Financial Rape of America – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts warns that the “financial rape of America” is nothing more than “re-engineering” the debt based economy. This “rape” is happening from earth to space, and it connects to $21 trillion in “missing money” that has disappeared from the federal budget since the late 1990’s.  Fitts explains, “I started to look at where all this missing money from the federal government is going, and it led me into space.  There are lots of questions.  In the last few years, the commitment by the American government, the European government and the Asian governments have become much more overt.  There is also the commitment from the private sector. . . .It’s becoming much more feasible to do manufacturing, mining and other things in space. . . . You see a lot of the corporate world lining up to do this. . . . I think that is very exciting.  At the same time, if you look at the sub-orbital platform and the orbital platform around earth is being used for control . . . and a lot of it comes down to control, control of what is going on in the planet.”

The “rape of America” is happening with the pension funds, according to Fitts. Fitts is worried about the value of the U.S. dollar.  Fitts says, “I have never been worried about the U.S. dollar, and we have argued a lot about this, but I am now starting to get very concerned. . . . The biggest buyers of U.S. Treasuries are U.S. pensions.  Basically, the U.S. pensions are buying trillions of dollars of U.S. Treasuries, and the money goes into the government, and then the money goes out the back door.  In the meantime, the taxpayers, including those pension beneficiaries, are on the hook for those Treasuries.  So, you are giving away real money, and all you are getting is a liability. . . .So, the federal government literally becomes a laundry mechanism. . . . Now, I am seeing multiple efforts, disinformation efforts, fear porn and hope porn all pushing that it would be a good idea to dissolve the U.S. government and auction off the assets, which is the “rape of Russia” plan right here in America.  Privatization is when I transfer an asset out of government at market price.  Pirate-tization is when I transfer it out at 10 cents on the dollar.  A lot of the plans I am hearing are proposing just that. . . . Are they going to do a radical re-engineering in a way that is bad for the taxpayers?  I am seeing lots of ideas floated about partial defaults and dissolving the U.S. government and paying the debt back by auctioning all the assets.  It’s pretty scary. . . . In Russia, you had significant depopulation happen because of this.”

Fitts says she sees an “enormous level of ignorance about how money works.” So, what can the average guy do to protect himself and his family?  Fitts says, “You want to get as resilient as possible.  You cannot solve a political problem with a financial solution.  When we are talking about the level of lawlessness that we are seeing around the country now, it gets very granular on how you protect yourself.  So, you want to get as resilient as possible, and you want to get as low of an overhead as possible and as low of debt as possible.  If your income depends on the U.S. government, you want to make sure you have alternatives.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts of, home of “The Solari Report.”

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After the Interview: 

Fitts says her research shows that profits and revenues from the space based economy will be significantly higher than the rest of the stock market. Fitts is also saying that gold and silver prices will be heading much higher in the coming months and years ahead.

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Here are links for the stories Catherine Austin Fitts referred to: The Federal Reserve Solari Report,  The Solari Report on Pensions and  The Solari Report on the Missing $21 trillion from the DOD and HUD.

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  1. Paul ...

    Fitts says: “You want to get as resilient as possible” … so take your loose change (mostly nickels) and save them in a big jar … because it’s going to be quite awhile before we begin mining asteroids … in the mean time … the only two92) sources of “class one” nickel is Canada and Russia (and that’s it) … with Trump moving against Russian aluminum … Russia will likely deny the US nickel (which is very rare) … already the price of nickel has begun to jump upward … and remember … only “class one nickel” can be used in “nickel rich Lithium Ion batteries” needed for electric vehicles and solar storage systems (pig iron derived nickel won’t work) … as the ordinary nickel coin begins to be removed from circulation by people hoarding them … the ordinary nickel coin in your pocket change could easily sell for 15 to 25 cents each!!… during the hard times to come having 4 nickels equal to $1 dollar will come in very handy as bread will likely only cost you between 4 and 12 nickels a loaf!!!

    • Joy

      There is only 25% nickel in a US nickel. However, Canadian nickels 1965–1981 are 99.9% nickel. Those are the best deal if you live near Canada and are looking to build a nickel hoard.

    • R. Patrick

      Your probably right Paul…..

    • Frederick

      Is there actually any “nickel” in a nickel coin? I thought it was plated

      • Paul ...

        Frederick … As Joy says above “Canadian nickels 1965–1981 are 99.9% nickel … and are the best deal (if you can get them)” … otherwise the American nickel is your only “easy choice” left … the US Jefferson nickel (1938-1942, 1946 to date) is composed of 0.75 copper and 0.25 nickel (it is not plated yet Frederick) … so for people who can’t afford to stack away gold and silver simply collect 4 lbs of Jefferson nickels (about 356 nickel coins) and it will contain 3 lbs of copper and 1 lb of nickel … spot copper is currently selling for about $2.60 per lb and spot nickel is currently selling for about $7.00 per lb … now if Russia imposes sanctions on the US limiting nickel supplies … we could see nickel prices jump to $20 to $40 dollars per lb … so 4 lbs of Jefferson nickels could have a value close to $50 dollars in a sanction situation (or each nickel could be worth $0.40 cents each) … so every one dollars worth of nickels you stack away (20 of them) from your loose change … could in a crisis situation be worth up to $8 dollars … enough to buy your family a loaf of bread … an easy alternative option for those finding it too difficult or expensive to stack gold or even silver!!

    • Mike G

      bad money drives out good money, and now we are down to nickles

      • Paul ...

        Mike … consider this crisis situation … you run to the store and the cost of a loaf of bread is $8 dollars … you pick up the last two loaves on the shelf and take it to the checkout counter … you hand the “snowflake” at the register a one ounce silver dollar (you paid $16 for) … and the “snowflake clerk who knows nothing about real money” says to you … “this is only a dollar you owe me 15 more of these dollar coins” to purchase this bread … do you pay the idiot effectively $256 dollars for two loaves of bread? … or do you let someone behind you on line with 320 nickels (that they only paid $8 dollars for) buy those last two loaves of bread in the store?

        • Paul ...

          Being prepared means you “prepare for every situation” … remember there are crooks in the world besides the Fed banksters … that “snowflake behind the counter” may only be “pretending” not to know the value of a silver dollar (to rip you off) … so we prep’ers should all save some nickels (just in case)!!

          • Beverly Kingsford

            Some nickel might do a little good, but what we need on hand is food. We can store wheat, we can prepare garden spaces and use them, we can bottle our own food and dry it. You can buy 5 gallon buckets of grain type foods. Store some water. If we have no electricity when this all goes down, we will be living like the Amish. We need to get used to that idea. God will take care of the dirty rotten scoundrels, although we need to be prepared to fight. God helped Joshua and the Israelites. He will help the righteous people in these last days too.

        • roccoco

          Absolutely correct observation: As usual, jumping to a solution without thoroughly understanding the problem can become a greater “cluster- f*ck” than the original problem… I’m reminded of the many times I’ve asked bank tellers, or checkout clerks to swap me their pre65 half dollars for my clad half(s) with a smile (on their faces)… Metal content in coins, aside from silver, as exchange medium, is just too complicated for unaware sheople (that’s how we got here. To begin with)… I go to estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, etc, as a scrapper… Its unbelievable how much gold and silver I score on a weekend: If it isn’t stamped 14k, or sterling-.925, I can usually get items for a dollar, or three… Stamped with 10k, or
          417(10k) or 750(18k), or 585(14k) gold… And 730, 800, 900, 830, even 950 for silver… I even try to educate some of the cuter hotties (sellers); next time I see them: Same things can be stolen -bought ( in one ear, out the other).. This is the state of consciousness we must remember we’re dealing with here: How about when checkout staff come to a complete stand still when power goes out, and they can’t make change, without the register doing the math for them? Try giving them a few coins to make giving change easier: The whole line comes to halt, because clerk cannot do math, and is completely dependent on the register screen… Siggghhh, as Mogambo Guru used to say, “we’re doomed!!!!”

          • Paul ...

            That’s why having nickels in an EMP/Blackout situation is a good idea … assuming the snowflakes at the cash register have at least learned the “5 X table” in math class … as for those buying with penny’s … you could make out a little better (as snowflakes are taught 2 + 2 =5) … however be careful you don’t lose a penny if they are giving you five cents change in pennies!!!

      • Charles H

        Good observation!

        • DB Cooper

          Brother Charles, We actually have 3 .308’s now, my wife has a Remington 788 which I do not care for much but is good for her!!; a Win Mod. 70 which has a bull barrel and is a serious reach out and touch ’em type of tool and then the rem 700 which I mentioned before and it is a good ‘take to the field ‘ tool. Very user friendly caliber.
          Yours, DB.

        • Paul ...

          And Charles when buying bread with your nickels use only the “worn out” ones … the nickels with steps still visible (on Jefferson’s Monticello home on the the reverse) will have numismatic value (i.e a “full step” 1950D currently sells for between $16 and $20 dollars) !!

          • Paul ...

            It is always fun finding a “silver” war nickel (1942 to 1945 with a big P or D or S mint mark on the back … “free silver” is still available for those in the know!!

        • Corvus

          I handed a young man under age 25, a US Kennedy coin and he didn’t want to take it because he had never seen one before.

          • Paul ...

            Most snowflakes can’t make change of a dollar with all the fluoride in our drinking water … and it’s only because wrist watches have become “digital” that snowflakes can tell time … give them a watch with hour and minute handles and they can’t tell you the time of day (too confusing for their simple minds)!!

    • Adam Burkhardt

      Years ago I learned that nickel’s are 75% copper and 25% nickel…..and that one day the nickel will also be debased with cheaper alternatives……..I one hundred dollar box of nickels weights 27 pounds I think and I have 18 so far… I’m all for trading in paper for nickels…..

      • Paul ...

        Right on Adam … when the corrupt government shuts down on its own (or is forced to shut down) … the Fed’s paper fiat will become confetti, the mint won’t be stamping out coins, the stock and bond markets will crash, the internet will go dark (along with Bitcoin), etc., etc. … however the physical metal coins in your hand will have value … from the rare precious metals to the metals of war like copper and nickel!!

    • Dr. B

      Please watch your interviews to get an idea how poor your questions are and how misleading and interfering they are for your quest, who could convey so much more to the audience in the time allotted. Please check out X22 Report Spotlight to get the gist of this approach.

      I have been watching your channel for most of its existence. With all due respect, this has been a constant disappointment between your valuable guest and us viewers.

      Thank you

      • William Stanley

        DR. B: Such arrogance! Now THAT was truly disappointing.
        I have a couple of suggestions for you: (1) learn some respect for your betters, and (2) sharpen up your writing, its pretty clumsy.

        Thank you

      • William Stanley

        DR. B: Yes, the contraction for “it is” is it’s, not its (which is the possessive). I wondered if you would be able to pick up on that.

        • Beverly Kingsford

          W. Stanley,

          Yes, this site provides us all very valuable information. Greg has a lot of stress put on him to report the news and answer emails, and run his family life. But, Dr. B. is only trying to help Greg make his interviews better. Even though criticism can be hard to take, it can also be helpful if we are willing to bear it and do some pondering and self evaluation. Let’s not get into attack mode with the comments though. We need to be friends on this site. And, maybe suggestions to Greg can be done through his private email.

          • William Stanley

            Beverly: Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment. Your point about being courteous in our comments is well taken.
            However, IMO, bad behavior should not be tolerated silently and serial violators should, IMO, be dealt with vigorously by the community. Further, IMO, DR. B’s comments were arrogant and condescending; they were, indeed, not helpful.
            Of course, we need to distinguish between differences of opinion and bad behavior. (Moreover, I would include willfully sloppy reasoning as a manifestation of bad faith and place it the “bad behavior” category).
            Maybe we could all lighten up a bit, admit our mistakes when we make them (often, in my case), and have some fun along with our serious discussions.
            Let Greg be Greg. We’ll all benefit from that.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Doc, get real. This is Greg’s site (meaning his, as in, he may do it his way) and it’s free. Go teach rhetoric and public speaking at the community college of your choice. How would you get access to these experts without Greg’s efforts? Best always. PM

        • William Stanley

          Paul from Indiana:
          What’s your take, is DR. B a troll? If not, what accounts for his/her/its lack of empathy and self-awareness? Autism? Bipolar disorder manifesting itself as grandiosity? On the surface, it seems to be some sort of borderline condition, yet narcissism or psychopathy seem inadequate to explain his/her/its lack of intellectual and moral development. What is his/her/its psychological diagnosis . . . assuming that this is a human and not a bot?

  2. R. Patrick

    Wow Wee, I sure am looking forward to death.

    • This sceptred Isle

      unless you believe in reincarnation, then you have to go through it all again!

      • Paul ...

        And if you believe in an “immortal soul” … you will have to live with “what you have done” … for all eternity … so “it better be something good” you can reflect upon … or you will “be tormented forever” … forget what the Pope said “he is an idiot” … we have immortal souls and our souls live forever … think of our body like a car … we get into it to go somewhere … although the car wears out and goes to the junk yard … we go on!!!

    • Beverly Kingsford


      I can sympathize with wondering how long you want to carry on when all of this terrible stuff starts happening. But, I believe we make the most progress in our souls, when we are alive here on the earth. When we are dead I think there is still opportunity for progress, but I think there are trials there too. Jesus called it rest, but that was for Peter and His other disciples who were dedicated servants. Who knows what kind of “rest” we will get. We might have to work on proving ourselves up in heaven too. I’ve come to the conclusion that even though living is hard and will get harder in the future, the only way we can truly be happy is to endure to the end and do it well. God and His angels will be with those who really want His help. And, for those who know the truth and want to do something with it……God will be with them too.

      God bless you R. Patrick and everyone else on this site who may get a little depressed from time to time.

  3. FC

    Space economy revenue is that the politically correct term for printing money out of thin air?

    • Paul ...

      Your right FC … In the future … the generations to come will be using different terminology … and will complain about the Fed printing money “out of empty space”!!

      • Paul ...

        Wait a second … don’t we “already have empty space money” with Bitcoin? … simply “a virtual reality money” that is conjured up out of “ethereal electrons” in a Hilbert vector space!!!

    • Charles H

      A Hold-over to the “science will save us” believers. Science has done, and is doing more evil in the world than is put forward to do good. The Duck Rule applies.

    • This sceptred Isle

      to infinity and beyond…

      • Greg

        Science will either get us out of this mess, or will kill us all. I just worry that corporations and the governments are suppressing life saving science due to politics and lobbying. THAT would be the greatest tragedy for us all.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Yep, what is the point of curing people? – you can’t make money out of the healthy.

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Austin Fitts.
    Astounding,how much more blunt can anyone be ?The people of the USA are “MEAT” to the carnal lust of the “money men”whose lust for profit is never ending.However,what is on the other side of this “RAPE”?They have all the money that used to reside in government(the model for this is Russia) but a tiny unelected group of men gorge on this corpse of the USA.Where do they reside?Will Beverly Hills be safe enough for them?The Russian model was to use the UK and in particular London as their playground will the rapers of the USA do the same?
    Let us hope the army and its officers stand firm and the “rapers”encounter these men.Its a hope ,but I remember Mr Obama replacing so many generals during his tenure,perhaps this is another reason they are so successful at stripping the USA.
    Technology is changing dramatically even Microsoft and Google and Apple are legacy technology the unleashing of robotic will destroy these behemoths first.In pharmacy even your local pharmacists’ days are numbered as today so many prescriptions are filled in large robotic warehouses miles from the soft face of pharmacy.What next ,will your local builder come with a Hewlett Packard logo if you can afford to have work done?
    Remember the asset stripping is you!

    • Paul ...

      Astounding Maria … you speak as blunt as me … (i.e. “The people of the USA are MEAT to the carnal lust of the money men whose lust for profit is never ending … this tiny unelected group of evil men who gorge upon the corpse of America”) … love it!!!

    • Charles H


      On one level – human bondage has proven to be THE most profitable business. The other level is that – ‘you’re gonna have to serve somebody’. It boils down to God or the devil. By their works – ye shall know them.

      • Paul ...

        Human bondage can be made into an even more profitable business by “eliminating Hell” the way the globalist Pope has (to bring atheistic China into the Catholic Church) … by the Pope eliminating Hell he effectively eliminates Heaven … nice going “loony tune” atheist Pope (without Hell and Satan there is no Heaven and God) … are you now going to cut our thermometers in half and tell us temperatures don’t go from hot to cold? … are you going to tell us there is only white and no black … only left and no right? … how can we know what good is … if evil does not exist to make any sort of comparison!!

  5. Nick de la Gaume


    Thank you.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Marvellous Sunday interview Greg.
    All the money on the world cannot replace the time and love needed for your family.

    • Paul ...

      As Jesus well knew when evil Satan tempted him with a world of treasure … and the way the banksters are tempting us today with their promise of Bitcoin treasures … to make us their slaves!!

  7. Jerry

    Forget about the midterm elections. The global economic system will implode before then. Here’s a marker.

    China is pulling out of Deutsche Bank. What does that tell you? It’s a lost cause. Mario Draghi has said that the ECB will stop QE in July. Another marker. The central banks are running out of places to hide their debt, and somebody has to pay. The question is who?

      • Charles H

        ‘What do you mean “we”, paleface?’ (The Lone Ranger surrounded by indians, and Tonto replies to the remark – “It looks like we are surrounded.”)

        “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” Proverbs 22:3

      • Marcus

        I think Trump played along with Putin , 4d chess Jerry , the latest threat from Russia is UK is the head of this evil snake, the leaders of the Deep State, Elite call them what you want, Game changer as Trump and Putin are on the side of Humanity,
        Putin has told all students in UK to come home IMMEDIATELY . Russia will shut down inter electronics of Britain.
        The relation ship with Trump and Putin is in support of the Christian Civilisation removing the evil Pedophiles in power, and the head of this sickness is in Britain.

        • Paul ...

          Britain having a “pretty face” (by drinking or sacrificing children’s blood in Syria, Yemen, etc., etc.) … while hiding the picture “of it’s true self” in a closet like Dorian Gray is not acceptable to the world any longer … Brit’s have to get rid of Terror-isa May … the world is not so dumb they don’t know Skripal was poisoned with 3-Quinuclidiny L Benzilate (BZ) … a toxin only manufactured in the US and UK … if you Brit’s want a nuclear war with Russia leave us Americans out of it (and stop with your Pearl Harbor strategy … it won’t work again)!!

          • Maria das Santos

            Clearly Britain and its elite are not the friends of the USA or the people of the United States of America,yet the lies emanating from the British Parliament,inhabited by the most ghastly of life,are enough to put the world on the cliff of a nuclear war.It must be so edifying to see the willingness of our British elite to send young American men to die for the lies of the British establishment.Why the British are allowed an embassy in Washington is beyond sense,however,you Americans “ain’t so dumb”you have built a spy network here in the UK,not only to spy on your “friend-enemies”but also on yourselves,so when a future POTUS demands that his CIA stop spying on the American people they can “honestly”admit this is not the case.And classy lassies as we are,we are picking up the bill for this network.
            Understand,many come to you speaking the same language but most are out to see your destruction America,that shining beacon that is still flickering vaguely,and they are Marxists through and through.Beware America.

            • Paul ...

              America’s enemies without and traitors within are trying to dowse the eternal flame of liberty and freedom born here in America … but it can’t be done … for that flame “exists in our hearts” protected by God the Father (who well knows evil when he sees … he removed evil from his Heavenly world) as we will remove evil in the same way from planet Earth!!

            • Jethro Bodine

              Maria, are you British?

  8. Jim

    Greg, have you been following Q-Anon?

    • Greg Hunter


      • Neil

        Q seems to say that the satanists, pedos, can’t get the light of god anymore. So, the satanists take it from the children, young youths, who have more light in them from the god source. I feel like it is harder and harder to see the good around me. I need to improve on seeing the signs of good Greg.

        • Paul ...

          And to rally “all the young snowflakes” to their side … the banksters will probably plant a bomb at the Fed, kill a few expendable banksters, the spy corporations (like Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.) will probably plant bombs at their offices, etc. etc. all across America … to gain sympathy … the way Hitler did when he burned down the Reichstag in a false flag attack … then the Demon-rats will rally their “snowflake troops” and blame it on the Christians and Patriots demanding Marshal Law and be-headings!!!

          • Paul ...

            Do these banksters seeking World domination really believe that “only they” can put together sniper teams to take out their opposition like JFK, Lincoln, etc., etc. … don’t they know “two can play the same game”?? … if these banksters keep pushing the envelope with all their false flags … a day will come when they wake up and smell more then coffee roasting!!

        • Beverly Kingsford


          I bet Barbara Bush is quite shocked, wherever she is now. And, I bet George Bush Sr. is scared to death of death. I would be if I were in his shoes.

      • DB Cooper

        Greg, I love it when Q says ” These people are Stupid” !! DB.

  9. Solomon


    Wonderful interview .
    She needs to be on more often or for longer interview periods.

    Thank you.


    • Russ McMeans

      Someday Greg and Catherine the Great are going to do a 2 hour marathon interview… omg it will be awesome!… aren’t they both just the best news journalism compared to the tv junk?

  10. Rob

    Please understand the space based “weapons” are going to be used to deceive the massses with an alien invasion:

    TPTB hate Jesus Christ and want to deceive the masses into believing there are Messiahs everywhere:
    Matthew 24:23-26 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is the Christ, or, Here; believe it not. (24) For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. (25) Behold, I have told you beforehand. (26) If therefore they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the wilderness; go not forth: Behold, he is in the inner chambers; believe it not.

    Lawlessness in high places are a type of Judas Iscariot who sold out Jesus for silver:

    • Paul ...

      Those space based “low orbit platforms” are probably part of a “mind control network” (as the globalists probable found that using cell towers to control the minds of large masses of people is very inefficient) … we independent thinkers better double check the ground wires on our tin foil hats (which will easily deflect their mind control waves)!!

  11. philipat

    IF CAF’s scenario is correct, and remembering that neither the Baby Boomers NOR the Millenials have any savings to fall back on, if Government support completely collapses due to fraud (Quite possible IMHO), then there are going to be tens of millions of desperate Americans struggling to eat and survive.
    This is a matter of responsibility for the Fed and Government (mis)management but that won’t matter. There is also personal responsibility (or the lack thereof) on the part of the Baby Boomers who will retire with nothing and will then expect the State to accept the responsibility for their irresponsibility (a/k/a the sense of “entitlement”). What happened to America?
    Of course, none of the above will actually accept any responsibility and, in this scenario, I’m sorry to say that I cannot see any outcome other than another Civil war, possibly after another (potentially nuclear?) World War, in which case the Civil war might no longer be relevant.
    America, you blew it big time, mostly in the last 2 decades IMHO, by allowing a totally corrupt and broken system in Government, Business and Civil Society to take over from what had been “The American dream”, civic decency, general goodwill, ethical standards and morality.
    RIP America.

    • Charles H


      Who is the bigger fool? – the one who gives the Credit Card?; or the one who miss-spends it? In the end – there was no way to stop the growth of government, and the unaccountability which has lead to the world’s current state. It is the Tower of Babel, in different permutations.