Now I’m getting a crazy random thought … what if … in this “six dimentional chess game” being played in the ME … the Russians “did allow” Syria to use gas (which it can plausibly deny using the logic that the winning side has no need to use gas) … Trump then goes off the handle and fires off 100 of the US’s most sophisticated Tomahawk missiles (that the Russians can now back engineer) … but the “ultimate goal” of this chess move was for Putin to have an excuse to move S300’s into Syria (to further protect Iran’s Military forces)!! … if Putin is this smart a chess player … Bibi and Trump don’t stand a chance of winning this contest in the Middle East!!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … the first time Trump went off the handle and fired 60 Tomahawks … the Russians were able to “shoot half of them down” (and back engineer the duds they got hold of) … now when Trump went off the handle and fired 100 Tomahawks … the Russians were able to “shoot three-quarters of them down” (and are now back engineering the new ones they got hold of) … does this mean the next time they get Trump to go off the handle … and he fires 1000 Tomahawks at Iran … the Russians will be able to shoot down 99% of them?? … what a complete waste of our money, resources and lives of our young soldiers being put into harms way with weapons that don’t operate (i.e. the USS Donald Cook) … looks like the Russians have our Donald “cooked”!!!

          • Paul ...

            It is a very sad commentary to admit that perverted warmongering child killing transsexuals are running our corrupt government and that non-thinking mind controlled snowflakes are electing Demon-rat and other crooks to run (rape) our government … we have a military we give hundreds of billions of dollars to to defend our Nation … and on 9-11 they sit on their hands with their fingers up their collective *ss’s and do nothing while their very Pentagon is attacked?? … and our mighty Air Force allows some kids with box cutters who can’t fly a Cessna take down five(5) buildings (the Twin Towers, bldg 7, bldg 6 and the Pentagon) with three planes?? … and then our Generals send our boys after Iraq and Afghanistan when it was the Saudi’s and others who did the dirty deed?? … are all our Generals on hallucinogenic drugs and cocaine?? … then we have Trump trying his best to get us out of Syria by putting Bolton on his team???

            • Paul ...

              And how is it so few can see? … people must begin to open their minds … stop drinking the “spiked” cool aid from your kitchen faucets … run it through a charcoal filter before you even cook a hard boiled egg or your spaghetti in it … make your ice cubes with distilled water … then question just why your guns (you never use) have to shoot bullets one-at-a-time? … many do get it … and are making huge contributions to the NRA!!

              • Paul ...

                As for Trump making Iran pay the price few countries have ever paid?? … wasn’t Trump around when the CIA gave Saddam the OK to use chemical weapons on the Iranians? … and the US who gave Saddam the exact coordinates of the Iranian troop concentrations so he could inflict unimaginable pain and suffering on millions of Iranians? … and Iran hasn’t suffered enough?? … is Trump really writing these tweets?? … or is it some warmongering neocon???

    • sk

      Who’s threatening whom???

  47. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hello Greg

    Are you okay because I have not seen you
    for a while or your new guest after Mrs Fitts ? Maybe Your are taking a short break? I usually watch a new guest speaker on a Wed ? It’s nearly Friday here
    in Perth in Australia !

    Kind regards

  48. Mike R

    Speaking of “rape”, this verdict on Cosby, actually helps set the stage psychologically for acceptance by Americans that the rich and privileged, can be tried and convicted, and will greatly help to keep our country from civil wars should Hillary, Comey, and even Obama be indicted in the next couple of years for their evil crimes of treason against the nation, and obstruction of a fair election, and illegal coup de’tat.

    Its really a shame they don’t call Cosby’s behavior rape, bc thats what it was, and instead they water it down with sexual assault, and still make it sound like the victims somehow ‘consented’ to it, despite the fact he drugged them into a stupor. If he actually serves time behind bars, it will be a miracle.

  49. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hi zgreg,

    Are you on holiday? Or are off the air sick?
    I hope that everything is fine with you Greg ?
    Nobody has asked you anything? It is a bit odd ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Just took some time off and did not post Wednesday. WNW tonight after midnight. Thanks for your dedication to USAW!!!

    • helot

      Ozone therapy, I’ve read about that for treating dental cavities. It’s very interesting to read that it has wider applications. Thanks for the link. I’ve just recently learned that cavities can heal, and it amazes me that so few are discussing how ozone therapy can heal. Some of the stuff I’ve read about the dangers of root canals and the wider dangerous health effects, oh boy. Scams abound, I guess. Profit from pain, is the name of the game? I’m trying to imagine Kelly Ripa and clueless Ryan mentioning this as a headline in their morning TeeVee show,… Help me out, I’m drawing a blank here. …Que Mr. Whitehead and his Carl Sagan quote about how people don’t want to hear the truth. …Reminds me of accounts in The Bible.

  50. helot

    I’ve often wondered how the geoengineering project was funded. I wonder how many other, off-the-books activities, are funded in a similar way. It’s kind of disgusting how Obama mentioned the word, ‘transparency’. I doubt there ever will be, ‘transparency’.
    I’ve been told that I need to wait a bit more to see results from the current boss, RE: ending geoengineering. Ok, that’s cool, sit tight, I can accept that, how-ever. How long, ‘er I mean, at what point do you and I, and everyone else, say, -‘things aren’t changing, the new boss is the same as the old boss’? Two years? Three? Will you pick a number?
    Lately, I couldn’t care less about trade deals, or lines in the Middle East, or whatever drama-queen stuff they are doing in D.C. for the TeeVee crowd. What I want to know is – when will geoengineering be front and center and be addressed? If it is what some people say it is, it’s far more important than this other sheet to wind.
    Will you pick a number? Can you say after X amount of days, we’ve been sold out? I can only hope that before that time…

  51. helot

    I mean, when will the twits on, ‘The View’ be discussing the merits of geoengineering?
    What good does it do to have a good job paying a living wage in the US-of-A if everyone is being covered in aluminum, barium and who knows what else?
    I’ll take a deep breath of crud and wait. …But, for how long, I wonder?
    Any idea?

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